Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mr. Apocalypse and his Walking Stick

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

It goes on behind closed doors. At least that is how it has always been until now. This character has appeared who is half Fred Astaire, half Buster Keaton and half Michael Jackson moving backwards; you do the math. What I mean to say is that it is all by way of Monty Python, with synchronized Jesus Krishna/Ted Bundy attitude. It’s Mr. Apocalypse. Mr. Apocalypse is what should have been when it wasn’t permitted by those who should not have done what they did AND Mr. Apocalypse is here. Mr. Apocalypse is the greatest public servant of all. He has rectitude and integrity like Rothschild has paper; paper, rock, scissors? Mr. Apocalypse is ultra-abled; he’s got fire and water too.

The reason Mr. Apocalypse has so many features and dimensions is that he has a consort who assists him in his public actions that take place behind closed doors on the stage of contemporary presence. She is called Lady Nature and she brings the force to bear upon circumstance. You can think of Mr. Apocalypse as a David Copperfield kind of a guy that has a slinky, shimmering and attractive presence in the person of an assistant who makes shit happen and I messed this up somewhere and that is why I am doing it in a Petri Dish.

Things have to operate within their dimensions. They are required to operate within a certain construct of limitation in order to operate. You can talk about rules and regulations. You can talk about walls and blocks. You can talk about foundations. You can talk math and you can shoot around the corner with algebra and engage trigonometry and you can go and go and go like the Energizer Bunny but you are in a system.

You depend on systems. When you drive over a bridge you depend on the math and mechanics that support your travel. Some systems are temporary and some endure. Some systems are eternal and may not be systems but simply 1010101010 out of which systems emerge and then there are dimensions.

Of course you are going to have a new world order and of course things are going to repeat themselves and of course it is going to go on and on. That is what it does. The Earth goes on and on. The planets go on and on and demonstrations of life go on through the colorful envelope of culture and commerce and there you are.

I have been a bit of a warrior in my life and I have been on mad escapades. I would say endurance is my signal strength. I have fallen down three or four times in my life from exhaustion and it wasn’t connected to drugs or age, it was just max point. I used to go out into the McKenna Beach area on Maui and throw kicks at the cactus plants and knock the parts off of them and you have to be careful with your aim, given that the spikes can find their way through the sneakers but I was just testing myself against Nature, the same way I used to dance with the desert serpents who used the wind dervishes for psychedelic gladiator school. I have an idea about systems; methods of delivery, compression and release and all kinds of things but I am not a tool and die man, or a banker but I can see some things and my observation is that the thin air fiat system is flammable and corrosive and right now and there is no getaway.

I don't mean to intrude myself into the mix but we are all myself aren’t we? We all have our systems and habitual behavior. I hope your system is in tune with the cosmos or that you are considering getting in tune with the cosmos because the cosmic imperative, Mr. Apocalypse, is moonwalking on the accordion licks and this system has come to the end of its intention and now the beast is looking to close the doors of the casino so the whores of Babylon can cloister and party, while you suffer at your own expense. Not only are they stealing from you but they are blaming the cause of the condition on you and they are intending to make you pay for their excesses.

Ordinarily this kind of shit just goes on and on. It migrates when times get dicey and it works over long periods of time and across long stretches of country but... presently all of these things have run out and the veils are lifting. I have no idea of what is intended to occur, but August brings us more inevitable push and shove, meeting irresistible force and Mr. Apocalypse is walking though the town, tapping his stick. He is using his stick to lift the skirts of the banker whores and when he does this it’s a public thing. Mr. Apocalypse is no uncatchable Jack the Ripper. Mr. Apocalypse is the good guy. It’s most interesting how Jack would operate and how Mr. Apocalypse operates, given the present situation.

Some things have been going on for a long time in the same old places. You get the idea that those same old places aren’t really there anymore but they are. It’s always new and improved. It winds up rehabilitated, like The Vatican. They don’t burn witches and heretics now because they are spiritual. The fundamentalists are good to go with Jesus, because Jesus is their skateboard. The banks and the military, along with the religions and the marketplaces, along with the governments and every other system (did I leave somebody out?) are what they are based on but it is the people who are operating them. They are as good or bad as the people who control the system and whatever controls them. The generals in Turkey are resigning, or are they resigning? Why are they stepping down? Mr. Apocalypse knows why they are stepping down.

The reality is that you will get your house in order, or else. Mr. Apocalypse can dance like nobody can dance. When Mr. Apocalypse dances then you know what the margin is. Did I say margin? Can I get a hedge? Don’t hedges create privacy? Is that some kind of irony? I’m sure the metaphorical royals of our world have hedges and I will bet they have hedge clippers. Mr. Apocalypse has got all those things too and Mr. Apocalypse owns the joint so... Did I say something about you do the math?

I like to sing and dance. I like to be alone. I like all kinds of things and mostly I don’t get to do them but one of these days I will. I hope that everyone gets what they want and more in every sense of the word because if you can\t wake up when Mr. Apocalypse is working his stick. If you can’t wake up and see what is in front of you and call it for what it is then... then.... I expect you get what you deserve. We’ll see, because that is Mr. Apocalypse’s job and he is on the job, as I write these words. You just might see him walking past you in his top hat and tails, that’s how very present he is.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One More Lone Gunman who wasn't Alone

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

You would think they would have the numbers straight by now. I keep seeing the number 76 and then I see where it is over a hundred or in the high 90’s. There’s so much being written about it at the moment that you can’t keep up with it and, as the writer in the link just given points out, it’s certainly taken the focus off of Rupert Murdoch and all of the evil shits who enabled him. As I scan the whole affair with my intuitive sense, I see this is the primary intent of the whole thing. I get the feeling they have cadres of deluded malcontents, intricately programmed for the moment of need whenever it arises.

