Sunday, July 24, 2011

Connecting the Dot Machine

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

If this isn’t Half Past Human’s Israeli mistake, then you can probably take your pick from any of their actions in the last two years. Now they have other possible accessories and the one pictured looks strangely enough like Michael Myers. Oddly enough the population is the same as that of Israel and regardless of surface a appearance there is no way that the Norwegians won’t know that Israel was behind it. This is a game changer. There’s no way of telling what will surface over following days but there’s also no telling what’s going to be happening over the next several days either.

Though there’s no way of you telling the difference, I managed through some combination of ignorance and stupidity to erase the parts I had on the original post this morning. You may pause for a brief outburst of either applause or silence now.

My July timetable of abuse passes in two days. Boy am I tired (grin). This weariness is something bone deep as if it is the collective of years. Strangely though, All sorts of new yogic techniques have come to me and some of them are so surprising that I’m thinking of making a DVD of them for the readers and don’t think I won’t. The beauty of them is that you only need a house for the one (it’s called House Yoga) and the other one you need a foam mattress for. I guess I could call it Mattress Yoga although that might have connotations I’d rather not have assumed, while at the same time, it I don’t actually say too much about it, it will definitely increase sales (grin). Now back to the post although I don’t expect to be too inspired or riveting because I’ve got to go out in a few hours to a concert area where I’ll be performing next year And I’ve still got to do the radio show.

Yes, the connections to Israel are too numerous and timely to be coincidental and one Norwegian leader has kind of implied something to that affect. Here’s another amazing statistic. It seems like there are more congressional trips to The Black Hole of Planet Earth that there are actual congresswhores. You have to check out both pages since Tel Aviv is on the second page. That is a staggering reality and a long way to go to give a blowjob but like the hookers who used to give them away for free during the last depression caused by the same people, they ‘were glad to have something warm in their stomach’. I apologize for the frightening image you’ve probably just gotten of Nancy Pelosi and John Boner with Netanyahu or whatever settler rabbi might be standing around.

This is a huge negative for Israel, though we’re going to have to wait and see if they actually publically acknowledge it in Norway. The Norwegians will know, they are not stupid; quite the contrary, they are highly intelligent and as the preceding article shows, very courageous concerning things like right and wrong and responding to them. I’m hoping to get over there and hike the fjords with a friend or two whom I haven’t located yet.

It just goes to show that when you are psychopathic and insane as well as being hubristic beyond rhyme or reason you are headed for destruction on the fast track and it couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people who have all collected themselves in one location for that purpose. Now All that is needed are a series of events in the US, Canada, Europe and so forth to motivate the rest of them to join them. I can only hope this grants me the favor of a few disapproving labels because I want to be identified for what I am with no apologies.

The world is uniting against their common oppressor and soon enough there will be no place to run and no place to hide, not in this day and age. All of the deceptions are on their way to being made public, if they haven’t been already and the grand deception of them all shouldn’t be that far away from being called out and named as well. Recently, something that might have usually been enforced in Canada went the other way. I’m sorry I don’t have the link for that but I did see it a few days ago.

The dawn is breaking, even if it is coming at a great cost, considering the heinous crime that just went down in Norway. A Palestinian State is sure to be acknowledged this fall and that, along with the creation of the Iranian oil bourse is sure to lead to or precipitate an assault of that nation around the same time.

I’m going to cut this blog post short since I’ve got to get the radio show done; my apologies for the brevity.



End Transmission.......

Everything we have been talking about happening is happening and some of the more major tragic-comic events will be screening in a theater near you soon.

a little late, or whatever... then it is right on time. I can hear the wolves of Asgard howling on the wind and I can see passports flying in a New Zealand earthquake and Patagonia stealth tourists, dressed up in bunny hats...


Miriam said...

