Tuesday, March 30, 2021

"They Come Back Home as Demented Fluffers for the Architects of the Fall of Humanity."

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Well, Obama is president again. They are planning some very bad things to enhance their gun programs to get rid of guns and then bring in Communism. You can't have Communism if everyone has a gun. You can ONLY have Communism when ONLY they have the guns. THEY are the people enforcing it and who make sure we are all equal or else. Some will be more equal than others and ride the fattened hog to Doomsday's Barbecue.

Perhaps you are familiar with Michel Foucault and Jaques Derrida, not to mention the self fellating Sartre? Let's put aside the convoluted and supercilious language of constructing and deconstructing and existentialism bullshit. It's still bullshit, constructed or deconstructed, or existentialized. Here is a lovely little bio on that great and selfless servant of prepubescent North African boys. When some of Derrida and Foucault's peer jackals got caught diddling the young, they came forth into the public forum to rail against the constrictions of the existing laws concerning the age of consent. Just like the pornographer poet Ginsburg, who made it the work of his lifetime to help put together the Nambla (8 is too late) North American Man-Boy Love Association.

Whenever you see the high and mighty, rich and powerful screeching in the public thoroughfares about something, you CAN BE SURE they are only about protecting their interests. IT IS A FACT that the ruling cabal of empowered degenerates are pedophiles. Them railing against it is their way of exonerating themselves. Yes... some part of it has to do with the youthfulness and freshness of their prey, BUT... it is REALLY about showing fealty for their Satanic Majesty by engaging in the DESPOLIATION OF INNOCENCE. The channeling sources of The Infernal Kingdom all carry the message of how much pleased The Master is for their participation in his favorite sport.

It is not hard to understand Evil. One has only to study Good. Remember the thousand pairs of Satan Shoes that Lil Nas X had manufactured? They sold out in one hour at a thousand dollars a pop. No, that does not mean there are that many Satanists who want to show their colors (red and black). People buy these things as collectors and with the promise of profit. It's like the pricey art auctions; places like Sotheby's and annual shows like Art Basel. Corporations spend hundreds of millions on bad art because there are ALWAYS those who know nothing about art but everything about what sells, and accrues in value, even when there was/is none. This paragraph is probably racist.

The Satanic colors are Red and Black. You can figure this out by considering the three Gunas of the Hindu faith, which are white, red, and black, or the Mercury, Sulfur and Salt of The Western Traditions or you could just watch a bunch of dumb movies. One is representative of luminous intelligence. Then comes Passion and then comes Torpor. If you eliminate the luminous intelligence you are left with passion and torpor and those are the elements of Satanic enterprise; hot-blooded raging, carnal desire and dark dreaming. I should probably flesh this out with some detail, but any curious soul can follow up on it on their own and it spares those with no interest in it from hearing about it. This is something I ALWAYS keep in mind when interacting with others. I learned the hard way. This paragraph is probably racist too.

I should point out that this Lil Nas character's audiences are VERY YOUNG, many of them prepubescent. It is to them that he preaches same-sex orientations. His justification for what he says and does is always answered by something like, “Well... you did this and that to me so that all I do is a reaction to it, and I have every right.” Of course, no one did anything to him. He was coddled and supported from the cradle, regardless of any considerations other than WHAT HE WANTS.

They are getting crazier and crazier by the day out there. The effort is on to convince people that COVID hysteria is REAL and spreading AGAIN, now... like wildfire (bullshit) and there is a wealth of new tech that is going to make someone rich while the rest of them look Stupid. Meanwhile the random violence continues and intensifies. What you are reading about, hearing about, but hopefully not experiencing is going to replicate far and wide, but mostly in the urban locations.

How did it all get like this? BAD PARENTING! As times have moved toward more and more cultural degeneration, it has been brought to that pass by people catering to the whims of their children, behaving like hovering helicopters and spoiling them rotten. They send their kids to EXPENSIVE universities where they hear from Foucault, Derrida, Sartre, and a host of other numskulls and they come back home as demented fluffers for the architects of the fall of humanity. Their minds are all screwed up. Their sexual nature is twisted into bizarre landscapes of bestial hunger. Their moral compass is broken. God is dead. You know how it works. Selfishness has been cultivated into an art form.

