Thursday, December 01, 2011

A Burning Man Snake Fest, at the Boy Scout Jamboree

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I wasn't going to write anything for a few days but we'll let tomorrow suffice for that. I should be back on Sunday with the next technique to follow what's been given. You didn't think there was a followup? As a matter of fact there is. First the groundwork, then the foundation, for some reason, the building goes up all by itself after that.)

Today we find ourselves on the Gotterdammerung of a very shaky ladder. It's a dark brew, an insidious stew and the Witch(es) of Endor is/are in attendance. Burn baby, burn. You can expect fire, because when the aggregate of human desire, in a time of material darkness, reaches a certain point it combusts. This is a metaphysical verity. This is the Nature of cities and why you see steam rising out of the manhole grates at night in New York City (grin). The magnetic power of this and like places is frightening. It will literally pull you down the street. Everyone is hustlin and bustlin on the road to nowhere. They don't know where they're going but they are determined to get there with all possible speed. Frustration mounts, because the hidden side of the human mind, knows that it is a vicious, pointless cycle. Frustration morphs into rage and rage turns into fire. New York City; where the weak are killed and eaten. Looks to me to be about time to hit the desert and look for some honey and locusts.

Pressure generates heat. The oily rags of bad Karma, will spontaneously combust, when the invisible timer says so. Israel, is the present day scourge of humanity. They are chewing on their ankles in an impatient fury to destroy Iran and others. Meanwhile, heavy powers are beefing up the Iranian arsenal and we don't 'really know' what they actually possess. Israel has been taking down her missile defense shield, in order to lob the usual missiles at herself, into whatever empty lots or buildings, like the WTC, which need to come down because repair is not cost effective. The Libyan mercenaries are marching into Syria so that sooner or later ZATO can get back to their video game, mass murder program. So... Russia sent some warships. Very shortly, Russia, China and Iran are going to have a serious skull session. I can't remember exactly where that is going to happen; if I was even told in the first place.

“There been times that I thought I couldn't last for long
But now I think I'm able to carry on
It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will”.

...singing to myself. I'm thinking “I Wish that it would Rain” by The Temptations is going to follow. I got to sing to keep from crying. Hilarious Clinton is over in Myanmar, circle jerking the dictators. Obviously it has something to do with routing to a war zone, in operation or looking to be, or it could be something as simple as missile emplacements. That's the American silverware at the dinner table of death and destruction. I guess most nations have picked up on the routine that America is engaged in; pummeling one nation after another, until it's your turn in the barrel. I can't figure out what happened to Turkey. I thought they were going to be with the good guys. Somebody promised them something. There may be no good guys but I define good guys as those not presently attacking someone else.

America is almost completely under the control of Israel and that means it's rabies season. The same goes for the other Crown Colonies. You wonder how it got this way? It's simple. What happened was the Israeli banks made sure that only certain particular people got elected to any important position, because they control both the banks and the media. They have been grooming the corrupt and cowardly among us for some time, as they head into their end plan. They have been weeding out the idealistic and humane. In those cases, where a little convincing was necessary, they have the videotapes. This is how you wound up with a political shit sandwich. This is why the American Congress is predominantly pro fascist reptiles. This is how insane laws, like declaring all American citizens as potential enemy combatants comes about. Once certain reptiles are in office, they can then appoint other reptiles to critical posts; that's how you get that combination snake-fest, Boy Scout jamboree. It's the end times governmental and religious jambalaya, composed of pig snouts and wolverine shit. Yum!

From The Nile to the Euphrates, the chosen want the land and do not presume anything otherwise. Whoever remains are intended to be slaves or dead shortly. That's the game plan, as it was first drafted in Basel Switzerland, over a century ago. It it weren't for the mysterious hand of the cosmos, you would soon have Hell on Earth and for some... it has already arrived. The hardest thing to get your head around is trying to understand how these monsters can be such monsters. You would never do anything like that. They would and they do. Trying to understand them, is like being an Amazonian headhunter who just got a lawnmower delivered. Don't bother, trade the lawnmower for some good drugs.