What must be going on behind the scenes and in the minds of the players in the higher spheres of social and political discourse? Surely they know, this time they know and there can be little doubt at any level that Israel, her banking commandoes and special ops terror forces, are lizard-neck deep in the horror of this event and in most of the related horrors of these times.

My thought is that the force of The Apocalypse is making itself felt upon all of the operations of obfuscation and fascist control around the globe. They know about things on the horizon that are still concealed from the eyes of majority population. They know that critical mass has entered into the playing field of its maximum expression. In times of great historical change, there is a wall clock that counts off the moments to the inevitable. It hangs in the meeting rooms of the halls of power. It ticks away in the minds of those who have perpetrated so much rage and ruin upon the populace of so many countries, for the purpose of economic gain and an ever widening net of global control.

It is going to collapse around their heads. It can’t go any other way. It’s destiny. After decades of mass murder, applied genocide and phony peace talks, the declaration of a Palestinian State looms on the near horizon. They’re not going to be able to stop it. The Palestinians have no other options. They’re up against the wall and the force of the Aquarian Age is on their side, regardless of the cost in the process. They have little left to lose and they keep losing that. Israel is on the wrong side of history and everything they do, exposes them for what they are, a bloodthirsty cabal of non-Semitic interlopers, seeking to forge the historical record and write themselves into ancient locations that they never occupied in the first place.

Three things have made the activities of these psychopaths so successful. One of them is the fabrication of an event that every known record disproves. The other is their control of the banking world and the third is their control of the media. All of these efforts were in the planning and operations phase for a very long time. Once they felt secure in their position they came out of the closet and have begun a systematic takeover of human consciousness. I should mention that their hijacking of the Christian fundamentalist, cartoon absurdist religion has also stood them in good stead, with a massive chorus of lemmings and cannon fodder at their disposal; “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

What are the things that are crumbling away as we approach maximum dénouement? The truth about a certain fabricated event is slowly making itself known worldwide. The whole of the Arab world knows about it now. The banking system is collapsing and thanks to the internet, the media stranglehold on the world’s perception of events is losing its force and capacity for containment. It’s all coming apart and this leaves the bad guys with few options. The rogue elements in the CIA and MI6, which take their marching orders from Tel Aviv, are scrambling like panicking rats up and down the guy lines of a doomed ship of fools. Everything they do is turning against them.

What is the guaranteed response from the perpetrators, given that all of their plots are imploding? The guaranteed response is more false flags, with an eye toward a more horrendous massacre in Gaza, with an excuse based upon the changes at the border crossing in Egypt. This is to be in tandem with an assault on Iran. These inhuman killers need maximum distraction to take the attention off of the daily exposure of their terrible acts against the rest of us. Things like the fall of Dark Lord Rupert cannot be allowed to continue and this means the near certainty of some much greater and more horrific false flags at important points in Europe and the US. This is how it sorts out in my thoughts at the moment.

We’re right in the eye of the storm at the moment and we’ve been there for awhile. It’s a big storm and it passes slowly. Soon enough the eye is going to pass by and the rampaging winds and fury of the attendant rain is going to come down with a vengeance. It’s going to be very selective. The weather and everything else is an agent of the cosmos and employed in the best interests of all of us who are present in this time. It doesn’t look good at the moment and it hasn’t looked good for a long time but that’s just appearances and that’s all this world really is anyway, appearances and appearances lie.

Everything we hear these days is a lie and every lie is calculated to obscure a particular truth. Whenever you read something in the media, you can take it as the gospel truth that it is a lie and then you can look at what’s not being said and be pretty certain that that is what is really going on. Give it a few days or a few weeks and the real story will start to emerge in the blogsphere and then a series of seemingly oppositional talking heads in the mainstream will debate the follow-up lies that are meant to distract from the emergent truth. This is what has happened with the bank bailouts and the theft of public resources from every location they can be stolen from. The comic spectacle of truly insane greed is a wonder to behold. They are out of control and how does this play up against their relentless push for control? It creates a dichotomy that they cannot escape, explain or understand because their capacity for all of these things is being compromised from locations within and without that keep them in a harness of blindness, as they are marched toward their date with the cosmic comeuppance.

I know that a lot of people can’t see this because of the apprehension that is coming down on them in these times and because of the power of false appearances that makes such a large shadow thrown by such puny figures. The degree of force that is needed to wake people up is going to be the determinant of how intense it gets. If you don’t need a two by four in the back of the head, it is likely you won’t be getting one. On the other hand, if you do, well, you do the math. Of course, you won’t be doing any math because you are already buying into the manufactured figures of those who are performing these deceptions upon you; that is why the two by four is necessary. There’s nothing anyone can say to anyone who is not in a position to hear it and that is why The Apocalypse is necessary to begin with.

