Monday, April 30, 2018

The Tranny Nanny, Gender Bending, Term Torturing Facade of Satanic Legerdemain.

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They just can't help themselves, mostly because of the particular direction they are relentlessly devoted to and that is, dragging humanity into a pit of toxic depravity, for no purpose beyond that, except for getting a 50 yard line seat at Hell's ever lasting bacchanalia of Sisyphean despair. Hell, like Heaven, has its attractions and... if you're going there anyway, due to temperament and native disposition, you want a decent rank for the system in place. What was it that got said in Paradise Lost? “Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven.” This is, of course not true because, “the devil is the father of lies.”

In a world where people's perceptions are controlled by appearances, by a constant manipulation of icons; maintained by a redundancy of presentation, one has only to keep putting the same images forward, to have those images pinging in the self conscious minds of the hypnotized and then shuttled down into the sub-conscious, where they can weave up into the dream matrix, to shape the false realities that most adapt their existence to. Sex is the building block of the manifest, as it expresses itself in a social dance out of the family unit. Display and maintain it wrong and it destroys the foundation of the family dynamic.

Here is what people need to realize and... you can't realize anything if the mind set you are coming out of is wrong to start with. The best you can do in terms of realization is to admit that you don't know and then YOU CAN BE informed. What you need to realize is that this whole sexual revolution of turning the functional interplay into a dysfunctional play has nothing to do with the sexual end and everything to do with the destruction of harmony, insofar as there is any in the first place. This wouldn't be happening if the normal sexual interactions hadn't been incrementally perverted by the force of materialism which is a cannibal process that consumes those devoted to its promises that, by the nature of it, are not fulfilled and never will be.

There is NO THERE THERE; then, now or later. The beads of moisture on the ass of the half naked girl, calling your attention to the glass of scotch in her hand, as she lays sprawled on the hood of the new car, were all airbrushed into place. You may get the scotch but you won't get the girl. You can get the girl if you want to pay for her but you still won't get that girl and you certainly won't get that girl because she is naturally attracted to you, unless you can pay for her, which means she isn't attracted to YOU.

If you got to the race track on a given afternoon, as I did once, with a Tribe member associate (they love going to the track for some reason) you will see a lot of wannabe mobsters in suits, with the diamond pinky ring and they will have some fortyish brittle blond whose fingers are like hooks. She'll be draped with jewelry, encased in rippling reptile skin, that's been tightened up by questionable technicians, who got to everything but the neck and the liver spots. Whatever age she is she looks ten years older and desperate as a lamprey with a tapeworm. She didn't look like that when they bought her out of the display window, as an on sale demo model. She grew into that item by vice of inclinations toward it in order to be a true representative of the arm candy with the wannabe mobster and why he most certainly has bad teeth.

Sex is the universal attractive force of the material realm, just as love is the cosmic attractor. One of the biggest delusions going is confusing sex with love. It accounts for the deepest disappoint in life; rivaled only by getting all those material goods and finding that joy and satisfaction were not included in the package, nor were they mentioned in the disclaimer.

The whole gay-tranny-genderbender-term torturing facade of Satanic legerdemain is not about sex, equal rights, setting the record straight for past errors of discrimination or legitimizing putting reproductive organs into waste channels as some kind of glorious epiphany of naturally wrong made naturally right. If you can't see past that and into the logical and natural truth of what is and what is not, you are a coward deceived, who cannot speak truth to power because you have no awareness of what is truth or power.

It is the same thing with all the other lies they have arm twisted us into believing, like the holocaust, which was designed to accord a perpetual victim status to those who had just killed tens of millions of Russian Christians in the Soviet Socialist, Bolshevik Hell. It was designed to take the attention off of a continuous series of victimizing everyone else, over the course of millennium after millennium. It's the same thing as skewering the truth about all those assaults on their middle eastern neighbors, when they were the aggressor at every turn. It's the same thing as the relentless presentation of the Palestinians as interlopers who, in fact, are the actual residents of the country they stole from them and now attempt to portray themselves as the people they have herded into the biggest open air concentration camps that ever have been. I could go on and on about what cowards and fools swallow whole because it permits them to eek out a secondary existence OR permits them to slide through the ugly deceptions on their way to a deserved perdition.

The sexual war on social harmony is effective because we are ALL sexual creatures and it hits us where we live and we are most especially sexual creatures because we are resident in a time of material darkness and this also assists greatly in the ease by which we are deceived. We are not ALL deceived and as the deception becomes more and more obvious and as Mr. Apocalypse becomes more and more proactive, the deception more and more unravels because it was so badly woven in the first place. Go back to every culture that fell apart, in the little we possess of recorded history ...and most of which is revisionist bunk and look at the part played in the drama by sexual perversity.

