Monday, June 03, 2013

Unspeakable Madness at the Turning of the Age.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The world teeters on the edge of many dark possibilities. In a moment now, the whole world could change into something unrecognizable, into a maelstrom of dreadful sights, sounds and fury. Pay ye careful attention to today’s linkage. We have verifiable evidence that the world is going batshit insane and... not in a good way. There are outrages, beyond any permissible latitude, in whatever way you might define 'civilized' or 'civilization'. What beasts indeed, lurk beneath the mask of a human face. I seek the required language to transmit my horror and repugnance and am found not equal to the task, nor do I have the belief that there exists anyone who can. The very worst among us, are sinking to new depths. It is to weep. It is to inspire a Niagara tears that still falls short of the requisite sorrow (people!!! make this link get legs!). I am ashamed, to be associated by my present existence as a human being, with those exposed in this posting. I also thank the ineffable that I am a human being. I am suffused with gratitude that I have been spared the contemptible madness, of the beast unleashed, within.

Tai Yippie Kai Yay (motherfucker!) Erdogan has got an RSVP to one of The Pit's, Erdogan specific ghettos; the inferno's equivalent to East St. Louis. What a despicable creature you are Erdogan. What a vile mockery upon the human estate. You should be drilled through the ankles like Hector and dragged by a chariot around the circumference of Istanbul. One can only hope that the hand of the cosmos, delivers you into the hands of the populace. Here are crimes that warrant the Braveheart treatment. You ruthless and depraved sonofabitch! You have put yourself on a par with Henry Kissinger and Benjamin Shitwityahoo. You are, plainly and truthfully speaking, a monster in the camouflage of human form. Those who serve you, are an extension of your will and, god willing, will share your fate. I note that I was not amiss in referring to you as a wannabe sultan yesterday.

You shall reap the whirlwind, Erdogan. You have damned yourself and wiped away all of the good you ever accomplished. You are a maggot in the afterbirth of these terrible times. I cannot find the words to fittingly portray you. You have impressed me in all the worst ways. May you be taken soon, you and all of your peers, who presently commit outrage after outrage, upon those you were put into the position to 'serve and protect'; like your American counterparts in their brutal excesses. They should be branded on their foreheads with the words, 'Made in Israel' because that is who is training them, by fiat of Howdy Doody Obama and his predecessor. . What takes place within you now, you unfortunate soul? Do you reflect upon and contemplate what has been done on your orders? You will come to know the meaning of the word 'wrath', I promise you. May your countrymen make a regular pilgrimage to piss on your grave. May the ingenious among your 'subjects' go immediately to Istanbul's oldest graveyard and dig you a grave, attended by a headstone and left open and waiting for the occupant. Let it be videoed and published round the world.

“Bring me the head of Erdogan”, sings the invisible judge, “bring me that poisonous, toxic head. Let a candle be lit and set atop it, in memory of the numbered dead. Let the head be set on a mound of dung, this headless man who should have been hung, drawn and quartered, flogged and whipped, then set on fire like flaming shit, until half past midnight on a frozen clock. Tick tock, tick tock, go the hours and minutes till your fitting end. Toss the body to the scavengers to tear and rend. You whore of Ersatz Israel. You will surely burn in Hell”.

I want to continue. I want to count the ways that might permit me to memorialize you on this page, but I must, perforce move on. I see the paucity of my efforts, in respect of the requirements of the task. I am not equal to the challenge, alas, alas...

Let us move on to other aspects and transits of the world's horrorscope; moon in the abyss with penis rising. What's going on in the land of the free? Well, let us see. Let us ask if there are any limitations to the potential of stupid and absurd; apparently not. What inevitabilities must surely follow the deification of stupid and absurd? What seeming impossibilities of occurrence inexplicably occur? What strange ironies appear in respect of this? “Honey could you get me a glass of water from the toilet”? “Certainly, darling”. “Ummm, this is really good, I'm assuming you didn't flush it first. Did you do something else? This is even better than down at the pub”. “Of course not, darling, I know how you like it”. “Indeed you do”.

