Friday, December 18, 2015

Our Annual Merry Christmas Posting.

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People are writing me to check and see if I am okay. It seems like if I am gone for even a few days, concern mounts. Oddly enough I am walking through a minefield of sorts because this island doesn't want me to go; Doesn't even want me to sell my car even at a reasonable price, doesn't want me to rent a car so I can sell my car, doesn't want me to be able finance the necessities of the moment by putting extremities upon me. All that is meaningless... what will be will be. Of course, in the leaving, people are showing up from all over the place from Australia to Vancouver. It has been interesting and wonderful and slightly taxing as well. I do know where I am going, at least for the momentary months progressed into Spring and after that it will take care of itself. I have my ticket. Now we just pack and send what we can. I will say that of all the phases I have been through in recent years, this is the strangest and now my landlady wants me to stay but... the attorney general just sent me a bill for 14000.00 that somehow got managed to accrue in just a few hours before I was shipped to Honolulu. They want to hear from me in ten days. As far as I know, nothing was done to or for me in the few hours before I got shipped off. Of course I can't stay here. I have no money for the attorney general. Maybe they will hunt me down for sport (grin).

A severe economic crisis is coming. It isn't supposed to come into full bloom until the presidential elections are over but it could come sooner. The indicators all say sooner... kind of a reverse Christmas present. The good news is that it won't touch those of us that are poor. It will hit the investors who didn't cash out and it will hit equities. It will, as usual, slam the middle class; what's left of it. Of course, one must not forget the Weimar Republic when it comes to cashing out when cash turns to toilet paper and we know who caused that.

Trauma and tragedy tend to bring people closer together... or drive them further apart. When it drives them further apart they don't last long. What this is all about is a test of one's humanity. It's not about preppers or paranoids or Silas Marner types. Things can change as quickly as the wind and in the end it depends on what is invisible around you and how it is prepared to operate in the particular environment you inhabit. Some locales are more kind than others and it is a crapshoot as to whether you are right in your selections overall or... not.

I know this sounds either too matter of fact or it just sounds dark. It isn't intended to be either. It just is what it is. Let's forget the trials of the moment because somehow they get solved, one way or another. Let's focus on what I find important and that is, Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regardless of the troubles and travails of the calendar at those critical moments that the bad guys seeks to hijack, the forces of good are always in the victory circle. It is our inability to see this that is what counts. I just got a comment at the most recent Mirrors asking me if good wins and if good ever wins and that has been answered already, many times, using the Mobius Strip construct. I don't know why it is that people expect what they do here on this plane. For some reason, people believe that because events and conditions don't improve here it in the seen that somehow this ladders up and down across all bandwidths. That is not how it works. This plane is a proving ground. It is a boot camp. It isn't about winning or losing here, if it were then only the bad guys would have the good score and this is The Kali Yuga.

It is time for all inquiring and reflective minds to get a working awareness of where they are and to not expect it to be or become something it is not. This is not to say that it cannot or will not work out in a blessed and blissful way for some because it will ...but for rank and file to expect that it will manifest in some collective good fortune across the board is wishful thinking. These are times of trial, stress and test in every aspect of the general sense and one should be more tuned to adapting to this than to projecting unworkable fantasies upon the parchment of what has already been written.

People are scrambling like rats at the moment. They want to get off the sinking ship but they want to carry all their goods and assets with them, right down the slippery gangway rope, with all the other rats herding behind them. The one thing to remember and be aware of is how madness expresses itself in times like these; in the economic sense, in the religious sense, in the cultural and social sense and especially as it applies in the mental and emotional sense at the personal level. They interplay and the one creates the other. It's math, or it's kismet, or it's the random efficiency of the analysis depended on by people who believe in nothing but getting more out of things than they put into them.

We went a little far afield here to get to the place where I get to say... Merry Christmas!!! The spirit of the season is upon us. I don't mean in any religious sense. I have no use for religion. It tends to kill the natural expression of the progressive segments of the quarter turns of the calendar. Nature is a wheel. In occult terminology they talk about the wheel of Hathor and how it turns and is turned by forces saying, “Tag you're it.” and “Catch me if you can.” I find that amusing since they all touch each other and are tagged and caught in any case simply due to proximity and predictable routine. I don't worry about string theory or whether Jesus is coming back to right the scales, or whether the Mahdi will ride in with Kalki or as Kalki. I don't concern myself with these things because I have one advantage over the slick and sleek and smooth and that is that I fundamentally do not know and I recognize that.

So it is that I say... Merry Christmas!!! Merry and joyful and giving of the spirit from one to another in the best and most immediate way; a kind of pay it forward love of humanity and all things human and divine and don't trouble yourself about the agonizing efforts that people go through in order to act like they care for a couple of weeks and then ignore each other the rest of the time. Christmas is only meaningful in these brief days of opportunity if you are like that all year long. It is the difference between going to church one day a week, or only four times a year and living there, in your heart, all year long. It is partial or perfunctory or all the time. Merry Christmas!!!!!

