Thursday, December 12, 2013

Zio Claws and the Imperial War Bank Machine.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Any doubts that anyone had about Israel controlling the American economy can now be put to rest. This inarguably confirms that the present abysmal condition that economy is in can be laid at the same doorstep and I don't know if this is an example of 'birds of a feather flock together', or whether this might be a warning shot across the bow but one does wonder. Meanwhile, if you are wondering about the ineffable's sense of humor, wonder no more. Also meanwhile, the fruits of privileged status continue to blossom across the otherwise blasted landscape.

One of the things this writer likes to do is to gather seemingly disparate bits of information from the same day on which they all appear and look for parallels. Sometimes this leads to a humorous result as when you take the last sentence in this article and relate it to this article. Further irony in this regard is that the core of opposition to gay marriage, politically speaking, comes from the conservative wing. This is due to the fact that the vast preponderance of their supporters are Christian fundie-bots. Here's where the irony comes in. They oppose gay marriage but they are full barrel in support of mass murder and genocide, via the Imperial War Bank Machine. Okay then, no same sex sex under legal covenant but plenty legal sex and death under Central Banker dictate, which brings us back to the twin lizards from the Occupy American Money movement, newly ensconced- or soon to be- upon the Federal Reserve Board.

I know there are people who've grown tired of my drawing the public's attention to the death grip the Zio-Claws (their version of Santa Claws) have on many things western but look at how they progress in their infernal plans and keep in mind, they did 9/11, with the assistance of political and intelligence forces that were compromised due to the control of the money supply by these same people. Everything following 9/11 has been by design, according to their plans for world domination and the subjugation of the inferior gentile kind. What that means is that this perpetuating calamity we call this present moment was put into place by them. All those inconveniences you are going through? All the bizarre police actions, the falling job market, the housing crisis, you name it, they're all connected to this. If you can't see it, you don't want to see it. It's too inconvenient amidst all of the other pressing inconveniences caused by this inconvenience.

There is something afoot with all these police murders from parakeets to people. This recent shooting of an honors student, with no history of any criminality, shows something that is manifesting across the country and their excuse for why there is no video evidence from the patrol car is that due to the weather, the camera fell off of the windshield where it had been glued. Now... of course that's possible but the incredible coincidence is a bit much. My growing belief is that there is a nationwide program of calculated abuse being directed at the public for the purpose of creating an atmosphere of dread and fear among the populace. This explains what was formerly inexplicable and one must remember the presence of Israeli military and police personnel at police stations around the United States, dispensing training to the officers. Keep in mind their presence as security at so many airports, including ALL of the 9/11 airports and their presence guarding nuclear power stations. They got quite a grip on things don't they; the money, the media, the entertainment conglomerates, publishing, Academia and the teaching instruments of earlier grades, a whole lotta things. This is why it bears repetitive mention. As a great mind once said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”. If you're not paying attention someone else certainly is and as I've stated ad nauseum, you only become a slave when you cease to be your own master and that is the purpose of materialism and its excesses.

Not to be too discouraged because there are a lot of movements coming from the ground up now. The truth about the governments is surfacing and the tide of public opinion is turning. Unfortunately, people's main concern is mostly for themselves and their comfort line. It is a sad testimony of the human race that they just get after their basic interests exclusive of anything else, until their basic interests get curtailed or challenged. Then it's a matter of timing. Is it too little too late? Is it in the nick of time? Is it neck and neck? Are we talking about a horse race or Madame Le Guillotine?

“Lean not upon thine own understanding”. So, perspicacious souls know about life being a test and a trial, meticulously designed to counterpart with their Karma, which is what leads to “trust in all things” where it all gets managed for you. Some go to brokers and estate planners to tighten up their investments and get them the highest yield. Of course, these days we have only to look at the recent past where all those toxic mortgages were packaged up and sold to unsuspecting clients. There's a film called “Margin Call” that lays it out pretty well. Of course, what it is, the reality of it all, is all around you, there to be seen... once the intensity of appetite has been dialed down. You must think of a flame burning in your belly. Maybe it's red and yellow and flickering all about? You have to tune it down until it's a steady blue flame. Go to your gas stove, if you have one and check out the variants.

