Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey Mom, is that Me in The Petri Dish?

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‘Well, dog my cats, it’s raining frogs’.

Good day my friends. Some of you are not happy with me that I revealed certain ongoing assaults on my name, behavior and imagined past. If I hadn’t brought it up, some of you would have, in fact, some of you did and that was why I brought it up (grin). If I hadn’t brought it up, I would have had to answer too many emails and I am already nearly a month behind in answering them. Some people are waiting on me to proof some things so that they can publish them and I’m trying to find the time.

I’m going to do something I should have done a long time ago. I want you to imagine that I am under oath, under circumstances that count with me and you are free to ask me anything. Some things might be too private but I will answer if I can and there are presently no limits on what you can ask. If you know how to ask properly, I will answer truthfully, even if it makes me appear to be insane. You are free to hold me to what I say and free to rigorously check what I say. I will even provide witnesses to certain things that might appear supernatural.

I’m not going to directly reference anyone who is mentioned in the latest Smoking Mirrors, you can intuit as you wish and you can peruse the comments there if you like. Now, my telling you something doesn’t make it true but you will have the evidence of my saying it is and the evidence of others, should that be required.

Most of us know that many alternative news sources are compromised by different agendas. Some of them were birthed for this purpose. The sites that publish or link to me I am reasonably secure with. God only knows what the deepest heart of anything is. Maybe you can find me in Kris Kristofferson’s, Silver Tongued Devil and maybe you can find me in something by Joni Mitchell. If you do find me then please put me into one of those UPS Boxes and send it to me.

I’ve come across some outrageous claims being made about me, for all I know, I’m living a double life and neither of my parts know each other. As far as I know, I’m a singer/songwriter and a poet and a not very successful one. I’ve got five hundred dollars to my name and I live by the good graces of a couple of people who love me. I don’t think even they know why they do. My life has been filled with supernatural events and premonitions of something that finally is about to show itself. I will be as surprised as anyone else when whatever it is shows up and that’s going to be pretty soon.

These days I am as antsy as I have ever been. I can’t kick back and I am uneasy about the next phase of whatever my body wants to put me through. It looks like it’s over but I told myself that before. I’m literally afraid to go see Lord Ayahuasca because the presence is now overwhelming and I don’t recover from the impact now, so he sits on a shelf in my icebox (not my icebox) and he lurks, knowing I’ve got no say in the matter if someone wants to talk to me in flaming letters.

I’ve got no life insurance and sometimes it feels like I’ve got no life. I have no savings and nothing of value materially but a few guitars and my Roland keyboard and I am fast losing my ability to play them anymore. It’s going away. I’ve got my computer and some clothes. I own no jewelry or precious metals or stones. I have no income and must rely on the kindness of strangers. It’s too bad I’m not pretty. I think I used to be but I was unaware of it until it didn’t matter anymore.

The only thing that matters to me is to be of service. I seem to be doing a halfway decent job of that. I don’t get paid for it, except for the satisfaction. I don’t go anywhere except to Italy and that’s to keep the place together, so I work a lot there. It’s a small little place that you would never find unless I took you there.

I’ve got no company to speak of except my dog Poncho and his buddies. I see Susanne every day and she doesn’t understand me but she must like being around me cause I’m still here. She’s can’t make sense of what I do but she sees the use of it. She doesn’t believe in God but she will say grace with me when we eat. That is a peculiar thing because I’ve never been with anyone before who didn’t acknowledge the presence of ‘the one’ in life. She is the most honest and decent person I may have ever met. She’s a better human being than I will ever be and the most convincing proof that I’m not a bad guy if someone like that loves me.

I recently came right out and said that I admire and like Jacque Fresco and Roxanne. Maybe I should explain that. I don’t know them and I have never met them except that we exchange emails some times. I admire Jacque because he is a marvelous inventor and visionary. I only saw the original Zeitgeist once and that was years ago. I don’t know anything about the people who did it. I don’t know anything about any connections Jacque might have to anything but what I get from him is that he is a vigorous man in his late 90’s, who can’t hear very well at all anymore. I saw the film, “Future by Design” and it really touched me. I didn’t think of the political implications. All I saw was a futuristic world that was a lot better than the one I’m in. Maybe I’m deceived here. I don’t know. People give me far too much credit for knowing things.

I have had a love affair with God that dwarfs anything else in my life. It consumes me and everything is about that. I screw up regular but not like I once did, now that my fires are banked and directed. I have had no life except for the changes I got put through and the force of it all was just completely beyond my ability to affect it.

I’ve been plagued by inconsistency because I am very mercurial. My whole days are involved in creating something connected to my love affair. That’s why I like Jacque. All he does is fashion and shape his dream. You can play six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon all you want. I don’t engage in these things. I don’t concern myself with the hidden rulers of this plane. I know they’re there but, to me, they’re nothing but shadows headed toward the place where shadows go. I’m not a Mason and never have been in this life and the only organization I ever belonged to was when I was studying with The Builders of the Adytum and my time at the Guru Bawa Fellowship. I’ve no connection to either anymore. Like Bawa said about me; “He’ll be okay, he’s chosen a different path. That path doesn’t even have a name.

If you can find out anything about me, besides my having been in trouble with the law and reckless with my life to the point of insanity at times, you are welcome to bring it up. I’ve been indiscreet but not so much any more. I’ve played at being a human chemistry set and I did that because the materialism of the day is so pervasive that I needed a rocket to get into the atmosphere. The driving force of my life in everything I do, whether intelligently accomplished or batshit unpredictable, has been because I miss someone more than anything there is and there’s nothing in the world that means anything to me next to it. Recently my dog has had some bad seizures. I think it’s because of the Frontline tick medicine. I thought, one day he’ll be gone, so shall we all …and I felt that attachment and the tears it engendered but I have always been pretty much catch and release.

I’d like to say that I’m pretty much what the reader thinks I am, except for some things that are about to happen that involve me and why I’m here and you can just wait on that. Am I a Bodhisattva? Yes, but that and ten bucks will get me a Starbucks concoction and I’d rather have the ten bucks for something worth imbibing. I almost never eat in a restaurant because I like what I make. That is one thing I can do, I can cook good food that tastes great. I can sing and I can dance and I know some integral dances and I’ve demonstrated them enough so that there shouldn’t be any questions on that score. I’m pretty good at most sports and games of accuracy. I’m not afraid of much, except for my own unpredictable behavior patterns.

