Tuesday, February 08, 2022

"There is No Victory for Evil. Evil has No Real Existence. It is ALL Good When You Can See It." (as such)

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Everybody answers to someone. You might think the high flyers live in a world of their own design and answer to no one. I assure you EVERYONE answers to someone. You see this with Trudeau in Canada, Maricon (sp) in France. Biden in No Man's Land; that place where nothing human abides. You especially see it among The Usual Suspects, who... it appears... are taking their marching orders right from The Prince of Darkness.

Whether it is from regions of light or wells of darkness, the authority streams into the minds of their subjects, for The Purpose of Demonstration, which is all we have out here... the endless... relentless, Purpose of Demonstration on an endless... mechanical, karmic-loop. Going up... Going down... Headed for the top... rolling to the bottom. I wouldn't worry... you won't be staying in either place or anywhere for long. Your past deeds come into play as the drama of your life works out the checks and balances. Suffering is the perpetual fruit of it. You play for as long as you can stand the pain.

You might well ask how it is that certain people have been getting away with evil behavior for such a long time. Well... they haven't... actually. It comes and goes with them. Sometimes they are on the up, and sometimes... they are on the down. At the moment... as The Apocalypse gears up for its most impressive period to date, the bad guys from every area of endeavor, are kite-sailing on the winds of prosperity. How did all these robotoid entities like Daniel Ek and Jack Dorsey find their way to running such important operations? Well... let's do a little math and see if we can find out who is answering to whom.

Jack Dorsey owns 2.3% of Twitter. Who owns the larger shares? That would be Vanguard at 10.33%. Then Black Rock at 6.6% (they seem to be missing a 6), AND... Morgan Stanley at 5.86% Who owns Black Rock, Vanguard, and Morgan Stanley? If you said, The Usual Suspects... you've nailed it. They have their OTHER friends on The Dark Side who... although they may come from a different demographic, they have one thing in common, they ALL have The Satan Gene, so... it's kindred spirits and birds of a feather ALL DAY LONG. I don't usually put links in the posts anymore so... when I do, they could be important to the tone and character of the post. The whole of the material world is now owned by The Shadow-Meisters, through an interlocking series of Lego blocks that resonate to a conscious, molten center of compressed, fiery shit.

When you wonder why The News is The News... the babbling incoherence that comes to you night and day... from bobbleheads spouting like ventriloquist dummies, it is because of these Shadow-Meisters that employ all of the Talking Zombie Heads. They own all of The Social Media... all media of every kind. Any independent player that does not go along with the program is steam-rolled over, so... even if you don't work for them you still work for them or live in fear of them, or... try to stay one step ahead of them and the steam-roller.

You must remember that Homeland inSecurity was created IMMEDIATELY after Israel attacked the US, and Skulls Chertoff became the first figurehead and went apeshit with making airport security modules for his own profit... after his kinsmen successfully engineered the world's biggest false flag attack of all time... and now... Mayorkas is heading the immigrant invasion that Homeland inSecurity is supposed to be about controlling, and... Mayorkas... uh-huh... one of The Usual Suspects. Walensky? Yeah... her too.

It's not like you are in a hall of mirrors (although you most certainly are) where one image brings a hundred reflections. HOWEVER... the minions who work invisibly as evil influencers and the sources of humanity's bad ideas... are all controlled by a central nexus of seeming Evil. There only seem to be a whole lot of different players. They are hive-mind controlled. It's part of The Universal Dynamic. Good... and the appearance of Evil are in a timeless dance, like wrestlers rolling over the gym mats, seeking advantage, seeking purchase, seeking victory, but... there is no victory for Evil because Evil has no real existence. It is ALL Good when you can see it as such, and... it doesn't matter who owns all of these companies because... (DRUM ROLL!!!) The Devil works for God. He is an e-m-p-l-o-y-e-e!

There is ONE ruler overall, and he doesn't need rings of power to get your attention. He is beyond Good and the appearance of Evil. He is utterly and eternally in control of EVERYTHING at all times, and outside of time too. He lets you play in the sandbox, and on... and in... all the little stages and stage plays where you hunger and perform, for... whom, and for what? He knows you will eventually get tired of the routines and wish to return back to your celestial home. At that point, your relationship changes, and so does the course of your life and lives.

He has a bright side, and a dark side. It gets brighter the closer you get, and darker... the further away you are. It gets clearer the closer you are, and more confused at a greater distance. It is very much like what is happening inside you and around you. Where is your focus? Where is your focus?

I like the Buddhist cosmology the best. I like that there are Benefic Deities and Wrathful Deities. That puts it in a much more credible perspective. Your life... is what it is... due to the relationships you have with either court. If you are Carnal, you can count on Wrathful Deities being around. If you are spiritual, it is otherwise. Everything is as it should be. It is... as a matter of fact... NEVER otherwise. Your perceptions may change, as your fortunes change... and change they will. Perception is one thing. Reality is quite another.

For some... it is an eternal Ground Hog Day, a restless dreaming pursuit of the next perfect stranger at the next watering hole. They don't stay perfect long. It is a matter of your planetary alignments and their planetary alignments. Sooner or later the sorting out gets done. Everybody has their rap partners, which includes Disappointment and Regret. These are two of the true fellow travelers on The Road of Life. I wouldn't call them Boon Companions but... to each their own. To each their own.

It is the discomfort that makes you yearn for something better. It serves a genuine purpose in getting you to move on. It's The Devil's Pitchfork. It's the grain of sand in the oyster shell. It is what I call, The Divine Irritation. We call this Evil too. That is because we don't know any better. We call all that is foreign and unknown... Evil.

