Monday, April 18, 2011

Priming the Pump for The Apocalypse Factor

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Sometimes, it is to weep, when you consider the state of conditions affecting Nature and what we have turned it to in our pursuit of comfort and imagined safety. So long as you walk on mortal pathways, dreaming the temporary dreams of flesh seeking the forgetfulness of dust, you are not safe and comfort is a mirage, considering the internal disquiet of the beckoning grave.

We have assaulted our own nature in our war on Lady Nature and we have done this by stepping aside, while the psychopaths made war on our higher nature and the residence of Nature’s secret wellsprings of life. The horror of the Gulf of Mexico is coming back around, out of the media suppression and the lies of government and industry. It’s sailing in the arc of a returning boomerang and washing up on shore, while it surfaces in the bloodstream of those resident in the poisoned lands. Now a mysterious ailment has appeared in Louisiana You wondered if it could be true that Rothschild actually does own a big piece of BP. Then you can wonder at this also. Rothschild is a monster. It’s not a family. It’s not a corporation. It’s a flesh eating, blood sucking monster, whose true home is in some dark underworld beneath the Earth’s surface, because that is why its every act seems directed at a transport of the world’s population (what’s left of it) into.

There are any numbers of strange policy driven events, looking to make their will known upon the world of Nature. Here we see a collection of known lies woven from ancient rumors that have no basis in reality. This is not how wolves behave and I can hardly imagine that the numbers quoted constitute the emergency declared, in a state the size of Idaho I’m not sure of the wisdom of importing Canadian wolves because I don’t know either way. Take a look at the size of them. That’s a truly magnificent beast. I’m surprised they didn’t really hype up their danger to humans. Wolves don’t go after humans unless they are literally starving. They are one of the most intelligent life forms in their realm of existence. They’re right up there with the wild turkey and the dolphin. They’ve been known to suckle and raise human children in the wild and yes, some of those stories are true. To demean them by saying they thrill kill is typical of those who actually engage in it.

Evil things are breeding in the Gulf of Mexico. Will they be mating with the radioactive rains from Fukushima? They want to ban Geiger counters in various places because, so I hear, they want to defend against the possibilities of unwarranted panic. What they want to do is suppress the truth. That’s not such a hard sell in the land of the blind. I’ll warrant that most people aren’t even paying much attention to it. Their attention is focused on what interests them in the moment. There’s some permutation of bread and circuses going on in every venue and locale, along with devices of torment for those living in lands that Rothschild wants to own.

Here are some chilling considerations that the public really ought to be paying attention to. One of them is the direction of their standard of living and the other is the direction of the items formerly found upon their dining tables. You can factor in what’s about to happen with the issue of silver once it moves a few more digits upward.

The way the government is thinking, once they get their marching orders from Zio-Ogre Central and whatever other centers of control there may be, they seek to soften up the public by degrees, as they approach the paradigm debacle of their own making, which cannot be avoided; not given who the protagonists are. That’s why 9/11 went down and was followed by a massive press to conquer the Arab world via a bloody war against Islam. This was mirrored by the creation of Homeland Security, built on the Nazi design and which inevitably gives birth to the TSA phenomena of ‘tits, slits and asses’. Concurrent with this is a major drop-off of intelligence, due to a concerted effort at dumbing down. This is in tandem with a massive increase in banality and trivia in the entertainment industry. It’s all a calculated effect; a multi-pincher assault on every feature that make us human.

War is being made on all the areas on which human survival depends. Here is another tear jerking example of depraved insanity, along with a telling example of how noble and beautiful a human being can be when they’re not thinking of themselves. Around the world they are making natural healing methods, herbs, homeopathic tinctures and all the varieties of elixirs and substances, which are other than allopathic, illegal. It’s an international effort. You can’t order certain things anymore and you can go to jail if you provide or practice them; not that I personally care about that. You can say that this is due to the pharmaceutical industry, the same way you can lay the blame for any fascist activity at the door of the corporations that profit from it but... I think it’s more than that. They really do want to wipe out most of the human population and they’re crazy enough to think they won’t wipe themselves out in the bargain.

