Monday, December 30, 2013

Now Comes that Most Welcome and Unwelcome Year.

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As the year closes, one thing that hasn't been challenged so far is the Reign of Stupid. The signature motto of this age should be, ‘wake up with makeup’. Welcome to Sleep Mask City. As long as this strange hypnotic state continues, traitors to their nation will flourish. Vile enemies of the public will be feted and toasted as ‘philosophers’ and called ‘renowned’, instead of infamous. I sit here in my confinement tank, pounding on the glass and shouting, Chomsky is a fraud! He’s a traitor to the nation! He is an enemy combatant! Some one passing on the outside sees me hitting the glass, waving, pointing but... they hear nothing. A little girl, holding her mother’s hand asks, “Mommy, who is that strange man?” “I don’t know darling. Come along now, we’re late for the party at Chuck E. Cheese" (we only use 100% Velveeta!”). People, Chomsky is an intellectual terrorist and should be in Guantanamo. If the world is in danger of Nuclear War, it is as a direct result of the intentions of the people he works for. He should have a big tattoo on his head that says, 100% Tribe Owned and Operated. Speaking of Judas Goats (which we were), if this works on four legged pigs, wouldn't it also work on 2 legged pigs?

There are so many scary things going on in the Dis-United States of America. You need a professional listing agent to itemize them all for you but... the scariest thing going and which is an extension of the Zionist false flags at Oklahoma City and the 9/11 attacks, is this gem of a staged drama brought to pass by those seeking to eliminate the Second Amendment, in order to establish Operational Communism as the national political policy. Who created Communism and first applied it in the Soviet Union where tens of millions of Russians and others were murdered because of it? So... who, ironically and coincidentally is behind this effort?

These are hard cold facts. Any professional investigator would very quickly come to the same conclusions as are published here. Take the cues and clues posted here and please... please show me how this is incorrect and then, of course, since you have been able to do this, show me with accompanying hard data who is really responsible. I’m not asking for much. As I have stated here numerous times, nothing could be worse for this author than to come to the conclusions shown here but... the evidence leads nowhere else. It leads nowhere else.

Because Mr. Apocalypse has come to the same conclusions as we have here, he is busy galvanizing people from all walks of life, to react to the ever more and more convincingly obvious. Of course, in their paranoia, here on the verge of reducing the world to managed chaos, which has always been their intent, they are striking out at every perceived criticism and coming up, not only short but also wrong. They’re in panic mode because the aforementioned Mr. Apocalypse is making sure that all the relevant and necessary information and evidence is getting out there.

The evidence of mendacious criminal behavior is overwhelming and the world is taking note. Things aren't working out so well for global corporate control of the planet. The odious and incessant press from Satanic corporations leads to unintentional gallows humor, while also pointing up just how incredibly sick these creatures are. The corporations own the politicians and the Central Bankers cast their long shadow over the corporations. It’s all a single mentality and it is reaching its logical conclusion.

No one wins behind mindsets like this. Corporations can’t survive if they destroy the structures and the world they depend on for their business. There is no kind of sanity at work here. Politicians cannot survive or protect themselves when they collapse all sense of order. The moneychangers cannot prosper when they destroy the very system they depend on. Sure, you can say, well, they’re cornering all of the precious metals, while wiping out all of the small business competition and crushing the entrepreneurial spirit, while buying up all of the assets at firesale prices. However... isn't most of the gold going East? Or am I missing something? Well, of course I’m missing things but let’s go back to my theory on the whole affair to begin with, it’s for the purpose of demonstration. This is all a living life lesson. Life is about learning. The purpose of life is not simply to come here and “eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you die”. It’s not about coming here and contending with your fellows for personal gain and squeezing everything you can out of existence, until it ends and you’re gone but that doesn't matter because there’s nothing on the other side. He who dies with the most toys does not win; he merely piles weight after weight upon himself, which accounts for the level of depth he sinks to afterwards. Believe what you like. I may not know a lot about nuclear physics but this I know about.

This New Year is going to be a pivotal period in our times. Nothing is going to be the same, when we arrive at this same point, a year from now. Time and again, the world has been pushed back from the brink of all out chaos, by the industry of positive forces, working contrary to the intentions of evil, as seen in Syria and other places. My hopes and prayers are with that segment of humanity that seeks a higher destiny for itself and a greater good for humanity. Events like this are not accidental. The same ugly cabal is behind this as has been behind all the rest of the terror and torment of recent times. These are the same psychopaths already mentioned here. They and their compromised sidekicks and lackeys are the source of these things, which their Crass Media will spin as being the work of local extremists. It is not. This is the work of mind controlled robots and the insurgency of those used for these purposes are all funded by this same cabal.

The corruptions of the age have reached near maximum rot. These are all destined to pass away but they will not go gentle to their fitting end and the endless darkness that awaits them. They will go down reaching on all sides to grab on to those they seek to pull down with them.

Let us, you and I, enter this new segment of measured moments, with hope and indefatigable faith in the promise of a better world against all odds. Let us cleave to what is good in us and in each other. Let the force of our individual vision, unite with the collective vision held by all of us, no matter how great may be the distance of our separation and let us prove stronger than all the gathered armies of those who seek to destroy, not only themselves but all life, such as it is, here at this time. It doesn't matter if you live or die or win or lose, what matters is how you performed. What matters is what we held to be true in our hearts and to what degree this was reflected in our words and actions. Happy New Year! May you long endure and prosper.

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The print version of the latest novel, “The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine” is hours away from being available for order online. It will be announced here when news of its presence is transmitted to me. The radio broadcast for this week was recorded but due to inclement weather, James was unable to post it. It will be included in his New Year’s show, tomorrow or New year’s Day. I’ll let you know.

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Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Poetry in Motion, Wave upon the Ocean.

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Merry Day after Christmas!!! Christmas Spirit continuing to grow. Mind the mainsails as the boat of your existence (cue Thomas Cole) rides with the wind at its back. Christmas Spirit is billowing the sails. Of course, we all celebrate Christmas differently to some degree. Some of us, like the Israelis celebrate Christmas according to their own traditions in a very different way. Let me explain how that works. Depending on the demiurge or deity that you serve, different forms of service and appreciation are required. If you serve The Lord of Light then generosity to your fellows, service to humanity and other similar acts are expected. If you serve a bloodthirsty demon then violence, outrage and most especially, horrific assaults against the defenseless are de rigueur. If the Israelis had a website like mine, they would have the faces of their victims in descending bubbles, most prominently that 3 year old girl they blew to bits a couple of days ago. She had been scheduled to appear in the upcoming Disney movie, "The Littlest Terrorist". Now, I guess that's no longer workable unless they want to make it a zombie movie, maybe call in Tim Burton and have him give it some kind of Beetlejuice flavor. It could be a great holiday movie.

We have various holiday messages and this is a good one. Then there are other Christmas messages which I will leave it to you to be the judge of the sincerity of. In some cases, citizens of different nations are sending special Christmas greetings to the rulers of their countries and these rulers are going to be transformed into holiday toast for the new year. Yes, things are shaking up considerably, as the heads who wear the crowns rest on uneasy shoulders. Lady Nature is sending out Christmas greetings as well. I don't know what she has planned overall. I do know that she's not fond of sleepwalkers headed in the wrong direction, when the action offshoots have the propensity to trod roughshod over all that she holds dear

As the webs of subterfuge fall into tatters from the impact of critical mass, more and more rotting red herrings are wrapped in newspapers and left with burning paper bags filled with shit on the world's doorstep Christmas is a time of giving and... receiving. All gifts are not welcome but many are inevitable. Some gifts that are unwelcome to the ones receiving them are very welcome to others observing the offering. In some places, Christmas isn't welcome at all. It's become official policy to censure even the mention of it. It's become against the law to wish someone Merry Christmas! So, let's do what visible does in cases like this and let out with a resounding Merry Christmas!!! Let's have Christmas all year long! Let's just be busy little elves and get right into giving and receiving to the extent of our resources and capacities and remember that the very best that we can offer, is our love and faith in each other and to bestow upon each other that most priceless presence; freedom! Yes, we are in a position to confer freedom on one another. It is a most important freedom. It is the freedom to be ourselves and vive la difference. We're all different. Some of us are on different rays and all kinds of things apply or don't apply. This confuses many of us who might not realize that various states, conditions and actions can all be right so far as they go in relation to the different personas they apply to. Something can be right for me and wrong for you and vice versa. Some of us have a dispensation to do things others cannot. In the end it's all about Karma and the particular and sometimes peculiar manner in which the cosmos has decided to work it out on our behalf. Some of us are more breakable and we need an easier more extended go. Some of us can take whatever's thrown at us, so we get the heavy artillery. Some of us are carrying the weight of others as well as our own (Cue The Band) and some of us don't even know that and some of us do. What that means is that when we triumph over a particular shortcoming that we are in possession of, it is vanished from the lives of others, in resonance with our progress. This is the specific reason that some shortcomings are really hard to get rid of and as I have mentioned before, some shortcomings are on timers. They aren't going anywhere until the clock runs out.

