Monday, August 14, 2023

"It's Like The Logical Progressions of Stupidity and Appetite... Circle-Jerking The Matrix... in A Waltz to The Death."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This fellow has things to say that fall much more in line with what I think.

I have been maintaining for some time that Trump is in league with those he calls his enemies and the whole thing is a dog and pony show. Why didn't he pardon the January 6th supporters? Why didn't he do all kinds of things? It makes no sense. It was at the juncture of The Killer Vaccines that I let go of the latitude I had extended him... based on the fact that there is so much that I do not know.

Robert Kennedy Jr is an absolute tool and I'm not going to even bother to go into the detail concerning him. All you have to do is check the truthtellers on X-Twitter. That place has REALLY changed since Musk took it over. Is this also controlled opposition? I don't know. His upcoming circus act with Schmuckerberg... which is certainly a fixed spectacle... to no apparent purpose... is troubling to me.

This clone event of P.T. Barnum... WWF shuck and jive is a joke. Musk should annihilate this poncy little twerp. Musk is a streetfighter who is a lot bigger than The Twerp. I've seen what happens to people from martial arts schools that only know what happens on the mats. Especially those from the lower ranks. They get their asses kicked by people who learned how to fight on the mean streets. Combine that with ALSO knowing a move or two, and Twerp Boy should be in big trouble.

We are surrounded on all sides by dancing marionettes and someone is pulling the strings. I'm not interested in saying who is doing what, and it doesn't matter to me because everything is a shadow play between the light and dark, with God... personalized... on one side... and The Prince of Darkness on the other. God Impersonal controls them both. That's it and there ain't no more.

So... I'm not bothered about outcome... or... who is doing what... to whom. Everyone is dancing to the music playing in their heads, and... choreographed by their desire body... chasing after The Purpose of Demonstration. My job... my ONLY job is to not hinder my lord... in his perfect harmonizing of existence... according to the directions taken by every intention that presents itself to him.

My job is to get out of God's way... to channel his will as it applies to me... to serve Heaven and to seek nothing more than to do this for perpetuity... without expectation; to be God's eternal servant and everlasting friend.

You might think of God as a weaver sitting at a gigantic loom. He has countless hands moving too quickly and too slowly to see, all of it is rolling out a tapestry that unfolds the moment... moving simultaneously... up and down... and round and round... depending on the interacting destiny of each thread and particle of separated mind... and will.

We come here with baggage and a tabla rasa every time we appear. The one influences what we write upon the other, and each life is like a page in a very long and very large book.

One is... either... serving their own interests... or... to the best of their abilities... seeking to serve Heaven and The True Hierarchy and Fellowship of Initiates. Both serve the indefinable and incomprehensible impersonal who... as I said... weaves it all on the loom... like the automatic court reporters that you see... with their eyes raised to the ceiling... and seemingly unconscious of what they are transcribing.

You might say that there are several looms. One spins the dances of mortality from The Moon... where a particular aspect of The Divine Mother births all forms and recycles all forms. There is another loom in The Sun that builds the immortal bodies of light, and... there is the loom that spins The Sun... The Moon... and The Stars and Planets into being... put the galaxies to flight... and holds everything fixed upon the patterns of their assigned courses.

You are made in the image of The Creator itself!!! You are born to rule creation! Look what you have done with this high honor! It should be no wonder that some of us go to Cold Creek to purify our ears.

The World... is The World... is The World. Sometimes it is brilliantly lit, and peopled with noble aristocracies who serve The Higher Self. Sometimes it is ill-lit and in the hands of aristocracies of evil... such as is presently the case.

In each of these extremes... and all the points between them... moving from one to the other... and then back to the other again, are... The Roles; The Roles to be played... and their tales woven on the loom, and transmitted by The True Wireless... to The Akashic Library... for the contemplation of those it holds an interest for.

It has gone on... and on... and on... and on... and on. It will go on... and on... and on... and on. It has no purpose except that which is known only to the one who holds the power of The Looms.

