Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Timeless Beauty in the Heart of Simplicity.

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Well there's Ronald McDonald. There's Donald Duck and then there is 'The Donald', who is kind of like a combination of the first two, with some pieces missing. He's inspiring in a way. I now believe that if I went out on the streets of this town and shot somebody in the face, I wouldn't lose any readers. Of course there would be a downside to the whole affair.

Today I wound up at one of those sites, a pro-Donald site and there were all these people extolling the virtues of The Donald. They were talking about how honest he is and how- nobody could buy him off because he has his own money- and the bankers hate him (uh huh). It is almost like this has never happened before and, truth be told, it has happened over and over again.

They're whooping it up in the back room of the Malamute Saloon, singing a ragtime tune, baying like loons at the full of the moon, while the dish runs away with the spoon. The truth is that the man is a perfect expression of the times. After all the lies, deceptions piled upon deceptions and they keep on going like the Energizer Bunny; people just nod their heads. They are like Whiffenpoofs, flying in ever tightening circles, until they disappear up their own assholes. It's classic. It's tragic. It is unspeakably sad and there is nothing I can do about it except watch. There is no doubt in my mind that this man is a walking nightmare but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye and that is bad enough already.

A small amount of impartial inquiry will reveal some interesting connections. The trumpster has actively supported Democratic issues over the years and is tight with that community along many lines. Of course, politicians are whores and never so completely as they are in the moment. These are the days of full time misdirection and legerdemain.

Consider the magnitude of what a buffoon this man is. Consider the arrogance and rank vanity, the sense of entitlement and privilege; that special atmosphere of me, myself and I. Consider the state of one intoxicated by their own perfume and the idea that they can do anything they want and say anything they want and because of their having gotten away with pretty much everything, that they will continue to get away with whatever ...and how that presses them into challenging this possibility with ever more reckless statements and actions, until they fully believe that they could go up to a stranger on the street and shoot them in the face and it wouldn't make any difference. You know what? Why not?

What is getting missed in all of this, is that this outrageous caricature is all a put-up job. It's about splitting the Republican ticket in such a way as to hand the election to the Clinton Crime Family. Sure... there's that looming shadow of the Tribemeister, Sanders ...but that could well be more smoke and mirrors. Could be? Is. In these times, nothing is what it appears to be unless you have that rare example of the dispassionate, objective awareness ...and then things are just what they appear to be... but who could you tell about it? You are, that lonely voice in the wilderness, crying out with the pebbles of Demosthenes's in your mouth, so it is all garbled and incoherent, against the sound of the sea that roars just beyond the reach of the trees that grip the Earth at the cliff's edge. You know there is nothing you can do but watch; one of billions that twist and turn in a shadow dance, flitting images of temporary forms... in a dream.

From my perspective, Trump is a cartoon, just like the last one; Mr. Came Out of Nowhere with the Muslim name. They are laughing in your face, as they apply their Eugenics program world wide, with the vaccines and Zika viruses, the wars, the poisoning of food products, the water. There's no need to list these things again. They've been listed often enough. What can we do? The Bundy's knew what was happening. They knew about Reid and the others who intend to steal the land in their cozy little deals with the miners and developers. How much money does Reid already have? It's not enough. Imagine how painful this is. Imagine what it must feel like to have too much and it is not enough. Here's a secret that shouldn't be a secret but it is. There is only one solution to all these manic cravings; all these unbearable hungers and that is to let them go because all these hungers are the same hunger, diversified into a hundred thousand hungers, for one thing after the other and none of them will satisfy. The one thing that everyone learns in their futile pursuit of lasting satisfaction that no satisfaction lasts.

The rich learn all kinds of lessons. The powerful learn all kinds of lessons. The beautiful learn all kinds of lessons. The cruel learn the lesson in their cruelty. There is no form of behavior that does not come with a lesson and we all learn whatever the lesson is, because the lesson comes programmed into the process. It's automatic. It could be so easy if people simply would accept the inevitable and embrace the absolute truth that there is NO satisfaction that can be had apart from the ineffable. The ineffable is the supreme enjoyer. One could find satisfaction in everything they do if they allowed the ineffable to enjoy it within them. This is the essence of Tantra; not all those silly magics and sexual hijinks that hypnotize the weak into believing that they have accomplished union, while placing themselves further and further apart from union.

If one would only accept that their highest destiny is surrender, they could have everything in the best possible way, because the ineffable knows the perfection of everything within itself. The ineffable IS the perfection of everything within itself. What we are talking about here is not religion, or any of the variations of spiritual possibility, belief or presumption. This is practicality is what it is. This is being supremely practical and utilizing applied common sense. It is pragmatical. It is no nonsense pragmatism. Physicists have already proven that everything is made out of the same thing. It is all the same thing, compounded by variations at different vibrationary rates. If one knew the means and... there are some who do, they could change anything into anything. Paracelsus once made the announcement to all the scholars, scientists and pundits of his day that he would reveal 'the first matter' to them. On that day they all gathered in a room and Paracelsus brought out a silver chaffing dish (drum roll). He lifted the cover and there was a turd. Paracelsus had taken a shit there previously. Of course they were all offended, which is typical of pseudo intellectuals and all the sorts of people who take themselves seriously. Because of the nature of their severe limitations, of being unable to accept the truth, regardless of the cost of to their ego, they find the price to be greater than what they are willing to pay. Paracelsus was absolutely correct. The first rule is to separate yourself from the object of your inquiry. See the truth outside of the filter of your separated false self.