...this is a sorrowful place soon to be brought back to its glory and original blueprint by the Divine. But not the same time same place.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Duff's Norway Notes mention:“The attack in Oslo also came 65 years to the very day after the Israeli Irgun blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem”…Eileen Fleming

So far there have been 93 deaths in Norway. The King David Hotel bombing resulted in 91 deaths.


Anonymous said...

Hey Les! Looks like the zio's have fucked up big time.Hoisted by their own petard. They got enough rope and hung themselves!
Using a zio patsy to hit the seat of government and to murder the children of the ruling party is pretty brazen. Looks like too brazen to me!

Unknown said...

Great post, Les. It sure is all happening and hopefully, sooner rather than later, these bastards will be outed on the world stage. Thoughts and sympathy go out to the people of Norway.

Sim said...

Visible and all:

This shocking crime is a game changer.

Whether the shooter was mind-controlled, insane or perfectly in control, does not matter much now; he, at least, is in custody and is unlikely ever to taste freedom again.

He (or his handlers - it doesn't matter) - published a manifesto online. 1500 pages of the stuff.

This "manifesto" is now in the public domain - a genie that cannot be put back in the bottle. The manifesto is evil to the nth degree - soon we can anticipate any number of "copycat" shooters - no European country will be immune. No country at all, will be immune from this new danger.

Perhaps there is something to Icke's meme re "Problem / Reaction / Solution - because very soon, the populous 'most everywhere may well be crying out for martial law.

Game changer? That could be a tragic understatement...

Anonymous said...

Les-soon as I found out that norway was going to recoginize palestine, and that a pro-palestinian rally was held at that camp the day before(I believe) this sicko did what he did, I knew israel was behind it. They made a BIG mistake attacking norwegians. on a side note, I'm asatruar; I'm a vitki-in-training, and, I was so outraged by what israel did here, I dropped a few runes on 'em that, well, let's just say they have a lot of thunder and lightning in their future..

Anonymous said...

Blessings on the Alpha Howling Wolf who speaks Truth, Beauty and Goodness, who has won the battle for us here at Armageddon.

DaveR said...

Interesting bit from the thread at GLP. I've gotta go do stuff and wanted to put this here before I forget. It applies generally, but I'll have to read Les' post in a while. A youtube about the prison of our own making.

Anonymous said...

As a Norse-American i am still in a state of profound shock over the events in Norway on Friday. It is strange how so-called 'coincidences' happen in life, as that same day i hosted for a few hours, a visit by a Norwegian cousin and his wife and family at my northern Minnesota home. Sometimes the cosmos addresses an individual quite directly.

From all i have been able to discover, Anders Breitvik was a hate-filled individual caught up in what i have long termed the "Judie-Christie Magic Mindfuck". They call it Judeo-Christian Civilization. At the end of this Kali Yuga era we can look back at the destruction of ancient mythologies as a severing of the rootedness of the Western peoples. Why should the people of Europe and their descendants offer worship to the tribal Wargod of the ancient Hebrews? This destruction of a magical and organic relationship to the natural world was brought about as a matter of Roman state policy by the Emperor Constantine and his various minions, myrmidons and unindicted co-conspirators.

Breitvik is undoubtedly a philoZionist much like the followers of the "Reverend" James Hagee here in the Untied Skates of a Miracle. It is evident to me that his targeting of the Ungdom's Kamp of the Norsk Arbeider's Partei was because of their unwavering support for the basic human rights of the Palestinian people who have been trampled underfoot by the Zionist state on behalf of their Rothschild puppetmasters and their various Cabalista allies in control of the world's finance.

The age and era of the Vikings in Norway and throughout the Scandinavian world was terminated not by conquest from outside . The end of that culture came about when devious "Christian" missionaries corrupted the developing royal houses. The so-called 'Patron Saint' of Norway was Olaf Trygvasson, called "Hellig Olaf" in that country. Though the meaning of the word is 'Holy', the pronunciation is "Hellie". Olaf's favored means of converting 'heathens' to Christianity was, on defeating them in battle, to place a pan of hot coals on the belly of their tied-down leader as a lesson to the rest of the resistance.

