Monday, April 04, 2011

Gaboon Vipers and Radioactive, Hedge Fund Bankers

{I know you’re waiting for the new Profiles of Evil but I haven’t been in the mood. Maybe it’s because next up is The Rothschilds. Maybe it’s because I am being daily spammed by various yahoos with enormous data on The Rothschilds that I don’t read. It could be this event I’m waiting on and which hasn’t arrived yet and it could be, well, it could be just about anything, couldn’t it? So, we’re back in the Petri Dish for today, in lieu of nothing.}

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘Dogs come from The Devic Realm and there are high beings among them’.

Japan looms large. The drinking water in California is permeated with radioactivity of an alarming potency, providing more opportunities for people like Ann Coulter and the poisoned mind robottroids of the airwaves, who hate our freedoms and are determined to see them removed. Well, you’re looking at it aren’t you?

I don’t want Hellfire and Armageddon to rain down on people but what do you do about the tens of millions of people who listen to these cheap seat demagogues? They have to be awakened to Gaboon vipers in their midst and what do you make of people that keep these things as pets? Have they ever seen the result of a Gaboon viper bite? The poisons that radiate into the dark, environmental testing grounds of radioactive bankers are worse even than this; Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck poison the soul. Radioactive poisoning only kills your body. I’ve heard it said that being inside a nuclear explosion, via a banker owned military bomb, actually affects the condition of the soul. That’s something I don’t know. What I do know is that awakening is mandatory, because tens of millions of formerly human entities are dropping down on to all fours as I write this, in time lapse, real life video.

Some of you are scientists. Most of these specialize and often know little outside of their own and related fields of inquiry. Some of you are religious pundits and may be well-informed about the doctrine and dogma of your particular faith but very little about the others. Within the mysteries of Mother India lies a tradition that is many thousands of years old and possesses a scholasticism and practice that goes far beyond the, “I take it on faith” crowd. There’s something that happens when you allow yourself to be machine fed the controlling mantras of the satanic overlords. Jesus Christ has nothing to do with these things but there’s a whole army of similar, cheap seat demagogues telling them how much Jesus loves them, no matter what they may have turned into as a result. Maybe Jesus does love them, in terms of potential but I see where he said a lot of other things too, as the fire and brimstone crowd are fond of pointing out.

My business, if I have one, is tracking the source of the waters of truth to the secret springs from which they come upon the Earth. I’m not looking for watered down and polluted liquids that poison the minds of the populace and make them canon fodder for radioactive bankers.

The people of Japan are crying out for somewhere to go. If they’re getting poisoned in California then what, pray tell, is happening to them in Japan? Meanwhile G.E. pays no taxes, gets a tax credit of billions (without paying any taxes to generate a credit) and waving a dismissive hand about that unfortunate accident in Japan, that they had nothing to do with. The greed heads in Japan took the payoffs from the corporate demon and then shafted their own fellows with the results.

Woe unto you motherfuckers. Sooner or later your notes are coming due and are you contrite and working to undo the damage you caused? No, you’re smirking, secure in your power base and the fealty of politicians at your feet, while you conceal all the wonders of Tesla; steal his work and suppress and hide it. There’s got to be a pack of Zionists close to this action. There always is. There are few terms that contain more truth than, “Synagogue of Satan”.

As I said, I try to track the waters of truth and revelation to their sources, which are in The East. What is born in the East is meant to flower in The West. Those who wish to know more about reincarnation and the transmigration of the soul, as well as possess the mechanisms for the upward bound, should well consider what The East has to offer. I’ve nothing against getting your wisdom from whatever light engages your fancy but until you realize that it all comes from one and that separation of beliefs into ‘them’ and ‘us’ are for discordant puppets, jerking on the devil’s strings, then you haven’t found or learned anything. You can take it on faith as much as you like, but without inquiry and things proven by risk and determination, you have no foundation.

I’ve said that the path of Bhakti is the safest and sanest path in these times and I stand by that but there’s more to the effort than just blind acceptance of things not proven. This is why you are the playthings and tormented instruments of radioactive bankers. Where is the concerted effort of the whole world at this moment in consideration of Japan? You’re all in Japan but you don’t speak Japanese. You’re tools of your tormentors but... that’s going to change, whether you do anything about it or not. Weeping and lamentation is on the program and... it doesn’t have to be but... you’re dreaming. You think you’re awake but you’re dreaming.

The hour is late. You’re listening to liars, while deadly poisons swirl in the air around you and what’s coming has just begun. Cosmically, “the hip bones connected to the leg bone, the leg bones connected to the knee bone”. It’s all one, in more ways than people realize. The enemy of useful and fulfilling life is not hard to find. Look to the controllers of the quality of life and those who make enemies out of whomever they wish to plunder and destroy. Look to the mouthpieces that defend the policies. Look to the functionaries who carry it all out. Look to the origins of the currencies that finance the horrors that are before you today.

