Friday, November 27, 2009

Defending Iran and Condemning the West

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Trumpeting from the S&MSM today is the claim by the Zio-Ogres who own the disinfo system that an Iranian Nobel Laureate had her medal confiscated from her safety deposit box in Tehran. Well, by this time we know what a Nobel medal is worth and why they are given out along with what agenda that serves. Occasionally they will give the medal to a worthy person but generally, not. This has been evidenced in giving it to Kissinger; Peres, Rabin, Mother Teresa, Elie the Weasel and Obama. Certainly Mandela, Tutu and the Land Mine Org deserved it (I think) but the award is a capricious thing.

We haven’t heard from Iran on this matter but no doubt the truth of the event is different than the report concerning it. So far as I know, Iran does not have a ghetto of torment which contains the original inhabitants of Iran behind razor wire fences and the Iranians do not use these captive unfortunates for target practice, nor do they routinely kill children for sport. I haven’t heard anything about the Iranians harvesting organs for profit nor have I seen Iran attack her neighbors on a regular basis with zero provocation. I have heard nothing about cluster bombs or banned weapons used on civilian populations either.

Iran’s tens of thousands of long time Jewish residents are very happy in Iran and despite great pressure on the part of Israel, they have no desire to migrate to that fascist, racist state. Iran’s recent elections were certainly more legitimate than any number of recent American elections and the very wide difference in votes between Ahmanedijad and his western backed opponent certainly cancels out any possible effect of any possible hanky panky.

Common sense and the application of anything close to normal intelligence upon the situation shows that the intention of the western neo-cons is nothing less than total subjugation of the Middle East at the behest of corporations seeking to profit from the plunder. These entities orchestrated the 9/11 attacks; that is now beyond dispute and they have used the pretext of this false flag to invade Afghanistan and Iraq with Iran being the main prize from the very gitgo. Of course, the long term intention is to impact on China and Russia in various ways that serve the interest of world hegemony.

I hardly know what to make of countries like America; the UK and Israel, along with their stable of willing whores, in countries of lesser influence, here and there, who have been subjugated to global, fascist enterprise by dint of behind the scenes currency exchanges and arm twisting. They deplore what they call torture and false imprisonment in Iran while they are flat out, in your face, guilty of these very acts on a much greater scale and far more conclusively proven. Millions have been maimed; killed, displaced and tortured by agents of the west, based on attacks carried out by agents of the west, against their own countries and then blamed on those who had no part in it. They have been torturing people for information that only they possess and they know this as they do this.

Today, mindless legions of zombie shoppers descend upon the stores and malls of the falling empire for every kind of manufactured gifts for themselves and others, so that they can celebrate their imagined affection for each other in every way but the ways that might count for something. Meanwhile, their armies of occupation relentlessly plunder and pillage foreign nations because multi-national corporations, who run their governments, have decided they want what is buried in these lands and they don’t want to pay for it.

They brandish their nuclear might against nations without nuclear might and accuse them of seeking to possess nuclear weapons, which constant investigations prove they are not seeking, but that no sane person could blame them for if they did; given the threat they are forced to exist under. This rank hypocrisy stinks to the heavens. This is the real global warming, which is caused by the noxious methane of their relentless hypocrisy and the heat of their unbelievable greed, as well as their fiery hatred for any nation that will not willing lay its head beneath their hobnailed boots, as they march forward in pursuit of twisted psychopathic destinies, whose intent is to lay waste to the whole of the Earth.

Their corporations pour endless millions of gallons of toxic wastes into their water supplies, at home and abroad. They create bio-weapons with which they assault the world’s populations, as their pharmaceutical combines manufacture vaccines that are worse than the viruses they have engineered. They steal in broad daylight and laugh about it. As Lao Tzu said, “What kind of men are these, who never hunger, never thirst but eat and drink until they burst? There are other brigands but these are the worst of all the highway’s harms".

I don’t have the time or the space to list even a small part of their crimes and offenses but I can tell you without the slightest degree of uncertainty that I know who’s doing what and why.

Whether or not Iran has any part in assisting those being pummeled without mercy by these remorseless engines of darkness is unimportant. It would be wholly justified in any case, given the circumstances before us. All of this is taking place because the illegal, Rothschild created country of Israel, has control of the world’s money supply and is using this to force compliance around the world. This is not a country at all. It is a criminal banking concern, operating under the camouflage of a sovereign nation, with the intention of controlling the world. The country was founded under the guise of a massive hoax that reveals the damning details of itself with the dawn of every new day. The truth is coming out.

Something is loose on the invisible and visible planes of existence and these miscreants do not know what to make of it. They are being exposed right and left and it has only just begun. Their house of cards is trembling. The Earth beneath their feet is shaking. Deep within their minds there are tremors of the unknown and voices from ancient distances across time and space that whisper to them in their private moments. Any sane mind would stop and ask itself the meaning of these things but these minds are not sane and no longer human; if they ever were.