Well, let's move away from this tedious jeremiad. I'm not an old testament prophet railing against the fallings of humanity. I don't care for self-righteousness, nor the holier than thou screeds that I hear from puffed-up pigeons on the make. I NEVER FORGET that God is intimately involved in my life and is not hesitant about tuning me up if need be. I'd rather spare myself. I'm simply ATTEMPTING to tell it like it is, but I come nowhere near describing it in any detail. I do know that it can't end well, such travesties NEVER DO. However... out of the sucking pull of these composting generations, THERE WILL COME A GOLDEN AGE!

If you get them young, and have them on both sides of puberty, they are lost. I do not know what the psychopaths intend for them, but I do know what God intends for the psychopaths. If you fall into bad company, you get what the ringleaders get. You can get hanged simply for having been there, whether you intended the outcome, or participated in the crime. It's called, 'guilt by association'.

Take a good look at all of the forces and events at work in this time. Any mind, still in possession of Objectivity can see what's about. There's going to be pileups on the highway of life like NOTHING we have seen before. The best course is not to get caught up in the tragedy of it. People trying to save the drowning are OFTEN pulled down with them unless the savior is aware of the techniques necessary to defeat the dangerous possibilities of the drowning. You do what you can.

Given what I see as the potential, inevitability actually, of colossal tragedy certain to occur, it is my recommendation that you place yourselves and your loved ones out of harm's way, should you be capable of that. You can see. You SHOULD BE able to see, WHERE the trouble is most likely to be centered. Don't be there. I should add though, that if you walk with the angels of God there is nowhere you cannot be and be safe. One should KNOW that this is true. It reminds me of this exchange in Henry the 4th;


I can call spirits from the vasty deep.


Why, so can I, or so can any man;

But will they come when you do call for them?


Why, I can teach you, cousin, to command

The devil.


And I can teach thee, coz, to shame the devil

By telling truth: tell truth and shame the devil.

If thou have power to raise him, bring him hither,

And I'll be sworn I have power to shame him hence.

O, while you live, tell truth and shame the devil!”

As I recall it, Glendower said, “I can call the very demons of the deep.” but you get it. Here is the important part of the exchange about calling spirits or demons, “Why, so can I, or so can any man;

But will they come when you do call for them?”

It's like vampires and crucifixes. They will not protect you at all, unless your faith in what is symbolized is equal to the task. There is no limit to how far Heaven can lift you, “According to your faith is it done unto you.” We place limits on God and then place limits upon ourselves. We confine God within the dimensions of our thought. This is foolishness and will make you lame. It is all there in the scripture, even when much of it has been twisted to serve the ambitions of those who are the villains in life and in scripture. The important parts are there. The recommendation to become as a little child speaks volumes to a deeper understanding.

There is the scripture for the common mind. There is the scripture for The Initiate and then there is Revelatory Scripture that speaks in tongues of angelic flame. It is up to The Wayfarer which of these provides satisfaction. Some go to church once a week. Some go only on the holidays. Some go several times a week and some go away and live in monasteries. Then there are those who are a monastery and sanctuary in their own being. There are those who are The Church and who worship in nature's cathedrals from within The Adytum.

Your life can change in a twinkling. For some reason it takes many many lifetimes for many people to come to understand a few simple things. As far as you are concerned, it is/can be simplicity itself. The complexities do not have to do with you. God takes care of the details, you are just along for the ride.

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Monday, March 22, 2021

"Religions are Fantasies, Constructed Upon the Premise of The Real but Not Reflecting It in its True Light at All."

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One thing you can count on is Selma Hyack posting a swimsuit photo of herself, cosmetically cheating time, and Photoshopping reality at least once every week. Lizzo is putting together a reality TV show for Dancing Obesities. Kanye West is no longer worth the 250 million he landed in the Kardashian Web with. He now has 6.6 billion. I'm guessing Kim now has more than the 150 million she came into Kanye-World with. Word is she is now going to be coming out with a sneaker line too called Sleazies. You know, like Yeezies?

We now have non-fungible cryptocurrency tokens, like BitCoin from someone who says we will all be living in augmented realities soon. She bought a 500,000 dollar digital file of a house that doesn't exist in brick and mortar. I thought we had been living in augmented reality for years already. Nonfungible means it exists as representative values for barter. I imagine I could offer my songs in this format. Instead of a house you can't live in it could be a song you can't hear. It probably wouldn't change the access levels of my music such as it is (grin). Eventually, clones will be offered for other services than what the original performs. Like celebrity porn-bots, for instance. Then perhaps people could swap their own bodies as well if they can successfully bargain with the demons who already own them.

