Monday, April 18, 2011

Priming the Pump for The Apocalypse Factor

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Sometimes, it is to weep, when you consider the state of conditions affecting Nature and what we have turned it to in our pursuit of comfort and imagined safety. So long as you walk on mortal pathways, dreaming the temporary dreams of flesh seeking the forgetfulness of dust, you are not safe and comfort is a mirage, considering the internal disquiet of the beckoning grave.

We have assaulted our own nature in our war on Lady Nature and we have done this by stepping aside, while the psychopaths made war on our higher nature and the residence of Nature’s secret wellsprings of life. The horror of the Gulf of Mexico is coming back around, out of the media suppression and the lies of government and industry. It’s sailing in the arc of a returning boomerang and washing up on shore, while it surfaces in the bloodstream of those resident in the poisoned lands. Now a mysterious ailment has appeared in Louisiana You wondered if it could be true that Rothschild actually does own a big piece of BP. Then you can wonder at this also. Rothschild is a monster. It’s not a family. It’s not a corporation. It’s a flesh eating, blood sucking monster, whose true home is in some dark underworld beneath the Earth’s surface, because that is why its every act seems directed at a transport of the world’s population (what’s left of it) into.

There are any numbers of strange policy driven events, looking to make their will known upon the world of Nature. Here we see a collection of known lies woven from ancient rumors that have no basis in reality. This is not how wolves behave and I can hardly imagine that the numbers quoted constitute the emergency declared, in a state the size of Idaho I’m not sure of the wisdom of importing Canadian wolves because I don’t know either way. Take a look at the size of them. That’s a truly magnificent beast. I’m surprised they didn’t really hype up their danger to humans. Wolves don’t go after humans unless they are literally starving. They are one of the most intelligent life forms in their realm of existence. They’re right up there with the wild turkey and the dolphin. They’ve been known to suckle and raise human children in the wild and yes, some of those stories are true. To demean them by saying they thrill kill is typical of those who actually engage in it.

Evil things are breeding in the Gulf of Mexico. Will they be mating with the radioactive rains from Fukushima? They want to ban Geiger counters in various places because, so I hear, they want to defend against the possibilities of unwarranted panic. What they want to do is suppress the truth. That’s not such a hard sell in the land of the blind. I’ll warrant that most people aren’t even paying much attention to it. Their attention is focused on what interests them in the moment. There’s some permutation of bread and circuses going on in every venue and locale, along with devices of torment for those living in lands that Rothschild wants to own.

Here are some chilling considerations that the public really ought to be paying attention to. One of them is the direction of their standard of living and the other is the direction of the items formerly found upon their dining tables. You can factor in what’s about to happen with the issue of silver once it moves a few more digits upward.

The way the government is thinking, once they get their marching orders from Zio-Ogre Central and whatever other centers of control there may be, they seek to soften up the public by degrees, as they approach the paradigm debacle of their own making, which cannot be avoided; not given who the protagonists are. That’s why 9/11 went down and was followed by a massive press to conquer the Arab world via a bloody war against Islam. This was mirrored by the creation of Homeland Security, built on the Nazi design and which inevitably gives birth to the TSA phenomena of ‘tits, slits and asses’. Concurrent with this is a major drop-off of intelligence, due to a concerted effort at dumbing down. This is in tandem with a massive increase in banality and trivia in the entertainment industry. It’s all a calculated effect; a multi-pincher assault on every feature that make us human.

War is being made on all the areas on which human survival depends. Here is another tear jerking example of depraved insanity, along with a telling example of how noble and beautiful a human being can be when they’re not thinking of themselves. Around the world they are making natural healing methods, herbs, homeopathic tinctures and all the varieties of elixirs and substances, which are other than allopathic, illegal. It’s an international effort. You can’t order certain things anymore and you can go to jail if you provide or practice them; not that I personally care about that. You can say that this is due to the pharmaceutical industry, the same way you can lay the blame for any fascist activity at the door of the corporations that profit from it but... I think it’s more than that. They really do want to wipe out most of the human population and they’re crazy enough to think they won’t wipe themselves out in the bargain.

It looks hopeless and suggests a ‘run for cover’ mentality but not from my perspective. I see the whole thing as a cosmic arrangement that is the driving engine for necessary change, as well as the power causing The Apocalypse to act on human awareness. You might question The Apocalypse Factor, seeing as there are so few seeing but... give it time. There are stages involved and there are certain dramas that need to act out and there is a level of exposure that has to be accomplished and then... then it’s a ‘drunken ducks in a row’ kind of a thing.

For myself, I’m focusing on the work I do and the community I imagine I would like to be a part of. This latter has to come into being (provided a world remains for it) regardless of how things turn out. I have no intention of living in this world, according to its dysfunctional way of being. I spend my days walking through a mental institution and where I am is a lot saner than most places. I’m determined to finally return to the lifestyle I most enjoyed, living in the company of kindred spirits. The money will come because I’m just going to go ahead and do it as if it already is and as you can see, if you are around here much, it’s is already virtually true. One of the principal ways that we’ve gone wrong is that we stopped living together and working toward common goals; pooling our resources and performing our talents for the benefit of the whole. This is the game they talk about when they talk about democratic nations and whatever lying modality they are foisting upon the public for the purpose of oppressing it. Find me a democratic nation if you can. Perhaps the nomads of Mongolia represent this. They just move on in their timeless way, without any other problems than the elements and they’ve figured that one out.

It really is time to print up those stickers with inventive content and post them at all the likely spots; public toilets, store windows, buses, government cars, public buildings, the window of the café you’re sitting in, telephone poles and streetlamps. “9/11 was an inside job”. “TSA is child molestation central”. You can come up with better than that. Also make use of a technique that I know very few of you use but which I employ regularly; whenever you are in public, project the thought of awakening into the atmosphere. You are a broadcasting relay station. The message is already coming from something you are connected to; let it pass out from you. Everything is vibration. Thoughts vibrate the same as words and the only reason more of you are not telepathically aware, is that you are not exercising it. If all you want to project is love then that will do. There are many variants.

Think of yourself as one of those old time water pumps that sit in the backyard of a farmhouse. You have to prime the pump and you will note that the water does not run clear at first. You will also note that after a while, you can take your hand off the pump and the water keeps flowing. We’re too focused on physical action but that is the least effective of what is possible. Getting your heart and mind into a position, where you are transmitting a powerful concept or state, can lead to action on the part of many. Do it and believe it and let it go. No one can be very effective unless they begin at the beginning to begin with (grin). Effectiveness begins at the gateway of the mind and all of your speech and action follow after. Get control of that first and your very being will radiate into the environment in a positive manner.

Look into the Petri Dish and purify the contents. Remember that you are channeling this force, not generating it. I’ll leave you with that and my sincere wishes for good fortune upon you all.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Les, you said...

"Also make use of a technique that I know very few of you use but which I employ regularly; whenever you are in public, project the thought of awakening into the atmosphere. You are a broadcasting relay station. The message is already coming from something you are connected to; let it pass out from you. Everything is vibration. Thoughts vibrate the same as words and the only reason more of you are not telepathically aware, is that you are not exercising it. If all you want to project is love then that will do. There are many variants."

It's 8am in ohigho,usa and I'm about to start my workday so I thank you for the positive vibes in which I will do my small part in trying to wake some more sheeple up.

Thank You.

Walking Hawk

Gypsy said...

Thank you for your good post Les.

9/11 was the 'beginning' by the Rothschilds - then came the Gulf oil spill and then Fukishima radiation.

All the while the zionist allies have been trying to take over non-central bank countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya).

I read China is none too pleased about losing their foothold in North Africa.

If Sudan is next on the zionist to do list perhaps the Chinese will finally say 'no'.

Otherwise we should all hope Iran is the country to finally cool Rothschild out. Iran knows what is coming and they are preparing to fight it all the way.

If China sides with Iran against the coming onslaught of Rothschildean nations the invaders will lose.

There's Evelyn, Jacob, Nathan and many more. Does anyone know the power structure in the dynasty?

After we make the guillotines ready, we will need an new blueprint for a world without private fractional reserve banking.

Any ideas anyone on how society can work in harmony with itself and mother nature?

Killing The Killers To Stop The Killing said...

"2001: On September 11th the attack on the World Trade Center is orchestrated by Britain, America and Israel under the orders of the Rothschilds as a pretext for removing the liberty of people worldwide in exchange for security, just as they did with the Reichstag fire in Germany where the citizens were lied to in order to give up liberty for security.

They also will use the attacks to gain control of the few nations in the world who don’t allow Rothschild central banks and so less than one month after these attacks, US forces attack Afghanistan, one of only 7 nations in the world who don’t have a Rothschild controlled central bank." (Iraq, Libya, Sudan, North Korea and Cuba are the other 6 - at that point in time)

Killing The Killers To Stop The Killing said...

Forgot Iran.

Visible said...

Ah, wonderful, nitpicking. No one forgot Iran. I didn't mention China, Russia, the Sudan or a whole lot of places. You'll find that Iran is covered under 'the war against Islam" phrase, absent the war on Arab nations since they are not Arab. Sometimes a little comment like that makes feel like all of my efforts are absolutely pointless and maybe they are.

Dave Klausler said...

RE: Wolves

If any of the highly doubtful "information" on these Canada Greys is even close to true... I'd still rather have their company than the vast majority of humans in this country.

I backpack (for more than several years), primarily in the wilderness of the northern rockies - WY, MT, ID & UT... been in AK and up in Jasper too (MI & ME as well). We like our food (as opposed to those ridiculous starving "ultralight" people). Want to guess how many times I have even just seen a wolf or grizzly?

Exactly ONCE; the extremely lean wolf was in, yes, IDAHO. He was already well aware of our presence when we finally saw him. We shared one quick glance before he vanished.

The trouble lies with the "people," not the civilized animals.

WV: "maging" No doubt the 200lb "wolf" ate the "i" from that "imaging" series (as well as all the "pets"). Bah!

Frog said...

Not pointless Visible.
We, your readers, are all at different levels of understanding and so corrections are so often needed. That's why I always read the comment pages, to see what those above and below me think of what you wrote. You can't be discouraged by either trolls or neophytes. Be gladdened for these questions because each might be grounds for growth for your readers.

Killing The Killers To Stop The Killing said...

What I meant was that I "forgot Iran" in the comment preceding descibing the countries not yet allowing Rothschild central banks:
Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, North Korea, Cuba and IRAN.

Les, you are doing a superlative job - just so you know (grin).

siamsam said...

I have stopped trying to wake people up for sometime now. It was invariably akin to poking oneself in the eye.

Instead i have directed the energy inward. Stopped eating meat some months ago. Never watch TV - years now. Work out 5 days a week.

Still find it necessary to numb the senses with alcohol every 2 weeks or so and smoke the occasional pack of fags. No plans to stop soon!

Living here in Siam is often akin to living in an open mental institution. But i got the same impression last time i traveled to the UK. Only difference being in the UK the patients actually think they are doctors. (Perhaps it is just me:)

If they has developed that 'medicine' to halt onset of puberty when i was 12 perhaps i would be less confused. I could have been an Air Stewardess or a florist. I hate being a hairy arsed welder.

Aren't children lucky these days. When i was a kid i thought being an arse bandit was something to be ashamed of. Groping children was done in secret and frowned upon. Now it can be a career choice.

Life can be so unfair!

Visible said...

My apologies for being precipitate. Every now and then something hits me a certain way And a sigh isn't enough. Thank you for your most gracious response.

And all that stuff about wolves is party line horseshit, long debunked by people who know them. Wolves mind their own business. The do take the occasional domesticated animal but they have to be hungry or old to do it because the scent of man is all over the place. They most definitely do not thrill kill. Certain species have a tendency to be bloody like that; weasels, wolverines and domestic cats but not wolves.

DaveS said...

Lions, tigers and wolves, oh my.

Um, regarding wild critters and man, and wolves in particular. Man hates wolves because wolves represent a wildness that man lost. The domesticated dog is the middle manager type who sold his soul for a warm fire and some kibble. Just like most of the middle class humans.

Wolves live wild and free, and domesticated man hates that.

Just the same, I think I'd prefer to live in bear country than in wolf pack country. Being eaten alive isn't a very pleasant way to go, or so I imagine. And solo hiking is a good way to become prey... just ask the bikers and hikers outside L.A. who've discovered this:

It's an interesting link, and is something we should all ponder a bit before being too gung-ho increasing any population of large predator. I suppose we'll all die anyway, at least if you're eaten, your flesh hasn't gone to waste.


Art Bell had a program interviewing a guy who documented animal attacks upon humans. His story of the bear that ate the lady in Glacier National Park while her friends listened was chilling. There were a couple of good ones too: a doe who put two hunters in hospital and a guy who took a bobcat out to the desert to train his hunting dogs... oh that one was a hoot. The cat climbed the tallest thing it could find, and that was the dude :)

Just wanted to share. Keeping focused on spreading some truth... Times are exciting in that ol' Chinese curse sort of way.

Fasten your seat belts it's going to be a bumpy summer.


wv; Suchnia... The name of the astroid where civilized humans sent the Rothchilds to live after becoming fed-up with their shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

Akela, the great gray Lone Wolf, who led all the Pack by strength and cunning, lay out at full length on his rock, and below him sat forty or more wolves of every size and color
—Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book

It is at such a meeting that the pack adopts the lost child Mowgli and Akela becomes one of Mowgli's mentors.

Akela means "single or solitary"

The Lone Wolf had led them for a year now. He had fallen twice into a wolf-trap in his youth, and once he had been beaten and left for dead; so he knew the manners and customs of men.

(any friend of Mowgli is a friend of mine)

boojum said...


wv nomer just in case there wuz any idea that we were at all missing the point, word vis ;-)

Wyatt Earp for president said...

Obama, Brown and Sarkosy are:

Pimping The Perp For The Ashkenazi Factor

who is: Rothschild - the whole private fractional reserve family

If it wasn't for zionist pc sold out politicians, the whole klan of them would be rounded up and hung by Wyatt Earp for stealing like a horse thief.

Frog said...

