Monday, October 26, 2015

Mr. Apocalypse goes after The Holocaust Industry.

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Maybe you were wondering why I got sort of strange on the last Mirrors. I assure you it was intentional. Whenever strange things start happening to and around me, I seek to document them, even when I leave most of it out. Some of the heat seems to have backed off, so we are back in the usual mode of whatever passes for consistency around here.

The internetverse is lighting up with variations on this particular theme. Everywhere I went I was running into articles such as this. Christopher Bollyn had one linked also but I couldn't find it at his site, even though it was named as relating to that subject matter but this happens. His site is immense and they probably linked the site instead of the article... or I am missing something. Often it is some kind of combination (grin). And then there is this.

In any case, if you watch the world in terms of what you cannot see, as do I... you can intuit some pretty startling things, such as the way that information on a given subject will start to surface all over the place in direct defiance of those seeking to keep the party line lies intact. This is happening now with the truth concerning The Holocaust Industry. One great and tragic irony always comes to my mind when I consider this phenomenon and that is the murder by these same scoundrels of tens of millions of Russians during the Bolshevik years. How interesting after accomplishing the biggest ever mass murder on the planet that they devise this following scheme, coming out of their testicle crushing escapades at Nuremberg. It is almost as if they sought to militate against this greatest in a long litany of their crimes against the rest of humanity by developing the most profitable victim industry the world has ever seen... but... Mr. Apocalypse, the biggest unseen actor backstage is bringing the truth, day by day, out before the eyes of the world, in ever larger and more telling uncoverings of what has been concealed for so long.

This is what I am talking about when I refer to watching the world in terms of what you cannot see. For a time the breaking news from everywhere was about the Catholic Churches Pedophilia Epidemic. I imagine that the MAJORITY of the members of the College of Cardinals are gay. I imagine the same applies to the archbishops and the rank and file. I imagine it is a huge number but I am not imagining. I recounted my experiences recently when I walked into the wrong bathhouse in Rome. You'd had to have been there although you probably wouldn't have wanted to. You know how it is when you directly experience something and find yourself incapable of accurately describing what you saw? It's like that.

Sometimes when I try to talk about supernatural experiences that I have had, this same thing happens to me. I am struck dumb in a certain way. I can talk about what happened but I cannot communicate the event as I experienced it. It is beyond words and... isn't that what a supernatural experience is all about? Well, sometimes that happens when the experience is not supernatural but simply surreal.

I read recently, perhaps it is in one of the links given, how school textbooks of some decades earlier, reported correctly on how many Tribe members died during World War 2. Then... all those textbooks got recycled and the myth began to perpetuate into the minds of the developing vulnerable on their way up into an adulthood of integration, into a world built on lies, for the purpose of the profit of bankers and other psychopaths. My favorite inconsistency is how they were claiming that 4.5 million died at Auschwitz and then THEY lowered the number to 1.5 million and there was STILL a six million total of dead victims. How is this possible? What kind of strange math, harder than Chinese Algebra, is this? Then there is the matter of the World Almanac population numbers. Sometimes you hear there were 4 million at Auschwitz and the numbers were lowered to 1.1 million. It doesn't matter which of these lies are true (grin) because... yes... they are all lies.

Let me point out here, the most unfortunate truth about the Holocaust Denial Laws. It is against the law to oppose the official history, created by those profiting from the appearance of the event. It doesn't matter what you can prove. It doesn't matter if you can shoot it full of holes. It is against the law whether it is true or not. This is what those seeking to point out the glaring inconsistencies have discovered. This is all controlled by the bankers, who in turn control the governments and courts and let us always keep in mind that the Soviet Union was Tribe controlled and everything that came out of there as far as records go is suspect in the extreme.

Mr. Apocalypse is now taking on the Holocaust Lie and at some point he is going to open the floodgates on the truth of the Israeli orchestration of 9/11. It is all going to come out. We are on the doorstep of a renaissance of truth and even though horrible events are taking place in many locations in the world these days, a golden age is building out of sight, until it rushes into manifestation AFTER necessary events have taken place.

I don't know how many times I have said this but I will say it again. I did not want to discover that these truths were true. I would much rather it had gone a different way but... you must go in the direction that the truth leads, if you wish to discover the truth and the truth is and always will be more important to me than the costs and consequences of realizing it. It is a career and reputation killer to serve and speak the truth in these times. As Orwell so aptly declaimed, “In a time of universal deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act.”