The same is true about conditions of the material realm. They will go on until the timer runs out and everything is on some kind of a timer but remember we've got SMPTE time code and we've got time stretch. We've also got fast forward, which can be good and bad news, depending. We don't have rewind. Finally, as most of us know, time is an illusion and it's relative to location and state of mind, such as the difference between watching an entertaining film and being in prison, both of which I have enjoyed (grin) on occasion. Real prison is no joke but being in prison without visible walls I suspect is worse. A lot of people are confined in that manner, which is why conferring freedom is such a great thing. Of course, that is often on a timer too and may not go down until someone asks, "Who was that masked man?". You confer freedom by being free.

None of us knows how close or how far we are from higher freedom. In The Way to the Kingdom (another gift) the author speaks of 'the quickening' and says that we do not know the state of others, when the quickening comes, one who was thought to be of lesser intelligence may well prove to be of much higher consciousness. This quickening is the western equivalent of Kundalini activation. The Shakers were up to a similar thing and the term 'the quickening' was in use during that period.

Well now, even though Christmas is officially over, at least the main day is, unless you work for UPS or Fed-Ex... that doesn't mean you can't still give someone a gift. If you're in a high crime zone, like the U.S. or U.K. you might want to think about purchasing this fine auto accessory for friends or family and even for yourself (side note), that film is among the top five funniest movies ever made. If you haven't seen it, it will give you a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours today... or tomorrow.

It's all math and most of us known this intuitively but the hard core left brain specifics of it escape those of us who are right brain. This is why poetry is an expression of higher math. It can also contain prophecy as in Yeats poem and the works of Nostrildamus (legendary coke freak- kidding!) and Mother Shipton. It's also true of Lao Tzu and Omar Khayyam. Are we mathematically congruent yet?

I had planned on taking yesterday off and then I planned on taking today off. I guess it's not up to me. Meanwhile, the word processing software I'm using has been screwing up and I lost a particularly lyrical section of this posting. All the other ones have screwed up previously. Someone doesn't want me writing. It's too calculated and persistent to be accidental. As it is, I'm using something really obscure but now they've tracked that too, or I'm paranoid, doesn't matter really as it stops nothing, I just find another way around it; takes longer but I'm not going anywhere until I do, so I'd just be waiting around in any case, might as well have something to occupy the time while the timer ticks away.

Let me wish you one and all a continuing passage of good times, occasional bouts of tranquility and serenity warring for dominance (grin) and serendipitous prosperity pulling you into alleys of unexpected good fortune and mugging you with serious gifts of all kinds. Focused certitude and unshakable faith in the generosity of the cosmos, definitely results in positive outcome. The reverse grants you the reverse and that's called, Poverty Mentality and remember, the whole point of that Jesus on the Cross thing is about the perpetual state of humanity in respect of the four elements warring within. The outcome of his tale is that he overcame that and so he's not the one on the cross, we are. Harmonious resolution of this leads to an understanding of that Rosicrucian salutation, "May the rose bloom on your cross." Life is as good as we are. Either we learn or we become lessons.

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Song: Merry Christmas!Dean Martin - Let it Snow

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Here's your Vichyssoise from Hell, Bully Boys.

Before I forget, I'd like to express my personal outrage at several websites embarrassing themselves but probably being immune to that and also annoying the bedickens out of people like me. They are RINF News, Investment Watch and Intelhub. RINF now insists you get their spyware Adobe plugin, like the one all those online TV replay sites have. As well, like Investment Watch, they are cramming so many ads on their sites that either the ads obscure the written copy of whatever the news report is, or the copy obscures the ad. Intelhub is more or less the same. I'd like to point out to these 'profit at all costs' individuals, whose 'profit at all costs' agenda, wars for supremacy with their shameless self promotion- 'in some cases' are not operating in a vacuum. I cannot see the intelligence factor in their working this pattern in the alternative news community, which isn't all that large yet (though their tactic might be wanting to get in on the ground floor for the waves of new readers sure to begin arriving in this next year). Here, I'd like to point out to these adventure capitalist entrepreneurs that there are more lucrative markets where they can exercise their skills, such as telemarketing, porno and fashion and celebrity news. My point is that you are missing the most gullible of publics and trying to make click crazy GMO hay out of the most intelligent community on the internet. The Adobe plugin is of the most egregious sort where no matter how many times you close the page and then try to return, the stupid ad returns also. In the beginning you only had to let the page load once and then the cookie would be in place and you could get to the news. Someone decided that wasn't annoying enough. Stop it!!!

Speaking of no class operations, let's give a big shout out to the Arlington police department and local government for smashing another sustainable living effort Merry Christmas!!! Of course, this police department and the local government are nothing but bully boys and paid whores for bankers and corporate interests, 'tis the season to rape and pillage'. Inexplicably they didn't kill any dogs, or trample any parakeets underfoot. I'm guessing the residents might have known these Nimrods were coming and so they relocated their wildlife for the day. Otherwise we might have heard about one of the SWAT officers, standing with his pants around his ankles and rogering a captive sheep, whose back feet were stuck into the officer's Wellington boots. Should a gentlemen offer a ewe his Wellingtons? How about that true Christmas spirit at work? How is it possible for shit like this to happen? Well, a casual glance at the fixated obsessions of the pathetic public pretty much answers that - of course I now look like an idiot because one of the sites I named up top is hosting this story and for the first time in a week, the conditions I mentioned are not in evidence. Was the webmaster tipped off somehow (grin)? I hate it when that happens!

We don't have to wonder anymore about why the Duck Dynasty patriarch got canned. I'm guessing most TV producers matriculated into their present positions via this medium It's Fluffer Time!

Yes, the whole system of materialism run wild is going haywire and certainly the Christmas Season (not Holiday Season) would be the scene of the most dramatic outbreaks. It's like some kind of new flu for which there is no working vaccine other than a bullet or an accurately thrown brick. We need only look at some of the nation's revolutionary symbols to get an idea of how things degenerated to this degree. As I mentioned once, probably long ago, the crack in the Liberty Bell is where the truth leaked out. If you look at Lincoln sitting at the Lincoln Memorial, you're probably unaware that there were originally cinderblock outhouse walls around him and he had a newspaper on his lap. The White House was originally a high end brothel for English bankers, so nothing has changed much in that respect, except maybe in terms of the tastes of the occupant. There's some lovely detail in that article. This sort of things is the product of belonging to exclusive clubs; he and Rahm, Mossad Boy, Emmanuel are both members. The same thing comes out of the Skull and Boner Club where we note the hundreds of visits, some with no sign in or sign out in the log book of Jeff Gannon sleepovers during the Bush Junior years. How grimy and gross can it be? More than we know. More than we know. See, depraved behavior of the worst sort, like genocide, gratuitous murder, including the broad daylight poisoning of the general public by both corporate and government agencies at the behest of Satanic bankers, inevitably leads to all kinds of other depraved behavior and I'm only calling it that because it's that out of wedlock thing, which is condemned according to the religious traditions they claim to belong to, so... maybe it's technically hypocrisy and not depravity but I'm presuming they get up to all kinds of evil shit that hasn't been publicized so, I am being a tad presumptuous but really, when talking about this particular segment of the self styled elite, isn't it pretty much a certainty that there are few limits on what they will get up to (or down to) given opportunity? They certainly have the other two necessaries of 'motive and means'.

And here's a question I've had dancing around in the right hand corner of my mind, in between defensive snorts... why is sold out hack John Bohner's name pronounced Bayner? He doesn't want it to sound like boner right? I think this is a case of 'a dickhead by any other name would be..?.' Right.

