Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once in a Blue Moon over Gaza

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Here I sit, thinking. Moments ago I was thinking about a Jack in the Box commercial I saw while watching something that included it. Their tag line was something like, “Think outside the buns.” It got me wondering if this was a subtle message for the world to pull its head out of its ass.

The New Year approaches and that seems like something that would go into the Petri Dish, literally. Remember where you are this evening because by this time next year the world will have changed more than most of us can presently imagine. This is the turning point; the tipping point of a watershed year... three hundred and sixty five days worth of All Hallows Eve.

In our last Smoking Mirrors we talked about an exorcism for Occupied Palestine and- on the verge of this New Year- Palestine is very much in my thoughts. So many things that are presently happening in the world are tied in to Occupied Palestine. This is a good moment to trot out the Shrinking Map of Palestine again. Any and all arguments about what has happened there in the last hundred years must include this graphic. This graphic is the truth of the situation and everything else is a diversion or a lie. This graphic is the argument to end all arguments. Nothing more needs to be said. Israel’s right to exist is summed up by this graphic. All of these recent wars can be traced to the mind set that is responsible for what the graphic states. The coming year is going to be tossed like a hamster in a rock tumbler because of the lies that are exposed and made indefensible by this graphic.

Here is the exorcism for Occupied Palestine. Here is the Blue Moon in Gaza affirmation; chant, prayer, invocation... call it what you will.

“Out demons out
Out demons out
Out demons out

May all their plots turn against them
Out demons out

May they be driven from the occupied lands
Out demons out

May they be exposed in their crimes to all the people of the world
Out demons out

May Gaza be granted relief
Out demons out

And may judgment come to the murderer and thief

Out demons out
Out demons out
Out demons out”

Tonight when it is midnight in Jerusalem, hundreds and possibly thousands or even more will turn in the direction of Jerusalem and speak these words with conviction and focused intent. It will be spoken with the assurance that what the words state will manifest. It will be performed as an act of ceremonial magic. This will be followed by a moment of silence in which the speaker believes without any possibility of doubt that what they said has already occurred at the primary level and must now only precipitate down to the manifest plane because it is already a reality in the ethers. Now, certain that it is a living thing, the speakers release it from his or her heart and mind and permit it do its work without further tinkering.

It was yesterday (I think) when I made a comment that was taken personally by a reader named Calico. Calico is a good soul and had left a comment that, unfortunately, seemed to resemble what was in my comment. I had not even read her comment and it had no connection to it. These things happen sometimes, despite all of our vigilance not to offend others unless it’s on purpose (grin). I’m mentioning it because the purpose of tonight’s essay relates to the misunderstanding, as the misunderstanding relates to the something that comes up a lot and I think it’s time I clarified where I stand on the matter. I probably could have made that last sentence even more confusing than it presently appears to be but this will have to do...

I hear on a regular basis, now and again, that Love is the solution to all of the world’s problems. We have to love the Israelis and probably all the rest of the serial killers and, if we do, our love will make us victorious over them. Our love will transform them. Our love will heal and compensate (and possibly bring back from the dead) their victims. Our love will send them into recovery and sooner or later we can all dance like Teletubbies in the meadows of the world. Then we can sing The Barney Song because all the bad guys (who really aren’t bad guys, just kind of mislead or something) will be smoking a joint and flashing the peace sign.

I once said to a realized spiritual master that I wanted to surrender. I guess I was trying to ask him how I might do that. He would look into his palm where he could read about my past lives, my present life and the destiny that weaves forth out of all of them. He looked up and smiled at me and said, “No, you do not surrender. You fight and fight and fight and when you can fight no more, then you surrender.” This fellow was/is the genuine article. You only had to be around him for awhile and that became very evident. He didn’t say the kinds of things that you hear from all the new age oracles. He was very direct and definite and he didn’t mince words. He told me some things about myself once and they have become true. Modesty forbids my repeating them (grin). Of course, the things he told me pissed a lot of people off and made me even less welcome there than I already was. He was welcoming. A lot of his followers were not but I digress.

I’m a warrior. I might not be a very good warrior but that’s what I am. I consider myself a spiritual warrior and I am not the only one. Many of you fit that job description as well. I don’t stand around in a circle and hold hands with people ‘like’ they do. I don’t have a curriculum vitae that includes massage; crystal healing, channeling The Comte De St. Germaine, sand play dream working, chakra healing, interpretive dance and a Masters in social work. I’m not going to change my name to Hallelujah Rainbow Morning. I don’t offer free lectures with a mandatory, suggested donation.

I do have several certificates that pronounce me to be a practitioner of various body working disciplines and I do believe that Love is the key to the mystery of life but I do not have a curriculum vitae that states this. Maybe you can see where I’m going with this and maybe not.

94% of the people in Israel support the Palestinian Genocide and all that comes with it. They don’t belong where they are and their being there is an abomination and also, directly and indirectly, responsible for a large part of daily outrages that may or may not seem to be connected to this. Believe it or not; call The Pope and tell him I said the Earth revolves around the sun... I don’t care. Zionism is a psychopathic, racist cancer. There isn’t any more to say about it than that and there are no justifications or excuses for it that have any veracity or power. It should be against the law instead of criminalizing the questioning of historical anomalies.

Once, I was deep into the Hermetic Sciences and the occult. I even got an occult bookstore so that I could study these subjects all day long and have a job at the same time. The spiritual master I referred to earlier, took away my capacity to pursue an understanding of these things. He just took it away and that was that.

The people behind the central banking firm of Israel which pretends to be a country- but only became a country in order to legitimize a criminal enterprise- are practitioners of negative magic and it accounts for a lot of what they are up to and their success at what they engage in. There are a number of organizations that are engaged in magic for the purpose of controlling the public and concealing what they are up to, as well as accessing power in order to accomplish what they are up to. Many of these organizations are at war with each other. Most of what happens is the result of magical wars. That’s what is really going on. Manipulating the culture by controlling the sort of music you hear; the news you get, the entertainment you watch and the great varitiety of magnetic touchstones in society are all there to keep you occupied and ignorant of what is happening to and around you. It’s just another type of Occupied Palestine with you as the Palestinians.

Those of us who are up for it are going to perform the ritual, already mentioned, whenever it becomes midnight in Jerusalem. This sort of thing works. I know that it does. It will have an effect and it is only the beginning of what we can get up to and Israel is only one of the possible targets for this kind of action. It needs to be directed at other predators as well and it will happen in the course of events. I am sure that some of you remember my predictions post of a few weeks ago. One of the things I predicted was that Rush Limbaugh was going have some things happen to him. Well... there it is.

You are welcome to love everyone and radiate the bliss of your incredibly high state of being to all life forms on the planet. I am quite certain you do not do this sort of thing with any consistency but pretty much just talk about it or present yourself as doing it but not doing it. It’s a lot less work to give the impression of something instead of relentlessly living it.

You may have your own idea about who Jesus Christ was/is and what he taught and what he did. Jesus Christ was a warrior and he committed a number of warrior acts. He is no doubt the poster boy for loving all living things... that was his signature dish. It could be that most of us don’t even know what love is and certainly don’t know what divine love is or how much force and power is in it.

I’ve been talking for a long time about various possibilities of action that translate into ‘blows against the empire’. I’ve talked about not buying anything; a collective refusal to pay taxes (also predicted in the post that included Limbaugh), collectively not showing up for work, putting up 9/11 inside job stickers in public places everywhere, collective sit down strikes and so on and so forth. My friends, we are at war. You may think you are not at war but war is being waged on you all the same. These malicious thugs are not going to come around tomorrow and say, “Alright, we’re done now and everything can become prosperous, equitable and harmonious”.

