Friday, December 29, 2023

"All of These Pitiful Marionettes have Appointments in Samara. All of Them are Being Guided to Their Most Fitting Ends."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Petri Dish... Petri Dish... what obnoxious... unctuous... smarmy and hypocritical examples of the same have we encountered in the interim between Petri Dishes?

The last one was cremated. This one will probably go into Hazardous Waste, but we won't know that until tomorrow... when the latest outrages have been able to dance before the mind's eye... like obese, transsexual, aspartame-plum fairies... copulating with the crocodile swine... in the gender-neutral bathroom stalls that they frequent... here... in this neighborhood watering hole that is disguised as a corner bar.

Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner used to drink his pink gins here. These days he is mostly bartending at The Overlook Hotel.

Have any of you seen the latest videos of Al Gore with the retractable reptile eyelids? Man! Between him and John Kerry, it is hard to tell who is the more completely possessed of the two. It is amazing what the combination of The Apocalypse and The Awakening has resulted in. It's as if those glasses from They Live have been made virtual in the mind's eye.

Speaking of those kinds of glasses. Yesterday I saw this video and it made me want to see what I could find... via that special gift I have developed when using a search engine. (wink! And no comment).

So I came upon this site.

That looked interesting, but... I thought I would check further because... that's kind of what I do; having acted in haste in the past and feeling regretful in the aftermath.

I found nothing better after about 3 pages so I went back to the original link only to be told, “Bad Gateway.” Then I clicked on 3 or 4 other links that led to the same place, only to get Bad Gateway again or... told there was no such site. Anyone who knows me knows that I NEVER give up. So, after trying this... that... and the other thing, I went back to the original link, and... lo and behold! It was accessible again.

Quickly... I went and purchased the glasses before the site could disappear again, and I have posted the purchase page for anyone who wishes to explore further. Maybe it's still there, and maybe it isn't. Maybe... all those weird runarounds were to protect me from getting taken for a hundred dollars, and maybe it's like what the fellow said in the first link about the chemical being against the law, and the inventor being killed, but... he didn't elaborate on that.

It will be great if these are legit, and... if not, I have recourse for a refund through my broker ( I love using that word since I don't have a broker... that would imply my having vast holdings... in the financial shell game of present time.) If not, I'm only out a hundred bucks and will have taken a bullet for those who were spared from sticking their hand into the curiosity hole.

Wow! We got a bunch written here the evening before, and I haven't even seen the latest spray-on fecal graffiti that passes for information in these times. I'd better hold the rest until tomorrow, cause there will probably be more than I can even deal with. There usually is.

And... as is typical when it comes to my inspired predictions... I've found nothing further to talk about except that the word is out about Michelle Obama being run for gender-neutral president of The Noahide States of Amer(hic)a. Boy! That would add gruesome comedy atop gruesome comedy and we would be in The Land of The Grand Guignol before we even thought about it.

Would Michelle be wearing pantsuits like a former worst lady? Would she/he/it opt for The Eldridge Cleaver pants?

The truth is that I know nothing about the truth of this creature. I've heard the tales and come across the articles, BUT... seldom did I get past the first sentence before my interest was quick-vacked from the mind's colon. I just don't really care whether Michelle is some kind of freakish offense against nature or simply a garden-variety psychopath... such as we encounter more and more of in this R. Crumb zombie apocalypse.

Not a day goes by now that I do not hear the words of Mr. Apocalypse ringing in my ears over the space between 2012 (when I was in Southern Italy) and now. He told me with emphasis piled upon emphasis... which made me tremble at the time... as if I were urinating on an electric fence... that he was going to sneak up on them in public venues and pull their pants down. He was going to have them run out of town behind the collective laughter of an awakened population. He was going to shame The Devil at every turn.

I see it often now... here and there. It's similar to what happens when you come out of the forested mountains and begin to enter into a desert landscape. First, you see a few sandy patches here and there, and then... almost before you know it, it's all desert. Everything has changed. Get ready for your world to change right in front of your eyes shortly, as certain forces converge in strategic locations around The World.

Bloodthirsty agents of The International Bankers are outraged at their loss of Ukraine. They can't believe they lost. Then that color revolution in Serbia went into the wrong wash cycle, and all the color drained away. The Keystone-Cop IDF have had their asses handed to them in Gaza and they turned tail and ran... a battalion of PR flacks in the advance of them. It's gone really bad, so they have resorted to their usual routine of killing everyone in reach in the most cowardly and despicable fashion.

Yeah... we are on a knife's edge of fearsome possibilities. In the cities of The World, The Whore of Babylon and The Wounded Beast are in a marathon dance contest and about to fall down at any minute. The juice that was powering the whole smoke and mirrors extravaganza has been rerouted... powered down... to low wattage. They are losing. THEY ARE LOSING!!! They are losing on every front.

They are getting angrier and angrier. As one becomes enraged... one loses focus. As one loses control of themselves... they lose control of everything else. The truth is that they were never in control. They were simply led down a garden pathway toward believing they were... for The Purpose of Demonstration. Their fear is intensifying too. When Fear and Anger mate... Panic is the offspring.

Even now... they are constructing massive bunkers around The World. The rich and powerful are being driven wild by the voices that have appeared in their heads. I was told this was going to happen; that it had just gone into third gear fairly recently. When they start doing things like this, you should know that The Time of Denouement approaches.

The good news is... that the great hunting beasts from the lower regions... will know where to find them. Do they seriously think they are going to survive whatever it is they have in mind for the rest of us? It's going sideways... in a very big and public fashion... soon.

Remember that great line of certain truth; “those whom The Gods would destroy they first make mad?” There is a condition that appears in the minds of the prideful and arrogant. It is what drove Napoleon toward Moscow. History is filled with tales of similar events. People overreach themselves. They over-extend. They lose their balance. Their armies desert them. Their friends? They never had any friends.

There truly is a destiny that shapes our ends... regardless of the manner in which we misshape them.

All of these pitiful marionettes have appointments in Samara. All of them are being guided to their fitting ends. They will stand for a time as the latest monuments to the folly of man, once he is swept away by his own sense of self-importance. Their time is at hand. Fourth gear is right around the corner. Once you lose control of your vehicle... it is only cooler heads that prevail against the conditions of those dangerous roads.

And now for something completely different.

I have these experiences every day, but I only include them at irregular intervals... when I am told to include them. They are only for the interested parties to whom they apply, and not at all for those who are incensed by whatever fabricated bullshit they feel this must be... because if they were doing it... that is exactly what it would amount to. There is nothing contrived about any of this, but... as long-existing traditions have cautioned us, I mostly keep them to myself. Otherwise, The Small Penis Gallery goes apeshit.

