Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Impossible, the Improbable, the Real and the Unreal.

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Holy smoking rat-shit Batman! What to say, what to say? I'll try by utilizing inference and stay away from details because there are things I can't go into detail about, mostly and quite simply because of the level of convolution. Were I to engage in connecting only the dots I presently know about I could well be here all day and beyond. Before I embark on certain convolutions of my own, let me draw your attention to this all too telling photo. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, all of the words would be profane. Further, let me draw your attention to this article and most especially to the comments below. Did you ever imagine there were so many pompous and unconsciously evil people going about? Finally, let me draw your attention to this startling composition. Truly, Mr. Apocalypse is on the move. I am getting the tingly sense that he's got something very different under consideration for the Syrian question, keeping in mind that those engaged on the opposite side are perhaps much better set up than has been reported. It is a given that Israel is going down, it's just a matter of when.

Okay then, there's a bit for you to chew on, now back to my situation. First let me say that my situation of recent concern has been sorted in a most surprising fashion and I am back at a location I had thought myself dismissed from. This comes as an enormous surprise to me, in a time of continuous surprises.

I hadn't been able to understand many things that happened to and around me. This is because I wasn’t looking in the right direction. I was being misdirected and intentionally herded in specific directions. Most of you have some recall about my misadventure in India. Of course, you would only know about the parts I shared with you. I couldn't make head or tails of it for some time, actually until just the other day. Perhaps you remember that I was relocated from my sumptuous digs to a much smaller location at the same price down the street. Ostensibly, the reason I had to go was that I was, allegedly crying out in my sleep at night, screaming “Oh my God! Oh my God! What was peculiar was that I had no memory of this and regardless of my state at times, I always remember things happening. I had no memory of this. As it turns out, there's good reason for that. It never happened. It was a putup job. So many things, such as those I had made the acquaintance of, made no sense. In a series of brief instances, it all came clear. It also explains why I heard from a collection of people I was on the outs with, all at the same time. How likely is that, when I hadn't heard from them before at all? How likely is it that they would all say the same thing? How likely is it that someone who purported to be a good friend of mine, albeit virtually, would flee my company with there being no event responsible and then make a damning blog posting, which contained all manner of things that did not occur? Ordinarily, given the components, one would expect to hear from the person but not in such a public way. This mystified me. I couldn't get my head around it. Once again, I tend to remember things, regardless of my state and I remembered none of what I am told was said. I didn't read the blog posting or the comments, mostly because, I thought, there were those who, in the heat of the moment, turned against me who would later regret it and... if I never knew who and what was said, all would be well, all round.

I've had some days to consider many things and I now know that the point was to make me doubt my senses and myself, to think that perhaps I had gone mad. Consonant with that was an effort to delegitimize me, compromise my image, cut back radically on my donations and attendant hamstringings. This has been diabolically effective. And it's been going on for a long time. I chalk it up to my poor self image. I never considered myself important enough to mess with. I also, always see things in terms of the cosmos outworking a plan in respect of me. It's true that nothing is permitted to happen to me that isn't signed off on from somewhere else but... the purpose of demonstration, well, that's an ongoing feature. I found out now because I was supposed to find out now.

I'm a creature of destiny. I've known that for a long time. My early years involved serious beatings that were designed to erase my sense of self When the Kundalini uprising occurred, it drove off every last vestige of a personal self and from that time on, the only thing I've felt in my features was whoever I was around. It accounts for the telepathy. It accounts for all the resonance that goes on here (“I was just thinking about what you wrote.” “I just had a dream about this last night.” and many other permutations or variations on a theme). It accounts for all the supernatural events and many who have visited me will attest to them, also in the aftermath of visits. For some, visitations are just ordinary. For some, anything but.

Anyway, I never saw the many coincidences as they actually were. The truth is, I've been swept up in my one pointed reliance on the invisible and paid little mind to the visible. When the final piece of the puzzle fell into place I was, flatfooted and amazed. It all made sense. It made perfect sense and it made it over and over and over again, like a series of depth charges going off in my head. When things fall into place, they fall into place. To think that I've missed so many connections over the years, leaves me feeling Tom Fool, you may be sure.

We'll just have to take it as it comes. Meanwhile, the world is on the brink. The despicable swine who play with the levers of power in the west, are fully capable of using chemical weapons to engineer a motive for killing thousands and thousands of people. They are fully capable of napalming an elementary school, or whatever it was and causing burns on the bodies of children. This is the capacity of bankers and the state of Israel, who very likely committed these acts, or pressured others into committing them. There is no outrage they are not capable of. They are not members of the human race. A recent poll in Israel stated that the majority of the population was fine with Syria being attacked so long as they don't have to do it.

It's possible there have been fiends of this measure for centuries. Certainly these same fiends have been around. The sheer weight of all the atrocities to which they are connected is near incomprehensible. Baal and the Baalsters; ingenious tortures and a multiplicity of mass murderings. It astounds the mind that such things can be possible and for those who cannot see the point and the process it makes no sense. How can it be allowed? How can it be permitted? For those denied the partial observation post, looking into the other end of the Mobius Strip, it must be baffling and fear inducing. It all seems so out of control. It seems as if there really is no one at the tiller. It seems impossible to comprehend. Where is the rhyme and the reason? How can men of such apparent and important stature tell such transparent and obvious lies? How can John Kerry be such a 24 carat asshole? What terrible personal darkness causes the (is it a woman?) woman in the first link to look as she does? She is of a kind. She is the offspring of inhuman congress.

I don't quite know what I will do about all the things I have discovered, probably just muddle on for the moment. I'm faced with choices and decisions that I would have much rather wished on myself at an earlier age, if at all. Never before has the adage, “It's all under control” meant so much to me.