Dave S,
I disagree on a couple of points.
To me, men hate wolves because wolves represent potential danger. As such we eradicate and/or control them. It's what people always do to any given thing that they consider potentially dangerous.
Dogs. I don't think dogs have lost their souls. I think they are a reminder from the divine of what our souls can be. They are even reflections of our souls, taking on the attributes of their owners. Neurotic owners have neurotic dogs. If you see a "bad" dog, take a second look at the dog's owner. I have had enough experiences with dogs to think they are a special part of the world, for those that can see it anyhow. It hurts me to see them mistreated. Sometimes I think that dogs and small children are the only examples of innocence in the world.
And yes, a hungry big predator will happily eat a jogger or two, or careless naturalist, or whatever. That's nature.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

"Any ideas anyone on how society can work in harmony with itself and mother nature?"

Yes, volunteer with a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center. It's spring time, lots of nature's babies who have lost their parents need to be hand raised. And the injured parents need our help as well. The love you get in return is pure joy. Mother Nature will reward you as well. She shares her wisdom with you and you will know what to do and when to do it.


Visible said...

Jungle Book had such a profound effect on me at the age of ten that I promptly read everything else he wrote.

Anonymous said...

Me too, les.

My big junkyard shepherd was named Rick. I called him Rikki Tikki.

Frog said...

I too read the Jungle Book when a child and still keep it in my heart. Kipling was one of those men that I find hard to define if someone was to ask. Mark Twain too. Great. Subtle. The older I get the more of them I see. Their words have colored and changed my life and outlook. Flawed I suppose but who am I to judge them.

Now this is the Law of the Jungle -- as old and as true as the sky;
And the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the Wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back --
For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.
-Law of the Jungle

We thought we ranked above the chance of ill.
Others might fall, not we, for we were wise--
Merchants in freedom. So, of our free-will
We let our servants drug our strength with lies.
The pleasure and the poison had its way
On us as on the meanest, till we learned
That he who lies will steal, who steals will slay.
Neither God's judgment nor man's heart was turned.

amarynth said...

"Any Ideas?" ..
This is not good news but it is for once some accurate information about fukushima, haarp and nuclear operations. Seems to be there is a very difficult cleanup needed.

Frog said...

Anonymous 7:21,

You said:
The Lone Wolf had led them for a year now. He had fallen twice into a wolf-trap in his youth, and once he had been beaten and left for dead; so he knew the manners and customs of men.

Yeah. Kipling wrote all these things that the younger reader glosses over and the older reader weeps upon reading.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I was driving on the interstate when I noticed some "odd" looking clouds above. There were four clouds that were thicker than the other clouds in the sky, and shaped like a flying saucer, a long cigar and a helicopter. I've read about cloud shaped saucers around Mt. Shasta, but had never seen anything like that before. When I exited the interstate and stopped at the stop light, I decided to put out there a question of if you're "for real" show me a sign. Then I noticed the bigger saucer looking one had encircled the really tall street light fixture, and all that was showing was the circular part with all its lights on. It looked like the pictures you see of a flying saucer with the lights on underneath it. I burst out laughing and and hoped they were the good guys and not some morons in the military or other dimensions trying to screw with us even more. If they were the good guys, I asked them for love and guidance while we chart the new uncharterd territory.

What a sight to see. Pretty funny times to balance the sad ones.


Eat The Banksters said...

At the risk of sounding banal to those who already know, I feel a need to explain why private fractional reserve banking is a crime.

With private fractional reserve banking the bankers create money from nothing. In every other context this is called conterfeiting and it is punished with prison time.

If a country's financial department conducts fractional banking according to the will of the people, it is a type of fiscal policy where all increases in the amount of money are the property of the federal government. The government can use the created money to build roads and schools or lend it out to private entrepreneurs. But all the money created stays within the control of the government/the people.

When private banks are allowed to create money they can literally put 20% straight into their pockets by 'lending' to each other behind closed doors. The bankers get filthy rich through parasitism since they create nothing.

The other 80% can be lent out with interest to private entrepreneurs or lent back to the government with interest to build roads and schools.

So private bankers 'win' (parasitise) twice. Once when they create the money out of nothing and put 20% in each others pockets, and again on the interest repaid on the 80% loaned out to entrepreneurs and the government.

It is counterfeiting, it is theft, it is legal. And through the private Rothschild central banks, it is practiced in 193 of 197 countries in the world.

Of the ca 14.3 trillion dollar debt America has, about 3 trillion is owed to China and other countries. Over 10 trillion of the debt is owed to the Federal Reserve private central bank of America. The Federal Reserve is majorily owned by the Rothschilds. All of this debt was created out of nothing. Rothschild has not contributed anything in return for the debt which it is owed.

Rothschild and his bankers are parasites - they create nothing except money for each other and unrepayable debt - more money is always owed to the bank because of usury (interest on a loan collected by banks).

It is easy to understand why so many Americans, and awake people in other Rothschild controlled countries, want the conterfeiting to stop and that all privious debt caused by this private fractional reserve fraud be null and void.

For those of you who already knew all this I apologise.


Anonymous said...

siamsam, people:

I think a (Jewish) Qumran Ascete named Sophia Siedlberg has written very well about the hypocrisy of the GLBT movement and cultural views on gender, and about what is done to people who really might be better of categorized as 'Two-Souls' or 'Hijras'.

Fact is, due to Reincarnation there are men with souls of women and vice versa (and other oddities). It is actually a great opportunity to repay Karmic debt from a past life - at some point during Spiritual practice of accepting the payment it becomes very easy, like a perpetual motion machine.

Heh, it's almost like cheating except its not. Jewel had a song 'Till it feels like cheating'.

However, I don't think sex change operation is big sin (but like I said, there is a different path available), but people ought to be classy about it. Instead, the Usurpers are giving the option of fundie straightjacket or the anti-culture 'GLBT culture'.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

delusions and corruption
instability insanity
societal deviations
in abuse of true reality
calamitys and chaos
aligned in false pretence
rothschild worships chaos
crooked paths are only bent
the savagery within
of barbarion collusions
collonialistic factors
establishing pollutions
confusion of our innocense
structured over time
initiate the patterns
within the template of the mind
the crimes of inhumanity
recorded on the sences
the eyes ears touch and smell
taste demons in attendance
premeditated conditions
of artificiality detailed
gravitate the energys
of truth will never fail


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that Germany will be shutting down all of its nuclear reactors. Seems like they're not on board with the Libyan jaunt.

A stitch in time.....

I wonder where the next HAARP-generated event will directed.

bholanath said...

Funkin' A, bro! I'm soooo grateful to you for pointing out those absurd stories on the "Canadian" wolves [goddamn canadians, anyway]. Was gonna have to dedicate a whole blog to the subject, but you've done the job with your astute comments to your vast readership.

Those "brave" camo-type so-called "hunters" are one of the lowest lifeforms on the planet, IMO. Always justifying their cowardly predations with fear-mongering regarding "scary Nature". They even reference the wolf extinction in Europe as some kind of necessary "civilized progress".

In my neighborhood it's been the Coyote brothers who've been under attack. Livestock losses are miniscule (if any), but "they" have to go setting steel-jaw traps just outside our village, which have now maimed peoples' dogs and dog-walkers themselves. We have started a state-wide petition campaign to ban them, and we're seeing how well that's gonna fly against the asinine govt. "fish and game" boys and their "rancher" friends.

I had a vision last night of walking into the Idaho forest and having a conversation with the wolf elders, hearing their side, working out some solution - like maybe them only specifically targeting assholes dressed in camo. I don't for a second believe they are in truth any danger to ANYONE. Whole thing is just part of the continuing War on Nature, with the immanent extinction of all wildlife, from elephants to bees.
It makes me fucking crazy.

I've been volunteering at the local wildlife rehabilitation facility for last two months (did also in the 80s in WA), and this work is the most satisfying, rewarding, grounding, and consciousness-raising thing EVER! I will continue this seva till my last breath here on this plane.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking out wildlife rehab organizations in your local areas for volunteer work. They have developed excellent facilities and training programs in many states in the last 2 decades.

Kosher Sausage Of Ground Human Flesh said...

"the torturous grinding process that produces a kosher sausage product causes acute indigestion. Banking is one such example and the INET, The Institute for New Economic Thinking, who sponsored the Bretton Woods II conference is the Neshama gourmet version of ground up animal flesh."

I really like this analogy. I would make a small change. Rothschild central banks around the world actually cause the nausiating kosher sausage we are force fed to be made of ground up human flesh due to the genocidal wars for zionist power and corporate profits in countries such as Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, Chile, Argentina...well basically everywhere on earth.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Aw Visible,
You always seem to want the comments to be critical of you or to reflect some fault of yours. Especially when it is not true.

What am I saying? I always read what you write as if it came through you directly from the divine as a message just for me.

And isn’t it? Not everyone that is reading this gets the same thing from it. But isn’t that part of the joy of both reading these things, and commenting as well? We are all together, even as we are scattered through the world.

I feel for the Timberwolves who have been pressured by the introduction of the larger (and therefore more aggressive) Grays. And for the people that do not understand. And for the Grays themselves who will run right into conflict with people.

The problem with sheep wandering through the wilderness, is that they go through life a little tasty, just in case they meet something hungry. Few things represent that hunger better than a wolf pack.

Being a predator at heart, I tend to go through life a little hungry, just in case I meet something tasty. Dogs don’t scare me, even if they are wolves. Of course, this was not true when I was the kitten’s age.

In my entire life (even when I was the kitten’s age), I have never met any wild creature that was a threat. How hard would it be to convince even a pack of wolves that, as prey, there are much easier pickings to be had than they will find messing with me? Perhaps that is because, even though I have suppressed the telepathy for most of my life, talking to the animals (and they talk to me) has always been there. I don’t relate to dinosaurs, which is why we have no birds. Besides, the cats always took great delight in torturing them, just by watching them, constantly, in relays. (Well, they were parakeets, what do you expect?)

I may not be a dog person, but we do have a dog again. He’s a puppy, and the middle-aged cats are still trying to fit him into the pride. It will be fine, since there was a dog from the time they were kittens.

I’m right with you on Kipling too Vis.

Keep commenting Frog, DaveS, SiamSam, all the rest of you too. I relate to you all (or is it just that we are all related?) especially you today Walking Hawk.

The sheep get a scared look in their eyes when you radiate awakening around them, it’s quite amusing actually.


Kevin Barrett said...

"Anyone who spends a few minutes informing themselves about WTC-7 must either choose intellectual dishonesty, or admit that 9/11 was an inside job."
Kevin Barrett

Mahatma Gandhi said...

“An error (6x10*6 Holocaust) does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth (9/11 was an inside job) become error because nobody will see it.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Visible said...

Not true but the corkscrewing condescension is definitely more of the same.

amarynth said...

Les, I forgot to say ... the end of the video that I posted ties directly in to this Reflections. This should not scare you, it should make you more resolute. It is necessary to watch this. Honest, unadulterated explanations of what is happening. Allow me to post it again .. take some time with this.

"Any Ideas?" ..
This is not good news but it is for once some accurate information about fukushima, haarp and nuclear operations. Seems to be there is a very difficult cleanup needed.

DaveR said...

"Any ideas anyone on how society can work in harmony with itself and mother nature?"

The first is to get it through to people that: Society can work in harmony with itself and mother nature!

Les! Shame on you! You are NOT wasting your time. And as far as putting it out there, to help push the cart a little I've started Tweeting select phrases from your (and others') writings, and even my own. I think others here might give that a shot. It may help more than we know. I've already gotten a couple followers...

"Effectiveness begins at the gateway of the mind and all of your speech and action follow after." Hmmm. I feel another Tweet coming on....

Jody Paulson said...

I just thought I'd share one of the better articles I've seen about the technique of creating healing thought forms in our everyday environment:

Frog said...

RE:"corkscrewing condescension"
Ah, sorry if I'm guilty Les. I probably have been. Thinking straight is hard enough for me, speaking and writing in a accurate and enjoyable way much harder. Just ask my wife.

Anonymous said...

State right and wolves should have never been put together as they arent on the same planes of understanding.
Living in Wyoming I have seen the debate from all sides and Im here to tell ya nature wins over anything the EPA or courts rule on anyway.
The current debate, I feel, is just setting up a larger goal, no more protection of animals or at least no more budget for that?

Its pretty silly what people think about and how they create ideas about wolves. If youre not a "dog person" its easy to fear wolves. Still reason shows a ranchers has rights too and we will come into conflict with nature there. Its much better to give states the room to choose how that should happen and not let the Fed dish out useless rulings. Wyoming has been in a long fight to have control of its wolf popultion and should, I say.

The trick here is state rights are being taken away from all angles and this one silly debate can give over the image that states still have some degree freedom. Using a loaded and fearful image of the wolve only helps impress the fake sense of freedom for the EPA and Dep of Interior.

Truth been known, the wolf has never left Wyoming and its numbers grew without the "reintorduction." The Yellowstone project was a flagship for Federal control of states rights?

When u control both sides of the debate, create the source of that debate, and use images that create fear, u control the whole game?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Say Les, I havent been around much and just looked at your last two posting. They seem to be of the same focus.

About a year back I got this idea that the Roths or what not had a big problem at hand, the old apocalypse problem. Things r a changin and with that change a loss of power for the lizard boys.
The way I figured, they fear that a certain amount of people would "wake up" after moving though Shives destuction. Thats not good, as it might lead to true change and the towers would fall not on new york but the Roths own heads. Even the image they created suggests they wanted people to see 911 as part of the apocalypse?

So to keep the masses "offset" in there awakening, the Roth took on the role of the apocalypse. They hijack it? They have turned the world on itself and have with all the temproal power thet can buy or seal created fake and now planned changing of the guard?

I dont know?

Love Your Life

Visible said...

Frog, not referring to you.

Obama's Report Card part 1 said...

Obama's Report Card

Political Identity: F. Who is this guy, and where does he want to take the country? Obama’s hope-and-change platform in 2008 allowed people to fill in whatever details they wanted, but it morphed into shock and awful in the first month of office. He allowed on his watch for continued genocide of Palestinian civilians. Americans don't really know if he was born in America or if he has a homosexual past. His 'religion' is zionist, he is neither christian, muslim or jewish (even though he held the first ever jewish 'Ceder' at the Whitehouse for his zionist masters).

Campaign Team: A. Obama’s reelection team is experienced, ruthless, and the best sheeple deceivers Rockefeller/Rothschild money can buy.

Leadership: F. Nicked named 'president pussy' for his complete lack of backbone when talking to the israelis about stopping the killing and stealing of land of the Palestinians. Hated by both sides of congress for going to war in Libya without a vote from the representatives of the people. He's a used car salesman in an expensive suit. Lacking in human empathy or honesty which has made him the perfect puppet for his zionist Rothschild master. He is consistent in one area - not keeping his word; Gitmo closing, out of Iraq, no boots on the Libyan ground etc, etc.