It looks hopeless and suggests a ‘run for cover’ mentality but not from my perspective. I see the whole thing as a cosmic arrangement that is the driving engine for necessary change, as well as the power causing The Apocalypse to act on human awareness. You might question The Apocalypse Factor, seeing as there are so few seeing but... give it time. There are stages involved and there are certain dramas that need to act out and there is a level of exposure that has to be accomplished and then... then it’s a ‘drunken ducks in a row’ kind of a thing.

For myself, I’m focusing on the work I do and the community I imagine I would like to be a part of. This latter has to come into being (provided a world remains for it) regardless of how things turn out. I have no intention of living in this world, according to its dysfunctional way of being. I spend my days walking through a mental institution and where I am is a lot saner than most places. I’m determined to finally return to the lifestyle I most enjoyed, living in the company of kindred spirits. The money will come because I’m just going to go ahead and do it as if it already is and as you can see, if you are around here much, it’s is already virtually true. One of the principal ways that we’ve gone wrong is that we stopped living together and working toward common goals; pooling our resources and performing our talents for the benefit of the whole. This is the game they talk about when they talk about democratic nations and whatever lying modality they are foisting upon the public for the purpose of oppressing it. Find me a democratic nation if you can. Perhaps the nomads of Mongolia represent this. They just move on in their timeless way, without any other problems than the elements and they’ve figured that one out.

It really is time to print up those stickers with inventive content and post them at all the likely spots; public toilets, store windows, buses, government cars, public buildings, the window of the café you’re sitting in, telephone poles and streetlamps. “9/11 was an inside job”. “TSA is child molestation central”. You can come up with better than that. Also make use of a technique that I know very few of you use but which I employ regularly; whenever you are in public, project the thought of awakening into the atmosphere. You are a broadcasting relay station. The message is already coming from something you are connected to; let it pass out from you. Everything is vibration. Thoughts vibrate the same as words and the only reason more of you are not telepathically aware, is that you are not exercising it. If all you want to project is love then that will do. There are many variants.

Think of yourself as one of those old time water pumps that sit in the backyard of a farmhouse. You have to prime the pump and you will note that the water does not run clear at first. You will also note that after a while, you can take your hand off the pump and the water keeps flowing. We’re too focused on physical action but that is the least effective of what is possible. Getting your heart and mind into a position, where you are transmitting a powerful concept or state, can lead to action on the part of many. Do it and believe it and let it go. No one can be very effective unless they begin at the beginning to begin with (grin). Effectiveness begins at the gateway of the mind and all of your speech and action follow after. Get control of that first and your very being will radiate into the environment in a positive manner.

Look into the Petri Dish and purify the contents. Remember that you are channeling this force, not generating it. I’ll leave you with that and my sincere wishes for good fortune upon you all.

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I’d like to recommend the writings of Jim Kirwan for those of you who appreciate the kind of efforts that Jim makes and enjoy inspired writing. You know I seldom recommend anyone (grin).

Last night’s radio show is available for download.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Visible's Primer on Basic Economics and Prosperity

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

There’s something that goes through my mind a lot and I don’t think I have to be Maynard Keynes, John Stuart Mill or Milton Freidman to understand it. Certain things have happened in the United States that caused serious problems for the general population and for most of the countries they interacted with and it was all about Wall Street being able to run roughshod over all legal and moral strictures, with the assistance of the veiled operations of the bloodsucking Federal Reserve. You look at the names of the players from both of these Crime Syndicates and you’re almost surprised when you find a gentile name. If this is not true, I want the dissenter to give me a list that proves otherwise. We’re talking only top tier here and only the US, though the same is true no doubt, in The Crown Colonies.

I don’t like having to point the finger at the same suited hoodlums all the time but… since they are behind most of the troubles in the word, where else should I point? This is less about these predatory pirates than it is about how the system works and what happens when the system is compromised. The Petri Dish is a kind of wide net, Profiles in Evil so this is a good place for this because it’s all pretty horrifically evil. The same way that so many things are made out of petroleum and rely on it from manufacture to transport, in the same way, the manipulation of money and equity touches every life except the lives of those perverting the system. It touches them too but in a profit making way.