What I see is an endless circular stairway with intermittent landings... actually, two stairways intertwined like DNA. One is going up and one is going down. This is multi-dimensional... like countless cloverleaves of super highways... nexusing and plexusing... in every direction that is possible in The Mind of God... where there are no limits and anything is possible.

What did The Old Man of The Mountains say? Nothing is real... everything is permitted. You may not like this to be true, but even cursory observation shows the 2nd part to be true.

Trump and all the other passengers doing a Chinese Fire Drill in The Clown Car... in front of the cameras... on all the main thoroughfares... are just actors going through the motions. FOLLOW... THE... MONEY!!! However... The Money is not The Power. The Money is the lure that sucks the foolish into The Venus Flytrap plants... down the manholes... off the cliffs... into the ocean... and hospitals... prisons... graveyards... and howling winds... and raging fires.

There is a certain way it works down here... and how it works depends on what time it is... and what The Purpose of The Demonstration is. HOWEVER... THE REALLY BIG POINT is that none of it holds any power over those who see through it. They walk through this world freer than birds and fear NOTHING!!!

Here is what Lao Tzu had to say on the matter;

“Death might appear to be the issue of life,
Since for every three out of ten being born
Three out of ten are dying.
Then why
Should another three out of ten continue breeding death?
By use of sheer madness to multiply.

But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life
That tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path.
Weapons turn from him on the battle-field,
No bull-horn could tell where to gore him,
No tiger-claw where to tear him,
No weapon where to enter him.
And why?
Because he has no death to die.”

What he says is absolutely true, and... that course is open for ANYONE to walk... who will walk it as they must... in order for it to come true. I have seen... again and again that this is so.

A whole lot of bad shit is going to happen. A lot of people expect it... some people intend it... other people permit it. It's going to be surgical... just like The Killer Vaccines finding their intended. Just like the wars... and Nature energized and enraged. Just like the logical progressions of Stupidity and Appetite... circle-jerking The Matrix... in a waltz to the death.

A new world WILL BE born out of the chaos. Materialism breeds comfort... which breeds indolence... which breeds stagnation... which breeds the creatures of The Swamp. This will all be swept away by entities climbing out of The Invisible and arriving through The Birth Canals.

They're coming for the orchestrators of sexual degeneracy... nihilism... despair and confusion... and all the embodied forces that represent that darkness that The Light will drive before it.

They are coming for The Bilderberger Snakes... the sex and death fairies from The WEF... The Council of Foreign Relations... The Club of Rome... The Committee of 300... The Vatican and The Jesuits... Goldman and his Sacks... Black Rock and Vanguard... The Social Media Barons... The other manipulators and agitators... The Bankers and their vampire kin. God's got a little list and none of them be missed.

There will be punishment details... trials... judgments and ceremonies of awards and rewards. There will be a great deal of coming and going. There will be unexpected visitors. There will be lights in the sky and tremors in The Earth.

A great many extensions of time have been accorded... ears have been whispered into... minds have had messages... relentlessly transmitted... of past due dunnings... and bills outstanding... along with certifications of opportunities missed... and responsibilities avoided.

Notice has been given, again... and again... and again. Patience has been exhausted and put on fluids. Cries have reached Heaven, over... and over... and over. Disparities of wealth and indifference to others have... been... noted.

The World WILL BE set in order so that it might... gradually fall into disrepair yet again... over the long course of time. All things will be made new and remain so... for a period of intervals to be named later. Deep-seated corruptions will be burned out or washed away... to be turned to ash or buried at the bottom of the sea. Each event... global and personal... will be precise and specific. One will be left standing and another will be gone.

Twas ever thus. Such things will be seen... within and without... that have not been seen in the course of this segment of recorded history. The memory will live on for some time... until it is forgotten by all except those assigned to record and remember it... and to secrete it away... so that it might be discovered at some further point... by those in search of it. Some of it will be hidden at physical locations, and some of it will be hidden in the chambers of the unexplored heart.

