Wednesday, December 15, 2021

"Spiritual Considerations are Much Too Confining for the Freebooting Mercenaries of The Manifest Plane."

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As we have mentioned more than a time or two, these blog postings appear on several other sites. At some of them, the comments are more numerous than here at the main site. Most of the time, at this location, it seems (or so I hear) that people no longer know what to say after coming and going for some number of years. We don't mind much one way or the other. Comments, donations, and whatever else there may be are not real concerns of mine. They never have been. I do what I do and then I do what I do; seeking to be also consistent in what I do not do.

At one of the sites, the anonymous dwellers in the underbrush, seem to have a particular aversion to the idea of Karma. I do not consider the anonymous commenting public to be much informed about spiritual matters. They are mostly meat and potato materialists, more concerned with 9-foot reptile aliens, invincible overlords, and whatever the current fairy tales are that are making the rounds. I can well understand why many of them are adverse to the concept of Karma. IF... if it is true... then... they might be in trouble. Spiritual considerations are much too confining for the freebooting mercenaries of the manifest plane.

It is important to understand the psychology of Anonymity. We live in an age of twinkle-toed snowflakes, whose minor personal sufferings are all-consuming. Many of them are lonely because no one enjoys being around them. They can't understand what the reason might be in their self-centric universe. The thing is, Anonymous, often... never has anything nice to say. Anonymous is generally a frightened demographic, an unsure and insecure no-go zone, a place of interior conflicts and turmoils and they have to get this out there somehow, because... well... because they don't feel very good about themselves and there are compelling reasons for this. At the same time, they have little desire or intention to change themselves. They don't see their character flaws as flaws; more like delightful eccentricities and unique personality structures.

The personality structures are like a half-completed house where the funds ran out or the interest died and so... they live in the one room that is mostly finished, and... they actually like the way the mudded Sheetrock tape looks. Heck... everyone else lives in painted or papered rooms and they DEFINITELY don't want to be like everyone else! They KNOW with a kind of dreadful certainty that they are not like everyone else. What they don't understand is why no one else realizes this. Oh... they do... they do. That is why everyone else stays away.

Anyone who spends all their online time sniping at people they neither know nor understand... is someone who is hurting inside. It is what propels them to do virtual drive-bys the whole day long. They are hurting and they are lonely. The reason I do what I do in the first place is because people are hurting and lonely, BUT... since they have no intention of changing anything about themselves, they will continue to be hurting, and lonely, and most especially afraid. Why should they be afraid if there is no Karma? If they knew as much as they think they know, they are probably all rich and successful by now, and I don't know this due to their anonymity.

Well... that was a long-winded introduction to what I came here to say this morning, and some of it wasn't all that nice, but what does it matter? They are anonymous so it can't be about them anyway. I thought I might do a little seminar for the meat-and-potato mindset, concerning Karma... Mr. Apocalypse... The Awakening, and... The Avatar. Of course, it will not be sufficient.

Most do not know that Karma is a universally accepted construct in any enduring spiritual tradition. It is not always called Karma, and it is not expressed in the same terms. Let us look at the Christian Tradition where there is The Golden Rule; “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I have made it a point to study- at least the basics- in all relevant traditions, and... a common theme runs through them all. Even if we go to SCIENCE we see Karma recognized in the rule that every action instigates a reaction. I'm not going to get complex here, after all, I am talking about a very small handful of people who do not fit the general profile of the visitors who come to these blogs.

People wonder why Evil is so prevalent in The World at this time. It is all because of Materialism and invisible entities who seek to provoke it, and it is more easily provoked in Times of Material Darkness. In more pristine periods, there is a great deal less Evil, but we don't keep historical records of sublime occasions. It is the unfortunate and horrific that captures our interest. Evil fascinates us. We don't understand Evil. If we did, we would have no fear or concerns about it. Of course... that is Karma too. Evil has zero relevance to those who have no abiding contract with it, due to previous engagements.

Think of Evil as something like a gold mine. It can be difficult and dangerous to get the gold out, BUT... the gold is there. Evil is like gold and it has to be mined and refined. The Wise know what to do about Evil... but then... The Wise know what to do about most everything, which often means to leave it alone. The topic of Evil can be intricate and exhaustive, and I do not have time for either this morning, so what I am going to do is STATE what I know to be true and you can do what you want with it. Karma is a fact and arguments about sweet, innocent, and harmless babies does not cut it as an intelligent argument. Since you can't do anything about any of it; why not wring your hands and cry out at the injustice of it all?