Attributes and Values: F. Let his campaign sponsorers BP kill the Gulf of Mexico without more than a wrist slap. Let peaceful protesters for democracy in Bahrain be slaughtered without comment. Attacked Libya though no threat was posed to the USA after false MSM propoganda that Kaddafi was 'genociding' his civilian population. He is repugnant. Earlier photos show him drugged up and smoking. Values? Heh, heh.

Organization: A. Regardless of whether there’s a drop-off in volunteer intensity early on, there’s no question that Obama’s reelection operation will be formidable and well-funded enough by Rockefeller/Rothschild to compete with whatever Republicans are able to construct. This includes preventing Ron Paul from participating as a candidate completely. MSM will not carry any Ron Paul information nor allow him to participate in any televised debates.

Gbama's Report Card part 2 said...

Position Relative to His Opposition: B. The Republican field is unleavened at best since Ron Paul is excluded according to the above. The remaining all-but-declared Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty each have significant, if resolvable, flaws. Some of those thought to be considering the race (Ron Paul excluded) — from Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin aka Carribou Barbie to Donald Trump — threaten to pull the GOP off its rails. Dark-horse challenges could make the field rougher, especially Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana. But no Ron Paul, which is a godsend (devilsend?) for Barry Soetoro.

Domestic Issues: F. He has approved private too-big-to-fail bank bailouts to save the criminals on Wallstreet, with the costs passed on to the tax payers. He has allowed repossession of tens of thousands of private working and middle class homes. He has allowed the termination of tens of thousands of teacher, nurses and government employees and stood idly by as labor unions were made defunct. He continues to allow the parasitic private Federal Reserve to operate and advocated increased powers to this counterfeiting team owned by the Rothschild international bankers. He has increased the NAFTA agreement to disolve the USA into the N.American Union with Canada and Mexico. He supports the SDR fractional reserve global currency owned by Rothschild to be implemented in the USA.

Foreign issues: F. He is a puppet to the khazarian zionist Rothschild international bankers and prtmitted American men and women to be maimed and killed for increased zionist power and corporate profits around the world.

Grade average: F. The worst president ever experienced by the American public. Popular approval in March 2011 was less than 20%. Barack/Barry Obama/Soetoro will be lucky to make it to 2012 without getting lynched for his sociopathic 'leadership'.

Anonymous said...

Neko Kinoshita, 9:39 AM
(I suspect you know this already)
A 'gift' of the savant is sabotage of ones own work; it makes us look more like everyone else which of course we aren't.
The sabotage is not necessary; it is confusing for those who do not know and for those who do, pointless but it is something we do – we have no say in the matter.
That 'normal' people see savants as both brilliant and as having shortcomings is not unusual and confuses many.
Less than perfect social skills is another factor in being a savant which encourages the perception (in others) of truthfulness – bluntly put! Again, we have no say in the matter.

All of this is placed before us to make 'the norms' of the world a better people and to allow something beautiful into 'norm'ally miserable, uninteresting, humdrum, run-of-the-mill lives.


Anonymous said...

The TSA molestations and cancer-causing x-ray scans is a classic example of problem/reaction/solution...what the puppet-masters really want to implement, is biometric (iris) scanners. Once the public gets into a big enough uproar - presto! Why, we just happen to have these IRIS SCANNERS ready to more molestation, no more cancer-causing x-rays! What do you say! And the sheeple will bleat their approval. (Here's my bumper sticker idea: "Sheeple - it's what's for dinner."

Anonymous said...

mr visible I am not sure that condescending comment was aimed at myself,it is ok if it was am not fussed..


Visible said...

Stop it! (grin) good grief.

Anonymous said...

sorry mr visible's....

also the link that mrs paulson has put up is basicly what I have been finding out on my wanderings through the creative process...

well worth reading,....

and sorry again mr visibles...respects neil

Sergej said...

There is one democratic nation left - Switzerland. But they are trying to subvert it all the time and eventually they will probably succeed.

Miriam said...

Lots of ways to consciously 'broadcast':

While I am shopping at the grocery store, I ask for blessings on all the food to raise the nutritional vibration and transform/neutralize the crap. Along with sending wake up thoughts to the people to reconsider their choices.

Same at any eatery.

People are eating this stuff, might as well help them to wake up thru their meal choices.

wv: glyir~ how one feels after surreptitiously blasting others with 'WAKE UP" thoughts and watching them jump.

Anonymous said...

also why would it be so hard to live in harmony with everything in the universe as this was our origonal intent,I stand with amarynth and mr visibles we need a physical point to relay harmony out from..
their are places in the world that are completely at peace,places where animals go to heal themselves if they need too,I stumbled across one of these places a long time ago in the seychelles it was a haunting.....

anyway respects neil

M. Rocknest (Em) said...

Les: I've been hurling "Out Demons Out" towards Israel since you gave us the words. Recently I began a prayer for the waters of Fukushima. (It brings tears everytime but I persevere.) These are for the quiet places hereabouts. But now I will happily walk the downtown streets silently broadcasting the awakening. (Something very simple I think like: 911 was an inside job. Please people just think about that!). Thank you for this suggestion. I like it. Stickers are good too. Used that once in a lone campaign against “loyalty” cards. I got chased by a security guard around the outside of a shopping mall at 2AM with that one. (grin) My little effort was unsuccessful (cards persist) but I have not bought a single item from that chain to this day (ten years later).

Amarynth: Thanks for the youtube link. “What species kills their young for energy, for security, for power?” Still watching but very impressed with her presentation so far.

Get Out - Now! said...

Liesman - living up to his name:

Translation: The value of the American dollar is losing value like a carotid stuck pig loses blood.

When asked why the Federal Reserve doesn't just end QE2 now rather than waiting another 2 months the lie's man waffles and lives up to his name.

Bullshit baffles brains.

The American dollar is toast. Run for your lives if you have any American savings!!

Buy Canuck or Euro or Swiss or even Rembni B.

This is a done deal. Ihe $USD will soon be only good as wall-covering in a nostalgic sort of way for roadhouses and retro themed interior decorating of the nouveau-pauvre.

Anonymous said...

warming fire
bursting light
turning swirling
free inside
deep in moments
reaching through
patterns forming
weaving view
living loving
stirring light
flood the ears
and touch the eyes
rising up and up
in waves
lifting truths
old natures way


Anonymous said...

"Good Luck go with you, O chief of the wolves; and good luck and strong white teeth go with the noble children" :) Melanie & Son :)

Stefan said...

A little earlier in the comments a list of nations was named. And Sudan was one of them as being next on the list or some such. But there has been a independance referendum earlier in januari of this year. Oil rich southern Sudan will go its own way, if one believes the votecounting that is.
Not to forget Israels bombing this year I believe. So Sudan is already down and partitioned.
As a funny sidenote, there was mention of Mubarak and Gadaffi putting in effort to appease north and south.
Odd twist that.

amarynth said...

OK, give me the words and I'll make the stickers for download ..
Out Demons Out - Do not touch this child!

bholanath said...

For those still not familiar with the level of hate, lies, and psychopathy (Wetiko disease) of the people of the shitty little criminal enterprise masquerading as a country, I suggest checking out the deal on an organization called "Stop The ISM" - they have 'hit lists' for their zionist minions to target - peace activists of International Solidarity Movement, including the murdered VITTORIO ARRIGONI.
As always, all roads will lead back to demon-realm israhell.
Israeli website
Investigation update:
Israeli agents suspected

Anonymous said...

sharpened swift
quickened slow
drawn in freedom
scorched below
forged in lightning
tipped in thunder
crack and pierce
down and under
charging forth
streaming sunlight
howling verses
forces ignite
motions turning
reaching through
israel broken
splintered through


Anonymous said...

How to Profit From the Coming Rapture:
Getting Ahead When You’re Left Behind
I think you will like the Yuricareport. Lots of good info.regarding the false prophets of the religious far right (can happen in all religions) christian zionist and their teachers the extremist jewish zionist cabal promoting pro-power anti-love satanic world dominion that has turned the world into a theocracy of idiots and have seized to issue in their oh so beloved apocalyptic dream of an unenlightened return to the dark ages.

Thank you, Vis, for reminding us that in the End Love Conquers All and that a little humor makes the bumpy road a little easier in these dark times here's a little song to make our journey less heartbreaking.. voici

Anonymous said...

Maybe need to start investing in foreign money - especially from those countries that make up BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa

Anonymous said...

Miriam and M Rocknest -- love your suggestions. I've forwarded what you wrote to many people. I used to bless people while I was driving and waiting at stop lights and such. It was so grounding to bless everyone, hoping they stayed safe that day, opened their hearts to feeling love, etc... I recall my life was blessed as well. Time to get back to the business of blessing everyone and every thing.

Blessings to all,

Tony Cartalucci said...

Tony writes about the awakening and banding together of China, Iran, Belarus and Syria against the concerted efforts of zionist Rothschild and international oligarch financiers to infiltrate and destabilise their respective governments.

"The charade is over, and the reality of global confrontation between the West and the world it presumes dominion over is beginning. What was once eluded to only within the halls of think-tanks and obscure commentary is now headline news. For the people of the world [you], it would be beneficial to recognize it is not servile, feckless politicians like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or Joe Liberman that are responsible for this confrontation. It is the multinational corporate-financier oligarchs [Rothschilds and known associates] that transcend borders and to a certain degree already dominate this planet [193 of 197 countries have Rothschild central banks].

Identifying them is the first step to stopping them. Full-spectrum boycotts and campaigns to eliminate and replace their presence [private fractional reserve banking] within our local communities is what we can start doing today. Politicians afar can be compromised [AIPAC] and coerced [ADL] and cannot be looked to in order to solve our problems, we must look within ourselves and to our communities. We can either do this now, or face the consequences of being bled financially [private global currency] and quite literally [fighting zionist wars] as this confrontation intensifies."
Tony Cartalucci


A Heads Up said...


Here's a conspiracy theory for you.

There's this smokin' hot independent blog out on the net. The guy is straight up: 9/11, the Rothschilds, genocide of the Palestinians and much more. No reptiles inhabiting royals or planes instead of missiles or the arabs own Hollywood - just the honest truth.
So the people this guy is highlighting hate the exposure even if it is all true. So what they do is plant about 25 commenters at his blog. These professional commenters also work several other blogs. These commenters contribute graciously for several months building up their credibility with this guy and with the genuine bloggers at this guy's blog forum.
They are polite, challenging a little but not too much, waiting, gathering profiles about the other genuine commenters at the blog. They check out Facebook profiles or tactfully lure the non-facebook forum commenters to reveal facts about themselves.
Then one day the team of 25 gets the word to deceminate this blogger and the core commenters. They begin a nonstop attack on the blogger which he can only arrest by screening 90% of the comments. This goes on for several weeks. As soon as the screening begins the attack increases to include all the commenters as well. This attack also goes on for several weeks.
The blogger guy can't understand what is happening because the people doing it have been around for months and he had learned to like and trust many of them.
The vicious, and I mean really psychopathic sick attacks on the blogger and the other genuine commeters become too much for his nerves and after many weeks he closes down his previously great site and goes trout fishing in Wyomning (without the radiation fallout).

So what do you think of my conspiracy theory? Imagine, 25 male and female professional bloggers just hanging around waiting for the word to attack and destroy an honest blogger just telling the truth. The blogger never knew what hit him. He's still out there in Wyomning catching fiesty rainbow and speckled with his fly rod.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an article about the short life expectancy of whistle-blowers.

Rob in WI said...

Did any of us question the wolf photo? Real or photo shopped? Looks more like an enlarged Husky than a wolf to me (I've seen wolves). By the way, the circumcision flap I started yesterday was related to the Telegraph article you linked to. It wasn't stated in the article specifically, but reading between the lines, one knows it was referring to boys. I believe there is an agenda attacking male qualities, and circumcision is part of it. Terrorize the infant male right out of the box (pun intended). Lace his environment with gender bending chemicals and feminist propaganda. We need a balance of female and male qualities to reach a higher plain.
That's my "take it or leave it."

Anonymous said...

"Wolves don't do these things...."

Sorry to gore your oxen, but they most certainly do! Does that make them teh ebil? No, just another wild predator making a living, surviving and taking joy from life wherever it can.

I think you'll get the point. Yes, these links have very graphic images. Wolves, like dholes and hyenas are NOT "clean" killers. Death for larger prey is very agonizing and protracted. Wolves, just like any other predator, will kill for pleasure and sport and to "stock up" the larder for harder times.

Again, I make no moral judgment upon them. They are beautiful, wild, fantastic killers, they have an important role to play. I certainly can see both sides of the issue, but when it comes to a child, a pet or my livestock, the three S's will apply here. ALL wild predators should be deathly terrified of humans, no exceptions. That saves not just our lives and animals, but their lives as well.

Anonymous said...

'Every now and then something hits me a certain way '
like a rat up the arse? (that's a lapse in 'manners' from me)
dont forget the humble, meek folk who dont comment. (not me :-/ ). you'd have the numbers on that.

around here dingos have cross bred with german shepherds. might as well call that wolves, and some big ones too. they are too clever to go around risking themselves for fun though. and of course the government regulations are making it virtually impossible to lay 1080 baits to keep them at bay.

you beat me to it. I'm half way through that 2hr episode (and Id bet my life she wont deny 911, like I am mind blown with her presentations, and thats coming from a Vis fan. I think she might be Vis's great auntie or something?
just a few of the new (to me) things for me to ponder and research from her videos

HAARP uses chemtrail clouds to bounce energy beams off around the world.
there are numerous HAARP facilities around the world.
most of the increase in diabetes since WW11 is from radiation poisoning, which also mucks up chemicals, particularly excess oestrogen (I dont think that's what we mean when we say that the feminine principle should be ascendent)
and she's right on why we can't guess why they do what they do. they are psychopaths and dont think logically, even for self survival, just the short term money and power.(either that or they have anti radiation pills the aliens gave them, or they are aliens)
an interesting point was that in traditional societies they dealt with these types by keeping them close, but harmless. (here's a boomerang little blind freddy, take out your frustrations on it, and, as customary for a naughty little boy like you, don't watch your back).

