Wednesday, February 16, 2022

"Except for Your Carnal Nature... They Can't Get their Hooks Into You... IF YOU DON'T TAKE THE BAIT!"

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The World is in a state of massive transformation. We're going through a General Atmosphere Adjustment. The Mental Climate, the Emotional Climate, the Spiritual Climate... are all in a profound state of change. Why... you will hardly recognize the place... in a bit. Mostly what we are seeing now is the exposure of the hidden side of The Control Booth. There are these people that got the idea that they were in charge. It went on for a while and they got comfortable with it. These days, they actually think they hold The Reins. They do not hold The Reins and this is being shown to them with an ever-intensifying impact. It is also being shown to The World.

We have been mentioning Mr. Apocalypse here for about ten years. Seems longer, doesn't it? I think it is about ten years now since he appeared in my mind... during an extended Ayahuasca session of some days running. After that, he showed up on rare occasions of some hours running. I don't know if God has as much sense of humor going with others as he has with me. It could be that he does but people don't see the humor; that's understandable given some of the things that happen to people. In my case, he presents with a VERY wry, often sarcastic view, concerning whatever he intends to be funny about. Then... he makes exceedingly snarky comments that send me into waves of barely contained laughter. They can... as well be directed at me now and again, but... it is still very funny.

Mr. Apocalypse is one of his costume ball characters in the front and center sideshow that is life. He is a cosmic personification of archetypal force... like V from “V for Vendetta”, or The Scarlet Pimpernel as human personifications. Humanity has gotten so sucked into material culture and comfort that few can see the celestial dancers who ride the big waves that flow round AND thru this world. Few of us see these celestial dancers in one another, but... that dancer, I assure you... is there, and can even be called forth by the right invoking agent. Much like Lazarus brought back from The Land of Shades, we are mostly dead in the zombie dream of Materialism, and in need of being called forth. That is what The Avatar does.

We don't see characters with the limitless power of The Avatar very often here. They are rare sightings indeed. Even if you are present (and some of us were) during an avatar's tenure, that does not mean you came into his conscious orbit. Of course, the waves of his influence lap upon the shores of all conscious life, again and again, bringing lasting change. The sound of his passing reverberates across thousands and thousands of years. Imagine the purity and clarity of mind possessed by an avatar! Imagine coming into contact with it!!! A number of people have achieved Christ or Krishna Consciousness. The far larger amount of us continues in degrees of sleep and dream. It can take a whole lot of Heavenly force to awaken people en masse. It IS happening NOW to a degree, however...

Those who have ridden roughshod over the rest of us for such a length of time, are now tripping over obstacles that are magically appearing in their way, like animated roots that grab at their legs. The high profile entertainers, AND... they are ALL entertainers, dancing in their one-trick-pony routines, are embarrassing themselves as I have never seen before. Some of them are not entertaining in any way, but they are desperately grabbing at your attention all the same. We are surrounded by cartoon personalities... that get out of the shower to pee, that shuck, and jive, and mince about. All of them are crying out, “Look at me!!! Look at me!!!”

They fall like the leaves from a tree. They burn collectively with that composting fire that consumes them and turns them back into what they emerged from in the beginning, when physical shape first materialized around them. What did Lao Tzu say? “Let life ripen and fall, Will is not the way at all. Deny The Way of Life and you are dead.” Sages are hidden as rock outcroppings on a cliffside. They might visit in a tree. They might swim by upon a river unseen. There is intelligent life all about, often disguised as something else. Someone could walk right out of the camouflaging background of Nature at any time. It happens.

You are right, smack-dab in the middle of a magic show, dazzled by the spectacle, restlessly moving to some hypnotic beat that draws the masses into lockstep. Were it not for forces beyond your ken, you would be lost. There would be no hope. Your adversary is a merciless tyrant, and... your adversary is yourself. You would be immune to the blandishments of The Dark Side, were it not for your Carnal Nature. They can't get their hooks in you if... YOU DON'T TAKE THE BAIT!

The whole of The Manifested World that is present... as an ADAPTATION of Nature, is a sticky thicket of burrs and thorns and viscous adhesions. You have to NEGOTIATE your way... in your mind. You have to move through it without becoming part of it, while still in a state of harmony with all life. It's not that difficult, children do it all the time. The innocence of a child is a wonderful thing, BUT... it is still a child's perspective. It has to be lost before the real value of it is seen. Then... it has to be consciously recovered, and that is accomplished by Loving The Divine. All good things flow from The Divine. You only have to 'put yourself in the way of it.' Then... Regenerated Innocence can come.

As opposed to Senility.

