Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A-Listing and Immanentizing the Eschaton in Blowjob Heaven.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

What can you say about a guy like Ben Affleck? I suppose you could say he's smarter than Miley Cyrus but... an Armadillo and a hedgehog are smarter than Miley Cyrus, so is a possum. All of them are more attractive and have a higher fuckability index and none of them suffer from spastic tongue. A feral cat has a much higher standard of morality than either of them. One thing that can be definitely stated is that steps should be taken to make sure they don't breed with each other. Better Affleck stays with his intelligence asset wife, Jennifer Garner.

So, version two of Bennifer has finally gotten his payoff for doing Argos. Because the Marquis De Benster is an exceedingly vain man; not a good thing to be in this day and age (or any day and age), even though we have an epidemic of vain men and women in this time demographic, it wasn't difficult to rope, or corral him into doing Argos. The CIA dropped by his place in Huron Village at Cambridge, near that CIA-Zionist controlled Tribe school, Harvard (they make up 25% of the student body) and they walked into his living room.

We're guessing there were two of them, a man and a woman. Long time CIA-bot Jennifer offered them coffee and everyone made themselves comfy around the serving table. After some preliminary chit chat. The male end of the tandem said, “Ben, your country needs you. Israel needs you. There is a viral uproar across the internet about some of the hideous things this country is up to and we've been charged with ramping up the propaganda war (from our end) big time. People no longer believe that Stone Age Arabs did 9/11 and they are slowly but surely gravitating to the truth of who did 9/11. Ben... our greatest national wealth is our Central Bankers. They're being threatened by a host of special interests who, somehow, have gotten the impression that they should get something out of life. The truth is Ben, as you know, everything belongs to the privileged, of which class you are a member. It doesn't matter if there's enough to go around for everyone. The whole point is that everyone should not have a fair share of our system. The way things are going, life as we prefer it to be, will soon be a thing of the past. We can't have that Ben”.

Then the multi aerosol, spay lacquer, deodorized (and otherwise foul smelling) CIA chick steps in and say, “Ben, you've got the world by the balls. We know you want to keep it that way. Those who don't play the game (as we are sure you intend to) can experience censure, slander and a complete vanishment of acting and directing opportunities; no more A list parties. One might well wind up in Randy Quaidville. This is what happens to those who don't do their patriotic doody. If you help us Ben, you are going to find doors opening all over town because the force that runs this country also owns the entire entertainment industry. Ben, you'll be in Blowjob Heaven! In fact, I'll suck your dick right now, if Jennifer doesn't mind”.

Jennifer responds, “Not at all, not at all” There's a break in the conversation where we are only hearing slurping noises and then a cry of passionate release from Ben. The next thing we hear is the CIA chick saying, “See, Ben, the CIA also swallows. Could you say that about the competition?”

Ben nods and says, “I see where you're coming from.” CIA chick says, “We see where you're coming from too, Ben.” Everyone laughs while Ben gets himself more presentable for their home-schooled kids who are getting their first glimpse of what awaits 'down' the road'. It's the Hollywood version of “All in the Family”.

Yes, we're happy for Ben and his contribution, as well as Jennifer’s to the holocaust pending for Syria at the hands of the holocaust kings; Israel and their Central Bankers, on the way to, they hope, wiping out Iran and then decimating Russia and China. This sequence won't happen but, with psychopaths like all of the Central Bankers and the entire government of Israel, along with the majority of their population; including most of the members of most of the governments and pretty much anyone with hijacked and corrupted power, as well as large amounts of money stolen from the people, well, you can't count on these demonic lifeforms to back up off of any opportunity to spill blood and engage in extended tortures of large masses of the public, in order to appease the Pit Dwellers they serve.

Ben? You and a host of other schweinehund from the dark side, are living (if you can call that living) proof of the extent to which ignorant and vain fools will go in the pursuit of self interest. What's it like Ben, to have no shame? What's it like Ben, to not give a shit about anyone but yourself and those ambulatory possessions you also consider your property and right? Don't you just love smiling for the cameras? Do you get up in the morning Ben and look in the mirror and tell yourself what a fine fellow you are? Do you ever look back at the carnage in your wake, the bodies by the side of the road? Does it dawn on you, your part in the shitstorm of the day?