I nominate her for patron saint of shangri-la
youtube Lauren Moret, preferences, long > 20 min, shes got a few more.

now Im reading Arthur Koestlers 13th tribe (The Khazars)

@peace I like your poems so much I am starting to read some of them (I have internet ADHD or something). Nice!

perhaps as things pick up (more shit happening) there's a danger of getting lost in the details. still, it is 'interesting'

Anonymous said...

just in case I get 'cussed for advocating 1080 (fluoride) baiting wolves in dingoes clothing, I just came across this article in a local rag.


Perry L said...


I haven't given up and never will as long as I am a burden to this existence. I've been massaging my site trying to get people to go back and read the posts from the beginning. I've also gone back to working the comments sections like I did from 2005 to 2009.

I've been working that "personal truth projection" thing full time for several years now...there isn't a store owner or any of their regular customers that hasn't received my "projections" since I have nothing else to do. God hooks me up with people to help clue in every's not hard since pretty much everyone knows something is not right.

Keep up the great work Bro.


PS: Love the song.

Zel said...

I have something to add to your idea of us, as broadcasting stations. The animals are getting in on the act, as well.

I went to the park on Saturday, to throw some bread to the pigeons afterwards. There were two other people there feeding them as well, and another 12 - 14 people watching the ducks, walking dogs...

I tossed the pigeons my bread then just stood there watching them eat, because they look cute, like little sheep grazing as they hunt & peck for their crumbs, and my arms were crossed on my chest.

The pigeons at my feet suddenly flew up and started landing on me. My arms, my shoulders, my head, my shoes, clinging on every ledge they could find, one gripping the front of my t-shirt close to my neck, all looking at me with these red eyes - I never knew pigeons had red eyes, I assumed standard, black, brown, etc...

That was strange enough, the climbing all over me, and I got this weird feeling that they were studying me, like the sum of their attention had a measurable level of intelligence, not normally attributable to birds.

It was so odd, I just stood still, looking back at their eyes, for about three minute literally, then like one they flew off.

I didn't know what to think of it, until I realized everybody in the park was looking at me. If someone had said something to me, like "What the hell" or "That was weird" I'd have stayed and talked to them about it, but no one said anything and I just left with them watching as I leave.

I don't really have an affinity for birds - I especially like cats & horses, but there you go.

Excuse my rambling, but I think it ties in to your broadcasting relay station idea, somehow. Things are changing, and they may be affecting us in ways we can't see yet, or perhaps our brains filter out and dismiss the oddities, while the animals may be more aware of this change then your average couch potato, and maybe confused by it.

I had two other interesting animal encounters in the previous two or three months, but this third one was the most blatantly odd. If I'm right, we'll see animals doing some interesting things in the days to come.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if someone has already mentioned this in the comments. I haven't time today to read them all.

I think it's less of a "they're trying to wipe us all out, and don't realize they're going to go out also"

I think it's more of a "we know we're done for, so we're going to take you all out also"

I think the PTB realize that we're on to them, and they're going to make sure that if they can't have it all, no one can.

Dave Klausler said...

8:06 PM:

Perhaps you belong in the big safe city, away from those vicious animals, "protected" by your nanny overlords.

YIKES! Here comes a big bad wolf now. HELP!

Anonymous said...


bholanath said... 2:37 PM “I suggest checking out the deal on an organization called "Stop The ISM"

bholanath: I had a little encounter with the people at StopTheISM (Stop Theism???) and in response to my polite and respectful queries (yeah, I’m like that, even to the likes of them) I received a box full of vile mail and threats (yeah right :), including suggesting that I’m insane and that I’m the notorious Texas porn star going by the same name :) Hilarious, that’s all they could come up with. Out Demons OUT!

Anonymous said...

from the link amarynth posted about how to gather chi and use it = universal flow energy- to direct and to heal

my wonderful friend Samurai Jane, who recently passed on to what we knew was our shared 'real realm' on the Winter Solstice last year-taught me how to 'bust those chemtrails' using this method. She was a tai chi devotee and we busted a lot of them up... my mother used the same method with her 'psychic healings' that always worked too-to the degree that now in our 50s-NONE of my mother's children are on any meds, visit doctors only for mechanical problems etc. IT DOES WORK...

PS-it was Samurai who turned me onto les a few years ago. We did the 'Out Demons Out!' remedies a lot and I still do. That works also. As does the 'giving the light over to the Creator to shine on all who've committed crimes or victimized others'.

Whenever yet another vile subject would reveal their selves, we'd get the giggles and shout out together 'OUT DEMONS OUT!'... I miss her but know she's doing her thing on our Xena like realm.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Dave Klausler @4:14 AM.

Obviously you didn't understand the issue, where I was coming from or are a standard "wolfaboos". I supposed I should've make a longer, more PC "kumbaya" summary, since you are obviously incapable of doing any actual research and discernment on your own except reply with snide comments that demonstrate your total lack of comprehension and personal bias.

As I said before, I do NOT pass moral judgment on wolves or any other wild animal predator. I'll leave that to wacko fundies on either side of the issue.

An example of "moral judgment" I recall is when a Senator from North Carolina made an impassioned plea for saving a species of endangered woodpecker "because of it's wholesome family values". That doesn't fly with me, species deserve to exist simply because they are part of the world around us. The mistake we humans have made is that we have allowed ourselves to be fooled into thinking we are NOT part and parcel of this planet.

wv: tolyclu

Some people...need tolyclus

Neko Kinoshita said...

I’m sure I do not understand.

If I’m out of line, bark at me and I’ll go sit under the dumpster until I figure out how to play nice.

Amarynth, and gardener,
Thank you both for the information, it will take some time before I can say anything more than that.


Anonymous said...

israhell you need to take your flag down today,also rothschild the fee needs to be paid......neil

Anonymous said...

Poor Wolf Doggies. Aahoooou!
Here is dog story for you: "The dog was the first animal to be domesticated, and the difficult experience of taming it began when a certain dog, after following a hunter around all day, actually went home with him. For ages dogs were used for food, hunting, transportation, and companionship. At first dogs only howled, but later on they learned to bark. The dog’s keen sense of smell led to the notion it could see spirits, and thus arose the dog-fetish cults. The employment of watchdogs made it first possible for the whole clan to sleep at night. It then became the custom to employ watchdogs to protect the home against spirits as well as material enemies. When the dog barked, man or beast approached, but when the dog howled, spirits were near. Even now many still believe that a dog’s howling at night betokens death." Urantia Book p778
Love, Melchizedek

amarynth said...

Just so I don't plow with someone else's oxen, it was Jody Paulson who posted the educate-yourself link on healing thought forms.

Some very good things in there! I did this once time in a restaurant. Blasted the strongest stream of the purest love I could to a sullen wait person. Soon after the wait person left and went home as he did not 'feel too well'. Uhm ...

George Galloway and Franklin Lamb said...

George Galloway: "Palestine has always existed, there is no such thing as israel."

Franklin Lamb: "The 19th Century Zionist colonial enterprise was grafted onto Palestine under a series of truly bizarre coincidences that could never be sustained. Of course the Zionist movement was well funded and well-armed and the colonial powers, particularly Britain was in no position to fulfill even their League of Nations mandate."

"Their occupation was co-opted by zionist forces while at the same time the exhausted post-World War II international community was simply not interested in being an honest broker in the struggle between the indigenous Palestinian population and the arriving foreign european colonists."

"Both the CIA and the politicians in israel see the historical handwriting on the wall. israel will not collapse peacefully but it will dissolve. Hopefully the colonists who came from europe and America will return whence they came or will agree to live as equals with the native population of Palestinians in a democratic, secular state governed by one person one vote and without discrimination based on any religion."

"Another process we are witnessing is the increasingly universal rejection of the illegitimate State (of israel) in Palestine by the Western, including the American, public who are becoming more educated about what really happened during the 1948 Nakba and ethnic cleansing of Palestine."

"Previously many blindly accepted the continuous recitation by the international zionist hasbara distributors that Palestine was 'a land without a people for a people with a land.' Not many people believe this anymore as the growing BDS and other human rights campaigns aimed at delegitimizing israel are illustrating."

"Six decades of serial crimes by israel has educated the orld that establishing an apartheid State on stolen Arab land was an historic and moral mistake and in not sustainable. Sooner perhaps rather than later the CIA predictions will likely come to pass."

Anonymous said...

To A Heads Up,

Naaaa. The way they would bring down the blog is by subversion and co-opting it. Takes less energy. Those fake 25 hasbara commenters would indeed infiltrate pretending to be just like the other real commenters. But they would conjure up spin and fluff. Take the focus more and more away from 9/11, Rothschilds, zionism, Nakba, and more into superfluous discussions of anything else. Since there would be several commenting on each blog scroll the blogger would not notice his focus was being distracted from what he had written about and think that his readers really wanted to talk about fluff. Over time that would become the only discussion in the scroll. Serious active readers would would gradually leave to more pollitically incorrect forums and once the hasbara recognised it was only them and their fluff left - they could disappear.

Anonymous said...

'regime change' is just a pc word for coming into your neighbor's house by force, beginning to sleep with his wife, sitting at the head of his table and eating his food.

Rothschild hegemony.

Anonymous said...

All -
I’ve been watching all of this unfold in the world, the great unraveling, as the hands behind the money levers attempt to wrest control of the world and form their one world government and world order (or better put - the cancer begins devouring the host). And yet, I haven’t rushed to acquire stores of food, even though I know there will be famine; I haven’t rushed out to buy guns and ammo, even though I know there will be riots and looting; I haven’t rushed out to buy gold and silver, even though I know that paper money will shortly be worthless; I haven’t honed my hunting and survival skills, even though I know that those will be the means to continue.
The reason that I don’t do those things stems from my belief that this is a spiritual war, and I am more than my mere physical body. Were I to die tomorrow, it would just be the end of my current physical incarnation. Also, I read these Hopi prophecies, and they sounded very much like the Christian version of Revelation that I’d been steeped in as a child. Thankfully, these lines were in the first three paragraphs:
"It is only materialistic people who seek to make shelters. Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the great shelter of life. There is no shelter for evil. Those who take no part in the making of world division by ideology are ready to resume life in another world, be they Black, White, Red, or Yellow race. They are all one, brothers."
The war will be "a spiritual conflict with material matters. Material matters will be destroyed by spiritual beings who will remain to create one world and one nation under one power, that of the Creator."

Anonymous said...

the irradication of all psychopaths
and imperialist invaders
on colonialist pursuits
materialist purveyers
enslavers of the mind
corrupters of the heart
who descend upon the people
and lack the vital spark
with shadows inner haunting
taunting them within
never faced true death
instead they act like kings
now the true king needs to stand up
all that everlasting love
that sits inside of all men
but is wasted in the mud
for the blood of all the sacrificed
all those who starved to death
all those little people
genosided raped and messed
the emperialistic kingdoms
on a demon infested road
with satanic instruments
are now completely exposed
at times we talk of freedom
liberation of all men
so come on people stand up
not sit down and just pretend
the crooked road leads nowhere
just destruction of ourselves
this is not acceptable
its time to take down hell


Ghana said...

My Dear Friend Vis,

There is no doubt that you're a conduit for truth and that you are a special mouthpiece selected by The One.

"One of the principal ways that we’ve gone wrong is that we stopped living together and working toward common goals; pooling our resources and performing our talents for the benefit of the whole. This is the game they talk about when they talk about democratic nations and whatever lying modality they are foisting upon the public for the purpose of oppressing it. Find me a democratic nation if you can. Perhaps the nomads of Mongolia represent this. They just move on in their timeless way, without any other problems than the elements and they’ve figured that one out."

There has been help in designing and building the walls of isolation. This is the art of winning a war. Make them afraid of each other and thy can never become cohesive enough to defeat less than a group of 10,000; CFR, TLC, Bilder, Carlyle, Rand, Group of 300, etc. These aren't even the real dirt-bags and yet we haven't solidified to stop any dastardly syndicate bent on whatever destruction an misery they have planned. The US of I is a complete makeover of Germany in the 30's and 40's and their plans are to make us the same as the Germany of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's,and 90's... slaves to the Jewish; not actual Jews. Germany is coming out of her slumber though, we shall see.

I agree with you Vis that the wheels seem to be coming off the NWO clown car faster than they can scramble in and out and put them back on and the 3 ring circus is collapsing in grand fashion. I see it in my neighbors faces at the grocer; looking at me with the question in their expression, “Is it going to be OK?” That's an internal question and it is the hard part to get them to understand when I approach them and offer my communion-ship. I have nothing to give but the “me” and in the end me is a version of God that I am being trained to perform either as the good, the bad, the ugly or indifferent. I have mastered the 3 easy ones in my first 4@#%* years here and it was the mud in the initial stream from my pump priming once I relocated my backyard. It still needs my hand Vis, but I feel the pressure rising in my God Well to the point I believe eventually it should be replaced by an arterial-free flowing well.

To believe my bros and sistas that the Divine/God/Creator/Source/One/Lord/Shiva/ does not want to have intercourse with you as it does all avatars is nonsense. Material creation comes from the bottom reaching up and out towards the Invisible top reaching down and within. We are the physical, cognitive spirit, a meeting place, where top and bottom come together and we can synchronize as a collective and create harmony or remain isolated individuals or pods and live in futility. I see that history is indeed long and bloody on this plane from the last Universal pulse, but aren't there those times, places, events and characters that have put it all in perspective for this crescendo of an age so that as the whisper of an epoch becomes a crushing roar, no question will remain unanswered and the True path of a physical spirit will be unveiled for all to witness and travel or shun and become ostracized or perishable?

Do not stop teaching my friend and I will not stop tweaking the knobs of my internal Hamm radio to get the message; I do nothing, but for the will of the Divine. You help people locate their backyard, pump and internal force to begin priming. I have much work to do, but I'm grateful for it and consider it a gift and not a burden and you mowed me a path to my gate. Enjoy the solstice my brother!

Love and gratitude,

Ghana come see you soon.

wv; communion-ship; I hope it is the next boat cliff builds for all of us to sail on or what happens when two pieces of Divine meld and resonate as the Source for a time.

Junkie Monkey said...

Here's why Barry Soetoro has no birth certificate:

A.Mouser said...


"the emperialistic kingdoms
on a demon infested road
with satanic instruments
are now completely exposed
at times we talk of freedom
liberation of all men

so come on people stand up
not sit down and just pretend
the crooked road leads nowhere
just destruction of ourselves
this is not acceptable
its time to take down hell"

Kudos brother Neil.

Mouser said...

Damn Ghana.

