Wednesday, August 30, 2023

"Destinies are Tailored Like Bespoke Suits... From Fig Leaves to Cloaks of Invisibility. You Broke It... You Fix It."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It's all about control. It doesn't matter what the theater of operations is; a bunch of thugs are muscling their way to the seat with the scepter. It's Julius Caesar over, and over, and over again, and... it has been since time out of memory.

All of them... in every theater of operations... are unaware of one critical reality and it is why they are as they are. That critical reality is that control is already established and shall remain so beyond time and memory... no matter what any of those... whose actions chose them a part to play... may think. They are NOT The Great Thinker into Being. They are The Minor Thought into Being... and their own thoughts are even less than that.

Don't be overly surprised if name players... at every level... start getting knocked off and disappeared shortly.

Joe Biden is an ice cream-eating... child sniffing... senile groping bundle of excited flaws without filters... demonstrating what consumes you when... by degrees of evil doing... you lose control of yourself. Obviously... Bwak! Obama and Hilary UnCleanton are in charge of the country on a superficial level. Susan Rice and other agents of their dark intentions handle the day-to-day.

Yesterday... I was told that the presence of immortality was going to have a lasting impact on me. It took a few beats for me to break into laughter.

You can't have a better gig than to be the side-kick companion of the ineffable... communicating from within, and through whatever external vehicle he chooses to speak... at any time he chooses to speak. It's like being in a cartoon with talking rocks and birds... trees that walk... and bougainvillea petals that spin in circles... beneath the feet of invisible dancing angels... while you are standing there watching.

It's like looking upon the smiling face of Eternity, as you ride off into the sunset crying... “Aiee Cisco!” And he replies, “Aiee Poncho!” Everything is in actual... living color, and you can see the prism through which those colors emerge.

What care I about corrupt political operators who are drunk on an appearance of power they only imagine they possess? They are dancing monkeys who can't even see the organ grinder. Inside their heads is a snake composed entirely of smoke.

It whispers to their inner ear, and their heads swell with the poisoned dreams of greater conquests... always there before them... as they descend... step by step... down into their own personal darkness that will survive their present form... for a long while... in a place where time is measured in tears. That is where the oceans come from.

Who tells Obama and Clinton what to do? That would be The Soros Crime Family. Who tells the Soros Crime Family what to do? That would be The Rothschild Crime Syndicate. Who tells them what to do? That would be The Prince of Darkness. Who tells him what to do? That would be The Lord God Almighty... whom I run alongside of... wherever he leads.

Everything you can see is controlled by what you cannot see. You know this to be true already since you cannot see the force that controls your actions, but you can see the effects of your actions; if you are paying any attention at all... and... as we have been saying; just as you have thoughts in your mind... You are a thought in God's mind.

If you serve His will, you arrive at the places he takes you... in The World that surrounds you, and... in The World within you. If you oppose His Will... you still wind up in the place he arranges for you... seemingly by accident, but... definitely on purpose, and... so it will be for everyone at every time and place that ever was.

Where now is Genghis Khan? Where are Brutus, Judas, and Ephialtes of Trachis? Where are all the players who danced on The Winds of Change... like trembling leaves, and then blew down into the gutters and dark channels to a darker sea? They are now in the present roles that were scripted for them by angels who write and frame the dialogues and scenes that continue... and continue... and continue.

From one role to the next... they go.. speaking of Fra Angelico. (cue T.S. Eliot) (grin)... and in these roles, they go from dark to light... and from light to dark, but... however long and torturous the road... they will lead to The Kingdom of God because... NOTHING is beyond repair. God makes all things new in the morning of The World. Well... he makes them new whenever it pleases him.

What can any of the tinhorn dictators like Obama and Clinton do about it? They are a punchline in a joke they do not understand; that they are entirely unaware of. It is the same with the craven little packrat families of banking fame. They amass mountains of gold that they will never spend. Slowly... BUT SURELY... sometimes in an instant... it dribbles away into other hands... equally as craven... equally as doomed.

Do you know the fate of those who exchange their souls for temporary gain? It depends on the sort of gain; wouldn't you think? Destinies are tailored like bespoke suits... from fig leaves to cloaks of invisibility. You broke it you bought it? Yes... something like that; you broke it you fix it. What if you break a whole lot of somethings? What if you steal and kill? What if you do it over and over? There are suits for every occasion... whether they suit you or not.

If you had the eyes for it, you could see everyone weaving their destiny on invisible looms; their thoughts and their emotions... their actions.. weaving into a magic carpet of time... sufficient to take them ONLY to what is written upon it.

This is why there is no point in anger or any thirst for revenge. They are more to be pitied than to be censured. What does God say... that revenge is for his hands only? Only God knows what is fitting and perfect to the occasion.

People rail at me now and again about one thing or another. Why am I not doing something about the evil in this world? Why am I recommending this or that when... if only I was as wise... and pure... and all-knowing as they are, I would recognize the futility of anything other than drowning in my own serenity. I am doing something about the evil in this world; I am not stupidly interfering and making more of it. God speaks and I take dictation, and... I am not talking about the posts.

Far be it from me to assume that I know more than a very little. Of course... now and again... people unhappy with themselves... wander in here.... take a look around... judge one passing moment... in an endless series of moments... then move on to the next shop to break yet more china because you can be drunk on Stupidity and Ignorance just as effectively as upon anything else.

Sometimes they don't like my syntax or the way I arrange it. Here's something to keep in mind. Nothing anyone has to say about anything that goes on here is any concern of mine... or theirs, and nothing is going to be done about it either... by them... or by me. It will go on as it does until God changes it to something else. Call e.e. cummings on the snorkel phone. Ask him what he thinks.

I'm not in control of anything... unless I think I am... and then The Purpose of Demonstration will IMMEDIATELY kick in. That's a big machine and it costs a lot to operate. I'm not going to start it up out of whimsy or impulse. I've mostly learned my lesson about that.

Almighty God is in control of everything... EVERYTHING!!! So long as that is a certainty in my heart and mind... it will continue to be true, and I will allow myself to be adjusted accordingly. If I change my perspective... doubtless that will also change the appearance of it all. I would rather not have that occur.

We are what we are until we are not. We are... mostly... not what we are... until our blinders are removed and we see ourselves in the mirror cleared of all selfish intent. Then we forget ourselves... everlastingly... while God takes care of the remembering and the doing... and everything else. We just happen to be there for a moment like a bookmark in time passing.

As soon as we take all the irksome characteristics of our unfortunate self-creation, and toss the whole bundle into the covering sea... just that soon will we be freed of the limitations we placed on ourselves through ignorant desire.

Have a moment of mercy for Obama... Clinton... and sundry assorted hench-fellows... who play the part of the villains of our times. They are on their way to meet The Greeter who waits upon them even now. Pray that they might yet turn from their serial acts of infamy, and cop a plea while there is still a plea to cop to... lest they soon see, Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate inscribed on the lintel of the door that lies before them at every turn.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, August 25, 2023

"Our Heads aren't Screwed on Properly and Our Heart is a Selfish Place Where The Walls are Closing in on Our Loneliness."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Why are there no whistleblower Bishops and Cardinals? Not a mea culpa in sight. Why do few politicians ever say anything at all? Why do they close ranks in every large organization of kindred spirits? There are ALWAYS occult forces at work... arrangements made in exchange for advancement, and... a promise of extended torment and termination of everyone and everything you love, if you don't go along with the program.

