Wednesday, February 24, 2021

"If you are Going to Hang out with the Parrots you had Better be Able to Squawk like a Parrot."

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This is an age of stupidity, greed, deception, mean-spiritedness, and clueless embarrassments. It is a place people Gorilla Glue their hair to get attention. This is a world where that sort of thing is celebrated, emulated, and held up as an ideal by educators and legislators, and administrators of Cartoon Hell. Here is this upside-down cake made of hand grenades, not pineapples.

They own the media and all the customs stations at the border of every fabricated reality. They fashion and shape your perspective on whatever they bring before you, BUT... not for much longer. You can only bend life so far out of shape, until life snaps itself back, into a more reasonable facsimile of life in the realm of the senses.

Because we have been in a dark place for a long time, as the age made its way into its decline and fall, many of us, the far greater number of us, have no sense at all of a bandwidth of senses beyond what we see and hear. That will change as time passes. In the meantime, those who have been able to open the hidden world, by turning their attention away from Basic World 1.0, are living with a greater fragment of the living light. The others seem to have none at all. That will change as time passes. We are coming into times of a finer density of conscious light.

Many emulate and adulate Zuckerberg, Kim Kardashian, or some celebrity, or leader. Consider the present occupant of the White House. All of these answer to someone. Yes, but who do they answer to? Who controls the money? These men and women are not free. If they step out of line in their particular venue they hear about it. The fire-hose of public opinion, operated by those who give shape to the water, is turned on them. None of them are free. You and I are freer than them and among us some are also much freer. You gain freedom by not hindering the passage of others and by traveling on a spiritual passport. These get checked and stamped everywhere you go and MUCH MORE FREQUENTLY than the terrestrial passport.

Be careful what you wish for. You think it's much more enjoyable among the ranks of a certain sector of society, political, entertainment-wise, rich, influential. You go ♫ where everybody knows your name ♫ You get feted and awarded. Slinky and sleek bodies make promises their ass can't keep, literally, but you don't find out about all the Hollow People until you get there. I've seen it up close in a minor sort of a way; got to see it close enough so that I could walk away with no hard feelings or bad impressions left. Of course, I did leave some number of bad impressions, but most of those were intentional. I'm not good with cases of mistaken identity. What you see is what you get.

You have to REALLY want to be famous to put up with the level of insincerity that is all around, especially if you are rich and famous and usually the two go together. You are surrounded by people who ONLY WANT THE BEST for you. Uh-huh. Of course, you are in what I call Hog-Heaven if you happen to be a clueless Pollyanna in Wonderland. Then, your falsity is mirrored in the surrounding falsity of others and everything is... heh heh... Hunky Dory. I've no idea who Hunky Dory is by the way. It sounds like a transvestite bodybuilder.

Yeah... if you are going to hang out with the parrots you had better be able to squawk like a parrot. You will have to dress like a parrot, which doesn't take any objective thought, unless... unless you are an anti-parrot, but that's still a parrot. Parrots also live in cages a lot of the time. My point is that all of these career choices have a downside that is not always clear in the beginning. Some aspects you don't learn until you are well on your way. Some don't appear until you are beyond the point of return, and THIS IS THE CASE in every area of enterprise unless you are an entrepreneur and that has its own problems. How many people live with an emptiness filled with the memories of a wasted life?

Up and down they go, back and forth on the roller coaster, on the merry-go-round, on the Ferris wheel, in the amusement park of hungry ghosts. They have it all and they have NOTHING. The greatest asset the rich and famous have is the idea, in your mind, that they are better off than you. No, they are not.

There are furies and harpies and threatening specters (like Marley's Ghost). There are malicious spirits of all sorts who attend the minds, hearts, and conscience of those that so many of us deem more fortunate than ourselves. Theirs is a troubled sleep, writ large with anxiety and grief. It is all happening in front of the eyes of the world as well. One should not underestimate the cost of that. You could be a jerk but only your immediate circle knows this, or you can be one with the whole world watching.

To be truly fortunate you should know when you are well off. To be truly blessed you must know what a blessing is, without having to be shown... because then it lacks gratitude, a critical feature of the transmission of Real Wealth. It ALL hinges on a central theme and then it individualizes and develops a conflict with that upon which it all hinges. The more accurately you reflect the divine image, the more you go about in the image you were created in, for the purpose of celebration. Eternal liberty is a dance. Our friend Nataraja embodies that as well as I have ever seen it.