Was that treatise laced with vague sexual innuendos or am I just being paranoid? You started off great with the heads-up that America is going to be the next Germany - labelled with false anti-semetic guilt for 66 years.

Show up at the solstice - I'd like a meet.

Anonymous said...

sorry people,I'm aggitated...neil

est said...

the other night
it was an owl

for more than an hour
every 15 to 25 seconds

from 3 in the morning
in near total silence

one voice over and over
the same exact song

i know it was meant for me
though others might have heard

and you already know
the tune he sang

and the question he asked
over and over again

i could only have one answer
'you - you - you'

and who is you ?
well, we all are

all of us

not one gets there alone
not without all the rest

so when you hear
an honest voice

and he lets you
sing harmony

please stick to the tune
and stop trying to fuck it all up

'whoever you might be'
or temporarily think you are

no amount of distraction
can swerve you from the truth

if that's what you truly seek
it's closer than your own breath

Ben said...

Les, All,

I really like what Eric wrote at 12:19 PM; I believe he is absolutely correct in that this is a spiritual war.

One reason we're seeing "extremes" (earthquakes, tsunamis, forest fires, droughts, floods, late snowfall, early springs, etc. etc.) is because the war currently taking place in the spiritual realm is manifested in the physical realm. We also see these same extremes being manifested in the earthly economic and political realm.

Realizing this should encourage us all. We should also keep in mind that the physical manifestations are mere shadows of what is going on in the spiritual realm.

As Heavenly Father told His prophet Habakkuk: "Wait, wait." I know we are impatient for justice and restitution... it will come. All we need to do is rest in Him, and, as many have suggested, love and pray blessings on all those we encounter throughout the day.

Stop The Fascism said...

***Again*** and ***again*** and ***again*** and ***again***...

Rothschilds zionist French forces hack apart Ivory Coast civilians as the IMF reinstates allegence to the private fractional reserve central bank.

"Ivory Coast (population 20.6 million) received nominal independence from France on 7 August 1960. During the next 20 years it achieved a period of phenomenal economic growth with an annual increase in GDP of 10%. The world's largest exporter of cocoa, pineapples and palm oil, it also became the third largest exporter of coffee. This period was known as the Ivoirean Miracle.

In the 1980's world-wide recession precipitated a collapse in prices, aggravated by a persistent drought. By 1987 Ivory Coast had incurred a foreign debt of $14 billion with annual interest thereon of $1.4 billion equivalent to 2/3rds of the annual budget! The ***IMF*** subsequently moved in and imposed a structural adjustment programme. The usual punitive conditions that public sector salaries, social services and infrastructure programmes be slashed, were inflicted. Living standards dropped in order to ensure that interest on the loans created out of nothing by ***European banks*** would be paid on time.

Since then this foreign debt has hampered Ivory Coast's economic development and repayments of capital have had to be deferred at regular intervals. During the past ten years GDP growth has limped along at approximately 1% p.a.

In October 2000 Laurent Gbagbo, leader of the Ivoirean Popular Front Party, was elected as President. No election took place in 2005 as a civil war was in progress ­ there is a north/south divide of Muslims and Christians respectively. Prior to the 2010 election Gbagbo gave notice that he intended to end Ivory Coast's financial servitude to France. (transl. throw out the khazarian zionist Rothschild international bankers)

Currently Ivory Coast belongs to the ***Central Bank of West African States*** (CBWAS). All the bank's foreign reserves are deposited at the ***Banque de France***, which has been controlled by the Rothschilds since they plotted Napoleon's demise in 1815. (Napoleon had founded the bank in 1800 as a state bank, which issued all government loans free of interest).

Furthermore 85% of Ivory Coast's export earnings have to be paid over to the ***Banque de France*** to be invested in French government bonds.

In the election of 2010, massive fraud took place in the northern part of the country. Eventually the Constitutional Council awarded the election to Gbagbo, who obtained 51% of the votes. The "world community" insists that his opponent Alassane Outtara is the winner. His father comes from Burkino Faso and is thus half foreign, but more ominously, he is a former Deputy Managing Director of the ***IMF*** and governor of the ***CBWAS***. Gbagbo has rightly referred to Ouattara and the rebels as stooges of former colonial power France.

On 23 December 2010 Gbagbo appropriated 153 billion West African CFA (Communaute Financiere Africain) francs for running the country from the Abidjan branch of ***CBWAS***. Financial sanctions were immediately imposed and on 1 February 2011 Ivory Coast was forced to default on a ***Eurobond*** loan of $2.3bn bearing interest at a rate of 10.18% p.a.

On 4 April 2011 UN and French forces destroyed much of Gbagbo's heavy artillery and the main broadcasting station in Abidjan. On 11 April 2011 "white mercenaries" (code for ***French troops***), stormed his presidential residence and forced him to capitulate. His current whereabouts are unknown. Ivory Coast will become another victim of the ***New World Order***, and the international bankers will once again be able to collect interest on their fictitious loans."

Unbelievable, amazing, call it what you will but to quote my brother Neil; "Its time to take down hell."

Anonymous said...

moving changing
sweeping raising
blazing freely
reaching gazing
streaming fusing
touching weaving
climbing turning
loving cleaning
beaming paving
rousing tuning
glowing gleaming
nature rooting
swooping pounding
leaping rising
signing springing
living shinning


Anonymous said...

Opening Doors Within

"I was shown a fledgling learning to fly. Its first affords were very feeble. But as it used its wings more and more, they became stronger until it found the freedom of flight and was able to sour on great heights and fly great distances without any effort. I heard the words: Faith comes with practice. Live by faith until it becomes rocklike and unshakeable, and find the true freedom of the spirit deep within you..."

By Eileen Caddie

Happy Spring

bholanath said...

This was published over a month ago, but if missed, is well worth reading.
A somewhat long but important back-story on the trading and the now-known perpetrators of the financial theft that took place on 9/11/01.
Astonishing, enlightening, mind-blowing, thorough.


Nate said...

Gudrun had this video posted. One of the most amazing pieces that i have ever seen. HD time lapse photography filmed in the Canary Islands atop a volcanic peak. Well worth a look. Thought everybody would enjoy this.

Rob in WI said...

Anonymous/ peace. Your attempt at poetry, in my opinion, stinks. Then again, I may be in the minority. Peace to you.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:55 AM.
that's also a rational explanation, assumng 'they' are rational and are human. I always wondered, mostly in the affirmative, what Hitler would have done in the bunker if he had had the Bomb. still it begs the question, why the slow burn? why not just hit the button? they are surely putting out the fire (of awareness and nascent resistance) with gasoline.

yeh Im a bit fluffy too.

Ghana said...


No sexual innuendo and I would consider it an honor to meet you; harry arse and all, just not able to at solstice!

Respectfully with love,


Anonymous said...

Rob in WI;

I think your comment stinks.
If you don't like the poetry don't read it. Peace man Neil has a heart of gold so why don't you Rob in WI fuck off down the road.

"Its time to take down hell"

If you don't see the genius in that sentence - you Rob in WI, are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Well, there have been many strange things happening in nature, witness packs of 200 wolves in Russia wiping out 30 horses at a whack and threating villages. The wolves up here in Idaho and over into Oregon are some sort of hybrid. Wolves normally don't get that big and act that way. Sorry to say these do. Grizzlys? Believe me they will eat you, just ask the fellow in Alaska who thought he was communing with them and became dinner.Nature must be respected and lived in harmony with not made into a cheap anthropomorphic character from a Disney movie.
The rest was spot on as usual, Thank you for all you do.

Eat the Rothschilds said...

". The budgetary crisis, or how the United States plunges willingly or by force into this unprecedented austerity and takes whole swathes of the global economy and finance with it

. The crisis in US Treasury bonds, or how the US Federal Reserve reaches the "end of the road" which began in 1913 and must face up to its bankruptcy whatever accounting sleight of hand is chosen

. The US Dollar crisis, or how the jolts in the US currency that will characterize the ending of QE2 in the second quarter of 2011 will be the beginnings of a massive devaluation (around 30% in a few weeks)"

It's all just a ruse by TPTB. As John Hughes so aptly put it: The whole dollar implosion is on purpose by the FED, IMF, BIS, World Bank, WTO (all Rothschild owned) in order to bring the greatest financial economy in the world (the USA) to its knees so that the whole world will be FORCED to accept a global fractional reserve currency owned by Rothschild - and thereby a world government.

If they (TPTB, Rothschild) wanted to fix this problem they could BECAUSE they already have the standing power to print all the money they need out of thin air in 193 of 197 countries.

And that folks, is also the whole skewed problem in a nutshell. How can real free trade function when a small group of the players have the private right to create money and 'loan' it to each other?

Corruption, fraud, theft, call it what you will but to quote my fine poetic brother Neil: 'its time to take down hell'.

Anonymous said...

peace, Your poetry is awesome. It may be just me, but it seems to improve, too. :)

Snake Sage

Always Said The Guy Had A Feminine Mouth said...

Are TPTB getting ready to 'wack' Obama?

Remeber, psychopaths have no allegences except to the greater cause of benefitting themselves.

M.Jackson was worth more dead than alive so he was 'wacked' through presciption meds.

Popping Obama would enable instant marshall law in USI under "i'm a zionist" Biden. Remeber him? That sabat's goy who got spit in the face by israel and responded "i think it's raining".

The last few seconds of the above 'off-camera' dialog reveal Obama knows he's being left to the wolves - otherwise the PTB would never ever allow a reporter's question like "why do you think you are so unpopular in Texas?" to be asked and/or recorded and released to the MSM.

He's being set up for a fall.Could it be he is now worth more dead than alive to the NWO planners? I hope Michelle has good life insurance on her husband in order to be able to provide for her kids if her alledged foreign born, bisexual husband is iced.

Never Let A Good False Flag Go To Waste said...

What will happen on the 29 April 2011 that require 129,000 detainie (Fema camp) handbooks?

Well we have an emergency team response 'drill' in middle America involving an earthquake disater.

Will Haarp make this drill go live like 9/11 and 7/7?

Or will Obama get snuffed in Chicago leading to riots and Fema camps actually opening for business? They were built by Cheney's Haliburton with taxpayer money and presently await residents.

The Naked Truth said...

When hegemony involves murder it is fascism.

Rothschild = zionism = fascism.

Pond Owl said...


The other night it was an owl for me too.

It was the afternoon of the tornadoes. Here in NC. One passed over just blocks down the street from my home. I'm okay.

The owl. I took a walk at darkfall that night as the storms finished passing over. It was nighttime. I knew it was him as soon as I saw him in mid-flight. They have shown themselves to me so many times now that I can recognize the shape of their wings in mid-flight. He came from the direction of the woods and creek across the road and then landed on a power line directly in front of my path. Interestingly enough a hawk did this same thing to me as well in the daytime not to long ago. The owl seemed to be scanning the field beside me for prey at first and then as I approached he turned and faced me. I stopped under him and we made eye contact for a few seconds. Then a car came and interrupted our encounter and he flew off in the direction from which he came. This encounter also seemed to be 'just for me'.

Maybe the owl is my totem. I don't know. That would be cool. I feel a kinship with the owl. They have shown themselves to me many times throughout my short life, during both night and day. In my childhood home I even had two owl statues in the living room. A few animal totem internet sites that say they are of Native American origin say that the owl is my birth month totem. Others say it is the elk.

Hoo hoo hoot
translation (Who are you?)

Hoot hoot hoohoot
-translation (Who cooks for you?)

It's darkfall here, Pond Owl surveying the landscape and more importantly contemplating the within, feeling some strong energies the past couple of days,

Nice poem est..."it's closer than your own breath"
....Hmmmm, to steal a line from Metallica(they really do know how to rock)....


Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Visible said...

I wrestled with posting that comment but I figured the community would just weigh in. Sometimes that's the necessary angle.

As for wolves and wild creatures. I have spent considerable time in wild places and come up upon all manner of wild things including bears and they leave me alone. Once a mother bear crossed a logging road in front of me with a cub. I just stood there and she went on her way.

I'm not so foolish as to think I'm in a petting zoo or to behave stupidly. I'm not an expert on wolves and I know a little about them and they have a certain way of behaving, with occasional exceptions. What has to be kept in mind is that these are not ordinary times and Nature is behaving out of the ordinary along with everything else.

I know that congressman way lying because of the totality of his remarks.

est said...


drop me a line

just you please


Anonymous said...

Mike James said (about the queen of England and the coming royal wedding);

"And of what is she made? The Windsors claim to be of Germanic "royal" ascent, but, in all reality, like all perniciously canny thieves and robber barons, they climbed out of the same sewer that spawned the venomous rats who rule the world: The Rothschilds ­ Power-Jews who actually had it within themselves to outwit the superlatively higher intelligence of a Celtic Race that should have known better, but was betrayed, not by thirty pieces of silver, but by their own blue-eyed credulity."

Actually what thief Bauer used to get control of the money supply was the GREED of the royals and government officials of the day - their greed to accept a piece of the criminal frectional reserve profits in return for their acquiescence to let Bauer/Rothschild run a counterfeiting operation with usury.

Now it's global. And it's getting worse with the creation of a global fractional reserve currency with usury owned by the Rothschilds, the Windsors and a few other families.

Until these criminals are bought to justice the world will forever be under their control.

est said...

pond owl

i call them as i see them
i wish i could make shit up

but i have absolutely
no imagine ace zion

keep walking brother

The Peoples Is A Startin' To Stir said...

Kudos Les Visible.

Jim Kirwan quoted you verbatim in his 19.04.2011 piece entitled 'The Year Of The Vultures'.

3) Priming the Pump for the Apocalypse Factor - Les Visible

And so he should.(big wide grin)

Visible said...

Here is some sane perspective from a reader.

It tells it like I see it and that's the way everyone I know who's been 'out there' and gives a shit and isn't mining the fast food burger industry dime sees it.

Anonymous said...

Eat the bankers said @ 8.42....

No need to apologize.

We all need to be reminded of this sleight of hand. It is the single biggest thorn in humanities side brought to us by the Red Shield.

Their days are numbered.

Thanks Les. Really great as per usual.


wv: frous. Fuck Rothschild's oligarch'd usury shitbox.

Pond Owl said...