How's it feel to hobnob with and be employed by monsters? I guess when everyone is dressed up in their tuxedos, they don’t' look like monsters do they? But they are monsters, Ben. They are monsters and one day, Ben, you'll be a monster too, just like all of your associates who are on their way to becoming monsters and engaged in breeding monsters and contributing to an indifferent overclass of the privileged.

The hour is come round at last for the coverslips of fear to be ripped off of the faces and machinations of the evil doers among us. At whatever point it occurs, I imagine a massive and collective sigh of relief when the Chosen Children of Satan are driven into The Pit and all of their terrible plans are come to naught and... they are joined by all the useful idiots and compromised fools, who waited in attendance on them for a place at the trough, who went along to get along, so that they could wallow in the fecal soup that is such a fascinating starter dish, for those whose primary fixation is upon that very substance and whose primary motivation is to turn the entire world into a flambe of the same.

I don't know how long I'll be around, or how long I'll be around ...but no longer around here, however... let my inflexible contempt for all of you be duly noted. Let me say, without hesitation that I find the lot of you to be despicable dung golems, lumbering blindly about and leaving hissing snail tracks of iridescent, stinking poisons as you pass. You and the noxious prince you serve, are responsible for all of the world's ills. You've preempted the rights of everyone else, you've stolen their homes and their livelihoods. You've poisoned the Earth. You've made war far and wide and you are such terrific cowards that your most put upon victims, are the most defenseless among us. These are the ones whose lands and identities you have stolen in an impossible effort to legitimize yourself which, is a cosmic impossibility. The more you try, the more you expose yourselves as the odious murderers and thieves that you are. Your phonied up respectability is a riot to see. The wraps are coming off, clowns ...and you are going down. Down to the bottom, down to that circle of Hell that is beyond the ninth circle, down to your true home, where you can endlessly entertain one another, until no memory remains of you in any civilized space.

People's of the world! The Central Bankers are the enemy of humanity. Israel is the enemy of humanity. All who serve either, are accessories during and after the fact. Are there other monsters? Yes there are, but these are the worst of them. Now, with every step, their vulnerability increases. The cosmos opposes them. Lady Nature opposes them. All that is good and decent in life opposes them. They are anti-life. They are parasites. They are bottom feeding scum, as are those who bred them and their own offspring as well. Your time is coming.

End Transmission.......

We're more than halfway through the new novel, in our final proofing, before returning it for the last corrections. It will be out in a few days (digitally anyway).


Anaughty Mouser said...

Just knowing the truth has its own inherent sadness, it is inescapable.

Greg Bacon has a video of the late 60's band Black Sabbath singing 'War Pigs' complete with lyrics.

The knowledge of the 60's peace movement, championed by the hippies, is very prescient today on the cusp of war with Syria, Iran Russia and China.

World war started on the 100% lie of Syria killing its own people with chemical weapons.

John Kohn Kerry and Barry Soetero on point.

The coming war is conceived and organised, just like 9/11 was, by Rothschild and the international bankers to further a zionist new world order through their USrael-NATO proxies.


dirtykid© said...

Funny, I seem to recall Randy Quaid having done his patriotic doody of flying a plane up the dickhole of an alien spaceship just prior to it's ejaculate following a long windbag speech from the president of the free world 'president bill pullman'... Hmmm, dickhole, ejaculate, pullman, I think I just found a joke in there that was meant to mock we the viewer a little bit more than the script of that movie did...

No I think Randy might have been congratulated for his epic deed (or, performance, which he thought it was at the time) by hollywood's true owner and began to rethink things afterwards... However, as we know, failing to laugh at insanity causes insanity to infect us, and we saw those effects quite clearly as he began his descent into extreme paranoia


Visible said...

Randy Quaid and his wife were on the run and in hiding because they were being pursued by agents of the dark side; not so long ago. Don't know how it is now.

dirtykid© said...