Lao Tzu makes several comments about how one’s grasp should never exceed their reach and why an army should never march too far beyond the supply wagons. He makes a good case for all kinds of prudent behavior and his sutras have lasted as an irrefutable teaching until this day. This is because those who do refute them, wind up object lessons of them. Those who do practice and embrace these truths are not often heard about because they don’t go around looking like they swallowed the sun and the moon.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Connecting the Dot Machine

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

If this isn’t Half Past Human’s Israeli mistake, then you can probably take your pick from any of their actions in the last two years. Now they have other possible accessories and the one pictured looks strangely enough like Michael Myers. Oddly enough the population is the same as that of Israel and regardless of surface a appearance there is no way that the Norwegians won’t know that Israel was behind it. This is a game changer. There’s no way of telling what will surface over following days but there’s also no telling what’s going to be happening over the next several days either.

Though there’s no way of you telling the difference, I managed through some combination of ignorance and stupidity to erase the parts I had on the original post this morning. You may pause for a brief outburst of either applause or silence now.

My July timetable of abuse passes in two days. Boy am I tired (grin). This weariness is something bone deep as if it is the collective of years. Strangely though, All sorts of new yogic techniques have come to me and some of them are so surprising that I’m thinking of making a DVD of them for the readers and don’t think I won’t. The beauty of them is that you only need a house for the one (it’s called House Yoga) and the other one you need a foam mattress for. I guess I could call it Mattress Yoga although that might have connotations I’d rather not have assumed, while at the same time, it I don’t actually say too much about it, it will definitely increase sales (grin). Now back to the post although I don’t expect to be too inspired or riveting because I’ve got to go out in a few hours to a concert area where I’ll be performing next year And I’ve still got to do the radio show.

Yes, the connections to Israel are too numerous and timely to be coincidental and one Norwegian leader has kind of implied something to that affect. Here’s another amazing statistic. It seems like there are more congressional trips to The Black Hole of Planet Earth that there are actual congresswhores. You have to check out both pages since Tel Aviv is on the second page. That is a staggering reality and a long way to go to give a blowjob but like the hookers who used to give them away for free during the last depression caused by the same people, they ‘were glad to have something warm in their stomach’. I apologize for the frightening image you’ve probably just gotten of Nancy Pelosi and John Boner with Netanyahu or whatever settler rabbi might be standing around.

This is a huge negative for Israel, though we’re going to have to wait and see if they actually publically acknowledge it in Norway. The Norwegians will know, they are not stupid; quite the contrary, they are highly intelligent and as the preceding article shows, very courageous concerning things like right and wrong and responding to them. I’m hoping to get over there and hike the fjords with a friend or two whom I haven’t located yet.

It just goes to show that when you are psychopathic and insane as well as being hubristic beyond rhyme or reason you are headed for destruction on the fast track and it couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people who have all collected themselves in one location for that purpose. Now All that is needed are a series of events in the US, Canada, Europe and so forth to motivate the rest of them to join them. I can only hope this grants me the favor of a few disapproving labels because I want to be identified for what I am with no apologies.

The world is uniting against their common oppressor and soon enough there will be no place to run and no place to hide, not in this day and age. All of the deceptions are on their way to being made public, if they haven’t been already and the grand deception of them all shouldn’t be that far away from being called out and named as well. Recently, something that might have usually been enforced in Canada went the other way. I’m sorry I don’t have the link for that but I did see it a few days ago.

The dawn is breaking, even if it is coming at a great cost, considering the heinous crime that just went down in Norway. A Palestinian State is sure to be acknowledged this fall and that, along with the creation of the Iranian oil bourse is sure to lead to or precipitate an assault of that nation around the same time.

I’m going to cut this blog post short since I’ve got to get the radio show done; my apologies for the brevity.



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Everything we have been talking about happening is happening and some of the more major tragic-comic events will be screening in a theater near you soon.

a little late, or whatever... then it is right on time. I can hear the wolves of Asgard howling on the wind and I can see passports flying in a New Zealand earthquake and Patagonia stealth tourists, dressed up in bunny hats...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Musing on the Banks of a Dry River Bed

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I try to stay positive in the face of all of I hear, see and encounter. I’m not referring just to the conditions of the wider world but to my world as well. We all carry a personal world and that’s the sum total of what we’ve done and what we believe to be true and act upon, as if it were true and the reality of that is determined by how our personal truth measures up against the greater truth. The greater truth isn’t ever seen by mortals because mortality is a veil and it contains the parameters of our personal truth, which isn’t really truth but merely the demands that our false self makes upon appearances to support it. It’s that ‘seeing through a glass darkly’ thing. I’ve mentioned several times over the years that when the truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears. The world is only a projection of our mortal dreams, measured against the time continuum in which they are shown to be nothing more than the shadows on the wall of Plato’s Cave, or Plato’s Retreat, depending on what you are into (grin).

I try to keep a positive attitude and that is no mean feat, given the sort of things that happen to me and often defy explanation or description. Why am I talking about this? It’s because of the vast amount of cynicism I see operating all around me, in my smaller world and in the greater world at large. I was told that July would not be an easy passage for me and it has proven to be so. Hardly a day goes by for me when I don’t get slammed by something that comes down to misunderstandings and results in a lack of support, while I try to stay an industrious fellow, in my general nose to the grindstone way. I always believe that I am turning a corner but it’s proven to be something that extends far beyond anything I ever anticipated or expected it to be.