The final indignity is that you will be dishonored far and wide.

It's a compelling case for hesitation and restraint.

God guides me through depth charges in The Subconscious, and through prompts from The Superconscious; when I can rise to it, and a download to the Self-conscious when I cannot. He leads me to diverse and seemingly unrelated situations, in which a tautology emerges... as my thoughts cross-reference. So it is that I came to be reading Michael Crichton again.

At some point, I realized I hadn't read the entirety of his body of work. Now I am reading State of Fear. I wondered why they hadn't made a movie of this book. Once I got some distance into it, I wondered no more. He absolutely dissects The Climate Change Scam. He rips it right open and then burns it before your eyes. At first, it was a thriller novel. Then it became a revelation as I got up to around page 500... when this wacky scientist appeared at a conference. Whoa!

Crichton nails it. I mean REALLY nails it and this book was published in 2005... copyright 2004... so, written earlier still. He's got footnotes and references during the technical expositions, guaranteed to make The Temporal Deceivers foul themselves at the news conference. There was no cowardice or quit in him.

Crichton makes the truth look like 90 pounds of fine quinceanera... shrinkwrapped in a fantasy suit. I'm not suggesting I'd be moved by such a display. The truth and I are old friends and not much excited by the display windows of time... in a temporary state of arrest... for a momentary pause.

Crichton was a genius in several fields. I always liked him. He had one of those minds attended by a basic honesty that you do not often see associated with honesty in times like these. If you don't want to read the whole book, just go to around page 490 until you find where the lawyer is sent to pacify this wild-haired scientist and read what the scientist says. It's only a handful of pages. You won't be disappointed.

“The Monkey Wrench Gang” and “They Live” were both earmarked for major film release... and the latter for a remake. Both projects languished in the hibernation zone of 'in development' until they were forgotten. The Industry did not approve of these messages. They Live would have been great because John Carpenter was going to do it; too much truth... in both cases.

Carpenter isn't even mentioned anymore. The cabinets have been stripped down; even the condiments and dust bunnies left town.

Right now some of the finest... (let me rephrase that) most enslaved and captive minds of this generation are working on a PR release for The Maui Genocide... or is it a mass murder? How many deaths constitute a genocide? By the day... my friends... by the day... Mr. Apocalypse is parting the curtains, and... videotaping the action for looping playback in The Hive Mind... whether it likes it... or not.

One of the most amazing events of these times is the persecution of the last president, whose election was stolen by The Branch Covidians. The logistics of what might happen when any one of these kangaroo court exhibitions convicts him of something he didn't do... causes laughter to bubble up within me. He has secret service agents permanently attached to him. Will they go to prison too?

The comic absurdity of characters like E. Jean Carroll is right out of Mad Magazine. The fact that such outrageous charges... unsubstantiated... and lacking evidence of any kind... could even be brought to trial... tries the very bounds of reason. Yet it continues. The system is broken and in the hands of lunatics.

I am not here to defend Donald Trump. I am simply observing the obvious and proven criminality of the administration that is bringing these accusations against him. It cannot end well. There will be serendipity OR... there will be revolution. Between the sexual Satanists and this... the country's very soul is at risk.

Being bombastic and full of yourself, and lacking in all necessary gravitas are not crimes. THEY cannot afford to lose, so... this is what we have.

Well... this is Petri Dish and I thought I would confine myself to reflections on the state of The Culture, BUT... I have to talk about The Divine. That's a given by this time. However... just before I segue... since we are talking about things of The Culture, let me mention the Amazon Series... Good Omens.

It seems I saw season one a couple of years ago or more. I liked it a great deal and was on the lookout for season two. I finally assumed it was canceled, and then... it showed up a few weeks ago. Finally... my schedule cleared (grin) and I am re-watching season one as a memory refresher. I like it even better now. The snark and sarcasm... the perfect casting... acting... writing... direction... is off the hook.

I doubt it has any similarities to reality but it is very entertaining if you aren't unduly anal... or have a religious poker up your ass. Probably there will be plot holes and disappointments. It's the nature of the beast in these times, BUT... it stands out from the rest of the crap by a good reach; at least season one does. It's very funny and the parts of the demon and the angel are perfect.

Now... on to the only thing that interests me anymore. On reflection... It's the only thing that has ever interested me, and all I was ever looking for in anything else. At this specific perspective that I presently enjoy, I have to say... I am stunned at what people spend their time on and worry about. I can only assume that they simply haven't had a taste of The Real Thing yet. I imagine there has to be an increasing state of desperation and disappointment among those who have an excess of crap and stuff in their life... and money.

Nothing messes with your mind like money. Money is a pain in the ass that keeps on giving. It effectively ruins lives on a regular basis. To put it in urban-speak, it fucks your shit up (cue Warren Zevon). Speaking of Warren Zevon, here is a fellow who went on stage drunk like no one else I have ever heard about at his level of WELL-DESERVED fame.

He got his act together... cleaned himself up... got physically toned and ready to really live his life. Then he found out he had terminal Cancer. In true Zevon fashion, he wrote a song about it called, “My Shit's Fucked Up.”

There's a live version right above... on the page where I got this. I don't like to mention their name. They might show up, heh... heh... (speak of The Devil!)

I've always been a huge fan of the man, but... in all honesty... (grin)... I didn't have to live with him. Then again. We would probably have gotten along.

People go through their life bitching and moaning about minutiae, and surrounded by stuff, while in many countries of The World... people have next to nothing and are starving. Our perspective is skewered, Basically... our shit's fucked up. Our heads aren't screwed on properly and our heart is a selfish place where the walls are closing in on our loneliness. Tsk. Tsk.

I had a rough go for a long time. Sometimes I sing that song; “Nobody knowed the trubble I seed” and I have to laugh. Compared to who... visible? Compared to what? Meanwhile... The Divine goes through EVERYTHING. Sure... God's detached in a way that frees him of the pain... yet... he is intimately connected to our suffering. This is what Jesus The Christ demonstrated in his visit among us. It's not going to be the same this go-round.

This go round is all about Punishment and Reward, and... setting the table for the coming age. We haven't seen anything yet, but... we are about to.

I REALLY don't understand it. God is right there... resident within... and people are scrambling for things that glitter in the night. You have a permanent companion and an ever-lasting friend, who... in most cases... is standing mute within you... just watching... because few bother to go through the trouble... and some effort is involved... to wake him up and engage him in their lives.

(Before anyone takes exception to my saying, "wake him up." The Man on The Beach said to, me; "God is a serpent and God is sleeping. This is his dream.")

Yeah... you have to prove your sincerity, but... don't you have to do that anyway... unless you are good enough to fake it and get by? That doesn't last though. Sooner or later, The Purpose of Demonstration comes for us... every... one...

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

"They are Forming Endless Ranks of Michelin Men and Pillsbury Dough Girls... to Lurch Sideways into The Cannon Fire."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings my dear friends and welcome to the 2nd wave of The new BULLSHIT COVID shutdowns. Remember The Wizard of Oz? Remember Oz The Terrible? It turned out to be this dumpy little fellow with a lot of special effects who operated from behind a curtain?