The truth is there to see, if you are willing to see it. The natural predisposition of the mind is to experience a particular form of comfort or a particular lack of comfort, depending on what one accepts as real, when one's spirit KNOWS, even when it doesn't know. It senses what is real and what is not, even if it couldn't tell you what that is.

My sense of self and the value of integrity to me; which is more important than anything but the love of my author, prohibits my accepting what is not true over what is and I believe the same is true of you as well. There are some things that I am not willing to relinquish, no matter the cost; no matter the cost.

We'll close a few hundred words short of the usual posting length because I believe I've said all I have to say and I'd just be repeating myself in some new variation of what I already said. I wish you all a wonderful week coming and a monsoon of window rattling insights and revelations in time coming. May the ineffable bless and sustain you from here until you walk through that door.

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Patrick Willis narrates:

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Devil is what we Thought was Real, When we Forgot that God is all that was Real.

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Recently I have been hearing people talking about their Bucket List. It's some kind of a trendy-generation whatever it is called this time, Generation X, Millennial's..? Are we still on Millennial's? kind of thing, meaning it's weirder than two shotgun weddings at a Mormon funeral, with blind snake handlers for the after party. Also meaning they are awfully young to be having a correlative list of things to do before they die and I guess 'live' is not included for some reason.

Apropos of that I have come up with my own list, the Fuck-it List! It's way overdue. That means when it does arrive it won't have to go into the incubator. Inevitably that leads to a Fuck-em List because I need to put these people on a list so I don't have to hear about their bucket list any more. You want flies with that? Hollywood is calling! You go erl! ...or what would you be really? In the XYZ--LGBTQTIPPI TIPPI through the tulips? The vanguard of a new faith? With tongue studs! And you do a warm Jello mud wrestle in the kiddie pool, so the folks at home won't have to concern themselves with their kids watching Mr. Rodgers or Sesame Street, cause you will be filling in.

Yeah.. The Fuck-it List! It hasn't even launched and I already have a spin off, which changes the tone from Bucket List to Fuck-it List, synonymous- like so we might not want to spin off at all. Let them do the spinning off the cliff of existence... ten buffalo's wide of a circumcised chicken salad sandwich. “I will take flies with that!” (keep in mind this is Petri Dish)

Time marches on. So, it could be said that that March Hare might have “cover(ed) that girl with chocolate syrup and ma(k)de her do the nasty on the White House lawn (cue Frank Zappa)” and that got Alice in Wonderland by the short and curlies, ridden hard and put away wet; probably the work of the Mad Hatter. “Has anyone seen my leather trenchcoat? Grab me some French-dip and an aged and smoked bologna salami and some duct tape. I have to get within 100 feet of the Marilyn Manson, Elementary School, over in Whoopee Sie, Daisy Heights; bottoms up, Buttercup; put your arms round my shoulders, your legs round my waist. I think you're gonna live, cause you ain't seen my face. Bottoms up! Buttercup...”

First they came for the mayonnaise cheerleaders, then they came for the Wonder Bread. Then they came around the corner on six white horses with table napkins and a bridle and bit, I have the video and the graphics. We'll do lunch (air kiss to follow). We'll do Little Anthony and the Imperial's, 9 ways from Sunday and make your heart disappear. “Can I have the envelope, Please?”. Some Velvet Morning when I Wake (hopefully sooner) we're going to be in business as the people who might have been... yadda yadda... “Hi, my name is Dave and I...” “Dude! Dave's not here anymore.! I was. But I am here and it is probably going to be ugly but I was Born to Be Ugly and hit every branch on the Stupid tree and nobody knows where the wind blows, or even who, but it is an ill wind that blows no one.

Hatchi! Hatchi!... put a little more Wasabi on that. Yeah, there is a concerted effort against human nature. It's divisive. It doesn't make people happy either way; temporary fantasies and the costs aside.

Lord! Where is that beach? Presently I am on what would qualify as a beach but there is no ocean but there are pools, just as there are amarynthine jewels in your eyes that I fall into like a human honey that you have turned me into by looking into them. I am in awe of the wonder of you Lord- Nothing ever, anywhere can match the exquisite, perfect, beautiful and brilliant love that you thunder upon me and fill me overflowing, until all I can do is dance and sing and spin in a glorious ecstasy of your presence. There will be no darkness of slumbering seas. I get Stevie Wonder being blind. I get Sam Cooke bringing it on home to me.

Life is good and it should be for you as well. Engage every thought and emotion with unassailable and unshakable conviction.

The devil is afoot and I know this first hand. Details? Not at the moment. For, what should be, obvious reasons. He's down in Coachella CA at the moment. If that is where it is, I've never been. But he's also in New Yawk City. If dumb and stupid raped each other, he's the poster boy. The devil, like God can be in multiple places and he's got some friends coming DOWN. Whatever the case may be it has now come to the point where a pedestrian singer's biggest impact was based on her being able to have a hundred dancers and a marching band, riding on the heads of the real heroes like Malcolm X. She should really be a float at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The devil is in 6j9. I decline and it keeps happening.

