Monday, December 23, 2013

Here's your Vichyssoise from Hell, Bully Boys.

Before I forget, I'd like to express my personal outrage at several websites embarrassing themselves but probably being immune to that and also annoying the bedickens out of people like me. They are RINF News, Investment Watch and Intelhub. RINF now insists you get their spyware Adobe plugin, like the one all those online TV replay sites have. As well, like Investment Watch, they are cramming so many ads on their sites that either the ads obscure the written copy of whatever the news report is, or the copy obscures the ad. Intelhub is more or less the same. I'd like to point out to these 'profit at all costs' individuals, whose 'profit at all costs' agenda, wars for supremacy with their shameless self promotion- 'in some cases' are not operating in a vacuum. I cannot see the intelligence factor in their working this pattern in the alternative news community, which isn't all that large yet (though their tactic might be wanting to get in on the ground floor for the waves of new readers sure to begin arriving in this next year). Here, I'd like to point out to these adventure capitalist entrepreneurs that there are more lucrative markets where they can exercise their skills, such as telemarketing, porno and fashion and celebrity news. My point is that you are missing the most gullible of publics and trying to make click crazy GMO hay out of the most intelligent community on the internet. The Adobe plugin is of the most egregious sort where no matter how many times you close the page and then try to return, the stupid ad returns also. In the beginning you only had to let the page load once and then the cookie would be in place and you could get to the news. Someone decided that wasn't annoying enough. Stop it!!!

Speaking of no class operations, let's give a big shout out to the Arlington police department and local government for smashing another sustainable living effort Merry Christmas!!! Of course, this police department and the local government are nothing but bully boys and paid whores for bankers and corporate interests, 'tis the season to rape and pillage'. Inexplicably they didn't kill any dogs, or trample any parakeets underfoot. I'm guessing the residents might have known these Nimrods were coming and so they relocated their wildlife for the day. Otherwise we might have heard about one of the SWAT officers, standing with his pants around his ankles and rogering a captive sheep, whose back feet were stuck into the officer's Wellington boots. Should a gentlemen offer a ewe his Wellingtons? How about that true Christmas spirit at work? How is it possible for shit like this to happen? Well, a casual glance at the fixated obsessions of the pathetic public pretty much answers that - of course I now look like an idiot because one of the sites I named up top is hosting this story and for the first time in a week, the conditions I mentioned are not in evidence. Was the webmaster tipped off somehow (grin)? I hate it when that happens!

We don't have to wonder anymore about why the Duck Dynasty patriarch got canned. I'm guessing most TV producers matriculated into their present positions via this medium It's Fluffer Time!

Yes, the whole system of materialism run wild is going haywire and certainly the Christmas Season (not Holiday Season) would be the scene of the most dramatic outbreaks. It's like some kind of new flu for which there is no working vaccine other than a bullet or an accurately thrown brick. We need only look at some of the nation's revolutionary symbols to get an idea of how things degenerated to this degree. As I mentioned once, probably long ago, the crack in the Liberty Bell is where the truth leaked out. If you look at Lincoln sitting at the Lincoln Memorial, you're probably unaware that there were originally cinderblock outhouse walls around him and he had a newspaper on his lap. The White House was originally a high end brothel for English bankers, so nothing has changed much in that respect, except maybe in terms of the tastes of the occupant. There's some lovely detail in that article. This sort of things is the product of belonging to exclusive clubs; he and Rahm, Mossad Boy, Emmanuel are both members. The same thing comes out of the Skull and Boner Club where we note the hundreds of visits, some with no sign in or sign out in the log book of Jeff Gannon sleepovers during the Bush Junior years. How grimy and gross can it be? More than we know. More than we know. See, depraved behavior of the worst sort, like genocide, gratuitous murder, including the broad daylight poisoning of the general public by both corporate and government agencies at the behest of Satanic bankers, inevitably leads to all kinds of other depraved behavior and I'm only calling it that because it's that out of wedlock thing, which is condemned according to the religious traditions they claim to belong to, so... maybe it's technically hypocrisy and not depravity but I'm presuming they get up to all kinds of evil shit that hasn't been publicized so, I am being a tad presumptuous but really, when talking about this particular segment of the self styled elite, isn't it pretty much a certainty that there are few limits on what they will get up to (or down to) given opportunity? They certainly have the other two necessaries of 'motive and means'.

