Sunday, October 27, 2019

Mr Apocalypse is The Caller as the alt-sex Dancers, Allemande Left off the Cliff's of Darwin

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Modern Society, in the grip of Materialism, is an offense that is visited upon Nature, through the vehicle of what is called civilization and the outcome is that Nature is distorted into an artificial construct that makes men effeminate... Balance goes missing and the result is an ever increasing perversity of sexual expression. The rot of corruption appears and the moral compass goes awry. Then comes the sexualization of children and a War on Innocence.

Civilization is humanities reaction to pain.

The political arena becomes the playing field for rich men, who have surrendered their souls for gain and who subsequently have no presence of conscience. Laws are passed for ever greater degrees of permissiveness. There's money to be made in that. It's drinks all around, at the high table, for lawyers. The Fallen Angels dance in celebration for the depravity of humanity. Evil is performed for the sheer joy of it.

Those whose job it is to fabricate history and misrepresent the present, arrange for what never happened to be a common memory and justification for all that follows. The journeyman psychologists and diseased psychiatrists, rewrite The Book of Normal. They proceed with Byzantine minutiae, in a dance of intricate convolutions, which make right and proper every excess and indulgence, while casting a baleful eye and official censure upon every aspiration for a better world.

The sane and righteous among us are shouted down, accused of every heresy their critics can invent. Men and women shove one another aside, in a frantic rush to proclaim their fealty to the Gods of this world. Any other devotions, or thinking to the contrary, are determined to be anathema to the public good which... has nothing to do with the public good but everything to do with the climate of manufactured perspectives.

This morning I find that the administration is celebrating the alleged demise of a highly ranked, media bad guy, with commentary on him being a whinging coward. This was EXACTLY the same treatment I saw for fall guy Bin Laden and that great hero of Africa, Muammar Gaddafi. What wasn't mentioned was that ISIS was created by American and Israeli intelligence services, so it looks like we did (or didn't) bump off one of our own employees.

Every time I, foolishly, let myself be drawn into admiration for President Trump, something like this happens; a shameless publicity stunt. I am a huge fan of his accomplishments and a strong adherent, due to the horrific potential of his rivals for office ...but... I have to fall back on the unshakable certainty that it is The Divine Persona who is in charge of EVERYTHING that does and does not happen. I am then obliged to pray that he guide this president in all he says and does, for the good of this country. It's going well for the latter, not so swimmingly for the former.

If you are one of the remaining sane, in these times of general, pervasive madness, you are transphobic by default. If you are a consciously participating, upright member of the human race, you have to be default transphobic and all manner of other phobic. If you are FOR SOMETHING, you must also be FOR WHATEVER RESULTS BY ITS PRESENCE. If the Gay Agenda results in sybaritic grope-fests, in the moshpits of The Swamps of Entropy, in some Meth-infused bathhouse, where hundreds upon thousands, writhe in a sightless Hell of flaming darkness, is this some kind of PG-13?

If they march in celebrations of their behavior, waving their pierced genitalia in the faces of children, is this truly an example of the high road of social evolution?

Now we are provided with offenses against childhood and every tricycle it rode in on, via Drag Queen Story Hour, as porcine Halloween, cartoon characters, from the dark side of H.P. Lovecraft's nightmares, grope 6 to 8 year old children, rolling on the floor with them and Transpreading in fairy tale princess outfits, as their junk extrudes through pantyhose then... well, there you go, don't you? AND... if you say anything. IF YOU SAY ANYTHING, you're an evil NAZI, who must be shunned and possibly (as soon as it is legal) liquidated by all right thinking people who do want this in their backyard. WELL... COUNT ME AS ONE WHO SAID SOMETHING. PUT MY NAME UP ON THAT WALL OF SHAME, WHEREVER IT MAY BE. I WILL PAY THE STONE MASON TO INSCRIBE IT THEREUPON.

No one... much cared, once alt-sex dancers got the right to doe see doe in the privacy of their own abodes; live and let live but... it didn't stop there and so far it hasn't stopped here and it isn't going to stop until every straight (preferably white) male, willing or unwilling, is stripped naked and strapped over a barrel, for the passing pleasure of all and sundry. The operative phrase will be; “if they're old enough to stand, they're old enough to be strapped to the barrel.” It will be a modification of that old saw, “old enough to bleed, old enough to butcher.” which was one of those Red Neck Anthems from days of yore.

I remember being in Big Sur a good long time ago and I went into a bar. I remember standing at the urinal. While I did my business, I read the graffiti and came upon one I will NEVER FORGET, “Hippies are living proof that Niggers and Jews Fuck Dogs.” I was a Hippie, thankfully I did not have a dog. I'd already heard about the right wing types in that neck of the woods. Those words of depraved wit, from some hardscrabble philosopher, were all I needed to see to confirm it. What was more telling, was that the phrase had been left up and... from what I could see, had been there awhile.

Eventually, most of these alt-sex dancers, are going to Allemande Left off the Cliff's of Darwin but... for the moment, they and their Satanic handlers in the shadows, are fair capable of making your life Hell on Earth, which is the intended objective after all. I've often thought that one becomes a slave, when they cease to be their own master. Presently, humanity is well on its way to being enslaved. It's being enslaved by appetite and corporation stimulated, base desire. It's being enslaved through fear and its own cowardice to confront the encroachment of behaviors, fabricated to ensnare their children and turn their children against them. “Citoyen J'accuse”, was the calling card of the Jacobin's in Revolutionary France. It was another variant on “Burn the Witch!” and “Stone the Heretic!”

Remember the last scene in the Donald Sutherland version of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers? He turns and points with an open mouthed silent cry, identifying one of those who has not yet fallen asleep. Don't fall asleep, even if you do have to get out of Dodge.

Yes, count me in as one who is not going to be intimidated by feckless poltroons, whose only confidence is to be found as a Masked Pillsbury Dough Boy in a ravening mob.