Change is the cornerstone of eternity so... is everlasting life an endless series of changes? One could say the face of eternal change is laid upon the body of the changeless in a unique and ever-changing state that does not change. There it is... the problem with words. The idea is to get closer to The Fountain. There is this fountain and it flows through eternity. It is as fresh as the dawn of time. It revitalizes and rejuvenates the weary heart. It is a comfort beyond describing and it IS REAL. One has only to look for it and NOT STOP LOOKING until one has found it. If you have forever you have too much time to hurry, especially since you will still arrive where you are... when you get there.

If there seems to be a confusion or complexity in the writing that was not there before, it is because we are striving to come upon the boundary line where words fail. Heh heh... I can see it now, a river of words coming to the brink and then falling away into boundless space. Words are what we have, but there would be no words without thoughts, and there would be no thoughts worth having without inspiration, and there would be no inspiration without the angels of God, and there would be no angels without God, who orchestrated this entire drama for his entertainment. It is a fine thing when one is able to entertain God, who spends all his time watching and simply being, while we act as expressions of his thought in living articulation.

Someone said, “as a man thinketh, so is he.” It is a finer thing when one makes of themselves a transparent vehicle for the original thinker to animate. Everything else is clumsy slam dancing. Graceful dancing is evidence of the Presence of the Divine. If it is being done well at all, it is The Divine doing it. Unfortunately, few dancers give credit where credit is due. To register the awful state of the present, one need only look at the state of the arts. They tell us who it is that is being channeled. The light of God is being blocked, and that is a statement of the nature and intent of the art of the times. Do not fear. Do not be troubled. This is a phase of temporary weather and no more.

Certain things begin to happen once God comes into greater proximity. Usually, God is as shy and retiring as it is possible to be. On rare occasions, God appears in the flesh and transforms the world. We are at that very time. Everything is about to be exposed for what it is. The presence of the Avatar is THE DEFINER of atmosphere and mood and the essence of irresistible change. It WILL affect most of us differently, and it will affect all of us. The shades of variation are countless. It is already affecting many of us but we have not registered the cause of it. Some will resist with every particle of their being and some will surrender completely. Then there is the vast interior of our collective presence which includes all of the possibilities imaginable.

I do not know! However, that which does know, resides in me, as it does in everyone, to a lesser or greater extent of the distance between. The size of the gulf, the distance between Truth and yourself, is the measure of your fear. Those who do not know can be informed. Those who know cannot. Why are those who are the wisest among us, the most humble and self-effacing? This is due to the grandeur of the one they have made contact with. God generates such profound awe, even over a degree of distance, that ANYONE who has encountered The Divine is familiar with it in similar fashion.

I cannot say what the details are, concerning the transformations pending up around the bend. I can say that, depending on your perspective, the opportunities that await are past describing. Yes... the world is going to end for a great many people. That happens every day. Then it will begin again. It will be terrible in some places and transcendent in others Location... location... location. The sooner you direct all of your attention to tuning in, the sooner is can more fully direct its attention to you and direct you as well.

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Friday, February 19, 2021

"God Possesses Marvels and Wonders that are Beyond the Reach of Human Imagination."

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Everywhere you look there is a scandal running or one in the making. All over, the rot is coming to the surface, as Mr. Apocalypse churns the deep waters of time, space, and causation, with his walking stick and; The Avatar?

♫ He'll be coming out of The Sun when he comes.

He'll be driving Krishna's chariot when he comes.

He'll be healing the sick and cutting to the quick.

He'll be in the human heart when he comes ♫

There is an unsettling tension rising. Lady Nature is coming down hard in certain places. Could hundreds of people really be dying of carbon monoxide poisoning from sitting in their cars in the garage for heat in Texas? Another storm is on the way. What is causing this perfect storm of uncertainty? The collective consciousness of humanity is the glue that holds the manifest in order or causes the reverse. Anger and Fear have gathered up a gang of fellow travelers and they're shooting up towns and robbing trains. Humpty Dumpty is in The White House. Lady Macbeth is in the wings.