@Anonymous 7:56
Yep species deserve the right to live simply because they are part of the world around us. They are part of God's creation just like me and you and your brother and your mother and the ocean. I agree it's as simple as that. I have found myself sticking up for that little endangered woodpecker in NC in conversation before. I used to watch the red-headed woodpeckers peck the pecan trees in my yard for insects. Some people look at the land and animals and they see dollar signs and ask what's in it for me and what can it do for me without regard for the respect of the other living being. That's no good. I agree with you the animals and the earth and humans are all the Divine's creation and are all connected and you could even say they are all one. The animals have a right to live and evolve and exist just like humans do. They have a right to live the same way that we humans have a right to live that we call 'Human Rights', like when we are talking about human existence/right to live being abused. Not trying to get preachy here I just wanted to say that I agree with you and the animals have a spiritual right to live. It's as simple as that. What I think is that it has little to nothing to do with any selfish judgements that we humans might put on their 'value' to us, and that goes for not just the animals but also plant species, oceans, whole ecosystems, etc. Their gifts to us are many. Human civilization as a whole chooses to ignore their gifts and instead do things like search around in the mud for little bits of stones. If humans should choose to live in harmony with nature then so many of the 'conflicts of interest' would naturally dissapear and I dare say the benefits to both 'parties', both humans and the earth/nature would bring forth many wonders and achievements that would benefit the whole of existence. Humans have strayed so far from the path some folks don't even think whole groups of people have a basic right to live. That's sad.

What an enchanting and awe-inspiring sight it is to see the wildness in it's full glory, I think the only thing that tops it is a gorgeous woman(grin),

Best to all,

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Neko Kinoshita said...

Let us please play nice,
Many have good things to say, and although I enjoy the poetry (and have even tried my poor clumsy paw at it a bit), not everyone does. You need not criticize the art you don’t appreciate, and perhaps your dislike is something you should look at in yourself.

But what do I know?

Btw, Nice link Visible, it is rare to see such an open perspective on a complex issue.

Now for what I have to say:
For almost a full day now, I have been feeling an anxious anticipation.
Most disconcerting. Perhaps I should reach for the center, I am sure that the love will prevail.
It would seem that “separatist” part of myself may be the source of the disquiet, but the anticipation seems to be from somewhere else.

Are any of you feeling this? Or am I just losing it?

Watching clouds move into the cul-de-sac,


Do They Deserve Paul? said...

Caribou Barbie gets booed off the stage at a 'Tea Party' event. But she's so ditzy it takes her more than three minutes to understand the crowd have absolutely no interest in the propaganda coming out of her mouth.

This is great! Watch the whole clip, it'll give you a smile which will last your whole day.

What an airhead. In the background people are chanting Tax, Tax, Tax The Rich , and Sarah Go Home while she just keep on talking!!!

What a joke she is. It is said a people get the leadership they deserve. Let us hope the American people wake up and choose better than Palin, Obama, Trump, or Romney. Let us hope they are someday deserving of someone like R.Paul.

Visible said...

I'm speaking as a named friend of the Devi Realm and I didn't get there killing things. I didn't get there for my love of animals either because there are many people who love and understand them more than I and many many more who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

I got there because of my resonance, whether in words or presence is no matter. I understand sympathetic strings. I am one.

Pond Owl said...

Are you saying I need to work on my resonance Les?(grin)
I agree!(bigger grin)

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

Talk about exciting!

I saw the otters last weekend.
I know when to start sneaking and where to peek through the sumac.

The creek is pretty high right now and they were running along the bank at creek edge.

The female is pregnant. How cool is that?
She is so beautiful!

I saw weasel tracks too.
No mink.. I always look for mink and never give up on perhaps a miracle martin.

All the baby animals are incredibly darling and dear but the baby otters are sweet and full of joy beyond all others.
At least to me.

I can barely wait!


Miriam said...

Just want to weigh in about the poetry: To both neil/peace and is beautiful and inspired. I love it.
Keep posting, this isn't a popularity contest. It is a place to express and share and discuss with a modicum of manners.

Thanks again to MR(did I get the initials right?), it is nice to inspire and be inspired(grin)

Visable, you are a most patient and wise man, thank you.

wv~ untimet~ drop the 't' and you get 'un TI me'; no censorship has it's risks.

Anonymous said...

no problems rob in w.i....
we all have our little thing we love mine is writing poems live on the internet,I sort of explore the internal corridors of myself whilst doing this,all though sometimes I get stuck,have found that the link that jody paulson posted is some of what I have found,the chaldean flame alphabet is where I would love to end up at some point,I suppose we all aim high though...
their are some great poets who have written stuff around here over the years,I would say there is an inner poet in all of us somewhere..
est will send you a message a bit later,I love reading your stuff helps with the thinkings round here in wetiko land....
thanks for sticking up for me people,
and thanks to mr visibles for introducing us to the devic realm and the creative processes that are existant within all of life the place where our true selves can be found and explored..
it would be nice to become completely reunited with our other brothers and sisters in the animal fish insect and bird kingdoms,I consider them all my brothers and sisters anyway,as I suspect most of you people do too...
what I have found is they pick up on our fear and also our love,and are responsive to that,but I am no expert either.....

anyway respects and deep peace to all of you out their including rob..neil

katz said...

I've been taping "Fatal Obsessions" on TV. several half-wolves have killed their owners. of course, I tend to sympathize, as it appears their owners were selfish pigs. but, other than that, the half-wolves episode showed this woman who loved her wolf/dogs and kept them well, getting killed. pretty shocking, no doubt.

but, I don't like the looks of any 180 lb dog/wolf/biting potential. wild animals are not predictable.

the federal government has no right to bring in canadian wolves to this degree, as it exceeds the limit of their authority.

this is a state's right to decide, as it is the state that balances local needs.

I'm surprised that you missed the over-reaching of this federal government.

pretty soon, the feds will ban more animals, and decide which animals are allowed to live.

much like they do to humans,

in fact.......heard they want to ban abortions based on race or gender. so, if we have a pregnant racist, and she doesn't want a half-whatever-other, she will have that biracial child, or else she will go to jail. nice way to raise a child, eh? next, they will tell you what child you will raise, and how much to spend.

the feds will tell you what animal you can have, and which animal is allowed to eat you. they already breed the animals that they deem they want, even if they have to import them.

I wonder if they purposely imported the Japanese stink bug that is ruining all the crops on the east coast of the USA this year? Maybe the Japanese stinkbug will be the only survivor of Fukishima?

israel gets its just desserts said...

This bird is named 'israel'. He repeatedly antagonises this peaceful house cat. But watch what happens to israel on his 10th sortie.

Aren't the laws of nature and probabiity just grand! (grin)

Visible said...

First off, do you live where there are wolves? Second, don't make me come out of my bag with real life stories. Aging, older wolves can be a problem, just like tigers but I have never not walked down a moonlit wooded path where there were wolves and I have lived many places where they were. I found raccoons to be more feisty and combative. I have definitely found wolverines to be explosive and contrary as is a badger when you get in his face but I have never had a problem with wolves and that's also when I had a dog with me. I've been in the Canadian hinterlands too by the way. Wolves are not a problem unless you fuck up their feeding grounds, hunt them to where they catch an attitude, or where an anomaly occurs. Bears on the other hand are much more unpredictable but since I have never had a problem with them I intuit that comes down to being around tourist amplified hunting grounds (they are not seagulls) and territorial circumstance. I have never found wolves to be territorial except with other wolves.

I have lived in the wild a good deal. I would rather have the company of wolves than materialists. I have sat right outside of their lodgings once or twice and they paid me no mind because of smell. Let me tell you how smart wolves are. You want a problem with wolves? Have gun-oil on your person. Smell of meat. Give out the passion for death that wolves own more than you and usually it is people just like this who find themselves in extremis who have problems with wild things.

I suggest all points to the contrary indicate lack of face to face. I have done face to face more than once without a single problem. The worst that ever happened to me was slamming a door at a property I was interested in and the owner laughed when the hornets bit me on the head. I showed restraint.

bholanath said...

@Pond Owl-

You are fortunate to have the owl as your totem. Their appearance to you is a gift and a teaching.
I am having the privilege of being trained to work with two burrowing owls for education outreach at a local wildlife rehab organization. Holding them close, gaining their trust, understanding their subtle communication with sound, movement and posture is indescribably beautiful and a continuous teaching.
All wild things can teach us much, and I am fully in agreement with Vis about the current changes in behaviors of animal-beings in these times. It would be advantageous if we could pay special attention to these changes, as their senses are on a much higher level than humans' dulled faculties. Birds' eyes, for example, process images many times faster than human eyes. Turkey vultures can smell up to 8 miles away.
I too have had many encounters with wild mammals, and the 'resonance' thing is valid. As for birds, I am just beginning to learn, but there's enough time to 'get up to speed' if we practice staying present.

Miriam said...

Here is a resonance video, made me cry with joy:
Check out the notes for the full story:

Netherlands Horse Rescue 2006 with names of rescue riders

I live in a medium sized city with 'Forever Green' areas of creeks and wild life running thru it.

I am fortunate that my home is across from one of the creeks and we get to witness and sometimes interact with many smaller animals sometimes right in our back yard. Lots of deer too.

There is a biologist not far from me where I have taken wounded birds and gotten advice on what to do with any creature that comes my way for help.
It is very rewarding for sure.

best of both worlds for me...

My sister in law long ago was visiting friends in Kodiak, Alaska. She was washing her clothes in the river when a Kodiak bear bounded towards her. She figured if it was her time, it was her time and continued to wash her clothes.
The bear got close enough where she could look into his eyes.
He sniffed and woofed at her and ran away.

What an experience!
I think her calm helped her, and she just didn't smell like food.

Star Of David Tattoo On "Libyan" Rebel said...

Now we hear in the MSM about US, UK and French forces attacking Lybia. On the alternative media we hear about CIA, MI6 special forces there in advance on the ground.

Besides the downed fighter jet, whose rescuers gunned down civilans who came to the pilots aid, we hear nothing about the israeli IDF working full time on the ground to topple the anti-zionist regime in Libya.

zionists own the media so israel attacking Libya is never mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I live an hour away from Yellowstone as the eagles fly. We have a lot of moose that come in if the winter is harsh. They feed on willow and pine only in the winters. Willows 'make them mean-thinning their blood with the same property in it that provides the blood thinning aspirin compound'. Pine 'makes them mellow'.

Glad my place ('my' is used commonly-as 'my' place and I have been subjected to about as much fraudulent actions from the day we laid out a check for $5000 to the crafty owners who really had no intentions of the deal going down and my life has been one human caused nightmare event after another from that fateful day almost five years ago to the day)... has so many Pines for the moose to dine upon as all who've come in during winters have been: very friendly, very mellow, very curious.

Though all locals have told me "On a trail I'd rather come upon a Grizz versus a Moose any day'.

There are Elk that come in too-and have had wolves here in the past. Probably due to the Elk. *shrugs*

There are many whom I don't want to come upon unawares... I apply Rule #1 as often as possible-don't be there.

We also have a huge oatmeal colored Owl... comes in late Autumn, first year without his mate this year. He makes his presence always known to us by swooping us, drifting past us all the time.

Our new dog to our pack was a drop off who barked and barked and barked until one night I went out to see who this barker was and what he was barking at. He jumped into my truck with no hesitation and has settled in really well with the other furry children of our family.

He ran off one moose this winter by barking and rounding it up and out. Took him four hours but he ran the moose off.

He was barking hard like that again before our snow melted off and I went out to see what he was doing and he was barking up a tree. It was the owl. He displaced the Owl due to his piercing bark. Owl swooshes off with dog after it barking... a huge hawk is tailing the dog who doesn't notice what is behind him... until the Owl is gone then he sees the Hawk in a tree behind him. Barks at that while the Owl is forgotten.

Potential bad move on the part of my valiant protective little dog. Deer Faced Chihuahua... ha! The snow is knee deep melting loose stuff causing me trouble making it outside to him to back him up.

Anonymous said...

Precious boy kitties were 'getting gone' every Spring with the Owl couple in their winter residence here. I scoured the property looking for Owl pellets to see if there was any red fur for Turbo... any grey fur for Greyson... never found any. This Spring I've found many Owl pellets full of teeth and claws of small critters.

I've been put through the meat grinders by human actions so much in the past five years. Totally broken and reborn. One pathological trick after another by several factions of demon controlled human meat bags. One hideous real life story after another. Many locals know the scary, insane, pathological players and their deadly tricks utilizing all branches of the 'officers of the courts' upon me.

They say it happens all the time. But what, evidently doesn't happen all the time and which I relayed and which has gotten me labeled now as 'WHACKED' is what the trees on this heavily wooded property have done... repeatedly.

Willows, Pines, Quakeys, Poplars... it happened one day when I was as wrung out as could be... totally hopeless in what was befalling me... I had work to do anyway so I was trudging up the tree lined lane and heard a murmuring buzzing whilst I walked my full wheelbarrow up the lane.

It was deep fall-all the Poplars leaves were solid gold...drifting down like golden coins... I have never felt as destitute in love or care in my life... then I heard it... so tiny in voice that I stopped... 'I love you... i love you.. i love you'... a chorus of 'i love you' from the trees.

I stood totally grounded... the trees swaying and dropping their leaves in a light wind. "Are you TREES saying 'you love me?" The chorus got louder-braver... no mistaking what was saying it and what they were saying... 'we love you'... sigh...

"I LOVE YOU TOO" "I LOVE YOU TOO" giving all a big human hug... I was so empowered with this love that was all around me. Love surround sound.

Their love for ME caused me to tell them 'I'll fight for you! to keep this place! Nobody's taking anymore from us! If you all want me here that's the only thing that matters!'...

I carried on with my wheelbarrowing work and as ummm these unusual encounters are not that unusual with me and this place full of LIFE and the LIVING... I was joy filled to hear the Pines... the Willows whispering THEIR love to me when I went over to their areas... the huge Blue trees...everyone with their own voices... all that LOVE... for ME...

the gardener

katz said...

I don't live around wolves, although it's been said that there are coyotes around, and plenty of bears. I love coyotes, as I used to see them all the time in Texas, and learned a lot about them. Texas coyotes are better looking than Maryland coyotes.

I admit, I'm fascinated w wild animals. my totem is the hawk. foxes tend to like me, as do cats and horses.

I still think the feds have a whole lot of nerve importing and breeding 180 lb wolves. worse, thanks to the feds, the native timberwolf is probably extinct, due to interbreeding w the canadian wolves.

it's like the time the fire ants came to Texas. the fire ants killed off all the decent nice ants, like the cow-killer ant, and the black sugar ant.

Visible said...

