Saturday, April 04, 2020

"Walking in the Devic Realm, Schizophrenia and The Purpose of Demonstration."

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Over the last half hour, I went to my usual sources of disinformation. Then... in self defense, I walked away and now... for the last few minutes, I have been pondering the Scroll of Nonsense that I exposed myself to. Various individuals are going on and on about children being rescued from tunnels. Their evidence is that someone told them this. For some reason I can find no video on the matter. So far, all I have seen, is one or another person droning on and on, dancing with the threat of tears falling. I don't know what to think. Is any of this true? So far it appears to be a hysterical construct of manufactured hearsay. Manufactured hearsay is kind of like having an imaginary friend with no audio and you have to fill in the blanks.

Along with this comes a barrage of the uninformed, holding forth on Coronavirus. The Yadda Yadda is mind numbing. It is what you might expect to see in thought balloons, over the heads of anonymous workers in a rat warren of cubicles; some kind of isolating tanning booths, beneath a florescent sun, multiplied hundreds of times, in the white particle board drop ceiling overhead.

I imagine countless forums in a virtual world, humming like a beehive of buzzing redundancy, where people who will never meet, yell at each other through the kind of Plexiglas windows you see in prison visiting rooms and inner city pawn shops. These aren't real Plexiglas windows. It's all imaginary, just like the world they live in. It makes me so tired. I had convinced myself that I had to routinely check in on what people are up to, according to those reporting on it, be they employees of some large media outlet, or just random individuals with their own channels... talking and... talking. It makes me so tired.

I have learned nothing of any value. Last night I dreamed of leopards playing with me. One of them crawled full length upon my horizontal form; maybe I was lying down on something. It tucked its head into my collar and I could feel it breathing. I didn't know what to think in the dream. I was surprised at the intimacy. There was a definite sense of abiding affection from the creature. Before this, leopards kept appearing, coming and going, licking my hands. Tigers were interspersed now and again. The whole of them were friendly.

I have these sorts of dreams now and again. Sometimes the life forms are large, chimerical hybrids; bears the size of elephants, with long powerful necks and a hump. Often I am sitting in ancient trees, on a broad and smooth skinned branch, a couple of yards above these beings, passing below, on a carpet of brilliantly green grass. Sometimes I am running with them through this same forest. There's never any animosity, nor fear. Sometimes there is a sense of animal power and surges of excitement but... no fear. I long for these places after I have awakened into the dream of this life, knowing that there is some far more awakened state nearby, if only I could see my way to it. I suspect that where I have gone when I am in these locations is The Devic Realm.

While I was in Italy and at several locations there, Lord Ganesha would appear. He was, most of the time, a jovial fellow in tails and a top hat, man-sized. He would walk alongside me, a few yards away and often do flips and tricks with his hat, while cracking jokes. Other times, when he was at a greater distance, he would appear as he does in Indian poster art, striding across the rolling hills of green that make up the landscape in the area of Tuscany. He had told me, on several occasions, that when I was able to visit, he would be my guide. So... I would often imagine what it might be like there.

On one occasion I went into a trance state and found myself moving through a fantastic environment of landscapes and forms, unlike anything I see here. There was an abundance of foliage and so I was passing through patches of sunlight and shadow. I don't remember at what point I suddenly found myself in a much darker location. Then... menacing shapes appeared, large shapes of bizarre combinations of animal and insect and it got dicey very quickly. I suddenly was transported out of there and while I sat in shocked wonder at what had occurred, Lord Ganesha said; “as you can see, The Devic Realm is a large domain and there are many diverse life forms that live there, not all of them are friendly. You need a guide if you are going there. Otherwise it can be very dangerous. It is an ambiance of darkness and light and creatures of darkness and light live there.”

I know he wanted to disabuse me of my illusions concerning the place and that experience did the job. I suppose I should have known this but I didn't and I didn't acknowledge what should have been obvious because of the wishful and yearning attitude that so many of us are subject to. We WANT to believe in places where the Boulevard of Broken Dreams doesn't run right through the middle of our existence so... we lie to ourselves.

Of course the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Chronic Schizophrenics, like myself, are advantaged in this sense because the usual fencing is not there. All real artists are schizophrenics. It is difficult to have inspiration when you are fenced in and you can't be a real artist without inspiration. All timeless and genuine works of art, come from the minds of celestial muses and they are VERY PARTICULAR about who they traffic with. Many would be artists, after a preliminary success, having been briefly touched by magical hands, run into tragic disappointment when they find the well has run dry. Muses can be very temperamental about the dispensation of their gifts. If you start to imagine that you are the source of whatever extraordinary creation appeared, you may well find that proven otherwise. Gratitude is a quality of singular power and if you lack Gratitude, you will get a visit from Saturn to educate you into the benefits of it. Saturn is the great educator.

