Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Warps and Woofs, Woo Woo and Wiffenpoofs

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I'll be headed into the unknown soon and we may have some some periods of interruption on the way. That has happened here before, without my even having to leave the house, so, bear with me as you can.

I happened to mention in the comments section of Smoking Mirrors that I would be on the Jeff Rense radio show sometime in the next few weeks, once I have acclimatized to my new location. So, of course, someone had to come along and mention Jeff having association with GCN radio and how every word out his mouth has to pass the approval of his scriptmasters. The person didn't even know if he was still there or not. What the person did know was about connections to Disney and that means Johnny Depp is probably cointel pro too, as would be anyone connected to Disney at any time, including Halley Mills, Mickey Mouse and Goofy. I suppose a case could be made for any of them because the moment any of us open our mouths, we begin to lie. The kicker is that some of us lie in a way that reveals the truth and some of us lie in a way that obscures it. When I say 'lie', I mean to say that we depart from that which cannot be spoken and can be known only in contemplation, which is why the truly wise tend to keep their mouths shut or speak seldom. Obviously I'm not truly wise, just working on it.

Words create a fence that draws parameters around a field, so that the imagination can give form to what is contained therein. We can never say exactly what we mean or have it exactly understood, which is why resonance is so important, because the right thoughts are stimulated in reaction, so that real communication can be effected. We get a lot of that here, thanks to the high level awareness of the general reader.

I haven't known Jeff Rense long and I don't know him well and all I know is that I was always pleased to find that I had been linked there on rare occasions and as time passed, I was linked there more often and then the day came when I was told to submit my work and its been there ever since. In that time I've had the opportunity to communicate with Jeff and he has been most gracious and understanding to me and a relentless supporter of my work. That's all I really know. I get on well with people he does not get on with but that is the world and he has been gracious about that too. That tells me a great deal about someone. Keep in mind the things that I say. I do not mince my words. If Jeff were in the pay or thrall of forces that we are all aware of and that some of us even know a little about, would he consistently print my work? Ask yourself that.

From what I see it is called The Rense Radio Network. You will note that Michael Rivero appears on that network and no one can say that Michael minces his words. He's got a thing about the 'no plane hit the Pentagon' argument and he's got a thing about what HARRP actually does. Since I don't know anything about either of these things I don't have much to say on these matters. I do find that round hole in The Pentagon to be curious but I'm not concerned about details like this. I am concerned with only one thing, WHO DID IT. Israel did it and they did it with help from other agencies and individuals that are a part of their international Satanic network. Neither Jeff nor Michael shy away from this. The Truthseeker doesn't shy away from it either and that is why those are the 3 sites that I allow my work to appear on because that is one of my litmus tests for whether someone is disinfo.

I could be disinfo, after all, I was locked up in maximum government holding pens, where all kinds of things could have taken place. I could have been medicated and surgically altered and never known about it. I guess that's possible. I've no recollection of anything like it but who knows? One day they push a button and I morph into The Terminator. Personally, I think too many people read too many things and get too much of their information from Benjamin Fulford and Sorcha Fall. I can't say that I even know whether Fulford is on or off. What I do know is that he says a lot of weird shit and The Rockefeller interview was a little strange. Then again, I say all kinds of weird shit but mine is metaphysical and that is the place where weird and supernatural hang out to begin with. I have invisible friends. That pretty much makes me certifiable and I already have official documents that say that and say that it's incurable too; thank god for that.

What I know about Jeff Rense is that he is one of the hardest working men on the planet. Jim Kirwan would qualify in that regard too. Some of us are more sedate and some of us are impassioned to the point of hysteria sometimes but that is because some of us care that much. We are all possessed in a certain way. There are people that like some of us and people that despise the others. Among these very people such rivalries and fallouts occurs but they are the best of the breed so far as I know it.

Alex Jones is a horse of a different color. It's provable who he works for and he says the Saudis own Hollywood, which might be kind of true, given who the Saudis really are. You'll need to research that on your own. But when you mention The Zionists and 9/11, his pants catch on fire and he goes ballistic about it, sharing out a buffet table of that roasted canard of anti-Semitism. Even though these people are not Semitic, in the context of their pretending to be, one might say that anti-Semitism is a logical and defensible state for those with eyes wide open. You can't say about these other people what you can say about Alex. I'd say, if you were looking for tools, you should scan his guest lists.

This brings me around to the subject of Masons and Illuminati, Opus Dei. Doris Day, The Vatican and the recurrent arguments that I get here, presented by Sayanim and Hasbara trolls who insist that The Vatican is behind everything. I speculate about things. I admit it. I also go where the hard cold facts take me and what is right out in front and directly traceable. My opinion is that all kinds of straw dogs and red herrings are being served up in hoagie sandwiches, for the sole purpose of seducing the inquisitive. I've never said that certain cabals within the masonic order are not working against the best interests of humanity. What I have said is that it does not include all Masons. I know this, so it is futile to argue with me. This is the same thing that goes on when the psychopathic Zionist Jews, conceal themselves in the ranks of the general Jewish population. Unfortunately, the general Jewish populations buy and play, all too readily into the massive hoaxes that their leaders have perpetrated on the masses, for 'whatever their reasons may be' and that is going to cost them dearly. They need to collectively get their act together while they have the time because, judgment is coming.

Certain stereotypes are true. I don't much care what PC arguments anyone has about that. I've witnessed all of it with my own eyes and over periods of time long enough to prove it to me. The point is, are these stereotypes cause for ridicule and contempt, or are they merely something to be observed and made aware of, within ones own mind? I'm reminded of the time The Tall Ships went sailing and it was at the same time that the Polish government was railing about Polish jokes and how injurious and not reflective of their true nature it all was; how offensive it was. Then what happened was that the Polish Tall Ships got lost for two weeks and didn't get into harbor till the whole thing was over. The cosmos has a sense of humor. On the other hand, I've met brilliant Poles and their women are some of the most beautiful and gracious women in the world. You can't make wholesale judgments but you can make yourself aware of what your own experience teaches you and you're a fool if you don't.

What seems negative about any group of people also has a positive side, if it is positively applied and you see that all the time. If you want to find something wrong with someone you will. We all do. I like to take an ever closer look at what I think I believe and employ rigorous self-inquiry. That has worked for me so far. I also study people's character. Jeff could have been a lot harder on me, when I made a mistake, due to an excess of passion, a la Richard Lovelace. Instead he was gracious and forgiving. That scores big points with me. It speaks to character. Michael and I do not see eye to eye on The Divine. It's not my business to micro manage him or seek to convert him. The cosmos has a very good reason for putting us in the positions we are in.

