Tuesday, August 31, 2021

"We are Come Upon the Threshold of The Dawning Age. Turn the Page."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As you can see from recent events, and some of the links below, a change has come upon the usual order of things, where the predators win in every engagement. Suddenly, that has stopped happening. I mentioned the unbelievable lightning storm I saw, that existed over 4 evenings in an unprecedented display. Yesterday, my friend called me outside to tell me there was a rainbow. It hadn't rained in a fortnight and there were few cloud tracers in the sky. Yet... there was a half rainbow, full and radiant. I wonder where the other half was? I am seeing and experiencing things of a supernatural order; things that just don't happen.

In forums around this particular county, they talk about everything, including the weather. Not a single mention was made about either of these events. That is more than a little uncanny. Whatever it is that I call The Avatar has made land. I suggest you watch for inexplicable events in The World. This is REALLY going to be something!

Those who have been spreading Doom and Gloom, Confusion, Fear, Lies and more lies... always the lies, are soon to find their webs cleared away, burned away, as the dew is from the morning grass, and the mist from the hillsides and valleys. Most have been expecting Gotterdammerung and Chaos. Many, I expect, will find it, BUT... a golden age is coming for some and WILL NOT BE DENIED.

I want to jump for joy but it is contained. I can thank my guidance system for that. However, I will be dancing for joy at the appropriate moment. (grin)

There is so little faith in the masses. This comes from a relentless onslaught of Material Culture. No matter... the power of what is coming will ignite the heart of Humanity beyond its entrenched doubt and resistance. There will be some, I do not know how many, who will persist in their schemes and heavy-handed oppression, and they WILL BE swept away. The true disinfecting light of The Spiritual Sun is going to purify the landscape.

I imagine that the curmudgeons and cynics will be flushed with scorn when they read this. The heat will rise in them. Some have grown old in their iniquities and obstinance. Their hearts have become hardened. They want no part of redemption and liberation and perhaps The Cosmos will honor their wishes.

In this time of Apocalypse, we are all revealing ourselves to the eyes of The World, and The Invisible Kingdoms. I suspect that most do not know this is happening. We are in a rare and unusual time. The evil ones WILL BE compelled to come forward, already... people are behaving in very strange ways that do not seem strange to them. God directs us to the destiny appropriate to our intentions and acts. If we are of malefic intent, we are led by diver's means to the resolution of it. It is the same with those of benefic intent. The Divine SCHOOLS everyone in the consequences of their thoughts, words, and deeds.

I know that there are people who find Karma to be an inconvenient reality. They are especially incensed that we come into each life unknowing of what brought us to that particular life episode. Unlike the pundits and well-informed, when I encounter a Cosmic Law, I do not argue with it. I embrace it, irrespective of understanding it. I KNOW it is right BECAUSE it is Cosmic Law. I implicitly trust the words of previous avatars and shepherds of humanity. I have directly experienced the truth in them. There definitely is a bottomless well called, Ageless Wisdom.

I was not always so equanimous. It took trauma and compassion to open my eyes, even after I was made able to see through appearances, I had yet to see through myself. Once that came forth for me, I became more able to see The Divine in EVERY LIVING THING. Then, I also became able to see all of the flaws abounding in manifest life as reflections in me. Lao Tzu once said, “before I set out to fix the nature of a bad man, I first heal the condition in me.” That is not verbatim but it will do.

Most of the people running around and finding fault with others are really calling attention to those failings within themselves. In these days of anonymous, it has never been easier to take one's inner hurt and direct it out on others.

I remember a tale of two monks. They had come to a river and there was a woman standing there, afraid to cross. One of the monks put her on his shoulders and ferried her over. The monks continued on their way. Finally, the one said to the other, “Why did you touch that woman? You know that members of our order are not permitted to fraternize with women.” The other replied, “I did not see a woman. I saw another person. Once across the water, I sent that person down and walked on. You, it seems, are still carrying that person.” I updated that to my preference. You will still get the point.

It is in the mind where we come up with all our judgments and observations, aided by the emotions, and whatever we have allowed to influence our thoughts. The World in which we live is a projection of what happens in our minds. When you know this, people's motives for their actions become transparent. Most especially you can see what is so with others by looking within yourself. When you no longer play the blame game, there are few that will blame you, nor will their words have any effect. You are already committed to the pursuit of perfection. You ARE The Great Work.

“For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.” This is the Body of Glory, a form of incandescent and living light. What is it that you wish from life? You are promised to gain, at some point, whatever it is you desire most. This is an enormous feature of The Law of Attraction. As someone said, “Be careful what you wish for.” You can easily see where you are headed by observing the direction of your thoughts, the quality of your emotions, and the nature of your actions. You are investing in more of the same.

The wand of evil has been broken, and the thousand years are at an end. For no given reason, the vaccine mandates are falling away. Consider with what an intensity they brought it; the lives lost and the freedoms curtailed. Poof! Very big and very transformative changes are IN PROGRESS. You don't have to believe me. You are free to believe your lying eyes. The difference, my friends, between intellectual and visceral awareness is... considerable.

I wrestle daily with what I should and should not say. It has to conform to my inflexible drive to be resonant with Heaven, and in Harmony with all life. At the same time, parallels need to be drawn and can be a cause for dissension. There is much to be said about, “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” How do you make a point while leaving out the details that make the point relevant? Then you are no better than The Woke, who... if anything, are having a nightmare.

I tell you in all sincerity and concern, get your house in order. In these times, a little effort goes a long way, and you will find that the effort is not nearly so egregious as it was previously. A new wind is blowing over the world, a new song is singing in the human heart, and it is all directed toward the manifestation of Universal Brotherhood. The good guys won. They ALWAYS do; perhaps not every battle, but certainly The War.

Right this moment, something new is to be noticed within each of us. Most will not be aware of it in the beginning, but as the force of it grows, no one will be left unaware of it. As has been previously stated, not everyone will be on board, but each of us will come to the appropriate resolution.

Something has shifted in the tide of events. We have passed The Rubicon, each in our own fashion. For some, the fashion is not to approach The Rubicon at all. Not in a VERY long time has the potential for a spiritual quantum leap been available to us; carpe sempiternus diem! Or... something to that effect.

Every moment in your life is important. It is a continuing statement of what you are, and it writes the coming chapters of the book of your life. This will be read entirely at the close of your residence in this incarnation, and you WILL be present for that. I'm sure you have heard the line; “You can't fight City Hall.” Well, the real City Hall is invisible, eternal, and truly all-powerful. Whine and complain, exercise your scorn and contempt as you will. It all goes in the book.