I've been watching videos of late. Possibly I need to cut back. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how these people became convinced of such absurdities. They are openly admitting to a desire to hurt anyone who fits into the wrong demographic of being alive. I haven't seen a white supremacist in I don't know when. I know the argument being used. It's called, 'playing the victim card' and that has been honed to perfection by a certain group who use it in every circumstance, who manufacture events where they can flaunt their victimization. In recent times, in France, when events of this nature were investigated, the facts showed that the events were fabricated by members of this very group, almost without exception.

There is a reason why certain people might want to gain control of a nation's money supply. There are reasons why one would wish to control the media, SO THAT THEY CAN CONTROL THE NARRATIVE, to control the entertainment industries so that THEY CAN SHAPE HUMAN VALUES AND BEHAVIORS. It is PATENTLY OBSERVABLE! This is ALL EASILY PROVEN WITH OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE. I did not invent this. I discovered it. I went where the truth led me. I am not happy to have found what I have found. How much simpler and easier it would be for me if I had discovered something else. Well... that ship has sailed. It is what it is and as Mr. Apocalypse perambulates with purpose through this world, more and more people are awakening to this truth, so there is a concerted and impassioned effort to steer the public's attention into ANY OTHER DIRECTION.

If we had to rely on our own power, on our own efforts, the battle would have been lost long ago but, in fact, the battle was won long ago, when The Master walked this Earth and demonstrated the Power of Love over everything, including Death itself. Now we come upon the time of The Harvesting of Souls. We are in the time of the new arriving age. The Throne of God is to be revealed to those with eyes to see. Shall some measure of us be caught up to meet him in the air? Will he simply, with his Angel Armies, vanquish all evil and drive it to its nether home? I do not know what shape it will take and there are VERY FEW who do. What I do know is that whatever shape it may take, it will occur. The Bat Shit Crazy that we are witness to in these times is ALL FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. We live in that time of the coming of The Lord and he will, assuredly, “trample out the vintage where the Grapes of Wrath are stored.”

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

From Planet Earth to Middle Earth the Ring of Power WILL GO INTO THE FIRE.

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I am an exceedingly fortunate fellow. The reason for that is that I have direct experiential evidence of the existence of a Divine Persona and Impersonal Persona. How this happened for me was the result of revelation attended by brutal trauma and ensuing protection from brutal trauma but we won't be talking about that.

I got arrested around the age of twenty for the sale of 2 ounces of Marijuana. I didn't sell it myself. I was in the middle of the operation and I smelled a rat and kept saying, “I'm not going to handle the money.” How they got me was, I got out of the car and John Reed, who I think was cooperating with them, took off for Frankie's apartment, real quick like (Frankie was the guy with the pot) and one of the Undercovers called me back and said, “Here's twenty dollars, get me another ounce.” I said, “I'll give this to John.” I guess that was enough to implicate me. We crossed the border from D.C. Into Virginia to do this so... it was Federal. At first they wanted to give me 20 years for The Marijuana Tax Act but it got broken down to a 2-10 and turned into what's called a Zip-6. That's 60 days to 6 years and it runs if you are in or out so... 2.5 of those years were spent on the run and I did every day of it, one way or another but... got a pardon from the governor at the end (yet another story).

John Hall, who was my closest friend at the time, was along for the ride. There were half a dozen of us in two cars. John went on to write “Still the One”, “Dancing in the Moonlight” and a few others. He sold “Still the One” to Burger King for a million dollars. He got quite famous for these songs and as a studio guitarist. After months on the run, I was arrested by an armada of cops at his parent's house. They had spotlights on it and some number of them were on their knees with guns drawn. The detective that arrested me was know as 'the White Rabbit'. He was an infamous narco-cop at that time. It was later that I found out that John had told his parents I was on the run and they, because they felt I had a negative influence over John, called the police on me. He knew about this happening too. I don't know what his reasons were. We had been near inseparable for almost two years at that time.

I had my Kundalini experience during this period and it freaked John and many others out because of the supernatural events that attended and followed it. This also caused the police to think of me as a Rasputin type of guy, although I wasn't mesmerizing the ladies for sex, or doing much else except talking about God; but the supernatural events were inexplicable and intense and you know how the authorities are about things they can't understand.

At the time, all the jails and prisons in the area were about 90% black. I was tall and slender. You can do the math on that BUT... NOTHING ever happened to me. I think this may have affected the authorities even more. Then, all that time on the run, they couldn't find me, even though I was RIGHT THERE. They came after me because Scientology sold them a big line/lie about me. That amplified the myth as well. Scientology considered me a 'suppressive'. I didn't do anything to them except tell the truth. It turned out that they don't like that.

All of this led to my being confined in The John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane, at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, which is now the main center for Homeland Security. The first day in there, I went to lunch and there was only one seat available and it was at the table with the heaviest hitters in the place. Albert Smith was a bank robber. Waverly Holden was a stickup man who liked liquor stores. One day he was coming back from the grocery store with two bags of groceries, one in each arm and a couple of guys were hiding in the basement stairway, waiting for him. He came in, guns went off, he dropped his groceries and blew them both away. Following that, he burned down the apartment building to get rid of the evidence. That's how he wound up at St. E's.

Then there was 'Feets' Robinson. Feets was about 6'8” and somewhere around 300 pounds and was the most amazing athlete I've ever seen up close. Watching him play basketball and football out in the rec field was a wonder to behold.

Feets liked to rape and strangle nurses. He got six of them before they caught him and locked him up at St. E's. Later on... toward the end of my stay there, the head doctor at John Howard instituted a program to release some number of inmates out into less restricted housing. Feets was one they let out. He promptly raped and strangled a nurse on the grounds and was right back in; unconcerned. I went to Dr. Kunev who was our ward doctor (this was before Feets strangled the nurse) and said, “Dr., All you have to do is say I'm okay and they'll let me go!” He replied, in his deep Hungarian accent, “No... no, Mr. Crook” (my birth name was Leslie William Crook). “You are far too sick and dangerous. I could not possibly release you.” How I did get out is an amazing tale but for another time.

So there I am, sitting at the table with these guys. I was a vegetarian and only ate once a day at that time. I asked if anyone wanted the meat on my plate and there you go. We got to talking and it turned out they really liked me. They called me, “Gypsy”. I've no idea why. My association with them kept all predators at a distance. Heh heh... the tales I can tell about those 22 months; later. Anyway, they were all black men. So you could say, as I do in the song that will attend this post, “Blackman saved my ass in prison.”