There is more to the awakening light than one might surmise on first consideration. It’s of a particular order and it contains the destiny resolution of all things within it. Every single destiny is measured against this and found to be what it is in the scales of the absolute. This isn’t religion. This is ancient science and it’s all written there still for those who care enough to look. That’s another feature of a time of darkness. People aren’t inclined to look beyond the satisfaction of their appetites and desires. That’s why you’ve got shrink wrapped, chemical experiments for your table on the one hand and epidemic pornography, of every stripe, for the narrow confines of a collective mind, which bypassed the heart to hook into the genitals. You’re living in radioactive banker world and life cannot survive in that environment. It’s only a matter of time before catastrophe and contagious madness take the stage. When you’re going the wrong way en masse, you are on the clock; tick, tock.

All the fables and fairy tales, all the allegories and parables carry the warnings of mindless excess, inflamed by a poisoned mind. All the good books tell the story. The story isn’t new. It’s always the same story; it only differs by degree in relation to the preponderance of darkness or light.

People ask me, where are all the good things I’ve been talking about. Don’t cherry pick. I’ve been clear all along about the dire state of these times. You don’t get the best of it until the worst of it has been neutralized or quarantined ...and you don’t get that without heavy lessons for those attached to the wrong side of the equation. “Good judgment comes from experience and most of that comes from bad judgment”. Awaken, do it now.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

There's widespread falicy about the nature and effect of business and corporate inome taxes. The fact is that you can raise them to a ceiling of 99.999% and the increase will be passed off to consumers in increased prices.

I have a copy of my grandfather's 1947 business income tax return. He was assessed 140% and paid it. In 1948 he failed to pay. In 1949 a Soviet court found him guilty of failing to pay his taxes and of being an ememy of the proletariat.
He was shipped to Siberia with the standard 15+15.

The only ones that win are those that take a small fraction of every transaction


Tom Frum

PS: I appealed the verdict against my grandfather in 1991 and it was overturned. He died in 1956. God rest Gramps!

Wandering Sage said...

Time has come to build an ark to weather the coming flood. We need our body healthy and our mind clear so that we can navigate the waters ahead.

wishing you much peace,

Anonymous said...

Some GOOD info., Les,
I've been aware for a long time now, that I'm taking it "Up The Ass" from TPTB. And I also am a firm believer that it aint good sex if you don't "Fuck Back" and get a "Little" on Ya.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible. Who am I really to say, but this is 1000% excellent piece of work. My god, you are an excellent writer. Those links you gave are also amazing. Thank you. I once read somewhere that 95% of all tax evasion is perpetrated by the multi-nationals.

I really hope I'm awake enough, if at all :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a really sobering post. Les, one can only hope your words will not only fall on the ears of the choir. Awakening is paramount for an end to radioactive bankers (nice term) a la Rothschild.

Speaking of Evelyn and his ilk, what is the form or content of what you are being spammed by? Just curious.

I was also thinking today about the various reports surfacing that immense 'free' energy sources were identified by Tesla but that this information was quickly rounded up and suppressed from general knowledge, so that the status quo of debt slavery through the control of oil and other traditional energy sources could be maintained.

We really do need an intevention by God - however we peceive him to be - in order to topple the international banker pyramid because they have grown so omnipotent in the world they now control whole nation's armies to do their bidding to achieve their goals of a mononation of earth. Look at Libya right now.

Juri Lina from Estonia wrote in his book 'Under the sign of the scorpion' about the extemination of ca 150 million civilians during the so called Russian revolution.

Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin were all zionists. To speak against the new regime was punishable by death. Primary sources from the 40's reveal the party line for responding to dissention: "Call them fascists, then call them nazis, then call them anti-semitic."

According to Juri Lina the entire Russian holocaust was lead by zionists who said openly: "90% of the people must be ready to die in order for the remaining 10 to prosper." (Psychopathology?)

As an aside remember the MSM lied to us about who did 9/11. How much about Hiltler is aslo MSM (zionist controlled) lies and propaganda, and how much was Hitler being aware of the genocide occurring in Russia? He did not kill the zionists outright but rather put them in work camps with sometmes had dentists, doctors and even the occaisional swimming pool. They died of starvation and desease. Horrible and wrong but nothing compared with the holocaust of 150 million Russians at the hands of the zionists. I fully subscibe to the Red Cross 1949 account of 366,000 total deaths and no gas chambers (except for delousing clothes with ziclone B).

9/11 was falsely blamed on arabs for geopolitical gain. Why would it be far fetched to believe the holocaust was blamed on Germans for geopolitical gain?

The plan for the communism of Russia was to spread it out over all the world.

Can it be that zionism is just another 'ism' who's goal is to enslave the whole world? I believe that is exactly what the plan is and what is happening right now.