I rank the moose with the water buffalo as most truly scary and bowels loosening. I am sure that Kodiaks and grizzlies and sundry have a fright meter but the only ones who made me use every mobile wit I have, have been mentioned. I've never come upon a polar bear but I hear they will track you for a thousand miles on the ice. I've never come upon a leopard seal but I have seen the films. I have swam with great whites and barracudas and all kinds of things I have run into and I would put wolves way down on the list. Try surprising a moose. They have the same kind of feet as a water buffalo, like they were thinking about some kind of surfing activity. The major problem in that environment is that you are dealing with something they skate over. If you're really good then sideways motion will work, long as you can get out of there.

Rob in WI said...

Sorry, Neil, realize I have no business criticizing what you post. was just having a rotten day and had to go try and share it. Regretted it before it got posted. I apologize.
Peace, Rob

Don't Believe A Word Of It said...

The Brettonwoods (1) creation of the IMF and World Bank in 1944 were promoted as being created to help the third world/developing countries.

The debt interest rate at the end of the 1970's interest rates was 2%. In the beginning of the 1980's the rates were increased to 18%.

Now how does that fact support the retoric that these private financial organisations work for the betterment of poor countries?

They don't. They debt enslave poor countries for 100's of years into the future.

Now these same entities want to enslave the western world with a global fractional reserve currency under the guise of 'stabilising the world economic market'. The present fiat meltdown is being done on purpose so that the citizens of the western countries will cry out for the implementation of a global currency.

Do you want it? Do you want debt slavery for 100's of years into the future? Because that is Rothschild's plan.

George Soros (Swartz) is pimping that global currency plan now - look at Brettonwood 2.

Just so you know.

katz said...

Moose!!! lord. never saw one, in person, but I would run.

I prefer to be in the wild world, on my horse's back. he has more sense than I, and can smell danger before it gets to us.

the scariest thing I ever saw was at the side of Lake Dallas, where no roads traveled. we came upon a fire site, that had satanist ceremony evidence. I started carrying a loaded 38, after that. my husband made sure that I had that gun, and a holster, if I was alone in the wild. you shoulda seen that! it was truly shocking. those people are really nuts. no kidding.

at least wild animals make sense.

It's All Over But The Crying said...

Tom Ebgelhardt puts it perfectly in his desciption of how it must have felt to live in the end days on an empire:

"...but at some point it must have seemed at least a little like this — truly strange, like watching a machine losing its parts. It must have seemed as odd and unnerving as it does now to see a formerly mighty power enter a state of semi-paralysis at home even as it staggers on blindly with its war-making abroad.

The United States is, of course, an imperial power, however much we might prefer not to utter the word."

Anonymous said...


What does it mean?

Miriam said...

Here is a perspective of what is happening from Johan Calleman and the Mayan 9th Wave:

The frequency increase of the Ninth Wave of
the Mayan calendar has thrown the world into
the chaos from which the new world will be born

Sambhava said...

Hey graceofgod...

April 19th came and went without so much as a tremor. Or were you referring to NEXT year..?

Obviously CMEs (or terrestrial haarps) can be as unpredictable as wild animals..

Meanwhile, a good definition of "today": "Same as tomorrow, same as yesterday".

neal said...

Wolves, when they are not singing out to stabilize orbital mechanics, like to have their ears scratched, when in the mood. They forget to take turns, in their beauty.
Cougars, when not terribly busy with other realms, like to have their bellies scratched, if their mate is not paying attention.
Snakes, when not tasting and thinking about earthquakes, like to snuggle, they forget to take turns.
One never knows about bears, being people and all, with all the mercurial implications inherent in that package.
If you spend your life living with them, you need to be invited. They will usually give an honest opinion of what you really are, if asked.
A little respect and humility can be a door to beauty, and that can lead to beauty that will give life to the parts that really matter.
My people used to have a word for that, translates to "the real salvation".

Anonymous said...

When a man has pity on all living creatures then only is he noble.
-The Buddha

To a man whose mind is free there is something even more intolerable in the
sufferings of animals than in the sufferings of man. For with the latter it
is at least admitted that suffering is evil and that the man who causes it
is a criminal. But thousands of animals are uselessly butchered every day
without a shadow of remorse. If any man were to refer to it, he would be
thought ridiculous. And that is the unpardonable crime.
Thousands of animals are butchered every day without a shadow of remorse. It
cries vengeance upon all the human race.
-Romain Rolland

'Do not kick him', said Pythagoras to a man abusing a puppy. 'In his body is
the soul of a friend of mine. I recognized the voice when he cried out'.

Gypsy Scholar said...

The key domino in getting the world to accept a global fractional reserve currency is China.

Don't misunderstand, global currency is 100% suicide and will lead to an effective one world gowvernment by the oligarch banking families.

The private central bank in China is rumored to be 50/50 rather than 100% Rothschild owned as it is in the other 192 of 197 countries. Therefore, it is slighly harder to implement the private fractional reserve global currency in China than elsewhere in the Rothschild empire, excluding Iran, Sudan, North Korea and Cuba.

George Soros (Swartz) has the job of selling the Evelyn Rothschild (Bauer) plan for defacto global autocracy as instead being the salvation of the economic crisis.

event - reaction - solution

debt suffocation - fear of devaluation - global fractional reserve currency (world government)

Once the China domino falls, the door will be wide open to implement a private global curency in 193 countries. It will be touted as "gold backed" instead of "fiat", but actually will only be fractionally gold backed at less than 100:1.

More importantly it will be a private currency - meaning that Rothschild and the oligarch banking families will be able to create money autocratically with out input from the people of the world who use it.

This 'gold backed', fractional reserve, private global currency will be lent out to governments and individuals with usury. Thus ensuring literal debt slavery from craddle to grave for individuals and countries.

As the life blood of any society, Rothschild will hold everyone and every country in the palm of his hand. And once implemented, anyone who dares to oppose him can be taken off the grid with the flick of a key stroke.

Worse than heroin. As bad as cancer. Manifest dictatorship disguised as "economic freedom". Orwellian doublespeak - 100%.

Don't do it, ever.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Cockburn: They call it democracy w/subtitles;

"IMF, dirty MF...keep them on the hook with insupportable debt."

"...they kill the best and buy the rest."

"See the local paid off bottom feeders, passing themselves off as leaders."

"Kiss the ladies shake hands with the fellows and it's open for business like a cheap bordello."

"And they call it democracy."


Anonymous said...

Vis said: "I rank the moose and the water buffalo as the most truly scary and bowels loosening."

Now that's really funny. I got a good laugh and I assume that's what you intended. The most aggressive thing that a water buffalo does is swat flies away from its asshole. Any advice about aroused yaks?


Tom frum

Watch What You Eat said...

Something is wrong with Alex Jones.

I wouldn't believe this if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Did he ingest the same drugs slipped into the food of Charlie Sheen?

The same thing happened to that MI6 whistleblower - lost his marbles.

Pattern here: speak the truth to power have your mind lost for you by that same power.

Too much of a coincidence. I suspect drug poisoning of all three.

Visible said...


You've never been in South East Asia.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Well rattle my cage. Are we talking about the SE Asia where the water buffalo is a symbol of docile farm life? Ya know da kine. Little boys like to sit on their backs and chew cane.


Tom fum

Pond Owl said...

I hear that a hippopotamus can be ferocious if you invade their territory. Look at the size of the teeth on those things. Huge. A massive body as well. I heard something like more Africans living by the rivers get killed by angry hippopotamuses than any other animal on that continent. I have watched my fair share of nature documentaries.(grin) I easily believe that a huge water buffalo is one tough cookie.

Someone mentioned fire ants. Meh. Me no likey. I have them everywhere where I live. If you get them in your yard and you don't keep them in check they will build mounds up against your home, come in your home and swarm your food and you too and bite the living shit out of you. Trust me I know from experience and I have to wage war against them every year. They come from vacant lots near my home so as soon as I get them in check they just migrate back over to my yard and it starts back over again. They are hard to keep in check.

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you and Susanne.

May the coming yesr bring us all love and peace in our hearts.

Sincerely, Glenn

We are a moral world? said...

Lies vs. facts: Palestine

Visible said...

Research Tom, don't be a jerk
ahead of time, or would you like me to take you there so you can see for yourself?. I have a monopoly on 'jerk' around here............................................................................................................. and we don't do yiddish either so knock off the 'meh', sorry but I'm a little anti-anti these days

Anonymous said...

So let me see if I have this straight:

There's one commenter calling himself with the tribe name 'frum' who gets caught out being ignorant and a bit cheeky at 5:29, and then a second nik with the namw 'pond owl' and a common tribe name 'josh' who starts running Billy-Bob-Sue interference at 5:37 using yiddish slang.

So here's my question; what are the odds these are one in the same "putz"?

Anonymous said...

financialy crashing
destituted and corrupted
a so called civilization
of warmongers and untrusted
with zionistic virtues
of sell the self to take the gold
falsifying everything
artificiality takes hold
broken in its purpose
a castrated conscious root
the fruits of all the actions
leave minds in confuse
but where the lies all gather
the ghosts all come to play
in the crown and the counting house
from itself cant run away


Anonymous said...

I think the event that we're waiting for is a massive hydrogen blast at Fukushima. The fuel in reactors 1 and 2 is molten and pooling. The situation is beyond control. Far beyond.

HeyLes said...

Hey Visible, what's up asshole? Go fuck yourself you stupid fuckin idiot. Go fuck your wolves, dolphins and mooses in a bestial orgy in your saucerpod, you faggot ass homo. Fuck you.

Anonymous said...

nice post 1.22 thats some top quality use of language....neil

Anonymous said...

Yup - 1:22 pm - same "putz". (grin)

Anonymous said...

If I were studying psychiatry I might make the conjectures about our little putsky.

-single, living at home off and on, no serious heterosexual relationship at present, clandestine fleeting homosexual experience in the not so distant past, khazarian/askenazi but not practicing judaism at present, parents may well be separated/divorced, one or two years genaral college education, frequent pornography use, periodic mild substance use, infrequent alchohol, non-smoker, frustrated in his (very) late 'adolescence', underdeveloped social skills for age, confused, seeking, angry, often alone.

Hey but that could describe lots of 23 tear olds in America couldn't it?

Just Josh here said...

@Anonymous 12:23

Put down the bong bro. Everyone is not a shadow person.

Here's an idea anonymous. Maybe you are the troll. Being anonymous and all.

I don't even know what yiddish is. Nor do I know that's where "meh" came from. It must be some Jew stuff. I don't keep up with that stuff because it's not really my life path. I just saw someone else on the internet say meh so like a parrot I used it too.

Peace everyone...

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Josh here again said...

Peace poet or neil, I hope that poem wasn't directed at me. I get up from sleeping in the middle of the afternoon and this is what I find? Geez. That's why it took me a bit to comment back. I am not a troll. Jesus fucking Christ.

Once again, peace everyone...

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

A beautiful sentence:

But once we defy the religion of unfettered capitalism, once we demand that a society serve the needs of citizens and the ecosystem that sustains life, rather than the needs of the marketplace, once we learn to speak with a new humility and live with a new simplicity, once we love our neighbor as ourself, we break our chains and make hope visible.

neal said...

If that door wasn't almost shut a long time ago, the old truths wouldn't be living in these things.

Go out and live with them, if you can. It's going to be their world again, and it could be for all of us, a perfect moment of joy, despite all the irony of not taking a perfect world in pieces, never the whole at the same time, with all this "time". You don't have to pay attention to this, there are other places. The recovered memories and the deja-vu will be the same thing, mostly.
Will the wolf survive?
As they come and go, so do we all.
There is a place for them, it may be the only real solid ground for those who realize how far we have fallen. Drink up beauty, just know it is not in the world of man, mostly. Therein lies wisdom, for those with ears to hear, and eyes to see. You should really come out, and be alive-if you really want to. You wouldn't believe the company you will keep, it's not what you think.

Nate said...

Vis and all,

I neglected to attach the link to the video that I mentioned the other night. Sorry about that.

This is the link to all the photographer's videos posted to vimeo in hd. "The Mountain" is the one that I was referring to.

Miriam said...

The purpose of 1:22's insane post is to get everyone riled up and defensive.

Let's just see it for what it is~ a troll/shill.
Let's pass this test of our ability to simply shake our heads at the sheer stupidity of this obvious trap.

I trust Visable, that you are shaking this off.

Move along, nothing to see here....

Rob in WI said...

Neil, your last posts exposed you as a good guy. More important, there are 2 ploys possible. 1: Visible is stressed out after posting almost daily for a couple months; (who wouldn't be?). 2: Visible is turning the forum over to those of us who read, positively or negatively, what he presents. My guess is #2. What do you think?

DaveR said...


If you don't like it here go elsewhere. Les, you are a good human and I'm glad to be able to read your words. If I had a house (or even an apartment right now) you could come stay anytime. You don't deserve name calling AT ALL. And I think most everyone here will agree w/ me on that.

Pond Owl said...

I know you don't want this shit here Visible(I'm going to start calling you Visible now instead of Les since you said everyone calls you that and you want to be called that)but you let the anonymous cowards do their trash talk so I say you should let me get one in too. So for Anonymous 3:19 and all the other me too spineless jump on the bandwagon cowards I recommend you think more deeply before you jump to conclusions or trash talk next time because what goes around comes around. This is the Apocalypse ya know. You fucking anonymous cowards remind me of the empty little shitheads I made the mistake of associating myself with in the past. Quick to talk shit but got nothing going on on the inside. I question why Visible lets you cowards post on this site. You anonymous cowards don't even have the balls to put a fake nametag on your comments. You don't even have the balls to stand behind what you say. You truly are all a bunch of fucking cowards. Tom Frum may be a troll, I don't know,(my sincere apologies to Tom Frum if he is not a troll)but I ain't him so don't get the two confused. Get it right. If it was an honest mistake then I understand but I doubt it was that from all of you. The anonymous cowards here like to sow seeds of confusion and discord around here and they saw an opportunity today and they took it.

Visible I get the feeling from what you said to me that you may not like me commenting here at your blog. Maybe that's not true. I don't know. If it is true that's fine I can take a hint. I am nobody at this blog and I have never really fit in around here and I know that. The only reason I ever left a comment was because of the power of truth and love that Visible's essays struck me with and I couldn't resist I started commenting against my better judgement. I have little important spiritual or social information to add. Most of my comments are either questions, thank you's to Visible, and comments about the topic at hand. Sometimes it's off-topic. Every once in a while I might contribute something useful and like-minded. I think I am going to stop commenting now for a good while. Maybe even forever. Besides I think I should be focusing on other things right now anyway instead of talking on the internet. I will continue to read the essays though. For right now my heart still insists upon it.

