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Visible's Primer on Basic Economics and Prosperity

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

There’s something that goes through my mind a lot and I don’t think I have to be Maynard Keynes, John Stuart Mill or Milton Freidman to understand it. Certain things have happened in the United States that caused serious problems for the general population and for most of the countries they interacted with and it was all about Wall Street being able to run roughshod over all legal and moral strictures, with the assistance of the veiled operations of the bloodsucking Federal Reserve. You look at the names of the players from both of these Crime Syndicates and you’re almost surprised when you find a gentile name. If this is not true, I want the dissenter to give me a list that proves otherwise. We’re talking only top tier here and only the US, though the same is true no doubt, in The Crown Colonies.

I don’t like having to point the finger at the same suited hoodlums all the time but… since they are behind most of the troubles in the word, where else should I point? This is less about these predatory pirates than it is about how the system works and what happens when the system is compromised. The Petri Dish is a kind of wide net, Profiles in Evil so this is a good place for this because it’s all pretty horrifically evil. The same way that so many things are made out of petroleum and rely on it from manufacture to transport, in the same way, the manipulation of money and equity touches every life except the lives of those perverting the system. It touches them too but in a profit making way.

Years ago I looked at the situation in the Middle East. This is probably before I ever got in front of a computer and I saw what Israel was doing to the Palestinians; killing them, stealing their land and ritually torturing them whenever the libido demanded it. I used to say to people that the solution was simple and I would get endless arguments about how complex it was. I said it wasn’t complex. All that was required was for Israel to give the Palestinians their land and create a border. Then I would get loads of brainwashed, “What ifs”, to which I would reply, “I don’t do hypothetical”. Hypothetical is the last refuge of the uninformed.

It’s the same thing with economies. A successful economy is a simple thing and I dare anyone to prove otherwise. You know what makes it complex? Lawyers working for people who want to steal more than what is fair permits. Whenever lawyers are included, it nearly always involves someone looking to steal or defraud someone else, unless someone is reacting to it happening to them with lawyers. I know there are patent attorneys and estate attorneys and various attorneys who work along the line of hammering out contracts but all of that is based on protecting the client from theft and related matters. Theft is vin ordinaire of this kind of system when it decays and even well before that.

There is one key reality that guarantees a successful economy and that is a prosperous middle class:

...including good social services, a nation wide safety net, it works marvels and I’ve seen it at work in Europe. I’ve seen it really working. Here I am referring to retirement, medical and related common concerns. It’s much less expensive to make sure that the poor have somewhere to live and food to eat than it is to make it a police matter, and a corporate handout to the private prison industry, by denying them (as they do in the US) and it militates toward quality of life for all.

The thing is, once the rich and rapacious have stolen everything they can get their hands on, with the assistance of their busy lawyers, they look to change the laws, so that they can steal what everyone else has as well. They lobby to get oversight and protective laws removed and then, who’s to stop them?

Just like in The Great Depression, which was orchestrated by the same people who are doing the same thing now, the present depression was also orchestrated so that people’s homes and property could be stolen. The manufacturing base went offshore so that the cost of raw materials and unions could be eliminated or radically reduced. These middle class, blue collar workers were redundant, considering the profit margin for the predatory rich, once they could head off to Sweat Shop Heaven and Hide and Seek Tax Haven Heaven. Then it became too much of an expense for them even to pay their taxes so the middle class had to do that too. There’s not that much of a middle class in the US any more and therefore it is doomed. It is only a matter of time. The predatory rich don’t care. They’re planning to strip the carcass and move to Brazil.

Young, dumb and full of cum soldiers swear dubious oaths to something that doesn’t exist and go off to die in wars for profit. Hypocritical politicians salute the flag and then sell the country out from under the inhabitants. When you consider how feckless and stupid the inhabitants are, it’s almost like they deserve it. They don’t seem to care what the rich get to eat as long as they get their seat at the table in the common man’s tent. What they don’t tumble to is that the rich are eating them; they might as well butcher and barbeque them. How much difference would there be?

The single most treasonous and unpatriotic act any person or organization can engage in is to make war on the middle class. That IS the country. You know a country is in its death throes, when this is permitted through the agency of those elected and appointed to protect them. This is a capital crime. Let’s put it in perspective. Let’s see it as it is. It’s not just funny math and creative book-keeping, its murder and treason. These are the very scum who parade around on the holidays and mouth sanctimonious platitudes about patriotism and sacrifice. Animal Farm was on the money in more ways than one; certainly a ‘character driven plot', if I’ve ever seen one.

These are not just criminals; these bankers and brokers, politicians and judiciary whores, CEO’s, lawyers and lobbyists are guilty of treason. They have collectively destroyed the country and sold it into slavery as a hedge against rebellion. Millions of people lived and worked and died for two centuries for nothing. The people who do talk about these things are ignored or slandered. The people who spin the lies that support the policies of treason are respected pundits, laden with gravitas and… lathered with lard. What a load of shit. What a cheap song and dance of another word for something truly ugly.

The Middle Class IS the country. Everything is supposed to be geared toward making prosperity for them a given, dependent on personal industry and an intelligent understanding of savings and investment. You’ll hear the vampire clowns say, “Well that’s what we do”! Sure buddy. Morality is the province of the middle class. A nation’s awareness of what that actually is should be based on the tastes and preferences of the middle class.

