Monday, October 31, 2011

Wall Street Drummers for the Bankers of God

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Here are the very things that I have been saying coming from one reporter still telling it like it is. The dam is breaking. The levees are rising; at least they are in Bangkok where the banker boys and their sons go to get their pleasure in their Levi’s, probably wearing something different now since confusion and the desire to be entertained and having the appetites and hungers of the public manipulated for profit is the point.

All of our ambitions just lead into traditions that imprison us. There are spiders that drain our substance from our power and performance and we are drones whose energy is used by people to support their lifestyles and profits. Somehow I feel like a possible commie or socialist but then again, systems are just systems and all systems have people at the top even when there is no top to be seen, which is the best of worlds. The more prominent the leader, the less consideration is given to the people. The people are at their best when they barely know that their leaders are around. You can have shepherds and sheep and you can have the other guy with German Shepherds; that being a metaphor since I like the breed but a dog does what you train it to and sometimes doesn’t know who his best friend is. We’re all dogs and we all have masters. I wish someone would pat my head right about now.

Sometimes it is the best of times and sometimes it is the worst of times and sometimes you don’t know what time it is and that is probably what time it is now. Then again I don’t wear a watch cause I’m not into time, unless I’m trying to get eight thousand bucks for my drum cause the cops destroyed one that cost five thousand bucks and I guess inflation is a bitch sometimes and if you are going to drum them out of Wall Street the drum should probably cost a lot. It was probably made out of the skin of Paris Hilton’s chihuahua. Most likely it was a combination job of the dog and the bag it was being carried in. Back in the 80’s all the coke snorting bankers used to have two thousand dollar bottles of wine with their lunch and I suspect that lunch was where the rest of the dog went; probably chased it with a Welsh rabbit, or am I off topic here? Rarebit rabbi; can I get a witness? Of course rabies might be a problem for the chef but he could just say it was Cajun.

All I can hope is that they don’t foreclose on my penis while I’m trying to employ the delivery system but you can’t get good Noahide leather anymore since Winona Ryder’s pussy got tanned in Brazil. Now where was I? Oh right, I was helping the Roman Army get spray-cans for the Kabbalah graffiti they had to do on the walls of Lady Gaga’s vagina or was that Demi Moore? I’m still trying to get myself one of those Kabbalah red strings from Target but they are sold out now. Who knew? Religion is not what it used to be but neither is the Kabbalah. See... you can use the thing in reverse which is where we are now.

We know that the bankers are bad chefs who never saw a tuna they couldn’t fish out of the pocket of the fish riding a bicycle through two Berkeley lesbians looking for an ATM transplant. It’s too bad I’m not drunk cause this feels better than the glue they used to stick all that debt up your ass with; talk about constipation.

How is it that everyone can go broke when all the systems that made industry happen are still there for people to make things with? I got a mystery, you got a mystery everybody got a mystery so why don’t you play Misty for me? Ah the deliquescence, ah the effervescence of the champagne bottles popping corks out of the assholes who blew up too big to fit into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and here comes the Michelin Man, no, that’s the American public easy wider wide load bumper sticker that needs two airplane seats to sit in and now I know how they killed Paris Hilton’s dog. The Queen of England sat her cottage cheese ass down on the puppy. It was the fart that killed it not the weight but that’s just a bunch of pig bladders pretending to be porpoises in the Gulf of Mexico. Can I get a witness!!

They want to punch your ticket and punch your clock and make you feel like Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction getting a high colonic. I guess it is just about time for the cosmos to get medieval on somebody’s ass with a bunch of pipe swinging niggazs; two nuns walk into a bar so maybe I should die of lung cancer? People who want a new world should think about why Hebrew reads right to left and how come the Crown colonies drive on the wrong side of the road except for the Americans and Canada got included. I’m not a tool and die man so you guys will have to figure this shit out for yourselves.

Christmas is coming and so are Satan’s elves. Two worlds are going into orbit in a separated at birth scenario and you do have the option to choose what planet you have lunch on after the migration. You don’t want to be having the Gaddafi Duck; just my recommendation. Duck! Duck! Incoming! I love the smell of burning surfboards of salvation in the morning. We hold these truths to be self ignorant.

Wake up people. If you want to be a prophet then you can look at the football teams in almost ruined cities of industry are doing where money is supposed to determine the win loss reality of the times. The World Series says something too. St Louis is not my idea of an economic miracle but you need to understand something about the dynamics of the human spirit and the beauty of some people in trouble when the right hand is on the rudder or when the cosmos wants to make a statement.

For myself I am soon to travel into a new world with the understanding that maybe there is a purpose to our lives. I suppose how you end up depends on who you are; what you made out of yourself on your way to wherever it was you thought you were going. Everyone is going to find out what that adds up to sooner or later and the indications and signs should be evident on whatever highway you might be traveling on.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Resonance and the Dissonance Hold Hands

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(a collection of sample chapters for “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World” are available for viewing; next up- “The Curious Tale of Ash and The Whine”. The last radio show is also there for download now.)

For some strange and sometimes eerie reason, these blogs are a mirror and microcosm for the wider events that surround us; not so much due to what gets written here but certainly in the comments section. The truth is that many of us are confused, off center and subliminally enraged to varying extents. The best thing we can do is to recognize this and not personalize or project, if that’s possible (grin). I don’t think I have ever seen it so dark and looming as it has been of late, globally speaking and also in terms of the personal hit I take away from it. It’s a struggle and that is what we must recognize. Sometimes endurance is the most effective quality we can possess. Some might say that struggle is an illusion and all we have to do is surrender and go with the flow. Sometimes going with the flow flows right into the abyss. It’s a personal call.