For some reason, I'm supposed to be discovering all of this now. As trying as it has all been, I look at it with a full measure of relief to find that what I had thought to be so was not. No matter what else may follow, I have that and I won't soon be turned back upon old perceptions.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A-Listing and Immanentizing the Eschaton in Blowjob Heaven.

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What can you say about a guy like Ben Affleck? I suppose you could say he's smarter than Miley Cyrus but... an Armadillo and a hedgehog are smarter than Miley Cyrus, so is a possum. All of them are more attractive and have a higher fuckability index and none of them suffer from spastic tongue. A feral cat has a much higher standard of morality than either of them. One thing that can be definitely stated is that steps should be taken to make sure they don't breed with each other. Better Affleck stays with his intelligence asset wife, Jennifer Garner.

So, version two of Bennifer has finally gotten his payoff for doing Argos. Because the Marquis De Benster is an exceedingly vain man; not a good thing to be in this day and age (or any day and age), even though we have an epidemic of vain men and women in this time demographic, it wasn't difficult to rope, or corral him into doing Argos. The CIA dropped by his place in Huron Village at Cambridge, near that CIA-Zionist controlled Tribe school, Harvard (they make up 25% of the student body) and they walked into his living room.

We're guessing there were two of them, a man and a woman. Long time CIA-bot Jennifer offered them coffee and everyone made themselves comfy around the serving table. After some preliminary chit chat. The male end of the tandem said, “Ben, your country needs you. Israel needs you. There is a viral uproar across the internet about some of the hideous things this country is up to and we've been charged with ramping up the propaganda war (from our end) big time. People no longer believe that Stone Age Arabs did 9/11 and they are slowly but surely gravitating to the truth of who did 9/11. Ben... our greatest national wealth is our Central Bankers. They're being threatened by a host of special interests who, somehow, have gotten the impression that they should get something out of life. The truth is Ben, as you know, everything belongs to the privileged, of which class you are a member. It doesn't matter if there's enough to go around for everyone. The whole point is that everyone should not have a fair share of our system. The way things are going, life as we prefer it to be, will soon be a thing of the past. We can't have that Ben”.

Then the multi aerosol, spay lacquer, deodorized (and otherwise foul smelling) CIA chick steps in and say, “Ben, you've got the world by the balls. We know you want to keep it that way. Those who don't play the game (as we are sure you intend to) can experience censure, slander and a complete vanishment of acting and directing opportunities; no more A list parties. One might well wind up in Randy Quaidville. This is what happens to those who don't do their patriotic doody. If you help us Ben, you are going to find doors opening all over town because the force that runs this country also owns the entire entertainment industry. Ben, you'll be in Blowjob Heaven! In fact, I'll suck your dick right now, if Jennifer doesn't mind”.

Jennifer responds, “Not at all, not at all” There's a break in the conversation where we are only hearing slurping noises and then a cry of passionate release from Ben. The next thing we hear is the CIA chick saying, “See, Ben, the CIA also swallows. Could you say that about the competition?”

Ben nods and says, “I see where you're coming from.” CIA chick says, “We see where you're coming from too, Ben.” Everyone laughs while Ben gets himself more presentable for their home-schooled kids who are getting their first glimpse of what awaits 'down' the road'. It's the Hollywood version of “All in the Family”.

Yes, we're happy for Ben and his contribution, as well as Jennifer’s to the holocaust pending for Syria at the hands of the holocaust kings; Israel and their Central Bankers, on the way to, they hope, wiping out Iran and then decimating Russia and China. This sequence won't happen but, with psychopaths like all of the Central Bankers and the entire government of Israel, along with the majority of their population; including most of the members of most of the governments and pretty much anyone with hijacked and corrupted power, as well as large amounts of money stolen from the people, well, you can't count on these demonic lifeforms to back up off of any opportunity to spill blood and engage in extended tortures of large masses of the public, in order to appease the Pit Dwellers they serve.

Ben? You and a host of other schweinehund from the dark side, are living (if you can call that living) proof of the extent to which ignorant and vain fools will go in the pursuit of self interest. What's it like Ben, to have no shame? What's it like Ben, to not give a shit about anyone but yourself and those ambulatory possessions you also consider your property and right? Don't you just love smiling for the cameras? Do you get up in the morning Ben and look in the mirror and tell yourself what a fine fellow you are? Do you ever look back at the carnage in your wake, the bodies by the side of the road? Does it dawn on you, your part in the shitstorm of the day?

How's it feel to hobnob with and be employed by monsters? I guess when everyone is dressed up in their tuxedos, they don’t' look like monsters do they? But they are monsters, Ben. They are monsters and one day, Ben, you'll be a monster too, just like all of your associates who are on their way to becoming monsters and engaged in breeding monsters and contributing to an indifferent overclass of the privileged.

The hour is come round at last for the coverslips of fear to be ripped off of the faces and machinations of the evil doers among us. At whatever point it occurs, I imagine a massive and collective sigh of relief when the Chosen Children of Satan are driven into The Pit and all of their terrible plans are come to naught and... they are joined by all the useful idiots and compromised fools, who waited in attendance on them for a place at the trough, who went along to get along, so that they could wallow in the fecal soup that is such a fascinating starter dish, for those whose primary fixation is upon that very substance and whose primary motivation is to turn the entire world into a flambe of the same.