That's what they did to The Common Cold and Flu. They gave it a new name and a bad reputation. They turned them into Fonzie on PCP and bad acid, and... whenever he hit the jukebox it started playing Celine Dion, singing backward through a Vocorder. It's like the software that changes your voice on the telephone, but very James Earl Jones kind of scary and intimidating.

What you have is a small collective of dumpy Cromwells, pretending to be big and terrifying monsters. They are... in real life... if there is such a thing... degenerate sexual monsters that mostly terrify the children they are attracted to, and the children have reasons to be frightened. You do not. There are far... far more of you, and... THEY KNOW THIS.

Why would the people who fancy themselves in charge, and who have been orchestrating wars... famine... plague... and such-like for generations... suddenly be so hot and bothered about turning the entire world into a killing field and concentration camp? There is a simple answer. They are in panic mode. Behind the scenes, they are freaking out.

Why is there such a large homeless population? They priced existence beyond the reach of a particular income bracket. It is the same programming that made billionaires out of multimillionaires. The poor were squeezed out of their subsistence-level existence. The Middle Class is next. In order to dominate a nation you have to get rid of The Middle Class. It is The Middle Class that makes revolution possible. You don't get one without their assistance.

Why are they intentionally flooding the country with flesh and mind-eating drugs? Why are they promoting open borders... that have flooded the urban environments... with migrants from around The World? They are actively engaged in creating an environment of managed chaos. They are making The Hegelian Dialectic a perpetual condition.

Why is it suddenly in operation again; this new and improved COVID variant bullshit? It is because election season is on the horizon, and they have to steal another election... because they can't win unless they are the ones who count the votes. The COVID shutdown gave them the playing field they needed to orchestrate the last steal.

At the same time they have upped The Climate Scam hysteria... with space-age tech... turned upon the populace. You have to keep the people afraid and off balance... if you are going to get to the point where it is too late for them to react.

I exchanged an email with a friend on Maui a couple of days ago. I lived there... on and off... for 20 years. I lived in Lahaina for months at a time... now and again. I knew it well. Lahaina was a party town where the soundtrack was, 'Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville.” A lot of people made a whole lot of money. A lot of people had a whole lot of fun. Maui was the most corrupt place I have ever lived and I've lived in some really corrupt places.

Maui is owned and operated by a small handful of vested interests. You ONLY get safe passage with their permission. I digressed; as I was saying, I exchanged some communications with a friend of mine and I commented on DEW and the intentional blood sacrifice of children and others in Lahaina.

He came back huffing and puffing to tell me that Alex Jones had been discredited and I shouldn't be referencing him... and that it all happened because the water came through PVC piping and the fires melted them and... it was a lot of nonsense. It was all a horrible accident... no harm was intended, and... yadda yadda.

This friend was once one of the most paranoid individuals I have ever met. He thought Reagan was PERSONALLY tracking his every movement. He was CONSTANTLY in trouble with agents of The Powers that Think They Are. He always imagined they were out to get him and he responded in kind. They may not have been out to get him originally, but... he saw to that.

I had to go back to my email to see where I had mentioned Alex Jones, because... I dislike Alex Jones exceedingly. I had not mentioned Alex Jones.

Just about everyone I used to know on Maui is certifiable. It's ironic because... I used to be the crazy one. Even the locals left me alone, and that's saying something. You could occasionally find me reverse back-kicking cactus plants... by the side of the road... on the way to Mckenna Beach; here... hold my beer. You have to be very precise to hit between the spines.

Some people play video games, and some people watch porn. I used to enjoy kicking the cactus. There were plenty of them. There were plenty of people who behaved like cactus plants too.

There is a strange tropical disease that you don't much hear about. I know it as Pineapple Brain Rot. It's a slow-wasting disease that is very common in The Hawaiian Islands, and... most tropical locations. Most of the people I used to know have succumbed to this and are wandering in a looping dream tunnel as extras from “The Day of The Triffids.”

If it were up to The People, I would have little hope that conditions would improve. It is not up to The People... however. It is God who manages everything that occurs to whatever end he envisions. If he needs The People. He wakes The People up. Elon Musk bought Twitter in order to control the narrative. Now he's turned the functioning of it over to The Globalists, and some company in Israel that I never heard of before.

Same as it ever was.

You might think this is a terrible thing. Oh my! What are we going to do? Don't worry about it. All of these people are being outed for The Purpose of Demonstration. God has the whole of it neatly organized as it pleases him, and... thank you very much.

I have been more fortunate than most people. I spent a lot of time in life-and-death situations... under the threat of extended torments, and elimination via one medium or another. I have the benefit of seeing God at work. You might think it strange that a person who lived in Extremity as if it were his hometown would be... so sanguine about the whole affair; not at all.

I watched it over the long haul. I saw it turn into what it is today. I KNOW that God is Real and... also that he loves me. He was merely tenderizing... tempering... and shaping me as it pleased him to... and... as it turned out... it pleased me greatly too; in the aftermath anyway. There is that which tastes bitter in the beginning, and then it turns sweet. There is that which tastes sweet in the beginning and then turns bitter; something to keep in mind.

All this has been... all this time until now... has been The Divine giving ample time to the evil intending to be mending their ways. It has also been to bring them to a state of arrogance where they are not afraid to announce their intentions and to out themselves in an open field with no hidey holes in sight.

God saw what Materialism was doing to The Hive Mind so... he let the Perversity flower like an endless landscape of poppies and nightshade trees. He let the whole thing get out of control so that we would eventually smell the bed in which we slept... on fire beneath us. He left the degeneracy, and venal mindset of The Elite, and all their zombie followers... go far beyond the comfort zone of The Sleeping Classes.

All of it is designed to wake us up. In broad daylight, they are coming for The Children. They are sexualizing them... they are poisoning them with Killer Vaccines and turning them into autistic... wall-staring invalids. They are forming endless ranks of Michelin Men and Pillsbury Dough Girls... so as to lurch sideways into the cannon fire. They seek to make Stalin roll over in his grave.

People are crying out for Satan from parade floats on Main Street USA, with banners streaming... from corporations shilling... for your attention. It is of no matter. It is a fart in the wind. It is not even real. It will fade like a bad dream when the moment comes for it, and... come it will. God knows exactly what he is doing, and why. Watch and See.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, August 17, 2023

"Only Finding God has Any Lasting Importance. Everything Else is Peripheral Nonsense and Collateral Damage."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I look at the blog traffic now and then; see where people are coming from. Yesterday, someone from the town of Crowheart showed up. It's in Wyoming. There are around 200 people there. At TripAdvisor... things to do in Crowheart was blank... so was things to see... except for the Special Forces Monument. Half white people and half Native Americans comprise the population.

The only thing that ever happened there was an Indian battle between two tribes in 1866. It got settled by a duel between the two chiefs and it went on for a while. The victor was so impressed by the loser's courage that he cut his heart out and stuck in on his lance. I hope no one is ever that impressed by me.

Boy! It sounds like a mighty fine place to live. I'm not kidding. It's at 6,000 Ft. above sea level, so... it probably gets really cold. Otherwise... all that space and emptiness, which are not both the same thing.

