Sunday, January 24, 2010

You're Looking Good, Peckerwood

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I guess we will have to delay the definitive treatise on political correctness and multi-culturalism for a little longer as we have spotted something in the Petri Dish that looks a lot like Ebola, even if it doesn’t eat your face... literally ...but eats up other amorphous portions of a person’s being. These portions of a person’s being are amorphous only from the perspective of a society which never saw a photo-shopped ass that it didn’t prefer over the living light of the soul.

I think of the soul as being like a mirror. It carries the reflected light of the spirit. It’s less of a mirror and more of a vessel, of course. It’s something like the phial that held the glimmer of Galadriel which was to be a light in dark places for Frodo. I need the mirror image (pun intended) for my presentation though and so we’ll go with that.

You can throw shit- or just about anything- at a mirror and the staining is temporary... or can be temporary; you only have to wipe it off. It’s a good metaphor. In these dark days there are many who prefer to parade around with the ordure in place because they think it adds to their allure, the same way a dog thinks it smells better when it rolls in a roadside carcass and doesn’t understand why you aren’t as impressed as it hoped you would be. All the fashionable swains are wearing eau de dead armadillo these days.

You can let dust collect on the mirror until the reflection is no longer visible and lots of people do that too because the light of the soul is an annoyance in the uptown watering holes where the exotic animals like to congregate. They prefer a flattering light and the light of the soul is not going to accent the features they are looking to showcase. It’s better to dim your lights if you want to drive very far on the wide highway that leadeth to destruction thereof (grin).

I’ve been around a certain amount of celebrities and some of them were very famous. I have some idea of the sort of personality disorders that surface when people get the idea that they are God on Earth. Even though there are thousands of these God’s on Earth they still believe in their own unique luminescence even as it fades inexorably into inevitable deliquescence down the road. They operate in all areas of endeavor from the playing fields of bouncing balls to the amphitheatres where they spend their time groping their balls, for the unrequited desire and delight of those secretaries who have to put on their makeup on the Staten Island Ferry every morning, in the cavernous toilets, as they sail to New York City and dream of their moment in the lights when their number comes up... someday, as it will for everyone who wants it, which... explains some of the performances we get to see, especially these days.

Some may disapprove of my knocking celebrities and some may fear I’ll catch it up the road for my efforts. Well... even if I was St. Francis of Assisi (and I’m not) there would be people disliking me, even if I never said these words so... I might as well have my say since it won’t change any of that. You might want to drop in at Assisi if you’re ever in Italy and see what they’ve done with the place. I’d like to see Francis’s face if he were to get a look at it. It’s like Graceland, only worse. I was much amused to see the monk’s sauntering about and chatting on their cellphones; when they weren’t playing rock star for their adoring public (it looked like a theme park for pederasts)... but I digress.

So, Leonardo Dicaprio gave a million dollars to the Clinton-Bush Haiti’s (Hades?) relief charity that they put together? This is similar to some member of the middle class making a hundred dollar donation to a cause; I think Leonardo gets about 20 million a film... probably more. That hundred dollar donation is not going to garner the same publicity however. That’s not my point though. My point it the Clinton-Bush charity.

Aren’t both Clinton and Bush personally responsible for a great deal of suffering in Haiti irrespective of the earthquake? I believe if you look into the matter you will find it to be so and there’s a great deal of talk that the earthquake was engineered by unnatural means. It’s not like the government doesn’t engage in manufactured crises for the purpose of profit. They might not have had this particular technology back then but... they do now. If they did do the deed, one can reasonably assume that Clinton-Bush was and are associated with the forces that carried it out. I can see The Walrus (Clinton) and The Carpenter (Bush) strolling arm and arm through Port au Prince bemoaning the tragedy. I can see it clear as crystal.

Of course Madonna and Sheryl Crow had to show up; looking good peckerwood! I think we’ll include my homage to Madonna as the song for today at the end of this... this... whatever this is. There’s no word on whether Sheryl has hooked up with Payton Manning yet. He’s a bigger human billboard than Lance Armstrong and was a heavy Bush supporter. It seems the logical choice.