None of this is directly related to why I am writing this today. It is and it isn't; just like everything in life. I've a more than average association with black people in my life and I've had some enduring friendships over time. Still do.

My point is this; from my experience with black people and brown people and Asians, which is pretty considerable, most of all of them... and I mean the far larger percentage, are really decent people and will take you as you present yourself, until you show different. There is a great deal of nasty rhetoric and violent encounters taking place these days. They steal all the headlines and make you think that there is a race war brewing, that color defines you, that white people are evil and yadda yadda. This is what THEY want you to think and you know who THEY are. THEY own the media and control the entertainment worlds, which contribute VASTLY to the perspectives, the subjective among us form.

What I am telling you here, which is the truth, is that the humanity in humanity, worldwide, is a Saving Grace. These are the people who work in the stores and offices you visit. They pass you in the streets. They fix your car and they sell you your car. They attend those sporting events you go to, the concerts and movies. They are your neighbors and they are all HUMAN BEINGS and it is NOT the way that the social influencers and manipulators tell you with their, “If it bleeds it leads.” You get from people what you invest in them and Love overpowers everything, PERIOD.

When the time comes, it is the humanity in the majority that will absorb and quiet the minority. We are all going to be awakened, like it or not, to our true nature. For some this is going to qualify as a true delight of discovery. For some it is going to be otherwise.

The Avatar is coming, or already here. There are 8 billion people on the planet. There is no way that The Avatar comes as a single individual, for this massively populated world to interact with. The Avatar is going to appear in every heart that has prepared a place for him. This is regardless of the religion you follow and independent of your expectations. One thing you may be ABSOLUTELY SURE OF, what happens and when it happens, is not going go down according to ANY fundamentalist doctrines. THE LOVE... THE LOVE of the Divine is going to awaken in every heart that is at all welcoming. The Avatar is also going to show up in every mind and... ACCORDING TO YOUR DISPOSITION... so shall be the tenor of the experience. For some, a golden age is going to arrive. For others, I cannot say.

In the Lord of the Rings, there was that final battle on the Fields of Cormallen. It was called the Battle of the Morannon. The army of The West was greatly outnumbered. Many might have felt they were marching into certain death.

The whole effort of calling out Sauron's legions was to act as a distraction and keep the eye of Sauron away from Mt Doom, where Frodo and Samwise were going to drop the ring, into the molten fires where it had been formed. The short of it is that The Ring went into the lava and was destroyed and AS THAT HAPPENED, the Dark Lord's forces LOST THEIR MINDS and direction. Sauron had put a great deal of his power into The Ring. Game Over. I often think of that moment and how it parallels the state of our times. It really seems that the Infernal Realm is rising into manifest being in places. People are ALREADY losing their minds and it is clear to any objective consciousness that some dark, magical force has taken possession of them. When the avatar breaks the spell that has been cast over the consciousness of the enslaved, it is all going to change. Those who had been doing great harm to the many are going to find themselves powerless and without purpose.

GOD IS REAL and you are his/her manifest extension and expression in this dream of life. The appearance of the Divine is the penultimate event of The Purpose of Demonstration. This is why so many people are here (though they have forgotten), for The Grand Summing Up. It is closer with every moment that passes, in the human mind, where time is a measuring tool, for the movement of every incident that appears in the Event Horizon.

When the time comes, the humanity in the hearts of the people is going to rise to the occasion; black, white, brown, red, yellow (and green), man and woman and child, are all going to feel their essential being coming to the fore. The force of this will blow away the darkness, in every backroom and boardroom where it has collected. The lizard mind of the servants of Satan will flee to the caverns in the mountains. They will hide at the bottom of the ocean. The living light will be everywhere and there will be ♫ nowhere to run, nowhere to hide ♫

“And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?”

Don't be discouraged by the bad behavior of small congregations of wanna be revolutionaries. They are as pathetic in appearance as they are in pretending to be bad asses. They are essentially confused and misled. They got a wake up call coming. If the light of the divine goes before you, the agents of the darkness will flee. They will seek for those with the darkness in them that attracts. Be without darkness. There is more power in a single surrendered heart than there is in all the armies of the world. “Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Few Things I am Probably Going to Regret Saying about Aspects of Pocketnet.

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I'll admit that I don't know what's going on in its entirety. I only know what presents itself to me on the surface and then what my Reason presents to me; what my Logic delivers through my internalized Socratic dialogue and most importantly, what my intuition provides me with.

I came to Pocketnet this morning, as I often do and I had been coming here for a few months because, regardless of the perpetual waves of Trivia that I am exposed to there, I invariably encountered bright spots of articulate intelligence, as well as information I hadn't previously encountered. Sometimes there were well thought out graphic images of ironic sound-bytes. I'm not into the Lazy Twitter, armchair Budweiser sots, who need a shopping cart for their potbellies, as they push through Walmart World, filling them with toxic, industrial, salt and sugar comestibles, guaranteed to do worse than kill them, before they kill them.

I never joined Twitter and I won't. I'm not a Twit. I still have an amount of Dignity, Integrity and aspirations to Honor. I try EVERY DAY to be a better person. Sometimes I am furious with myself, not having accomplished more in that respect by this time. Life is hard; can be hard ...but it is NEVER SO HARD as when you are TRYING TO CHANGE. That is why so many people give up after the cursory foreplay, in the pitched, sexually magnetic battle between opposites, that then cross over each other like legs and break their nose. There is a dangerous myopia that sets in when you get too close to something you badly want but have misidentified as something else.

Today was a trial for me at Pocketnet. Maybe it was just today, just this morning and... it will change later on. The larger saner part of me says, “No” but I am willing to ignore the handful of shit and wish upon the handful of hope.