We have a power that exists in our shared consciousness and unification of purpose that can blow these malefactors right off the planet. We have the ability to beat them like a red-headed Stepford Wife (hmmm). We can roll over them and their nasty little plots like the mother of all tsunamis.

Please do not project on me or make superficial interpretations of what is happening here. This is not about hate. This is not about anger. This is not about manifesting negative emotion through group consciousness, pro-activism. This is about focused intent for the purpose of freedom and an end to bondage and terrorism on the part of the people actually doing it. This is about messing up their plans and working in such a way that their plans backfire on them, which they will in any case. This is about speeding that up and assisting in it coming to pass. This is about taking responsibility for changing what should not be happening. This is a beginning and it can only grow and refine itself as it goes.

Let’s make this New Year the time when we collectively said, “Enough! That’s it.” The cosmos is already doing this. The divine is already doing this. All we are doing is going along with the program. I could say a lot more but I am going to leave it at this for the moment and send you my love and wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year and the welcome of our ineffable host to enter into the circle of pervasive protection that materializes with every righteous thought, word and deed,

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Howdy Doody Terror Time!!!

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Yes, friends and neighbors and all you little kiddies watching the Howdy Doody show; “What time is it? What time is it? It’s Howdy Doody Terror Time!!!” It’s Richard Reid Redux. Was he setting his shoe on fire? Was he just setting off fireworks? Was he going to ignite the powder and chase the dragon in the economy seats? It depends on whether you are reading foreign or domestic news.

Well, he’s from Nigeria and they have oil. The Somalis must have some oil too and they’ve got lots of toxic wastes also. Whose toxic wastes are they? Who’s shipping their sludge to Somali? And... how come Richard Reid’s shoe never exploded and who were the three guys that jumped powder-boy and saved the day and didn’t even have to call their relatives on a cell phone at 35,000 feet? These are all good questions.

Gordon Brown and Dragul Netanyahoo are talking about the next big terror thing. They have to be don’t they? They’re involved in setting it up. Obama (rhymes with Osama) would be talking about it with them but Obama isn’t really involved in the planning because he’s lucky if he can tie his shoes. No... Obama’s people do his talking for him, which means that either Rahm (definitely not Emmanuel) or Hilarious Clinton are probably in the room with Dragul and Gordon; could be Nazgul Negroponte and it could be Dick Cheney, cause he may still be running the White House under the aegis of his Israeli handler .

Yes... the early stages of the next big terror event are in progress. It’s been awhile. Some of us thought (me included) that it would happen earlier but obviously 2010 has all the necessary elements; economic freefall, annoying Goldstone Reports, Israeli organ theft from all over, including adopted Romanian children... it’s kind of a real life slasher film isn’t it? The setting is a slumber party at an orphanage. Ehud Barak comes in wearing a hockey mask and goes about his business never saying a word. Do you know why Jason and Michael Myers never speak? You can’t reason with someone who doesn’t talk to you. The killer takes on the persona of an automaton. At least Obama (rhymes with Osama) won’t need his teleprompter because he’s probably wearing a bag over his head. He’d better look out for the horny drunks come closing time at the pub.

At the moment, Obama (rhymes with Osama) is in Hawaii for a little R&R. He’s in the land of perfect, island sun, while the rest of the country is buried in snow and trying to negotiate the purchase of rock salt and snow shovels with food stamps. He’s sending a message to the American people. “This is where I am and that is where you are.” Message received Howdy Doody. Message received.

I think I mentioned once that one time when I was in Hollywood and not on anything psychedelic, but obviously having some kind of flashback, I saw cartoon characters climbing up out of the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard... Warner Brothers and Hanna Barbera characters both represented... I saw things no sane person could endure. I’ve been thankful many, many times that I’m not sane and have no desire to be; you miss all the special effects. You also don’t get the telepathic narrative and subtitles so you might see what’s happening but you don’t know what’s going on unless you get the play by play.

I read a Penthouse article once (I had it for the articles) where some muckraking reporter was talking about all the perversions indulged in by Superior Court and Supreme Court justices; possibly all kinds of justices and not cool ones like Jack Warden in “And Justice for All”. One of them who sat on one of the high courts in Boston used to put a vibrating dildo up his ass when he sentenced the defendants that came before him. I remember the article because it sounded seriously authentic and it didn’t name names because of the danger therein. I wonder what our high up politicians get into while ‘servicing’ the country. You know there’s some serious kink out there. You can’t sell your country out to bankers, commit treason and indulge in routine murder as you go, without some of it finding its way into the bedroom.

What was his name, that guy who does “The Morning Joe” with Zbig’s ugly daughter? He used to be a congressman and they found a dead woman in his office one day which follows along with the old saw about the worst thing that can happen to a politician; being found with a dead girl or a live boy... depending on whether you are a democrat or a republican. I think Joe was a republican so maybe he thought a gender switch made for a good defense. “He couldn’t have done it, the victim was female.” Now if it had been Ann Coulter you’d have had a real mystery in the making.

I have to tread carefully because, before I intentionally banked my fires, I might well have taken advantage of the situation too. It’s one of the reasons I’ve danced away from fame until recently; couldn’t trust myself anymore than they could. At least I would have shown better taste though. If I would have been caught with someone you can bet that when the pictures came out everyone else would have wished they’d been there too. When I used to play baseball, which was my career goal at the time, people said I had a good eye. You can be sure that transfers into all of the other salient areas except for interior decoration and flower arrangement.

I truly loved playing sports and still do. I followed Joe Morgan’s lead with baseball and tried to play ping pong before each game because it made the baseball look like a grapefruit coming in. You can see my dedication since I happened to be a pitcher.

I just want to point something out here and it needs to be said; this new non-terror event and the genocide in Gaza, the organ harvesting, the looting and stealing by alligator pigs in suits, this business about doing God’s work at Goldman Sachs and all the lies and evil deeds that keep getting exposed and then passed over, by the whores who write the news copy, is living proof that it’s all a setup to show the world just what kind of people have shoehorned themselves into the power suites. The world of journalism changed overnight when they cleaned up Time’s Square and turned it into Disney World. All the whores that used to work the area went right into journalism and news-casting and it changed the business.

The more I see of what’s happening these days, the more I am dead certain that these candidates for The Roach Motel are being led down the garden path to their ruin. It’s so glaring and obvious. Can’t you see it? Every time they outdo themselves and you think, “Now they’ll cut back and behave themselves’, they take it one step further. They’re driving around with “No Fear” bumper stickers and they’ve never been on a surfboard in their life. I do believe that they can’t believe they keep getting away with it and it compels them to push the envelope just one step further. Meanwhile the public sits in their shrinking living room. Movers are removing the furniture; everything but the TV. Their kids are on the TV in that new reality show for pre-teens called, “Sexting you Up.” And they don’t even recognize them but they do keep asking each other if the one in the leopard skin leotard doesn’t look familiar.

You know that it’s completely wack now but just think about how wack it is going to get. If I were to walk into any American mall and start crying out that, “You are in great and imminent danger” I would get tackled by security guards and the bystanders would applaud as they took me away. There’s something deep down wrong in the psyche of those who have taken the material expressway; not looking right or left and with no capacity to register what’s actually going on. Just keep moving and sooner or later you’ll get where you’re going... count on it.