We can all be grateful that representatives of the world's most populous, atheist nation are on the job, making sure that there are no other iconic symbols, to compete with the mandatory symbol of the ruling junta. That would, of course, be the menorah. Things like this inspire me to long, inactive behaviors, thinking I should definitely get a menorah and have someone videotape me pissing on it and the only reason I am not going to do it, is because of the large number of people who would be turned on because... there is no way round the exposure of my 'quipment', in the performance of my task and also to avoid the inevitable rumor that I am actually a very light skinned, black man; that and the fact that some number of those, who are sure to be aroused would be men. This brings me, I say, I say, this brings me (cue Foghorn Leghorn) to another item, which is today's daily mention of one of The Tribe's most urgent agendas (usually there are two or three related items every single day) and something for which they will not let a day pass, without some extensive article, like this one, written by a Tribe member and featuring a Tribe Member. How incredibly unexpected! The author of this questionable blog entry (aren't they all?) left the boy scouts, one merit badge shy of Eagle. Ironically, it was the Life Saving merit badge. Permitting gay scouts and... why it is not a good idea, is exemplified in the behavior of said scout, 'under' (possibly) the tutelage of a mentioned Tribe Member, who just had to appear in uniform, which is against the rules of the organization, for reasons that have nothing to do with anyone's 'chosen', sexual identity. I don't know, maybe this was actually in emulation of The Village People. It might not have been a socio-political statement at all. See? You have to consider all possibilities.

This leads (like it had eyes) right into something you might have suspected but are sure to still be surprised (or would that be shocked?) by. It is worth it for the picture alone. If ever a picture were worth a thousand words, while also signifying the object of a thousand pedophile blowjobs, this is it and this (maybe I'm wrong but I'm not) is the objective of the next relentless push, toward allowing gay scout masters, advisers, assistants, assistants to the assistants, lap dancing counselors and whatever. The mention in the article of a Cub Scout, also marching in the parade, makes me think of the NAMBLA motto, “eight's too late”. I wanted to post their webpage, couldn't get there and then discovered this and the author of the article is (stunned and amazed I am) a member of that same group, already mentioned several times in this posting. There's no real relevance concerning that feature, it's just that most of the time this is the case. I suspect it is because they make up such a large percentage of the population. I am seriously considering changing my name to Visiblestein. I don't know if Zack Whals is a Tribester but his bio is interesting (he's the head of Scouts for Equality. Gazing upon the face contained in the last photo at the bottom of the page, made me drift off in my thoughts, to Marcel Proust dipping a madeleine in his tea ( if you don't get the reference, you won't get the context. Then again there may be no context).

I wonder if I am biased. No, I don't wonder, it's others that might wonder. It's hard to keep things separate from each other sometimes. Oops there's a real pun waiting to follow that last sentence, which has something to do with crowbars and separating people. It's not my fault. I didn't know that writing that sentence would just immediately bring an old joke to mind. Anyway, I don't mind the pervasive gayness, cause I know it's all connected to the impact of The Aquarian Age and the accompanying force of the emergent, feminine principle and the way it winds up being defined, in an age where materialism is so strong. This will eventually transform into a collective heightening in most of us (some of us?) of those feminine qualities, like intuition, later on up the road of time. I've known and associated with gay people through most of my adult life (not when I was a Boy Scout though). That's not been happening in the last decade, cause I don't know any of them here. I have my opinion on why people manifest sexually in this way and that removes the presence of negative judgment from my mindset (believe what you like, it's true). What I am not fond of and why I bring mention to this phenomena at all, is because of the politicization of it and the direction that the politically correct, nearly totally Tribe fueled movement, has in mind and is using this subject and various other subjects, to bring about a particular state of society. They have something in mind and it's not pleasant. Certain members of the ersatz Israel Mafia, have singlehandedly destroyed America and if they are not circumvented, will bring a similar fate to a great many other nations. This is indisputable. You could dispute it ...but your argument, no matter what it is, would be bogus.