I don’t work for any intelligence agencies and good luck finding ANY evidence of that. I consider myself a friend of God and he does too. He wouldn’t give me the time of day otherwise. I am certifiable and clinically mad. I suffer from depression sometimes from having been hit a lot when I was a kid and I use Ketamine when I can get it because it treats that condition. If you’ve got any questions for me, consider that I am under oath and ask me. I’ve got nothing more to say here. I would think the lyrics of my songs would tell you all you need to know.

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God in Country by Les Visible

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Time to Wake up and Smell the Bodies Burning

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"May your noses always be cold and wet'.

Rise and shine world, wash the dream dust from your eyes; awaken dreamers! If you can’t see it, you’re not paying attention or... like so many of your fellows, you are seeking to explain circumstance on your terms, rather adjusting your view to step beyond the personal, where everything has to fit into the schematic of your desires and ambitions. Here’s the world you get from these people. That’s the only world you’re going to get from these people and their end game is a lot nastier than what you are reading there.

Let me say a few things about consciousness. Consciousness is power. Separated self-interest consciousness is relatively impotent, except where it’s allowed for the purpose of lessons. Connected consciousness; being conjoined with the source of consciousness it a power beyond measure. The only limitation is that you can’t wield it from the separated self position. However, the separated self position is inherently suicidal so... get rid of it. Something within you knows what you truly need and what will grant you liberty from stress and tension. A great deal can be understood by watching those who have mastered Tai Chi and Aikido. You can plenty of examples on youtube. This is what unified consciousness grants you, not only in your personal interactions but also in your engagements with the greater forces of the world.

Morihei Ueshiba ‘discovered’ Aikido one day in one of those enlightenment moments. As I recall he wasn’t five feet tall and didn’t weigh a hundred pounds. He was a practitioner of misogi. I know the benefits of this sort of thing, though, to my regret, I haven’t practiced this sort of thing in a long time. Michael Green and I lived in a teepee in Wittenberg, New York, which is about seven miles out of Woodstock. We lived there off and on for about 3 years... or in other teepees in other locales, together and sometimes not together. Michael was with Leary at Millbrook. We used to go out at dawn in the winter and bathe in the mountain stream that flowed a short distance from the teepee. Michael used to walk into Woodstock barefoot. Michael is a remarkable fellow though I can’t seem to find most of his great art that used to be at his site. We shared, with a few others, the operation of a Macrobiotic restaurant in Woodstock; Five Rock City Road. I also had a spiritual/occult bookstore called The Ajna Bookstore.

End digression; anyway, Master Ueshiba was able to pull a tree with a six inch diameter out of the ground. He came to a military base when I was a small child in Kyoto, Japan and several of the things he did were, extended his little finger and three enormous MP’s, probably my father’s men, pushed on it and he flicked his finger and sent them flying. He stood in front of an archery target and had someone shoot arrows at him from 25 yards away; he would just shift his form as they whistled past him. Then an MP pulled a gun on him with more than a body’s length of distance and the MP could never pull the trigger. This is all long ago and far away and I don’t remember it very clearly. Did I get much of the tale after or did I see this, in person, in my mind? I know it happened. This is the kind of thing that can happen when you are in accord with the universe and there are a number of ways to get like that.

A lot of things are missing from contemporary life of the moment. One of these things is manners. Oh how I miss that in the general flow of life. Another thing is ‘objective reasoning’. If you don’t possess it, you do not know how valuable it is. It’s a big help in controlling the trend to separated self status. That may seem confusing; only if you don’t possess it (grin). What I notice most are the disappearance of the virtues from human behavior; gratitude, humility, courage, honesty, compassion and the others. If you possess any of these, you definitely notice their absence. I watch people. It’s something I do. I don’t eat out often but when I do I observe how people approach their food. I seldom if ever see gratitude. They eat like animals, as if it were some kind of right, along with the right not to seek or practice any of the other virtues, because they take too much trouble and put you at a disadvantage socially and in the marketplace. This ties in with that Biblical quote, “where there is no vision, the people perish”, which ties in with, “generation of vipers”. That’s kind of where we are.

Michael Green is living proof of what happens to one when they live a life of discipline and practice the virtues. Most of the people you read about in the news are living proof of what happens when your disciplines are geared to self interest and you don’t practice the virtues. It is astounding; the level of corruption and negative character that you see in the public figures of this world at this time. It’s as if they were all being inflated by invisible bicycle pumps. Hmmm, maybe that’s what nipples are for.

When you look at the preposterous degree to which people have become debased caricatures of themselves; bloviating cartoons of something formerly (perhaps) human, you have to think they’re being jacked up beyond recognition for a reason. Yes, for a lesson of what happens when it happens. When I note the generally respectful and considerate behavior of the Muslim community, by comparison with other elements of society, I say to myself, this too is a lesson.

We did it by increments and degrees, like someone getting lost in the woods and with the same results... walking in circles, suffering hunger and thirst while having the remedies all around and not being able to see them. We fall down to animal survival level and are willing to kill or whatever it takes to maintain the existence of the separated self interest; distrustful of our fellows, given over to base plots and hounded by paranoia and wild superstitions, turned against each other by those manipulating the landscape. It happened slowly. We didn’t see it. We traded our real security for the illusion of comfort. We became an audience for the banal, the trivial and the horrific. None of them had any more impact than the other. They were things happening apart. We were separated from our humanity. Occasionally you see these curious souls who are actually engaged in serving their fellows. They only make the news if the effort is gratuitous and self serving.

We can’t tell how far off we have come because it happened over a length of time. Some of us were off track before we got here and some of us were assisted to Verlorenville by disposition and the assistance of the dedicated deceivers. Even now, most of them pay attention to what these fonts of deception are promoting, though anyone of even borderline intelligence should possess ample evidence by now of the fecal stream of lies that by now has turned a good percentage of the culture into what looks like chocolate bunnies and just in time for Easter too. This is why catastrophe is the alarm clock, because ♫waking up is hard to do♫, apparently.

Now Obama makes war on Libya without the consent of congress, which he didn’t even ask for. The remorseless vultures on the Supreme Noahide Court, piss on The Constitution they were sworn in to protect. Everything is for the benefit of Israel; a gang of psychopathic mobsters and Christians insist that these bloodthirsty, human flesh eaters are the chosen people. Well, gee, I wonder who put them up to that. This why stupid is desirable and Dumb and Dumber is a curriculum, because you have to be to believe these things.

Look at the outrageous absurdity. The only logical conclusion is that lessons are being prepared. The obvious assumption should be that the bad guys among us are being celebrated and rewarded for their actions; recorded and video-taped at work for the evidence being displayed for the precession of awakening. That’s what it is and I’m sticking to it.