Peoples of the world, look closely, those of you who possess the eyes to see. Look closely at what is happening. So many of you have abdicated your humanity in the pursuit of useless trinkets and false dreams of a security which disappears by the day. So many of you are slaves to appetite and the banal entertainments of a dying age. Instead of realizing what is rising up before you, you bury yourself ever deeper into the kindling. You wrap yourself in the combustible as protection against the flames; madness, marching in lockstep behind the Judas Goat.

Iran and Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq are no threat to the west. They have the misfortune to possess the item most necessary to light the marquees and pleasure centers of a false world, in pursuit of useless distractions, riding in fleets of SUV’s to nowhere. Your fast food Armageddon approaches and your heavy flesh will never carry you across that endless expanse. Your vacant and hypnotized eyes cannot see the way out. As you are, you are doomed and without the will or intelligence to change.

By all means, continue to follow your feckless leaders. Continue to listen to the talking heads that spew the same tired lies as day follows day. The avatar is coming. He is coming in the hearts of the believing, as he will surely appear before the eyes of those who do not. It is an inexorable process and it has repeated itself since long before the brief record of this small moment of badly remembered history. The memory of it is altered even as it is happening. I would weep for you but the oceans of the world are filled with the tears that have been wept already and which served as much purpose as mine would serve now.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Six Degrees of Separation from Redemption and Salvation

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Since discussing my flying saucer, certain things have become very clear to me over the last couple of days and a particular idea has been forming in my mind which I want to put out there for the readers and ask them to consider in their deepest core.

An act of great bravery and courage was accomplished by certain unknown individuals or, perhaps only one individual. Someone posted naked pictures of certain bankrupt and sold out scientists who were in the business of authenticating lies for venal gain. Not much has been said about what these scientists were in line to receive for lying and conniving but I think we can assume, with a very high percentage of success in the accuracy of our thought, that they were anticipating some kind of lavish payday for trampling on their integrity and performing like whores.

Someone acting on conscience exposed these nasty characters, with their pants down, in front of a shocked and awakening world. This is one of the finest acts of courageous ingenuity to come down the pike in a long time. Let’s have a huge round of applause on behalf of the human race for whoever this person or persons are and for what they did.

I have a request and a demand that I want to place before everyone reading what is being said here. I want you to give major consideration to it and think of what it may mean in terms of redemption and deliverance for yourself and everyone who might be affected by it. I am speaking to you in the military; in politics and religion, in the business community, in every office and rat warren of industry, in the sciences and academia, in the courts systems and on the law enforcement scene, in every area of endeavor that affects the general well being of the peoples of the world. Look at what has happened with this global warming revelation and go you and do likewise.

I am going to bring to your attention, if you are not already aware of it, The Six Degrees of Separation Game. Every one of you is or is connected to someone who can make a world of difference in the world in which they live. It is time to form The International Organization of Whistleblowers and Spanner Tossers and you are surely a tosser if you don’t join today.

Everyone possessing compromising information about anyone and everyone in every field that affects human freedom of movement and expression must come forth with what they know now. Send your information to me or any blogger you may trust (or post it on the internet) and we will get it out there. We will publish it and trumpet it and we will surely vet it first. I am talking about nothing less than salvation and redemption. I don’t care if you are a rat deserting a sinking ship or an unsung hero ready to have a ballad written in your honor... your time has come and I offer you the succor and friendship of the invisible and the gratitude of the human race. Expose your former masters, turn on them... betray them. Strip them naked before the eyes of the world. I both entreat and command you to do this now.

Senators and others are jumping on the bandwagon, smelling an opportunity to be isolated in a flattering light. All the usual opportunists who imagine they have the good fortune not to be connected to this are elbowing their way to the podium. The righteous among us should do no less. Let’s hit them where they live. Many of you are familiar with my constant reference to the apocalypse and the unveiling that attends it. As you can see, this is a very real force at work... step forward and do your part. No small amounts of you know about awful crimes and future plots. Your time has come; stand and deliver. You can be anonymous but serve the higher interest of your fellows. I am appealing to your true self. I am demanding that you come forward and shine the light of truth upon the engines of darkness.

I want to discuss one other thing today and that is this Project Blue Beam. I am in no way doubting the sincerity and efforts of Serge Monast. I do not know enough to take any sort of a position but... some portion of what is discussed in this article just hits me as way, way over the top. If the PTB had such things and... they would surely have even more if they have what is mentioned here... things would be much different than they are. A lot of what happens in a positive sense would not be happening or have happened. I believe the truth lies somewhere apart from these fantastic claims... somewhere in the area between outrageous disbelief and full acceptance.