If we accept that the divine is a reality and that the divine lives within us and can express through us, to the extent that we permit it, then there is nothing which cannot be accomplished. If we can comprehend that satisfaction is possible to the degree that we allow it, the shining sun of the almighty will reflect upon the face of the moon of our being, in a passive mirroring of that beautiful source, the essence of all things; the Alpha and Omega and the timeless wonder of this moment we are in. There is the joy of the unspeakable union of the one and there are the countless alternatives of dissatisfaction in the world around us. The world around us is a projection of the world within. If the ineffable is given the opportunity to shine the sunlight of his joy through the unresisting heart and to let it reflect from us into the hearts of those we encounter at EVERY juncture, we will be a contagion We already are a contagion of what we imagine to be true, or what we have accepted to be true, across the length of our interchanges with each other. We see clouds upon the face of the sun because we have obscured it within, or we see a cloudless sky because we have stepped out of the way of our own beauty. At all times, we are either transparently in love or blocking our light because we have been intimidated by something. It is permissible to be in love and most especially because it is the ineffable that we are in love with in everyone and everything.

Here is the simplest consideration. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Why would anyone who is sane, align themselves with anything else? It is the ultimate pragmatism. It is the enduring bliss and final perfection of all that is possible in life. It is also inevitable. It could take millions of lives but it is inevitable. A wise person and a sane person will expeditiously seek to achieve this condition because it is inevitable and... because there is nothing like it. It is the penultimate experience with no equal. It is the simplest thing. Even an idiot can do it. All you do is love and your enthusiasm becomes the bellows. It turns you on and the result is that you turn others on because it is contagious. It is true magic with no spells or potions.

Because it is unlike whatever you may have been doing previously, it requires effort to achieve constancy. This is how the ineffable weeds out the insincere. Should you prove to be true, even if you are inconsistent and limited ...but yet you are profoundly committed, despite your not being equal to the task, the divine will see this and at some point the divine will come forth and flood your heart with the real thing and stun you with the enormity of it and you will realize you could never have come to this state on your own; no one does and then with profound humility, as genuine as it gets.. because the experience of it is as authentic as it gets, you sink deep into state of endless love and it transforms every particle of your being into a resonating, harmonizing, thundering reflection of the ineffable's heartbeat. Let this be true... of me and you.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mr Automatic and Mrs. Habitual Patterns on Location.

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We've all heard the phrase, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” As we have mentioned in the past, the name Adam means, 'namer of things'. From this it is, or should be, easy to extrapolate into the idea that we all create the world we live in, according to how we define it. Look around you and you can see this is so. What might not immediately occur to most people is that if they are unhappy with the world they live in, they can redefine it. Another feature of this is that their world gets redefined for them as a result of experiences but they play the critical part by deciding what it means to them. We don't pay as much attention to ourselves as we should because we are too close to the subject. We are around ourselves all of the time and much of the time we behave and act out within the confines of habit. We become automatic and the unfortunate thing is that in this chronic looping we cease to be alive in any true sense. Another unfortunate result of this is that it makes us easier to control by those who mean us no good.

It might come as a surprise to most people but there are those who make a study of how to control people and besides that, people try to control each other, often. You see this in all the forms of relationship that there are. In some cases it is to be expected and it is even a good thing, depending on the way it is expressed, of course, because sometimes the particular relationship is toxic and it can mess people up for life. I'm talking about the parent/child thing. Very often in any relationship, one party might seek to control the other. Sometimes both are engaged in this; a kind of never ending tug of war, push me pull you thing. Then there are the bigger control systems, like the government, one's place of employment, religions and so on. Then there are the laws of nature and the laws of the cosmos. They control us in all sorts of ways.

Very few of us are free and those of us who are, have endured tremendous struggles to achieve that state. Seldom does one acquire any sense of freedom without some amount of self inquiry. That term gets used around here fairly often but... what does it mean? How does one go about something like that? I would think and... this is just me... the first thing you would do is begin to study yourself and fairly soon you will discover that this is not as easy as you might think. You find that your attention strays and you forget to be doing it... you lapse back into the predictable habitual. One has to build their sense of self awareness a step at the time. Another aspect of self inquiry is reflection. We do this anyway, unless we are a dimwit and there are more and more of those all the time. Materialism turns people into non reflective individuals. It does it for its own reasons. It does it as a matter of survival and to grow more powerful. It feeds off of those that it has captured in its thrall. It goes by various names, depending on the culture it is operational in and it is operational in all cultures. Sometimes it is called Mammon and sometimes Maya and sundry.

Here is an example of disciplined reflectiveness; when you go to bed at night, you remember all of the events of your day and you analyze them, according to whether something you did or said was something you regret or do not regret, understand or do not understand, etc. You will find that initially you cannot remember periods of your day. The reason is that you weren't even there some of the time. Mr. Automatic and Mrs. Habitual Patterns were there instead of you because you weren't living consciously. And they were cohabiting. Or maybe you were there but you were cohabiting too.

