Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Mossad Merengue of the Dancing Disco Dead

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Our feckless, fearful, sold out suit, in the service of an enemy nation, made one of his usual winner statements a couple of days ago. It being the usual witless and watered down palliative of saccharine and shit, I can’t remember it exactly as it was stated but I remember it well enough to transmit the feeling with confidence. Our commander and thief said that he respects the rights of the Occupy Wall Street people to protest against the conditions of the time but they must not demonize the people who work on Wall Street. He didn’t say anything about them ‘demonizing’ themselves, which they have accomplished under their own power by turning themselves into flesh eating creatures who chow down on the lives and resources of those made victims of the system they created and operate in; “to serve, consume and digest”, just as if it were on the side of a patrol car.

No one with any brains can doubt that the system and power of those who have tormented the rest of us for so long is unraveling at the seams. The Iranian plot has become an international joke, with Pakistani intelligence reporting that the Mossad gave the Texas car salesman his paperwork. Heh heh, well will you look at that. Right there in the beginning of the article, the writer also mentions it all coming apart at the seams, except they misspelled it as ‘seems’. How’s that for confirmation of a grammatically challenged nature? Well, that’s not grammatical is it? I’m not an English teacher; you’ll have to come up with the proper name for the offense. I can come up with the proper name for the Iranian offense however. As it concerns the dual nationals, operating in the US and abroad, it amounts to treason. As it concerns their paymasters, it amounts to enemy acts on the part of a nation hostile to American interests. It turns out that the other suspect is a member of MKO, an anti Iranian terror organization. This comes our way via the news organization recently banned in the UK for excessive truth telling, or there was a scheduling conflict with a gay sex channel, meaning they were both vying for the same time slot. No judgment of course is being passed on any of this. You have to give the public what they want.

It’s unfortunate that the banned news channel didn’t have the same graphic allure as the competition. Part of the problem I think was that they were both broadcasting during family viewing time. I think everything could have been arranged to everyone’s satisfaction, by just bumping the more controversial news channel up a few hours; maybe let it follow the new evening hit, “The Dog and Donkey show” with Spanish subtitles. I hope I’m not being politically incorrect. I just realized it is being screened in England, so it more likely has Pakistani subtitles; not that they would watch something like that but you do have to make it available because otherwise there are other legal considerations like a ‘denial of self service rights’. Remember, you are legitimately empowered to do anything in the privacy of your own home and that includes all participating wild life; plants, insects, remote controlled conveyances, designer drugs and whatever can be transferred into the place by means of a leash, a suppository, a brown paper bag or a cardboard box. Political correctness authorities in the UK are presently legislating to make state authorized cross species intercourse a requirement, for all residents from primary school up. You’ll be getting the proper forms in the post shortly and remember, compliance is the law, while non compliance is a crime. Did I mention that war is peace?

The mass media’s ‘all smegma news’ has entered bad sashimi land. If you’re still buying it, you’re in line for the cosmic two by four. It’s a big line so there may be some delay in your being ‘seen to’ (‘roger’ that) by one of our trained representatives. In the meantime you can swallow goldfish, try on that new t-shirt you’ve had your eye on, “I’m with stupid” with the arrow pointing upward, you can take a trip to Disneyland or attend a speech by Herman Cain. It’s not that you lack for enjoyable entertainment and truthful self expression but by all means, don’t forget the t-shirt or the hat with the turd on the brim. Those sold like hotcakes back in the day. Remember, it’s not how little you know or care less about; it’s how loudly you confirm and proclaim it.

Gold star mom Tribe member, Diane Feinstein is doing her part by relentlessly repeating the same thing over and over again, as if those already deeply hypnotized could fall into a greater degree of zombie coma. John McCain is running around the armed forces committee with a strap on, looking for veterans who need his attention. Pretty much everyone in Congress, the Senate and the White House are doing their part, performing as spastic Chinese acrobats and there’s broken crockery everywhere. Let’s not forget the estimable John Kerry who has yet to encounter a shame he cannot endure and willingly perpetuate, as if he were attempting to make some sort of ringing statement for the ages which says, “I am a sold out whore for the enemies of my country. I got shot in the ass for this and my heart is purple from putrification and neglect. Remember me. Remember us all. We are the too rich to count it, bankrupt and squandered souls of the willingly damned”. How’s that for a headstone marker in a national cemetery?