I’m not trying to imply that the middle class is some enlightened force of wisdom and good. What I know is that when they are generally pleased, most everyone else is too, except the predatory rich. As for the morality clause, they’re the ones who make the most importance out of it. The poor are confused about what that means and are forced to cut corners concerning it and the predatory rich don’t possess any, so give what applies where it resides. I’m mentioning this because laws come out of this and the laws should serve the interest of the middle class first. I recognize that this is not the way for me to go about getting the drugs that I prefer, over the unpleasant crap the pharmaceutical companies make, made legal and acceptable. But as far as I’m concerned, the middle class shouldn’t take drugs anyway. They’re not bright enough to appreciate them. They’re the kind of people who smoke pot and think getting the munchies is what it’s all about. They might as well just drink themselves to death.

I’m not a fan of the middle class because their bourgeois and pedestrian tastes are not my cup of tea but I recognize their importance to society; you don’t have one without them and I recognize the truth of reincarnation and understand that eventually you evolve out of the middle class but hopefully not into the company of the predatory rich.

The predatory rich, the banks and the politicians, along with a collective of bought and sold judges and media mouthpieces killed your country. They raped and killed it and the country watched it on TV. They buggered their children and ruined their future and they still think the enemy lives in a cave in the Hindu Kush.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

By the way, I have nothing against the rich except specifically the predatory rich. Rich comes to everyone dependent on karma. You want to be rich? Keep working and don't be stupid. You'll get rich. I'm going to be rich shortly, at least according to my standards so... heck, you know what I mean. I've met a few truly wonderful and philanthropic rich people. People are people, except when they're not.


Anonymous said...

shaken storm cloud
essence glistens
presence flows
thunder whispers
clasping lightning
roaring rain
crack the shadows
with howling flame
the plains of equal
disturbed and fractured
sounds of living
coruption splattered
shadows wander
demons scared
shrieking fear
the truth is fair


Visible said...

This isn't for everyone, so please just bypass it if that is your inclination. My dear friend Homer, whom I've never met but consider a close personal friend, has been industriously posting Krishna consciousness vignettes for some time at the Hare Krishna poem over at streams of consciousness blog; that's why there are over 400 comments there now.

Some might find them moving and uplifting. and easy reads being no more than a paragraph or two. You probably will never come across these examples unless you read a great deal of the sort of books that Homer does.

Sometimes there is one that is a little silly when a guy who shouldn't quit his day job tries to be a comedian but there's some interesting and penetrating things there as well. I'm truly enjoying reading spiritual texts these days. It's like food. I often read them when I eat, wishing to make the statements a living part of me. Gandhi used to do something with the Bhagavad Gita every morning when he brushed his teeth. I can't remember at the moment; I want to say he was reciting it but that seems strange given that he was brushing his teeth (grin).

At the moment I'm reading The Way to the Kingdom. Now that's a powerful book from the Christian perspective. There are some seriously effective meditations in the back, I used to recite one or the other every morning as I drove to work in Lahaina or Kihei, along with The Pattern on the Trestleboard and The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. Self Discipline in terms of spiritual practice is a priceless acquisition. I might have been broke and sometimes not wired all that tight but those morning sessions protected me a great deal.

You may think you have no time for these things or you may be lazy or have any number of excuses but let me tell you, this kind of thing has a transformative power beyond anything you may presently imagine.

The benefits might take years to kick in but when they do you will thank yourself for having taken the trouble. I know whereof I speak.

The spiritual path is work, just like anything else worth having. When you reach the point where it's play... uh huh, that's something else.

Gypsy Scholar said...

So how does the story end?

I agree with your multiple points but in my stubborn desire for a solution, like in a middle-class highschool physics class - not giving up until the problem is satisfactorily solved, I want to find the answer to this complex problem.

Once the scales have fallen from the eyes of many, and enough of the root of problem (private fractional banking in my opinion) is understood, it should be possible somehow to rally the middle-class to take back the world.

Declare every single debt null and void and start again with full reserve banking.

The road we're on goes off a cliff: economically, socially, enviromentally and even morally. I believe even the predatory rich know that now. Global fractional gold backed currency will change absolutely nothing.

Would it be possible for the whole world to have a simultaneous moratorium on all debt, private and public.

The poor, working and middle classes have no wealth to lose. The predatory rich will lose huge, but they are only <1% of the world.

And with the end of all debt that only full reserve banking with no usury be practiced in the future in all countries. Most of the rich have so much wealth saved they will lose only the debts others owe them. It is these debts of individuals and whole countries which enslave >99% of the world.

What do we (>99%) have to lose?

Why not call a day of the end of all debts around the world and see wht happens. I know there are a thousand problems and questions about this suggestion, but then please suggest something better.

I'm no economist but where we are and where we are heading in the very, very near future is completely, 100% unsustainable.

The world is imploding financially right now. And money has been made the ruler of all men and women on this planet.

Fractional banking and usury do not work, so I recommend we stop them completely, as soon as possible.

And start again.

Visible said...

Here's something from the voice. that Soul Food just sent me because he knows I love the man. I don't usually make musical postings but I do this because toward the end he transmits a certain awareness of what he is doing that is remarkably human.

Here's the first comment from that page, "I don't know who's luckiest, Pavarotti for being with God or God for having Pavarotti.