If you want to know what to look out for and avoid and stay as far away from as possible, look at any issue in which Zio-Ersatz Israel is involved and you can readily assume it bodes no good to anyone but them (and most likely not even them) in the long run (Cue The Eagles). It is both shocking and frightening to see what they are up to across the board. As long time readers know, I have some number of Jewish friends and do not define all of this demographic in the same way. It's another thing like accepting gay people, but rejecting the political chicanery that is 'working' a group of people, toward an end that has nothing to do with freedom, equality, tolerance or anything like these; quite the opposite, in fact.

There are no doubt readers who will kneejerk react to my position and who are incapable of objective thought, which would make it possible to separate one thing from another thing, in respect of a particular issue, or a particular people. Let's try an example, I like soybeans but I don't like GMO soybeans. I'm okay with Jews in general, neither liking them less, or more, than any other group of people. I don't like Zionists because, besides Zionism being indistinguishable from racism, it is also a genocidal, mass murdering collective and ideology. No matter if one is actively engaged in it, one not actually carrying these things out, is still in support of these things happening. This is also indisputable.

People... whatever horrific aggregate, of possible scenarios there may be, waiting in the wings, their 'hour upon the stage' is imminent. In other words, it's strutting and fretting time. Would that it were otherwise. I'm looking for that silver lining. I know there is one (hopefully Jennifer Lawrence is in there and not Bradley Cooper).

End Transmission.......

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If you are an early bird here, please return to the comments section for some commentary by me, once I get it together (hmmmm that could be a really long time, I probably should have worded that differently). Anyway; so informed.

Also, if anyone out there knows David Icke, I hear he's putting together a radio station and TV station. I would really like to have a half hour or fifteen minutes show there. If there's anyone out there who might be able to help me out I would appreciate it. Possibly a spontaneous series of requests by the readers here to that website on behalf of this issue might also be helpful. Sometimes the appearance of a larger public and interested audience helps a great deal. Thank you.


Visible said...

If you're an early bird, please return here later for some commentary by me. Thank you.

Visible said...

Greetings; I have a couple of requests one is pretty valid and possible, the other is speculative but... you never know and it doesn't hurt to ask (I'm not so sure about that; now thinking of all the things one person could ask another)

Okay, first thing, I have an idea for a kickstarter item that involves manufacturing chocolate in a unique and inventive way for sale by mail order and to specialty shops. As for the latter, having readers all over the world who can, if they happen to already be going that way, could drop of samples and card for contact..

I will be in a country that is know for chocolate agriculture.

My problem is that you have to be in the U.S, to do it. I am thinking that a hundred thousand dollars seed money would getter done. If there is a reader in the US who might be willing to help me it is possible this might be a winner because I have certain ideas about this thing that I think would result in potentially great sales. I'll outline it for whomever comes on board.

Some months ago, several readers were going to start a Kickstarter entry for me that was to raise money to do a documentary on me, which was centered around the recording of an album. Since some of the songs are pretty funny and also highly controversial, we all thought (Maybe I'm presuming with 'all') it was a terrific idea and there would be interviews with me interspersed and also commentary from my band, which is on Maui and at least one of them is a standup comic so... more humor and he's also a martial artist so we could knock each other around a bit too (grin).

Because I have led an interesting life, the stories as told by myself and others who were present for events would be riveting on occasion. Anyway, it didn't get done because one of the principles became mentally ill and was unable to continue. We're all praying for that person to have a speedy recovery. Next item

Okay, here's the other thing. Please don't get angry with me. I've never done this before but this little voice tells me to do it so I'm going to do it and am just grateful it didn't tell me to jump out the window because I am on the second floor.

I know that occasionally multimillionaires come through here and probably could help me out without any pain and even write it off if handled the right way, such as a loan that turns into a bad loan or some such (grin).

I am looking for a hundred thousand dollars (most of us are probably) and it would be used to record the album, that wouldn't cost anything as I would have free studio time, although it would be nice to pay the musicians and I no doubt would but they wouldn't be expensive since they are friends.