I don't know how long I'll be around, or how long I'll be around ...but no longer around here, however... let my inflexible contempt for all of you be duly noted. Let me say, without hesitation that I find the lot of you to be despicable dung golems, lumbering blindly about and leaving hissing snail tracks of iridescent, stinking poisons as you pass. You and the noxious prince you serve, are responsible for all of the world's ills. You've preempted the rights of everyone else, you've stolen their homes and their livelihoods. You've poisoned the Earth. You've made war far and wide and you are such terrific cowards that your most put upon victims, are the most defenseless among us. These are the ones whose lands and identities you have stolen in an impossible effort to legitimize yourself which, is a cosmic impossibility. The more you try, the more you expose yourselves as the odious murderers and thieves that you are. Your phonied up respectability is a riot to see. The wraps are coming off, clowns ...and you are going down. Down to the bottom, down to that circle of Hell that is beyond the ninth circle, down to your true home, where you can endlessly entertain one another, until no memory remains of you in any civilized space.

People's of the world! The Central Bankers are the enemy of humanity. Israel is the enemy of humanity. All who serve either, are accessories during and after the fact. Are there other monsters? Yes there are, but these are the worst of them. Now, with every step, their vulnerability increases. The cosmos opposes them. Lady Nature opposes them. All that is good and decent in life opposes them. They are anti-life. They are parasites. They are bottom feeding scum, as are those who bred them and their own offspring as well. Your time is coming.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rat Fink Nation; King of the Garbage Heap in the Great Unwashed World.

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So... Bradley Manning gets 35 years. Here's a thought; “Military prosecutors said Manning was not a whistle-blower but a traitor. They said Manning knew that enemies of the United States use WikiLeaks as a resource, and they said some of the documents he released wound up in the hands of Al Qaeda.” Let's look at that charge. First off, Al Qaeda was created by the CIA, at the behest of Israel, in order to create a wack a mole adversary, to be the focus of all the wars they had planned following their commission of the 9/11 treason.. 9/11 was engineered by dual nationals, who were also neo cons. They needed someone to take the heat so they created this Al Qaeda. Bin Laden flat out denied involvement in 9/11.

This is how Israel has managed to accomplish what it has to this point; long time readers of these suites will note that the following is near precisely what the author of these blogs has maintained for years... “The Kabbalah has little to do with the teachings of Moses and is a mixture of secret doctrines of Babylon and Egypt, distorted by the Jews in their own way under the influence of their hatred for Christianity.

Eliphas Levi said that high magic, [was] hidden under the name of Kabbalah, and reported in the hieroglyphics of ancient sacred temples..."

Monsignor Jouin notes that the brothers G. and N. L. Butmir in their works, Freemasonry and the Betrayal of the State and Jews in Masonry, "correctly point out that, despite advances in science, the rabbis and Kabbalists Jews wishing to maintain their power over minds, devoted themselves to the "Kabbalah of the left", ie to magic, demonology, the evocation of spirits, sorcery, spiritualism, all sorts of sordid excitement, in order to enslave the weak minds that have lost, for one reason or another, the benevolent support of the True Faith. We understand that such studies, far from serving the true God, lead directly to the worship of the occult and devil worship."

The only variation to this, is Visible has claimed they took these wisdom teachings and magical schematics from The Chaldeans and you will note, or maybe not, that the Chaldean script, or written language was a flame alphabet, most similar to the Hebrew system which is all built around the yod, in various positions. It is also the first word in Tetragrammaton; Yod Heh Vav Heh.

This tells us the state of the power grid in present time. Here, in all it's profane glory, is your generic bought and sold whore. Here is one more presidential pretender, mouthing the rehearsed treasons that men and women without honor, willingly embrace in the pursuit of of a place in the pecking order, on its way up the line to the pecker of temporal profanity. I can't actually know what it feels like to be under this kind of spell. Your values have to be up for sale and after that it's only a matter of dickering about the price. I imagine in a way it is like being, “to the manor born”. You get educated-brainwashed
in your formative period. You get shaped by the professional hands of the great unwashed world. You are 'chosen' yourself, like the way your masters imagine themselves to be but they are only The Rat Fink Kings of the Garbage Heap, however, if a good portion of the world believes that shit is substance, along the lines of a desired comestible, then... it becomes your soup de jour, only it's not prix fixe or a la carte. There's a sliding scale for your totem location on the scrotum pole. In some cases they spend their time in a continuous slide, fore and aft, as it were. One might say they get into the rhythm of it. One might say it's an acquired taste and the key to that is in deceiving your senses. The key is in convincing yourself that it “tastes great and it's more filling”

Although I get a lot of my information from verified sources in the great unwashed world 'out there'. I mostly receive what little I know, via internal transmissions and certainly there are internal confirmations and rejections of all external information, gleaned from the great unwashed world. I am not alone in this dynamic, nor is it a novel or new technique. One can, given the knowledge of 'how to', duplicate this at any time with the requisite attention and effort deployed.

Of course, something like this is to be expected. It follows then that something like this is the inevitable result. How much longer can humanity live under (much less survive under) the direct threat of this international menace? Can you possibly have an argument that goes contrary to what is already so convincingly evident? This is what comes of the course we have allowed to be set for us. Read it and weep. What do they want? They want what all the rest of them want, more than equal rights, most favored victim status and the impunity to slander and abuse at will, just like those who sit on the boards of directors of every one of those alternative sexual preferences. I can't be certain he's a member BUT... Kiok is a Tribe name. Thankfully, some element of the governing apparatus is getting into play. The idea that this was ever allowed in the first place goes back to the stranglehold that 'certain elements' have on most of the important structures.

We have to ask ourselves; who runs Der Spiegel? Maybe that is a question that needs to be asked. Yes, that is a question that might well be asked. Then there is that large body of the public that doesn't ask questions, unless they pertain to some area of self interest.