I don't like Dick Cheney but he's just playing a role. I don't know all the ins and outs. I despise what the Israelis stand for and get up to, but they are simply the villains de jour, in this brief period of recorded history and all of that is changing now. This is The Big Kahuna of change; a 26,000 year cycle is ending and beginning. Dick Cheney isn't going to like what he was either and neither are most of the political, religious, social and economic leaders of this time. They are the shit apples that have bobbed to the top of the planet's septic tank; representative of this decadent and dying period of time. I'm not their judge and executioner. I might be a witness for the prosecution but hopefully I have some kind of special observer status, a scribe of sorts, or, even better, just some guy waiting for his water buffalo to be saddled up, so that he can ride outside the great walls of this departing and transforming world into another world dearer to his hearts desire.

I can only wish I haven't pissed off yet more people by trying to do the right thing. That's when I usually get into trouble. If I have then you have my apologies in advance but only if they are applicable (grin). I hope this new year brings all of us a greater refinement of heart and mind and a more committed industry on behalf of the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

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Patrick Willis has put up a new video, once again in inimitable fashion:

Patrick Willis narrates:
If I Were Inside You

This Sunday's Christmas Radio Show is now up for download but since it is about Jesus Christ you should consider yourself forewarned.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Bobbing for Road Apples on Constitution Ave

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Lindsey Graham is one of the bad guys in the upper house, so is John McCain and many others. There are more bad guys than good guys in both houses. That's how it is in times of darkness. What is not cream rises to the top, or you might call it bobbing for road apples. Lindsey Graham is being blackmailed, I don't doubt that. Most of the men and women in high positions are being blackmailed, or they are full on into it all for their own profit.

Sandusky was not a poor man. He had/has money, so it would be easy for him to have some kind of pied a terre, some kind of place to indulge his appetites but he chose a public venue, where people can and do come and go. This can imply several possibilities. He is crazy and wanted to get caught but he's presently denying his guilt or... he had good reason to believe nothing would ever happen to him. Let's look at that one. Joe Paterno was told about Sandusky's roaming penis. The athletic director heard about it and you can imagine that out of all those boys someone must have said something more than once to someone. Then there is the curious case of the gone missing DA and the even more curious internet searches the DA was making about frying hard drives and the application of water damage and where the laptop was found.

This is a mysterious world. Some things aren't a mystery though, like blaming yesterday's Damascus bombing on the 'no seeum' Al Qaeda, instead of ZATO and British forces (most likely), with some resident CIA black baggers BYOB (bring your own bomb). This is a mysterious world and the more I think about it the more I intuit a Satanic connection to Sandusky. It just has that vibe and I wouldn't be surprised to hear that some amount of congress and all upper echelon types are having regular get togethers for some Goat head soup and kiddie pate. I know this goes on, has gone on, is going on and there are some powerful characters in the shadows, who pull the strings to the tune of certain ancient rituals and processes geared to encourage compliance.

When I was researching information as a preface to writing my first novel, I went deeply into the history of famous killers over recent centuries and I should say that this isn't something you want to do if you don't have to because you might want to have the inside of your head detailed afterwards, down at the head shop, where they do it like a car shop.

Consider The Catholic Church and the ubiquitous appearance of child molestation all over. You can't help but come to the conclusion that it is endemic in the system. Why only young boys? You don't usually hear about young girls. There's a mystery there and you can figure it out if you think about it and track it back to things already under discussion.

People seem to thing that the bad guys are globally organized. This isn't the case. They are like crime mobs who do certain business with each other; nothing personal and who have their assigned turf and they go to war with each other on a regular basis. Right now there are all kinds of struggles going on between the bad guys. Part of this has been instigated by Mr. Apocalypse who is lifting skirts with his stick and something worse than Madeline Albright is hidden under all of them. The bad guys think it is the competition doing this but that's not the case; at least not some percentage of the time.

People think these goons are highly organized and collectively directed toward a common goal. That's not so, except to say that they are all up to evil in their own way and that it serves their different purposes to cooperate here and there but they very much have their eyes on each other because they can't be trusted because... because they are bad guys.

I can't know what's coming up with Iran and how that is going to shake out for the rest of us; this relentless push by the psychopaths to dominate the oil producing nations and also to kill off anyone that Israel doesn't like. Some days it seems like they're going to get theirs and some days you can't see much on any account. There are so many concerted pincher movements going on that it looks like a crustacean jamboree with a conga line.

The people in the military, the rank and file, are waking up and that is going to come around to the police forces eventually. Something ugly from subterranean depths has gotten loose there and made the men in blue bad news if you are over 80 or under 8 and, well, basically all points between. It's tazer madness and rough baton ballet. It's pepper spray just for the Hell of it. You don't have to be doing anything. Groups of police just routinely go nuts now so it must be in the manual somewhere. It happens to soldiers on the battlefield too but, for some reason, they are catching on; quicker than the police at any rate.

It really seems to me that there is something we are missing; more than one thing in all likelihood. It seems like something is coming up that is going to shake the foundations of the world and I don't know that that will be warfare. There's also something going on behind the scenes with all the people whoring and pimping for theft, murder and mayhem. It could be that the blackmail, arm-twisting and threats are massively pervasive. The efforts of those who have honed this to a fine art, start out with little corruptions. Why, you hardly notice at first and the next thing you know, you're in bed with a live boy or a dead girl and you even get a copy of the DVD. Well, we know this goes on. It's been standard trade-craft among spies for a long time, in their seeking to 'turn' each other.

I know it could be that the moneychangers and bankers got such control over the political system that only rogues and scoundrels get elected. That's a possibility. A lot of people who go into The House are one and done, if they don't make the necessary commitments. The people who have made those deals seem pretty secure in their egregious behavior. Consider Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein out on the coast. They got fraud up to their false eyelashes. They're dipped in illegal shit like a Dairy Queen cone and they're proud of it too. Okay, most of law enforcement has been corrupted and can't move against the crime lords at the top. They're only allowed to bang on the people at the bottom. The FBI turns out to be one of the top terrorist organizations going. The courts are impressive in their disregard for the fair rule of law. They were appointed for that reason. How could any sane and dedicated public official (yeah, try to find one) accept the Supreme Court conferring person-hood on corporations?

