Thursday, July 28, 2022

"The Gay Voice of Monkeypox Consciousness Blames The Government for Not Being A Prophylactic for Their Sexcapades."

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Old sayings... homilies... platitudes... folk sayings from gone and beyond... in time out of mind... so to speak. Aye, ye've got ta keep ye feet staidy on the deek. There be a rolling ocean beneath thee. I'm sure that made all kinds of sense, well... it does. You know they got what they call Old Wives Tales. There are superstitions galore, and more; fairy tales and fables, myths and legends and some it... some of it, has to be true.

I've heard that you get what you pay for, BUT... you may also be getting something you don't need, regardless of whether you can afford it. People spend millions on a single car... private planes... and Pullman cabins on entire trains. They buy everything that can be bought, and then they pay someone to steal the rest, cause... it's an addiction.

The rich have addictions just like the poor because the rich are, USUALLY no happier than the poor. Often, they are much less happy. I have seen this with my own eyes. They have to either spend or hoard money to keep their minds off their woes. They have to insulate themselves from everyone else behind a wall of things. Fear of loss is still ever present within them. It comes with the territory, so to speak... and, may I add, they will indeed lose it all.

Anyway... about addictions. They come with all sorts of justifications and rationalizations. Not all addictions are illegal, especially if there is a whole lot of money in them. Sometimes they make it illegal so that the criminal arm of the same business can rake it in that way. The tax situation is much better too.

Some of them get their addictions confused with human rights, like this yahoo I saw yesterday or the day before. I'll call him The Gay Voice because he speaks for a large segment of the population.

The Gay Voice of Monkeypox Consciousness blames the government for not being a prophylactic against their Sexcapades; concerning all liabilities incurred by their sexual experiences. It says, “why can't I have sex with hundreds of men in the course of a week (every week), and have no concern for disease and discomfort?” They are petulant with dismay and say... “what about my rights? WHAT ABOUT MY RIGHTS?? WHAT ABOUT MY RIGHTS??? It is my right to have gratuitous and depraved sex as a full-time pursuit;” not much different from monkeys... except that monkeys have way more restraint. “These are my rights!!!”

The Ghost of George Floyd has shattered like a disco ball hitting the dance floor, and now distorted mirror images of George Floyd are dancing like The Sorcerer's Apprentice, only the dancers are animated sex toys. Now some good Christian folk want 25 million dollars for pain and suffering... cause a Sesame Street character in full costume (so you can't see the face) a-l-l-e-g-e-d-l-y insulted a couple of elementary school kids. No words were exchanged in this encounter.

If the cartoon character had exposed himself to the children it wouldn't be as big a deal. The cartoon could always say that it was guiding the child. That is their word for grooming. They got words for everything... but they are different from your words for the same thing. Please remind yourself that NOTHING pleases The King of Hell more than the despoliation of innocence... and childlike wonder. It is Hell's Big Kahuna.

From what I can see, the Sesame St. character just didn't acknowledge the children. This is, of course, ALL a fabrication by the parent's design. THEY WANT MONEY!!! They want money and they... don't... care... how... they... get... it. The Cultural Meltdown of America is in full-on mode, from the perspective held and transmitted by The Shit-Golem Press; chaos fills the atmosphere and ♫ hate is in the air... da-da-da-da-dah... hate is in the air ♫

The Perversity Industry of The Bottomless Pit wants its bottom serviced till the end of time, and some people are determined to get their wish. Drag Queens are prowling the halls of elementary schools. I don't think they are teaching or preaching normality cause... normal they're not. The queens are jigging across barroom floors with a four-year-old in hand. Anal sex is being taught in the classrooms... oh my!

Meanwhile, troglodytes and orcs stalk the nighttime streets of the cities, looking for someone to hurt. SOMEHOW this is all happening. You can track it to the NGOs, bankers, and mystery cabals, BUT... there is something... someone... behind them too; inside them. Someone has to be paying for this worldwide suicide train to run 24/7. This is the sexual version of the Chinese Belts and Roads program. Someone is footing the bill here, and they have an endless supply of money, AND influence... so... definitely international bankers are involved. BUT?

What is their point? If they destroy civilization how does it benefit them? They could be some kind of vampire parasite that has to kill and then moves on BUT... there is so much depravity involved, it HAS TO have something to do with The Infernal Realm. It has to be connected to The Dark Invisible. It ALSO has to be connected to The Coming of The Avatar because this is the kind of thing he usually runs into, and the MAIN REASON he comes at all.

The Sex Freak Armies are something to see. There are millions of them. There are more than you think because the Heteros have a bunch of them in the ranks too. Now that we have 57 flavors of gender, there has to be even more. This is what happened when that disco ball came down on the dance floor. Every shard is a distorted mirror. Different colors of light flash and pass over them. Each time the shards see something different. You get the same kind of heavy smoke from burning lust that you get from burning leaves.