I KNOW THIS POSTING IS GOING TO DEEPLY OFFEND SOME PEOPLE. I'm sorry about that. I've only got two choices. One is to tell the truth and the other is to rise above the scrum, rise above the moshpit of stupid, that wars against itself, in the hateful turf wars over non existent landscapes. What do I gain in argument with people whose entire identity is built around erecting a support structure for personal hallucinations? People who are dead wrong about things they don't understand are not likely to be swayed by evidence of the real, which can't be directly presented anyway but only hinted at, in the hopes that an effort will be made to ruminate thereupon. Good luck with that!

Yes, I could rise about it. That is what I have been trying to do and to not react as was the case in times past; to take the high road and keep my own council but... it seems like... it feels like I had better get this off my chest, however much it may wind up costing me and I'll feel better having done so. I am convinced that I am NOT THE ONLY ONE who feels like I do. So... let me preface this with- I'm sorry for what I am going to say but... here it is.

What I saw today was... unsettling commercials for BACON and PORK, cutesy cat pictures that belong on preteen social media, arguments about what name God is going by, endless hammering on crypto currencies with ZERO useful information, really stupid and pointless cartoons, cutesy animal graphics- Photoshopped with captions. Then there is the YouTube guy with no lips, whose personality is so off-putting you can't even listen to what he says.

Then there are the Fundie Zombies, who maintain that EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING that is not a literal extraction from a book that has been spindled, folded and mutilated a zillion times, is the work of The Devil who... by the way, works for God. Fundie ignorance is ONLY exceeded by that fabricated, smug, self righteousness that is the most valued possession of those whose greatest spiritual and intellectual achievement is knowing that 'YOU' are WRONG ...and whose utter lack of humility in the consideration of that Ineffable, Unknowable, Incomprehensible Wonder of Everlasting Splendor and Beauty is... is... DEFINITE PROOF that they are NOWHERE NEAR that which they can't shut up about.

Then there are over a dozen announcements that crony, political hack, Elijah (snort) Cummings moved on to his next port of call, with ZERO commentary. This is one of the most consistent and unfortunate realities about Pocketnet; people are so fucking lazy that they can't be bothered to write more than a Twitter minimum, if that. They spend their days, packing the Pocketnet Scroll with one cartoon of stupid pet trick pictures after another, accompanied by a one liner and that serves to jump their Reputation and POC resources. On and on it goes...

There are a handful of REALLY intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful people here, unlike anywhere else I've been and I hope I don't burn my bridges with them but I'm not going to let that deter me from saying what has been increasingly more and more on my mind at Pocketnet. I have ONE identity there and I use my real name. That's me. I don't insist on the same from others. Everyone has their reasons and some of them have 'hostages to fortune'. I wrote off ALL CONSIDERATIONS on that account when I took this road.

The stench of Fear and Paranoia in this world is at a crisis point and the level of stupidity has reached a point, where furrows have had to be dug below the Limbo Bar. The Inarguable Truth is that GOD HAS EVERYTHING COMPLETELY UNDER CONTROL, no matter what it may look like. Our single biggest problem is that our Faith is not equal to the full and permanent recognition of that. God made this world to EXPERIENCE HIM/HER/ITSELF in manifest creation. Life IS for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. That's it! I don't care how many angels you dream up to engage in convoluted, dances, upon the head of a fabricated pin. I don't care how dense and complex your philosophy is, how clever your wordplay is, how anything you whatever are. If you don't get that, YOU WILL ...because that is the purpose of demonstration, PERIOD. You will get it, one way or another and it will probably hurt a bit.

A veteran member of Pocketnet reached out to me because I had posed the question, “Why, when I have, ON AVERAGE, nearly double the 5 star votes that regular residents of Top Posts have... why am I never on Top Posts?” First... let me say, I don't care a wit whether I am there or not. I simply dislike mysteries and when I encounter one, I am a Jack Russell Terrier about it. I just don't quit until I have an answer, or I discover it cannot be answered. I am like this to a pathological degree. This veteran member told me that the Top Post thing is controlled by an in house, Pocketnet Mafia. It's like the George Carlin line about The Club; the exclusive club that exists and “you are NOT a member.” I kind of had already figured this out when Pocketnet told me they have nothing to do with it.

The thing is, I don't go to Top Posts at all. I did when I first got here and occasionally I drop by for less than a minute but I almost exclusively stay in All Posts. There's no difference between what you find at either site and there is more copy at All Posts, so I go there and this has nothing to do with the rest of this posting, it's just something I thought the rest of you should know.

Yeah... there's no reason for me to write another word anyway. I've already said all I have to say and now I just repeat myself. I do this because, for whatever their reasons are, there is a substantial number of people who read it and it's what I do. It's what I do. John Lennon once said, “I'm a musician. It's what I do. I could bang two garbage can lids together and make music.” We do what we do and what we do is what we are; “by their works ye shall know them.”

I love God more than anything and that is only going to increase. I don't love any particular versions of God and everyone who does have one of these versions, argues about it. You CANNOT KNOW GOD. You can ONLY perceive God through his primary vehicle of expression and that is LOVE. Therefore, Love as consistently as you can and you will become that. Then you will be informed of all the things you could never discover on your own. You WILL BE INFORMED.

I wrote another post and it has sat here for several days. It was a good post but... something wasn't what it was supposed to be (in my mind). So... I sat down and wrote this because this is what was on my mind and all of a sudden I feel better. This has been rolling around in my empty head like a marble and every day it annoys me more. I KNOW I can't make people be other than what they are. For some people, cutesy Post-it notes are what they do. Unfortunately, this clutters up the place and you have to wade through all the flotsam and jetsam until you find the pearls and I do... and I do find the pearls and I want to personally thank those of you who have been a delight to me in the time I've spent here. I won't name names because I will leave someone out. But... thank you.

I don't know how much more time I want to spend around Pocketnet. Everything externally informing is all running together in a Mulligan Stew; jabber, jabber, jabber and I'm just as guilty as anyone else. I'm trying to be relevant and talk about THE ONLY IMPORTANT THING and that is GOD. Wherever I wind up, that is what I will be doing. Everything else is bullshit. I only even mention anything else so that I can tie it into talking about God. It daily astounds me that more people do not get it. The Glory and Splendor of the Divine is everywhere to be seen and experienced but... because of Materialism, most of the people on this planet are in a feeding frenzy at the Sensory Smorgasbord and all they want to do is eat and fuck and own shit and control each other, until they are old (if they get that far) and everything hurts and then they die. Then they come back to do it all over and over again. It is insane.