Visible said...


The answer to that is simple too, Eat the Rich (grin).

Anonymous said...


Beautiful poem!

Homer's stuff is good!

Snake Sage

amarynth said...

Uhm, very seldom that I find myself in a different space from you. Middle Class? something that is created that can be satisfied with bread and circuses and supplies a never-ending stream of bodies to those that want to use them. Here is an attempt at creating a malleable and an obedient middle class.

No, I don't have ready made economic solutions .. but I know they are out there. The divine does not deal in class societies perhaps? I don't know, but there has to be another way and yes, I know many words have been written about this.

In my mind, middle class is not a solution and not a safe space to be. The quintessential middle class that has been held up to the world as the be-all and end-all and built on capitalism, freedom and democracy is proving to be greatly at risk.

There has to be another way, or perhaps I misunderstood something.

William Freeman said...

Les, I'm usually with you 100% but I'm torn on this one, because you're talking of the "System". The middle class is part of "that" system, the one that never really worked anyway, as we can see now. It's like talking of the golden age, the 50's, early 60's, the old days when everything was fine, whatever, but it wasn't working even then.(Have you sucumbed to a small attack of nostalgia?) The vampires were at work, even when there was a seemingly prosperous middle class. When have we had a "really" prosperous middle class? Well, not as far as I can remember. The Rothschilds have been in control for the last couple of hundred years.
I think I know what you're trying to say, but I don't think the pre-requisite for it has ever been in place. For me, it's a bit of a chicken and egg situation. There has never, ever been a time when things were balanced and fair. The game has always been rigged, even though we did have times where people could buy a car, go on holiday once a year and could afford to buy a house, including years of coughing up horrendous interest payments.
As far as I'm concerned the beginning and the middle of this monopoly game is drawing to an end, with all the implications. That's all. And yes, of course this is down to the greed and power lust of the khazarian crowd, but instead of a resurected and mainly willfully ignorant middle class, I would prefer something completely different.
William Freeman

Visible said...

People, do you actually think I would write something that is what you have taken it for? The key in in the last paragraphs. Perhaps a closer look will reveal that what I meant to say but hoped would be intuited is the system doesn't work to begin with. You can never have a really successful example of something whose primary motivation is self interest, or dog eat dog as your prefer.

What I was trying to say is that the only way the system works, for the period when it does is according to what I said. William touched on it and that's what I intended.

If you think I actually meant what you drew from your reading I could say I'm disappointed that you would think that, actually, I'm okay cause I know what I was trying to do but I believe my track record has to be taken into account and in any case, why not just ask me to explain. There's usually a simple explanation.

There's a name for the type of writing I just did here but I can't remember what it's called (I can just see certain minds thinking, "Wow, he left himself wide open"! Go for it)

Basically I was just diagramming how I see the system and trying to tag and identify forces within it. I don't like to be completely clear and simple consistently because there's no challenge in it for me.

amarynth said...

I did say so ...

"There has to be another way, or perhaps I misunderstood something."

I'll go read again because now I know I misunderstood something! I am completely dense sometimes, or perhaps, uhm .. whatever (grins).

wv prossese ... Process it first dammit!

Anonymous said...

homer thankyou for all those little passages,have read some but need to read them all...
these passages seem to imediately send me to another place,for a while...
you are a great teacher if I may say,
along with our mr visibles and a few others who come around here,
although i may not be the greatest student,these passages deeply move me and I love it when I see them on the odd occasion on all the other sites...

so thankyou again and deep respects..neil

Anonymous said...

thanks snake sage...
I suppose the new system has to take into account complete respect of all earth all of the animals down to the smallest fly and all human beings upon it,if it doesnt it is bound to failure again...

respects neil

Visible said...

Amarynth, it's certainly my fault as much as anyones. I could have easily said, "the system doesn't work in any case. It's time sensitive and always winds up self-destructing but in terms of its operation, the only temporary lasting success (grin) come when yadda yadda". I could have said that but I didn't. I don't know why I wrote it the way I did. I'm still learning (and that will NEVER change) so things like this happen.

I have lived outside of this system most of my life. I either had my own business, often off the grid or I worked for someone cool who didn't take the shit seriously. The happiest I have ever been was living communally with inspired and industrious people. I've been in teamwork situations with some fantastic people and boy howdy does that work better than anything I've ever seen? Yes it does.

I can't call myself a communist and in any case I'm not a member of the tribe so I guess 'll call myself a communalist who believes in barter and group consciousness, clothing optional non carnal and not in any exhibitionist sense. (I'm clothed right now as a matter of fact.) vegetarian occasional fish and meditative in nature, sleeping outside when possible work and music, dancing while you work kind of a guy.

William Blake used to answer his door naked. You can imagine the impact of that given the times he lived in. He said it was because he had "regained the pristine innocence of my youth."

Anyway, I'll try not to screw up like this again. I can make no promises however.

Anonymous said...

They treat us like simple-minded gullible fuckwits because - both collectively and individually in most cases - quite simply, we are that. No? Did I hear someone say "television"? Did I hear someone say "Vote 1 whoever"? etc etc

Our collective karma is coming round the bend. Finally. Maybe the world will breathe a sigh of relief when "we" are all done.

Most will whinge and whine about it, but truth is: we've earned it. Many times over.