I am using colorful language intentionally... for contrast... and because these same events can happen for anyone who puts in the time, regardless of how rough-hewn they might be at any point along the way.

It is of no matter to me whether anyone believes any of this because I only have to be convinced myself and nothing does that quite like direct engagement... direct experience... does. I'm certain that many of the readers have some variation of similar happenings...

Anyway. Late afternoon... as I was in my regular sunset meditation, this conversation ensued... It is not verbatim. I wish it were. It was much more elegant than what I have transcribed here, but... it will do.

“My dear friend. I wanted to inform you that you have one of those more significant periods of transformation coming up shortly. Let me put it this way. Where you have been during the most recent stage is represented by a particular geometric figure. The next phase is going to be represented by a more complex geometric figure. It continues like that until... in a series of very rapid progressions, the figures are reduced to the simplest form capable of expressing a cosmic specificity of human expression when interacting with The Divine.

“You will find in this next stage that your capacities have been increased and your usefulness will be commensurate with that, as your buddy Lao Tzu said, “He who is useful is infinite and he who is infinite is immortal.”

“This brings me to the second feature I wanted to discuss with you, and this, in tandem with the first part, is reason enough for you to end this meditation early so you can get inside and write it down before you forget it. I would have reminded you anyway but now you are antsy and that's put paid to this session. (laughter)

“True continence, as you know, is not simply restraining the sexual force from physical expression, but also restraining the mind-stuff at the mental and emotional level. This permits you to coil the force inward into a more and more concentrated state.

“It is similar to what CERTAIN monks and mystics did over the course of one or more lifetimes in order that... when the time came... in a following lifetime... they could release it all into the most intricate and beautiful expressions of me passing through them. This is what Da Vinci... Tesla... Bernini and Michelangelo... among others... did in preparation for their magnificent creations.

“This is how states of Higher Love come into being. One trains the recalcitrant Personality to hold still for the hosting and passage of The Individuality in and through it. Anyone who is committed can accomplish any of this... if they so choose to endure the process that brings it about in them.

“I am telling you this today so that your readers might profit from the contemplation of this brief discourse. I'll leave you to it now.” (he said with a laugh) Then he left me this image of him putting his finger aside of his nose and rising up the chimney (I don't even have a chimney) and trailing a cartoon banner that said, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Afternoon!””

Hopefully, elements of this transmission will convey to certain readers... certain features about the progressions of change that occur to each of us as we continue in the way, without departing from it. I thought the geometric figures was a nice touch.

The angels of The Divine... or whatever medium it is that he uses to talk to me... are direct expressions of The Divine, and act like step-down transformers of a power that otherwise would burn me to cinders. They are always lighthearted and sometimes... often... extremely amusing and entertaining. I am driven to outright laughter frequently. These are the most wonderful events of my life and I look forward to them with an expectation I cannot convey in words.

I never get the stern... admonishing... angry old man waving his finger at me. I expect I got some measure of that in earlier times. Those times have now passed. I very much advise The Reader to consider seeking out similar company. It is readily available... once one has put in the required time, and that differs from case to case.

End Transmission.......

The links at GAB are very important for context; sometimes concerning the post itself but ALWAYS concerning The World we inhabit, as a snapshot of time passing.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

"The Celestial Clock is Moving to Midnight Hour Where our Better Angels Come into Flower, and The Planets Begin to Sing."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Since it is Petri Dish and our Fisher-Price... Big Boy Pant's Microscope is working like the camera on a 1995 cellphone, we thought we would share some cultural gold... some surface level... alchemical enrichment PEI (Perversity-Ego-Ignorance) News that you've been waiting (big time) to hear.

Mr Pfizer, Travis Kelce, hasn't scored a touchdown since he got tight with Barbie Lite. Yesterday, while Charm Bracelet Barbie sat in the billionaire's box. Actually... she's got one of her own; (“I don't work Blue!” double entendre alert)

Anyway... Mr. Pfizer was looking like he has been getting worked by a cold-press juicer. (big time) His get-up-and-go... got siphoned out of his body... while he was sleeping, and he's waking up singing a new version of (mean man) Neil Young's ♫ Old Man take a look at myself. I now look like you ♫

He was a bit perky not so long ago, but Taylor Swiftly put an end to that, draining his vitality like a Venus Fly Trap plant. He looks even worse than Ben Affleck did the morning he woke up realizing who it was he was now married to... then promptly disappearing into a bottle, and... not to become a genie.

Travis (cause someone was already using Brad) looks angry. He looks sad. Not at all like the smiling hyena of his Pfizer ads; playing half a dozen times a game, (constantly flashing to the pyrite bimbo in the exclusive seats) and the team is in free fall, losing yesterday to the lowly Raiders... who scored two defensive touchdowns on two Mahomo miscues in 7 seconds. That's right! It took 7 seconds to score them both.

It's like those forces I was told had been leaked (by The Divine) into human affairs... like several fully loaded Stealth Bombers... IS A REAL THING. Yes... my friends... strange days have found us and it's all gud.

Some might think I'm just being mean and nasty here, BUT... when I see a guy taking 5 million dollars from the manufacturers of a Killer Vaccine, and wearing TWO Band-Aids on his arm from vaccines he... did... not... get, and smiling like a self-satisfied shit-weasel, I get... a little... a little... steamed. If I were a glasses-wearing guy I wouldn't be able to see through them after watching this despicable character Judas Goating (is that a verb?) the hero-worshiping public... AND... ESPECIALLY YOUNG KIDS, who don't know any better and look up to him!!!

That's lower than low OR... am I wrong? And his aging... dim-bulb cheerleader... jingle-singing girlfriend is right there pom-poming (is that a verb) him on. She's looking like she puts on her make-up like a 6-year-old with a trowel... borrowed from some of her backup Kabuki dancers.

Tell me, my friends, that you didn't know this is an arranged hook-up between Retardo Mental-Block (the inside of his head is lined with fine Corinthian Pleather) and Susie Creamcheese??? I am past certain that The Deep State approached them to do this for the good of their particular station of inhumanity. The official story sounds a lot like bullshit to me.

They look as awkward as two incels... two ice-skating giraffes (one of them a crossdresser) that have to go potty. I'm not kidding. Have you seen the few videos of them together? There are not many, and does that make sense with the most high-profile... most photographed... Dixie Cup chick... flavor of the month? No, it does not, AND THE REASON I am taking the trouble to hammer this out... when I don't care a wit about either one of them... is that EVERYTHING IS ARRANGED NOW. Yup... everything.