Alright... I've said most of what I had to say but now I'm tired of going on about it. I apologize in advance if I hurt your feelings. Just so you know, you have hurt my feelings too, by diminishing in my eyes what you could be, by behaving like chipmunks chattering on a dead, fallen tree. It's my fault for expecting more. It's not my place to police people's social intercourse, I have only to move down the block. This built up in me and I probably did myself no favors by posting it. However, post it I shall.

End Transmission........

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

My Jumping Jack Flash Insurance Policy and the Forever Beckoning Love and Succor of God

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When you find yourself wondering how the world got the way it is, there are all sorts of causes and conditions to point to and ALL OF THEM might have something to do with it but blaming any one of them is short sighted and forces you, at a minimum, to negotiate this world with one eye closed- at least. Paul Joseph Watson gives some of the most riveting examples and incisive commentary I've yet seen in his latest rant. This is REALLY amusing.

You don't have to wander about for very long in the land of insta-pop opinion to find clear and concise analysis, IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. What the man says in this link may well be true as far as surface interpretation goes but... NO ONE... NO ONE... has yet been correct in their predictions about the world at large. People have picked the right teams in sporting contests. Sometimes they even get the right score. People have gotten rich predicting what someone else might do at a card table. People have gotten rich predicting which stocks will go up or down AND have likely been wrong more often than not, in the long run. However... when it comes to the state of the world, ALL I have ever observed is people being partially correct for a limited time frame and wrong about most of the rest; often not even taking into consideration the REAL intentions of the players because they may well not know what they are, nor what the conditions really are and then... there are the cosmic forces of Nature and the Invisible Planes of Above and Below.

We have, more than once, presented a reasoned schematic for WHY IT IS WHAT IT IS; for why so many people are unhinged or barely hanging on to REALITY, which is not real but a 'functioning delusion' that carries them from day to day. I'll be repeating that schematic in a moment, but first... let me say that one of the few things I do know is that not everyone will agree with me and ALSO, most people will already have their own explanation for why everything is as it is. I am after the truth, no matter what may be the cost and I have already paid, on the installment plan, throughout my entire life for this. The result is that I don't own anything much, not a house, not even a car (anymore), no 'material' investments. I have a SMALL monthly stipend. I have no insurance beyond my Jumping Jack Flash policy but... I am VERY wealthy, primarily because there is just about nothing that I want. I eat well. I have shelter and the basic amenities. I have my musical instruments and computers and... I have The Ineffable and that puts me as close to paradise as we are permitted to come... here.

In the wider world (and this increases by the day) what I notice most is Hunger and the Pursuit of Appetite. I notice Confusion. I notice Fear and Anger. I notice Aggressive Polarization. I notice, Alienation and Despair... These are bookmarks for The Apocalypse. There are a number of secondary considerations, I don't think I'm telling you anything. I ALSO NOTICE, Incremental Awakening intensifying in exponential fashion. I notice people seeing through artifice that once held them spellbound. The bullshit isn't working anymore; not like it used to. It is almost as if the Crazies are getting crazier and the Sane are getting saner. The fork in the road is right there, no matter what direction you turn in, there is a fork in the road. This fork is counterpointed by SWEEPING WORLD EVENTS. Many of these are in early times or inception status... give it some time and you will see what I mean. Now... back to The Schematic.

The primary offspring of Materialism is Insanity, attended by depersonalization, alienation, confusion and listlessness. More and more people are being left by the side of the road as Mammon's Hummer barrels DOWN the highway; witness the homeless pandemic. On the other hand, more and more people are having their chronic dysfunction catered to and even celebrated. The progeny of the feckless, helicopter parents, are a growing menace and are easily zombified by rapacious psychopaths like Soros, The Climate Nazis, Antifa and what have you. They are indulged in their gender bending lunacy, by parents who look at them as Bonzai plants and vehicles to neighborhood celebrity. Kids in early grades are aware of the notice paid to transitioning school mates and at the colitch level the 'protected status' is just the thing for calculating narcissists who LOVE that Safe Space, “I'm having a moment” culture. There is a classic example of this at the 1:01 point in this video from Evergreen College.

Atheism is the default religion of Materialism and Satanism is the operating philosophy as per the 'me first, you later, maybe' SELF INTEREST PREVAILS, over every other motivation and it is how you get 1 percent of the population having as much wealth as the rest of the world and in more than a few cases, individually more wealth than many countries. This creates a perspective in the chosen few, that is also prevalent in all the fields of Entertainment and Media, where these elite players acquire a God-Complex, that invariably expresses in Satanic fashion BECAUSE, behaving in a true, God inspired selfless fashion is going to categorically deny your success in any of these environments.

Materialism DOES NOT stop at some point and automatically correct itself. It intensifies as it goes. As a result, the insanity intensifies as well and it spreads like an infection as it intensifies. You can literally see and palpably feel this. Network television gives you powerful examples in its programs and the advertising and it keeps getting worse. Example; Reality TV... if ever there were an oxymoron! Insanity? Here is a truly classic example.

The desperation of politicians has gone wacko. Look at the latest from the 'no longer Boy' Scouts. I have more examples of the point being made, right here at hand, than I will EVER use. In tandem with the culture, as if it were an unruly beast, trying to pull the rider off the road and into the ditch, Nature is also reacting to this sense of uncertainty in the human mind and this is only one of many examples.

I do not want to go negative on life. I also do not want to blow smoke up anyone's posterior. From one perspective it is all trending bad indeed. On the other hand, hope springs eternal and it may well be that all of appearances of chaos imminent, are going to part like curtains as the light of the Avatar walks between them. I suspect it is going to go, simultaneously in several directions at once and the determining factor in all cases will be, Intention and Character. Everyone is going to wind up at the destination they are heading in. How could that be unfair?