How many tens and tens and tens of millions of women and children all around the world have us heroes WILLINGLY incinerated, atomized, napalmed, irradiated, shot, starved, raped and murdered for the pleasure and profit of our well hidden jew masters and their public face: "our" elected traitors in government, in the jews over the past century, and still are murdering by the way? And that's just for starters.

Good luck to all those execrable hypocrites explaining their part in it to Yahweh & Co. Inc. at the pearly gates as they try to get their supersize ass through. Should be quite a laugh. How about, "We was just followin' orders, Jesus."?

No,that one was ruled out of bounds at the jews' Nuremberg kangaroo court lynch party, I think it will be out of bounds with God too. Bad luck suckers; you lose again.

amarynth said...

I really did not 'get it'. Now I do. Thank-you.

Someone posted some great music on the virtual community this morning and wrote this: "This is how I envision our jam sessions might be someday, with everyone additionally participating with instruments, voice, dance, storytelling, food and refreshments, fire-breathing's ALL good. You know, a big, continuous, consciously created party that never ends and doesn't give you a headache in the morning. It will be quite an amazing sight around that campfire! "

This made me long for allowing some further pieces to fall into place in my life. And straight after that, I read this Reflections. So, my mind-set was in another place completely and I thought that you had lost it there for a moment (grins).

In reality, I think we know how it is to be even though I do not have the ability to describe it. And we are getting to the place of how it is to be. It is just for waiting out this war playing out now and keep putting our pieces in place. Really .. Fuck the Middle Class Concept!

Visible said...

The middle class reality is the most bankrupt and empty of the lot. At least the poor have the adventure of trying to stay alive and the predatory rich have the adventure of fucking everyone over. All the middle class has is banality in the missionary position where no one screams "Oh Jesus!" and gets a reply. I can see now that I went about the article in the wrong way because what I was trying to say did not get summed up at the end the way it should have. It's almost like I was high which, regrettably I am not. It's been a long dry season for ma and that may be part of the problem.

Zoner said...

Gypsy, the problem with the discharge of all that debt is that there are a significant number of those decidedly above "middle class" who's whole illusion of "wealth" is in the owning of that debt. They are the alchemists that whipped up this mess by declaring another's debt their wealth, and these are the crooks and liars and banksters and politicians themselves. Very few of these swine are really "in the club" as George Carlin referred to that curse, and their whole scheme is based on holding debt over someone else's head as a way to exist. It is de-facto slavery, nothing less, as long as we participate in it.

All this talk of the "money" owed by seemingly every single nation on earth. Owed to who, exactly? If we're all drowning in debt, who is cashing in (or getting stiffed as the case may be)? More money than ever existed before on the earth. Why? Because each shuffle of the magical "debt" tree created more interest (and generated a nice fee, natch), so there is simply not enough tangible, physical wealth left to cover the fallacy. It's all an illusion. Fake. Game over.

It can never be discharged, unless the whole "financial industry" is lost to time. I always thought industry was taking something raw and converting it to something useful and needed, not surviving as a parasite on these natural pursuits that we call life.

I used to be middle-class. Nowdays, I'm just King.


Visible said...

Damn Zoner!

That was remarkably inspired and articulate. I could literally hear the conviction ring. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Gypsy Scholar @ 9:50 am have a look here looks like a start to me.


Rob in WI said...

At university I took a course in macro economics. From the beginning, it was obvious using economic "principles" one could easily create a blueprint for carrying out organized crime, disguised by complexity. Use of language as defined in "legal dictionaries" (quite different from common dictionaries), and introducing lawyers into the design, provided further camouflage. The UK, USA, Israhell, and the crown colonies require the high ratio of lawyers they have to maintain this construct. The plan is to impose it on the remaining countries. I understood what you said in the article. Thought you dealt with subject pretty well.

TheSparkle said...

Is this the one who was messing with you, Les?

"Laura Knight-Jadczyk, The Cassiopeaeans and Raffle Fraud"

Visible said...

Yes Sparkle, something to parallel the article? If it's about the house in Florida I know about that.

TheSparkle said...

It just popped up on that website as pinned today. That's one of the top 'alternative' sites. Lots of woo woo and wah wah and also some good threads. I like to check there regularly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I enjoyed that piece. Not screwed up at all. I get it and it's not because I'm middle class. I'm going to be very very rich soon too :) and then I'll 'sort' everyone out :) Melanie Stone

TheSparkle said...

This was interesting.

"*** OMG JAPAN IS SINKING!! 50+ YouTube Videos!! JAPAN IS TOAST!"

Gaia seems angry or something. Maybe Godzilla is digging his way upward.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Why Vis, you elitist slob you! (*grin*)
Nah that’s Ok, I can’t even take to much issue with someone who links Pavarotti, and you’re right, I could feel it when that look washed across his face. (*sigh*) That’s why so many musicians fall to addiction, nothing can match that feeling.

But back to our test:
I wonder if you all are missing a point here. A whole lot of sheeple were in the middle class in the US because the system was prosperous enough to support them, even as it was corrupting and destroying a good part of the planet.

“They’re the kind of people who smoke pot and think getting the munchies is what it’s all about. They might as well just drink themselves to death.” Yes, but there will often be many such people loose in the world.