The penalties for being a soldier in the war for human awakening and understanding are severe and not only in terms of one's life and what is denied one. It is also made ever more difficult on the invisible plane, where dark forces are relentless in their attempt to subvert one's heart and mind. I speak from direct experience of this and this past week has been a classic example of what happens when invisible agencies target you. It can be grim and you have no alternative but to call on the ineffable for help. There is no public agency you can appeal to for redress or an end to it. Even if you could, in these times, judgment would go against you because these same forces, for the moment, control all public and private agencies. I think about it like the hurricane that just went through Mexico. Sometimes all you can do is hunker down and wait for it to pass. Hopefully you survive the event. As Nietzsche once said, “What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.” We can only hope.

It doesn't matter where you are or how you might be concealed from the world around you. These forces can find you. There are areas of darkness in nearly all of us and they resonate and declare themselves to whomever might be seeking you out. As in the realms of light, where all of the entities of those planes are in a way interconnected in their beings and their work, so it is otherwise as well. The point of access is the subconscious and that is why one must guard the gateway of the mind and seek to seal the door where evil dwells. You can run around in your head like a rat in a maze, searching for reasons and meaning and come to no certain understanding. Confusion is confusion and by nature is confusing. How do you explain confusion or chaos? There is no way. It is like a raging sea, being whipped in all directions unpredictably. There is no rhyme or reason. It is what it is, even when there is no defining nature to it because, after all, it is chaos and that is the defining nature of it; whatever that means (grin).

My friends, I never expected it to go on and on as it does. I even believed the world had changed in the 60's. I was one of those filled with an unbridled optimism. I got shanghaied by my altruistic bent and instead of putting together some consistency in a career and building an investment portfolio to provide for my exit years, I threw it all into another account from which one might draw succor and possibly even sustenance. It takes a major degree of faith to live on the uncertain margins in an uncertain world. It is certainly not for everyone. Still... if one keeps their heart and mind on the source of all good things, water will come out of the rocks and secret springs in the desert and sustenance will find you for so long as it is determined that you should be sustained. I am seeing this, against all the odds set by what might otherwise seem to be a cruel and unforgiving world. In the end, everything out here is only appearances and we give whatever names we give to them, according to what they mean to us. If your eye is on that farther reach, then every appearance in this world will part before the faith, certitude and determination of one's sustained focus.

It may seem impossible that one could continue and even thrive with little by comparison even with those who think themselves poor but magic happens, although I call it grace. Revelation is coming. Redemption is coming. Judgment is coming and many another profound and serendipitous thing. For some it is the very worst news imaginable and for some it is the very best.

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Sorry about no radio show this week. I was under duress and it didn't even occur to me until too late but this week I will be on Robert Phoenixes radio show on Friday and we will have our usual fare as well.  

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Humming "Silver Bells" on the Fentanyl Highway to the River Styx

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I saw a real box office piece of shit last night called “Bridge of Spies”. I knew it was going to be crap because all the usual bloated and bombastic critics loved it. Through the movie I kept getting the impression that this was an attempt to make us hate the Russians. It was boring and that is probably one of the chief crimes any film can commit. It featured a truly constipated acting job by industry hack, Tom Hanks. Several times I asked myself, who is responsible for this piece of crap? I found out with the closing credits, Steven Spielberg; not my favorite director, whom I consider really juvenile at his craft. I would call him the most overrated director, by comparison with his level of success, pretending to be working today.

Then I saw Black Mass, actually I saw this prior to but I'm being lazy. Man! Johnny Depp can play himself some gangsta. It was pure evil and menace all through. What I like to say about Johnny Depp is, when the make up goes on, Johnny doesn't comes out, someone else does. I can't say I liked the film cause it was dark and displays a world I would rather not come into contact with.

Both films were about historical, real life figures ...but only one of them was real or professionally done. I didn't come here today to talk about films though. I came here to segue into Halloween, which is an easy step off from Depp. Step from Depp? Today I was in Long's Drugs to get a prescription. It's one of those prescriptions that only the CIA and the DEA are allowed to traffic in the product of; just like how only the real terrorists don't get felt up by the perverts at the TSA. Anyway (digression coming), I'm sitting there and waiting and even though Halloween has yet to arrive, that odious tune, “Silver Bells” comes on, sung by the avuncular misanthropic pipe felating, Bing Crosby. The song sounds like the soundtrack playing in the minds of those wearing Fentanyl patches on their way to the mortuary. Someone I knew died of cancer in Germany and I got his remaining Fentanyl patches and I tried them out. As a fearless pioneer of the chemical frontiers, I 'occasionally' field test certain things on a one off basis to see what's going on there. This particular chemical is a death compound. My intuitive nature was on full alert with it and that's my prognosis. The Silver Bells, Fentanyl Highway to the River Styx is how it is.