Somehow, there has to be more to all of this that I'm not seeing but the truth could be that corruption is so total and widespread now that that is just the way it is. I think about this a lot. I look at a guy like Eric Holder, who can't bring himself to go after a single person on Wall Street but who can sell automatic weapons to the cartels. Here and there you hear about DA's low on the radar who are making moves against the criminals but given the scope of the thing it looks like trying to bail out one of the Great Lakes with a teacup.

The corporations have really gone insane with the laws they initiate for their own profit, so that you can't grow your own food anymore, you can't store seeds. . You can't stockpile food and a host of crazy assed nonsense such as what certain Mormons ran into the other day. None of this is happening in Europe and there is no sense of police presence like you got in the US. The financial house of cards is trembling but generally, for the moment, you are surrounded by disciplined and intelligent people.

I'm wondering about setting off to near the hornets nest. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't be going but too many plans are laid and too many people are going to too much trouble for me to bail. I got some news about trends, transits and projections in the last days so, I have to wonder. Apparently it's all in my hands and if I keep myself together, things will stay together; pretty much how it is anywhere I guess... “but I just don't know”

I'll be on the radio today for a couple of hours with noted astrologer Robert Phoenix. That will be at 10:00AM Pacific Time. Hmmm, now it says 7:00PM. Ah, that's my time in about 50 minutes As usual the host is saying too many nice things about me at the site so just go ahead and ignore that if you can (grin).

Here's the radio show with Robert Phoenix from last night, now edited to remove all the moments of difficulty.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Rules and Those who Make ...and Break Them

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It doesn't matter where you go in those countries ruled by the bankers and corporations. They are up to the same mischief everywhere and where they are being hampered in their rapacious appetites, they are fomenting calculated revolutions, to undermine the competition, or engineering wars against the nations that are not amendable to what they want and they want it all.

It is a calculated certainty on the part of the universe to bring everything to a certain point for the purpose of demonstration. It's not an accident that things are the way that they are. It is not only because the bankers and money changers want things the way they are, or that they are determined to make things worse than it even looks like they do. They are being driven to accomplish their ends. That is also a part of the calculated certainty of the universe. When you give yourself over to certain passions and ambitions, it becomes a highway that only goes to a certain location. It's called destiny. When Jerry Sandusky set out upon the initial forays, into a particular appetite, it became a highway and it leads through guaranteed terrain that involves specific graduating steps, into increasingly egregious, risk taking behavior, in locations that provide the maximum potential for unfortunate discovery.

As has been stated here many times, 'no one has ever taken over control of the whole world'. Everything here is for the purpose of demonstration. That's been said before too. Everything is under control. That has also been said (grin). All of these have something to do with each other. There are other things that could be said too and somebody will probably say them.

To get a more convincing grip on why these things are true, one has to understand the dynamics by which the world operates. The world is a collection of systems. Things work a certain way, although the appearance and the reality are two different things. For instance, the sun appears to rise but it is actually the world turning. We talk about sunrise and sunset. That’s how we label it. There are rules for the operation of certain systems. Look at electricity or anything else. Look at some of the terms; resistors, capacitors and there are grounding agents and there is insulation. You can extrapolate this out into existence in many ways. Plumbing, heating and pipe-fitting follow rules and so, certain technologies are naturally grouped together as professions. Let's move into the metaphysical; karma has rules. Behavior provokes reaction. Behavior is typed according to social and cultural demands. All this seems obvious but it also points to much that is not obvious and one is not wrong for speculating that the physical and the non physical operate according to the same rules, which can be expressed by, 'as above, so below'.

What I am trying to say is that ignorance of how things work has no effect on their working. Saying what is not true does not affect what is true except in terms of the perception of the person employing and the person believing the lie. People lie who know the truth and people lie who do not know the truth. The truth remains and the value of it is enjoyed by those who appreciate the value. The truth tends to appreciate them as well. The universe is all about reciprocity and... “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

What is, cannot be directly stated but it can be implied, so what I am saying, is that things operate here according to rules, or they don't function or they function wrong. This all leads to results. The behavior of bankers leads to results. These results are temporary here and there and ultimate and final at some point. The Roman Army was the most powerful army in the world at one point but it is gone completely at this time. One can argue that the bankers simply shifted their attentions elsewhere and have continued to do so and that it will just always be like this. This is like missing the point of greater cycles and specific cycles; like The Apocalypse, for instance. The internet isn't an accident. The size of the populations is not an accident. The terrible state of things is no accident.

It's not just the bankers and their foot-pad associates that are up for resolution. Everyone invested in the way things are and in support of its continuance has some amount of feedback coming, as one age is recycled into the next. Everyone supporting the wars is involved in the cosmic reaction to this kind of behavior and it all works like electricity does and Nature also has a naturally occurring reaction to everything we say and do because Nature is an active mirror. It is a reflective, response mechanism.

During the various world wars there were parts of the world that were untouched. Even in countries where a majority of the conflict was taking place, there were areas where little or nothing happened. I've been spending time in one of them but not for that reason.

I know this planet to be a testing area, where certain dramas occur and reoccur over and over. Any fool can see this is the case just by giving a little study. If all the parts of it that you can see are consistent and follow certain orders of destiny concerning this, then it stands to reason (and this is a very reasonable and orderly universe) that what you cannot see is consistent and follows certain orders of destiny. It's pretty easy to see around corners and project all kinds of things. Math does this all day long. Math does amazing things without having the goods for computation assembled before it. It theorizes all over the place with things it can't see and things you can see hang in space because of it; the same way the planets hang in space, move in space, spin in space and whatever.

Things make sense to those who make sense. Things are clear when they are not clouded by the smoke of desire. This all follows rules too. Where argument and confusion emerge, they do so because those arguing and confusing, have set themselves up as God, in order to manifest a world shaped by their desires. Atheism is a religion. It is the religion of self as opposed to a greater self. Every desire that predominates in anyone becomes a religion. Banks are churches and so are courtroom and parliaments. The priests dress differently but they all want your money because money is God. The reason money is God, is because those worshiping are not impressed with God being Love because if God is Love, they don't get nearly as much money, most of the time. If God is Love, then a certain behavior is required of you. If God is Money then all kinds of behaviors are permitted to you, because you are God, if you have the most money.