We are all going to wake up homeless and hungry in the countries our forefathers worked to establish. The zionists will hold the keys to our houses and to the grain cellar. We will all be enslaved.

193 of 197 countries an counting.

Only Iran, Sudan, North Korea and Cuba remain.

God, where are you? We really need you now, right now.

Neko Kinoshita said...

There's my song again.

Awesome stuff.

I have twice today found tears running down my face while joy floods through my being without any effort on my part at all.

I would ask you what it means, but the answer, like all of them, is within.

Yeah, here's a hint, PUT DOWN THE FORK!

Food for the soul is to be found in seeing how sping move forward, in total defiance of the worst they can do to the world.

Change is coming, when it is done, the trees will be trees, the streams, streams, and the mountains, mountains. The difference is not in the world, but in the way we percieve it.

Flowers are popping out of the edge of the woods, here in the cul-de-sac, not everything in the dumpster is trash.


wv: kedos - compliments with tennis shoes

gurnygob said...

Some signs of the times.

Les I caught the BBC news this morning and one of the big articles was about the up-coming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (blessem :) It seems all the young 20 something girls all over the US are booking salon appointments to have their hair styled like Kate’s and the jewellers are doing a roaring business selling rings in the style of the miserable couple’s, happy couple’s, engagement ring.

These women are living in a fantasy world, their heads turned by trinkets and unattainable dreams. Empty heads is what they are. I would say there are a lot of men who live in the same world.

These people are the next generation of Teachers, Doctors, scientists, Politicians, Lawyers, Business people, News reporters and so on.

I know this phenomenon is not confined to US alone. Every country in the world is suffering from the same mind sickness and I expect the present world situation has come about largely from the last generation of empty heads who are now in power.
Some of your readers are inquiring about near future events like 2012, wars, earthquakes, and signs and so on and many are fearful, myself included, but to be honest, after watching this I thought shit, if this is an example of future generations I think I would rather jump ship now and be done with the whole freaking lot. I have witnessed some scary things in my life growing up in Belfast but this wave of self-centred witlessness; mind-numbing, stomach-churning empty headedness is way scarier than even that. The thought of being locked in a room with someone like that gives me the heebeegeebees.

“Oh I want a look like Kate she’s so beautiful. Its every girls dream to be a princecess”,,,,,yea when your fucking 5 or 7years old you stupid,,,,,,someone give me a stick or something!!!

I can’t help it. When I see people like this and realised that they actually believe they are living in the real world it makes me mad. I suppose that’s what I get for watching the BBC !!!!!! :(


Anonymous said...

The zionists are threatening Wayne Maden's life. He is an independent journalist with lots of sources world wide. He is planning on leaving the country - that's how serious the threat on his life is. I'm posting this so the Obama-zio's are fully exposed to what they're trying to do.

Stay safe Les, although I think you are protected, as you already know.

Anonymous said...

Here I sit in the cross hairs. (San Francisco).
It is certainly not by choice.
Although my work serves to support the slave masters, I did not choose that.
Even though I am a builder, I despise the money changer game with a passion.
God has blessed me with a place to live and an opportunity to serve others. Since I have no investments, property or money it is obvious that I can not extricate myself from this situation through my own efforts. I do not feel that my mind is poisoned by the vipers, because I do not listen to them. I am listening to you Les.
As the chemtrails and radiation fall upon my head I seek the Divine because that is all that is left to me. Perhaps I am meant to be destroyed with the blind. If that is so, then I accept. In the meantime my only wish is that God would use me for the greater good.
I wish to shine.
I firmly believe that everyone, in whatever circumstance of life, will have this happen to them as well as I. God will ensure that you lose every material thing and distraction that clouds your mind so that all that remains is him. God.....I am listening what will you have me do next?


Josey Wales ll said...


"Pain is the pathway to Growth", I have built a sizable account of the former and continue to seek the "True Path" to the "One". I don't want that pain to go wasted and often ask that these "pain Credits" be used for the greater good of those who need them most, and seek help with a kind and humble heart.

My understanding is that if we want something bad enough, that will not hurt us or anyone else, give the equivalent of it away, and that this is a sure way to expand consciousness and get closer to our creator.

The profiles can wait, we all know of the unlimited scumbags that outdo each other for the highest honors. I don't want it to diminish your heart in the process of re-thinking what they've done.

Thanks Les,


Unknown said...

Just gotta remember. Life is temporary (if not over-rated), but existence is forever. We're just passin' though here, though many do it quite a few times.

One more awesome post, where I have dragged the link to my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les - Thanks for the info and inspiration. I'm in Sacramento, California and am drinking spring water. I find it hard to get info on the radiation. I'm taking kelp tabs, blue-green algae, spirulina. You are the best. I doubt if this will get through (it never does). But, if not, I'll e-mail it. I haven't wanted to do that as you said your e-mail was loaded up. You're on point, Les. There is no other. Got your back.
Love, Melchizedek

Anonymous said...