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest men in the world. I believe it happens to be true, although it can be trying at times and I'm not always nice about it because I don't suffer fools gladly, even if I happen to be one on occasion. When people try to convince me that 2 and 2 is 3, it annoys me. The way it actually works to your advantage is like surfing but... some people can't surf, so they come up with a different argument that lets them use a Jet-ski. I'm a body surfer, so I guess that makes me a purist (grin). Actually I enjoy tandem body surfing. You should try it some time. It's what we hope to do around here but we do have the occasional Jet-ski problems. Unity is the key to singularity. Get along with people and you are granted certain freedoms. Don't get along with people and they might try to drive a Jet-ski up your ass. There's no reason to help them out by bending over but some people do and if you look at the world, you can see them lined up in the biggest mooning, flash mob that ever was the same as it ever was.

I'm not going to pick up a gun, or a brick or raise my hands. I have the ocean beneath me. I don't have to. I know some people will. It's going to happen but it won't be me. I know a little about self defense and what I have found is that the key to that sort of thing, is to neutralize it before it gets there. Some will say, “Yeah, just wait until you're up against it”. The fact is that I have been up against it probably more than anyone I know, even though it's been awhile but I learned that neutralizing thing in the meantime and it might account for it. Sure, anything can happen. I don't know what licks the cosmos has in store for me but... when it speaks to me, it tells me not to concern myself with that sort of thing. Each must find their own system of action and response. I prefer the timeless because, I have the ocean underneath me, which is why I am one of the luckiest men on Earth, no matter what happens and... anyone else could be too. Like most anything, it's up to you. Some things are not but they are influenced by you. Even when they are not influenced by you, all you have to do is adjust; like you have a choice. Sure you have a choice, get pounded into the sand or ride the wave to the shore.

I like harmony, must be all those planets in Libra that just happen to be in the eighth house. One should keep in mind that very few arguments have any real importance. Competition for this or that is tiresome. Ego dancing is a losing proposition, no matter how good you are at it. Making yourself important, in your own mind, is a guarantee that you will be shown differently, whereas, if you don't do that sort of thing, the cosmos will elevate you in its own time, without you having to act like a dick in the interim. That's what's going on in the world at the moment. The degree of posturing self importance, ignorance and denial is breathtaking. World leaders might as well be wearing clown suits and running around with seltzer bottles and pig bladders. John Wayne Gacy used to wear a clown suit. Most of these clowns are not much different than he was, except that their position allows them to kill a lot more young boys AND women and little girls and men and animals and the landscape too.

I understand that it is hard to know what to do. Perhaps part of the answer is not to do anything some of the time. I have a rule of passage that applies at all times. When it is cloudy, be still, don't move. When it's not cloudy the question doesn't arise. Some years ago, an entire National Geographic team walked off a cliff in the mountains because they did not employ this rule.

Male goats get so excited, prior to intercourse, that they piss all over themselves, prior to engagement. That's Israel. They want blood, It's a religious thing with them and why they do these things on their religious holidays. The alleged Arab attacks in their major conflicts of the past didn't even happen. That is not the way it went down but... when you control both of the world's most important presses, history becomes a sidewalk whore leaning into car windows. That's how all the people in the press turned out to be like they are too: only certain personality types are advanced. It's the same in the music business and the literary and art world. It is why things are as they are and beauty took a hike. When ugliness is your modus operandi, because you gain no inspiration from ethereal realms, you get piss Jesus exhibits and Black Madonnas with elephant shit. Life is reduced to the odious, tawdry and superficial. It's not an accident. It's another weapon in the war. It's Portnoy's Complaint, hooking up with Chuck Berry Disease. That's when you like to jerk off, laying under a glass table, while a woman takes a shit above you. This may seem unnecessarily scatological but it is the truth. I left out the bloody crime scene in the aftermath, which completes the tableau.

Fecal obsession is a known quantity and that's why so many movies are filled with examples of it. Don't ask me where these things come from. Well, I know where they come from but don't ask me to draw the route by which they arrived. I don't have that GPS. I did but I traded it for some good drugs.