What have you made of yourself until now? Are you light, effervescent, and perpetually youthful in heart and mind, or are you tired and weary, nasty and unpleasant, and filled with resentment? One gravitates in one direction or the other, depending on whether it is The Blessed Sphere or The World that holds your attention. By now, even a troglodyte should have some idea of what Materialism does to the human spirit, and what qualities of being emerge from the union. Very soon now, certain things will be made much more clear to everyone.

Tread lightly, grasp lightly, let go all bounds that hold the spirit down. We are come upon the of The Dawning Age. Turn the page.

End Transmission.......

Biden's Gift to The Taliban

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Chicago police investigate videos of White officer confronting Black woman walking dog

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the rich can afford intricate lies and endless lawyers. Even celebrities with no money can do this-
Elizabeth Holmes Plans To Accuse Ex-Boyfriend Of Abuse At Theranos Fraud Trial

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Something has changed! The truth is being spoken more and more
Virginia Catholic Bishop: ‘No One’ Is Transgender

Thursday, August 26, 2021

"More and More, People are Becoming Depersonalized and Begin to Orbit Around The Death Star."

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The results actually being sought in the whole vaccine scam have nothing to do with the stated intents. It's not even all about Zombie Control of the populations that remain. It's also about creating violent interplay between militant vaxxers and anti-vaxxers. Surely you have noted the outbreaks of violence on planes, and at sporting events, at social gatherings, and nightspots.

The Deep State Satanic cabal is in Overdrive and desperate for success. They are racing (and raging) against the coming of The Light in The Event Horizon. It doesn't matter how many times the present-day villain has attempted to take over The World, they ALWAYS fail. This does not mean there is not a lot of collateral violence and death. There certainly is. In the Dance of the Rubbernecking Stupids, there is always a crowd pressing to get closer to the ambulance chasers up at the front. They NEED to see every gruesome detail, and that is how they become a gruesome detail.

Obviously, on their way to total ruin, they can cause a lot of injury and pain. Witness 9/11 and the Draconian fallout of security restrictions based on NOTHING. The ones who orchestrated the event are the ones that sold the airports the scanning machines and ran many of the industries that profited from the false flag. The present-day villain changes from time to time, going back millions and millions of years. Earth is a perpetual staging of Tragi-Comic episodes. Sometimes there are long periods of peace. Sometimes, out of the chaos and strife, great art is accomplished. Goya and others dealt in the horrors of war. Bosch dealt with the horrors inside.

There are periods of human engagement that are much like the films done about them, although the films are a lie. They do not capture anywhere near the authenticity of the period. Karma is the arbiter of Fate. Karma put you in Rwanda when it was Tut Tut Tutsi Goodbye. Karma put you in Cambodia with the Khmer Rouge. Karma puts you in the trenches at The Battle of the Somme. Karma puts you in St. Peter's Seat, and in The Bastille. Karma puts you wherever you are, and Karma gets you out of it too. So does Grace, an oft-misunderstood quality from The Supernal Realm.

This is The World of Temporary Shit. Certain ever repeating dramas are woven about the struggle to own and control Temporary Shit. Lawyers were created to protect, and also to take your Temporary Shit. Doctors are empowered to tinker with your Temporary Shit. Very few of these know what they are doing. They avoid entirely first doing no harm. Lawyers... well... heh heh... what can I say? A politician is someone who promises you things and then takes what you already have while you are still thanking him/her/it for all the Temporary Shit they will not deliver on.

People are fascinated by Temporary Shit. It glitters and it glows. It sings songs and dances naked in front of you at an impassible distance. Warehouses are filled with Temporary Shit. Factories churn it out endlessly. Many of us are Temporary Shit, mummy-wrapped around an everlasting light, seemingly waiting on the other side of an abyss called The Daath.

Some of us suspect the temporary nature of existence. A few of us are viscerally aware of it. Those who have trusted and verified know better than to spend their time telling everyone about it or else they learn not to, in some traumatic fashion.

Now... we find ourselves at one of those CRITICAL junctures where life as we know it can soon become life as we do not know it, and do not want to know it. It seems LIKELY that a lot of people are going to go down with The Ship because The Dancing Sugar Plums of Temporary Shit have them in a death grip. It's an actual force inside their minds, and it is also generated by agents of The Infernos. These people seem impossible to awaken, and have no desire for it. It is a truly sad affair, and out of mine and everyone's hands except for the ineffable. Grace again; we can only hope.

People in the same blood families are attacking each other over the vaccines. How is it that all these terrible health problems are coming to the vaccinated and these people do not see it? Members of their own families die, and they are relentless in the fabrication of lies to explain it to them. Television Orcs are screaming invectives at the unvaccinated, and the entire operation is a Put-Up Job. Is it any wonder people are going crazy? A pandemic of suicide is on the horizon as despair sets in.

That's one side of the equation, and it has to do with attachments to Temporary Shit. Life is both temporary and eternal. You get different results depending on which of these perspectives you adopt. Temporary Shit can have no effect on you if you are not magnetized by it. It gives a whole new meaning to people sticking spoons on their arms. Some of them think it is cool that this happens. Some who see it then race down to Vaccination-land. They want to be magnetic too! This probably is the result of possessing very little magnetism to begin with.

More and more, people are becoming depersonalized and begin to orbit around The Death Star. It is taking place for The Purpose of Demonstration, as does everything that happens here. It is all very sad and another opportunity for Unbearable Compassion. I don't know what to say about it. Nothing that I could say will have any impact on the matter. I comfort myself with the certitude that The Light is going to concentrate somewhere, as an offset to The Darkness, and I expect to know where that will be. Of course, one does not have to concern themselves with the location of luminous living spaces, if one is carrying that light with them already. The Light is present in all life, even if it has been reduced to a tiny spark that seems so very far away. It is the recognition of this light that is missing. It is the resonance that is missing.

One can come to the recognition and resonance by placing the attention on them and holding it there in an unrelenting fashion. You HAVE TO keep knocking at the door. The World is a projection of The Mind and can be controlled from there if the control is directed at The Mind so engaged. Self Mastery attends to every other condition, no matter what.

You DO NOT have to see The World the way The Deceivers are pressing you to. They are on their way out. As we have mentioned before, an apocalypse always brings a Cosmic Harvesting of Souls. It also brings an Awakening, so that the formerly sleeping can participate in their own salvation. Salvation is also at hand in an apocalypse, as is Damnation. I should mention that it is you who will be passing judgment on yourself, once The Real You sees what The False You was up to.

Nothing is what it seems to be on Fata Morgana Island. Scripts are being written every day for scenes that are created out of previous actions. You can see what is coming if you have been watching where you were going. The People enthralled with Temporary Shit are blindfolded and moving at speed. It happens in time-lapse fashion. You don't actually see a bud open into a flower but it does. You don't see the green shoots appear out of the ground but it happens. You are an integral part of what happens to you, and will continue to happen to you, for so long as you chase Temporary Shit; for as long as selfish interest is enthroned in your mind.