They’re sending in the marines to the Occupy Wall Street movement but not in the way you would ordinarily expect, quite the reverse actually and that means the revolution is well under way. To paraphrase someone somewhere, “the wheels of justice grind slow but they grind exceedingly small”. So the time of judgment is arriving for Steven Freidman and his homies. Paperwork is moving through the usual convoluted channels, sideshifting around Eric Holder and the cinderblock guardians of epidemic, economic malfeasance. The hammer is coming down. As has been stated here many times, the power is being withdrawn from the hands of the abusers and placed into the hands of their victims and enemies. This whole process is accelerating, so it will be moving even faster tomorrow and faster yet in the days after.

We are the players and witnesses of the most dramatic transformation and upheaval of cultures and governments that has ever been seen in this cycle of recorded history. Unseen but afoot, Lady Nature is in movement, from preliminary rumblings, to all out choral accompaniment. Live true and speak true or wave goodbye from the deck of the ship of fools.

However hard it may be on any and all of us, as we seek to adjust to what we cannot see and seek to become what we have yet to comprehend, it is not more than we can bear. Steadfastness and endurance are the keys. Make your determined way with one foot in front of the other or stand firm in patient expectation of good things, veiled by curtains of uncertainty and incipient fear, which has only the power your resonance provides. Love casts out fear. Love and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

I want to mention something that ties into yesterday’s Smoking Mirrors and other things I have had to say in recent times. Neither my reason nor my emotions are highly accurate when it comes to assessing the reality of people and circumstance. However, my intuition, generally and in hindsight (often regrettably) has been near perfect. Intuition means ‘inner teaching’ and the point from which it originates is... who we shall become further up the road. It is our own selves talking to us and it has the benefit of a much wider perspective and access to much greater insight and awareness.

One of my concerns of the moment and for the future is that there is a movement afoot among some numbers of the same people, whose predecessors and associates, are responsible for the unfortunate conditions so many of us find ourselves in or observe in those around us. It is second nature to these people to sacrifice some numbers of their own and then simply replace them ‘down the road’. This shouldn’t affect those of us headed ‘up the road’ but it does affect all those trapped in the situations of the moment, whatever and wherever the moment may be.

Someone said to me the other day that I haven’t succeeded as I might have because of the forces seemingly in control of things. That’s true up to a point; true of me and true of you. They look out for their own and also advance those who give up their personal integrity to enable these people to prosper and be in control. They take a dim view of those who expose them and their machinations. However, it is my belief that my success and your success are not dependent on them and that takes a certain faith on my part and your part to be unswerving and consistent in our efforts because true success does wait for those who persevere and endure. This is all the more true because their power to control and manipulate is being removed. Still, as the timeless quotation says, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” and many other things, I might add. It should go without saying that ‘they’ fully intend to still be sitting there when the tables are turned and we must keep a steely weather eye outward upon this endless game of musical chairs, the same way we need to keep a weather eye inward in order to be able to see outwardly at all in any clear fashion.

True success is not a matter of dying with the most toys or living in wretched excess at the expense of your fellows. Real success is not being noted in the right sidebar of The Daily Mail, photographed like Kabuki doll bimbos, waving from the rim of a toilet bowl.Real success is enduring success and not dependent on the fancy of the moment. Hardly a single person in the right side bar will be remembered ever again after only a few tomorrows have passed and they will only be remembered as embarrassments to themselves in any case. The most important feature of success is ‘who’ determines the value and meaning of your success. Will it be the flyblown centers of yellow sheet regard or will it be the cosmos itself? I’ve two quotes from two timeless venues; “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning” and also, “what profits it a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul”? These may be only words but I suspect they are more than that.

Far too many of us imagine that the most important thing is to get the success to begin with. After that we will repair all the injuries we caused in arriving there and then we will be a good person and have a lasting impact. Well, it wasn’t a good person who got you there. How is it that you are now going to turn into one afterwards when you are already so compromised by the means of your arrival? Somehow that doesn’t compute for me. Maybe I’m wrong. We see the least deserving and most venal among us appear to prosper for long periods of time but that’s trick photography. That’s Photoshopping Karma and appearances and as has been stated many times, appearances lie, however, Karma doesn’t, even though it may take its time coming around.

When I used to work in radio they had a saying, “never explain, never apologize”. Giving the impression that you may have been wrong gives ammunition to your enemies and explaining grants them following arguments. Just keep on moving is the idea and let the waters of forgetfulness take your unfortunate words to the bottom of the sea. What those who advise in this manner may be unaware of is that the bottom of the sea is occupied too.

I do apologize and I do explain and I recommend it to everyone. When you’re wrong, never put yourself in the position of being incapable of admitting it. Otherwise, life has ways of turning things to your distinct disadvantage. Even so, that should never be your reason for exercising an honest appraisal of yourself. Do it because it’s the right thing.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now and that means over a thousand blog postings. It stands to reason that I would get a few things wrong on the way. It would be arrogant and absurd to believe otherwise. Sometimes I sail along for periods of time when this is not a concern and sometimes I find myself in rocky shoals and/or tossed off center simply from the intensity of the times. Sometimes I say things more bluntly than I need to. I have good reason for this and that is to not give in to the exercise of restraint that would give the appearance that I am wiser than I am. Sometimes I shoot myself in the foot on purpose for this reason and sometimes it happens all by itself and remembering the latter is by far the more important consideration.