Anders Breitvik is in a weird and twisted sense a victim of that sundering of the roots of the Nordic peoples on behalf of the twin evils of Monarchism and false religion. Though Islam is also a part of the mesmerism of monotheistic madness: the religious berserker could not penetrate that particular veil. In ways that he could not comprehend though, he may have succeeded in reawakening a Drakken (root of the English derivative 'dragon' ).

Though Christianized and civilized, the Nordic peoples run far deeper than those superficialities. Perhaps this deranged actor has pierced the veil for the peoples of the north who may awaken en masse to the identities of their true enemies and the enemies of all the rest of humankind who are not of the elite and not members of the self- chosen tribe. The first signs of such an awakening should take the form of a total rejection of Zionism and its globalist masters with their vision of total world domination.

Norwegians may be the least circumcised men on the planet. There is a different psychology. They do not react as a mob bewildered by their own inner demons of fear. Of all people, they are among the foremost in what the French call sangfroid. Though highly cooperative and quite cohesive as a people, they continue to think and act from a core individuality. Though it came from one of their own, the outrage was inspired by a cruel, calculating and conniving lot. Norway now knows.

"Vi Vil Vinne". We will win.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Les Visible, for passing on to us what is happening, why and by whom!

Could it be that Plan A - "Blame it on Muslims" failed, so it's to Plan B - "Blame it on the white-euro male "fundie christians" (yes - this crowd deserves a lot of blames, however*). It seems the Plan B is being played as typical attention redirect - away from the real culprits - *because, except for the pro-ziogre stand, this guy doesn't fit the "fundie" mold too well(?):

"Anders Behring Breivik is anti-racist, pro-homosexual and pro-Israel" (plus: are "fundies" allowed to participate in Freemasonry or in sympathy with far-left causes?):

"The perpetrator was a regular poster on several Norwegian Internet media, notably the blog "", ... run by Hans Rustad1), a former left wing journalist ...Jewish, and extremely pro-Zionist ..."

"... the Norwegian bomber, gunman ... Posted on 2009-09-14 10:57:20 as a reaction to post by ‘Caper’


... (W)e have to ensure that we influence other culturally (sic) conservatives to take our anti-racist, pro-homosexual, pro-Israeli line of thought. When this direction has been taken we can take it to the next level."

I don't know any "fundies", (are they Amish or Mennonites?), but according to popular media myth they are mostly "racists" (therefore automatically "anti-semites"), anti-homosexual, but pro-ziogre (which is contradictory with their supposed racists views???). Subterfuge, obfuscation, all leading to the wrong rabbit hole ... and away from the real criminals.

more at

I know it's true, the Apocalypse tells me so

neal said...

When those masks come off, then there is no more pretending not to be killing the men, raping the women, and enslaving the children not on the immediate menu. In this particular psychodrama, this is just another gang rape, and most of the governments of the earth are salivating at the chance to finally let it all out. They are in heat, and will hump you and leave you for dead on your own island, filming it for the masses; more masturbatory recirculation... and a sigh of relief from all parties concerned.

Don't blame the Avatars, they are young, and impressionable, and only exactly as ugly as we see ourselves.

There is justice, but that can look like mass extinction closing in from the rear view mirror.

Black, then Red, then Yellow, then White children being offered up through linear history- there used to be pictures for this, and math.

There is the thinking, then there is the running. Always time for that, no time for falling, which is just a way of feeling movement.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly South Africa is going to put Israel on trail this fall...

What really concerned me is this article that appeared in Haaretz hours before the Norway incident.

mick said...

Les --

I have to tell you this.

I was just glancing at some website somewhere -- some British thing -- and I was seeing sideline articles about somebody-or-other's Rock Hard Abs -- and something about Justin Bieber buying lunch for his girlfriend.

And I thought "Fuck. I have to read something by Les." So I came here.

You are a timber we cling to, in the Flood.

-------------------------- Mick .