For most of my life I’ve been up against it and it has whittled me down until there’s hardly anyone left at all. I suspect that’s a good thing overall, even if it doesn’t always feel like it is. These days part of me wants to head for the Himalayas or some remote part of Thailand. I suspect that my meager holdings are enough for me to maintain at a level possible in those places and I don’t feel like there’s that much holding me around here to make it worth remaining, in the constantly fluctuating groove I am moving through.

As incredibly difficult as my passage has been, I’ve always believed that there was a point to it and that one day I would understand the why and wherefore of it all. The more recent years have been more stable and I have been more dependable too. The world is changing in the ways I have expected it to and it’s run true to form. The only thing I haven’t been very good at is predicting the when of things and one shouldn’t engage in such speculation anyway. I’m learning that.

I see an outpouring from various sources that say this whole thing with Murdoch and all the rest of the veil rending phenomena that the cosmos is engaged in will come to no good result and that soon enough it will all go back to business as usual. I don’t believe that. What I see is evil engaged in its own destruction. That is the essential nature of evil. Evil does eventually destroy itself. It always has and it always will. To me, we are all part of a cosmic drama whose purpose is a lasting lesson that is geared toward our higher evolution; for those of us willing to take advantage of it. Our job is to live and learn and become the product and the fruit of a greater understanding. If we don’t, we get recycled until we do. There are never a great many of us that are full time engaged in this. It’s been my long time observation that most people come to a point of compromise with the world around them. They make arrangements and they make deals. If you don’t do these things you become a peculiarity to the people who were more well disposed toward you when they were more like you, before they made their accommodations with death and the devil.

The world is the way it is not because of the Rupert Murdoch’s and the rest of the satanic entities, like the Rothschild’s, along with their enablers and high end employees. The world is the way it is because the bulk of humanity makes accommodations with them, believes what they tell them and endures the wars and economic fluctuations that are intentionally manipulated to the cyclic distress of the poor fools who put up with all of that shit. The greater darkness is fed by the countless tributaries of smaller darkness that flows into it, in response to the prompting and lures of what flows out of it. We’re where we are because of what we are.

I tell myself that being isolated in my little world is not such a bad thing. I tell myself I would rather work for nothing and the general good, however indifferent the general population might be to it, than to be a more welcome member of a corrupt and doomed society. I assure myself that I am supported by invisible means, which seems to be true and that despite the expectations of various cynical and faithless people, who expect things from me according to a time line of their own creation that I am doing the right thing. I have no way of knowing if this is true. What I do know is that it’s certainly not what I see around me. It’s one of those, “oh ye of little faith” things. For me, one is either reliant on the cosmos or they are reliant on other people and I don’t want any deeper contact with people who have little faith in the cosmos and even less in me. It’s hard enough maintaining my own, without relying on people who don’t have any. I’ll be more detailed about that at Origami when it comes up tomorrow or the next day.

I get tired of people attributing irresistible power to demonic regimes like Israel and all her puppet nations. I get tired of people attributing irresistible power to corporations, individuals and dying systems that are all dying and being exposed in front of my eyes. I get tired of holding the fort and believing and affirming that the dawn is soon to break, while the dawn takes its own sweet time (grin) but there’s too much evidence in my invisible account and in the encouragement of my invisible friends for me to be inclined to doubt it. It seems to me that we endure and soldier on, or we betray our deeper being for the false comfort of superficial lies, with the loss of our integrity and honor. When you’re not a casual liar for the purpose of convenience and self interest, lies are usually very transparent. With me, lies are usually exposed when the evidence to the contrary comes flying up into my head the moment I hear them.

I can’t answer for the way others live and do business. I also cannot embrace cynicism and the idea that we are all doomed. In that regard it is Nature that always lifts my spirits. I’ve had to battle depression for many years and I’ve used different things to militate against it. I recently found something that does but like most things that don’t have the imprimatur of the pharmaceutical industry, people object to my right to use it, as well as make demands that I meet some personal criteria of theirs, when I never agreed to any of that. I do not go along to get along because I’ve seen where that leads. That has brought me to the point where I can literally walk out the door and disappear and not have to be concerned about anything or anyone I leave behind, because they will be fine and I have no contractual debts or obligations that can’t be settled simply by leaving what I’ve set in motion to satisfy any demands anyone might feel they have a right to make on me. It’s a rare kind of freedom to be in a position where you are unaffected by the games people like to play to make you behave the way they want you to, as if you were wearing their team uniform and had agreed to bend over whenever they need the reassurance.

I have one employer and one duty and nothing else applies. If it isn’t directed from there then it’s mislabeled when it shows up at my door. There are no apologies or explanations I have to give or make. I can apologize for being stupid enough to put myself in some people’s hands and I can explain that none of the things on offer are important enough to me to go through what it takes to appease people’s profit motives and control freak imperatives. That’s about it. If you want to be cynical about things working out and if you have no faith in the cosmic plan then you might as well go to work for the people who are victimizing you because absent the one plan you become an automatic member of the other. Big time deceptions and small time deceptions only vary by degree and being actual pathways; the smaller eventually runs into the other Just as all water eventually reaches the sea. I’m going to keep on believing because I have come too far to take that exit into a world of doubt, manipulated by faith killers who’ve created an economy out of it.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Willingly Marching to the Guillotine and Auto Da Fe

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‘May your noses always smell out the truth in this landfill of noxious shit’.