Look at how Batshit Crazy it is! They have gotten people, minus thought processes, to hate the whiteskins, while the other colors were ripped into a frenzy over their own superiority. Now it's Asians who are under threat across the country because some guy who identifies as repressed Amish went around and killed the workers in various massage parlors and beauty salons. I don't know if he was angry because beauty shops routinely operate under false pretenses, or because they wouldn't take him as a client. I'm assuming you've seen his picture. These are all weakest link breakages. These are the early victims, like when a Zombie Apocalypse first breaks out. Later on, we will see broken chains littering the sidewalks and highways with a bunch of lunatics running naked and singing, “Born Free”.

A major war has broken out in recent times between Normal and the racially charged, the Gender threatened, the sexually mutilated and the long-standing and perpetual victims of whatever they say happened somewhere, sometime. This war has to do with who gets the lion's share of the profits from the Guilt Harvesting Industry and the Reparation Nazis. The industry leaders now have a campaign to get this for you 'cheaper than stolen'.

I guess I have hurt the fabricated feelings of half the planet by this time. I'll probably hear from their lawyers sooner or later and they can sue me for what I don't have. I'm looking forward to it. The idea of pleading my case gives me memories of forgotten tumescence over the Fata Morgana dancers that used to routinely appear on the stage of imagination. It was a bitch until I got a harness on them.

One of the most heartening parts about meeting God the one time I am certain of it happening was that he used profanity like it was any other word. I know now that God was not what had been portrayed to me by the men with frowns in the sacerdotal outfits. They are big on the idea of a stern Mr. No No up in the sky. He's especially down on sex, which is a core process in our being present, so... once again, “what's puzzlin' you is the nature of my game.” I don't know who that God is. I suspect he does not exist except in the poisoned imaginations of people who need the repression.

I especially like the ones with the curmudgeon names, like Jehovah and Yahweh. You can't explain to people that these are works of GEMATRIA. I'm not too concerned with them, even though they're big on slaying, smiting, and ravaging cities, and nations, while they are swooning over burnt offerings. Given the size and nature of the present population, I don't think they'll ever get to me; not that I expect to hang out here indefinitely. This is not my kind of place and I have felt that way from the moment I got here. I feel as if I must have done something pretty bad once to have to be here but the idea, however misguided, that I might have come here to help keeps me hopeful. I then cannot be blamed simply for being a Pollyanna and what's the punishment for that? Disappointment?

Religions are the training wheels on your character. Once that is developed and contact made with your central core... YOU DON'T NEED THEM ANYMORE!

The pressure has got to be something fierce out there on the streets. Tens of thousands, millions and millions of people all pissed off about what they don't have, while those that have it all are rubbing it in their faces. All those people who will never be happy in the first place, unless they change their values. When it's not your fault, EVAH, you can not only blame but torment others for being responsible for your own incompetence and misery.

Anything I could possibly want here, I know who to ask. I know better than to want anything here beyond basic things, like health and a clear weather eye. I know better than to want these things because I have had ALL OF THEM... really... even if only temporarily. I know what it feels like and it feels like something is missing. It ALWAYS does BECAUSE... something IS MISSING and what is missing is You. As long as you insist on playing dress-up and attending sleep-over costume parties you are going to get what those transitory identities get as a matter of destiny. What happens is that, eventually, you wake up... eventually.

How far away are the shores of yesterday as they turn into the shores of tomorrow? Space curves and time bends. That's what I see. I'm sure it offends someone; hopeful, anyway.

God is just like you and me, only better looking and in better shape, while in complete control of all of it. This is why the secret is to emulate him until it happens to you. It will. He's always watching. God is just like you and me, only better at it. Once you get closer you will see him pop in and out of view here and there. He doesn't stay around on a permanent basis, except for that part of him that is the basis. He comes and goes and you have to pursue him/her as a lover, as a VERY ardent lover, and believe me, God has run into every variation of that so HE KNOWS who is who and what is what. 'Fool me once' isn't even in God's vocabulary.

Anthropomorphism is a real problem. It's one thing to live here in a fantasy land, like most of the residents. It is another thing to live in a spiritual fantasy land that reveals itself as just that... eventually. Religions are fantasies, constructed upon the premise of the real but not reflecting it in its true light at all and that is why they worship the bones of saints and collect all those religious tchotchkes for memorabilia. God is a living God! Right this minute. He is not wearing the old dead persona from back when they first misunderstood and misquoted him. He is right here right now and if he isn't, who is?