I'm sorry for not being all festive and forgiving in this Merry Christmas season, as I should be because I am feeling pretty good with the Christmas Spirit but... the low character of so many ambulatory turds in high places is very discouraging, from Raisinette testicled, steroid-raged SWAT bullies, to completely corkscrew twisted public servants, euphemistically named. Even now sewer toads in congress are trying to push into law a specifically worded load of crap that will make it a fait accompli that the US would have to attack Iran, if Israel attacked them. You know though? This all gives me faith. Because it has become so transparently ludicrous that the only conclusion you can come to is that the director is on the set and carefully crafting the denouement of all denouements, in which the unconscionable escapee swine from Animal Farm get their just deserts, sliced real thin just the way justice should be served. Here's your vichyssoise from Hell, punks. I can come to no other conclusions. These rabid baboons are running roughshod over the laminated Formica sheets of this culture ...but these days of dark shit served warm are going to come to an end. Count on it.

Of course, for the feckless faithless among us (those who even notice) it looks worse than real bad. Imagine the terror in the hearts of those who believe in nothing, whose first impulse is to break for the exit doors, trampling their fellows en route. These are the kind of people that will literally kill each other for a pair of overpriced sneakers, or an Eight Ball leather jacket, like they did in NYC and other East Coast cities a few years ago. More than a good dozen got slain in the streets for their jackets. These are the worst kinds of swamp fever, mirrored from above by those louts in suits from Wharton and Harvard who consider not screwing over the rest of the human race as a sign of weakness. As Lao Tzu says, "What kind of men are these, who never hunger, never thirst but eat and drink until they burst? There are other brigands but these are the worst of all the highways harms.

No, the more absurd and ridiculous it gets, the more reassured I am that it is for no other reason than to provide convincing and convicting evidence of high treason (cue La Marseillaise). I'm wondering who is going to play Robespierre and who is going to play Danton. Me, I'm partial to Sidney Carton but not overly attracted to the way he went out, however noble it is in appearance; "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." You can say that again. Okay, I will- "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." And soon? They'll be out of time. We are awash in a hog wallow of simpering sycophants (cue Spiro Agnew).

I don't want to go out on the preceding aura of this posting. I want, like Kipling, to be with a "neater sweeter maiden in a cleaner greener land", metaphorically speaking. My present circumstance is nigh on irreplaceable but we must accede to the cosmic will, insofar as we understand it. We must bend with the prevailing wind, even as we are surrounded by those breaking wind in the belief that they are timpani virtuosos in a celestial marching band. When your basic premise is wrong, all that follows after is also flawed. Eventually you can't tell the difference in anything except when it serves your interest. Self interest is the primary and pervasive epidemic of expression in an age of materialism.

It amazes me every day that those holding the world for ransom and dispensing torment like is was Christmas candy (Merry Christmas!!!), do not see where they are inescapably headed. Truly, "there are none so blind as those who will not see." As it was in the darkness of Khazad Dum, I can hear the drums of approaching doom. The sound of them vibrates with such an intensity that one's whole body responds in sympathetic, reflexive trembling; 'boom! boom! boom! I imagine they hear this in the depths of dreams and then awaken without clear memory but awash in an indefinable fear that cannot be shaken off. It pursues them through their day like the relentless Hound of Heaven on their trail, the noxious stench of their fewmets marking their passage. I don't know if that qualifies as lyrical or cringe making bad purple prose, nor do I care. The end of the posting approaches and we are almost there.

Ah, what do you know, it is the end of the posting. A kinder gentler post is in the wings for Origami tomorrow.

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The radio broadcast is up now.

Song: Merry Christmas!The Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Canon

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Somewhere in Recent History, Normal Killed Itself.

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There's something going on with India. I don't know what it is but you don't arrest and strip search and then do a cavity violation of a diplomat, without there being directives from high up. Obviously there is more to this story than meets our eyes and the blowback has been terrific. I've been thinking of India lately because of Priyanka Chopra. I had mentioned a few weeks ago that while listening to the opening song, which plays on Thursday Night Football (now over for the season) I heard the lyrics clearly say, "You've never had a party till you come and have a party in my pants". I went, "huh?" I heard this on two occasions and then it got changed to "till you come and have a party in my city" 'pants' and 'city' do not sound like each other. I don't think this lady did that herself, I think it got subliminally inserted. Will I Am of the incredibly gimmicky, no talent Black Eyed Peas had something to do with it.

For some reason this lady kept coming into my thoughts. Yeah, I know she's seriously hot but it's more than that cause that sort of thing doesn't have an impact on me much anymore. I'm always too aware of the down side and how rare the exceptions are (I'm always on the lookout for the exceptions). I thought at first she might be some new Vegas type sensation, or someone groomed at some level by some corporation or something and I was surprised to find she is an Indian national and prior to her now emergent musical career, she's been a Bollywood actress. I was curious about this lady so I went to youtube and found an interview with her. Once again I was surprised. She was the absolute picture of decorum, demure and without pretense. The way she sat and spoke was reminiscent of an actress from the 40's. She reminded me somewhat of Ingrid Bergman. Apparently she is the daughter of a very famous Indian musician. What I learned from all of this is what I already knew but which I forget routinely just like most of you. There is more to people than what we might get from initial appearances.

Justice is getting a sort of instantaneous edge to it these days. Just as all of the Tribe activated anti Semitic false flags keep getting caught out, other deranged entities from the dark side of Uranus are getting found out too. Well, we see it happening on the big stage all the time at the moment. Welcome to the Apocalypse, oh yeah. Local 101 Tribe Affiliates of Italy wants to drive David Duke out of Italy. Here's David commenting on the removal of Christian symbols, while the Tribe Menorah, symbol of duplicity, slaughter and other mayhem gets erected in gigantic form so that an electric company cherry picker is needed to lift those degenerates up to light the thing. However, all over the world their world is changing. All over the world, apocalyptic fever has broken a sweat on the brow of the formerly sleeping masses. Their time has come round at last and it's going to rock their world soon enough. You don't fuck with destiny and you don't change what is inevitable and for the betterment of all. When the time comes that's it.

Just like people and mountains and planets, nations have their span, which is quite a bit shorter than mountains and planets but usually longer than people. Still, sooner or later the cassette runs out of tape and that's it. That's it. You are given a period of time to address the issues having to do with you being here in the first place, although it is probably not the first time. When the tape runs out, be it in regards to a collection of people, or a trend in some segment of the population that has run it's course, or a country, or whatever it may be, that's it. That's it and you can even see it most of the time unless you are up too close, or involved in it. You can watch it come apart at the scenes.

It is to be expected, in times of material darkness that science would tie itself up in knots and distinguish itself in ever greater absurdities, until it is reduced to a drooling idiot. There is no stupid anywhere quite like educated stupid. Why shouldn't I go to the government and give them my proposal on extending human life through studying the California Sequoias? Right off, I'm thinking the key is to stand real still for hundreds of years with your arms in the air and slow your breath and heartbeat down to almost nothing. I'm still not clear about standing in a bucket of earth and fertilizer, diligently watered at intervals but we'll have various test groups to determine the efficacy of different approaches. After that we can move on to all kinds of fascinating studies and we'll have plenty of time since we'll be living for thousands of years. I know it might be difficult to accomplish much while standing very still with your hands in the air but we'll think of something.

Yeah, educated stupid is a whole thing of itself and it's a lot more dangerous than uneducated stupid. Educated stupid has a tendency to affect many lives up close and at a distance. Take psychology and psychiatry for instance and keep in mind, it's not just stupidity but a complete breakdown in moral character as well, including a loss of integrity, which is a lot more important than the people who see no value in it, when juxtaposed with the necessities of survival, think it is. Here you have people who go to school for long periods of time and read voluminous texts about all kinds of pathologies and all kinds of theories about the origins and intricacies of them. Then what happens is the pharmaceutical companies see the value of inventing all kinds of toxic chemical compounds that are supposed to treat these pathologies and they show up at the universities with suitcases filled with cash, along with their samples suitcase and they start stuffing hundred dollar bills into the pockets of the professors and the regents and board of directors and the next thing you know the whole method of treatment becomes pharmaceutically based. Then it occurs to the pharmaceutical manufacturers that the earlier they can find patients the longer they have to sell them expensive bogus medications so they can finance research laboratories who invent diseases out of thin air, just like their cousins do over at the Federal Reserve, with currency ..and for every new fictitious disease they come up with a new medicine. Of course, since they inflated the costs of research by about a hundred times what it actually cost, they can charge outrageous fees for these medicines in order to recoup their investments, which the law says they can do because they also went over to the FDA and to all the senators and representatives offices who control the policies of affected agencies and they also tossed around huge amounts of money and... you get the picture right?