Anonymous said...

distorted hatred
violence slaughter
ritual sacrifice
chaos disorder
rigid sacriledge
dispersed mishaped
disturbance shroud
hells mistake
light does wake
substance forms
union sights
liberation warms
cosmic pastures
of glowing feilds
the peace within
all truth sheild


Anonymous said...

brush of the clouds
turn of the sky
free of the pasture's
flow of the tide
might of the mountain
scent and the taste
shine through the living
rivers wild chase
unity binding
deep of the earth
the palms and arms
light goes to work
birthing humanitys
climbing the sense
of structured vibration
in harmony's scent


Anonymous said...

pierre said (in reactive and Pythonesque mode)...

reading Breivik's letters from a year ago, the guy is semi-literate, like Australian lone gunman ('only' 43 kills). I reckon they all went to junior Rhodes School like Assange.
Cant wait for real time DNA testing, follow, sweep, test, identify.

Let's hope the Noregian Blue takes that nail out from its feet , no longer rests in peace, does morn than pining, and kicks up more than the daisies.
(Python Dead Parrot sketch)


wv: evera . a new wonderful era, if not the first then longer lasting than the ones forgotten.

bholanath said...

It occurred to me that 'they' might possibly have a Jack Ruby in the wings. Hopefully it's too late though, and people there are up on the histories of these kind of things.

est said...

b marley

Preacher man, don't tell me,
Heaven is under the earth.
I know you don't know
What life is really worth.
It's not all that glitters is gold;
'Alf the story has never been told:
So now you see the light, eh!
Stand up for your rights. come on!

Most people think,
Great god will come from the skies,
Take away everything
And make everybody feel high.
But if you know what life is worth,
You will look for yours on earth:
And now you see the light,
You stand up for your rights. jah!

We sick an' tired of-a your ism-skism game -
Dyin' 'n' goin' to heaven in-a Jesus' name, lord.
We know when we understand:
Almighty god is a living man.
You can fool some people sometimes,
But you can't fool all the people all the time.
So now we see the light (what you gonna do?),
We gonna stand up for our rights! (yeah, yeah),

Ben said...

Vis, All,

I've been connecting the dots a bit as well... but more looking at those dots Father Creator has been pasting for us (or perhaps just for me... I don't know).

A few of the dots I've been looking at are our old friend and High Priest of Finance Dominque Strauss Kahn; our other old friend and Minister of Shit Propaganda Rupert "Toad" Murdoch... and lately, who'd have thought it - Amy "Whore of Babylon" Winehouse.

I had no idea who Amy Winehouse was until a couple of years ago; I had never listened to her music and so I cannot comment on that (my tastes in music run from Pink Floyd to the Decembrists so I might have no taste at all).

From the beginning of my learning about Amy Winehouse I was utterly repelled by her appearance; I assumed she was a khazar and indeed, in reading her obituary, I learned she was indeed of the tribe.

A couple of years ago, when I first read of her and her problems with drugs and alcohol, my first thought on seeing a picture of her was "Why, she looks like the proverbial whore of Babylon"; later, when I read some of the lyrics to her songs (without listening to them) my thought was "She certainly seems to have a filthy mind, so I guess her appearance is in keeping with her character."

I am neither grieving nor rejoicing at her death; I'm looking at it being yet one more dot among the many, one more "sign" among many, that Father Creator intends to bring an end to that drug-peddling, porn-peddling, warmongering and terroristic khazar entity known as Israel.

I suspect many of the khazars in khazarlandia are aware of this on a subliminal level and thus they are ramping up their murderous ways. It is the only way they know. And thus the horrendous carnage in Norway (my ancestral land).

I suspect this latest act will indeed have seriously negative ramifications for Israel. And I genuinely believe the majority of the world will rejoice when the Harlot, the Whore of Babylon, is destroyed.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

When something as horrific as what happened in Norway (7/22/11, again with those satanic numbers) occurs it can take days for my mind to accept it as reality. My mind frantically sends messages ... no, no, no, this cannot have happened, it's too insane, it's too cruel. My heart though grasps the situation immediately and thumps along solemnly with each wave of grief formed from the agonizing sorrow of the bereft families, the surviving victims, their nation.

