Thursday, December 23, 2021

"The Sun Gives Life. It Is what The Sun Does. The Sun is Also the Source Channel for All Love Expressed Here."

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Serious spiritual warfare is taking place at this very moment. Part of it is a psychological war directed at killing all sense of Christmas Spirit and related affairs. They are seeking to kill Human Spirituality. It is a subtle thing but YOU MUST have God in your life or your life will turn into an entropic swamp of ignorance... big slow wheels of Tamas turning... turning and turning, and going nowhere... except deeper into the Pool of Stupid. God is the light and the life, without God there is no life AND no intelligence.

The main physical expression of the Love of God on this planet is The Sun. The Sun gives life. It is what The Sun does. The Sun is also the source channel for all Love expressed here. There is another sun whose light is so bright it appears as darkness because other eyes are required to see it. The source of it all is Lord Krishna-Christ. These are just words, inadequate to the job. They are terms we use to describe the physical appearance of God on this plane. You might think it a rare event, given that it happens so infrequently. In that SPECIFIC regard, this is true. God as Avatar is a rare event, BUT... God is ALWAYS present here in several representations that either continues for long periods of time or are changed as The Archetypes are changed each time God shines through a particular window.

The Avatar is a World Savior. This is a different job description than other tasks he performs here through various persona. He comes as a variety of personalities for certain innovations he intends to demonstrate... or problems he comes to fix. He's always around. One of his more perpetual personas is that of Babaji, the seldom-seen Hindu holy man. Sightings occur at rare intervals. Many decades ago he appeared as a common laborer at a farm in India. Then he was sighted at another time, long before... somewhere else. There are vast gaps of time between his appearances. He has been corporate for thousands of years and is accompanied by his sister, Mataji.

In the book, Autobiography of a Yogi, he shows up in a tale recounted by the author.

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Perhaps it was more than once. I can't remember. In the tale I do remember, there was a pilgrim who had been seeking him all through the Himalayas; no mean feat. As destiny would have it, he came upon Babaji and his merry band, which includes 2 Americans, as they congregated around a fire. The man burst upon the scene and implored Babaji to take him with them. Babaji told him he could not take him in his present condition. The man said something like, his life being worth nothing then, and if Babaji would not take him he would jump off of the nearby cliff. Babaji told him to go ahead, and... he did. Then Babaji floated down to the man's dead body and brought him back to life, and he joined The Band.

I shared this tale to point out that such events take place on a regular basis, you just don't hear about them. What we hear about is what is given us by the media outlets owned and operated by The Usual Suspects. They have no love for God whatsoever, and their persistent message is that what you see is all there is, and if something seems mysterious and arcane, you should trust The Science; their science.

They are liars, just like their father. This is what one of The World Savior Avatars said on several occasions while interacting with those who would, later on, arrange his execution. The savvy among us KNOW that this was all prearranged, BUT... as the historical record shows, the enemies of Christ are of a devoted mercantile persuasion. They don't get this... this... “go then and sell all you have and give it to the poor. Then pick up your cross and follow me.” That makes no sense to them whatsoever. They are about the here and now, and all they can profit from in the moment and the long term. When Christmas comes, they go to the movies and laugh about it.

Christ said that when you do good works you should do them quietly with no thought of reward. He also said you should pray in private. They prefer to parade in the public thoroughfares and rend their garments for all the world to see their theatrical piety. This is why you see their names on all the hospital wings, at the museums, and wherever they can get some PR out of it. As The Lord said, “they have their reward.” Interestingly...the Bhagavad Gita says much the same thing in a different way.

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What do you know? They ALL say the same thing in a different way, except for The Usual Suspects who are ALWAYS on the con.

This is not to say there are not decent souls among that demographic, like the Neturei Karta. I have met a few... but they are rare birds of their flock. They might almost be called The Ugly Ducklings. As a student of Occult History, which tells a much different story than our fabricated version, you see many a name among the illuminated scholars of certain time periods. These days you see none at all for there are no illuminated scholars in these times.

Tomorrow will be our last posting for a while. This is just a head's up. May the joy of the season come swiftly upon you and may it be most extremely tardy in its departure!

We are adrift upon the angry seas of Materialism. As the condition worsens... so do the storm conditions. We have gotten fat... lazy... and stupid. This is in evidence EVERYWHERE. I have little to say to the man and woman in the streets. They would not stop to listen in any case. Since I choose not to speak of anything but God, I speak seldom, if at all. Yes... of course, I have conversations about ordinary affairs, but even those are at a minimum. What's the point? God is all I see in whatever direction I look, though I do not see him, I sense him... in every living thing, even those who have closed all portals of access to him. This is a difficult perspective to gain any ability at because of The Unruly Mind. If you need a definition for The Devil... it is The Carnal Mind... The Separated Mind. The Illumined Mind is another creature altogether. This is why it is said that The Mind is either your best friend or your worst enemy.

Your mind and your emotions are undisciplined animals and they MUST be trained and leashed... until they are trained. They will then serve you well indeed. This is not the labor of an afternoon, a week, a month, a year... or in most cases... of a lifetime. The level of one's determination commands the speediness of one's success. Few can play the guitar like Mark Knopfler, Al Dimeola or Carlos Santana. One lifetime does not account for their ability, and... how much practice do you think went into their mastery of The Art in this life? One day I was with John Hall (before Orleans) and he took me to a house in Georgetown to see Teddy Speleos. At the time, Teddy was 13 years old. I stayed in the room while he and John riffed. I was told he spent nearly every waking hour playing.

Not much went right for Teddy in following years, His social skills were not as developed as his guitar playing. So... you can be extremely gifted, BUT... fate is another matter. Consider the lot of Mozart at the end, where all that awaited him was a pauper's grave. Having fame and losing fame, is not the same as never having it at all. Knowing my own passion for God, it is clear to me this is not the work of a lifetime but of some number of lifetimes. Knowing this makes me even more determined. I would be at it with a will... if will were still a useful feature. I have been informed, in no uncertain terms, to back off on all that. I have been told I can proceed no further on my own, and... I am good with that, however... it is much work to convince those parts of myself that seem incapable of pause.