The reason these people all suddenly appeared... is because The Avatar has driven the demons and other astral parasites, and pests down into outward form. The World is filled now with stolen cars. Well... you need not overly concern yourself. It is only for a season, and then the harvesting will follow. In betwixt... we need to mind how we go. Most of The Possessed will not survive any length of time. A VERY high portion of the demons and their associates are self-destructive. They'll steal a car (human body) just to hit top speed and go off a cliff or run into a bridge abutment. I mean this Metaphorically, AND Literally.

Sexual perversity is a runaway vehicle on a road no one survives.

Yes... it's full-tilt-batshit and a REALLY large portion of The World is unhappy with the way of things, ESPECIALLY... because... the... demons... have... come... for... their... children. So PUSH-BACK is on... the... menu. “Looks like meat is back on the menu, boys!” (Lord of the Rings comment). The anger of those made silent by world-blanketing-media, of every sort, is simmering on the sidelines. It won't be long now.

Here's the deal. The Bad Guys are deadly serious about their end of the stick, AND... they are very confident. I would say overly confident, but that's just my view. It's a classic morality tale. It's a classic allegory... a real-life Shakespeare play, with a cast of millions of shattered mirror fragments. They're on a REALLY big train, and it's headed somewhere. It's going awfully fast, and you... can't... stop... it. So... it's more a matter of whether you are on that train or not? It's also not running on a linear track, in case you were wondering about that.

Here you are seeing what happens when a world is awash in materialism. It generates dysfunction. It separates itself from nature. Lady Nature has very... good... reasons... for... her... laws. She is not opposed to your freedom, BUT... freedom is not license, no more than notoriety is fame. Actions... have... consequences. It is as simple as that, AND you can watch it in The World around you every... single... day... and night too. Are you involved in it? Are you looking to be involved with it? Bad move. Just let it go right on by.

Now... it doesn't matter if The Avatar turns out to be The Internet (although that is more of a tool than an entity). It doesn't matter if The Avatar shows up as an individual or... in a spontaneous upwelling in many human hearts, made... divine... by... the... intrusion. How he arrives and what form(s) he takes is not a concern. He IS coming. There is no room for doubt in my mind about this. I have my reasons for thinking as I do.

The point is that one should cease their arguing about what they don't know. It's just time-wasting and causes bad feelings. One should assume the posture of confident expectation. Imagine you are on a swing, hung from an enormous sheltering tree, and that God is pushing you. Imagine you are on a sailboat and God is The Wind that powers you. Imagine that you are a car, and God is the engine that drives you. Imagine it how you like. This is where religions came from, BUT... KNOW... it... is... a... real... force, and that religions don't even come close to representing it.

God may be shy and retiring (most of the time), but he can be coaxed into a relationship if he thinks you are sincere, and... in... it... for... the... long... haul. He can make himself into as many shards from the disco ball as he wishes, in order to mirror you, so... it is no problem for him to hang out with any of us... or... even all of us. He comes and goes as he pleases. If he gets the feeling that ALL YOU WANT TO DO is hang out with him, and he ALWAYS finds you waiting for his arrival... well... good things are going to happen.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, July 25, 2022

"Consider that All of Creation is Vibrating with His Laughter, and The Oceans are Filled with Tears of Joy."

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I've never gone to Twitter once... just to go there. I've been directed there from articles and the like, but I haven't gone there to go there because... it is a habitation of Twits and it is Bot-City from The Lower Swamp Side. Let us say you use a buzzword. That buzzword lights up an algorithm that unleashes a swarm of virtual-nano-tech-bots that hammer on you from all sides to conform with what the Incel Soy-Boy Gender-Stupid Trannyland Coalition wants you to be aligned with... in Group-Think.

If you are in line with Hive Mind, there will be virtual applause. If you are not in line... there will be censure. It's transparent. It's stupid, and... so would be anyone who is entertained by mind games played on the people who don't have one. Shooting fish in a barrel comes to mind. Why does no one ever say anything about where the bullet goes after it blows right through the fish? So much for the barrel.

That is what Elon Musk is going on about. He's pretty shrewd and I suspect he set this whole thing up. I'm not a fan of the direction of his thought because he's a trans-humanist... which adds a Satanic cast to his profile, although... Luciferian might be more precise. I wrestle with some of the things I say, and I often do not say something if it doesn't actually improve anything. I have studied Satanism, and I have studied trans-humanism... and I find them remarkably similar in a deus ex machina sort of way.