All day... people... or someone from Las Vegas has been coming around. I can see the connection but... I have no idea what it means. Over time, I've seen visitors from every country in The World, from places I had never heard of before. Someone from the Singapore government is a regular. Sometimes a tour group of some kind from Ukraine drops by... over and over through that particular day.

Only finding God has any lasting importance. Everything else is peripheral nonsense and collateral damage.

I was speaking with one of God's intermediaries today. He said; “Visible, I know it is impossible to understand and makes no sense. Stop trying to reason it out. I am beyond reason. It is why you must go mad to find me. It's happening in this life. It is not some other life we are talking about. Ready or not. Here I come...

“It's a never-ending story. It's the glorious unveiling of The Self. I realize you don't know anything. I'll clue you in on the way. It's no fun for me... for you to know all about it ahead of time. It's the journey... not the destination. Well... it's the destination too. (laughter) Say those words again that passed through your mind just before you were watering the plants.”

Only finding God has any lasting importance. Everything else is peripheral nonsense and collateral damage.

“Yeah... that's the one. When a person finds me, there is nothing else left for them except the process of being washed in The Light... and transformed into a being of light. All that other nonsense about Magic and exalted stations of being above the common herd are just problems on their way to happening.

“When a person finds me. When a person is permitted to find me. When a person finds me because I willed it to happen. Whatever is left of debts outstanding is absorbed by me. Their mortality is at an end. There is nothing further to be concerned with. Once again, let me say... I know it is hard to understand. Stop trying to understand it. Just let it happen.

“I tell you these things so that your readers may see them. These words apply to them... should they permit them to apply. Objects in the future are much closer than they appear. it's not something you can see in the rearview mirror. What did Jesus The Christ say? Let the dead bury the dead.”

As you can imagine... it's hard to continue with a Petri Dish after you hear this sort of thing. I'll be more able in the morning before it starts all over again. (grin)

Okay... it's today now. All that is yesterday now. There is only now. It is The Mind that separates Time into compartments. We seem to be moving while other things are standing still... but everything is moving except for the one thing everything moves around... or past... or toward. We are all in orbit around a central core. Some of us are near the rim and that location sets up an intense centrifugal pull. Some are nearer the center and less affected.

If you study life... instead of chasing after shit... or dreaming about it coming to you... upon a cloud of desire... that is woven over your eyes... you will see people in various stages of control or lack of control. If you don't see these contrasting states directly before you... you hear about them... or see them in The Media. Some are so fascinated by this that they can't stop watching, but... they do not understand what they see.

If people understood what they were looking at... and we are not talking about God here... they would be searching for God with all their heart... all their soul... all their will... and all their mind, but... they are not. Why is almost everyone so incredibly distracted? Why is God not their absolute point of focus? God is... after all... the essence of all that they seek... in other forms.

God is in form and not in form... and everything comes into being... is maintained... and goes out of being... due to an ADAPTATION of God Force. God has a personality AND an individuality. The Bhagavad Gita specifically addresses this. At one point, Krishna talks about how hard it is to find God on the one course, and how few they are who do it, BUT... he IS to be found there. However... he recommends the other course of loving him in the personal sense.

My guess is that if you find the one you get the other too. If you find God The Father... or God The Mother... you get the other... too. In every religion... and all of them are blinds... God is represented in a triune expression. What's that got to do with two? Two implies three, and from three comes the multiplicity, and... everywhere you go... you will find blind people groping an elephant; a REALLY big elephant.

As I mentioned recently... Awful Windbag showed up at a Maui shelter with a film crew. I thought about that for a while after I said it; wondering what she had in mind. Then it came to me! She wanted video documentation of her saying; “And you get a house! And you get a house! And you get a house! And you get a house!”

I've been thinking. There are times I could be nicer. There are subjects I could avoid. There are things I could not say, and... other things I could say in their place. I could incline more toward everyone getting a participation trophy.

I could be more understanding of the mentally ill... who are presently being celebrated on The World Stage as courageous trailblazers... living their own truth. I am speaking of the sexual mutants and the enormous conga line of people whose whole objective is to stand out in the crowd.

Yes... I could sit on a dais somewhere... with a far-off gaze of simulated wisdom in my eyes. I could intone in the voice of Jim Jones or James Earl Jones; “Brothers and Sisters, come...” I've never been able to stand being a performance artist. The only times I did that sort of thing I was making fun of the whole business... or being real. How I see it... the idea is to be lost in The Crowd... to look like the mirror image of everyone else... while being no one... and everyone... all at the same time.

When the love in your heart consumes the identity in your mind... there's no longer that particularly heavy bit of baggage for you to carry around. You no longer have to be somebody different... better... more everything than everyone else. You only have to be yourself... without making a point about it.

It seems that everyone is making a point about it, except for the people who are actually getting useful work accomplished, and then moving on to the next task... without thinking about themselves.

True anonymity is one of the keys to immortality. I've mentioned several times that there are those who move among us who are many centuries old... far older than that even. Their secret is that they are useful, so... God keeps them at it. Lao Tzu spoke about this. Many others have too. It's there for the taking if you can just give up that one thing.

Few efforts are as complex and difficult as letting go of The Personal Self, and its ambitions to rule over others... have more than others... and all the permutations your mind can come up with... in regard to that monster that seeks to possess and rule over you, while you are in the pursuit of ruling over others. Certain snake dancers came up with Communism as an equitable solution. We've seen how that works out.

If you are meant to be one of those who get remembered for some length of time... even though you will still eventually be forgotten by everyone but God... then God will see to that. God will see to everything that you permit God to see to, and God... being the shy and retiring type... will let you otherwise do as you please for... The Purpose of Demonstration. Don't be a fool. There is only one true rock star and that rock star is always blazing the trail for others to follow, but who seldom do.

You can be like that rock star. A part of you already is, but... as far as any personal ambitions go, well... you've already forgotten all the times previously... when it didn't work out like you expected it to. God gives us endless opportunities to find out what happens when you do this... or you do that. Personally... I'm done with that nonsense.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, August 14, 2023

"It's Like The Logical Progressions of Stupidity and Appetite... Circle-Jerking The Matrix... in A Waltz to The Death."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This fellow has things to say that fall much more in line with what I think.

I have been maintaining for some time that Trump is in league with those he calls his enemies and the whole thing is a dog and pony show. Why didn't he pardon the January 6th supporters? Why didn't he do all kinds of things? It makes no sense. It was at the juncture of The Killer Vaccines that I let go of the latitude I had extended him... based on the fact that there is so much that I do not know.

Robert Kennedy Jr is an absolute tool and I'm not going to even bother to go into the detail concerning him. All you have to do is check the truthtellers on X-Twitter. That place has REALLY changed since Musk took it over. Is this also controlled opposition? I don't know. His upcoming circus act with Schmuckerberg... which is certainly a fixed spectacle... to no apparent purpose... is troubling to me.

This clone event of P.T. Barnum... WWF shuck and jive is a joke. Musk should annihilate this poncy little twerp. Musk is a streetfighter who is a lot bigger than The Twerp. I've seen what happens to people from martial arts schools that only know what happens on the mats. Especially those from the lower ranks. They get their asses kicked by people who learned how to fight on the mean streets. Combine that with ALSO knowing a move or two, and Twerp Boy should be in big trouble.