A time comes when one has processed into Jivanmukti. The Mind still spins and spins and one cannot stop it. Eventually... it runs out of steam and that is that. It might stop spinning sooner, or it might continue for some time. One has to wait it out. The time comes when there is nothing further that one can do except... wait.

Everything you do, be it good, bad, or neither... is made possible through 'borrowed force'. Everything comes from God and how we use it is the arbiter of our fate. You find this out sooner or you find it out much later, BUT... you WILL find this out. You can serve God. You can oppose God. That is ALL you got as far as options go. Most oppose God in an unconscious fashion. Some do it intentionally and join forces with The Prince of Darkness, who is God in disguise, as he appears to The Wicked. There is ONLY God. You may argue about this or resent hearing it, BUT... IT IS SO. It all comes down to your relationship, Prodigal sons and daughters.

Dedicate EVERYTHING you do to The Divine; every thought you think, everything you feel, everything you do and do not do, every breath you take and expel... WILL serve you well. Bless every function of the body that takes place. Bless everything reported to you by the senses. Be a blessing machine that dedicates all to The All.

On Saturday we celebrate The Birth of the Light. This is not the date he actually arrived. It is simply a date set aside for the festivities. Jesus was not a Jew, nor was he a Capricorn, however... it is The Solstice we are actually celebrating, as the darkness turns from the shortest day of the year, on its way to the longest. Whenever humanity congregates, together or apart, to celebrate spiritual events, there is a collective joining of mind and heart, and this opens a channel for JOY (to The World) and the celebration of it through... GIVING and SHARING.

This is something we often forget in Times of Material Darkness. May you be among those who are not deterred from doing so by Satanic Intervention. Why not celebrate it every minute of every day? How I do this is by consecrating all of my thoughts, words, deeds, bodily functions, and aspirations to The Divine Ineffable, who personalizes himself in human form out of the goodness of his heart and at NO SMALL COST. I will not delve into the implications of that.

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Monday, December 20, 2021

"Love is THE Determiner of Your Grit and Continuance. We Make a Pearl out of an Irritation in a Different Way."

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Governor Newsom, the frontman for the Communist Cartel in the slave state of Kalifornia, said... when told that it was the vaccinated who were catching this latest seasonal cold, “that's a good reason for everyone to mask up.” Dr. Falsie said, when talking about the double vaccinated, catching the latest same old same old, “That's a good thing. It will help them build immunity.”

I live in one of The Free States. No masks are necessary. I didn't even have to wear them the first time. I just waited them out, and still went out whenever I felt like it, and I don't expect to ever act differently because... I will not live where people are in bondage to a snake cult minority of Reversed Kundalini, back-door celebrating, dwellers in the murk. There will always be somewhere to go until sanity is restored, even if that means a great deal fewer of us. People come and go all the time. Does it actually matter if a whole lot of them leave in the same period of time? They are not here with any degree of permanence in the first place.

I do not concern myself with the biorhythms of The World, whether it be the culture, the political climate, or the specific, slow-slide of religions, sinking into ridiculous intricacies of dogma and doctrine, since The Living God left the temples they built to themselves. We get wars and rumors of wars. War is one of the perpetual states of human life. There are periods of relative peace and periods of war. One can ALWAYS find expressions of either in one place or another.

At the moment, we have a stealth war of The Deep State against Humanity. Most of Humanity is clueless about this because the brainwashing took. It doesn't work on some of us. It doesn't work at all in some cases. Those who can see, know to keep their distance from the trouble spots. Help is on the way, for those seeking it. Some of us are not in need of help because we are an invisible target. Even if you make us disappear, we are returned with an army built by The Cosmos for your education.

I continue to speak of these things because it is very likely, Push will come to Shove. So many bad things would have happened long ago if they were permitted to, but... they were not. The World is controlled by unseen forces. Your mindset has everything to do with how that impacts on you. I have no quarrel with the benefic or wrathful planes or deities. I see utility in both, though I serve only one. There are all sorts of passwords and markers, luminous inscriptions... written on the forms that one encounters on The Other Side. We have similar markings on each of us at this very moment but one must be clairvoyant to see them. I call them, Karmic Markers.

They used to say that The Devil had put his mark on this one or that one. At the moment, many are in fear of The Mark of the Beast, which I suspect is, more or less, the same thing. It is probably good to be aware of The Fact that God puts his mark on us too. You'll find lots of scripture to that effect, should you go looking for it.

In the links below, in the next couple of postings, you are going to see a certain amount of sleaze that exemplifies the direction and intention of those shaping it to that end... whatever end it be. There's much worse. People who use torrents know that most of the video that becomes available is Porn. You don't have to download it, but... you see it listed if you do a general search for the latest videos, at any torrents site. It must be very compelling.

If you look at it objectively, you see it is a form of infantilism, having to do with arrested development, as well as a great deal of programming after the fact. The World is in such a state of depravity at the moment that The Culture acts as a trauma-hammer on the psyche of the young, and they can't grow up... or they grow up very incomplete... or they become a junkie. By junkie, I mean many other vehicles besides drugs; many other forms of Junk.

People have become so immersed in Material Culture that freeing them involves various degrees of pain and separation anxiety because they are holding on so tightly. The thing is... YOU MUST EVOLVE. You have no choice. It is the same as the reality that NO ONE can remain still. Of course... you could Devolve, but you can only go in that direction for so long before you are compelled to evolve again. As you can imagine, this could involve significant periods of time. Is that something you want?

