Thursday, February 24, 2022

"This Would Apply With any Destination Apart from the Shoes You are Standing In."


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Intuition operates on a kind of superhighway. I mean that information can come in from all directions. You want to be sure of where you are getting the information in your head. There is that one source within... then there is all that chatter. It is what the NSA and its Google affiliate monitor. They really are mad.

I had been getting messages internally, from someone that has to do with monitoring my life. It was about my computer. For about two, maybe three weeks; whenever I would come in to turn it on... or when I turned it off. Today it wouldn't come on. I have a backup workstation. I got that on, and it wouldn't let me sign in to my accounts... with the right password, as I discovered later.

Next, I went to my laptop. What do you know? It let me sign in with the same passwords the desktop would not. I can't get anyone to fix it until tomorrow so... I'll make do.

Easily... twice as many more unusual coincidenti (like stimuli) and assorted anomalies, came around in the process of getting this done. I noticed afterward that I had not gotten distressed, frustrated, or angry once. Now, leaving everything in the hands of The Divine, in all those areas where... formerly, I would meddle and get inconsistent results, due to my interference. Now with this Certitude in The Divine having all of my affairs in the hands of Heaven, there is no reason for being troubled.

If you can be troubled, something or someone must have stirred you up, or... did you do it all by yourself? You still had help, depending on who is giving you your information in your mind. This is a very important detail. Until you get the information superhighway in your head synced up with the celestial navigation system; do you know where you are going? I would think that would be one of the primary concerns of life, yet people sidestep it with persistence.

Yes... unfortunately for them, it all gets resolved in and by The Purpose of Demonstration. Some of our dramas are public and some of our dramas are private, BUT... all of our dramas are known. You see people getting away with all manner of horrific crimes or so it seems. You see famine and false plagues, like false flags waving. You see wars and godawful encounters between people and groups and nations. You see demagogues rising up on all sides.

Right now you see the Crass Media headlines all screaming about WAR! Where is the war? Somehow they think headlines will do the job. You see all these events going by and you might think, “there is no justice.” “There is no God.” You would be wrong. It's like someone broke a nail and they're looking at 20 to life. All this hysteria; with the vaccines (that are not vaccines), the insane governance from the highest office on down, it should be apparent; the old order is falling and flailing about in their sleep as it becomes nightmares.

What will replace it? I think that depends on the people where they are. There is such a trail of Karma. I was reading Joseph Brenner some years ago and I came to the part where he says, “There was a time when very great evil took place here. It was so bad that every particle of ground was to some degree poisoned by it.” He was talking about events far worse than anything we have seen since.

That is not verbatim but it is accurate enough. I do not know if what he says is true. I have mostly stayed away from things like The Urantia Book, Scientology, and all those dense mind fantasies about other beings from some other zone who are still controlling us. I will give you... that there is a variant on those tales that is true. It would certainly be represented by the idea of angels and devils. One can see the lower and higher nature of humanity every day, demonstrating; “All the world's a stage.”

I am certain that there is an accurate Hall of Records somewhere. I had already told myself that it was my intention to go there for a while just to see it for how some of it really was. Of course, there are many parts of History that I have no intention of visiting. I'm not a ghoul or one possessed by appetite. I would want to study the time and persona of the great masters, avatars, and people like Pythagoras, Apollonius of Tyana, Paracelsus. There is a big list.

Some people just want to merge into the boundless ecstasy. I like being a serving instrument in a cosmic drama. Yeah, I suppose melting and disappearing into everlasting bliss is a wonderful thing, but... heh heh, I want something more. Cosmic Unity... understood, but I like The Dance, when you can dance that is. If you can't dance that can and does lead to all kinds of complications. Call it Karma, call it bad luck, Your dancing has brought you here. It can take you to ever finer and finer music. IF that is your thing. If that is not your thing it will take you to where you think your thing is.

It's like, “Alexa, play some sad music.” “Play some happy music.” “Play the wind in the trees through a prism of sound.” You order it up and it will play it for you. That's Life. Some of us came here to wound. Some of us came here to heal. Some of us came to satisfy a particular appetite. Some came and were inspired and helped out where they could, and skirted those places of the trampled pearls, so as to get to that great and shining city that is The Kingdom of God. As you can imagine, it being closer to the home of The Divine, it is a much nicer place than it can be here, although... there are people walking around on this Earth who are already in The Kingdom of Heaven.

It amuses me sometimes to think about all those people who have philosophies of an intricate nature. I sympathize with them. I know what that is like. One afternoon when I was young and full of knowledge about western things, I took a magic potion and the cleansing wind of God blew through my head and washed all of it away. To me, it all looks like a dog chasing its tail or the tail of another which leads to all those other things you hear about, from Romeo and Juliet to Heloise and Abelard; both of them end tragically and all lovers in separate suits must part eventually.

There is a dance, an interior dance... it takes all that passion and runs it to its highest possibility of union. Everything else is an elevator stop into entire worlds of experience. Unless you were born on the dark side of town, you pretty much have to go there to be there. This would apply with any destination apart from the shoes you are standing in.

It is a different setup for me today. I am going to cut it short, perhaps tomorrow as well. Then... either before or after the weekend we will be seaworthy again. I apologize if you don't hear from me in the next day or two.

There will be no links. Those are on the other system. Be well my friends and mind the Jabberwock.

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Monday, February 21, 2022

"Why is The World as It Is? We are Far From Heaven. The Further Away You Go the Less Light There Is."