A person who engages in conscious reflecting is going to find some interesting results and this is going to lead to other things as well. I won't go into it because I think everyone has different effects, although some of them are general for everyone. Along with this, one can employ dream memory retention and the best way that I know of for that is to keep a dream journal and record the dreams. This also leads to interesting results.

Lucid dreaming is an amazing experience. I have had this happen on numbers of occasions and you get to where you can control the dreams and dream as you like. It's a great way to release certain complexes and blocks in the subconscious.

As far as self inquiry goes, one can begin to study other people in the pursuit of discovering similarities in human kind. You might then discover some of the features that make you unique. The most powerful effect of self inquiry is the discovery of the presence of the ineffable. We should point out that the ineffable exists in all of us. In fact, the ineffable exists, after one fashion or another in everyone, in every creature and in everything. The entire universe is composed of the ineffable. Everything is composed of the ineffable and the ineffable is also apart from everything. The life of the ineffable is expressed in the lives of all of the manifestations of this plane and every plane, where the ineffable dwells as a silent witness. In some cases, rare cases, the ineffable is no longer silent but uses the sounding drum of the human mind and aspects of the human mechanism to communicate with the individual he/she is speaking to from within, or to others who exist without. The ineffable can communicate through and across anything, like a burning bush for instance (grin) or upon the ether, or out of any of the elements.

If one is seeking the ineffable, it is most important to exist on a high plane of awareness because the level of your consciousness determines who or what will be attempting to communicate with you. There are exceptions to this, such as Aghoras and types of Shaivites and individuals from other systems of spiritual experience like Rasputin. I am not going to say here whether Rasputin was or was not evil. There are many indications from the stories that remain about him that suggest that he might not have been. The ineffable can express very differently through different people and we have many examples of this... of remarkable men and women, who do not always behave the way traditionalist expect it to happen. Consider the naked holy men of India, who were called Masts and whom Baba considered god-intoxicated. Here we come to an interesting consideration. The effect of the awakened and indwelling divine can have a powerful intoxicating effect on the human mind. I have experienced this, rarely and not nearly as often as I would like (grin). This is why any number of people who have experienced it have been considered mad by the so called rational members of society. It is my belief that one must go mad to get the full effect. I mentioned 'awakened indwelling divine'. The 'Man on the Beach' told me that; “God is sleeping and this is his dream.” He also told me that; “God is a serpent.” From this, I later understood that he meant that when God awakens in a human consciousness, he/she becomes active in the ascending serpent power that is usually asleep in the pool of the kunda, or the Muladhara Chaka at the base of the spine. If this force finds its way all the way up, one becomes a conscious immortal, or god-man, man-god.

The force of the Kundalini can be awakened through an intense yearning, as it was in my case, or through conscious efforts to ping off of it through breath work or mantra work, prayer without ceasing and various ways, not the least of it being the Shaktipat of a realized master, as it was in my case. As you can see, sometimes it is a combination of influences. Sometimes it is simply Karma or Grace.

The plane of human consciousness at this time is collectively at a low level, while being potentially at a much higher level ...but the force of Materialism and the activity of the representatives of Material control are at such a low level that most of humanity is imprisoned in the matrix of their mesmeric power. Keep in mind that the two chakras above the base chakra, are the sex chakra and the personal power chakra, or the acquisitive and egoic chakra. You see this everywhere in the world today. Here is aninteresting combination of expressions that are presently going on. Henry Makow and I don't agree all of the time but I have come to respect his insight and courage. I am convinced he is a bonafide truth speaker and I admire him and his simple eloquence in expressing what he has to say. He also fell out with alternative media honcho, Jeff Rense but... at least he knew why. At this time, so do I but... I did not for a long time. Digressing...

If one were to practice self inquiry correctly and efficiently, they would develop an objectivity that is sorely lacking in these times and exceedingly valuable. You will know this when you possess it. Materialism works tirelessly to make us subjective and turn us into pod people, drudges and drones where we become the labor force and food of demonic entities. There is an animated movie called, “Monsters Incorporated”. This is a very prescient film. It says that the ones who feed on us, feed on our fear... and that is true. Feeding on our fear gives them access to feeding on our vitality. You can see this all around you too.

My friends, as you know if you come here often enough, you know I make no claims of exceptionalism. I learned this early on through having the good fortune to be around people who were far more advanced than me and whose humility was a wonder to behold. Guru Bawa referred to himself as an Ant Man. If anyone had claims of spiritual magnificence, he did, yet... he was as humble as dirt. I am in no position to place any importance on myself, considering the comparison between myself and certain luminous beings I was profoundly lucky enough to meet and I never shall. I am aghast at the presumptions of some who consider themselves to be exceptional, or important, or imagine that they are as powerful as they think they are. No one who thinks they are, is. The beauty of service is the joy that one can take from it; the incredible release of one's letting go of self and engaging in the finest occupation the world has ever known and that is the extreme privilege of being allowed to serve...\ however imperfect our efforts might be at times. Forget your true place in the scheme of things and you will be reminded in ways you would rather not have happened.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Grief-Riding in the Empty Shells of Stolen Cars.