Finding God does not have the same requirements as rocket science. Even a simple mind can find God in a profound manner. One only needs a child-like state of mind and a humble heart. One of my favorite quotes of scripture is, “ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God” because of what I read into it. More on that later, one of these days.

God is not over the river and through the woods, though it might take considerably more than that to realize it. I speak from experience. God is right up close, right here, right now and ACCESSIBLE. One of the reasons I think God speaks to me is so that others can think, “Wow! If he will talk to him then he will certainly talk to me.” That might well be. Of course, God is speaking to all of us all of the time. Few are listening. The necessary ATTITUDE OF LISTENING is missing. It's an acquired skill. Once again, a big part of the price of admission is to fundamentally not know. Lacking that, you get nowhere. Sometimes God will lead someone around through their inclinations just to show them what they are really like. He does all kinds of ingenious things. He weaves an exquisite poetry out of life and people don't see it. They are looking elsewhere for other reasons. However... this I can assure you of...if God wants your attention he knows how to get it.

I don't have time for linking articles anymore. You can find everything I am talking about on the virtual front page of any of the crass media. You can find everything important about yourself inscribed on the walls of the secret chambers of the heart. The language of angels vibrates as a subtle fire in the soul. Religion is simple; THE SUN. Pass from this plane and go to The Sun and you've made it. Find the light too bright and keep opting for the softer, dimmer light, and you will arrive at The Moon to get outfitted for the next life. After that session with The Sun and The Moon, further ports of call and destinations pending are there, and... if at first, you don't succeed, try, try again.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

"The World is a Venus Flytrap Plant and Sexual Fluid is a Stronger Bonding Agent than Gorilla Glue."

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For the second time in a week, I near finished a post but had to put it aside. It was about Sex. After reading it, I realized that no one, pretty much, wants to hear this stuff. It interferes with the things we've already made our minds up about. I don't mean to disparage the readers because if anywhere I were to find kindred spirits, it is here. However... some subjects are probably better left on the shelf for another time. It is VERY difficult to discuss the pivotal role in human karma that is played by Sex. It plays into nearly everything and when one pursues most anything else, Sex is nearly always in there as one of the primary motivators. Much of our technology is based on it. Life and The World are a product of the Sex Act and if you want to mess up a nation or a culture, all you have to do is pervert their sexual understanding.

If you want to believe there are powerful men and women in the shadows that are controlling everything, if that merges with your world view then you will be able to find evidence of it. If you believe these men and women are themselves under the control of something greater, you'll find plenty of evidence of that. If you want to believe the world is filled with devils in human form, you can find plenty evidence of that as well. If you want to believe in angels and heavenly forces, and a dedicated fraternity of ascended souls, you can find evidence of this as well. If you believe that EVERYTHING you contemplate and experience is a projection of your mind based on a perspective it has taken, this also has ample evidentiary support. If further than this, you prefer to believe that mysterious alien forces are behind everything because you read books written by someone who said it is so, then you will also be able to find evidence BECAUSE The Mind WILL locate it for you. Anything you want to believe, The Mind WILL accommodate...

The Mind is more powerful than you can possibly guess, mainly because there is ONLY ONE MIND and it created all that you see or ever will. It is capable of a divinity beyond imagination and a diabolism as well, depending on the purpose it is put to. Of course, it is only capable of divinity when it is in complete surrender to it. It is hard for me, sometimes, to understand why it is so hard for so many people to see God as a living reality that permeates their lives. It is clear and simple to me and also to others but it requires a state of mind that goes contrary to conventional wisdom.

When I look at The World I do not see it in any normal light. I look at the medical profession and the legal profession. I look at all the professions that have the word, 'professional' in it and I can see that they have arranged their industries solely for PROFIT and DEFENSE of PROFIT. The Medical Industry does not make enormous profits when people are healthy, so they promote lifestyles that encourage disease and put the highest treatment costs on in the areas where profit is maximized, like Cancer Centers of America does. Then, in the legal profession, they need regular opportunities to grow, like the cancer they are so they need more laws and more laws and more laws. Right and wrong no longer enter into the picture. The entertainment business, which, from the beginning has been an arm of Satan and Sons has worked their way from having standards to having no standards at all. It comes back to Sex again, of course, someone is always getting screwed. Sex is the big all-fired mystery because it is no mystery at all.