What I just described here happens in every industry. It happens in the food industry when evil shits who invented some kind of sweetener from petroleum and Aardvark blood want to use it in soft drinks and candies. Back at the lab are hundreds of corpses of mutated and dead rats and other life forms who are proof that this compound has some kind of effect... no, those corpses aren't there any more. They went into the crematorium. It's the same in the munitions and war machine industry, where other evil shits went to the relevant political committees, with a bunch of blueprints under their arms and told the politicians, in between frenzied bouts of tossing wads of hundred dollar bills into the air, that the plane in the blueprint would revolutionize the military capability of the Air Force and grant a measurable superiority over everyone else. So the politicians voted to spend a hundred billion dollars on the plane only to find that this is wrong and that is wrong and eventually they have to shitcan the whole thing but that's okay cause they've moved on to the next thing. Actually they don't even do it like that. These days, The Pentagon, which is no more than an Israeli slush, (a criminal siphon machine for the really big cartels) fund simply gets hundreds of billions of dollars allocated to it and they sit down and sort of eenie, meenie, minee mo the money, which winds up in different piles. "We steal this, we spend this, we pay out this to insure cooperation and so on." You get the picture or else you're stupid or culpable.

Books like Fifty Shades of Gray don't just appear because some blimp of a piss poor writer sat down and agonized over the deathless lines that composed it. What it is is a bad marriage of romance novel and porn mixed up with a few other things. I haven't read it but I don't have to. Like so many things that become massive financial hits, the whole process was engineered to pander to the lowest prurient appetites of the bored and bewildered. Somewhere in New York City and cities like it, a bunch of cheese and white wine artistes and effete hangers on are referring to it as literature and every now and then one of them will turn to the other, point at the wall and say, "You know, I really like that painting. It's got a fullness and intrinsic power." what he's referring to is a red paint roller track across a white canvas. I can hear them now, "It speaks to me." I'm glad it kept it's mouth shut when I walked by.

What would a day be without a dose of social conditioning and the suppression of free speech?

A few years ago the janitors at MOMA cleaned up a couple of art exhibits that they rightly thought were trash left by visitors during an opening. The curators and critics were furious but the irony was not lost on the rest of us. One of the exhibits there was called "The Unmade Bed" if I remember correctly. Why is the state of contemporary art as it is? It's because the Tribe controls all aspects of it. Argue as much as you like. The proof is what it is. I guess it has to run its course. No large body of the public seems moved to do much. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, these are possessions of the privileged. They say what they like and they do what they like but you, you cannot. Or... perhaps you can, it depends on how 'effectively' you believe in your right to do so and who backs your play. I don't get my freedoms from government charters or citizenship. I get my rights from the cosmos. I don't recognize governments or temporal authority when they have ceased to possess any integrity whatsoever ...and if you are guided by fear it will be your master. How does fear come into play? That's an interesting question. No doubt the psychiatrists and psychologists have an answer for it; something along the lines of Xanax and Vallium.

I just saw a film called Don Jon (check out the reviews emblazoned on the poster up top). Boy! Does it ever sum up the depraved and superficial mindset that has been nurtured into the common American mind by those controlling the entertainment business. This is a new low, well past the Hangover series that finally got so bad that I couldn't even get past ten minutes of the third installment. When you are talking low brow this one has it all. This is how they want you to picture yourself, as a troglodyte from “Jersey Shore”, or a member of a massive failed experiment, where Kardashian DNA was spliced into GMO corn for the purpose of activation in the sweetener by products. I'm guessing this is the “Rocky” of the decade only differently abled.

Well, we've come to the end of whatever this is. Hopefully it is the beginning of something else (grin).

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Empire of Flesh.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Last night’s radio broadcast is up now.

This is the cultural blog. Is dis a culchar? This is a culture in the way that that mysterious oleaginous, sewer scum taffy on the Petri dish could be called a culture. It’s horrific and fascinating in the way that a bad traffic accident appeals to rubbernecking death and dismemberment junkies; cue the zombie buffet, catering department. It’s horrific and fascinating to watch the whole shebang slowly and then not so slowly, picking up speed like a global warming snowball, filled with a multitude of toxins with unpronounceable names, gathering steam on it’s way to static entropy. The steam is some kind of cold fusion of wicked shit from (Tribe founded) Monsanto, Dow and Dupont, in tandem with all those Swiss serial poisoners, living where the dirty money makes its bed in between, during and after wars created by the dirty money. Yeah, the dirty money bunks in the politically neutral (we don’t fight in the wars, we just make money from them), clean streets wonder world of Captain moneybags land. It’s truly bizarre to watch all the self important suits, going about their business as usual, while the whole collapsing infrastructure, trembles above their heads. Their beady eyes gleam with the fire of greed and acquisition at all costs, betting for this, against that, for and against this and that and the only one who loses is you. Derivatives are economic porno. They just keep on keeping on. They see nothing but the promise of gain and care not a wit for anything else. This is one cancer for which death is the only cure.

In light of this, it behooves me to link the online website for The Way of Life by Lao Tzu. If you need a guide book for getting through failed cultures and social experiments gone wrong, this is what you need. He’s got an answer for everything. Of course, the people who need to read it won’t. They prefer to have that seemingly well worn copy of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” on their desk. They haven’t actually read it. They had one of their interns rough it up so that it would look like they had, so as to impress clients.

Meanwhile, the fast food virtuosos of WE Be Holocausts are working overtime on their construction of the ultimate theater of the absurd. You won’t be able to turn a corner anywhere in the world soon where you don’t run into one or another kind of memorial, whipped up on money stolen from you, in honor of yet another flavor that left Heinz’s 57 varieties in the dust long ago. “Ve vil haf more holocaust franchises zen Starbucks und McDonalds has outlets!” and if you do decide to “fart in their general direction”, they’ll make you wear one of these.

I don’t know what this means. Besides being against the law, it’s in poor taste to employ anti-Semitic math. Only the bankers know how to properly employ math; part time and with no benefits. Well, what do you expect when the poster girl for the culture happens to be this fresh young thing? That really says it all doesn’t it? Damn, it makes me want to rip off my shirt and walk out into the streets and let fly with several verses of ‘America the Beautiful’; ♫Oh beautiful with wasted skies and endless waves of pain, thy steaming landfills travesties above the looted plain♫, followed by a rap version of “Onward Christian Zombies”. “Visible? What’s with all the negativity? You’re just mad because you’re not getting serviced by Kim Kardashian with a strap-on.” Yeah, maybe. Maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s when she asked me if I wanted a lubrication cocktail of Vick’s vapor rub and Krazy Glue that caused me to hesitate. You do know Kim does Reiki with a handheld TSA body scanner? Right?

For some reason, it’s always the Asians that embrace the worst aspects of Western Culture. You see it in Hong Kong, in India and definitely in South Korea. Rats! I’m being negative again. What I need is to try to see the beauty in it all. I need to get into an ecstasy threesome with Marianne Williamson and Ekhart Tolle, on a futon woven out of hundred dollar bills, “hand me that vibrator with Donald Trump’s head on it; Donald Ducks? Quack! Quack! It speaks!!! Now for a little echo chamber work.

I see it in front of me. I see it in the windshield of my Samsung monitor. I see it in the peripheral hallucination zone. I see it forming into a face in the magic mirror of the toilet bowl. It speaks!!! Ah well, another day, (in my case) another day. “But Visible you don’t play nice. You could be on the fast track if you’d just go along with the program. We’ve been altered and it didn’t hurt a bit.”

I am aware of the children climbing on those massive garbage heaps outside of Manila. Yeah, Merry Christmas! I’ve seen the pictures from The Congo with the mine workers. The women have permanent indentations of a quarter inch into their foreheads from the pressure of the ropes holding the bags on their backs, hauling the rare minerals for cellphones and Play Stations. Merry Christmas! I’ve seen the details of sex trafficking, courtesy of the United Nations and Dyncorp with massive assistance from the Israelis. Hey, the American Slave Trade went well for them. Why not something contemporary? Nothing to see here, keep moving, remain calm and. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Western culture has turned into a massive shit souffle. Mind how you take that out of the oven! The East is no better. Both ends of it all are managed by international corporations whose massive profits ensure that all political structures will remain docile and compliant. It’s a rat-fucked romance between elected bodies and connected bodies. The Empire of the Flesh is on the ascendant.