We’ve been in ‘any day mode’ for a little while now and so you can take it to the bank that more and more outrage and cold blooded murder is on the table. You don’t have to search too hard to see who’s behind it. Meanwhile, the public yells at each other as ‘liberal’ or ‘right wing’ without realizing that all that tells you is that they are the Tweedledee and Tweedledee of stupid. Those terms are meaningless, as meaningless as the lives of those using them. If you’re too dumb to comprehend, ‘divide and conquer’ then you’re the product of it.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

If It Walks like a Werewolf and So on and So Forth

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‘Sometimes you have to lift your leg to honor those worthy of remembering that way’.

We don’t get many Hasbara-bots around here. I’m assuming these blogs have a general vaccine that inhibits the presence but, despite the invisible fencing, several came around to cry out against the most recent Smoking Mirrors. Not a fact was in attendance from a single commentary, only speculative argument such as, “well, if this happens that can’t happen because... uh because” and that was about the sum of it.

Given the chatter everywhere and the powerful coincidences, not to mention circumstantial evidence, I have to return to a portion of the subject matter from the last posting. What I want to reference is here. Now, I haven’t the slightest idea about whether HAARP can cause earthquakes. I thought it was a measuring device, which makes another kind of sense, when it shows activity before and during a quake. I don’t subscribe to engineered earthquakes but I do believe, if they could they would. The simple truth is that I don’t know. Even my repeatedly saying this and my asking for correction in statements (not opinion and partisan paucity of content), it doesn’t seem to impact on those whose sacred lampreys are getting gored. Lampreys have to stick up for each other because they are all in the same business. They’ve definitely got a strong influence in Congress due to familial, genetic ties.

Anyway, this Stuxnet virus, as I understand it, is supposed to make it possible for an outside controller to take over the system. I’ve seen it phrased where Stuxnet ‘escaped’. Does it do stuff like that? Does it come with a suitcase and travel cosmetics and clothes? Doesn’t it have to be sent? Or is it like a dog behind a short fence, with someone in heat in the neighborhood? Does it hear someone yodeling in the canyon and trot off with a brandy cask around its neck?

We see where the US and Israel have taken credit for creating the Stuxnet virus. We see where it appeared in Japan in October. We see that an Israeli firm had charge of security at the Fukushima plant and, for all I know, all of the plants. Don’t they also do security around the US plants? I don’t have to speculate about if Israel did or did not do this. If they could they would. Any country that lets a military commander pump a load of bullets into a wounded ten year old girl and then lets him off Scot free, is capable of anything. I’m only surprised they didn’t do other things to her as well. Any nation that runs over a woman standing in front of a bulldozer, while bulldozing the homes of the legitimate residents, when you could just as well pick her up and move her and then makes jokes about it and calls her a terrorist, is capable of anything.

Anyone who launches bottle rockets at their own territory and is the world champion for false flag events, officially documented ...and who repeatedly does this every time they want to kill more people whose land they stole, is capable of anything.

Anyone who finances a funny money holocaust against their own fellows and then threatens and blackmails the world into silence on the subject, is capable of anything. Anyone who declares war on another country because they are doing things about the theft of their resources from foreign insurgents and then says they can’t leave a country when the documents to do so are public knowledge, is capable of anything. Anyone who murders tens of millions of people in gulags and then spends the next 60 years screeching and whining about minor payback that they also engineered, is capable of anything.

Anyone who launches an attack, make that several attacks, against their strongest ally, is capable of anything. So, I don’t wonder and imagine about whether the worst of us did the worst things. I take it for granted, as it has been the case for centuries. The intense effort to take hold of a populated country, inhabited by a people for centuries, in order to have the appearance of legitimacy for world wide criminal behavior, is capable of anything and that is why they have the biggest public relations machines the world has ever seen, to slander all critics of their activities.

Look at just about every dark industry from Monsanto to porn, to gambling, body snatching and organ harvesting, bad ecstasy trade, or what have you and they have the lion’s share of the operations. It’s hard to know whether they only intend to enslave the world utterly, or simply destroy it, even while inhabiting some portion of it.

Anyone who has to gain control of the world press by printing counterfeit money from central banks that they control and then loan out to each other to make the purchases, for the intended purpose of regulating human opinion and the flow of information, is up to so much bad shit that they couldn’t do it any other way. They buy up everything they want and put each other or their stooges in power and this is accomplished with counterfeit money that they print themselves, out of banks they own for that purpose, as well as loan-sharking at interest. They inflate the housing market and make gratuitous loans, then crash the housing market and take all the homes. It’s their SOP.

You’d be hard pressed to find anything seriously wrong in the world that they are not behind, all the way from the plague of Monsanto and its control of the world’s seeds and foodstuffs to the prohibitions of natural healing substances in favor of toxic pharmaceuticals. They’ve got their own casino called Wall Street that they used to fleece individuals, communities and nations while operating all of the biggest players, like Goldman Sachs; in the process they even eat each other like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

They operate openly as criminals in defiance of all laws natural or culturally derived and have no intention of ceasing in their manner of operation. They hate everything not themselves and see it as prey and they hate themselves also, as they well should because there is nothing to like and everything to censure and despise. The world is in revolt and you can explain it to yourself anyway you like.

You can tell yourself that the illuminati and the Masons are controlling all of the conflicts and that they will succeed in all their agendas. You can come up with outrageous stories about Babylonian Nimrods who are actually the ones doing all the money games and state that the Rothschilds are Babylonians, I don’t care what you call it or how you reason it out. It’s happening to clear the planet of the collection of deadly life forms bent on the destruction of all general prosperity and harmony and possibly life itself. I don’t care who you blame everything on and I don’t doubt there is ‘some’ truth to any of it, but all evil proceeds from one center of darkness, with many satellite outlets and this conscious creature of manifest materialism has it’s chosen people and you don’t have to look to hard to see who they and their enablers are. Their world is coming to an end.

I don’t like to have to say these things. I don’t like to have to write these things. There’s no personal joy for me in proclaiming what anyone, who is not stone blind and bone deep stupid, can see. There’s no possibility of argument to the contrary. It is patently obvious and made patently obvious for the purpose of demonstration in advance of judgment. Sooner or later you have to pay the toll and sooner or later you have been, by mysterious agency and your own efforts brought to stage center in all of your abysmal and disgusting glory.