Sooner or later you see what was inevitable and whether it’s just saber rattling at this point is unimportant, because when there is only one way to go, eventually that is the direction you head in. Please note that that is an active link that connects to the context and subject of this part of the post (grin). The revolution is under way. We’re looking at it but it hasn’t reached the mad bitch, drama queen stage. Or maybe it has but Madame Defarge hasn’t arrived with her knitting yet. The more The Apocalypse reveals, the more a certain dynamic imperative begins to take its foot off the clutch and the revving turns into driving.

When you look at the evidence at the Casey Anthony trial, you realize that even though O.J. Simpson might have been only 99% guilty, she’s at about 100%. This is an example of what has happened to the structure of what might have once been possibly, sane jurisprudence. Dear Prudence went out to play and now she’s tied up in the back of a white van headed for some deserted Green River bank, or Bank.

Like the traders that were waving bank notes out of the brokerage houses of The City, during that protest a few years ago, the bankers are doing the same, in acts of rampaging greed, whereby they already have far more than they will ever need and are going for the funds under mattresses and in secreted piggy banks. The awesome insanity of raging hubris is a gruesome spectacle. Not only are they eating you but they are eating each other and then they are going to start on themselves. Meanwhile they stay in their locations of business, as if there were some endless security for their heinous behavior. Sooner or later the mob is going to drag them out and hang them by their heels from the lampposts, outside their places of business and the police are going to stand by like they were working for the IDF in the occupied lands, if they don’t outright join in. Everyone can feel the bite of the vampires at their neck and somewhere in nearby basements, stakes are being sharpened and other accoutrements prepared.

You’re going to start seeing the ultimate in flash mobs. Anonymous is only one feature of what is going into operation. The cosmos lives inside of every player and it can be ingenious in the way it organizes the collective toward the fulfillment of its will.

Driving back and forth from Italy this last time, I began to notice all of the livestock trucks, filled with pigs around the area of Milano; headed toward Parma and other processing areas. We would see the fattened pigs, standing in the confining pens as we passed them by. I said to Susanne, “they’ll be dead in a few hours because they go directly to the killing floor from the transport trucks”. We were looking at 'dead pigs riding; sizzle on the griddle, riddle, riddle riddle, like the containment steel that also heats up as Yurasus Dragon is dragged and cooked on the coals. They don’t store them once they arrive. That makes no kind of sense business wise. It was an eerie thing to see them there, knowing that they were headed for the chopping block, the smoke rooms and the retail outlets. It was an eerie thing to think a few hours later, “Well, they’re dead now”.

The bankers are in the transport trucks right now but they don’t know it. When they get to the processing plant, however, they will smell it. They will know. It will be pigs who signed the transport orders and pigs that drove the trucks and those pigs will also be in line to come online next. I say this metaphorically because it’s not specifically like that but somewhere up the line, they signed their own death warrants and death isn’t the end of their journey. “Ease on down, ease on down the road”. So it goes.

You can’t tell these people anything and there’s no stopping them overstepping all lines of fairness and propriety. They don’t give a shit. It’s thousands of Humphrey Bogart’s going mad in The Sierra Madres with the same ultimate result. The stupendous imagery of unbridled greed and indifference to one’s fellows is a sight to behold and there they go, I pass them on the highway in the transport trucks. Through a trick of vision and perception, they think they’re still riding in BMW and Mercedes limousines. They’ve still got their hands all over the hired hookers. They’re still snorting all the good drugs they’ve made illegal for the rest of us, as they head for death in the afternoon; soon to be hanging on the hooks and then sliced real thin onto the plates of those who wish to become like them and given the opportunity, they will.

You can see them now, trampling each other at the Wal-Mart sales. Pressing each other into the chain link fences; dreaming in the aisles of the day when they get to murder with a fountain pen and live the high life of pneumatic bobbing breasts and asses crying out for the mastery of their horned hands upon the vulnerable flesh of the one beneath them. There they are crying out in the passion of triumph, over the flowering and emergent pubes of their reincarnated sons and daughters; signing decrees and visiting vaults and asking themselves, “I wonder what this buttons for”? ...As they push it and wait for the results, flying some new Challenger through the skies and disappearing in an inferno of stupidity matched up with a technology beyond their grasp.

They dream of navel rings winking under t-shirts that says “I’m Daddy’s bitch” and they’re safe and secure behind mahogany doors that exist somewhere in their minds, while their hands are busy beneath their trousers- trout-fishing in America, if they even have them on. “I want what Rupert Murdoch has. I want what Rupert Murdoch sells. I want it for real and I’ll use my imagination and death and rebirth to get it. I believe that nipples are nozzles made for bicycle pumps and I want to wear pumps when I get bored and maybe someone will do it to me. I can afford it. Whip it to me, whip it good”. They want to undulate beneath the cosmic dick, as a cordial following the operation of the cosmic dick, engaged in every perversion of Nature, motoring down the road to dreadful epiphany because really, that’s just another way to find God and you will find God, “Oh God! Oh God!” Kali Yuga style.