Yes, all the horrific train wreck personalities are doing the Pelosi shuffle down the boulevard of national embarrassment. They are puffed up and preening, they are bristling with eminence and lousy with gravitas. They take you by the elbow and whisper in your ear. This is the sonorous drone of sweet nothings that accounts for that wet dream in Freddy Kruger land. It’s nightmare alley for the marching dead. It’s too bad austerity measures don’t extend to sexual fluids or your chances of survival would be ever so much better. Perhaps you should consider an orgasm suppression ring? This way you can keep imagining you are getting off without actually losing the substance of eternal life.

Nah, that’s just visible talking that wild alchemical shit again. What time does the game come on?

Let’s not forget the neo-cons and the enemy state behind the forces of national destruction. Let’s not forget the talking head icons of our not so slow, creeping demise; the William Kristols and the Charles Krauthammers, the Daniel Pipes and the Michael Savages, the Michael Ledeens and all the mind-rot, oral diarrhea dudes, who keep the furnaces of cynical fabrication going 24 hours a day. That’s one manufacturing base that has not left the room with Elvis. It’s pumping maggots into the bloated corpse of the floater culture that they just pulled out of the Louisiana swamps, allegorically speaking. It’s dying but not dead. It’s been dead for a week. It was never alive. It only looked like it was. It didn’t exist. It now exists everywhere. It’s in your closet, your soup, your hair and your underwear. It’s inert. It’s combustible. It’s fungible and statically corruptible and it’s what’s for dinner. It’s waiting for your guilt fueled penetrations in the dark of your rage filled, alcoholic night. It’s waiting to do it to you on your command if you ask it right. It’s ready to film or be filmed and put the results on disk. It’s ready to mail it to your friends, neighbors and employers, if you complain or resist. It’s the Mossad merengue of the dancing disco dead. That’s what the soundtrack was in The Masque of the Red Death. You’re at the wrong end of that short story, which I am certain you never read.

Well, art imitates life and life certainly imitates art and mostly what’s not life imitates what is not art but possibly I digress. This is a pointless redundancy and screed that few will encounter and that most don’t need. It’s been sitting at the back of the medicine cabinet since Methuselah was a boy, before there was a medicine cabinet, back when they had actual medicine instead of compounds for accelerated mortality. From Monsanto to Merck, they are after your ass, so you better get straight with the controlling authority or run really fast. And that will do it for this early Tuesday afternoon.

End Transmission.......


Robin Redbreast said...

In response to previous comment:
Talking of dreams i usef to have reoccurring theme of flying - no wings - soaring anD diving- steering much like swimming. I could get away from trouble and get to where I wanted easily. Always in nature.
Beautiful memories
Live love and peace

Thomas said...

Yes Les!

(Haven't read this post, but just thought I'd drop in now that there's a moment of net-access)

It is my experience too, that all power, all that is manifest and all that we are, through our different layers, derives from One Source, which we can call God, Allah, Jah, or Old-Brand-New-Crackly. Words certainly do not do it justice, heh. Most of that experience has been worded by others, so I can't really say it's mine, but the feeling of it's truth is obvious to me. It works for the best of Everything, even though my clouded eyes don't always agree, my heart knows it to be absolutely certain.

It is my understanding that the highest realization possible here is the realization of That-Which-Is-Eternal-Limitless-Endless-Beginningless-and-All-Powerful-and-Infinitely-Loving in oneself, and I can testament to it being possible in steps (sometimes short intervals of Bliss and Love), as I would guess you can as well. The only sane course after that is to Be that, so that we leave behind our false ideas of self, and let the Prime Mover call the shots, enjoying the show. Curiously, it is all One. And, again, my understanding, that this world we sense is but the the light of the One scattered through many prisms of illusion.

That being said, we are all equipped with free will, making it our choice/responsibility where we direct that One energy. Some direct it inwards, others out. All is well, and to the eyes of the One, all is equally valid and good (I GUESS ;)).

blah blah. I don't understand anything, or know anything, and I would add that I am certainly not realized, but the feeling of movement is right :) - even the longest journey is taken one step at a time.