Thankfully, I do not trouble myself concerning the impact that coming changes are going to have on Humanity. It is out of my hands, except in a very minimal way. I wish more people understood the degree of tremendous change that is going to come down on this theater of operation. I am expecting the highest highs and the lowest lows... demonstrated widely in real-life drama. People will be driven to grow, like it or not. Opting out is not an option. The beauty of the Mercy and Compassion that will be freely available is that drastic circumstances are not required. That is something people choose based on their level of resistance to irresistible force. It would be like waging war against The Sun, only far more difficult... or... you could surrender.

People come to a terrible pass in search of Babylon. All the locations spoken of in scripture have their modern-day equivalent. People choose to stay where they are. People eat garbage every day, with no gratitude even, and expect to remain well. Life... abundant life... flows from Heaven when the door is open and flows elsewhere if the door is closed. People seem to have very little understanding of what they are in the midst of and that all blessings flow from Heaven. Why not live in The Land of Blessings, which is possible, by the way... if you are blessing Life. How does that go? “I salute the God within you.” Namaste.

People are free to be at war with whoever the target or target audience may be. I seek to be at war with nothing and no one. I wish to be in harmony with all life. That is my objective. Of course, that is a very high objective, but... if one aspires... one might at least grow closer to it. One thing that I KNOW... is you must have an ideal. For instance, I would like to become like The Sun, a giver of life and a judger of none. At that scale... it might take a while to build up to channeling that much force. I'm not after that side of it. I just want to be able to do the same thing in a smaller way, and I can, anyone can. To be an actor on this plane is to be in the drama of your moment, and there are many diverse dramas here. One can get to where they reflect the face of God in every face they meet.

Until that point, we are all, in some way, hindered by our shortcomings. It's possible to discipline shortcomings... or drag them out into long goings. Love is THE determiner of your grit and continuance. We make a pearl out of a grain of sand in a different way.

It occurred to me last night that all the politicians are together in a collective conspiracy to control us. Then I remembered that I had pretty much always known this. I actually believe that they are all in a conspiracy against one another because there is only one real government in Heaven and on Earth that matters. That is The Divine... who rules them all, whether they wish that or not. This is another, very compelling reason to get with the program. It doesn't matter what those knuckleheads get up to... life goes on. We hope for the best, and we work for the best, and the rest is in the hands of God. I suspect God will handle it. That's not my department.

Sometimes I feel like a cog in a great patchwork sky... of a machine too big to see, and it is all turning perfectly, and I am turning with it. It lights me up if I let it, and then... I guess I get to be a shiny cog in a shine-making machine. This is one of the reasons I think, to be anonymous is best. You can be known and unknown in every town you pass through or you can let the town grow around you, or you could get out of town when necessary.

That is one of the plus factors of civilization. Everyone can live like a king and a queen here... if they were only more careful of what they spend their time and attention on. The survival thing is not really an issue anymore. I'm not saying it will always be that way because worlds come and worlds go, big worlds and small worlds... It only goes to good places, if you are coming from such a place, so I don't usually mind.

One thing we have noticed with this Scamdemic of a whole lotta nothing but fear... is that The Darkness has its hooks into every one of the movers and shakers of this world. The governments and religions are complicit, working from mandatory oral sex on the corporate ladder, to Fellatio on the altar of Baphomet. This is their intent, to destroy all memory of decency and Humanity... in order to create gulags of despair. They WILL fail...

I do not want to leave the reader with a darker perspective on The World. It is only coming to our attention in the way it does at present because light is breaking through all the darkness woven previously by agents of The Darkness, and it is the agitation of this light upon entrenched darkness that is causing all the unrest.

God wins... absolutely, no matter what. God is not only within every single person, knowing and unknowing. He is in all life and all else he can bring to life in an instant should he so choose. He is the stage and the players... and all the surrounding worlds, oh so very far and wide among the stars. He allows people to run loose, engineer their schemes, and even carry them out on occasion, ALL of it... for The Purpose of Demonstration. Hang in there.

End Transmission.......

Some number of links; more than I can place here today, but I remember they get sparser later in the week (grin)

What if the whole season of recent political and cultural episodes, and well before that too, has been a charade? What if Trump is just a player in a collective conspiracy of seeming opposite camps that are not in opposition at all, but work together, even antagonistically to bring about a common goal? It's the vaccines that put proof positive on it for me, AND ESPECIALLY Trump not backing away from the vaccines, once their toxicity had become common knowledge. He has to know by now. (Personal musing. There is no attending link)

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Man! How petty people can be about money when they are already worth hundreds of millions. The people allegedly promoting my work on just about every server there is, stopped sending me anything. I guess because they felt they could. I said, "So What?" and just went my way. It's not that important. God handles these things. Mr. Apocalypse is working overtime, on everything and everybody. Imagine the fright some will get when it dawns on them what they have been up to. For those with sincere repentance, all will be well.=
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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

"Spiritual Considerations are Much Too Confining for the Freebooting Mercenaries of The Manifest Plane."

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As we have mentioned more than a time or two, these blog postings appear on several other sites. At some of them, the comments are more numerous than here at the main site. Most of the time, at this location, it seems (or so I hear) that people no longer know what to say after coming and going for some number of years. We don't mind much one way or the other. Comments, donations, and whatever else there may be are not real concerns of mine. They never have been. I do what I do and then I do what I do; seeking to be also consistent in what I do not do.

At one of the sites, the anonymous dwellers in the underbrush, seem to have a particular aversion to the idea of Karma. I do not consider the anonymous commenting public to be much informed about spiritual matters. They are mostly meat and potato materialists, more concerned with 9-foot reptile aliens, invincible overlords, and whatever the current fairy tales are that are making the rounds. I can well understand why many of them are adverse to the concept of Karma. IF... if it is true... then... they might be in trouble. Spiritual considerations are much too confining for the freebooting mercenaries of the manifest plane.