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God told me, while not talking to me personally, but to those who go the costumed religion route; “Don't cut my balls off, son. Just because you put on a robe, and think you are being made pure for the Heavenly estate, don't turn me into a eunuch. Perversion awaits those who cannot channel my divine force and make union with Heaven. You can just dress like everyone else, and be their true self reflecting. Because that's what you are unless you are not”

Everything that is happening in The World that is twisted and perverse is evidence of the presence and the taste of those who imagine they rule over us. Look at the hot button issues that dominate the news media. They have an agenda and that is to make you a post-modernist Serf Slave. It means you are chained to your board but you still get to ride the waves. Oops... that is more the picture Krishna gives in The Gita. Let me replace that with... THEY have an agenda and that agenda is to destroy your spiritual nature. Yeah... that's like... a better fit of a bad dynamic.

I have long maintained that the most effective resistance is to stop buying their Bread and Circuses; stop participating. The whole world, as much of us as is possible... needs to stand down and NOT be involved in their antics, not be driven by their Fear, and not be drawn by their attractions. This will shut them down good. I have lived my life outside of this and remained free, even when they locked me up, I was free. I haven't had much in the way of material goods, but I don't need much to begin with; basic sustenance and my tools.

God has been cracking me up like Carlin on steroids of late. Recently he said to me, “That's a very good answer, visible... someone write that down so that we will have something to put in a person's head next time we want an answer from them. Oh yes, visible, I am behind everything one way or another but I never pull anything out of anyone or have anything displayed for public scrutiny that wasn't already in the person to begin with. There are no accidents and I lose no wars nor battles either. Sometimes those who fight on my behalf do lose a battle now and again, just for the sake of adding excitement to the whole affair, but... no one who fights on my behalf EVER loses a war.”

“Think about it, visible, the war is always taking place within. That is where it begins before it externalizes. I am within everyone so I always win the contest depending on whether I want to win in that instance. Sometimes I want them to lose for the Purpose of Demonstration.”

Why is The World as it is? Because we are far from Heaven. The further you go from the source, the less light there is. Even though the whole of it is filled with a light you cannot see, it is denser toward the core of the inspiration for it all. Where there are shadows, and deeper shadows, there is more error because there is less light and then there is more of what we call Evil. There is also Poetry and Beauty there, but there is that which is not poetic or beautiful too; even though it be in the eye of the beholder.

As one is closer to Heaven, there is less shadow and less of what we call Evil. The point here, the hard screaming point, that so few seem able to hear, is that you have a choice of the distance between you and Heaven. It is only in your mind and the absence in your heart that something less than Heaven or heaven itself... resides or does not reside

We DO NOT have to be in The Land of Suffering. There are places of large concentrations of people who have all gotten together under a particular climate of suffering. Sure... there are plenty of distractions too (another reason so many people are there), so... sometimes people don't notice that they are suffering. Then Life starts to hand out to you... your allotment of suffering; the HOA tariff for amenities that you are supposedly enjoying, and it gets that tarnished, jaded, used look. They learn to treat people that way. Many people have been gruesomely disappointed here, AND...

because they are more selfish, their disappointment includes revenge and giving back in kind. Well... each of us chooses the road we are walking, and if it leads somewhere, if it winds up somewhere, you got you there, AND the good news is that you can get out... by turning around and seeking within. There are even different exit points. You simply find the footprints of someone who has already walked through here and OUT OF HERE, and follow them out and into an entirely different world. Any legitimate religion is legitimate. That should... go without saying.

God told me that Religions are training wheels for people without enough Faith. He also told me, because I had been saying, “the angel of God told me,” that I can go ahead and say it's God. "That's okay, let people think what they like. It is my intention... shortly, to set The World on its ear. I am going to stun and surprise Humanity like you cannot imagine. I'm telling you this now because I am soon to begin and I want people to understand I AM BEHIND IT ALL!”

All the worlds are connected. You can move between them. You might have to move from one world to the next a hundred times or more to get where you want to go. I don't know how far you drifted. Some very good news is that you can make that journey in a single lifetime sometimes, depending on who or what you are following. You have to be up to the level of dramatic changes required, but... I can directly tell you this is so. Each of these worlds is like a life, so we are moving between worlds constantly as we grow into and out of a life. You can do this more quickly, and not have to die and come back so often by learning to die while you are still alive. There is a WAY THAT LEADS TO ETERNAL LIFE.

You can understand that... since I KNOW this to be true, there is not much point in my writing about anything else, and it is hard not to write about it, especially given there is so little of it. The rest of it is politics or religion, observations made by others and taken therefore to be so. The case of the Virus Scam and The Killer Vaccines (that are not vaccines) is a case in point. I just walk right through it. I don't even consider the argument from either side. It wouldn't matter what it was for me because I would have the same reaction. I have an immune system, that is what I rely on. I do not rely on doctors, and most certainly not on antibiotics and vaccines.

The World is full of things that can kill you. I kind of got that early on, but what I also got early on is that if you trust God it will go well for you. Certainly, it will go better than it had been. When you are already in the execution dock it requires more Grace and Divine intervention. It happens. It happened to me. It wasn't that dock but it was on the way... several times. Eh... some people go to war, and there are a lot of wars in a world driven by competition. That does mean that somewhere excellence is more likely to survive and one does not get trampled by The Mob. The Himalayas are anywhere that you are if you walk with God; so too with the Christian Heavens, so too with the Muslims. For me, Buddhism is Hinduism with different seasonings added. They are quite close to each other on the important level.

There are forces loose in The World at this time that are a part of a great acting out. We are in a time of historical change, I guess it depends on how much of a part you want in that and what your expectations are. I have no expectations and I want no part in it.

There are a number of links I did not include that had to do with bizarre circumstances and human misfortune; outright crazy behavior. I'd rather not pass them on. If you have seen some news of these events of recent times you know what I mean; horrific crimes and strange acting's-out. Then... on the larger stage, Son of Castro is going full Havana on the residents of Canada. I have many friends in Canada. Some of my best friends I have not even met or rarely seen are from Canada. You have my thoughts and prayers. It is the same with Australia. There are many who are dear to me there. (It is a strange world we now have where so much is virtual. That is a part of the advent of the loving of the collective of humanity.)