We are surrounded on all sides by dancing marionettes and someone is pulling the strings. I'm not interested in saying who is doing what, and it doesn't matter to me because everything is a shadow play between the light and dark, with God... personalized... on one side... and The Prince of Darkness on the other. God Impersonal controls them both. That's it and there ain't no more.

So... I'm not bothered about outcome... or... who is doing what... to whom. Everyone is dancing to the music playing in their heads, and... choreographed by their desire body... chasing after The Purpose of Demonstration. My job... my ONLY job is to not hinder my lord... in his perfect harmonizing of existence... according to the directions taken by every intention that presents itself to him.

My job is to get out of God's way... to channel his will as it applies to me... to serve Heaven and to seek nothing more than to do this for perpetuity... without expectation; to be God's eternal servant and everlasting friend.

You might think of God as a weaver sitting at a gigantic loom. He has countless hands moving too quickly and too slowly to see, all of it is rolling out a tapestry that unfolds the moment... moving simultaneously... up and down... and round and round... depending on the interacting destiny of each thread and particle of separated mind... and will.

We come here with baggage and a tabla rasa every time we appear. The one influences what we write upon the other, and each life is like a page in a very long and very large book.

One is... either... serving their own interests... or... to the best of their abilities... seeking to serve Heaven and The True Hierarchy and Fellowship of Initiates. Both serve the indefinable and incomprehensible impersonal who... as I said... weaves it all on the loom... like the automatic court reporters that you see... with their eyes raised to the ceiling... and seemingly unconscious of what they are transcribing.

You might say that there are several looms. One spins the dances of mortality from The Moon... where a particular aspect of The Divine Mother births all forms and recycles all forms. There is another loom in The Sun that builds the immortal bodies of light, and... there is the loom that spins The Sun... The Moon... and The Stars and Planets into being... put the galaxies to flight... and holds everything fixed upon the patterns of their assigned courses.

You are made in the image of The Creator itself!!! You are born to rule creation! Look what you have done with this high honor! It should be no wonder that some of us go to Cold Creek to purify our ears.

The World... is The World... is The World. Sometimes it is brilliantly lit, and peopled with noble aristocracies who serve The Higher Self. Sometimes it is ill-lit and in the hands of aristocracies of evil... such as is presently the case.

In each of these extremes... and all the points between them... moving from one to the other... and then back to the other again, are... The Roles; The Roles to be played... and their tales woven on the loom, and transmitted by The True Wireless... to The Akashic Library... for the contemplation of those it holds an interest for.

It has gone on... and on... and on... and on... and on. It will go on... and on... and on... and on. It has no purpose except that which is known only to the one who holds the power of The Looms.

What I see is an endless circular stairway with intermittent landings... actually, two stairways intertwined like DNA. One is going up and one is going down. This is multi-dimensional... like countless cloverleaves of super highways... nexusing and plexusing... in every direction that is possible in The Mind of God... where there are no limits and anything is possible.

What did The Old Man of The Mountains say? Nothing is real... everything is permitted. You may not like this to be true, but even cursory observation shows the 2nd part to be true.

Trump and all the other passengers doing a Chinese Fire Drill in The Clown Car... in front of the cameras... on all the main thoroughfares... are just actors going through the motions. FOLLOW... THE... MONEY!!! However... The Money is not The Power. The Money is the lure that sucks the foolish into The Venus Flytrap plants... down the manholes... off the cliffs... into the ocean... and hospitals... prisons... graveyards... and howling winds... and raging fires.

There is a certain way it works down here... and how it works depends on what time it is... and what The Purpose of The Demonstration is. HOWEVER... THE REALLY BIG POINT is that none of it holds any power over those who see through it. They walk through this world freer than birds and fear NOTHING!!!

Here is what Lao Tzu had to say on the matter;

“Death might appear to be the issue of life,
Since for every three out of ten being born
Three out of ten are dying.
Then why
Should another three out of ten continue breeding death?
By use of sheer madness to multiply.

But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life
That tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path.
Weapons turn from him on the battle-field,
No bull-horn could tell where to gore him,
No tiger-claw where to tear him,
No weapon where to enter him.
And why?
Because he has no death to die.”

What he says is absolutely true, and... that course is open for ANYONE to walk... who will walk it as they must... in order for it to come true. I have seen... again and again that this is so.

A whole lot of bad shit is going to happen. A lot of people expect it... some people intend it... other people permit it. It's going to be surgical... just like The Killer Vaccines finding their intended. Just like the wars... and Nature energized and enraged. Just like the logical progressions of Stupidity and Appetite... circle-jerking The Matrix... in a waltz to the death.

A new world WILL BE born out of the chaos. Materialism breeds comfort... which breeds indolence... which breeds stagnation... which breeds the creatures of The Swamp. This will all be swept away by entities climbing out of The Invisible and arriving through The Birth Canals.

They're coming for the orchestrators of sexual degeneracy... nihilism... despair and confusion... and all the embodied forces that represent that darkness that The Light will drive before it.

They are coming for The Bilderberger Snakes... the sex and death fairies from The WEF... The Council of Foreign Relations... The Club of Rome... The Committee of 300... The Vatican and The Jesuits... Goldman and his Sacks... Black Rock and Vanguard... The Social Media Barons... The other manipulators and agitators... The Bankers and their vampire kin. God's got a little list and none of them be missed.

There will be punishment details... trials... judgments and ceremonies of awards and rewards. There will be a great deal of coming and going. There will be unexpected visitors. There will be lights in the sky and tremors in The Earth.

A great many extensions of time have been accorded... ears have been whispered into... minds have had messages... relentlessly transmitted... of past due dunnings... and bills outstanding... along with certifications of opportunities missed... and responsibilities avoided.

Notice has been given, again... and again... and again. Patience has been exhausted and put on fluids. Cries have reached Heaven, over... and over... and over. Disparities of wealth and indifference to others have... been... noted.

The World WILL BE set in order so that it might... gradually fall into disrepair yet again... over the long course of time. All things will be made new and remain so... for a period of intervals to be named later. Deep-seated corruptions will be burned out or washed away... to be turned to ash or buried at the bottom of the sea. Each event... global and personal... will be precise and specific. One will be left standing and another will be gone.

Twas ever thus. Such things will be seen... within and without... that have not been seen in the course of this segment of recorded history. The memory will live on for some time... until it is forgotten by all except those assigned to record and remember it... and to secrete it away... so that it might be discovered at some further point... by those in search of it. Some of it will be hidden at physical locations, and some of it will be hidden in the chambers of the unexplored heart.

I have no details. That is not my department. That is the department of the... one... who... knows... and who reveals it when it pleases that one to do so. HOWEVER... some form of all of this will occur, and... there will be... as there always are... places where none of this is even noticed. None of any of this applies to them.

A button got pushed. A lever got tripped... only a short time ago. Now... the game board has changed. Now the circumstances and conditions have changed. The objectives have... not... changed. What has been long needed... will now appear in many forms... for the translation of this period of transition into what was written in The Mind of God a long time ago. Then The Golden Age will come.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, August 09, 2023

"Buddha is The Mind in Pristine Self-Reflection. Christ is The Heart When it Comes into Resonance With The Soul."