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We notice that a lot of people are joining in the chorus of outrage against the Senegalese, Sudanese, Somali, Syrian and other refugee, migrant types (who are seemingly the main offenders) and whose nationality does not begin with an S. We notice even relatively informed and intelligent types getting all hot and lathered about the phenomena of European women being groped and raped and otherwise abused by knuckle dragging troglodytes... we're not going to dispute that these individuals who are in a minority are not human in any precise definition of the word, no more than we are going to gloss over the suppression of black on white crime statistics as they exist in the light of reality. We do concede that there are any number of forces that contribute to the latter and so it is not as black and white as it appears (grin).

The truth of why the former and the latter are what they are are the direct result of the intentional efforts of men like George Soros and the Rothschilds and other confirmed Satanists that operate from the top of the pyramid of political and social influence and who seek after the conditions they have created by fomenting war in the Middle East and thereby generating the migrant hordes who are invading Europe AND who are facilitating these migrations; directly facilitating them and also controlling the responses of the political leaders in all of the affected countries. If you are looking for a culprit, these are the real culprits.

The same Satanic emissaries are the clandestine forces behind the rise of Trump in the opinion polls. People go on and on about how this bombastic ego maniac tells the truth but how deeply have you investigated these alleged truths and how objectively have you inquired after the effects of actually employing these truths in the cultures where his influence will impact, should he be shoehorned into the highest position in the land? Regardless of any and all of this, there has never been a time when the interests of the greater body of the public are a primary concern of billionaires who are also under the inescapable sway of bankers. This should be obvious even to borderline intellects but people, even intelligent people are generally and routinely swayed by what they hear all the time from compromised media, which even though they see it happening right in front of them, still do not believe on a visceral level that they are being lied to all the time. They know at a certain level that they are being lied to but at a deeper level they don't believe this is really possible.

Perhaps you have heard about this sleazy mouthpiece from CNN who said something to the effect that there should be international raping of white women. This skell has been around for awhile and CNN took no action concerning his statement. I don't think I have to state who owns CNN. Perhaps you have heard about the black professor who called for the killing of white people, or the Pakistani intellectual who cried out for the same, or any number of others who have done likewise? No actions are taken against these people who are employed by the media, or academe or other, so called legitimate areas of employment and wide influence. The same people are behind this as well. They wish to orchestrate race wars around the planet. This is not because they believe this will result in wiping white people from the face of the Earth. It is in order to create chaos and disorder so that Draconian laws can be passed that result in a ubiquitous police state and world war. Actually Soros and the Rothschilds, Netanyahu and the AskeNAZI psychopaths and all the other willing and unwilling participants would also qualify as white people, were they still people instead of the empty shells of stolen cars. There is no humanity resident in them anymore. I have no certainty that there ever was but I won't categorically state that this is true. What I will state is that in the present, they are no longer human. One must behave as a human to deserve that sobriquet.

The truth is that the majority are tools; willing fellow travelers who measure the value of their personal gain over the well being of all others. If anyone needs clarity about the essence and source of all of these terrible ills that are assaulting the well being of humanity, look no further than his Satanic Majesty. In this case, all of the individuals and collectives so engaged, from Soros and sundry to Bilderberger, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Committee of 300 and all the rest of the possessed, including the Vatican and the Crime Nation of Israel are all tools, even when they are conscious and willing participants. Even when they do evil for the sheer joy of their performance of it. Anyone who has the idea that evil will ever prevail in any semblance of totality is a fool and therefore a tool.

The appearance of evil ascendant in unopposed continuance is a lie. It exists as it presently does, in it's seeming form, as a ubiquitous specter, simply for the purpose of demonstration and that demonstration is for the singular purpose of illustrating not only what we have become in our willing surrender to the command of that specter. It is also what it is to illustrate what happens when one does not submit to the command of their own lower nature. It is the wheat and chaff syndrome spoken of in the Bible. It is a literal demonstration of “but since ye are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth.” The quote doesn't go on to speak of the two singular destinations for the hot and cold but use your imagination.

As disenchanted as I am and have been with organized religious heroin, I believe utterly in the essence of what it misrepresents and have not the slightest doubt in a creator and that is matched only by my certitude in the impossibility of defining who and what that creator is. In order to see God you must be God, or as Bawa put it; “man god god man”. The very fact and observation of someone like Bawa proves there is an ineffable. To see a man who was well over a hundred years old with the face of a young boy and a visible luminous corona around his form is evidence enough; not to mention the power of his discourses and he is not the only one of the kind that I encountered. I met one beyond even his station and- no doubt- there are others even beyond that.

I am not the only one to see holographic Buddhas in the flowers and foliage, as well as various personifications of the goddess in various locations. Such experiences come as affirmations of faith for those with the zeal to pursue the visions and the vibrationary levels of consciousness whereby such manifest expressions appear. Manifest may not seem to be the appropriate term but they were seen by the senses, once the senses had been raised to the level necessary to perceive them. There are those who live in wild places in India and other lands who are capable of such experiences at will. There are mysteries that attend the human expression that are unknown to those submerged in the magnetic force of the Kali Yuga. The understanding of these mysteries leads to an unveiling that impacts upon the heart and mind to the extent that they are never forgotten and also lead not only to initiations but also to enduring relationships with entities which reside on much higher planes than the ones that present day humanity usually inhabits.