Was Ted Bundy a sweet little child (at least for a while)? Probably. Some of our public heroes are among the greatest mass murderers in history. Look at Winston Churchill, and so many others upon whose statues the pigeons now leave their droppings. “History”, as the sage and insightful Henry Ford once said, “is bunk.” Am I advocating for the slaughter of innocents? Of course not. I am also not one who conceals what he sees from his own awareness, as so many do. I am not in denial about how life works. I take it for what it is, not what I want it to be, or imagine it to be, or hope it will be. It is what it is. Sweet little babies grow up and cease to be sweet little babies, in most cases.

HOWEVER... the deluded among us, do not want to face life with open eyes and take it on its terms. No... they would rather force their tiny understanding of not much at all upon the clockwork symmetry of life. Instead of seeking the real answer for how things are, they insist that all is not as it should be, that life is not fair... and if you ask them what should be done about it... uh-huh; they don't really have any answers, and what answers they do have came from someone else who also has yet to fix anything.

EVERYTHING that can be said about the warp and woof of manifest existence AND the unknown can be found here. It is simple and it is precise. Do you find it unsatisfying? Maybe Scientology will be more to your liking.

Karma is a FACT. You might not like it. You may disagree with it. You might have all kinds of fabricated high and noble arguments about why it can't be, shouldn't be, and can't possibly be... true. What I usually suggest to those who feel this way, is to wait for a season of high winds, then to walk into the forest, and then to scream at the sky about it, even if you can't see it, you know it's there... right? Now... this won't do a lick of good about the overall scheme, but you might feel better if you can shake that sense of impotence that usually attends your lack of control.

Yes... I didn't say much did I and I am already near the end of the posting, BUT... it is there if you look for it, and if you don't want to find it... you won't. Now I still have to address Mr. Apocalypse, The Great Awakening, and The Avatar. I will try to be succinct and brief.

We have thousands of years of traditions, and except for the indigenous sort, they ALL of them came out of The East. There are a number of them, some have been around for over a thousand years. Some have been around for almost two thousand years, and some... have been around longer than that. None of them have been around for as long as Ageless Wisdom, and The Living Book of Nature, and... they all come out of these.

In every tradition, there are Avatars. They are outfitted with different characteristics and expectations. Some call The Coming Avatar, Kalki... others call him Maitreya, others call him The Mahdi, others speak of him as The Second Coming. They ALL have these references, AND we have historical records of various Avatars who have come and gone. We have historical records of their impact on human life and human thought. We have great art from various mediums that are all inspired by these Avatars. Ever been in a large European cathedral? Ever been in a large middle eastern mosque? Ever been in The Taj Mahal... or any Hindu or Buddhist temple or shrine? Uh-huh. I have been to quite a few of these.

Whenever an Avatar comes here, he comes at particular intervals of around two thousand years, give or or take, some length of cusp-periods. Whenever an Avatar appears he is accompanied by an Apocalypse AND an Awakening. We see both of these AT THIS TIME. We have both of them, NOW. I have looked long and deeply into the matter and the SAME REALITY surfaces wherever I look. People scoff at conversations with God, but they have no trouble listening to the emissaries of the Father of Lies. People rail about The Jews and their plots and prevarications, yet they consider Zecharia Sitchin to be inspired instead of deluded. I could REALLY rock your boats, people, about all sorts of common falsehoods that you base your existence and your beliefs on, but... what would be the point of that? If nothing changes, what would be the point?

Look at all those books you read that were written by The Usual Suspects or published by The Usual Suspects or promoted and sold by The Usual Suspects. You DO NOT find Truth in the common thoroughfares. You actually can find it nowhere else except inside yourself, and if you encounter it outside yourself... it is ONLY because it resonates with the deeper part of you WITHIN.

The foundation of all I say is based in Ageless Wisdom that appears in every tradition if you know what to do about the wheat and the chaff. These truths have been accepted and delineated upon by Masters, Sages, Prophets, Seers, Yogis, and what have you. They ALL concur on the basic tenets. One of them is, be careful what you do because it will all come back to you. People believe what it is convenient for them to believe, and... they are really not inclined to consider anything else, ESPECIALLY if it conflicts with what they want.