People with objections about the existence of a divine consciousness, invariably are opposed to religion. That is what they are talking about. The corruptions of religion are proof to them that divinity is a fable but religion is only co-incidentally connected to the divine in actuality and real time. In times of darkness, religions are dens of depravity. In a golden age it is different, because perspective, order and restraint are in place. We have not seen a golden age in a very long time. People argue that there can be no divine because of the state of the world (“if there was a God he would never let this happen”.) and do not take into account free will (which they are very big on, by the way), which, in times of darkness, becomes perverse. People don't know what the divine is. They think it is a bigger them. That is why their religions have to hate everyone they hate and why rules only apply to other people and why all other religions are wrong when, really, all religions are wrong in that they are incomplete as far as they go. This is what leaves them open to interpretation by both of those following and rejecting them because they are incomplete as well.

Everything is remarkably simple if you do not need to employ complexity, to obfuscate your intent and motive. Complexity is for liars, in the same way that most western philosophers and some amount of eastern philosophers are supreme egotists, who know less about how things operate than those who know very little about all the things they 'professed' know. Well, they mostly don't know much now, do they? Economists are like weather forecasters and they both wind up invariably working for Climate Control Central; a division of Globoctopus. I don't believe in pharmaceutical companies but I do believe in 'better living through chemistry'.

Everything is going to work out but it's not going to work out for everyone. You can compute whether it will work out for you, simply by assessing what you depend on and the degree to which you are change resistant. Flexibility is the province of youth, just as the highest rate of learning is the province of children. This all follows rules too and some of us keep our youth and also regain our childlike nature in ways other than the onset of senility. Hardening of the arteries is a feature of age and resistance at a certain level. Everything follows rules and that is why everything is under control, 'more or less'. We only know a few of the rules collectively, in times of darkness. Another one of the rules is that light concentrates in times of darkness. And so on and so on and so on.

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There will be a radio show tonight. I'll be on the Robert Phoenix Radio Show on Friday the 23rd at 10:00 AM.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Crown of Creation and the Da Vinci Toad

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Deep in the darkling deception, time slams the cell door shut on the moment that has been sliced and diced by the forces of disinfo and misdirection. Most people see a particular invidious foe, sometimes a couple, working a Murphy or Badger game. Actually it is a many headed hydra, whose weapons attack the various body centers; that being their area of expertise. Network TV and reality shows in particular; first born on MTV, where the soul of the music got corrupted, so that the dances would be profane... there is a calculated intent. It is a specific agenda with a particular goal. This same intent is also exemplified in commercials and various media that portrays humanity as a dumb, confused beast, whose inefficacy at everything is cause for humor and ridicule. It is not only warts and all but warts transplanted, to uglify the human being and leech away it's higher human qualities. The core focus is to cheapen sex into a perfunctory, animal act of submission/dominance, because this provides for the opportunity to be role played into a social submissive, whose sexual pleasure is 'tied up' with giving in.

In Hindu tantra, it is a given that the sexual force channeled will result in Kundalini action, after a certain time, which varies depending on the individual. It takes 40 drops of blood to make one drop of sperm and forty drops of sperm to make one drop of Ojas, which is the chemical force of awakening that lights up the festive centers of being. There's a reason why, in the New Testament, there is so much mention of bridegrooms and brides. It's about the alchemical marriage. The Hermetic tradition and the Hindu tradition are basically the same. They only differ in the labels; Sattva, Raja and Tamas= Mercury, sulfur and salt. The whole of Revelations is about a Kundalini experience and it's been suggested that it took place via altered consciousness. “The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross” is an interesting read.

Anyway, besides all the depraved behavior of those who have been shoehorned into leadership roles by the forces dependent on them to make the wrong decisions; as far as we are concerned, there is a concerted effort afoot to make you feel bad about yourself, steeped in guilt, uncertain and apprehensive in the moment and confused about who and what you are. As has been stated on other occasions, alcohol is the 'heavy fuel' that is employed to degrade human behavior and perceptions. There's no accident in its promotion, as the celebrating and lubricating mechanism for social discourse. They don't make marijuana against the law for any of the stated reasons. They don't want people thinking too much and they don't like the indifference to treadmill imperatives and following orders, which it often engenders. This isn't pro or con. This is an observation.

In the sixties and a portion of the seventies, our individual and collective identities were elevated; “You are the crown of creation” among many, many other affirmations, like, “all you need is love”. Intelligence services entered the picture and hijacked the music, the same way they flooded the streets with bad drugs. They very much needed to derail the consciousness movement and you hear a lot of commentary in present times about how “we don't want a repeat of the sixties” and how there is a similar impetus in OWS.

The music has gone from the lyrical and poetic elevations of former times to bling, booty and bitches and ho's. This is a calculated demeaning of sexual force, with all romance amputated for the purpose of a guilt fueled, control engine. Everything is sex, operating at different levels. We retain the rock, the plant and the animal within us, as well as the potential to be more than human and that comes about through channeling this force. This force awakens the divine feminine, which gives birth to all of the arts and higher states of consciousness that exist at the various floors, which are accessed through the wheels that are the elevator doors into that plane; whatever plane that might be.

It's quite simple. If you can drag humanity down to the level of the beast within, you can herd it like cattle and sheep. I'm not here to tell people what diet to follow. I'm just here to make observations. Fear is the really big limiter and perversion vehicle of human expression. Animals raised for the dinner table are, generally raised in a climate of tremendous fear. This fear discharges hormones (not to mention the hormones injected), which humanity ingests and that fear gets built into your system. That's a fact. You can argue about it but it doesn't change it. You may not like that it is a fact and you may prefer to include the addition of other informations and justifications and there's always denial but the premise remains.

The fear factor is one of the main forces driving the pharmaceutical industry and they have helpfully made additions to your water and air supply, along with violations of the food chain and just about any kind of pernicious behavior you can imagine from corporations that have no moral compass; none whatsoever. It's what they teach then at the Wharton Business School and Harvard, where such lights as Alan Dershowitz profess on situational ethics and the protocols of the courtroom, where hired corporate guns sit on the bench and dispense severe injustice for whatever departs outside the approved ethos, unless it's one of their own.

All this has been in play for awhile, with a specific end game in mind and it would be curtains ordinarily but something mysterious always enters the mix when it gets to a certain point. Short of miraculous intervention by aliens or higher dimensional beings, The Middle East is on the clock and due to explode, probably no later than March but I've been wrong before. Hopefully this world changing event, engineered by those who hate the human race, can be averted. Otherwise, nothing will ever be the same again and everything we think and say and do, will be altered and spun out beyond the point of no return. What the ramifications and implication of all that will amount to can't be determined in advance.