In my opinion, and from my perspective, trans-humanists are going the wrong way. They have convinced themselves that they are discovering entirely new aspects of existence, BUT... Heaven and The Initiatic Brotherhood have known these things, AND much... much... more, since time out of ken. What I see is that they... are... going... the... wrong... way. This... they will discover, at some point, just as The Atlanteans and numerous other cultures did in earlier times, far back in the long, long ago, as soon as they have gone beyond The... Point... of... no... Return.

Certain technologies are readily available in other planetary systems, such as Arcturus and Sirius Cluster. If you prove yourself here, you can incarnate there, if that is something that interests you. Here... we seldom, if ever, get that Star Trek thing together, and when we do, it would have to be in The Ages of Light. We usually destroy ourselves before that in Kali Yuga, and none of the civilized space cultures want people like us going haywire in the skies. Earth is boot-camp. Earth is where you earn your stripes (in...every...sense) and get promoted or sent to the back of the class.

Of course... Ages of Light are coming up. HOWEVER... if the quality of life itself is not improved, does it matter where you are? Here? In space? Quality of life is Job One because EVERYTHING is impacted by that. Where does quality of life come from? You carry it with you or... you don't. So... you might not even be here for those ages of light. ♫ It's not for me to say ♫

Earth is where they decide whether you can operate the sophisticated equipment or... are to be held back to repeat the course. ♫ Life in the slow lane, you don't want to use your mind ♫ Many are so overcome by their passions that they seldom think about it anyway. Imagine a classroom full of blockheads who have no interest in what is being taught. They want to disrupt the action for everyone else though. You still have to love them because lightning can strike at any time and turn them into a superhero. It happens about as often as a collective of monkeys will type out the works of Shakespeare, BUT... you have to love them... and B.O.L.A for the wolves in costume.

“bweerrp... arp... crackle-crackle. You're breaking up...”

You can tell people over and over... and over, and... over, BUT... they will not hear you if it doesn't suit their purposes. You can't know WHAT IS until you let go of WHAT IS NOT. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in your life is a projection-extension from your mind... which generates your conditions from the level of your perception. You like low-brow things? Your life will be a low-brow life. You like high-brow things? You may or may not have such a life due to a confusion of terms. (grin)

Everything you are going through, you are putting yourself through. You can wake up. It takes an effort, and you have to let go of all those low AND high-brow fantasies and desires. I'm thinking more like Botox-Brow with that condition brought about by a state of serenity because you have put down the implements of war against yourself, and make peace. This... you... can... do. Such a victory is not achieved overnight unless God makes it so. God can do ANYTHING at any time. There are no limits on the power of Heaven.

Sometimes... you just have to let things run their course. The FACT that everything is under control, does not mean you are the one controlling it. In order for you to be the one controlling it, you have to be in a perfect resonance with Heaven. You must surrender your will to control in order to achieve it. Everywhere in this world, you see self... will... run... riot. People have individual agendas... AND group agendas. The individual agendas are at war with other individual agendas. The same is true of group agendas. Look around you and you will see it is so.

The one laughing at nothing... beatifically smiling... is the one who has cut it all loose. The ones worrying, grasping, scheming, and sundry... are the ones who are attached to it; are TRAPPED BY IT. It being... anything at all... save for the central core... which is found nowhere outside you, but only within you. If you are talking about it, you either do not know what you are talking about or... you are striving to draw parameters in an outline that SUGGESTS what may be contained within; trusting in the imagination of your audience. IF... you are aware of this, you understand your limitations.

Why speak at all if no one knows what they are talking about? This is all emergent from a conundrum. It is a riddle, a puzzle, and an enigma. It is... and it isn't. It's got Schrodinger's cat in its lap and you can't see it. All you see is the smile of The Cheshire Cat, and the rippling of the fur over which the invisible hand is passing. It is a dream of God... in which a play is being acted out over, and over, and over, in endless complexity, about cosmic verities, with costume and location changes produced FOR... GOD'S ENTERTAINMENT! In other locales, they call it His Lila.

What you want. What you REALLY want, whether you know it or not, is to get God's attention; make him laugh, make him cry, make him angry, anything is better than being off his TV screen. I'm talking about God personalized. God being personalized makes it easier for us to have some small understanding of the incomprehensible. Impersonal God doesn't laugh or cry... unless you consider that all of creation is vibrating with his laughter... yes... in that sense you might say he laughs... and the oceans are filled with tears of joy.