I recognize that I may have pissed off, offended or disappointed some readers in recent days. If that is the case I apologize. I am truly sorry. I am a work in progress and that’s the best excuse I can come up with. I’m learning as I go. Hopefully you will bear with me as I go and something better than either of us are expecting may be the result in the end.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Anachronistic Strokebooks and the Pipes of Dread

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(I got halfway through today’s posting and realized I was writing an Origami. That’s been happening lately when I get to the Petri Dish, which is supposed to be the most rant disposed of the blogs. I’ll try to start over and post the other tomorrow.)

Vladimir Putin, leaving for a visit with the Chinese, just told his generals to prepare for Armageddon. Vlad would know. Since you can enter the Gates of Hell in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, New York City, Washington D.C., LA or London, maybe the Gates of Heaven do open in the east. It’s been rumored for some time that Shambhala, as well as the Western Pure Land are located somewhere in or around Mongolia and that the former will become visible in the final days.

I’ve no illusions about the people running China, given Tibet and other things. Then again, I don’t know. I don’t care for the Dalai Lama but I don’t really know. I’ll admit to an admiration for Putin but, once again, I don’t know. I do know that Israel is an enemy of humanity and a curse to those deceived into a relationship with this vile aggregate of poisonous snakes. I know that the government of America and the other Crown Colonies are jail house bitches for Israel. I know the overall intention of Israel, Zionism and the historical and ongoing putsch of this demon spawn is to plunge the world into a sewer of rotting materialism and Kafkaesque scenarios that seek to make Orwell’s visions a reality; corruption, perversion, impoverishment, enslavement, torment and death are the order of the day for these bipedal Moray eels. We are long past the point where any other perception, description or definition can compete with the transparently obvious.

It goes without saying that soon, if they plan to survive, Pakistan; Iran, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and others will have to join with Russia and China to protect themselves from the Christian fundie robot armies (public and private) of the Satanic, Zionist rulership of the west. It’s a disturbing trend when the state of the world begins to resemble scripture, however misunderstood and perverted it may be. My opinion is that true and vibrant scripture is written on the human heart and that the only connection worth having is a direct connection and not what is contained in cathedrals, Halloween outfits and anachronistic stroke books for pedophile priests who can’t see Satan on the dais, tapping his hooves to the pipes of dread. So it is with all of the churches of this world; edifices of presumptuous vanity to the glory of worshippers, whose own will preempts their better interests. Nature is the proper vale of appreciation, not the pseudo-morph of a strip mall world, where Big Macs and fries follow the brief litanies in the dog kennel pews and kiddie buggering sacristies, where dark things go bump in the dead of the night. Nature has been raped and shaped into one of Pinhead’s attendants and a deep anger is burbling below the tortured and twisted flesh.

I have been at pains to explicate that good and evil, reason and madness, are matters of degree and that balance is the key. The problem inherent is that one can only see so far behind and so far ahead and so when balance goes missing, we have only the immediate ahead and behind as a reference and cannot know how far afield from the mean we have actually gone. Nature is the active expression of the cosmos in reaction to imbalance. In the human body it manifests as disease or inharmonious distress. In the greater world it manifests in all of the unfortunate conditions we see around us, whether that be the draconian and desperate conditions of altered Nature, or the arousal of the elements, in force upon those who have finally become too separated from the whole to be tolerated on the sacred Earth, profaned beyond endurance. She’s got her powers back. The temporary magics of enforced submission are being neutralized by the removal of potency from their applications. This is happening across the board.

It’s no accident that our leaders have gone mad and worse; become cartoon caricatures of themselves. There is no buffoonery or prancing ignorance, no hubris or public action of repression or greed which they are incapable of. This is for the purposes of demonstration. Thieving bankers, given the colossal ignorance of the times, could have continued indefinitely had they kept their appetites in check. They could have continued to have more than they would ever spend and to socialize with their depraved fellows in their exclusive resorts and watering holes, if they had just had a modicum of restraint but they are being compelled to behave like despicable cads who are proud of their actions and confident in their security.

It is a hard and fixed rule that you do not over-extend yourself and that your grasp does not exceed your reach; that the army does not move beyond all contact with the wagons of supply. This is the built in and intrinsic destiny and death of empires. Meanwhile, they let the barbarians inside the gates and are ultimately caught in that ancient dilemma of no longer being able to wage war abroad and protect themselves domestically at the same time. It’s simple math to me, yet these experts can’t see it. It’s for the purpose of demonstration that the terminally clever among us are brought low by the simplest things.

Any moment now comes the signal moment of irreversible change. Any day now the sun will rise on one world and set upon another, even though it is not the sun that rises and sets but the world which revolves around it. This is another important truth that is still not understood. Too many of us still believe the world is flat because we are in no position to see the curve and do not have the presence of mind to comprehend why the horizon disappears from our view. When we are not clinically blind to the meaning of what surrounds and composes us, we are seeing things upside down. It takes a superhuman will to break the spell; to become free of the web, to distinguish the true light from the false light. It requires the active presence of the indwelling self. The true light shows things as they are. The false light shows them otherwise, depending on who is behind the lantern. We huddle in our sympathetic groupings and argue about one lie over another, the authenticity of one illusion over another; the reasonable aspect of a collective insanity, simply because we all agree on it. They are all lies. It doesn’t matter if you think yours is the better and more accurate lie. A lie is a lie. We are sawing off the branch on which we sit; dead to reason and deaf to the inner voice.