The news out of Fukushima is very grim, very unsettling, unnerving even. This is only one of the things threatening humanity. I've been aware of various threats over past times from some time long ago, it seems now. Meanwhile the world has moved blithefully onward from crisis state to crisis state, from absurd to ridiculous. It continues yet. It continues. It cannot continue for much longer. I keep thinking we are in whatever state of mind we are in. We are in whatever state of being we are in and when the time comes, which may be collective or individual, or some combination thereof, we will know the value of both. Whatever happens with us and whither after we may be bound, is all tied up in our state of mind and our state of being. So it goes.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pretend you're an Egyptian when you Loot their Museums.

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Regular readers here will remember how many times the author has called for things of this nature. It is heartwarming to see the courage, industry and dedication taking place here. This is one of the great weapons of positive revolution. It is desperately needed. The ranks of such noble souls must swell until you can't turn a corner, can't walk into an underground parking garage, can't stop at a stoplight, can't walk past a police department, or a government building without seeing NOTICE THEREOF.

Speaking of revolutions, Egypt is truly a sticky wicket and... into the mix of it, the Zionist stooge, Bwak! Has introduced one of the nastiest customers seen in awhile, in the personage of this full blown Satanistic psychopath. There are different arguments as to what is actually going on over there. I can't see as how the people in charge can be only the dredgings of the former dictator Mubarak; not when some of them are calling for doing away with the yearly foreign aid payoff from the U.S.. If you want a densely packed rebuttal of that first link and you have the time and patience (I did not) then there's this War and Peace rival. In the meantime, the usual criminal cabal is out doing what it did in Iraq and everywhere else, where war and strife provide camouflage for their dastardly deeds. Besides controlling what passes for art these days, by owning over 90% of all of the art galleries, it also makes it possible for them to move stolen antiquities from place to place and also to eliminate historical evidences, which INVARIABLY go counter to the lies they have manufactured, to justify their superimposing themselves over the legitimate people, the actual Semites, the Palestinians, who they have driven from their lands and then changed the names of every Arab town and location by renaming them to match up with their fabricated histories.

Along with the truth that is materializing on walls and freeway overpasses; due to Mr. Apocalypse shaking his stick, tapping the Earth to give up its secrets and swatting various richly deserving people in the ass, there has been the matter of the whistle-blowers and there are also the tales of what happens to whistle-blowers, even when they go through the proper channels. Of course, the government seeks to offset the damage caused by genuine whistle-blowers so, they create their own fabricated personalities like Julian Assange. There can be no question that Assange is a phony because out of the reams and reams of Wikileaks evidence you just don't come across anything critical of Israel and were what he provides true, the majority of all of his information would concern Israel. You can argue that, “Oh, it's the Crass Zio-Media, they don't publish what darling Julian gives them”. Uh huh... and the vast territory of the Internet isn't available to him? Meanwhile they come up with these absurd tales about not using condoms. I'm guessing this simply means to legitimize him by appearing to make him an outlaw; how romantic! There's seriously questionable angles to both Assange and Snowden; nothing ever appears concerning Israel or Israel's role in committing the 9/11 atrocities. I don't know about Snowden yet but Assange is no doubt in my mind. Here's more information and allusions than you probably want. You got to have your litmus tests when it comes to information leaks having to do with the government. No insider; one privy to house secrets, is to be trusted who does not finger Israel for any number of their massive and multiple offenses against anyone they feel like going after. If it doesn't indict and expose Israel, it's compromised. Period!

Let me return to the question of Alex Jones and the pilot fish that swim in his wake and skim the ambergris in his passage, lining their pockets with the swag that comes from maintaining the appearance of being a sterling representative of the people's interest. Anonymous tells me that I should cut Alex some slack because Alex wakes people up. Alex also inflames people and pushes various paranoia campaigns and is a bloated self aggrandizing, cartoon caricature, who is provably on the Zionista tit. The amount of info that discredits Alex Jones is overwhelming. You couldn't read it all in months. Alex Jones and his pilot fish are making wheelbarrows full of money telling half truths. Half truths are a blind. If what you are waking people up to is not the complete and unvarnished truth then you are not waking them up, you are merely changing the coloration of their dream.

Now the Crass Media is creating their own condom caper for Jones. I'm past tired of all the tired stage magicians who are manipulating perceptions with smoke and mirrors. I'm tired of them raking in all that cash on the backs of human gullibility. Until it's front row and center that people like Jones, Chomsky and Greg Palast, among others, are actually employed by the people bringing you the police state you now live in, it has to be said over and over and over. Chomsky is such a slithering dissembling liar. It's hard to imagine that he could be so blatant in his disdain for the truth. It's all too obvious who he works for. Here's all you could possibly want to know about Greg Palast on the matter, including what others think about it and a response from Dr. Steven Jones as well.

The reason I have my litmus tests, is in order to separate those who are with the light and those who serve the darkness. Some would like to tell me, “Oh, so and so is not in the darkness, he's sitting in the shade and look, there's a patch of sunlight right there.” Oh, well then, that makes it all right, doesn't it? The proper definition of Alex Jones is demagogue. There have been plenty of demagogues over the course of this dark and dirty age. They all tell approved portions of the truth. A lie is most effective when it is interwoven with the truth. You get certain info that you can identify as being true and this encourages you to accept other things which you cannot confirm but hey, that other stuff was true so, maybe this is true too.