Personal God is the opposite number of The Naked Emperor. You can't see him, but you can see his clothes, which are his qualities stitched together to form a luminous cloak of shining light that breaks into temporary colors with every movement. Anyone can wear this cloak who is willing to walk the talk. ♫no it don't come easy♫ (drum roll)

Very little that I say here do I know, ABSOLUTELY, to be true. Often... what you get are my suspicions. Most of it comes by way of The Intuition. That doesn't make it true either because I might not be transmitting it free of my own errors of thought. What I do know is that God is Real. I have direct and abiding knowledge of it, and daily reminders as well. God is the centerpiece of my life. This is not so for many others, and especially in Times of Material Darkness, BUT... it is all shifting now. Great change is upon us AND within us because of Mr. Apocalypse and The Great Awakening. They are God's tag-team in The Octagon.

They are going up against Vice and Deception. Since they have already overcome the demons of The World within them, it won't be much of a contest, BUT... the people watching don't know this, cause they're dreaming. It makes it all exciting, and sometimes frightening, BUT... we're living in the echo. The battle is over. Truth is The Ringmaster and the victory goes to Love.

I know how it looks on The Outside. I can see this as well as anyone. I see what the Lying Media says, and I see what my eyes tell me, AND... I see what The Mind makes of it because I am not insisting on it conforming to my perspective. When you aren't stirring the pool it becomes a mirror. When you are not causing restless seas within yourself, you have attained peace. Some see this. Some are in darkness which is yet more of the conundrum, the riddle, the puzzle, and the enigma.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

"There is The Matter of An Abyss that You Have to Step Across, but, It... Is... ONLY... as... Wide... as... Your... Fear."

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Every love song you ever hear... romantic... desirous... longing... wishing and hoping... lost and gone, they...are... all... about... God. God is the reason pedestrian attractions seldom work for long. They are what we mistake God for. Somehow we know... inside... that THEY ARE NOT WHAT WE WANT. There is something more! E-V-E-N-T-U-A-L-L-Y you learn. After much sorrow... much gain and loss... sometimes only loss... you... learn ♫ I want you! I want you so ba-a-a ad, it's driving me mad, it's... driving... me... mad ♫ Yeah... I'll bet you do. Now... if you only knew what I was and where I am... well... you might be on to something; so says The Divine.

Everything we think we want. It is all God in costume. You grab for it and... he retreats from it, because... that is not what he is. He is not in the appearances.

You can't grab God. You might can grab most everything else but... you can't grab God. We are... literally... on a magical mystery tour. Famous musicians... inspired by angels given that task, due to past appeals or worthy effort, gain The World and then... God- and his angels- go away. Then... instead of being able to hang out with God, you are left to attend fashion shows and shill for vaccines. You have lost the most important thing you came here for.

The road to The Kingdom of God is fraught with peril. This is not to say that God does not want you to arrive, BUT... he's not going to let you just walk right in. How bad do you want it!!! Not bad enough. God will make sure to take EVERYTHING else away from you because that is all the proof he needs, BUT... he does need all the proof.

♫ The greatest love of all... is easy to achieve. Learning to love yourself is the... greatest... love... of... all ♫

All those heroic stories in the Greco-Roman and Arthurian traditions (Christian mysticism) were about finding God, disguised as something else, cause you can't describe what God is so... you get The Holy Grail. You get The Quest. You get The Pearl of Great Price. You get what covers as a curtain for concealing God from the senses, AND... you find that learning to love yourself really is The Greatest Love of all. That's you! That is what you are aspiring to and what you WILL become, IF... YOU... CONTINUE... TO... THE... END; faithful unto Death, so to speak.

We hide God from ourselves so that we can exercise profane appetites. That works only for The Aghora and guys like Rasputin who know the secret. Going to a monastery doesn't work either. YOU... are still there. It doesn't work until you... are... no... longer... there. The False You that is. That has to be worn clear... translucent... so that The Real You can shine through. If you don't give up, you cannot fail. IF... YOU... DON'T... GIVE... UP... YOU... CANNOT... FAIL. Yeah, I know, it hurts. It hurts like what only expletives will best express, and we try to avoid expletives here. Still... no pain... no gain.

It can't be sugar-coated and continue to inspire you. As soon as you hit Hard Country... the sugar coating wears off and you are left with a bitter pill. It wouldn't be nearly so laborious if you weren't insisting on taking your false self along. You are going where The Personality cannot go. It can only wait outside the door. It can only hear about the one who saw the light of The Grail reflected... and then forgets about having heard it.

It IS NOT for the eyes of The Profane, so... you have to let Heaven's Helpers clean you up and... well... they can be a little rough, BUT... that is ONLY because you are fighting them, like a baby crying in the bathtub because there is soap in his/her eyes.

The Mind is a tool of The Personality which convinces it that everything it wants is right. Until The Reactive Mind is stilled, The Devil WILL party DOWN. The Mind becomes remarkable when it is no longer in a state of separation. Then The Devil ceases to exist. The Passions lure The Personality through The Mind, by picturing The Attraction, in order to whet the appetite, and stimulate The Attractive Force, seducing it into fueling whatever The Personality wants to USE... and... to... HAVE.