And here's a question I've had dancing around in the right hand corner of my mind, in between defensive snorts... why is sold out hack John Bohner's name pronounced Bayner? He doesn't want it to sound like boner right? I think this is a case of 'a dickhead by any other name would be..?.' Right.

I'm sorry for not being all festive and forgiving in this Merry Christmas season, as I should be because I am feeling pretty good with the Christmas Spirit but... the low character of so many ambulatory turds in high places is very discouraging, from Raisinette testicled, steroid-raged SWAT bullies, to completely corkscrew twisted public servants, euphemistically named. Even now sewer toads in congress are trying to push into law a specifically worded load of crap that will make it a fait accompli that the US would have to attack Iran, if Israel attacked them. You know though? This all gives me faith. Because it has become so transparently ludicrous that the only conclusion you can come to is that the director is on the set and carefully crafting the denouement of all denouements, in which the unconscionable escapee swine from Animal Farm get their just deserts, sliced real thin just the way justice should be served. Here's your vichyssoise from Hell, punks. I can come to no other conclusions. These rabid baboons are running roughshod over the laminated Formica sheets of this culture ...but these days of dark shit served warm are going to come to an end. Count on it.

Of course, for the feckless faithless among us (those who even notice) it looks worse than real bad. Imagine the terror in the hearts of those who believe in nothing, whose first impulse is to break for the exit doors, trampling their fellows en route. These are the kind of people that will literally kill each other for a pair of overpriced sneakers, or an Eight Ball leather jacket, like they did in NYC and other East Coast cities a few years ago. More than a good dozen got slain in the streets for their jackets. These are the worst kinds of swamp fever, mirrored from above by those louts in suits from Wharton and Harvard who consider not screwing over the rest of the human race as a sign of weakness. As Lao Tzu says, "What kind of men are these, who never hunger, never thirst but eat and drink until they burst? There are other brigands but these are the worst of all the highways harms.

No, the more absurd and ridiculous it gets, the more reassured I am that it is for no other reason than to provide convincing and convicting evidence of high treason (cue La Marseillaise). I'm wondering who is going to play Robespierre and who is going to play Danton. Me, I'm partial to Sidney Carton but not overly attracted to the way he went out, however noble it is in appearance; "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." You can say that again. Okay, I will- "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." And soon? They'll be out of time. We are awash in a hog wallow of simpering sycophants (cue Spiro Agnew).

I don't want to go out on the preceding aura of this posting. I want, like Kipling, to be with a "neater sweeter maiden in a cleaner greener land", metaphorically speaking. My present circumstance is nigh on irreplaceable but we must accede to the cosmic will, insofar as we understand it. We must bend with the prevailing wind, even as we are surrounded by those breaking wind in the belief that they are timpani virtuosos in a celestial marching band. When your basic premise is wrong, all that follows after is also flawed. Eventually you can't tell the difference in anything except when it serves your interest. Self interest is the primary and pervasive epidemic of expression in an age of materialism.

It amazes me every day that those holding the world for ransom and dispensing torment like is was Christmas candy (Merry Christmas!!!), do not see where they are inescapably headed. Truly, "there are none so blind as those who will not see." As it was in the darkness of Khazad Dum, I can hear the drums of approaching doom. The sound of them vibrates with such an intensity that one's whole body responds in sympathetic, reflexive trembling; 'boom! boom! boom! I imagine they hear this in the depths of dreams and then awaken without clear memory but awash in an indefinable fear that cannot be shaken off. It pursues them through their day like the relentless Hound of Heaven on their trail, the noxious stench of their fewmets marking their passage. I don't know if that qualifies as lyrical or cringe making bad purple prose, nor do I care. The end of the posting approaches and we are almost there.

Ah, what do you know, it is the end of the posting. A kinder gentler post is in the wings for Origami tomorrow.

End Transmission.......

The radio broadcast is up now.

Song: Merry Christmas!The Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Canon


Stuntman Mike said...

Rave on - rave on! Righteous anger is good anger. we are awash in this New Age. Miley Virus has invoked Kali and heads are coming off.
Re-watch that little puppet's performance from the VMA's. On second thought please don't. I wouldn't wish that on anyone but just notice what she does when she first appears and sticks out that Kali tongue. She strokes imaginary long hair that isn't there. Homage what homage? - Good grief Charlie Brown we're all getting rocks for Christmas this year. Stones upside our heads if we're not vigilant.
(Love your writing. I'm a long time lurker and this is only the second comment I've left here.)
Peace, Love and Understanding!!!