I have no details. That is not my department. That is the department of the... one... who... knows... and who reveals it when it pleases that one to do so. HOWEVER... some form of all of this will occur, and... there will be... as there always are... places where none of this is even noticed. None of any of this applies to them.

A button got pushed. A lever got tripped... only a short time ago. Now... the game board has changed. Now the circumstances and conditions have changed. The objectives have... not... changed. What has been long needed... will now appear in many forms... for the translation of this period of transition into what was written in The Mind of God a long time ago. Then The Golden Age will come.

End Transmission.......

Some links will appear at GAB= within the next half hour=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

So sick of waiting, and feelings of hostility toward what is here is increasing in geometric proportions. All I'm gonna do is watch, and fight back by doing the opposite of the status quo. At least I'm getting some pleasure out of watching this all go away, though too slowly for my taste. . .as I walk away from all that is here to the best of my ability. All the superfluous rubbish, anyway.

NOSTRILS TO THE SKY ON THE POST! Beats a thumbs up with a Tiamat Moment, and I'm talkin' the former planet.

Anonymous said...

"My job is to get out of God's way... to channel his will as it applies to me... to serve Heaven and to seek nothing more than to do this for perpetuity... without expectation; to be God's eternal servant and everlasting friend"

Very well put... I feel the same way, but I'm channeling the Goddess Kali. I'm not so fortunate as to meet the personal form of God, even while living in Vrindavan. The impersonal consciousness above all, have witnessed.

M - said...

I've always maintained that Elon is controlled opposition, as well. There's just something "off" about him that gives me the heeby-jeebys - I can't even stand to look at his face.

I'll go so far as to say that everyone in the limelight is controlled in some way. The "real" people are not even acknowledged, must less discussed - and these people are the boots on the ground like you and I. These are the ones making a difference in the world. Without hoopla. Without high-fives from the MSM et al. Without getting rich from their efforts. They do what they because they just want to make things better. For their family, for lives besides their own (including non-human lives), for their community...and this goodness spirals outward into the world.

Al said...

Seems like truth to my little corner of the brotherhood.

Much Love Amigo

Strider said...

LV! It is cray out there. ON the late nite AM dumpster raid there was a guy with nice leather jacket and boots with a nice $30,000 John Deere Harley parked nearby wallowing in the trash.
Some kind of fetish I guess, told him not affiliated with the store or poleece but you don't want to be in there when the trash truck pulls up.
As for Elon and the other Kabuki stars, they are all in on the performance.
Musk wears that Baphomet chest plate costume and that is not cool.
Emmanuel Trumpstein has the "big beautiful vaccines" comment and owes the Red Shield (wink) clan big time.
None of this would be possible without a totally checked out zombified populace only interesting in the next buffet or pipe hit sensation.
We are capable of so much more and I never get mad at God for what man has wrought.

DK said...


Tend to sympathize, if not agree with your discernment and hence have been coming by here for a long while. Even if I don't agree with something outright, you tend to frame assertions or feelings about things in a logical and non polarized lens, I rarely feel you're trolling unless it's for good reason.

Which is why I stop to ask what the beef with RFK is? I looked at the Truth Teller X feed and there was nothing but debunking far east and south american click bait. Nothing on RFK going back to July 5, which is as far back as I can go sans X account which I am uninclined to get.

The bulk of my experience with him is from his essential book on Fraudci/Gates. It is a categorical demolition of big pharma, the premise of vax's, the criminality of the US and world health systems and should stand the basis of evidence in the trial that ends with the perps of this genocide swinging.

And while there is some unsavory political grandstanding in the book, it's minuscule in comparison to the massive, irrefutable evidence that is presented in seemingly endless account. Factor the naming of his Uncle's and Father's murderers and calling out the WEF, reversing on climate fraud, etc... that's a very long way to go for a bait and switch.

So I kindly ask for an elaboration a citation that gives weight to this all being a Butt Boy's charade. Happy to throw him into the trash with his Uncle Ted, though my opinion of what his Uncle John tried to do, in combo with his public comments the past number of years has given me hope for the guy.