Thank you Les, you shining light, you. You will be seen to have been right all along, sooner rather than later, in my optics.

And to all, Love and wishes of Harmony and Happiness. May we find that wellspring of Strength and Grace in ourselves :)

DaveS said...

Dog Poet–

Today's post was a Tom Wait's tarantella, Thompson's gun and Twain's river all flowing down a smooth ski slope of truth.

You play with language like a preteen with lighter fluid and matches plays with fire; "mindrot oral diarrhea dudes", "‘all smegma news’ has entered bad sashimi land" ect, ect.

Good feces, and of the sort I will gladly consume day and night. Your words are spells against the grey oh-hum of fascism gone wild and far better (if you ask me, but then I'm not a fascist).

Peace from up high.

Anonymous said...

The folks over there claiming jerusalem as home town are like the proverbial wayward children. It's ok. Adults tend to walk away from playing of king of the sandpile.

Of course, just because the chilern are waging war for dirt doesn't mean they aren't bastard chilern.

An old subject: A while back, I was playing mocking bird to drinking piss. So waz comes next? Beneath my son's spruce trees pops up loads and loads of shrooms... you know... those red and white ones that Santa and christmas presents are about. So, now I have all the holiday presents I can carry.

The divine has a great sense of humor. (c;


Richie (Dana) said...

My God, Les,
This prose kicks ass.
I sit here in full knowledge that these assholes are trying to kill me. They say it out loud and in my face. For years I have been extremely careful to avoid eating the tainted food and drinking the poison water they so happily dispense, but when the Fuk-you shima thing started I realized there was no possible way to physically save myself. I am quite sure that this is what the Divine intended me to see.

I must be cetifiably insane to laugh death in the face.

Here's to another fine day in the death camps.

Thank you for the encouragement.

Winston S. said...

Hey, that reminds me - whatever happened about Rabbi Murdoch and the wiretapping felony he was involved in?

Down the memory hole?

Too many children murdered in Norway to remember it? Too many streets occupied since then?

Doublethink tells me, "Well boy, it never happened in the first place," of course.

Lies Are Truth and Big Bolshevik Brother Is Watching, etc.

Stay tuned for your nightly programing.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Sail on O ship of state."
Uh, Captain; we're taking on water.
I recommend we...

Peter said...

**I been bitch slapped**
To paraphrase an old Lou Reed song, "beat'em black and blue until they get it straight"
Sobering piece.

Anonymous said...

Juice for Joos and Jizz for Bliss

Boulderdash said...

Now that we know that Mossad and MKO are responsible for the assassination plot, are we going for sanctions or all-out war against those responsible?

Visible said...

http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2011/10/occupy-wall-street-enforce-the-laws-for-the-99.html on the way

Anonymous said...

Splendid. As good as it gets.


Josey said...


Lest we forget. In 2008, before they put the "Black Guy" in to take most of the blame for everything Bush did, although he has since proved beyond any doubt he deserves it, Bush authorized and Congress passed a $400 Million appropriation that was to be used to "Target Covert actions inside Iran for the purpose of regime change, using any and all nefarious groups and individuals desired for that purpose, to affect the internal political structure of another country (IRAN), to overthrow it's elected leaders", so maybe we're seeing some "real" accomplishments from that expenditure. The whole Saudi/Us Ambassador/Iran thingy and set-up. They already tried sponsoring open rebellion and that didn't take.

So often we don't see the fruits of our expenditures, but here we get a drug dealer, used car salesman, Mossad connection all in one,(at least they're all working, and working together) for, guess what, regime change in IRAN.

Their still working the kinks out, but it at least it shows some effort.

And, a hardy corn-hole treatment, for the rest of us.

But we're not buying or lining up this time.

Neko Kinoshita said...

They just can't keep the truth down can they?


Gregory F. Fegel said...

Last night I watched the second half of former Beatle Paul McCartney's “The Love We Make” documentary, which was filmed ten years ago at the post-9/11 Concert in New York at Madison Square Garden. The Love USA theme of the Concert and the documentary had a subtext of Hate Muslims and Get Revenge. McCartney sang a song about "Freedom" that implied the USA and its allies have freedom and that other nations don't. McCartney's song endorsed fighting (the Muslims) for the alleged "Freedom" that we supposedly enjoy.