The outcome of life, aside from unavoidable departure, is the outworking of your investment. In the scheme of things, it is what you value and what ideals you serve that determine your fate (this is what I see). Diamonds are more valuable than Gold. Gold is more valuable than Silver. Silver is more valuable than Copper but how does any of them compare to the Love of God (coming and going)? You can go to school and become an Anthropologist, or a Doctor, a Lawyer, or an example of countless professions that are possible. Any of these will have a relative value and you can count on a certain return for the work you do. Some will score big and some will just get by BUT... what if you tie your profession to your Love of God? If you are a Botanist then you may well be a Luther Burbank. If you were an inventor, you might be a George Washington Carver. Whatever your vocation, if you combine it with a love of The Ineffable, the outcome will be far different than if you only did it for personal gain.

Recently, The Ineffable told me that I could go no further on my own. In order to proceed any further I had to wait for him to lead me on. He told me I had accomplished the greatest thing possible for me. I had found him. I immediately, in my mind, began to go over the courses my life had taken and the ways in which I had acted. I said, “I don't understand how I could be deserving of this kind of attention.”

He said, “visible, that you see your life as a mistake plagued experiment gone wrong is irrelevant. I don't judge you the way you do and certainly not the way the world has, on occasion. You simply loved me more than anything else and that is all that matters to me. This is why I showed up in your life.

“You imagine that you are honored more than you deserve but... it's a numbers game. There are 8 billion people on the planet at this moment. Look at how the majority of them are spending their time. Look carefully at this world you spend so much time commenting on. You are just one of a certain number who expressed love for me to a particular degree. Most everyone else is running around serving their appetites and ambitions, chasing one thing or another but... how many of them are chasing me? How many of them are sincerely chasing me and how many of them persistently keep chasing me after I have thrown a few curve-balls into their life? How many of them relentlessly persisted when I did everything I could to stop them continuing? Now... do you see what I mean? You wound up in that small group that loved me more than anything else and that is how you came to be where there is nothing left for you to do... you found me and now you have only to let me take you the rest of the way.

“You're not happy just accepting this. You feel that there has to be more for you to do. Well... of course you continue to do what you do and you RELY ON ME. You keep me uppermost in your thoughts. You keep your heart and your mind open to my impress because... how are you going to be led otherwise? But seriously, it doesn't matter at this point. I am not fickle. Once I am convinced of someone, I remain convinced and I do not permit them to offend me. They lose all power to do that.

“I want you to go and tell your friends and your readers about this conversation because the same result that has come to pass for you is available to them as well. They have only to persist after me and not give up. These times are like no other times. There is a great deal more latitude to be had in these times and I am more likely to get directly engaged. People are very fortunate to be here in these times, though many do not think so. It is a matter of where their priorities are... 'where your treasure is' and all that. This is why there is so much material excess and so many attractions, to act as distractions for the insincere and otherwise magnetized. (He actually converses in a very colloquial fashion) Everyone is going to get out of life and themselves what they put into it. As you like to tell people, “God is watching.” Oh visible, they have NO IDEA. I am most certainly watching and listening at all times, I know what passes in their minds and I know what lives in their hearts. I cannot be fooled but I can surely be impressed and disappointed. I took on a human persona in order to experience it all just like everyone else. The only difference between us is the degree of attachment. I don't have any.”

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Sunday, October 06, 2019

"It Weaves like a Poisonous Snake through the Concealing Shrubbery of Reverse Kundalini- Sodomite Frottage Land."

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As many of you know by now, Facebook has banned Smoking Mirrors for violating Community Standards. They didn't say how. This is something I have shown a real talent for through my life. It had been truly upsetting to me that nothing had happened before this; given that they are insidious reptiles who take their marching orders from Mammon and are working, alternatively, for the robotization and destruction of the culture ...and the human race, by LOWERING THE STANDARDS OF HUMAN DIGNITY and portraying us as mindless, appetite driven animals. They have also waged an all out war against Normal and Normal Behavior; working to criminalize the use of words and the portrayal of thought and opinion that goes counter to the transgender lunacy that is being set as New Normal and which is being force-fed into the minds of American (and international) youth through the bankrupt and corrupted education system.

Cursive writing is no longer taught in 36 states. The ones where it is taught are all in The South, or right next door. These are the states where Christianity still has a strong presence. Strangely enough, out of the blue, cursive writing is coming back here and there. This egregious assault on human intelligence is one of the effects of Common Core. What most people probably don't know is that Common Core is the chemical vat-born, demonic brain child of Janet Napolitano. She was also head of Homeland Security under Bwak! Obama, was Governor of Arizona and now runs the Kalifornia Colitch System (into the ground). She's serious Deep State. Here's a little something to give you a brain hummer about Higher Education in Kalifornia.

There is an incestuous cluster-humping going on off stage and it involves a bizarre deportment that apparently (logic and reason tell me so) is a REQUIRED feature of being a member of The Satanic Glee Club. Ironically, being able to sing is not a requirement. Aspects of this bizarre deportment include, but are not limited to, Pedophilia, Ritual Child Killing, Consuming the Flesh of Children and killing anyone who gets in their way.

There are some very heavily financed and politically powerful individuals and organizations that are relentlessly driven toward the suppression of Free Speech and Personal Freedom of Expression. Here is an in depth article that names names and ties together portions of the web, upon which the bloated and blood drunk spider of sexual darkness feeds on its victims. This is followed by Part 2 which details further on this conspiracy against Normal. You can kid yourself about what's going on but it doesn't change the fact that it is going on. There are DETAILED exposes on The Velvet Mafia and YES... they are almost exclusively Tribe Members. Here on Page 44 you can find an incisive work by Mark Ebner on the whole whoop de do. He was blackballed in the industry for years, following the publication of this article. This is a serious work that weaves like a snake through the concealing shrubbery of Reverse Kundalini- Sodomite Land.

Of course... the specter of the invulnerable offspring of a nation state, created solely for criminal enterprise, is precipitating more and more into palpable form; set free to act with impunity upon anyone in reach.