This is some kind of Crown Colony thing that seems to have been sorted at the nerve center but it hasn't hit The Provinces yet. Apparently, the Boys in the Back heard that The Virus and Vaccine thing was dead in the water now, so it's on to the next thing. That was supposed to be the war in Ukraine. That's iffy now too... so it is probably False Flag Season starting in early Spring, and running? Well, it will be running until it happens; could be a short season, could be a long season. It depends on who you ask, mostly it depends on how it is, even though it's still around the corner.

See... this is a thing about an apocalypse. More is exposed and revealed than in any other period of human experience... in the long cycles that some things run through that is significant. Also... in an apocalypse, “business as usual” is unusual. Plots don't gel or come off. Yes... a great deal of damage can be done, tearing down the stages for the new performances, BUT... these are times of tremendous spiritual change, IF you take advantage of it. It's not a time to be a bad guy, even if it looks like it is. That's a sucker's trap.

Tomorrow is 2/22/2022. It's supposed to mean something about America's Pluto return and the transformation of empire or culture. Apparently, we are back at The Revolution again. It's more complicated than this but I can't find the link. I am sure you can find it on your own or someone will put it in the comments.

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My friends, a long-time reader and sometimes commenter, Justin Virden goes to prison today for some amount of time. Even the shorter possibility is extended time when it's happening to you. Having been in prison, I can tell you, Time is a whole other country. You understand 'doing time'. You find ways to cope. I had God and that turned into a big plus cause he negotiated, and navigated me through SERIOUS rough country at various times, and places... because there were many of both. It was a curious twist of fate. Because I refused to cooperate or do probation or parole, it took some doing and time for me to get cut loose, but I got a governor's pardon, whatever that is. It came in the mail one day.

I'd like to ask for your prayers for him. There is great power in that. I'm surprised he went to jail for substances in these times. It must involve some level of demonstration.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

"Except for Your Carnal Nature... They Can't Get their Hooks Into You... IF YOU DON'T TAKE THE BAIT!"

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The World is in a state of massive transformation. We're going through a General Atmosphere Adjustment. The Mental Climate, the Emotional Climate, the Spiritual Climate... are all in a profound state of change. Why... you will hardly recognize the place... in a bit. Mostly what we are seeing now is the exposure of the hidden side of The Control Booth. There are these people that got the idea that they were in charge. It went on for a while and they got comfortable with it. These days, they actually think they hold The Reins. They do not hold The Reins and this is being shown to them with an ever-intensifying impact. It is also being shown to The World.

We have been mentioning Mr. Apocalypse here for about ten years. Seems longer, doesn't it? I think it is about ten years now since he appeared in my mind... during an extended Ayahuasca session of some days running. After that, he showed up on rare occasions of some hours running. I don't know if God has as much sense of humor going with others as he has with me. It could be that he does but people don't see the humor; that's understandable given some of the things that happen to people. In my case, he presents with a VERY wry, often sarcastic view, concerning whatever he intends to be funny about. Then... he makes exceedingly snarky comments that send me into waves of barely contained laughter. They can... as well be directed at me now and again, but... it is still very funny.

Mr. Apocalypse is one of his costume ball characters in the front and center sideshow that is life. He is a cosmic personification of archetypal force... like V from “V for Vendetta”, or The Scarlet Pimpernel as human personifications. Humanity has gotten so sucked into material culture and comfort that few can see the celestial dancers who ride the big waves that flow round AND thru this world. Few of us see these celestial dancers in one another, but... that dancer, I assure you... is there, and can even be called forth by the right invoking agent. Much like Lazarus brought back from The Land of Shades, we are mostly dead in the zombie dream of Materialism, and in need of being called forth. That is what The Avatar does.

We don't see characters with the limitless power of The Avatar very often here. They are rare sightings indeed. Even if you are present (and some of us were) during an avatar's tenure, that does not mean you came into his conscious orbit. Of course, the waves of his influence lap upon the shores of all conscious life, again and again, bringing lasting change. The sound of his passing reverberates across thousands and thousands of years. Imagine the purity and clarity of mind possessed by an avatar! Imagine coming into contact with it!!! A number of people have achieved Christ or Krishna Consciousness. The far larger amount of us continues in degrees of sleep and dream. It can take a whole lot of Heavenly force to awaken people en masse. It IS happening NOW to a degree, however...

Those who have ridden roughshod over the rest of us for such a length of time, are now tripping over obstacles that are magically appearing in their way, like animated roots that grab at their legs. The high profile entertainers, AND... they are ALL entertainers, dancing in their one-trick-pony routines, are embarrassing themselves as I have never seen before. Some of them are not entertaining in any way, but they are desperately grabbing at your attention all the same. We are surrounded by cartoon personalities... that get out of the shower to pee, that shuck, and jive, and mince about. All of them are crying out, “Look at me!!! Look at me!!!”

They fall like the leaves from a tree. They burn collectively with that composting fire that consumes them and turns them back into what they emerged from in the beginning, when physical shape first materialized around them. What did Lao Tzu say? “Let life ripen and fall, Will is not the way at all. Deny The Way of Life and you are dead.” Sages are hidden as rock outcroppings on a cliffside. They might visit in a tree. They might swim by upon a river unseen. There is intelligent life all about, often disguised as something else. Someone could walk right out of the camouflaging background of Nature at any time. It happens.