"just another feature of a time of darkness. People aren’t inclined to look beyond the satisfaction of their appetites and desires. That’s why you’ve got shrink wrapped, chemical experiments for your table on the one hand and epidemic pornography, of every stripe, for the narrow confines of a collective mind, which bypassed the heart to hook into the genitals. You’re living in radioactive banker world and life cannot survive in that environment. It’s only a matter of time before catastrophe and contagious madness take the stage. When you’re going the wrong way en masse, you are on the clock; tick, tock."
WELL SAID!Great piece!
They say they FOUND 50 men in Japan willing to give their lives to attempt to stop the nuclear melt downs in progress,That in itself disproves the above EXCEPT in the USA,where it is very true.
Where is the media on these heros,this aint american idol dude,this is real time.Americans always do the ostridge thingie with their heads in a hole in the ground ass in the air, now im SAFE.
The real heros are still around lest watch and learn from them, one comment ask where the good sstuff is, I say that the good people are in japan right now helping or trying to help,Norweigans,Swedish,French,GreenPeace,ect.,where are the Americans?

abe said...

Absolutely Les - I had to comment after the first sentence about dogs.
Those creatures are absolutely divine. From the Persians, to the Indo-Aryans, to the Native and Meso Americans - Mankind has intuitively grasped the inner deity of our canine friends.

I can imagine the first yogi, thousands of years ago, sitting under a bodhi tree in Northern India - seeing a half domesticated wolf pup walk by and give him a soulful stare reminiscent of the love the Supreme has for all creation, and the rest as they say... is history.

wv: doggerel - poetry written by mutts, for mutts.

Richard said...

Les, your eloquent capacity to express paths to hope among all the bullshit keeps growing.
As long as we keep the sweet loving feeling of Love in our Heart, no matter what, including the occasional heel -of-the- shoe on the roaches( when the moment is right) the frequency will keep growing, and harmony keep increasing inspite of the radioactive bankers.
Like a Samurai, in complete obedience to Bushido, wielding the blade or drinking tea, maintaining Love in one's own Heart in a constant manner is the key. Not to slight Arjuna or Krishna, but it is' Fu*k u shima' that is now the battleground.
Hugs from one dog to another

tim said...

Les and all;
For those of you who are seriously interested in Tesla, I want to again share 2 articles from "the spirit of Maat" website:
"The truth about ZP technology" by Celest Adams and "the world of free energy" by Peter Lindemann. Technology is discussed, but the reasons for it being suppressed are discussed better than anything I've read. Les...p.161 "Life and Times of Nikola Tesla" The year 1895 was a pecular one.The US government was nearing bankruptcy. In the panic of 1893 bondholders wished to secure gold instead of paper money. President Cleveland had asked August Bellmont, a wealthy jewish businessman, and backer of the Westinghouse corporation, to meet with the European rothchilds to secure replacement gold reserves." Enough said for now....

mark in texas said...

"The Masque of the Red Death" is a story that came to mind when reading your fine piece today. The story never seems to change, except it is now in Super Technicolor.

Visible said...

Heh heh, well, in the spirit of universal brotherhood, I am getting death threats from the people at SOTT, which goes to prove that you don't have to do or say anything once people have gone mad. I don't know why they're launching this at me; threatening to piss on my grave and perform various injuries at the opportunity. I'm only mentioning it for the historical record. This always happens when you run afoul of these would be . Ron Hubbard wannabes and, as in my case, you don't have to do anything (and I didn't). These things come out of the very thin air of manufactured cult insanity.

I'm not troubled about it or giving it a thought. I just thought I would pass it on.

tim said...

I should have made this clearer. Tesla's genius and Westinghouse's engineering created what we today call the electrical grid. As you can see from the above book quote, Westinghouse was controlled by jewish money.

Anonymous said...

unavoidable and inevitable -therefore, it's into the ring of fire

Anonymous said...

Thank you, LV.

I only wish there could be less suffering of all beings.

I found some Vialls articles from the WayBack Machine.


the idosyncratic cyclone Jan 2003

Jan 2005 the special tsunami, of relevance now

Best to all.

Richard said...

Hey Les what did you expect???
How dare you, in your off-handed manner suggest that Knights should NOT live in castles ( ostentatious or opulent chateau ), after all it goes with the territory of the aristocratic service to humanity. And to sooo sublimely suggest that you, a K addict, do not find the Dames of the Knight castle attractive, even though in such a feminine fashion they threaten to take you on and throw you about ???