We are talking about very large population centers, all of which, except for the country fomenting it, are mostly Muslim, even in the big supporting guns, at the point where they touch the surrounding environs under discussion. According to the Hasbara and Sayanim cadres, footpadding it through the internet, this has all come about because dedicated Jesuits are sitting in rows and operating their Gameboys, which then remote control particular blameless Israelis the world over. These are the people who prefer that you get your history from people like Dan Brown and his Da Vinci Toad. Ribbit!!!

There are so many vortexes and whirlpools at work that the possibilities of result are endless; the financial centers, the war rooms, the environmental wrecking crews, the private contractors on standby for the police state. What we don't see are all the heavy bodies emergent behind the mask of the present. Large forces are simmering and shifting, off camera and down the road. Evil chefs are drunk in the kitchen, surrounded by unattended pressure cookers. The political hacks and social maladjusters are all having dinner for one; silly, but not off target in various ways. Off stage there are huge rounds of laughter that have an ominous ring. It's not really funny and that is probably why there is something suspect in the laughter. There is a hollow, mocking tone in the laughter and you get the sense that it's not directed at present shenanigans but rather what they are going to result in.

The laughter is like voices in a powerful wind. It has an ancient atmosphere that seems to indicate we've been here before, any number of times with the same result. Sands now cover the evidence and mountains sit on top of it. Starships are buried beneath the pyramids. All sorts of things are masquerading as foothills at the bottom of the ocean. Some of the same people are doing the same things and some of them have moved on to other ambitions.

Christmas is coming and so it the anti-Christmas. The teeth of the gears engage and the wheels click in the turning as the solstice arrives, on time as usual. You've heard it said that “there is a destiny that shapes our ends”. This would seem to speak to recurrent motivations that always result in the same conclusion. When those who operate the technology have failed to master themselves, things do not come to a good end overall. It's said that is what led to the sinking of Atlantis. We don't know for sure, since they burned the evidence at Alexandria.

So it always goes, step by step, hour by hour, day by day; inexorable. Lorries come and go in the chakra loading zones and everyone resonant to the peculiar music of the zone will be dancing with St. Vitus, involuntarily of course. It's musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic. Does it matter if you get a seat, in terms of the eventual moment of truth, in respect of the ship? I'm reminded of the tale that Robert Shaw told to Roy Scheider in “Jaws”, about the sailors treading water after their boat sank during the war.

Stay frosty. Stay alert and look out for those close encounters of any kind.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mystery Babylon and the Coming Darkness

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's a ball of confusion these days. Despite the manufactured chaos of the near wholly owned, Zionista press, there's what we see at the blogs here that are the real indicators to me. People want different things, including complicated reassurances. Some people want fire and brimstone at the socio-political (that would be Smoking Mirrors) and cultural (that would be this one) blogs. They want clear demarcations from the metaphysical (that would be Origami). Others, some of whom have darker intentions, while being clueless that many words have more than one meaning, want meaning to be narrowly employed, without the benefit of a wider range. Some want to demand that I accept that the ZioNazi world control agenda and their near total control of the banks and the media be allocated to some mysterious other, who is using them as pawns. They never say who it is most of the time and they never provide facts or provenance, except to say it's The Vatican or some shadowy Illuminati (check out who is supposed to have founded the Illuminati and was born one thing and then was, allegedly raised as another). This Illuminati is supposed to have infiltrated the Masons and corrupted that organization. So where does that leave us? It leaves us with the same AshkeNazi cabal of world wide slave masters. I can find provenance and historical record aplenty for some version of this but I find jackshit for the secret shadowmeisters and invariably the people who comment on them are anonymous.

An argument can be made for a world wide organization of Satanists but then you have to consider The Synagogue of Satan and you might as well read the book. If you don't read the book, I don't want you talking to or at me about it. According to every religion on the planet, there is an enemy of humanity who rules the planet in times of darkness from some sort of infernal region. I've never heard that there's some even darker and more evil source behind this. That doesn't get said, probably because there isn't. I do hear and believe that a greater power is behind the whole shebang and that it is benevolent and created the whole dynamic for the purpose of demonstration. It's in your own head and heart where you have to sort all of this out. Certainly there is a mystery to all of it and it is all under control, according to the one who initiated all of the changes in my life that I went through and by now, this is also true according to me. Take it or leave it.

Obviously, Nature, as we experience it and, in some cases (grin) understand it as well, requires a duality of opposites for effective performance. You got night and day; hot and cold, good and evil (which is a relative thing), The Sun and The Moon, well, you can go on and on with this sort of thing and you are more or less aligned in one way or another, dependent on the light and darkness in you. Your fear is generated by your internal conflicts and your freedom from what plagues most people is generated by the degree of your state of unity apart from appearances.

I understand that many of you believe that purple people eaters are behind it all. I recognize that anonymous Hasbara are behind the regular mention of The Pope running the whole show and whatever else you come up with, that takes the scrutiny and heat off of you but it doesn't wash with me. Prove it otherwise and I will change my mind. Fail to prove it and I will not be moved. That's simple, isn't it? Well, be about it and convince me otherwise. I'd also appreciate an explanation for the unshakeable, overall impression that an enormous preponderance of evidence, past and present says that Israel is the present center of darkness and operates through satellite centers in London, New York and elsewhere. Go ahead, I'm waiting. Crank up the woo woo but don't leave the hard, cold proof out. That's a basic requirement.

I didn't set out to prove a premise. I went where the evidence led me. It wasn't that many years ago when I didn't know any of this. That always makes me wonder about the things I still don't know. That makes me open to being shown and I am open to being shown. I'm sitting here waiting to be shown. So show me.

The point of the world around you is to keep your attention on it. This is also why there is the constant threat of loss that attends us. This is why there is the constant pressure to be financially stable and why one is forced into the position of sacrificing their spiritual promise for financial gain. This is the whole treadmill effect. I rejected it and I found sustenance. I'm living proof that you can rely on invisible means that are not appearance based. The rest of the world is living proof that appearances are a lie and a form of temporal enslavement. I am far from the only one who has proven this to be true and certainly not the last. It can be a hard jump initially because your degree of faith in this reality will be tested. You don't get this without jumping through another kind of hoops.