Everything is arranged by The Divine to start with, and then spastically disordered by Eugenics Corp. Everything is fixed. The Divine knows it's fixed cause he fixed it, and The Bad Guys assume it's fixed cause they think they fixed it and it must be true because... so far... right up until now... it's all been working out for them; NOT... ANY... MORE... no, not anymore. Welcome my friends... to the age of wonder and surprise, and we have a plethora of each for you... coming up in The Event Horizon.

Change is a constant, and... now and again... at great intervals... Big Change becomes a constant... until it isn't... once the changes have been instituted and installed by The Archetype construction workers who operate through the planetary system. It's metaphysics.

I don't generally watch football these days because Tom Brady is gone. It was the same thing for me when Michael Jordan left... and Muhammad Ali. I'm a hero worshiper. Once the hero is gone, I am too, but I told myself I would at least watch the playoffs this year. Anyway... what I do or don't do is no one's business except for those who can't mind their own. Guru Bawa had the TV on all day because it let him work inside the heads of the followers sitting around him.

Chögyam Trungpa was a skirt-chasing womanizer. Everyone has their tics... high and low. We have flaws; every master has a secret life of shame. People who like to posture... as if no flies land on them are hypocrites. ♫ out into the cool of the evening strolls The Pretender ♫ I have certain ordinary behaviors and do ordinary things and don't have to apologize to those people who see The Mote in my eye while... yeah... you know that bit of scripture; “for all have sinned and come short of The Glory of God.”

This is why Humility is so important and why my motto is, “I don't know.” meaning... by comparison with The Divine, I am less informed than a bug. I am a lover of God, and... a friend of God... because I choose to be, and that's all it takes. You have to meet the criteria, which is quite simple; you must love The Lord thy God with all your heart... all your soul... all your strength (will)... and all your mind. That's all it takes and you get there the same way you get to Carnegie Hall; practice... practice... practice.

Get ready my friends. Those who have ridden roughshod over the rest of us are... GOING DOWN! Their reign of ignorance and black magic is over! It's going to come in a fury of orchestrated change. At the moment... everything they do is turning on them. It will intensify accordingly. Their day is over!

I know for many of little faith, it seems unlikely that anything or anyone could reduce these Masters of The Universe to extremity, BUT... there is a destiny that shapes our ends... rough hew them as we may. Events are coming... the like of which few of us can imagine. The Divine is real... realer than real, and he is rising into view, and Lady Nature is to be unchained from the reversed-Kundalini... kabbalistic spells she has labored under.

The Dream Machine... that has mesmerized and intoxicated the mass of us for so long... is breaking down. The repairmen have left town on The Outward Bound or The Inward Bound, whichever of them it is. The Will of Heaven is now directly hands-on. What has been permitted has reached that point where it cannot be permitted to continue further. The Celestial Clock is moving to The Midnight Hour where our better angels come into flower, and The Planets begin to sing.

It is time to come into harmonic resonance with The Cosmos. Those who do will be righteously transformed into The Fifth Stage or The Fifth Age.

Don't take any of that literally. It's all allegorical. Perhaps this might be a tad more informative.

The Details are less important than your coming into resonance with the force of it. You must bend with The Winds of Cosmic Change or they will snap you like the resisting twig of the personal self in conflict with their divine nature.

I am not implying that either of these links contains the whole of the matter. I don't know and it is not my department anyway. The point is to stimulate your thinking and see if... perhaps... The Intuiton has an addendum for you. I don't pay a great deal of attention to what left-brain compilers of information have to say, but... I weigh and measure. I sift and filter, and... then I hear from the one who informs me/

A man must come to the desperate edge of the walls he's built around himself
and beat with his hands on the cold hard stone
and cry for the years that he's been alone
and break like a dry dead twig
under The Wheel of Time
and rise
and live
and understand
The Power of Love in his master's hand

I wrote that many years ago. We are either fluid like the water... or we are like the stone that the water wears away. We are rocks in the stream, and the current of life is what wears away the rough edges and makes us smooth and easier to bear; metaphorically speaking.

I don't have The Details either, BUT I do know it is coming, and I do know that you either resist it OR... you ride it onto the never-ending shore, where the golden sands of eternity... glimmer forever and beyond. You are either a prisoner of Time and Desire or one who aspires and is lifted up by the angels who await our compliance with The Will of The Everlasting.

Clumsy poetry it may be and you will hear those who have no poetry in them raging against my impudence... for it is what they see in the mirror, but... clumsy poetry or not... it is true, as time will tell and you shall surely see.

End Transmission.......

More of the teachings from Occult History.

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Patrick Willis narrates:

Thursday, December 21, 2023

"It's The Default Scenario Whenever The Separated Mind... sets The Separated Will... against The Unity of The Divine."

God Poet Transmitting.......

When you make things look ridiculous... as in Satire. When you blow the perspective out of proportion to the actuality of it... which actually calls for Satire because it is ridiculous... it can cause both delusions and illusions to collapse in on themselves, and that is why The Devil cannot abide scorn and runs from your laughter.

We are seeing this in action now, as demonically possessed national and international figureheads talk about the population having to eat bugs... and fake meat, manufactured by a man who kills millions of people in third-world countries... for no reason other than him not wanting them around anymore. It could be there is no profit to be made on them OR... that they require certain resources to survive, but their survival cannot be justified in a world of dollars and no sense.

Do you really think any of the present-day Climate Nazis believe that there is a climate crisis? There was never a terrorist crisis either. Perhaps those seeking to turn the world into a nightmare... by way of Franz Kafka... could see that at some point The World was bound to rise up against them so they created a fear of terror before the public could get around to reacting to their dreams of dystopia.

I remember a much freer society some decades past. One could come and go without attracting undue notice. One did not get fondled in the airports by troglodytes... who can't think and chew gum at the same time. The change started in the 80s, but the groundwork was being done already in the preceding decades.

There was a perfect storm convergence between “greed is good” and Cocaine. I remember the stock trader money junkies going to lunch at The Four Seasons and ordering 2,000-dollar bottles of wine because it was a time of conspicuous excess. It was more important to look successful than to be successful. The front became everything, and actual substance was only necessary up to a point... when you needed to hire people to polish and promote your front.

If you could just get your foot in the door... later you could come back and loot the joint. Then they started looting the joint in the daytime, and then... looting the joint became the way business got done. Now looting the joint is what everyone in business does... or else you are out of business. It became necessary, and... especially now... to loot the customers because the joint has already been emptied out, and... there is no more there... there. The loot has left town.

When Israel and The Deep State arranged for 9/11 to go down, it was really an economic thing. They had to get their hands on more of the ghost money in order to rise higher and higher beyond the reach of all the people they were stealing from. One can learn a great deal by studying what businesses and agencies were destroyed in The Towers on 9/11. The same could be said about that part of the Pentagon that got missiled. (is that a verb?)