Everything that I share is confirmed by The Inner Voice. This may mean nothing to others, but it means everything to me. When I come across commentary by The Great Souled Ones, and it strikes sympathetic strings within, THAT is my validation process. As I have said many times here. It is of no matter to me whether I convince anyone else of anything. What matters is if I have convinced myself. I might add that this is what ALL OF US do in one form or another, but... for most, the validation process is filtered through their desires. It is sort of like, “if it feels good, do it” If it compliments you, you believe it to be true, even when, even you... can see that it is not. Oh! Be still my heart!

We ALL have an intuition. It's not functioning in many people, especially in these times. One facet of The Intuition is The Conscience, which beats the Hell out of some people. The good news is that if you listen to your conscience and do what is right, YOU STOP HEARING FROM YOUR CONSCIENCE!

The Avatar IS on the way. Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening are already present. This should be obvious to anyone who has some understanding of the hidden dynamics of existence. When The Avatar is closer, we will ALL be feeling it, but we will not be feeling it in the same way. Some will hear the admonitions and some will ignore them. Some will refuse to respond to the inner resonance and promises of redemption. That is how some of us are. Some of us will find our hearts harden at this time. For others, the heart will soften.

The Light of the Avatar is a singular thing, but it has a variety of effects that are due to the responses of those reacting to it. NO ONE will remain untouched, and The World will change dramatically, for good and for ill. Many will be recycled and some will be redeemed. The very fire that the saints rejoice in, the sinners burn in. Is that metaphorical? We'll see, won't we? EVERY ONE OF YOU has a date with Death. EVERY ONE OF YOU has an onward course, much determined by your inward course. EVERY ONE OF YOU is aging and dying as I write these words, and WILL BE a sweet and precious appearing child again, and again, and again, and again. Try NOT TO DO what will cause you suffering by not causing suffering for others. You will find that this works.

If all your reference points are about The Material Plane then you certainly qualify as a Half-Wit because you are discounting the even more real Other Side of what you cannot see. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there, and just because you can see it, doesn't mean it is there.

If you want to bitch and moan about things you don't even bother to do anything about, why... just go ahead then. For as long as your intentions are directed at self-service, you are going to be having a never-ending series of obstacles to contend with. Once you see the beauty of selfless service and commit to it, you will find your problems will disappear.

You had better be thinking about positive change and making an effort in that direction, by recognizing your common lot with Humanity. If you are not, Change is going to come upon you ANYWAY, shortly, and in some cases, sooner than you expect. You will be asked how it was that you spent your time at some point. What do you think you will say? What sort of an account can you give of yourself?

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Sweet little babies? Me thinks they'd be better savoury. Trader Joe's garlic olive oil, Merlot, garlic, sweet and green onions, red bell pepper, black mushroo. . .

Oh, never mind.

Hmmmm. Recognising my common lot with humanity is a bit difficult when I pride mineself on mine nostrility, but we do overlap a little here and there. I'll have to dig a little, and maybe make a list or two, but. . .

Nostrils up on the post.

Uwe said...

Greetings from Germany,
sorry my written english is not the best, that is one of the reason´s why to this day i have not commented,
since longer times i read your blogs regularly, roundabout 4 or 5 years ago ( after a day and a night with best Greetings from Albert Hoffman ) i read my first text from you and i thought : crazy man and cogitations, but in the same time really interesting and new (for me), but thats all, in the next days i forgot, the only thing i remembered later was your name and a special feeling that i have reading your words, (understanding nothing)

one year ago i found you again, and since that time i can´t wait to see you have uploaded a new one, i read them all, sometimes more than onetime and repeated, not every time i understand all ( reason one: my bad english, reason two: i am on the beginning of understanding and learning)
and not everytime i agree to 100% with you, but that is not important.
I have to say thank you to you and your being.
more often than not i read your writings and feel it resonating with me, my thoughts, my experiences,
many things are new for me (born in east germany, raised in a communist/socialist environment)
in the years 2000/2001 i have acknowledged god is real, since then i am on my way and i have experienced a lot af grace and fortune ,

but you have opened many new levels of understanding, feeling and knowledge for me,
because i am a curious living beeing and constantly check if its true that i read from you,
i don´t know that to say to that except one thing : thank you !


Anonymous said...