Years ago I looked at the situation in the Middle East. This is probably before I ever got in front of a computer and I saw what Israel was doing to the Palestinians; killing them, stealing their land and ritually torturing them whenever the libido demanded it. I used to say to people that the solution was simple and I would get endless arguments about how complex it was. I said it wasn’t complex. All that was required was for Israel to give the Palestinians their land and create a border. Then I would get loads of brainwashed, “What ifs”, to which I would reply, “I don’t do hypothetical”. Hypothetical is the last refuge of the uninformed.

It’s the same thing with economies. A successful economy is a simple thing and I dare anyone to prove otherwise. You know what makes it complex? Lawyers working for people who want to steal more than what is fair permits. Whenever lawyers are included, it nearly always involves someone looking to steal or defraud someone else, unless someone is reacting to it happening to them with lawyers. I know there are patent attorneys and estate attorneys and various attorneys who work along the line of hammering out contracts but all of that is based on protecting the client from theft and related matters. Theft is vin ordinaire of this kind of system when it decays and even well before that.

There is one key reality that guarantees a successful economy and that is a prosperous middle class:

...including good social services, a nation wide safety net, it works marvels and I’ve seen it at work in Europe. I’ve seen it really working. Here I am referring to retirement, medical and related common concerns. It’s much less expensive to make sure that the poor have somewhere to live and food to eat than it is to make it a police matter, and a corporate handout to the private prison industry, by denying them (as they do in the US) and it militates toward quality of life for all.

The thing is, once the rich and rapacious have stolen everything they can get their hands on, with the assistance of their busy lawyers, they look to change the laws, so that they can steal what everyone else has as well. They lobby to get oversight and protective laws removed and then, who’s to stop them?

Just like in The Great Depression, which was orchestrated by the same people who are doing the same thing now, the present depression was also orchestrated so that people’s homes and property could be stolen. The manufacturing base went offshore so that the cost of raw materials and unions could be eliminated or radically reduced. These middle class, blue collar workers were redundant, considering the profit margin for the predatory rich, once they could head off to Sweat Shop Heaven and Hide and Seek Tax Haven Heaven. Then it became too much of an expense for them even to pay their taxes so the middle class had to do that too. There’s not that much of a middle class in the US any more and therefore it is doomed. It is only a matter of time. The predatory rich don’t care. They’re planning to strip the carcass and move to Brazil.

Young, dumb and full of cum soldiers swear dubious oaths to something that doesn’t exist and go off to die in wars for profit. Hypocritical politicians salute the flag and then sell the country out from under the inhabitants. When you consider how feckless and stupid the inhabitants are, it’s almost like they deserve it. They don’t seem to care what the rich get to eat as long as they get their seat at the table in the common man’s tent. What they don’t tumble to is that the rich are eating them; they might as well butcher and barbeque them. How much difference would there be?

The single most treasonous and unpatriotic act any person or organization can engage in is to make war on the middle class. That IS the country. You know a country is in its death throes, when this is permitted through the agency of those elected and appointed to protect them. This is a capital crime. Let’s put it in perspective. Let’s see it as it is. It’s not just funny math and creative book-keeping, its murder and treason. These are the very scum who parade around on the holidays and mouth sanctimonious platitudes about patriotism and sacrifice. Animal Farm was on the money in more ways than one; certainly a ‘character driven plot', if I’ve ever seen one.

These are not just criminals; these bankers and brokers, politicians and judiciary whores, CEO’s, lawyers and lobbyists are guilty of treason. They have collectively destroyed the country and sold it into slavery as a hedge against rebellion. Millions of people lived and worked and died for two centuries for nothing. The people who do talk about these things are ignored or slandered. The people who spin the lies that support the policies of treason are respected pundits, laden with gravitas and… lathered with lard. What a load of shit. What a cheap song and dance of another word for something truly ugly.

The Middle Class IS the country. Everything is supposed to be geared toward making prosperity for them a given, dependent on personal industry and an intelligent understanding of savings and investment. You’ll hear the vampire clowns say, “Well that’s what we do”! Sure buddy. Morality is the province of the middle class. A nation’s awareness of what that actually is should be based on the tastes and preferences of the middle class.