No... Don’t sit there confused and perplexed. Don’t wring your hands in helpless dismay. There’s not much you can do with placards and a bullhorn. They’ll just laugh at you. Tomorrow’s another day and then another and before the week is out you won’t be there anymore. You can only work on yourself. You can only refuse to contribute. It’s the ignorant and indifferent that make it possible, wandering around in a mesmerized corpulence, through the aisles of Wal-Mart, chattering away about meaningless trivia on their cellphones, text messaging Twitter with the latest ‘yeah’ and ‘nay’ about something so irrelevant that I’ve already forgotten it in the process of writing about it.

Corporate rape is a voyeurs paradise. Entire nations are bent over a rail and being buggered by industry lawyers. How about the education system? Merry Christmas!!!

I don’t want to leave you with the result of what you’ve been exposed to so far. Let your heart swell with gratitude because... because you’re not doing these things. Bask in the aura of inexpressible gratitude that you are not setting policy for Nestles, that you are not lunching with Astro Turf munching Janet Napolitano, that you are not in the munitions industry, that you are not a guard at Gitmo, that you are not so many things that no decent soul could countenance. Give thanks that though you may be living on the margins and lacking many things, you do not lack a conscience or compassion. Be very grateful you do not lack an awareness of what is taking place in the world around you and that you possess the necessary restraint to refuse to engage in the evils operational on all sides. Be grateful that you are not a steroid enraged policeman or a murderous military automaton who is only following orders; “sign ze papers old man!

Always remember, no matter how bad it may ‘seem’ to be, you are nowhere as bad as you could be and as others have evidently chosen to be. Yes, at the moment, fortune favors the profane. Enormous fortunes are being made by the most despicable kinds of people. Fame is bestowed upon superficial cretins. Nothing makes sense in the present order of things. Talent is on the verge of being outlawed. Manners have gone into the dumpster. Never fear, it is only for the purpose of demonstration. You’re not shooting dogs and defenseless college students. You’re not spraying mace into the face of sitting protesters and then suing the state for mental distress in the aftermath AND getting money for your professed suffering. Thank your lucky stars that you give a shit, that you care, that you help where you can and hang in there. Sooner or later you’ll know why it all had to be, or didn’t have to be this way... but was. Merry Christmas!!!

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Zio Claws and the Imperial War Bank Machine.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Any doubts that anyone had about Israel controlling the American economy can now be put to rest. This inarguably confirms that the present abysmal condition that economy is in can be laid at the same doorstep and I don't know if this is an example of 'birds of a feather flock together', or whether this might be a warning shot across the bow but one does wonder. Meanwhile, if you are wondering about the ineffable's sense of humor, wonder no more. Also meanwhile, the fruits of privileged status continue to blossom across the otherwise blasted landscape.

One of the things this writer likes to do is to gather seemingly disparate bits of information from the same day on which they all appear and look for parallels. Sometimes this leads to a humorous result as when you take the last sentence in this article and relate it to this article. Further irony in this regard is that the core of opposition to gay marriage, politically speaking, comes from the conservative wing. This is due to the fact that the vast preponderance of their supporters are Christian fundie-bots. Here's where the irony comes in. They oppose gay marriage but they are full barrel in support of mass murder and genocide, via the Imperial War Bank Machine. Okay then, no same sex sex under legal covenant but plenty legal sex and death under Central Banker dictate, which brings us back to the twin lizards from the Occupy American Money movement, newly ensconced- or soon to be- upon the Federal Reserve Board.

I know there are people who've grown tired of my drawing the public's attention to the death grip the Zio-Claws (their version of Santa Claws) have on many things western but look at how they progress in their infernal plans and keep in mind, they did 9/11, with the assistance of political and intelligence forces that were compromised due to the control of the money supply by these same people. Everything following 9/11 has been by design, according to their plans for world domination and the subjugation of the inferior gentile kind. What that means is that this perpetuating calamity we call this present moment was put into place by them. All those inconveniences you are going through? All the bizarre police actions, the falling job market, the housing crisis, you name it, they're all connected to this. If you can't see it, you don't want to see it. It's too inconvenient amidst all of the other pressing inconveniences caused by this inconvenience.

There is something afoot with all these police murders from parakeets to people. This recent shooting of an honors student, with no history of any criminality, shows something that is manifesting across the country and their excuse for why there is no video evidence from the patrol car is that due to the weather, the camera fell off of the windshield where it had been glued. Now... of course that's possible but the incredible coincidence is a bit much. My growing belief is that there is a nationwide program of calculated abuse being directed at the public for the purpose of creating an atmosphere of dread and fear among the populace. This explains what was formerly inexplicable and one must remember the presence of Israeli military and police personnel at police stations around the United States, dispensing training to the officers. Keep in mind their presence as security at so many airports, including ALL of the 9/11 airports and their presence guarding nuclear power stations. They got quite a grip on things don't they; the money, the media, the entertainment conglomerates, publishing, Academia and the teaching instruments of earlier grades, a whole lotta things. This is why it bears repetitive mention. As a great mind once said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”. If you're not paying attention someone else certainly is and as I've stated ad nauseum, you only become a slave when you cease to be your own master and that is the purpose of materialism and its excesses.

Not to be too discouraged because there are a lot of movements coming from the ground up now. The truth about the governments is surfacing and the tide of public opinion is turning. Unfortunately, people's main concern is mostly for themselves and their comfort line. It is a sad testimony of the human race that they just get after their basic interests exclusive of anything else, until their basic interests get curtailed or challenged. Then it's a matter of timing. Is it too little too late? Is it in the nick of time? Is it neck and neck? Are we talking about a horse race or Madame Le Guillotine?

“Lean not upon thine own understanding”. So, perspicacious souls know about life being a test and a trial, meticulously designed to counterpart with their Karma, which is what leads to “trust in all things” where it all gets managed for you. Some go to brokers and estate planners to tighten up their investments and get them the highest yield. Of course, these days we have only to look at the recent past where all those toxic mortgages were packaged up and sold to unsuspecting clients. There's a film called “Margin Call” that lays it out pretty well. Of course, what it is, the reality of it all, is all around you, there to be seen... once the intensity of appetite has been dialed down. You must think of a flame burning in your belly. Maybe it's red and yellow and flickering all about? You have to tune it down until it's a steady blue flame. Go to your gas stove, if you have one and check out the variants.

Everything trends back to self control or the lack of it, everything ...and if you are short on self control, those already mentioned have got a market for whatever it is that you use to keep yourself off balance. If you've got self control, you can walk through that marketplace amused. That's the meaning of, 'in the world but not of it'. The world is a lot like those sirens on the rocks with Ulysses chained to the mast. All those tales of elder times had serious meaning. All those fables were intending to teach something. The lessons haven't changed. Conditions change. The environment constantly shifts into different appearances because that's all part of the drama. One of the constants about appearances is that they are always changing, another is that they are a lie. On the rare occasion that I come across videos and pictorials of a fashion show, they never fail to make me smile when I see those vacuous, expressionless faces and the weird walks. Of course the shots of the crowd in attendance entertains me as well. There's a whole world out there and 99% of it provokes no interest whatsoever in me. This fills me with gratitude. It's like running unencumbered toward some kind of finish line with nothing on my mind but the focus needed to attend to the continuance. I'm already where I want to be and who I want to be, recognition is the only thing in absence and that comes apace with continuance.

There are so many analogies to draw from, should anyone ever need them, to affirm their continuance, should they encounter doubt or indecision; am I wasting my time? A simple remembrance of a very simple truth should serve in any circumstance whenever uncertainty shows up for dinner. If you walk out your door with the intention of going to a specific location, as long as you are headed in the right direction toward that location and you don't deviate from your course, you'll get where you're going. Most anyone, presented with the logic of that will automatically agree, “Yes, that's true” but when it comes to applying the same considerations to their own life they've got a million excuses and reasons for why they didn't get to some particular location, or why they settled for something else. No matter what temporary accommodations you may come to along your way, you don't have to give up on your dream. We would hope that dream was one that would not lead to further disappointment. Most dreams in this life do because all satisfaction is temporary. The desire burns with great importance prior to acquisition. Following acquisition you find you are still where you were. There has been no significant change. This is why there is such a diversity of attractions so that one can remain intrigued by a spinning wheel of possibilities. Life sums up as what you spent your time in the pursuit and development of. It's what you'll be left with at the end.

There are many dangers in the world. There are many people who paid a supreme price for a momentary indiscretion. The prisons are full of people who can't remember how it is they got there. Karma is something else. It is going to run it's course no matter what unless certain not commonly known steps are taken. You can head Karma off at the pass. You can neutralize karma by continuous acts of good and there are many shapes this can take. You could have your Karma lifted by grace, should someone with the power to do so choose to. It has happened.