One of my friends has a broadcast camera and is very competent in it's use and we would film the documentary at the same time. The majority of the expense would be for my housing and sustenance as well as travel to and then away from and remaining capital would be set in the direction of this chocolate idea I have.

Of course, more than a hundred thousand would be even better (grin) but I will settle for that. It's even possible you would get it back, stranger things have happened and I have paid off (for me) fairly large loans but never anything this size. However, the documentary would be entered into all of the festivals and you never know if someone might pick up distribution and of course the album gets used as the majority of the soundtrack so that's another feature.

So... if Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Deep Pockets is out there, here is something you can make happen and I will say in advance without hesitation or reservation that the end product will be very entertaining. Thank you for the time invested in reading this comment.

Visible said...

Whoa! These guys ran into some serious power and force.

Anonymous said...

Greetings All,

I just returned from a delightful weekend visit with Poncho and Vis & Co. Poncho is doing fine and Visible is in stride. I couldn´t have asked for a more cordial, pleasant and harmonious stay in their home. Many thanks to Suzanne.


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

The early bird will catch the wormstein, once it gets it together, perhaps a wormschwein, ahhh , that is insulting to the worms ?

Fortunately the current Turkish nation is a 'modern' one, with all the attendant tech 'progress' brings, shopping malls, tear-gas, pepper-spray, mass-media control, water-canons. twit-ter, and every so often, in some mosque or tekkiyah people gather for the zikr.

Heart-full, Heart-felt indignation at the actions at the 'lord' of Ersatz-dogan and his dutiful henchmen, their trials in that wonderful German city, Nuremburg, as an act of Love, after all Germany is full of Turkish ex-pats.

Without blinking an eye, this servant of the whore of Babylon, while making sure he is travelling outside of the country, declares that the troubles are caused by some 'hooligans'!!!

Truly, truly what for some is a source of 'pride', for others is a source of bone-marrow generated shame, no vice-versa possible, the chip for shame is non-existant in the silicone based bone-marrow of these other-worldly creatures.

Of course you do not have to film the actual tool of the release of bladder-content, so Michaelangelo could still in some alternative timeline consider you for a model of the new David. (grin)

Heck if it is not madness caused by the Sun-disease, or Solionoonsius, it must be something with Saturn, at least for those who celebrate the day of rest on Satur-day.

Be Well, Be Alert


Visible said...

Thank you for the kind words, Mandocello. Susanne is out with the dogs at the moment but I am sure she will be delighted to read what you have written. We enjoyed your visit very much as well. Hope to see you again later on in the place we discussed.

insaim said...

anyone still not fully understanding the gay agenda should read "The Naked Communist," by Cleon Skousen.

on a completely different but somewhat relevant note. i had a lengthy converstaion with one of UKIP's ex party leaders a few years ago and i asked him about the non smoking agenda. He said: 'you fucking know what its about'. (His exact words) I said, well i think so but i would be most intereted in your thoughts. he told me it was simply a big part of the social control agenda.

im not saying that smoking is healthy but it is obvious that TPTW dont give a toss about the publics health at this stage. i mean you dont stop people from smoking because of health concerns then force flouride down their throats and forecfully shoot kids up with deadly toxic vaccines.

Visible said...

If you are interested in an eyeopener, carefully read this article concerning what's going on behind the trashing of that park and cui bono.

the gardener said...

RE: E. St. Louis article. Been my experience that every town/city is owned by some mob. Whatever way a city/town runs it is because it profits the owners of it.

When the mobsters collide is when there are changes made-and only then. As long as they can collude it will profit those to have a place where city income is derived from bars, strip clubs, and casinos. Where UPS trucks are hijacked and cops shot in the face.

UPS is a mob set up too so that means someone overstepped the
mob boundaries.