Anonymous said...

How about your own site? That stupid little Merry Xmas banner won't go away.

Anonymous said...

From Neil to All...
Anonymous said...
indoctored authoritarian
sacrificer genasidals
dominating projecting
warmonger false idols
death cult enterprisers
of pig tongue greed
by the pen order death
starving innocent sheep
but universal harmonising
scented breeze brush
touch tips of frequency
rainbow swift rush
crush lies with truths
that bloom everlasting
flow from the center
through all lies unmasking
living light weaves
the moment in raise
grains of life
sprinkled peace waves.


Sunday, November 28, 2010 5:17:00 PM

Thanks Vis. ! !
w h

Visible said...

Awww.Did your Hanukah fascism get tweaked? Rave on cowardly anonymous. I hardly need point out those are two different things and the banner nowhere near the text. I am gratified that it annoys you though. It makes my day. Why not make yourself feel better? Go out and kill a Palestinian.

Anonymous said...

Maybe using the rear exit hole for sex, like gays tend to do, allows all kinds of evil entities to climb aboard. (Well, I don't think that's a maybe, I think that's a certainty.) Gays tend to be less empathetic, more vicious, more prone to behaving in a fuck-everybody-I'll-do-whatever-the-fuck-I-want way. I wonder how many Congressturds are gay. How many billionaires. How many preachers and priests, etc. And about that Duck Dynasty thing, if they just changed the name to Fuck Dynasty, and reshaped the series so that it centered around the exploits of a gay leather cowboy, nobody would utter a word of dissent. And about those ads you see all over most "truther" sites these days, I clicked on the text in an article at Henry Makow's site (I didn't click an actual ad, just clicked the article accidentally), and up popped an ad for Comerica Bank. Even a dipstick with the IQ of a tapeworm could put two and two together there and come up with, "This douche works for the dark side". And what about all those ads you see with hot chicks in short skirts, or in provocative poses, touting something you might be interested in, like "The 10 Best Ad-libbed Scenes in Movie History", and you click on them and you're immediately taken to another web page, where the actual story isn't located, so you have to click on yet ANOTHER link to get to the photos, and then you have to click on ANOTHER link to get to Photo 1, and then you have to click on ANOTHER link to get to Photo 2, etc. It's like the whole Internet is being taken over by Gay Cowboys From Wall Street who want you to click on as many pages as possible so the NSA can shove computer spyware up your rear exit hole. Which explains why they want us all to go gay, I guess. - End rant

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha.......
Good comment Vis.
Love It.
walking hawk

Ginnie said...

"Oh little town of Bethlehem how still we see thee lie"...

Jesus was born in Bethlehem. A city in PALESTINE!

Why else is this genocide going on ...because JESUS IS A PALESTINIAN!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! the banner! May you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ginnie said...

While I am at it...
All twelve apostle were PALESTINIANS!
1.Andrew/Capernaum, Palestine
2.Simon Peter/Bethsaida, Palestine
3/4.James and John Zebedee/
Bethsaida, Palestine
5.Philip/Bethsaida, Palestine
6.Nathaniel/Cana, Palestine
8/9. James and Judas Alpheus/
Kheresa, Palestine
10.Simon the Zealot/Capernaum,
11.Matthew Levi/Capernaum,
12.Judas Iscariot/Kerioth,

"And they were sent strong delusion so that they would believe a LIE". Israel is that delusion.

Every preacher who stands for Israel is against...Jesus!

Yep! By lies and deception so that even the elect would be fooled.

PS. "The Emperor has no clothes!"

I wouldn't blame you if you didn't post this!

Anonymous said...

Vis at 5:45,

Seems that anything that makes them squirm is good for everyone else.


Anaughty Mouser said...

"How about your own site? That stupid little Merry Xmas banner won't go away." - Anonymous

The only person who would be aggravated by the tasteful seasonal banner in the top right hand corner of the site is a zio.

Merry Christmas fucktard, you just outed your anonymous ass.

By the way the occupiers of Palestine are neither Semitic, Hebrew or Judaic. They are false "Jews", Khazarian proselytes also aptly named the Synagogue of Satan by Jesus Christ in Revelations.

NEVER take the Christ out of Christmas.

Fine post Les Visible.

Merry Christmas to all!

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I hate to sound like a broken record, but here's another reason why I don't think it does any good to hammer the villains, and actually does more harm than good: The Apostle Paul made the statement that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).