I don’t comment anymore because well because what can I say. I appreciate your efforts and have always stated so even if I am anonymous
Not being very computer literate it is easier then thinking about Google or a url which I have no idea what that is. I dont care either I’m old and I see this tech stuff as a curse now more then ever. OK I digress. There is a popular saying.”What goes round comes round’’. Many people say it and yes, it’s Karma whether it took a 100 life times or 1 its the same thing. I don’ care if we reincarnate or we’ don’t’. I am doing the best I can in the here and now, not to do harm ,to be as kind as I can and to be of service when I can. That’s it. Sometimes I fail sometimes I succeed but I don't bullshit myself and I try my best. The world is falling apart . its damn scary and I don't care what anyone says its hard not be fearful and concerned. Evil is trying hard to collapse everything and its doing a dandy job. Will the Avatar come in time and if so, whose time? No one knows and that is like waiting for the Calvary to come when your just about out of ammo and the enemy is closing in. I am of strong faith however I still feel fear. I am not Joan of Arc and I don't want to be burned at the stake or hung upside down or forced to take a killer vaccine that is not a vaccine or starve to death if I don’t. Also Its hard to imagine that all those hundreds of thousands of people that died at the hands of evil over the centuries in horrible ways were bad people who got what they deserved because of Karma. I dont't know ...that’s all I can but if they all got their just rewards by being slaughtered then wow. I have no words for how many bad people must be on this earth then and now. Its all a mystery to me and I do not profess to have all the answers or any for that matter. Your words inspire and sometimes give hope. Its a fooked up situation we’re in and I wish every good luck. Will God be forgiving and sparing when the sheet really hits the fan ? I don’t know.

Anonymous said...

Pigeons pooing on Churchill's statue show greater wisdom than most of us. They obviously see things we can't. I feed three wood pigeons that come to the backyard along with the smaller birds and I'm quite fond of them (though I must confess I used to eat them when I was still eating meat but they seem to have forgiven me). Curiously ,just before coming here,I was reading this:

"You DO NOT find Truth in the common thoroughfares. You actually can find it nowhere else except inside yourself, and if you encounter it outside yourself... it is ONLY because it resonates with the deeper part of you WITHIN." That very thing happened to me when I picked up a book by Srila Prabhupada and within minutes knew I'd confused the message and messenger with the hierarchy someone else had built on it.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Higher and Deeper, Into Ever Greater Intensities of Light, in which Forms Move Through Worlds of Light."

Visible said...

That was a bit uncanny to receive two comments, one after the other from sources that had never commented, and not commented for years. I was surprised to see them appear, especially in these times where comments are seldom seen. Interesting.

Tyler Vincent said...

Karma is real Mr Crook, did you know I have the evidence? I had my karma come back to me once in a public manner in which everyone was a participant. I was at a Halloween party. It came in waves around a bonfire, the radiant karmic thought forms rippled through the flames, into me, and back into the crowd. It was a shared telepathic experience. They experienced my karmic astral projections. Burning that took 7 years of 'I can't believe I'm still alive, or want to live', just for some magical drawings.

A week later a lady friend who was at the party came to my house and told me she could literally feel the radiance pouring off of me, confirming my intuition all along. She brought it up, not me.

That was the one event in this lifetime that actually 100% proved to me that karma is an absolute, assured reality.

I thought maybe only kundalini awakened have karma serving as object lessons to bring moral balance to the cosmos through teachings. I killed God. I shot her in the head after she kept murdering children in the astral, hijacking my body and using me as her unwilling tool of execution in visions. Her death is her karma too. I did it in a 'what makes you think you are different, or better than innocent babies' manner. My love was stronger than the law of cause and effect. Bad karma prevails when good karma does nothing. I wondered if God pummels the chosen into a state of humility and unbearable compassion that they bring balance to a cosmos largely void of karma... or operating in duality to that polarity because,

Seems white supremacist jews and Americans never are keen to take it, just give it. Took America 245 years to finally get just a small taste, but now not just America but the whole under-populated human-world is being lethally injected by the enemy of Mother Nature, who is working overtime sawing off the branch they stand on, to prevent themselves and others from leaving this rock. You need people, people to build the star ships.

What do you think? Is Karma universal or is it a gradient spectrum of polarities operating parallel to one another for the purpose of maintaining balance? Jews like to scapegoat, its in their ancient religious tradition to pin their karma onto donkeys and lead them off into the wilderness or push them off cliffs.

Are you going to be bashing in the skulls of goats, or Palestinians next time around? I think we'd tend to stay like what we are one life to the next.

Will you make more videos? why build a church only to burn it down? where will mars dwellers turn to?



Joseph Brenner

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