We all have different standards we have to meet. We all have different criteria we require. Some of us are more lax about these things. Some of us are quite strict. According to our standards, that determines the degree of impurities we will allow into our informational footstuffs. Some of us are satisfied with blatant lies. Some of us are not. Some of us go along to get along. Some of us do not. I do not. I don't know how much truth there is to this but I've been hearing similar things for awhile. It's fascinating how much of what we have come to believe to be true turns out to be a lie. Like Henry Ford said, “History is bunk”. He knew what was going on and so did Charles Lindbergh and various other people who somehow managed to hang on to their integrity and clarity of vision. They're in the minority of course. They were in the minority back when and they are in the minority today. Well, the nogoodniks then are still the nogoodniks now. Here's hoping, sooner rather than later, we run out of nogoodniks somehow.

I don't choose to be controversial, to operate with so little wiggle room, because I abhor going along to get along. The controversial end of it comes about simply because people are so incredibly complacent on the one hand and in such deep denial on the other. There shouldn't be anything controversial about truth. It just shows how far off the high road we have gone as a collective. Now the people going the right way and thinking the right way are in the smallest of minorities. The people going the wrong way are in the greater mass by far. Stepping back, stepping back more than a couple of paces, it looks fantastic. It looks surreal. It looks unreal and it is.

I recognize that a lot of people have to cut corners every day, or they have themselves in a situation where others are depending on them and they can be manipulated as a result of that. Most people do not have the autonomy to say what they think in any situation they might find themselves in. I do. Of course there can always be consequences but I am far more concerned about the consequences of not telling it like it is and making myself submissive to that which is not. I am very concerned about living in fear of and giving power to that which surely intends me harm. I am much more fearful of offending that which does not wish me harm and is the source of my sustenance. For some, these are only words, or it is something that speaks to things at a great distance, from the moment we are in. For some, all of this is something vague and off in a great distance; important, surely, but in a far off importance kind of a way... almost as if it weren't even real after all, important surely but... actually kind of not real too. For me it is very real and very close and it affects everything. It affects how I measure things. It affects what I find important. It affects what I think and say and do and so I do not have the latitude that many another has. Whatever shadows I embrace as being a part of reality, to that extent my reality is darkened by their presence. There's no magic fixit for this.

If I don't call out the actual malefactors. If I make concessions so as to be able to still ride the gravy train, my connection and my reception, the clarity of the transmissions, are all compromised and less than what they could be.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Big Windup and the Eventual Follow Thru

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Why has it always got to be a million (insert title) marching? Why can't it be 2 million? I think this one needs five million. We're coming up on the yearly anniversary of that Great Zionist Caper, that big 'blame the Muslims' extravaganza, on which the state of Israel, with the cooperation of the office of the Vice President, and a couple of drunken 'peace out' signs from the Presidential imposter (usurper), along with the cooperation of Satanic elements in Western intelligence apparati, all together actually committed the 9/11 attacks. Of course, these criminals and the footpads and camp followers (who are always in attendance when there's carnage to be had) were also involved in the London Tube bombing, the Madrid Train Station bombing, the bombings in Bali and the Mumbai massacre. You name it, they were probably behind it and that includes all the car bombings in Iraq, destroying Libya and trying to destroy Syria and eventually, yes eventually, trying to destroy you and I.

Just as it is the case when attempting to treat with psychopaths, one must be aware that they are dealing with an alien life form. Psychopaths- and there are a great number among the aforementioned- are not human in the way we understand human. They do not experience human emotion as we do. They learn to mimic human behavior by observation. They do not experience regret or sorrow at anything they do. It would not be that far off base to say that they have no souls. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot change. They cannot be rehabilitated. Your only non terminal option is quarantine. There is the clinical side to understanding psychopathy and there is the intuitive. I'm aware of the former but I rely on the latter. A good part of why I have inexplicably acted out on occasion myself, is for the sole purpose of testing and vetting the company I find myself in. Any argument to the contrary would have to be backed up with similar behavior in my home sphere and by accounts from the more than 90% 'others' who have visited me and those who live with me. Their accounts testify that this behavior doesn't exist here, or during those times of extended presence over the long haul. This won't be a satisfactory explanation for those who have no intention of being convinced, since they were outed already, as those who are incapable of positive change.

This is why I recommended certain books, so that those who have not been a party to the strange events that occur in Mr. Visible's Neighborhood might understand certain features of the basic impetus. It's why I have brought up Vimalananda. There is the ordinary way that ordinary people go about the business of seeking to communicate with the invisible, or following the temporal restrictions, purported to have been laid down by one or another of the founders and which are disseminated to the public by a priest class of pederasts, or any number of other pretenders, for whom the acquisition of money and power are their prime motivators and then there is that small minority of us that are after the thing itself. Most of us can be quite strange and neither money nor power are our motivator or objective. Everyone is free to make up their mind about what's real and what is not. My position is that we shall see. We shall see up the road what is what. Everyone and everything is identified by the sum of its course.

There are Tribe member and there are Tribe members and you can make up your own mind about what good has been done or not done in every specific case. I choose to be expansive in the general sense concerning this subject, having encountered exceptions. I have met exceptions of every kind and type from every class and race and it may be that I was put into the situations I was put into for that very reason. I have no desire to argue with anyone about whether the whole race is uniformly dark and damned, or merely riddled with what you find in most groups (though possibly not as dense as) during this time of the Kali Yuga. I can always adjust my position and perspective later on. I would rather adjust it from where I am than backwards from where I wish I hadn't been, if you catch my drift.

I do not like having to reiterate certain things over and over but apparently it needs be said seasonally or something (grin). It amazes me how many times some things have to be said before they register on some people. Sometimes nothing will register because certain elements don't like the source. They want the source to dress a certain way, act a certain way and whatever the requirements might be; dressed in Dockers, dressed in Land's End or Banana Republic, people have their necessary specifications and you have to meet them or... well, I guess you get the picture.