There is such an agonizing pull to be like everyone else while trying to appear different. Long ago, there were few souls upon that certain road and today, with many, many times the population, there are few souls upon that road. The reason for that is the intensification of materialism. Most everyone is flowing along in the pull of invisible magnetic fields, unaware that such fields are even in existence. They are. The percentage of people full time engaged in self inquiry is very small. This field is not so small as one might think; self inquiry? That's just me. No, it is not. It is everything.

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Not Politically Correct by Les Visible and The Critical List

Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Gollum Progression and the Grinch from Talmudia.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

CHRISTMAS is coming and since I know it will annoy those bent on destroying this tradition (of course they don't mention who's behind it but we know who it is- A LOT OF VALUABLE INFO HERE THAT YOU HAVEN”T SEEN BEFORE. The Harvey Fierstein section says it all), while elevating their own, I would like to open this posting with, “Merry Christmas!!!” One of the things that annoys me is that I don't have a big enough profile to really annoy the people bent on making everything bent. See, when you are unnaturally bent, due to being possessed of a poisoned genetic code, or due to a progressively, ever more wicked persona, manifesting off the reincarnation cycle, you eventually become a kind of philosopher. Now there are many types of philosophers because there are many types of philosophy. It would take you some time to just read the list of all of these philosophies. Given that there seems to be something for everyone under the sun and even for those who hide from the sun and eventually can't even handle moonlight, which I refer to as The Gollum Progression, it stands to reason that there would be a philosophy whose fundamental motivation... uh...; I don't know what its name would be right offhand but its basic tenet would be, 'turn everything into shit'. Perhaps it might be called Retro-Alchemy, or Reverse-Alchemy. There is a similar Middle Eastern system called, Talmudism, which bears many similarities to it, insofar as turning everything into shit. Anyway... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! What the Hell, HAPPY EASTER! ...too ...while we're at it.

One of the things that seems to go missing in people's computations, when analyzing the state of our times is what I call the, 'hiding in plain sight, right in front of your eyes factor'. With all the puffed up chest action, bristling armaments, goose-stepping police departments and storm trooper, PC Zio-bots taunting and jeering at the beaten down populace, with all the whitewashing of stone cold criminal, do whatever we fucking want because the judges are in our pockets action going down while, I say 'while' those immune from prosecution make a killing locking up those without the power to defend themselves, simply to enrich themselves, based on their ownership of the private prison industry... while all of this is murking up what passes for the scenery, most people are missing the basic reality that is going down, emphasis on 'down'. Ten years ago, 90% of the people to be found anywhere, should anyone be looking, had little or no idea of what was happening. Now, 50% of them have left the Crass Media and a very significant portion of the population is facing imminent distress of a mega-wattage kind. This is the sort of life survival pressure that forces people to wake the fuck up. That's not the only impetus for waking up. Mr. Apocalypse is actively engaged.

Through the kind and non secular (heh heh, I almost wrote non sequitur) reality of the internet, information is free flowing like a Niagara through the collective mind. In the midst of the populations is another population that is actively at war with the disinfo and lies that have been our daily fare for a long time. You can see the new grassroots war of truthful souls appearing in forums and comment sections all over the internet. They weren't there even a little while ago. Things are changing. Not only is evil not covering its tracks but it is leaving tracks (does that make sense?) and screwing up more than it has ever done before because our own invisible jester, Mr. Apocalypse, is tripping them up with his walking stick, pinching them on the ass, pulling at their earlobes, tweaking (or is that twerking) their cheeks, as if they were little cherubims designed by Raphael, which they definitely are not. What they are, for the most part are vermin infected, urban sewer rats, which you would see peeking behind their, ill fitting, human costume.

Sure, they're getting away with bloody murder for the moment but all that is is enragement fodder for the cosmos and it's residents. It's all about building the passion and suspense. The movie wouldn't be as entertaining as the director insists it be if it weren't for the ratcheting suspense, the delicious (almost real) tension, the unnerving uncertainty (God, it feels real, doesn't it?). It's like being on one of those rides at the Universal Studios Complex. Yikes! Here comes Jaws! Damn! It all seems so real but it's not. It's not. What is real is us if we are real (does that make sense?)

What it is is similar to the death of a thousand cuts, or that moment when something massive, that has been there forever, reaches the point that a critical element of support falls away (finally) and the entire structure comes down in a cloud of obsolescence seeking dust. These are the conditions we find ourselves in today. Whenever one age shifts into the next; wait! Let's backtrack a bit. When a new age comes into being all of what had formerly existed as temporal infrastructure is replaced, or is more often, grafted over by the new face of all the usual institutions that move from vitality to calcification (it's routine) and then, with the arrival of the next age, well, the same thing happens again. You get the same old shit in a new container. Former authorities are stripped of their power. Traditions long in place fall away like old fabric disintegrating into tatters. The present transformation is many times more potent and transformative than usual because we are at the end of a 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of another. Chances are that indicates the possibility of a total makeover and potentially, the elimination of a large percentage of the population. None of this is fixed but one has only to measure the intellectual and moral temperature of the present residents to get an idea of how it's going to go. It's a good thing that appearances lie because otherwise, were they true, it would not portend a desirable conclusion because the gateway to the future according to appearances is, “Abandon hope all ye who enter here”.

No matter what, things are changing and the Christmas killers don't like it one bit because... as the lies crumble, the awesome horror of the truth concerning them becomes more and more apparent. From pre-Lenin to 9/11 from Slavery to the South African diamond mines, monsters, truly non human monsters are revealed as monsters.

I've been thinking about the entertainers everywhere and the millions upon millions of dollars they make in the employ of the Tribe members who own the industry. They can't say anything or they won't get any more work. I personally know that if you tell it like it is and you are a recording artist and a novelist/writer like myself, all doors are closed. Even the few gentile concerns won't touch you because the distribution network is under control. I watch these obviously intelligent and certainly informed people; they're right in contact with it every day. They know what they can and cannot say and they know why. Did they sell their souls for fame and fortune to agents of the Lord of Darkness? Yes, they did. Now... with all their freedom, they have no freedom. They live in a cognitive disconnect from the rest of the world, docked off their own Fantasy Island, in a gladhanding, air kissing existence, selling their asses on commercials when they already have too much money, backing phoney charities as tax dodges, showing up at disaster sites, bestowing comforting smiles all around, doing benefits of no benefit, crying about the paparazzi and their privacy when they rely on these shitflies for their media prominence; homes across the globe, ass-kissing retainers and hangers on. It's just Karma for one life, everyone gets it, though we handle it differently. I don't want to bang on the entertainers. I get real enjoyment from them but unlike most of them, I see the downside. Give me obscurity any time and give me fame and notice where it counts and in the company that counts with me.

Some of us are supposed to be rich and famous. It's how we handle it that counts. Are we stewards and good examples or just takers? One thing for sure, the bad guys are really bad guys. If you didn't read this link about the war on Christmas above then read it here. Look at the efforts over the length of time and the things that get said. There's no mistaking the intent. I recognize that organized Christianity is nothing but a control mechanism to keep the borderline intellects in harness. I recognize that all these traditions are going to pass away and be replaced now anyway. The time has come. Yes, I bring the same things up most days and that is because a massive PR machine is at work defending these monsters every day. Will my efforts have much impact overall, in relation to what's going to happen anyway? Probably not... but I write what I am 'moved' to write and I am trying to 'generally' move toward a theater of hammering on the positive and distributing workable techniques. It won't happen overnight. By this time next year a great many things will have happened. None of them are going to be, or happen, in the way most of us expect them to. The hidden hand of the cosmos holds all the cards.

Your destiny manifests out of what you believe in. Your life intentions define you. Your values are your passport in motion. Let us never forget that the visible world is only half of the equation. The other half is invisible and everything visible comes out of it. Even when visualizing on the visible we must internalize to the point from where the idea becomes the blueprints that lead to the process of assembly and construction which results in the physical product(s) we eventually see. A human life is formed and finalized in the same way. If you are getting your info and your standards from the external, you may adapt well to that but poorly reflect upon what was possible and never came to be. You can impress the sleepwalkers that surround you for so long as the dream may continue, or you can impress the invisible rescue service and be wrested free of the bondage of this veil of suffering and tears, after a time of trial. The proof is in the results and we will all of us, individually and collectively, give evidence of our worth, according to the judgment of time passing through the lens of the perfect 20-20 of hindsight in the aftermath.