So I look at these 'professionals' and they are as present in the political theater as they are in the religious theater and it is ALL theater, self-serving theater. See... if you are serving humanity, as politicians profess they do, or serving God, as religious figures profess to do the only way to accomplish that to God's satisfaction is to be anonymous and avoid fanfare of any kind. I'm guessing the same would apply to politics, BUT... how is that possible when their whole persona is whoring themselves to the right financial interests?

Lao Tzu put it as succinctly as I ever heard;

“A leader is best When people barely know that he exists, Not so good when people obey and acclaim him, Worst when they despise him. 'Fail to honor people, They fail to honor you;' But of a good leader, who talks little, When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, They will all say, 'We did this ourselves.'”

I believe that to be as true as anything can be, here where appearances veil the truth.

When one sees the world as a state of bondage entered into willingly for personal gain, one sees that all those who present themselves as free of restrictions, due to great wealth or status, are actually indentured servants to a harsh master. This is how it is in reality. They would rather you did not think so and go to great lengths to give an impression otherwise, still... this is so. Many things are so but people refuse to believe them because they conflict with what they want to believe is true. Eventually, life shows them otherwise. The World is a Venus Flytrap Plant and so is Sex. Sexual fluid is a stronger bonding agent than Gorilla Glue.

The trouble with truth, and knowing the truth, is that practically no one wants to hear it. They NEVER have, except in the halcyon days when we were more etheric than we now are. People get their beliefs in a number of ways. Some of them are inherited. Some of them are programmed, and ALWAYS, Karma provides the atmosphere and environment AND events. It takes a feat of great will to release ALL of your beliefs and present yourself as a tabula rasa to Heaven, so that it may write what is true upon you, or uncover where it was written in the beginning. It takes an act of faith to walk into the unknown and discover the objective of the search was yourself. You are the unknown.

God doesn't ask much, but he does ask it all. Make sense? Not to many people does it make sense to say that. It does to me. Compared to what God gives, he is not asking for much. God is a true lover and requires the same. There's no halfway with God. In a strange and impossible to describe way, God is yourself and all the other roles you are playing and have been playing from incarnation to incarnation are ALL false selves. Your true self cannot die and is impervious to injury. Your true self is master of all things. How will you ever advance to a useful place if you don't take the advice of the one who knows the way?

Because I have some small glimmer of the light and have been able to assess how priceless it is, I wish to share it wide and far. One of my prayers is to ask God for the Kingdom of Heaven to come to Earth and into me and that I be allowed to share it without reserve. To me, that seems to be the most wonderful position a person could find themselves in. I can't imagine anything better than that. I remember dancing down the streets in this small town I lived in, in Germany, and singing, ♫ give yourself away, each and every day ♫ There were other lyrics but the point was that you either bind yourself or free yourself, depending on whether you opt for Self Service or Selfless Service. Upon this single issue hangs your destiny and fate.

What is said here does not conflict with the essentials teachings of Christianity; the teachings of The Christ, not the teachings of The Church. It does not conflict with the teachings of Krishna, or Buddha, or many another because ALL of them are based on Ageless Wisdom and that does not change. What most people don't get about spiritual masters is that the same consciousness is present in ALL realized masters. The SAME CONSCIOUSNESS. Imagine when they run into each other (grin).

I am not a master. I prefer to be a servant. Even if I were a master, I would still prefer to be a servant, or, even more... a friend. What did Jesus say? “Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.” That sounds about right to me.

We're all playing dress-up at the carnival. We want to be this and we want to do that and we get to be and do all of them, sooner or later to our distress. Eventually, utterly broken-hearted and disappointed, we come to The Rubicon or find ourselves on The Road to Damascus, if we are fortunate. The World is a fiery cauldron of torment, where all your hopes and dreams of material joy or satiation come to NAUGHT. You come and you go and depending on what you got up to last time the shoe will likely be on the other foot. That is the good news and the bad news.

I only know what I've seen, based on the viewpoint I was given. What I have seen is a rolling kaleidoscope of rising and falling forms. They come and they go. They come and they go. There is no safe haven in the world, but there is safe haven to be found.

I guess I wound up talking about Sex after all.

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Friday, March 12, 2021

"It is a HARD Truth to Have to Accept that Most People Don't Care what Happens to You."

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I would hate to be a doctor in these times. Can you imagine, if you were honest in your profession, how many times you would have to say, “You are the victim of your own bad lifestyle?” The problem with modern western medicine is that they do not follow their primary dictate; “First do no harm” because they do plenty of harm. What they should have as a guide, is first identify the cause of the harm. This they do not do because it is all about quelling symptoms and nothing about the origin of the symptoms.