I’ve walked the night time streets of LA and New York and I don’t have to go to Bangkok or Tijuana to see what’s possible. I can fire the ping pong balls into the shot glass in my mind and bring on the donkeys. It is out of this that the mobs emerge, inflamed with another passion, incited by the Murdoch’s who invite them to the castle gates. The Murdoch’s of this world advertise for the fury and conflagration of their terrible demise.

Goldman Sachs will be finding their sacks bronzed and mounted on the mantelpiece of history for the record and remembrance of their times. These institutions will not crumble. They will be torn to pieces by the maddened hands, driven by ravenous minds, in the flames of what they stoked on their own behalf. Dress rehearsal is at an end, as the pressure ignites critical mass against the unmoving wall. There is nowhere to go except outward into killing force. Selah!

...and so it goes and will continue until a cleansing rain or baptism of fire scorches the polluted world into an alkaline whiteness; even as it goes, the stagehands are busy setting up the props for the next sequence that will follow. Now’s there’s a bedtime story for you as Vishnu dreams on a sea of milk, except Vishnu isn’t dreaming now. Vishnu is in wardrobe changing into Shiva, while remaining Vishnu for the better half of all the better dreams that will not go unfulfilled.

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Underground (we shall all be). Maybe not all, I hope
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rumblemania Steel Cage Match; Evil vs Evil

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May you never step in shit because of where you deposit it; cold noses in a long coming dawn’.

The last posting from the outpost, wherein I sit at this moment, didn’t agree with me but I don’t ‘do lunch’ anyway, so I may have missed it and my Twitter assistant, that I don’t have, is on vacation. Maybe, maybe not, shoulda, coulda... all those things aside, I’m not a chef, I’m just a cook and usually I don’t eat, if I eat at all. I do maintenance eating. In most cases you would have to think; “what’s eating him”? I’m not most cases.

Ah so, I am doing the panoramic view this morning, which I don’t usually do, going to Fox News, CNN, New York Times and sundry and I see that Rupert’s Fall; a cascading cloaca of shit which overflows Metropolis, wherever Metropolis may be, is absent from Fox and CNN but large elsewhere. I see that Mumbai is large somewhere and then not elsewhere. I note the striking banner of disinfo from msnbc about Jay Rockefeller’s cellphone cramming inquiry; years in the making as the obvious distraction from what seems to have been another botched false flag effort. Something is going haywire in the mainframe... that’s what I think.

It doesn’t add up. Evil always shoots itself in the foot and it is now on display. As the collapse of the dollar rubs up against the news reporting machinery, in reaction to the bankers who are trying to be Chinese acrobats but are not nearly as good as the Chinese, who have got both Pakistan and Iran in their cheeks like a chipmunk, or maybe it looks more like one of those beer garden, German girls carrying six liters of beer; however you picture it, I can just see that career suit, Panetta coming unto the epiphany of his Peter Principle. It’s kind of like, ‘never be the last to leave or the first to arrive’. I’d like to see one of those kung fu video games that feature Leon and Hillary going at it. I could get so creative but I’m a piker compared to the cosmos which is already about that business and showing them the meaning of Cardinal Wolsey’s speech. Yes, savor the moment and there is more to come.

I’m not ambitious. I’m small time and small change and I got rained on (thank you, Tom Waits), so I always look at the peculiarities around me as something to pass by; ambition, jealousy, envy, greed and such do not bother me. Lust is a formidable foe but I try to take the medication. It works most of the time. Then there are those rainy nights in Georgia but I digress. We are watching and more or less involved in astounding circumstances. Those of us who are watching, I suspect, are filled with gratitude that we are not major players in the arena, where you need full bore headgear and all the rest that stuff to get through the day, if you do get through the day...

Remember the Cardinal. You might see him on your windowsill someday and he will sing for you. You can think of the Cardinal as a symbol of something whenever you imagine that you would like to be a player in the arena. It’s a steel cage fight to the death and they do it lifetime after lifetime, bathing themselves in all the dreadful, bloodstained, crimson glory that makes them hard.

Hey! That’s how it goes in the world. There are people that you want to love and there are people you want to fuck and you make your arrangements and hope you don’t get fucked in the process but somebody does, somebody always does, when you are dealing with this kind of clientele and that is the reason that I personally stayed ‘off the game’ unless you’re talking freebees cause I mostly give myself away anyway. Now the drama comes down to how much you have and how much you can lose. You got nothing then you are in no danger of losing it. You got something; it depends on how bad someone else wants it and how capable you are of defending it.

This is the world we live in. It all comes down to what you find to be valuable. Gold is heavy and diamonds shine, so does cut glass but it won’t matter whether it’s gold or tungsten if it glimmers; mixed metaphors with a side of jalapenos. Carry yer mud, ye men of clay, put your back into it! Row! Row!

It was another religious drag queen who said, “kill them all, god will find his own”. It should not be too hard to see the writing on the wall. Look for a whole new world of graffiti that is about to arrive. The key denominator of revolution is when the middle class is pressed to the wall and the wall doesn’t move, at that time the world will tumble. It’s like an automatic coffee machine. It is the signal indicator of ruin. When the middle class is pressed, it makes wine out of the circumstances and in some cases, vinegar with the occasional fine balsamico. You should be hoping you get turned into that.