Everything trends back to self control or the lack of it, everything ...and if you are short on self control, those already mentioned have got a market for whatever it is that you use to keep yourself off balance. If you've got self control, you can walk through that marketplace amused. That's the meaning of, 'in the world but not of it'. The world is a lot like those sirens on the rocks with Ulysses chained to the mast. All those tales of elder times had serious meaning. All those fables were intending to teach something. The lessons haven't changed. Conditions change. The environment constantly shifts into different appearances because that's all part of the drama. One of the constants about appearances is that they are always changing, another is that they are a lie. On the rare occasion that I come across videos and pictorials of a fashion show, they never fail to make me smile when I see those vacuous, expressionless faces and the weird walks. Of course the shots of the crowd in attendance entertains me as well. There's a whole world out there and 99% of it provokes no interest whatsoever in me. This fills me with gratitude. It's like running unencumbered toward some kind of finish line with nothing on my mind but the focus needed to attend to the continuance. I'm already where I want to be and who I want to be, recognition is the only thing in absence and that comes apace with continuance.

There are so many analogies to draw from, should anyone ever need them, to affirm their continuance, should they encounter doubt or indecision; am I wasting my time? A simple remembrance of a very simple truth should serve in any circumstance whenever uncertainty shows up for dinner. If you walk out your door with the intention of going to a specific location, as long as you are headed in the right direction toward that location and you don't deviate from your course, you'll get where you're going. Most anyone, presented with the logic of that will automatically agree, “Yes, that's true” but when it comes to applying the same considerations to their own life they've got a million excuses and reasons for why they didn't get to some particular location, or why they settled for something else. No matter what temporary accommodations you may come to along your way, you don't have to give up on your dream. We would hope that dream was one that would not lead to further disappointment. Most dreams in this life do because all satisfaction is temporary. The desire burns with great importance prior to acquisition. Following acquisition you find you are still where you were. There has been no significant change. This is why there is such a diversity of attractions so that one can remain intrigued by a spinning wheel of possibilities. Life sums up as what you spent your time in the pursuit and development of. It's what you'll be left with at the end.

There are many dangers in the world. There are many people who paid a supreme price for a momentary indiscretion. The prisons are full of people who can't remember how it is they got there. Karma is something else. It is going to run it's course no matter what unless certain not commonly known steps are taken. You can head Karma off at the pass. You can neutralize karma by continuous acts of good and there are many shapes this can take. You could have your Karma lifted by grace, should someone with the power to do so choose to. It has happened.

There is such an agonizing pull to be like everyone else while trying to appear different. Long ago, there were few souls upon that certain road and today, with many, many times the population, there are few souls upon that road. The reason for that is the intensification of materialism. Most everyone is flowing along in the pull of invisible magnetic fields, unaware that such fields are even in existence. They are. The percentage of people full time engaged in self inquiry is very small. This field is not so small as one might think; self inquiry? That's just me. No, it is not. It is everything.

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Anonymous said...

thank you for what you do

thank you for opening yourself to the Truth and sharing as a channel of blessings and services for others

thank you for being here in this world at this time
thank you
thank you
thank you

i no longer sign a name to these comments because it feels unnecessary. you know who i am.
thank you.

Karyn Weese said...

Another great post Visible, thank you for the reminder about holding a vision!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
thinking trails stream
a milky way ride
charging star patterns
tuning bring life
natural vibrations
liberating free
calming and warming
stirring some peace
to travel the sea's
forth with the essence
flowing true nature
powerful medicine
for earth residents
at one with the all
the old great beyond
the ancient school
the school of life
on the path to the light
life liberated
freedom and right


Friday, November 05, 2010 2:33:00 AM

Thanks Neil.

Thanks Visible.

'in the world but not of it'

It is really a Free Feeling to not be controlled by materialism isn't it ?

We All have to be Spiritual (light) workers or really get into it and be a Fuckin' Warrior For Spirit like a lot of us here.

Thanks for spreading the Good Stuff Vis.

walking hawk

Ginnie said...