Don't whine. This road IS NOT for whiners. Don't make excuses. Don't rationalize or justify, just admit to yourself that you don't know what's going on, and that harmonizing sounds like a better role than being inharmonious. Who is it that uses divisiveness and discord? Right.

Yeah... you have to give everything else up. Really? Ah... too bad, and you were so totally enjoying yourself, right? Sure you were. Even IF that were true, it won't last. I can assure you of that.

ON... THE... PLUS... SIDE, if you can give everything else up, The Supreme Enjoyer will... take... up... habitation... in... you... and... enjoy... him/herself in... you. That's Tantra in a nutshell. Doing AS God does BECAUSE... IT... IS GOD... doing it.

So let's study the math here, analogically... You give up everything else, and... you get God with everything else? Isn't there a Bible quote that ends with, “and all else will be added unto you?”

Another thing it would be good to get clear in your mind is that THERE... IS... MORE... THAN... ONE... WAY.

.. UP... THE... MOUNTAIN. Every legitimate religion is a portal, but... you had better not get trapped in the dogma and cant. You have to go beyond the letter of the law to the spirit of the law. Rules and commandments are great for a time. They are the training wheels on your bike.

However, once you have learned to ride, you... don't... go... off... the... road, unless you get distracted or seduced. This is why you have to fall desperately in love with The Divine, in order to avoid being distracted and seduced. It is the only thing that will keep you focused, and... on... the... road

You have to discover that special guest within and let him show you how to do the dance. There are no external methods for this. There are external methods that... will... take... you... to the dance master, but after that... there are no books or instructional pamphlets. There is the matter of an abyss that you have to step across but... it is ONLY as wide as your fear.

So... people who read something in a book, and believed it, AND... people who read something in a book and did not believe it... cause it didn't agree with their idea of how things came to be, and ought to be... are part of a crowded argument that goes on forever... outside the door of what they- actually- came here for.

You KNOW these things are true, BUT... you are having trouble applying them. No matter how hard you try you just... can't... seem... to... get... to there. Here's the secret, dear friend... YOU HAVE TO FALL IN LOVE. Love... oh selfless Love... is what makes it possible.

This is the real deal and... it didn't cost you a dime. It will cost you the experience of going after it. How... bad... do... you... want... it?

Eventually... we get tired of the shit we put ourselves through. Some folk are hardier than I am. They seem to have an infinite capacity for creating pain; pain for themselves, and... then by extension... pain for anyone else who has the misfortune to run into them.

Once again, here is where Love continues to shine. Love is The Swiss Army Knife of Life. It is also a shield. It protects you even when you do not know it is protecting you; comes with being as a little child. So long as Love flows between you, and your creator, you are in the sanctuary where no darkness can enter. You have to willfully go outside of the sanctuary to encounter The Darkness, AND... some do. Some get to the edge of The Great Transformation and say... “This is not for me. It costs too much.”

EVERYONE... no matter what seminars they took, what gurus they met, what rituals and traditions they perform... WILL come to the edge there. It is not something you can get around, although... all those people that wrote those books, and read those books, and put on the seminars, and attended the seminars will... tell... you... that... you... can.

They got a system, AND... they know The Dweller on the Threshold, and... he's not that bad. They'll tell you they're good friends with The Door Wardens, and that they go in and out all the time. Uh-huh. You bet. Talk is cheap, and NEVER IS THAT MORE CLEAR than when you run up against it, AND... you will run up against it when you come to that edge.

This is why just about everyone stays in their lane and refuses to risk what they think they have. Yeah... when you think about The Dweller on the Threshold... and the edge of The Abyss, it doesn't seem like much from a distance, BUT... who boy! Just wait till you get close up. Then you see why you need a guide and why you MUST have Love. Love is what makes you fearless.

End Transmission.......

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I had little to do with writing this. Yes... if you want to get technical, it did come from Higher Me. Still, all I accomplished was getting Lower Me to sit still for it. You have to train your animal. Once this is accomplished, ANYTHING is possible. ANYTHING is possible... regardless of your accomplishing it, BUT... it is not possible for you... until... THAT... has... been... accomplished.

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♫ what you do for love that you would not do ♫

Friday, July 15, 2022

"Any REAL Tradition Will Take You as Far as Words can Go, Leaving You on The Doorstep to The Undiscovered Self."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Talking with a friend today. We wound up discussing the mystery (it's not a mystery. It might only be a confusion of terms) of how people come to be so dense and 'seemingly' unaware of what's going on around them, AND... even if they are... they either completely misread it or get sucked into it... into the cultural threshing machine from which is produced an enforced conformity. “Ten Hut!” Sadly... attention is not what will be forthcoming.