I don't like Halloween. After Halloween, I don't like New Year's Eve and the Fourth of July, which are the two major holidays for amateur night on the highways. I won't go into why I don't like Halloween except to say that I don't appreciate the celebration of the monsters within. Materialism fever generates the monsters within, the same way that other fevers can generate hallucinations. Why did I segue to Halloween if I am not going to spend any time on it? FIIK. This is Petri Dish. We talk about the culture so... so far so good except for weaving around the place like a New Year's Eve driver on their way home, or somewhere else.

Is this an expression of the culture, or more specifically, political? I suppose it is both so that's okay. It's worth reading because of the dissembling of that odious, petri dish mucus composite from the bottom of a Manila landfill, Dershowitz. He's a lot like Gerald Rivero in too many ways to go into. In these times you get a surfeit of personality types who are, forgive the language (but what else can you call them?) sick fucks from Hell. The bitter pill to swallow is the level of success so many of them have but I am not the envious sort, nor obsessed with injustices that merely reflect my own insubstantial success on the material plane. I know, in a place inside myself that is unshakable that success depends on what you have made out of yourself, not what you have made out of the world. I, like you, am in the movie of my life and simply because so much is hidden from me, I am firmly convinced that my focus MUST be on my interior being. What is being hidden from me is very significant in this regard. There is usually a very good reason that significant features of yourself are concealed beyond every effort that can be made to uncover them. We'll see (what? Heh heh). Another feature is when out of left field bizarre things happen to you and through you and there is no defining reason for any of it. This is a red flag, metaphysically speaking.

I cannot hammer this point enough; hammer it into myself and hammer it into you, for the purpose of comprehension (grin). Life is about discovery and is composed of a programmed litany of experiences devoted to that end. If you don't discover that, which the experiences are set up to reveal to you, you are condemned to a variation on the theme until you do get it. Here is where the number one killer of human life comes into play; no matter what the disease manifestation turns out to be, it is usually brought about by, 'stress'. Stress is generated when you oppose the discovery that is provided to you by life experiences. You resist it. You enter into the realm of denial and the force of energy play between the poles of who you are and who you told yourself you are, generates higher and higher degrees of stress because you are doing things you don't want to do, thinking things you don't want to think and feeling things you don't want to feel because this is all that is available to you, as you skirt the discoveries of the truth about yourself. It is the fear of seeing whatever that is which keeps your awareness at bay. The sad reality is that what you would discover is wonderful. It is not frightening, except insofar as the responsibility that comes with it. You are responsible for what you know and never more so than when it turns out to be true.

Even borderline intellects should be aware that Obama is a preening psychopath and that Zionism sets the tone for all political policy in The United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia. Even a Schmoo should know that the official line on 9/11 and Bin Laden and his improbable demise are fatuous and impossible lies. A Schmoo might not know that Israel was behind 9/11 but they could if they had even a small amount of curiosity about the matter but the truth is, they don't want to know, based on some variety of 'curiosity killed the cat'. See... even if people know something is very wrong they are not inclined to find out what it is because they become responsible for it. It is much safer to make fun of those who tell the truth because in these times, lies are the negotiable currency of the day. Counterfeits trump the authentic across the board. Unless, of course you are a member of the few, the proud and the brave and I'm not talking about The Marines, who may number among their kind some solid fellows but who more often than not are composed of those who kill on command for Satanic bankers and aren't even aware of it. They are playing video games in their minds.

This brings us to the real problem going on all over the place and that is manipulation. You're aware of the obvious manipulations of the media in all its forms and the way the direction of the entertainment industry is skewered ever more and more into the depraved. Then there are the other manipulations that have to do with government policy and the education system and these can seem less obvious because they are made to seem necessary and are overseen by professionals, who are supposed to have our best interests at heart... but they don't. Then there is the manipulations we perform on each other, due to these other manipulations performed on us by the aforementioned. Stockholm Syndrome is an epidemic in all kinds of ways that might not look like what it is but it is.

The whole game is about making one thing look like another and then make that other look like yet another and that is how you get to where nothing is what it seems and it's perfectly okay, until the stress of it makes you too sick to continue. The only difference between sheep on the hooks and sheep in wingtips and high heels is a matter of appearances. The same result occurs to them both, it just doesn't look that way. They are both consumed by someone. The sheep wind up in all kinds of culinary displays from patties to racks with a green jelly garnish and the wingtips and high heels are stuffed with particular compositions over the course of time, to please the palate of the entities who dine upon them. They are not consumed at one sitting but in stages, over time, until they look like they have been hollowed out from within by invisible fires. As Mikhael Aivanhov said, “If people were aware of who was having lunch while they were having sex they would be a lot more careful about it all.” I'm paraphrasing but that is the gist of it.