I would dearly love to see the Haitian people get relief, make no mistake about that. Pardon me if I am a little uncertain that it’s going to arrive via Clinton-Bush. I see where the mining companies are virulently and violently active in various parts of Haiti and; weren’t the mining interests the biggest contributors to Bush the Stupid’s presidential campaigns? You know, I believe they were. This is one of those moments where you can see irony and hypocrisy equally balanced on the seesaw. It’s a beautiful thing.

I suspect there are some legitimate charities but you will have to do the research. I suggest you do. Money has a funny way of not arriving at its advertised destination. I suspect there are some celebrities who actually give a shit about the Haitians. I suspect they were already helping out before the tragedy... or helping out with some condition of human misery... somewhere?

Hundreds of thousands of Haitians have hit the road for other places which, I suspect is an indication of how effective the relief efforts have been at the primary location. Why would they go migrating into the unknown when all the food, shelter and assistance are back the way they came?

I have the highest regard for Medicins Sans Frontieres (pardon, my keyboard does not have accent a grave or accent a gue) and the remarkable work they have done around the world under the most trying of circumstances, most often caused by people like Clinton-Bush. I know there are selfless lightworkers around the world who serve beneath the radar. They are vastly outnumbered by those showing up for the cameras. I hope you can forgive my cynicism. I’ve seen things and they are hard to forget. I sense things and they are hard to deny. Once I become a little more realized, I will probably be more understanding than I am now. This piece is not to praise those who are doing the right thing. This piece is to point out certain odious behavior that I suspect is afoot.

Clinton-Bush and their charming wives (one of whom is certainly the reincarnation of Elizabeth Bathory; or that might be Barbara Bush), family and associates in the trade along with their comrades in weapons development, the arms trade and the financial world see no confusion of purpose between their wholesale mass murder and genocide of Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Lebanese or Palestinians and their glad-handing the Haitians who are migrating away from those firm handshakes of support as I write these words. No, it’s business as usual and there’s plenty of death and suffering at both ends of this spectrum, just the way they like it.

Celebrities are generally a clueless lot and actors are among the worst. You morph a certain way when you pretend to be the people who actually did or experienced what you are misrepresenting.

I believe in charity. I recently helped someone out who made the whole process extremely difficult and then didn’t bother to thank me. It’s not about thanks though. It is about doing the right thing and also finding out you can’t help some people. I do not mean this in regard to the Haitians... it’s just a life observation. I believe in charity and I believe you should be engaged in it at all times and that it is only occasionally about money. I believe it should be kept as private as possible and it should reach the intended recipient too. I believe in a lot of things that I don’t see much of but I do have a lot of faith in humanity and my gratitude goes out to those who do what they can as they go. As for the rest of you, “verily you have your reward”.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Listening for His Master's Voice

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Inside my mind the area around February; but mostly February, has been sending me alert signals for some time. It’s not personal alert signals but more to do with world conditions going quantum (if I can put it that way... and I did). Things pass through my head like trains in and out of a station. I have a new way of looking at them now and it beats the old method, which was often reflexive. Everything means something but the meaning isn’t always on the surface or it’s symbolic, the way dreams are.

Last night on the radio show I talked briefly about something and it ties in with what I’ve opened with. I was saying that a lot of the discomfort and uncertainty that some of us are feeling is not our own but is what we are picking up from the population through our increased empathetic awareness. It’s an important point. Interestingly, an astrologer friend mentioned this same thing to me a week or so ago. It’s important to be able to separate your feelings from the ebb and flow of the ocean’s courses.

In some ways this is like what happens with the Web Bot linguistics system. They draw their projections from the web which... is also an ocean. Our little personal inlets connect to the greater ocean of surrounding souls in the encompassing mind. We are not independent of it. A few decades ago, the term ‘vibes’ was ubiquitous and there was an extended awareness of it in certain communities of kindred souls who may or may not have ever even encountered each other but who all drew the same meaning from it. Vibes are a good thing to pay attention to but it’s not nearly as effective as if you have the right understanding of how to interpret them.

Being a lighting rod, or an open channel, or someone who has pushed out on the boundaries of what is generally understood as the personal self, are likely to be getting all sorts of input these days. I realize now that that is what has been responsible for some of my wild and uncomfortable rides over how ever long it’s been happening. The flash of this realization automatically brought that end of things under control... for the moment... heh heh. Seriously, it was a pretty impressive breakthrough as these things go.

