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Gaboon Vipers and Radioactive, Hedge Fund Bankers

{I know you’re waiting for the new Profiles of Evil but I haven’t been in the mood. Maybe it’s because next up is The Rothschilds. Maybe it’s because I am being daily spammed by various yahoos with enormous data on The Rothschilds that I don’t read. It could be this event I’m waiting on and which hasn’t arrived yet and it could be, well, it could be just about anything, couldn’t it? So, we’re back in the Petri Dish for today, in lieu of nothing.}

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘Dogs come from The Devic Realm and there are high beings among them’.

Japan looms large. The drinking water in California is permeated with radioactivity of an alarming potency, providing more opportunities for people like Ann Coulter and the poisoned mind robottroids of the airwaves, who hate our freedoms and are determined to see them removed. Well, you’re looking at it aren’t you?

I don’t want Hellfire and Armageddon to rain down on people but what do you do about the tens of millions of people who listen to these cheap seat demagogues? They have to be awakened to Gaboon vipers in their midst and what do you make of people that keep these things as pets? Have they ever seen the result of a Gaboon viper bite? The poisons that radiate into the dark, environmental testing grounds of radioactive bankers are worse even than this; Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck poison the soul. Radioactive poisoning only kills your body. I’ve heard it said that being inside a nuclear explosion, via a banker owned military bomb, actually affects the condition of the soul. That’s something I don’t know. What I do know is that awakening is mandatory, because tens of millions of formerly human entities are dropping down on to all fours as I write this, in time lapse, real life video.

Some of you are scientists. Most of these specialize and often know little outside of their own and related fields of inquiry. Some of you are religious pundits and may be well-informed about the doctrine and dogma of your particular faith but very little about the others. Within the mysteries of Mother India lies a tradition that is many thousands of years old and possesses a scholasticism and practice that goes far beyond the, “I take it on faith” crowd. There’s something that happens when you allow yourself to be machine fed the controlling mantras of the satanic overlords. Jesus Christ has nothing to do with these things but there’s a whole army of similar, cheap seat demagogues telling them how much Jesus loves them, no matter what they may have turned into as a result. Maybe Jesus does love them, in terms of potential but I see where he said a lot of other things too, as the fire and brimstone crowd are fond of pointing out.

My business, if I have one, is tracking the source of the waters of truth to the secret springs from which they come upon the Earth. I’m not looking for watered down and polluted liquids that poison the minds of the populace and make them canon fodder for radioactive bankers.

The people of Japan are crying out for somewhere to go. If they’re getting poisoned in California then what, pray tell, is happening to them in Japan? Meanwhile G.E. pays no taxes, gets a tax credit of billions (without paying any taxes to generate a credit) and waving a dismissive hand about that unfortunate accident in Japan, that they had nothing to do with. The greed heads in Japan took the payoffs from the corporate demon and then shafted their own fellows with the results.

Woe unto you motherfuckers. Sooner or later your notes are coming due and are you contrite and working to undo the damage you caused? No, you’re smirking, secure in your power base and the fealty of politicians at your feet, while you conceal all the wonders of Tesla; steal his work and suppress and hide it. There’s got to be a pack of Zionists close to this action. There always is. There are few terms that contain more truth than, “Synagogue of Satan”.

As I said, I try to track the waters of truth and revelation to their sources, which are in The East. What is born in the East is meant to flower in The West. Those who wish to know more about reincarnation and the transmigration of the soul, as well as possess the mechanisms for the upward bound, should well consider what The East has to offer. I’ve nothing against getting your wisdom from whatever light engages your fancy but until you realize that it all comes from one and that separation of beliefs into ‘them’ and ‘us’ are for discordant puppets, jerking on the devil’s strings, then you haven’t found or learned anything. You can take it on faith as much as you like, but without inquiry and things proven by risk and determination, you have no foundation.

I’ve said that the path of Bhakti is the safest and sanest path in these times and I stand by that but there’s more to the effort than just blind acceptance of things not proven. This is why you are the playthings and tormented instruments of radioactive bankers. Where is the concerted effort of the whole world at this moment in consideration of Japan? You’re all in Japan but you don’t speak Japanese. You’re tools of your tormentors but... that’s going to change, whether you do anything about it or not. Weeping and lamentation is on the program and... it doesn’t have to be but... you’re dreaming. You think you’re awake but you’re dreaming.

The hour is late. You’re listening to liars, while deadly poisons swirl in the air around you and what’s coming has just begun. Cosmically, “the hip bones connected to the leg bone, the leg bones connected to the knee bone”. It’s all one, in more ways than people realize. The enemy of useful and fulfilling life is not hard to find. Look to the controllers of the quality of life and those who make enemies out of whomever they wish to plunder and destroy. Look to the mouthpieces that defend the policies. Look to the functionaries who carry it all out. Look to the origins of the currencies that finance the horrors that are before you today.

There is more to the awakening light than one might surmise on first consideration. It’s of a particular order and it contains the destiny resolution of all things within it. Every single destiny is measured against this and found to be what it is in the scales of the absolute. This isn’t religion. This is ancient science and it’s all written there still for those who care enough to look. That’s another feature of a time of darkness. People aren’t inclined to look beyond the satisfaction of their appetites and desires. That’s why you’ve got shrink wrapped, chemical experiments for your table on the one hand and epidemic pornography, of every stripe, for the narrow confines of a collective mind, which bypassed the heart to hook into the genitals. You’re living in radioactive banker world and life cannot survive in that environment. It’s only a matter of time before catastrophe and contagious madness take the stage. When you’re going the wrong way en masse, you are on the clock; tick, tock.

All the fables and fairy tales, all the allegories and parables carry the warnings of mindless excess, inflamed by a poisoned mind. All the good books tell the story. The story isn’t new. It’s always the same story; it only differs by degree in relation to the preponderance of darkness or light.

People ask me, where are all the good things I’ve been talking about. Don’t cherry pick. I’ve been clear all along about the dire state of these times. You don’t get the best of it until the worst of it has been neutralized or quarantined ...and you don’t get that without heavy lessons for those attached to the wrong side of the equation. “Good judgment comes from experience and most of that comes from bad judgment”. Awaken, do it now.

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