Most importantly no one should take anything I'm saying to seriously. I sure as hell don't.

Best to all,

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Anonymous said...

pond owl,that poem wasnt aimed at yourself,so stop that,your another one of us ,,,,it seems the turmoil levels may have gone up...also mr visible has got him self another one of those adolescent psycho wetiko thingys that keeps attacking him...
extremely abusive low down language designed just to make tempers fly....

pond owl that poem was aimed at the
the center of washington dc israhell and the bowels of the colonialist nations england where royalty walks around with handbags made of dead children and stuff...

peace respects.... neil

Monkey's Uncle said...

Sometimes one can be studying an area for years and one day stumble upon a writing that is like an epiphany of the truth. Yesterday at Kenny's Sideshow, I had one of those moments. Everything written in the following short summary I already knew was true somewhere deep down in my brain, but when I read it in the printed form, the truth struck me like the loud gong of a big brass bell right beside my head.

It is an attest on the near total control of the society that we live in here in April 2011, including politics, economics, media and movie industry, that this clear signal of a comment was signed "anonymous". I give it to you now with references and leave it to you the reader to decide if what you are reading is true.

"The gas chambers never existed. 6 million dead Jews? never died. The 911 planes? Computer Generated Images. 3000 dead in the towers, including 350 dead firefighters? that's right, most of them made up. The Palestinian suicide bombers in the markets? never existed. The jews just set off a bomb and showed photos and video of a made up girl. The family of 5 in Israel who just got killed? that's right, they never existed. Made up bios, fake photos, google 'vicsims'.

Victims of Jew Bolshevism, banker Jew agitated ww1 ww2 etc 150 million Christians.

Jews died in club hitler? 270,000

How to you combat lies and disinformation? with historical revisionism, facts and evidence.

Happy Easter, and remember they are Easter bunnies not spring rabbits despite what 2% of the population incorrectly tell you.


wv: unchimp
We need to unchimp our stolen hearts and minds if we ever want to stop being sabat's goy chumps.

I lol'd said...

Oh man, that comment at 1:22 made me laugh so hard I cried uncontrollably whilst slamming my hand against my desk.

A Bestial orgy is ok for your average run of the mill pleb, but a bestial orgy in a fucking saurcerpod?! That's comedy gold right there.

It's times like these that I cherish my puerile sense of humour.

Les Visible, King of the Saucer Shag.

Love ya Vis!

Anonymous said...

with destitution rape and murder
dead childrens skin and bones
hung around their necks
dangle from their clothes
satanic ancient evil
living death putrified
sacrificing nations
swine is never satisfied
instituted in pure desecration
debased its living self
the truth locked in a dungeon
lies just breeding hell
and the well of ever goodness
consciously retracted
people persecuted
for loving peaceful actions
it seems the devil resurfaced
took their eyes and ears and tongues
with chaos and disorder
hatred filled their lungs
but the truth is everlasting
unifys across the planes
burns the living truth
in eternal flames


It Is Upon Us said...

Boss, you better see this.

10 minute video by Dr. Helen Caldicott, March 18, 2011.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks. Google my dad...
John Frum

Sincerely, Tom Frum

PS: I wish you all well in this cargo cultist world.

Visible said...

I've been thinking of writing a short story, "I was Fucked by Zombie Aliens in A Flying Saucer and I really Enjoyed it, now I go out at night and Wait in Open Meadows Hoping they Will Come Back", or do you think that title might be too long?

Anonymous said...

Well... Zombie aliens need a little Love too. Red Elk in his prophecy talked about Greys being like they are because they have no Love, so fucking them might actually work.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

But of course, that's a bit different than the title.

As the kids say these days,LOL.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

frum, josh, rob;

Did you know that your cadence, word choice, syntax and lilt suggest you are all one in the same person?

Grow up. Be honest and stop using profanity - it just reinforces how insecure you are about yourself right now.

VW; redhol
Testosterone and piss'n'vinegar can often get us into an undesired redhol in our adolescence.

Dave Klausler said...

For the pure joy of it.

"Hey Visible, what's up asshole? Go fuck yourself you stupid fuckin idiot. Go fuck your wolves, dolphins and mooses in a bestial orgy in your saucerpod, you faggot ass homo. Fuck you."

How can you NOT laugh at this? I'm still laughing as I re-read it now.

Pond Owl said...

Just to be clear I want to say that most everyone here has been kind and generous to me and I appreciate that. It's just the anonymous posters that got on my nerves yesterday with their trickery and antics.

Best wishes to all,

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Miriam said...

Pond Owl Josh in NC~ I happen to like what you contribute. (grin)

Tempers are certainly flaring, misunderstanding happen, assholes are farting, and Visable seems to want us to get it all out of our systems before he attempts to push more in our faces and hearts.

It's been a lot to process, and I know I have been doing internal somersaults.
Kwan Yin, Bodhisattva of Compassionate, has come to my rescue.

Visable has been working hard to get so many Truths and realities across; his Muses and The Higher Powers Themselves are pushing him pretty hard too...but then again he lives places we are reaching to gain.

Blessing to you Visable....

It can be a slap to get singled out by the Teacher, but consider it just keeping his sphere clean.
(Heck I didn't know "meh" was yiddish either.)

For what it is worth....
stick around....(grin)

wv~ wingless~ how we feel sometimes.

In the alley said...

The plural of moose is not 'mooses'. Who said mr. putz had two years of college?
It's not 'meese' either, according to one goose, two geese.

Moose: pl. and sing.

Neko Kinoshita said...

This is what I was talking about the other day.

A serious sense of disquiet in conjunction with great anticipation (and perhaps impatience?) seems to be present.

Is this why several of us are sniping at each other, and even feeding Trolls?

I have been working hard to maintain, and I see Miriam is touching on this too.

Are any of us immune? Or are we all reacting at different levels to the same thing?

As I practice, I have noticed that the anticipation grows at the same time calmness is beginning to prevail. I suppose I could lose it again at any moment, because I just stumble along most of the time, but I can truly see that the same kind of antagonistic
"anonymice" that pop up from time to time are provoking reactions they don’t normally get.

We are all family here, we can argue and disagree and even snipe at each other, but let us not forget the love that brings us here, yes?

Sending Loving thoughts to all you while watching the heavy metal rain fall from beneath the dumpster, and hoping the meter arrives in the cul-de-sac soon,


Wv: singatoe – When the music MAKES you dance!

Anonymous said...

Les and all,
Did you notice how I started off the comments with positive energy?Where did it all go?
What I connected with from les was,
"Everything is vibration. Thoughts vibrate the same as words and the only reason more of you are not telepathically aware, is that you are not exercising it. If all you want to project is love then that will do." Such is life.

Neal, love the peoms man!

Respectfully, Walking Hawk

Thank you all, you still add to my soul/spirit growth. (smile)

MK said...

It's a Herd of Moose and (quite implausibly) an Implausibility of Gnus.


After the Gnus, we have the Weather, and following that, a new Visible Origami posting from Les Visible.

I hope... (grin)

Anonymous said...

yep peoples hearts up,snake sage nicely said pond owl hope your feeling better and rob no problems at all,neko have been feeling this myself also you put that really well..
miriam you are love,gardner you are nature,mr bholonath old wisdom himself
and to every single one of you who bring positivity to this world and try and do something with it,lets pick our selves up brush our selves down and get back on that road...

our mr visibles needs us in top condition,

mr visibles hope your feeling better and dont listen to them wetiko infested thingys....

deep peace to all and huge respects..neil

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just get along and get back to the looming Apocalypse?

We can do better than to let some little ziotroll puke spoil the party.

M. Rocknest (Em) said...

The Only New World Order Really Threatening Us is Jewish - Part 1 of 8 (posted at The Truth Seeker)

I got to Part 6 of 8 and was then diverted to the no-sign-in-no-see-um message from youtube. Wonder what that's about? Kinda strange. Just curious (as always) but no matter because all things Visible are much better than this particular video. Skipped 7 of 8 (download too slow) and 8 of 8 was just a NWO shill butting in. Recommendation: Read the Protocols of Zion and make your own judgment. And keep watching for updates at Profiles in Evil.

Peace to Neil and many thanks for your poetry.

Anonymous said...

Who here has ever had a chemtrail, radiation, flouride, corexit cocktail with multiple misc. additional mixers before? This buzz is brand new, folks, & we're all of different chemistry. Surely our individual EM systems (electro-magnetic) are invisibly being targetted via everyday convenience tools. IS IT NO WONDER WE'RE ALL OFF A BIT?????

I've become more greatful of the consistency of nature to be relied upon. Gaia offers such consistency...springtime & the budding of the tress, the blossoming of the flowers, birds flying north. Thank you to all who's posts remind me of our connectedness to the amazing, animal, plant & mineral kingdoms.

There's always good to be found & felt. LOVE IS what we're here for. All the other stuff is incidental.

As always, thanks Les Visible. I was amazed at your nonstop offerings & must say I've missed you the last few days. Soon I hope.Until then, cheers & many blessings.


Vivi said...

I hope the dark forces are done for now.

I am ready for some Visible Origami right about now.

WV - detticin - a new offering form big pharma, with the side effect of keeping the user in a permanent state of debt.

Pond Owl said...

Hi everyone. Okay guys I can see from one perspective where what happened the other day is just one big joke. From a certain perspective it's kind of comical and to be laughed at isn't it? I just wanted to clear my name from the false accusations of me being a troll. That's all I was concerned with. I doubt Visible or any of the posters that have been here for a long time think that I am a troll.

Best to all,

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

Pond Owl said...

@Miriam 6:46
I agree the purpose of 1:22's post, whoever it was that made it, was to get everyone riled up and arguing and defensive. That is the same thought that I had as soon as I saw it. I have also observed that same sneaky tactic used in situations at this blog before. Okay this is insignificant and doesn't deserve my attention anymore so I will try to stop the jibber jabbering now.(grin)

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

est said...

this is a test
this is only a test

do not adjust the video
do not adjust the audio

we will return you to your
regularly scheduled program


Anonymous said...

Face it folks...

Vis captures the IP address of every visitor and poster to his blog. He can tell who's who from his saucer pod. No. This is not a bad thing. It's just the way sites are structured.


Tom Frum (Son of John Frum)

Anonymous said...

rolling sunlight
streams of gold
springtime whispers
loving hold
unfolding hearts
nature spin
weaving meadows
light within
wing of sunshine
lightnings burst
swirling ocean
quenching thirst
natures work
springtime gift
hum the bees
up up lift


Anonymous said...

old willow windy
mountain high touch
feathers of dandelions
reach of a dove
love's cosmic patterns
brushing the trees
coloring flowers
hum bumble bee's
free on the motions
scented essence
raising the moments
filled with presence
lessons of old
lifting the feilds
with sunlight compassion
medicine heals


Anonymous said...

medicine glisten
sky laden blue
brush of a feather
wonder and truth
empathys waves
rivers and feilds
healing the sounds
root of the will
calming the weathers
blessed of the earth
swirling the centers
light inner burst
works of in union
the truth inner blaze
raising the heart
true life embraced


Miriam said...

Thank you neil, those poems are so sweet and calming.
You are the Bard here...(grin)

Neko, we are not immune as seekers. We are perhaps more able to see the trap we have fallen into and pull ourselves out. How far down the hole we have fallen is what we work on until we can catch ourselves as it is happening, as it wants to happen, then before it happens until we reach a level when it doesn't fast we grow to that level is individual and a lot of help from the Guides and Ocean pushing us and inspiring us to greater awareness.

Each time we take responsibility, like Rob in WI did(thank you so very much for being big enough to see what happened inside of you and bringing yourself and us as a group back to a balance-grin), like we all are, in saying WHOA! WTF was that!?, we get better at rising above the soul eaters.

We are all 'sensitives' here as far as I can see from our postings. Feeling the greater ocean of emotion, sometimes taking on responsibility for moods that we really have nothing to do with...

That is another thing we are learning to do is to own what WE feel and separate from what we are absorbing from others and the world around us.
I had to learn this well; I was for so long melancholy and sad and expressing all sorts of emotions that were not mine. I had to learn to shield myself(as easy as saying "I shield myself" with intention and 'seeing' yourself in a bubble of light, ya'll know this right?)and observe the world's emotions rather than thinking they were mine. Not get a tougher skin, but put on an extra filter.
It is really important I find to be able to make that differentiation...

What a wonderful and sweet group this is!

PS Tom Frum, I don't think you are a troll.

Anonymous said...

"like we all are, in saying WHOA! WTF was that!?, we get better at rising above the soul eaters."

Now we've got "Miriam" writing lke a male. And stating P.S. I don't think tom frum is a troll and josh pond owl has promised he isn't and rob wi ain't saying much.

Come on. tom frum, josh pond owl, rob wi and miriam are ALL THE SAME Billie-Bob-Sue hasbara show.

Otherwise who wrote the uncalled for grade three level diatribe about beastiality in the podsaucer.

Anonymous said...

"I don't even know what yiddish is. Nor do I know that's where "meh" came from. It must be some Jew stuff. I don't keep up with that stuff because it's not really my life path. I just saw someone else on the internet say meh so like a parrot I used it too."

"Josh" spare us the lies. The bovine excrement meter just dropped a gasket on that one I think.(grin)

You read and comment on Visible's sites and you say you don't know what yiddish is?

You're a complete fool if you think you are fooling anyone here.

Good bye.

Anonymous said...

Along the same lines,I used to come home from work and watch cnn news back during the bosnian war. I used to get pissed and very angry about world events and things out of my control.
I can't tell you how many times I found myself in tears apologizing to God for mankind for the way we are. Too much empathy...had to learn how to protect myself. The empathy (with protection)led to much compassion for others now. Life is Good.

Thank you all commenters.
Thank you Les.

Walking Hawk

ps. speaking of Les, anybody seen him lately? (might have gone on another much needed (vacation)trip.

Visible said...

Tom Frum has been around for years. He may be a curmudgeon sometimes but he's not a troll. Josh has been around a long time too. We don't really have habaras around here. It's just the one person who's been sending me that kind of mail and suspect it's a former reader I had a falling out with. You won't see any more of his work here. I'll be back tomorrow at one of the blogs; got to do a radio show so I might as well do a post too.

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