No one finds anything out, without finding it out for themselves. No one can say what's out there or in there until they take the risk. That's why it's called a leap of faith and all these appearances are operative and in place to keep you on the rails of coming back again and again until you get it. As the website that won't link to my work, when it isn't just entertaining and relatively incisive writing states, “No one can serve two masters”, just another ironic reference to a construct that isn't believed in. You are either enslaved by one or liberated by the other and you don't make the real connection, until there something beyond appearances linking you to it.

I'm not running around with automatic weapons, or inciting the crowd to rise up in revolutionary fervor and storm the castle. That may well happen on its own. I don't know what the universe intends, resolution-wise. My situation is to see more clearly and follow the leader. I'm looking for portals and apertures into another state of existence. This world is an electro-magnetic hat dance between a rock and a hard place. If this is where what you find important takes place then you will be engaged in the struggle to maintain and hold on to what is slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) disappearing before your eyes. You will move between feast and famine because that is how it works and how the hook is baited. You'll rise to the top of the heap and then you will be demoted to the bottom. The whole point of that is to point out the pointlessness of it to you.

The vibrancy and promise of youth gives way to the inevitable conditions of age. Things that seemed important, no longer seem important and things that did not seem important become critically important. The indifference to what you eat, later becomes a bane upon your well being. As the whole world engages in the pursuit and consumption of crap, everything turns into crap, including the one pursuing and consuming it; garbage in and garbage out. Take a walk through the world and look at the inescapable reality of a culture in free fall, all of it engineered by your most remorseless enemies for their own profit and your torment, imprisonment and certain and assured demise.

Madness is afoot, cloaked in relentless disinformation and ubiquitous deception. Everything seems more or less normal and then, quite suddenly, all Hell breaks loose. Then you see that you have been watching it arrive for a long time, while focused on all the things you wanted to be and to get in the middle of it. Sooner or later all of the things being performed abroad begin to take place in your immediate environment; police state modalities, FEMA camps, enemy combatant designations, economic collapse, mob actions and rampaging crime, political correctness insanities that make the system unworkable and give you things like this. Does this all suddenly melt away like mist before the rising morning sun? Is this just a movie that's come and gone in a couple of hours? It is a movie. Are you in the movie?

Right now isn't the time for fire and brimstone, or entertaining word montages that may or may not describe the situation but do little to annotate or change it. Right now isn't the time for Gonzo or Savonarola. Now is the time for alignment and associative identification with you star-ship being. We all have one but the question is whether it's been tuned up and test driven, or even registers as a possession or an accessory. It's a personal affair. We've been talking about that and related things for some time here. Sooner or later D Day arrives in the form of deliverance or darkness.

Animal Farm has come to town and you can't be headed the right way if you are going in the wrong direction. You either get more of the same, increasing in degree of impact or you are stepping back and out of the current. The speed and force of the current has everything to do with everything.

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There will be a radio show tonight.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

You want Jujubees with your Surround Sound 3D?

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(The Half Past Human report is out and it is a good thing to see, given the positive implications gone missing in recent reports but which now reflect much more what Dog Poet Central has been saying for awhile. I remember back to some indication from these and 'related sources' that I was more or less some kid in short pants but maybe it's only half true and maybe the shorts are two tight. Probably the best thing is to ask the reader; do these jeans make me look fat? I am very glad to have taken away from this report what, for me, are very positive signs completely in line with what I have been thinking and saying. The last new's release I read from Clif sounded a lot like a suicide note (grin) and it depressed me but I got over it and of course I am exaggerating. I've only read halfway through cause I thought I should write a post so there's still plenty time for gang aft aglay... anyway, here we go. I read the rest and no changes in what I was saying. There is no criticism of Clif and George to be read here. I like those guys. I am just Tom Fooling around a little and I must be Tom Fool, that's why I have a white dog just like the one in the tarot card The Fool.)

Sold American! Dark shit for dark times. Some people got their eyes on the future and some got their eyes on small people's behinds. When you go hiking in Hawaii, you got to be careful because it is all lava rock and lava rock can get porous and rotten and you can fall down into honeycombed tunnels and the like, without the honey, or you could fall into them with your honey on your honeymoon, as you may prefer. I bring this up to say that the world economies, in the hands of criminal, vampire bankers is like that lava rock, only much worse and more like Irish peat turf maybe, maybe Scottish moors or African quicksand in some cases. So we are looking at individual and collective missteps of the increasingly more frequent and more highly populated variety.

Gag me with Gaga certainly tells all kinds of tales and as was mentioned in these blogs many times over the years, we are approaching comic farce on a cosmic level. Gaga's popularity is largely the result of a certain Tribe agenda; like Madonna. The most obvious sign of police state activity manifesting out of the corporate sector, which is often the case, can be seen when they mess with your ability to travel. You really know it's happening, when you see so many corollary signs happening in multiples. The same heinous interests that bring you the devil in Lady Gaga, are also working the system from the bottom up side; dead sea cosmetics must be downsizing and look for the kosher label of your tax dollars at work, all of this is off stage pushing pianos around for the grand migrations. I hate having to use the crass media to make my point. Oh right, because they own that but it isn't all of them that's up to bad shit ( a critical point to remember) and it isn't all of us and we are all of us, all of us accordingly ...sold American! Though we are not American. We B Us. Close the icebox and ignore that covered dish in the back. Oops! The electricity went off. It won't be long now. The covered dish will let you know it's there soon enough and... some of you may even have to be thinking about eating it.

We hold these truths to be self reverent. We know about radiation in the low places; cue John Lilly. I'm dreaming of a wide, white Christmas, though some of you may prefer cocaine. And there goes the little drummer boy, hopped up on the Peruvian marching powder, 'a rump pa bomp bomp'. Hark the crystalline angels snort! Hey, that's my white line on the freeway comes the outraged retort. Vanity wants two airline seats and the radiation is now on high. That should make for some strange inhalant tunes up in the recycled air of the troubled material night.

So it is that we have Occupy this and Occupy that, square-dancing with gay rights and Tribe fraud on multiple levels, in conjunction with media ownership and 'can't help themselves have to print this shit', doing do see do with war in Iran and it's time to swing your partner. Aleman left anyone? No? Well then, Aleman right. I don't have accents on my keyboard, or am too dumb to find them and I definitely don't want Accent on my mashed potatoes; supposing I was having any. The nostalgia boys upstairs are telling me I should probably go and watch “Pure Country” again. I'm guessing the American heartland needs a triple bypass; Dr Demento to the white courtesy phone. Is that your hand on my knee or am I just engaging in wishful thinking? “Come a little bit closer, you're my kind of man”!