I’d like to be sailing a small catamaran on a sparkling lake with the wind singing in my ears. I’d like to be seated in a meadow with the beauty of Nature, speaking directly to my heart. I’d like to be in meditative peace in a world of relative peace, with the cosmos radiant in Love and the planets making celestial music, as they rub up against each other. That’s what I’d like to be doing and what some day I might be doing but right now these things have to be said, in contrast to the blatant lies, incessantly flowing from the shit factories of disinformation. Until that day, this is how it goes.

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Patrick Willis narrates:
Ex Station Head Musing

Last night’s radio show is now available for download.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everybody Hurts and Nobody Wins

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‘Always remember that Cheech and Chong could have done the dog thing better. Big up to Fifi!’

About a year ago... and I am assuming or presupposing most of what I say, because I don’t have the curiosity to go check and I am in the land of vitamin intensives at the moment which is why this post may take a lot longer than the usual half hour of rata tat tat ...because, I am reclining like the universe stretched out across itself and admiring the endless callipygian rondulars of its expanse, tailing away into the darkness like the passing of a comet or the taillights of a 1959 Cadillac El Dorado, with no bodies in the trunk.

I have to say that I misbehaved on purpose, regular, in former times, because it was the only way to keep the people pestering me to be a guru from turning me into one. Real event; I was sent to the Petersburg Reformatory, in Petersburg Virginia, around the time of the Robert Kennedy assassination for 60-90 days observation. It was a gladiator school and I don’t think they ever saw anyone like me come in there before. Surely, someone from that period can do the research because there have to be people still living that were there then like; John Reed, or Ian Fralich who did the Be-ins at P Street Park and owned a headshop; The Source? The MTA’s and some of the prisoners should still be alive. I was known as Leslie William Crook at that time. I’m not lying. After a few days they put the nametag ‘guru’ outside my cell where I held court.

They used to like to bring in the other guards to let them see me kick the tile walls with the ball of my foot and make them ring. I got a piece of flexible white cardboard and wrote The Supreme Grand Dragon on it and had pictures of The Beatles and The Maharishi all glued on. I had no idea what the title meant which was ironic. I was 23 years old and still in the kundalini uproar that lasted for 3 years from ’67 to ’70.

I was standing by the front cage on the day that Kennedy got killed and there was a TV playing. Off to my left was a dorm ward cell dormitory L shaped with 8 black guys and John Reed. They were all in there from catching the clap from raping some boy and they were a surly lot. While I was standing there, one of the MTA’s said to me, “guru, close the door”. There was a door open to my right. It was a couple of feet away and out of my reach. I turned and said, “It’s coming to me and the door opened into my hand. The cats in the cell dorm went bananas as I then pushed it closed, boom!

One of the MTA’s said, “You’d better settle down in there or I’m going to send guru in after you. I walked right over to the cell door and said “Yeah” and they all jumped under their beds. True story.

Couple of times some guys snuck in to where I was, intending to rape me and I put them down like children. I took a sock and stuffed it with wet toilet paper and got ten plastic bottles and made myself a bowling alley in the main hall. I could add lots of color and highlights but I don’t need to.

One time I was on acid at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and I was bringing the waves in to shore with the reins of my hand and a writer from Newsweek came to me and wanted to write an article about me. The second time Elvis Presley found me, in Palm Springs; I was sitting on a park bench and doing that with cars pulling up to the stoplight. I know it all sounds like completely wacked out but it happened none the less. One of the readers here was with me when I was on a plane, hijacked from Albuquerque, New Mexico when some black nationalist hijacked the plane and I made friends with them. The Washington Post even printed my poem in praise of them. One of them sat with me and we chatted during the flight to Tampa. Then they went to Cuba. I asked them to take me with them but they wouldn’t. The FBI had a field day with that. It was even better than the story about when I met Charlie Manson. You might ask how come nobody ever heard about me. Well, I’m Les Visible.

I’m leaving out the really world shaking shit that happened but you can imagine, maybe. And I didn’t even get a t-shirt. I never got much of anything except the one thing I was looking for and he still likes to play hide and seek. So, I don’t want to play guru because I don’t know shit and I ‘know’ that I don’t know it. People were pretty cruel to me because of who I am routinely but there were some real bright spots and I have not forgotten one of then. They are why I am alive against all odds and when I write certain brutal poetry like Bad Leroy Bustin Caps, I know what I am talking about. I have faced down Bad Leroy more than once with no one but my invisible friends to help and people, who have gone driving with me know that almost anything can happen and that I will not let you down if you are my friend.

The thing is that no one owns Krishna or Hare and no one owns the Vedas. These traditionalists all have these pompous disputes with each other to pump up their own celebrity, when a common fool might know that god prefers a humble person. Any time some one comes around and grabs my coat about scripture and tells me I am not in line with his jumped up program of acquiring and regulating. It looks like a bank and its got something to do with money, somewhere, somehow, it has to do with money. I know what Dvaita is and I know what Advaita is. I know where Shankaracharya and Buddhism are comporting about the different, this, that, this... It’s just words....

I wrote that piece out of my sincere love for god and Hare Krishna is just a greeting too. It was only a poem in praise of what I hold in the dearest place in my heart. I didn’t think about attacking scripture and originally I had penned the poem to Ganesha. Somehow it comes back to me that you are laying in wait or something for me to do what? I don’t know. Maybe I am amiss at my studies. I don’t know the Vedas like you do. I know very little about my ineffable and all I have ever held on to was love. I might have abused love when I was young but Love was my goal all along. The search for truth drove me and I have never had anything to build with, or to make, except myself and my life is almost over now. I have not had an easy life, these few years with Susanne have been most of the ease that I have known and it does not ease. Still.

So I write a poem for my good friend Ganesh lord of the devic realm and I changed the title to suit you, which I did, because you have to have it your way. Yes! That is why it is now called Hare Krishna because it was originally called Lord Ganapati. I changed it for you personally and never told you, just to be agreeable with you. I know Lord Ganapati- Ganesha does not mind and Krishna does not mind but I wanted to be your friend and the friend of your fellowship. I was going to come and visit you at the Grand Kumbhamela. So I changed the name of the poem about the be all and end all to suit you, cause I don’t care and they don’t care; only you care.

I have no contact with you and.... Do you see? Now you come to my Facebook page and throw down on me like Krishna is your boy. What are you thinking? What is it that you should be thinking? You should not stop a person from making a prayer to God because he didn’t sign in.... or .... Or... I don’t know; buy a ticket on a ride called the Krishnasaurus?. Well, now everybody can listen to it and tell me if you think I did a bad thing. Anyway, I never actually had to mention you.