This is the sole purpose of The Apocalypse. It is the truth pulling aside the curtains, lifting up the skirts of the covering lies and compelling us, forcing us to see by degrees, according to the degree of our intransigence. In this time, the less you have, the better off you are. The less you know, the more correctly informed you are. The more you doubt what you see around you, the more clearly you can view what is within. The more you accept the broadcast of appearances, the more it obscures the witness of them and gives over judgment and vision to the prisoner of circumstance and time. This is one of the varieties of personality and being that we carry around within us and the prisoner must first be shackled from within.

Twitter is a classic example of something created to make humanity look and act stupid and humanity jumps right in, putting on banality like a fashion statement and ‘tweeting’ like the creatures that naturally do but with a much smaller brain. At least the ‘natural’ creatures are not confused about what they are or in pursuit of a greater diminishment. I have no doubt that Twitter was created on purpose for the purpose it provides. Whatever the mass media trumpets and encourages, is certain to be contrary to our greater potential because our greater potential is terminal to our oppressors. This is what reality TV is all about and why it has high end face time in the press. This is why it is now funny and cute to see a father pick up a baby and have the baby take a projectile shit into the father’s mouth. Freud wasn’t about the general public. He was navel gazing on his antecedents, just like Wittgenstein who was taking another kind of projectile shit. People absorb this crap in order to appear intelligent to people who know better and eventually wind up hanging out with people like themselves. This is true above and below, no matter how you slice it. Smart, clever and intelligent have nothing to with wisdom and understanding.

Any moment now, any day now and every direction and intention will be coming into engagement with the real, in the possession or absence of clarity and the experience of transformative force.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Mossad Merengue of the Dancing Disco Dead

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Our feckless, fearful, sold out suit, in the service of an enemy nation, made one of his usual winner statements a couple of days ago. It being the usual witless and watered down palliative of saccharine and shit, I can’t remember it exactly as it was stated but I remember it well enough to transmit the feeling with confidence. Our commander and thief said that he respects the rights of the Occupy Wall Street people to protest against the conditions of the time but they must not demonize the people who work on Wall Street. He didn’t say anything about them ‘demonizing’ themselves, which they have accomplished under their own power by turning themselves into flesh eating creatures who chow down on the lives and resources of those made victims of the system they created and operate in; “to serve, consume and digest”, just as if it were on the side of a patrol car.

No one with any brains can doubt that the system and power of those who have tormented the rest of us for so long is unraveling at the seams. The Iranian plot has become an international joke, with Pakistani intelligence reporting that the Mossad gave the Texas car salesman his paperwork. Heh heh, well will you look at that. Right there in the beginning of the article, the writer also mentions it all coming apart at the seams, except they misspelled it as ‘seems’. How’s that for confirmation of a grammatically challenged nature? Well, that’s not grammatical is it? I’m not an English teacher; you’ll have to come up with the proper name for the offense. I can come up with the proper name for the Iranian offense however. As it concerns the dual nationals, operating in the US and abroad, it amounts to treason. As it concerns their paymasters, it amounts to enemy acts on the part of a nation hostile to American interests. It turns out that the other suspect is a member of MKO, an anti Iranian terror organization. This comes our way via the news organization recently banned in the UK for excessive truth telling, or there was a scheduling conflict with a gay sex channel, meaning they were both vying for the same time slot. No judgment of course is being passed on any of this. You have to give the public what they want.

It’s unfortunate that the banned news channel didn’t have the same graphic allure as the competition. Part of the problem I think was that they were both broadcasting during family viewing time. I think everything could have been arranged to everyone’s satisfaction, by just bumping the more controversial news channel up a few hours; maybe let it follow the new evening hit, “The Dog and Donkey show” with Spanish subtitles. I hope I’m not being politically incorrect. I just realized it is being screened in England, so it more likely has Pakistani subtitles; not that they would watch something like that but you do have to make it available because otherwise there are other legal considerations like a ‘denial of self service rights’. Remember, you are legitimately empowered to do anything in the privacy of your own home and that includes all participating wild life; plants, insects, remote controlled conveyances, designer drugs and whatever can be transferred into the place by means of a leash, a suppository, a brown paper bag or a cardboard box. Political correctness authorities in the UK are presently legislating to make state authorized cross species intercourse a requirement, for all residents from primary school up. You’ll be getting the proper forms in the post shortly and remember, compliance is the law, while non compliance is a crime. Did I mention that war is peace?

The mass media’s ‘all smegma news’ has entered bad sashimi land. If you’re still buying it, you’re in line for the cosmic two by four. It’s a big line so there may be some delay in your being ‘seen to’ (‘roger’ that) by one of our trained representatives. In the meantime you can swallow goldfish, try on that new t-shirt you’ve had your eye on, “I’m with stupid” with the arrow pointing upward, you can take a trip to Disneyland or attend a speech by Herman Cain. It’s not that you lack for enjoyable entertainment and truthful self expression but by all means, don’t forget the t-shirt or the hat with the turd on the brim. Those sold like hotcakes back in the day. Remember, it’s not how little you know or care less about; it’s how loudly you confirm and proclaim it.