According to him, It's not so much people who are the cause of the problems, but it is the demonic hierarchy that is cause of the problems. That's why I say it doesn't do any good to vilify and condemn the people being used by the demons, in fact I think the demons like it when we focus our attention on the human pawns because it distracts our attention away from them. The people in power function not only as pawns, they also function as decoys to shield the demons from exposure by drawing attention to themselves (and thus putting and end to any investigation into the spiritual side of things).

The demons know that it is human nature to hate a foe who is more powerful than we are, and they exploit it by keeping the mental picture of the foe always before the faces of those who have been vanquished, because they know that as long as they are looking at the foe, that they won't be looking at them.

Visible said...

DGN; This is the last time I'm going to answer this for you. If it bothers you to do it, don't do it. Simply don't engage in it and all should be fine right? It doesn't work for you, don't do it. Simple.

Visible said...

As for the other comment, it got deleted accidentally, yes it happens but I can say this, having seen part of it. Sure, sometimes it's not the case. However, in your case, it is.

Thomas said...

Dear DumbGoyNut,

you might have a point, I don't think so, but I don't know. Here's the thing: Trying to get people to believe in demons would be a hell of a lot harder than pointing out the miscreants, who, you must admit, are doing theirs to let the demons reign in them. Here I am speaking from experience, the demons can ONLY influence you if you let them, even if some of them are darn strong. Which means that the "elite" are guilty of being monsters too. If you don't agree, you can apply your principle of "live and let live" to Visible too. And, granted, to really apply that could probably get you to some cool places.

All the best, to Everyone, and Merry Christmas! :)

Visible said...

The radio broadcast is up now.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Thomas,

I agree with everything you said. I also know from experience what it is to go up against the kingdom of darkness and it isn't one bit fun. I think that the elite are trapped by the connection they've made with the demons and can't escape because they're addicted to the perks, the peer acceptance, and the prestige. Also because they're terrified of the thought of being made to look like fools in the event they tried to back away from the whole thing (plus they're terrified of the thought of other kinds of reprisals they may face).

Their consortium with the demons has left them like spiritually hollowed out shells and their souls like dried up corpses. On the personal human level they aren't operating from a position of strength and power, but from a position of slavery to the demons. If you've ever heard any of them being interviewed about the things they're interested in you know what I mean. They have absolutely nothing to say. In a certain sense, they are the most pitiable people who have ever lived.

This may sound like it's completely off the subject but it's not: Back in the mid-90's I was confiding in my old mentor (who was an old Christian prophet) about how to help my girlfriend come out from under her mother's control (her mother was into witchcraft), and I was telling him about how I could sense that I was doing battle in the spirit realm against a demon. Much to my surprise his reply was: "If you're fighting something, it's got you."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I do Yule. My holiday is over, but whatever mows whoever's lawn. One thing that does bother me about Christmas as it is, is that it's a made up holiday that's turned someone's life into a weird myth that has nothing to do with reality. The commercialisation of it really sucks the big one, and is pretty vile; so I haven't celebrated it in my adult life, ever. And even though I'm a complete arsehole, I think having just one special time of year to be nice is kind of not very nice.

Though I did help a couple of Latino dudes push a disabled truck so one of them could pop the clutch and get it started as they rolled by as I was walking home today. Just don't tell anyone I said that. My reputation might be ruined.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I was just reading this article and found your 'soulmate' in the Comment section! (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.


Abbass, November 12, 2013 - 8:57 am

“When you can show me how the Catholics control the Jews, name a single Catholic owned major media outlet, or a Catholic central bank, let me know. When you can explain how the Catholic Church throws it’s own priests over-board for even questioning the Holocaust ™ or how they berate their nearest religious cousins the Muslim on behalf of Jews, their sworn enemy, let me know. When you can find a Catholic Rabbi, let alone a Catholic Chief Rabbi, when several Popes have been Jews, please, do let me know.