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Patrick Willis narrates:
Lord Ganapati (with apologies to Lord Krishna for my being a knucklehead)


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Red-Eyed Stallions in Pursuit of the Mare of Destiny

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‘May your noses inhale the atmosphere of Heaven at the feet of your master’.

So, today we will most likely reach one million visitors at The Petri Dish. We get a lot of synchronicity around here, for whatever the reason. If we can get serendipity to match it, as if they were both cogs in a well made watch- ‘I’m not into time’- then we’ll be closer to the mark, lacking only the absence of all shortcomings. We wait expectantly upon that day.

Considering what BP, the Zio-Ogres and the deranged nobility at Buckingham Palace have unleashed through their poisoning of The Gulf of Mexico, in tandem with the meltdowns in Japan, we are a great deal closer to the wind waves of poison that are predicted, by Half Past Human, to circumnavigate the globe nine times. Something I haven’t heard mentioned yet is; what happened when two or more global disasters intercourse with one another at some point? Do they create some new synthesis?

I get the sense that a number of unfortunate circumstances are champing at the bit and waiting for their chance to snort and stamp across the stage, like crazed stallions maddened for the opportunity to mate with the mare of destiny. I’d better watch out, or the authorities are going to revoke my poetic license.

These are the mounts of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I don’t suppose they would have gotten mentioned if they weren’t part of the show. Here’s the Christian Version of the quartet. The Hindu tradition needs only one, when Krishna transforms into Shiva, “I am become death, the shatterer of worlds”. The quote is at the bottom of the page, along with the ironic use of it by Robert Oppenheimer; given what happened in Japan and what is brewing in The Middle East.

The conditions of the time, play proof to the emptiness of our vanities and presumptions. We can clearly see not only what a ruin we have visited upon ourselves, but how helpless we are in the face of it. Here is the inescapable mathematics of a dark age. In these times, the worst of us come to the forefront to lead the majority to perdition. That smaller percentage of us, that can see what is and has been happening, have done what we can but are ignored by the main. The times are the times are the times.

Another kind of mathematics tells us that all external efforts are in vain. The only possibility of effective and lasting change is an inward thing. Changing ourselves changes our consciousness and ‘then’ it changes the world. Yeah, we’ve heard this over and over. It sounds like words. You can see where it makes sense, but what about all the charlatans who told us the same thing and went south with our money and our hope? I’ve heard it said that when an evil person speaks the truth and you believe it, it still works via the power of your belief. A spiritual master once told me, “Get wisdom any way you can, steal it if you have to”.

If you’re surrounded by nothing but wreckage, then you have everything you need to build an enduring sculpture to the errors of your time and live in it as a reminder (grin). I look at the pyramids and The Sphinx, as well as the archeological artifacts in The Yucatan and everywhere else in the world as testaments left for those who came after. They weren’t tombs in the classic sense and they might not have had a great deal to do with the people that built them in their day to day. They were mysteries set down for our discovery. There are secrets there of great importance but maybe we haven’t possessed the insight to unravel them yet. That’s coming now. Cosmic force is shredding the veils of blindness that have hindered us for too long. We’re about to see or go blind. As for the latter, that might not even be noticed.

I had a vision once that spaceships were buried beneath the pyramids. I had a lot of supernatural, extra-dimensional experiences that had to do with Egypt but I don’t remember a lot of it now (grin). Still... in these times, the past is going to speak loudly. The Earth is going to give up her secrets for those who have the capacity to understand them and it’s not only the Earth that’s going to be revealing things long hid. Your own being is about to do the same thing.

If there were ten times the disaster that just hit Japan, most people still wouldn’t pay that much attention beyond, “oooooh” and “ahhhhhh”, as long as it didn’t hit them. The shit-golems in government like Michelle Bachmann and Governor Walker would just go on like they are going. Hillary Clinton and Bwak! Obama would continue to parrot the Israeli party line. They are automatons, processing excrement and selling it as pâté. Recently I saw several ‘new age’ fonts of wisdom stating that Obama is a light worker and that he is going to transform the world with his actions and words. I have to admit, that really made me laugh. I suspect they either don’t see what he’s up to (maximum stupidity) or they think all the dark and devious prolongation of Bush policies is just to distract the bad guys, until he suddenly wraps them all up in a net of spiritual glory and delivers them to the Gates of Hell, or Robert Gates house for a slumber party.

The unfortunate truth is that most people won’t, or can’t, wake up. They look right at it and can’t see. The din and clamor of the world casts too great a spell and it’s nothing new. If you go back to when the Bhagavad-Gita was written, The Bible and all of the records burned at Alexandria and those so remote they are now dust of the Earth, it’s the same thing and it all depends on the age in which it transpires; sometimes more light and sometimes less and all that we are looking forward to will meet the same fate at its appointed time. There’s no peace here, only relative piece in a time of waiting and eventually the time of waiting ends.

No matter how sincere or dedicated we are, tiny corruptions enter in. Only the best among us can endure their time here and come to the bridge and pass over to where peace really does exist and only the best among us come back here again and again to help in making all of us the best among us, sooner or later. That’s how it really is and the whole point of being here is to become the best among us, often unseen and unnoticed, laboring in the endless vineyards of this world, to the glory of what makes the whole operation possible.

It doesn’t make sense in terms of what we know here. It doesn’t compute in respect of the scale and motivation of our vainglorious efforts, to have a lasting impact on the world and to enrich ourselves in the bargain. All of the ages past have had their heroes and notable names and we cannot remember any of them now. We can’t remember the names of the civilizations that preceded Atlantis and Lemuria. We have no knowledge of human experiments that dwarfed our own and are gone as well. We don’t know shit; otherwise it wouldn’t rule our lives (grin).

Well, you’re going to see a lot of things now. Let us hope you see what’s important and not just the spectacle. All that fire and fury, is just to take your attention away from something of a much greater and singular importance. It’s what’s behind and beyond all these forgotten civilizations; all the hoopla and voodoo of different times and places. This world of fire is an emporium of desire, nothing more or less. What you see, is the sum total of what people thought they wanted, with specialized locales for specialized attractions and desire runs in only one of two directions. All the suffering is geared to pointing this out, until there is no longer a question of what direction to go in. There are some who know this but refuse it altogether. Those are the psychopaths and their puppets who desire the world of flesh above any other. They’re welcome to it. Keep this one thing in mind, ‘it all works out’ and everything that happens to you is only to bring you to a point of greater understanding. Fully embrace this and your problems are over.

