Thursday, February 03, 2022

"Sometimes The Old World will Chase You, So... It Is Better to Leave Good Footprints."

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You can see the animals in a person's face. You can see the weather field they create around themselves with their emotions. You can see the storm of thoughts around their heads (should there be one), or the degrees of either extreme. You could experience other entities speaking through them. All this happens when you have command of yourself and are motivated by no other force but Love. You can get there by other, darker routes but... the price paid for that is very costly, given the other option of... Love, which is free.

You can see and feel these things when you pay attention. Nothing focuses the concentration like Love. Sure... other emotions will intensify the experience also, but who wants Hate or Venality to be the author of their observations? What drives you? What pushes you forward into life are your motivations. Everything... literally everything... has consequences, or you could say... reactions. It is as if you were drumming on an ocean that was constantly changing its depth and density and you drummed up upon that sea whatever was motivating you as living characters, environments, and events in the movie of your life... in which you are now appearing. You will also be appearing in other roles, not yet announced... based on your thoughts, words, and actions, in this life.

In one of the editor narratives in The Bhagavad Gita, some of which are far too long (and why I don't read most of the translations), there is a story that precedes the chapter about The Field and the Knower. In it, there are two men who meet. One asks the other what he does (in those times one's profession defined them even more than today.) The other says, “I am a farmer. My body is my farm. Here I sow my thoughts and feelings and I reap the harvest.” I'm guessing you could see how this could wind up very different in the lives of those not paying attention to that idea. That is exactly what we do here; like it or not, understand it or not, believe it or not. You can live FROM THIS MOMENT, in an ever-improving state of being, simply by behaving in that direction. I know personally that this works.

What most people need to work on... this taken from my observation of the traffic going by on The Highway of Life, is... their attitude. Attitude and Intention are enormously important to how quickly and how certainly you get to The Blessed Sphere.

The Blessed Sphere is an interwoven, many-dimensional state of being; a wonderland environment, actually, but... regardless, beyond description in words. This is a place you reside in by VIRTUE of living up to the standard of the neighborhood. This is how you can live in The Kingdom of Heaven while you are still right here. You walk in The Blessed Sphere if you take it with you wherever you go. You do have to live up to it. That is very important. It could be harder to find next time. I don't know what kind of credits you have on your karmic meter. I don't keep track of mine. I leave the accounting to the Accounting Department. Being in The Blessed Sphere is enough for me. I don't really need anything else.

I wish there were a way to say in words, how real these objects are... these states of being... these creations of a righteous imagination. One's whole measurement of life is based on their awareness of the quality of it... or lack thereof. There are many different standards out there. You have to find what you are comfortable with. That accounts for the objectives of most; to live a comfortable life. Once again... one has to live up to it. Currents change. The direction of the river of life changes. It's a river. This is what they do. For me, what is comfortable is what is changeless. It continues eternally while all around it changes.

You can get your river to run as it pleases you, whether you serve yourself or not, but the one course... you will have to pay for, and the other is free for as long as you do it. You might have to become a tributary, but you will run in the direction of what drives you. It is what we pursue. This is so important. If you pursue the highest, wherever you land will be higher than where you were. You don't get there on the backs of other people. You simply find the one from whom all life is made possible. Once you find him, he will explain everything to you in his own fashion and according to his own timetable.

The general world out there is not The Blessed Sphere. The usual atmosphere in the general world is not of people blessing each other. They serve a different master out there, but that master... himself serves the master within. Therefore... in finding the master within, you no longer have any concerns about The World out there because it is all being controlled by the master of the world in there.

Most people are not interested in The Blessed Sphere because you have to live up to it. In a world of ubiquitous fast-food restaurants, cheap entertainments, and everything from sex to death being both free and for sale; you get it free because you are going to pay dearly for the experience. Some things etch themselves upon you and are very hard to erase. This is why you need God's Truly Cleansing Soap, so you can wash your sins away. You may not have any sins, and sometimes the sins you imagine did not happen that way at all. In any case, God's Soap gets to the heart of the matter, literally! God's Soap washes you outside AND inside. This is a real thing, by the way, though you may describe it differently.