People who blather on about Papal and Catholic control of the world are either total clowns or liars for hire. Catholicism is broken; as a movement, it is reaching a crisis within itself. It is flailing about like a fish out of water, trying to regain some relevance, and surrendering their remaining truth to achieve it. They are not thriving; they are struggling to survive against the tide and remain relevant in a world which has little or no regard for them or their Pope anymore.
Israel bashing comes easily, because the media is controlled by Jews, banking is controlled by Jews, and all the most powerful lobby groups are Jews. Israel is the world's worst serial aggressor, (given that most US aggression is on their behalf, too) and the centre of pretty much every nasty criminal enterprise from drugs, to slavery, to illegal organ trading. In fact, to start listing the reasons why Israel would be top of anybody’s list of scumbags who have too much power, would be to begin a mammoth task which is beyond me so close to my bed time. The Bushes have been beholden to Jews, not Catholics, and hey are an extension of Jewish power, NOT Catholic power. Just cut it out; anybody who is spreading such utter bull dust is probably a Zionist shill trying to deflect the truth, since referring to supposed Vatican control is in fact a standard tactic which Zionist keyboard warriors are taught to employ. Only idiots and people on too much medication buy such tosh.
I must be sure to keep an eye out for those Italian and Catholic puppet masters who run Australia. I’m having trouble seeing them, for all the Jews in the way.
If you want to know who rules over you, find out who you cannot criticise. I recently fell out with the 'Friends of Palestine' groups in Australia. Both the State one and the National group. My reason was the constant censoring of any criticism or even mention of Jewish Bankers or Rothschild. I was specifically ordered NOT to ever mention Rothschild by the 'Friends of Palestine'. I have been banned, and had many posts removed from any number of websites, for mentioning Rothschild and of course Jews (whom I usually call 'They who must not be named' to make my point as well as avoid censorship) and I rarely see criticism of either on most sites. Yet nobody ever said a word about people criticising the Pope or Vatican anywhere.”

Skepticfrog said...

DunbGoyNot = Dumb Goy (I'm)Not = I'm a Tribe member

You claim in a nutshell:
Don't blame us (Tribe members), we can't help what we're doing; we're just controlled puppets in the hands in the all-powerful all pervasive un-earthy supernatural evil.

Therefore: "Give us a pass, a carte blanche to do what we're (and have been) doing, and most of all, just accept and don't resist our evil ways; 'resistance is futile'." (He implies: we're fighting higher powers - therefore we'll lose).
The d(gn)ummy even states: "Fighting (them evils) does more harm(!) than good".
Hey, ritually mutilated low-life human debris (albeit I'm not sure about the "human") are you trying to scare and demoralize us?
Of course he is. This is what's called "defeatist propaganda", used in war times by the enemy.

It's mindfuck talk; I don't think anyone HERE buys into such primitive, low IQ created dumb crap.

Anonymous said...

A Merry Christmas to all.

And you Tribe members, may this merry time of Christmas celebrated by much of the goyim, drive you bonkers, crazy, and up the wall (and it does too - to our great satisfaction).

Anonymous said...

I went to get a poem from Neil but was sent this instead

"Here is the exorcism for Occupied Palestine. Here is the Blue Moon in Gaza affirmation; chant, prayer, invocation... call it what you will.

“Out demons out
Out demons out
Out demons out

May all their plots turn against them
Out demons out

May they be driven from the occupied lands
Out demons out

May they be exposed in their crimes to all the people of the world
Out demons out

May Gaza be granted relief
Out demons out

And may judgment come to the murderer and thief

Out demons out
Out demons out
Out demons out”

Taken from Vis's post
thur. dec.31 2009

I was thinking about making a comment to this current discussion about Outing the demons but this will do.

w h

Anonymous said...

and now from Neil

Anonymous said...
to not speak
is to not care
what about our
fellow sisters
and brothers out their
what about the palestinians
what about the wars
innocent civillians
and what about all
the brainwashing to fight
stressed out soldiers
who commit suicide
what about all the
bankers rich's
and those peoples
who starve to death
more victims
I dont think its hard to see
hell on earth
is all around we
and if we dont stand
up and say
it will just get worse
each day
they own a pigment
of our imagination
got in and made
a slave nation
trying to take down all
the earth
my peace says
that wont work


Tuesday, December 22, 2009 6:16:00 PM


David V said...

Triple AMEN to that first paragraph. I had a longer comment going but hit the wrong key while typing in the dark, and now it's gone. I guess it wasn't meant to be. Anyway, the more ad crap those sites foist on me, the more of them I quit visiting.

galen said...