Gold star mom Tribe member, Diane Feinstein is doing her part by relentlessly repeating the same thing over and over again, as if those already deeply hypnotized could fall into a greater degree of zombie coma. John McCain is running around the armed forces committee with a strap on, looking for veterans who need his attention. Pretty much everyone in Congress, the Senate and the White House are doing their part, performing as spastic Chinese acrobats and there’s broken crockery everywhere. Let’s not forget the estimable John Kerry who has yet to encounter a shame he cannot endure and willingly perpetuate, as if he were attempting to make some sort of ringing statement for the ages which says, “I am a sold out whore for the enemies of my country. I got shot in the ass for this and my heart is purple from putrification and neglect. Remember me. Remember us all. We are the too rich to count it, bankrupt and squandered souls of the willingly damned”. How’s that for a headstone marker in a national cemetery?

Yes, all the horrific train wreck personalities are doing the Pelosi shuffle down the boulevard of national embarrassment. They are puffed up and preening, they are bristling with eminence and lousy with gravitas. They take you by the elbow and whisper in your ear. This is the sonorous drone of sweet nothings that accounts for that wet dream in Freddy Kruger land. It’s nightmare alley for the marching dead. It’s too bad austerity measures don’t extend to sexual fluids or your chances of survival would be ever so much better. Perhaps you should consider an orgasm suppression ring? This way you can keep imagining you are getting off without actually losing the substance of eternal life.

Nah, that’s just visible talking that wild alchemical shit again. What time does the game come on?

Let’s not forget the neo-cons and the enemy state behind the forces of national destruction. Let’s not forget the talking head icons of our not so slow, creeping demise; the William Kristols and the Charles Krauthammers, the Daniel Pipes and the Michael Savages, the Michael Ledeens and all the mind-rot, oral diarrhea dudes, who keep the furnaces of cynical fabrication going 24 hours a day. That’s one manufacturing base that has not left the room with Elvis. It’s pumping maggots into the bloated corpse of the floater culture that they just pulled out of the Louisiana swamps, allegorically speaking. It’s dying but not dead. It’s been dead for a week. It was never alive. It only looked like it was. It didn’t exist. It now exists everywhere. It’s in your closet, your soup, your hair and your underwear. It’s inert. It’s combustible. It’s fungible and statically corruptible and it’s what’s for dinner. It’s waiting for your guilt fueled penetrations in the dark of your rage filled, alcoholic night. It’s waiting to do it to you on your command if you ask it right. It’s ready to film or be filmed and put the results on disk. It’s ready to mail it to your friends, neighbors and employers, if you complain or resist. It’s the Mossad merengue of the dancing disco dead. That’s what the soundtrack was in The Masque of the Red Death. You’re at the wrong end of that short story, which I am certain you never read.

Well, art imitates life and life certainly imitates art and mostly what’s not life imitates what is not art but possibly I digress. This is a pointless redundancy and screed that few will encounter and that most don’t need. It’s been sitting at the back of the medicine cabinet since Methuselah was a boy, before there was a medicine cabinet, back when they had actual medicine instead of compounds for accelerated mortality. From Monsanto to Merck, they are after your ass, so you better get straight with the controlling authority or run really fast. And that will do it for this early Tuesday afternoon.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Extract from The Watchmaker Chronicles

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May your noses always be cold and wet

Finally the most recent radio show has gone up.

The thing that amazes me the most... and there are a few things in that category, is the time it has been taking to get to that signal, cardinal moment when you know we have collectively stepped into controlled chaos hyper-space. Controlled chaos hyper-space is a term I use to define a period of time when everything seems to have gone out of control but actually isn’t. It just looks like that. One might argue we are there and that may be true from perceptions directed outward at the multiplicity of hotspot locations where conditions have already arrived at that state within their own circumstance. I am talking about when it becomes ubiquitous and you can’t walk out your door without seeing signs of it. To be honest and precise, it won’t be happening everywhere with a like intensity and it won’t even be happening everywhere that it can be noticed. Some places will be spared almost any sign of it. However, I doubt that will be the case with most urban locations.

I believe in the sustained operation and influence of mysterious cosmic force in all matters human and otherwise. Believe is too mild a word. In this one instance I must use the word ‘know’. I don’t like to use that word because of the many times it has proven not to be so or incomplete, given following revelation and evidence. In this one regard, evidence and revelation have always erred on the side of ‘know’.

Why has it taken more time for conditions and events to get to critical mass than any of us thought would be the case? I can only attribute it to the watchful awareness of the indefinable that intends for all of us to be given the opportunity to avoid what is inevitable, unless realization and change enter the field, on the part of those acting against the interests of humanity and those enabling and sleeping through the process. It seems unlikely that those consciously acting against the best interests of the rest of us will wake up to the magnitude of their crimes. They seem immune to that and in many cases they are because they rather enjoy what they are about and take pleasure in things that most of us would never consider a matter for satisfaction and enjoyment. You do have to be a legendary dick to treat other human beings as ciphers, lab rats and a food source.

It’s no accident that there are more of us on this planet than there have ever been in any records of the past that we possess. If it has happened before, it was a very long time ago. The reason so many people are here is because they wanted to be. That means this is a very significant time of great promise. The downside is that most people forgot all about any of that as soon as they got here. Part of the multi-pronged effort of the Apocalypse is awakening the human consciousness to the true state of things. Certain things are hidden from the organ of manifest view. Certain things are not. Nature is the visible side of what is hidden. Nature makes the visible statement of the intent of what cannot be seen. Nature exists in two main states; pristine and altered. The presence and power of Nature seems less perceptible- generally- in its altered state, for the moment. That does not mean that intrinsically there is less presence and power. You just can’t as readily see it because it is altered. You can’t see cancer but you can see its effects. Sometimes you can see the essential impetus of corruption. Most of the time you can’t but you can always see the effects. Sometimes you can’t identify it as corruption but that is just a matter of time juxtaposed with degree of intensity.