It is important to understand the psychology of Anonymity. We live in an age of twinkle-toed snowflakes, whose minor personal sufferings are all-consuming. Many of them are lonely because no one enjoys being around them. They can't understand what the reason might be in their self-centric universe. The thing is, Anonymous, often... never has anything nice to say. Anonymous is generally a frightened demographic, an unsure and insecure no-go zone, a place of interior conflicts and turmoils and they have to get this out there somehow, because... well... because they don't feel very good about themselves and there are compelling reasons for this. At the same time, they have little desire or intention to change themselves. They don't see their character flaws as flaws; more like delightful eccentricities and unique personality structures.

The personality structures are like a half-completed house where the funds ran out or the interest died and so... they live in the one room that is mostly finished, and... they actually like the way the mudded Sheetrock tape looks. Heck... everyone else lives in painted or papered rooms and they DEFINITELY don't want to be like everyone else! They KNOW with a kind of dreadful certainty that they are not like everyone else. What they don't understand is why no one else realizes this. Oh... they do... they do. That is why everyone else stays away.

Anyone who spends all their online time sniping at people they neither know nor understand... is someone who is hurting inside. It is what propels them to do virtual drive-bys the whole day long. They are hurting and they are lonely. The reason I do what I do in the first place is because people are hurting and lonely, BUT... since they have no intention of changing anything about themselves, they will continue to be hurting, and lonely, and most especially afraid. Why should they be afraid if there is no Karma? If they knew as much as they think they know, they are probably all rich and successful by now, and I don't know this due to their anonymity.

Well... that was a long-winded introduction to what I came here to say this morning, and some of it wasn't all that nice, but what does it matter? They are anonymous so it can't be about them anyway. I thought I might do a little seminar for the meat-and-potato mindset, concerning Karma... Mr. Apocalypse... The Awakening, and... The Avatar. Of course, it will not be sufficient.

Most do not know that Karma is a universally accepted construct in any enduring spiritual tradition. It is not always called Karma, and it is not expressed in the same terms. Let us look at the Christian Tradition where there is The Golden Rule; “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I have made it a point to study- at least the basics- in all relevant traditions, and... a common theme runs through them all. Even if we go to SCIENCE we see Karma recognized in the rule that every action instigates a reaction. I'm not going to get complex here, after all, I am talking about a very small handful of people who do not fit the general profile of the visitors who come to these blogs.

People wonder why Evil is so prevalent in The World at this time. It is all because of Materialism and invisible entities who seek to provoke it, and it is more easily provoked in Times of Material Darkness. In more pristine periods, there is a great deal less Evil, but we don't keep historical records of sublime occasions. It is the unfortunate and horrific that captures our interest. Evil fascinates us. We don't understand Evil. If we did, we would have no fear or concerns about it. Of course... that is Karma too. Evil has zero relevance to those who have no abiding contract with it, due to previous engagements.

Think of Evil as something like a gold mine. It can be difficult and dangerous to get the gold out, BUT... the gold is there. Evil is like gold and it has to be mined and refined. The Wise know what to do about Evil... but then... The Wise know what to do about most everything, which often means to leave it alone. The topic of Evil can be intricate and exhaustive, and I do not have time for either this morning, so what I am going to do is STATE what I know to be true and you can do what you want with it. Karma is a fact and arguments about sweet, innocent, and harmless babies does not cut it as an intelligent argument. Since you can't do anything about any of it; why not wring your hands and cry out at the injustice of it all?

Was Ted Bundy a sweet little child (at least for a while)? Probably. Some of our public heroes are among the greatest mass murderers in history. Look at Winston Churchill, and so many others upon whose statues the pigeons now leave their droppings. “History”, as the sage and insightful Henry Ford once said, “is bunk.” Am I advocating for the slaughter of innocents? Of course not. I am also not one who conceals what he sees from his own awareness, as so many do. I am not in denial about how life works. I take it for what it is, not what I want it to be, or imagine it to be, or hope it will be. It is what it is. Sweet little babies grow up and cease to be sweet little babies, in most cases.

HOWEVER... the deluded among us, do not want to face life with open eyes and take it on its terms. No... they would rather force their tiny understanding of not much at all upon the clockwork symmetry of life. Instead of seeking the real answer for how things are, they insist that all is not as it should be, that life is not fair... and if you ask them what should be done about it... uh-huh; they don't really have any answers, and what answers they do have came from someone else who also has yet to fix anything.

EVERYTHING that can be said about the warp and woof of manifest existence AND the unknown can be found here. It is simple and it is precise. Do you find it unsatisfying? Maybe Scientology will be more to your liking.

Karma is a FACT. You might not like it. You may disagree with it. You might have all kinds of fabricated high and noble arguments about why it can't be, shouldn't be, and can't possibly be... true. What I usually suggest to those who feel this way, is to wait for a season of high winds, then to walk into the forest, and then to scream at the sky about it, even if you can't see it, you know it's there... right? Now... this won't do a lick of good about the overall scheme, but you might feel better if you can shake that sense of impotence that usually attends your lack of control.

Yes... I didn't say much did I and I am already near the end of the posting, BUT... it is there if you look for it, and if you don't want to find it... you won't. Now I still have to address Mr. Apocalypse, The Great Awakening, and The Avatar. I will try to be succinct and brief.

We have thousands of years of traditions, and except for the indigenous sort, they ALL of them came out of The East. There are a number of them, some have been around for over a thousand years. Some have been around for almost two thousand years, and some... have been around longer than that. None of them have been around for as long as Ageless Wisdom, and The Living Book of Nature, and... they all come out of these.

In every tradition, there are Avatars. They are outfitted with different characteristics and expectations. Some call The Coming Avatar, Kalki... others call him Maitreya, others call him The Mahdi, others speak of him as The Second Coming. They ALL have these references, AND we have historical records of various Avatars who have come and gone. We have historical records of their impact on human life and human thought. We have great art from various mediums that are all inspired by these Avatars. Ever been in a large European cathedral? Ever been in a large middle eastern mosque? Ever been in The Taj Mahal... or any Hindu or Buddhist temple or shrine? Uh-huh. I have been to quite a few of these.