What, you think that stepping on peoples 'corns', as they do practice the Fourth Way after all, will let you off scott-free ( Irish-free in this case) ???? After all getting crystallized in man-number-five is the goal !!!!! Go drink some Armagnac, be an instant asshole ( or an Idiot, as Mr. G would say, although I am not sure if it is number 19 or 20. After all, being a friend of the Divine is a term of the Sufi's ) . Or have a chat with Lord Ayahuasca you 'corn' stepper, you.

Woof, woof, from the dog nation

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:59

I had read Juri Lina's work years ago, and around the same time this -

To say Under The Sign of the Scorpion in particular was a real eye-opener for me would be an understatement to the extreme. Not only does it help put the history of WW2 into better perspective...but current events as well, and quite frighteningly at that, more so than any other book I've read in years.

It isn't just the "international banker pyramid"; like zionism it's just another -ism at their disposal. They have endless -ism's.

The whole mess we're in does make me weep, but not sure which more so - this entity's grip and control over humanity over millennia, or the fact that they're just donkey masters(in that they can't really enslave or control anything greater than the equivalent of donkeys and asses. yet they still have so much "success" with it. what does this speak of humanity, if not them? and speaking of enslavement, I have to say the NOI's Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews was another eye-opener for me, both in regards to US history and current state of affairs)

Visible said...

Well Richard; I've got no beef with them but they're at me in he comments section and emails with some very unpleasant dialogue and talk of dire happenings for me, most of its directed for the radio show which I was at pains to keep non identified. I don't mind them living in a big chateau and I hope they can get past this Scientology thing they're pushing. I guess I'm just grateful none of that sort of thing is operational around here.

I'd have left off even commenting on it a couple of days ago but I've been getting pestered for a response on all the things they are saying about me and it's easier to do this sort of thing wholesale instead of one email at a time. I'm so far behind in my emails.

I'm off to the upper astral for the rest of the night. I'll see you all in the morning.

Thomas said...

Holy shit Les, this is wicked good!! Another one of your best, in my humblest oppinion. It's very enlightening to "witness" how you so gracefully let yourself be forged in the fires of Armageddon, ever purer, it seems. Thanks for all that you share.

Much Love to Everyone

(neko: beautiful comment... I remember you saying at some point that you couldn't write. I'd have to disagree... :))

mick said...

you're a brilliant guy.
a lot of the time.

but if you get captured by the left, and rail against the right -- you are honestly just another dumb mother fucker.

stop that bullshit, and stop telling us about the bad people in your life.

that doesn't matter. they are much smaller than you are.

you have more to tell us than that.

don't forget who you are.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
I often visit sott, it does provide some interesting articles. However I became aware of the self promotion of the lady in charge, and couldn't help thinking it's a money making vehicle for her. I'm always suspicious of people who sell their spiritual snakeoil as a panacea for all problems. Whereas when I read your blogs, I never doubt your sincerity.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Visible.
I got this small post from the expansions page which i read frequently. I thought it was good for what's been happening to you and to many others.
Love always, Debbie. :)
"This is why if you want to destroy a person, you infiltrate his/her mind. If you want to destroy a group, you infiltrate the group.

If you want to destroy an organization, or a nation, you always infiltrate from the inside. You determine the vulnerable and weak frequencies, find an entry point into them, and you are in the door. Once in the door, you can go wherever you want, wreaking havoc without stop.

Anytime you work on releasing your vulnerabilities and weaknesses, their emanations grow stronger as they surface. Until they are out of your system and up into your Oversoul and God-Mind, your life can become extremely turbulent as you literally fight off all the similar frequencies which you attract during this time of releasing.

To the outside world, you may appear vulnerable and weak. You may have people who you thought were supportive friends attack you. This is because your inner work magnifies their vulnerabilities and weaknesses, thus this is what they see in you.

Be prepared for everything to get worse before it gets better. This is the nature of the beast. Surviving this kind of bombardment means that you are an extremely strong and powerful person. This is truly a “trial by fire.”

Once you understand the totality of the process, getting through it becomes less uncomfortable. This does not make the process easy, but at least it makes it understandable. Make a vow to beat the odds. Refuse to be a part of your own self-destruction from the inside out. The End."

K said...

"I try to track the waters of truth and revelation to their sources, which are in The East."


I would also suggest cultivating contact with the source of all that is [the ineffable One] if you'd rather bypass East-West etc., stuff entirely.
But to give due recognition, I must admit to Yoga and Tai Chi helping to guide my path in the very beginning God bless it. I owe Avalokitesvara a debt of gratitude. Big ups and so forth.

Compassion is the order of the day, that's what gets scrutinized when you're over on the other side.

How did you treat other sentient life - great and small - during your journey? Were you kind, loving, thoughtful, considerate, humble? Were you hateful, self -centered, dismissive, inclined to look the other way?

The time to ask oneself these questions is now.