I don't know what the rest of you will get from The Shape of Things to Come report from Half Past Human but it dovetails so well with what my invisible friends are telling me. The Vatican is going to crumble and that is going to reshape the world all by itself. “You got to believe” he said with an ironic grin. Believe in what, you might ask? Well, I guess we have to go back to Mithra to answer that question cause it's all grafting and always has been. Time to call in another surgeon, I guess. This time it's a plastic surgeon, cause we are in the age of plastic and do these jeans make you look fat?

With all the wild-assed shit going on, we over look the looming possibilities of Lady Nature, in respect of the lack of respect being paid to her and millions of tons of radioactive crap has formed into a massive surfboard headed toward Kalifornia. My first thought is that there have to be scavenger boats headed there, looking for pocket money and salvageable items, according to the law of the sea. Will they find any microwaves that still work? I don't know. The whole thing will be a microwave, so maybe they should bring some packs of raimen to eat on those stormy waters. Can I get a Raaaiiiiimen, Raaaaiiimen! Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray ...don't call me Ray... Raaaaiiiiimen! No, this is not connected to the Rape of Nanking. However, the Japanese do seem to have some kind of nuclear karma, the same way The Tribe looks suspiciously like they want to neutralize those people. I spent my first five years in Japan in Kyoto/Osaka; the best years of my missing childhood. That's where I first saw Morihei Ueshiba. I love many elements of Japan but that does not include the nuclear end. You can't beat them for being polite and having manners.

I love the grace of The East... ah, the mysterious East with names like Samarkand and Mandalay; “On the road to Mandalay, where the flying fishes play and the dawn comes up like thunder, outta China crost the bay”. I know I'm headed East after South Africa, cause that is where Shamballa is; not to mention Shangri La. They need more foot-soldiers for what's coming and it will be rising out of the mist at some point. I got my invite already; seeing as how I am going to meet a mysterious stranger on the way. You can't get there without a mysterious stranger. Is Shangri La another name for Shamballa? I even figured out immediately what YAAPMF means from the latest ALTA report and I am not generally very good at that. Did you get it immediately too? Mistress K came to visit me in the last days; gone now (sniff) but I now know Shamballa is real and so we will be writing something called “On the Road to Shamballa” during the trip, along with “The Care and Feeding of the Sweetie” and a video called “House Yoga” with Amarynth; busy busy.

Are you excited like I am; quietly excited anyway? With all the ominous potential, hang gliding over our heads, I feel brimming with incipient certitude. This is also the first time in awhile that the ALTA/Shape of Things to Come report has left me in a positive state. This is all the more affirmative since I read Clif's little 'we are totally screwed' missive a couple or one month ago. Having people like Clif and George around; not to mention the quality of the readers we get here (highest standard of reader intelligence and beauty on the net) is something else. Let's all have a round of applause in respect of what a fantastic dynamic these blogs are. There must be an ineffable. Sometimes, I feel like nothing more than an afterthought, in relation to what happens here. People come and go (I haven't heard from Nina or The Village Idiot in a long time) but both directions are filled with the impressive and hard spined endurance, still flexible 'after all these years', yeah... still flexible.

Every day feels like Christmas around here. I feel like I change more in one day now than a month would provide in the past. Does the reader feel like a better person? Does the reader have that gut sensation that they just ate in a good restaurant and maybe this blind date will be going home with them? Be sure and catch this Sunday past radio show, as I think it also reflects what is being discussed here. Hopefully one of my favorite web sites won't find this posting too personal to link (grin). I think it's important to have some “can I get a witness” vibes around at the moment; “the worms go in, the worms go out, the worms play Pinochle on your snout”. Hip! Hip! Holy shit, it feels good and the one-legged man of serendipitous destiny doesn't have another shoe to drop. If anyone out there knows Willie Nelson please tell him to do a few of my tunes (grin). I will be bringing my Martin guitar along, even though I've hardly played in several years and wasn't very good to begin with; now that is positive!

My friends, let your hearts be lifted, no matter what else may happen, we will survive; some portion of us will continue and some part of us will even be living and working together. How cool is that? That is plenty cool. If you are anywhere near where we will be in a short month, do think about coming around and walking in the desert with me. I can see the dust dervishes rising up from the expelled breath, through the nostrils of fifty foot holographic cobras giving us that, 'gotta dance with them' feeling. Been there, done that; me and Richard Yerxa.

Okay, looks like we've come to the end of another post and I'll see you in the next one, if there is one. In the meantime, may the sun king rise in your heart and lift you out of the slumbering dream beds of yesterday! Hey Cisco! Hey Poncho... away!

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Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Burning Man Snake Fest, at the Boy Scout Jamboree

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I wasn't going to write anything for a few days but we'll let tomorrow suffice for that. I should be back on Sunday with the next technique to follow what's been given. You didn't think there was a followup? As a matter of fact there is. First the groundwork, then the foundation, for some reason, the building goes up all by itself after that.)

Today we find ourselves on the Gotterdammerung of a very shaky ladder. It's a dark brew, an insidious stew and the Witch(es) of Endor is/are in attendance. Burn baby, burn. You can expect fire, because when the aggregate of human desire, in a time of material darkness, reaches a certain point it combusts. This is a metaphysical verity. This is the Nature of cities and why you see steam rising out of the manhole grates at night in New York City (grin). The magnetic power of this and like places is frightening. It will literally pull you down the street. Everyone is hustlin and bustlin on the road to nowhere. They don't know where they're going but they are determined to get there with all possible speed. Frustration mounts, because the hidden side of the human mind, knows that it is a vicious, pointless cycle. Frustration morphs into rage and rage turns into fire. New York City; where the weak are killed and eaten. Looks to me to be about time to hit the desert and look for some honey and locusts.

Pressure generates heat. The oily rags of bad Karma, will spontaneously combust, when the invisible timer says so. Israel, is the present day scourge of humanity. They are chewing on their ankles in an impatient fury to destroy Iran and others. Meanwhile, heavy powers are beefing up the Iranian arsenal and we don't 'really know' what they actually possess. Israel has been taking down her missile defense shield, in order to lob the usual missiles at herself, into whatever empty lots or buildings, like the WTC, which need to come down because repair is not cost effective. The Libyan mercenaries are marching into Syria so that sooner or later ZATO can get back to their video game, mass murder program. So... Russia sent some warships. Very shortly, Russia, China and Iran are going to have a serious skull session. I can't remember exactly where that is going to happen; if I was even told in the first place.