I didn't say that I didn't believe he was afraid for his life. He certainly did, but what he left 'the media' was a story much too easy to portray as an insane person... As far as I know he's still in Canada and laying low, his wife obtained citizenship here and has sponsored him in his efforts for his...

Not that I think that an invisible line drawn on a map separating big brother and little brother's side of the room are going to be of great help to him.


bee wrangler said...

Perfect- love it, just the reading i needed to start my day. Lady nature is certainly against the evil bankers. I see BIG warning signs in the world around me- and like you i have connected the dots...the smoking mirrors you did the other day said it all. feelin' good going out the door, to save the bees n some blind folk too i bet- love ya man- jen

Visible said...

and... I never said you said that (grin). I was just providing background which appeared neither in the posting nor in your first comment.

Who Dat? said...

Jennifer Garner?


Visible said...

Like I said, she's an ass set.

Rob Kettenburg said...

Boy less, you sure do talk an awful lot of shit about LOTS of people that you've never actually met, myself included. 50% of the things you write/say about me are WRONG, compliments and all. You've dumped trash all over myself and my friend Ben Affleck, along with his wife in your last several posts. Say and write what you will Les, but at least were not FAKE SOLDIERS unlike some people I know...

Rob Kettenburg

Visible said...

Hey! If you want to promote your website, you don't have to pretend to be offended just because people might think you a vain grandstander. There are lots of other ways for you to be defined as such. First rule around here is not to assume we are as dumb as you are.

I've haven't mentioned Affleck in any recent posts so that makes you a liar and therefore cancels out anything else you may say. Affleck is a tool and a stooge and ergo, by association probably so are you, though I doubt you know him and I have NEVER mentioned you so obviously this is a ploy just to drum up traffic for yourself. Got a little Miley Cyrus in you?

I don't have to meet people to form an opinion. Do I need to meet Netanyahu? Obama? John McCain. Man you're transparent. Soldier? heh heh BWAHAHAHAHAHAH

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz,

My sphincter started to tighten up when you almost insulted my feral cat, but otherwise you done good Judge.

Consider the following clarification:

The four tiers of Science

Tier one: Trans-dimensional access; the limitations of language do not permit a useful description of this space, from the Alpha brain state

Tier two: Multi species UFO technology, Exopolitics, time travel, holographic engineering/matrix encoding, Delta brain functions, quantum transmission/receiving and alchemy

Tier three: Secret space program, longevity technologies, integration of body energy centers, cancer cures, Mizner field activation of the brain, brain mapping, gland secretion, clairvoyance, zero point energy, Keeley Shauberger Tesla technologies, superlight, anti-gravitics, the electric universe, nano-technology, field effects, quantum mechanics, centripetal endothermic magneto electric technologies, prior advanced civilizations, and the small grey bionic technologies

Tier four: The basic crap taught at high school, and college. Classic Egyptology, political/religious agenda driven versions of history, big bang theory, plate tectonic theory, allopathic medicine, nuclear power and weapons, centrifugal electric magneto friction heat technologies, the Dick and Jane Newtonian 3-D linear arithmetic crowd, strictly in the Alpha brain state.

The above is an initial brain dump and can be expanded on if anybody wishes to better organize and add to it. When the 7.5 billion population bell curve is superimposed overtop of this classification, 99% fall into the tier four bandwidth limits. Limits that previous civilizations came up against more than a few times and failed, and also why we are failing today. The control groups on earth have access to the top three science tiers and feel from the privilege of their birthright, justification to keep this higher knowledge separate from the masses or even now, to just dispense with us as useless eaters.


Anonymous said...

We cain't be bothered with none of that-thar conspiracy shit over here in the United States of Dumberica. I don't wanna hear 'bout no Ben Affleck and his mind-controlled wife. Got no time fer it! Miley Cyrus is twerkin'! Just look at her jiggly ass! Burp.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ben's a great guy. Uh-huh. Check this article out -

Visible said...

Let's dismiss the present in terms of what I am about to say and recent time, except for what JUST HAPPENED.

Not one reader got what I was talking about in the last Smoking Mirrors- second half of the post.