It's a tough... tough prospect. It's a difficult sell... to be able to see no Evil anywhere. Hardly anyone wants to do this. They smell a rat. They think no good can come from seeing no evil. If there is Evil, they are carrying it with them. This I learned about The Howling Unknown. I went into The Howling Unknown with a full head of steam. I was going to see, for myself, just what is and is not true. It turned out that The Howling Unknown is the original mirror that reflects all those images into all those other mirrors of The Fractured Self that you are... sometimes this, and... sometimes that. I discovered that all I had to fear was what I brought with me, and that... for only so long as I continued to carry it along.

I'm finally getting The Picture. Some part of me doesn't like that. Some part of me is like everyone else. I want to see Justice done. I want the people aforementioned at the beginning here to... be brought to Judgment before the eyes of The World. These people and corporations are only the spearheads of our collective human hunger and ambition, of our collective ignorance and appetite. They'll be replaced by the next fools in line, and they... by the next, and then the next, and the next, and the next. It is The World, my friends, good luck with shaping it nearer to The Heart's Desire. That's not how The World works and that's not how The World is.

There are a million theories and a million plans, all waiting on that Mike Tyson punch in the mouth. You don't know squat and you never will, but you can discover that you don't know, and then... then... it is just possible that something serendipitous... something wonderful might happen. It did for me. Knowing that I fundamentally do not know has been a blessing beyond description. Sometimes... I know something when I need to know it, and then I don't know again. Explaining how this works is impossible, but... that it does work? That has been proven to my lasting satisfaction.

I wouldn't worry too much about Justice or any of the other assorted archetypes. They function with a jeweled precision. They always have and they always will. If you can't see this... ah... well now. What can I say about that? Time will tell and we shall see.

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Is The sun conscious?=


Looks like they are ramping up the effort to make it a new religion. The head guy will still have horns since it's based on a lie=


The Devil is loose and it is The Usual Suspects who are doing the ground work=


This looks really progressive and makes you think Stupidity is the new smart=


The heir to the sanitary napkin fortune is going to be taking Oregon into the next phase of turning it into the island of Lesbos=




Ummm, smells like Hypocrisy on The Barbie=


Well that pretty much puts a face to it. There are some people who were twisted before they got here this go round=


Right... right=



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This article explains why I currently play the game of 'life' as little as possible. Wasn't always that way, but it suites me fine now. It's a good time to be retired from 'life', me thinks. I'm having quite a good time just bein' an observer, and makin' obnoxious comments 'bout everythin' on de web whenever I see an excuse to do so.


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha.... "Maricon in France ; it made me think of this:Harry and Paul - Queer - David Cameron - 'Quare' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHR5Ly3TrwM
I've read a few of Rupert Sheldrake's books and found them quite interesting. I seem to remember he got kicked out of Cambridge ( or perhaps Oxford) for his controversial ideas. I thought that's what scientists do.
Chertof is Russian for "little devil or devil's imp",Chert,pronounce Chyort meaning devil.Employee or not he's still a prick of the first water.Having said that,I use the advice you gave a few weeks ago and tell myself "... he's just another version of me who took a different route." That actually works , for me at least, so thanks for that.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Life Might Seem Like a Long Time, but... When You Measure It Against Eternal Life."

robert said...

Visible One of Many to Many

How joyful to read your words as color commentary on the best show in town!

It is The World, my friends, good luck with shaping it nearer to The Heart's Desire. That's not how The World works and that's not how The World is

Whose heart's desire?
Our personal heart, fractionated by our limited mindset?

Hard to see from our human POV but the Heart's Desire of the One is playing out perfectly, through every iota of matter in existence.

The wrestling match goes on and on but there is always a growth of consciousness and graduation from mud wrestling on up to questions of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin and, graduating from THAT mental kindergarten, on up to learning how to serve like the Sun.

I wouldn't worry too much about Justice or any of the other assorted archetypes. They function with a jeweled precision. They always have and they always will

A difficult perspective for us embodied to maintain is that the entire Unity is perfection unfolding.

Where we think we may have found a bug in the process of the One, where our hearts strain to apply our care to the equation, to the frustrating appearance of injustice, upon further experience and contemplation, we add more dimension to our perspective and reasons for happenings become coherent.

Our accusatory inner adversary spastically declares:
I gotcha! I found a contradiction to Your Word!

(Laughs in movie villain-ese)
Now I have my excuse to continue to be willfully resistant in ignorance to the unified field and do my own thing!

Later, our higher self kindly reveals a larger picture, with the frame pulled back to allow us to see all the entitied forces at play raising consciousness to a higher pitch.

What are we to do with our caring nature?
Marry it, without reservations, to the Will of the One, knowing that only so aligned can our caring make positive, integrated contributions.

This marriage of spirit. not so difficult to conceive mentally but the labor to birth it into our being and actions?
Ongoing, Herculean and doomed to failure unless we are in conscious relationship to the One.

Since the Consciousness of the One has no limit, then there is no stopping point, no resting state for our own growth of consciousness short of All-In.

The divine humor of the One is being revealed by the Revelation by the Apocaplyse, by the infusion of light into this plane.
Time to get ourselves in shape for belly laughs as the ass clowns are revealed and irony strikes while the hubris is hot!

Seriously, levity is about to levitate ages of accumulated crap into a soul-satisfying climax.
To be followed by more orgasmic training, all the way home.

Anonymous said...

Everyone gets whatever they want, forever..
Now that's my kind of guy, errrrr I mean God!



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