I’m not trying to imply that the middle class is some enlightened force of wisdom and good. What I know is that when they are generally pleased, most everyone else is too, except the predatory rich. As for the morality clause, they’re the ones who make the most importance out of it. The poor are confused about what that means and are forced to cut corners concerning it and the predatory rich don’t possess any, so give what applies where it resides. I’m mentioning this because laws come out of this and the laws should serve the interest of the middle class first. I recognize that this is not the way for me to go about getting the drugs that I prefer, over the unpleasant crap the pharmaceutical companies make, made legal and acceptable. But as far as I’m concerned, the middle class shouldn’t take drugs anyway. They’re not bright enough to appreciate them. They’re the kind of people who smoke pot and think getting the munchies is what it’s all about. They might as well just drink themselves to death.

I’m not a fan of the middle class because their bourgeois and pedestrian tastes are not my cup of tea but I recognize their importance to society; you don’t have one without them and I recognize the truth of reincarnation and understand that eventually you evolve out of the middle class but hopefully not into the company of the predatory rich.

The predatory rich, the banks and the politicians, along with a collective of bought and sold judges and media mouthpieces killed your country. They raped and killed it and the country watched it on TV. They buggered their children and ruined their future and they still think the enemy lives in a cave in the Hindu Kush.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

By the way, I have nothing against the rich except specifically the predatory rich. Rich comes to everyone dependent on karma. You want to be rich? Keep working and don't be stupid. You'll get rich. I'm going to be rich shortly, at least according to my standards so... heck, you know what I mean. I've met a few truly wonderful and philanthropic rich people. People are people, except when they're not.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Soundtrack for a Petri Dish

One of the readers was kind enough to post the link to this piece of cultural brilliance at my Zio-book page yesterday and I know how culture starved the reader is, here in these grim ass-end moments of the Fall of Empire, so I thought I’d use it as a sort of keynote icon for the totality of all we receive from the coffers of the gifted and inspired, who rightfully keep us from among their ranks, because otherwise, there goes the neighborhood.

You’ll note that this trenchant and masterful work of neo-Renaissance poetry and music has nearly a hundred million hits on Youtube and who can say that is undeserved? Who can doubt that The Aquarian Age is at last in bloom? Not only are the lyrics and music woven together like Damon and Pythias, but the presentation by one of the coming vocal impresarios of our time, wants to cause the soul to leap from the body and throw itself in front of a Peterbilt, ghost lorry on some level of the astral plane. The soul must die in the face of such awesome artistry. That is the destiny of all life, when faced with penultimate expressions of what is possible for us, when celestial powers channel through the human form.

It’s things like this that grant me true humility and the recognition that my own efforts and those of the other poseurs, presently operating here, are like dust in the face of eternal sunlight. It is so much easier now, to let go of my own pretensions and embrace the essence of what the world actually seeks and gains true satisfaction from. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before Pavarotti rises from the dead to offer his own, mean effort in respect of this stunning statement of deathless beauty and enduring hope. We are all of us, peasants in squalor before the wonder of this work.

This seems to be the new trend with hip hop producers finding Wonder Bread non talent because that’s where the money is; witness Justin Bieber, the animated wax works. I want to say something here about the nature of evil; you can call it ‘milking the de-evolutionary trend’, if you prefer, because one is a force and the other is a process of it. The point is to retard your progress to a higher understanding by the undertow drag of a reverse pull. They do it with entertainment, most media, diet and whatever lazy forms they come up with for your daily workout; power walking in the mall comes to mind. I don’t know if they call it that; doesn’t matter.

This is the nature of evil in our times and it all has to do with attention and what it’s given to. Haven’t you heard that this is the information age? So, you control the information and you’ve got the consciousness; a sort of ‘grab the gonads and the mind will follow’. Youth worship has always been a factor but genuinely stupid youth worship has made amazing strides. What this does is put youth into a lockstep toward confinement, in simple newspeak, double-speak prisons of contradictory terms that appear perfectly rational given constant repetition.