One need only the desire and drive toward these ends to generate the experiences necessary to bring the results sought after. One does need persistence and endurance as well because otherwise they will come upon that meadow of which Stephen Crane spoke, where they discover that every blade of grass is a sharp knife and they will say to themselves, “doubtless there is an easier way.” There is not. It is true that at times that an incomprehensible grace descends on some but you may be certain they went through all that was required in some previous time. If one could only get even a slight glimpse of the wonders and joys that are possible for those who persist and will not quit, the heart and mind would be absolutely overcome by the experience of it. One hears of the ecstasy of saints but these are only words in the minds of those who have no idea what this is like.

Therefore what do I care about the evil and appearance of evil done here in these times? What makes this possible is not simply the infernal king and his minions and not only those like Soros and all the other inhuman perversions of the human state. It is amply and powerfully supported by everyone who bends the knee to the darkness out of the desire for profit or under the whip hand of fear. It is the collective mass that makes so much of this possible but the cost of it applies only to those so engaged. Whatever suffering may be endured by the better agents of the ineffable among us is for reasons other than punishment.

Love is a fire and one of the deeper agendas of a higher love is to burn away our dross so that we might dance in that fire rather than burn in the torment of denying the necessity of freeing ourselves from attachment to all the things that keep us here in the first place. We all decide what is important to us and we all realize the value of that, as it is revealed to us in the time we spend here for the purpose of discovering exactly what that means.

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Friday, January 08, 2016

Your Inside is Out and your Outside is... Uh... I Forget...

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Today we open up with something that I thought about saying, because it was obvious to me but I hesitated. It is the reason when I fight, which I haven’t done in some years; it is why I am completely defensive in my response. Victory is more certain in that regard. It won’t save you from blind side hits, only paranoia will do that and I am not Charlie Manson who said, “total paranoia is total awareness”. Others are saying that what I saw is so. Obama rubbed something into his eye that caused him to tear up and did he cry from both eyes? I don’t even know. I say these things spontaneously and don’t check beforehand. I like it that way because I am almost often correct in my immediate observations but not 100% in my conclusions. I’m limited …but often, as the passage of time has proven… correct. I take no kudos for this. It comes via the intuition. I hear bells, gongs, strange sounds that say… “uh huh”. Well what have we here? What makes me so sure of this is that this is exactly what I thought I saw.

The guy writing this right now is a little gun-shy. It is not because I have been proven wrong so many times because I haven’t. It is more about knowing that I have been wrong about things timewise or detail-wise and my peripheral awareness isn’t 100%. You can get blindsided in this life. It’s all purpose of demonstration but that is small comfort when seen in the light of the aftermath.

One thing I want to press on your awareness is… whenever the bad guys let go of their anonymity, arrogance has taken control and they are now in the spotlight. No one who successfully works in the darkness should EVER give up their anonymity, but… they have. They have. The ineffable, who is the absolute on all things and before whom I am ‘an ant in the afterbirth’, has seen fit to reveal certain things to me, while concealing other things and one thing that I do get… one thing I do get is…  that without the right backer, you are going where the sun does not shine.

As an example of corruption at its finest, we have this.

I know that this is the cultural blog but all bets are off at this time. One cannot simply comment upon events and conditions without getting deeper into the mix. You can’t bring a checker board to a chess match. You can’t compare Yahtzee to Backgammon. You can’t bring a knife to a gunfight and expect to win, you can’t expect to win, no matter what the game is, if the ineffable does not back your play.

What the hey… Let’s segue into some cultural circumstance, like “Making a Murderer”.  You probably want to see these two ladies side by side and watch the body language. Am I a sexist, homophobic misanthrope? According to some standards, yes… I am… but… I didn’t say anything. I just said, “look and watch”., more or less. Now… I would find it hard to believe that yon Damian and his cohorts were not responsible for the Robin Hood Hills murders and I know that police plant evidence and I definitely, personally, know that they lie about what did or did not happen but… I also know that certain types working for their Satanic Majesty, also lie in order to blur the lines between truth and fabrication so that those who might be inclined to behave in similar fashion will have the comfort of precedence to tell them, “Yeah, I could get away with it too.”

I’m not saying that this guy and his alleged teenage assistant did or did not do what they are accused of. I know he was suing for 36 million dollars after they made him serve near 20 years in prison for something he didn’t do. That has to be a big maybe there. All I am saying is that I have convincing evidence that the entertainment industry, ruled over by the one who has ‘chosen’ certain people to be his emissaries, do fuck with reality as a vocation and an avocation.

These not so lovely creatures are not all Tribe members but Tribe members do make up an alarmingly high number and you can disagree with my saying this and you can disagree with my conclusions but you cannot disagree with the preponderance of the evidence. Yeah… didn’t you think I would get back to that? Look at the phony Holocaust that DID NOT happen. Look at the overwhelming evidence of their orchestration of 9/11. Look at their Russian history. You know what? There are so many examples that I am just going to stop here. As I said… or implied, not everyone who serves the devil is a Tribe member. Materialism and Satanism are both equal opportunity employers. A soul is a soul, as it were, even if it is already owned. Sure… I probably should not have said many of the things I have said but… I could not live with myself if I were that kind of a coward and I can PROVE what I say. That should count for something.