Giving isn't about material things. If it were, then all those celebrities and rich people who make contributions only after they have informed their public relations flacks about it, so they can get the maximum exposure for their good works, would somehow be meaningful. When someone with 40 million dollars, or 10 billion dollars, gives away a couple of paltry million here and there and are trumpeted as great humanitarians, it is less than if we were to take the change out of our pocket and give it to someone on the street. It's just come out in the news, as I knew it would, that the Wounded Warrior Project is one more of those nasty scams where the people who run it make serious money and the total amount that actually reaches all individuals is somewhere around the salary of a single executive because.... even when they do give any of it away, it goes to other organizations who don't give anything away either.

This is why we need to “Ho, Ho Ho and Merry Christmas” through the trials of these tormented times, as if it meant nothing. I'll give an example... possibly a bad or inappropriate example... when I first ran across Cocaine decades ago, what I noticed was how selfish people got about it. Females were the worst and I saw people do all kinds of things to come into possession of it and maintain a relationship to it. I promised myself I would treat it as if it were nothing but something to be liberally shared no matter what. As it so happened I was given a king's ransom of it at some point by some wealthy entrepreneurs who had developed a pipeline for it... long before the Rockefeller laws and other hateful restrictions came down, even before the guns and knives came in and I literally gave it away without a thought and didn't make a dime. It made for an interesting year or so. I will say that. I don't really like that item but at the time, overflowing with youth and exuberance it was a nice extended teaching moment. The people who gave it to me said I was entertaining and when they saw what I was doing they gave me more (grin). They're dead now... nothing violent... their clocks ran out. The cassette tape ended. Cocaine and Christmas have little in common except for white Christmas jokes and in the lives of those who tend to celebrate the period between Christmas and New Years with the item , in order to close out any genuine emotion that might sneak up on them unawares.

I know using such a example only gives fuel to those who feed off of the flames and vapors of their diseased imaginations and bent projections but... I have always believed that the truth finds its way out to where it counts and where it doesn't count then... who's counting?

In these times of seeming darkness, Merry Christmas!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Of Trump and Time and Strange Circumstance.

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You know that song by The Who? I think it is the Secret Policeman's Ball or somesuch and it's got that line about hoping not to be fooled again. Along comes this bad hair day... wrapped up in one of the most bombastic, megalomaniacal ego trips I have ever seen and every press release has got this guy accused of acumen and savvy. Damn! Maybe it is even wisdom he is being accused of. In truth... the guy is superficial and a regular toady to hidden and veiled interests and you have got to be dumber than a slug on the sidewalk to buy any of the lies and fluffer felating journalism that is now the standard.

If nothing else speaks... nay reeks... of compromise and cowardice under the banner of false bravado and smug suit and tie hypocrisy then his comment about all these Arabs and or Muslims, celebrating the 9/11 attacks should raise a few painted eyebrows. It is a given that the only people caught celebrating were Israelis who... as it so happens, did 9/11. No wait!!! Hold the phone! Some guy named Bin Laden who lived in a cave with a handful of other Stone Age Arabs did it and they couldn't even get a license for flying small airplanes. Want to know the difference between flying a small airline and a big one? The difference is enormous... exponential... logarithmic. Factually, it is impossible but this is how dumb and gullible people have gotten in this age of information saturation and overkill. Israel was behind 9/11... end of story and if you don't know this by now, you are the worst kind of shrinking violet, bent over, catamite or worse... you don't give a shit.

I see Trump being promoted all over the place and he is a lying, posturing sack of shit. There... I said it. Remember when you thought Mr. Hope and Change was a real turnaround from The Segway Clown? Nobody gets near The Oral Office these days who is not a whore and who should also be dressed in thigh high faux leather boots and a mini skirt. “Oh... you can get a half and half for forty bucks or practically anything for a hundred.” Uh huh. I heard that hookers were going for 3 Euro in Greece these days. I'm not joking about that... by the way.

The state of the collective miseries of the masses in many parts of the world cannot be measured. They amount to hundreds of millions. In the media and the movies they don't really exist except as fabrications of something they often are not. At this time, the cold blooded Satanists who are exercising an impressive control over world economics and the political and military theaters are after some kind of elusive prize that they believe is theirs for the taking and also something they deserve because, in their minds they backed the right horse. Am I right about the control they exercise? Look at the situations that repeat around the world at this time and look at the pervasive corruptions in operation in this 'scrimmage of appetites everywhere.'

One might almost think that they are correct and that what they believe is a fait accompli but the only fait accompli is that they will fail. They always fail. They may cause great distress in the process and they may sucker millions into believing what is not true... at a very great cost to those millions. However, as Lao Tzu said;

Those who would take over the earth
And shape it to their will
Never, I notice, succeed.
The earth is like a vessel so sacred
That at the mere approach of the profane
It is marred
And when they reach out their fingers it is gone.
For a time in the world some force themselves ahead
And some are left behind,
For a time in the world some make a great noise
And some are held silent,
For a time in the world some are puffed fat
And some are kept hungry,
For a time in the world some push aboard
And some are tipped out:
At no time in the world will a man who is sane
Over-reach himself,
Over-spend himself,
Over-rate himself.”