I hear bizarre things all the time, from Sorcha Faal (such a fool) to all sorts of wild eyed, pseudo messianic claims about things that never happen but are reported on for whatever reason there may be.

My disbelief in many of these things is based on the fact that the claims predicted never came to pass. My disbelief is based on my belief in something else. My disbelief is based on a certain amount of common sense weighed against my experiences and reasoning concerning the visible and invisible worlds. My disbelief in the power and existence of certain things is based on the many times I have survived efforts to destroy me. I can only go by personal experience and what I have encountered and what has been made known to me. Something like this is primed to feed the, “we’re all screwed” headspace. We are not all screwed. If you want to believe that, you have that freedom. I choose not to believe it because I believe in something whose presence has been proven to me again and again and upon which I rely.

I know that I and others are not going to be taken in by a holographic Jesus in the sky or some uncanny lightshow. First of all, Jesus Christ and every other teacher of humanity is an internal thing. It is within you, not without you. You have heard the saying, “If you see the Buddha on the road, cut him down.” There is a tale of a monk who had Jesus Christ appear to him while he was shoveling shit out of a stable. His response to the apparition was to say, “Get out of here before I fill your mouth with this.” Think, people. The outside world is the devil of appearances. Heaven is within you. You carry it wherever you go, if you possess it at all.

Furthermore, no external power can be matched against the power within. You can be deceived of its might through fear or the intimidation of its appearance but that would be you ‘giving’ it power. Nothing in all the universe can stand against The One and everything both good and evil- and often confused with each other- has no power at all except what it receives from The One, for as long as The One chooses for it to possess it.

You are free to believe as you wish and you are also free to live and receive according to what you believe and... you will. You will. I do not know what curious weapons the enemy may possess and I do not know the full scope of his plans and machinations. I don’t need to, nor do I care what they are. My duty is to seek the light within and serve it regardless of what the darkness may perform or intend. What I serve and what any and all of us are free to serve, under whatever guise we discover it, is all powerful. It only seems to be less so- and less present- to test our faith and try our integrity in the tempering fire of experience.

In conclusion, let me hold forth as a shining example what this unknown hero- or heroes- performed upon the global warming dog and pony show. The opportunity for equal and greater acts lies within the hearts and hands of every one of you who are privy to the secret treacheries directed at all of us. Become a true revolutionary and servant of the higher mind. Become V in whatever way is available to you. Go to war with the powerful weapons that you possess. Go to war with the truth of what you know and have seen and bring it before the eyes of the world. We are all counting on you.

Brothers and Sisters... friends of the light, you who still possess some honor. You whose conscience is tormented by what your fear and reticence conceal... take this great opportunity to nail the skins of the enemy to the wall. They have no defense against the damning evidence of their deeds and you... you can provide that. See that you do.

This Sunday’s radio show is now available for download. It is the bottom show in the list just above the readme PDF file. Click on the little arrow to the left and you have it.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Self Interest and the Keys to the Kingdom

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Allow me to wax a tad metaphysical as I go in and out of what is seen and unseen. We learn to see things a certain way as children and then the world and the methods of education are visited upon us in order to create conformity of thought; all the better to feed the industries of the time and to grant us a place within it. If we are fortunate in our birth we have our wheels greased. If we are fortunate in our karma we find opportunity opens up for us. These two may be the same and they may also be anything but, depending on what you define as fortune and opportunity.

I want to talk about something else now and that is blood. Blood is imbued with magical power. We have seen the results of this when particular individuals are martyred. It changes the world from the moment the blood hits the ground. There are other uses to which blood is put and that is for the purpose of gaining power. This is how those who can see it, can witness what feeds on the battlefields and wherever malice has been turned toward the shedding of blood.

We know that those who create the wars are doing it for profit or some sort of gain including the actual financial end, which tends to follow in any case, whatever their other purposes may be. Actually these lives are sacrificed and the blood is spilled to gain the favor of invisible forces that drink it and grant requests as a result. These may include what has already been mentioned or something more arcane.

Different results are obtained depending on whose blood is being spilled. The blood of children has a particular attraction for particular entities who grant a term of favor in one area or another. Whether it is the blood of a lamb or a goat; a chicken, a dove, a certain kind of person, or a great many people all at once, there is a power that is released and harvested by those who have received instruction in the application.

George Bush Sr. made a comment not all that long ago; something about if people knew what they were up to it would go very badly for them. There are particular rumors that follow this man around and they have to do with some of what I have already mentioned.

No doubt most people think of someone like Giles De Rais as an anomaly. One could gain a great deal of insight into present conditions by studying who he was, what he believed and what he carried out, or had carried out. History is littered with creatures like this. For some reason we tend to think, in this modern age that certain superstitions, as they are called, no longer apply. We imagine that in this modern world, certain things that used to occur among a certain class of people no longer occur.