People lie to themselves for various reasons. Sometimes they do it to separate conscience from the capacity to speak on the error of their actions and direction. Sometimes they do it because of fear. There are a number of reasons and the relative weight or intentional embrace of it are also significant factors. In every case, these lies are generated from some agenda of self interest over any awareness or positive interest in the harmonious well being of surrounding life. We do a lot of things in present time that have become so much a part of us that they look acceptable and correct but they are not. We’ve come so far from what is acceptable and correct that we can’t tell the difference between it and what we have.

In ageless wisdom, what we euphemistically call the devil is associated with the eye. This is an implication that appearances are a lie. This is a critical and inescapable truth that has ramifications of lasting impact. The inability or lack of inclination to look deeper into surface appearances to the force behind and sustaining them makes us victims of what we look at but do not see into. The telling evidence is all around us in a casual observation of the lives taking place around us. Some few of us did not come into our present state of hermetic living by accident. We are there because generally, people do not want to hear what we have to say. It is inconvenient and worrisome by comparison with what people think they want and pursue in opposition to their best interests through the activities of their every day. We’re surrounded by that. This is the reason behind ‘the pushing crowd’, people having no sense of personal space and the pressures of collective impatience.

This somewhat weighty posting is intentional and everything contained in it is part and parcel of the point we hope to make. Things are not what they seem at all, especially when it comes to the observable power that appears to be resident in the hands of the few; those who control the media, the financial world, the world of commerce and transportation, the world of temporal force and legal imperatives, all the trappings and symbols of what acts upon you in your seemingly helpless state. Don’t be deceived. No matter how perverted altered Nature has become, it still contains the potential and force of original Nature and this is true in our infrastructures and institutions just as it is true within the being and consciousness of every living thing. It can be activated at any time. This means that those who seem to be in control of the conditions and events of our lives are always irresistibly vulnerable to the actions of the cosmos upon their Nature. A simple flick of the switch and... who knows what might happen?

At any time, a tremendous fear and confusion can come upon those who presently see themselves as untouchable and massively defended. At any time a chain reaction of awareness can pass through the minds of the masses and cause all sorts of changes and results. It may be hard to get your head around this but it is the means by which our liberation and deliverance will occur. We don’t have to worry about these disturbed and pernicious creatures. They are the ones who need to worry because things are about to shift in ways they never imagined. They’ve been given a great deal of time to amend their behavior. That time is just about up. I don’t know what shape any of this is going to take. I just know what’s possible and I should add... anything is possible. Anything is possible.

Anything can happen anywhere and any time and anything can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. One moment things are the way they are and the next moment they are significantly changed. The final statement concerning any of this is, “We shall see”; in every sense of the term.

It’s a very simple thing; what we could be doing and should have been doing in the interim; what are we pursing and what are we seeking to connect with? That holds our destiny and fate accordingly. We are going to connect with what we seek in one fashion or another, depending on whether we were after the source of our greatest benefit or some whimsical alternative. It’s not my place and it probably isn’t anyone else’s place, to define what that source is. The good and bad news is that it will define itself appropriately in every case according to what is required for every case.

Nothing I’ve said here is as supernatural as it may appear to some. You can look at everything here in terms of physics and any number of modalities, if you think about it, and metaphysics is simply an expansion on physics, where latitude is given to manners of investigation and analysis that more empirical perspectives deny, for reasons I will leave to your own insight and imagination. Anyway, we shall see. That’s as much as I have to say at the moment.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Busking at the Corner of Shit and Go Blind

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

We have been carried in the floodwaters and whipped in the tailwinds of problem, reaction and solution. We’ve been beggared and broken at the corner of Shit and Go Blind. We’ve been massive, lumbering and asleep; incapable of distance or direction, finding no capable purpose for millions of marching feet, while the predatory few have trapped us for our skins and hunted us for meat. The imprisoned multitudes in shackles of debt have been herded like sheep, driven by fear of want into the gloomy woods and we are not out of them yet, not by a long shot.

Over the centuries the same debt collectors and slave masters have applied the same deliberate schemes, the same burning lashes from the whips of deceit; impoverished, enslaved, murdered and raped for pleasure and profit by the same reptile race. Generation after generation has been put to sleep by the sonorous droning of poisonous snakes. Like hypnotized pigeons we stand frozen and wait for the mercy of death, the only salvation in this dreadful place. Because we could not come together, we could not unite to see the power and strength of our possibilities against the predatory few.

They provided the slogans for their perpetual wars. They hijacked the religions and gave us monsters as gods who were engines of death. We bowed down before them and promised to serve and to die for the ones who destroyed us. We bought into the lie at usurious interest; we paid with our lifetimes, this compounding debt, to the devils among us who owned the printing press and the podiums and pulpits, the newspapers and the radios, the movies and the books, that sang their praises and pissed on the rest. They made a whore of history and fucked her till she bled and no one did anything. They are doing it still. They made wine from our blood and we drank the swill. This is the way of the darkness and those who hide in her skirts. This is the way of the perfunctory constant of intricate documents and legal restraints. This is the way of banker and bureaucrat, the political swine, who mouthpiece the shit that we hear in our sleep.