Don’t discard the concept because of the corruption of the current system.
The middle class IS a clear representation of what you are trying to achieve. These are the most productive members of any society, and this is where most creativity comes from.

I heard once “there will be poor always,” and that might be so, but they need not be exploited, or trod upon. You can’t get there if almost everyone spends dawn to dusk scratching in the dirt, but then that was usually to support the lifestyles of the elite.

On the other hand, there WILL always be “sheeple.” These are the souls not yet ready to reach, and ignoring or putting them down is contra-indicated.

There is a lot of baggage with the term middle class, starting with the word “class.” The model that will work is the “co-op.” Small groups of sovereign individuals that form, dissolve, and re-form as needs and circumstances change.

Hierarchical systems ALWAYS filter for psychopaths; the lesson is all through even what little “history” we have.

I don’t have all the answers, just a few clues. Done right, you end up with a (relatively) rich group (of Kings, Queens, princes and princesses, [Thanks Zoner]) as the largest portion of a society.
Where does that leave us Jokers?
The trick really does appear to be “Eat the rich,” at least metaphorically.

You need to be in a place where ostentatious wealth is actually shunned. And the very thought that you should keep excess wealth (aside from the idea of a prudent “rainy day” amount) would be the pinnacle of bad taste.

You really need a good work ethic, but most people, even the sheeple, are willing to earn their living. All they need is an opportunity. Then you have a society rich enough to support their “bourgeois and pedestrian tastes” without allowing the destruction of our mutual home. Can there not be a place for everyone?

Love is the message, and all life is to be cherished and respected. Just don’t forget, you can’t take that concept to the humaniac extreme. After all, carnivores exist for a reason.

We can all disagree, and still have a good discussion, yes?

Vis, why do you think it was an error? We are all learning, else why are we here?
I can see that you might still harbor some contempt for the blind, but even if I don’t I’ll still respect you in the morning. (*grin*)
Besides, thinking is good for you; everyone should try it once in a while.

How’s my score Teach?


Neko Kinoshita said...

Well, perhaps you were looking for the short answer.

First you kill all the lawyers.
THEN you eat the rich.


Anonymous said...

gracing profound
pulsating starlight
motioning essences
consciously invite
dynamic waters
rush of the wind
leap of the fire
earth drawn within
spinning of sanctity
transcending high
lifting in presence
reach through the mind
signing the centers
loving truth weaves
whispering sunshine
on a rush of the sea's


Visible said...

I've been noticing what seems to be a certain amount of something coming at me from someone. I wonder what it's all about. Maybe I'll be contacted and then I can understand. I spotted it right off the first time it happened. Hmmm

Yes it's a mystery and it's going to stay that way in this format. I suspect I stepped on one of someone's frogs. It happens.

The amusing part about this at least for me) is that all the wrong people wonder if it's them.

I'm guessing it's no more than stress and the appearance that I'm insulated from it. Let's disabuse that notion right away. Stress comes to us all. We just handle it differently.

Anonymous said...

Thanks les and all.

For your encouragement, honesty, and service.


Visible said...

This is apparently important headline news in the Zio-media.

I know, some people occasionally think I have an anti-gay streak. What I have is an anti- PC cultural manipulation streak.

Some decades ago I used to bodyguard the small group of gays and drag queens who hung out at Dupont Circle and actually had to 'get into it' on occasion. After a short time I was joined by Carlos, one of the top karate guys around. It made a big difference. I don't mean to blow my own horn (whoops) but that story is true.

When my friend Kenny O'Brien was dying of Aids in Woodstock I quit my job in Hawaii and hung out in a teepee at his house and looked out for him and did whatever work he could no longer do. I can relate other stories and mention that I have gay friends I've had for years but that's overkill.

I consider this condition to be a rite of passage though existence just as we are born both men and women at times.

I will say that the phenomenon explodes at a certain point in any culture and history bears me out.

I will also mention that with the changing of the age the feminine principle is coming down strong on humanity. There are many factors but... I've got my take on certain things and it needs to be said sometimes; whatever that is

Visible said...


that page opens into a whole page of Japan is sinking.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you was writing mr visibles,the middle classes are basicly the normal everyday people who are basicly trying to generate a better life for themselves and the people around them,over here the middle classes are really the working class that hold down a steady middle income job...

and once they are poverty stricken and starving that is definately it for the uptop parasitical swine worshippers..
i think a few people were coming from total system failure point of view so wires got crossed...


Anonymous said...

greetings friends, I think brother Vis nailed this one, who said his quality ow writing has gone down?
From someone who was once middle class, I can say I was much more comfortable than when big brother tries to "help", tptw have helped us into our grave, and the least we can do is name names. thanks les, my two cents.

Anonymous said...

All -
Two things to contribute:
1) Les's article reminds me of some graffiti I recently saw when exiting the freeway (I'm in Portland, OR, and this was the Terwilliger exit, for those familiar with the area). The graffiti was a game of hang-man, with the body fully drawn and hung, and letters spelling out "M*ddle Class" (the "i" was missing). Probably a bit of creativity from the kids at Lewis & Clark.
2) I showed the videos linked from Sparkle to a Japanese coworker, and she said this is a fairly common occurrence after earthquakes in areas that were "man-made" areas outside of Tokyo (near Japan's Disneyland). The land is very porous and sandy, which probably accounts for the wave-like action and water. Scary, though, even if you know what's underneath.
(PS - I'm a long time reader, just rarely, if ever post, because I only do so if I have something to contribute.)

