Sunday, September 25, 2016

All Things in and Out of Time

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I have spent this whole morning today, since 5:00 Am, reading about and listening about Ken O'Keefe and Zen Gardner and in all that time, the thing that came most immediately to my eyes and my heart and my mind was my saying over and over to myself, “thank god I am not in this situation.” As is well known to anyone who has followed my career (such as it has been) I have had some major episodes. I can honestly say that more than half of them were not my fault; given that I was just playing myself but everyone else wasn't playing along. Thankfully, I have never played in the big leagues like this. I've always been small time and small time suits me just fine. I have tried my best to talk about the almighty; the ineffable, the divine, the Mother, the whatever it is or has been that has stood as an image for me. Irrespective of whatever errors I have ever made, my love of God is inviolate. I have never gravitated toward money, material success or anything in the manifest, given the limitations of the bandwidth. As I like to say, 'it is what it is.' I want to point out that this is no judgment on either of these fellows. I am in no position to judge, nor do I know all I would need to know even to have an opinion. I only mentioned it because it was what I was up to trying to figure it all out. Finally I just walked away. The truth of it will find its way to wherever it needs to go.

All the darkness in this world and all the light that streams through the cracks, convinces me of one thing; god loves us one and all and... it is up to us whether we cash in on that (pun intended) or we cash out. In the end it is simply what currency you put your faith in. I've always believed, “In God we trust” but I have yet to find God looking back at me from a piece of paper. Ultimately all governments are corrupted by those entrusted with overseeing the obligations that they bypassed on their way to power. Of all the ugly perfumes that waft through this world, power and the pursuit of it are among the most noxious. The idea that you can lord it over your fellows has been to me the worst efforts one can make. The Soviet Socialist Republic was an example of that. I could talk about Mao but no one cares about the Chinese, except the Chinese. I, of course, do care about the Chinese and much of what I most deeply believe comes out of the more ancient aspects of their culture. I meant that only in the way that people, in these times, have trouble identifying the individuality and rights of others unless those others come out of their own demographic.

Everything looks the same, except when it is not the same. I believe in all of us, regardless of race, color, creed or religion. I have had my ass saved by so many diverse personalities who were not of my persuasion by virtue of race, color, creed or religion. 'It is what it is.'

I have been watching videos and listening to radio interviews and it is a suffocating fact that eventually... it will overwhelm you. So it has been for me today. I am supposed to get on the road shortly but I have yet to because of planetary concerns (grin). There is a troll named Salvatore who has been on my case in the nastiest fashion lately. He's come out of nowhere and has no credentials here of any kind. This morning he was howling at me about being a liar because I was talking about driving to Camden with a close friend who had hurt her foot and needed to go to the hospital and the doctor she had to see was 75 miles away. He said that Camden is not in the west and since I was supposed to be out west looking for somewhere to live, I was a liar. I had already written about why I had not left and even posted astrological discourse about it, yet... none of this mattered to him. There was even a response from the astrologer (Bob) in the posting where I mentioned this. It is because of the uniformed lunacy of his commentary that I have not allowed his comments into print. If you want to criticize me you have every right and if you will verifiably identify yourself I will let you but... if you completely ignore the information given and take off on a shrieking loon fest that is already demonstrably proven to be a load of excrement, due to printed evidence to the contrary, I'm not going to give you a forum. This guy REALLY doesn't like me. Well... that is going to come with the territory.

Personally, I have always been of the opinion that it doesn't matter what others think about you. What matters is the legacy you leave behind you. What matters is how history remembers you and most importantly what kind of friends you made on your way and who they are. Life is, at times, excruciatingly long and regrettably short. It takes turns and twists we never imagined it would take before it started to twist and turn. Who among us thought we would be where we are now that this is where we are? What are we to think about what lies ahead? If we have done the best that we can then it is my belief that the almighty will be compassionate. Even if we have not it is my belief that the almighty will be compassionate but it is also my belief that the laws of Karma, which we in the west know as Newton's Third Law, has a certain preeminence over everything, save for grace and the good offices of a legitimate guru.

There are some terrible events taking place in the world these days.