The best way to bring down a nation... or bring The World into subjugation... is to destroy the moral climate of The Middle Class. This is necessary because no one gets a revolution without The Middle Class's assent.

So... licentious behavior... legalized drugs... Brave New World, and Dr. Feelgood atmospheres... manifested through hi-tech bread and circus environments... digitally transmitted into the home, and readily available in emporiums... designed for that purpose, and... voila! You got Babylon Rising. You got Sodom and Gomorrah franchise operations on every street corner... instead of just that section of town where... traditionally... sane city planners located their combat zones.

The best part though was to pipe it into every home. Then... the most expedient thing was to create a Scamdemic to keep people in their homes. They got think tanks now that are filled with psychopaths and stocked with the sort of socially engineered intellects that used to become doctors and lawyers, but... you know how it is... they go where the money is. They're still doctors and lawyers but everything they do is tuned to the profit of the institutions that employ them.

The stock-sharing options and percentage games keep them happy and running in place.

The new waves of migrants from the conflict zones of Africa are being packaged and delivered to the Mexican border by AshkeNAZI flesh merchants... strategized by the mindset from The Satanyahu Template. He said, “Once we can squeeze all we can get out of The United States, it can dry up and blow away.”

Yes... he said that. He's a monster, and part of the deal with creating chaos on the streets of every city is in order to create the necessary conditions for the introduction of Martial Law. They want to collapse the financial system for the same reasons they attacked on 9/11 because their methods of bookkeeping were not geared toward stability.

Conditions get worse and you have to reset... reset... reset... reset. If you can't balance the books, eventually the shelves will come down on your head... unless... unless you can arrange for someone else to be standing there.

When you make life's conditions so intolerable... people no longer fear death because they can't imagine it would be any worse than the situations they have been herded into by The Money Men. They are not afraid to die because living hurts worse than dying, but... those sleek and porcine crocodile swine are too fat to dare to die. Once the masses get stirred up against them, they... are... going... down.

It is here that I must refer to The Invisible Factor that really determines what happens and how it does or does not work out. You see... these crocodile swine are playing the God Pretender Game. It's the default scenario whenever The Separated Mind... sets The Separated Will... against The Unity of The Divine, in... both... cases.

They figure since there is no God it is perfectly suitable for them to fill the position. However... none of them can agree on common interests because there is no unity among them, so they are constantly contending with each other... jockeying for advantage, while simultaneously working to take over The World.

Their big mistake is to be blind to the reality of Truth, and the truth is that a Supreme Ruling Authority does exist... always has... and always will. This Supreme Ruling Authority saw them coming before they ever showed up... before any of their ill-thought plans were drawn up, and... had arranged for everything that was to follow alongside them, and... after them. They were no more than characters... created to play specific roles... for the entertainment of The One who created the whole affair in the first place.

Kingdoms rise and fall, mountains and continents emerge from the sea and then fall back beneath the dreaming ocean. The radiant energy... that moves in serpentine fashion, comes and goes through the temporary forms of life. It appears and disappears all around you, as do you.

In the external world, all forms are temporary. It... is... within... that the key to immortality resides. In Times of Material Darkness... people lose sight of The Truth. We are coming out of a long period of slumber, where delusional souls have dreamed their dreams of empire, and... these we have had... coming and going... ever since the last time the slate was wiped clean. It happens over and over again, and it will continue... world without end.

Those who have amassed their fortunes at the expense of everyone else are going to find their coffers picked clean, and... a long-lasting and dreadful ignominy is going to descend upon them. Bright-eyed angels are going to come out of The Invisible. Some will see them, and some will only feel the force of them. The World WILL BE set back into order.

For many... it will simply be a time of great change. They may know little of the means or who authored it. They will simply adapt... as they always do... and go about their business... soon forgetting that anything had happened at all. It is human nature in the mortal sphere.

Consciousness is a peculiar thing. You only know what you think you know and that is a sort of prison cell, where you are confined within the dimensions of what you think you know. Higher Love presses those borders out beyond time and memory...beyond every form of constriction. You are no longer confined by the laws that apply to that state of consciousness. You can't really tell anyone about this. How do you describe swimming to someone who has never seen water?

For the rare bird who has tasted the essence of the nature of Higher Love. Ah! What could anyone say to those who have not? Strive... Strive... Strive... to be more and more alive. More and more let go... so the Love of God might flow... unhindered... through you.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, December 18, 2023

"They Are in The Throes of an Advanced Desperation. Like a Juggler... Which is The Exoteric Term for a Magician..."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This is a powerful testimony.

There is a tsunami of similar expositions coming just beyond the range of sight. Perhaps... metaphorically speaking... having something to do with the curve of The Earth meeting The Event Horizon? I'm simply Heliocentrically musing on the principle of plants coming out of The Earth as related to changes triggering the subconscious for human transformation; no one seems to know where it comes from, but... come it does.

Then... there was this event in Ukraine on Friday. There are many more of these coming as The Future pours into The Present. That is actually how it works. It might sound confusing, but... think about it; there is ONLY The Present... ever. (this link has been removed at Shitter-X. It was a video of the council member who threw 3 hand grenades into a council meeting.)

I meditate in the morning and late afternoon. One is at a time after The Sunrise... when The Sun can fall on me, and one is at the setting of The Sun. The times of the meditations change over the course of more than two hours as The Sun moves from solstice to solstice. I live on a golf course... off the fairway of a particular hole.

Since shortly after I started... six months? 8 months ago? I don't remember. I don't keep track of that sort of thing; during the morning meditations... workmen on big machines; movers... blowers... and the like... began to appear, often exactly as I was beginning my meditations. It was uncanny, and it was consistent. There is no way that they have that many workers who can constantly appear during a time period that is always changing.

I got industrial earplugs so... they have no effect on me now. Still, they continue, AND... it happens every day, including Sunday. There is nothing normal about this, and you don't mow the same stretch of grass every single day.

I wouldn't usually mention this... many strange things happen... to and around me... that are much stranger than this. However... today... 3 large mowers appeared. Then two blower vehicles followed, and then a truck with workers appeared at the sand trap across the way. It was like a traffic jam and this has NEVER happened before. In the usual scheme of their operations, they appear at different times. They do not appear at the same time. It makes no logical sense.

Often they will disappear as soon as I am done. Sometimes they go back and forth in front of this house... turning around as soon as they pass the house on either side. I've seen plenty of strange in my life, and I can say... since I have been directly experiencing it... this is plenty strange.