So it is logical that some greater or lesser portion of the world is in for a major shit storm. It follows the premise. It's probably following the elephant too because it likes being in show business but I digress, I think. Catch the wave and ride it to shore, I can't tell you any more.

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio show this Sunday night.


Visible said...

This offer is good until the next Origami and mostly applies to the interested who live within a reasonable driving distance from Basel Switzerland. After that it goes up on EBay. Regular value according to going rate is at least double.

If you are anywhere in a driveable or train assisted distance from me I am offering my car for sale at a very low price of 1500 euro. It is a '96 VW Golf in very good condition. It is diesel and has about 180,000 K on the odometer, which is not much for this kind of car. It is a custom color variant model that has the whole Porche package of leather seats and ridiculous electronics, like heated seats; I never used them but I was informed they are there.

It's got a sunroof and it's black on black. There's a minor rust spot inside a door that's easily fixed and any anomaly is easily fixed. It's been scrupulously maintained, except for the interior cause I'm not a neat freak but that shouldn't affect someone with a vacuum cleaner.

It's got two sets of good tires and you can effortlessly cruise at 180 or more where laws and conditions permit (grin), or even where they don't at your risk. It's got a new air conditioning system and a fairly new combination DVD player and GPS dash component that also plays all internet variants of any media files. It's got a four inch screen which isn't all that big but that's that.

It's got a minor scrape on one of the front bumpers but generally can be made showroom pretty with a minimum of effort.

Then again, this being the Visible mobile, there's no telling what sort of serendipitous things might occur such as someone seeing it go by and saying, "Hey, isn't that visible's car? Let's chase it down and give him some money"! (grin). Then you can just pretend you're me.

Anyway, I thought I would offer it here before I put it up on E-Bay where it will be gone soon enough because the car is a collectors item and especially young guys will swoop down upon it. You have been informed so let the information fall where it may.

tmcfall said...

love the goat true
pressure is mounting
Tom in Tempe Arizona

gurnygob said...

Les you mentioned about how only certain particular people got elected to any important position. I don’t know if you are familiar with the work of Brian Gerrish. He exposed the workings of a group called Common Purpose whose roll it is to spot the potential leaders of the future. It was set up as a charity but [“evidence shows that Common Purpose is rather more than a Charity ‘empowering' people and communities’. In fact, CP is an elitest pro-EU political organisation helping to replace democracy in UK, and worldwide, with CP chosen ‘elite’ leaders. In truth, their hidden networks and political objectives are undermining and destroying our democratic society and are threatening ‘free will’ in adults, teenagers and children. Their work is funded by public money and big business, including international banks.”] Some interesting stuff. Here is the link should anyone not familiar with it wish to investigate more.


Anonymous said...

Years ago, I had a couple of milk goats, so I borrowed a buck from a fellow to get them refreshened.

I hastily took the buck back after a day or so, but my entire place reeked of that basta*d for months.

It's something one has to experience to get the real of it. Like most things, I suppose.

Vis... you da poet! Like reading it.


sami the shit golem said...

I traded my asshole merit badge for some good drugs when I realized being a dick would get me nowhere. Now I try to keep my misanthropy on a leash but it flares up while driving, ahahha! Have fun there in shangri-la L. and may the meek inherit it all even if it is a stinking turd with a pretty red bow around it.

Rebel 4E said...

I watched a little news today on the T.V.(Thought Vacuum).
It's the first time I've looked at the Idiot Box in over 4 weeks.
The U.K. Zio-Media-Whores are really ramping up the 'Let's Bomb The Fuck Out Of Iran' agenda.
They even had a poll on Rupert the Reptile Murdoch owned Sky news channel.
Apparently 57% percent of those that voted in the U.K. believe it's a jolly good idea to kill, wound and maim untold numbers of innocent men, women and children in Iran.

I despair :-(

Visible said...

The good news is that they make all of that up. the bad news is that probably at least that many people believe them.

Anonymous said...

Sami is the poor kind of man we no longer give a thought to other than we imagine all the lost souls going to join the one they signed on with so long ago, Old Scratch, in his howl of a time road house.
Today we mark the Feast of the following Saint who died under torture to save Sami's sleeping soul :

the German Farmer

Anonymous said...