Despite everything, I take a devoted breath of relief as Mother Nature awakens to reclaim herself in her full majesty.

Richard said...

Les, I understand that OT's ( operating Thetans ) are available for hire, and ever since there has been wholesale graduation of them since late '70s, the costs are at fire-sale prices , should L-Ron's wannabes give astral troubles.
Heck, ever since some went on Bardo trips with EJ Gold, Dharmic requirements will cause them to provide protections for free.
Have some Armagnac brother, guaranteed from keeping you from losing 'sleep' ,and making one an instant idiot. As the Sufi saying goes, unless your enemies are more than a 100, you know that you are not yet a friend of the Divine.
May your nose always be wet, and the scent of Roses fill your garden.
Woof woof from the dog nation

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

You wrote - "only a matter of time before catastrophe and contagious madness take the stage."

Yes, I believe that. And in the meantime life has to go on. If one do not have faith in a Greater Power, one would feel helpless and alone in this radioactive banker world. Time indeed to wake up and search for The One, The One that could give patience to the restless, The One that could give hope for the helpless, The One that could give peace to the chaotic soul.

This is indeed our fate - Our Administered fate - fate administered by the radioactive criminal minds of the Evil Dajjal Worshipping Zionists of the world. Where is the beauty of living, when you see around you, crippled, deformed, ugly human beings walking so dejectedly around and all these thanks to the Satanic Laughing Mind of the Bankers. We could have stopped them, if we woke up sooner, but we did not. We kept on dreaming that there would be a Superman or Batman that would save the world. Live on, dream on and then wake up breathing the radioactive air all around.

God is indeed Most Gracious and Most Merciful. He would not let His beloved servants live in this radioactive, contaminated world for too long. Natural Fate would step in. The world around us would not be fit to be lived in sooner or later. There would be an end. But before that, He with His Mercy would bring out the "Superman" that we had been longing for. InshaAllah - God Willing - He would be the one that would defeat their King - The Dajjal. And he would be the one that would save the world from these evil, satanic, inhuman beings that control the world now.

This is our only hope. Something to look forward to. Or else, life is not worth living right now.

Nur Ilahi

Sunday Press said...

You said it right Les there are really high beings among dogs:

Anonymous said...

I would like to know who are these people or beings,doing all this bad shit.Visible calls them the neo-pharisees,the bad guys,the bankers,or the rothschilds,tribe or what not.

So tell me who in tha fuck are they?

Anonymous said...

radioactive consciousness
uranium induced
banksters in delusional
doom within infused
urinating situations
of terminating life
filling pockets with dischord
payments made in strife
but the fires of within a man
harmonicly inspired
rise the living essences
the flames of reaching higher
climbing up the mountain
the tip of living reach
radiating essences
of masters lesson teach


Anonymous said...

Anon 7:38,

"They" are the following:

A zionist gangster family who own the creation of money in 193 of 197 countries in the world. This situation has been legalised in all 193 countries. It is the law that only the gangster family can create money. The money created out of thin air is loaned at interest to the government and to the citizens of each country. By controlling the creation of money the gangster family directly controls everthing which costs money which occurs in each of the 193 countries. Further the gangster family has created their own country which can carry out actions which a simple gangster family can not. The gangster family controls the politicians or 'rulers' in every country they create the money in. The gangster family directly control almost all of the media in the countries in which they create the money. The gangster family through the politicians and 'rulers' they control command the armies of those countries in which they create money to wage physical war against any people or country which opposes the gangster family.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild is the chief gangster. B'nai Brith, Masons, Illuminati, IMF, WTO, BIS, World Bank, CFR, Trilateral Commission and many other groups and individuals are underlings to the primary gangster family - "they".

Josh in North Carolina said...

Dog Poet transmitting said...

"Dogs come from the Devic Realm and their are high beings among them."

Ya don't say huh Vis?

Me, I've come across many dogs on my walks that I've taken over the years. I've seen many personality types in the dogs that I come upon. Some are friendly and curious and loving. Some are very laid back, almost like deep thinkers. Some are enthusiastic and exictable, and on more than one occasion I have been graced with a walking companion throughout my short journey. You know, the loose hunting dog in the country or the escaped neighborhood yard dog who wants to go around town with me. Some are different. Some are bullies, and expect me to walk a very wide path around them, as if I should bow to them while in their presence. Some are loud and territorial. Some are overly aggressive, and rush upon me with teeth bared within seconds of our meeting. No matter what, all of them are loyal to their masters. It seems that many dogs have a tendency to take on the same personality that their master displays.

All in all, it seems dogs, are similiar, to people.

Good post once again, Les, on the matters that are affecting us all. I don't have any wise words to add, just trying here to get more from the adventure, and maybe one day help others get more from the adventure as well.

Maybe some entertaining thoughts(hopefully), from the perch of this humble owl, high in his tree,

Pond Owl

Anonymous said...