Either you are managing your life or someone else is. You have a choice in the matter as to whom you allow to run the show. This all gets sorted by your intentions and your objectives. There are specific drivers for every intention and objective. They'll get you there. Let's hope you will like it when they do. Obviously, many people are in some stage of Crazy. This is ubiquitously demonstrated by The Fever of Temporary Shit. This is far worse than COVID and there is no vaccine for it. That is probably a good thing about a bad thing. Only disinterest will handle the fixation on Temporary Shit. Become disinterested and Impersonal. That doesn't sound like fun though, does it?

One's first impression on a posture of disinterest and becoming Impersonal is usually not a positive one. It is very hard for Temporary Shit Junkies to process. It appears you have to develop a Divine Weltschmerz, and that often implies a state of perpetual grave disappointment in Temporary Shit. It's like falling out of Love. It also comes from seeing through it all to the light beyond appearances, which makes The Light seem Impersonal too. I can tell you it doesn't actually feel like that. All things in time.

End Transmission.......

I know I said I am a One Man Band here but that is not true. The Elf is responsible for all kinds of conditions that appear on the blogs. I was ONLY referring to staying on top of The Comments.

A few links for the curious; having much to do with vaccines and other Temporary Shit.

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What a load of concentrated essence of bullshit!! Thank you Faux News!
Taliban spokesman claims no proof bin Laden behind Sept. 11 terror attacks; ‘There is no evidence’

Via Fox News
He's in trouble now. The Professional Victim Coalition is after him=
Fauci blamed measles outbreak on Hasidic Jews; Orthodox leaders set the record straight

Monday, August 23, 2021

"We are Self-Programmed Slot Cars on Endless Cloverleafs of Action and Reaction."

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The Chaos and confusion that The Satanists are pushing for gets closer and closer. They see it as an opportunity to create some sort of Global Feudal System. When I say Satanists, I am not talking about the Off-Broadway Clowns from the inner-city cloisters of Comic-book Evil, who run around in hoods and, for some strange reason say that they don't worship Satan. Apparently, it is just a lifestyle thing that attracts sexual degenerates, and self-generated social outcasts, who think they are more like contemporary James Deans than the people from Eyes Wide Shut, and are working on incarnating as Jimmy Dean Sausages. They are basically poseurs, playing dress up in Mommy's clothes, especially if they are little boys and Mommy has encouraged them to.

There is a specific religion, posing as a religion, but which is actually a Counting House of Programmed Elites, whose parents raise them to believe they are better than anyone else and nothing they do to anyone else is a crime because they are a superior life form. We will use the 'sounds like a duck' and 'walks like a duck' principle here. Those who behave as Satanists can be considered Satanists. Anyone indifferent to the welfare of others, demonstrated in their own actions, qualifies as a Satanist. Sociopaths and Psychopaths are Satanists. A large portion of politicians, entertainers, religious leaders, and New Age celebrities are also Satanists. Intention has a great deal to do with identity. You are what you do in light (or the darkness) of how you do it.

People fall into one of two camps, with a large middle section; looking a good deal like the humanity of today, when it comes to middle sections. We will use color tones that are probably racist, although they have been in use for comparison, and as descriptors for many, many centuries. It's a case of Black and White (the colors), Night and Day, where twilight has the larger body of population; strange and impossible as that sounds. There is Black Magic, White Magic, and Gray Magic... Night, Day, and Twilight.

Some people are consciously and intentionally Evil, and some of them take great joy in the performance of it. Some people are consciously Good, and Intentionally Good, and take great joy in the performance of it. Some people are not all that conscious or intentionally anything, and they live in a state of want and confusion, even when they have what they want. These last can be considered the pawns of Black Magic because they eventually fall under the sway of it.

It is now Self-Evident that The Usual Suspects have worked the previous Chaos and Confusion to materially enrich themselves, and then have devoted a portion of it to buying off the willing at every turn, and buying every industry that deals with shaping perspectives and funneling the information. They print the money... so they can print as much as they want. All that I will say here IS TRUE, and provably so. Anyone who would argue about that is either abysmally stupid and inattentive, in the pay of it, or fully onboard with the spirit of it. There is a segment that is too afraid to say anything or do anything. It is likely that you know all about this already and I'm just preaching to the choir.

Afghanistan has hardly fallen, and already the specter of Terrorism is bleeding through the media like a slashed neck artery. The FDA is owned and run by Monsanto and the pharmaceutical companies, just as the FCC is run by the business interests that it is supposed to regulate. The same is true of the SEC and just about any organization these days because of the profound impact of Materialism on contemporary life. By definition, ANY devoted Materialist is also a Satanist. All crows are crows and all crows are black, or something like that.

Because almost all corporations are run by Satanists, and because almost all temporal religious institutions are also run by Satanists, or one of The Twilight Folk who follows orders, and because the entertainment industry, including sports and sundry are ALSO run by Satanists, it is imperative that The Avatar come, and HE WILL.

Just about everything you see these days is a false construct; a bastardization of an archetype that can no longer be seen as it truly is. Lies are everywhere, as advertising for everything. There is little truth to be found and people don't want to hear it in any case. It might be too disturbing, especially when you are living your own truth.

The Usual Suspects infiltrated the education system, near immediately after they compromised the political system, and then they have brainwashed the generations coming and going. This accounts for the absurd perspectives that are now taken for Normal. There is more Normal left than we might think but you are unlikely to see it. These people keep to themselves or operate in small rural locations and are generally very busy. All the hoopla about racism, and gender confusion, and the homeless, and everything else that is disturbing, and presents a threat that can be employed to keep people in line, is a creation of The Usual Suspects.

The FDA just approved the Pfizer Vaccine. They rubber-stamped the policy given to them by those who tell them what to do. Everyone in this world, in a position to influence the lives of others, has been either bought off or intimidated or killed. They are in a frothing, goat-rutting panic because they can see and feel the light upon the horizon. As clever as they are, they don't seem to understand cosmic verities. You would think this is something they would know about, since it is these very cosmic verities that they have twisted out of shape, and now sell to the public as the original item. Who knows why this is? I'm guessing it is all part of the worldwide drama of temporary existence on this plane.

These carrion feeders, who nourish themselves on the lives and bodies of their victims, see themselves as the natural rulers of all others hampered by conscience and ideals. The unstable tenor of the times is perfect for them and they IMAGINE it will continue, and they will grow ever fatter, and sleeker and more powerful, as this fabricated darkness descends on what used to be, and transforms it into what no one wants to see, unless they are Evil or Insane.