“There been times that I thought I couldn't last for long
But now I think I'm able to carry on
It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will”.

...singing to myself. I'm thinking “I Wish that it would Rain” by The Temptations is going to follow. I got to sing to keep from crying. Hilarious Clinton is over in Myanmar, circle jerking the dictators. Obviously it has something to do with routing to a war zone, in operation or looking to be, or it could be something as simple as missile emplacements. That's the American silverware at the dinner table of death and destruction. I guess most nations have picked up on the routine that America is engaged in; pummeling one nation after another, until it's your turn in the barrel. I can't figure out what happened to Turkey. I thought they were going to be with the good guys. Somebody promised them something. There may be no good guys but I define good guys as those not presently attacking someone else.

America is almost completely under the control of Israel and that means it's rabies season. The same goes for the other Crown Colonies. You wonder how it got this way? It's simple. What happened was the Israeli banks made sure that only certain particular people got elected to any important position, because they control both the banks and the media. They have been grooming the corrupt and cowardly among us for some time, as they head into their end plan. They have been weeding out the idealistic and humane. In those cases, where a little convincing was necessary, they have the videotapes. This is how you wound up with a political shit sandwich. This is why the American Congress is predominantly pro fascist reptiles. This is how insane laws, like declaring all American citizens as potential enemy combatants comes about. Once certain reptiles are in office, they can then appoint other reptiles to critical posts; that's how you get that combination snake-fest, Boy Scout jamboree. It's the end times governmental and religious jambalaya, composed of pig snouts and wolverine shit. Yum!

From The Nile to the Euphrates, the chosen want the land and do not presume anything otherwise. Whoever remains are intended to be slaves or dead shortly. That's the game plan, as it was first drafted in Basel Switzerland, over a century ago. It it weren't for the mysterious hand of the cosmos, you would soon have Hell on Earth and for some... it has already arrived. The hardest thing to get your head around is trying to understand how these monsters can be such monsters. You would never do anything like that. They would and they do. Trying to understand them, is like being an Amazonian headhunter who just got a lawnmower delivered. Don't bother, trade the lawnmower for some good drugs.

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest men in the world. I believe it happens to be true, although it can be trying at times and I'm not always nice about it because I don't suffer fools gladly, even if I happen to be one on occasion. When people try to convince me that 2 and 2 is 3, it annoys me. The way it actually works to your advantage is like surfing but... some people can't surf, so they come up with a different argument that lets them use a Jet-ski. I'm a body surfer, so I guess that makes me a purist (grin). Actually I enjoy tandem body surfing. You should try it some time. It's what we hope to do around here but we do have the occasional Jet-ski problems. Unity is the key to singularity. Get along with people and you are granted certain freedoms. Don't get along with people and they might try to drive a Jet-ski up your ass. There's no reason to help them out by bending over but some people do and if you look at the world, you can see them lined up in the biggest mooning, flash mob that ever was the same as it ever was.

I'm not going to pick up a gun, or a brick or raise my hands. I have the ocean beneath me. I don't have to. I know some people will. It's going to happen but it won't be me. I know a little about self defense and what I have found is that the key to that sort of thing, is to neutralize it before it gets there. Some will say, “Yeah, just wait until you're up against it”. The fact is that I have been up against it probably more than anyone I know, even though it's been awhile but I learned that neutralizing thing in the meantime and it might account for it. Sure, anything can happen. I don't know what licks the cosmos has in store for me but... when it speaks to me, it tells me not to concern myself with that sort of thing. Each must find their own system of action and response. I prefer the timeless because, I have the ocean underneath me, which is why I am one of the luckiest men on Earth, no matter what happens and... anyone else could be too. Like most anything, it's up to you. Some things are not but they are influenced by you. Even when they are not influenced by you, all you have to do is adjust; like you have a choice. Sure you have a choice, get pounded into the sand or ride the wave to the shore.

I like harmony, must be all those planets in Libra that just happen to be in the eighth house. One should keep in mind that very few arguments have any real importance. Competition for this or that is tiresome. Ego dancing is a losing proposition, no matter how good you are at it. Making yourself important, in your own mind, is a guarantee that you will be shown differently, whereas, if you don't do that sort of thing, the cosmos will elevate you in its own time, without you having to act like a dick in the interim. That's what's going on in the world at the moment. The degree of posturing self importance, ignorance and denial is breathtaking. World leaders might as well be wearing clown suits and running around with seltzer bottles and pig bladders. John Wayne Gacy used to wear a clown suit. Most of these clowns are not much different than he was, except that their position allows them to kill a lot more young boys AND women and little girls and men and animals and the landscape too.

I understand that it is hard to know what to do. Perhaps part of the answer is not to do anything some of the time. I have a rule of passage that applies at all times. When it is cloudy, be still, don't move. When it's not cloudy the question doesn't arise. Some years ago, an entire National Geographic team walked off a cliff in the mountains because they did not employ this rule.

Male goats get so excited, prior to intercourse, that they piss all over themselves, prior to engagement. That's Israel. They want blood, It's a religious thing with them and why they do these things on their religious holidays. The alleged Arab attacks in their major conflicts of the past didn't even happen. That is not the way it went down but... when you control both of the world's most important presses, history becomes a sidewalk whore leaning into car windows. That's how all the people in the press turned out to be like they are too: only certain personality types are advanced. It's the same in the music business and the literary and art world. It is why things are as they are and beauty took a hike. When ugliness is your modus operandi, because you gain no inspiration from ethereal realms, you get piss Jesus exhibits and Black Madonnas with elephant shit. Life is reduced to the odious, tawdry and superficial. It's not an accident. It's another weapon in the war. It's Portnoy's Complaint, hooking up with Chuck Berry Disease. That's when you like to jerk off, laying under a glass table, while a woman takes a shit above you. This may seem unnecessarily scatological but it is the truth. I left out the bloody crime scene in the aftermath, which completes the tableau.

Fecal obsession is a known quantity and that's why so many movies are filled with examples of it. Don't ask me where these things come from. Well, I know where they come from but don't ask me to draw the route by which they arrived. I don't have that GPS. I did but I traded it for some good drugs.

So it is logical that some greater or lesser portion of the world is in for a major shit storm. It follows the premise. It's probably following the elephant too because it likes being in show business but I digress, I think. Catch the wave and ride it to shore, I can't tell you any more.

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There will be a radio show this Sunday night.