You are right, smack-dab in the middle of a magic show, dazzled by the spectacle, restlessly moving to some hypnotic beat that draws the masses into lockstep. Were it not for forces beyond your ken, you would be lost. There would be no hope. Your adversary is a merciless tyrant, and... your adversary is yourself. You would be immune to the blandishments of The Dark Side, were it not for your Carnal Nature. They can't get their hooks in you if... YOU DON'T TAKE THE BAIT!

The whole of The Manifested World that is present... as an ADAPTATION of Nature, is a sticky thicket of burrs and thorns and viscous adhesions. You have to NEGOTIATE your way... in your mind. You have to move through it without becoming part of it, while still in a state of harmony with all life. It's not that difficult, children do it all the time. The innocence of a child is a wonderful thing, BUT... it is still a child's perspective. It has to be lost before the real value of it is seen. Then... it has to be consciously recovered, and that is accomplished by Loving The Divine. All good things flow from The Divine. You only have to 'put yourself in the way of it.' Then... Regenerated Innocence can come.

As opposed to Senility.

I repeatedly mention that people are losing their minds, most especially those who went off the deep end with Social Justice scams, and whatever else the flavor of the day might have been, but that was Yesterday. Cancel Culture is a good example. If you want to learn what Cancel Culture REALLY is... you could start at Twitter. Whenever an outrage is MANUFACTURED by those seeking power or profit thereby, a small chorus of barking minks and honking swamp toads, set off to give the impression that they are far more numerous than they are. This is crafted and directed by The Media (owned by The Usual Suspects) to look like something worth your attention when NONE OF IT IS.

How many sexually disturbed people are actually on The Tranny-Land Express? “ Allah Bord for all points South!” This is a very tiny demographic of the mentally ill. Who is it that is doing all the shouting about this issue? There is an entire segment of The Media that is devoted to spreading lies and disinformation the day long... about anything they can get you to rubberneck over. The vast majority of us could care less. These slick little millipedes drum up a cause with their many feet, AND then they shape your opinion concerning it. If you fall out of line with their agenda... you get canceled. HOWEVER... more and more of us no longer give a damn about any of these things. More and more of us don't care if we are canceled at all.

They have taken so many things away from us in this Land of the Free, and... they've done it incrementally. The life THEY are arranging for us IS NOT WORTH LIVING!!! Pushback has arrived in a VERY big way. The Virus Scam has been shot to shit, now it is on to The Vaccines. People are dropping dead right and left. A greater percentage are being maimed and handicapped for life. You can't hide this anymore. Word has gotten out, It's just a matter of time now. Oh... how they scurry about looking for a new way to enslave your attention. How about war? Whoops... that didn't work either.

Maybe you haven't noticed it yet, BUT... strange things are going on in that part of The World occupied by those who think they are running things. Some of them are being informed about Spiritual Imperatives. There are periods of time when you can get away with messing people about, and there are times when you can't, though... you NEVER do get away with anything. When you have gotten used to having unhindered freedom to command and be obeyed, it can be hard cheese (old man) to have to step back... ESPECIALLY when you are stepped back; by invisible force, by your own incompetence, by unbridled pursuit of what is not yours... to begin with. That is where we find ourselves on this long and winding road.

It has become abundantly clear to me what is taking place now. I see more and more extreme examples every day. Out of nowhere, a recall effort was launched for 3 members of the school board in (OF ALL PLACES!) San Francisco. These were the only seats that were able to be taken. I don't know the details about why the rest of the clowns were able to remain. They recalled ALL 3 of them by a huge percentage. This is an unheard-of event in this locale. Even Silicon Valley; a persistent enemy of The Public Good, signed on to get rid of these... these... I really don't know what to call them.

This is ALL Mr. Apocalypse at work!. You may object to his job title. You might not like the appearance I give him, BUT... you cannot deny that some force, some entity is actively engaged in the changes I am calling attention to. The real kicker here is that it has only just begun. Karen's not here to sing about it anymore, but that changes nothing. You are about to see MASSIVE push-back from Humanity on several fronts... and it's not like Humanity is coming up with this on its own. Humanity has no great track record in this respect. It is the force of The Awakening from within that is driving human awareness of the need to react. It is also the advance energy of The Avatar upon the material sphere. It is Mr. Apocalypse... telling and showing... as we come more fully into the next age.

Some things are unstoppable. All of those personified forces I just mentioned, fall into that category.

End Transmission.......

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A fine article. I've never been much for Steiner because he is so dense and plodding that I cannot maintain interest in him. He would put me to sleep without fail. He was a lot like Yeats, reading his own poetry; not an enjoyable affair, BUT... his ideas and insights were great. I give him high praise. I call him, “Useful.”

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There's something to be said for having a stockpile of good karma, not that one should seek it out for the gain to be had, but one acquires it anyway just by being good. The same would account for the evil=

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Oh my!!! MR. APOCALYPSE!!! It's the details in this article that are riveting. It is powerfully written by what appears to be an honest man. Look at the things that are happening!!! You do see that Mr. Apocalypse is real... yes?=

As mentioned in the post about San Francisco wingnuts=

These are the events that become commonplace when hidden forces dismantle the protective infrastructure so that the land falls into chaos and they can take over and create Dystopia=

Friday, February 11, 2022

"All These Identities are Nothing but a Pack of Cards, Tumbling Through The Air on Invisible Winds."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

On the lower levels, the attractive... affection force acts as a binding agent. As it rises into Higher Love it becomes a liberating force. While Love is Free and celebrating the independence that its presence brings, it radiates an indefinable magic. Most everyone in the early stages of Love, untainted by Desire, KNOWS about this esoteric feature of The Supreme Attractive Force. When Love is Impersonal... it liberates. When it devolves into the Possessive Personal (or Personal Possessive)... it binds. Herein is the ESSENTIAL feature of Impersonal Love that makes it superior to all the other masquerading permutations. It frees you... AND everyone else in reach of it; unless they flee or resist out of fear of The Liberator.