Alright my friends! We have come to the end of another posting and I'll see you next time if there is one. In the meantime, may you find what waits in that place of discovery that is the fruit of every experience which comes before you should you be able to see it. That said, the usual salutation follow.

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Friday, October 16, 2015

There be Komodo Dragons Dancing at the Krispy Kreme

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A lot of celebrities are atheists and that is not surprising because most actors are generally egotists. It comes with the territory. They tend to 'celebrate' their celebrity, believing that their abilities are self generated. Sometimes though, they get accused of being atheists when technically they are not. They are more in the agnostic don't know category and that is different. What is less surprising to me and none of it is surprising in any case, are the amount of gay actors that are atheists. Most of the time, atheism comes out of one's inability to accommodate their lifestyle to the pronouncements of scripture. In some Eastern religious systems they are less condemnatory but none of them support, promote or validate this form of behavior. They just acknowledge that differences happen and that there are all manner of challenges that come upon a person based on their plumbing, which gets routed in the early years by environment and that is why so many of them form such dramatic attachments to their mother who is often the cause, when it isn't the result of a negative or absentee father figure. My take is that it is something we all pass through, like everything else.

We have often pointed out here that nearly all atheistic beliefs are caused by a reaction to the hypocrisies of organized religion and have nothing to do with the existence of god apart from religion. I am very fortunate given that I have direct, repeated evidence of an ineffable being. I am not talking about psychic encounters or supernatural or metaphysical events that came about through the ingestion of psychedelics or unexplainable events. There have been many of those and many of those have been legitimate encounters. I am talking about those events that have happened apart from any of these influences and which have been a consistent part of my life and are happening more and more as time passes and I have less and less to do with comestibles.

Sexual connoisseur of air brushed twinks and ranking member of the Hollywood Gay Mafia, David Geffin (also an atheist) has financed a school of Medicine at UCLA for homosexual studies. Of course it isn't listed as this but that is what it does. Here is one of the more in depth collection of essays on this Hollywood Gay Mafia. Of course, I know a bit more about the power brokers for this lifestyle since I knew I wanted to include the demographic in novels I had yet to write at the time and since I had a friend who was a member of this trend/lifestyle and knew all about where and when to go and took me along with him as an observer, sort of like those early guys in Vietnam (grin). I had the fortune, or misfortune of seeing many of these things coming from a long way before they arrived due to connected links with both the Jewish and Gay communities. In Washington DC I saw the emergence of the gay lifestyle in tandem with taking large amounts of the very best LSD this planet has seen, so the things I saw were powerfully demonstrated and fantastically surreal. I remember seeing this acquaintance, Larry, sitting with others who had all arrived in the park that summer and I was very high on LSD and they all looked like confections, pastries, colorful candies that might dance, writhe and squirm in a crystal bowl. Though I was not a customer at that particular bakery, I still saw it as I saw it. They were playthings that got consumed (don't play with your food!) and this was the case, as I observed, after seeing them down the road later on.

Ironically, along with my friend Carlos, who was also into the martial arts and who used to make parking meters ring with head butts, I protected these fellows and the handful of queens who minced around the fountain at Dupont Circle in those times. This park could be a very dangerous and rowdy place at night, on the weekends and any time really. It could also be a blast.

All this time has passed and I still remember these young men as selections on the desert cart. That is what they had come here for. Yes, some of us came here for the spiritual opportunities of this epic period of transition on that massive cosmic clock but others came simply to frolic among the available delights (so defined according to taste) that this period has to offer as distractions from the soul advancement side of it. People look at certain objectives as something they will do later. However, sooner or later many things show up on their own, like disease, old age and death. They creep up on you. You don't expect them and you can't ever tell at what point they arrived.