End Transmission.......

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Color Ball by Les Visible

There’s a radio show tonight at 7:30PM Central.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Legendary Shit-Smeared Clown from Long Island

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

My thinking is that Mossad has got some kind of video-tape of Peter King doing something to someone underage and probably male; because he’s a republican. They have a whole division of garden slugs that crawl around looking for dog shit in the grass and it’s not hard to find it because they put it there and then they asked someone like Peter King to walk from Point A to Point B, so that he would step in it. If you are intellectually challenged; like Peter King, they might walk you through a cow pasture instead or a mine field, that’s been converted into a cow pasture, which not only cuts down on processing costs but also renders it kosher as well.

The reason that Peter King is holding these hearings is the same reason that Guantanamo is all over the news and that is to obfuscate the information that is revealed in places like this, in order to counteract against the information revealed in places like this. What you get is a bunch of nonsense about Muslim terror percentages and for that you need to send in SWAT teams of TSA agents to hand rape people in Thobes and Hijabs, or anything really. You get to hear the name, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, over and over and over and over again, juxtaposed with 9/11, which he had nothing to do with because 9/11 was done by Neo-Pharisees and corrupt members of the American and Crown Colony fascistos.

You can see what Kalid went through, briefly described by a division of Zio-Ogre International, which more or less convinced Kalid that he should confess to masterminding 9/11 as well as both the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations.

The horror of the times is that, as twisted and perverted as Peter King is, he’s not an exception. He’s got all kinds of associates working on all kinds of fronts to bring the United States and the world into a state of suspended anticipation called, “Bend over and Wait”. Consonant with profaning the Muslims and torturing Kalid, they continue to find ingenious ways to screw the people on behalf of the bankers. The simple solution is to take away all of the money stolen by the bankers, corporations and politicians and redistribute it back into the system, while annotating existing laws and making new ones that require, insist and demand that these hideous cabals of anti-life forms, be fairly taxed and rigorously monitored in their every act, followed by the trial and imprisonment, or forced exile, of all the former major players. The difficulty in that is that the ones profiting, are the ones making the laws that determine what is legal and what is not.

The main and persistent enemy of the Muslim world is Israel and their international collection of Zio-Ogres and Neo-Pharisees around the globe. This is why they set 9/11 in motion in the first place and we are long past the place where we need any following proof. Because of The Apocalypse, people are waking up a little more every day and that is going to increase in force incrementally as we go. This is why the ‘general’ attention has to be constantly re-focused, via misdirection upon what did not happen, as if it did. Therefore, the Peter King Witch Hunt and Traveling Bad Medicine Show has to go on the road. Guantanamo has to get the same name recognition as Auschwitz, with the understanding that those housed at the former were/are responsible for the latter. No words on whether Guantanamo has an inmate swimming pool like Auschwitz but, then again, conditions are much worse at Guantanamo, so maybe not.

Warlords and other beautiful human beings who do the ‘fuck you fandango’ with the centipedes in the Department of Defense, are on record saying they simply kidnapped the people presently in Guantanamo, off the street and sold them for 25 million dollars or so to the people who put them in Guantanamo. I don’t know why they don’t turn it into a petting zoo and try to get some of that money back. Wait a minute. This is tailor made for reality TV. They could make a fortune and I don’t see where the mainstream population is going to raise too many objections, unless it concerns the quality of the torments being portioned out.

I don’t have any more room in Profiles in Evil, for people like Peter King or the Wisconsin republicans. They’re just going to have to be showcased somewhere else, like here. There are plenty of basic similarities between these characters and what you often find on a Petri dish.

The Wisconsin republicans are bound and determined to make up all of the banker thefts and shortfalls out of the pockets of the American working people and they will squeeze them until blood leaks from the stone. You can see the setup, if you are watching the movie version like I am. You can see that the director is giving the villains ample time to demonstrate the composition of their character, before they come before the judgment throne. That’s what all of this is about and those few of you with the faith to realize it know that there is nothing to worry about unless you are in the cast of thousands that move in the direction opposite to the cracking whip. ♫head ‘em up, move ‘em out... rawhide ♫!!!

It is a living testimony of how deeply controlled the 3 branches of government are by the Neo-Pharisee Banking and Crime Syndicate; also known as the nation of Israel. There is one point and purpose to this and that is to rain down fire upon the heads of Muslims, wherever they may be. In general, the Muslim population is probably the most honest and law abiding group of people on the planet, due to the dictates of their holy book, which, unlike the Judeo-Christian ‘worked’ ethic, they are not.

What this tells me is that the Muslims are in line for some massive spiritual perks in coming times. It often amuses me when writers from the alternative media, who know who did 9/11 and who know- or should know- what history tells us, so often make the comment, “the Jews should know better after having been persecuted and suffering so much for so long”. I’m thinking they might want to look into the basic causes of why any of this suffering came about and maybe they might realize why they don’t know better. It’s how they do business. Here’s a good place to start. Here’s another interesting scenario and you get pages of it. I could start adding in details here and wind up doing very little else for the rest of the day, or longer.

That’s who Peter King is working for. That’s who so many of these turncoats and footpads in suits are working for. That is why Muslims are the chosen target. There is less terrorism, even by extreme Muslims, than there is ordinary crime by everyone else. There’s no problem with terrorism and there is no Al Qaeda and still that dancing Halloween skeleton is in more windows than there are bogus security firm stickers. There’s some irony. Of course, a sticker is better than no sticker, in lieu of an expensive security system but who, pray tell who, is going to protect you from your own ignorance? Who is going to protect you from the fallout of your own shortcomings? Who is going to protect you from what happens when you accept lies in place of the truth? Who is going to protect you from the red highlights of madness in the eyes of your neighbors, who are just like you? Who is going to protect you from the karmic reflex to your support for what directly results in charred corpses of women and children half a world away? Who is going to look out for you when your whole focus is looking out for yourself and doing it badly?

Try to imagine what must be going on in the mind of someone like Peter King. He has to know that he’s a demagogue. He has to know that he’s a lying sack of shit, who is stirring up a shitstorm that’s going to sail away with him in the winds. That must be an impressive video that the Zio-Ogres have of our boy Peter. He must sit up late at night watching it; of course he got a complimentary copy, and pounding back the scotch and weeping at the unfairness of life, without ever tumbling to the effect of his own actions.