I have never thought about God's Soap until just now. I was familiar with Dr. Bronner, and the divine side... I thought of it differently... using other metaphors. It doesn't matter. You can think of it as a gentle rain, a warming or cleansing fire, a breath of fresh air. The fact is... it is there. You can access it. It is simply another part of you. It is the divine aspect of your being and... you can live in it... if you can live up to it. You can start at any moment. Once you start, ALL you have to do is live up to it, and you will be on that highway, that slipstream for as long as you live up to it. There are invisible wardens in ALL spaces of human behavior. They are like karmic traffic cops. Mind how you go! Everything is witnessed. You can walk right out of this world into another. You are going to anyway. The point is how you understand that.

You can walk out of any world by simply living according to any other world. Sometimes the old world will chase you, so it is better to leave good footprints. This... these footprints... I have found them to be critically important, and most important are the footprints I follow, AND THAT... accounts for the footprints I leave. It is like living in a spiritual tradition, without the religious limitation and strange conformity. I truly believe, “Live free or die” because otherwise you do die, at least the worthy parts of you, and you feel dead... even if you are still alive.

I recognize the government. I don't deliberately break society's laws unless the laws are stupid, and try to tell me what I can and cannot put in my body. I got locked up good a couple of times for that; didn't change me one bit. Times change. What I did... now everyone is doing, so the laws change. Government is just the way we seek to control the world around us; as long as it operates in an acceptable manner. When it tries to become more than that it must be redirected toward better mutual regard.

None of this matters. Everything is under control. I don't know how to communicate how powerfully that acts on my life and my perceptions but... it set me free of worry. The guy in control of everything is a friend of mine, and I am a friend to him. I look to his interests and he looks to mine. He takes care of The Details. It is profoundly true that if you rest on God he will resolve all things in his compassionate and remarkable way.

How can you go wrong with God? I mean... yeah... some people have no proof of him, and don't want any proof of him... and are not satisfied by metaphysical argument, but... I have had MANY... MANY sure and certain moments of proof and some of them are still ringing in my heart and mind. I am sure the reader knows what I am talking about or they wouldn't be coming around here anyway.

So... as you can see deeper into yourself, there you can see your human commonality AND the exceptionalism that is possible too. If you aspire, greater things are possible from you, AND greater things will be required of you. At least that has been my experience so far. We are all on this road; consciously, half-dreaming or asleep. One can intensify their awakening by increasing their storehouse of love or their access to the source of The Waters of Love

There is... within... a secret chamber in the heart where God is in residence. This is the true and eternal self, and others have found it and will find it. All who seek with intensity and purpose will succeed simply by never ceasing to be in pursuit of it. “ Success is speedy for the energetic.” NOTHING in life has equal importance to this; to find that Self. It is the endless... overflowing fountain of God's love and to be in touch with it is to be in touch with the source of vitality and life itself.

You WILL NOT find this at Caesar's Palace in Vegas. You will not find this in someone's arms. You will not find this in the search for far locations of a finer atmosphere because they know how to hide from you, AND to reveal themselves as well. You have to live up to it. Anyone can get to Vegas, in one form or another or into someone's arms, even if it is only The Arms of the Law, and Shambhala and other locales will hear the music of your song if you are singing to the Music of the Spheres. You can call out in many ways to the finer worlds and hear back from them too.

End Transmission.......

I saw a movie last night that was highly entertaining. The writing was excellent and the acting and direction top-notch. It is a Danish film so, unless you speak Danish (and I do not), you have to make sure it has English subtitles. The Europeans DEFINITELY make more engrossing and intelligent films. This one also has one of my favorite actors, Mads Mikkelsen in it. It has some very funny moments, some touching ones too. It's a well-put-together effort. It's called, “Riders of Justice.” I was told I should mention this has a lot of kink and mentally challenged Idiot Savants. I don't usually like that sort of thing but they made it entertaining and not like they were trying to convert or pervert me. It's definitely adult themes though, especially where the people don't grow up.