It is easiest to get what is going on when one realizes it is all mob run... and like everything else mobs run in cycles and when it gets too overbearing or repressive for the normal people to take-then new mobs form that give the old mobs runs for their money and things can profit the little people instead of just the good old boy clubs which can have vipers so fearsome nobody even from E. St. Louis would tamper with them no matter the bait.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Sketchy 1 said...

Hey Vis, there is nothing waiting in the wings as

you well know,demonstration is the purpose and

by sea or by land shall we fact

it all comes down to nothing matters and, what if

it did? No invisible man ,no sky fairie, no easter

bunny, no satan claus, no satan, none of it...just

words........and words are all I take your

heart away......... yeah.. you know, love you bro

Visible said...

Well, there is the stillness and the serenity, as opposed to, fuck that! And the still, small voice that clues me into so many things and which, I eventually discover, is just me talking to myself. For the moment I enjoy the mystery and the appearance of a relationship more than I do the isolation and certitude that lays that jivanmukti thing on me; trying to avoid that for the moment... still got some tasks to perform.

galen said...

Power-packed article today, and just wanted to say, I LOVE THE ALPHA MALE!

Visible said...

geez, I don't know; you don't like the humor? What? Am I trapped in a world of virtual literalists. You want Thomas Aquinas or J. P Sartre? If either of those cats ever smiled, it would have broken their faces.

Hey, the world is collapsing around your ears and depression is the watchword of the day. I try to cheer you up and I get a bunch of grontik Bavarians. Okay, that's dialect, you probably won't find it. How about weltschmerz?

Look, it is a divine comedy right? Cut yourself some slack and enjoy your life, while you have it. Don't let those fuckers win. That is unconscionable. Okay, road house humor but... I got many rivers of intellect to cross and I still cannot find someone named Red Rover.

It's just appearances. Don't let it get you down. It's just castles made of sand that are burning; given that requires a degree of heat but then... there is that blast furnace of unrequited desire. Don't expire, or do; basically shit or get off the pot.

I know I'm living like a king here on a dollar three eighty an hour. I will give you lead if you want. Got lead?

Visible said...

See, every time I come out of my bag, I go to the comments section and there it is. Thanks Galen.

Look folks, I know it is frightful and depressing, I'm living in the teeth of it but... you got to laugh, it really does work out. Trust me! Pay no attention to the 'hasta la vista' on the back of my t-shirt.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

On the St. Louis article. It says crime is going down. Well, with the cutting of the police force, it ought to go down a HELL of a lot further, considering our LEOs seem to be the biggest criminals of all.

Visible said...

Oh, by the way;

"Destroy the family, you destroy the country".- V.I. Lenin

Skepticfrog said...

Visible @ 6/3/13 4:52

Something is really WEIRD about tornadoes. The laws of physics don't seem to work quite right. The wind speed doesn't explain the inexplicable anomalies. No, I got no answers, nor will I start to speculate, but I sure have noticed (and so have others), that something and some observed effects do not quite jibe - whatever the hell it may be. You put that heavily armored and extremely heavy vehicle into a wind tunnel and blast it with the purported windspeed of the tornado and it will do squat; maybe slip a little. Yet, the tornado picked it up, and threw it like a Matchbox car, killing the people inside.



The smoking agenda is about government taxes (on tobacco products) and fines (on tobacco use ordinances).
They KNOW that it's more addictive than heroin. They also know that a large number of people - especially women - just cannot quit. They've crunched the numbers (I'm sure). And they realized, that they can skin the people alive for money (who are simply unable to quit), and it is a lot more profitable in tax and fines revenues than the old system was. There'll be a core users who just will not be able to quit. Period. They are captives.
Plus, they get that much craved 'ah so sweet' sense of power, the deliriously intoxicating sense of control (to these sickos) over the minutia of people's every day lives.

Visible said...

Hey, all I know is that Dorothy and Toto were cool with it. The next thing you know their was this mustachioed Freddy Mercury army and they got their own tornadoes which are based on the idea of finding someone who looks so much like you that you can... don't do it visible, don't go into the Ring Pass Not, it just pisses people off and... that doesn't take much more than a look these days.