My grandmother was Norwegian so I hold the blood of these people within me and now, 3 days past, I feel with both heart and mind the sadness of it all. There will be anger if the truth again smothers beneath the heavy, evil, shroud of Zio control ... but right now ... profound sadness. They were simply, rightly, compassionately expressing their support for the oppressed people of Palestine and now they are gone. They are gone.

Anonymous said...

It will require even more strenous mental gymnastics than usual to ignore the thousands of pages containing photos and quotes and even a Knights Templar movie showing this guy was a PROUD freeemason.

Not that I should even bother trying to continue telling anyone much less someone as disingenuous as you that ENGLAND founded and runs ISRAEL. The freemasons work for the false jewish queen (not a Hebrew at all). Yes it's all the same goup but you people with your Israel Israel thing astound me especially as you continue to not only cover up the complicity by the secret societies but actively defend these groups and encourage others to share in your being lied to and distracted and clouded

If you can't see this after seeing this shooting, you never will. Oh but ehy bother doing your research when you can just spout half truths and follow whatever lunacy you're into. I think you are one of the biggest disappointments I have ever seen in 13 years of being in "truther" circles.

Anonymous said...

The Furor from Asgard is just getting started.

Anonymous said...

Israel looking into calling off Oslo Accords

Rabbit said...

There appears to have been one or two more shooters on the Island, and note the smoke bombs used too. Very professional. The bomb/bombs in Oslo were powerful and wide ranging and not of an ANFO type. The area would be black from the nitrates for one thing. They always talk about "fertiliser bombs" and never mention the far more difficult aspect of this process, which is the detonator and primary explosives needed to make ANFO explode. I have not seen evidence of Nitrates (easy to see) at any of the major terror bombings of the last two decades.

This has Israel written all over it, but I think the very brazen nature of the attack is no mistake. This is the Beast of Babylon, taking off its cutesy mask. Get ready for more shrill threats and craziness from the demon state from now until the big one.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Geographically speaking, the real problem children don't actually hold court in Israel any more than they do at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

That being said, I imagine we'd all like to see a modicum of justice meted out ... in the balance.

My best guess is that we, personally, won't be the harbingers of their Karma. (Although I do recognize a dead-eyed scorekeeper when I see one.)

Free will: can't have it both ways, but we sure can try.

Anonymous said...

yes indeedy
mo visible

Anonymous said...

Hello Dog Poet!
The Sun News Paper web page linked in your above article under the handle 'Michael Myres' has had the second shooters image and all references removed.
Anyway, the original has been saved by the folks at whatreallyhappened.
Warmest regards, Jay (Scotland).

John Q said...


♫ I woke up to a world full of broken dreams ♫
Where everything is something quite differentoo-ooh-ooh what it seems ♫

♫ Some were telling me it was for purposes of divine demons' tea rations and that that's the way the soggy biscuit of karma gets
meted out on the farm, meanwhile udders were busy bustling around tryna stay calm and somewherelse someone was tryna sound the silent alarm ♫

♫ I caught glimpses of the same-old-same kneworderégime machine ♫
Cosmokayos working ceaselessly in concert behind the scenes ♫
Ooze bursting out from between the seams in the places where it ain't all sewn up with jolly rotten jelly beans ♫

Core: us.

♫ If there's one thing I know ♫
It's that I know I don't know ♫
- but I know ♫ - well I know
♫ I could be wrong ♫

♫ You won't bleedgrieve how much manure we have too feed the public's evergroaning need for ♫
Material consumption, material consumption, material consumption, mah-teary-all con-sump-shone ♫

♫ Superstition, superstition ♫
It's the human condition
♫ Superstition ♫
Explicit definition
♫ Superstition ♫
Automatic transition
♫ Superstition ♫
Favourable position
♫ Superstition ♫
Reciprocal inhibition
♫ Superstition ♫
Mutual opposition
♫ Superstition ♫
It's a tradtion

est said...

i just can't figure out
why mossad killed
amy whine-house

and let all those
poor kids in norway
commit suicide

Anonymous said...