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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Political Correctness and the Rise of the Ridiculous.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

In the last days of the empire, double agent traitors are in active operation to destroy the country they were sworn in to protect. Their loyalty isn't in question. Their loyalty is to another country, far off in The Middle East. Is there no end to the irony? To paraphrase The Bard, will no one free me of this meddlesome irony? These are truly strange times. You didn't used to see things like this and it doesn't say who bought it for a penny. I wonder why? Yeah, you come across all kinds of interesting things these days. Truth is popping up its head in the most unexpected places. We've got a strange dichotomy at work. On the one side there are signs all over of things turning a corner, in terms of human understanding and a wider awakening. On the other side are signs of demonic intelligences at work. One thing is for sure, in some quarters, insanity is going exponential. The most amazing thing to me is that those who are insane and there's no other word that more accurately describes them, are unaware that they are insane. Yeah, I already posted that link a couple of weeks ago but it deserves second mention because we are in the observation booth of the Rising of the Ridiculous. We could travel all day studying examples of this madness. It goes on and on. This abuse of the language would be funny if it did not have such frightening consequences.

For a lot more than 20 years I have been saying that the greatest danger to society is political correctness. This was before it was more than a blip on the radar but emerging, primarily from the impact of alternative sexual representatives in Academia, along with intellectual atheists, egged on by well placed Tribe members, or actual Tribe members, utilizing that mindset to make war on other religions. The women's movement played its part and I guess one could say there was good and bad in all of the movements but now, all that's left is the bad. What I really can't figure out is how come Jewish symbols are permitted everywhere and Christian symbols are banned? I also can't figure out how Christian Zionists balance out this assault on their traditions with that Chosen People nonsense, of course, they are dumber than a bag of rocks and everywhere to be found. One of them even showed up in the comments of my conference video; talk about anthropomorphism.

Intransigence is the name of the game when it comes to nitwits in office, in respect of emerging and uncontainable truths. Watching this insufferable jerk toe the party line is yet one more evidence of The Rise of the Ridiculous. There's a problem with going in a certain direction when it happens to be the wrong direction, eventually, inevitably, you wind up like a deer in the headlights of public exposure. They don't think so and many people don't think so because it can sometimes take a long time to get to that point but... it's just like The Fall of Empire. When studied in hindsight you can easily see the progressions that empire went though up to the point where Attila and the rest of the barbarians did their thing. It's all laid out beautifully by Tacitus, for those who have the time to read him.

One of the reasons that the collective efforts of Tribe gremlins, compromised governments, organized religion and Satanic industry are directed at historical revisionism (among other things) is that a clear view of history shows evidences other than what's been put into place in their stead. Of course, they also indict the aforementioned with countless crimes against the human race.

Those of us who are on the other side of the demarcating wall between us and them, do not have all the information that they have about what is really going on at Fukushima, Israeli back door machinations, unknown phenomena approaching, the real extent of the financial crisis and all kinds of other things. We can tell ourselves they are motivated by the usual low level drives, like greed, fear or the promise of any number of things, including exposure for sexual malfeasance should they not go along with the program. Because we do not know, we are unaware of exactly what they are dealing with. That they are morally bankrupt and an embarrassment to the human race, regardless of whatever truth may be momentarily concealed, is beyond doubt.

The height of the ridiculous is, of course, political correctness. If you've got time you can see the trending increments as they move along to The Ridiculous. What it is in essence is not hard to garner. It's pretty certain that Jane Elliot is a member of a particular sexual persuasion; just more damning evidence of what the politicization of sexuality leads to. It amazes me that people will put up with this bullshit. Okay, they want to go to the university, so they endure this mind control and personal diminishment, thinking it will be over soon, like soldiers going through basic training telling themselves, they'll be more free after the process. They go into the military and engage in killing people from different cultures, with different languages and colorized differently and here is the apex of the hypocrisy and the ridiculous, you don't see these political correctness stooges speaking out against the non politically correct actions of the American military, or any of the militaries of the west. Why don't you see that? It's the most egregious violation of what is defined as political correctness that one can find. Why aren't all these weasel educators speaking out about this? Why aren't they joined together concerning the treatment of The Palestinians at the hands of the most monstrous people on the planet, 94% of which supported Operation Cast Lead. 94% of them supported it!!! Are these academics, whose real concern is their paycheck and the possibility of tenure, concerned about the real injustices going on? No, they're not.

If you go behind the scenes, the majority... the majority of those constructing and pushing these twisted venues upon the youth are overwhelmingly either alternative sexual practitioners or Tribe members, often both. The ridiculous is getting worse and worse. This psy-ops war being waged on western culture is beyond obvious. A better term to use would be, 'in your face'. It is both fascinating and horrifying to watch millions of people being morphed into unrecognizable shape, most likely because they no longer have any self-respect, dignity or honor. They just want to survive and they don't care what that might cost, which is why they gave up their self respect, dignity and honor. At a certain point survival is no longer the better option.

There is a transparent gloss over everything; in the media, in the fatuous network entertainments, in what passes for music- all those obnoxious jack-hammering, profanity streams, filled with not politically correct lyrics, being presented by those seeking politically correct protections for their minority rights to elevate talentless depravity to the height of cutting edge culture and which are filled with the most feminine degrading content I've ever come across, while at the same time glorifying material excess as a virtue and recommending one get it anyway you can, even at the point of a gun. All of this is passed by the politically correct establishment and accepted as okay when it violates all the basic tenets of political correctness; hypocrisy upon hypocrisy and irony upon irony. It goes on and on.

Halftime Digression; the video from the Seek—Speak-Spread the Truth Conference is now available. If you'd like to watch the rest of the speakers they are available too. For some strange reason, this video wants to start at around the five minute mark and you have to draw it back to the beginning. It seems to happen every time.

Lest we give the impression that we think The East is not implicated in similar crimes, let me say The East is even more of an offender when it comes to human rights across the board, Here is a delightful practice that is taking place in Thailand and just to show the level of corruption moving though any and all major religions, it's Buddhist 'extremists' who are at the root of that condition and which is then facilitated further up the line. I don't know how long the last days of the end of the world as we know it are meant to continue. What I do know is that it is moving along briskly toward whatever precipice awaits it. It should prove to be quite dramatic given the near 7 billion people on the planet and the gradual but certain diminishment of food and water (especially water), as well as the gradual disintegration of government and religious infrastructure, counterpointed by the public's growing lack of faith in them and... let us not forget the looming financial crisis in perpetual loom, attended by Gloom and Doom. It all comes back to whatever way you chose to understand the following scripture, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. It's the man (rather entity)who squats behind the man who works the soft machine”.

All of what is happening and the global interconnectedness of evil, is what makes it so difficult to know where to go and whether whatever you set up will be allowed to continue. I've looked into so many locations, spent so many hours researching possibilities and when it wasn't an uncertainty about the future state of the environment, it was about the lack of capital to maintain in a foreign locale, far away from the sort of support structure I have where I am. One of the most difficult things about the effort to commit total surrender to the ineffable, is being able to distinguish when it's a cosmic idea, personalizing itself on your behalf and when it's just you wanting to do something. I had just canceled out the last location, which I was really looking forward to and which had a lot of land and all the components to build a house, waterfalls, rustic and pristine and then, after putting a considerable amount of time into it and ultimately, winding up jerking people afar around, with no intention of doing so, I found the finances I was told I would be given to accomplish this rendered no longer present. Shortly after that, someone I had been corresponding with told me she knew someone about 800 k from here who was looking to put together a spiritual community and wanted to offer me a place rent free to do what I do (whatever that is). I traveled there to see about it. The fellow turns out to be fantastic and sincere, I agree to come and then, hardly a week later, the person who facilitated it went haywire over something truly nonsensical and dismissed me from her existence. It was almost as if she had been activated in my life only for that reason. This whole thing happened on its own, after I had exhausted my own efforts. Previously I had been going to Peru when my sponsor there, for no known reason, backed away without notice or explanation. The amount of mysteries has been something else. I add this paragraph because it ties into the global uncertainty of these times.