The War of Law

The more draconian laws they propose, pass, or interpret, the more the Prostiticians and Extreme Courtesans reveal about themselves. When more than 60 U.$. Senators vote to transform American citizens into 'enemy combatants' subject to military 'justice' they are demonstrating prima facie that they in no way represent the best interests of the American people, but rather the Hidden Hand which pulls their strings.

This vote by a majority of Senators, much like the 'rulings' by the Extreme Courtesans in Bush vs Gore and "Citizens" United was demonstrably unConstitutional and thus totally unlawful. Some folks do not know or recognize the difference between illegal and unlawful. Unlawful, is contrary to the Constitution and to its enabling precondition, the Bill of Rights. Ill Eagle is a sick bird.

Though there are many ignorant men and women in the U.$ Senate (think bribes and blackmail) they can hardly be so stupid that they do not recognize their own criminality in breaking the bonds of the Republic. Perhaps they do not give a shivering shit that the word Republic ( from the Latin) essentially means the rule or law of the public, the people. But these prostiticians are elitists and their allegiances are not to those whom they allegedly represent.

Blatantly unConstitutional action on the part of either elected or appointed governmental officials indicates that they are beyond the law of the people. Having on more than one occasion (think Patriot Suppression Act) voted to destroy the rights of the people as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights; these Senators have exposed themselves as enemies of the people and of the Republic, which is the full body of the people.

So we arrive at a simple conclusion. Majorities of both the U.$. Senate and the Supreme Court have ruptured the Constitutional compact between the people and their public servants, who are bound by oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Thus, only one conclusion can be made. These politicians are fully guilty of the act of High Treason and shall be deemed subject to the full penalty of the law as set forth in Constitutional Law. Needless to say, there is no official organized body of governance which is likely to arrest and try them for their capital crimes, as all three primary branches of Federal governance in the U.$. are controlled by Rothschild Zionism and their Archons and minions.

Therefore, the United States of America no longer exists as a free Republic subject to the law of the land and of its people. This nation has become a rogue empire, answerable only to major finance capital and those who control that resource. As a consequence of this most recent Senatorial action a state of WAR exists between the governing agencies ruled by capital criminals and the people of the United States of America.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

amarynth said...

I've been thinking that those that bleat about "The Law" only has to read this Petri Dish to understand the feet of clay of their 'legal solution'. While our Common Rules for Existing Together have been taken out of the hands of the common man and put in the hands of the Beast to thoroughly Beastify, there is no Law. And once you give yourself over into the hands of the courts and attorneys and so on, to make decisions for you, you're considered a ward of the state by definition, because you've just handed your personal power and inherent human rights to someone else. For the legal folks on here, it might be a good thing to start reading up on the freeman concept. There is a lot of nonsense there, but there is some very good information showing how the legal system got 'owned' and what to do about it in terms of personal sovereignty. I'm willing to spring with a bunch of stuff that I gathered and studied.

Sorry about the word bleat ... I don't mean to demean anyone .. its just that we're talking about goats y'know, so that's why it came to mind.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot more Moooslims than there are "Jews", thank God. Thank God you're honest with yourself. I'm wondering Les, have you ever found a "Jew" in the Old Testament ? Specifically a "Yiddish" speaking Ashkenazim Proselyte to talmudic Judaism, with a copy of the Talmud and a kippa singing hava nagilah ? Seems like a game changer if the ashkenazim MAKE EXODUS back to Khazaria and decide not to participate in the Zionazi WW3 plans by the Edomite "Bankers" who claim to be "Jewish". I've been searching for many decades for a Talmudic Jew in the Old Testament and can not find one...Anthony Clifton

Anonymous said...

...That's the American silverware at the the dinner table of death and destruction....
Where do you get this stuff? It is beyond priceless.
The other night I watched a Peter, Paul and Mary documentary on PBS.
Way back then things were so very grim and when the trio composed and sang in hopes of inspiring others, it worked. You could see hope and longing in the faces of the huge audiences. The people wanted peace and an end to war.
All those years ago, all those hopes ago and all those tears ago
and for what? Nothing happened except things seem worse then ever. WHY?

lightandlongshadows said...