I have discovered, never mind how but... I have discovered through overwhelming evidence that I have been the focus of intelligence services for years. You know how you can be in a situation where nothing makes sense, where there are all kinds of things that don't make sense and then, you tumble to a couple of small items and Bingo! It become clear as clear can be and everything else falls into place in the hundreds of previously unexplained incidents.

Richard Sauder has been cultivating a relationship with me, writing me long and supportive letters. He's presently suing a shaman in the Amazon for having him beaten up. Whether this actually happened, I don't know but I sent him a copy of my book to read and he wrote me back the most venomous letter filled with off the wall criticisms that didn't even apply to the book and never once mentioning what the point of the book was. That he had been told to say this to me is beyond doubt.

I now know that India was a set up from the beginning. It explains everything where before there was no explanation. It explains the inexplicable blog posting made about me where no friend would have actually done such a thing. And there was no danger to this person, nothing happened. I couldn't figure it out.

Now that it is clear to me, I get it in spades. I didn't think I was that important but now I can see; guy with a nice internet presence, saying certain things.

The intent has been to drive me mad and make me doubt myself. This isn't really possible given who I work for but believe me, the effort is being made. I don't have the space or inclination, or the time to start listing the many, many bits of evidence I possess.

I don't know what 'they' intend to do about this. I can't see eliminating me but that's a possibility. I'm letting you know though and there is no doubt in my mind, none. It's possible it goes way back and has to do with even how I came to be in Europe. Some things I do not want to believe yet but with me and my district attorney mind, it's only a matter of time before it all becomes crystal clear. Talk about mind-blowing!!!

Keep an eye out for people showing up and going, "Ah come on Visible, that's not happening" or denigrating me or whatever.

Richard is most certainly in the employ of intelligence services. Any other angle that he could have commented on the book were avoided; had his opinion actually been real. Meanwhile, his is the ONLY negative review I have received and dozens of people have read the book or parts of it and raved about it. You have to understand how ideas and intents are crafted, as I do, in order for sense to arise from mystery. However, since so much other evidence has emerged in such a narrow window of time, well, it really does go without saying.

I'll tell ya, it is a big load off of my mind to find out that I wasn't personally responsible for things that happened, My career and image may have been damaged in various locations but there is much still to salvage.

Be well.

mike m said...

Ben Aflac is an asshole, just watch Dazed and Confused if you don't believe me.

Visible said...

Everyone, please go and read my latest comment above the last 3. I'm not kidding by the way. Apologies to the cat.

Yeah, that Ben, he's a peach.

Visible said...

People, please learn to hotlink. It's very simple and way more people will read your links. Isn't that the point? Here's the link on Ben Affleck.

Visible said...

Wow! Rob Kettenburg really has a whole lot of stink to say about people he's never met (grin). Drop by the link he included in the comments here and you can see his generic Drudge Report creation. I don't know why people don't just ask me if they can publicize themselves instead of presuming I'm not stupid. I may be various things but stupid isn't one of them.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz,

No surprise a Royal shit disturber like yourself made the list. When the Halliburton camp round up comes, you will be in the first wave my friend... though don't despair for long, I'll soon be there with you. We can commiserate, laugh at our folly and then make good our escape.


TyrannyNews said...

Wow, Les. That spam from Rob Ketamine or whatever was like being sung to sleep by the Jerky Boys. Not the typical tactic used by blog spammers looking to sneak in a link to their wares.

Clicking through to his page was equally strange. Although he must be in his 40s or 50s, the 2 photos of him are both of him at maybe 18?

The page itself has very current links and purports to "update daily." It amounts to a massive link dump, although the links are interesting enough. Smartly, I search for your name and found that he has a few dozen or more links to your stuff.

Then it got weird. At the very bottom of the mega-page the format of blue links on white page is broken only by an inch of space. This follows with a list of his accomplishments beginning at age 15. Sure, that's weird but just above this is written, "Remember the 1982 MTV House Party?" with 2 links. The first link to to a news clipping with a photo of him with Martha Quinn and J.J. (triple J) Jackson. He apparently entered and won an MTV sponsored house party!