Whenever an Avatar comes here, he comes at particular intervals of around two thousand years, give or or take, some length of cusp-periods. Whenever an Avatar appears he is accompanied by an Apocalypse AND an Awakening. We see both of these AT THIS TIME. We have both of them, NOW. I have looked long and deeply into the matter and the SAME REALITY surfaces wherever I look. People scoff at conversations with God, but they have no trouble listening to the emissaries of the Father of Lies. People rail about The Jews and their plots and prevarications, yet they consider Zecharia Sitchin to be inspired instead of deluded. I could REALLY rock your boats, people, about all sorts of common falsehoods that you base your existence and your beliefs on, but... what would be the point of that? If nothing changes, what would be the point?

Look at all those books you read that were written by The Usual Suspects or published by The Usual Suspects or promoted and sold by The Usual Suspects. You DO NOT find Truth in the common thoroughfares. You actually can find it nowhere else except inside yourself, and if you encounter it outside yourself... it is ONLY because it resonates with the deeper part of you WITHIN.

The foundation of all I say is based in Ageless Wisdom that appears in every tradition if you know what to do about the wheat and the chaff. These truths have been accepted and delineated upon by Masters, Sages, Prophets, Seers, Yogis, and what have you. They ALL concur on the basic tenets. One of them is, be careful what you do because it will all come back to you. People believe what it is convenient for them to believe, and... they are really not inclined to consider anything else, ESPECIALLY if it conflicts with what they want.

Everything that I share is confirmed by The Inner Voice. This may mean nothing to others, but it means everything to me. When I come across commentary by The Great Souled Ones, and it strikes sympathetic strings within, THAT is my validation process. As I have said many times here. It is of no matter to me whether I convince anyone else of anything. What matters is if I have convinced myself. I might add that this is what ALL OF US do in one form or another, but... for most, the validation process is filtered through their desires. It is sort of like, “if it feels good, do it” If it compliments you, you believe it to be true, even when, even you... can see that it is not. Oh! Be still my heart!

We ALL have an intuition. It's not functioning in many people, especially in these times. One facet of The Intuition is The Conscience, which beats the Hell out of some people. The good news is that if you listen to your conscience and do what is right, YOU STOP HEARING FROM YOUR CONSCIENCE!

The Avatar IS on the way. Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening are already present. This should be obvious to anyone who has some understanding of the hidden dynamics of existence. When The Avatar is closer, we will ALL be feeling it, but we will not be feeling it in the same way. Some will hear the admonitions and some will ignore them. Some will refuse to respond to the inner resonance and promises of redemption. That is how some of us are. Some of us will find our hearts harden at this time. For others, the heart will soften.

The Light of the Avatar is a singular thing, but it has a variety of effects that are due to the responses of those reacting to it. NO ONE will remain untouched, and The World will change dramatically, for good and for ill. Many will be recycled and some will be redeemed. The very fire that the saints rejoice in, the sinners burn in. Is that metaphorical? We'll see, won't we? EVERY ONE OF YOU has a date with Death. EVERY ONE OF YOU has an onward course, much determined by your inward course. EVERY ONE OF YOU is aging and dying as I write these words, and WILL BE a sweet and precious appearing child again, and again, and again, and again. Try NOT TO DO what will cause you suffering by not causing suffering for others. You will find that this works.

If all your reference points are about The Material Plane then you certainly qualify as a Half-Wit because you are discounting the even more real Other Side of what you cannot see. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there, and just because you can see it, doesn't mean it is there.

If you want to bitch and moan about things you don't even bother to do anything about, why... just go ahead then. For as long as your intentions are directed at self-service, you are going to be having a never-ending series of obstacles to contend with. Once you see the beauty of selfless service and commit to it, you will find your problems will disappear.

You had better be thinking about positive change and making an effort in that direction, by recognizing your common lot with Humanity. If you are not, Change is going to come upon you ANYWAY, shortly, and in some cases, sooner than you expect. You will be asked how it was that you spent your time at some point. What do you think you will say? What sort of an account can you give of yourself?

End Transmission.......

Some links=

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Oh darn! Is it The Usual Suspects again?
Read to the bottom of the article. Man's GOT TO BE PAID!=

Wreaths Across America 'carpet-bombing' veteran cemeteries with 'Christian gang sign,' nonprofit says

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This is what happens when the outer world is all that is important to you. This is only one example of how crazy people are getting.
She thinks she is attractive=

This lady looks like an alien and I honestly just feel bad for her

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You do know where Communism came from, right?=
Sen. Blumenthal speaks at Communist award show:
Touts 'Build Back Better'

Via The Real History Channel
From our resident economist=
NY Times: Consumer Prices Jump:
A Rebuttal

NY Times

Friday, December 10, 2021

"You Have To Serve Your Higher Self or Your Lower Self. That is The Single Cross We are ALL Crucified On."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well now... The news is in! It might be that Juicy pushing the false narrative and upping the costs for the taxpayers will get him some jail time; not for the crime itself, but for the pushing, and pushing, and relentless denial of the Prima Facie. Still... we have to give Smollett (rhymes with chalet, and Ho-lay!) credit where credit is due, he scammed not one Nigerian, but two!!! How about that? Usually, it is the other way around, as Nigeria is known for producing Nigerian Prince scam artists en masse. Sorry for those offended, due to lack of understanding. It happens to be true. Since Truth is the first casualty of living your own truth, I can see why it would be hard for the brainwashed to get this.