I've got news for Paul McCartney and Friends: 9/11 was an inside job and Freedom isn't free -- you have to fight the US government for it.

McCartney's "Freedom" song, his 9/11 Concert in New York, and his “The Love We Make” documentary disappointed me, but it wasn't the first time that Paul McCartney has disappointed me. I admire the vegetarian, but I don't admire the smarmy apologist for elitism and predatory Capitalism. As they say in the entertainment business, Paul McCartney has "sold out."

Comedian Jim Carey made a quip to McCartney about "400 more years of Patriotism." I couldn't tell if Carey was being facetious, but the elitist Oligarchs and the US government certainly perpetrated the 9/11 false flag attacks to inspire "400 more years of Patriotism."

Frat-boy Bill Clinton, forever polishing his image, his investments, and his cock, kept repeating a meme that associated himself with the music greats of his generation, wanting the public to identify him with them. Bill Clinton travels the world setting up lucrative deals for predatory resource-extraction corporations that damage the environment and for dictatorships that exploit and abuse poor people. Clinton uses his Foundation to creat the illusion of charity, and the recent Clinton Foundation "Decade of Difference" Concert is part of the Clinton propaganda.

The backstage meeting of Paul McCartney and Bill Clinton was what one might expect between two self-absorbed, image-conscious multimillionaires. Ignorant Dilettante meets Predatory Parasite.

Anonymous said...

Desperation and fear... You don't trot out such a sorry excuse for a plot, which is so full of holes, if you're not truly desperate. Or the script writers are just that weak these days. Or both.

There are a number of issues coalescing with this one: Holder is on the hot seat over Fast and Furious (wonder if there's a connection between this program and the alleged plot, since they're both using Mexican cartels as proxies), Obama is sweating because of the protests, and the economy is in a slow-motion implosion. Quick, divert attention!!!

Oh, with that link you provided Les; did you happen to scroll down that site and see former Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas? http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2011/10/veterans-support-wall-street-protests.html

Feel the righteous anger!!!

Take care -

Anonymous said...

Goodday One and All.

The following video is possibly one of the most informed descriptions of the OWS movement and it's possibilities I've seen to date. It dovetails quite nicely with the message of Vis's blogs of late imho.

This one could take them all down.

Patrick V1.0

Chinese Sneakers said...

Ah, yes, the ole' black letter. A most significant weapon in their repertoire to be sure.

Sometimes, if i really consider it, i gotta' marvel at the depths they will go to. They have definitely learned how to win at any cost. i Guess for the ruling rabbits it's always been a matter of life and death. Just wish they could ease up a little and join us in the living.

Oh, i have to say, also, that after following up on this link--


--i was really impressed with the feisty professor by the name of William Black. He throws down the gauntlet and calls for prosecution of the profiteers--under charges of fraud.

Sounds good to me. Except that we all know now that the presenting judiciary belongs to another bunch of the same tribe of ne'er-do-wells.

Obviously we may have to convene our own courts by re-claiming our natural rights to bring suit against any and all deemed to have wronged us.

After acting to prosecute, i suggest that Iceland might be made into a fine Elba for these psychos. Put them on Ice--and shoot to kill if they step one foot off. Why, it does my heart good to even consider the possibility of it.

Thanks, Vis.

James H said...

Dear Les,
I have nothing but boundless admiration for both what, and how, you say what you do.
Please keep writing.
Yours ever,

Anaughty Mouser said...

Great post Visible - you at your best in these the worst of times.

Sincerely, Mouser

Anonymous said...

Good advice on the Max Keiser report today for OWS:


… and to add remind the politician he or she is a civil servant.


Our World Shines

Visible said...

I certainly did see Sgt. Shamar Thomas and also caught his interview with Keith Olbermann. Cue Gimmie Shelter.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Some God’s art eye candy for the Alchemists in Judge Viz Court pics from our laboratory this past weekend.

See: http://s1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb418/Wildblue09/Alchemy/

Tom Lowe said...