For the longest time, I told myself it was coincidence. I thought about it. I analyzed it... weighed it... tossed it about in my thoughts. I told myself there is no way I have any kind of importance like that to call up such behavior. The fact that it continues with such consistency... relegates it to the realm of mystery.

I don't play golf. I won't be going into that. It is some whim of The Cosmos that put me here. I'm not complaining, and I get intimations my circumstances will migrate in the shorter term to more private environs. I am very grateful because with my income I could never afford to live somewhere like this and maintain the other expenses, but... The Divine has been most kind to me in the later stages. I am permitted to live well with little.

I know The Ineffable is making a statement with me, and has been for a while. Once you pass through the bruising uncertainty, which in my case lasted for decades; once The Shraddha has reached a particular level... material conditions are no longer a concern... nor ever will be again.

There is something that happens within us that... once it reaches a certain stage... acts directly upon The World... so as to tame and shape it at will. It's a direct expression of certain laws that permeate existence, and work according to their own rules of order, much like electroculture... permaculture... serendipity, and all those other actual laws that have to do with fortune, misfortune, and what is called luck, but which is a word to cover for something that does not exist as we have assumed it does.

Anyone who has taken the tools of metaphysics and measured their relationship as Microprosopus to the Macroprosopus... knows that there is a lot more to life than what appearances suggest. Once I had made the necessary adjustments to my life, there was no longer any reason for The Cosmos to discipline me or call me on inconsistencies that were no longer present in my behavior.

Life treats us exactly as we treat life... according to the rules and commandments, which... once abided by... grooves our existence into ever finer demonstrations of serenity and peace. It gets better and better... it gets worse and worse... or it stays on a barely perceptible roundabout that repeats itself until The Timer goes off.

I know that hardly anyone cares if machines show up on the other side of my fence line... every day... on a progressing gradient of time; along with the hatched crossways of chemtrails... the flag at the community center lowered for a month over the death of a forgotten Supreme Court buzzard... the pulsing low bass note vibrations... that come out of nowhere... in my naps and early mornings... randomly, and for short periods of time.

These occurrences might not have the same meaning if there was only one of them, but new ones get added, and after a while, the framework of life has changed. I live in one of the least harassed areas of the country. I can only imagine what it is like in the coastal areas. Now... organized gangs roam the country... imported here by The Usual Suspects, and they go through certain neighborhoods like locusts through fields of green.

Every day... The Evil Emperor of The WEF... is on about something that almost no one wants to see happen. He and his homosexual rat-pack seem to be on some kind of a clock. Every day... Bill Gates gets more and more insane; murdering 70 million trees for Global Warming, and making no sense science-wise at all... promoting fake meat... Killer Vaccines... depopulation agendas, AND... doing something about it by twisting the natural world and natural behavior into a pretzel... tortured to extremes at the hands of his Cenobite fellow travelers.

George Soros and his Rothschild employer are flooding all of The Western World with migrant hordes in order to collapse the financial systems so that utter chaos and ruin may result and then his sycophants can reshape the governments into Oceana... Eurasia... and Eastasia.

Everything is being denatured, though they are calling it something else. The planning and groundwork have been going on for decades, but now... as the intended reset approaches... the architects are being forced out into the public view. Their hubris has blinded them to their risk of overexposure. Even as they imagine themselves rising to an unchallenged supremacy over The Lumpen Proles, they are falling... they are falling.

A Perfect Storm is rising to counter their constructs. It approaches on invisible wings from multiple directions. All of their efforts are by visible means. What comes to confront them is by invisible means. Like a man trying to hold water in his hands... there is a limited time frame of control. Several forces have been released into The World from The Heavenly Sphere. These actions... according to the law of action and reaction... have produced a reaction.

It's nothing personal. It just happens as a result of their own efforts.

Everything is going wrong in Israel. It is a monumental public relations disaster. It is a tactical error similar to Napoleon marching on Moscow at the wrong time of year... as if there ever were a right time. This is the end of Israel... which was a false Israel, to begin with, and a criminal syndicate that gained sovereign nation status for its enterprises of war crimes... on many levels... against EVERYONE else.

The present (and temporary) governments around The World are set to fall the way the religious institutions are falling and for the same reason; dry rot in the infrastructure. They are all termite-infested and can no longer stand on their own. A constant effort to prop them up only buys them limited amounts of time to continue in their terminal distress.

Everywhere you look you see crazy shit going down; 'going down' being the operative term. It is proving out before your eyes that those whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad. So... for a time... weird events are going to be the dis-order of the day. It is happening in everyone's life, and it will... likely... get freakier and stranger for a time, until the thing collapses in on itself, AND... it will collapse. What does one do? ♫ don't stand... don't stand... don't stand so close to it ♫

They are in the throes of an advanced desperation. Like a juggler... which is the exoteric term for a magician... they have too many balls in the air. It is only a matter of time. However... they are not juggling balls. They are juggling chainsaws and bombs. They are playing according to the odds that The House arranged for... certain that they cannot lose. It's going to be beautiful... unless you are standing too close or invested in it.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

"Make-em Desperate and Fearful so that some Silver-Tongued Demagogue of a Huey Long can ride in on a Circus Pig."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Following yesterday's posting, I got a comment from a reader at Smoking Mirrors about The Trump Conundrum. It has been creating a dichotomy (grin) in my mind for some time... this idea (on the one hand) that Trump is some kind of savior of America, and this Good Cop-Bad Cop game that seems to be taking place at the same time... well...

The person said; “It is interesting that in his first year in office, he was going to have a committee investigating vaccine safety headed by Robert Kennedy Jr. In a video RKJ talks about that and said after it was set to go, he received a call from Trump. Trump told him they were canceling the committee. And, apparently, Trump had received a $1,000,000 campaign donation from Pfizer.”

Then there is the Bill Gates interaction.

Then there is his Klaus Schwab endorsement.

Add in his mindless and slavish devotion to The Kingdom of Satan on Earth... his family intermarrying with a Khazar oligarch line, AND... his son-in-law's sweetheart deal with The Saudis.

Of course, that last is no big deal. They are all in bed with each other... up there where the sweet air of real privilege is found, BUT... it does make me wonder why the people going after Trump are not going after Little Lord Fauntlestein.

Then there is all that trust the plan woo-woo.

I'm not the sort to spend my time wishing and hoping. Both of my hands are involved in Trust but Verify; “No one can stop what is coming?” I believe that, BUT... I don't think we are talking about the same thing. I KNOW The Divine has the real plan, and no one is going to stop it. Everyone else can talk whatever game suits them. I might be amused at their loop-de-loops, but... I'm not going on the ride.