What most do not get is that devils and angels appear in human faces, not to mention hearts and minds. That is the point of Phrenology (according to me), which I understand in some ways different than is accepted in the tradition of the science, but it is only semantics... much as is the case with religion-centric arguments. Anyway... if you can invoke your objective seeing eye, you can see the forces expressing and being restrained in the faces of celebrities, politicians, and all ACTORS on life's stage. Where else do you think Heaven and Hell play out in the flesh? We are the hands of God or the idle hands of The Devil. Once again... you have to serve someone. You have to serve your Higher Self or your Lower Self. That is the cross we are ALL crucified on.

In 1 John 2:18-19, we learn that there are many lesser anti-Christs. By the same token, there must be lesser Avatars as well; sort of like prophets and false prophets. This is good to keep in mind, most especially so, because... with 8 billion people present here, AND this being The Age of Aquarius, defined as The Age of Universal Brotherhood, it is axiomatic that The Avatar will also appear in the individual human heart, where a place has been prepared for him.

These days we try to keep the links out of the actual post. On this account, we have to make an exception because of the incredible linking together of various vortices of Evil.

Notable in the thread is the connection between The Bronfmans and The Rothschilds. NXIVM is only one nexus point. The real story, no doubt, has to do with far older cults built on the endless facility of human ambition, greed, and twisted appetites, to provide a fertile ground from which darkness can sprout.

A former all-pro Denver Broncos wide receiver, a young man still, was found dead under mysterious medical circumstances. It is, MOST LIKELY, vaccine-caused. Word has it that Celine Dion is paralyzed from vaccination. Close sources scoff at it, but she makes no appearance to dispute it. All over The World, The Usual Suspects are killing off portions of Humanity. USUALLY... when some major evil is going down, it is when they have gone beyond all opportunities for redemption. Emperor Bokassa comes to mind, Giles De Rais, Elizabeth Bathory. There are more than a few.

Across the centuries, Humanity has been brutalized by an interlocking network of the financial elite. Now their handlers have been driven from their seats of power on the invisible plane. They know something is coming. They know that conditions are not what they were. They are now hasty little goblins, stabbing in all directions, seeking to do harm until their last breath.

One REALLY does need to keep in mind that much of what is called Evil is simply entrenched ignorance and that THEY are playing the roles appointed to them. Ignorance flowers in environments where people are too smart for their own good, and certainly are no good to anyone else. I do not know The Cosmic Details. It is not my department to know these things. It is my department to comprehend, in stages, the unbelievable power of Love to heal and transform. NOTHING is beyond repair or redemption. We are all particles in the body of God. Someone, I suppose... has to be the nether regions and places where The Sun doesn't shine.

Who is to blame and who is at fault... I care less than not at all about any of that. I see it, but I bear no rancor. I don't want revenge, for myself or for others. I have thought often, at off moments, about what I might prefer, if I had the choice, concerning my fortunes and fate. It comes to me on each occasion that I would be perfectly content to sit at the far margin of The Kingdom of God; not in The Shadow, but far from the glorious crowd near The Throne. Knowing that it is all an internal affair... in any case, The Far Margins appeal to me.

I am fond of the story about Aragorn, Strider, and the Dunedain; The Rangers who traveled the borders of peaceful environs, as agents of protection for the unsuspecting inhabitants, who often held them in suspicion, unaware of their real purpose. I think of The Rosicrucians in this way; not the external organization, but those who travel among the congregations of Humanity, in no identifiable uniform, with nothing to designate their real purpose, and whose ONLY ability is TO HEAL. I have always liked the sound of that... the cut of its jib.

Paul Foster Case, the man I consider most expert in The Tarot, is reported to have met a man called Mr. R. He was/is a Rosicrucian and had been, apparently... alive for some centuries. Such men as he, are the upside to characters like, Ahasuerus, who taunted Jesus on his way to the cross. Allegedly, Christ looked at him and said something like, “Ye shall tarry until I return.” I can assure you that MANY a strange destiny resolves itself on this plane, and of which most of us never hear a word about them.

The interesting thing about Ahasuerus is that his story emerged and began to travel at THE SAME TIME as Christian Rosenkreuz was around. In The Law of Polarities and Similarities, it is said that events occurring at the same time have a hidden synchronicity. There's more to that. I can't remember all the parallels that were drawn when I read about it. As I said... once having discovered Higher Love, there is no other objective I can imagine as being any of my business otherwise. Geez, I hope that last sentence made sense. Of course, it doesn't matter either way. I found what I was looking for or it found me, which of these is not important either. Its happening is what is important.

The further I go in this go-round, the more I feel sorry, even for the most despicable characters. I know what awaits them. God has many faces and none of them is his real face. HOWEVER... some of them you would not want to meet in a dark alley at night. Does it matter if your fate or your footsteps brought you there? No! There you jolly well (or otherwise) are. We shape the face of The Creator in our own minds. The visage is formed by our thoughts, words, and deeds. I have seen things in my psychedelic voyages that would have driven many another insane. However... I was already mad. It is a requirement of The Road to Truth. I knew they were only Chimera brought up from The Subconscious.

We all find what we are looking for in the shape we have given it, whether it be The Hound of Heaven or the incredible beauty of an angel's face, which few can look upon; I assure you of that. Once venturing on The Road to Truth, one realizes it will take EVERYTHING one has. It WILL sweep you up entirely. Those coming near the shores of that terrible ocean of Revelation can hear and see from afar the transformative force and fury of it, which is a precursor to The Sweet Sands of Serenity, some distance off-shore; a mysterious island as it were (and is). As a result, nearly everyone turns away. As Stephen Crane said in his poem, “The Wayfarer”..."Doubtless there are other roads." No... my friends, there are not. Even though there are many roads up the mountain, they ALL come with severe tests and challenges, and... you REALLY have to want it more than anything else, BECAUSE... that WILL BE demonstrated. Oh yes, my friends. So it is, has been, and shall be.