The truth is that it's not only what it is but it has spread out into every area of human expression and one has to tip toe through the land mines these days, to survive to the point where they get heard. Usually you don't and certainly not in the mainstream, which they own entirely or control by indirect means of threats and blackmail. I arranged my life in such a way that these monsters could not take anything from me because I don't have anything to take. Sure... they can slander my reputation but they would have to let me out on one of the main stages in order for me to get a reputation they can slander. Heh heh... so it goes and... Godspeed!

It is far worse than is being painted or linked to here. These depraved specimens of a corrupted age are as deep into iniquity as it is possible to get. They lack all conscience or restraint. For the moment, they don't see the need for either. A conscience seriously impedes their ability to break every Law of Nature and to act without regard for anything or anyone and... restraint??? Who is around that is in a position to compel restraint from them? So they think ...but... time and circumstance have, changed without their having noticed it, so great is their hubris and delusion. The Apocalypse is upon them as they WILL SOON SEE.

God is patient and long-suffering, as God is also resident within the forms of everyone abused by the offenders of our times. Judgment Day approaches.

It is difficult for the human mind to find a sense of succor and balance, in the uproar of this transiting age. Every area of life is out of wack. One CANNOT impact on the wider world to any marked degree, unless they have been gifted with rare power or position. Even then, the likelihood of positive outcome is very rare BECAUSE the preponderance of those with great power or position, is decidedly and observably on the dark side. This is going to change in a remarkable way... soon. You see glimmers and flickers of light, breaking through the crystallized shadow. The spiritual dawn approaches, now on the very edge of pending despair, when so many have given up hope, as they see all around them, the mass of humanity, faltering in the murk of the material swamp. Their cellphones buzz like flesh eating locusts. They feed out of fast food troughs. They waddle through wide aisles of endless products, whose ingredient list reads like an Eastern European telephone book. Life has become reality TV on the Walmart channel.

The largest bandwidth on the internet is pornography, which... strange as it may seem, is owned by the same people who produce all the other entertainments and who control the degree of truth permitted in the media. If you have the brass to say anything (and few do), you are greeted with this.

They freely admit it. They even brag about it. What are you going to do anyway? Even with the truth front and center and also on either side, even with the heavy, unliftable weight of the evidence of who did the 9/11 attacks, even with the easily disproved greatest blackmailing fantasy ever committed, it seems to make no difference. Why is this? Manifest existence is a drama. It needs contrast and duality for balance and the necessary tension of light and dark for its moral play. So... in each stretch of recorded history, one people is designated to get the keys to the candy store. This means they can do good and they can also do evil. Depending on the level of integrity in the population (and in them), upon that depends the character demonstrated by the people with the keys to the candy store.

People have come to their wits end in wonderment as to how it is that out of the same group of people there come both such terrible monsters and such gifted individuals. They got their hands on a magical system that was originally intended to allow one to converse with angels and perform extraordinary acts. Unfortunately, due to the influence of this darkest of all periods of time, the magical system was reversed and used to converse with demons instead and to perform offensive acts against humanity. This is also why, in that criminal nation, blood sacrifices are required on their religious holidays because the deity they serve is an infernal character.

Not all of the people of this genetic code are evil. There are those among them who do wonderful things but there has been a turn for the worse as we approach the Judis Apocalyptus.

If... in the world, through indifference, cowardice or reduction of sight, through increase of appetite, the population cannot see what is patently obvious... that is too bad. It is hard to defend yourself against something you can't see, whatever the reason for that might be. For those of us who can, it is clear (to me) we must keep pointing it out. The possibilities always exists that it might prove helpful to have done so.

Here is what I do... during this time... on the way to cosmic epiphany. I cast all thought out of my mind, until my mind is empty and all that remains is the author of mind. I maintain a state of not knowing and as a result, I am informed of what I need to know when I need to know it. I pray often. I meditate often. I press down upon my heart that the wine of love may be extruded. I deny all sense of self importance and praise, as often as is possible for me to remember, the Supreme Master of all Life, seen and not seen, here and not here. I read from the works of the great teachers of humanity daily. I watch with care, my every thought, word and deed. I make regular errors and... I correct them immediately, when it is possible, or carry the lesson with me, when it is not. I remind myself constantly that the world around me is a veil of appearances, stretched like a curtain over the everlasting light. I remind myself that appearances are a lie and none of it is real.

At no time is my motivation to offend anyone. That this will occur, I am certain ...but the chips must fall where they may and the truth spoken, or I could not live with myself. I say nothing that I cannot PROVE and that is why I was able to deny something in the country where I lived for years and where it is a prison sentence to do so and... nothing happened. They prefer to marginalize and ignore me. How much damage can I do with such a limited profile? This is what they think. I agree but I am not the one they need to worry about and he... he is on the way, if not already here, waiting for the opportune moment to declare his presence in the hearts of the willing and the minds of the unwilling. I await that moment with all the Faith, Certitude and Determination I can muster.

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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

There was a Fairy Tale and the Goddess brought me Ale.

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It is open warfare now. I look ahead into the Event Horizon and the impression I get is that the world we will be inhabiting at this time next year (if it is still here) is going to be a very, very different environment than the one we are presently in. I won't even attempt to predict what we might see. There are many seers and experts out there whose job it is to get things like this wrong. It is not my job.

I wrote a posting at Origami a couple of days ago in which I tried to clarify the meaning implied by my working motto; “I don't know”. I don't think I could have been more clear. Today... another anonymous pundit showed up to tell me how wrong I was and why one had to know. The entire commentary about one proclaiming their general ignorance and keeping one's mind empty and open so that the divine persona could cause a true knowing to arise, simply went by the board. I am convinced now that there are people who are so incredibly, intellectually dense that they would lose an argument with a fence post. The other possibility is that we are experiencing troll behavior. It didn't seen that way though. It seemed that the person was indeed, beyond the reach of all reason and logic. In these times as result of Materialism, we are faced with a massive portion of the population that cannot be reached in any way... WHATSOEVER... other than TRAUMA or CATASTROPHE.