Yesterday morning at the end of my meditation, as I was preparing to come back down the voice in my mind said, “Lord, you know all, I know not at all.” It just appeared unbidden. I've had reason to bring it to mind several times since.

How is it that such a large portion of the population can buy into the used car salesman, carnival barker bullshit being pedaled? Migrants are streaming across the border with no background checks or COVID tests and you are going across and through all the hoops and hurdles as if you have no right to be here... What is it? Is the stick too distracting, the carrot too enticing?

I look at the goings-on in the world and I am stunned at the way people behave with no thought of the consequences of their actions. ALL actions have consequences. I feel sometimes as if I am an alien from another system. It does not matter to me how some people may think me deluded because I have an ongoing conversation with Heaven. I speak with God all through the day now and he answers me. Nothing in life that I have ever known holds even a particle of the value of that. It is ONLY important to me that I KNOW my conversations are real.

No, it is not God that I speak to directly, no one does that. God's angels do speak to us, if and when we make ourselves PRESENTABLE. We must make ourselves presentable or they will not speak to us. Just as you need a coat and tie to go into certain establishments that I never frequent, and just as you wear trunks to swim in, or a uniform, depending on your duties, you must be dressed with a certain amount of Virtue, Faith, and other qualities BEFORE angels will speak with you. Anyone can do it who DESIRES to. There are protocols to everything.

God measures us differently than do other people. God not only sees us but sees through us and as deep as we may be, God is deeper and there already. Impressing other people is a skill. Anyone can learn that too. It often requires guile to do this, though some might call it diplomacy; unless sincerity rings as if you were a bell and then you are heard... sooner or later. God KNOWS our hearts and minds, knows us better than we shall EVER know ourselves. The PROBLEM is... the Leap of Faith. Unless you fully believe, you cannot fully commit, and you cannot believe until it is PROVEN in you. However, I will say with all the authority I shall ever possess that God is INTIMATELY aware of you at all times and you can become aware of God at all times too. This makes for a remarkable potential for conversation because God is your friend and you KNOW that God is your friend. You have convinced yourself of it. You can convince yourself of anything as examples prove to us all day long.

I wondered about the origins of that Flat Earth nonsense and all the other bizarre fantasies and rumors people pass around. I go to the usual news-gathering sites and these days the number one thing I take away from the articles is that they don't know what they are talking about. They are spreading rumors and supposition. They are hoping to have their Nostrildamus moment and they figure if they say one thing or another a thousand times, sooner or later they will be right, and then there will be a profit. There are many economists who have been dining out on some breakthrough in their youth that never since has found any accompaniment. MEANWHILE... God is watching.

Yes, God is watching every day. He has millions and millions of eyes and ears. He hears and sees everything, through EVERY pair of eyes, he sees. The slightest change in the disposition of the heart is brought to his attention. Every shift in the wind is noted and also made possible by him. I imagine myself as a ship on the ocean of life and my sails are tuned to the will and whims of God and which adjust automatically to every change in the wind. Yes, the winds of God will and do propel you wherever you are meant to be unless you know better, and I... DO NOT. It is like being a child with invisible playmates.

Oh... I dare not behave like that, Visible, people will think I am crazy. On the other hand, I consider EVERYONE crazy who does not live so. What an empty life it is to be filled with lifeless objects, faithless friends and lovers, worrying about what people who don't care about you think about you. Surely you have been at a dinner or a gathering where the conversation centers around whoever is not in the room. You learn a lot by paying attention to these things, and you should know that as soon as you leave the room, they will be talking about you. It is a HARD truth to have to accept that most people don't care what happens to you; that most of those you call your friends are not your friends.

Having been in danger many times, and having lost everything I had more than a few times, I know how many friends anyone has and they will too, come a time of disaster. You never know the mettle of anyone until danger appears and people start to think about what it might cost them. As soon as you behave other than expected, as soon as you broach the parameters of safe routine, watch and see what it gets you. Most people are decent, kind, and want to be helpful... as long as... as long as. I don't fault people for this. It's human nature.

I no longer look at the news or hear about some unfortunate event than I feel terribly sad for the people. I used to have all kinds of reactions; not anymore. I KNOW that there but for fortune goes I, except it isn't fortune, it's fate woven from a carpet of actions. I have found Compassion to be far more than I ever thought it was and sometimes, now, it wells up in me and brings tears to my eyes. Truly did Master Lao Tzu speak when he said, “No matter what, never let go of Compassion it is a weapon from the sky against being dead.” He said it was what made it possible to afford your enemies.