God Poet Transmitting.......

To paraphrase the inimitable Michael Jackson; “you're looking at your face in the mirror. I don't think it can get any clearer...” unless... of course... the mirror is covered with dust or it's one of those funhouse mirrors where the image is distorted in your mind and so that is how it appears to you. Plenty of people see The World this way... through a funhouse mirror that's no fun at all.

Yesterday... I left a comment over at SM. It's appropriate to what just got said, and it's probably going to be appropriate to the post that follows. It was a response to the last line in the previous comment; “So now we have the consequences of the stupidity of humanity.”

I answered; Only in an individual sense... expressed collectively when those of similar sensitivity (or lack of sensitivity)... gather together... in a common fallacy... or group illusion... in search of inescapable epiphany. In other words... if the bullet don't have your name on it... it won't find you... PERIOD! This is where Faith has to be the Styrofoam cooler on an unruly ocean. Faith... Certitude... and Determination; don't leave home without them. (grin)

Really... it's all going to be fine where fine is called for and something other than fine when it calls for something else, BUT IN EVERY CASE... it calls for its likeness. It calls its likeness forth.

We create The World we live in. We live in a world of our own creation. Everything that we see is a projection of our mind... extended into the field of Karma... outworking according to a return on our investments.

It is becoming more and more clear to me, by... the... day... we are in the midst of a game of self-deception... based on ignorant desire... the root cause of all our suffering. It is what Buddha said, and I am in complete agreement with The Buddha. Buddha is The Mind in pristine self-reflection. Christ is The Heart when it comes into an obedient resonance with The Soul.

The Sun rises in The East and it sets in The West. That should tell you many things having to do with Buddha and Christ. You might say that Buddha is Christ when The Heart swallows The Mind. Of course, there's more to it, and the rest of the story begins at the point where words fail.

Lately... I am (without warning) swept up for a moment in a spontaneous exhilaration... an exaltation... as if a few measures of some long-forgotten music had suddenly played through my mind, and caused the heartstrings to vibrate in sympathetic response. It happens at least once a day, and I find myself *(pun intended) consciously radiating it out to everyone I ever met... enemy and friend.

Immediately I am reminded of all the other versions of myself on the road to self-discovery. Everybody is operating at the level of what they think they know... for good or for ill... as they will surely find out.

These sudden surges of feeling are a recent event in these last several days. It is exceedingly reassuring. I was told that soon I would have an experience that would banish all doubt from my mind forever. This is a nice prelude if it happens to be the case. (more doubt?)

I... like everyone else... live in a world of my own creation. In my world... I seek to hold up a mirror to God. In my world, there is no personalized objective other than to hold the personal firmly beneath one foot as the other is raised in dance.

That reminds me of someone. I'm sure it will come to me. (grin)

The World is presently like an old man dying of Leprosy or some variant with running sores. All that has been hidden in the darkness of the human heart is being driven to the surface in unspeakable acts... visited upon the specific targets... waiting in the specific line of fire.

♫ Frog went a-courtin' and he did go, uh-huh. Frog went a-courtin' and he did go, uh-huh. Frog went a-courtin' and he did go to The Land of Snakes for the magic show, uh-huh ♫ That doesn't sound like a good thing... if you're a frog.

The bagmen and grifters... the loan sharks and leg-breakers... the lawyers and jailers, and tailors of perversity... sew up the bondage suits and body bags... right out in broad daylight where everyone can see them. They used to be smarter than that. They used to know that their kind of business got done after The Sun went down. They are getting increasingly bolder.

Bands of orcs, and all the rest of the indulged offspring of Materialism, roam the streets with impunity. Behind the scenes... the puppetmasters pull the strings and the monsters dance in a blood-lust orgy to the tune of Burn The World Down. I don't know if that song is on Shopify yet. They are... perhaps... still writing it on the brutalized canvas of Other People.

Once the international criminals took over all of the formerly legitimate enterprises... law and order were suspended. They became a memory of better times. They assumed it meant that The Bad Guys won and it was open season on everyone else. That's just what The Good Guys wanted... a front-row seat to watch evil destroy itself... by calling down The Wrath of Heaven upon themselves.

You've heard of Directed Energy Weapons. You've heard about EMFs and HAARP. You've heard about Tavistock, which has now been reimagined as something else. You know about Satanic covens in exclusive gatherings... of people too rich and privileged to know how stupid they are. Hey! I can't be stupid! I'm rich and powerful! I didn't get that way being stupid! Uh-huh... keep telling yourself that.

There are other weapons and mechanisms for the purpose of psychic disturbance... generating implements for mental and emotional discomfort; directed energy beams that cause fear and confusion. Did you think subliminal programming just went away? No! It did not go away. It got more sophisticated and harder to identify. All of these things are operating on people... individually... and in groups.

This can be very intimidating, especially when you don't know it's happening. Meanwhile, it's become public knowledge that the leaders who are supposed to be guiding and seeing to the needs of the community are out-and-out criminals. It inspires an every man for himself mentality, a just-don't-get-caught perspective.

Bad things are happening in broad daylight. No one seems to be in charge. This morning... I was sitting before The Altar of The Sun and I heard; “What! Visible? You think I can't handle this? Is that what you think? You think I went to The Maldives until it blows over? Fiji maybe?”

I laughed (nervously)... No, Lord, I know you're in charge no matter how it looks.

“Visible... I could clean the whole thing up in the space between two heartbeats. IF... I... WANTED... TO! I'm doing it in stages. I am guiding every particle... animated or otherwise... to its appointment somewhere... with someone... or something.

"It's easier on everyone and everything all around. I'm pretty sure that scripture made it clear that I am The Alpha and The Omega. That means I am at the beginning and end of everything. This means... I'M WAY AHEAD OF YOU! I'm so far behind you that you can't remember a lick of it, and I'm right alongside you the whole time. Just because you can't see me doesn't mean I'm not there. If I'm not there, you could not be there either!!!

"I'm letting the people... too smart for their own good... fuck around and find out. You've heard that one, right? (Yes, Lord, I have heard that one) They cannot possibly imagine that every move they make is being choreographed and controlled. It certainly doesn't look that way to everyone else either; present company excepted.

"Here's what I got to say. It won't be long now. It won't be long in my time... or your time. Things are soon to come to a head, and then we find out all kinds of things. Okay... I'll see you later. I'm not actually going anywhere, but... I'll see you later. You know what I mean.”

This is the most wonderful part of my day, and it's starting to push everything else to the side. I know how hard it is to believe that everything is under control... as appearances... more and more... indicate everything is spiraling out of control. Appearances are the children of The Father of Lies, and God... is in the details.

Don't let it get you down. It's a construction zone. During those times... between the tearing down of one building... and the construction of a new building... there's going to be a lot of noise... dust and confusion... people coming and going in hard hat areas. The day will dawn when the tear-downs and construction end. Don't get in the way of God doing the same thing with you.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, August 04, 2023

"I've No Interest in Alien Snipe Hunts, or Unicorn Fantasies in Search of a Minotaur Who... Resides in The Subconscious."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was speaking this evening (Thursday) with the entity that represents The Sun... in the perpetual galactic accord... that all who serve The Almighty... are in resonance with. There is a single consciousness that contains ascending gradients of consciousness, and all of us are in some fashion connected to it, even at the lower levels... where separated minds believe they are autonomous and independent of it.