So, Mr Apocalypse is bee-bopping down the bouleevaaaard and, I must say... I don't know how much is true but there is just one thing after another popping up in the windshield. I'm thinking Bwak! and Michele could get together with Bill and Hillary and do a quartet version of Ebony and Ivory. I've been hearing for years now about the imminent crash of the American economy. I keep hearing about Europe going down the drain. You certainly wouldn't know that from observing my neck of the woods (doing a drive by). I keep hearing how gold and silver are going to jump to astronomical levels and they continue to go down. I can see where this serves the purpose of those seeking to corral these items and then make the profit themselves when their actual value gets restored. On and on it goes.

I'll admit, in the meantime they systematically destroyed Iraq and have also kicked the shit out of the Afghan landscape, ruined all the fine things that made Libya the jewel of Africa and are busy trying to destroy Syria. The usual base economic agendas apply in this case and all cases and the primary driving engine behind all of them has been and is Israel and the ultimate goal, besides the total enslavement of the world's remaining population (after whatever culling they have in mind takes place) is Iran as a gateway to the containment and or elimination of China and Russia. What we are talking about here are psychopaths. They won't stop until they are stopped . There are any number of ways that can happen but happen it will. It has always happened and it is especially going to happen this time because we are in The Big Windup. Everybody showed up for it, which explains the mass of the population. Most everyone forgot the point of showing up, which explains the state of the culture worldwide.

But... there is that consideration of all of what we have been hearing for years and years and years. Certainly, as I said, they've fucked up a lot of the landscape. They've poisoned the environment in a grand way; Fukushima alone might doom a good portion of the Western Hemisphere. They've turned American and the UK into a police state zone; no surprise that the power of the Zio-Ogre is greater there than most other places. Yes, they've done a lot of damage and they've set a lot of nasty venues into operation but the day to day, is still the day to day, in most places and the economy is still the economy in most places, except in the ruined lives of a few million here and there, who are sort of out of sight and out of mind these days ...and in the minds of some tens of millions who are gradually beginning to notice that the social class they used to belong to has somehow slipped down a couple of rungs because a small group of bankers and corporation-bots and those who assist the facilitation of their intent, have begun to squeeze every last drop of profit from every operation and transaction going down. The stock market is now no more than a rigged roulette wheel and the particular madness that has possessed them and... everyone else, who is losing their minds, in these times, is ramping up in intensity and headed for the breakdown lane sooner, rather than later (you would think) ...but still it goes on and on and on and that is probably the point of today’s posting. Something's got to give at some point.

This weekends radio show is still available for streaming or download.

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Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

Proofing on the latest novel is done and it's off to the editor tomorrow!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

On the Toxic Fewmet Trail of Offal Winfrey.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(Let's reiterate about the blogs. There are 3 main blogs; One is 'supposed to be' metaphysical. One is supposed to be socio-political and this one... this one is supposed to be about cultural things and that would include media, entertainment, celebrities, cultural conditions in flux- or with the flux, as is more likely these days; contamination levels are pretty high at the moment. Speaking of 'the flux' and celebrities that embody all the qualities of the flux, as defined in the preceding link, let's get right into our posting today).

I am sure that there are few readers who are unaware of supreme race war, race baiter queen; Oprah. Two times, she has systematically set up scenarios where she could frame and slander Europeans about color, keeping in mind that there is far less racism in Europe than in America. I live there and I would know. I'm not terribly concerned about the subjects she chose for her orchestrated offenses, given that they are in the business of selling high end, useless garbage, to those with too much money. Here is a telling little anecdotal item from the poisonous scorpions over at (lack of) Entertainment Tonight; as Winfrey told Entertainment Tonight, "I was in Zurich the other day, at a store whose name I will not mention. I didn't have my eyelashes on, but I was in full Oprah Winfrey gear. I had my little Donna Karan skirt and my little sandals on. But obviously 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' is not shown in Zurich.”.

Thank you for that, 'Offal'. Here is how your quote should have gone, had you been more honest about the whole affair; “I didn't have my eyelashes on, but I was in full Oprah Winfrey gear. I had my little Donna Karan skirt and my little sandals on to compliment my big fat Oprah ass. But obviously 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' is not shown in Zurich.” I realize that that is definitely not a politically correct statement but... I'm not politically correct, am I? The more than 60% of American eaters can be systematically broken down here and also here. My theory is that the processed and fast food businesses, as well as the soft drink manufacturers, are owned by the same people who own the pharmaceutical companies; the medical supply companies, the medical industry and related conglomerates and they all help each other out to feed that wide load, big bottom line. Every time I write about these things, I catch shit but... someone who tells you the truth is much more your friend than those who lie to you and tell you everything is alright; the way the pandemic of pop psychologists and New Age snake oil salesmen do.

These same people own the private prison industry and the music business, that is geared these days to jack people up into behaviors, that will assure their becoming a good financial asset, for the crocodile swine, who strong arm the legislators into making more and more laws that will make it more and more possible to stick more and more people into a prison cell. The culture is now an entropic swamp, steaming and seething with toxins that provide the fodder for all of the death industries, also owned by the same people.

How is it possible that all of these are owned by the same people? Let's segue into the metaphysical (with apologies to Origami) for a moment. We have been told that 'it's all one' and physicists have also proven this, should you care to track it down. Many of the physicists may be unaware that they have proven this but I am not. Given the timeless veracity of the phrase, “As above so below”, we can assume that the same is the case at the high end as at the low end. Sure, both kingdoms have hierarchies, which confer the illusion that there are many minds at work. One of the characters from the infernal realms is called 'Legion”. That means, 'many' if I remember correctly but... here's the reality. In both areas there is only one mind at work and it filters down through all of the entities that serve that mind. At the one end, all of the entities know this. At the other end, all of the entities think it's their own mind. It's not and... that is how it is that the same people own all of those businesses that inter-depend on each other and why it is that all of those industries make a bundle off of human suffering.