I find myself indulging a rather childish fantasy lately that begins with thoughts of banishment. There are plenty of uninhabited islands off the coast of B.C. around about the lands of the kermode. I'm dreaming of rounding up all the decadent, elitist, power-over thugs, the tippy-toppy of the pyramid types, give them all a swiss army knife and a book on wild edibles and the opportunity to get in touch with nature and re-member themselves. In the spirit of the place perhaps they'd re-learn the value of a potlatch.
Perhaps I have too much time on my hands. All this monkey buisiness is pathetic.

Tony said...

Yo Les, when are you going? And Where? And why!!!!! I feel you have a large audience here who needs you, who would like you to continue to offer your view of the world we live in! I, as well as I'm sure many others here, get so much information and food for thought from your blogs that I don't get anymore from a hundred random peoples opinions. EVERYONE is just saying the same damn thing and your voice is the lone voice that I can acknowledge as truly being original.

I have been a silent reader, commenting maybe 3-4 times over a 3 year reading period. At least once every two days I will click your link and search S.M, V.O and The P.D. Your work is amazing, I would like so much to be able to organize a community with you and those interested, in a comfortable climate somewhere on planet earth.

I feel there will be a long period where contact between you and your readers will be lost for an undetermined amount of time, and I am sadden to think of that as I feel I have come to know you in ways I can't describe, but I FEEL YOU(sam roberts song).

I am a mid 20s male in an urban city in North America and yearn for a change of scenery. I yearn to unplug, yet I refuse to. I can not. I know there is nothing of value in the material world, yet I can not, I will not let myself escape it.

If there is not many more sessions to be had with you and your readers here I would sincerely like to thank you for the time and effort you have put in here. Your work is way more important than you care to acknowledge. I know you are humble and realize we all have the potential to get on the level your at, but it is very hard in different parts of the world, our lifestyles are different.

I believe you are a free spirit and a lot of your followers here want to have a taste of your view on the world, see things through your eyes. I know you use Ketamine and other psychedelics and I'm sure that is the result of coming up in the 60s, man. But, you see things differently. Its Awe inspiring.

Anyways, I'm just rambling now.

Thanks again brother.

DaveR said...

@ Linda

Re: Peter, Paul and Mary, I think you need to read here for an overview of why things didn't get any better:

"Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation", which brings to mind this: 'The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.'

Visible said...

Hey Tony, thanks for the sincere thoughts. I'm only going to Mexico for a couple of months and then to South Africa. I don't plan on stopping what is happening here. There may be some gaps of a few days now and then but that's about it.

A.Mouser said...

Thank you Visible for a fine post.

Prostiticians and presstitutes of the zio new world order plan...

Any readers here have any anecdotal insights on relationships with BPD (borderline personality disorder) persons?


Anonymous said...

Les --

Regarding this Laurel Canyon CIA rubbish about 60's rockers -- Do the math and you will see that practically ALL "hippies" and anyone else born after WWII had fathers in the military... I know you were around then Les, as was I, and I can assure you Adm. Morrison (See Jimbo and the Doors) and all the other military sons and daughters were not getting any support, covert or otherwise(see Ronald Reagan's kids, among hundreds of other examples including David Crosby, et al)...


Visible said...

I don't know why you're bringing this to my attention. I didn't bring it up. I've read the stories and found then interesting but I don't concern myself with much of anything going on outside. It's all irrelevant to what is going on inside. Also, I grew up in a military family.

amarynth said...


We're looking for someone that is traveling down by vehicle from anywhere in northern NM to Chihuahua. We need a ride for one person and most probably this person can also be picked up in El Paso. This will be to be in Chihuahua on the 15th of January.

Kindly contact me here

We have one single bed left in the first shared accommodation apartment, if someone wants to share a room with a talented musician --- (male, before y'all start licking your chops!)

missingarib said...

who da thunk that Rodney king was getting us ready.
In his trailer and movie by the same name Night out lights out-produced by the LAPD in association with beating the odds entertainment

with memorable lines like "can't we all just get along"
critics are raving about how real the scenes are

thanks vis for all your efforts


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

take one thing, take another of that thing, you then have a pair, now you have one thing, that other thing and the new pair. you now have three things.
1 + 1 = 3.