What they do is shoehorn the unformed consciousness of pre pubescent youth into molds of actuated desire, which kills the higher instincts and promotes, simultaneously, license and guilt. They’re formulated into bite sized treats of scrumptious possibility and this works on the adult mind, to create even more guilt and myriad workings out of entrapment scenarios that contain no bite sized treats. This feeds the private prison industry, along with the use and sale of euphoric substances that put the usual pharmaceuticals to shame. In the meantime they make the world such a dreary place that escape becomes an imperative.

As I’ve said many times, the reason that alcohol is legal and socially approved, is because it panders to the lowest passions in the human estate. It also feeds the violent side of the psyche, while promoting incredible amounts of guilt that shackle the human soul in a morass of despair. You might think this is all about soulless corporations and the dark side of the controlling mechanism but this is as old as time and it’s been engineered and operated in cultures long forgotten since. There is a war on for the possession of the most enduring of human treasures. That’s all it is about.

When it gets to the point it is at now, here, or at any other time, the cosmos steps in because the general population of genus humanus, is off to the races in the worst of all possible wrong directions and everything then; culture, Nature and every other attendant force or condition you can think of, goes out of balance. Balance is the absolute concern of the cosmos. Balance includes both the good and the evil, often masquerading as each other, but a point comes where dark industries begins to predominate over and swallow the light and that means trouble, big trouble is coming, in order to restore that balance. Just like it says on that bus kiosk map, “You are here”.

The reality of this is as plain as day to the impartial or objective viewer. It’s even becoming evident to the subjective consciousness. We’ve only been playing patty-cake up to this point. The hammer is going to come down big time shortly. I can see that song playing out of street reinforced hummers in some kind of Escape from New York scenario; oh yeah, they don’t make hummers anymore. Well that means they’ll be making another version soon enough.

Silver is about to kick J.P. Morgan’s ass. J.P. Morgan, as you probably know, is a Rothschild front bank. All kinds of interesting acts and operations are going on behind the curtain at the moment and the most self assured and arrogant minds among us are plotting the future, from out of the wreckage of the moment. If only everything else would cooperate, surely they could get it together and stage a new revival of The Gospel of Wealth. What is coming though, is more accurately titled, The Gospel of Pain and Loss.

Oh well... no signs of a massive transformation in the general consciousness yet. Glenn Beck’s been axed from his Fox show but that was from a Little Georgie Sorrows move. The audience at Fox, for their demagogic lineup, is steadily dropping and that’s got to mean something. Are people waking up? A reduction in the audience at Fox Industries would surely be a sign.

Like you, I go through my days with an eye on my own thoughts, words and deeds and an eye on the big picture show. Passover is coming and that most definitely means that Israel is feeling particularly bloody at the moment. Whenever a religious holiday comes up, they get in gear to kill a lot of people. You see, it’s a religious experience for them. That’s why it happens on their religious holidays, because they can get into the things that take them to their most transcendent states. The killing of women and children is not the result of accidental or even callous disregard for life. You can say it’s not hard to hit someone in the most populous place on Earth; made that way by the relentless theft of their former living spaces. You can say that collateral damage is inevitable, when you squeeze human beings into an ever shrinking ghetto but the fact is that they enjoy killing women and children. They do it for pleasure and they do it for sport and they have proven this many times.

Well, all sorts of things are coming up now and every day brings us closer to them; acts of bestial insanity against whoever, wherever, acts by Nature in a Jack in the Box sort of a way, acts in finance that manifest unendurable pressures upon the majority or the planet, acts of immeasurable hypocrisy and boundless cruelty are inevitable given the state of the world at the hands of the shapers, who are only shaping for so long as they are allowed to and that clock is ticking.

I’m wishing all of you good fortune in riding this out; this amusement park ride called Push to Shove. Inevitably, pressed beyond endurance, major forces activate the globe over and then we’ll see what’s what and what is not. Well, we won’t actually see what is not anymore because it will be gone.

End Transmission.......

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Color Ball by Les Visible

Last night’s radio show is available for download now.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Looking for Dr. Pangloss in an Orwellian Nightmare

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“May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Some seek to evade and appease Draconian oppression; hoping it will find their fellows before it finds them. Maybe things will change before that happens. There’s always hope. Some would rather strike blows against the empire but recognize the futility of individual action as any more than a rallying point once they’ve been dispensed with. Of course, others would prefer to become barnacles on the great ship of state, or occupy a near religious position of ‘nearer the trough to me, nearer to me’ and then there are those who are the direct practitioners of the mischief to begin with. A few choose to live outside the matter entirely, also hoping that mischance or pervasion won’t somehow sweep them up in the net.