I deeply... deeply want to believe in a posse of guys in white hats, coming around the mountain when they come, BUT... I have one of those minds that automatically fixes its sights on inconsistencies. When someone repeats themselves over and over in an avuncular manner, while... metaphorically... grabbing my elbow when they shake my hand... I get a creepy feeling.

Those of you among The True Believers; you don't smell a rat... anywhere in this sausage factory? Maybe the rat's in the sausage?

Mr. Art of The Deal surely must understand that deals involve give and take; promises made... arrangements agreed to... quid pro quo... you service my wife and I'll raise your kids. Those in The World of Realpolitik are schooled in the old give-and-get, and none of them want to be the guys on the bottom who clean the bathhouse on Sunday morning... when The Great Disinfectant rises up in the sky.

I'm just too familiar with badger games... Spanish prisoners... 3-card Monte... and Ponzi... and... false good Samaritans... there are all kinds of scams... short cons... long cons and Con's your uncle who just got into town. I see these things coming right away because I... don't... want... anything; you can't lure me into any of it because I don't care about any of it. They say you can't cheat an honest man. Say it another way and I will agree with you.

You can't cheat anyone who has no palate for The Bait. This world is a traveling carnival show. You learn early or... it gets harder every following day. People can't shake the habit of false hope, and so... The World consistently disappoints them. I never loan money. I might go along with someone's need to reassure me of remuneration, BUT... I forget about it right after it happens. my world... you got tinsel in your eye.

Look! You want anything in The World? Put your head down and work toward it; dream it into being. It might not MATERIALIZE in this go-round, BUT... it will definitely be routed to The Planning Board for future construction. The billboards will go up around the site, and say... “Coming soon! A new This or That or... Whatever.” (soon being a relative term) It's how it works. It's Cosmic Law. It's how everything you see here... got here.

It's called Precipitation. Your classic example is The Dew, and that is why it is the third part of the alchemy between The Sun and The Moon. I have my own ambitions. My primary ambition is that The Kingdom of Heaven comes to Earth. My following ambition is to become like The Sun. I might not get to be like our particular sun. There's got to be a long line... a waiting list, and... since each regent is present for a period of four hundred million years... heh heh.

The Sun is the biggest celebrity around and the thought never crosses his mind. He's too busy doing what he does, and he doesn't get a day off. He is ALWAYS shining. The Divine is the same way. He shines through countless suns forever... or it seems like it, BUT God, and The Sun God, and all their companions do get equal time for themselves. That is why there is both a Day... and a Night of Brahman.

Is Trump the real deal? I go by the eternal maxim; “by their works, ye shall know them.” AND ALSO... “Watch out that no one deceives you.” I know that The Divine uses everyone for his purposes whether they know it or not, so... I can't say Yay or Nay here because it hasn't happened yet. The whole story has not yet unraveled from The Cosmic Loom.

I know the mass killers of Palestinians are NOT The Good Guys, and... Trump is in bed with them. Most of the rich and powerful in this world (who want to keep their money) are also in bed with them. They are the agents of The Dark Side in this cycle of events. They are The False Israel. It should be noted that there is also a True Israel.

It takes a powerful mind and a focused will to walk away from the blandishments of The World. It is why so few can accomplish this; many are called but few are chosen. It takes a special kind of steel to walk away from it all. No one can do it on their own. You need the help of The Invisible Kingdom. You need friends in high places. The snares of The Enemy are diabolically clever, and far too many of us are far too confident in our personal powers. This is why Pride goes before a fall.

The Clown Car is awfully crowded these days.

I don't know whether Trump will turn out to be a knight in shining armor. I only know about all the things he didn't accomplish the last time he was king, and... he's a smart guy. How could he have been taken in by all those false friends... unless he wasn't? Unless it was all part of The Plan we are supposed to trust?

I've never seen it all turn to shit the way it has since Dark Brandon became The White House wind-up toy. Everything went right off a cliff. It sure looks like a put-up job to me; you make everyone desperate and fearful, and then Huey Long rides in on a circus pig. It's the perfect set-up for a silver-tongued demagogue.

There sure is a bumper crop of wanna-be Antichrists waiting in the wings; Obama... who is presently pulling the strings for the people who own him... Ramaswamy the Hoodoo Shaman... Mr. Down Home and Folksy, Donald Trump... Satanyahu; don't get me started... ♫ I've got a little list ♫ Actually it is a big list of candidates for the role. Doesn't matter who gets the job. They lose... don't they?

The whole time that the personifications of The Raging Lion... seeking whom he may devour, and... the jackals and hyenas that follow in his tracks... do their song and dance of inevitable mortality here... one Cardinal Truth seems to elude their attention; they... all... lose.

In the hoopla and confusion of Gotterdamerung, and all the other apocalyptic cosplay, it's easy to get caught up in the performances; is that a real tidal wave? Why is the ground shaking? (must be too much bass) The light show and all the holograms and special FX can be riveting. You can lose yourself in the spectacle.

Personally... I DON'T KNOW what is coming... what shape it will take... how long it will last, and... what will be left when it's over. All I know is that there is ONE... THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE Supreme Commander and his will IS DONE... PERIOD... EXCLAMATION POINT!!! How it sorts out... whether it bends here and straightens there... I DON'T KNOW. What I know is that The Sun will still be shining, and The One who is shining through The Sun... through every sun... everywhere... is... and has ALWAYS been... victorious... BEFORE and AFTER the fact.

Get your priorities in order.

End Transmission.......

The last day of this year is 123123

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Friday, December 08, 2023

"This is One of The Reasons that Any and All Arguments of Every Kind... are All Pointless and Convoluted Circle Jerks."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Refugees packaged... and delivered to the American border... are flowing into the country day and night from every Third World country on Earth. It's a collaborative effort of The (worldwide) Ashkenazi Syndicate. They have complete control of the government, which they gained through election fraud in 2020, with the help of The Social Media Barons... who are also members of that syndicate. None of this is in doubt. It has been proven again and from every direction you approach it from.

As the corporate American MIC engages in fruitless efforts of ever-greater expansion outward, the barbarian hordes are pouring inward, where the intention is to collapse the financial system and the social order... for a brutal takeover, which includes the expunging of all former debt that was created by The Bankers... through the long-standing criminal organization called The Federal Reserve, which is owned by the same people who are driving the migrant armies across the borders.

It's what is known as a Vicious Circle. At the heart of the matter is the fomenting and spread of Chaos and Confusion, which are both weapons of The Infernal Kingdom, expressed through the mindset of Divide and Conquer. The objective is the subjugation and elimination of the white race through murder and miscegenation. This is accomplished through poisoning the food... water... and atmosphere, as well as The Killer Vaccines, and whatever can be manufactured to that end.