So... all this trekking about through the fields of imagination has a real life point to it. I don't know if thousands of children are being held in underground tunnels. I don't know about celebrity blood drinking, or whether the rounding up and arrests of powerful players, in life's contemporary dramas, is taking place, or going to take place. I don't know what the intended outcome of Coronavirus and its followups is all about and I am not prone to wishing and hoping about outcomes because I NEED IT TO HAPPEN as some kind of fruit of all my wishing and hoping... because life keeps getting more and more pointless and threatening as well.

Because I don't know, I don't spend my time speculating on the matter, or any of these matters that I don't know anything about. Many another person is not subject to the same degree of self restraint as am I and think nothing of endless random cuttings and pastings, of one unconfirmed or hypothetical, 'he said, she said'... one after the other. Why people get possessed by such obsessive compulsive behavior, I don't know. Are they bored? Do they need attention in whatever lonely exile they have subjected themselves to?

More and more, we seem to live in a world of endlessly chattering chipmunks, crying, “Look at this! Look at that!” behaving like hypertensive children with ADD, in need of some cosmic Ritalin to assuage their ever heightening panic over what they just don't understand. Life doesn't have to be like this.

Once again, I would like to point out something that keeps coming to mind and which is one of the few scenarios I have some degree of faith in. Materialism generates a great deal of fear and not just a fear of loss. There are all sorts of adjuvant fears. Take fear far enough and it turns into panic. Panic is a form of crazy, which is one of the chief by products of Materialism. Throw in the force of Awakening and you've got an environment of unpredictable possibilities of occurrence. Anything can happen. Fear and Anger are joined at the hip and it is one reason why, to an animal, they smell the same, which is why there are two things you don't do if you encounter an animal, unexpectedly in their habitat; you don't radiate fear and you don't run. You can cross-platform this into some surprising revelations.

Awakening is a force. This is an important fact to keep in mind. If you don't respond properly, you will find that the force of Awakening is greater than your ability to resist it. If you keep resisting, Fear will appear and then fear will escalate into panic and panic will matriculate into Crazy. This accounts for all the seemingly random outbreaks of violence taking place in parking lots, domestic settings, workplaces, shopping outlets and wherever.

Awakening can be hard to take if you don't know how to adjust to it. It can feel trembly and anxious and that can accelerate, because you don't know what might happen. There is so much you don't know, which you have convinced yourself otherwise about. Sometimes- and for me that means all the time- it is best to just let go and trust the good intentions of the author of that awakening and make yourself accommodating to whatever shows up. Don't fight what you don't understand. You wouldn't be in this kind of trouble if you hadn't convinced yourself that you knew what was going on in the first place. Too many people know all about everything... until they don't. I can assure you that this is only the preliminary of our being introduced to just how ignorant we are.

I handle this sort of thing by not handling it. I leave the passage through and the outcome in the hands of a wiser mind than my own, because one of the few things that I do know is that EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL and that nothing which happens, or appears to be happening, is an accident. There are no accidents. There are only events that you don't know the meaning of. So long as you think you know what is going on and that you are the one who is in control, you will be left alone to run the show. The Powers that Are, step right back when one wants to exert their authority. At that point, The Purpose of Demonstration takes over. This is an automatic reaction by the cosmos. You DO NOT live in a world of random occurrences. You do not live in some ridiculous chaos theory game setting, unless, of course, you have convinced yourself of it and then whatever you have convinced yourself of will play out according to the tenets of The Purpose of Demonstration.

You do not have to fight yourself. This is a battle you cannot win. A persona divided against itself, meets up with the same fate as a house divided. This is one of those situations in which it can be an asset to be schizophrenic. Managed Schizophrenia is a wonderful thing. It is important to note here, at the closing of this post, that the force of Materialism, WILL render all who are unconscious of the intentions of its pressure, into a schizophrenic state, which is kind of the same thing as not knowing who you are and having this brought more and more relentlessly to your attention, due to the force of Awakening. Surrender and take your hand off of the air filled bubble that you are holding beneath the surface of the pool. Once it appears it will burst of its own accord.

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