The cosmology of The Vedic Perspective has a simplicity to it that defies the claims that it possesses millions of Gods. Then again... Everything is divine for The Divine. Every star in the Heavens is a demigod. Very few of them are known by name. In that cosmology, you have Devas, Yakshas, and Rakshasas. Devas... usually represent a divine quality or function; an aspect of Light. Yakshas are demonic representatives of The God of Wealth... Kubera. Rakshasas represent the impetus toward Power, Pleasure, and similar. You might wonder why The God of Wealth has demonic servants; consider the nature of wealth.

Of course, we could go into exhaustive detail here, but... that is for the curious to discover on their own.

One will never understand the representatives of The Heavenly Order in any abstract or intellectual sense. You have to get to know them through Impersonal Love. All of Heaven recognizes Impersonal Love. It's what turns the lights on and keeps them on. It is a conscious emulation of The Incomprehensible Ineffable. It is what it is... Om Tat Sat.

When we get in trouble in this life, it is our Desires and Appetites that take us there. The Gunas are the threads that weave the fabric of our pretend realities all around us. They shape our perceptions, and our understanding of the information received. They are what cause us to believe what we believe. Everything... EVERYTHING gets arranged according to our desires and appetites. When you are set free of this personal nonsense, you are no longer trapped in the briars. You are 'in The World but not of it.'

There are two critical things that are the fuel and fluid of our passage out of bondage. They are Impersonal Love AND... the visceral mindset of, “I don't know.” You can go ANYWHERE... if you are in the possession of these. You will be guided. You will be protected. Impersonal Love is an impenetrable shield and a light in the darkness, like the light of Eärendil 's star in Galadriel's Phial; “May it be a light to you in dark places, (ringbearer) when all other lights go out.” Of course... that light within you is ALWAYS far more powerful than it could be in any external device.

I know there are those, even among The Wise, who favor amulets, sigils, and talismans. Personally, I have no use for jewelry of any kind. I do sleep with a crystal in my hand because it facilitates my travels in the places I go while the rest of me sleeps. Form is often function when it comes to Occult Practices. I am sure there is much to learn and to know in all of that, but it holds no interest for me whatsoever. I am complete with Impersonal Love and the mindset of... “I don't know.” I do not need more than this.

Impersonal Love is a conscious and continuous release from the limitations created by attachment to The Things of The World. If this world is holding on to you (or you are holding on to it), it can hinder your passage elsewhere. It can also call you back with all that haunting music that got you here in the first place. Yakshas and Rakshasas love it here, and they especially love those who will let them come in and play house in their heads. They don't have bodies. They have to get bodies. They are like hermit crabs with appropriated shells.

Desire and Appetite keep you here and are the source of all of your Suffering. Impersonal Love is an upwelling of unattached affection for every living thing. It is a constant benediction of Freedom for all that it shines upon. Impersonal Love is what the big players employ. It protects and it liberates.

The Deep State and its deeply entrenched agents are in a full-scale panic at this time. There are holes in the Dikes of Darkness that they have fenced us in with. Now... light is streaming through thousands of portals in The Dikes. There are not nearly as many agents and fingers as are needed. Look what happens when you turn on the light in a formerly dark room. Think about it!!! This is what is presently happening with The Grand Apocalypse and The Grand Awakening.

They are getting mean and vengeful. A Harvard professor and CNN analist has called for The State to slash the tires and steal the gas of the Canadian Truckers. She wants them arrested! None of this happened when BLM and Antifa were on their murderous Purge-Nights. This is because The Usual Suspects CONTROL BLM and Antifa. They are the footpads and Thug-Armies of their Satanic Majesty.

Let me talk about The Natural Caste System AND... the way it naturally finds its own level. This ALL emerges from the Play of the Gunas... Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. They thread through the whole of manifest existence. You could say that they are the energy sources for ALL action here. Whatever your combination of Guna-Force amounts to... depending on your percentile of conscious light... from that comes your place in The Pecking Order and whatever it is that you are pecking at. It's not based on skin COLOR. If you go to Kensington, you see black, white, and the intermediate hues, well represented in The Street Life of that or most similar locations.

It is your percentage of Tamas that accounts for your degree of darkness in respect of True Perception. It is Rajas that accounts for your energy, and it is Sattva that accounts for your level of luminosity. I have met all kinds in my time. I've wined and dined with scions of The Elite... and I have been imprisoned among the most dangerous there are of us. I was in places where they put those too dangerous for prison. They must have thought it would be the end of me. I flourished. Everyone can be reached with Impersonal Love. Impersonal Love casts out all fear. THEREFORE... no one possessed by Yakshas or Rakshasas can harm you. You do not get between them and what they want, and there is no Fear or acquisitiveness to attract them. Fear is the blood in the water that draws the predators.

At first... it can be a lot of work to manifest Impersonal Love. You have to be relatively free of Personal Love to have any chance at success. It takes a great deal of priming the pump, and a great deal of patience to wait for the water to clear. You can't... really... do much without the help of Invisible Friends. Those who go it alone, wind up alone. Yes... The Hermit on the Mountain is solitary and holds out the light for the travelers who come, but... he is NOT alone. He will NEVER be alone again. This is the finest of the objectives we can seek. Impersonal Love makes this happen.

I should say a few words about what is going on here with five postings every week. I would be writing no matter what because it is what I do. If I were not doing this, I would be writing books or similar, in another venue. What's the point of writing the books? One has to write and edit and compile and jump through all of the hoops that there are, and make those books ready for whatever portion of the public may have an interest in them. Then... there is the matter of selling them and I am not into that. I already wrote three books that were published and several that have not been. You have to charge for them or the publisher won't print them.