You won't hear about this on the nightly news because the same people doing this have near total control of the media. There was a time when I was getting somewhere, or it looked like it, and I was getting tens of thousands of hits on youtube. One of them was well over a hundred thousand and then I went back on a particular day and there was only 4,000 something. I watched this happen to all of my collaborations with Patrick Willis. I hear regularly that people cannot access my sites at work and on those rare occasions when I used to check web site ratings I was in Siberia. I've never been affected by this in the slightest and I thank god for that. It is easy to become outraged and angered at one's perceptions of the world's unfairness but getting angry, ever, at something you cannot change is a fool's gambit. What I am getting to is that I am incredibly and immeasurably grateful and in most cases it is not because of what I am but because of what I am not.

I am not spraying skunk juice on defenseless people whose land got stolen by the people who are doing it and who have no right to even be there. These people do. The whole world knows some amount of things about this sad and tragic spectacle but very few people know anymore than the invidious lies being told about the subject. Those of us who do know are helpless to do anything about it. The best we can hope for on our own behalf is to set a good example; to live according to principles that seem to have gone out of vogue. In the heartland of this country are some truly decent people who, within the parameters of their understanding, are trying to do the right thing but they don't know what the right thing is. Their hearts tell them one thing and the totally perverted airways tell them something else. They love their country and want to protect it and also all the things they believe it was built on and stands for are lies. It puts them in the unfortunate position of sincerely seeking to defend something that doesn't exist and which is done in their name and financed by their tax dollars; a nation of psychopaths are spraying skunk juice into the homes and apartments of people simply trying to live.

I am not doing so many things and I am grateful and I know that many of the readers who come here are grateful that the same is true about them. The point is that it is not always what we are that counts as much as what we are not. There is determined and focused action and there is determined restraint. The complexity of existence and the rules that control it are beyond the scope of any intellect. We can only know what we know depending on whom we are hosting within and that is the sum of it all and that is why I say you can only go so far without a guide. As we progress on a personal level, the quality of the indwelling increases in relation to it. There is no limit to what is possible for us. There are only the limits that we place upon ourselves and we will surely place such limitations if we believe we can achieve it on our own because the personal self has boundaries of awareness that it cannot pass beyond. Only God can know God. Only when God awakens within you can you see existence as it really is.

This whole world is God's playground and God uses it for no other purpose than to find himself or herself in us. In the beginning the almighty split into countless particles and each of them were designated for the form and function they came into being for and from there the incredibly complex and Byzantine progression went on and on. Even rocks have a level of consciousness. The great key to the mystery of existence is awareness and the principle upon which it is all based is electromagnetism. It is all the result of attractiveness. What I call the law of attraction. Like attracts like. Love God! It is as simple as that. Love God and whatever the course of your journey may be, you will arrive safely home. I am on the last book of The Aghora Trilogy. As if the second book wasn't enough, this one absolutely will reduce you to surrender and Bhakti as the only safe path to travel.

My friends, I am officially on my way and I will see some of you and then I will see the rest of you at some time and in some place; hopefully, in the short term it will be at the place my friends and I chose to live once we find it as this journey is supposed to show us. All things in and out of time.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Broken Icons and Truly Enduring Archetypes.

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Oh... we are going to have a field day here! I was going to link certain other things first but this one has to take the bukkake for the moment. This site that I just discovered has a lot of radical postings and some of them are just off the wall but some are not only spot on but truly funny! More importantly I am coming across the kind of information that is really mindblowing. I always thought Bill W. who founded AA was a hero and then I see something like this;

“Bill Wilson, aka Bill W., co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935 after being repeatedly institutionalized due to his drinking. His inspiration for founding AA came from a 'vision' of God he had while on belladonna, an extremely powerful hallucinogen that was used as a quack cure for alcoholism up until a few decades ago. While never formerly diagnosed, Wilson’s grandiose personality and self-aggrandizing behavior fits the definition of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Despite being a Christian and a vocal advocate for temperance, Wilson was a serial adulterer known for coercing young women who joined AA into sexual relationships, a practice now known as '13th stepping.' Yet, while he was busy taking advantage of attractive girls who were recovering from alcoholism, Wilson remained unemployed throughout his life and depended on his wife Lois to pay the bills with her day job.