1,) On the 65 year anniversary of their king david hotel massacre of the british

2.)and as their whore of babylon (god have mercy on her soul now) commits her own auto d fe

they slaughter the innocents of the northmen

it is too grim and gruesome and cries to deaf heaven for justice ...

i pray that god and the saints and martyrs and the spirits of the peoples of the north hear our plea for deliverance from their cruel yoke.


credo unum deo

a german farmer

just me, Laurel A. said...

est.... :))

just me, Laurel A. said...

a young whore went to become a stripper. she was beautiful, well-formed, full of smiles and perfumed speech. her eyes were young, bright, clear, wide and attractive. she danced on the stage with effortless energy. all eyes were riveted. and they happily tossed money at her, and sent all kinds of gifts to her private dressing room. after a few years, she was older, more toned, sleek, and had the veneer of experience glowing in her eyes. not so wide now, they were more half-lidded. they hid secrets. she was very good at choosing her customers. she knew how to play them. she was no virgin. but she could convince. a few more years, and a hawkishness was evident in her gaze. she danced now with the lights much dimmer. she drank a bit of dark blood wine during her performances. you could smell the stuff on her breath. but she insisted it was you who smelled of the fluids. after all, you were imbibing of some pretty strong stuff yourself, how could you be so sure it was not your own smell? as her manner became blatant, bold, and downright disgusting, some customers tried to leave. they staggered under the effects of their own drinking. some could not find the door, in the dark club. others just plain couldn't stand up. it didn't matter. the door was locked, and these big men wearing leather underwear on their heads would not let anyone leave, unless they had a signed note from the middle aged whore. she only wrote notes for her managers, her closest clients. they first had to prove their intent to perform perversions for her. she herself never actually engaged in these things. that was the crazy part. all of these clients paid to see her dance, and paid to sleep with the whore, but at the end of each dance, in the dimmed club, on the stage, with no sense of how they looked to the audience, each client dutifully engaged in the oddest perversions with each other, in the hopes of winning a tired baring of teeth grin from the whore. she would stand there and demand insane contortions, more so each time, from men normally unwilling to perform with each other, who even now did not enjoy any of it at all, but why did they not stop? why did they not refuse? why did they return and pay again and again, to be further degraded? the stripper is now the most ungainly, gruesome creature these men could imagine. what is the hold upon them? habit. they were groomed to become the products and the victims of the simplest of human learning. Habits. Habits can be broken. But they are waiting like zombies for a 14-day patch, thinking that they will just die if they go cold turkey. addiction. fear of leaving that which is killing you because you have a very bad habit.

now, where can we get such a patch to distribute?

Visible said...

Hi Brian, I hope so too.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Am I from Outer Space?

Anonymous said...

More dots to follow...

Poland arrest second suspect in Norway.

Poland denies arrest.

Netanyahu cancels Poland visit.

Miriam said...

neil and est great stuff, thanks.

Anonymous said...

thanks miriam,our poems are honored that you appreciate them...neil

Anonymous said...

They gave us 22 letters, from Aleph to Tav. They gave us 6 days of toil and a Sabbath. The 6 around 1, we've seen it all over the place.


They're bitch-slapping us and enjoying it.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Fame is a Many Splintered Thing.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an account showing the hatred of Israelis towards Norweigians.

Let's remember that the Mosaic commandments specify that the sins of the fathers will be visited upon their children unto the third and fourth generation.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's another article about Israeli joy over the mass murder of Norweigians.

Kermit in Oslo said...

Well- if I ever spot you on the streets of Oslo- I'll buy you a dinner. Another good post...



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