Hey, Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth so... I'm doing okay at the moment. Susanne was sure I was high on something... I wish, then again... God has this way of animating us according to his own sense of time.

the gardener said...

Odd to me how the 'allowing gay boys into the boy scouts' over shadows the reality of sexual abuse performed upon the boy scout children with the perps being protected and covered for by the leaders of the Scouts, the churches that sponsor the troops and local law enforcement and prosecutors.

LA TIMES keeps busting the story open with data spreadsheets and coverage with articles detailing the further abuse of victims by defendants' attorneys.

here's a spreadsheet detailing abuses and troops reported as suffering ... and these occurred everywhere in every decade-often times everyone in Scouts aware of the pedophiles but the trusting parents.

Makes me wonder if families, members of the churches sponsoring the scout troops, were targeted to ruin their families by raping their sons. If scouts who kept it secret were allowed special favors later on in life.

Just another example of the mobs working this country and all the expendable people in it by the truly perverse to the degree of soullessness who profit off of these crimes. And Scouts and the churches all considered non-profit orgs too.

Why would anyone ever allow such scumbags carte blanche to so many children to rape and abuse and protect them from discovery and disclosure? Why would so many lawyers defend these orgs and viciously vilify the victims?

the gardener

Anonymous said...

The link to this article at is not OK: (l)
There is an "l" missing.

Anonymous said...

Next up, regarding the big push to normalize pedo behavior (as has already been done for the normalization of gay behavior): "I was born this way." Oprah and Ellen will have pedos on their shows. Mind-controlled celebrities will come out of the pedo closet. Most of the media talking heads will nod sympathetically while interviewing them. Laws will be passed to protect the pedos (as has already been done for the gays; applying "hate speech" laws and such, on anyone who might protest). Then it will be open season on all kids, for the Satanists. And the kids' parents will stand idly by, munching their genetically modified Tostitos and cutting very loud, collective farts in front of the TV. "Huh? You're going out? Jimmy be home by 9 p.m. Unless that nice, local Mr. Satanist hooks up with you - then you can be home whenever you want. Huh? Ha ha! Look at that American Idol singer's TITS!", etc. Most parents won't mind at all; they've been chemically lobotomized. Since they won't mind, who's to say they aren't getting what they deserve. You get what you spay for (or is that neuter???).

UncleRuthless said...

I started a thread @ ickes forums
I love your work and a long time reader snooper :D (grins)

Visible said...

Uncle Ruthless,

A big thank you!!!


I know about the problem with the link and I sent a correction. I guess it got ignored. I'll send it again.

Visible said...

Well, the enemies have come out of the woodwork. Torus who used to post here got his ego tweaked for being a cynical and small minded redundancy. that wasn't the worst of it but I won't go into greater detail.

Then there's Lizzy, a long time troll who usually goes anonymous but I guess at Icke's site she feels more confident. Lizzie's not Lizzie by the way.

Ah well, I thought it was a good idea but so far it has amounted to "weasels ripped my flesh".

insiam said...

sketifrog ...

as i said - i had a long coversation with a guy who was the leader of what is now a big political movement/party in the UK. Its about control.

Here in Thailand they have the same rules but nobody gives a feck. no fines and people smoke wherever. there are often foreigners that complian about people smoking in restaurants and bars etc. and they are simply shown the door. dont like it then dont come. if its my bar then i make the rules is the common refrain - simple. go dictate to some fecker else or find a place where the owner stops smoking - there wil be plenty of tables.

as for fines re ordinace. even in the Uk this is negligable cos everyone follows the rules. the reason people dont here in Thailand is because the govenment fears the people. They only brought in the rules to appease - whoever. Also tabacco costs pennys here. 30 grams is about 50 cent (including 3 free packs of papers). buy in bulk and you could pay one third of that - about $10 per kilo. tax - afraid not. so i think your theory is flawed in many ways. ill stick with control. the main issue at hand is to divide/control/ seperate.