It has always been a jew who runs the finances...never forget it!
And also never forget this hero of mine...and yours.
Eustace Mullins...HERO!

Anonymous said...

Apropos of sending him a little something for his Christmas stocking I emailed Visible and asked him how his contributions were going. He told me he hadn't seen any this month. Apropos also of the comments here I thought I would pass that along in the hope it inspires others to remember this guy who serves us all year long gratis.


Visible said...

There's Albania scrolling on the screen. You don't see Albania often.

the gardener said...

Your words:
"It's like running unencumbered toward some kind of finish line with nothing on my mind but the focus needed to attend to the continuance. I'm already where I want to be and who I want to be, recognition is the only thing in absence and that comes apace with continuance."

caused me to flashback some thirty years ago to a drafting class where we were learning how to freehand straight lines etc. Teacher had us put a point at each end and starting at Point A (say) he said "keep your eye on end point -not where you are at in the line-and your hand will draw that line straight as can be".

and it worked! (another tip he had was to 'always make sure your corners are strongest and totally filled in solid')

Other words-keep your eye on the point and your body(hand) will follow.

Thanks for the flashback trigger Vis!

the gardener

Thomas said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

thanks :)

marilyn said...

good points, les..i've always liked the saying, "you laugh at me because i'm different, i laugh at you because you are all the same".
it just fits when i look around me. not that i laugh for real, more like shaking my head in disgust that people are so brainwashed and easy to lead down the path of ruin...i'm waiting for the rest of the 'good hearted' people to step up...

Visible said...

Me too and so does Surfer Joe.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post.
'Perspicacious' a new word I like a lot.
Thank you and be well.


MarkB said...


The security thingy seems to think I'm a Zio-Ogre. ;]

Been reading your blogs for a couple of years now.
No particular reason to finally comment, but this

"Life sums up as what you spent your time in the pursuit and development of. It's what you'll be left with at the end."

I think that's true. Over time it sometimes seems
you're repeating yourself, but then I run across insights
like that and realize that if it's true, it's still
true 3 weeks from now. Don't always agree with you,
but more often than not. ;]

Thanks for your efforts. Best wishes.


Unknown said...

good day vis
I deeply appreciate your posts. I've learned a lot, and continue to do so. concerning your mention of privilege did you hear about tbe 16 year old, who received probation for 10 years, after being convicted of killing 4 pedestrians while driving drunk? a psychologist successfully argued before a judge that he shouldn't go to jail, because his affluent upbringing failed to teach him right from wrong. another thought the famous investor james Sinclair once mentioned he knew quite a few of the incredibly rich, and he claims that many want to ever increase their wealth because they believe that they will reincarnate back into the same family. that could explain some of this foolishness. have a great day.


Visible said...

Yeah, I saw that. That judge should be put in jail.

Micky said...

Vis my rejection of the want,want want life happened a few years ago and been TV clean about a year and a half, but I really struggle with the spiritual side having rejected the childhood Christian indoctrination for 40 years of being a disciple of Darwin & Dawkins, shrooms and acid did help show me that there is more to it that meets the 5 senses but your writings help more so thanks and as for that judge it reminds me of a saying by Gerald Celente "it's not justice it's just-us"

Not Quite Right said...

You do realize that pushing gay marriage is a condition of IMF & World Bank loans, don't you? Further, you realize that George Soros helped finance propaganda for said gay marriage.

insiam said...

Not sure why but i had the following thought just the othe day and saved it. Strangely enough it seems relevant to this post in more ways than one.

@Unknown (according to the source of my thought they are misleading themselves :)

"It doesn't matter to what level the game is being played the final outcome is never truly known. After all it is just a game and the only true rule is that the players never remain the same."

Insiam - 11/12/2013

Anonymous said...

"I'm already where I want to be and who I want to be, recognition is the only thing in absence and that comes apace with continuance."

Recognition from whom?

zepheri said...

Surfer joe rules, I love the ending. Reminds me of songs made on an old 4 track with drum machine set to george michael\fred durst. Mary lou mary lou twisting and turning, I don't know what too due. Surfing should be in the olympics but it is simple and way to hard.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "...their excuse for why there is no video evidence from the patrol car is that due to the weather, the camera fell off of the windshield where it had been glued..."