A Viz with screed is a Viz indeed.

Anonymous said...

Glad you saw that, too. I know when I saw him, I got goosebumps. ;)

These kids are definitely providing a lot of reason for hope. Here's another one who understands the truth:

So much for this supposed generation of slackers, stoners and worthless dropouts...

Thanks again for providing the community, Les!

Anonymous said...

Greg at 6:27

Sir Fab was in the news recently, as he attended a Yom Kippur service with his new wife, just a few days after the wedding.

'Nuff said.....

It's just a matter of time before he ends up as Lord Mop Top. It's hid destiny, or rather, his trajectory.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

I lost my admiration for the Beatles when they released their song "Revolution" in 1968. They were multimillionaire rock stars telling the common people that we shouldn't rise up against our oppressors. We certainly did need a Revolution in the USA in 1968, and we still need one now.

The passage of forty-three years has shown me that I was right about needing a Revolution in 1968, and that the Beatles were just Upper Class wannabes. John Lennon got somewhat Revolutionary for a while, and the US government may have had him killed him for that. The Beatles and other faux-Liberal multimillionaires play a key role in the false legitimization of our corrupt and wealth-based economic and political system.

Mahatma Gandhi showed us how to be simultaneously spiritual and political in our behavior. Other leaders of India's Independence movement also understood the principal that one's spiritual consciousness should guide their social and political behavior. In fact, one's spiritual consciousness will always guide their political behavior. You can recognize when someone is a spiritual fraud by looking at their actual behavior.

Every person's personal relationship with society is their personal politics. Politics cannot be divorced from spirituality -- even if you live in a cave and eat only wild roots and berries. If we aspire to be spiritual, our politics should be compassionate.

Anyone who tells you that they are spiritual and not political is kidding themselves. The question is not whether a person is political -- because we are all political -- the question is, how do you perform or express your politics?

Anonymous said...

Gregory said:
"Every person's personal relationship with society is their personal politics. Politics cannot be divorced from spirituality -- even if you live in a cave and eat only wild roots and berries. If we aspire to be spiritual, our politics should be compassionate.

Anyone who tells you that they are spiritual and not political is kidding themselves. The question is not whether a person is political -- because we are all political -- the question is, how do you perform or express your politics?"


gurnygob said...

Chinese Sneakers said...

why would you want to put them in
Iceland. Was it not Iceland that told them to fuck off in the first place? Just asking!


Geoff in NY said...

Les, no fair! Do you have a freakin' staff of writers, or are you channeling from Above?? There are more bombshell turns of phrase in nearly every transmission than most of us come up with in a lifetime! The "Pelosi Shuffle down the boulevard of national embarrassment?" Good God, man! It's what you're saying, assolutamente, but how you're saying it!

Anonymous said...

glad to see you're feeling better.

pretty much endless material from which to draw, now that 'they' are no longer hiding.

Anonymous said...

Broken windows, dried up lawns, guess the happy days have up and gone. Severed ties and the corporate lies, Fukushima's got us dropping like flies. Barren landscape with a twist of doom, mother nature's gonna need a wider broom. Lonely and broken, the old highways, leading into an infinite haze. The smell of sage brush mixed with organic rot, we paid our taxes and this is what we got. Psychotic people with a lust for death, thought they were special till their dying breath. Natural disasters have a different feel, what is genuine and what is real? There is one thought that gives me hope, that I can escape by a bullet or a rope. That old commercial now comes to mind, the Indian with that tear on his face as he stands in trash. We leave a diorama of our legacy, such advanced thinkers, too blind to see. I find that hating is my hidden love, in isolation and there is no white Dove. Just a Raven watching me as I sob, he will continue doing his only job. Cynical eyes and defeatist's gaze, no more hopeful, happy days. Les Visible could have done so much, but now he's busy as a needed crutch. So this is how it's gonna end? You've no idea Vis, but you're my friend. I know that words don't feed the dog, and I wish I could compensate you for your music and blog. They've beaten down this old dog. Thanks Visible, really. ....Jimmy G.

And another fine collection of words by you as well visible.

Anonymous said...