I'm working on the bigger numbers.

wv: frenwedi. the name of that imaginary scandinavian female that is not sharing that cabin. (pisses on self). chop chop!

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

oh great, so now Warren Zevon's father was Jewish and worked for a Jewish mafia dude. litmus stick comes out half dirty.
anyone left? is ♫Jesus Is Just All Right Oh Yeh?♫
better leave the highway behind and turn the radio off.
Enough to make a pop star or boxer turn Muslim. ♫Lie Lie Lie♫

wv: combem, and coming up with nits everywhere/ just pickin'. combem 'em up here boss.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Sunday.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To amarynth @ Dec 1, 7:38 PM:

I totally agree with what you wrote about the government and the law. The US government has abrogated the law by allowing some privileged individuals to act above and outside of the law, by instigating illegal wars of aggression, by repeatedly committing illegal, criminal acts (including murder), by abusing the rights of many citizens, by catering to the bribes of corporations and lobbyists such as Israel, and by perpetrating financial scams upon the citizens.

In a best-case scenario, one would hope that these problems could be remedied by enforcing the laws that already exist. However, it is unlikely that our ruling Establishment would permit that, so it is a naive and probably impossible hope. Democratic or legal methods may no longer work in the USA, because the USA is no longer an effective democracy. (If it ever really was.)

The USA's history of misrule and the US government's abuse of the law does not nullify the importance of the principle of the rule of law. Our goal should be to reestablish accountability in our government and to reestablish the rule of law. To be lasting and meaningful, I think that will require some refinements in the law. - GF

Nate said...


I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you for all your efforts.

Reading your work for the last 4 or 5 years has aided my ability to separate the "wheat from the chaff".

I would assume that this is a common thread among your readers.

I could quote examples of disinfo with links, but it is not necessary.

Enjoy your travels and don't drink the water.


Anonymous said...

once again, thank you for the great writing and mystical insight.

Your employment of the surfing analogy in this piece was cool. I spent most of my life surfing. I grew up a few minutes away from one of the greatest surfing spots on the planet and surfing became the master passion of my life. Surfing fractured me out of the materialistic mammon mindset and kept me out of a sea of troubles by immersing me in the real sea of aquatic ecstasy. Simultaneously a form of monomaniacal hedonistic idolatry and yet a blessing bestowed by God for which I am grateful. Keep on riding those combers of truth for us Les and posting your surf reports here!

Steve said...


I was thinking a dead tree at Fukushima and a chain with there leg attached to the end, a large pile of money for food and water from the reactors to drink.

Maybe then they will see who they have become?

Robin Redbreast said...

Great work Les thank you :)

Your comment about doing in collaboration with the weather is something I work with.
Beautiful sun scenes when am doing good also, messages and it works!

Brings to mind a band I listened to in my youth: Crowded House
and especially their song:
'You Always Take the Weather With You'. Beautiful.
Their music is spiritually deep and is as relevant today as it was back in the day, another favourite of mine is their:
'Don't Dream Its's Over'

All is in hand :)
LLPP xxxx

Smyrna said...

Julius Ceasar and the Roman Empire couldn't conquer the blue sky.

Visible said...

There is a new Origami up-

Catching Some Rays from the Shining One Mind.

Anonymous said...

Note to the German Farmer-get off the sack krautrock and go lose some more wars. Sami live at the Paki Kebab Shack.

Robin Redbreast said...

Walking 'round the room singing "Stormy Weather"
At 57 Mt. Pleasant Street
Well, it's the same room, but everything's different
You can fight the sleep but not the dream

Things ain't cooking in my kitchen
Strange affliction wash over me
Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire
Couldn't conquer the blue sky

Well, there's a small boat made of china
It's going nowhere on the mantlepiece
Well, do I lie like a loungeroom lizard
Or do I sing like a bird released

Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you
Everywhere you go, always take the weather ......