Some hidden hand is shuffling the personnel in high and mid-range locations. Like termites, they are being set loose to eat away the support beams of the infrastructure. They don't know what they are doing. Almost no one knows what they are doing, except for those with a visceral sense of not knowing, because they are informed in every moment of what they need to know. I don't know about anyone else but the first thing I look for, every time, if I happen to be in darkness, is a light.

I don't want to move without a light. I may be certain of where I am going but I am not certain of how I will get there. That is why I rely on a guide who has been up and back more than once.

I am walking through a world of somnambulists. It used to be I was all about waking them up. That served to piss them off. I didn't know any better. I was young and I had a lot of zeal; a lot of passion. It was the usual deal with the usual result. Then I learned to move in and around them without bumping into them. The first thing you have to do in order to awaken others is to be awake yourself. You ever have one of those dreams when you realize you are dreaming and you are desperately trying to wake up? It can take a while and be frightening too. Then when you wake up you think you are awake, BUT... you are still not awake. This is often the case with those in the white suits with all the seminars.

If you are going to be among the blind leading the blind, you need to know that the karma is worse for those doing the leading than for those being led. It's even worse for those who are directing the ones who are leading the others. It runs, as it always does, to the heart of the darkness itself. They got a whole hierarchy there, just like the heavens above; as above, so below.

It's a matter of personal choice, which kingdom you are getting your marching orders from. I don't like being, 'driven'. What are you being driven to anyway? You are being driven to the point of epiphany concerning The Purpose of Demonstration. In other words, you are being put through a seemingly endless ration of shit in order to discover this, and to what end? So that you won't continue to be put through it. This should imply that you can stop at any time. You don't have to whip yourself through uncertain terrain in pursuit of something you later find out you didn't want in the first place. Then on to the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing. Sounds like a whole lot of unnecessary suffering to me. Why not just cut the whole thing loose?

We are struggling to awaken in a rushing stream, and the dream currents are very strong. The idea is to make it to the banks. It can be done because it has been done. We have all kinds of evidence of unique souls reaching a state of being outside the clamor of the pushing and shoving of this unpredictable world which is all too predictable. We have to fool ourselves in order to keep believing it. We huddle with kindred spirits with whom we have conspired to agree upon a particular version of The Unreal. Here is where you find your fair-weather friends and whatever soap opera drama they are bringing to the mix.

What to do. What to do. We all answer this in our own way based on our understanding of how it works. Some are very good at how it works. This means they are in a position to get even more completely sucked into the machinery. You are either going deeper in, where it is denser and hotter, or you are going in the other direction, where it is less dense and cooler.

We live in a movable orgy of sexual magnetics, even as the vehicle of our transport grows weaker and further in submission to the desire for more, as the capacity reduces itself to impotence. It is what I would call, 'a vicious cycle'. The greater your desire, the more you hammer life, and the more life hammers you. There is an interior flame that has to be reduced to a single tongue of radiance. Then you are driving and not being driven. Then the other lights are turned on and you can finally see. How's that Biblical quote go? “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” then there was that part about once thinking and speaking like a child, then putting away childish things.

The Bible is filled with simple yet profound truths. “I die daily.” “Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds;” Oh... there are many, many more. We read them but they only penetrate to a point. Within these parts of scripture is the REVELATORY ASPECT, where one gains spiritual insight into the living substance of it. Then there is the revelatory aspect of The Intuition. One builds a deeper connection through prayer and meditation. If you keep banging on the door, it will, eventually, be opened.

My dear friends, do not let the craziness of the times suck you into them. God is coming. He comes on schedule in every age. His presence is already being made evident in the changes going on in the world. Each series of changes leads to another series as wonder opens into wonder. There can be beautiful wonder and awesome wonder. There is wonder to delight you and wonder to make you tremble. I remember a friend asking Guru Bawa what could he do about being sexually attracted to beautiful women. Bawa said, “put your hand over your heart and say, “What a wonder!” There are many different poses that one can adopt concerning The Divine Feminine. I prefer to see her as The Mother. It is much less trouble and far more enduring and intimate.