The second link is the money link. It's a handwritten letter to him from Martha Quinn in which she says he was the "Best Winner!", asks him to write to her at "that address" and to "mark it personal, OK?" The letter is simply inexplicable. Either she really dug this guy and was going pedo-light with a little flirtation, was hyped about her pocket-errand computer and just forcing herself to do everything on her list or she had promised to write and feared a psychotic stalking if she did not.

I rarely criticize people who haven't murdered anyone, at least not publicly. Rob, however did get kinky with the facts so I feel it's cool to make light just a bit. Since he links to your site, he may feel that constitutes a relationship of sorts and deserving of some reciprocation. Obviously, while stationed oversees he was brushed up against by Ben Affleck as he took to the stage to perform (what, I can't imagine) for the troops. The bond was thus formed. His loyalty to Ben unbreakable. When he read the things you said about Ben, how he wasn't very intelligent and likely a literal tool that was a breach of your contract.

Alternatively, there is the possibility that Rob is actually a very advanced webbot. Webbots are often programmed to execute marketing campaigns for link farms, Russian brides, viagra, whatever. Advanced bots are designed to learn limited improvements to overcome human rejection. It's possible that Rob jumped the rails by learning something unforeseen. Maybe, after scraping thousands of blogs he found the Les/Ben parameters in your article. But, his comment execution was slightly more artificially intelligent than the pathetic attempts of the average bot.

In conclusion, that guy's weird.

Visible said...

Heh heh, you have no idea of the state of my mind at this moment, as detail after detail falls into place. My relief is matched only by a degree of uncertainty but... that is handled by those I work for who have told me things. The sheer spectacle of it all!!!

It explains so much about so many people who have come and gone. It explains those who insinuated themselves into my life and then showed up to cause chaos and proliferate as much bad publicity as possible. Amazing!!!

Well, the good news is that all those so easily convinced of a lie deserve to be laboring under lies. All true friends stuck around.

It's amazing that they found my book and have read it and then used this Sauder cat to try to dampen my enthusiasm. In the end they're just not all that good. There are so many other approaches he could have used instead of something so lame and easily seen through. He's got a front and cover of being alternative press and has 4 or 5 books out. They use everyone so disposed.

I can't look at anything or anyone now without wondering if... if... It's a real bonus that I'm not a paranoid, even after all of this, to me, it's just info to be processed. Boy! and do I process (grin)!

Visible said...

TyrannyNews; Wow! and Double Wow! And... you're certainly an investigative type; right up there with District Attorney Visible (grin).

Anonymous said...


The Richard you referred to--Is that the same Richard who was on the faculty at one of the Ivy League schools?


Visible said...

Oh no Mandocello. That Richard is one of the good guys.

Anonymous said...

Probably everyone who ever comments here or even visits gets scrutinized by Big Brother to one extent or another.

You'd think the apparatchiks would be given better things to do. Apparently not.


Rob Kettenburg said...


Fortunately for me Les, I don't even have to respond to your idiotic lie filled response to my fact filled post above. It speaks for itself. I think you've just proven to the entire world without a doubt that you've lost your mind Les. All that ketamine finally caught up with you. Fine, have it your way, I'll remove you from the Matrix Database completely (over 1 billion unique visitors every month) and I won't be back.

Rob Kettenburg

Visible said...

Thank you Gene.

Heh heh, Rob Ketenburg! One billion visitors a month. This is obviously a spoof. Fact filled post? Good grief. I like the part about you not being back though. That's a late and very welcome birthday present.

Rob in WI said...

Was thinking about commenting, but in truth, the only part of the thread I recognized was Sauder. I saw him speak once, and have read a number of his posts. My opinion is that he's a grandstander/bullshitter, but WTF, I don't know. There is tunneling.
You have expressed that there is Divine protection against targeting.
I agree, and have restated the "Gladiator" movie expression "strength and honor", with "faith and patience".
O'well, I go back to Josey Wales and 3 Bears agreeing that "your words hold truth". I really like that scene, (a little hokey, but WTH).
Be well, Visible, Rob

Anonymous said...