There are those who come here who probably think that I shouldn't judge others for their intentional and relentless crimes against humanity. Those are the ones who think I should play patty cake with ignorance, stupidity and mendacious enterprise; not call attention to it and put on some white clothes and talk all sweet and sincere, about how these monsters are just misguided and how we should just step aside and not react and let them do whatever they have to do and it will all work out. It does say in the bible, “Judge not lest ye be judged”. I tend to say, “Do not judge those who judge just because you are too chicken shit to call a spade a spade”. I also like to say, “Don't run your mouth about not judging others when you do it all the time anyway yourself”. I got a problem with people who know all the rules and go out of their way to make all the observed infractions, felony worthy offenses.

These days it seems that the whole world of the arts and academia have been hijacked by the Tribe Morlocks, who more or less run all of those industries. Because I read novels, watch movies and used to listen to music, when there was still a reason to, I run across all kinds of nifty propaganda efforts. There's a writer named James Lee Burke. A long time ago he used to write novels that were worth reading. Over the last decade or more, he's written some really embarrassing crap. I picked up his latest in an airport bookstore a couple of days ago. It's called “Feast Day of Fools”. Once I finish it, if I do finish it, I will destroy it so that no one gets this copy of the book from me and I am somehow responsible for that happening. This writer has to be aware that 9/11 was not done by Muslims. He has to know that there is something seriously absurd about the official story but... at various points in this novel he refers to Bin Laden and the Arab attackers. Then he mentions Iranian torturers. Here's what I think; the Tribe publishers have put all of their writers on notice, telling them that they have to push the official story and stay on target with who America's enemies are, or bad things will happen to their career. Since most of these writers are vain, self adulating freaks and chickenshit cowards as well, their response is in the affirmative; “Yowsah Boss.”

As you can see, I'm judging again. It makes me sick to my stomach that these so called 'artists' can stoop to a level like this but they do. Right at this moment I am watching “White House Down”. What a monumental piece of shit. Practicing Hollywood Satanist, Jamie, Django, Foxx, who is playing Bwak! Obama makes this a bonafide Shit Com. It's already full of cute exchanges between serious looking hacks and cute crap from whoever it is that plays Michelle. Knowing what I know about these vipers, none of them resemble whoever it is that they are supposed to be doing their cartoon mockups of. It looks like the drama portion is about to start. Yahoo!!! Alright, they just blew up the capitol building!!! I think I like this film (for about 30 seconds). It appears that this is a similar propaganda, faux Bruce Willis, Die Hard drama like Olympus has Fallen. The de rigeuer Tribe child actress is on site, precocious as all get out and annoying as possible. Unfortunately, the right thing will probably not happen in this film; no need to ask me what that is. She'll be appearing in a Natalie Portman (The Professional) like role in her next film.

It is no longer possible to run across a film these days that doesn't have a Tribe commercial of some kind in it. You can't find many novels that don't have Tribe commercials in them or slanders against Tribe enemies which, taken in it's realest sense would mean the totality of all of the rest of humanity.

Ah well, so it goes... for the moment.

This site wishes to express its gratitude to Vladimir Putin for his response to the Zionist House of Saud and the Zionist Occupied States of America; also to those few in every land and location who are doing their best to confront, resist and expose those base traitors to humanity wherever and whomever they may be.

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I'm going to go do a radio broadcast now. If I do actually do this there will be a broadcast out sometimes in the next however many hours it takes to happen.

Happy Birthday to Webmaster Sim!

Friday, August 02, 2013

The Underwater Siren Song of the Vibrating Butt Plugs.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Something is definitely going on, I don't know if it's 'naughty or nice'. I know it's squeezing people and making various kinds of tasteless whine and in many cases, ♫it was -NOT- a very good year♫ (cue Old Blue Eyes and The Chairman of the Board). I imagine walking into the Oval Office, Senatorial offices and offices of Representatives, offices of Supreme Court Vultures, corporate boardrooms and... in every case, inevitably coming before a flaming red demon, with black smoke discharging from it's nostrils. The other residents are wearing chromium steel chaps, with nothing in the back; skin tight leather head masks and a red, gag reflex ping pong ball in their mouths, “Oh beeehave”! You probably won't be able to see the Sharper Image, George W. Bush model, Vibrating Butt Plug. However, if you put your ear down close, I suspect you can hear it. I'm guessing for the Ipod junkies and ♫make the world go away♫, mindless music bots, they are offering a headphone attachment, that connects to the unit, so that you can hear what is happening in the nether realms; “pump up the bass!!! pump up the fucking bass!!! Oh God!! Oh God!!, Oh God”!! “Knock, knock, Hello? This is not God”. Heh heh, well, we've had any number of dramatic renderings. “Pump up the bass!!! Pump up the bass”!!

No one knows what goes on behind closed doors♫ It's not a good time to be an animal, unless, you're a beast in human skin. In that case it is a very good time to be an animal. Speaking of beasts, let's not overlook six legged, vampire mutants like Jeff Bezos and... to what demographic does this stately humanitarian belong? Uh huh. Oh the surprise, be still my beating heart! I would never have guessed.