This has just been a midnight ramble through the increasingly less substantial dream substance that has had such a grip on the collective mind for so long. Soon other people are going to start seeing cartoon characters coming up out of the sidewalk but they won’t find it entertaining the way I did. Given their lack of control over their imaginations it won’t be long before Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse start to turn into Jason and Michael Myers either. Sure it’s not real but neither is everything else they believed in up to this point. I really don’t want to be there to see it happen and I took the necessary steps to avoid that a long time ago. Also, if you’ve been living on beans and rice for years it is not an unfortunate thing when you are forced to.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What if Everyone just kept their Mouth's Shut?

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This is usually the most combustible of the various sites, obviously it won’t be today for reasons that I don’t think I have to elaborate on. Instead, I’m going to talk around something in a ‘what if’ kind of way and let you take from it what you may find useful for explanation or conduct.

There are things going on in this world that are reprehensible to the degree that one hardly knows what to say. One of these things is the recent admission that a certain country has been harvesting organs from those upon whom they are practicing irrefutable genocide. It’s being said that we now have indication as to why certain obvious innocents were targeted at seeming random. It’s being said they were targeted because their appearance matched an organ need in the oppressor community. If you go to most of the alternative newsgathering sites over the last several days you will see numerous articles on what’s been happening in the organ harvesting industry of the unwilling.

Some of what is surfacing is the equal of all the tales that have been told about Dr. Mengele and others. The irony here is dripping, so as to challenge the quantity of tears shed over the recently departed century. The irony is as great as any irony that has ever been. This is not the only outrage attributed to these sources. Their outrages are apparent across the world on any given day and they glare out of the pages of history with a dark, unpleasant glitter.

We’ve heard about some group called the illuminati which is purported to be behind the genocidal nation. We’ve heard about reptiles that may be behind the illuminati or in their membership or perhaps in an organization of their own. We hear about rogue aliens with bad intent and we hear all sorts of things far and near and we don’t know what the deepest truth may be. What we do know is what we see on the surface and we can readily see the names of people and nations who are engaged in actions that are inimical to and distasteful for anyone possessing an element of humanity.

In the area concerning the laws of most countries, when you are apprehended for criminal enterprise, while employed by a criminal organization, you are still responsible for what you have done. It’s not all your employers fault. If you lie in a court of law, concerning crimes and criminals of which you have knowledge, you have committed the crime of perjury and that is a felony. The only difference between this happening in court and what the media does in public is something I will let you decide for yourself. Should a person who sees this taking place speak out against it? What if no one did?

It is okay to kill unarmed citizens in a war but it is usually not okay to kill any kind of citizens if you are not in a military engagement or a theater of war. Wars, for the most part are caused by banks and corporations for the purpose of profit. Does this not make members of the military, hired guns? Perhaps the members of the military are merely following orders and are also unaware of the actual purpose of the war. It’s been said in a court of law many times that, “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. What am I supposed to think about that?

A particular country has been killing indigenous citizens in their own land for nearly a hundred years for the purpose of taking their land. They have been doing this because of their interpretation of ‘so-called’ Holy Scripture, which was written by their forebears. That’s mighty convenient on the surface. They say that this scripture was given to them by God. God has not told me this and as hard as I look, I cannot find anyone who can show me any proof that God told them this either. A casual inquiry shows that the vast majority of those making this claim are not genetically of the type to whom this land is supposed to belong to in the first place. Those who are being murdered and driven off of their land are of this genetic type. This is an established fact, even if the scripture it is based on is not. What am I to think about this? Should I say something about it? What if no one said anything about it?

Corporations can routinely get away with things that a citizen cannot. Banks can engage in self-serving practices that would cause an individual to be sent to jail. Rich men can do things that poor men cannot and when they are occasionally caught out at their criminal enterprises they can hire legal representation that poor men cannot afford. When they are sent to jail, they are sent to special jails where poor men are not sent. Nations can get away with things that would land a citizen on death row and nations can do things to their citizens that would land a citizen in jail or on death row. Should I avoid saying something about this in order to avoid the attention of powerful entities or to avoid the censure of my readers and anyone who might object to my doing it? What if no one said anything about any of these things?

Powerful banking and corporate interests have compromised the leaders of many of the major nations in this world. They tell them what to do. They have conspired to destroy the economy of the nations in order to exert a greater control over the citizens. They did this during the Great Depression as well and it was also a real help in bringing about a world war from which these banks and corporations profited. It was true then and it is true now. Should I not say anything about this? What if no one was saying anything about this?

People are paid a lot of money to report the news in print and electronic media. They report the news according to what the heads of the corporations tell them to report. They are given the tone and the shape of the information and they are told not to deviate from it. They receive a fine lifestyle and a public profile, which they can translate into all kinds of profit for themselves simply by being an obliging liar. Along the way they are somehow able to convince themselves that they are telling the truth... even when the facts directly in front of them contradict all of what they are saying. Am I not supposed to call attention to this? What if no one dissented from the pro forma lies that have brought us to this pass?

Religious texts tell us to bear all things and submit to governmental authority. This is damned convenient. Especially when I note that those who founded the church on their teachings did nothing of the kind. I also note that everyone who changed the course of the church and impacted on it for the better also did not simply bear it and submit. It’s right there for anyone to see. So which is it? Submit and be abused and go along with the program, when the program is in opposition to all of humanities best interests or... say something?

Should we all just color in between the lines of the approved coloring book and follow all the rules even though our leaders and the rest of the people at the top of the heap do no such thing? Because a criminal, organized crime enterprise, has gotten themselves a country in order to do awful things at home and around the world, should I just accept this? When that country is based on observable lies and absurd claims that somehow became gospel in the face of all evidence to the contrary, should I just accept it and deny what my eyes and ears and heart and mind tell me? Severe laws have been passed to silence all criticism of this country and its agents. Should I submit? Should I submit when no such laws exist for anything similar anywhere else? Is this not injustice? Am I not also unjust... and a moral coward... if I go along with the program?

There is no personal gain for me in speaking out; quite the contrary. Why would I or any of the few of the rest of us who do, do so? There must be a reason and I can only think that it is associated with conscience and as reaction against unnecessary injustices perpetrated upon our fellows. Just because it isn’t happening to me does not mean I should ignore it.

Perhaps my tone is less measured and circumspect on occasion than some of those who read here might prefer. Someone said I should be more like Gandhi. A lot of people died because of what Gandhi was about. Which Gandhi are they talking about? There were several chapters of Gandhi. I am an imperfect work in progress. I have been waiting a long time for an end to those shortcomings which plague not only me but all of us. Some of us are more concerned with their departure and some of us have just learned to live with them and even turn them to personal profit.

I have been waiting a long time for the lightning bolt that will make it all clear to me. Until that bolt hits me, I can only do my best and when I err, correct it and continue. I am not afraid of these people and I am not a friend or an associate of anyone who does not have the greatest good for the greatest number of people as their motivation for action. I have no sponsors and no corporate policies; no mentors or patrons to whom I owe fealty. Like some number of us at work in this time, I answer to myself and the one who sent me. That’s the best you’re going to get.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

How do They do It? It Baffles the Mind.

Dog Poet Orbiting.......

The truth is a dangerous thing. Even being close to the truth is a dangerous thing. Those who find the truth to be undesirable or inconvenient are usually those most devoted to the proliferation of lies and also the ones who are profiting from lies in a business as usual kind of way. When you get between a liar and his profit objective, you become a dangerous item to him and he becomes a dangerous item to you. We’ve seen enough of how the goose-stepping status quo goes about its daily affairs. Your life, your welfare and your head, provide a soft cushion for the marching tread of their hobnailed boots.