DaveR said...

Whoa Gypsy! "Declare every single debt null and void and start again with full reserve banking." Before you go and do that, tell me so I can go out and get a huge mortgage Then I'll own a nice house. The way I see it, that "wipe all debt" thingy gives some people a huge gift of money and I still end up sleeping in my car. I guess, since they now own a big comfy house, maybe they'll let me sleep under the porch, but I doubt it.

You got some way for that "plan" to work out fairly? And how does that square with the money people owe me? Money I worked hard to get. Money that I loaned friends and expect to get back? Do they get to keep what they bought with that money and I get nothing for my work? How's this work out for me?

Visible said...

Thanks, I know I rail a lot against various things but something people should keep in mind is that I have multiple personalities; not in the usual sense but distinct personas that represent different perspectives.

This does not make me smarter than the average bear or that unique because I'm not the Lone Ranger even if I do wear a mask occasionally.

What that means is this it Petri Dish and things get said a certain way here and that might confuse people coming from Origami and expecting Origami or some other blog. The solution is not to go to the blogs that push your buttons, or... definitely go to the blogs that push your buttons.

I realize it might be hard to reconcile all these personalities with a central theme but there is one and as soon as I find out what that is, I will let you know.

Another thing is that sometimes posts are intended to spark controversy and that's a good thing because the reader rises to the occasion with their comments

We don't want to get stale unless bread pudding is on the menu and it might be so don't get too relaxed.

Here's a mission statement. I almost never know what I'm going to say, sometimes I don't know what the subject is before I start; that's the truth. it just all weaves out of the point I've arrived at and will be adjusted at the same time I am. I want to be useful and entertaining if possible. That pretty much sums it up as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

it would be good to hear evelyn's take on the situation,mr rothschild your filth ridden stinking view is always welcome in these discussions....

try not to make the profanity levels go up to much though....neil

amarynth said...

OK, I did a headcount of my frogs and they are all still there.

Ben said...

Les, All,

Some very very good comments on this last Reflections.

I got into the middle class and even the "upper" middle class by the time I was in my forties.

In this, as in many things in my life, Heavenly Father graciously opened my eyes. To the point where it became incumbent on me to forgive the debts numerous people owed me. I was informed that I had no choice in this. Some of those debts were quite substantial. "Forgive us our debts as we have forgiven others" pretty much summed it up. (I would say further that forgiveness of all things, all hurts, damages, slights, etc. etc. is imperative; forgiving others is essential to one's relationship with Father Creator.)

I recognize that what I have now, whether material "wealth" or spiritual wealth, is to be given to others as Father directs.

A general cancelation of monetary debts is coming, a Jubilee, if you will. If your debts are canceled, you do not want to be in a situation (spiritually) where you regret that a debt owed to you has been canceled. Rejoice in the liberation of all... Heavenly Father will give you more than you'll ever need - and one would be very wise to give to others out of that excess.

Visible said...

Amarynth; indeed your frogs are intact, like I said, the wrong people then wonder if it's them. You're not engaged in the matter (grin). Carry on.

Miriam said...

Well Said, Ben.
I couldn't get my mind to come up with the words.
One of those days.
Thank you.

Rob in WI said...

Someone I knew, a strict empiricist,
but not an open Chosenite, said; "economic policy is the most powerful majik being used today", (70's). He was right, in that economic policy is temporal majik, but far less powerful than the real thing. Your guides have given you that knowledge, at least can be discerned from your writings. This example of temporal, as opposed to real majiks, may be of use, in future musings. i.e. "voodoo economics" was no "joke". Thanks for your work.

Anonymous said...

Watched most of those Japan sinking videos. Did you notice the landscape? No paper cups on the street, no trash, all the greenery meticulously manicured. Did you see any graffiti? How about any zombies with their baggy pants down to their asshole? And all those brick paver sidewalks. Didn't even see any leaves on the street.

What gives, I'm originally from California. I remember going to the fair and walking through trash up to my ankles. Graffiti was all over town. Ever check out the hoppers and box cars when a train passes, or how about all the crap on the side of the roads. This isn't only in the slum areas (half of California) but tourist areas like Venice Beach. I remember the last time I went to San Francisco about twenty years ago. Not just several bums on each corner but many between corners. The alleys smelled like urine. This was around areas like the Emporium not skid row. My daughter was scared to death and wouldn't let go of my arm. I've only been back once since then and that was work related and in and out.

Hey Les, I can't help but think overall the middle class in the US deserves what they are going to get. Some are waking up. Best to wake up before you find yourself sleeping under a bridge.


Dodgy One said...

Disolve all debt, yep for starters then declare all posessions null and void. The entire world belongs to us all by virtue of us being here. Do did not bring it here you cant take it when you go so you don't actually own anything !!

Share it care it !!

Visible said...


or worse.

Of course if it is a bridge we can, in advance provide the method by which one strains Sterno through slices of bread into order to ingest it. That's not funny actually.