The Other White Race... much like the other white meat... is waiting in the wings to assume control over everything that can be controlled, in order to be a hundred times more brutal than the people they are replacing. They claim they are not white, and that might be true of the original members, but it is not true of the Khazars who were converted to Judaism by King Bulan and who... basically... came out of the Caucasus regions where the term Caucasian comes from.

You can see the revisionist history presently at work by Wikipedia also owned by the same people.

It's all kind of like The HIV Virus; if you know anything about camouflaging cell markers and Viral Latency.

Okay... I could go into exquisitely minute detail here if I wanted to. I could slither like a snake through the turning gears... to where their dependency on other gears connects, and past that... and past that... and past that, until all that is left is a puff of smoke... concealing what might have been there previously, and which might still be there, BUT... you can't see it... cause it has moved outside of your bandwidth of perception.

This is one of the reasons that any and all arguments about anything at all... are all pointless... circumnavigating... circle jerks. These masquerading cell markers... children of The Great Deceiver, are most deeply concerned about Semitic DNA which is possessed by The Palestinians. They do not have any of this DNA; not the greatest majority of them. Some small segment of Sephardic people do have this identifier.

The whole thing about the Semitic... Antisemitic mumbo-jumbo game theory is about them being made to appear what they are not. They are NOT Semitic. They do not have an ancestral right to Palestine. They are NOT The People of The Book. They are not who they say they are. They are the followers of Mammon who seek a non-existent... and never-coming Kingdom of This Earth, AND... what they have convinced themselves is true; their right to rule over everyone else by hook... or by crook.

In the past... every time they have been caught out at this, they have been given their walking papers. So... they now believe... by having gained control over the physical wealth of The World... they are being empowered to rule The World. The Grand Apocalypse and The Grand Awakening are both countermoves from Heaven to see to it that they do not. They have responded with Woke, which they hope will obfuscate the situation until they can get a handle on the others. No one but The Divine is in command of The Apocalypse and The Awakening.

Lord Kalki... The Mahdi... Maitreya... The Second Coming of Christ... whatever terminology or viewing lens you understand this next Avatar through... doesn't matter. He's coming. He's on his way. He is precipitating out of The Sun from which all Avatars descend. It is the same spirit in each of them that comes again and again... whenever life on this planet has gotten so screwed up that he had to come here or else... all is lost.

It's very simple. It is ALWAYS simple unless YOU make it otherwise for reasons of your own. A vast number of us are going in the direction of The Way of All Flesh. In Times of Material Darkness, the nature of Humanity is to incline toward the sensitive life of comfort and ease. The Spiritual direction is forgotten or interpreted into something more in line with comfort and ease. The Divine takes on human form to redirect us; those who are willing to be redirected.

Those who are not willing to be redirected... in The Great Spiritual Reset that counterpoints The Great Reset of the present day Murder Incorporated... will be permitted to continue in the direction they have chosen for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

Those whose love of the things of this world... exceeds any affection they might have for The Celestial Realm... will be turned under into the matter of it... to be rearranged... and re-formed... for their next appearance here... again and again... for as long as it may continue. No one has to be here. They have chosen to be here. Some... for whatever they might gain on a personal level, and some... to help.

Look at those characters who presently dance upon the stages of The World... those Name Players... those who... temporarily perform... in all the many capacities... that continue to be replaced by the next in line.

They will be doing something else shortly. They will be someone else... somewhere else... shortly. The Wheel of Fire. The Wheel of Earthly Desire... turns forever... because Desire is forever. You can't stamp it out, and only a fool would try. The trick is to direct it properly. You can see around you what happens when you don't. The Higher Octave of Desire is Aspire.

Those who think they are presently running The Show, and on the verge of absolute control of everyone else are... IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE, and... no matter how many times it happens... again and again... the players never seem to realize that the same end result comes for them every single time. They fail. They fall into spectacular ignominy... in this world AND the next. Mind how you go!

A couple of nights ago, I watched an awful production called “The Killers of The Flower Moon.” Here you can see what happens when The Higher Self removes all creative force from those who have gone to the well too often and with too little right. This was an exhaustive piece of shit that served no purpose... it was like a contemporary effort by Ingmar Bergman... where the general feeling one is left with was that of fingers going slowly down a blackboard for a really long time.

It was like Cries and Whispers was the result of being made hoarse from screaming, No! I can't take anymore! For a very long time.

I was amazed at how clumsy and mishmash the whole laborious process turned out to be. This was so bad, and... so adherent to the new ground rules for Academy nominations... that it has got to be in line for several Stool Sculpture statues.

The Native American actors were fine. DiCaprio seemed to be dealing... (from what his facial features indicated...) with a constant state of constipation and IBS, and De Niro... playing himself in real life... was just old and evil.

Then... at the end... after showing yet again the horrors of The White Race visited upon the indigenous people... Scorsese mocked the killings with a radio farce at the end... featuring himself doing a bad Steven King impression... which is what most cameos usually end up as. It was horrific. I ONLY bring this up because what he and others like him used to be able to count on with their smoke and mirrors efforts has been taken from them. Everywhere in the arts you see this now... all inspiration has been taken away.

Maybe it was never there in the first place? Maybe the illusion was strong enough until now that we were unable to see how bereft of talent and ability they were. Now... The Awakening has cast a different light on everything. We are coming out of a haze. Everything is being exposed, and THEY are losing it.

They are so sunk into their degenerate behavior that they cannot see what is happening outside of their self-congratulating circles of mutual admiration.

I mentioned that The Divine had told me a few weeks ago that he had loosed several forces upon The World and that no one and nothing could resist the effect they were bringing. Today he told me that he was now turning up the heat inside them in such a way that we could not fail to soon observe the fallout that it will bring to the surface. I was told to Pay Attention because... it was going to be evident to those who were paying attention just what was happening.

Their movies may be getting increasingly boring and badly drawn, BUT... this movie... the one we are in... is going to be getting very interesting, and... in many cases... highly entertaining.

End Transmission.......

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Here is a beautiful conclusion to the series of arcane writings that we have been presenting of late. It is written by Manly Palmer Hall, who was the author of all of them. This is a soul-stirring piece of writing. Be moved, and enjoy!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

"As The World Awakens...There Will Come a Chorus of Voices so Loud... that It Drowns Out... Every Other Sound."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Awakening is coming in stages... like the phases of The Moon. It's waxing and getting stronger. One of the changes it is going through is moving from waking up... to speaking out. You are seeing that now. It was becoming clear that The Killer Vaccines were wrong somehow. We might not have known in what manner they were wrong, but something was off.