As usual, there is a plague of lawyers at work to create a comfortable distance between the fools who want the truth and the venal, Armani-suited footpads who prefer the rewarding environment of lies. The internet has been a scrotal itch for the godless scum who have appointed themselves as our leaders. They’re working on doing something about that. Well, I guess that means that I-and hopefully you-will do something about that. Here’s what I’m going to do; if and when these slime dumpsters like Jay Rockefeller and the rest of them, that don’t like hearing the truth about their evil machinations, pass their snarky laws and you can’t get these essays, I’m going to email them to you. You’ll get them as a word document, a PDF or a screen capture. Then you will email me your comments and I will put them up.

If they go to work on Gmail, you can email me at or or or some dotted com that will keep appearing at a new location and... I guess that takes care of that. I want to alert every blogger to this method of ‘sideways round the septic tank’ and I am sure there will be many other, even more ingenious ideas coming along. There is no one more stupid than a power hungry, greedhead who thinks himself clever. Their scene is falling apart. They can see this but they don’t get it yet. I’m not a Shadenfreude kind of a guy but I will admit, on behalf of the human race, I take a certain amount of pleasure in watching these parasites try to compromise the universal system, now that the head engineer has awakened from his nap and is having his morning coffee at the control board.

If you ever had any doubt about what kind of a Gollum, Bwak! Bwak! Obama (rhymes with Osama) is, you need only read this. I don’t know if they are charter members of the ‘Church of Satan Internationale’ or whether they are members of the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ in Israel or whether it’s some branch association like The Son’s of Cthulhu. I don’t care if they’re wearing Love Boat captain’s hats on ‘The Ghost Ship Scientology’ and I don’t care how many gratuitous medals adorn their chests or how much braid they have coming off their shoulders, so that they look like the doorman at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel. I don’t care if they’re lifetime members of Boys R Us over at The Vatican and I don’t care how much smegma- epoxied, wind tunnel shaped, hair they’ve got as they call the Schmoos to Jesus in some mega-church, money machine complex. Their time has come.

I’m not going to call for their heads, though I suspect that others will. Given the power, I would humiliate them but it would be for their own good. I’ve no hesitation about ending someone’s stay here on Terra under certain circumstances and I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. We all know what those circumstances are. There are times when you have no choice and times when innocent lives are at stake in the exigency of the moment. I’m not looking for such opportunities but some of us do encounter them. My relationship with the ineffable precludes this at the moment and it is my hope that that continues.

I must say that it astounds me when I watch these people lie and press on with their lies and evil deeds, even when their lies are exposed all around them. I try to understand what it must be like to be capable of this but I cannot. I think about the men and women who send other people’s sons and daughters off to die in foreign lands, for the profit of bankers and their associates. I can’t imagine how one gets to a state of such callous indifference; this desire for the fruits gained upon the torment and deaths of others. I pity them. I really do. I would not want to walk that road they are on. Have they no consciousness of where it leads? I do.

I’ve thought about what I believe in and what I try to stand for. I’ve looked at it with some amount of extended attention. I don’t behave as I do from fear of the consequences. God knows, I’ve danced with my passions and I don’t look back upon that with regret. I don’t buy into the ‘accept Jesus or go to Hell’ cartoon. When you meet the divine personally and... anyone can, if they make it the single, most important concern in their life, you find out that... although certain literal scripture may be true, as far as it goes, it is not to be understood literally. I’ve broken laws, without thinking about it and for which I also have no regrets, when I found them to be bad laws. Looking at my personal course, I would have to say that I behave as I do because it’s the right way to be... as far as I am presently able to understand it.

I’m not the smartest, most well read or informed person on the planet. I suspect it is possible that some of these men and women I am speaking of are a lot smarter than me and may well have read more books. They certainly have access to information that doesn’t get CC’d to me. How can you know that you are lying and wrong and hurting people with every move you make and keep at it? You have to be made differently. How can you pass a hungry person or animal as you go and feel nothing but contempt or impatience to get where you’re going so that you can hurry up and wait? Something hardened your heart and something is driving you. You think you are doing the driving but you are being driven, that’s clear enough to me. You may be smarter than me but you don’t know where you’re going and I can see it without difficulty.

What is it that compels a man or a woman to seek the approval of people who don’t care about them? I find that so perplexing. How can one be inspired to curry the favor of people who despise them? How can you sell your soul and your ass for money and power? Are not your soul and your ass of more value, literally? How can you seek the favor of demons while you expose yourself to the wrath of the immutable and the memory of the people? There’s an old phrase that I remember at oft times which goes; “Be nice to the people you meet on the way up because these are the same people you will see on your way down”.

These Pauley Shores of the various material realms just don’t see the natural cycle of the hidden side of Nature. It’s not all that hidden but then again it is. They have seen countless others walk the very same road to ruin but they’re not impressed. Sure, a lot of them die in bed I suppose and live to an unpleasantly ‘ripe’ age but what do they live with within? How do they die and where do they go? I’m thinking that they will think about that later. Later is coming into the Now. We are approaching the Now. Time and the perception of it are in transformation. We are coming up upon a quantum state at the crossroads of time. I am concerned with my various, smaller shortcomings and they... they are seemingly unconcerned by the magnitude of their own. It never fails to give me pause when I see them in action.

As I have said, more than once, there are so many of us who think we are all doomed. Others think that, no matter what happens, ‘they’ will continue to get away with it. Some people think flying saucers are going to come out of the sky and some people insist there are no flying saucers. Some people expect The Mahdi or Kalki or the returning Christ. If it is this last then I am confident this personage will manifest according to each system of belief. As for the rest I am convinced it all exists somewhere. If the mind can conceive it, it is possible. Make peace with yourself and serve as you can.

I can’t tell you why I am so sure that these brigands will have their hour in the dock. I’ve been told this in no uncertain terms but... maybe it was a hallucination? Even though it happened over and over again in the same way across significant periods of time? We’ll see. In the end, when I look upon these clueless, deluded miscreants, all I can say is, “There but for fortune go I.”

Reverse Orbit.......

Rough first take...
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Rumination upon the State of our Lives

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The human body is a marvel. Within its profound integrity and promise there are hidden many secrets. It’s a soft and vulnerable package of flesh and blood and bones. You would not think it capable of things it has accomplished and the conditions that it has survived. Somehow this mechanism is tougher than it looks. It can take an awful lot of punishment. Look at the abuse it visits upon itself.

It’s composed of a number of systems whose purpose is to work in harmonious accord to some end, which has never been fully explained or agreed upon. Terrible wars have been fought over the purpose of human existence. No one ever wins these wars and everyone who may have triumphed or survived at any period of time are now as gone as their victims. At the moment there are people winning and losing wars around the world. I should say that there is the appearance of people winning and losing wars because in many cases there has been no victor, just continuations of conflict. What is interesting is that, in most cases, one side has far superior firepower yet they are unable to prevail. In some cases they are actually losing, despite their arguments to the contrary.

Maybe it’s not about winning and losing as much as it is to profit financially from the conflicts. The people who start the wars don’t fight in them. War is a very profitable business and perhaps we should see it as just that; not an unfortunate condition that is due to border disputes or the spread of a preferable ideology, religion or ancient racial hatred but due to economics. War is like any other industry. It creates jobs and markets and a cornucopia of opportunities for collective and personal enrichment. As long as you can get enough people together to fight them you’ve got a cash cow.