I am not always everybody’s favorite dinner guest, as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, I am usually on the ‘do not attend’ list for wedding, parties and births. Funerals are fine, no one minds the sorrow or loss side of the equation. It’s the other stuff that concerns them but I party alone in the burial ground after they are gone and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s topsy turvy time in this emerging world and things are about to blow so maybe it would be a good idea to stay indoors and maybe not but the crooks and robbers days are numbered. The dominoes are trembling, you can see the water move as the plastic, pink flamingo bobs up and down on the drink for the girlfriend of Senor Rothschild. Japan could have built their reactor into a safe spot but they took down the mountain to put it up. Somehow, I don’t think the Japanese people were memoed in on it. They won’t stop until they are stopped, as you can see a few years ago when they marched on The City in London, the traders were leaning out of their windows and waving handfuls of banknotes as a fuck you to the people. Israel just did a number on Greece and they’re still looking for a way to kill Erdogan across the way.

You’ve seen these articles about the five places you don’t want to be when the shit hits the fan? You see the cheerleaders for the same old same old, shaking their asses, doing the bitch and ho thing, while a tsunami of otherwise currencies are backing off as you see the beach increase and get longer and wider and all of a sudden there aren’t enough wars to generate enough economy to keep the walking on stilts Uncle Sam up right and whoa, cue Steppenwolf cause they are revving their engines and getting ready to rumble like meth crazed bikers in a Tarantino film. Certain situations require predictable occurrences. The guys that were waving banknotes are now carrying guns; uh huh, not enough bullets. You are going to see some wrenching and twisting that would put Chinese acrobats to shame as people are compelled to explain why they did what they did when they did and the natives are getting restless. The one thing you never want to do is to kill the middle class. They are your barrier of protection from the massive masses, once that’s gone, good luck. Hey, all the people you depend on are those people. They are the people that built your walls and installed your security systems. They do all those things that you don’t do. What are the odds?

I’ve said my piece for the day, it seems that I am writing from dawn to dusk these days but I can’t let this tradition die, even if I do need to work for a living now and again. It can’t always be the same kind of fun we are having here. Right, I don’t have to go out and work for a living. My work is right here. Maybe I should get two computer screens so I know what I’m doing (grin). I think the temperature is about to go up a few levels. We’ll have something a little nicer for you over at Origami tomorrow.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Trompe L'Oeil on the Face of It

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“May your noses guide you where your eyes cannot”.

As I was saying... what I notice more than anything these days, is the corruption. It’s not all I notice. I notice the weariness in people and the fixity of routine. As the world becomes more uncertain, people retreat more completely into the repetition of familiar things. There’s an almost manic quality to this. It’s nothing new. It goes all the way back to bread and circuses but... we’re not only talking about bread and circuses here, unless you are thinking about dipping the rapidly diminishing bread into a circus bowl of blood. However, that’s a little further down the road, unless you are on the road where it’s happening now.

I wonder about a lot of things, along the lines of that casual curiosity that attends us all; we see something, hear about something and wonder where else it leads... like the Obama gun initiative for needy Mexican drug lords. That’s off the charts and out of the papers, like all the other mysterious things that somehow seem tied in to the military industrial complex, the private prison industry and, of course, our most burgeoning and profitable enterprise, which powers and promotes the rest, Homeland Security and the TSA. Israel is behind that, as it is behind the political correctness industry that molds the mind set which makes us willing to endure all of these things. They accomplish this through their network of agents in the banking industry that controls the ebb and flow of currency. They simply throw a switch or twist an arm over possibilities of negative outcome and they get what they want, as they just did in Greece.

I wonder about Rupert Murdoch, now fresh off a plane bearing him into the UK. Rupert’s a Satanist and my feeling is that the head of his order lives in the UK. Appearances tell us he’s gone to clear up that little matter with News of the World but I think it’s more about being in a touchie feelie space with his controllers. We seem generally aware of the power of certain people but more usually unaware of those who give them their marching orders. There’s a dissension in the ranks these days between competing cabals, anchored in the darkness of the age. This is because the light is pressing out from the inner planes and driving everything before it. At the same time, long standing centers of control are having their power messed with. The lights are inexplicably flickering. The dials are spinning. Buzzers are going off and the players are making arrangements for locations far removed from the conditions they set into motion, without regard for the inevitable exposure of their machinations. As I’ve mentioned and will mention over and over again; these are not ordinary times. Long standing notes have come due, positively and negatively. Depending on your polarities and depending on your initiative and efforts, on that depends where you are presently headed, whether you know about it or not.

There’s a certain collection of people who, as has also been mentioned, believe that all Masons are evil; that Alice Bailey, the Theosophists and related groups going back to the Egyptians and beyond are also evil. If you don’t understand certain basics about electricity you can get a powerful shock. It can even kill you. These same minds would reflexively call electricity evil. They’re Luddites. Luddites are generally uninformed about how and why things are, so they are either general in an all embracing vague way or... specific according to some event that captured the whole subject for them, without the need for further inquiry.

It’s like the difference between religion and spirituality. People with a bug up their ass about the presence and existence of the divine have used religion as their basis of argument. No sane person would disagree with that. Religion is the banal face of evil, layered upon something that cannot be defined or ever fully understood. Certain minds are not happy with things they can’t understand. They’re going to remain unhappy until somewhere on the road to Damascus, whenever that may happen. I’ve never been in an argument or a conversation with anyone where it wasn’t soon revealed that they had a problem with religion and that spirituality had never really entered into the equation. I don’t argue anymore these days though and haven’t for a long time. I simply state and you take it or leave it.