With thanks,


Iyou said...

Greetings to you dear brother. I know you are well because I know that you are immortal. however this is the divine drama of happiness and sorrow. with this in mind I hope you are feeling comfortable..

I must say in advance i never read your posts in full. your topic heading generally reveals the whole peice in its essence. it is true to say that one only needs to know the seed of the tree to know the whole tree because the whole tree is merged with the seed..
We are surrounded on all sides by dancing marionettes and someone is pulling the strings. I’m not interested in saying who is doing what, and it doesn’t matter to me because everything is a shadow play between the light and dark, with God… personalized… on one side… and The Prince of Darkness on the other. God Impersonal controls them both. That’s it and there ain’t no more

God impersonal controls them both. thats it and there aint no more..

Everything has its beginning. middle and end. birth. sustenance and death. we are now witnessing the death of hell. there are those who though they are children of the Father are the diciples and followers of the master of darkness and are thus instruments for its demise..

Then the play will recommence at its beginning again. heaven..

Stay well..

Visible said...


I'm busy at the moment, as I always am at this time of day. I will post my response in the coming Visible Origami comments section. I will point out that just like true believers in any of the politicians I do my homework on... the cheerleading section will hear no ill. All of them have armies of strategizing poll-watching minions who prepare the daily public feed according to the hopes and expectations (never realized) of those finding resonance with efforts directed at them to that end. They are all liars, but... I'll get to that shortly.

0 said...

Anyone getting broadcast is part of the uniparty. The FRAME up is in progress. The aim is to get everyone so angry at the blocking of accountability of authorities that we'll give Trump or whatever twat gets seated as the next president authority to go After them directly, without due process, which will result in Them going after anyone and everyone under whatever new rule is crafted to FORCE accountability, which will be what they do instead of just return to enforcing EXISTING laws. The aim is always about further centralization and control.

I guess we'll see how it shakes out. Sorta hope the second american revolution kicks off before we bend so far over our own heads up our own ass.


M - said...

"They are all liars..."

Amen to that, Vis

KeithSElder said...

Regarding Trump not pardoning J6 protestors, how many were actually locked up by Jan 20? I think most were locked up after Trump was out of office.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"You Have to Get A Handle on It or... It WILL Get A Handle on You, AND... You Will Go Round and Round on The Calliope."

Visible said...

On the matter of Robert Kennedy Jr., I object to his position on The Global Warming Scam... abortion... and his Kennedy genre of grabbing onto sensational hot-button issues that galvanize certain voting blocks for political self-interest. I think the issue here is; do I have reasons for my position and what are they? Well... some variety of evidence appears below.

I understand that these links are all in a compromised press. There's no getting around that anyway. However... it is also IN HIS OWN WORDS here and there. I included some anecdotal history on him that has appeared in numerous outlets. I only grabbed a couple. I have not included MANY other pieces of evidence that have appeared before me in recent months. I don't save this stuff except for the day before I CUT and paste it into GAB. Otherwise, I don't save it at all.

I had to go looking for what's here and it's only a small portion of what I've seen a great deal of.

I'm not going to now spend the day looking for a body of work. I have better things to do and you can find these things on your own. I should have been more precise about the Twitter-X reference. It is what shows up in my Twitter X-Files feed that you don't have access to. I should have realized that there is a great deal of slanted perspective one has to get through to find corroboration, but... everything I am giving you a link on here are things I have seen in MANY MAMY locations.

It's good of him to come out against vaccines but there are incidents (like what is in the links here) that are curious to say the least. Bottom line for me is The Climate Change support and abortion up to birth, and he's a Catholic.

I don't like his personal behavior but he's from that class of people that get away with this shit all the time. It does speak to his character though. This is politics and people shouldn't get into arguments over politics or religion because they feel strongly on these things. I don't like the guy. I don't like any of them. They are all opportunistic liars.