When you look at the savagery of this modern age and the serious psychopathy of many world leaders, as well as business and religious leaders, you should promptly disabuse yourself of the idea that they are constrained by any of the features of what is euphemistically called ‘civilization’. Some things are very old indeed and their tastes do not change. Certain traditions are very much alive and they are practiced every day but they are costumed as something else.

It is true that many warped individuals engage in terrible acts to satisfy their self interest without ever being aware of the implications of what I am talking about. However, there are quite some numbers of individuals and groups who are well aware of what certain things mean.

It might surprise you to know that there are world leaders who engage in various activities for the purpose of advancing their standing in relation to the one who sits upon the throne of the world. People from various walks of life such as the entertainment business, the banking community, religious organizations and the corporate world are members of some ancient orders. Of course you have heard about the illuminati and the Masons and some of the groups I mentioned in the recent Smoking Mirrors but these are ‘front organizations’. There is another organization behind these from which certain observable types are selected for membership.

Perhaps you think the illuminati is anything but a front organization but it is. It is the idea of the illuminati that exists in the mind of those aware of such an order. That idea is a power all by itself. It is the case that many who think they are truly behind the scenes are not. Everyone at their level is led to believe what is useful to the forces behind them. All of these individuals- and some of them are not corporate- believe what they believe according to what is put into their minds by the universal force of conscious darkness that is divinity disguised as the devil, concealing its light behind a particular mask.

Any true lightworker has nothing to fear from this agency. The single fear that is the concern of any lightworker is their own weakness and susceptibility to self interest. It is quite possible to fall from a very high place, especially if you consider it to be such. Anyone determined to succeed in the service of the light had better remain as humble as the ground upon which they walk and be aware that the ground itself is very aware of what is walking on it and with what intentions. The Earth is a sacred vessel. It hides its secrets from the profane and can grant and withdraw protections at any time.

Very few people realize that everything they think and say and do is being monitored and recorded. Very few people realize that the path to enduring freedom is right in front of them the moment they make that sincere commitment to abandon self-interest and to be led in all things. It is one thing to believe there might be the divine and the demonic and quite another to be consciously aware of their presence, depending on your inclination. They are serving the same thing but with a different relationship and destiny to it. As Lao Tzu so succinctly put it, “though Heaven favors no man, the wise man favors Heaven.”

We wander aimlessly in our existence wondering when and where we will experience some realization; some insight into what is going on. All along the way it all awaits in every moment for the moment when anyone has decided to put aside self-interest. It is what creates any and all conflict with your fellows and what puts you outside your right to an awareness of the divine. The whole of Heaven is waiting for this simple truth to be born in every human mind. It is the key to the kingdom. Those who have comprehended the nature of selfless service; who serve as they go, who bless life as they pass through it, are already walking in the kingdom. Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground.

Take a close look at life around you with this in mind. Go anywhere that there are people and watch with this in mind. With true objective detachment observe their behavior. Consider what they hold in their eyes. How deeply are we capable of seeing? We can see as deeply into others as we have seen into ourselves. We can experience empathy for others to the degree that we have suffered. We possess as much wisdom as we have surrendered our self interest to acquire. Wisdom will not seat herself on the brow of a fool and a fool is a fool for not knowing the value of things by comparison. A fool only knows what he wants, not what it costs and not what he passed by in the pursuit of it.

These things should be common knowledge because experience and observation should teach us this without fail. It is a good question to ask why what is unmistakably so is routinely ignored. Immortality and other gifts are daily extended in the rays of the Sun.

It is a profound wonder that those possessed of great intelligence and various other seemingly desirable abilities would choose to serve what will surely destroy them. What madness is this? It reminds me of that line of scripture about gaining the whole world and losing your soul. Every day you see them, marching in large numbers on that highway. How is it that they do not realize what is real and what is not? These are ancient mysteries. The fires of sensation are a brutal course and the very power upon which the world is founded.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Wandering in the Mist of our own Confusion

Dog Poet Transmitting (cue the howling of a Canadian wolf across the moonlit expanse of the frozen tundra. A Chopin nocturne begins to play as the faders move upward on the mixer. John Cage attempts to rise from the dead but... there wasn’t enough dissonance)

I was talking about lawyers yesterday over at Smoking Mirrors. I think I’m going to segue via the Mobius strip and see if those capoeria lessons from long ago have managed to make it over the neckline; precipitating upward, so to speak. Obama is tarted up like a Piccadilly rent boy on his first date. There’s no better time and place for him to pull out his old Kabuki mask, while his people talk to their people (Obama moves his hand up and down- thumb and little finger extended- next to his right ear. He’s mouthing something sub rosa. It looks like, “Ball me”. I could be wrong. Reading lips- except in Braille- is not my thing.