I had an epiphany last night. It had been coming for awhile. I had been asking for certain things and then, at some point, weeks ago, I found myself asking the ineffable to take responsibility for and authority over all of my material and spiritual concerns but... even though I was asking for this I still had items on the list, on the menu, things I would like to have happen to or for me and it hit me very hard last night that there is really only one thing I truly want and that is to have the ineffable as the centerpiece of my life. I was laying there and the thought came into my mind of moments when I was blissed out on LSD, when I was in a state of transfiguration and deep serenity of being that was, for the moment, drenched in a state of orgasmic oneness and the ineffable said to me. “This is what it was like and what it is like when I was awake and within you. You remember don't you?” And suddenly I did. I realized that every experience like that, whether it occurred as a result of some medium or came out of nowhere, was always like that, where I was filled with love and something even more, though that would probably just be a higher arc of love than what I was ordinarily aware of, or capable of ...and I knew in that moment that all I wanted was to feel like that as often and for as long as I possibly could and that that was a guaranteed state of being if the ineffable were there in my being.

Nothing else matters. All my material concerns and spiritual apprehensions are of no consequence beside the absolute wonder and security of the ineffable resonant within. I had been deceiving myself on a very basic level where I was telling myself if only I had this or that or I was whatever it was, I would be as I wanted to be but none of any of it would have accomplished this, only the indwelling ineffable can accomplish this. I see that I am on the right track now and I see that I have been headed this way for a time. We shall see.

People want to tell me that the Jews are pawns of some shadowy cabal and I agree there is some degree of this, given that the infernal realm is a spiritual zone. However, they are part of a team that includes Satanic Masons and others who wield the temporal scepter over the fates of the rest of us, or seem to. Consider this. They own 94% of all the media, print and electronic. They own the Hollywood movie studios. They own more than 90% of all the art galleries. They own or control every aspect of the music industry. They control the United States government and many another. You can really see this in Canada and they are the financial and executive arm of every major atheist organization and every alternative sexual organization. I could add significantly more to this but it is unnecessary. What it means is they influence the general mindset and belief system of most of the world, with the objective of controlling the world. Why did I segue from the one focus to this one, all of a sudden, like I had some kind of schizo break?

There is the world and then there is the invisible vibratory realm that has to do with what precipitates into form. It is like how the lines in your palm are formed by the currents of your thought and the nature and direction of your thought is formed by your Karmic schematic and colored and defined by your particular Samskaras. The world is a creation of our minds and depending on what influences our thoughts, to that we give our support in terms of what we collectively bring about. These dark agents could do none of this without our ambitions, appetites and desires being woven into the scheme they are devising for us. Though we seem to live in a certain world that is generally agreed upon as existing in a commonly understood way, that is not the case, as there are many worlds within worlds and many degrees of sorrow and joy that color the varieties of what can be found here. As you think so you are.

As has been said here any number of times, Adam means, 'namer of things'. You see this in action when you hear conservatives and liberals speak from their perspectives or when you see anyone acting out on their idea of what is and what is not. These may not be completely right or wrong but they are most certainly flawed as far as being representative of what is. We are all caught up in a particular illusion that had hidden our view of The Garden. Apparently an angel guards the entrance there. Some live in that garden this very moment. Anyone could. That garden is wherever the ineffable resides and if the ineffable resides in you, there you are. Of course, none of us would have life except for the life that is a manifestation of the light of the ineffable but we are a conscious host or we are an unconscious vehicle that is being driven. God and the devil are the same. It is just as matter of perspective. The devil is the way the wicked see god. This is also why the devil doesn't exist except as an expression of a limited awareness. He is often called the limiter and that is the job of the planetary force of Saturn. Saturnine? “If god is for me, who can be against me?”

I'm starting to get it I think; took me long enough. You can know all kinds of things and yet not know them. You can make mistakes and they aren't mistakes. You can get into all kinds of situations and you might not have the slightest thing to say about it. Until true surrender takes place you are walking blind and the least you can do is be aware of it. You are either degenerate or you are regenerate and that all comes down to innocence lost, which is not unlike Paradise Lost. This is another thing you notice about true masters is those childlike qualities that they have. Of course they know where the real value of everything resides and it resides within and it has to be brought forth into a luminous state of resonant unity with the indwelling self. There is nothing more. Outside there could be 18 billion permutations of difference competing for both survival and attention and there is only one attention that should be sought after. Count me in on that.

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Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Depravity of the Beast in the Hours before the Dawn.

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Well... it looks like that Oregon shooting is a big put up job like all the others. If a picture says a thousand words then this one is War and Peace, or something by Minchner and of course there are any number of videos. Some go after this one specific event and aren't very well done and some go after the collective of false flags and are better done. Some bring up very interesting details and illustrate people like that Oregon sheriff. Here is someone that provides hope that not all of us are cowardly followers of impossible scripts.