Alas for The Usual Suspects and their zombie armies. All that is taking place is a natural and predictable event in the changing of Ages. They are opportunists, however, and masters of Motive, Means and Opportunity, or so they think. As bad as it seems, and as bad as it portends, it IS NOT going to turn out the way they have planned. A great deal of what you are seeing take place has a different outcome woven into the genetics of it than what APPEARS to be.

I do not want to sell a false narrative. There are others far more skilled at deception than I. One of their agencies even has Deception in the motto. They stole that from Sun Tzu. In fact, if you study the matter closely and deeply, and some of us have, you will see that they have stolen pretty much everything they use and abuse. They are arrogant and spoiled children playing at empire-building, with a blind-eyed view as to real empire. Everything we have down here is a shoddy representation of a much higher and finer template for the same in the luminous worlds. They make their fortunes and gain their power by perverting things and then selling them to you. A twisted world is the perfect environment for twisted people.

Given that all of this is relatively true, I should say that cultures and nations have seasons just like the ones in Nature. This is why everything comes and goes. The master stage builders come around and put up structures, based on the atmosphere of the age they construct them in. When the age changes, the atmosphere changes, and they break it all down and then build a new one to replace it. This goes on and on, and it is all for The Purpose of Demonstration. We are present in an endless learning process, a perpetual boot camp, a torture chamber of self-abuse, and a Heaven on Earth for those who have earned a place in it. It is much more than that, with wide generalities and precise individualities. It can be seen but seldom explained by anyone.

Hell on Earth IS coming. So is Heaven on Earth, specific and exact to the dimensions of what is needed, according to what people have convinced themselves is true. They will get to see what living their own truth gets them. Of course, truth does express individually, though it is a rare, rare event and requires the imprimatur of Heaven. It is not one's own light that shines through a perfected personality. You can stop worrying about what is going to happen. You already arranged for whatever that is, and you did what you had to do to bring it about, for good or for ill.

We are self-programmed slot cars on endless cloverleafs of action and reaction. If you want to know what you are in line to receive, simply look at what you have been handing out. The people who need to read and hear this will not likely do so. If you don't like what is coming to you, change it! Accommodate yourself, without complaining, to what you previously ordered up, and work at whatever form of programming appeals to your idea of a future.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, August 19, 2021

"I Guess it Depends on Who You Listen to and Who Spins the Tale You Prefer to Hear."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was speaking with the Step-Down Transformer for the ineffable yesterday. The conversation got around to Karma and why was that the device being used, apart from the obvious physics of it. Part of the discussion centered around the fact that people don't remember from one lifetime to the next so they don't know why they are paying for something.

I was told it is all about The Soul. The Soul does remember and all these events, painful and otherwise are about The Soul growing into ever greater densities of conscious light. It's all about The Journey of the Soul. Surely the mind can forget the details of a lifetime, but the soul does not and that is why Karma moves from life to life. The soul is always the witness and the soul who listens to Heaven is informed by the angels of God and the way made easy. There is much that travels in the subconscious as well, and that is like a knapsack filled with all the details of where you have been. Eventually, this is all revealed to you when you can finally handle knowing.

The most serious problem for ALL of us is that we starve the spiritual aspect of our being and feed the material, especially in Times of Material Darkness. This leads to no good results. This is why so many of us are unaware of the finer aspects of existence.

God is within you at all times. He can transform you into a turkey or a tulip. He can transform you into a God. He can do anything with you at any moment. That he might not seem to do anything at different times is something else, he is CERTAINLY capable of it, and much much more. To KNOW this within is to be on The Fast Track to Realization.

When you KNOW that he contains everything within him and that he is within everything, as well as apart from it, you are close to understanding, in a profound way, so as to be LIVING it. This is where you want to get to; when you are LIVING it. That in which “we live and breathe and have our being”, as Paul said. God IS present at all times, therefore celebrating the presence of God takes on a deeper meaning. The idea is to be resonant with Heaven and in harmony with ALL LIFE.

I try to be VERY careful of saying anything that I don't know to be true. You can be certain that I put considerable study into everything I comment on, and sometimes that involves long periods of time. It is one of the reasons I am not challenged on much because the one doing it should know that verification WILL be coming back at them. Some of which I speak, actually, a lot of which I speak, I DO NOT KNOW but I accept as being truth because it has been echoed by illumined and realized souls over the centuries. If it is out of Vedic Teachings it has a presumed verity from me.

Often I get an echo within when I seek an answer on something. It can cause me to continue or it can cause me to bypass something that might be out of my depth. When I say out of my depth, what I mean is that it is beyond my capacity to explain.

One thing I have noticed is that even to mention Donald Trump is to set certain people off. There really is something called Trump Derangement Syndrome. In my last posting, I didn't even mention him, just the election and the administration, as in before and after. There is video proof of election tampering in Detroit, Atlanta, and other places. There are numerous whistleblowers. There were all those ballots that hadn't even been mailed and never folded. There are, literally, thousands of examples. There is the shutting down of ALL of the battleground states when the president was well ahead. Then there are all the sneaky things that were going on while the balloting area was SUPPOSEDLY closed off. There is a great deal of video. I know this because I have seen it.

There is a global shutdown on the subject of election validity because this has been demanded by those who own and police the information highways. If there were no there-there then WHY... why are they fighting tooth and nail to obfuscate and deny access to the evidence? If you are following any of what has been and is happening you would be VERY familiar with this

The computers that did the count were on the internet. This was not permitted. I could go on and on and I don't have a dog in this fight, except for concern for the welfare of the country. I guess it depends on who you listen to and who spins the tale you prefer to hear. I do not have the luxury of that. I have to study and sift the evidence. It is like someone trying to convince me that Osama Bin Laden was involved in the 9/11 attacks. I know better.

It is not even close to being a mystery to me. I can see what the agenda is. I watched the creation of this COVID hallucination, which was for the sole purpose of getting rid of the president. I saw where Biden could not draw more than a few dozen people to his events and the president was getting many tens of thousands. I saw all of this with my own eyes. People disputing that there was electoral malfeasance have some sort of an investment in The Popular Mechanics version of events. It's not even a preponderance of circumstantial evidence. It's way past that and more and more it continues to be revealed.

People look at a particular thing with an Evil perspective. Others look at the same with a Good perspective. It is THE SAME THING but it is colored by the qualities of the mechanism perceiving it. I say Evil and Good. I mean these as hypothetical poles for the explication of a dance taking place between them.