I know a lot of you think that the red caste mark that you see on a Hindu’s forehead means that coffee is ready. Stupidity is job one in certain parts of the western world these days and I want to talk about a particular stupid. I’m not sure it’s stupid as much as a lack of awareness concerning things where time has made accommodation a naturally ongoing affair. ‘Accommodation’ is that thing that happens when sounds fade into the background. A jackhammer is playing outside your window and then you don’t consciously hear it any more because it has become subliminal or... something.

Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew are among the languages that are written from right to left. Meanwhile, the British and their former colonies drive on the left hand side of the road but... English is written from left to right. Britain played the larger role in the creation of Israel and also helped them get the atomic bomb. The City in London is the nerve center for world finance and Zionist bankers pretty much run the show there. Swans mate for life. Are you with me so far? Good (grin).

The pyramids are supposed to be tombs but there weren’t any mummies. Angelo Mariani made a wine back around the turn of the last century (not this one) that was routinely imbibed by Popes; Kings, world leaders, entertainment figures and, I suppose, anyone who could get their hands on it. It was pretty exclusive. Now you know what was in those snuff boxes during The Yellow Nineties in Paris and other dens of propinquity.

We all like to feel good, unless our idea of feeling good is personified in feeling bad; S&M freaks, slave bottoms, incurable romantics and alcoholics, to name just a few. An increasing number of us are resorting to a variety of comestibles that one can drink; swallow, smoke and snort. If you’ve snorted too much you can always hop on a plane for Peru and employ someone to blow it up your backdoor through a bamboo tube.

Drugs have been around a long time. Alcohol has definitely been around as long as that. Before The Harrison Act (not George) and right around the time that certain bankers muscled the Federal Reserve back into business again, drugs were easily had from your local pharmacy. Laudanum was all the rage and many an uptown lady would spend many an hour in bed with her amber bottle.

Back around that time, alcoholism was epidemic and you could see the signs of it everywhere. It’s what finally launched The Temperance Act. Perhaps you can imagine what it must have been like to have been a drunk back when carriage wheels would sink into the mud above the axle. Viewing the series, “Deadwood” one gets an idea of what it might have been like in the hinterlands.

These days, someone dies as the result of a drunk driver every 20 minutes. Some say it’s 39. I don’t know. Alcohol ‘related’ deaths would, of course, be much higher. Marijuana related deaths are a much different affair. Alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. I’m sure there are more precise figures around. I grabbed these pages for their brevity. I think it can be safely said that more people die from alcohol (what the heck, throw in tobacco too) in one year than have died from all illegal drugs in the last century. I don’t want to add in legal pharmaceuticals because the number of deaths would be much, much higher.

In my unsuccessful efforts to find a friendly veterinarian, I have pondered this question over many a depressing hour and I have come to a certain inescapable conclusion as to why certain things are legal and certain things are not; unless you are ‘connected’.

I’m just going to say it straight out, booze feeds guilt and also separates a person from their spirituality (despite it being called, ‘spirits’). First the spirituality goes, followed by one’s moral code and then by one’s conscience. Finally one’s health and reason depart and... after that? Take a wild guess.

Here’s the thing, it’s much easier to motivate a person when you can manipulate their guilt. It plays right into the Judeo-Christian work ethic. Alcohol causes even the most reasonable person to do all kinds of things. These things feed the guilt. Yes, there are certain disadvantages to smoking pot. It can space you out and disorient you and maybe it’s not good for your lungs but the main disadvantage (from the viewpoint of those making it illegal) is that it can make you unproductive in Prison World. It can also open your eyes to the bullshit reality being pawned off on you by those who made it illegal. Sure, the liquor companies have something to do with it and they are very powerful. All you have to do is look at how ubiquitous alcohol is to see how many lawyers they can afford and how many politicians they can buy.

I don’t smoke pot by the way. I have. I don’t care if they make it legal or illegal because if I wanted to do it I would. Like I said, I obey reasonable laws. I ignore the others because, like some portion of the rest of you, I am my own man and I am not on the guilt treadmill. Alcohol doesn’t open your eyes, it closes them and is one of the weapons the enemy uses to control the populations. Pornography, gambling and sundry also fuel guilt. Guilt is what drives so many of us in a direction we might not choose to go otherwise.

I could go into greater detail and some of you might comment on that. It’s your job to go into greater detail. This is to spark the conversation, not limit its opportunity by hogging the ball.

Alcohol is an enormous problem and enormous industries have their wheels greased by it because a significant portion of the people in prison are there because of acts they committed under the influence.

Before we can be free we must first become aware of ‘how’ we are enslaved. Before we can be free in this world we have to become free in our minds. Before we can address why we are troubled or afraid we have to discover what is causing these conditions. You can wriggle like fish with a hook in its mouth through all of your days but you will not be able to do much about it until you find out what it is and why it is.