Mike Rivero is now under suspicion of gate keeping:

1) he denies a missile hit the pentagon on 9/11. He continues disinformation that an airplane hit on 9/11.

2) he refuses to honestly consider the no-planes possibilty.

3) his office/studio is said to be in Telaviv.

4) he refuses to discuss the possibility of Haarp in precipitating 3/11.

5) he refuses to discuss the reality of stuxnet in the nuclear plant melt down according to the following Ralph Langer video filmed in February (sic) 2011.

Something is beginning to seem fishy with Mike Rivero. My spider-senses are tingling


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Free Will isn't What it Cracks up to Be.

Josh in North Carolina said...

Oh, and I would like to add, just for observation or discussion or fun or whatever, that the word verification words that I get are EXTREMELY EYE-OPENING. It has amused me to see others commenting on the same thing and this occurence has happened to me as well on multiple occasions. I'm not suprised any more now when it happens it has occured so much. In fact, what I dreamed about last night was my word verification a few moments ago. I have also had my innermost thoughts, my mind read if you will, put in front of me on screen before as the verification word. Also have had exactly what I was writing about in my blog comment show up as the verification word. I can imagine and decipher multiple meanings from this occurence, all kinds of meanings, both good and bad, but I think it is safe to say there is some sort of connection there in any case. It happens too much to be happenstance.

Hoot Hoot, from yonder tree, hopefully entertaining or a bit useful,

Pond Owl

Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to say anything but since you brought it up...Bhakti. It has always irked me that the criminal "overground" distort this "thing called Love. to be sex or sworn commitment to ONLY one other. That kind of "love" is not Bhakti. Bhakti is the tears in my eyes when I smell smoking crematoriums tended by eyeless slaves and wish it were me. It is the unselfish love that gives Its love to who I was in order to make me into what I can be. It's Visible. OK? How lucky am I to be here to say how much I appreciate what you are doing for those still lost in the Ego Wars? Well maybe "lucky" isn't the exact word. It's about the joy of a cup running over knowing that You are one with the eternal source and done carrying water for hatred and ignorance. Alphie sez "Own your love"

Anonymous said...

Stay strong, Les Visible and all the good folks here. As long as there is Hope, all is not lost no matter how bad things seem.

You know, being an insatiably curious person, I went and looked for a possible reason for why would the cassiopeian forum (who I didn't know anything about beforehand) folks would target you. It's one of your litmus tests.

I read the intro here:
Here are words from Laura:

I get really irritated with people who are "holocaust deniers," when they try to say that 6 million Jews were not systematically murdered by the Nazi war machine. But I get equally irritated by those who forget about the deaths of the other 59 million people.

There you have it. Really irritated.

Right before, she talks about 'suggestions' and hands out an excuse with the biggest pile of chutzpah about reincarnation I have ever seen:

There has also been some suggestion that many Nazis are now being reincarnated as Jews in the present time which would go a long way toward explaining the Fascist flavor of "Zionism."

I don't think I have to explain this?

Snake Sage

Visible said...

She says this?

"I get really irritated with people who are "holocaust deniers," when they try to say that 6 million Jews were not systematically murdered by the Nazi war machine."

That speaks volumes, even more so for a professed researcher. It explains the Soros connection. That one sentence makes everything else suspect; to parrot the Zionist line with the truth in massive proliferation to the contrary all around is breathtaking. I had no idea.

Anonymous said...

Yep (you can use search function for holocaust if you don't want to go through the whole link to find the quote), and I had no idea before today either.

In context, she's pretty much disparaging the whole concept of prayer, asking God and how positive thinking just doesn't work. And is of course selling her only version of technospiritual truth.

People shouldn't play Monopoly with Truth, or Risk with Mother Earth as a playing board.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

"People shouldn't play Monopoly with Truth, or Risk with Mother Earth as a playing board."

Great line, Snake Sage!

~ Miriam

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Miriam.

Snake Sage

Serena said...

Hey Les

OMG - Sott making death threats!!! Just read in the comments. Eeesh!

I recall during a rather nasty divorce proceeding my ex-husband became totally unglued. And believe me, I wasn't being the jerk going after him. I was just supposed to "get out" and I was the one trying to be reasonable. So, I busted him in a lie about his investment income and I produced proof to my attorney and his. Now, I already had him making death threats against me prior to this. When he was presented with this proof, he went ballistic. He began jumping up and down holding his crotch with one hand and flippin' me off with the other, screaming fuck you, fuck you. I stood there totally emotionless, but I remember thinking in wonder if he even considered how ridiculous he looked. Then he literally got in my face and began screaming, "When you die, I'm gonna piss on your grave, I'm gonna shit on your grave....." and on and on. I just stood there and in my head I was wondering what kind of sick person thinks of this stuff. I was thinking that at the end of all this I just wanted to go my way and he could go his and I'll probably never even know when he dies cuz I didn't wanna know any more about him. Then, mid-stream in this little verbal tirade he stopped, and I wondered if he had finally come to his senses. WRONG!! Apparently, the thought occurred to him that maybe I wouldn't be buried and I would be cremated. Then, he launched into a tirade about what he would do in that case. THAT'S when I became worried. Who contemplates stuff like this?? Trippy when people show what they are about, huh?