I repeatedly mention that people are losing their minds, most especially those who went off the deep end with Social Justice scams, and whatever else the flavor of the day might have been, but that was Yesterday. Cancel Culture is a good example. If you want to learn what Cancel Culture REALLY is... you could start at Twitter. Whenever an outrage is MANUFACTURED by those seeking power or profit thereby, a small chorus of barking minks and honking swamp toads, set off to give the impression that they are far more numerous than they are. This is crafted and directed by The Media (owned by The Usual Suspects) to look like something worth your attention when NONE OF IT IS.

How many sexually disturbed people are actually on The Tranny-Land Express? “ Allah Bord for all points South!” This is a very tiny demographic of the mentally ill. Who is it that is doing all the shouting about this issue? There is an entire segment of The Media that is devoted to spreading lies and disinformation the day long... about anything they can get you to rubberneck over. The vast majority of us could care less. These slick little millipedes drum up a cause with their many feet, AND then they shape your opinion concerning it. If you fall out of line with their agenda... you get canceled. HOWEVER... more and more of us no longer give a damn about any of these things. More and more of us don't care if we are canceled at all.

They have taken so many things away from us in this Land of the Free, and... they've done it incrementally. The life THEY are arranging for us IS NOT WORTH LIVING!!! Pushback has arrived in a VERY big way. The Virus Scam has been shot to shit, now it is on to The Vaccines. People are dropping dead right and left. A greater percentage are being maimed and handicapped for life. You can't hide this anymore. Word has gotten out, It's just a matter of time now. Oh... how they scurry about looking for a new way to enslave your attention. How about war? Whoops... that didn't work either.

Maybe you haven't noticed it yet, BUT... strange things are going on in that part of The World occupied by those who think they are running things. Some of them are being informed about Spiritual Imperatives. There are periods of time when you can get away with messing people about, and there are times when you can't, though... you NEVER do get away with anything. When you have gotten used to having unhindered freedom to command and be obeyed, it can be hard cheese (old man) to have to step back... ESPECIALLY when you are stepped back; by invisible force, by your own incompetence, by unbridled pursuit of what is not yours... to begin with. That is where we find ourselves on this long and winding road.

It has become abundantly clear to me what is taking place now. I see more and more extreme examples every day. Out of nowhere, a recall effort was launched for 3 members of the school board in (OF ALL PLACES!) San Francisco. These were the only seats that were able to be taken. I don't know the details about why the rest of the clowns were able to remain. They recalled ALL 3 of them by a huge percentage. This is an unheard-of event in this locale. Even Silicon Valley; a persistent enemy of The Public Good, signed on to get rid of these... these... I really don't know what to call them.

This is ALL Mr. Apocalypse at work!. You may object to his job title. You might not like the appearance I give him, BUT... you cannot deny that some force, some entity is actively engaged in the changes I am calling attention to. The real kicker here is that it has only just begun. Karen's not here to sing about it anymore, but that changes nothing. You are about to see MASSIVE push-back from Humanity on several fronts... and it's not like Humanity is coming up with this on its own. Humanity has no great track record in this respect. It is the force of The Awakening from within that is driving human awareness of the need to react. It is also the advance energy of The Avatar upon the material sphere. It is Mr. Apocalypse... telling and showing... as we come more fully into the next age.

Some things are unstoppable. All of those personified forces I just mentioned, fall into that category.

End Transmission.......

A few links=

A fine article. I've never been much for Steiner because he is so dense and plodding that I cannot maintain interest in him. He would put me to sleep without fail. He was a lot like Yeats, reading his own poetry; not an enjoyable affair, BUT... his ideas and insights were great. I give him high praise. I call him, “Useful.”

Well... this should prove interesting, BECAUSE... it WILL come out=

It is a fine talent to be able to see what awaits you in certain locations and to let your own positive nature draw you to a finer less dangerous place. Oops! Right... there is that appointment in Samara.=

There's something to be said for having a stockpile of good karma, not that one should seek it out for the gain to be had, but one acquires it anyway just by being good. The same would account for the evil=

Another perspective on Canadian Truckers=

Oh my!!! MR. APOCALYPSE!!! It's the details in this article that are riveting. It is powerfully written by what appears to be an honest man. Look at the things that are happening!!! You do see that Mr. Apocalypse is real... yes?=

As mentioned in the post about San Francisco wingnuts=

These are the events that become commonplace when hidden forces dismantle the protective infrastructure so that the land falls into chaos and they can take over and create Dystopia=


. said...

I am still here Vis, watching the maestro/God at work. The Divine has kept me under wraps of late, and I go with God, so unless I receive my marching orders to take on another mission I keep a low profile. I pass my days quietly receiving communications from above, which gives me greater clarity in regard to the path ahead.

I hope I am not presumptuous in assuming that the Karen you refer to in your second last paragraph is me. If not than my apologies ahead of time.

I still come here every day to read your most eloquent verbiage, akin to the mastery Shakespeare used to convey his most deepest thoughts and feelings. I, like many others, use your words as a balm to heal my wounds, on all plains. I am so thrilled to see you acknowledging God as humanity’s saviour, even though God uses Man as a conduit through which to secure our salvation, when some of us manage to get out the way long enough. I refer to those wonderful souls who give their all to be a light to their fellow Man in a world of darkness.