Here is something on Peaceful and Wrathful Deities. It can help with understanding the poles of Good and Evil through the positions of Peace and Wrath. It is useful in the resolution of all seeming conflicts

In this link is greater meta-scholastic detail. The first link is VERY simplistic and the second requires greater focus and concentration, but you can just skim it. I want you to get the idea that whatever the tradition you worship in, and REGARDLESS of whether you believe this, that... or nothing at all, you are in the company of invisible entities appearing in the costume of the tradition you believe in. You cannot see them now because they are out of the bandwidth of the material senses, HOWEVER... when you depart, you WILL SEE THEM. This is something to keep in mind because you have control over who will be greeting you once you pass the gate. This is a serious matter and worthy of consideration. I assure you that not having prepared for it will result in something other than a trip to Disneyland or The Beach.

Many people talk about all kinds of things that they know second-hand through the opinions of others, or who fabricate perspectives. I've been running into some of these people for decades now. Mike Adams comes to mind, as well as his sidekick Alex Jones. They have a particular technique where they will tell you something that is true and it will be wrapped in lies. This I have seen, directly, over and over and over again. They are sensationalists and they make an obscene amount of money. I don't care about money. I have what I need when I need it and I ALWAYS will. I don't want much, so what I have is plenty. This is not the case with many who simply do not know how to stop once they are comfortable. They have to get MORE... and they will, but perhaps not as they imagine it. It SELDOM is.

Call it a peculiarity about me. Call it a blind-spot or whatever pleases you. Unless a writer or a speaker has God in the forefront of their presentation, even though it may be concealed, I have little real interest in them. I already know that they are operating out of the Personality. Sometimes it is attractive and sometimes it is not. Sometimes what they say is true in a relative sense and sometimes it is not. This world is a war zone of Personalities seeking supremacy over other personalities and positive headlines. I ONLY get the unvarnished truth about material or immaterial things from The Impersonal. Everything else is colored in a dramatic or subtle fashion.

If you work at it. If you make it a part of the way you look at things, you get to where you can see who and what is speaking through whatever vehicle is being employed for the transmission. You can see if you look. Scientists do this. They look. They look deeply, but they are looking ONLY at the physical expression and not at what is outside the parameters of the visible. Of course, mathematicians, and physicists do look around corners and theoretically muse upon this or that. HOWEVER... material scientists are blind to the most important features of life because they can't even see them; not with a telescope and not with a microscope. You have to travel into the metaphysical to see what is going on. You even have instruments for this, should you bother to employ them. Hunches and premonitions move on this highway.

Some understandings are beyond my grasp, and certainly, some systems are far too left brain for me. If there is wiggle room or room for doubt, I hesitate to grant it certitude. The jury is still out. Some considerations no longer have wiggle room or doubt in me. I have verified and confirmed them to my satisfaction. This does not mean anyone else should believe what I say, only that I do or I would not say it.

End Transmission.......

Some links for the interested;

even the ghouls promoting the vaccine are now admitting things they did not admit before. This site is one of the worst porno-propaganda sites there are.
Visibly... COVID is not the first liability to come to mind when viewing the subject of the article

'Fedora Guy' Jerry Messing on Ventilator with COVID-19

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The vaccine reports just a keep on a coming=
Massive fraud in reporting vaccine injuries; withheld data, pretense of “safe and effective

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An Open Letter to True-Believing Mob Moralists
By Mike King

A little something via Henry Makow=
Humanity Has Been Inducted into a Satanic Cult

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Now, THIS is special. Isn't this special?
Biden’s Deputies Lure ‘Transgender’ Kids with Promises of Lawsuits

Paul Joseph Watson Via The Truth Seeker
There is something very wrong with this creature. I should add that the appearance of this twisted soul and so many others like her/him/it are all the result of Georgie Soros financing their rise to prominence=
Entire Country of New Zealand Put Under Lockdown After Just ONE Single COVID Case

The revolting Jacinda Ardern
NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.
It's not nearly as nice as it looks.

Monday, August 16, 2021

"Civilization is Humanity's Reaction to Pain, and the All Consuming Drive for Comfort."

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A terrible sickness roams the Earth, but it is not COVID. There is no COVID. It's just another stage in the regularly mutating forms of the common flu. Whoever is behind this FABRICATION has a great deal of MONEY and INFLUENCE. If you study the matter, you find that the same demographic of The Usual Suspects is behind it. All of the mass media is behind it, and they own the mass media. They give the appearance of being at odds with each other but they are not.

They are behind the transgender insanities. They are behind the push for supremacy of Freak Culture. I consider Freak Culture to be that which seeks to disenfranchise NORMAL. Normal, within particular parameters, is a good thing. It makes it possible for abnormal to even be around. Abnormal could not survive without Normal. Abnormal makes war on its own nature. It WILL NOT survive for any length of time. It is contrary to orderly living.

As something on the order of a Hippie-Mystic sort, I am indebted to Normal for making it possible for me to be a niche dweller. I am not at war with Normal, given that Nature is a living force of God within me... and you, if it is still present in a positive manner.

As I said, there is a terrible sickness roaming the Earth and it is not a small parasite that cannot reproduce itself. It is a Mind Parasite that does reproduce itself in human consciousness. It is a soul sickness and Material Culture is its breeding ground. The more that Material Culture thrives, the more this sickness propagates and migrates into whatever consciousness is unable to defend itself. It presents in an infinite number of forms of behavior. It is masked and camouflaged in all kinds of concealments. It is the same sickness taking different routes toward the destruction of the host body, whether that is a single individual or an entire society.

Our culture has mutated from a Can-Do success story to a rapidly collapsing and fragmenting split into warring factions. Neither the infected individual nor the infected society will survive unless this sickness is treated.

We already know who most of the main players are. They are the people with the money and those who serve them for a paycheck. Their hosts and serving army are The Stupids, misshapen by FEAR, perverse appetites, and twisted sexual hungers. The whole of manifest existence is a perpetual sex act. So... perverting the natural sex drive of humanity is Job One for The Dark Side. Civilization is humanity's reaction to Pain and the all-consuming drive for comfort.

The persistent enemies of humanity have been around for a long time, but the preponderance of Normal and Near Normal has frustrated their efforts to take over the whole of the planet. However, according to one of the inflexible laws of physics, whenever certain locations turn to shit, there will ALWAYS be other locations that rise to a more golden form of living. The more that Abnormal expands across certain areas of human concentration, Normal will do the same somewhere else. Good and Evil counterbalance each other. Sometimes there is more of the one than of the other, but when Evil goes past a specific point in the pursuit of dominance, The Cosmos, perforce, is compelled by its own nature to step in and return Balance.

In urban America, at present, there is a wildfire of depravity and license acting out; “If it feels good, do it!” “We should all be free to live our own truth.” Conversely, in Afghanistan, you have the other extreme of Sharia and Fundamentalism, which presents as a Forced Normal. Neither of these is ideal living environments. Too much in either direction is terminal, sooner or later. Both of these are the result of a breakdown in traditions, or a pathological drive to maintain a tradition. This breakdown and recycling of traditions and infrastructure is a NATURAL event, and comes with the changing of an age. In the beginning, there is a great deal of Chaos, Uncertainty and Fear. Hardly anyone knows what is around the corner. This is the preliminary period of breaking eggs to make an omelet.