In the meantime, events, pretty much unreported or fabricated out of whole cloth, by the media arm of the people committing the offenses, are bringing things to a kind of unendurable STD infection and then you hook that in with things like this. They're trying to get to the finish line, before Mr. Apocalypse replaces the tape with razor wire. Wack a Mole isn't working, the Satanic corruptions keep breaking through the skin of the world, as the purple headed dragon rears up and spits... into the swollen darkness, from which springs, both madness and escape (go ahead, quote yourself, visible... so what?). Yeah, you can hear their boots, pounding on the pavement, as they race forward to control the future, never realizing that the future flows into the present and does not exist beyond that point, except as multiple potentialities, which simultaneously manifest into multiple destinies. They want to cram as much evil into a short window of time as is possible for them. There are no more contemptible creatures on Earth, than those who prey upon their fellows for personal gain, unless you want to consider those who allow them to do it. The force of darkness, being evicted from the inner planes, is hijacking minds, at every level of consciousness, from the most basic to the most sophisticated levels of self interest. Orders, like poisoned waters, flow downhill ...and dimwit monsters, carry out the dictates of all those heavy breathers closer, to the source of the darkness, “Yessss Master”!

What would a posting be, if the author didn't show some sign of his unflinching intolerance? Does the author have to restate his objection to the loathsome agenda, as something apart from matters of private choice? I guess if you sell your soul for a paycheck that's just how it goes. Then you can stand there, dumbfounded at what appeared in front of you and give the whole steaming pile of demonic excrescence that look of a poleaxed steer. Don't forget people, Christmas is coming and... if you have the money, well, of course... in many cases you're already doing it with a robot aren't you?

Listen up, take it from someone who is speaking from direct experience. It is possible to take a particular force and reverse the natural direction of it's flow and experience sex at another level that blows (pun intended) ordinary intercourse out of the water. When one hears about the rapture of the saints, or studies arcane pictographs, like the Ninth Trump (to which the sense of 'touch' is ascribed) you should consider the inner contact with the engine of all bliss. Everything out here on this plane, is a poor facsimile, of the more subtle vibrating internal reality. Believe what you like, that's up to you.

Pay careful attention!!! Listen with full attention! Though I now live on a plane of personal experience that is much different from what was once true of me, I can tell you that there are no wilder sluts than those who come from this particular country. Comparatively speaking, I've been around and I know whereof I speak. You may not like what I have to say. You may not agree with me but... what is so is so; “Shut up and gimmie a fish sandwich”! Humor? I got your humor swinging”.

Yeah, I have to live in this world and so do you. “You enjoy it here? Well, you, punk” (grin)? Do you? There were not that many people as funny or self convicting or acknowledging as Richard Pryor. He should have been president instead of Stepin Fetchit, the Israeli Zombie bot. I know these are dark times, so I want you to take some time today and enjoy what it was like once, before it got the way it is today. This man had a true beauty to him. I loved him dearly. I used to drive by his house on Maui, on the way to Hana and think about dropping in but... I don't do that kind of thing. It was the same way with Muhammad Ali. I got invited to his house once also and didn't go. Another time, I got invited to The Dakota to meet John Lennon and Elton John; still didn't go. I walked away from or ignored all kinds of things that might have led to something else for me. I just figured those people were all being bothered enough by the flies and mosquitoes that attend fame. It wasn't always easy for Richard. He's gone now, gone to- I am sure- a finer land.

There were a lot of people who made us laugh, at all kinds of things you can't laugh at now. They were some of the best and most truthful prophets of our time.

There is something unquenchable in the human spirit and we don't want to forget that, in the midst of all the dumb cattle and stupid fucks, who shamelessly parade in front of us, on the arsenic laced media created for that purpose. A large part of manipulating our mental and emotional climate, is to get us to hate each other. There are people who hate me for imbibing this or imbibing that and saying what I say, or acting out when I feel like I see snakes hiding in human form and... if I weren't right and hadn't have been right, then they wouldn't have acted like snakes and kept continuing to act like snakes, still to this day. The thing is that my imbibing in anything is of very limited duration and a hardly measurable part of my day to day and something that anyone who lives around me, or has lived around me, in recent years, can attest to but... as far as the critics go, well, they imbibe revenge fantasies and resentments, envy, jealously and god knows how many different toxic things every goddamn minute of their days. They wouldn't know freedom or humanity if it pulled over on to the side of the ruined highway they are standing on and offered them a ride. What they'd say is, “Fuck off! ♫I'm waiting for my man♫”

Yeah, the one thing all of us, who truly are servants, across the length and breadth of our every days should remember, is to not take the hostile glares and seething acrimony, of emotionally paralyzed losers seriously; to not buy into the mirrored, false-self generating hate ...that is the standard reflection you are left with, every time someone who is not you, looks at themselves in you. See... here is something all of us need to keep in mind. A great percentage of the time, what others accuse us of, is nothing more than what they would be thinking, feeling and being motivated by if... IF, they were doing what we were doing that they imagine we are doing, if they were us.

This is why I don't let fair-weather friends and people incapable of doing what I can do, pass judgment on me. People who swim into my fish-tank and blow smoke up my ass and tell me how much they love and admire me until... until I don't do what they want me to do, or until I scare them by threatening their material world position, by challenging the value of what they consider important, or exposing their addiction, to the vibrating glitter of animate dust, while they hand me a whole lot of phony doubletalk, about how this is this and that is that,when this ain't this and that ain't that but... all of it is just posturing and the endless self abuse, of perpetually arrested development, pretending to be grownup when there is nothing grownup about any of it.

Ah well, I hope you enjoyed some of the skits, linked for you here today and that you will take advantage of so very much more of them that are available in the sidebar menu, of the pages you land on, courtesy of this posting. Meechum anbu my friends; meechum anbu!

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