This way... I do not have to charge for anything because I could care less if I ever get a dime from anyone ever again. The money necessary for being able to do what I do, somehow... is always available. I don't need or want much, so I live like royalty in a sense. Impersonal Love made that happen. As long as one is inspired to give without thought of return, Heaven WILL PROVIDE ALL THAT IS NEEDED.

I will not always be doing this. The situation is going to change. It is going to evolve. I do not know what shape it will take, and I don't care; as long as it suits Heaven... it suits me. I might simply vanish; that is what Les Visible is about. I might be at this for a spell longer. It could go on for a year... or two... or more, but I am fair certain it will not go on forever in this fashion. THEREFORE... I will do this, on my schedule, for as long as I am inspired to do it.

No one is compelled to come here. Some very mentally challenged individual recently came around to say, “I haven't read any of this but here is what I think.” I don't know what he got up to after that because my attention had moved on. No one has to come here. This is VERY niche-directed. I know there are a lot of people with no creative juice whatsoever, and who have a lot of time on their hands... so they do target practice on whatever they encounter. I come here each day and I write what I am inspired to write. After that... it has left me and moved on wherever. It is no longer a concern of mine.

I've had to deal with Jujubee Minions all of my life. It comes with the territory, but... I answer ONLY to God. This is the reason that money plays no part in what I do. I have no position nor significant properties that ANYONE can take from me. I have no hostages to fortune. I know that all these identities are nothing but a pack of cards tumbling through the air on invisible winds. I have no ambition to please ANYONE but God... and I will surely be informed if I should fail at that. Otherwise... it's just Straw Dogs, coming and going. It's all temporary images in the mirror of blinded Vanity, where everyone sees what they want to see, and no one sees it as it is.

These writings will experience the destiny appointed to them. I am not concerned with that. I am concerned with pleasing Heaven and NOTHING ELSE. On that account, Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, February 08, 2022

"There is No Victory for Evil. Evil has No Real Existence. It is ALL Good When You Can See It." (as such)

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Everybody answers to someone. You might think the high flyers live in a world of their own design and answer to no one. I assure you EVERYONE answers to someone. You see this with Trudeau in Canada, Maricon (sp) in France. Biden in No Man's Land; that place where nothing human abides. You especially see it among The Usual Suspects, who... it appears... are taking their marching orders right from The Prince of Darkness.

Whether it is from regions of light or wells of darkness, the authority streams into the minds of their subjects, for The Purpose of Demonstration, which is all we have out here... the endless... relentless, Purpose of Demonstration on an endless... mechanical, karmic-loop. Going up... Going down... Headed for the top... rolling to the bottom. I wouldn't worry... you won't be staying in either place or anywhere for long. Your past deeds come into play as the drama of your life works out the checks and balances. Suffering is the perpetual fruit of it. You play for as long as you can stand the pain.

You might well ask how it is that certain people have been getting away with evil behavior for such a long time. Well... they haven't... actually. It comes and goes with them. Sometimes they are on the up, and sometimes... they are on the down. At the moment... as The Apocalypse gears up for its most impressive period to date, the bad guys from every area of endeavor, are kite-sailing on the winds of prosperity. How did all these robotoid entities like Daniel Ek and Jack Dorsey find their way to running such important operations? Well... let's do a little math and see if we can find out who is answering to whom.

Jack Dorsey owns 2.3% of Twitter. Who owns the larger shares? That would be Vanguard at 10.33%. Then Black Rock at 6.6% (they seem to be missing a 6), AND... Morgan Stanley at 5.86% Who owns Black Rock, Vanguard, and Morgan Stanley? If you said, The Usual Suspects... you've nailed it. They have their OTHER friends on The Dark Side who... although they may come from a different demographic, they have one thing in common, they ALL have The Satan Gene, so... it's kindred spirits and birds of a feather ALL DAY LONG. I don't usually put links in the posts anymore so... when I do, they could be important to the tone and character of the post. The whole of the material world is now owned by The Shadow-Meisters, through an interlocking series of Lego blocks that resonate to a conscious, molten center of compressed, fiery shit.

When you wonder why The News is The News... the babbling incoherence that comes to you night and day... from bobbleheads spouting like ventriloquist dummies, it is because of these Shadow-Meisters that employ all of the Talking Zombie Heads. They own all of The Social Media... all media of every kind. Any independent player that does not go along with the program is steam-rolled over, so... even if you don't work for them you still work for them or live in fear of them, or... try to stay one step ahead of them and the steam-roller.

You must remember that Homeland inSecurity was created IMMEDIATELY after Israel attacked the US, and Skulls Chertoff became the first figurehead and went apeshit with making airport security modules for his own profit... after his kinsmen successfully engineered the world's biggest false flag attack of all time... and now... Mayorkas is heading the immigrant invasion that Homeland inSecurity is supposed to be about controlling, and... Mayorkas... uh-huh... one of The Usual Suspects. Walensky? Yeah... her too.

It's not like you are in a hall of mirrors (although you most certainly are) where one image brings a hundred reflections. HOWEVER... the minions who work invisibly as evil influencers and the sources of humanity's bad ideas... are all controlled by a central nexus of seeming Evil. There only seem to be a whole lot of different players. They are hive-mind controlled. It's part of The Universal Dynamic. Good... and the appearance of Evil are in a timeless dance, like wrestlers rolling over the gym mats, seeking advantage, seeking purchase, seeking victory, but... there is no victory for Evil because Evil has no real existence. It is ALL Good when you can see it as such, and... it doesn't matter who owns all of these companies because... (DRUM ROLL!!!) The Devil works for God. He is an e-m-p-l-o-y-e-e!