We cannot see what is invisibly guiding and shaping events, nor to what end they are being shaped and guided. One has to either rely upon the strength of their character to lead them through the times of transition or a kind of lassitude and fatalism sets in, especially where the character is not centered and strong. Behind this character, in all cases, is the invisible force which is shaping it toward some unknown destiny. Your character is your destiny. Your character is either being shaped by your faith in something ineffable, or it is shaped by carnal appetite and desire. Each of these has a definite end result.

Think of a wall too high to jump over and upon which are drawn lines. It is similar to the lines drawn on a door frame to measure the growth of a child. The human race has a kind of Oklahoma Land Rush where everyone runs at the wall to make their mark among the lines. Some get confused and run in the wrong direction, never even getting to the wall. Some fall down. Some get trampled, and some... have a superior drive and intention that allows them to hit the high points of the wall. Drive a golden spike where that cat wailed! No one jumps over the wall. It doesn't work like that. HOWEVER, there are those who pass the wall by spiritual means. There are those who can walk right through the wall, and have no interest in what the wall stands for, which is to measure human accomplishment.

Once you have seen the beauty and learned the meaning of living an Impersonal Life, you are past the wall. Once you learn that all human accomplishment is vain, you are on the road to success. I marvel at the lengths some will go to, to make their mark on The World, only for that mark to fade, as will all evidence of their ever having been here, sooner or later. Still... it makes The World a colorful place and one can REALLY get caught up in it. That's the easy part. Getting out of it is not so easy. Fortunately, there are those who are most often unseen who WILL LEAD YOU OUT, should you be so inclined.

This does not mean that you suffer less, though that is often the case. This does not mean that you evade aging, disease, and death, though there have been examples of this, and some of them are present here at this very time. I have met a few. Like Gurdjieff, I was fortunate to have Meetings with Remarkable Men. We don't get very far unless we do. Thinking you will get there on your own is a folly of youth. Life soon teaches you this, unless you are so arrogant and obstinate that you have convinced yourself of it.

The Divine LITERALLY directs certain souls into delusion for the purpose of epiphany, and also punishment. Those of evil intent are often helped to get to wherever they are being routed, for The Purpose of Demonstration, to become a life lesson for others. That is taking place RIGHT NOW!

If you had the right amount of Faith, you would ALSO have the necessary Certitude to SEE THROUGH what APPEARS to be taking place. If you were less constrained by Time, you would be able to see the entrances and exits, as EVERYTHING conforms to its Nature, sooner or later. Even when one is consumed by the deviant and unnatural, they will STILL be returned to Balance, albeit with a great deal of pain.

Ah... the sheer futility of human ambition. It makes me think of The Tower of Babel. Once you KNOW that personal ambitions end in failure, you will see the priceless value of Impersonality. Unseen and unnoticed, you can move through The World without opposition. To paraphrase Lao Tzu; “for blocking no one's way no one blames him.”

You can't tell people what to think. You can't force them to think as you do, though there have been periods in human life where lockstep was the rule, all minds were NOT in agreement. People are improved by example. People do not improve until understanding dawns on their minds. It can take a great deal of suffering to bring this about, but it doesn't have to. One can avoid suffering by ceasing to want. It is wanting that causes you to suffer, most especially wrong wanting.

There is no call for anyone to become a moral policeman or a social reformer. All the greatest mass murderers were social reformers. There are inflexible rules that absolutely control outcomes. People are invariably taught, whether they like it or not, that certain courses of action are harmful, and especially to those committing them. We are not here to save The World. We are here to seek salvation for ourselves and that is ALWAYS available and it leads to Impersonality.

Yes... an organized gang of psychopaths is causing havoc and mass suffering. Shouldn't we band together and stop them? Good luck with that. They won't get far. They will not get nearly so far as they think they will. The Avatar WILL settle their hash, believe it or not. Having had the extreme good fortune to understand this, I have no conflicts with anyone. Certainly, all of it comes up in discussion here, but IT IS NOT MY JOB to attend to it, except in myself.

End Transmission.......

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A few links concerning the ongoing insanity of The World at present=

Via The Real History Channel
Hollywood's Propaganda War on Hitler

Via National Vanguard
MTV and Hate

Thursday, August 12, 2021

"We are Miniature Replications of The Ineffable (in potential), Though We are Not Nearly so Good at It."

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Hmm... now I see that the comment from Anonymous, which I included as an example of The Madness of the Times, in the last Visible Origami must have confused a number of people. As soon as I finish this I will return there and IMPROVE the presentation (grin). Hopefully, one learns something new every day. I TRY to learn from everything now. I've been watching the HBO series, “Entourage”.

I am not recommending that the reader see it. There is NOTHING Spiritual about it. It is a great teaching device if you are unfamiliar with what goes on in LA, and it can be WICKEDLY funny.

The view given to women by the players in the series is about as profane as I have seen, reducing them to mere disposable sex objects. Unfortunately, MANY of them see themselves in This Way these days. It's a kind of mutual user syndrome, with more than a tad of Stockholm Syndrome. Some of it is VERY darkly humorous and Jeremy Piven's role as a sociopathic super-agent is SPOT ON, and well done. I am now toward the latter period of the series. Now... my contempt and disinterest rise with every episode. It makes your humanity numb. Still... I see it through. That's my nature.

No. I am not going to become a film critic. One could say, since life is a dream, and dreams flow like movies, there is no way of avoiding this in an ancillary fashion. The great Indian saint, Ramakrishna once said:

“He who has merely heard of Fire has ajnana (ignorance).

He who has seen Fire has Jnana (Wisdom).

But he who has actually built a fire and cooked on it has Vijnana.”

I would identify Vijnana as Divine Luminous Wisdom.

Guru Bawa used to have the television running in his room all day long. Every now and then he would look at it and laugh. I became friendly with this fellow, Michael Quinn. He was a real go-getter type; houses, construction, remodeling, etc. I came across a small article in the magazine Philadelphia about a year ago that featured him. He is now remodeling kitchens for rich people. You could tell that Michael was meant to be a success on the material plane. We had a falling out some time later over a particular young lady who preferred me. He never got over that.

Anyway... prior to that he happened to be at my apartment in Overbrook PA. I was playing some of my songs and he flipped out over them, comparing me to Dylan. He wanted to go to Guru Bawa and get him to approve my going commercial. Bawa was not fond of singing and dancing, which I always thought was a little strange because that is one of the things that separate Sufism from traditional Islam. He had his reasons though, and the American culture at the time was filled with certain trends and patterns, all of which he saw while the TV rolled on.