I spoke with God last night and was asking if there was anything I could do to evolve at a faster rate. I mentioned what he had said about success being speedy for the energetic and he said;

“You're going at a good clip already. You know how you can feel on certain nights when the energy comes up like the tide and you feel that margin of discomfort? That is due to the speed you are moving at. It may not look like you are getting anywhere but most of the real growth goes on under the surface. You're doing fine. Don't worry about it. I already told you you have come as far as you can on your own. Now, I must come and take you the rest of the way, BUT... it is on my time. Leave it in my hands. Don't be impatient.”

Today, the day came at me sideways. There was a strange tension in the air and I had a few stumbles trying to orient myself. As the day continued so did the leaden sense of weight coming down on me. This went on until I walked up the street to check the mail. I came across the front and on to the sidewalk and The Sun hit me and my whole state of being transformed and the angel said;

“Visible, pay attention! If you are having a struggle that is good because something positive will come of it, but... NEVER think that I am not right by your side every minute”,

...and I could feel the intensity of The Sun as if it were the vehicle of communication. Then the force of the words increased measurably and he continued;

“I'm right here. I will always be right here and as soon as you can fully grasp this, all limitations will melt away because ALL YOUR RESISTANCE WILL BE GONE. It's science, Visible, Math actually. It is precise as precise can be. Trust me, COMPLETELY, and don't let momentary discomforts affect you BECAUSE... you are only passing through.

“Do you understand? None of this should have any effect on you because you are ONLY passing through. There is no need for you to become attached to any of it. It's just a projection of the mind. Stop making the pictures and let me give it a try. I've been told I have a good eye.”

I came away so thrilled by that that it is still with me, and this happens all through the day, every day. How does that happen to anyone? I don't put my attention on anything else, or let me say I do my best not to. One of the best things to happen to me in recent memory is that I now understand HOW VERY REAL GOD IS and at a level where it is more real than anything else is to me, which makes it possible for me to hinder less. Amazing things happen when you stop getting in the way. That's pretty much the whole point of the exercise.

How many times have you heard someone else say something like, “I figured it out and I can't understand why it took me so long. The answer was right in front of me the whole time.” Of course, you have heard some version of that many times. It is like that. I find it so hard to believe it took me so long to learn what I could have learned much earlier. Then God will say, “Visible, it wasn't time yet.” What I have intuited out of that is that ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is give your attention to The Divine and then be ASSURED of a result and not be concerned about the time passing. As long as you are yoked to the plow and paying attention you will have a straight furrow. You just make God the objective and he WILL take care of the details.

The details ARE NOT your department unless you make it so and then you find out why they say, “the Devil is in the details.” Those furrows do not go unseeded and the fruits of your labor WILL flower WHEREVER you happen to be. You cannot avoid your meeting in Samarra. Then again you could be on the Road to Damascus, or Damcar as the Gematria students term it, or the Rosicrucians used it.

It DOES NOT have to be a bad ride, though it can take some miles of bad highway to get that sorted. It did for me. I stayed stupid longer than most.

End Transmission.......

Thursday, March 04, 2021

"The Awakening is the Advent of the Avatar and a Sure Sign of His Coming."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Awakening is irresistible. The force of it continues to grow and the impact is made more telling by the addition of the uncertain state of The World and the unpredictable possibilities of Lady Nature. Everything has a timer on it. I know how it looks because if you don't possess Unity you won't see Unity. If you do not possess Harmony you will not exist in Harmony. The Awakening is the Advent of the Avatar. It is one of the most direct signs of his impending and increasing presence. The spiritual light that radiates from him leaves nothing untouched. Fortunate are they who positively respond to it.

Harmony, real Harmony, is a natural accord with everything, be it the tiger or the deer, be it the outrageous spectacles of Injustice, or the timeless poetry of a still lake. There is a deeper wisdom that sees all the pomp and circumstance as circus clowns playing, 'look at me!' People scream and shout about the Rape of Innocence and the Horrors of War; “Why! Why! How can there be a God who permits all of this?” As Lao Tzu says, 'better to come to terms with it and meet it at the marrow.'

The idea of Karma has been removed from Western Culture so nothing makes any sense. If people only knew how wonderfully they could change their lives by changing themselves. Wow! Look! There goes the water under the bridge! To understand Karma, one must understand human nature, and to understand human nature one must understand themselves and enter into those areas of reflection with the knowledge that psychology is a trap for the self-interested mindset. When you are bound and determined to lie to yourself, all the tools you will ever need are concealed within the medium of The Concealment Traps.