Meanwhile there is much darker shit going on over in the center for international Israeli bankers called, London. It has long looked like London is the main center for Satanic pedophilia and child sacrifice. Perhaps it has always been like that and goes all the way back to things like ancient Druidic evil. It seems like certain things got woken up in that land a long time ago and these forces have since prospered and countless children and others have died in agony at the hands of aristocrats and other privileged sorts and the evil goes all the way up into the royal family, the church hierarchy, the leaders in business and politics and of course, all curses flow from the central bankers.

The thing is... when you are inclined toward evil and... some amount of us always are... and far more of us become so inclined in times of material darkness then... the kicks that are possible through what money and position will provide, soon lose their flavor and become old. One is pressed in pursuit of ever more and more dark experiences, in order to satisfy a hunger that cannot be satisfied this way and which only grows stronger as a result. It grows stronger and more demented because... the fires of these appetites are stoked by invisible (and eventually not so invisible) demonic forces because these forces seek more than anything else to become manifest and to especially do so through the possession of a human vehicle, where they can then express hungers that no sane or humane soul would consider.

This possession is effected by bringing the intended human consciousness and vehicle ever more and more into rapport with the demonic intelligence. It becomes shaped by degrees and through experiences into a harmonic counterpart. It becomes what is called an acceptable host and this process is very similar to what happens to souls on the other end when they become channels for celestial intelligences. Any of us that consistently aspires to such a state will achieve some level of it. The same can be said of those going in reverse, except they are usually not aspiring toward a possession by these forces (usually) but they are in pursuit of things like power and position, varieties of sexual expression, other appetites, revenge and all of these things and more, are available through demonic agency.

The thing is, you think you are going to get one thing and maybe you do but that one thing leads to other things you well might never have dreamed of and the thing to keep in mind is that demonic entities usually hate humanity and like nothing better than to bring or lead souls into horrific states and though there might be a difference in the intensity of their hate for the evil and the good, it is probably only so defined by the greater difficulty of possessing the one over the other and MOST IMPORTANTLY... there is a war on. It is the only war of any importance in the cosmic sense. It is a spiritual war and the objective is souls. Demons and angels and other forces and entities are all on one side or another, except for the ones who seem to be outside of the pull in either of these directions. We don't know much about them and we won't be discussing them anyway.

I'm going to give an analogy here. It may not be completely precise but it will do. Imagine life here in the manifest as very much like a gambling casino and this casino exists both in the manifest sense and in the invisible sense. In the manifest sense, people take risks all the time and those risks are more extreme and less extreme and the prizes are commensurate. Here people bet against each other in everything they do but that is not the whole of it. Some do not play. Some bet on themselves. Some have no sense of self worth and are unable to put enough value on themselves to bet or be bet on.

Of course there is a lot more to it but we don't need to go into that because you can just take what has been said here and use your imagination, your reason and the tools of logic, induction and deduction (which most people don't know the difference between but they know the words) and you will come up with all kinds of possibilities... or not.

In the invisible realms, both infernal and supernal, there is also betting going on, on us and what we will and will not achieve and there are efforts taken to influence our actions. The infernal realm has the upper hand in this regard, which is a funny way of putting it, isn't it? This is because it is Kali Yuga where it is three quarters dark and one quarter light but generally appears much worse than that. This also means that the degree of difficulty for those seeking higher states is greater and that also means that the odds are greater and that also means that the rewards are greater.

The reason it is so difficult is because of the appearances of the material world. They are overpowering a lot of the time and the magnetic draw toward the exercise of appetites is intense. On the one hand, for most of us, the access is limited or not satisfactory, when measured against the fantasies and that leads to frustration and anger... rage... and attendant violent expressions. All of this comes out of the sex force and the agents of the manifest stir up the passions and then make the accomplishment of them difficult and often impossible. On the other hand, those with money and privilege can get anything they want but since it is not what their real self really wants they are- like I said- driven to greater and greater excesses of ever more perverted expressions. One might study the state of Rome under certain emperors to see just how base it all became. Most people know little of what actually transpired there because they haven't read the more arcane historical records of the times, as some of us have. What they know they may or may not have seen in things like Satyricon.

We live in similar times now and behind closed doors and in the privileged locations, all kinds of things are going on and have been going on. The level of common cruelty in this world is much greater than most people in the west imagine. The things that happen in Saudi Arabia and many another place are filled with daily expression of terrible horror. All over the world bad things are happening to people all the time. Most of you who read here are very lucky in this regard. It's all Karma however. All of these things are being encouraged and bet on and worked for and against by invisible forces and by agents of all their varieties here.