There’s no getting around the fact that from a certain wide perspective, things have gone horribly wrong. I’m no Dr. Pangloss, but I do try to believe that everything is perfect; I just can’t see it. I don’t mean to say that everything is actually perfect; it would take a rare and enlightened mind to make that case. What I mean is that everything is outworking and in-working toward perfection, as it takes its own sweet time about it (grin). Well, you don’t have to worry about the seeming lassitude of the cosmos on that account anymore. Time is speeding up and conditions are keeping pace.

If things seem to be moving faster, it’s not because they’ve all of a sudden gained some mysterious acceleration, even if that might be true to a degree. The fact is that for a few decades now, deluded individuals and groups have been industrious about setting the stage for an Orwellian nightmare and now they are on the move. Part of that is the result of emerging powers at other points on the Earth. Part of it is the revolutionary fever that is a reaction to naked oppression and part of it is the population/resources dynamic. My take is that it’s only the cosmos driving the good, the bad and the indifferent toward their appointed destiny. The mysterious power of the universe is pressing on everyone, externally and internally, to declare the nature of their being and intentions, so that they can be sorted out for the benefit of the coming age; an age of universal brotherhood.

I’ve seen any number of people who carry on about how the unions, especially government workers, have too much of what too little there is. That is hardly the problem, no matter how you look at it, unless you actually believe the rich and powerful still don’t have enough and deserve more. Maybe you believe that anyone can be successful and rich if they just apply themselves and the reason they are not, is that they do not apply themselves. That’s bullshit. The bankers play with the money flow and create untenable conditions that make such a scenario more and more difficult by the day.

It’s not the unions and the entitlement programs and the demanding poor, along with the prosperous (snicker) middle class that is the problem. The problem is the blood sucking corporations who moved the manufacturing base into Third World sweat shops to maximize profits. The problem is the banks that squeeze every dime in fees they can get out of the population on which they feed and they are assisted in this by the outlaw, law makers who pocket their portion of the swag as a result. The problem is the media, which is an extension of the government, which is an extension of the corporations and banks and which spins transparent lies and discord among the populace. In other words, while you are getting the shit beat out of you, you hear, ‘who are you going to believe, me or your lying flesh’? The problem is insane wars for profit, which take the canon fodder and war expenses out of the lives and pockets of the people, who have little say in the matter and then the arms merchants, bankers and sundry rake in the swag and nothing comes back.

No capitalist system can prosper or endure for long without a prosperous middle class. This is what America ‘had’. Greed however, never loses its appetite and so the corporations eventually bought the governments, lock stock and barrel, even though they owned the majority shares to begin with.

The absolute disgrace of people making billions of dollars a year and ‘actually’ paying few, if any taxes, is a symptom of terminal illness. Without fair and able dealing, the table upon which it takes place is soon sold off for parts. Your system is a dead man walking and that is why perpetual war is the only reaction possible, for the people at the top. Meanwhile, a fascist police presence and constant over reaction, become the order of the day at home; grope fests at the airport to protect you from something that doesn’t exist, except when the government needs to stage it, in order to ratchet up the abuse, random highway stops for the citizens, while the given reason for them moves with impunity where it will.

It’s a simple process to stop the whole thing. The public simply agrees not to pay their taxes, in emulation of the ones who put them in the situation they are in and the public refuses to go to work, thereby bringing down the government. You don’t need guns and you don’t need tanks or airplanes, or you need is to stop contributing to the operating funds of the machine that is grinding you to powder, while it poisons the world in which you live. You can’t do this after you are dead. You have to do while you are still alive.