I've heard all of the arguments, seen the lures, the traps, and pitfalls. I care less than not at all about any of them. Find the source of Love. It is a given that you can find anything you are looking for. The moment your search begins, the road to it appears. If you are persistent, even if the only one of its kind is to be found in a remote cave in The Andes, you WILL be led there. It may be the journey of a lifetime or many lifetimes, but you will find it. The resonance between you and what you seek acts as a homing medium to take you there.

One of the things I have learned to this point is that the closer you get to your objective (if it be a positive objective) the more serendipity and synchronicity manifest. The oddest coincidences begin to occur. It is evidence that you are on the right track. If you are not on the right track, you WILL get evidence of that as well.

Just as The Sun will vaporize the dew on any given morning, it will also evaporate the tears on your face, and the sorrow in your heart. It's not only The Sun, my friends. It is a living conscious being with whom you can communicate, if... you are of a heart and mind to do so. I know this from direct experience, and if he will talk to me, who am no one in particular and of no great account, I presume the same can also be true of you.

End Transmissions.......

Though I am not doing it today, I shall... in future postings, link films to be found at IMDB that I would recommend as worth seeing for one reason or another, and... I will elaborate on the reasons I consider it worth seeing. Not all of them are sweet or funny or revelatory. Some are brutish, but so well done that you are left to marvel at what the filmmakers and actors did. “Kalifornia”, with Brad Pitt and others comes to mind.

It is, by far... the best acting he ever did, but... it is a dark film about the regions of twisted psyche that we have seen and heard about in this world. Now, I've gone and recommended something anyway. It is not for the timid, be forewarned, but... it is a rip-snorting odyssey and VERY well done (for what it is). I continue to be amazed that it is seldom referenced by those in the business or reviews and commentary.

Some links for your consideration=

Rare reactions

Via The Observer
I don't know how comprehensive this article is. I DOUBT that they go into what was really going on. I offer it as a small primer=
Poor Little Rich Girls:
The Ballad of Sara and Clare Bronfman

Via Breitbart
This is what Biden has been doing, ESPECIALLY in states that oppose his policies. There is also another Phrenology lesson here=
DeSantis Will Issue Emergency Order Barring State Licenses for Florida Facilities that House Illegal Alien Children from Biden Border Crisis

Yery Noel Medina Ulloa

Via AP News
Helicopter parents first turn their children alt-sex (It is not Born that Way. It is Made that Way) and then mold them into self-adulating narcissistic sociopaths. Here's your classic example=
Jussie Smollett strikes emotional chord:
Attackers won’t win


Via Jon Rappoport
Here is another reason I am staying away from the medical profession. I KEEP GETTING new information for previous hesitations. If something goes wrong, The Lord God and Lady Nature will fix it for me=
Lord Fauci states COVID PCR test has fatal flaw;
confession from the “beloved” expert of experts

Via Fox News
The outcome of this, whichever way it goes, should prove interesting given the new climate we are in but which has not registered on most minds=
Kim Potter trial:
Daunte Wright victim shares impact statement that she never got to deliver to him

Via Fox News
I am really looking forward to this film. I loved that woman very much!=
Lucille Ball’s pal says Nicole Kidman ‘embodied’ the late star in 'Being the Ricardos’: She ‘got her down’

Via The Market Ticker ®
This bears thinking about=
In A Word: "Bull****"

Tuesday, December 07, 2021

"Some Have no Pen, and Some Have no Ink, Imagination or Inspiration. We Live in the Celebration of Mediocrity."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; the dosage alone makes the poison.” There isn't anything that is essentially poisonous. It is the concentration of it that makes it poisonous. Paracelsus said that in the 16th century. There are real scientists whose work is worth reading. There may even be such scientists now, but we don't know about them because that is an area with a concentration that has made it a poison, and that poison is MONEY and POWER. It is the same thing with poets and painters, and all the rest of the culture of the arts, that makes culture vital and is itself not poisonous. Here too, look what we have... another poisonous concentration, and nothing else is admitted.

Sometimes it is far better not to succeed because the times themselves contain many more concentrations of poison that you can just run into; like a cloud of confusion, say... This is why it is better not to live in a city because the karma of that level of concentration of humanity is creating a lot of poison. You find much more of certain poisons in a city. They have their own celebrated places to congregate. Nature has a much more restorative capacity in Nature itself because... UNLIKE IN THE CITIES... it is not twisted out of shape until it is permanently twisted and bent out of shape... in its capacities to express the qualities of God.

I am not condemning cities. There are good people about, and CERTAIN PEOPLE can go anywhere. It is simply that the odds are stacked against your humanity in certain places. Also... Karma is everywhere on the manifest plane. Hmm... “If it's all fixed then nothing matters anyway, right?” That is an argument that the criminal mind uses to explain or justify any offense. Well... it's not all fixed. Here it is that the grace of Heaven intrudes. It sends us Avatars, Buddhas, Buddhas that are Avatars, luminous beings who shed Grace the way some vaccines are alleged to do on the downside. You always have a choice, some say that is Karma too because of your innate propensities. No... it's more than that.

What is the single thing that connects almost all of the avatars that we have some record of, even if it's only anecdotal? Some rumors are true. The avatar sacrifices himself or passes in some fashion... for the good of humanity. He is a World Savior, and he comes around at certain times. For some reason, a great many people have a much different perception of what is real. That might come from assumption. There is VERY LITTLE that I assume. I check things out. I must have direct experience if such a thing is possible. What do you know? It is.

This means that The Avatar brings a tremendous amount of Grace and Forgiveness, BUT... you have to avail yourself of it. You have to put yourself in the way of it. Much of The World has come under the sway of pernicious forces that feed their depravities, pressing them on others, and constantly pushing the margins to go further and further; full-on porn instruction, and gender choices... to where a parent can surmise by looking at their child that they are not one but the other. Such is the madness of the hour. God and Nature do not make mistakes. They may create anomalies, cautions, exceptions, and excellence, but they aren't the ones who are mistaken, no... that is you.