We think we've seen the extent of human depravity by this time but we have not. When the mask comes off the beast is loosed and it is like no beast ever seen in the natural world and it is invoked, revealed, brought forth by conditions. When conditions become extreme then the reaction to those conditions becomes extreme. Seemingly powerful forces are working to bring such conditions about with all possible speed in these times and that is because the hour is late and the prize and what is imagined as the prize, looms like a burning ring of fire before the eyes of those deluded by the attraction of it. There is nothing attractive about the prize of the material reward, there is only the appearance of it. There is only what it looks like but is not. The world is a disappointment and always has been because what the real self hungers for cannot to be found there. It only appears to be and the whole long progression of disappointments has one purpose and that is to bring the human heart and mind to an understanding of how shallow and empty material pursuits are. That is why one is exhorted to be in the world but not of it.

We get lost and we get more and more lost because we are following blueprints that don't lead anywhere based on our certainty that we know where we are going but we don't. One can only be led out of it all. One cannot find their own way out. The forces of ignorance and appetite are too great in this time. One need only look around to see the extent of collective confusion and illusion and all of the blocks and bindings that harness the mind against realization.

They are betting on you and against you. This is because you are found both predictable and unpredictable, even though the ineffable knows the outcome in every case and that is why every game in the casino is fixed. The infernal croupiers believe the game is fixed because they know the house has rigged the wheels and the dice and the cards... and the ineffable knows the games are fixed because the ineffable controls the wheels and the dice and the cards and whatever mediums are employed. As has been said, 'it is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a riddle'. It appears to be of a labyrinthine complexity while it is absolutely simple and this all depends on whether you believe you know what you are doing and where you are going, or whether you are following the lead of one whom you believe has all the answers and according to your faith it will be done unto you.

Ah... we could go on and on here and we have left many a question and holes everywhere in this Swiss Cheese diagram of what is, having talked about what is not.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, October 02, 2015

The Treasure of Sierra Madre Flu and the Sorcerer's Apprentice Flu.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet (given that it is flu season; it's ALWAYS flu season.)

Possibly you had the opportunity to read yesterday's rant concerning the bankers being at the heart of the troubles in this world. One might say Materialism is the real problem and the bankers finance the illusion for the specific intention of enslaving the populations through usury and all the many hydra heads of attraction to the varieties of magnetized dust. ♫It's a big wheel of fire that's turning in your eyes. It's the object of desire and your body in disguise and the soul bleeds forever. Is it love or love in pain? Is it both of them together or are both of them the same? Is it both of them together or are both of them the same?♫

Here at ground zero. The central generation nexus of Materialism, the number one killer is heart disease. After that it is cancer and number three (drum roll) is medical treatments gone wrong. Imagine that. Interestingly, in the undeveloped countries they have little to none of these top three killers. They have a different lifestyle, sure... but most importantly they have a different diet. We're big on protein here and have been conned into believing that we need twice as much protein as we actually need. More importantly we are conned into believing that we need ANIMAL PROTEIN and that is where the cancer comes from. People have been conned into believing that they need all these vitamin supplements because they need the vitamins and that is true and they would have all these vitamins if they ate the proper food but they are not eating the proper food, so the result is that Americans and those following in their doomed footsteps, wind up having the most expensive piss in the world because those vitamins don't assimilate.

Number three is medical treatments gone wrong.

In India. The poor people eat brown rice, when they aren't eating mud pies (made with real mud) like they do in Haiti, after the charities got done with them. The moment they are not poor anymore, or at least for however long they remain not poor, they eat only white rice. Today I was in Wal-Mart that bastion of capitalistic enterprise, owned by, arguably the cheapest, stingiest and most predatory family offspring on the planet. I could go on and on about their policies but why bother? You can find these things out if it interests you. It has never failed to impress me, how much time billionaires spend trying to cheat the system. One of the sweet ironies of life is that one billion, or ten billion or a hundred billion is just not enough and if the fruit of your efforts is the destruction of the system that made it possible, so be it.

Materialism is a very aggressive brain fever. I sometimes refer to it as The Treasure of Sierra Madre Flu. What makes it such a virulent parasite is that it goes largely unrecognized. It is actually the number one killer because it causes all the heart disease, cancer and medical error. Some form of Materialism is responsible for just about every death on the planet. We could get deep into the why and how of it all but... that's not necessary. When you turn your attention away from the true light, your world is illuminated by the false light and the false light is the light of mortality. It is a shroud of sorts and you wander from body to body as a ghost in a trance, in a dream of life which is not life but only a dream that cycles around ambitions and appetites, in endless reoccurrrence. The pain and suffering are significant. It is an agony, like the slow drip of endless time and everything you get, no matter what you get, is not enough. There is an unquenchable thirst at the center of one's being and were you to pour the ocean into it it would not suffice to satiate or end it.