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This is what happens when you call attention to others, someone calls attention to you. We all do it. You will notice, I HOPE that this article is used to reinforce the wider lie from the bigger liars=

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Attitude. I am in a prison of my own design due to me asking for one. . .more. . .round in this Snorlfes (Nose god.) forsaken plane of existence. Been that way for many years, and I don't see me changing my outlook. I am pissed at my past self for arranging this, but attitudes toward this place are different on the Otherside then when you are here, for most.

My motto: Inconvenience other life forms as little as possible, do not exploit, and these day, live as little as possible. Keep it as virtual as I can, and keep interaction with the real world to an absolute minimum. Easy, since I'm happiest sittin' in front o' de 'pooter. I have 'quit' life to the best of what circumstances allowed without committing suicide. Hence I say I'm dead, waiting for the body to catch up. It gets kinda annoying being in this state here and there, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It could be a lot worse. I also relish feeding the current system as little as possible. Famine rations.

5 Nostril post! At least.

Anonymous said...

Famine rations. yes. feed them as little as possible. Why not taint the rations you feed them while you are at it? Its a war after all, why pretend its something else? Tainted love. The soft sell. Like a poisoned earth. They are sick and demented. Nothing at all wrong with the natural whirld. Grow something, see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting video. Quite a lot of truth to it as far as I am concerned.
They cling to persons like leaches, yet all it takes is words to rid oneself of them.
Salt sprinkled on them and they leave. They are rust and I am iron.
Not hidden any more.

Anonymous said...

I’ll start by saying your words inspire and give hope. It is obvious by now that the world is at war . This WW3 has turned out to be a war for the Soul. I have finally capitulated meaning there is nothing I can do but save my own soul. Watching the truckers in Canada gave me some kind of hope, all the dr/s scientists etc etc etc who came out against the vaccine gave me hope. I think I have realized none of this matters,
The evil will keep coming , there is no stopping it and it will stop when it stops and the dust will settle and the world will go on in one form or another. As for my soul, I’ll find out if I won after I am out of here , I will either go to a better place or as you say I will be on the other side of the moon in the wardrobe change department. Meanwhile it is very sad to see this happening. I suppose I chose to be here at this time and I must admit it is heartbreaking , truly, to witness the calamity taking place here, one of which has been a long time in the making. I pray more of us make it to some place better , I am trying to avoid a repeat performance. At this precise moment I see no victory for Good , it seems it is not meant to happen on poor Plane Earth, Earth will always be ground zero for evil ones. Unfortunately people for the most are herd animals and to have seen that first hand as they march into the hands of the Eiite with their shirt sleeves rolled up , literally , to take an injection of poison shows me hope for here is futile. Thanks for listening.

KnowThanx said...

I normally post comments at Truthseeker rather than here (to help balance the trolling that Rixon permits). I'll repost it here because it contains information that's more than just a "thumbs-up".


Les Visible is a giant voice of reason and comfort because his whole life has been a spiritual quest. His ability to put that experience into words is unmatched and I’ve learned invaluable truths from him for decades.

Miles Mathis is another person and intellect that I greatly respect but for a totally totally different reasons. I’m fortunate enough to have a background in physics and math so I'm able to appreciate Mathis' unmatched ability to see and correct fundamental science errors. To succinctly summarize his hundreds of physics papers: “Everything is made of light”.

Like Les Visible, Mathis also understands the evolution and devolution of human behavior. Like Mike King, Mathis works hard to unveil truths hidden behind the wall of lies which has imprisoned us for centuries. To summarize Miles' efforts at tracing the genealogy of the lying princes (like Fidelito Trudeau): “Humanity is ruled by The Phoenician Navy”.

I notice this morning that Mathis has posted his analysis of the Ottawa Trucker Convoy; you can read it here:

I’m blessed by having grown up in Ottawa and can vouch for Mathis’ observations about Trudeau and what’s happening here. I’m now an old man (71) and my 99-year-old mother lives just a 5 minute walk from where Trudeau lives (at 24 Sussex). The truckers are The Real Deal and their actions here fill me with hope and pride : )

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"There are Much Nicer Places To Be than Here. We Can Get to Them by Being Much Nicer Here."

Jamie Wave said...

You're right, Vis.
It's my attitude that I need to work on.



Joseph Brenner

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