The societies and cultures that people live in are also bodies. They prosper or get sick and die just like any individual member does. All of these bodies live within the framework of Nature and all of them depend on it. There are two kinds of Nature. There’s the raw Nature which provides our food and grants us an environment to be in, which is serviced by the greater forces of Nature, like the sun and moon, the wind and rain ...and then there is altered Nature, composed of buildings and vehicles of transport with all of what is contained in the buildings and ferried around by the transport. It’s still a part of Nature, no matter how unnatural it gets. There seems to be some kind of a rule that affects the unnatural constructs. It’s a form of the ‘shit happens’ variety. Shit happens in original Nature too but it still winds up looking more or less like it did before; unnatural Nature winds up not being around at all, except for a few enduring landmarks that remain as a testimony to what was but is no more.

It is an interesting consideration that we don’t understand the meaning and intent of these enduring landmarks like The Pyramids and The Sphinx. The official explanations don’t agree with the arcane explanations, just as the lives of ordinary people do not mirror the desires and intentions of those who rule over them. Lately we are being told that similar structures exist in far parts of the world that had no connection with each other. We are hearing that the legacies of many ancient cultures all reflect a remarkable similarity in their predictions about the times in which we are presently living. Most people are uninterested in this. Their interest is upon the things of the moment and the gratification of the usual appetites. These are the same people that fight in the wars for the profit and amusement of the people who start them.

I’ve heard it said that a nation (which usually contains cultures) is only as good as its laws. In practice, a nation is only as good as its ability to restrain those who have the power and the tools to pervert those laws. This would include lawyers, judges, politicians, lobbyists and the business interests which they serve. Any nation that cannot contain these forces cannot protect their laws or the people who rely on them. We live in times where this is glaringly evident. New laws are needed but effective laws are impossible because they are made by the special interests just named. The people have no say in the making of these laws. They no longer even have a say in which whore they choose to represent them because none of the choices can even stand for election without the permission of a foreign nation; I speak of America by example here but it is so in other nations as well.

The foreign nation of which I speak is not a nation per se. It is a sort of offshore banking cartel with a military and an army of assassins who make sure no laws are made that infringe on their capacity to loot and abuse those whom they consider less than human. This is ironic since they themselves are not human. One can only be human who behaves like a human being; otherwise they soon turn into something else unless they were something else to begin with.

In every culture there is the evidence of belief in the supernatural. Unfortunately, the religions which evolved from this belief soon became temporal business operations which compromised any relationship they might have had with the original supernatural force and became instead, a holding of the antithesis of this supernatural force.

The historical record shows that there is quite often no visible justice carried out against those who offend the laws and natural balance with their behavior. People don’t get this, even though the teachers, who have come and gone and upon whose lives and teachings the religions came into being, spoke quite clearly of other locations where justice is carried out and some of them spoke of a condition called reincarnation which makes sure that the offender is reborn into situations that guarantee justice in the flesh. Many people are not satisfied with this feature of existence. A lot of people don’t like it when it rains either or when someone gets between them and something they want.

The problem with people, as I see it, is that they want life to adjust to their expectations instead of adjusting to life as it is. It is a pointless exercise on their part because, whether they willingly adjust or not, they will be adjusted just the same. It could be said that everything is perfect to the minutest detail but we just can’t see it. We can’t see it because we have chosen not to accept this.

I have heard countless arguments about the way things are and the way things should be. I have heard so many arguments about the meaning of life and from whence and to what it proceeds. I have been in the company of very wise individuals and some of them were immortals and quite often they would say, “I don’t know”. However, I have also noted that they are very often brimming with a secret joy that can be felt in their presence. There is rightness and a powerful security about them. They are not like the rest of the human race in the way they think and in the way they live and behave. They make a lasting impression on the minds of the people who encounter them. There must be something more to life and to living than is immediately apparent in the world around us.

My experience has led me to believe that one must energetically pursue a deeper understanding of life. When people refuse to do this, I notice that they argue about superficial and irrelevant issues and concepts as if they applied to this deeper understanding and, from what I can tell, they do not.

My observations indicate to me that the majority of all actions and endeavors are pointless or destructive in nature. I also observe that suicide is epidemic. To most, it does not appear to be suicide but the evidence shows that it is. Ignorance and apathy seem to play a large part in it. Unenlightened self-interest and undisciplined desire also have a major role in the unfortunate ends which comes to a large number of people. It seems that selfishness and indifference to the existence of others somehow puts one in a position of not seeing things as they are and renders them vulnerable to all sorts of painful mistakes and errors in judgment.

This is how it looks to me at the moment and I do not doubt that my perceptions are not comprehensive and could well change. After all, I don’t know.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Flaming Dumpsters at the End of the Line

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Surely there are chemical waste dumps around. Some of them have permission slips and some of them don’t. There’s no telling how many different chemicals get together and what they might get up to, burbling away as they merge in strange and unpredictable copulations below the sight line. One can only imagine the sort of progeny that results.

Similar things are happening in the human body, as the various chemicals have their way with the DNA and the internal systems. Similar things are happening in the culture as the individual mutations interact with each other. The changes in the composition of the human form and the effect of these on the individual minds and emotional bodies, as they interact in the wider world, have an impact on just about everything.

Most people embrace what appears in front of them. If it wasn’t supposed to be there it wouldn’t be, would it? Certain restaurant chains pop up on the landscape and become the de rigueur dining experience for the world at large. It might be about chickens; cows, pigs or even kangaroos. Whatever it is it has a persona and an atmosphere and it's quick and it’s tailored for some combination of taste buds which determine if you want it and whether you’ll be back.

Massive stores appear, with countless shelves filled with thousands of items. Like the cellphone, life had gone on fine without these things but now you have to have them. They are all part of what you do and you’d be lost without them now. The runoff from the production of all these foods and items find its way into the dumping grounds. Beneath the surface of the world these chemical compounds engage one another. They form communities and have offspring. Hundreds of pharmaceutical and other chemical products from manufacturing plants and private and public sewage works have found their way into the water supply.

The rainforests of the world are being bulldozed for beef production in order to service these restaurant chains. I had some statistics on a small piece of paper. It’s traveled with me for years. Occasionally I run across it and then it disappears into my files again. I’ll have to try to recover what I can from memory. It said, that if it were not for government support of the meat industry and the free water for livestock, that a hamburger would cost 125 dollars. It also said that if meat consumption were reduced by ten percent we could put an end to world hunger. This may sound fantastic but it was convincing as I remember.

A certain crowd of well-heeled parasites has been caught fabricating data to make a convincing argument for global warming. They want their opportunity to rape and pillage the public till just as the bankers and Wall Streeters did recently. They even appear to be the same people. The meat industry, with its destruction of critical wild places and other effects from the production of meat is a far greater polluter than the transportation industry but... you don’t hear an international call to reduce meat production and consumption. The bottom line is that people do not want to alter their lifestyles but they do want what they would achieve if they did alter them. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

Obama (rhymes with Osama) gave the impression that he wanted a national health care program. The Europeans and certain other countries have some very successful examples of public health care. I have full health insurance for a pittance compared to what is charged in America and on the rare occasion I need something like that, it is expeditiously taken care of; treatment, medicines, hospital tests and hospital stays... no problem, no denial of service. I had a kidney stone event a little while ago and this would have cost as much as twenty thousand dollars in the US. It cost me nothing. I had costly scans and even stayed in the hospital for 3 days for IV pain medication as I pondered the surgical recommendation of the doctor; all free.

I decided to treat it on my own with ayurvedic products and that’s how it went. Because I am an artist, I also pay a pittance compared to what others pay here and what others pay here is far less than what you have paid and will soon pay in America.