It's The Cross for being a poet, with one foot in both worlds. Byron handled it one way and Keats another. A true poet becomes a mystic and if he persists he becomes a sage. Beyond that are other states, but no matter how you approach it, even if it comes down to a pedestrian perspective, it will adapt to an understanding of some kind. Kahlil Gibran wrote a book titled, “Jesus, the Son of Man.”

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It has been a very long time since I read it but, as I remember it, there was a fellow who traveled around to talk to different people who had met Jesus Christ. I guess there was a banker and a baker and others and the key to the theme of it was that each of them saw Jesus through the lens of their own industry. It is, like most of Gibran's work, unique in the way he struggles to present the truth as it has appeared to him. Obviously, he was inspired.

I lived with an archbishop on a mountaintop in Woodstock for a period of time. He had met Gibran. Gibran came to his church to visit him. Many famous people did. He said that Gibran was a lovely man but that he drank too much wine. Well, there's wine and there's wine. They drink a different vintage in the heavenly spheres.

One of my objectives, always lurking somewhere in the backdrop of my life, is spiritual intoxication. There is a location in the mind through which this wine can pour, once one has stabilized so as to access it. God possesses marvels and wonders that are beyond the reach of human imagination. Why! Why would anyone want to go anywhere else? That to me if the definition of Crazy. Yet that is all those other directions taken by the mass of us. Like they say, “there's no accounting for taste.”

I know that everyone has an agenda of some kind, even when they are in service to others. It might be as simple as wanting to go to Heaven. I thank God and all his angels that it doesn't occur to me that I want anything other than The Presence. Wanting is the problem to begin with.

It's time to put aside childish things because something is about to happen under the main tent and in all the other tents that hasn't happened in a LONG TIME. God cannot reside in a place that has not been prepared for him. He will NOT go where he is not invited. I can't express the degree of sorrow I would feel upon discovering what I had missed simply because my attention was elsewhere. I do not intend to put my attention elsewhere. There is not even a second choice of any kind.

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

"Doing the Berserker, Herky Jerky, Broken Gyroscope Dance of the Macabre."

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The angels of God have always been there. We don't see them when our senses remain closed out of the plane they operate on. The more Materialism intensifies, the more they are captured in the flaming worlds of appetite and can perceive nothing outside of it. That is changing now. Divine force is acting upon human consciousness and the only way that happens is through the medium of the angelic realm.

We've seen a good deal more Strange in recent times than previously and the culture was already 'out there' as far as doing the Berserker Herky Jerky, Broken Gyroscope Dance. Now... we are going to be seeing a new and different kind of Strange. We are going to be seeing supernatural and metaphysical Strange, shortly. Hmm... what do you know? It's already happening, and most especially on the Emotional Plane. Study the trends taking place in human affairs. Some portion is becoming more and more outraged and dysfunctional. The remainder are reasonable people who have been going about the business of minding the family unit, giving thanks to their creator, and trying to live a decent life.

Even the very smart among us are being made angry and are being deceived without knowing it is happening. People are turning on each other, irrationally for no reason which seems a good reason even if it is unreasonable. The rage of the people is being artificially stoked by fire tenders from the infernal realm.

Pandemic COVID. Pandemic racial hysteria, pandemic Trump Derangement Syndrome. These are ALL manufactured by the same people who brought you 9/11 and other wonderful plagues. They keep getting away with it but not for much longer. Racism? Who is it really that is sowing fear and dissension? Which race is more consistently attacking the other; “By their works, ye shall know them”; Who is it that hates which race? White Supremacy is a MYTH and soon... even talking about such things will be illegal, call it, The Q Conspiracy Law. Pay no mind to the Communist effort to destroy America, brought to you by the heirs of the Bolshevik mass murder cabal.

They want to bring Communism here because then there is no longer a vote. Considering the last election there is no vote now. Then there is the Crowded Hospitals myth. There are no crowded hospitals. Then there is the hard to get and most desirable vaccine myth. There is the fear of white supremacy mobs, faked into belief, by an orchestrated attack on The Capitol by the Chaos Supremacy Mob.