When will they ever learn? “Come gather round people wherever you roam and admit that the waters around have grown.” Or something to that effect. I was sitting here in telepathic conversation a moment ago with John Malkovik and Vince Vaughan. Maybe they are going to do something about that. Maybe I am a moron. What else is gnu? You want Gabon viper saliva and a little hot- pepper with that? Just don't do it sideways and all, or you will wind up breaking the windshield. It's all about atmosphere and ambiance, as she uses her Brazilian pubic rip to, it's best wide angle display in The Counselor film. I'm not a robot and I don't live in Detroit and she is right there on the windshield wearing no underpants. It's times like these you just want to get up and walk away but you can't... cause everything is under control.

People! It's kind of like Passover, pass under it for Christ's sake. There are bumps in the road, sometimes they are big bumps in the road. Speedbumps? Potholes? And as ever, assholes. Comes with the territory in the too high and three airlines' seats wide and handsome. You, not me. I haven't been handsome since Dick Cheney was going out with Janneet (Vegas) Reeeknow and I do not know what I am talking about. Oh Squeegee mop the floor with me then I can do the rubber chicken circuit.

I don't want to be pornographic but I live in a pornographic world. Could be.. pornography is in the eye of the beholder. Does this posting seem about as bizarre as anything I have ever come up with? I don't know where all this stuff comes from. My preference is to write about the ineffable as often as I can and remind myself (and you) that it is all there is. Everything else is a hallucination but it's been going on since the moment you were born and what happens is that it gets constant and we forget because we forgot the moment we got here and remembering what we are unable to remember is job one. We have to remind ourselves that what we don't remember is far more important that what we falsified as memory concerning things that didn't happen but which we have told ourselves did happen but not in the same way that we told ourselves it did. God is the beloved. God is what and who we love, in everything and everyone we have told ourselves we love but it is only god who is the essence in every reflection. God is the sunlight that makes moonlight possible and if we think the moon is what is shining then that is our biggest problem. The whole world is moonlight, which is not the source of the light we think we see.

So... my friends... I know this post is a disjointed... running around all over the place kind of thing but it is one of those things that has to happen every now and again so it doesn't happen more than it should. You know by now that the ineffable (and you) are the most important things in my life. You know that I am not sane (thank god) and every now and then I have to recycle all the garbage that collects in my head and this is one of those times, so please forgive me for this. I tried to write this post about ten different ways and it has kept coming out like this and that is why it is taking nearly 3 weeks to get this done. So I'll just do this and then Visible Origami will jump right out, once this has been bagged and toe tagged.

Now Bah Bah Black Bush is done pulling the wool over our eyes and everyone is saying all these great things about her. Then you get the usual followups. Somewhere Georgie W is saying what a profound influence she was on his life and I don't think I have to explain the irony there. I don't want to speak ill of the dead but suffice to say that she was not one of my favorite people. It never fails to amaze me how all the world class degenerates will get together every time one of them takes the elevator down. You know the big limos come out for that. Soon Henry Kissinger and George Soros are going to take the River Styx, Cruise Line of Darkness trip- sooner than they thought. Within the next few years a whole passel of these reprobates from the evil empire are going to be moving on and that is going to change the world at least appearance wise. We are going to change too but we need to have that image before our minds eye that represents what we emulate; imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. We all need someone to emulate or we will be given someone, according to our works by which we are known. It is less important how well we do it than it is that we try to do it. The day will come when we will see how important it was that we did or did not do it.

I am amazed at the spiritual quality of the readers and friends that come around here. This tells me that regardless of how well I did what I did that... even my half hearted efforts speak to a real sense of accomplishment. Our friends are living proof of what we are. The same is true of those who consider themselves as our enemies. It won't matter afterwards what you owned, how much money you had, how important you thought you were. In most cases people can measure their achievements by this image; stick your finger into a glass of water and when you take it out that is the impression you made. Give it everything you got. Don't let your life be one more sad example of wasted time. If God is alive in you then God will swallow the personal self and be a lasting statement of your cosmic possibilities fulfilled. If the devil is alive in you then the personal self will be inflated into a ridiculous embarrassment. This is the likely result in times of material darkness, or God will live as a light filled refutation of the otherwise indwelling darkness that is a reflection of the greater surrounding darkness; 'when darkness falls on the eyes that can't see, the light of our love will shine on the gates of endless peace and we will go on and on, we will have it all ...and darkness will turn, turn into light, when darkness falls. Yes darkness will turn, turn into light when darkness falls.'

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