There is ONE ruler overall, and he doesn't need rings of power to get your attention. He is beyond Good and the appearance of Evil. He is utterly and eternally in control of EVERYTHING at all times, and outside of time too. He lets you play in the sandbox, and on... and in... all the little stages and stage plays where you hunger and perform, for... whom, and for what? He knows you will eventually get tired of the routines and wish to return back to your celestial home. At that point, your relationship changes, and so does the course of your life and lives.

He has a bright side, and a dark side. It gets brighter the closer you get, and darker... the further away you are. It gets clearer the closer you are, and more confused at a greater distance. It is very much like what is happening inside you and around you. Where is your focus? Where is your focus?

I like the Buddhist cosmology the best. I like that there are Benefic Deities and Wrathful Deities. That puts it in a much more credible perspective. Your life... is what it is... due to the relationships you have with either court. If you are Carnal, you can count on Wrathful Deities being around. If you are spiritual, it is otherwise. Everything is as it should be. It is... as a matter of fact... NEVER otherwise. Your perceptions may change, as your fortunes change... and change they will. Perception is one thing. Reality is quite another.

For some... it is an eternal Ground Hog Day, a restless dreaming pursuit of the next perfect stranger at the next watering hole. They don't stay perfect long. It is a matter of your planetary alignments and their planetary alignments. Sooner or later the sorting out gets done. Everybody has their rap partners, which includes Disappointment and Regret. These are two of the true fellow travelers on The Road of Life. I wouldn't call them Boon Companions but... to each their own. To each their own.

It is the discomfort that makes you yearn for something better. It serves a genuine purpose in getting you to move on. It's The Devil's Pitchfork. It's the grain of sand in the oyster shell. It is what I call, The Divine Irritation. We call this Evil too. That is because we don't know any better. We call all that is foreign and unknown... Evil.

It's a tough... tough prospect. It's a difficult sell... to be able to see no Evil anywhere. Hardly anyone wants to do this. They smell a rat. They think no good can come from seeing no evil. If there is Evil, they are carrying it with them. This I learned about The Howling Unknown. I went into The Howling Unknown with a full head of steam. I was going to see, for myself, just what is and is not true. It turned out that The Howling Unknown is the original mirror that reflects all those images into all those other mirrors of The Fractured Self that you are... sometimes this, and... sometimes that. I discovered that all I had to fear was what I brought with me, and that... for only so long as I continued to carry it along.

I'm finally getting The Picture. Some part of me doesn't like that. Some part of me is like everyone else. I want to see Justice done. I want the people aforementioned at the beginning here to... be brought to Judgment before the eyes of The World. These people and corporations are only the spearheads of our collective human hunger and ambition, of our collective ignorance and appetite. They'll be replaced by the next fools in line, and they... by the next, and then the next, and the next, and the next. It is The World, my friends, good luck with shaping it nearer to The Heart's Desire. That's not how The World works and that's not how The World is.

There are a million theories and a million plans, all waiting on that Mike Tyson punch in the mouth. You don't know squat and you never will, but you can discover that you don't know, and then... then... it is just possible that something serendipitous... something wonderful might happen. It did for me. Knowing that I fundamentally do not know has been a blessing beyond description. Sometimes... I know something when I need to know it, and then I don't know again. Explaining how this works is impossible, but... that it does work? That has been proven to my lasting satisfaction.

I wouldn't worry too much about Justice or any of the other assorted archetypes. They function with a jeweled precision. They always have and they always will. If you can't see this... ah... well now. What can I say about that? Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, February 03, 2022

"Sometimes The Old World will Chase You, So... It Is Better to Leave Good Footprints."

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You can see the animals in a person's face. You can see the weather field they create around themselves with their emotions. You can see the storm of thoughts around their heads (should there be one), or the degrees of either extreme. You could experience other entities speaking through them. All this happens when you have command of yourself and are motivated by no other force but Love. You can get there by other, darker routes but... the price paid for that is very costly, given the other option of... Love, which is free.

You can see and feel these things when you pay attention. Nothing focuses the concentration like Love. Sure... other emotions will intensify the experience also, but who wants Hate or Venality to be the author of their observations? What drives you? What pushes you forward into life are your motivations. Everything... literally everything... has consequences, or you could say... reactions. It is as if you were drumming on an ocean that was constantly changing its depth and density and you drummed up upon that sea whatever was motivating you as living characters, environments, and events in the movie of your life... in which you are now appearing. You will also be appearing in other roles, not yet announced... based on your thoughts, words, and actions, in this life.

In one of the editor narratives in The Bhagavad Gita, some of which are far too long (and why I don't read most of the translations), there is a story that precedes the chapter about The Field and the Knower. In it, there are two men who meet. One asks the other what he does (in those times one's profession defined them even more than today.) The other says, “I am a farmer. My body is my farm. Here I sow my thoughts and feelings and I reap the harvest.” I'm guessing you could see how this could wind up very different in the lives of those not paying attention to that idea. That is exactly what we do here; like it or not, understand it or not, believe it or not. You can live FROM THIS MOMENT, in an ever-improving state of being, simply by behaving in that direction. I know personally that this works.

What most people need to work on... this taken from my observation of the traffic going by on The Highway of Life, is... their attitude. Attitude and Intention are enormously important to how quickly and how certainly you get to The Blessed Sphere.

The Blessed Sphere is an interwoven, many-dimensional state of being; a wonderland environment, actually, but... regardless, beyond description in words. This is a place you reside in by VIRTUE of living up to the standard of the neighborhood. This is how you can live in The Kingdom of Heaven while you are still right here. You walk in The Blessed Sphere if you take it with you wherever you go. You do have to live up to it. That is very important. It could be harder to find next time. I don't know what kind of credits you have on your karmic meter. I don't keep track of mine. I leave the accounting to the Accounting Department. Being in The Blessed Sphere is enough for me. I don't really need anything else.