The homeless situation is the biggest indictment of the system and all the living spaces that might have been are reflected in the excessive profits of the predatory rich. Their homes and livelihoods disappeared into their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should be polite, maybe I should shut up, but as usual, the Vis stuff makes me think and wish to respond.
The middle class is a zombie, walking dead. It will never be revived into full life.
The operating subsystems of the greater shitstem are also working on inertia-it certainly appears that the game is to convince us all that this shitstem still has a vitality, a robustness, a level of reality that is still worthy of sacrificing your soul to and for.
Lets face it, the shitstem will harvest your life, yes, but what it really wants is everything you are, and everything you will ever be.
The predatory rich merely are deeply misguided psychos who can't tell the fucking difference between immortality and money, and think they have both.
The middle class is an innovation of complex civilization-Rome had its middle class, and Rome destroyed theirs as well.
The middle class is the final repository of all empty materialism, and so it is lusted after by both the rich and the poor. Shit, the prettiest girls come from the middle class. The coolest hotrods come from the middle class. The most empty, banal, dead philosophies find home in the middle class, but then so do the very roots of humanity-a humanity elevated enough from the driving forces of survival to aspire to something greater, but not elevated so high as to become part of the depraved elite psycho class, and thus loose all sense of a moral compass.
Thanx, Vis. for this post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les Visible for the reality check and an alternative with Homer's writings.
In the world of lies, a few of the truth class still exist in each of the lower, middle, and upper (economic) classes, but these are being overwhelmed by those of the liar class (most of whom don't know the extent of the lies in which they live). Much of the truth is gone, by plan of the "flesh masters", who are now working faster at eliminating the remaining truth.
So, I would like to minimize participation in any of the economic classes (especially my lower class one) and maximize it in the truth class.
Regards (and to your dogs too).

zazz said...

'In my Father's house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.' (JC). Seek His glory first and you shall have your mansion.

Anonymous said...

The long article below touches on several topics which have come up here, including the periods of the four ages - gold, silver, bronze, iron - speculation on history and pre-history, based on current findings. The sixth extinction refers to Leakey's book by that name. Though some do not like the author, it's worth reading.

And for change, here's Eric Idle singing the words about hoping there's intelligence out in space, from Monty Python which someone mentioned

Miriam said...

The homeless situation is indicative of how fragile the entire concept and reality of the 'middle class' is.
It is wholly dependent on the vampiric super rich to provide the 'trickle down' economy of jobs and who, when it suits them, suck all the life out of their prey. And that is all the Middle Class is to the predatory rich.
The Middle Class exists at the 'pleasure' of the rich only until there is not enough room for the two of them, or the MC start demanding 'rights', and then the feast begins.

The new homeless were satisfied customers of living the fanstasy of the American Dream of the Middle Class~ as George Carlin says so well, "cause ya have to be asleep to believe it".
They woke up too late.

And then there are the chronic homeless...the fearful presence which makes the Middle Class fight harder to appease the predatory rich....

Anonymous said...

You nailed it this time, Les. Your best blog post yet, IMO.

One wonders how long it will take for the sheeple to finally realize who their real enemies are and stop chasing after or hating upon nonexistent demons in the Hindu Kush.

Anonymous said...

Middull class?

Yup. They may soon wake to a day when there is no food in the grocery store or gas at the station since the world no longer wants dollar bills or US Tresury paper. By then, it will be too late. Heading for the hills with survival gear and seeds will not be an option.

It doesn't take much at this point to orchestrate a bear run on the dollar. Paper money always returns to its intrinsic value.

Tom frum

Anonymous said...

Les, here is a gentile name.....

Hank Paulson.

But he grew up as a christian scientist.

For some strange reason I can't find anymore....(Grin)

EverPresence said...

Aloha, Les,
I'm very impressed again by your combo of insight, namin' 'em & nailin' 'em, and your use of oft-elegant metaphors for such dirty subject matter.
I'm also impressed by the breadth of insight from your draw a good bunch of minds.
I haven't much more to add, except to share the lazy manner in which I'm flowing into this phase in almost-post-history. First, I'm choosing...choosing...choosing... not to respond to anything I've heard or read with fear. My main conceptual foundations for fearlessness are these: Now is always here, and here is always now; this moment is as Divine/God as God-Self-Essence gets; there is not an atom of space, nor a moment of time, nor a single thought where the Real One is not. Now is always Now. I will always get back a vibrational reflection of whatever I've been putting out.
I tend not to think in terms of specific economic schemes, but rather in intending to live in alignment with inner truth/reality, from which I assume all directions and methods will be made clear when appropriate or necessary. My mind continues to take me to the root of all: consciousness, awareness, release/real-ease from all false conditioned accretions of identity. From this place there is nothing to protect, defend, nor fear. This place knows ever-nowness, and has no particular need of any particular economic scheme to improve or extend its existence.
Okay, so I haven't yet entirely died to that level of integrated purity,but I sense this to be a more valid truth than any other schemes or philosophies offered. Personally, I believe that where people are unconscious of innate pure/Real identity/essence, they will always create dysfunctional, unsustainable, lying, delusional, fear-ruled, inegalitarian, violent social structures. Seek ye first thy own self-awakening, self-transformation, and all else will be made clear.

Visible said...

Everpresence; Thank you. I'm putting up a new Origami now; note how it dovetails with what you said.

Anonymous said...