For the first time in 20 years I am watching network TV because it is there where I am, available, so to speak) and I thought I would check in. I now understand what I had already concluded as real, once I had seen all the heartburn commercials and the idea that rather than change your diet, simply find a pill to militate against the effect of bad choices. I am now convinced that stress is behind nearly every death (and certainly leads to whatever condition brings it about) but… I also recognize that death is necessary for most and even desirable for some of us to see happen). For the truly industrious and spiritually attuned and compassionate… change is still necessary (note the points of spinal twist in the death figure in the Case Deck, Death card),

And then there is the Humira commercial, where you can catch cancer and all kinds of other lovely conditions so… check with you know nothing doctor first. Surely you can find this commercial on Youtube. This is a sick culture. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the impetus to go out and talk to people in a public forum. I’ve done it before. Two times when I brought my message to the streets, the clubs or the media I got arrested for things I did not do. One I did do to save someone’s life, only to find it was a putup job. The ineffable told me yesterday that he let me go to Hawaii so I could understand that that was then and this is now. I got it.

I heard today that Assad is a dictator and he is starving this CIA/Mossad financed city 20 miles away, which was killing Syrian citizens until Russia stepped in. Did you see the Edgar Cayce bit about how he predicted that Russia would save the world?

This is a crazy AIDS quilt of a world. Did you know that people who are RH negative don’t get AIDS? Visible thanks his fortunate stars that he has the second rarest blood of them all and it is negative but, I am not… attitude wise; better say that (grin) lest people make things up out of whole cloth. Yesterday or the day before, I got a comment which I did not publish that involved fantasized details about my personal history that showed me there are people who follow and dissect every word and event that happens here, simply so that they can create a perverted simulacrum of what is not …in their minds. You can’t do anything about this, nor can any of this do anything about you, which is why I bring this up… it’s not because I have some demanding need to undress in public but rather because we all, share the same states and considerations. An empath would see this easily here and many of us are empaths. TV seeks to rob you of your empathy, by misdirecting your concerns into garbage time and by lying to you ALL the time.

I don’t feel I have to convince any of you of anything here. Yes… weird shit has happened here and there and now and again. Unless you were there you know no more than you have been told and I know that most of you stayed and kept coming back because you know it would be impossible, to say what gets said here for this long and still maintain this level of the conversation. Sometimes you have to act like a crazy person or the next thing you know, you will be on TV too, or in someone’s hip pocket. Keep in mind what happens when these people sit down. Sometimes you can be completely sane and you still get taken for crazy, for pushing people out of their comfort zone but… that’s our job here, to inspire, infuriate, annoy and console and hope that every one of these results in  a better place for all of us because… what is the point otherwise? Otherwise, what is the point?

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Monday, January 04, 2016

There are a Lot of Rocks in Pandora's Box.

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We move into the cultural end of our segment of the blogsphere today. So… it could be relevant to start off with a couple of links. Here you will experience the information side of the contemporary theft experience. I include it only for anyone soon to be reduced to a state of needing to know these things, once the economy goes into freefall; if that ever happens, because for ten years all I hear are threats and dire predictions that never happened, except for awhile in 2008 and about which you can learn all kinds of things in this recent film that might well sweep the Academy Awards this year. Since Foxhunter, Steve Carrell has been showing some amazing acting chops, of wide ranging and diverse abilities. Well, I’m not a film critic, except when I am, so let’s move on.

In the not really real, real world, far more sinister things are afoot as the fastest growing religion since Mormonism and Scientology swells its ranks worldwide; that would be Satanism. The reason that Satanism is proliferating at such a rate is several fold. Primarily it is due to Materialism, since Mammon and Satan are blood brothers in harness, like yoked oxen. The other reasons I will leave in the area of general speculation because we want to go somewhere else with everything today, even if it’s right in the same ballpark.

One of the elusive features of Satanism is that the majority of people so engaged do not realize they are Satanists. You become a Satanist when the drive for material things becomes greater than your sense of humanity. One of the side effects of this is depersonalization. One of the side effects of depersonalization is you forget who you are and an important factor in this regard is that many of these people never knew who they were in the first place. This is because, when materialism becomes ascendant, self-inquiry is the first thing that goes out the window and it is replaced by mimicry and emulation. Who would one seek to emulate or mimic in a world where materialism is massively influential? Well, of course, one mimics the icons of the day and the more the quality of life and character diminishes under the force of material culture, the more insipid and watered down the icons become; ergo… the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus, brain dead rap thugs and then there are the memes, like trumping up the heroism and sacrifice of canon fodder, in order to produce warm bodies for the battlefields of the world.

One of the basic and simplistic definitions of Satanism is that it is an expression of self-interest over any concern for the wlefare of others. Now I am not going to say that that puts Trump right into that demographic, according to his history of his passage to this point. No, I won’t say that because too many people might object because… he’s just so honest about everything. Uh huh and… don’t you think a smart campaign would be well aware of the effect of this upon the collective mind in a time of pervasive frustration and epidemic lying? However, when has a campaign turned into an expression of campaign promises brought into existence once one has won and no longer has to campaign until the next time? Such a result is basically non existent. Perhaps the reader is aware that Trump went bankrupt a few years ago and had to wheel and deal all kinds of arrangements with bankers to appear to become solvent again? Meanwhile I am hearing from people that the bankers hate Trump and that is one of the things that makes him a good guy. How can it possibly be that that is true when in his business a working relationship with bankers is paramount?