It is all, by turns, tragic and ridiculous. Life has become a living satire of itself. The outrageous is the commonplace. Sanity is a mental illness. Stability is a province of the predator. Financial security is a possession of the very worst among us and due to the inevitable influence of wealth upon all social polices, national laws and even the mental and emotional climate of the public mind and heart in the day to day, it is obvious what direction these things would take at the hands of such criminal entities. Loathsome monsters like the Koch Brothers and the Satanic Chicago moneymongers, who financed Obama ...are present in every state and in every country. Their hour of unveiling is in progress. Behind them are the principalities and powers that have taken control of their being either through direct invocation or as a result of their bent nature. Eventually we shall see what comes of all of this, eventually.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, December 02, 2013

If There is a Devil, the Devil is Your Mind.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Ach! heute das leben is schoen und... und? Well, that brings something to mind that has been cavorting at the fringes of my mind for awhile. I tried to treat with it at the conference in London the weekend bevor and... und... I know what the problem is but it's a bitch in the application of corrective measures. Our biggest problem is our reactive mind. See... here's the truth of the matter; life is perfect. It is perfect for those who have perfected eyes. Perfected eyes are not an easy acquisition, nor is halting, arresting, the reactive mind. If you are looking for the devil (let's hope not but... metaphorically speaking), you need look no further than your own mind. That is the seat of divisiveness and the agency of war upon yourself and others. Your mind is your biggest enemy and potentially, your best friend, once you are able to turn it right side up. Although many of us are born screwed up from the gitgo, one can easily say the majority of us are truly screwed up in the process of puberty, when the world divides on us into oppositional states which, is one of the reasons the Tribe inspired intentional gender confusions are pushed and proliferated from the initiation of public education. Their watch-phrase is; 'destroy the family unit'. After that it's Brave New World or The Penal Colony, depending on your choice of authors. Following that you got shitwits for lunch and 1984 on the menu. 'neti, neti' is probably a Zen thing; not this, no, not that either, more or less.

So... you have to stand guard at the gateway of the mind, at that avenue where thoughts enter and you have to reject everything that comes in and also throw out whatever is there already. What you will find is that once you've expelled the surface chatter there is a whole other layer below that and possibly yet more before you hit 'the beautiful silence'. The logic behind this is that whatever is real is not going anywhere. Following a period of persistent practice, the mind will be cleared of garbage and you can spot the garbage bombs as they seek to enter in and turn your mind back into a landfill. The natural, or supernatural state of the human mind is one of brimming optimism and enthusiasm. Lao Tzu has a number of passages that relate to this. The image given, if we colloquialise or manifest it at street level is that of a fellow with an continuous tumescence (a man in full, so to speak and women have their own version that manifests as wisdom, oracles and a kinship with Lady Nature) and a song being sung through the whole of the day with no strain on the voice. I met such a person and such encounters are not easily forgotten. One could simply dismiss such a character and label them mad, were it not for the forehead and features that so exactly mirror those of the ancient Japanese and Chinese figurines that you may or may not have seen by now.

It is easy to become disheartened at the amount of willful ignorance, apathy and appetite pursuit that surrounds you on all sides, as you attempt to make your way somewhere, wherever somewhere is, ♫somewhere a place for us. Take my hand and yadda yadda♫. It's all set up to bring you down. It was one thing in the not recent past because then you could just migrate to another location, or step outside of it altogether but now you have to deal with passports and permissions; countless government and social restrictions, on action and movement, not to mention a relentless pay as you go system of enriching virtual vampires at every turn. In other words, the squeeze is on. When Ronald McDonald Raygun came into office, as a handpuppet for Bush and the military industrial, Zio-Ogre complex, he authorized a few things that made life a grind for everyone involved, except for those profiteering from them. He closed the mental hospitals and unleashed the homeless epidemic. He made adjustments in the laws that brought about the explosion of condos and the jacking up of rents across the board to unlivable levels and went after the unions as a force recon effort against the middle class. A whole boatload of idiots bought into the principles from the security of their positions and spawned a legion of Governor Walkers, Koch Brothers and others who had no problem shitting where you eat. On the heels of removing all of the protective legislation that were in place for a damn good reason, the majority of the population wound up buggered to a fare thee well and don't come back.

In tandem with these horrors, they slowly but surely altered the sitting (fat-assed) perspective of the Supreme Court until it became what it is today, a rubber stamp for corporate fascism. How are we to see this world as perfect now? Good question. Here's the key, the individual human mind is more powerful than all of the negative consciousnesses put together, provided that mind understands what it is about. It is more powerful for the same reason that a single candle will push the borders of darkness back on all sides.

Even if everyone around you is slogging through the darkness, convinced that they can see where they are going, you do not have to share their state. The pull of the familiar is strong and the force of peer pressure is formidable but... you will find when you turn and go against the current of perdition that there is another current or let us say, magnetized pull that responds to your resonance. In the Hindu tradition they have the subud, which is a sound current. You can travel on currents; sound currents, etheric currents, high end vibrational currents of powerful cosmic emotion that can be likened to the winds of cosmic weather. Come sail with me on the cosmic seas of consciousness! Let us say you have reached the point where Love is the single most powerful expression of your being... as it was intended to be at the genesis but which got warped downward into the appetite market consciousness, that pings off of the lower floors of your being and eventually turns you into food for other more ancient appetites.

One of the reasons that various areas of existence are closed off to us or hidden from us is that the sight of these places and these inhabitants will serve to drive one mad with fear. Of course, until you can walk right past them with nary a sideways glance you're screwed. There are few things worse than to be in fear of that which is inimical to you. One's greatest fear should always be that one might go astray, or forget what you came here for; it wasn't so that you could prop one, or several, of your 6 cow stomachs into the child carrier portion of a Wal-Mart shopping cart.

The biggest obstacle to your existence as a free and sovereign being, is the pressure to conform. You're surrounded by life as you have 'come to know it'. That's not how it really is at all. As T.S. Eliot said, “that's not it at all”. Lest anyone think I've lost my scatological and sacrilegious edge, cue the Squeegees ♫Uh Uh Uh Uh taking a shit, taking a shit, Uh, Uh, Uh Uh,taking a shiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeit. Well you can tell by the way I swallow everything they're shoving down my throat♫ It's not just our bodies that turn things into shit. Life does not have to be like that but we make life that way when we buy into the version being forced upon us by the shitmeister's extraordinaire. Without Love, life eventually and rather quickly turns into a holocaust of gastric distress and other 'chronic' maladies. It's good to keep in mind that those screaming about holocausts are generally the ones who are behind them in the first place. Those who scream about oppression, while in possession of far more than their share of life's goods, are usually the most significant of oppressors. When they are able to generate either fear or hatred on your part, they have stolen from you 'the one thing that can afford them'. They have stolen your compassion, as Lao Tzu says“Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.”

You have to set out upon your every day in a consciously loving state of mind and I am no less an offender in this regard than anyone else. At least I can remind myself and it seems I have reminded myself ten thousand times ten thousand and I still veer to one side or the other if I don't have my attention fixed on my way forward. There's a great Hindu poster that shows a charioteer being drawn off the road by his team of powerful horses. These are symbolic of the senses. The chariot is the mind and the charioteer is the self. We can see this and we can know this but it seems like, in almost no time, that we forget it. It takes constant enforced remembering to stay on course. Few people have the stamina or the will for it and they pay a heavy price for not paying attention. As I have pointed out many times, or maybe this is the first time in this fashion, the Major Arcana of Tarot symbolize archetypes; actually, the first 7 symbolize forces or powers. The second 7 symbolize mediums and the last 7 symbolize states or conditions brought about or corrected by the proper channeling of the forces or powers through the mediums. The Magician stands for 'focused attention' or 'concentration' and the dual meaning that attends the image is 'life and death'. This can be the result of paying attention and not paying attention so, pay attention. One can learn a lot from the sun. All the sun does is shine. It shines on everything. We should too and at some point it will shine through us. We should make the sun our shining example. We are frozen sunlight. We are sunlight in extension. The whole point is to turn into conscious sunlight and reside in our solar bodies. This is the objective of The Operation of the Sun, as perfectly exemplified in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. Wake up!

I am always talking to myself when I am engaged in my business here. It would be less than effective were I not doing so. In the town where I live, I am viewed as an eccentric and possibly a mental case because I am often singing wherever I am, on the street, in the supermarket, or sometimes I am talking to myself. It's a little sub rosa but you can hear me within a small parameter. I experience no shame or embarrassment from this. Why the Hell would I be insecure about my own freedom out of deference to those who have lost their own? Everyone should be singing to themselves as they go down the street. This is powerful magic. This is powerfully transformative magic. It doesn't just transform the world around you but it transforms you as well. When you lose your youthfulness, you become hard and rigid. You become old. You do not have to become old. You can remain vital and alive so long as you remain close to the source of it. Bad behavior and the wrong behavior patterns take us away from it.

My phone and internet were mysteriously off line all day but so was the entire, quite large province in which I live. They couldn't tell us why.

End Transmission.......

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