A lot of us know that the world is crazy but, I suspect, most of us don’t know how crazy. You can take this little treatise on alcohol and drugs and apply it to a great many other things and conditions that are present or happening.

You do not just break free one day due to a spontaneous reaction to your confinement. You have to find out what is confining you. You have to see clearly enough and be willing to let go of the chains that bind because we are actually holding on to the chains. We wrap our arms around the bars of our prison when the liberator comes to free us. One has to become able to see the pervasiveness of the net in which we are caught and comprehend its composition.

This may seem like an odd production. I seem to be talking about something but it’s not clear. That is precisely the point. It is possible that pondering what has been said here will lead to a little thinking outside of the box. There is a pressure coming from somewhere. There is an atmosphere of apprehension. We need to study ourselves and our reactions. We think we are free but we are not. We will not be free until we recognize that we are a part of the conspiracy that keeps us the way we are. It does not have to be alcohol or drugs that are causing it. The possibilities are vast and wide and all of them are contained within our minds.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fort Hoodlum, Fort Hoodwink and those the Gods Drive Mad

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“Those whom the God’s would destroy, they first drive mad.” These are powerful and prophetic words from one who was considered a madman. There are so many conundrums and contradictions in existence, in words ...and surely in the people who speak them. Why would one purported to be an atheist reference the actions of one in whom he has no belief? Things are not what they appear.

In keeping with that quote from over a century ago let us consider the present behavior of those ticketed for destruction; assuming the quote is accurate and I think it is. History gives us many powerful examples of individuals, groups and nations believing and doing the most irrational things which did lead to their being presently object lesson for us all.

For the intelligent who are atheists, it is not God they do not believe in, it is religion. Consider the curious case of Yahweh. What would an objective intelligence make of a God who says, “I am a jealous God”? Does this not mean he has placed himself among ‘other gods’? What do we make of a god who appreciates burnt offerings; child sacrifice, the wholesale murder of other cultures, the singling out of one group of material envelopes over another? The personality is that of a demon or a devil, not a god. Maybe we need to look at what is termed a god and see if we do not find representatives of what most of us consider good and evil. The same man who made the quote mentioned also wrote a book entitled, “Beyond good and evil”. You can explore the implications of that on your own time.

Logic tells us that those who serve evil gods; so defined by their tastes and alleged statements are devils in human form. Those who serve good gods are angels in human form or, more precisely, either are overshadowed or motivated by demons or angels.

If there is one god ....and my experience has led me to believe this. He/she rules in both the infernal and heavenly realms but appears as opposites for the purpose of the play of existence in the manifest. Above and below this plane are the descending and rising kingdoms where those leaving this ‘middle Earth’ migrate to. This plane is a recycling way station. You might think of a bus station from which buses set off for distant locations and then return after a time. This is a multi-dimensional bus station and some buses pass through warps in the fabric of physical existence and journey to places that cannot be seen from here. Indications of what lies beyond can be seen here by what we see here.

It is a staggering thing to see, the highly placed and pervasively visible, going on and on about the fall of The Berlin Wall with no mention of the wall that surrounds Palestine. It is amazing to see so many unnamed mouthpieces mentioning that the Fort Hoodwink psychiatrist was a regular at a strip club. Some of the details mirror those made after 9/11 about Mohammed Atta and friends in Florida. This was around the time they were visiting Israeli bagman, Black Jack Abramoff on his gambling boat; as reported by the FBI. It is amazing to hear that this psychiatrist had ancient links to ‘so-called’ 9/11 terror mosques and radical Imans. It is completely amazing that a non combat, medical officer could shoot nearly 45 people on a military base with an automatic handgun and a revolver. The dynamics of reloading are beyond possibility. Of course, the make of the handguns changes by the day but still, the dynamics are not possible. Remember, it’s a military base.

Today they said the recession is a good thing because burglaries are down due to so many unemployed people remaining at home. I could list quite a few interesting statements like this but I suspect the reader is seeing them. Blankfein of Goldman Sachs said, with a straight face, that his company is doing god’s work. This justified the sharing out of 12 billion dollars (or pounds) among these worthy priests of a particular god.

The president and his little helpers are extolling the virtues of their democracy while murdering hundreds of thousands of people in foreign countries for various, given reasons that don’t hold water. The land of the free is overrun with black suited tazer waving trolls who can very quickly teach you the cost of being free. The land of equal opportunity gave away enough money to solve all of its problems to the people who created the problems. I could go on and on in this vein but these are just a few illustrations of the ‘madness’ of those “whom the gods would destroy”.