The links will appear in the next comment because I am running out of space here. I only am doing this because you are a long-time visitor here. I won't be explaining myself in such fashion again. It takes too much time and does too little good.

Visible said...

On abortion

People who came to his house were told to get vaccinated first

Climate Change hostage=

Oh... and there's this=

On the personal front=

A little more on that=

This is a little partisan but a lot of it is recorded truth that can be found in MANY MANY places. This is from the campaign of the man he ran against=

I don't hold his personal life against him. We all have a secret life of shame, but it does indicate a really hard side of his nature. It's what happens when you grow up in the lap of privilege.

Asil said...

A few days before Trump officially took office he was asked when he would begin the investigation into Hillary. Following all the nonsense chanting of "lock her up". To paraphrase, but absolutely correct he stated, the Clintons are good people and they have suffered enough. Well, that was wake up call number 1. Then following Sandy Hook, in response to mentally unfit owning guns, he hysterically stated . . . take the guns, worry about due process later on. Low and behold a couple of weeks later we had the Red Flag Gun laws - how convenient. Then of course, the no city will burn under my watch. Well, he let the country burn during the summer of 2020. This was the green light for all the violence and theft in our country. And the coup d grace was Operation WArp Speed. Even naming it such to encourage the hysteria and fear - Warp Speed. And the entire political system encouraging it when it is not possible to have safe vaccine without years of diligence. To say nothing of the outrageous lockdown of our country. I use to associate the word lockdown for a prison with rioting occupants. And sadly the Dodo birds still believe he will save them - chanting TRUMP trump trump - USA USA USA - a hopeless situation with a reckoning on its way. It will be a terrifying wake up for many that will shake them to the very core of their being.

DK said...


Sincere thanks for taking the time to consider and respond with your thoughts.

I only have the time to skim your response and the links at this time, but assure you I will give each link and comment due consideration and reply appropriately.

And I appreciate the honesty and sharing the scope of the lens you're putting toward any one topic, such a better communication than with one who is overly certain as to the veracity of their opinion, informed as it may be.

Enjoying your work


Visible said...


Wow! I am so glad you are not angry at me. I have a hard time because I am so direct. I should exercise more diplomacy but I am sorely lacking in that regard. There's no emotion behind what I say but it can look like that for anyone looking for it. (grin)

Thank you so much for your humane and measured response. I should have just said I don't like any of them and left it at that.

God Bless you!

Ironically I ran a tad afoul of my friend Homer over at Truthseeker today. He's been coming to the blogs since the blogs have been here. He's a Hare Krishna and for them, it is all The Supreme Personality of God. When I mention The Impersonal ineffable from which Gods and all life emerge they get offended because everything is Krishna. They are not wrong, but neither is one who says everything is everything and that makes no sense at all according to doctrine and dogma which I avoid. All these religions claim the all in all and that is why I avoid all of them. I like my God straight from the tap, and because I insist on that... that is what I get.

DK said...


Thank you again that was just the sort of material I was asking about. I've been watching Jr. with a skewed eye since he first publicly rejected the Sirhan Sirhan story through his speeches that defied the Rona lockdowns, and with increasing interest through the publishing of the Fraudci book and into the current election cycle.

Prior to any of that, I wouldn't have given him a second thought, rather placing him in the Club (that I'm not in, TY Mr. Carlin) along with Trump and the rest of them. The developments of the past 6 some years have put everything in a new light and while I maintain my innate sense of skepticism, I leave open the for the possibility of something else than the maniacal focus on decimating the population and enslaving those who are left into a human centipede type future.

I'll email the rest of my response to your published mailbox so that you may respond, or not from there.

God speed friend


Anonymous said...

I find it strange, or perhaps not so much strange as telling, that RFK Jr. would still be on board with abortion up to the point of birth, considering his reaction during this interview with Dr. Theresa Deisher back in mid-2020. What she says to him, starting at about 11:55, seems to leave him visibly shaken. Has he forgotten this interview? Have his campaign staff corralled him back into blue team orthodoxy?



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