The powers that think they are the powers that be are not the only seeming concern that we have. They may not even be the primary one. Of greater importance is our willingness and faith in being able to adapt and also ...not to react. There are other considerations also. A revolution can be a scary thing but so are earthquakes or a powerful storm. They don’t come out of the same dynamic even if the same pervasive governing awareness is behind them both. What I’m trying to say is that you might have too much focus on one consideration and wind up caught unawares by another or even another. This is one reason not to spend your time constantly troubleshooting your life and trying to protect yourself from one thing when that might not even be your primary concern.

This is the single most compelling reason for anyone to put themselves under the protection of a higher power. Some doubt the existence of such a force but when you question them on it, you find their greatest doubt is related to traditional definitions of it and the observable hypocrisy of those who presume to represent it. You can see dark forces at work just by spending a week as a cultural anthropologist in any large urban setting and probably even in a small town; passing in and out of the various places that people congregate. Sometimes they aren’t dark forces but just something you don’t understand or something that affects your present construct of what defines morality but... sometimes it is certainly a product of what (for lack of a better word) can be called dark forces. Yes, it could all just be the outworking of Karma and maybe things only become what they are when we define them as such. After all, ‘Adam’ translates into ‘namer of things’.

Regardless, everything in the relative world is counterbalanced by an opposite so there have to be light forces as well. It’s even scientific. We know our eyes operate within a general bandwidth. It’s not a leap of superstition to assume that there are all sorts of things that exist beyond that bandwidth in both directions.

I’ve presented some things to flesh out an environment. We’ll move away from all of that now and back into wherever it was when I started.

One of the readers pointed something out over at Smoking Mirrors yesterday about a woman who worked in a store and was so proud of her son going into the Marines. He said something about how it should be hoped that he doesn’t go to Afghanistan and she replied that he was absolutely going because someone needed to defend our freedoms and yadda yadda. I often forget how many people there are out there who are caught up in various delusions. Even when you’re not simple minded like this woman, there are a lot of ‘oh so clever’ people who are striving to amass fortunes or scheming night and day about all manner of things. They are no more aware than this woman of what the present adjustment of the archetypes portends for them.

Awakening is not optional. It’s mandatory. Those seeking to awaken are in a far better position than those who are not. It’s a matter of degrees. It’s a matter of what it’s going to take.

I mentioned the other day that my bank cards no longer work. I went into town today for something and thought I would check on that. Curiously, the amount you can withdraw has now been cut in half. It still wouldn’t give me any money.

I get the distinct sensation that the next thing they are going to go after is the food so... it wouldn’t hurt to have a lot of beans and rice around. You can live on that and even make a host of different dishes with some various spices and probably cornmeal is a good addition.

We all wonder what it is that would make so many people in power around the world behave in similar fashion. Surely they know that so much of what they are up to is wrong. I’m not talking about the psychopaths. They do it ‘because’ it’s wrong. I’m talking about people who have different degrees of humanity that flares up now and again. Why would so many people cooperate in a system that is out to get them? Like I said, more or less, there’s a dark side and a bright side; both extensions of the same thing but different. In order for them to secure their positions and to prosper in what they do they had to make an arrangement with the dark side so... whatever they do... that ancient intelligence is there and it justifies (inside their minds) whatever they do as the necessary end. Whatever they are thinking, it is thinking with them and it finds whatever is needed to make the irrational seem rational. They are under a spell. There’s a purpose to all of this. The powers that think they are in charge are not in charge. It’s not really us against them. In every case it is us against ourselves and once you have sorted that... there is no them. There are just a lot of bewildered people who don’t know what they are doing but think they do.

Now, I can either look out for myself and my loved ones or I can let the one looking out for everything look out for me too. This doesn’t mean being stupid. I will take some reasonable steps because I’m bring informed to do so but that will all happen as it happens. What I am not going to do is panic or become insecure because that is not necessary for me. It might be necessary for some because it might be tied into waking up. Think of it like a nightmare that is responsible for making you sit up in bed.

I’m not saying anything directly here. I’ve tried to paint a partial graphic for which everyone else can fill in what applies to them. Though our ultimate destiny is the same, our relative destinies of the moment are as different as our locations ...but we can all be served by the same higher mind if we will permit that. I’ve mentioned, ‘Nipper, the RCA Dog’ before. There’s an old commercial where a dog is sitting by a Victrola with its ear cocked to the speaker and the caption reads, “His master’s voice.”