Additionally, despite the purported success of AA in helping drunks sober up, Wilson repeatedly relapsed throughout his life and even begged for whiskey on his deathbed. The inability of the Twelve Steps to cure even the man who thought them up is borne out in AA’s horrifically high failure rates. According to scientific studies, 90 to 95 percent of alcoholics who join AA end up relapsing within six months, and AA may in fact be worse for alcoholics then doing nothing at all.”

There are links in the section where you will find this the first link given you can explore that on your own. I felt chills discovering this, when I had an entirely different perspective due to accepting the party line. Wow!

I have often not liked myself very much and not for anything that I did particularly but because of early telepathic invasion as a child. I recognize the cause of it but I suspect, like all the other things in my life that they happened for a reason. In recent times, I have found out so many truths about people that I previously admired that I now think better of myself than I ever did before. By comparison, my own fuckups and failings do not approach what I have found out about people that I had placed on a pedestal. It's sad when you come to find that new reasons for appreciating yourself are based on you finding out that you are nowhere near as bad as so many others (grin)... but I'll take it. Thank you... heh heh.

I would like to point out here that it is my belief and something I have also witnessed- that AA does work and has profoundly changed lives. That the success rate is as low as it is is testimony to how powerful the disease-allergy-state of possession actually is. Regardless of all I have just read here about Bill W. and the amount is considerable, I haven't lost an iota of faith in the program. I believe it works if you work it. Similarly, religions are filled with bounders, hypocrites and sanctimonious scoundrels as well as rank upon rank of sexual psychopaths and mass murderers. This has no bearing on legitimate spiritual experiences that are the fruits of the lives of sincere believers and I'm not talking about the Eric Hoffer version, although I admire him a great deal. Hoffer is an example of why I encourage people to read biographies. It helps to put your own suffering into perspective. I can assure you I have suffered greatly in this life but... I also know there are others who have suffered more. Just because most people have not suffered as I have means nothing ...when there are others who have suffered more. I now look at all of my sufferings as blessings in disguise, even though they are no longer disguised from me. The higher goals in this life always come at a cost. If you are not willing to risk it all then those who dispense these conditions and things are unlikely to confer them upon you.

Like Hoffer, I was impressed by Montaigne, as well as La Rochefoucald and Montesquieu. I believe that the entire American Revolution was based on ideas presented by these men and I try to celebrate this in my song, Vive La France, which I wrote when Americans got all wacked about France not supporting our aggressions against Afghanistan and Iraq; Freedom Fries? Uh huh...

Vive La France

My life, such as it has been, has been molded by the impress made upon me by great thinkers, visionaries and mystics. They left the footprints that I followed. They wrote the hard earned truths that changed my life. I now live in a world like this and where shit like this is being served as our daily bread. I live in a world where Mercedes is now making gay commercials and people like this are the new spokesnutjobs. Tell me that this guy is not mentally ill. The logical and expected result is absolute horseshit along these lines. That whole march of perversity is being pushed by sold out celebrities who are the face icons for reverse Kundalini Satanists, whose intention is to reduce the world to a state of confusion where international control is rendered into the hands of the evil few as the result of it.

I don't care what people get up to sexually as long as it involves consenting 'adults'. I might have an opinion on it but that is my affair. I can think what I like. Sometimes I am wrong and sometimes I am right (unintentional rhyming). However, when the entire schematic is electronically and magnetically charged for the purpose of social modification and I can feel its hot fetid breath on my neck as I pass... then... well, then I'm not amused. I can see what is going on in front of my eyes. It is possible that since I know the senses are being manipulated for gain by those who work appearances, uh... uh huh.

Yesterday I spoke with Our Lady of Everything and I've had problems understanding certain realities that come upon me. I won't say I was confused. It wasn't confusion. It is simply that some things are beyond the reach of my awareness. Anyway, she said, “My son, you have many friends in the invisible and they have advised you and helped to carry you on your way. They have also tested you and tried you to prove you. What they have done has brought you further up the road but... though they have been useful in guiding you, only I can fix you. Only I can fix you. I believe this. Today, on this Sunday, she came to me for over half an hour and that is remarkable. Usually the sustained reach of the interplay is around five minutes. Of course it might travel across an evening and beyond but NEVER has it been continuously present across the reach of an entire morning. She told me about the gods and the archetypal entities that stand as guardians and vibrating protectorates of certain zones. She made it clear that as useful as an understanding of these places, entities and positions are... behind them she waits in every respect. She gave birth to the gods in the first place and although I have understood this intellectually for some time, I have never known it in the visceral sense as I do now.