He didn't want his followers getting caught up in the mechanics of showbiz. He saw that as a spiritually doomed enterprise. Regardless, Michael insisted we go over there and ask him. We came into the room and Michael went into his sales pitch, telling Bawa how wonderful my songs were. At the VERY MOMENT it was happening, the TV went to commercial and Sergio Franchi's Greatest Hits began to scroll by on the screen. Bawa looked at me and smiled. He didn't miss much.

When Michael was done, Bawa sat for a moment, he did that Inner Reflection thing. Then he looked at me and said, “Okay, you go and do it and then you come back.” This was a VERY UNEXPECTED result. I kinda thought my career was a done deal at that point. There were no secrets at The Fellowship and word of this spread like wildfire. It's hard to beat the ashram environment for Gossip, both good and bad (mostly bad). There were a lot of wannabe entertainers there. The result was that quite a few people then went to Bawa to plead their own case. He shut them down one and all. Nobody much liked me after that. It got so bad that Bawa had to do a discourse about it.

He told the tale about a king who sent out a message throughout his realm for the best musicians to come to the court and perform something or other. The result was utter cacophony as they all played at once. This was his message. They liked me even less after this.

My life has been one long series of destiny blocks, in relation to the music. Still... I'm not gone yet, though I don't think about it much anymore. I still play and record, but it's not important now. I've found another kind of success within. Since everything on the outside is a projection of the inside, there are MUCH finer possibilities of another kind. God created The World and maintains it in the same way. We are miniature replications of The Ineffable (in potential), though we are not nearly so good at it.

Entourage is about a group of young friends whose lives circle around the one who makes it. Then, in their own way, the rest of them succeed too, or so it seems, but... at what cost? TV is one thing. Real-life is another. This posting is all about ajnana, jnana, and vijnana. All of the rest is just color commentary. You could make an argument that intellectual and visceral can be found in this. Ajnana is Intellectual Apprehension. Jnana is Visceral Understanding, and Vijnana is BEYOND THEM; considerably beyond them.

There are levels to existence. The Entertainment World is at the surface. It is a superficial expression of life. It is a world where, as Gibran said, “they do not laugh all of their laughter nor cry all of their tears.” A little deeper in are the thinkers and scholars. They are the blind men groping the elephant. Deeper still are the poets and mystics. Deeper still are the saints and prophets. Deeper still is... well, I suppose we will find that out if we are DETERMINED and PERSISTENT. It's that spiral staircase again or call it The Elevator into Light. This... to me... is one of the most exquisite payoffs that life has on offer. Why do people spend their time flailing in the mosh pits of sensation...? Yeah... I guess it's an acquired taste. I've been there and done that, BUT... I kept going. Karma... maybe. It's all Karma of some sort.

I watch people make Karma every day, mostly from a distance. Some of it breaks my heart but there is nothing one can do but Pray. If you start interfering with them, they will turn upon and rend you. They are panicked souls in a nightmare scramble. Somehow it all works out. That's what I have heard from reliable sources anyway.

I am moved to include the Shankara quote again;

"These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods-

the human birth,

the desire for salvation

and the company of the great-souled ones."

This is something else you can pray for. Prayers of this sort are USUALLY heard. Then it is a matter of continuance.

Each night, before retiring, I go out to the back area of the yard to speak to The Mother. I've noticed a strange condition that keeps repeating each time. While speaking to her, something will distract me. If I am not careful I will forget why I am even there. This is her doing. It is the nature of The Divine to throw, distractions and toys at the one who seeks to communicate with her. It is a matter of whether you are serious or not. This will be tested over a period of time. It is not the same for everyone. Karma again, I suppose. If you can get by this, something wonderful can happen.

The Mother is much more accessible than is The Father. However, it is no easy progress either way.

All manner of events and conditions take place here that are Karmic. Once again, we could say it is ALL Karma. Often one pays with abstinence in one life for excessive indulgence previously. Such is the case with many who are nuns and others involved in spiritual penance. Some who are locked up were formerly responsible for people being locked up. Some who railed against the unfairness of The World are born to be politicians and social reformers, given the chance to do something about all their complaining. If you take a little time to think about it, you will come up with all sorts of life ironies.

I could have done better with my life. We all could have done better. That isn't the issue. The issue is whether or not you develop Faith, Certitude, and Determination, which will cause you to be persistent. Heaven notices these things. As for whether or not anyone becomes a big-name entertainer, I should point out that we are on any number of off-world television stations. It is quite likely that we are seen by audiences far off who watch us like I am watching Entourage. REGARDLESS... we are ALL being watched; Cave! Cave! Deus Videt.

End Transmission.......

Again we have a collection of links for those who appreciate them=

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Cuomo’s Downfall Foreshadows Potential Looming Problems for Democrat Governors Nationwide

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Dr. Joe Q. Public rocks the Casbah
“put that ethylene oxide swab into your nose it pierces your nasal membrane And once it is mixed with your nasal passage it turns into ethylene oxide (Antifreeze)”

Mount Vernon School Board Meeting

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The Road Apple doesn't roll far from the curb
Hunter Biden Says He Lost *ANOTHER* Laptop to Russian Drug Dealers in Naked Pillow Talk

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Compilation of the Crazy Covid Cult

Monday, August 09, 2021

"Even if They Rise to Parity with Solomon. They MUST Return Again to Walk The Path of Love.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Sometimes I think of MOMA in NYC and the absolutely ridiculous travesties on Art that they display. A certain group of people owns nearly all of the art galleries in The World and they determine what is and is not Art and what does and does not sell. It is the same with the music business, publishing, films; anything that has to do with shaping human consciousness is under their control, or... so it would seem. They have NO CONTROL over the Creative Principle itself. They REALLY have no control over anything and are simply pawns for The Purpose of Demonstration, and we are about to see that demonstration in the near term.

It is the same group of people who sell and distribute the vaccines which are not vaccines AND run the CDC. One of the features of The Apocalypse is that the monster predators WILL BE exposed to the eyes of The World. You can hear and feel it humming in the comments sections of MANY sites. Some particular group of people has finally succeeded in pissing off a larger segment of The World; give it time and a nursery rhyme. “Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.”

Some things have been a LONG TIME COMING. They will NOT be a long time going. We live in a world of Cowboys, Indians and bent politicians, liars, and the occasional truthteller. We live in herds and apart from herds. We live in cities, and suburbs, and as recluses. Some of us are drunks or on our way to be. Some of us are drug addicts or on our way to be. Some of us are insane or on our way to be. Some of us are cellphone junkies, with the primary stages of AI Zombieland, vaccine resonance coursing through their systems. Some of us are doomed.