I think "Rob" is spoofing you, Visible. That link to the class-action lawsuit...uh, like that has a chance of actually generating a settlement or a fair judgment. I think not. "Hey, Satanic judge, will you side with me and my fellow wronged do-gooders, and go against your Satanic higher-ups? Huh? Just this once?" Heh.

Brian Crossland said...

Some time ago
you had a sojourn to the U.K.
It seemed from your description at that time that you were around some people who did not have your best welfare at heart (to me) you were mighty charitable and forgiving of them, but now I wonder if they may have been a piece your jigsaw..deliberately placed.
With Gratitude

Visible said...

Almost anything is possible Brian. How deep it goes I can't tell entirely yet but it is comprehensive. Sauder is definitely a plant and, Of Course- Rob is a joke.

Mr. Goldstein said...



Mr. Goldstein

Anonymous said...

You speak like you know something. I hope you are right, I would love to see the bastards go down. I can't relate to most of the names in your post, I haven't had a jew tube for a number of years so I am a little out of touch.I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for people to wake up.I have a new ploy that some of your readers may want to try. I offer people one hundred dollars if they will type aspartame, fluoride, gmo's, vaccines or whatever hook they have into a search engine or you tube and watch or read for a couple of hours and still wish to ingest the poison. That is fifty bucks an hour, you would think people would jump on that in a heart beat but so far there have been no takers. Maybe I expect too much, after all, the Indians are playing tonight. Have a good one.

Steve Rist said...

Everything going on today make McCarthyism look like a day at Disneyland.....

North Cascadian said...

Les, first happy birthday! I just wanted to say that I to found myself surrounded by far more agents than I would have ever expected, in the small radical bookstore, in the cooperative bike shop, in the national organization of worker owned coops. My personal strategy has been to stick with the people I know I can trust, my partner, my family, my old friends. We need to find a way to be self sustaining in a dispersed way- cottage industries, tarot reading, whatever. The only real test of a friend is in the long run, sweet words are easy to say, even easier to believe. Don't forget to work in the garden. In solidarity!

Old reader said...

Lv, i will say it again.....stay focused. Dont let them do it to you. Period. Just say no. I said it on the last blog, i am saying it again

"lv, you are forever my favorite,amd always will be one of the good bad and bad good guys on this earth. It has its price. It has its reward. You accept to pay and you pay to accept. And i wouldnt want to see you lose sight of you in the process of this leveling event. Stay locked and loaded, in that order ;)"

I see two who i should not be seeing. They are the same one. Dont worry. They are or maybe are not as you think, but one thing is for sure, you can choose to just be lv, and pay no mind. You are good. You are beautiful. What else matters? A lot of things, maybe, but not the ones with an agenda. They do not matter. Destabilize? Who cares? But india, yes, it had a lot to do with that. Your connections are very solid.

Stay locked. Stay loaded. Stay focused, when focus is required. Stay yourself, whatever you are for that moment. 22 more months. Then it will get better. There is a name, you named. Interesting alright. As it is the same as one of your more regular commenters. But it is not the same person as the real one who normally uses that name.

India. It really rankled the writhing pits of a couple of irate souls, that trip did, heheh.

Gubmint watches lots of good folks. More they watch you, more good you must be ;)

Skepticfrog said...

^^^Goldstein has a problem with his English (spelling). You can extrapolate from there. He thinks he's sarcastic; he thinks this blog just an other collection of goyim dimwits.

The other two turkeys' names are telling by themselves. (Kettenburg, Sauder).
You are wrong Vis; they are ALL the SAME. There's a saying:
"The exception proves the rule".

Where I'm at, people are starting to see patterns. Anger is perceptively building and gathering momentum. This observation is coming out in face-to-face conversations, with people who were ambivalent just a few years ago. I'm curious of the final outcome; once something is recognized, it just cannot be made to go away, except by positive(!) actions. (Genie out of the bottle syndrome).
However, as we know, this crowd is utterly incapable of positive (good) action, their reaction is MORE force, punishment and suppression. (Stick only, no carrot).
It really stems from their cultural conditioning, which is the extrapolation of their religion; their (famously) ANGRY and MEAN God.
Thankfully, historically the ever nastier and uglier suppression by them has never worked in the long run, except on them. Also historically, they have been noted as cowards to the core; obviously this was borne out by centuries of observation.