She said such things to me today that I know I cannot speak about them because it puts me in a kind of light I am not comfortable with. I cannot and never have been able to take myself seriously. She surgically went through my life, pointing out so many moments when I wasn't watching or since, remembering... I am beside myself (there is a joke in there somewhere) with what is happening. Imagine what it is like when in your earlier life you saw the whole dynamic of the spiritual realm exemplified in the feminine aspect and then it went away and you bounced from pillar to pole in search of something... something... something and then, presto! She shows up again and now... like all those years were nothing... she is there all the time and not shy about letting you know.

Those who come here and actually believe that any or part of any of this is true, know that I have friends in the invisible. Huh? I'd have been dead and gone so many times already were that not true but now... after these recent years when the conversation has, finally, been two way, SHE shows up and lets you know that not for a moment has she ever been away. I remember when I was about 16 and I read that H. Rider Haggard book, “She” and I was fascinated by her and then, two years later I dropped LSD and I saw her for real. She dominated my thoughts for years and then, stepped aside so that I could both participate in and watch my life go haywire for no good reason that I have ever understood until today.

Nothing happens without a reason. There are no coincidences. For some time I have been saying here that I am one of the luckiest men in the world. Today I know that is true and it is not about me that I bring this up today. It is about all of you. She said, “if it can be true for you it can be true for anyone who believes as deeply as is required to do so. Life is a bank. Think carefully about what you invest your beliefs and your time in. That is your bank. Whatever your bank may be, that is your bank. Must I remind you visible that, “where your treasures are there are you also?”

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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Death Star Shit Magnets and Drooling Drama Queens.

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You know when you see something like this that it becomes clear that they actually are trying to kill us, if we are stupid enough to drink their Evil Ice Queen Death Potions. It also becomes clear that Monsanto really is My Satan; not actually 'my Satan' but Satanic fer sure.

The Crass Media says that Death Star Shit Magnet, Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls by a few points but... when you go to right wing alternative news sites like What Really Happens in Our Heads, you find that Trump is ahead by a few points. Meanwhile, based on the drooling drama queen imprecations of the same Hillary, Russia is hacking the election machines and trying to control the election outcome this November. The thing is, we have plenty of cabals trying to hack the election right here in the good old USA and they have been at it for decades. They kill without conscience. They steal with impunity. They exercise every evil possibility and their only imperative is that somebody must get hurt.

I am daily stunned at the way the planet lumbers and careens like a drunken clown, through its erratic course of rotation and never seems to run into anything and keeps coming back for more of whatever it had last time; probably a cocktail of Winner's Cup Vodka (five dollars a fifth) with a Drano chaser. Or it might be some kind of a Boilermaker where you drop a shot of Clorox into a can of Pabst 'no ribbon' beer. Every day I get up and ask myself, “Is this the day when the world flies off of its invisible hinges?” “Is this the day that puts paid to every other day in this long time, free range, stupid chicken dance, where the music sounds like the gear shift on a blown manual transmission?” Reverse has been gone for some time. We'll see...

It really is an amazing thing... wave after wave of bullshit a hundred feet high keeps rolling in on the following wind. Some gigantic hand is grabbing the seams of the fault lines and twisting the strata beneath our feet; twisting and shaking it like popcorn in a paper bags. Remember to add the Brewer's Yeast and Tamari to the bag before you start shaking it. This way you can comfort yourself with a decent snack as you watch the wildfires through your picture window.

Visible is reading the second book of the Aghora Trilogy; “Kundalini”. Three weeks in and I am most of the way through. Usually I can finish a book in a day, not this one. If you are serious about spirituality, this book is singular and remarkable. The most mind-blowing feature is that over a dozen times, Vimalananda will say something and it will be near word for word what you have read in these blog postings. I don't know what to make of this. I have only had the book in house for about a month. I've seen similarities here and there in different works. The truth being the same but expressed in myriad forms and absolute truth being formless, you expect to run across things you have thought about or said before but this is far past any of that. At the same time, the book is disheartening because there is such a welter of information and the complexity is astonishing. I have learned things and gone deeper in my understanding of them than ever before. Tantra is notoriously intricate and there are fewer masters in this art than in any art whatsoever. He goes on about Bhakti and Jnana Yoga and recommends Bhakti above them all, as do I. I am no master of the caliber of Vimalananda and that is made clear to me through the book. The level and depth of his knowledge and awareness is off the charts. I do not recommend this book for anyone but serious students. You have to be fully committed to finish it.