The greater mass of this population includes, cellphone zombies, the sexually obsessed and dysfunctional, the politically hysterical, the chemically addled, the terminally angry, the superficially addicted via everything from Instagram and other social media, to the many varieties of glamour that have become literal churches attended by millions. As materialism intensifies, these pathological fixations will also intensify and the road kill fallout from these unhealthy associations is going to verge on the astronomical. Here are some seriously deranged members of Antifa, screaming at an elderly lady, using a walker to cross the street in Ontario.

This is astonishing. Even more astonishing are the collection of cellphone camera crazies filming it ...and in full sociopath mode, indifferent to the plight of this lady. Has all manhood fled into the flaming crypt of effeminacy and masturbating Dodo birds?

In Maryland, 4 black thugs crept up on an elderly white man and knocked him out.

Then they spit on him. The result was they killed him. A few hours later he had been designated as a white supremacist by one of the thug parents; that apple did not fall far from the poisoned tree. Events of this sort are going on all round the country. Christians gathering in peaceful protest over abortion or some issue, are being assaulted by masked Antifa thugs. You can find various occurrences via a simple search.

Anyone subjecting these events to reasonable analysis, can presume that there are going to be greater and greater outbreaks of the same. It seems that many thousands of helicopter parents have raised several generations of listless, purposeless and dysfunctional youth, who cannot hold jobs or take care of themselves and they are being recruited by The Dark Side at colleges, where they have been sent by these helicopter parents, or they were approached on social media, or under sundry conditions and... being purposeless and incapable of objective thought, they are now members of masked gangs of Jacobin Maoists and similar disorganized organizations, dedicated to the spread of anarchistic chaos.

By now, any rational and thinking person, knows that these cultural trends are being financed by deep pocket Satanists, who are at war with all forms of order and normality. War in the streets is not just on the way. It is here. This sounds ominous, doesn't it? Being one who looks closely and deeply into what is taking place and what appears to be on the horizon, it looks like... it looks like relentlessly savage behavior is on the menu. While... at the same time, there is a Joker in the deck. The other Joker is dealing the cards so... it looks like there is a competitive duality taking place but it's the same Joker differently aspected, proving you can be in two places at once (or more) if you are The Divine, who generated the deck and the table and the floor the table is resting upon, while being all of these at the same time.

You might ask, “what is a person to do?”

As for all of these impeachable offenses, 'it could be', 'it could be' that Trump set it all up from the beginning, knowing they would come after him and leaving a trail of Hansel und Gretel crumbs, in order to snare the weasels into exposing themselves. Knowing he was going after real Satanists, he knew what he had to do. I have both heard and seen the evidence that he is a Zionist shill but where would he have gotten if he had come out in opposition to the Synagogue of Satan? In the context of 'keep your enemies closer', this is as possible as anything else. A final note on this matter; God can and does wake up in anyone he pleases to, WHEN he wishes to, for the purpose of accomplishing his ends. I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE. I am NOT saying this particular waking up is true.

I DO NOT KNOW what is true about President Trump. What I do know is, “by their works ye shall know them.” I'm not concerned about ANYTHING in this world because I am in contact with the author of creation and whether anything that is be the genuine expression, or a perversity, it is defined by the mind which conceived it. On the one hand, you have the sincere expression and on the other hand you have some variation of travesty. The power to manifest anything, good, bad, or indifferent, came from the same source. Of course there is a mystery here. Of course it does and does not make sense. Your job is to resolve the mystery. It's another way of saying; 'see the light' and... once again, of course... there is the false light and the true light. ANYONE can have this contact. You simply have to want it MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE.

Let me now segue back to the deeper implications of, “I don't know.” When one empties their mind, REALLY empties their mind, what remains is the author of the mind itself. There is ONLY one mind and it is the misfortune of the separated mind not to know this and to delude itself into thinking it is apart. This makes whoever does this (nearly all of us) an antagonist of THE UNITY. Thus is Free Will defined. You have the freedom to oppose the divine plan, OR to be an active player within it; ♫devil or angel, I can't make up my mind♫ Love being the final arbiter of anything and everything. Love reveals the true nature of anything it comes into contact with. We are talking about Real Love here because otherwise, it illuminates the object of desire, in false light and clothes it in glamour.

When you hear anything, when you see anything, when you read anything, when you think anything, there are ALWAYS several options on impact. You can hear, or see, or read and it can have the meaning you put on it as THE NAMER OF THINGS. Elsewise you realize any of it in the context of how it fits into your separated interpretation. You could be close, or far away from the essential meaning OR you can experience Revelation and it is possible to have this happen in an unbroken continuity of awareness, when you get to the place where the mind is completely empty, except for the author of the mind. At that point, when YOU don't know, you will be immediately informed by the one who does because he is right there in that moment with you, as close to you as you are to yourself, in fact it is yourself but an eternal, everlasting self that has been there all the time, while you were busy doing other, personal things, at the behest of your illusory personal self.

This brings us to the power of Faith and why you should be after the acquisition of Faith, Certitude and Determination, as if they were more precious than anything in this world... because they are. FAITH IS the SUBSTANCE of THINGS... UNSEEN. IF you are absolutely certain, in the unshakable conviction of “how firm a foundation' Faith... you have only to truly believe and it will manifest... guaranteed. There are those concealed among us who can 'precipitate' anything into being, near instantaneously. PLEASE read again, Chapter 43 from Autobiography of a Yogi. This is possible for every single one of us. You just have to want it more than anything else; seek ye first The Kingdom and all else will be in the trunk when you arrive.

Success is speedy for the energetic.”

We are coming up on transforming change, the like of which we have not seen before. Every plane is going to be energized and part of an ascension dynamic, IF you are among the willing; “two will be standing in a field”. Objects in the universal mirror are closer than they appear.

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As ever and ever anon, we have Pocketnet.

If you have not read The Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda yet, here it is. This has (so far) profoundly affected my life. This has, truly, been one of the great spiritual gifts that I have received.

Also, it has come to my attention that some of you may be in need of an upgraded computer. I am going to post here several pages where you can find fine Small Form Factor computers for very little money, with SSDs and plenty of RAM. I have no financial relationship with any of these companies; just trying to be helpful.

Empty the mind and what remains is God- Choose revelation over realization in respect of the precipitation of the object of faith. (Do it today!!!) (grin)