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Posting from the Bridge Again

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This hurts to write this and is probably going to take awhile since I am not myself these days. I can’t remember being this messed up and out of orbit. Sad to say but true; I am starting to sound like a soap opera as a shill said recently. This should probably go to Origami because of the context but I am here at Petri Dish and maybe I can throw in some sarcasm and humor to justify that.

I am getting a blitzkrieg of letters from a woman who feels I done her wrong. If I was wrong then my usually 99.99% intuition is off. I spent a lot of time in institutions and situations where not reading the signals right could mean your life or worse. There are things that are worse than dying because you have to go on living with them. Luckily my reflexes and training and especially my intuition were working properly and I danced out of the way. Even though I have had to walk some very hard highway, I have been the beneficiary of some marvelous protection. Just to list the incidents and close calls would occupy one of these blogs for a solid month.

Last year, or whenever it was, I spoke of an Ayahuasca experience. Those familiar with my writing remember the post about God having his morning coffee; conferring his blessings and then kicking some ass. I don’t know how to put into words how intense this was... and I know intense, believe me. I was slamming my leg into the futon side over and over as punctuation while God... or one of his angels- same thing- told me about what was coming.

I don’t have much and I’m not much, not in my mind anyway. I’ve hardly had two nickels to rub together a lot of the time. I have had some dynamic spiritual experiences and God has convincingly kicked my ass more than once. I understand why now. I didn’t at the time.

Well, I put myself in harms way again and I’m still there right now. I feel like Tom Sellick in that great film, “An Innocent Man”. Sometimes it just comes at you and there is nothing you can do about it. To top it off, my dog Poncho had a terrible seizure last night and he wasn’t right until this morning. I think it was my fault too because I wasn’t right and it came back on my dog. Maybe you have some idea of how that makes me feel right now and maybe you don’t but it’s not good.

Now today someone sends me something by David Icke. I don’t want to talk stink about David. He reprints my work... or someone over there does. My problem with him is that he has a lot of Carnival barker in him and I just get so pissed when I have to scroll through pages of adverts to read the news. I know we have to make a living but I have trusted God for that and not myself. I’ve had some tough times but God has always looked out for me and when it comes down to it I don’t have any other friends unless they are agents of God. I’ve had my house burned down and lost everything I owned more times than I can remember and I don’t remember so well right now.

Anyway, David says he is getting slammed and there’s some kind of chewing gum coming out of the sky. That is easier for me to accept than some of that sex slave mind control stuff. A simple practical awareness tells you that those people don’t get to talk about it later on. I only bring David up because I am getting hammered too so maybe this is what it is and maybe that woman that I got tough with isn’t really a double agent. It’s hard to know what’s going on any more.

I wouldn’t be writing this at all except for what happened last night. I wasn’t sure I would be writing anything for awhile and I can’t seem to do my radio shows either but last night, after Poncho had his seizure and we were laying in bed my Ayahuasca experience came back on me full tilt. If you have any psychedelic experience you know the significance of yawning. It is a sign of awakening. All of a sudden I started to yawn over and over again. Deep and extended they were and the voice came back and told me he was on the way.

I saw Krishna. It had to be him. I mean... it’s pretty hard to mistake and he had huge angels or whatever they are called behind him in a kind of flying wedge and he said I’m coming. He said he might be coming personally but he was certainly going to come in the hearts where he was welcome and to the degree that he could be received and I wound up slamming my leg into the mattress; different room this time and I got no sleep I don’t think.

I probably shouldn’t feel too bad even though I do feel terrible for whatever the reason is. He said some good things to me. I’m going to be fine and more than fine so I should just take what is happening and he told me that everything that was happening he was doing to me. No government forces were doing it... no double agents were doing it... no demons were doing it because they all work for him anyway whether they know it or not. He said maybe it was coming from here or there but he was well aware of it and of every single detail in my life at every moment and just because I didn’t know that or was unaware of it didn’t make it any less true; more slamming of the leg on the mattress... more extended yawning and repetitive clenching at the gut and fire in the Kunda.

