Wednesday, April 14, 2021

"Once You Place Yourselves in the Hands of the Almighty it is God's Responsibility to Take You Home."


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Sometimes... not often (grin) information comes to me and it preempts whatever it was I didn't have planned out in the first place already for a posting. I hope that tortured statement still manages to communicate what I am trying to say and will be unable to say.

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First... the photo above was sent to me. Then... in a related communique, I received this one some hours later from the same source, a medical professional in NV. I do not doubt the general implications of either missive. I am a bit reserved when it comes to the second link because of the Sensationalist tendencies of the author. Just like Mike Adams, Jim Stone has a tendency to bring in the entire horn section when he makes his points. I AM NOT saying he isn't spot on and what he says (in this case) agrees with what I see and intuit on my own. It is only because of what I have encountered in the past from this port of call.

Neither of these writers nor SEVERAL others who labor in these fields of industry has ever said much that has proven to be true later on. That DOES NOT MEAN it is not true THIS TIME. Perhaps it is a matter of acorns and blind pigs, or broken clocks. It sounds real enough for me to pass on. I will add here that there is MUCH that I do not pass on; the lion's share actually.

I TRY not to criticize these days when I can avoid it. I was not always as restrained in the past. BUT... for the purpose of greater explication, sometimes names are mentioned. I do not want the reader to presume that I hold these people in contempt. It is a simple matter of what does and does not prove to be so, after a REASONABLE period of time. My apologies if I have offended anyone. I call 'em as I see them. I've no choice in the matter. I am OBLIGED to share what comes to me RELATIVELY unfiltered, or as straight as I can make it in a curved universe.

I KNOW that they are poisoning people. I KNOW that whatever war is taking place, every skirmish and battle, has a spiritual origin; be it actual, cultural, or mental. By this I also mean, it all has a Supernal or Infernal origin that PRECEDES the material appearance of the conflicts. Therefore, knowing what I know about the intentions of those whose stock in trade is DECEPTION, it stands the test of Reason for my purposes. Sure... they intend to wipe out a goodly percentage of the human race, who are already doing a bang-up job of that on their own. They do the same with World Wars, hot-spot engagements, and the like. They do it with famines, like The Potato Famine. They do it with plagues. They do it however they find the means by which to do it.

You can say they are misled; yes, they are. You can say they are deluded; badly drawn, possessed, and driven. That DOES NOT CHANGE the results. It's said that 'ignorance is no excuse of the law'. That applies above as it does below. Yes... you can make that excuse, BUT... to what end?

There is a small contingent of disgruntled readers. They don't announce themselves usually and they almost never reveal their identities, being creatures of the underbrush. Being a chipmunk, or a fox, or a weasel or any other small scurrying fauna IS NOT WRONG, BUT... there is a destiny, both potential and real, that attends their existence and they have to keep their wits about them to survive. What I am saying is that it is not a matter of GOOD or BAD. IT IS WHAT IT IS.

What I mean is that I understand what makes people as they are, on whatever stage or step of the spiral staircase they stand. Life is like an elevator and each floor opens upon an entire world of forms and sensations. After a certain point of travel on this staircase, other senses open and are used by the travelers for perception and perspective. One cannot adequately communicate with others about things they have no knowledge of. It is like trying to explain the lawnmower to a Brazilian headhunter. One is better advised to keep their peace in most cases. You only make people angry when you talk to them about things they don't understand, and ESPECIALLY when they don't approve of whatever position you may have taken on the matter AND... which they do not understand.

The idea of KARMA incenses certain people. They DON'T want to hear about it. Mostly... this is because they want people to pay for what they did or are doing. Vengeance and retribution are much on their minds. It DRIVES them. The irony is that KARMA effectively handles all of this but THEY CAN'T SEE IT. They ONLY know about the life they are in and what titillates and offends them. It is of no matter to me whether they agree with me or not. KARMA is a FACT and nothing they have to say on the matter affects KARMA generally, though it might affect their own.

These cabals of doomed fools are stirring up a hornet's nest of KARMA for themselves. They COULD SAY that these people are useless eaters who are killing themselves already. This DOES NOT make it okay for them to expedite their departure, not to mention torturing them enroute. These poor fools think that they are invulnerable and possessed of all sorts of Droit de Seigneur and feudal surfing over the bodies at their pleasure.

Those railing for an account of the long past, and who scream out for the rights of others, were OFTEN the very offenders of those rights previously. KARMA works like that. People are DRIVEN to repair what they had earlier destroyed and they often do it with a fanatic eye. People living in the streets were often people who ran the streets before. The people born into your blood family are OFTEN those you had problems with in the past and it accounts for the horrific encounters that hit the news on a regular basis. You get NOWHERE until you understand that the whole world is your family, or has been, or will be, like it or not.

You can rage against whatever. You can scream and stomp your feet. You can make all kinds of noise but IT DOES NOT AFFECT HOW THINGS ARE, except to make them worse. There is no accounting for taste, nor the heart wanting what the heart wants. Wanting is the problem. Soon after you reach a point of not wanting anything anymore, all sorts of wonderful internal AND EXTERNAL changes will take place

People OFTEN become that which they opposed in the life past. Firebrands howling about rights, creeds, and colors were often themselves the oppressors in a former life. They are fighting to right the presumed injustice to which they were a party before. All races have been enslaved and like it or not they played a direct part in it coming about. When you say things like this it outrages people. This is most certainly true in these times when victimhood is next to sainthood.

We have ridden on rails into the times we inhabit. We built those rails ourselves. HOWEVER... you can always go to the author of all things and make amends and acquire a contrite heart. Once you place yourselves in the Hands of the Almighty it is God's responsibility to take you home. Failing that, or... otherwise, you are left to your own resorts and we'll see how that works out for you. I KNOW BETTER. I know better than to walk through this world all alone or in league with rogues and reprobates. I can't do it on my own. I KNOW this. Everyone else is free to do as they please and enjoy the consequences of it, AS THEY SURELY WILL, for good or ill.

I do not need to be convinced of the crimes of those seeking to twist the world to their own purposes. I don't doubt it at all, BUT I am neither judge nor executioner. I am smaller than an ant-man, given how reduced by comparison I am with the last person I heard name himself that way, Guru Bawa. It took me longer than it should have to get with the program. As a reformed whore I seek to keep the self-righteousness at a minimum.

So... I don't know how much of all this is true. I know enough of it is true. I am not empowered to change or right the world. I am ONLY empowered to change myself and even that requires constant oversight. I do not get angry about what I see and hear about. In most cases, I am not invited to the party because ♫it's not my party♫ I am fortunate to be permitted to be a recluse and to have a guidance system. THAT and the Love of God will take me, or anyone, anywhere the imagination can envision AND BEYOND.

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