1000's of public bars went to the wall in the Uk due to the smoking ban!

i dont smoke myself but cant abide feckers that complian about a smoker in a different room that they think is killing them by the simple act of smoking.

just my perspective - but still open to opinion :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible. Why not ask Rivero or Rense for some help. They link to your blogs, no? I think one or both of them is hooked up with Icke. Use that network, man.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Stepping on Frogs and Enemy Mines. Kaboom!.

Anonymous said...

Civil War Litmus Test Will You Shoot Americans:

UncleRuthless said...

I guess I just flushed out some shills :D

Peace be on you my friend

mike m said...

Vis, I believe a few months ago I suggested that if you have the chance catch a Heat game and check out Lebron.

Anywhoo, back in the Jungle:

Israel to send African migrants to third country
By MAX J. ROSENTHAL The Associated Press

FILE - In this Jan. 10, 2012 file photo, migrant workers from Africa gather at an outdoor square in Tel Aviv. Israel has reached an agreement to send thousands of African migrants to an unidentified country, a court document obtained Monday revealed, a plan that has elicited criticism over its potential harm to migrants’ rights. Dan Balilty, File / AP Photo
Associated Press
JERUSALEM -- Israel has reached an agreement to send thousands of African migrants to an unidentified country, according to a court document obtained Monday, a plan that has elicited criticism over its potential harm to the migrants.

The plan, if implemented, is an attempt to address one of Israel's more pressing issues: what to do with an influx of roughly 60,000 African migrants who have sneaked into Israel from Egypt over the past eight years.

Their arrivals have put Israel in a bind. Many Israelis believe that the Jewish state, founded in part as a refuge for Holocaust survivors after World War II, has a responsibility to help the downtrodden. But others fear that taking in tens of thousands of Africans will threaten the country's Jewish character and question the extent of Israel's moral obligations beyond those of other nations.

Not the End.....

mike m said...


U.S. publishes details of missile base Israel wanted kept secret
By Sheera Frenkel

By Sheera Frenkel
McClatchy Foreign Staff
TEL AVIV, Israel -- Israel’s military fumed Monday over the discovery that the U.S. government had revealed details of a top-secret Israeli military installation in published bid requests.

The Obama administration had promised to build Israel a state-of-the-art facility to house a new ballistic-missile defense system, the Arrow 3. As with all Defense Department projects, detailed specifications were made public so that contractors could bid on the $25 million project. The specifications included more than 1,000 pages of details on the facility, ranging from the heating and cooling systems to the thickness of the walls.

"If an enemy of Israel wanted to launch an attack against a facility, this would give him an easy how-to guide. This type of information is closely guarded and its release can jeopardize the entire facility," said an Israeli military official who commented on the publication of the proposal but declined to be named because he wasn’t authorized to discuss the facility. He declined to say whether plans for the facility have been altered as a result of the disclosure.

"This is more than worrying, it is shocking," he said.

Visible said...

LeBron is definitely pouring it on. I haven't seen any games yet but I've been reading about it.

JerseyCynic said...

did someone say CHOCOLATE via Vis?

oh man oh man Vis, you are you setting my wheels in motion. A chocolate business vis-a-vis Vis. at the moment, all I have is lint in my pockets. Hubby and I want to sell the house and hit the road with some kind of portable food business. we're thinking of The Hackensack Snack Shack. (I've perfected a bunch of healthy "to go" comfort food items). Is it just a distributor you're looking for? I need a "to die for" dessert item. It can't be anything involving chocolate that I would need to make personally because I have a severe chocolate addiction. If it's already boxed and ready to go, then I could probably handle it! I was actually going to try this "cognitive defusion" (wtf?) technique.

Seriously... If we can't get the money we need from selling the house and you can get a kickstart from some deep lint-free pockets, I'd be glad to get the product to the public -- no charge -- anything to help you out, Visible. I'm a former realtor with LOTS of sales experience and unemployed at the moment

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Payback and Push Back from the Lip of the Crypt.

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