I suppose anyone would feel good about this, objectively speaking; but it’s not the same when it’s happening to you. It reminds me of what Bilbo said to Gandalf about having adventures. It always sounds good in the books but in real life you have to sleep in the rain with roots digging into your back and there are trolls and goblins and all manner of bad folk. It sounds thrilling in a book. It’s a little different in real life.

The one thing I remember most about last night was the awesome force and power. It just cramps your body up inside itself and every word, every pulse just hits so hard. It burns and wounds because you know you don’t even deserve the attention in the first place. That is probably the most crippling feature... to know just how unworthy you are. All you have to do is hear the voice and every sin in your life is magnified just like that.

So.. I’m just writing this to say that help is on the way. You have my word on that and even better than my word which doesn’t mean all that much when you get down to it. It isn’t moving in our time concordances so it could be tomorrow or two years away but the impression I got and what I remember saying more than once is that it is closer than it looks and I would really not want to be Nancy Pelosi or Gordon Brown or any of the rest of them. If I were any member of Congress right now, I would make a statement on the capital steps and walk away. If I were anyone high up in the military I would put down my power because real power is coming and you do not want to be giving the impression of any power at all when real power comes.

I guess you can imagine the impact this had on me and still does. I don’t like to talk about these kinds of experiences. It diminishes them and I know I haven’t been right lately and I have probably let you down. I am going to try to get it together but that’s not up to me. I was told that not a single thing is up to me or am I the deciding party in any of it so... what can I say?

I’ve made some good friends here though I may never meet you. You have made whatever this is happen. I’ve never been anyone important and I didn’t want to be. I just wanted my walled garden... my paradiz ( taken from the Pakistani) which means walled garden. I just wanted to be able to play with my dogs and grow my succulents and be away from prying eyes. I guess in these times we can’t ask for things like that. As Nina said... there are times you have to “man up”. I’m not sure I am capable of that but I don’t have to be. Help is on the way.

End Transmission.......

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fisting in the Name of Love

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I am in the saucer pod high up in the ionosphere above Washington D.C. and, utilizing certain forensic rays that my ship is equipped with, I am able to observe the culture as if it were a smear on a glass slide or writhing Tapioca like substance on a Petri dish; since I am at the Petri Dish blog that is useful for the sake of this, presently one-sided, conversation.

I’m no fan of conservative Fundie bloggers but I do share certain points of view with nearly all human life forms about certain things like say, something like this. Those of you who require deeper research can avail yourself of a search engine. Obama (rhymes with Osama) appointed this man, Kevin Jennings, to an important position in his administration. No doubt if Jack the Ripper were still alive he would be heading a department concerned with women’s health issues and Dr. Mengele would be the Surgeon General.

It’s as clear as crystal to me that Obama, like his predecessor, is ‘possessed’ by a demonic intelligence, as are the majority of world leaders, bankers and corporate heavyweights. No doubt many people would quibble with me about this. Some might say that I do not recognize the realities of complex governing or the hard truths about survival in a competitive, economic theater. Some might say I am jejune in respect of the demands of realpolitick; “That fellow lives in a world of his own”. That’s pretty close to what the psychiatrists and psychologists used to say about me when they were trying to find out what made me tick. Apparently I was so unusual that they considered me very dangerous and... while they were recommending that violent rape-murderers be released into the public by ways; they did not want to let me go. I had been arrested for violation of the Marijuana Tax Act.

This rape-murderer did get released and was returned shortly thereafter having raped and murdered a nurse who worked at the complex. Others who did really bad things also got released while I was still being held and, no doubt; they went on to add to their resume from there. I finally got out due to the serendipitous appearance of a Harvard lawyer who was investigating something or other and struck up a conversation with me. He became my advocate and put the wheels in motion. The whole thing would have made a great movie but Hollywood has been silent on the matter.

End digression...

I guess what I was trying to say is that there are no rules and there are no standards. It looks like there might be but that’s just a front like ‘equal justice for all’ and all those things in The Constitution and the Bill of Rights before other rape-murderer got their hands on them and left them looking like that whore in The Last Exit to Brooklyn. Trust me, you don’t want to read it if you haven’t already. Just assume I am talking about ‘really bad shape’.

