Thursday, August 06, 2020

"How can God be a God of Love when So Many Bad Things Happen in this World?"

(I have to address a couple of things before I get into what I am going to talk about today- which I don't know what that is- MOST OF THE TIME I do not know what I am going to write about. Sometimes I don't know what I have written until I read it afterwards. I will have an idea of what it is but nothing comprehensive. I think that needed to be said and as is also usually the case, I don't know why.

On to the two items; Number One- Beirut is built on rock. After the explosion, there remains a near 600-foot wide crater. Whatever they are saying happened, is not what happened. Almost certainly, this was done by THE USUAL SUSPECT and if I have to mention who that is then you haven't been paying much attention to events in that part of the world and who it is that is ALMOST ALWAYS the perpetrator, if it is a negative event. Not identifying who it is is wonderful in some ways because I can't be banned or blocked for what I don't say and- by this time- I don't have to say it. You already know or strongly suspect and as has been the case for a very long time, the following evidence corroborates who it is that we already assumed it was.

Number Two (an appropriate number). Something REALLY big HAS TO BE going on with the power-grabbing self-styled elite. In major cities and entire states across the USA, the Democratic governors, mayors, and all elected and appointed flunkies are fining, arresting, and otherwise hassling those of us who KNOW that masks DO NOTHING to hinder the spread of their fictitious virus and refuse to wear them. Yes, there is a virus, which is about as dangerous as any of the other flus that come and go. Protecting you IS NOT their agenda. Controlling and intimidating you is their agenda. I was advised several years ago to move to where I am because this state is the least among the oppressors of individual rights and freedom. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN THESE DAYS, people. My personal choice is... well... to do what I almost always do anyway; keep to myself unless I simply have to go out and then to make that as brief as possible and come directly home. Not everyone has the options I do and I sympathize with you! God is mindful of your plight. Seek the counsel of God and his angels who are ALWAYS NEAR. These are trying times.)

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The most unfortunate feature of these times is the stupidity and gullibility of a large segment of the public. I am in awe of how easily they are brainwashed and the high level at which their resident fear is being maintained. We are in a faithless era. The result is that... for the many people who have no stable belief system, beyond what they can see and what they are told; Fear and Lies are their constant diet.

Peer pressure is one of the major weapons being worked by The Bad Guys. They compromise the already compromised and intimidate the already intimidated while programming the credulous and then turn them on the uncooperative, which is us. They use the celebrity prostitutes in their stable to feign outrage at the non-compliant. One witless STUPOR-MODEL was photographed yesterday giving the finger to several policemen standing on a corner who were not wearing masks. You can clearly see that it was a photo-op. As she is interviewed, she refers to her job of standing around like a clueless moron, in various outfits designed by men who hate women, as being art. Everywhere you turn, powerful celebrities in music, film, and D-list celebrity enterprises- like the model, are excoriating the public about wearing masks.

ALL OF THIS COVID BULLSHIT and every other form of social disorder has one objective; GETTING RID OF THE PRESIDENT. Meanwhile, his political opponent has become so brain fogged inarticulate that his every move is being controlled, where it has to do with public exposure but... this being an apocalypse, it can't be hidden. References are made about Biden hiding in his mother's basement and I suppose that would apply if his mother happens to be The Whore of Babylon, which, I am guessing... is the case.

Life has become a free-for-all of chaos and chronic insanity. We've been calling attention to the relationship between ever-intensifying Materialism, breeding ever-intensifying Insanity, for some time now and it is REALLY becoming glaringly apparent in the present. Waves of hysteria are moving across the public consciousness and sooner, rather than later, you are going to see just how crazy it can get.

It is not my desire nor my intent to dismay or trouble the minds of the readers but it is what it is. One can't fix or adapt to something unless they can accurately identify it. Meanwhile, there is a concerted push coming through the media and nearly every portal of power to panic the general public. Can it be that ALL OF IT IS ORCHESTRATED? If it is orchestrated then WHO is responsible? Are the orchestraters being orchestrated? Could it be that all of those who mean the rest of us ill are being manipulated without their knowing it, even when they are engaged in manipulation? Yes... that is precisely what is happening. I've heard it said from authoritative voices across the centuries that GOD IS IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING... right down to the most seemingly insignificant detail. I believe this to be true. I not only believe it, I KNOW it to be true.

IF... IF there is a single source of control for everything AND we are either cooperating or rebelling against it and... if it is indeed completely in control of everything, is there some rationale that I am missing which justifies opposing it? Of course, being crazy would account for it and... as I think more and more upon the matter... no matter how you are opposing it and to what degree you are opposing it, opposing it qualifies as an act of lunacy, as an act, or several, of insanity. Now... here we come to the Purpose of Demonstration YET AGAIN. The Purpose of Demonstration applies to every act of resistance to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe. The purpose of the demonstration is THE LESSON INHERENT. The Purpose of Demonstration ALSO applies to those who are acting IN ACCORD with the Will of the Ineffable.

How do you know what the Will of the Ineffable is? AH... there is the question! If God is incomprehensible, indefinable, and inscrutable beyond discovery or understanding, then HOW CAN YOU KNOW WHAT HIS WILL IS? It is true that you cannot know The Divine in essence but... YOU CAN KNOW The Divine by extension. It has been said by nearly every spiritually realized person who has ever been here that GOD IS LOVE. This is why there is a Greatest Commandment; “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind.” If you do this then a conduit... a resonance is created between you and the almighty! There is already a contact with the almighty between all of us because it is the life in us and we would no way be alive otherwise BUT... it is an unconscious contact and for those who follow the Greatest Commandment, it is a CONSCIOUS CONTACT. There is a big difference.

One can also know God through HIS QUALITIES. This is scripturally referred to as 'the whole armor of God'. Scoffers will say, “If there is a God, look at all the horrible things he does! He can't be a God of Love.” Are all these horrible things really acts of God, OR are they simply part of the dynamic of cause and effect? There are four ages called yugas. The first is the longest and they get shorter until you get to the one we are now leaving. In this yuga that we are leaving, the consequences of actions far beyond in the unremembered past are having their day. IF YOU HAVE FAITH and if you HAVE STUDIED TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED, you KNOW that God is a God of love and you incline to Love in all your doings. You express love in your every action and you reap the results through the Purpose of Demonstration.

I DO NOT HAVE DOUBT. Doubt is for the uncommitted. Doubt is for those who do not believe. I believe... as do most of you. Perhaps the hardest thing for most of us to accept is THE FACT that God knows about us and is intimately involved in our lives. How is that possible? FOR GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! You HAVE TO embrace this and live it as an abiding truth of your existence. If you do not then God cannot help you. You have moved yourself off of his TV screen. God is not interfering in your insistence to have life on your terms and so he has gifted you The Purpose of Demonstration. Sooner or later you will get it, no matter how many times you keep coming back for the same reason and being captured by other interests. It has been said that not everyone gets it. I don't know in that regard. All I know is that I get it.

If life seems complicated then it is you who have complicated it. If life seems confusing then you are the one confusing it. You mirror what you are, according to the LAW of 'as a man thinketh'. You create the world in which you live. If you don't like it, CHANGE IT!!! Change yourself and the whole world changes for you. It does not change for those who refuse to change. It accommodates whatever fantasy they have manifested. If you find it hard to see, I suggest you open your eyes.

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