Bottom line, politicians lie. They lie to get where they want to get to and then they default on all of their promises because fulfilling them is not in their hands in the first place. Bankers make policy and politicians make it happen. Now… they are not the sole manufacturers of policy. You have people like the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Addleson. These are monsters in human form and only what they want is important and if we just segue back to the simplistic definition of Satanism; self-interest, to the exclusion of all other human considerations is Satanism. It’s not rocket science. A person doesn’t have to go around with a set of horns on their head and wear black and crimson robes to be a Satanist. They manage to be full blown Satanists in mufti. “By their works ye shall know them.”

Now… I don’t particularly want to dump on Trump (nice turn of phrase, visible). My only motivation in this respect is based on my observations that the PR juggernaut is as phony as the man’s hair. I realize that many of us are desperate and fueled by hope that this time… yes, this time, it will be different. Meanwhile, Hillary scares the shit out of us so… why not Trump? Trump goes nowhere unless those who control what goes on behind the scenes have got him in their pockets. If it were Jessie Ventura, I might feel differently but there is no way he would have a shot and he knows this and if he did advance to a critical phase, he might well get shot. They kill people who don’t go along with the program. Sometimes they just put them in a trick bag with a dead girl or a live boy… or some compromising situation where they have the videotape. They look for leverage at all times and if you are in this field of enterprise, the odds are great that they will get this, even if they have to Photoshop it.

I don’t want to kill hope but I am a realist. The world is the world is the world; the world, the devil and the deep blue sea. Many people were big supporters of Ron Paul. He got tens of millions of dollars. He once got 25 million dollars in one day from ordinary people and he went nowhere. At a certain point, each time, he just dropped out. Stalking horses are a big part of the game in these times. It is a form of the Hegelian Dialectic. John Kerry was a stalking horse. Ron Paul was a stalking horse and for all I know, Trump is one too. I’ve heard it said that hope is the last thing to die. Hope and faith are not the same.

The world is a training ground. It is a boot camp. It is a school. It exists only for the purpose of demonstration. It is a wheel of fire and it is driven by carnal desire and people come and go through a revolving door in pursuit of all the things they think they want and the inevitable bitter disappointment that accompanies their acquisition of them. It goes on and on and on and on and on. Some few aspire to something more and they are generally out of sync with the rest of it and often in conflict with it and sometimes driven into isolation that can be more rewarding than anything the world has to offer. The world has only disappointment to offer and the last thing remaining in Pandora’s Box will fly away too. The Greeks had a lot of understanding about life as an expression of archetypes dancing through human form. They had more philosophers than any other culture. You could wander along a river bank and find them weeping on one shore and laughing on the other and all of them ...and the other expressions... were relevant because life will accommodate the relative truth of any of them according to the construct of “as a man thinketh’ and the mirror mind factor which you can find in Buddhism or some other way of looking at things. Personally I am less concerned with how I look at things than I am with who is looking at things ‘through’ me. 'Late at night when you’re sleeping Kundalini comes a creeping around.'

We’re dreaming. Some of us know we are dreaming and some of us think we have woken up and we are still dreaming; like when you wake up and believe you are awake, only to find that you were still dreaming, cause you wake up yet again. Some of us are in a deep sleep and some in a restless sleep and some dream idyllic and some dream in nightmare and it all has to do with what we think is real and none of it is.

Meanwhile, the wheel turns and one life moves on to the next and is often a lesson on the one previous, or the one before that, or before that, depending on the ideal circumstances coming about to fulfill the demonstration necessary for the soul growth. Sometimes one becomes the antithesis of what they were before, as a reaction to what they were before. Sometimes the whole life is about payback so that one can have first hand experience of what they visited on others. Sometimes it is all about service required, based on what came before. Everything you see is the outworking of karma and every single expression is an example of some purpose of demonstration. Some wind up like Greta Garbo, locked in a room for the rest of her life and some wind up climbing the 13 steps to the hangman’s noose. Some are rich and some are poor and what really matters is how you handled it. Everyone who is rich should learn one critical thing; were you a good steward? There is nothing wrong with being rich, or famous, or temporarily beautiful. It is all in how you handled it because consequences attend everything. Handled well, you might stay comfortable from life to life… more or less but… handle it badly and you’ll find out.

We wandered off into a place we had no idea we would arrive at when this posting began. Something else entirely was on our mind but… well… there is a lesson in that and many of us wind up somewhere much different than we intended to. Where do you get your guidance? What leads you? What motivates you? These things are important, yes… but far more important is what results over the long haul.

There are a lot of rocks in Pandora’s Box. They might be there to keep the box from flying away with Hope. It’s said that Hope was all that remained in the box after all the ills of the world escaped but of what use is hope in a box? It makes us wonder. Rocks are mineral compositions but they are a metaphor too. Much of life and its contents are metaphor. One thing is certain, things seem. Things appear. The real question that any intelligent soul should ask is, “What is it that exists behind appearances?