Les, thanks for another hit of high quality, wholesome, ponder producing mind food. Sumpter latex corporation strap on songbird's a wearin? Peace from Minnesota

Anonymous said...

Shock and awe...freedom fries... too big to fail...fast and furious... mossad keystone cops routine. It never ends. It just get more amusing. Unfortunately.


I can't escape this sick sinking feeling that OWS has already become just one, big, rigged pinball table of an exercise in controlled opposition. It didn't start out that way but it's being infiltrated and perverted and soon to be steered into a shit-filled ditch. TPTW will co-opt what's left, or die trying.

Anonymous said...

Surely times have changed....
"througout their long period of exile, 'the Jews had always been a minority, always is danger, but had learned that they could avert or survive destruction by placating and appeasing their enemies. Having responded in this manner for so many centuries, 'the Jews could not act otherwise when confronted with Nazism. A 2000 year old lesson could not be unnlearned. The Jews could not make the switch. They were helpless."
The Holocaust in History, p. 109, citing Raul Hilberg

Were Walter Issacson and Evan Thomas under the spell of that powerless, impotent, Jewish mojo, when they wrote the following?

"In 1948, 'The Palestinian issue' as it was known at the State Dept. had been long festering. Survivors of the Holocaust were pouring into their biblical homeland and demanding the creation of an independent Zionist state. For reasons both political and humanitarian, Truman wanted to help create a new state of Israel."
-Issacson and Thomas, The Wise Men, p.451

fair enough, but let me conclude their quote;

-ibid., p. 451

what? Survivors "pouring"? with 2/3 of European Jewry allegedly destroyed? Clandestine "Jewish groups" who can control the fate of an American President? Jews for Jesus? in 1948? what the...?

"minority.....always in danger.... 2000 years of placating"

Not, "whose support could prove to be crucial..." or "whose support was indicative of Truman's steadfast Masonic ways..."

No, old Harry BADLY NEEDED the support of these "Jewish groups". I guess it doesn't come across as conspiracy "theory" when it comes from the Kosher pen of Issacson and Thomas.

And what comes from your virtual pen is far from theory, and inversely kosher.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

you'd put them to Iceland in the same way as you sent the pedos to Bubbas cell, Bubba having been abused as a kid and being wizened up and in no mood for ten pin bowling (sock style). / sneaky reference.

this guy has his rant, in the Vis school of flavored language.


(I only do this for the w'vs, you know)

wv wirns, we learn, we earn, we burn.

Kray Z8 said...

"By their actions they shall be known".

Great stuff, Mr. Vis! The worse they act, the better you write about it. Man, it's like a win-win for everyone paying attention. Reading your stuff lately has been like a screaming T(for Truth) Bucket hot-rod ride through the desert on a warm starry night. Turn on the tunes, howl at the moon, put the pedal to the metal, grab a handful of gears, don't look in the mirrors, and head for that strange, unearthly glow on the horizon. Oh Yeah. Don't know if the future's going to be fun, but it's sure to be interesting! Thanks Les; keep shining the light. Thanks, Friends; keep sharing. Feel the Love, give the Love, live the Love, Be the Love.

Peace, Love, Truth,


Heather said...

Hi Les :
Your writing is amazing and witty and soooo gets the point across. The whole world is "The Emperor has no Clothes"; and you nail it.Thanks for the sanity in an insane world.

Anonymous said...

"remember, it's not how little you know or care less about, it's how loudly you confirm and proclaim it."

"SCREEAACHH !!!" (Body Snatchers - 1952/'78)

" ... along comes big brother, says son you better get on one side or the other." (On The Border - 1971)

"You're either with us, or you're with the terrorists." (Dubya redundancy - 2001)

"don't you tell me 'bout your law and order, just try'n to change this water to wine." (via New Testament via Urantia via Eagles via yours truly - 2011)

Anonymous said...

Gregory 10:01 wrote:

‘The question is not whether a person is political -- because we are all political -- the question is, how do you perform or express your politics?’

I disagree with this statement; politics in its true role as a legal and administrative body has never really interested me. Although it might interest another person and, for example, the culture life might not interest the politic person.

Three elements of life – the cultural life, the political life, and the economic life have intermingled and have formed a chaotic whole. Out of the amalgamation of these three elements of life the present evils of society have arisen.