Here is one of the areas of enterprise, people get down to. This all takes place in a location called, Hoxton Dungeon Suite in the UK. Of course, there are many other locations that serve similar appetites. We are in a time of relentless depravity. It is ALL available now. Why have Sodom and Gomorrah reincarnated into the modern world at this time? It is a direct extension of Materialism. When you twist human sexuality, you create Hell. I marvel sometimes at the levels of torment in this world. What is it called... man's inhumanity to man? (and himself) Certainly, women feature as well.

My sexual reality is intercourse with Heaven. Yes! It is a real super-sensual reality. The Hermit card relates to this, and the sense of touch.

Bota Deck The Hermit

The Hermit is pictured as alone on a mountain height, but The Hermit is NOT ALONE. He is engaged in an intense ecstasy as continuous as the mountain stream running nearby. Within us is the union we truly seek. If the feminine aspect is debased then you get some permutation of Hell, confinement, and suffering. If the feminine aspect is revered and exalted, some permutation of Heaven, freedom, and the absence of suffering is what you get.

At the ground level of your being is the Muladhara Chakra which contains a pool called The Kunda. Asleep (most of the time) in this pool is a serpent. In times of Material Darkness, it rises only to the next two stations above it, the sexual force, outlets through the svadhisthana chakra, and it runs until it is out of juice. This would be the state of The Foolish Virgins. After this, you get the Manipura Chakra which is located at The Solar Plexus. Then you arrive at the central clearing house between the lower 3 and the upper 3 chakras, which is the Anahata HEART Chakra. I'll leave off continuing on because very few of us access these.

Although The Kundalini is a simple process having to do with The Sun, The Moon, and Mercury, it can result in a complexity of expression that is far beyond the parameters of a simple blog posting. Mercury or Hermes (Trismegistus) is what you become when The Sun and Moon are in order within. You have a central channel called The Sushumna. To the left and right of this channel are two smaller channels called Ida and Pingala. They are the courses of The Moon and The Sun. They are the Port and Starboard of your being. EVERYTHING you could ever imagine becoming or experiencing arises from a harmonious accord between The Sun and The Moon in you. You don't need ANYTHING outside of yourself to attain Liberation. Even your guide and mentor is within you.

For those of you with the necessary understanding of arcane lore, here is a short treatise that is actually quite good, given that the deeper aspects can NEVER be written down. I apologize for the author who is being cute, by placing the color of the top chakra into the text upon the next chakra below as the background; violet and indigo.

Color and Sound are POWERFUL aspects of expression for one who is informed about their collaboration. I'm not going into any greater detail here about any of this. It would be of no interest to the unmotivated, and for those already so motivated let them discover it on their own. That is the only way it imprints with any lasting effect. I suggest a study of the caduceus.

I am NOT a Mason. I am not a Christian. I have some idea of WHAT I am but it is not a subject for discussion. As often as I have said these things, there are those who insist I am one or the other or both. I am NEITHER. I am a seeker and nothing more. The truth is that there are many frightened and angry people running about these days. It is the Fear which ignites the Anger, though Lust ignites Anger as well. There are people who consider themselves Well-Informed. What they are is an amalgam of Opinion and other people's theories which they found compatible with their own.

Osho built an empire out of sexual license. If you want to get a larger following then you must appeal to the lowest common denominator. If you really are speaking the truth it will be to a small audience. This has ALWAYS been the case. You will also be reviled and slandered by frightened and angry people. The Truth is NOT WELCOME most places and wiser souls know when to pass bad opportunities by.

Though I am not a Mason, I KNOW there are good souls involved in those traditions. The reason a certain group hijacked and reverse engineered Masonry does not mean that there is no good teachings in it. The same people also hijacked and reverse engineered The Kabbalah. These are the same people who have reversed their own kundalini, for the purpose of gratuitous and perverted sex. Fundie Christians will object to the idea that anything which is not in their reverse-engineered Bible is profane. They are duped. Even though the Bible has been messed with, there is still much of wonder and beauty in it, especially in The New Testament. The Old Testament is a work of Gematria and if you don't understand Gematria you will not understand it. Period!

I use WHAT WORKS, and what appeals to my nature, shaped by the Ray I am on and informed by The Intuition. Most people are in a sad state because of the dysfunction between The Will and The Imagination. When you pervert your imagination you are in real trouble. I can't go into this any further either. However, just mentioning it will set prepared minds into further inquiry.

I know already that there are those who will howl like scalded cats because I made a positive mention of Masonry. Masonry and whatever else you might come up with, are SOLELY DEFINED by your own character. It is the same with venturing into The Unknown. You bring all that is dangerous with you, and it finds whatever misfortune is resonant with it. Like attracts like. I don't read Masonic lore, nor much of anything else these days. I read enough to know it was not my path. It is our character and the force of our lower and higher nature that account for what we encounter in occult applications. You will be drawn to those areas that appeal to your desires and appetites. It IS NOT an area one should even engage to begin with unless they are of sound character and have mastered The Beast Force within. That is symbolized by the Strength card.

Bota Deck Strength

It is enough to desire and aspire after The Divine to accomplish ALL that you seek. Agents of The Heavenly Hierarchy will guide and teach you as you progress. You can just presume this. You WILL have to show the qualities and character NECESSARY to continue or you WILL NOT continue. There is many a disappointed soul, now filled with anger and seething resentment from believing they have been shunned by The Higher Mind. It is not the fault of The Higher Mind. Either you measure up or you do not. No one has to fail who is sincere and persistent.

Love alone is ALL THAT IS NEEDED. The rest is “added unto you.” As you are purified by the force of Love within, you become capable of ever more refined expressions of Love. You don't have to be smart. You don't have to be powerful or rich. You don't have to have good connections, because NONE OF THOSE connections will avail you. You ALREADY have the connection within you. It is said that those who follow the path of knowledge, even if they rise to parity with Solomon, MUST return again to walk The Path of Love. However, if you walk The Path of Love to begin with, ALL of those other aspects WILL BE added into you AUTOMATICALLY.

End Transmission.......

A small disclaimer; I know it seems that I glossed over important details and left a great deal hanging here. In any case, I don't have thousands of pages available in a single posting. I include these commentaries in an abbreviated format in order to pique the curiosity. Hopefully, that has been accomplished.

Anyway... here are some links having to do with just how crazy it is getting to be= Mr. APOCALYPSE IS REALLY GOING TO TOWN!!! You can see him forcing people to say things they would NEVER have said if they were in command of themselves at all.

Via The Washington Times
I was never fond of this fellow. Now I know why=
Ben Shapiro: Jan. 6 rioters ‘will end up rotting in prison, as they should’

Via PageSix.com
Here is someone else I have never been fond of
Quentin Tarantino vowed as a kid never to share a ‘penny’ with his mom