These times have been pretty rough for me. I have no knowledge of why that is but Love and the Lord, who are synonymous, will find a way out of the brambles and the underbrush. Vimalananda goes to great length to explain this and other details. I've never come across a teacher like this man. It is punishing to try to find your way through the Byzantine labyrinth of his mind. One cannot fail to be humbled by reading this book, unless one has no humility.

I have come to understand a great many things that I should have understood at earlier times. They were right in front of me and I got them intellectually but not viscerally. I also now know that you cannot know anything until you are meant to know it. We are simply a handful of grapes that are in an ongoing squeeze with the purpose of creating a particular and singular wine for the pleasure of whatever God is meant to drink it. We are cultivated and grown across the distance of lifetimes to a specific end. For some it might require a greater length of time than the human imagination can comprehend. For others, “success is speedy for the energetic.”

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” That phrase has come into my thoughts for decades now. I'd take it down from the shelf, study it for a bit and then put it back. It didn't ring with the authority it now rings with. They really don't know what they do. They are frozen in a stoned silence of dream intoxication. The real is not present. The unreal is ubiquitous. A movie is in progress and millions, billions of roles are playing out like snowflakes falling, each one of them is unique unto itself and each one is deeper or less deep in the controlling atmosphere of the dream... the movie.

Many are dreaming that they are soldiers; doctors, lawyers, convicts, homeless refugees from a world that wants no part of them. It's right there, center stage in life and the stage is everywhere. It's all some form of act. We are the actors in the confinement of the separated personality and behind this is the illuminated self that is everything all at once and which is asleep within the dream state of the individualized personalities that come and go... on and on like waves upon the sea. The waves are a temporary permutation of the sea. Identification as a wave is a reflection of the mind in its mortality and identification with the sea is a reflection of the immortal mind in its enduring permanence.

This is all that there is to figure out and the result is dependent on who or what you are dependent on. All the many intricacies of Vimalananda's teachings are relevant to the areas where they apply and no doubt much value can be taken from them. For me, all of this complexity is extraneous. There is only 'the self' eternal and 'the self' mortal and the possibility that one can discard the mortal self and embrace the immortal, or forget the one while they fall asleep in the other. Our lives are simply external productions of internal inclinations that work out the drives of appetites and desires, over and over and over and over again.

My friends, I must apologize to those of you who appreciate my more worldly commentaries and sardonic perspectives. I don't much like talking about the world anymore. Something has been changing inside me over recent times and perhaps even more long term and I feel like talking about the world now, unless it relates to spiritual things, doesn't contain the right nutrition (grin). I'll keep the different blogs going as I find the right proportions of copy that will allow me to stay true to the original intent of each blog, where possible.

That said, I would like to close out now with a small discussion about the works of Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov. He was a member of the esoteric Bulgarian Brotherhood. His mentor (teacher) was Peter Deunov. He didn't write any books himself but his work was recorded by his followers. Since he has passed, many books based on his lectures have been published. He is one of the clearest and most profound teachers I have ever encountered. He lived in the South of France during the Second World War and seemingly with no trouble whatsoever. I have presently been reading, “The Yoga of Nutrition”, “The Book of Divine Magic” and “The Beautiful Story of a Master.” It is the first one I want to recommend today. If you would like to dramatically change your life, acquire and read this book. Follow the ideas given you there. You will be immensely pleased at what happens when you do. Furthermore, you will immediately get the implications of what the book presents before you even perform any of what is described in it.

We cannot progress unless we move inward and upward toward the supreme objective of existence. Everything else, except for service is a waste of time. The divine is alive. He, She, It is a living presence. Coming into the possession of the divine will fill us with life abundant. Few people realize the level of vitality that it is possible to arrive at.



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