Politics needs to get out of the cultural life and economics needs to get of the political life.

Politics intermingled in the culture life; expressing itself through media propaganda and biased education.

Economics intermingled in the political life; corporations buying out politicians to further their industry. Especially the war industry to quote Clausewitz: “War is the continuation of politics by other means.”

Politic life free from cultural and economics to do what it is suppose to do; civil administration.


Visible said...

Patrick has out done himself again.

Robin Redbreast said...

Hope you are all good ;)
Just thought I'd post:
Keep coming across feathers on my travels (work, garden, car, out walking dog etc) and they're getting bigger and brighter! Started with small White ones - now I'm coming across large multi-coloured ones! Dunno - weird innit!!
Live love and peace

DaveR said...

'a revolution is coming - a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough - compassionate if we care enough - successful if we are fortunate enough - but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. we can affect its character - we cannot alter its inevitability.' r.f.k.

Anonymous said...

patrick brilliant,,,,jimmy g nice poem

and you lot over here are of the toppest qualities...

deepest deepest respects to all,...neil

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To CL:

In my previous comment I defined and used the word "politics" in a wider sense or context than is usually seen in the popular media. However, my interpretation of the word "politics" is not without precedent in the traditional usage of that word. The root of the word "politics" comes from the Greek word "polis," meaning "city," and the word "politics" refers to the relations between citizens.

In a broader sense, all human relationships may be described as "political," including the relationships between lovers, spouses, parents, children, inlaws, relatives, neighbors, renters and landlords, buyers and sellers, students and teachers -- or any other human relationship. Many authors have written about the "politics of a marriage," by which they mean the politics within a marriage.

Even a homeless person who survives by scavenging has a "political" relationship with the society or community they live in. The decision to refrain from voting, paying taxes, or obeying the law is a political decision. Henry David Thoreau's retreat to Walden Pond was a political act and his "Civil Disobedience" was a political manifesto.

I have done a lot of reading in anthropological and sociological literature, and my usage of the word "politics" has been influenced by that reading. Having explained my broad interpretation of the word "political," I stand by what I wrote in my previous post.

CL, you wrote: "Politics needs to get out of the cultural life and economics needs to get of the political life."

I understand the points that you made in your post, and I agree with you that governments should not interfere with cultural issues. However, since government primarily serves an economic purpose -- by providing laws, regulations, and public services -- I don't see how you can separate economics from government. That's why I say that the only way you can prevent the wealthy from dominating and controlling a government is by eliminating wealth.

Anonymous said...

Political cannot exist without apolitical.

Anonymous said...

a rich man dies for want of heaven
a poor man lives when vibrance speaks
all against all like bars of a prison
controlled by a few behind the scenes
political pundits oligarchs tyrants
cry at the place where empires fall
savages devoid of all reason
consumed by acts of disservice to all
inhumanity seeks within delusion
humanitys force's crumble hell
deceit confuses what is simple
the emotional body is where each dwell
senses rage at cold frustration
a warming feeling lets each go
in a moment of truth the heart rumbles
lies are crushed with one blow


Anonymous said...

It's not Mossad. It's not Zio.
It's Jewish. It's the Jews, everywhere, plotting and conspiring in concert. It's NOT a Mossad op. It's not a Zio op either.
When will it be told that they - the Jews - are ALL on it?
Growing up in Europe in the 1960 and 70s, I was inadvertently exposed to this cabal/tribe/hive like conspirational attitude and behavior. It's a long story how it came about. It was in a Communist country, and most of the upper echelon were Jews. Therefore I KNOW their M.O., and it's the SAME everywhere, US included.

Anonymous said...


Sometimes your humor brings me to tears,(laughing)
but sometimes so does your truths.

Very powerfull energy from just words.

I Thank You and the Crew here in the Real Visible World,

for helping me to understand some of the why's of my life.

I Love This Place!

p.s. not meaning to get in the middle of something but,

Poly = many
Ticks = bloodsuckers

but that tells ya what I know.

Truly, Peace and Love to you all.

walking hawk

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Anonymous wrote: "Political cannot exist without apolitical."