Apropos of the subject we were on, he said; “That's the thing, visible, and it's a critical thing... there is only one mind. People separate from that mind and you get what we have now. Everyone is running in pursuit of whatever they think they are after. It's Materialism that agitates and promotes this Danse Macabre with temporary things.

“That's the point of religions. They get groups of people on the same track and it makes for relative harmony among the people in that particular faith. Unfortunately... in Kali Yuga... religion is as much of a harm as a good. It conceals as much as it reveals, and all of them are falling back now because a new schematic is going to manifest as the religious architecture for The Aquarian Age.

“Religions perform a necessary service for people who are in the early stages of understanding. As you have mentioned, they are training wheels. Meditation is no more than a person sitting still so that I can align them with my presence.

“Once that has happened there is no further need for Meditation, which then becomes Contemplation... which then becomes something else, and the same thing goes for all the tools of the spiritual path. They are useful up to the point where they accomplish what they were designed for. Then you get new tools.

“All this talk about a New World Order... The WEF, and the international organizations... who decided it was their job to rule The World... they are all trying to get into the driver's seat behind what... I... am... already... doing.

“They are all trying to fix what it is not in their province to be fixing, and there is nothing that needs to be fixed... I am already fixing it. If it looks like it needs to be fixed at the moment... give it a little time because EVERYTHING is exactly as I want it to be, and it is all headed where I want it to go. Sure it looks messed up in a particular snapshot but... it's a progression. People never learn anything unless they are allowed to screw up first.

“It always has to cost them before they learn the value... or lack of value... in any of it.

“I don't need anyone's help to fix anything. I do use people who are inclined not to be a hindrance. Those who are in resonance with my will. Everyone who is in sync with me is laboring in The Vineyard, and everyone who is opposed to restoring the balance... is also assisting in bringing everything into balance... whether they know it or not... and whether they like it or not.

“Visible... all you or anyone has to do is get... out... of... my... way. I handle The Details... and... you let me handle The Details. Everybody's looking for a system... some kind of angle to strategize their life. You want a system? You want a foolproof system? How about... Thy will be done? There is no better system than that. As far as marching orders go... get still and align with my will. That'll do it.

“Remember when I said I was going to show up right in the middle of them and pull their pants down in front of The World? What did you think I meant by that? Did you think they wouldn't know that it was me who was doing it? In some cases... yes... all it will do is astound them, but the one thing they will ALL notice is that I am more powerful than they are and there is NOTHING they can do about me.

“That's the signal event of the next phase of operations. I'm going to become visibly active in a variety of forms.

“I'm doing a lot this very moment. I always am, but... I'm behind the scenes. Soon I am not going to be behind the scenes anymore. I'm going to come right out into view and The World is going to be stood on its head in a way that happens very rarely. I'm going to make an announcement. I'm going to put my mark on certain people. There will be no warning. All of a sudden... boom!

“Right now... in this specific transitionary phase... I'm giving everyone all the time they should need.”

Well... that was rather lengthy. Why would I put something like that in Petri Dish? Heh heh... the same as The Divine can set aside his rules any time he feels like it... even if he seldom feels like it... I can set aside the general protocols of the specific blogs. What The Divine has to say to me is a lot more important than what I have to say to you, and... that leads me to the particular message of this day.

I work for The Divine. Whether anyone does or does not believe that is of no importance to me. I have direct evidence of this throughout the whole of every day. I don't rely on anyone or anything else. The work I do is directed to a specific bandwidth of awareness. It is directed to those who love God... and who seek God.

Other sorts come here, by seeming accident or because they can't help themselves. Everyone is a part of God, so... it is not my job to parcel people off into categories. Everyone is in a state of transition... even if it is no more than a passage from the same old... to more of the same old; those prisoners of routine, for whom all change otherwise is a threat. That is an unfortunate posture in a world where the one constant is... change.

Anonymous told me a short while ago that he/she/it had seen through the false nature of Bhakti and that God was only consciousness... undefined awareness... zip... period. No place for Love, I guess. It seemed to me that I was being told it was a kind of nothing... without subject or object. I happen to know that there are such states and certain personalities seek them out. Nihilism is a term that comes to mind. If they have found what they are looking for there, I am pleased for them.

From my perspective, I am meant to love God with all my heart... all my soul... all my strength/will... and all my mind. That's a spiraling dynamic without limits of time or space. It goes on forever through endless stages of greater focus and intensity of the same. I have found what I was looking for, and I am pleased for me.

I've heard of The Void... also called The Daath, and no doubt other things as well. I've heard of non-being and The Great Emptiness. I've looked into everything there is to look into... and not in a cursory fashion... as far as we have any evidence of any of it here. I have not looked into everything everywhere. Perhaps I will get around to that. Perhaps not.

I have no judgment on what others do. I KNOW that everything contains a specific destiny that is revealed to the one who pursues it. I KNOW that everything is connected. I KNOW that God is Real... and present; The Divine in its various permutations is not shy about letting me know this. The Divine informs me... daily... moment to moment... about whatever The Divine feels inclined to bring to my attention.

I do not need nor want anything more than The Presence of God. Everything I could possibly want is contained therein. I have no argument with anyone about anything because what works for me does not necessarily work for someone else, and I am wise enough now to not contend with anyone about any of it. I routinely dismiss subjects that hold no interest for me; Flat Earth nonsense... I've no interest in alien snipe hunts, or unicorn fantasies in search of a Minotaur who... resides in The Subconscious.

I don't have the time for any of that, even though I have all Eternity to dance with. I don't play any version of Trivial Pursuit... nor care a wit for a single reference... throughout the whole of it. I talk about events and conditions in The World for the purpose of context and comparison... with what I consider to be a much... much finer world... that exists at right angles to this one.

Sometimes people agree with me. Sometimes they don't. As long as I agree with God... that is all that matters to me. I've long maintained that the reader should take what is useful to them and disregard the rest. Please grasp this simple principle and if you've got a need to argue anything... go find someone who wants to argue. There are plenty of such folk around.

I don't debate in my head whether I am right or wrong. That's not for me to decide. The Divine decides that and informs me accordingly. It is how I grow. I pass on to you what I hear, and what I have found to be valid in my journey through this vale of tears, and I have very few tears anymore.

This has all come up recently... more than once... in the last few blog postings. There's a reason for it. It probably won't come up again for some time. I'll just assume that those who need to get the point will get the point or... they just aren't going to get the point any time soon; not my problem. This caravan will continue on toward the point of origin it set out from.

Thank you for your patience as God gets me sorted out, which he will do in the time and fashion that pleases him; may His Will be done, and may The Kingdom of Heaven come to Earth where we have made a place for it.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, August 01, 2023

"It's The Endless Lures of The Promise of Future Returns that Lead People into Those Compromising Situations."

God Poet Transmitting.......