I am likely to listen to Lao Tzu with a far greater faith than I have in the noisemakers and the pushers and the over reachers. However... I am in a small minority in this world, much like the people who come here and that mysterious force that Lao Tzu speaks of. It is what has brought us all together here, just as it brings the bad guys together and the people who share certain tastes. Somehow these people find each other and it's that mysterious force that arranges it... just as it is involved in some way in practically anything; sometimes due to its presence and sometimes due to it's seeming absence. There is one thing that needs to be remembered and this has been already proven by physics and that is that everything is made out of the same thing, vibrating at a particular rate. It is also proven that the world is thought born and that explains this mysterious force. No reasonable or rational or informed person can argue against this, or those who consider themselves to be souls of reason, souls of science... representatives of some modern forms of enlightenment, based on Materialism; from what I can see. Instead they argue about religion and that is only indirectly connected to this mysterious force.

Hermeticists and mystics and some others know about everything being made out of the same thing and also about that rule of vibration and because of this they can do some amazing things. There are others of us around who know about these things but we are confined by our duties and some of us have simply not developed the concentration and skills that are needed and that too is all about this mysterious force. Sometimes we are limited for our own good, or for the purpose of some demonstration or for reasons that are not clear but in time and sometimes... over the course of a great length of time, involving all manner of experiences... it will become clear and I suspect, though I do not know, that the length of time and experiences that are necessary are something that we might have something to do with. Maybe... maybe not. It could all simply be about that mysterious force and all the speculation and projection are simply exercises of the futility of the personal mind. One has to come to terms with another scientific fact, even if understanding it requires some metaphysical understanding and that is that there is only mind and we all share in it but our perception of it and the relationship we develop toward it is a matter of the personal subjective. Freeing ourselves of this constraint is the real job one but it comes at the cost of not being able to rely on the material world or its many permutations. We are required to rely on that mysterious force and whatever it is inclined to dispense or deny on our behalf.

It has been said that there is no material world. I have seen things I could never articulate and these things have indicated to me that our perception of a demarcation line between the material and the spiritual is simply an expression of the divisions within us.

Personally, there is a lot that I don't know and some little that I do know. I think one of the most important things anyone can learn is the difference between what they know and what they don't and this only happens if one possesses the sufficient honesty and that can only happen if they possess sufficient integrity and that can only happen according to the way we carry ourselves in this world, regardless of how we define it and maybe... yet again, exactly according to how we define it.

Some of us have had some terrible struggles in recent years. Maybe it is because of the nature of our primary objective. Maybe it is the period of time in which we find ourselves or... maybe it is the age we have arrived at. We look for reasons to understand some things but we often simply grab what is convenient to the arguments we have with ourselves concerning what we value and what we desire and how we go about acting on these.

I'm going to close with some personal anecdotes and these are only two of similar things I have seen or experienced. Shortly after I got together with my consort in Germany, her sister went and stole all of their mother's savings and other assets, greatly reducing what was available. We just went on with little thought about it, yet... it affected everything... as these things do. Now...

I just discovered that members of my own family stole a considerable amount of funds that I was supposed to share in and they did it for the most absurd and vain and venal reasons. It was comedy as much as tragedy. These funds were meant to come to me at the time I needed them most... in these very times. I suspected that this had happened and I discovered the truth today by applying that detective gene I have. I thought I might be sad or angry when I found out but I don't feel much. I know it's all going to work out. Some part of me wonders why so many circumstances of loss and treachery have been my lot. It goes beyond coincidence and all those elements of chance and fate and luck. I once heard something like; “luck is what happen when preparation encounters opportunity”. You hear a lot of things out here on the highway of life. Sometimes they come to you like the wind through the trees and sometimes it comes in the sounds of the wheels of the cars going by and... sometimes it comes in the symphony of voices, barking dogs, singing birds and that strange communion of thoughts that appear out of it in one special moment, where the mind has woven it all together and it vibrates and resonates in some unique and unforgettable manner.

It seems like every time I've come around here I've had to report on yet one more disappointment but I'm not disappointed. I'm doing the best I can with the hand I've been dealt. I think most of us here are doing that and the reason these things ever get spoken about here is because they are germane to the nature of what goes on here... with the resonance and with the understanding that comes out of it. We don't all have the same understandings, or experiences. We're not all at the same stage of existence. We're the same but we're not the same and that is beautiful and also the source of much of our difficulties... if we have any and most of us do... but they are not the same. I have come to realize that possibly the greatest quality we can develop is empathy and that is something we strive to do here... in ourselves and in each other and that includes us all each in our own special way..

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