For me, the key economic word is 'poverty.' Poverty must be done away with. And this is possible. Jesus said so:

Sell your stuff, go sell your stuff
Give the money to the poor
Come follow me, come follow me

(sung as a round, tune is "Chairs To Mend")

There is a big blue book that says that in order to reach light and life (an excellent state with complete akashic record), we must have:
one government (withered away due to sufficient education of all)
one language
one race

Without poverty, the term 'class' loses its meaning. Who cares? Ya got yer dentist/rooftree/cherries/spring water/horsies/Fenderstrat. Rock on.

Love, Melchizedek

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 7:19 pm

Glad you enjoy the Vaishnava writings.

One thing is certain.
Not one single line of any of this is from me, written by me.

I simply copy and paste these transcendental realities and events for any who might desire to hear them.

I enjoy them completely.


DaveR said...

I posted last night and cam to read the responses this morning and I only see 2 which mildly defend the "jubilee", but neither defend the underlying unfairness of it.

Wiping all debt is merely a reward for those in debt. The greater the debt, the greater the reward which is inherently unfair. Grotesquely so. It certainly doesn't get me or anyone else a house. And it's not just me, there are millions of us.

Eliminating possessions is a far-fetched fantasy that even John Lennon didn't believe.

How about this as middle ground. More fair by far, fixes the big problem AND makes the whole world a more equitable place: forgive the interest. No more usury. No more paying 2x (or more) for your house or car just to service the debt. This sounds fair. Those who bought a house on their credit still have to pay for it, no big gift for living in debt. Those like me who don't "own" a house still don't, but we then don't have to watch others get something big for nothing while we still have nothing. How's that?

Stephen said...

The middle class, regardless of what its trappings are in any particular age (and regardless of what the very destructive or the very creative may think of those trappings) ARE the human middle class of Life. They live squarely midpoint between the destructive and the creative ends of the bellcurve and they are a yardstick of the overall "lean" of that bellcurve.

I think your post is spot on. The human marketplace has been supplanted by an edifice of artificiality and organized theft, neither of which has any life without deception.

neal said...

The "middle class" is the last pale reflection of a world most western intellectuals have only read about in books. It may be less salty, but the last real seeds of what human societies sometimes were still lives there- therein lies the farmers, artists, dancers, singers, hunters, and clowns. Sometimes the middle is just the center wandering around.

As far as debt forgiveness,if Heaven doesn't mind that I don't always pay on time for protection, then why should I judge another one's Karma when we've all been cut so much slack? If it's all free, but not cheap, and we have more than we can possibly ever need, then why worry about a random opinion assigned to a non-existent "status" that only applies to external judgments of "worth"?
I don't fault the eagles for the rabbits intended for the coyotes. I don't think anyone usually bothers to ask the rabbits if it matters to them. You wouldn't believe what you could learn if you did.

Miriam said...

DaveR~ When I think of Jubilee, I am thinking of the entire restructuring of society, including banking, currencies, legalities, sovereignty, transparency, meritocracy, and such, not just debt forgiveness.
I am not involved with any group and I don't know exactly what it will look like; I just know that this is coming, as much as I know that the Cabal of the zionist predatory rich is ending.

DaveR said...

The jubilee you are describing will come to pass the day we all lose our bodies and enter the angelic realm.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7:53

and not forgetting the , "in this amazing and expanding universe"

followed by "can I have your kidney now?".hehehe

I though these guys (monty Python) were exagerating then, but therein lies ascerbic truths in most comedy.

les, I took the article for what is was (seemed to be), though I am gullible and distracted. there's holes in every generalisation of course but the nugget is still there. Like Orwell indicated in 1984, there's little or no hope in the Proles (lower classes), though an agrarian communalism of fallen middle class angels is different from the Dickensian industrial landscape, then again the forces of conventional society impact on any earthly abode (eg gentrification and land prices)
anyway even if everyone had their material desires met (and its never enough is it) there's still that 'spiritual thirst' that Leonard Coehn sang in Democracy (is coming... to the USA).

waffle waffle

Anonymous said...

The middle class. Middle = balance. Mr. Visible stated early on in his post that you cannot have a successful and peaceful society without them. And we are being destroyed, yes indeed. We are not perfect by any means, but stupid does not discriminate no matter what class one find themselves in (grin). The human condition has been f**cked up, stupid, brilliant, horrific, happy and despairing all at the same time since day one. For the first time however, we uniquely find ourselves with technology and weaponry that is far above our wisdom. Yikes. Perhaps Fukushima is the last wake up call. I like when Vis goes off now and then...

Much love to you all,


wv: gubir lol that's too easy....

Tony said...

So true, Vis

Thanks again for saying what I feel, only much more eloguently.


Tony,Lynn and Michael (ToMiLyn)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Terminally Twisted beyond Recovery or Redemption.

Anonymous said...

Friday, April 15, mods have killed GodLikeProduction’s main thread and other alert threads about Laura and the Cassiopaean.
This thread was deleted when it has existed since 2005 and had over 350 pages of information – it was destroyed in seconds.
The reasons that motivated this atomization remains unknown but is related to the appeal to find buyers of tickets of the raffle house [ ].

There were there many people who followed the events and were involved in this whole affair.

Something gloomy has happened.

This is censorship

Mark @ Israel said...

You have related it more clearly how the 10% of the capitalists suck the wealth of the world. These are the few elite people who created a capitalist financial structure to their advantage. They take away the opportunity to alleviate poverty in whatever circumstances.



Joseph Brenner

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