They are a legion of Cromwells and Wormtongues. They advise the king in his dotage and depravity. They slither in and out of the extorted opulence of incestuous clans, that rose up to power through corruption and force and they are your betters, of course, of course. They are everywhere in kingdom and court, in parliament and congress, wherever the opportunities for influence and gain can be had for the clever, who will say what they must to advance the agenda; in god we trust. Everyone else pays cash or service or dies in the street. This is the way of the darkness and the servants of darkness. Now they will seek understanding and mercy. They will tell you it was just how it was. You would do the same under the same conditions. No one is to blame.

I woke up this morning wondering at my life, far away from my friends and the familiar places and routines that used to be. I can hardly remember being there sometimes but I know that’s not possible in these times. The conditions are far worse than when I went away and that means I would have been even more of an annoyance than I had been and that had been enough to make them come after me several times before. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and live to fight another day.

Recently I have heard some number of people tell me that Occupy Wall Street was some kind of ingenious invention by the usual vampires and villains. This morning I saw this and this morning, I saw one of the American icons of vanity and prevarications, Geraldo Rivera get drummed out of Dodge to the tune of Fox News Lies. You don’t get much sleazier and 24 carat phony than Geraldo. Something tells me this is not your grandmother’s co-opted revolution, for the continuing gain of the fattened goblins of finance and fabrication. Are they working full time to discredit and take control of the thing? You bet they are. I’m finding it hard to believe that’s been accomplished so far. When people will tell to fuck off, you have to believe, or at least you want to believe that something genuine is happening.

One thing is certain, this isn’t going to continue as it is for too much longer. TPTW are not going to let it slide and gather more and more force, which it will, because the whole world of everyone other than them has had enough of their evil games. The Palestinian declaration of independence, or whatever it’s called, is getting nearer by the day. Sabers are rattling all over The Middle East and the principality of the dark lord in residence, is getting antsier by the minute, due to a change in the consistency of everyone else serving them without question and dying on command if need be. You can hardly find a decent plate of pâté of Palestinian Child anymore. Most of it is imported and composed of some Eastern European blend. It doesn’t taste like the real thing. The real thing screams of loss and suffering and what could be more satisfying to the people who actually caused the suffering and loss than the real thing?

Where is it gong to go from here? What shape is it going to take out of the many possibilities that may or may not be? If you think you’ve got a good idea of what’s coming, I’m thinking you should put in a call to the oddsmakers in Vegas and place your bet. This is the kind of thing that brings down governments and there is definitely a candidate or several high on the list. While all of this has been taking place, Obama has been whining and dining with the Wall Street suits. Mr. Stepin Fetchit has been stepping and fetching and felching as well. He’s going to be a legend along with Bennie the Boilsucker. He’s the fluffer in chief. He’s a demon in mufti giving the devil a little relief from Incubus Frottage Central, on call 24 hour a day with outcalls a specialty.

Here’s the sad truth as it appears to me this day, peaceful revolution is impossible. Here’s the sad reality behind this impossibility. They will not change. They will corrupt and kill, torture and dismember, until they are driven into full retreat. You cannot reason with them. You cannot expect they will honor any agreement ever. They are intransigent and resistant toward any understanding that orders them to reform or transform. They are rotten to the core and they want more. What this means I will leave to your imagination.

We can only hope that their time has come. We can only hope that the force of the changing times is an authentic reality and that their methods and machinations are being drained of their power to perform. If cosmic destiny has arrived at their door then they will be shown the door in a permanent fashion. Whatever happens to them will be sufficient to the need. They have brought it upon themselves and the worst that can happen is the least they deserve, in spades.

I’ve always believed in compassion and/or quarantine, hoping some way or another will appear to allow for the practice of the one or the performance of the other but that would be truly surprising, given their mentality and intentions upon the rest of us.

I wonder what they are thinking. I’ve heard some parts of what they have to say. I’ve seen them mocking and slandering, composing lies and posturing like peacocks in the ruin of their excess. They wear their vanity like a second skin. They are imperial and absolute in their inhumanity and greed. They do not believe or imagine that justice may come for them. Justice is just one more chambermaid to be bent over the table or forced to her knees. They are the timeless inheritors of droit du seigneur, the remorseless ass bandits of the divine right of kings.

My personal hope is that they go down with all the force and ignominy that can come upon them now. They have sealed the window through which mercy can leak. They have blackened and barred the aperture. They have done it to themselves and are fully deserving of what may follow in the wake of their indifference to the needs of their fellows and their utter and callous disregard for the effects of their actions. All of the finer sentiments of the human heart; they don’t see it that way. They don’t have it in them. They are an emptiness and a terrible vacancy where nothing good can reside. They are worse than we imagine them to be and it is my fervent hope that they find nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

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James Jancik hasn’t been doing well healthwise and could not do his show the last couple of weeks. It’s possible he will put this week’s show up for download shortly so check the radio show blog occasionally to see.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Kiss My Ass and Call me Cupid

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Given the comments following my article, reprinted at SOTT yesterday and given the comments that periodically arrive at these sites, every time I mention the Zionist control of every major gay organization, maybe I should try one more time to clarify something that just doesn’t seem to want to be cleared up and which, is proof positive that I am probably correct in what I say, simply due to the intransigence of those who support an agenda that is not a positive for society at large.