Anyway, Alice Bailey and others, along with a variety of organizations from that period of time, all spoke of what was to come and, of course, the gamut of scriptures talk about things to come and things always do come, because of the cyclicity of human events and the general tendency of human events to move toward chaos, entropy and some form or another of doomed materialism. Alice Bailey wrote a great book about Glamour called, “Glamour, a World Problem”. That’s one of the main features of materialism and we are neck deep in it at the moment so... something is coming. A number of big things are coming that are going to change the world- and ourselves- beyond anything formerly recognizable because that is just how it is and just what happens as a result of the things we’ve collectively gotten up to with the help of satanic agents like Rupert Murdoch.

There are a number of rumors going around about Rupert and one of them is that this closing of the News of the World is a calculated act that is intended to lead to changes with The Sun and possibly some new sleaze creation, meant to give us all the feeling that we’ve been dipped in shit and only need some sprinkles on the top of the cone. My feeling is that the scandal goes much deeper and affects all of his operations and that’s what he and his handlers are concerned about at the moment. They know what’s coming too. You may be sure of that.

As for Masons and Egyptians and all sorts of organizations, large and small, from earlier times, we have to keep in mind that a system is just a system. Electricity is just electricity. It’s the individual application of these things that determine their usefulness and efficacy. What groups and individuals do with systems can cover a wide range of possibilities. You can make a machine that tortures and deals death in every usage, or you can save many lives with few adjustments to that machine. You can cool and heat with electricity. You can do all kinds of things. Like that masked by religion and revealed, in part by spirituality, you can increase your ignorance or insight simply by your relationship to it.

I take a great pleasure in being able to defend people like Jacque Fresco and I call him a friend. He is a friend to all of us but there are those who like to mention he was at a dinner with Queen Beatrice once and that this means he’s actually a serial killer of no mean ability. I’ve had lunch and dinner with any number of serial killers- for real- and I don’t see where that’s had the effect of making me into one but, where there’s life there’s hope, isn’t there?

Some people are unredeemably bad, like Rupert Murdoch or Donald Rumsfeld. I could make quite a list of people in whom no light could be found at all except for the small animating point that makes it possible for them to be present here. It’s not my job to list all of the reptile cannibals who move among us. I’m not sure what my job is, now that I think about but never mind. The point is that I’ve gotten this far into the post without a clear idea of what I’m supposed to be saying. Maybe it’s like a trompe l’oeil or something else that the French have a word for. It’s been said many times that good and bad are relative, some kind of kissing cousins maybe. Despite the intellectual merry-go-rounding, there are some seriously bad and or deluded at work in these times and I’m sure they’ve found reference points in the past with their kindred ancestors, who hacked their way through history with rocks and clubs, spears and arrows, guns and bombs. There they were. Here they are and... there they go. I can hear the cosmic toilet revving up off stage. It’s a cosmic toilet moment and it’s got its job to do, just like you and me, whatever that might be.

I’ve got to watch the schadenfreude, just in case justice really does come down the pike with heads stuck on it; hmmm, something wrong about that sentence but it’s too late now. It’s probably too late for a lot of things but that’s only because the truly bad among us don’t think of redemption. It’s not on the menu in the places they go to dine.

Somehow I feel like we’re at the apex of the moment before so many things become changed beyond recognition. I’ve felt that way for awhile but- as with all things- eventually you do find your way there. I read today that we are about to have an enormous amount of old people. I find that surprising given the rate at which people are presently killing themselves. I hadn’t expected most of them to grow old but then I realized that this is a generation or two after the people I’m talking about who probably won’t grow old because of all the horizontal hula, death dances they are engaged in. They’ve got a steel cage match taking place between obesity and diabetes and it doesn’t matter who wins because they lose. It’s yet another indication that things can’t go on the way they are going for much longer. If you look around you can see many, many reasons why things can’t continue to go on the way they are.

It’s startling, how many of the bad things going on that Rupert Murdoch is engaged in. His media supports all the bad habits. His media supported and cheered for the murders of millions. He’s made transparent lies into an art form and depravity and ignorance into social icons. It’s hard to think of anyone who is more directly involved in the promotion of suffering and deception than he. I know there are entities in the political realm here and there but he’s wide screen global. Of course, the evil that is Israel is poisoning the world at a variety of levels but he exists as their main megaphone.

It’s very difficult not to wish for something very bad to happen to him; at the same time, anything that would or could happen, wouldn’t-couldn’t ever be bad enough. Some people just go beyond the possibilities of any sort of reasonable payback within the dimensions of earthly life. I think about Rupert sometimes and wonder at what passes through his head. I can’t get a handle on the degree of hatefulness that possesses him. His face gives an indication but it is an indication only. Once, in an altered state, I visited some movers and shakers. One of them was Donald Rumsfeld. He is the only one of them that was entirely empty. There was no one there. I didn’t visit Rupert but I suspect it would have been the same.

I’ve wandered around the map today, while staying fairly close to certain landmarks. I wanted to say something but managed only to trace an outline of a badly drawn boy of the world we live in- used to live in. Every day brings every one of us closer to something. Sooner or later we’re going to find out what that is.

End Transmission.......

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God in Country by Les Visible

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