Hi, just listened to this week's radio message. Wonderful!! One comment re this statement of yours:

"Jesus Christ is real as far as I'm concerned. I've never had a Jesus Christ experience, although I have sought him out. Perhaps I did not seek him hard enough."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! That made me laugh so hard. I saw, I mean, I saw why you said that. It's because you are too close to it to see it. It is so much a part of who you are, and as natural as breathing, that you do no recognize it. I am not saying that you are Jesus, but, indeed you (like all of us) are Christ. But your manifestation is much like Jesus, the love, and the powerful commitment to expose the oppressors and promise the kingdom. There are a few other writer-teachers who are in the same boat, so full of love and commitment but unable to see the best friend Jesus guy, guiding and directing, working through them, layin' out the blueprint for how to make it through. The great ones have a zen stick waiting for you, in this regard. It won't hurt, but will likely set you smack in the middle of The Alpha and Omega. Kinda where many of us see you: artist, friend, teacher, solution-offerer. The stick may render you helpless in a bout of uncontrollable laughter. You will laugh and laugh and laugh, and then you will cry, and then you will laugh some more. Your faith, staunch and nearly impenetrable, percolates an exponential and burgeoning shift in (likely) any who happen to be exposed to its ooze. Like that commercial: "Oh, I coulda had a V-8." Only with listening to you it's like, "Oh, I coulda had God." Isolationism debunked and healed.

So. . . "Perhaps" you "did not seek him hard enough!?" Why in the world would you look for what isn't lost?

Bless You Always,
Just Another Woman At The Well



Ginnie said...

I love you Les! What a great show of the Christmas Spirit! This made my whole day! I wanna be a bubble too...............
All shining and floating!


est said...

now that is funny and light filled
you gotta keep a sense of humour

it'll get you a lot further than
all those dissolution age rituals
"and so this is christ's mass" ...

Anonymous said...

Love your Christmas display Lord Visible, you sir, win the internets for that.

Beautiful song today, too.


est said...

i meant the 'ornaments' scrolling down
a pleasant surprise + god is spelled god
may you all find
some measure of peace
in the next few days
and the year ahead

thanks be to l v
for shining the light and
letting us reflect in
it's soft/harsh glow

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see the film Zardoz?
All the control and so-called power of the pretend masters is an illusion, and they are quite aware it is. I'd be scared too if I was one of them.
And what do Angels always say to the humble? "Fear not".

BTW I Loved the little falling Muscaria Amanitas.

As a Christian the above site gives me pause. But I know God never fears inquiry and knowledge.
God gave us brains to use.
And knowledge, like gold, is where you find it. Whether indigenous tradition, Buddha, Freya, or Marx.

Thank you Les,
-beggar among Saints

Anonymous said...

Zio-trolls! I see you all! - Bobby Bipolar

Visible said...

Saw Zardoz with Connery, way ahead of its time!

Well Ginnie, if you send a picture you can be a bubble too.

Laura said...

I had posted a comment after listening to the radio show and for the first time it seems to have disappeared/not submitted. So I will do it here. Loved the broadcast about Jesus the Christ, and your words of wisdom about him; your words about the birth of Christ consciousness in the hearts of those who are receptive; about Christmas spirit and the ever expansiveness of gratitude. Thank you, dear Vis! "We need a little Christmas, right this very minute."

Joy and blessings to all! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully, funny wake up when I tuned in this morning!!! Thank you, Visible. Thank you! I love it!! Merry Christmas to All. Love, Serena

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the song Les, in return I give you this one Nightmare before Christmas


Eudoxia said...

@ Scepicfrog

Brilliant summation - doesn't matter what they do now, they are seen very clearly by those who know them by their fruit

Reflective Christ's Mass everybody.

Love you guys Eudoxia

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

A Written Christmas Card of Gratitude and Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Does DumbGoyNot feel like he's nursing them, as they feast on his liver? Should we get a warm and benign feeling for that too?

There's a sin in there somewhere.

The Judeo-pseudeo-satano-christians get that feeling when they donate to the scorpions in that desolation which was once the land of Jacob. That's what that book on their coffee tables says.

Don't trust fuzzy feelings

Dr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Zardoz! Maybe my favorite movie. The elitists advance scientific knowledge to the point where they understand everything, can traverse the galaxies and are immortal; they can't die. And what do they want to do? More than anything they want to die! What delicious irony!

Men are not Gods. No man is invincible. Yet, we are blessed by the Gods because we can hunt and fish and do a lot of other fun things. However, our egos take us down roads of destruction. They call it free choice and it is a bitch!

Zardoz was also an indictment against scientific progress much in the same way as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

"There once was a golden age because golden hearts beat in it. If it returns it will scarcely be due to scientific progress." Louise Imogen Guiney




Joseph Brenner

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