Whatever it was that they put into the water... or the textbooks... or poured through the channels of the TV-internet-social media-radio... the social massage shaping... whatever it was, it missed me. I even tried to fit in and... they wouldn't let me. I did not have The Right Stuff. Of course... upon reflection, I see that their idea of The Right Stuff was not my idea of The Right Stuff. In my lexicon of verbal understanding, with a few mental quirks, their Right Stuff translates into The Wrong Way in my head.

I have been puzzled for a very long time about the disconnect between what people think... and what people do. The Historical Record holds proof plenty where this present road they are on... leads. The way to destruction is broad thereof... or something like that. I see people... many-many people marching toward an ignominious, and painful end. Some things are worth one's life. (at least to me) Some are worth more than your life... for that matter. What people are killing themselves, and each other over, is... not... worth... it... no way... no how.

I don't know what to call it? Is it Stupidity? It certainly contains many of the elements of Stupidity. Is it Ignorance? There again... it certainly contains elements of ignorance. It is not caring? That too. Perhaps it is better to put it in an environmental context; is it a Dream? Yes. Is there a big dreaming ocean that we are all swimming in? Yes.

I often see people swarming in large schools of hive unity. They make those strange movements with their mouths on their side of the aquarium. Then... suddenly... for no obvious reason... they flit away as one, coming to rest again, somewhere else, with their mouths opening and closing. Whatever they are looking at is fascinating for them. They appear spellbound.

Because of the pursuit of comfort (which is civilization's reaction to pain) and convenience, people have numbed their awareness. They have been dumbed down into appetite satisfaction machines. You can't tell them this. They will get very angry at you. It is like taking the Binkie away from the child. They want to dream on if the dream is pleasant. They are ever hopeful if it is not.

If you go to a movie, and you get caught up in the movie. You can believe that you are also in the movie and experiencing all the thrills and emotions being displayed. Then the light comes on and you are right back in your life. There is a white screen where the movie was. You only thought you were in the movie while the movie was playing... BUT... now you are back in the movie you were in... before you started watching the other movie. In this movie though... people are not coming back to themselves. They are unable to awaken from The Dream.

This is where it is different for me. I am almost always aware of the dream or I am reminded of its existence pretty quickly, should I be distracted into it. I cannot escape being aware of it, and I don't want to. There's nothing there for me anyway. So... where that puts me, and the rest of you who have been nodding your head in identification with this as you have been reading... it puts us into having to pay attention to where we are going, and what we are doing.

Once you are made aware of The Great Con... you don't buy into it again. Even if there was some offer, some lure come dangling in front of you, something... someone... steps in and tells you it's not right for you, AND... you don't argue because you've been told plenty of times before, AND... when you did not act on this advice... this hunch... this intuition, you were made sadly wiser. You got it!!! Somehow you saw through the masquerade, obviously, The Emperor was naked. It requires vision and courage to see this.

People lack vision and courage because CONVENIENCE and COMFORT made them weak. They are filled with excuses, AND... have no answers. They have no questions! How... can... that... be? How can you march to your doom with your eyes closed? Well... of course, you have to close your eyes, otherwise, you will see where you are going and what is happening to you.

We are in desperate times. Not only are you in danger of losing your liberties (look at The Crown Colonies), but you are in danger of losing your life... OR WORSE. You are in danger of being made a slave to a merciless despot. It is the Tyranny of The False Self. Now... this particular drama we find ourselves in is not new. It comes around regular as one of the seasons. A culture rises in the vision of a guiding intelligence. It hits the midpoint and goes horizontal like a waistline and then... it falls. It is like Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Now... there may be little you can do about the fall of your culture, BUT... you have a lot to say about where you are standing when it happens. The World around you is... a... reflection... of... The... World... within... you. As a man thinketh, so... is... he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to put exclamation marks after that statement because it is INARGUABLY true. What you think shapes what you are on... the... surface. You are ALWAYS what you are below that. Your soul... your individuality... is eternal.

Certain diseased minds want you to believe differently. It is easier to control you. What you think has a PROFOUND effect on your state of being. “Why am I miserable? Why am I fearful? Why am I alone? I didn't do this to myself!” Yeah... you did. HOWEVER... you can reverse this... undo this... transform it... whatever the words are that you use to explain it to yourself. You can think your way into a blessed sphere.

Before I eat, I bless the food and acknowledge the Prana it transforms into. I direct it... in my prayer of Grace to the finer ends of union with God and conversation with his angels. As I eat... and assimilate the food, I acknowledge the fire in my belly... and the objective of the energy that WILL BE generated. When I eliminate wastes, I have another process in the mind that acknowledges the discarding of outworn ideas... shortcomings... character defects... etc. When I go to sleep at night there is another process. Through the day there are the 'checking in' procedures having to do with affirming my connection to the infinite through prayer and meditation.