Now we see that the White House has intruded into the health care legislation to protect the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. We see that arrangements are being made so that insurance conglomerates can deny you coverage if you acquire an expensive to treat malady. Not only will there be no national health care for Americans but they are absolutely going to be even worse off now. Seen from their perspective it could well be a blessing if the world ends. They won’t suffer nearly as long or as much as they might have.

They are providing -and aggressively encouraging- free flu vaccines for segments of the population but we are coming to understand what is going on there. The number of Americans on food stamps is inching up to 20% of the population. The job market is bad news and the immediate opportunities lie in military service. Massive war efforts are being financed to stop terrorism, which is routinely being performed by the very people engaged in allegedly stopping terrorism. This money turned to domestic concerns would very swiftly change the climate but... that’s not being done. Some alien intelligence has entered into the minds of the leaders and the wrong way is the right way and the law.

Now they are saying Bin Laden has been dead for years and... they knew this. It has become very clear that the governments and the corporations that run them are evil and consumed with self-interest. It is clear that the corrupted media lies in defiance of what is true and supports and encourages terrible and treacherous acts against the population. You are on a runaway train with an insane meth freak at the controls. Nothing has to be as it is but it is.

There is a segment of the population at the top of the heap who has more than they will ever, ever use and they want more. There is a conspiracy of complicity and silence that runs through the worlds of privilege and when it comes down to it, it is you or them and it’s not going to be them. Well... this can’t go on forever. In an effort to loot everything of value from the system, they have destroyed the system and now they expect the system to protect them from what they have done. Unfortunately, all through the system are the people they are abusing whom they expect to continue to serve them. They do not live in a bubble although they may think they do. They rely on their victims for more than they fully understand.

There’s time to be equitable and sane and to fix everything but they are not inclined in that direction. Well, so be it. All along our personal roads to Samarra we have opportunities and choices that would have changed the outcome of our destined meeting there. We/they ignored every warning. They murdered their conscience in the dark of the night and buried it in a forgotten field. They killed what made them human and now they rise to each day to seek greater and greater insanities of behavior with increasingly public displays. They are so certain of the force of their madness that they pose and preen at the funerals of those they have ruined and destroyed and then they turn their attention to the survivors.

You may well ask yourself why it has to be the way it is when it does not have to be the way that it is. I reflect upon these things through my every day. These scoundrels have got their bolt holes and secret rooms in their palaces and estates. They are so sure that when the storm which has been engineered by their behavior passes, all will return to normal; whatever that is. I am not so sure of that.

As what happens, happens... the awakening continues. The unveiling proceeds apace. The time is coming when there will be little question, even among the dimmest of us, what has happened and is happening and by whose agencies it has come to pass. Within every moment there lies the opportunity to change. Epiphany waits at every crossroads. One can come to realization or realization can come on its own. The result will be the same in either case. The conditions which follow will not.

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Cliff and George and The Shape of Things to Come

A regular reader, for reasons best known to himself and unknown to me, made a few comments in, what I imagine was, a fit of pique and... I thought about it because... sometimes people are correct in their observations (grin). In this case the observations were off base though because, had he been correct, I wouldn’t be getting a certain kind of input over the long haul. The observation was that I was losing my confrontational edge and playing to the crowd; that I had become satisfied with my fan base and wasn’t being edgy enough. This is by no means precise but I think it serves for example.

This is the cultural blog and I am trying (more than in the past) to stay within shouting distance of the area of endeavor and... if this is a culture, then I am a lab tech and I should be wearing a white coat. Back to the reader’s comment and why I even brought it up. I not only believe there is a divine agency, I am certain of it. It reminds me of its presence every day. Take it or leave it on that account. I don’t care if others agree with me. They are free to believe as they like and... so am I. Still, I hear about it.

Another thing I hear about is this, ‘positive attitude’ of mine. Some think this a Pollyanna condition and some feel it’s the result of my just not knowing enough about TPTB and how far along they are on the road to completely screwing every single one of us (including household pets, plants and livestock) forever and ever, amen. I talk about how the bad guys are going to get theirs and how the whole drama of life is an orchestrated play along Shakespearean lines. It’s also been my position that all secret societies are not bad; this lizard/snake thing is misunderstood and includes both good and bad and is related to the various applications of the kundalini force and that we are not screwed forever and ever. That’s my take and I’m sticking to it.

There’s more but the reader is aware of my positions. I state them often enough and... I hear about all of this too. In fairness to me, the people I hear about it from are in a small minority. I’ve also got a fellow who feels that it’s his job to, ‘cut me down to size’. I’m not sure how he got this appointment but he takes it seriously. It doesn’t matter whether my points are right or wrong, what matters is that I get far too much positive reinforcement from my readers and that’s not a good thing according to him. I don’t tell my readers what to say to me and sometimes I find it embarrassing, probably as much as he finds it intimidating. When he can’t find something real, he’s not beyond making things up or twisting the meaning of something I said for his own purposes and... he can be pretty nasty in his delivery much of the time.

All kinds of people come around to these blogs, some stay and some depart. Some comment and some lurk. Some have questions and some have answers and some have really useful information. That’s a given here, that all sorts of surprising information shows up via reader’s comments.

What this is about is the new "Shape of Things to Come", formerly called the ALTA Report, that came out yesterday, courtesy of Cliff High at Half Past Human and George Ure at Urban Survival. There is an explanation of the mechanics of the ALTA Report here. I consider the ALTA Report to be some of the most riveting reading to be found on the internet. I get the strangest sensations when I read one and I can’t stop reading until I finish it. A generous reader usually makes sure that I get a copy as soon as it comes out.

As I was reading it last night, I kept hearing a gong resonating from one of the mountain tops in my mind as if some guy in a saffron robe was hitting it every time some feature or point hit me. I couldn’t get over how many similarities there were in the things we talk about here and what I was reading there and... over and over there was mention of the bad guys getting theirs. Over and over there was mention of societies forming to counteract societies that have preyed on us for so long. I’m not even going to try to illustrate or ‘try’ to explain what I read. I’m not able to do that. The report costs ten bucks and a better bargain you are not going to find if... you are into this sort of thing and I am.

These fellows appear on the Jeff Rense Show occasionally and it’s a real treat to hear them. You can catch their interviews by selecting from the list here or searching on your own. I see where a series has been deleted from Zio-Tube for terms of use violations. That’s always a good sign. If the Zio-bots don’t want you to hear it then you should definitely hear it. It’s a huge plus that they appear with Jeff Rense because Jeff is a consummate interviewer with one of the best radio voices I have ever heard. He does not intrude himself into the mix. He’s a real professional. I’m sure we’ve all been sufficiently annoyed at any number of other radio personalities who won’t let their guests talk and who often use their guests as launching pads for their accidental soliloquies and rants.

There is something about these ALTA Reports that is so real, it’s scary. I get actual physical reactions when I read them. I can feel a certain part of me, that usually sleeps in the background, open its eyes and sit up from that couch in the back of my head where it routinely ignores the majority of other things to which I turn my attention. I feel like I am seeing parts of something dreamed or experienced at some forgotten time. It isn’t something I experienced. It may be similar to things I have dreamed but my sensation is more than that; as if I were catching a view into the cosmic subconscious where anything might surface at any time. It’s eerie.

If you haven’t experienced one of these reports then you owe it to yourself and this one is the most intense of the lot which I’ve had the opportunity to read. I only discovered them a little while ago and it was over a year before I actually read one. Until then I have only seen snippets taken out of the larger report.