It’s simple. It’s extremely simple. The problem is that any movement that comes along to benefit the people is immediately co-opted by those oppressing them, who bribe and threaten the leaders. Maybe you could do without leaders for a little while and activate some kind of stadium wave, flash mob principle, except, instead of showing up somewhere, you don’t show up at all and instead of rising in sequential order, you don’t rise at all. Then perhaps the cosmos will lift you up? I don’t know. It’s worth a shot. Look at where you are now. Intimidation is the nature of the beast in these times. Intimidation is government and corporate policy. I suggest that an entire country that suddenly refuses to participate can be pretty intimidating too.

What follows this is that you very swiftly have to demand the dissolution of the central banks and a coming to heel for the corporations. Government power has to be limited and the original documents have to be brought back into operation. In order to do this you have to get rid of The Supreme Court and you have to, top to bottom, clean out the court system. You have to get rid of every politician who doesn’t support the public’s revolution and you have to put constraints on what’s left as well. Israel has to be cut loose completely, because it is an organized crime syndicate that’s taken control of the country(s). State rights need to become preeminent so that localities can live with what they want to live with and not what the majority prefers go elsewhere. Political correctness needs to go to the auto da fe.

Can America and the Crown Colonies accomplish this? They still think their real enemies come from a scorpion infested wilderness of tribal nomads, instead of being home grown. If you can’t accomplish it, you are screwed. You might as well make your funeral preparations now, unless the cosmos wants to step in and the cosmos is stepping in but that means; earthquakes, plagues, famines, wars and marauding bands of road warriors picking the bones of the carcass.

On the one hand, it looks like it all just has to come down and frontier justice needs to be extended to the predators. On the other hand, perhaps that’s all going to be taken care of. On the other hand, I don’t know. These are just things to think about and consider. In any case, the people who most need to read these things will never find their way here but, maybe the cosmos has plans in that regard too.

It comes down to what you can live with. It’s a matter of how much you can take. You’ve got to make up your own mind and so do your neighbors. These predators are not going to suddenly stop being what they are. That’s their nature too. Well, it’s actually a perversion upon Nature and Lady Nature is going to have something to say about that as well. I don’t know where the safe places are and I don’t know what shape it’s going to take. That’s not my department. Stop, look and listen.

End Transmission.......

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Almost A Capella by Les Visible

Monday, April 04, 2011

Gaboon Vipers and Radioactive, Hedge Fund Bankers

{I know you’re waiting for the new Profiles of Evil but I haven’t been in the mood. Maybe it’s because next up is The Rothschilds. Maybe it’s because I am being daily spammed by various yahoos with enormous data on The Rothschilds that I don’t read. It could be this event I’m waiting on and which hasn’t arrived yet and it could be, well, it could be just about anything, couldn’t it? So, we’re back in the Petri Dish for today, in lieu of nothing.}

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘Dogs come from The Devic Realm and there are high beings among them’.

Japan looms large. The drinking water in California is permeated with radioactivity of an alarming potency, providing more opportunities for people like Ann Coulter and the poisoned mind robottroids of the airwaves, who hate our freedoms and are determined to see them removed. Well, you’re looking at it aren’t you?

I don’t want Hellfire and Armageddon to rain down on people but what do you do about the tens of millions of people who listen to these cheap seat demagogues? They have to be awakened to Gaboon vipers in their midst and what do you make of people that keep these things as pets? Have they ever seen the result of a Gaboon viper bite? The poisons that radiate into the dark, environmental testing grounds of radioactive bankers are worse even than this; Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck poison the soul. Radioactive poisoning only kills your body. I’ve heard it said that being inside a nuclear explosion, via a banker owned military bomb, actually affects the condition of the soul. That’s something I don’t know. What I do know is that awakening is mandatory, because tens of millions of formerly human entities are dropping down on to all fours as I write this, in time lapse, real life video.

Some of you are scientists. Most of these specialize and often know little outside of their own and related fields of inquiry. Some of you are religious pundits and may be well-informed about the doctrine and dogma of your particular faith but very little about the others. Within the mysteries of Mother India lies a tradition that is many thousands of years old and possesses a scholasticism and practice that goes far beyond the, “I take it on faith” crowd. There’s something that happens when you allow yourself to be machine fed the controlling mantras of the satanic overlords. Jesus Christ has nothing to do with these things but there’s a whole army of similar, cheap seat demagogues telling them how much Jesus loves them, no matter what they may have turned into as a result. Maybe Jesus does love them, in terms of potential but I see where he said a lot of other things too, as the fire and brimstone crowd are fond of pointing out.