When I first came under heavy demonic attack, over a decade ago, the Divine sent me 3 visions whilst I was in and out of consciousness for 10 days. The attack was so aggressive I lost 15 kilos in those 10 days, but the upside was I needed to trim up so I saw the weight loss as a positive :o).

I may have shared this vision earlier in my writings here but today I wish to share that vision again.

I was a little white planet surrounded on all sides, from EVERY angle, by big black alpha male planets, each about 20 times my size. Each planet had two large guns, the size of cannons, pointed straight at me. I didn’t know what to do, so I did the only thing I could think of, I raised a white flag and started singing 'All you Need is Love’ by the Beatles. As I did this I saw that first one of these alpha male planets turned from black to white, then another one, and another one. If you have ever seen a video of neurones firing in a brain, first one here, than another over there, and so forth, than you get the picture. Before long all the neurones/big black alpha male planets had gone from black to white. At the time I did not know what this vision meant, but now as I look back I believe the Divine was showing me that if I could stay strong and speak the truth I was being shown during my ascension, which occurred on my sojourn here with you and your readers, that many souls could be saved and brought back to the light, just like the good thief/penitent thief was that was crucified to the right of Jesus Christ.

Today the world is in great flux and humanity’s battle has not yet been won, but with the awakening that is occurring it is only time, because nothing in the world is as powerful as LOVE, which conquers all.

Luv Kazz

. said...

I meant to add this too

Luv Kazz

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I must say, I've done my worst stuff when I was wee twat snot. Ages 6 to 11. I also left much to be desired before that. But at least I behaved in restaurants.

I was also a total nutter from when I became self aware and fully integrated in this body until I was 32 or 33. I was kinda outside of reality lookin' in.

Oh wait a minute. That hasn't changed.

Never mind.

Visible said...

Jesus Kazz!!! How little you must think of me to even imagine that I operate like that. There are NO shoutouts at these sites. This is not a rap song. I was referring to Karen Carpenter and that song, "we've almost just begun... something... something." I guess I have to cease with the arcane references but I know people who come here and do pay attention and are somewhat gratified when they come across something like this... who know that I am not the source for a lot of what gets said here. I see it the same time as everyone else does. This does not authenticate whatever the source is... and it doesn't authenticate me. It just is.

On a positive note, I was just thinking about you a few days ago and wondering how you are and so... here you are.

It makes me shudder that there are people out there who have a view of me that is not at all similar to how I really am. The good news is that it doesn't matter because then it wouldn't be me anyway. Since... according to certain cosmic laws, we are all mirrors, either reflecting The Light (rare) or distorting the image (common) it does not concern me. Okay... carry right along.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Off topic. Vis, you might; ifn't you have already read it, check out Etidorhpa by Lewellyn Drury.

Anyone else into the mystical and arcane might get a kick out of it, too. 1895.

Anonymous said...

I have great faith , I do. I believe in God., but that does not stop me from literally weeping every damn single day for the harm being done to the country, the deluded , the ignorant and the fearful. Oh and let me not forget the innocents, the children . The ones that survive this present hell are in for a world of horror if the Hand of God does not sweep down soon and rid the Earth of these Demons. Every day I also see more and more good people waking up, taking a stand against this blatant evil. The Great Awakening is Happening and thank God. It’s a war and I do weep for the casualties.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Les for this wonderful message.
May God continue to keep and bless you.

KnowThanx said...

Another gourmet meal from Chef Visible. It's food that nourishes both mind and spirit.

Watch Patrick Willis serve up delightful apocalyptic desert.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"You and God, Dancing in a Thousand Reflecting Pools and Mirrors in Which the Light of Heaven Shines."

Visible said...

My dear friends; I apologize for being tardy with getting your comments in. Sometimes I forget in the morning when I first arrive and then I write the next post without realizing there might be feedback waiting. For a time there were very few comments. Maybe I got used to that, I don't know. I will try to do better.

. said...

Vis - Ha ha ha.

My bad. No reflection on you.

I thought it was strange, out of character for you, which is why I apologised ahead of time just in case. I totally missed the connection to the Carpenters and 'we've only just begun'. The thing is I was reared to be a polite individual so when someone acknowledges me I feel compelled to respond, even when I am not sure they are talking to me, so please see it more as my parent's deep conditioning to make me a polite individual than some held perspective towards yourself.

God often has a good laugh at my expense when I am a duffus, like now, which keeps me real, so I don't take myself too seriously. I guess that's God's way of keeping me humble. I am grateful for such mercies because it keeps my ego at bay where it belongs.

It is sweet you thought of me when I haven't posted here in over a year, and for you to mention it.

I am glad things are going well for you.

Luv Kazz



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