Here is a riveting example of what happens when political correctness goes wild and a small segment of society gains the upper hand over public good. Here’s another example and several for what is going on with this movement at the political level. I’m not going to spend a lot of my valuable time listing those who head all of the major gay organizations but anyone criticizing the points that I tend to make on the subject should go to the listing of the board of directors of every one of these organizations and note that they are not only Jewish in the majority but on more than one occasion ‘entirely’ Jewish.

Following this, one has only to then look at who is responsible for all of the major wars of the last century and most of the smaller ones. As for World War One, a little study into the forces behind the Bolshevik Revolution as well as the reinstitution of the Federal Reserve in 1913 might speak to that. I could add so many other features as well as to declare that all conflicts for the most part are started by bankers for profit from both sides of any conflict. If truth is an issue with you, you will do the research. If it is not then my taking so much trouble to list so many facts concerning the truth of the matter only results in my wasting my time, because the truth is not what you are after. You can also look at the origins of the majority of the main players on Wall Street and then compare their ethnicity with the size of the population as a whole. You can also look at the war against Christianity and check out what players and groups and agendas are involved, even while the fundie potato heads of the Christian Zionist congregation support those intent on destroying them. Like I said though, if truth is not your objective, none of this matters.

Let’s go back to that gay thing. Whether the demands of law enforcement and other forces for the enforcement of some kind of equality upon the public for gays to live without fear of oppression and censure is a good idea is no longer germane to the question. They achieved equal and generally un-hassled a long time ago. There’s no real oppression anymore. There are only the complaints of it and the blowing out of proportion of occasional single events here and there that could be also said about anyone of any majority or minority in society.

I’m not going to get into the specific acts that certain people perform on each other and whether it’s hygienic or normal (what’s normal?) or sane or an integral part of society as a whole. Anyone can come to their own conclusions based on their own degree of tolerance or the lack of it, or their own understanding of what they do or do not believe about the natural rightness or perversity that may or may not be implicit in such acts. I don’t personally concern myself with what people do or do not do to each other behind closed doors in a consenting interchange. That isn’t my affair. I don’t care if they are using a feather or the whole chicken, or what props and fantasy role playing they apply to getting themselves off. That’s not my affair and I’m not passing judgment on it. I am passing judgment on who is behind the political engine and what their real agenda is. I am passing judgment on what has been done to certain societies by certain groups of people and what their motivations are.

Yeah, the people doing all of these things twist and shout every time someone calls attention to them. Who wants their criminal activity called attention to, especially when they are in a position to howl about it, due to the extraordinary power they exert in the media and in the sociopolitical world? None of this makes these things untrue. These things are true and there are so many facts that speak to that that you have to be seriously stupid, seriously brainwashed, or ten times of a coward to object to what is undeniable and irrefutable. Like I said recently, Kiss my ass and call me Cupid.

All these revisionist declarations continue to steamroll through the public mind; gay is genetic, gay is super normal and breeders are what is screwing up society. Any careful study of the emergence of certain sexual behaviors always shows that they occur during the fall of a particular culture. Anyone studying the forces coming in with the new age knows about the rise of the divine feminine and how that can apply in a time of intense materialism in the way certain forces ‘act out’ and on what level they act out at the time.

My take on the proliferation of gay at any time is that it is a passing phase in anyone’s life and that we all experience it at some point as a learning condition and that it is not eternal and enduring, anymore than any other kind of sex. The final state of evolution in anyone is expressed in the fulfillment of the alchemical marriage and it is an ‘internal affair’. Its rightful highest expression is the complete union of opposites in the individual. Everything is sex at the basic level. All technology is based on it. Plugs go into sockets. All violence and any kind of abuse is sexual, when the sexual force is repressed or suppressed and can’t find a positive outlet. The highest and most appropriate and enduring sexual expression is between us and our creator and presents itself in the true understanding of Tantra.

You can object to what I say here, that’s fine. It’s my perspective and opinion. It’s better for you though if you catch where I am actually coming from and not imagine or suppose otherwise just cause it fits your agenda, which doesn’t appreciate opposition of any kind because you are right no matter what and anything to the contrary isn’t acceptable to you. Believe what you like. We’ll see won’t we? We shall see ultimately what is and what is not.

9/11 was done by Israel and neo-con interests. Israel and neo con interests are now pushing for war with Iran as they do for wars all over the place. The heads of the Federal Reserve and all of the central banks are near exclusively Zionist Jews. You want to argue? Argue with the very names associated. They control the media, publishing, the entertainment, music and publishing industries. Do you want to argue about that? Argue with the very names associated with them. In any case, they admit it. Argue with that. They control the art world as well. Argue with that. You may not like it and you may huff and puff and scream anti-Semite but you can’t change the reality of what the facts clearly demonstrate. It’s no secret about who the main enemy of humanity is. What will be done about it and what’s coming up now as a result of it, will play out as it was meant to play out and we will see.

I don’t give a flying or stationary fuck who gets it on with who according to their personal tastes. I object to the political and social direction it wants to go in to the damage and disadvantage of everyone else. I object to the minds of children being programmed at an early age to believe and accept something as true which is not. I object to the lesbian parents of adopted children pushing for sex change operations at a prepubescent age. It’s sick. You may not agree with me. That’s too bad and unimportant to me. It’s sick.

I’d like to think I’ve cleared up some things here but I doubt it as far as the minds of those who hate the truth go. Look at Palestine or anything else. That is what is happening and what has happened. Like it or not, accept it or not, believe what you like, that’s how it is.

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