I have access to occult history as well as the revisionist history of the moment, as it reflects the past, according to how those in charge of the present would like it to be viewed. There’s one thing you notice and that is the fall of empires. This has been happening for a lot longer than ordinary history records. A logical mind would assume a cause for this and we’ve had theories aplenty. Let’s just say that someone, or something, is opposed to the continuity of any particular top dog of any particular period of time.

Another thing you notice is that most cultures are vibrant and alive in the beginning. They manifest great works of architecture and art. They become very prosperous and that period holds through the summer of its glory and the early fall of the bounty that continued but was not further compelled to repeat. Then it fell apart. We’ve had theories aplenty and some of them are true, within the limitations of the tools of measurement and analysis, as well as the limitations of the portion of the canvas being observed. I note that none of these theories have been useful in preventing this process from repeating itself over and over again. Could it be that at a certain point they just go mad? The irrational thinking, speaking and acting that I see certainly make a strong argument for that.

Today we have a lot of complex theories about the Kennedy assassination, the Oklahoma bombing, 9/11 and soon, as we already see, about Fort Hoodlum as well. I don’t much care about the angle of the bullet or the speed of the planes... structural and mechanical treatises or whatever your view may be while you play Clue. For me it is enough to know who did it. For instance, as the attacks were taking place on 9/11, Dick Cheney ordered the jet fighters to stay on the ground. Obviously Dick Cheney was involved. An Israeli security firm was in charge at every 9/11 airport. Obviously Israel was involved. When you ask cui bono, these facts are strengthened enormously. When you observe following patterns it becomes even clearer.

I don’t need to know what hit the Pentagon. I just need to know who did it. These are the people who are being driven mad. I’ll tell you how that happens, by the way. Whether you believe in demons and angels or good and bad aliens is immaterial. Whether you believe they are interdimensional or based within some aspect of the phenomenal world is immaterial. The fact is that some version of it is at work. The good side influences the good and the bad side influences the bad. In times of decline, the bad side has a more prominent appearance. Most people would think that it does not look good for the home team but... it’s all arranged and it’s all under control and it is being done to demonstrate something to you. I’ll leave you to consider what that is on your own time.

My perspective and observations tell me that those being driven mad are under the influence of a lesser god or a lesser alien race and that’s going to become more and more apparent. There are some unguessed at and mighty forces around and it doesn’t matter to me if they use supernatural forces or flying saucers or whatever they have at hand. What matters is that they are there and will show up when the back stage manager gives them their cue. There is a backstage manager and a script writer. There is also a director. Shakespeare had a lot to say about the people on stage and life has shown this to be true.

I don’t have to be concerned with the possible outcome of other people’s behavior, except for the lesson in it or my job on commenting as I go. I have only to be concerned with my own behavior. I know there is more conscious power in reserve than has ever, at any time, appeared on the stage. Against this power there are no armies of any consequence. They are, according to Francis Dolarhyde, ‘ants in the afterbirth’. The arrogant presumptions of those being driven mad are ludicrous. Their every effort serves a higher purpose of which they know nothing. Listen deeply and you can hear the comforter speaking in the wind and in the quiet of your heart and mind.

End transmission.......

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A little Gotter and a Little Dammerung

Wrote this a few days ago. I'm back on line now.

Dog poet losing it.......

Greetings dear readers…for whatever the reason, my wireless connection is not working and this being where it is; there is no telling when the tech from the company will show up. Until then, postings from me will be sporadic at best. I have to bring in my olive harvest as well. Also, since I have no internet, I have no news, so I can hardly be topical can I? Of course, I don’t really need the news because I can pretty much guess what’s going on. It’s only the specificity and degree of it that I lack.

I’ll be here for at least 3 months and I’m fairly confident that I will be back on line somewhere in that period (grin). I will endeavor to make sure the radio shows keep happening and try to get something out a couple of times a week, until I’m back in the saddle again; me and Gene Autry up against some western skyline. I’ll be on a white horse, waving a ten gallon hat with silver buckles around the brim, with little turquoise cabochons in the center of each, while some unseen guitar player picks out a plaintive melody; could be a harmonica player too… that hasn’t been settled yet.

I spent one night in a hotel room on my way here and so I watched a couple of hours of CNN and BBC news and I was stunned at the impression it made on me. This was the night of the big Baghdad bombing but that was only intermittently discussed. Mostly I saw Christiana Amawhore talking about the opium trade with some network and agent provocateur, hookers who knew all about warlords and traffic routes with lots of mention of Iran and those nasty Taliban. Of course we heard nothing about the people on the other end of the line and who they might be. It was as if they didn’t exist.