That caused me to remember how when the "plane" hit the Pentagon, all the many parking lot security cameras were off-line, or some excuse like that.
Vis: "You can head Karma off at the pass."

An excellent turn of phrase! And interesting possibilities...
Vis: "...twin lizards from the Occupy American Money movement..."

Another excellent turn of phrase! (For what it's worth, when I ask Higher Self about it, Fed Chairman in-waiting Janet Yellen is not reptilian. However, her soon-to-be Vice Fed Chair Stan Fischer is - as is Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Bush Sr; but not Bush Jr...)
Vis: "The desire burns with great importance prior to acquisition. Following acquisition you find you are still where you were."

Reminds me of Buckaroo Banzai (grin): No matter where you go, there you are.
marilyn, December 12, 2013 7:53:00 PM

"you laugh at me because i'm different, i laugh at you because you are all the same".

I have an inscribed stone up on a bookshelf that says, "Normal People Worry Me."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

You do realize that if you came around here with any frequency you would know all those things have been discussed over and over. Further you realize that I am sitting in a really tall highchair with no ladder to get down on. Feed me!!!


Recognized by who? Isn't that up to you? After all, it might be very different in your case.

Okay, hopefully the queries have been handled.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

I can, being honest, thankfully feel my personal "fire in the belly" getting cooled down a bit and put to better use than ruminating. It is the fact that you just can't talk to certain people about the issues of the day, not being very good and all, and have them really provide much feedback. They aren't really all that empathic about other people's problems, emanating from bad leadership here at home, so long as they're not being effected personally by it. It's not that I've given up on trying there, but don't expect much and, hey, it's their karma, and I'm not exactly the judge, so I wish them the best of luck and am not being sarcastic about that in regards to what I intuit about where things are headed, which isn't exactly Heaven on Earth but won't be sheer hell either, no matter how hard the gangsters try their "stunts". Always work to be done, but I'm glad to move on to something constructive til the other, titanic shoe falls, so to speak.

wiggins said...

I did chuckle when I read the story about the 'signer' hearing voices and also wanting to turn violent. He appeared to be having a Christina Aquilera moment.....

Anonymous said...

I don't see what the big deal is about racism. If people want to race, let them. I think people walk too slowly, by and large. Why they shouldn't be allowed to pick up the pace, is beyond me.

zepheri said...

Like oh my gosh someone is racing them against each other, time for another left turn from our sponsors.

Anaughty Mouser said...

I kid you not, this was the headline/byline about the signlanguage interpreter for Obama in the free paper Metro:

'Obama's interpreter heard voices: The criticised signlanguage interpreter stated he is schizophrenic.'

So the zionist porch-monkey puppet who doesn't have an ounce of credibility in anything he says has an interpreter who is psychotic and is chanelling thoughts and Words out of his own sick mind.

How farking funny is that!

I'm still chuckling. Couldn't happen to a more efeminate poseur.

Fuck Soetero and fuck Rothschild zionists and EVERYONE who deliberately helps these .01% bastards.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Love and Fear and the Heart of the Populace.

Jenny said...

Vis- love that surfer joe.. my kids also love that song. kinda funny, I am a surfer too...n my middle name is jo....hmm. what a world. gardener- great comment, I heard that same type of advice too. from another skater who said to visualize yourself doing it, dropping into a bowl, do not look down at the bottom. be aware of it, but when your falling downward look to the other side of it where you will grind along the top. only to return to the bottom and up again, trust your body, it knows where to go. oh yes-going with the flow of lady nature nowadays.-jen

Ginnie said...

When you worship assholes or are fascinated by assholes or wonder what someone elses asshole might be like or will they shove something in your asshole? Or pick a god who wants you to worship it with your become what you worship or are focused on...yes, you have become or will become an asshole.

Pretty shitty when the world is run by assholes wearing their sphincters like a glowing crown.

Last I heard was assholes don't have a brain...unless someone's head is shoved up there!

Now that's international sign language. Sign of the times!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Turbo Stupid and the Dominoes of Interactive Evil.



Joseph Brenner

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