I wish there were a way to say in words, how real these objects are... these states of being... these creations of a righteous imagination. One's whole measurement of life is based on their awareness of the quality of it... or lack thereof. There are many different standards out there. You have to find what you are comfortable with. That accounts for the objectives of most; to live a comfortable life. Once again... one has to live up to it. Currents change. The direction of the river of life changes. It's a river. This is what they do. For me, what is comfortable is what is changeless. It continues eternally while all around it changes.

You can get your river to run as it pleases you, whether you serve yourself or not, but the one course... you will have to pay for, and the other is free for as long as you do it. You might have to become a tributary, but you will run in the direction of what drives you. It is what we pursue. This is so important. If you pursue the highest, wherever you land will be higher than where you were. You don't get there on the backs of other people. You simply find the one from whom all life is made possible. Once you find him, he will explain everything to you in his own fashion and according to his own timetable.

The general world out there is not The Blessed Sphere. The usual atmosphere in the general world is not of people blessing each other. They serve a different master out there, but that master... himself serves the master within. Therefore... in finding the master within, you no longer have any concerns about The World out there because it is all being controlled by the master of the world in there.

Most people are not interested in The Blessed Sphere because you have to live up to it. In a world of ubiquitous fast-food restaurants, cheap entertainments, and everything from sex to death being both free and for sale; you get it free because you are going to pay dearly for the experience. Some things etch themselves upon you and are very hard to erase. This is why you need God's Truly Cleansing Soap, so you can wash your sins away. You may not have any sins, and sometimes the sins you imagine did not happen that way at all. In any case, God's Soap gets to the heart of the matter, literally! God's Soap washes you outside AND inside. This is a real thing, by the way, though you may describe it differently.

I have never thought about God's Soap until just now. I was familiar with Dr. Bronner, and the divine side... I thought of it differently... using other metaphors. It doesn't matter. You can think of it as a gentle rain, a warming or cleansing fire, a breath of fresh air. The fact is... it is there. You can access it. It is simply another part of you. It is the divine aspect of your being and... you can live in it... if you can live up to it. You can start at any moment. Once you start, ALL you have to do is live up to it, and you will be on that highway, that slipstream for as long as you live up to it. There are invisible wardens in ALL spaces of human behavior. They are like karmic traffic cops. Mind how you go! Everything is witnessed. You can walk right out of this world into another. You are going to anyway. The point is how you understand that.

You can walk out of any world by simply living according to any other world. Sometimes the old world will chase you, so it is better to leave good footprints. This... these footprints... I have found them to be critically important, and most important are the footprints I follow, AND THAT... accounts for the footprints I leave. It is like living in a spiritual tradition, without the religious limitation and strange conformity. I truly believe, “Live free or die” because otherwise you do die, at least the worthy parts of you, and you feel dead... even if you are still alive.

I recognize the government. I don't deliberately break society's laws unless the laws are stupid, and try to tell me what I can and cannot put in my body. I got locked up good a couple of times for that; didn't change me one bit. Times change. What I did... now everyone is doing, so the laws change. Government is just the way we seek to control the world around us; as long as it operates in an acceptable manner. When it tries to become more than that it must be redirected toward better mutual regard.

None of this matters. Everything is under control. I don't know how to communicate how powerfully that acts on my life and my perceptions but... it set me free of worry. The guy in control of everything is a friend of mine, and I am a friend to him. I look to his interests and he looks to mine. He takes care of The Details. It is profoundly true that if you rest on God he will resolve all things in his compassionate and remarkable way.

How can you go wrong with God? I mean... yeah... some people have no proof of him, and don't want any proof of him... and are not satisfied by metaphysical argument, but... I have had MANY... MANY sure and certain moments of proof and some of them are still ringing in my heart and mind. I am sure the reader knows what I am talking about or they wouldn't be coming around here anyway.

So... as you can see deeper into yourself, there you can see your human commonality AND the exceptionalism that is possible too. If you aspire, greater things are possible from you, AND greater things will be required of you. At least that has been my experience so far. We are all on this road; consciously, half-dreaming or asleep. One can intensify their awakening by increasing their storehouse of love or their access to the source of The Waters of Love

There is... within... a secret chamber in the heart where God is in residence. This is the true and eternal self, and others have found it and will find it. All who seek with intensity and purpose will succeed simply by never ceasing to be in pursuit of it. “ Success is speedy for the energetic.” NOTHING in life has equal importance to this; to find that Self. It is the endless... overflowing fountain of God's love and to be in touch with it is to be in touch with the source of vitality and life itself.

You WILL NOT find this at Caesar's Palace in Vegas. You will not find this in someone's arms. You will not find this in the search for far locations of a finer atmosphere because they know how to hide from you, AND to reveal themselves as well. You have to live up to it. Anyone can get to Vegas, in one form or another or into someone's arms, even if it is only The Arms of the Law, and Shambhala and other locales will hear the music of your song if you are singing to the Music of the Spheres. You can call out in many ways to the finer worlds and hear back from them too.

End Transmission.......

I saw a movie last night that was highly entertaining. The writing was excellent and the acting and direction top-notch. It is a Danish film so, unless you speak Danish (and I do not), you have to make sure it has English subtitles. The Europeans DEFINITELY make more engrossing and intelligent films. This one also has one of my favorite actors, Mads Mikkelsen in it. It has some very funny moments, some touching ones too. It's a well-put-together effort. It's called, “Riders of Justice.” I was told I should mention this has a lot of kink and mentally challenged Idiot Savants. I don't usually like that sort of thing but they made it entertaining and not like they were trying to convert or pervert me. It's definitely adult themes though, especially where the people don't grow up.

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