It is seriously uncanny to me how closely it mirrors the thoughts which pass through my mind. I find myself nodding my head and going, “Uh huh... right... right... that sounds right". They are not specific and seldom mention names. They are clear that the predictions might be off timewise here and there. You can sense the honesty of the architects of this phenomenon. They are just laying it out there. It’s also done with cutting edge humor and a sense of drama that will occasionally send shivers up your spine. For ten bucks you can go to the theater and expect, on most occasions, to be disappointed or, you can get one of these and turn the inside of your head into a movie theater and do a little writing and directing as you go and you’ve got your refrigerator instead of the concession stand. It’s win, win (grin).

I’m being intentionally light here because the report will be handling the heavy stuff. I’ve read other reports but this one... this one for some reason had a stronger degree of authenticity for me. Cliff says that this is the last report that they have planned and that’s because of the uncharted waters that we and this world are sailing off into and... I do believe he is serious.

There’s a disclaimer that warns you to be careful about reading the report if you have a weak constitution. It’s not an idle addition. I don’t advertise on my sites and I don’t shill for products because there are very few products that I believe in enough to talk about in the first place. My interest and attention is primarily esoterica. I may talk about politics, culture, the world and what have you but these are not subjects I am naturally attracted to. I’m attracted to what’s really going on, not what appears to be going on.

I have sensed for some time that the turning of this year is the jumping off point for all kinds of wild and unpredictable events. Many things are coming to a head and I can see that perfect storm on the horizon. Given the mentality of the players involved in the state of the world in which we find ourselves, there’s no way that circumstances are just going to work themselves out and return us to Ozzie and Harriet land.

I’m turning it over in my mind. Images from the report keep surfacing and vibrating like Tarot cards in etheric space... like archetypes rising up on the blocks and waiting for the starting gun. I don’t know exactly how they do it but it has a palpable hit to it. I’ll leave off for now and let you be the judge.

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright and Sporting Wood

Dog poet Transmitting.......

The high and mighty are going down like bowling pins on the pro tour. Al Gored (as he will hereafter be known) had to cancel out of his Copenhagen dog and pony show because of a serious case of red ass, compounded by roses blooming in his other cheeks. Big Al Gored wound up on the wrong end of the stampeding bull of destiny. You have my sympathies Al. We’re all waiting for your Cardinal Woolsey speech.

For awhile you couldn’t shake a bush without discovering a Republican with a young boy or a Democrat with a black stocking hooker. These kinds of events seem to have their own inner clock; karma acting as a harvesting combine. In the spring you plant your seeds of greed, lust and hubris and come the fall you’re ready to bring it in to the barn where, in the darkness of the night, little elves make up that sachet for your moments of 20-20 hindsight; accent on hind.

As is typical with rats deserting sinking ships, our formerly respected climate scientists are pointing at each other and saying, “He did it and I don’t know nothing about nothing.” There’s a hurricane of outrage and censure brewing off the shores of the island where Dr. Moreau’s, Juju Weather Institute is based. It’s a big one and the silence of the whores at the S&MSM is deafening. Usually they’re squealing like butchered hogs as they fake it for the client but now it reminds me of that old joke; A Frenchman is walking along a beach near St. Tropez. He spots a beautiful woman being tossed back and forth in the soft white water of the surf. He goes over to her and begins speaking to her, caressing her and then, soon after, making love to her. A gendarme shows up with a small crowd of people and exclaims, “Alor Monsieur, can you not ze zat zis woman is dead?” The Frenchman looks up and replies, “Oh pardonez moi, I sought she was American.”

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure how relevant that joke is but hey, poetic license and all that.

The explosive nature of this climate scam is epic. It’s off the charts and the silence of the S&MSM is, against all the laws of physics, acting as an amplifier. This one has legs, not smooth and shaved, velveteen columns from the pipe organ of Heaven but Kenyan, long distance running legs. It’s the Energizer Bunny of scandals and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys. Well, it could and it will. The bankers are feeling the heat too, now that it’s been established that they are even more crooked than we always knew them to be. The hard guys at that Goldman Sachs, mob operation are packing gats. Let’s hope they’ve got good reason to.

The politicians are getting hammered for all kinds of things and some of them are making it easy, like Barbara Boxcutter, as she rises to the defense of her bank account connection to global warming. She’s living proof that when you mess with their money they will expose themselves as the complete degenerates that they are. She wrote a book called “Blind Trust”. You can’t make this shit up. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction and a lot more ironic.

So now we’ve got Tiger Woods who appears to have had a lot of his irons in the fire. Apparently he was using his putter in the sand and honey trap. Was he not paying attention? What is it with celebrities of all professions that they invariably pick a particular kind of woman who might as well be called, Helen Wheels? I saw a picture of this Rachel Uchitel and she is definitely headed for Wildenstein Country in a few years. What internet escort site did Tiger find her on? It wasn’t necessary. He only had to go to Vegas. They’ve all got a home office there. Why do so many celebrities go to Vegas? They get treated like Gods. No where else on Earth can they have just about everything for free for only showing up. I believe Vegas is now stealing water as far north as Canada. That’s what I call slant drilling. Israel could learn a few things from Vegas and it would be that much closer to being the Hollywood Holy Land in fact.

I don’t understand people like Tiger Woods. Why not just stay single? Why buy a cow when milk’s ten cents a glass? (Sorry about that. I got possessed for a moment) If you’re not going to stay single then maybe a little discretion and discrimination might come in handy. I don’t understand who they risk it all for either. When I saw the women that Bill Clinton was messing around with, I said to myself, “I do much better than that on a bad night and I’m not the president of the United States". There are fairy tale princesses and elf maidens out there. Why do they always go for the sleaze? There’s some kind of Venus Fly Trap thing going on or maybe it’s that old black magic. To top it off, Tiger’s wife is far more beautiful than any of these other women. You can’t say, “but she’s American”, because they all are.

When you’re a big celebrity you’re kind of screwed anyway. You seldom meet real people and you’re in a spiritual k-hole to boot. You often can’t enjoy the more rarefied aspects of engagement because money is a kind of shit and it attracts a crowd of flies. You’ve got to be some kind of a fool to pursue fame. Some would say it was thrust upon them but they asked for it at some point. If you are going to be famous you should be cool famous like Willie Nelson; except when Willie got caught cheating one time, his wife tied him up in a bed sheet while he was sleeping and beat the crap out of him. Then there’s the Columbian solution and the Crazy Glue payback. It doesn’t seem worth it to me.

I wouldn’t be in a relationship where I couldn’t do as I pleased because life throws all kinds of things at you and sometimes it is inescapable karma. I’m not tempted though. That kind of just died, for which I am mucho grateful. So Tiger apparently gives this standup girl (that’s definitely the wrong term) something like a million bucks not to talk but now all kinds of people have the text messages and are shopping them around. Now how did they get those? That climate expose artiste has been working over time.

I want to mention something that I’ve alluded to before. This kind of thing is going to become exponential. It’s going to really get going shortly and what we see now will be nothing by comparison. People are going to get nailed right and left. It’s going to be 24 hour, balls to the walls. It’s funny that people don’t see this. It’s happening all over place with a lot more pervasiveness than that phony flu epidemic; of course, they haven’t released the real ones yet, nor have they activated the nano-bots in the vaccine. Still, people go right on doing what they are doing and in some cases calling attention to it.

I know that their arrogance is off the charts. It’s why they put a black man with the name Barrack Hussein Obama (rhymes with Osama) in the White House; just to show you that they could. They’re having a big yuck up in the backrooms but it’s not a deep release in the gut laughter because there’s a cold wind blowing in from the east and they can feel it but still they continue.