Robin Redbreast said...

Ice will melt, water will boil
You and I can shake of this mortal coil
It's bigger than us
You don't have to worry about it

Ready or not, here comes the drop
You feel lucky when you know where you are
You know it's gonna come true
Here in your arms I remember

It's only natural that I should want to be there with you
It's only natural that you should feel the same way too

It's easy when you don't try going on first impressions
Man in a cage has made his confession now
You've seen me at my worst
And it won't be the last time I'm down there
I want you to know I feel completely at ease
Read me like a book that's fallen down
Between your knees, please
Let me have my way with you

It's only natural that I should want to be there with you
It's only natural that you should feel the same way too
It's circumstantial, it's nothing written in the sky
And we don't have to try

But we'll be shaking like mud, buildings of glass
Sink in to the bay, they'll be under the rocks again
You don't have to say
I know you're afraid

It's only natural that I should want to be there with you
It's only natural that you should feel the same way too
It's circumstantial; it's something I was born to
It's only natural, can I help it if I want to

Robin Redbreast said...

There is freedom within, there is freedom without
Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
There's a battle ahead, many battles are lost
But you'll never see the end of the road
While you're traveling with me

Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now, when the world comes in
They come, they come to build a wall between us
We know they won't win
Now I'm towing my car, there's a hole in the roof

My possessions are causing me suspicion but there's no proof
In the paper today tales of war and of waste
But you turn right over to the T.V. page
Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now, when the world comes in
They come, they come to build a wall between us
We know they won't win

Now I'm walking again to the beat of a drum
And I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart
Only the shadows ahead barely clearing the roof
Get to know the feeling of liberation and relief

Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now, when the world comes in
They come, they come to build a wall between us
We know they won't win

Don't let them win
Hey now, hey now
Hey now
Hey now, hey now
Don't let them win
Hey now, hey now
Don't let them win
Hey now, hey now

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Splatter-Casting the Undulations of the Apocalypse.

Visible said...

Two people have written me in the last day about censoring their comments. I am not censoring any comments. They are just not getting through.



sheblindsyouwithscience said...

World Peace

I think I figured it out during a manic episode I swear.

The only way to have world peace? Lose all borders. Become one culture of people. Lose all differences and have a regulated order.

Everything just needs to have an order and work efficiently and without emotion attached to it.

I honestly don’t think world peace is a realistic ideal, and there are tons and tons of flaws with implementing what I mentioned above.

I don’t know if people realize that while I’m a megalomaniac, I tend to stick to logic and reason more than emotion, at least now… When my emotion takes over I get stuck on one ideal and the delusion repeats itsself in my head which is why I seek validation and for people to PROVE ME WRONG because I’m p. sure I’m delusional at the moment. But yes…

Every single system humanity can or would implement has flaws and will create angst and possible uprisings and upheavals.

Stratified class systems where people know their place are probably the closest thing to world peace. Class systems based on talent,intelligence, and skill- something most people can respect.. If people could only look at things more Darwinistically…:/ Anyway lol.

But yes. Humans are ambitious and feel the need to protect themselves and also most of us feel the need to protect those around us we have emotional attachments to. This includes becoming aggressive and violent and territorial. It’s in our genetic coding. Now we have evolutionary baggage and some vestigial animalian appendages- some that STILL help us survive- emotional responses and gut responses are useful, but I honestly think the only way to achieve world peace is if people could get rid of emotion entirely and just…Function like robots. :| and that would suck, but it would be efficient.

None of this I endorse or deny, I’m just…..Removing emotional attachments. Something people with BPD are able to do that kind of frightens others sometimes. *shrugs* what can I freaking say? I’m a scientist, and I tend to look at things as “survival of the fittest”. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel sympathy, but I AM able to remove emotion from global and large scale situations that I KNOW damn well I can’t do anything about or fix. Call me a nihilist but you know what? People were most mentally healthy and physically healthy in tribal, small-group societies, and I look out for my tribe- that’s what really matters, okay? It’s pointless to try to save the entire world- I know that now, even though sometimes it’s hard not to want to try. -BPD



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