On X... formerly Twitter... there's a strange little photo montage that takes place around China Mitch and his brain-fog moment. It's in the links at GAB. I attribute it all to Mr. Apocalypse who is stirring the bottom of the pond and bringing what's buried in the sediment to the surface.

I'm obliged to use a few links to buttress the presentation I hope to... present? Heh Heh. As you know, 5G is going wider and wider and some people say it has a lot to do with The Killer Vaccines. Of course... there will be people trying to profiteer from the conditions that are likely to be caused by the increased toxicity of EMFs... other invisible rays of all kinds... terrible spraying of the atmosphere... poisoned drinking water... etc.

Here's a company that's selling amulets.

I suppose this is the new ceremonial magic end of the tech-biz religion. These amulets are supposed to protect you from harmful radiation. If you got deep pockets you can get the silver and gold line; for thousands of dollars, you can get The Sedona Model or the autographed Paris Hilton line. I can guess at who these people are and probably be right. It's almost always the same people. Does this make their tech bad? This I do not know.

I imagine there is useful tech coming out to protect you from the fallout of bad tech. However... these same people are also pushing The Flat Earth nonsense with a new spin, cause the old spin didn't work real good with the people a notch... or more... above the borderline intellect level.

Everywhere you look... lies are streaming across the airwaves... from video screens on the street... on the sides of buses and whatever going by... from cellphones... and tablets... and laptops... and desktops... through earphones... and headphones... and Bluetooth speakers... and soon... one of these days... the information highway will run right through the brain implants of The Walking Dead.

I know some of you are high on Trump. I suspect that the whole Biden thing, and the stolen election... and it was stolen... went down with the full knowledge of the players on both sides of the action... for the purpose of what's coming up next.

I don't want to rain on your wishin' and hopin' (cue Dusty Springfield). I hear it springs eternal. Without Hope... The Future would have a grim visage indeed. Certainly... Trump is an improvement over Biden. Donald Duck would be an improvement over Biden.

Donald Duck would even be easier to hear and understand than Robert Kennedy, Jr. who sounds like loader trucks... winding up the switchback... from a massive Rio Tinto... South American copper mine. Rio Tinto is owned by The Rothschild Crime Family.

It appears that Trump is owned by a subsidy thereof, or... maybe I am mistaken?

I don't know how many of you are aware that this happened. I know all kinds of more deserving folk did not get pardoned. Trump's problem with being owned and operated by certain vested interests goes back to his overly ambitious casino days in pre-internet times. He got himself into some deep financial shit and needed some moneylender assistance.

If you followed the money evidence trail back in the day, you might have a better idea of where I am coming from. I don't doubt that the same people who tied him up like Paul Giamatti in Billions... are the same folk throwing him under the bus in these present times. You're really going to need to read that link. I'm sure it's more complicated than that. It... always... is.

We tend to have ever shorter attention spans in Times of Material Darkness, and... as it gets darker... it gets harder to see anyway. We have a persistent tendency to not see what is right in front of our faces. Of course... some people are looking into the darkness because they think that's where the action is, and... some people are looking elsewhere.

Where does most of the troubling information that comes to your attention originate from? It comes from The Media; print media... electronic media... through your eyes and ears. The eye is often associated with The Devil because Appearances... are... deceiving.

There is the direct influence of media along The Information Highway, and there is the indirect influence through entertainment... musical lyrics... what characters say in movies... and TV series... and programs of all kinds. This includes books and magazines... mindless celebrity drivel that slides like a centipede... into the undefended... and caramelized Barbieized mind. It's coming at you from all directions.

Who owns these industries? Those are the people who create and manipulate information to specific ends. They are the people who told you COVID was real. They told you to get The Killer Vaccines. They manufactured The Killer Vaccines. They own and operate The United Nations... The EU... and many other international governing bodies that are given their marching orders from the people who control the money flow... who own The Banks.

COVID has morphed into Climate Hysteria. These are the people screaming about temperatures that are the same as the temperatures ten years ago. These are the people starting all the fires to enhance their narrative, and paying the morons who march against fossil fuels. The Media promotes all of this. The Media tells you The WEF has your best interests at heart.

Everywhere you look, you are hearing about climate emergency... sexual perversity... and a conveyor belt of goods and services you need to know about... so that your empty life is not so empty, and you have the necessary distractions... that stop you from having to think about your empty life... as much as possible. Soon... the implants will help you bridge the time in the quiet hours of the early morning night.

The Media... almost entirely... is controlled by demonic forces. Certainly 96% answers to the same central programming house. If you go to any search engine and ask who owns 96% of The Media, it will have answers for you.

They represent the physical side... the side of appearances. They tell you what they want you to think you know. They seem reasonable a lot of the time. They have persuasive arguments, which they are on both sides of. They're rich and important, and... many people wouldn't mind being in their shoes. It's the endless lures of the promises of future returns that lead people into those compromising situations. If you don't want any of it... there's not much they can do about you. Buddha clarified all that.

Jesus Christ told you how you should behave. Buddha had a lot to say about that too. So did Krishna. So have all the masters and way-showers and teachers of Humanity from the centuries past. They are mostly all in agreement with each other.

Outside the bandwidth of your senses is an army of light workers who operate behind the scenes. The same is true of the workers of darkness. They possess people through their carnal appetites and desires. If you are not susceptible, they can't trouble you. Above them... on another plane of being... are the servants of The Light. It's your choice which of these holds your attention. They both work for the... same... single... almighty... power.

This power created both Good and Evil. Your own scriptures tell you this. There's another conveyor belt that runs like a multidimensional helix. It carries all human (and other) traffic toward the destination that their intentions ferry them in. Some meet a version of Charon and some meet a version of St. Peter.

This dance of endless change goes on forever. Well... of course it does... it's endless. I'm not here to encourage you to hate The Bad Guys or love The Good Guys. I am here to encourage you to be a Good Guy because the payoff is better. In the short term... The Bad Guys seem to have the upper hand; appearances again.

The One... The Eternal Everlasting Almighty... is the one you need to impress, be you... temporarily... a Good Guy or a Bad Guy... or you might be more permanently adjusted toward one or the other... so you keep coming back in the same outfit... working for the same outfit. It's the head guy you have to impress. You need to get his attention.

Doing really bad things will get his attention. Doing really good things will get his attention. Mumbling over beads... repeating the same thing over and over... hiding out in cloisters and places of retreat are less likely to get his attention, though... you can get his attention anywhere because he is constantly watching everything you think... and say... and do. You have my word on that.

What am I trying to tell you here? The Bad Guys don't win. You can count on this, but... they are necessary. We are all rewarded according to how we use and do not use The Talents accorded to us. HOWEVER... seeking a reward of any kind... at any time... is not a good way to proceed. There are rules about the whole thing and you need to know what they are. Selfless Service is the ticket. It's what God (and all his angels) does. Emulate the best, and... don't worry about the rest.

If your eyes are open... because your mind is open... because your heart is open... you can see what's going on. The Bad Guys APPEAR to be formidable at the moment. That's all about to change. You are going to see some things that are completely unexpected... as far as appearances go. An invisible wave is about to sweep the planet. It will sweep in more than one direction... simultaneously.

I wouldn't dismiss that twinkling of an eye thing if I were you.

End Transmission.......

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