What we see in all those third world Hell holes is the result of poor karmic investments made in other places at other times.

Today I had one of those experiences that have been coming around lately. They are made all the more profound by the sense of their ordinariness, as if it were obvious that it was true and why was it not as obvious as it should have been earlier? I was in Long's Drugs and I was waiting for something and so I looked around me. There were several people coming and going behind a large counter. There were several people also waiting here and there and some number of people who would appear and then disappear and as I was watching them it came very clearly to my understanding; not so much to my mind as to my understanding. There is an important distinction here. It came to my mind that all of these people were/are me.

I have had this experience before and I have known that this must be true and I have held forth on this concept now and again, here and elsewhere. However, it was one of those things that came into my mind and got considered for a moment, or a couple of moments and then it went back into the holding tank to await my deeper understanding. Today I got that in a visceral way. All of these people really are me in different stages of being and they only know what they know and it accounts for everything about them. This is why I so often get the sense that I am speaking to people through time. Very occasionally I am speaking to someone in the moment and those times are a joy to me. Very often a smile speaks into the moment with all kinds of people that I am usually speaking through time to and I realize that there are things that we can do with our consciousness in many different ways that far exceed the limitations of speech and the time comes when we are doing this all the time or... should I say that it is occurring 'through us' all of the time, since we are no longer blocking it's passage most of the time.

The more I surrender and let go of any need to control anything or get upset at anything, the less need there is to control anything or get angry or frustrated about anything. I am beginning to see in ways that I never saw before that the only thing I've ever accomplished is interference (getting in the way) and that everything is under control and that all I have to do is acknowledge that and live accordingly and I am trying to do that, without actually trying and I know now that that is why I was put in this little building in the jungle and left more or less completely alone, so that I could discover these things. It's all perfect. Well... except for me that is (grin) but... all things in time. I've been told there is nothing for me to do except be and it will all become. I'm guessing this is my purpose of demonstration... to show that I can be still and know that there is a god and not run around trying to act like one which is what all the hurrying and scurrying that is going on around me is an expression of... a potpourri of fools acting as their own creator and... given the results, one would have to say they have been successful at it as far as their capabilities go. There sure is a lot of Sorcerers Apprentice Flu going around.

I didn't mean to go off on a subjective lark. That sort of thing just seems to happen around here and I don't have much control over it. I don't want to have any control over it. I prefer that it has control over me... given that I have sorted out exactly who that is without ever being able to comprehend it. The concern always was that it not be evil and all I have to go by on that account is that same, “by their works ye shall know them” thing and I guess I'm just going to throw myself on the mercy of the court in that respect and hope that the body of efforts is not canceled out by the body of failures. Time will tell and we shall see.

Oh well... back to the news of the day. Israeli banker owned nations are increasingly livid that Russia is targeting their financed terrorist operations in Syria and now Iran is sending 'hundreds' of ground forces in to wipe out the Israeli banker financed terrorists. In the meantime, ironies abound as Israeli banker owned western media complain that Russia is killing civilians while direct evidence of Israeli banker owned NATO forces are caught doing exactly that. Like, the old song says, ♫something's got to give♫ Batshit crazy Fiona is calling for the Russian planes to be shot out of the skies but the really important cultural work is continuing unhindered, via lengthy psy ops postings in the Israeli banker owned media and... as is usually the case when things aren't going well for the genocidal Israeli banker wars and public relations efforts like Israel's opposition to the Iran Deal, it's time for another domestic school shooting. We don't know anything about which Tavistock or MKUltra graduate was sent in to accomplish this yet. Once they've packaged whatever the official lie is, we'll hear about it.

Anyway, there's always some new amusement afoot and this one which will no doubt be responsible for unloading truckloads of abuse on all sorts of people; will, no doubt eventually, rank right up there with such intellectually challenging systems like Twitter; 'Twitter is for Twits!' The stupider and meaner you can make the general public and the easier you can make it for them to demonstrate mean and stupid, the better it will be for those who need the public to be mean and stupid. It promotes their support of mean and stupid at the top. Recently the New York Times reported on the inconsistencies in the 9/11 report and even mentioned Building 7 and the public provided zero response to the news. It can't end well for many and maybe all that means is breathing room for the rest of us or... well... almost anything is possible. September has come to an end and that moon is gone too.

End Transmission.......