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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Out with The Old and in with The Temporarily New.

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(Greetings. We are back much earlier than expected. That said… let us continue on with whatever it is that we do here.)

Happy New Year, dear reader! Let us hope that in the compelling uncertainty of these times that we can be compelled toward a certitude of unwavering purpose. I always like to remind myself that in times of pervasive darkness, it is simple physics that the light concentrates somewhere or various somewheres and the most overlooked of locations is… within. One is either distracted by their surroundings and things at a remove from the sensory bandwidth, via the undisciplined activities of the imagination, or provoked by unreasonable fears through the tambourine and tympani action of the dark side percussion section of the Satanic Symphony, which is center stage these days. In times of materialism the visible conductor is always drawn from the infernal regions. The real conductor, who is invisible, is the one who pulls the strings on the visible conductor and not the other way around. This is something that most people, brainwashed by myth and legend or religion don’t get and if it isn’t the government that lied to them, it’s the church and if it isn’t the church, it’s the educational system and if it isn’t the educational system, it’s the marketplace and if it isn’t the marketplace, it’s their parents, who either began the process of deception or stood by and let it happen.

I went traveling yesterday evening and this morning to see what I could come up with as reference points for this alleged new year, finding ever more egregious examples of contemporary trends. I found explanations for things that hadn’t been explained before but made a whole lot of sense to me. I saw things I had never seen or heard of before that looked like something along the lines of the affluenza defense. I will admit that my first or second thought after the initial surprise was; “How do I get one of those?” I saw things that were just further confirmation of scenarios, which indicated ever more deep conspiracies of depravity but which, most of us know are only surface chimeras of monsters who are darker than anything we have actually seen or heard about and I saw the trending glimmer of ubiquitous offenses to come and which have, in fact, already arrived. The reaction, from this quarter to all of these is exactly what was said earlier about compelling uncertainty and certitude of unwavering purpose.

However deranged and depraved the deceived may become, in this landscape of deception, we should be awash in waves of fulsome gratitude that we are not numbered among them. There are things far worse than poverty, misfortune and death. In times of summing up, there are resolutions and results taking place that involve larger segments of time and that is meant to say; time already passed and time yet to come.

New Year is, or is supposed to be, a time of reflection and aspiration. It is a time to look back on what has passed and a time to look ahead, with the benefit of all that hindsight can bring before the mind’s eye. Still… New Year’s Day, is to me, an even greater reach upon that meme of going to church on Sunday. It reminds me of the lyrics to that song; “One day of prayin' and six nights of fun. The odds against going to heaven, six-to-one.” Many amazing feats have been accomplished by those who made a particular awareness the centerpiece of their existence and that includes those who are sometimes considered to have been evil, like Rasputin, though we do not know that Rasputin was, per se, evil. Our ideas of good and evil are more often something injected into us, rather than the fruits of a reasoned consideration. Much that is called evil, I do not consider to be evil at all and the same goes for conventional ideas about good. A part of me wants to say that good and evil can kiss my ass but that might be offensive for some to hear and it might not be precisely what I mean either.

In any case, Rasputin came from a particular fellowship that practiced a version of, “praying without ceasing.” There are a lot of ways to approach this kind of an existence and the methods employed may vary but they all require a persistence of consistency and focus and whether you believe as one practitioner said; “All magic is in the will.” Or “concentration is the secret of the magical art.” Or, the particulars of what Patanjali had to say… or this… or that… or that too… they all are directly relevant to degrees of intensity in the practice of uniform consistency. A mountain is not going to be mistaken for a river or the other way around but they are both marvels of consistency, even when a river bends a hundred different ways, it is still consistent at it. The day will come when neither that mountain or that river will be there but it will take a very long, long time for that to happen. Make of all of this what you will.

Even though quotes were used that involved the word magic, we are not talking about magic, those were simply examples of what is necessary to the successful performance of it. The same is necessary for most things and any successful person will tell you so and even if it looks like it just got dropped into their lap. This is not what happened. They did the necessary work somewhere else.

As has been said here before. I consider myself an investment banker who represents an unconventional bank. “As above, so below” There are all kinds of currency. Thought is currency, feeling is currency. Effort is currency. Some is short term and some is long term and some is way up around the corner and over the mountain and through the woods term. It’s never a good thing to measure your investments on the yardstick of time, unless that is the only place you are ever likely to see the desired result. Such things interest me only incidentally and… if you haven’t invested some large amount in your hair, you won’t grieve at its passing.

The world is insane so it stands to reason that anyone engaged with it in any manner where it makes sense is to be considered insane as well. Of course, there is a way whereby it makes sense but one’s awareness of it is in a detached and casual way. In the first instance, it is to be expected that at some point people will behave badly. In the second case, there is no telling what to expect.

A new year has come upon us and it has a certain global meaning because the shared awareness of it is global. It is an election year in the land of the Great Satan, as an Iranian cleric might put it and there is an convincing argument that can be made for that title being applicable. There is also a compelling argument that can be made for this being true in practically any country in the world, due to the time zone of the moment.

All this having been said; Happy New Year, my friends!!!!