They are truly being driven mad as the preface to destruction. All of this is happening, as the curtains are being lifted, and they go right on as if the curtain were stapled to the floor. They’re like some guy in one of those hospital gowns with the open back, out on the town and dreaming that he’s wearing a tux. There’s smoke on the waters of the mind and they can’t see where they’re going which, to them, means they’re not going fast enough.

It’s going to cost Tiger a bundle but that doesn’t mean anything at all. He can go right on making more money for as long as he can knock that little ball around the green graveyards of the material world. He’s going to take a hit from the sponsors though and the tarnish is not going to fade. Things like this matter in that world even though they are all hypocrites and clowns. Surely if you’re going to behave like this you should move to Europe. No one pays any attention to that sort of thing over here, except in England.

Polanski’s in his chalet in Gstaad; no doubt he’s ordering off the menu at this very moment from the local boarding school. Tiger’s trying to figure out what went wrong and whose fault that might be. The new lineup is headed for the world runway as the next series of falls are set up on the drawing board and scheduled for their moment in the lights ...and god bless whoever blew the whistle on those scientists. There ought to be a Nobel Prize for that. I have to admit that made me feel pretty good and that feeling does not appear to be going away any time soon.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Milking the Last Bloody Nickels from Enduring Lies

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Much as I detest linking to the S&MSM, I’m going to make one of those occasional exceptions and provide you with a pictorial travelogue of gratuitous, self-congratulating media whores, including the other Queen of England and various, emotional vampire drainage industries. It’s World AIDS Day, Week, Month; I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that along with the Climate scam, Send Jesus Your Money scams and assorted magically replicating, Holocaust Survivor scams; the AIDS scam fits right into the mix, where guilt and stupidity war for preeminence, as the hand slips through the tortured hearts in search of the wallets and pocket books.

I don’t know if things like this and this are true. Is the reality of the matter to be found here or here? If it is real, is it for particular motivations, which mirror various other motivations, which are expressing themselves in the government and corporate laboratory designed, pig flu viruses and sundry horrors being loosed on humanity?

I take no pleasure in human suffering and I take even less pleasure in powerful business people and well known entertainers milking the public for money while making it a point of letting us know what beautiful people they are. The reason they have so many charity balls is because it costs a lot of money to ball Charity. She’s not opening her legs for chump change. I love the idea of rich people having lunch and talking about world hunger. I’m impressed by the fine offices and nice salaries of those heading all the big charitable institutions of the time. I can close my eyes and see endless file cabinets filled with paper and busy secretaries transporting paper, from one office to another, so that one fountain pen or another can dance across the paper and Presto! Everybody is going to get well; just as soon as the good shit gets here from Afghanistan.

There’s great photo in this collection of crap where a group of hysterical Catholics celebrate the sun breaking from the clouds at the Pope’s appearance. Yes... here he comes, wearing O.J. Simpson’s shoes and some seriously expensive, tailored threads. He’s here to tell you that if you use a condom you are going to Hell. My solution to an even bigger world problem is to take an industrial strength condom and pull it down over the Pope’s head. After that we’ll decide where to stick it.

It’s coming clear now that Greenpeace and PETA and pretty much all of the fine institutions of service to the betterment of life on the planet are nothing but money magnets to push agendas in search of more money and influence that can translate itself into money. Cancer research is another one of those big money vacuum cleaners which are, no doubt, owned by the same companies that manufacture all of the products that give you cancer in the first place. We now know that the medical profession- for the most part- is engaged in making you sick because... what possible good are you to them if you are healthy?

Just about the sum total of all life on Earth is a scam. The whole infrastructure has to go and the people milking the system at your expense need to have a condom pulled over their heads too, while we decide where to stick it. In the off chance that it’s not going to fit, we can simply do what they do when confronted with similar technical difficulties; use force and then lie about anything and everything afterwards.

No matter what anyone does, there are going to be lawyers involved and it strikes me that we really should take Shakespeare’s advice if we want to make the world a better place. It seems to me that that would be the place to start. I’m not opposed to taking all infected parties and putting them on an island somewhere. I’m talking about a particular infection that manifests in a predatory expression toward its fellows. I’m talking about self-interest that has no regulating attachment; self interest without a moral compass.

I’m in no position to make a list and I don’t think most of us are. The last thing we want to do is become like them. So, I am hoping there is a cosmic agency that deals with this sort of thing. If there is then they have been on a far too extended holiday and it is time to get back to work... now. It is time for you invisibles who monitor psychopathic outbreaks in the human heard to do a little culling. We don’t really need to reduce the Earth’s population. We need to reduce a particular segment of the Earth’s population.

Some of the major problems afflicting the planet are; too few people have too much money, corporations have too much influence over political and public policy, the worst people are in the most important positions, the world media is under the control of a particular virus with no allegiance to anyone but itself and with zero respect for the truth about anything. There are, of course, other problems but redressing the state of the ones mentioned would do a world of good across the board.

I’m lucky because I don’t want much beyond the basic necessities. Most people are not lucky because they do want more. Many disappointments take a lifetime to set in and that is unfortunate. The few who prey upon the majority would have far less success if the majority were not so abysmally clueless and falling all over each other to be in a position to do the same things that are being done to them.

I don’t know what kind of a person you have to become to profit from the fears and the miseries of others but quite a few people seem to have been able to manage becoming that way. It appears that they have learned how to compartmentalize their minds in such a way that things can always appear the way they want them to and any justification that is needed is immediately sent to the proper location for distribution outward. Nothing matters as long as the objective is achieved. The ends justify the means, period.

Obama (rhymes with Osama) is going to send some tens of thousands of new zombies into Afghanistan to protect Bush Senior’s opium crops and secure necessary transit lines and resources for that percentage of the world that uses far more than it needs to live at a higher standard than those they are stealing from. He’s also going to Copenhagen to shill for a major criminal enterprise, whose intention is yet another unbearable tax upon the backs of humanity, as well as to secure the financing to operate a world-wide, fascist governing body.

It’s to be hoped, while there is still the opportunity to, that the people of the world will rise up and visit a terrible vengeance upon these self chosen elite. I hate to see this kind of thing but I hate even more to see them getting away with it day after day. If they can’t hear then they must feel. I don’t know that some large part of the world will be able to remove their ear-pods or take their hands out of their pants for long enough to see what is happening to them and... respond in the only way that seems possible now. I have no idea where all of this is headed but it doesn’t look good.

We’re being steamrollered by monster waves of unhappy horseshit with no end in sight. Sooner or later natural forces are going to intrude. These forces, contrary to conventional wisdom, are as much within us as they are outside of us. Balance is one of the key arbiters of our collective fate. When things get radically out of balance, as they now are, certain powers come into operation for the purpose of adjustment. You will definitely be seeing some amount of that pretty soon.

I realize that some numbers of us (and certainly the majority of people who read here) wish that we were living in another time but here we are. The cosmic fans are being levered into position in order to engage the aforementioned, unhappy horseshit; full raingear is recommended for all. I suggest that it’s going to be a lot bigger and a lot more intense than one might suspect given the ‘row, row, row your boat’ mentality and the daily fare of the media as it sings you to the rocky shores in the fog.

Every day I look at the news, which I automatically identify as the particular lies and distortions of the moment. Then I know what it is that they want us to believe. I’ve got a pretty good idea of how we got into this mess. I’m a great deal less clear on how we are going to get out of it.

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