That's true -- just like alive cannot exist without dead. But if you're alive and you have any kind of relationship with human society, you're political. All human relationships are political.

The Bounty Mutineers escaped from the politics of the British Empire, but as a community they created their own politics on Pitcairn Island.

To become apolitical, you would need to escape to some uninhabited wilderness and live there completely alone, accepting no support or supplies from human society. Even an "outlaw" has a relationship with society.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Anonymous wrote: "Political cannot exist without apolitical."

That's true -- just as alive cannot exist without dead. Since all relationships are political, if you're alive and you have any relationships with other people, you're political. The guy in the coffin is apolitical.

Anonymous said...

Visible, Wednesday, October 19, 2011 7:07:00 PM

Patrick certainly has an affinity for your work, doesn't he Les?
Beautiful, a true work of art. Thank you both.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Disinfo Agents, Oprah Graduates and Whatever May be True..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply Gregory.

Being far from wanting to compartmentalise the three elements that affect society so profoundly today; the political life, the economic life and the cultural life which instead of living in each other’s pockets should co-exist side by side in a healthy way. It is interesting you see relationships as being in the political life whereas I somehow have this notion relationships are in the economic life – sort of like a debit and credit! But maybe this is as a bad notion as thinking relationships are in the political life (hah) Should relationships not, to be more specific individual people, truly belong in the cultural life? After all the economic life and the political life is dependent on the capability and efficiency of the individual human being.

CL (Johannesburg)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

A sadhu is apolitical.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Sorry. I meant to say certain sadhus are apolitical.

Not proper to make absolute pronouncements pertaining to material subjects.

Be that so, I've heard it said there's no such thing as a dead man..

Visible said...

only people who wish they were dead (grin).

Robin Redbreast said...

So they got Gaddafi - even though at the start if this war of tptbs they stated this was not their intention.
We will all be judged by our actions including those in tptb and also the msm too - fear not.
Had to return to bed for a couple of hours - enduring an exhausting chesty man flu -
Soldier on!
Last night I had the strangest dream
I'd ever dreamed before.
I dreamt the world had all agreed
To put and end to war.
And the papers they were signing said
They'd never fight again.
God is with us........
Live love and peace ;)

Visible said...

Go to wrh and read the articles. I doubt they got Ghadaffi. They are a pack of liars.

Anonymous said...

Getting back to McCartney, I personally believe that he is a replacement and that the original McCartney died in 1966. I know this was dismissed as rumor but there is plenty of evidence for those of us willing to take a look. Many believe that the Beatles were a creation of the Tavistock Institute (London) and their goal was to influence our youth and culture in a particular way. One of the most convincing analyses was published in the Italian version of Wired Magazine in 2010. It was a study conducted by a forensic pathologist who studied photos of Paul prior to 1966 with those taken after 1966. If true, this is the greatest fraud that the music industry has ever known. You be the judge:

Anonymous said...

Anono at 9:17,

And John, George and Ringo couldn't tell the difference? They were in on it? And Lennon was murdered because he decided wanted to spill the beans? An harrison was cancered because he wanted to spill the beans? And ringo was lobotomized because he's the doofis Beale anyway?

Gregory F. Fegel said...

One of the arguments that are given for Paul McCartney being replaced is that after the "switch" Paul went from anti-drug to pro-drug. I and some of my pals were anti-drug not long before we started smoking pot and taking acid in 1968. We went from anti-drug to pro-drug rather quickly; it was rather commonplace to do that, actually. People can change their opinions quickly on all sorts of things. Paul also had a public image that he may have wanted to protect.

As Anonymous pointed out, making a special case for Paul being replaced doesn't account for the other Beatles. The replacement-Paul theory is just more diversionary foolery, if you ask me. Like the precious "telescope time" of astronomers, I don't want to waste my "brain time" thinking about it.

Anyway, I'm glad they switched Paul, because I think he wrote his best songs after the switch. :=)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

If anyone ever made spiritual progress, created karma, sedated karma, fulfilled dharma, curried the favor of Lord Krishna, it was George Harrison.

Whatever conspiracy or culture George Harrison the gardener was a part of, we all could do a lot worse!

"I really want to know you Lord..."



Joseph Brenner

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