I went back to the Sott forum because I wanted to parse out LKJ's M.O. I went back and carefully noted how/what her behavior and words were. Sheesh, that woman is a nasty piece of work. It walks, it talks, it slithers like a reptile. She has her little followers make all the nasty comments with her goading, and she never directly attacks, it's always "someone brought her attention to" something you said at SM. Then has gobs of quotes copied from SM. And I vaguely remember other persons she virtually incited attacks on in much the same way, so you have company. I imagine someone will expose her eventually or she'll lose it and shoot herself in the foot one too many times.

So, I now know what disturbed me about her and her work. Anyway, I believe you handled it well and I truly hope this will soon be behind you. There's so much other stuff to put one's energy into that is far more beneficial. I'm sorry you have to deal with all this nastiness.

She even takes pics from her hospital beds which is the very thing she says psychopaths do.

Visible said...


I'm sorry for that woman. She's not going to come to a good end, acting as she does. I get but I don't get why the claims I saw being made about me (a few were emailed to me) were from anonymous people; because there's no there there.

Ive come to the conclusion that she is being paid or encouraged (for gain) to do this. She won't affect my readership and she won't affect me. That's the part I find strange but the whole premise isn't sane.

Anonymous said...

Came across this, haven't read it, and won't.
Another aspect of Ms L K-J, to round out her image, for what it's worth.

"The hypothesis that 9/11 may be a hyperdimensional false flag operation is advanced in HIGH STRANGENESS: Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction, a book by France-based author Laura Knight-Jadczyk."

Pete M. said...

I'm a psychologist who specializes in behavior dysfunction, putting it in layman's terms. One of the thing that has come to my attention and that of my colleagues is that grossly obese individuals carry a great deal of rage with the weight. The collective weight of that family, by my estimation is close to a ton. That is a lot of rage and resentment. You're thin and very popular and people don't say the things about you that they say about her. I think if you look deeply and consider what I've already said then you will be able to reason out the rest. I'm a big fan and thought I would tell you that also.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pete.
Weight is huge. No pun intended.

Isn't a woman's weight the stuff studies made of?

Anonymous said...

Anon.I get the picture now,so its not the JEWS or zionist JEWS fucking round with this world eh.
They must be all zoinist CHRISTIANS than,or wait on,they might be those bad zionist MUSLIMS,cause they want to take over the world.

Truthisahatecrime said...

Phukhead Anon;

It IS white, khazarian, Rothschild zionist jews, also known as the synagogue of Satan.

Hmmm. Watch the video clip at the end of this comment

What do you think?

Is it possible the zionists want all non-khazarians to be color marked for easier identification and elimination?
Can it be the zionists want the only white race in the world to be khazarian jews?
As support to this theory I point to the fact that Black jews in israel (from Ethiopia etc) are NOT accepted in israel as 'real' jews.
There are rumors that Black jews in israel even get their organs harvested.

I don't know.

The videos of the whitesavagechick and truthisahatecrime seem to have a valid point.

Color-code the zionist enemy - making elimination/subjugation easier based on color.

I do not consider myself a racist. I am not anti-black or anti-brown or anti-yellow or anti-red or pro-white or anti-muslim or anti-jewish.

But I am anti-zionist and anti-israel.

And if the zionist israeli plan is to integrate all gentiles into a 'grey' race while khazarian jews remain 100% white, then I naturally am against that plan.

I am not offended when my friend Charles from Nigeria says his family wants him to marry a black girl. I do not think that is wrong or negatively racist at all. So why is it wrong for me or you to want to marry with a person the same color as ourselves?

The political correctness of the times - imposed by the khazarian zionists - state my natural desire to have my children look like me is wrong.

Is it? At the same time the khazarian jews only marry other white jews.

Something is going on here. Something that feels like 'do as I say, not as I do'. Hypocracy.

One thing is certain. The white khazarian zionists are definitely "those who call themselves Jews but who are not, they are the synagogue of Satan".

Visible said...

There is a new Les Visible posting up-

Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World; a Random Chapter.

Anonymous said...

"She won't affect my readership and she won't affect me."

Right on. Hurtin themselves. I just deleted a link to their site & will never visit it again. f-em.

You are so loved, Dog.
Thank you again!


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

The Pending Judgment of the New World Disorder.



Joseph Brenner

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