From a metaphysical point, they are soulless creatures, as they themselves deny the post-death afterlife. (There is no concept of heaven/hell or reincarnation). That's only possible, if they have no soul, as the soul is eternal, therefore the continuation is a given.
I have another theory, that these are a "last, final chance" souls seeded and spread among the "work in progress" souls (for purpose of demonstration). However, if they don't see (and don't want to see the good) what's around them and don't reform from their depravity and evilness, there indeed will be no one more chance, and just as their belief system clearly says: it's the end of the road.
Some people have seen this in their 'near death experience'; they describe it as a scarier than anything, a blacker than black utter void, where those (evil) souls are time-frozen reposited to eternity.

As for the watching you, it makes perfect sense. Historically, it took one man's ideas to spawn into a movement/philosophy. It also took just one man with that adopted philosophy to change countries and even the world. They KNOW, that ideas are supremely dangerous things to their rule. They also know, that it/they can spawn anywhere. So they are on the watch, on alert. The downside is, that they are perfectly willing to "eliminate" the threat by radical means, a la Hastings - for example.

Unknown said...

Hey Les
First time ive commented on any of your blogs,have been a fan of smoking mirrors for a long time.
Love the way you see the world,honest and blunt.
Thanks for hours of entertainment


Lee said...

Les, you discovered you were the focus of intelligence agencies recently?

Then it only makes sense about a hunch I had about "Capn Crunch Spadget".

Les, did it ever occur to you that all the pain and suffering you went through, is because you are being perfected? I ask because I'm trying to make sense of my own life. I have doubts and wish I could have made better decisions. I am going through a lot of pain and I can't cry. I want to, but I just can't.

I am reminded of the scripture that says, "The Lord chastises those he loves". If that is the case, it brings some kind of answer. Maybe I was on the road to being the next serial killer or mass murderer, who knows? Divine intervention kept that from happening.

Visible said...

I do know that ultimately it is all for my own good and I also know, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' (grin). the clarity with which certain revelations and realizations are coming down on me is surreal, hyper real. That is just another facet to the overwhelming evidences of the moment.

Anonymous said...

LV, I find it odd that a man of your obvious intelligence would only now, at a ripe age, begin to realize that he'd been the target of intelligence assets. I mean, seriously. Virtually every time somebody brings up a factoid, or a morsel of truth, you are already familiar with it. And yet, you never once thought that intelligence agencies might be targeting you - even after all the shit you've gone through? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt there, but you must have quite the Polyanna outlook, 24/ I must ask, Visible, have you ever found your personal belongings out of place, on a regular basis? Things moved inside your abode, and you didn't move them. Ever see people following you around, hanging back - or, you run into them over and over, strangers? Ever have door-slamming incidents in places where you lived - people slamming doors, being loud, trying to disrupt your life? Ever have strange people come up to you, and act like they were your best friend - but they had this evil bent to them? Ever have evil people make comments to you, that were outrageous, casting aspersions on your character - and you didn't know them, or barely knew them? Ever had women insinuated into your life, who basically destroyed (or tried to destroy) your life? Ever had helicopters follow you around? Ever had jets do fly-overs, over your dwelling, in a repeated fashion? Ever get terminated from jobs and there was no rhyme or reason? Ever hear that you did something really horrible, that you had never done? Ever hear it again from someone close to you - or more than one "someone" close to you? As if a dark rumor had passed from one ear to another? If you answered yes to any of these, you have probably been targeted. (Being someone who was once targeted myself, before I changed my outlook on things, that's why I ask these questions...)

Old reader said...

Hehe.....think of them as "agentes les amour". ..l... They really really care about you, every part of you! They want to spend every moment near you!

Lv, you have done no harm and no wrong, and only reason i would guess for fedophile luv, is that you are interesting, and you attract a very interesting crowd. And a large and interesting crowd. Its agentes cherry pickin' heaven.