There is more going on than what is cataloged in that last paragraph. There are intricacies of thought that cannot be verbalized. We are required to let the heavenly inspired pass through us, and to reject what is not godly from passing through us. Once again, from “The Way to The Kingdom”;

“Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious striving to be that which you are now, always were, and always will be, in supreme fullness and perfection? Why not then let go completely and let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein you know are not My thoughts?

That is all You need to do—I will do the rest.

Beloved, if you abide thus in Me, and let this My Word abide in you, everything your heart seeketh will surely come to pass, in blessed richness and abundance.”

That is LITERALLY true.

There are guides in every... legitimate tradition that will take you are far as the words can go, and leave you on the doorstep of The Undiscovered Self. You SIMPLY find the one that works for you; The New Testament. The Dhammapada. The Bhagavad-Gita. The Way of Life (Witter Bynner translation) AND... there are others. Find the right version. I'll try to list what I wound up with, after reading the numerous other versions, that did not work for me. I do not subscribe to any of these particular beliefs exclusively. I do go to some much more than others.

For me... it is what is within that informs me. It confirms what passes in front of me, as useful or useless. It is a consciousness that exists within my own consciousness. When I am in alignment with it, all is harmonic and serene. Otherwise... something is out of order. The key is to catch what is wrong with you soonest, and to cure it quickly. Of course... on our way, we bounce in and out of alignment. How quickly we come back into alignment determines our level of being and awareness.

It also indicates how much Faith... Certitude... and Determination we possess.

I am still puzzled about what it is that so mesmerizes the sleeping classes. I thank God with great gratitude that he has lifted me up. It is a simple thing to turn The Dial to a more rarefied frequency. HOWEVER... in Times of Material Darkness... people become coarsened in their appetites and desires and they wind up on a carnal frequency whose destiny is like that of the beasts.

Perhaps... I am not puzzled. Maybe I just don't want to accept what I see. Maybe I am hoping there is something more to learn from it all that will empower me TO DO SOMETHING, but... yeah... unbearable compassion seems to be the default at that point. I have my job and God has his job. My job is to align with The Heavenly Order. God's job is to take care of The Details.

End Transmission.......

The Bhagavad-Gita by Eknath Easwaran and The Bhagavad-Gita Comes Alive by Jeffrey Armstrong.

The King James New Testament. Hmm... I don't want to add any more because there are so many wonderful guides... you will find them in the seeking. It's the journey, not the destination BECAUSE... you are already there. You might just not know that yet.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

"No One in Separated Mind is Able to Withstand It, So... Snap! There Goes The Weakest Link in The Chain."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Have you considered why it is that so many people are losing their minds? Why are they drifting into all sorts of perversities? Why are they rooted in bad habits of diet and industry? Why are they plugged into pornographic fantasy worlds... video games and all those Brave New World playthings? Is it The Bad Guys who are doing it to them?

People are losing it because it comes with the direction they are headed in. Times of Apocalypse make sure of this when... in concert with an awakening, people are exposed to the revelation of who they really are. And... THEY... CAN'T... HANDLE... THE... TRUTH! Insanity is a natural progression the further you bury yourself into material culture. It is what happens in times of summing up. It is the force of Judgment loosed into the areas of collective and personal karma. It is the karma being worked out.

This particular period of transition is between yugas; not just ages... yugas, This is the time frame where all the odds and ends of Karma, sometimes going back a very long time, are being resolved. It is also a planetary drama being acted out by everyone who came through Wardrobe to hit the stage here. We've got main players... many villains... few heroes, though... more heroes than you might think because Media doesn't like heroes as much as villains because good news doesn't sell. Someone said that once. Maybe it was in a book. So... people believe it.

Yes... it's the transition of an age too, BUT... critically... most people do not get that it is the transition from a yuga as well, so... it is a singular cauldron of change. Opportunities for spiritual advancement are HUGE. This is why the distractions are so powerful, and there are so many of them. Seize the moment!!! I have direct experience that it is true. I have only to look at my life and what it has come to. One would not have expected such good fortune given some of the country I traveled through; GRACE of God.

The more you resist seeing the truth about yourself... the more the force of awakening presses, and presses, and presses. No one in Separated Mind is able to withstand it so... there goes the weakest link in the chain. This is all being orchestrated. I tell you this that you might feel a greater security and comfort than may presently be the case. No one who loves God comes to any real harm. It is a spiritual law.