Personality and Individuality= I've been studying myself for a while now and lately that has gotten deeper and I marvel at all the selfish behavior and reckless disregard that was a sometimes feature in my life, earlier. Sure... there were a lot of good points too, but I was looking deeper and it became clear to me that we let ourselves off the hook a lot by choosing to see things differently, than they actually happened. It is how people start arguing in the first place. I note also this disagreeable tension that is generated by one's resident fear and insecurity and each of them manifest the others and a perpetual loop of suffering is brought into being.

Our lives are woven in allegory. All of the ancient tales are moving through the present, with a different form and shape. The mysteries of the past are as present as ever. How did they become fallen angels? There was that Garden of Eden expulsion. I was listening to the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album earlier. Angels were dwelling in them and singing through them. My God what masterpieces come and go. Then the corruptions of the world enter in and the angels depart for a new vehicle to sing THEIR songs. We've come a long way down from that. Now, a disturbing amount of us lives in WAP-Land. I'm drifting here.

Watched Super Bowl and all I saw before the game, during the game (and, no doubt) after the game were interviews, commercials, self-serving circle jerks of social justice and diversity, and the HEROES of Front-line health care workers, who were risking life and death; (not really) and then risking their souls, yeah really, by buying into the lie. Then my heart said, “Don't judge, Visible” So I didn't, for about 5 or 10 minutes, and then... all I saw were whores. “Visible, they are blind and ignorant and do not see. Don't judge.” So... Another bit of time went by. I didn't judge, and AGAIN... all I saw were whores, from Miley Cyrus to a bunch of people I never met, to long-established whores. All I saw were whores. So... I'm not going to judge, though all I saw were whores. Could I say I'm not judging, simply noting and naming, like Adam in the Garden of Eden before buying into the bullshit of the time, just as so many are buying into today's bullshit?

Yes... this is that Wonderland with the Red Queen. This is that Jacobin frenzy of “Off with their heads”. One is a fairy tale. The other one happened. They are trying to do that here. An interesting point is that during that major Blood Moon eclipse a couple-few years ago, the chart of America was a near mirror image to that of France during the revolution. Strange how all this canceling and shunning has become the order of the day.

People are really going off their hinges and Mr. Apocalypse, God Bless Him! Mr. Apocalypse is doing just what he told me he was going to do; 'strip them naked before the eyes of The World. Heah comes De Boss... the Bruce!!! He got himself a DWI! Mind you don't step in the schadenfreude- ♫ Baby I was born to drink!!! ♫

Oh... what the Hell;

♫ I want to love you

But I can’t get it right

Maybe I’ll just stay up

And drink right through the night

I was born to drink

I was born to suck’em up

I was born to have a dream

And born to fuck it up

They say I showed some promise

In my younger days

I could have been a football coach

Someone like Woody Hayes

The people I hang out with

All walk sideways just like me

Except the ones that cannot walk

Cause they can’t even see

I strain aftershave through bread

Sterno beneath the bridge

It’s hard to have a backup

When you can’t plug in the fridge

Yeah, Baby, we were born to drink ♫

You see, my friends, this is what is happening. All of these frauds who live in their own personal dreamland of success without reserve are stepping into the lights and speaking lies about the actions and intentions of others, and then? Mr. Apocalypse body-slams them, makes them trip up in public, turns them upon themselves, and drives them MAD. You have a choice! You can resist, or you can rely on the ineffable one. In times of an apocalypse, you get outed in your resistance to Heaven. The pressure intensifies until the weakest link goes, AND... you ain't seen anything yet. It is happening every day. I ask the readers to attune their attention to this recent trend in human affairs. If you look hard with focus you will see what I mean.

Yes... it does seem grim. Demonic orcs are running through Oakland and other parts of Kalifornia and smashing the elderly to the ground. Some have died. In NYC, they are pushing people in front of subway trains. Disorder is rampant BUT... what you are seeing in its transitory passage is not what really is. The light is breaking, without and within, and all this is no more than an echo as the last age recedes into the mist. Mind how you go and hold to The Indwelling; “Yeah though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

I know this posting is all over the map. It's not one of my better efforts and does not have my full attention today. My attention is on something else and that is the imminent approach of The Almighty, who is coming wherever a place has been made for him in the human heart. These are the days of compelled introspection, lest one dance in The Sundarbans unmindful of the other residents.

End Transmission.......

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