Then I heard Fareed Zakaria, the liar, the Zio-shill, pounding on about how evil Iran is and how the election was stolen from the people. I don’t know how he can say the things he does with a straight face. It was incredible to watch the glib lies usher from his mouth. The relentless flow of commercials went on and on; generally repeating themselves. The BBC wasn’t much better. I haven’t watched any network TV in so long, except for the occasional youtube clips that come my way from the alternative news sites, that I had a powerful objectivity in my observations. I don’t know how to describe the way it looked to me. What I do know is that anyone who gives any credence to what they hear there is seriously deceived.

I heard some talk about who was responsible for the Baghdad bombing. It was obvious that they knew nothing but that didn’t stop the speculation, which was all about the usual suspects, meaning whatever that means. Watching the news I came to one dominant conclusion. The news is the information mouthpiece for a world wide criminal organization whose intention is disinformation and the persecution and slander of the competition. The people working for them know that they are working for a criminal organization. In former times it might not have been so clear cut but it is now. People throughout the news gathering and news reporting industries, from the top to the bottom, know that 9/11 was not done by Bin Laden and had no connection to Muslims but they go right on selling the same tired lies day after day, after day. They are going to get a spanking. Mark my words.

I am so fucking tired of lying, low to the ground, shit weasels; pardon my language; some people get annoyed at my delivery but I am a lot more restrained than I want to be. Personally speaking I would like to put my head into a suicide bombers jacket and blow up the entire world; that’s how explosive my head is and how angry I might be if I didn’t have my marvelous sense of control which you are witnessing right now given what I am not saying. Use your imagination.

Once my father decides to stop having coffee and conferring his morning blessings, I will be just that pleased when he gets around to the ass kicking portion of the program. I will personally get down to Kinko’s, if they are still around, and print up the flyers that get handed out to the attendees at the great spectacle of summing up. I’ve had it. Peter Boyle is going to come off looking like a deaf mute once I get going. I’ve had it. I’d rather be a gay man in the Taliban than a member of the white English speaking race. I’d like to hire a team of Apaches to skin me alive so that I can take my skin and beat the bloody life out of these criminal lying sonsofbitches and if that is what it takes to make me angry enough to force the hand of Heaven then I will surely do that.

I’m really pissed off but I guess you can see that. Back during the second, stolen term of the Bush league administration, I sent a number of emails to The White House wherein I challenged George and Dick to a steel cage match. Since I am a much better tactical fighter and far better trained in a physical sense than either of them and definitely in better shape, I allowed them to both have knives and I would fight them for the human race. They could defend the corporations and I would defend humanity in a winner take all title fight to the death. They did not answer me. They didn’t even send any of their hired thugs around. I suspect their hired thugs were too busy covering up the things they were supposed to be investigating; that’s what I suspect.

Now I have the skin traitor, Obama who probably should have replaced Denzel Washington in the remake of the Manchurian Candidate, hoovering Rothschild cock while his dominatrix, Marie Antoinette of a wife, spanks his naughty behind and… he likes it.

I’ll tell you what the almighty told me. I’ll tell you in a conversational way what he told me last year a little before the time we are in right now. He wasn’t talking about me. He told me that too. He was talking about you and not the people who read these blogs…except for maybe a few of you who monitor these zones.

You’re a pack of dirty, treacherous whores. You have no conscience and you serve no god. You are out for yourselves at the tail end of an epoch in which you did nothing but lie, cheat and steal; I guess we should mention the murders too. You faithless fucks did a bit of that too. Well let me tell you something you high toned, high stepping, cosmic targets with a major league bull’s-eye tattooed on your ass. I’m coming for you and I have no mercy left. You have drained every drop from my being. I used to be Krishna but I am all Shiva Tandava now and I’m going to give you what you have been begging me for. I am going to give you what your deeds deserve. Your paltry human imaginations think up a Lake of Fire. Baby… I’ve got much more elegant torments in store for you.

I’m putting you on notice now. The clock… your clock is ticking. I’ve opened a small window for everyone who will humble themselves and seek repentance and that is going to be open for just a little while longer and… once I close that window and take my people home, I am going to scientifically kick your ass in ways that you were never given the ability to imagine. If you think I am kidding then you just wait and see; selah…

I am going to show up right in the middle of what you are doing. I am going to catch you with your pants down and I am going to broadcast it wider than, “All you need is Love” was. I gave myself to you last time and you did what you did. Now I’m coming back and man… you do not want to be on my bad side.

I’ve raised an army of your victims. I’ve given them hearts of stone and hands of steel. I’ve humanized the animals that you tortured and embodied them with fell purpose. I’ve forgiven them in advance and entered into them with the fire of memory. I’m going to balance the scales. You’d better start running now and all you are going to accomplish is to circle the Earth. There will be no hiding place. I’m going to mark you so that they know who you are. I am going to make every tree and bush; every body of water and every patch of ground aware of you and where you are and cause them to cry out and reveal you. See if I don’t.

There was a lot more but this will serve for now.