I have this one niggling thought keeps trotting across my brain. There is a teeny tiny group of Hateful Ones. Yes, Them. I suspect, from past for you and from past that i myself am in possession of stuff about, that they might have issue with you, or any who come here. A con always has issue when you step between them and their intent to steal. They took issue when you refused to give them your lifes work. And they are cons. You refused their con. Now? They will go full tilt to get back, over and over and over. Cause theres munny in some of these visitors and those cons want that cash crop. They want it so bad they will stop at nothing to seperate you from the munnied readers. Stay focused lv. I have more than just their numbers. (Big fat grin).

Notfakeivyhere said...

Didnt sumchik namd amarynth lay clame to the ivy league richard, sed it was her husbind? But i kno for true, she lied like a cheap thro rug! An' i got proof....

Visible said...

11:59, no to all of these. It's been much more subtle and before you judge how I go about any of it, you'd need to be there and you're not. A lot of the reason it was able to go on so long is that I see everything in terms of God and haven't much looked past that, until now.

Old reader said...

@11:59 ...... Come again? A man of the vis' "obvious intelligence" is not going to be swayed into eating off the the paranoia platter you just tried to serve.

DSKlausler said...


Please; it's TEN Bears

One of my all time favorites.


Visible said...

That's a different Richard but... printing 'proof' of prevarication is always welcome here.

Notfakeivyhere said...

Nope, she clamed that ivy league richard was her man. Clamed, not ackshully had him, yu kno. She clamed he was from universlutty of connecticut, thenclamed he was from universlutty of new york, then clamed he was universlutty of pennsilvanya. Then she clamed she was mis taking agan, that it was just richerds daddy who was all of the above. also clamed the names of numeris folk here are secretly her family and dear friends, and all have hi places in every fuking guvmint in the wirld, all dependsu derwear where you are from or interisted in! mshe says it all ovhear and ovhear In writing. Multiply times. We called each place. Cheked. Nope and nope and nope. Cus we already knew a out the real richard the ivy man. aaahaa! haha! Laughed oursevves haf to deth over it. What a character it is, whatevr it is. A herb, a persin, a faquer, whutevs it is.

Rob in WI said...

Thanks for the correction, you're right, of course. The whole movie is very well done; many memorable scenes. Guess my developing senility just showed its ugly head.
Be well, Dave, Rob

Visible said...

Man! it takes a while for things to click. On my behalf, I have so much already clicking that my present tense clicking is delayed. Still, it does come around.

Imagine my surprise when I find that Sauder is a Tribe name.

I don't know if he is but many by that name are, as research has just shown me. That would very much explain what happened. Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

well LV
the minute i read sauder was suing a 'shaman' i knew he was a loser and suspected he was of the tribe. always the recourse! forget physically exacting revenge for the beatdown...if it ever happened...which i doubt. it's all spin and perception and legal fuckery

stay bright

liz in l.a.

TyrannyNews said...

I don't know where I got this, and the audio almost cost me a YouTube demotion, but I thought you'd get a kick out of this...

It's from my "Magic's Secrets Revealed" video. The message is, even the sight of a man missing his entire top half, pushing a shopping cart, on fire isn't enough to awaken the average American.

The people just walking by, trying not to look crack me up!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Climbing Jacob's Ladder in WTF Country.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Hoenegger pointed out that the movie "Pearl Harbor," starring Ben Affleck, was released just prior to 9/11, to help shape the argument that 'a new Pearl Harbor' justified wars, and that "Argo" starring the same s.o.b., in preparation for a war with Iran, was recently heaped with accolades and honors. I haven't seen a movie in years, but with Zero Wank Thirty and such, it's pretty bad. Have the Coens done anything lately?

Anonymous said...

Visible , And Others,

Just remember, as We gain Positive Power the Negative Side throws more at Us to Negate the effects of the positive. Cause and effect.

walking hawk
(still learning also)

Anonymous said...

I recently read something from a fellow who said he got beaten up while pursuing vine-based visions in Central America. Asked for donations, too. Seemed like he went by a different name, though. I can't find it now. Oh well...




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