Yeah, when I start thinking about high school curriculums, fisting is not the first thing that pops into my head. Maybe I do live in a world of my own and I am cut off from the ability to make certain connections that other people have no trouble with. I’m on the outside looking in. If I could see myself from the other side, I might observe a fellow with a perplexed look on his face as he considered the etiquette of whether to spit or swallow. I had no idea that this was governed by any rules of etiquette. I’ve been out of the loop for a long time.

I may not know very much but I do know that no good can come of these things in relation to the culture and society. I’m not advocating the use of drugs in public schools but you would think the students would appreciate a class on marijuana cultivation as opposed to someone inserting their entire hand into their posterior. I don’t want to be critical, no doubt there is something to be realized from this because otherwise people wouldn’t do it; would they?

Some people like to hang from wired skewers beneath a complex metal apparatus; a kind of Pinhead does the Sun Dance, seeking spiritual epiphany, sort of thing. There are pricey clubs in many cities of the world where people go to be beaten and abused; often in extreme ways. I know about certain rich people who pay to have body parts amputated and then sewn back on. Oh... I could tell you about things you would find very hard to believe but I’m not going to do that. I suspect that all of these things are under consideration in one or more of the multi-cultural think tanks associated with government policy.

On the one hand you have all these bright and noble ideas about liberty; freedom, duty and honor, nobility and sacrifice and on the other hand you have these... other things. John Carpenter is doing a remake of, “They Live”. I feel like I already got the sunglasses. When I look at people like Obama; Biden, Clinton and Emanuel, I see creatures, scary creatures, as alien as Triffids. When I look at the world around me, I am quite certain that I am living in a loop of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It’s only a matter of time before one of them starts pointing at me and opening their mouth in that vegetable scream. I’ve got a flamethrower on my ship and we might be looking at some mixed grill coming up.

It’s going to take something fundamentally transformative like the mother of all tsunamis and earthquakes to get people’s attention. Given that the press has nothing to say about Fisting 101; ♫I’m fisting my way back to you babe, with a burning love inside♫, one has to assume they see nothing unusual about any of this. What else is going on? Well, they’re dragging children out of what’s left of their homes in Afghanistan, handcuffing them and shooting them in the head. How far is too far out? There are no gauges to measure it. Meanwhile, normal life goes on. People are sitting in restaurants and having lunch. People are lying on tropical beaches. People are taking their kids to school, possibly because there’s a lecture on Fisting and they don’t want to miss it. I’d like to put my foot up Kevin Jennings’s ass but there’s the question of whether he might not like it too much.

Not much time passes on any given day when I don’t think about the divine ineffable. It’s safe to say that I think about the divine more than I do anything else. Much of the rest of the time I am thinking about how I fall short of what I could be or should be. I try to do the right thing, when I know what that is and I try to stay on course when I know what that is but I miss the mark every single day somehow. Still, in my wildest and most experimental periods, I never considered Fisting. I’ve never been much for sexual accessories; ropes and pulleys, branding irons, razor blades (except for reducing crystals to powder), whips and chains or latex body suits. I’m a romantic; I think... a more or less Vanilla type when it comes to physical engagements. I like the poetry of the thing, though most of my attention these days is geared toward the alchemical marriage, inasmuch as I understand it.

If someone came to me and wanted to demonstrate or lecture on Fisting in a public school ...or get into much of anything beyond putting condoms on bananas, I would haul out a cat-o-nine-tails and whip them out of town. I might take some pleasure in it and that possibly makes me a pervert after all.

We need no clearer demonstration of wrongness than this. Surely Obama (rhymes with Osama) knows about this. I don’t doubt it was Rahm Emanuel who lobbied for it at the top end. If I were president you would probably see some strange people around me but nothing like the people that surround the usual American president. You can pretty much assume that people would be doing controlled substances in a controlled manner (most of the time) but there probably wouldn’t be a leather sling hanging from the ceiling in the Lincoln bedroom. People might occasionally hang from a chandelier but they would not have a feather duster inserted in their ass at the time (I don’t think).

I do expect some kind of terrible judgment to show up in the flaming cities of this modern world. I don’t wish for it and it won’t bring a smile of righteous satisfaction to my lips. You can only go so far with this kind of shit before it backfires on you. It’s a law of Nature and these are the laws people seem most inclined to break in these dark times.

End Transmission.......

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