What if he actually believes what he’s saying and attempting to carry out? That’s not possible. It is no more possible than that Janet, 'the perv’ Napolitano believes what she is engaged in is necessary and correct. No one can be that stupid and show up for work at the same time. My friends, it’s soon going to “shake your windows and rattle your doors, for the times they are a changing”.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis REALLY nails it this time!


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God in Country by Les Visible

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Row, Row, Row your Boat, Down the Nightmare Stream

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Well, it’s that time again to take a swim in the Petri Dish. I would suggest using the backstroke. Actually I would suggest full scuba gear.

However this may bring a chuckle to the minds of my detractors, I don’t want to be an alarmist and I don’t think I am. Everything I’ve been talking about this long while, can be seen by looking through your window, walking through the manufactured landscape, or strolling the internet. The only place you won’t find it is in the S&MSM media, wherever it may be. The reason for that is that the people behind all of the bad things that are happening, own the S&MSM. It is their informational mouthpiece.

I’ve puzzled about the gullibility of people, concerning their acceptance of bald faced lies and ridiculous extrapolations upon the absurd, usually woven out of whole cloth by the corporate looms, who add the color and the music to the excrement you watch and wear, snort and smoke, eat and drink. Years ago before the internet, when I was reading history, I would ask myself, “Why didn’t those people leave? Why did they remain when they could see it coming over such a length of time?

I’ve puzzled over how people lived and the conditions they lived in. I’ve puzzled over the things they were after; what they valued, how they measured each other and what happened to people as a result of these criteria. I saw so many of the same things going on around me and I tried to fit in, now and then but that wasn’t happening... even when I tried to fit in it wasn’t enough, because my presence wasn’t desired in what is referred to as normal life.

I see things happening right now that ought to scare the shit out of a certain spectrum of the people, but they think ‘might means right’ includes them ...and that one of the primary purposes of the monster they created is to protect them, when it intends to eat them. You see things like this and any ‘truly’ normal mind would ponder the need and would realize there isn’t any, unless the need is to control the populace against the eventual collective outrage, at their increasing abuse at the hands of the ruling class.

I didn’t fully appreciate how corrupt Bill Clinton was, until I saw him hanging out with the Bushes. You hear a lot about working across the aisle. The Congressional Hypocrite in Charge, Joe Lieberman, likes to talk about that while he is serving Israel 100% of the time. Only a fool wouldn’t see the implications of something like this but America has no shortage of them. Something like this would tell someone of even normal intelligence, who possessed some degree of objective reasoning, that if Bill Clinton was the first black president, then Bwak! Obama is the first Jewish president, accent on Zionist.

A normal person would know that 9/11 was an Inside Job, after just a casual observation of the evidence. He might have to look only a little deeper to see that Israel was primarily behind it, as they have been behind so many odious acts. Until this criminal banking syndicate, disguised as a country, is given pariah status and ejected from all positions of power, world-wide, except for the right to keep to themselves, there can be no peace on this Earth.

I’ve seen the big lies that have endured through the centuries and I have seen the enormous falsehoods, constructed in the last century ...and it is clear to me that ‘something’s gotta give”. People have allowed themselves to be spoon fed into a numbing stupidity. They don’t question much and that has puzzled me and I have explored it much, of late.

I think the reason that most of the world perambulates in the cruel shoes of delusion and ignorance is associated with several interfacing causes. Keep in mind that those who do see the truth are officially designated as delusional. Part of it is Karma caused by people willfully blinding themselves to the higher truths, for personal gain and pleasure. This has caused blindfolds to be placed upon their eyes. Part of it is fear, which displaces Love and which causes shadows based on light blocking, which prohibits illumination. Part of it, is the insistence that one possesses knowledge, when the only knowledge they possess is mostly manufactured for the profit of the ruling class. Part of it is the apprehension of personal isolation and being alone. Why would one prefer the company of a roomful of fools, to the blissful intoxication of a unity within, for the superficial appearance of unity with those who have no loyalty to anything but lies, composed for the profit of the ruling classes?

The biggest problem lies in not wanting to be disenfranchised from the community. The biggest problem is fear of the unknown. The sufferance of any indignity and confinement is preferable to accepting that the world is mad and learning to live beyond it.

I am saying all of this, because it should be apparent by now, that if you can get out of any of the places where fascism is going turbo, that time is now. I’ve been in Europe for 11 years and I have seldom ever needed my passport and only when I was crossing borders and I am seldom asked. If you have an income then you could go most places and be fine as long as you didn’t want to leave. If you know the right days and times, you can drive through many borders, without being monitored. There are illegal immigrants everywhere and they seem to manage. You can make a good case for seeking political asylum now, given what is happening in the US and the Crown colonies.

Well, let’s hope I’m wrong but I feel it needs to be said. The point of founding a community is that one can be contained in it and, given that the members were well behaved and discretionary sorts, a lot of asylum could be made available; just thoughts thrown out into the ozone, as something to think about. Depending on what you believe in, you could well be safe anywhere. I can’t answer for the conditions of personal karmas. All I can say is listen to your inner voice. Everyone gets warned. Most people have gotten used to ignoring these warnings, due to the imperatives of the personal will.

It should be clear that Governor Walker is an example of a growing force with the force of the banks and corporations behind it. They make the laws and enforce the laws, which mean they own to laws up to a point and the ratio is changing with every new day.

I’ve got my own feelings about what’s what and a general idea of what it all looks like. I don’t know how it’s going to play out. I do know what is behind all of it; all of it and that answers for me, now and forever. I do not suggest that my faith and awareness is greater than anyone else’s. I’m only saying that’s how it shakes out for me. My point in bringing it up, is merely to establish my basis for what I rely on. I’m no more immune from the assaults of the times than anyone else and my recent experiences bear that out, having been slammed by yet another physical condition that leads me to believe in the possibility of astral attacks. I probably should have taken steps to protect myself against it earlier. As soon as I did, the condition began to depart. I would suggest to everyone that you consider other causes instead of the ones we are used to assuming. Because...

...with everything I said previously about Karma and the rest, there are some strong negative forces coming to bear on us, depending on what we are up to, both the good and the bad, although the bad probably recognize them as good (grin). We’ve gotten so far off track that the most insane and insipid of things have been given the sanest and most interesting faces and we all buy into them with obvious assent or tacit approval. Knowing something is a lie and pretending it is not, is worse than not knowing the difference.

It’s true that big changes are coming; boy are they ever. But you can make changes of your own based on no more than a wing and a prayer. On a bad day, with a bad move, you can throw the ball against the wall, but you can also run toward the wall and catch it before it bounces and creates effects. Think about this in reverse; sort of. Throw the ball against the wall and let it bounce where it wants to, directed by the belief in your effort and the certainty that you are being looked out for. It works for me. This doesn’t mean to do anything at all and should not be a suggestion to do so. It means you should maybe listen to that internal radio and hear what’s being said.