Consider the manipulated and orchestrated migrations of large groups of people from their homeland. Tens of thousands at a time... perhaps more, are marching, flying, and sailing from vast distances; who is feeding them on the way? Who is printing and distributing the t-shirts they wear? Who is putting them up on the way? Who is doing the ground-level campaigning for people to leave their homes? One thing we do know is that it has nothing to do with Global Warming.

The present regime is hand in glove with the deep pocket Usual Suspects. Why do we see NO VIDEO of events and conditions from the various home countries about migration? Why is the press without interest for cause? The same people own the press AND the present regime. These rootless criminals, with allegiance to no one but Mammon, are engaged in destroying America and the entire West. This is VISIBLY evident.

I see what's happening. Mr. Apocalypse is exposing the humiliating truth of the wild in the streets mayhem of people who take themselves far too seriously. I have it on good counsel that SHORTLY... he is going to appear inside the heads of these clowns and expose them to themselves for what they are. After that, they will no longer be able to function in their previous manner.

Most especially in the firing line of the new dimension of enforced... false... self... discovery is... yep... The Usual Suspects. It is going to be very hard for them to continue to try to rule over us when they have lost their reason and their grip on the false personas they created to effect their long-term scams. The Divine is just letting it run out into the ocean of folly, beyond the point of no return... before he melts the boat beneath them and drowns them in his love. Too bad that... from their side... it doesn't look that way.

The heart of the problem in our world today is that people cannot handle the pace of the technology. So... it is driving them mad.

Where do badly made people come from? They come from bad or absent parents or cruel conditions they are karmically responsible for. Where does crime come from? It comes from criminal programming. Modern-day Khmer Rouge seek to level the playing field by censuring superior intellect and promoting an enforced average. Anyone who thinks they are a nuclear scientist IS a nuclear scientist. Anyone who thinks they are a girl or a boy is a girl or boy. This means that mental illness is our driving force in the interest of parity.

They are saying, “the crazier the better.” When the people are milling about in hopeless confusion, that is the right time to overpower them. If you can drug them and weaken their moral integrity... so much the better. Everything you see on The World's stage today is representative of the push to anarchy... perversity... immorality... all explained by way of moral relativism. Conditions get more and more uncertain for a reason.

The people who THINK they are running the show; the WEF-Great Reset Psychopaths... the bankers... the letter agencies who dwell in acronymity... the talking head politicians... the big-name entertainers and sports figures... the religious hypocrites... all the deluded AND intentionally guided are committed to the altar of Mammon. They are deceived into thinking they are the architects. They... are... not!

The Divine is using everyone like pieces on a multidimensional chessboard FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. He is in absolute and utter control. NO ONE ELSE IS!!! They ONLY think they are, which... is ALSO for The Purpose of Demonstration. You can choose the role you play... unless you have rendered yourself blind to reality BECAUSE it does not conform to your desires and expectations.

Someone is trying to take control of The Whole World again. It should be a spectacular failure. I hope to see the video. I am presently in an entirely different movie so I am not going to be able to make an appearance at that one... well, maybe for a moment. Call it a cameo.

In some productions, a bit role is best. To be in the audience is even better. Reading about it at a distance is better even than that. Being too preoccupied with the splendor and glory of The Divine is yet... even better than that. Being beyond words... there you go. That would be the best of all. It might seem that I am working in the opposite direction from that by writing these blogs. This is a phase. It will pass.

We all have our jobs to do. Whether we do them or not is... our... problem. If we are trying to do someone else's job that is an even bigger problem. Masters (who seem to be in control) are actually those who have surrendered the controls to the One True Master. Then God gives them a baton and they wave it over different librettos... being in perfect harmony with the performance given, the music that is playing... perhaps even orchestrating that harmony through inaudible musics of higher vibration.

There are many entities doing critical work here... far more critical than what you see in the marketplaces of Materialism, however... they are mostly invisible. They are not calling attention to themselves like a performer. Some... most of us...are acting... only a few are Being.

The nonsense of Woke... PC... Gender Stupidity... these are ALL blinds and temporary curtains before the real changes of a true awakening, as it begins to take hold... in... those... so... inclined. Not everyone wants the best for themselves and others. Some are determined to go down the hard highway to trauma that always precedes a forced awakening. A forced awakening is what happens when you refuse to accept being more gently awakened.

I've been talking about being cool under fire, and not letting appearances dictate your mental state (which THEY like to milk for their gain) for a reason. It's coming... big BIG changes are coming. Are they really necessary? Hmm... yes... if they apply to you. If not... you have no reason for concern. Being changed ahead of time, I have always thought is best... instead of having to be changed... at... the... time. What did someone say? (one of my childhood heroes) “Fortune favors the prepared mind?” “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity?” I like pithy sayings.

End Transmission.......

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