My business, if I have one, is tracking the source of the waters of truth to the secret springs from which they come upon the Earth. I’m not looking for watered down and polluted liquids that poison the minds of the populace and make them canon fodder for radioactive bankers.

The people of Japan are crying out for somewhere to go. If they’re getting poisoned in California then what, pray tell, is happening to them in Japan? Meanwhile G.E. pays no taxes, gets a tax credit of billions (without paying any taxes to generate a credit) and waving a dismissive hand about that unfortunate accident in Japan, that they had nothing to do with. The greed heads in Japan took the payoffs from the corporate demon and then shafted their own fellows with the results.

Woe unto you motherfuckers. Sooner or later your notes are coming due and are you contrite and working to undo the damage you caused? No, you’re smirking, secure in your power base and the fealty of politicians at your feet, while you conceal all the wonders of Tesla; steal his work and suppress and hide it. There’s got to be a pack of Zionists close to this action. There always is. There are few terms that contain more truth than, “Synagogue of Satan”.

As I said, I try to track the waters of truth and revelation to their sources, which are in The East. What is born in the East is meant to flower in The West. Those who wish to know more about reincarnation and the transmigration of the soul, as well as possess the mechanisms for the upward bound, should well consider what The East has to offer. I’ve nothing against getting your wisdom from whatever light engages your fancy but until you realize that it all comes from one and that separation of beliefs into ‘them’ and ‘us’ are for discordant puppets, jerking on the devil’s strings, then you haven’t found or learned anything. You can take it on faith as much as you like, but without inquiry and things proven by risk and determination, you have no foundation.

I’ve said that the path of Bhakti is the safest and sanest path in these times and I stand by that but there’s more to the effort than just blind acceptance of things not proven. This is why you are the playthings and tormented instruments of radioactive bankers. Where is the concerted effort of the whole world at this moment in consideration of Japan? You’re all in Japan but you don’t speak Japanese. You’re tools of your tormentors but... that’s going to change, whether you do anything about it or not. Weeping and lamentation is on the program and... it doesn’t have to be but... you’re dreaming. You think you’re awake but you’re dreaming.

The hour is late. You’re listening to liars, while deadly poisons swirl in the air around you and what’s coming has just begun. Cosmically, “the hip bones connected to the leg bone, the leg bones connected to the knee bone”. It’s all one, in more ways than people realize. The enemy of useful and fulfilling life is not hard to find. Look to the controllers of the quality of life and those who make enemies out of whomever they wish to plunder and destroy. Look to the mouthpieces that defend the policies. Look to the functionaries who carry it all out. Look to the origins of the currencies that finance the horrors that are before you today.

There is more to the awakening light than one might surmise on first consideration. It’s of a particular order and it contains the destiny resolution of all things within it. Every single destiny is measured against this and found to be what it is in the scales of the absolute. This isn’t religion. This is ancient science and it’s all written there still for those who care enough to look. That’s another feature of a time of darkness. People aren’t inclined to look beyond the satisfaction of their appetites and desires. That’s why you’ve got shrink wrapped, chemical experiments for your table on the one hand and epidemic pornography, of every stripe, for the narrow confines of a collective mind, which bypassed the heart to hook into the genitals. You’re living in radioactive banker world and life cannot survive in that environment. It’s only a matter of time before catastrophe and contagious madness take the stage. When you’re going the wrong way en masse, you are on the clock; tick, tock.

All the fables and fairy tales, all the allegories and parables carry the warnings of mindless excess, inflamed by a poisoned mind. All the good books tell the story. The story isn’t new. It’s always the same story; it only differs by degree in relation to the preponderance of darkness or light.

People ask me, where are all the good things I’ve been talking about. Don’t cherry pick. I’ve been clear all along about the dire state of these times. You don’t get the best of it until the worst of it has been neutralized or quarantined ...and you don’t get that without heavy lessons for those attached to the wrong side of the equation. “Good judgment comes from experience and most of that comes from bad judgment”. Awaken, do it now.

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