You have to understand that LITERALLY, mad scientists are trying to take over The World. They won't actually be able to do it, but they can leave a mess on their way to leaving here. They are selling toxic reinterpretations of Nature's Laws so that they can play God with every aspect of life. It doesn't matter what you do or it's a biological process, that becomes like a handshake; might be why they call it, 'hooking-up'. They are trying to rewrite laws and codes of behavior until they become so arbitrary that they can be hard-wired with a whim. Only God gets to be that whimsical because he is the ONLY one who knows what he is doing. I've met him a time or two. Splendid fellow!

I guess my point is that The Avatar is coming and he's bringing goodies and a paddle, metaphorically AND literally. Why not be on the right side of it? All you have to do is be a decent human being. He likes that. He REALLY likes that. Some of us have walked very hard roads to get to this moment, and... most of us probably think like that... even when it isn't true. Oh! I see it often, people trying to make a legend out of themselves. Some have no ink. Some have no pen, and some have no imagination or inspiration. We live in the age of The Celebration of Mediocrity. I can see a producer saying to someone, “Yes, she's quite good. The question is, is she too good? Will she make the others look bad? We don't want that.”

Then there are the portals of opportunity that one can walk through, but... at a cost. The juice has to be worth the squeeze. Otherwise, why squeeze it? I guess, sometimes... you are like a dog with a chew-toy. I stopped abusing myself awhile ago. Part of that arrangement is to not abuse others because 'others' are myself. That is a literal truth with ever-deepening levels of wonder and surprise. This is what regenerated innocence will bring. Immortality is not held on the side only for the few. It is there for ANYONE who will abide by what they discover. There is a code for the possession of it. One might say it IS the code.

People would be very surprised to discover what is going on with them. Most, basically, live in a dream. The truth is... we are gods in the microcosm if we behave in the right fashion. Otherwise, you are serving a lower agency. God or demon... you are serving.

A whole lot of world-shaking shit is about to hit... the fan. This apocalypse, the attendant awakening, and the immanence of The Avatar proceeds in stages. There is a real Battle of the Wills taking place on the planet at this time. You may not be hearing about it. That means nothing. Of course, there is ONLY ONE will that counts in the matter, and its will is a foregone conclusion; at least to that will it is, and... to some of us. You need not trouble yourself. If God is located in your heart, he tends to radiate an aura of protection so that you can make it through The Valley of the Shadow of Death. If there's a way in, then there is a way out, even if that is only the way you came in. Ergo... reincarnation.

This is Petri Dish and I did not talk about temporal affairs, today, except to refer to conditions for the mind to frame with The Imagination. I don't really enjoy talking about that massive Restless Leg Syndrome that is going on. To be on the world's stage at this time, you have to be... pretty much, a sold-out whore, someone who is tolerated for the contrast or... on a mission that gets you a pass. I prefer talking about God. The first blog was Origami and that was its area of enterprise. The rest resulted in brief skirmishes with The World, until... I am back talking about God on all 3 of them, with lapses into the sinkholes of materialism. Since I am doing this virtually, I can be apart from it.

There is a massive killing spree in progress. They haven't had a war to speak of in some time. They are now approaching it from another angle. They're up to really bad things and they sorta, kinda, believe that they are untouchable. They are even doing it in your face and threatening you with all sorts of mayhem for not acceding to their other threatening postures previously. Unfortunately... for them, the information moves even faster than they do, even though they believe they are manipulating it... it will prove to be their undoing. They will expose and destroy themselves; in progress, this very moment, coming soon... to a theater inside your mind.

One cannot here (as Shakespeare said) “take arms against a sea of troubles”. Then he gets around to “devoutly to be wished” and “what dreams may come...” It seems pretty clear to me that I can't see very far ahead at all. I can see far... far ahead, but that doesn't do a whole lot of good, does it? Now... what was I talking about? Some permutation of evil destroying itself, I think.

At a certain stage of consciousness, one sees that Evil does not exist. One must have some facility with The Subconscious first. One must be able to see and know The Concentrations of Poison, and... have The Antidote, which... in all cases, is some modification or transformation of Love. Everything gets here by Adaptation, as The Operation of the Sun reveals. If you haven't figured certain things out by now, you are not paying attention. Distractions can be fatal; just look at The Cellphone.

Well... The Same Old Same Old is still (no surprise there) The Same Old Same Old. At least that is what I experienced in The Toxic Media today; speaking of concentrations of poison. You should only go to certain places for limited amounts of time. Some websites get my attention more than others, but... I have to look at it all under the scope in the Petri dish, but not for too long because those things like to crawl. The Sun, on the other hand, is broadcasting a message of Love and Positivity all day long. ACTUAL broadcasts come out of The Sun, and The Sun is the principal reservoir and presentation portal for Love on this plane, reinterpreted by Adaptation; probably best to go right to The Source.

End Transmission.......

Some links. Some of which are references=

Via Life Site News
This is pretty transparently obvious.
It certainly indicates it won't be happening=

Democrats increasingly view homosexual Pete Buttigieg as best bet to retain White House in 2024

(Just some background about Pete Buttigieg)

As we have been saying=
JESUS was NOT a Jew

Via Fox News
Like I said, there is more going on here than might appear=
Texas plumber who found cash in Lakewood wall 'upset' with Joel Osteen:
'Should have heard something'

Via Breitbart
Well... this is a piece of Israeli mind-conditioning here. This website is a tool of Israel. It is interesting to study the shape of his lies. He imagines he is convincing the reader.
Some of us are not as stupid as that=

Coronavirus Death Rate in Trump Counties Many Times Higher than Biden Counties

Via Fox News
What a remarkable act of denial in the face of overwhelming hard evidence!=
Jussie Smollett trial:
Actor also fighting battle in the court of public opinion