End Transmission.....

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The eponymous Les Visible Music Album

There will be a radio show tonight at 7:30 Central Time.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Killing People Starts with Making them Sick

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‘May the pads of your feet be as cool as the wind, by the stream where you sleep ...and your dreams be filled with rabbits”.

I wanted to order Hernease (Wuhui Yushan) for my condition (now fixed) but the global pharmaceutical, blood sucking octopus is working to stamp out all Ayurvedic, Chinese Medicine and other natural treatments because of their effectiveness in treating something that their products don’t help, except symptomatically, maybe, and for which they cannot collect money. They are going after colloidal silver and all similar substances, which are seriously potent and not harmful. Harmful products are actually desirable to these vampire squid because they can manufacture and sell other products to offset the negative results of those products.

The appropriately named Jim Humble is an American saint who has discovered a wonder cure for many things, including Hepatitis C. Typically when someone comes up with something that the AMA/Pharmaceutical Combine is threatened by; meaning something that works and heals, instead of something that doesn’t work and also is likely harmful as well, you are going to see all kinds of reactions to the item. The first negative article is transparent on the face of it, simply by mentioning the FDA and the EPA as some kinds of authoritative friend and protector of humanity. I suggest you look into how many people are now dead or wish they were because of these agencies. The moron at the keyboard who probably has a Megaphone membership, along with a possible degree in murder and mayhem, doesn’t seem to have a name. Can you find a byline in this article? It must be the same person who writes all those S&MSM articles, where there is never an author mentioned. Why is that?

When you don’t have an author for an article, there is a reason and it’s not a good one. This is a recent phenomenon that is becoming more and more widespread. No one seems to be writing the majority of the things people are reading. There’s a reason for that. My friend Christa/Amarynth recommends this item, MMS, and if there’s someone who is more informed and has more integrity than her, I haven’t met them yet. No doubt the universe keeps a lot of people apart, because they would solve most of the world’s problems in about two days so, to be fair to the monsters killing us; the good guys have to operate under certain handicaps.

I’m not recommending any of these things but I do want to tell you that there are a whole lot of fantastic items out there that might be able to fix what ails you and you should not despair simply because the crocodile Pharma-Swine tell you there isn’t any such thing. (You need to be careful and do the research and MMS has it's backers and detractors so you need to weigh it all against the severity of your situation.) Of course they don’t sell anything like it because it would put them out of business, which is something we should think about doing as soon as we have the means. Hydrogen Peroxide is a marvel but you can’t get it in any strength in Europe.

The rule of thumb is generally that legal drugs are usually no good for you and illegal drugs are definitely better than legal drugs and might actually do you some good; not all of them but they are definitely, on the whole, less toxic than legal drugs. The legal drug people are the same people who also sell you commercial cigarettes and liquor. There was no problem with rampant cancer from smoking, until the manufacturers started putting as many as 13 different chemicals in the paper to make the cigarette more addictive, burn evenly and quicker (so you would need another sooner). Formaldehyde is one of the things they like to party down with. They want you getting used to it before they saturate you in it.

Here’s what I got to say to the powers passing; you don’t tell me what to put in my body and you never will. You don’t tell me how to walk or where. You don’t tell me how to think, nor can you confuse me about the fact that you stink. You can lock me up but only I can imprison myself. You can threaten me if I believe you have the power to make me fear you. You can do what you want and the rain and wind will wash you away and wear you away, until nothing remains but the rain and the wind. You can kiss my dust, because all you will see of me is where I used to be, before I disappeared over the horizon where you cannot follow. You can try to fuck me with your impotence but the only one you ever successfully fuck is yourself. You may not be much good at anything else but you excel at that.

I just said to someone in an email, ‘personal power is another word for human weakness’. It’s what I believe and what I believe will always be stronger than your capacity to instill doubt. The building force in the evidence of absurdity in everything you say and do, is all the proof I need that what I believe is true.

I owe the bad guys for a few things. If it hadn’t been for them and their vicious anti-life activity in every and any endeavor, whose intent is to bring pervasive harm, I would probably never have met so many good people, whose reactions to these schoolyard bullies has brought us to one another’s attention. I might not have seen as clearly as I do what a darkness there is in hearts once human, if ever. I would never have become such an expert on the wrong way, if I hadn’t seen so many people walking in those directions. Bad examples are as much a teaching device as good examples and that’s helpful given the paucity of good examples.

My faith has increased many times over, just from watching the madness that goes on in front of me. Because there is no way that such activity can ever lead to clarity and general well being, I now have a rock solid assurance that someone or something is intentionally driving these miscreants toward the destiny of their choice. It often seems that the weakness of willing submission to evil is not much different than that of conscious evil intent. You’re just as dead and just as lost, either way.

Keep in mind that if you ever do want to get your hands on healing substances, or mind opening essences that all you have to do is have it sent as cosmetics, because they never mess with those and any of the one can easily be made to look like one of the other. The fantastic and unreal claims are already on the tubes and bottles. All you have to do is throw away the reconstituted shit that is in there and replace it with the good shit you prefer to make use of.

I’d like to close by saying once again that no ornate, engraved sheets of paper or fake ID indicating membership in false combines of authority, is ever going to have any effect on how I live and what I do. I already obey the good laws and didn’t need you to point them out to me in the first place. I don’t recognize the power of the Darth Vader militia, created to serve the interests of banks and corporations.. I will feed you the lies you demand that are the currency of your office and the only thing you understand. Having given your lives over to lies, lies now have their own authority over you.

I have a new found respect for bank robbers and imagine that it’s going to become a growth industry, as the reality of who’s been thievin’ who, becomes more and more clear to the most deluded TV dinner eating, couch potatoes around. The liars and the lies have gone to the point that they are a form of entertainment all their own. I stand in awe at the ability of the hucksters and footpads, who can say the things they do with a straight face. That’s one thing I haven’t figured out yet. How can they keep from bursting into laughter at the words coming out of their mouths? I no longer doubt that the Rothschilds have a seat reserved for Satan at their dining table. How could it be otherwise? Those who so readily serve The Lord of the Flies, should keep in mind what a fly’s favorite meal is composed of. They should also keep in mind that you are what you eat. Be sure and tell the chef you prefer to have it served warm.

End Transmission.......

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