Many of us would not go near them. Many of us never got flu shots in the first place. Unfortunately, even more of us are overshadowed by herd instinct and the caste system of The Hive Mind; workers... drones... and other variations one doesn't see in the insect realm... cause we are more specialized... or think we are.

Earlier in this year, and the year before, very few people were publicly speaking out about The Talmudic Death Jab. They were waking up, but they were not speaking out. They probably had too much to lose. Now we'll be seeing all sorts of professional folk jumping on the bandwagon to say, “Well... I never;” whether talking about Jesus or The Killer Vaccines... it's hard to tell. Peter would have been deceiving Paul in any case... even if Paul was not even on the scene yet.


people are coming out of the woodwork everywhere. The latest whistleblower from New Zealand is especially damaging to the Deep State narrative; brothers and sisters, drink the Kool-Aid.

Only it wasn't Kool-Aid, was it? It looks like Jacinda Horseface is a mass murderer. A passel of the Sorosian... WEF... Tribal Elite Satanists... running the various countries of The World... are all mass murderers.

It's basically the same people behind GAZACIDE. It's the same people over at Monsanto... (My Satan)... Nestlé, and The Big Guns of Black Rock... State Street and Vanguard. They're all the same black-robed executioner wearing different faces, and most of them come from the same poisoned gene pool. The River Lethe and a whole lot of other tributaries all run out of this sea of death, ♫ come with me, my love, to the sea ♫

Years ago... around the time of retrograde grunge... the music of suicide... heroin addiction, and despair... there appeared The Black Bloc in Seattle. It was early days for Antifa... which had been around for much longer in other places. Now they have chapters as ubiquitous as Chabad Houses and for much the same reasons; as Mumbai demonstrated.

They are in Ireland and everywhere else that The Forced Migrant Chaos was directed toward the collapse of long-lasting cultures. They create an event, and their Blackshirts run to the barricades. Then the bought and paid-for politicians pass ever more Draconian laws to make Cromwell look like a hall monitor.

Legions of Munchhausen Syndrome parents have replaced the helicopter parents of yesteryear. Now it's all chopped genitals and inoculations; lockstep leads to lockstep... old slaves were put in chains... new slaves are put in denial. Factitious Disorder is starting to look a lot like the new pandemic of Coinciditis... everyone is dropping dead by coincidence. Now Pfizer has a treatment for this out-of-nowhere Myocarditis THAT THEY CAUSED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Now we have a new pandemic of White Lung. However... what do you know? It turns out to be a Killer Vaccine side effect.

They pretended to be magicians and they got the brooms to march and carry water. This time the real magician won't be coming back in the nick of time. This time we see what happens instead.

Bill Gates and the rest of these bloodstained clowns are LITERALLY bragging about population reduction for our own good. Be grateful if you are one of the reduced. You wouldn't want to live in whatever world they have in mind. Now... Bill wants to block The Sun, after burying hundreds of millions of trees to fight Global Warming. Apparently, those whom the Gods would destroy... they do indeed drive mad.

He's sounding more and more like Gollum all the time, and looking more like him too... though he's a bit more like Saruman... isn't he?

Gollum went into the deeper darkness of the Earth because he couldn't stand the cursed light of The Sun. Then The Moon became too much also.

Well... they're all coming out of the shadows now. The invisible will of The Cosmos is pressing down on them... forcing them to out themselves before the eyes of The World. They are suffused with confidence. Meanwhile... all round The World... people are waking up to the lies... as the powers of darkness that sustained them... are diminishing. The cloud banks are breaking up. Light is streaming down upon the darkness of The Mind.

Above and behind The Surface Mind... just below where the hair coils outward from the crown of the head... is another part of The Mind. It is the seat of The Higher Mind... that part of your consciousness that resonates with The Celestial Mind like a tuning fork. The source of The Awakening is vibrating into all the receiving units that we have been carrying around with us all this time... unaware.

We are waking up, like... it... or... not. Some will be dragged kicking and screaming, and some will awaken with a strange new joy surging through their hearts... in a mysterious union with that great sea of Divine Love that waits just beyond the portal in the secret chamber within. A lot of what we weren't using is coming into use.

As The World awakens... there will come a chorus of voices so loud and so resounding that it will drown out every other sound. It will drive the deceivers under The Earth where they can hunt and harry one another. The Age of Blanketing Darkness is passing away. An age of light is coming in. Everything that cannot live in that light... must... perforce... go somewhere else.

It is a similar thing when you die... though you don't actually die. As you should know by now... everything is in a state of individualized vibration, and all made from the same thing... through Adaptation. When you... pass... you are vibrating at a certain pitch, this draws you... via the process of cosmic electromagnetism... to a place of similar vibrations. Some go up. Some go down. Some stay where they are in a different vehicle.

You... gravitate... to the level you are vibrating at. What should this tell you? It should tell you to RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS!!! tap... tap... is this thing on?

How do you do this? You do it through Love. Love exists in endless permutations of The Attractive Force... from raw rutting fever to the most sublime rapture of the saints. Everyone finds their own level. Everyone is PRESENTLY demonstrating their level. By their works... the cosmic process identifies them.

You don't have to concern yourself with blood-drinking monsters like Gates... Soros... Fink... Clinton... Satanyahu... Schwab and sundry. They are only concerned with themselves, and... will be directed toward the specific place appointed for their sort. As is often the case... there will be no one there but them, and Saturn.

Saturn is a masseuse/masseur They all got their shot at Ticklish Onan. They have failed... publicly... in spectacular fashion, so... it's off to those places they prepared for everyone else. Let the Karmic Rolfing begin! Rachel Levine will be handing out towels.

Do not concern yourself with Justice and Retribution in your mind. That is the place where you generate your thoughts. Keep it pristine. Stand guard in The Mind... controlling what takes up residence there and what passes on to somewhere else. All these DETAILS are handled by the proper departments... as above... so below. You hold yourself in check and The World will roll effortlessly all around you.

You can become so still that you disappear. Perhaps you are still here? You can't be seen if you are not on a related bandwidth. Birds sing. Bees hum. Waves laugh as they pound upon the shore. Raise your own joyful voice and make a joyful noise. You will attract your like. Everything is a mating call of some kind. Everything is calling for something else. Not everyone who buries you is your enemy, and not everyone who digs you out is your friend.

The Awakening is also a Pandemic. It is as contagious as an STD, and you catch what you catch from those you consort with; lay down with dogs, and... all that. You could just as well catch something else. It all depends on the level you are vibrating at; RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS!!!

Others have lowered theirs and the one who takes care of The Details will take care of them. The worst part of their suffering is that they have themselves for company.

End Transmission.......

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