Any question, whatever it may be, arises with its answer in tow. We don't see the easy solutions to everything because we don't like what deeper inquiry reveals to us. Self-deception is a trick of the mind. It keeps it entertained. It keeps the attention off of the real issues. It is a constant distraction machine, motivated by the mind's desire to be THE important player. It thinks it knows but it does not. It cannot actually know. It must be held in suspension so that THAT WHICH KNOWS can present The Truth. The mind HAS TO BE STILL. Only then can the image be seen clearly. As soon as the surface trembles, the image is distorted. Still The Reactive Mind and you will have peace.

Your question is a balloon that you are holding under the water. Let it go and it will answer itself by popping to the surface. One needs a true romance between the subconscious and the self-conscious mind.

We are all a bus station filled with personalities. Certain personalities predominate, and other personalities come into power at the appearance of Necessity. Other personalities hunt the interior channels and wait for moments of weakness to permit them momentary control. None of them are in control, of themselves or anything else. It just looks like it is until the moment of irresistible change arrives, and IT WILL.

Karma is not just the blueprint for everything that shows up in your life, for which you are the architect. It is also an affair of the mind that puts you in the atmosphere you inhabit and weaves the scarves of illusion that blind you to the true light, which seems to be darkness. Karma is also your ancestors and whatever they transmitted to you, due to the karma that put you in that lineage, and your parents who gave you those genetic dispositions that torment you with drives and desires you INHERITED. That's karma too. Karma is also the fruit of the actions you are committing this very day, to be set into a vibratory pattern for the future when it shows up, with chickens coming home to roost and all the living embodiments of animal nature that strive to be let free.

Observe The World as it is being presented to you by The Shape-Shifting Magicians who weave the colors and patterns that overlay The Real. The world is in a tumble-dryer tumult of change at this time. There are those, either inclined to or trained in the devilish arts who think they see ahead of the curve. They think they can even control the form and appearance ahead of time. Then there are all the out-patients wandering the grounds of this vast open-air asylum. Many of them are wearing white coats and stethoscopes. They think they are doctors, or lawyers, or something. Others think they are Napoleon or Jesus Christ. It's “The King of Hearts” in real-time. Karma is the identity of the level of density of your material attachments.

Unrolling like one of those narrow red carpets, the density of your material attachments gives birth to all those negative emotions that plot, react, connive; Well, the mind does that but the fire and fuel are the emotions and the emotions are centered in the mind as well. All the jealousy, envy, lust, and greed, anger and likewise; there are so many of them, come out of the attachment to matter, in whatever delusory shape, to respond to either one's attraction or aversion, AND IT MEANS NOTHING but SUFFERING.

If you let go of all that, your Karma will be routed through the most expeditious course available and what might have hurt like Hell or burned like blazes, doesn't have the same effect it would have had if you remained attached. Why be attached to what is temporary and impermanent? WHY??? That is The Great Question. Why do we embrace a cactus in search of love? Why do we tear ourselves apart over what DOESN'T MATTER? Yet you will find 99% of the world doing this and defending the right to do so to the death, and it will be death regardless. You ARE LITERALLY and presently resident in a lunatic asylum. The more you detach from all the cacti and quicksand the better off you will be.

People are drowning in waves of panic in a self-created ocean of useless things. Every time materialism comes to the level it is at, widespread and infectious insanity washes the planet. It's like being at the carnival and playing those games that seem so easy; maybe you get a cupie doll, a stuffed animal. Then you find that all the games are rigged, and yes, they are. Then, step by step, they are deeper and deeper into it and IT is deeper and deeper into them.

The most (should be) glaring evidence of the coming of The Avatar is The Awakening. Let's throw a little more light on the subject! That is the light of The Avatar. Of course, in many cases, it is having a reverse effect because the blind can't read very well and everything has to be done in Braille. Here is a great for instance- notice the connection between sexual dysfunction and the decline of a culture? Those seeking to destroy humanity KNOW that perverting the sexual function will do just that. Of course, they are misled also because they are unaware of The Divine Imperative going on.

With the arrival of The Age of Aquarius, The Divine Feminine is in the ascendant, BUT... due to the pressure of Materialism, instead of these higher refinements being expressed in the superior feminine virtues of patience and restraint, humility, compassion, intuition, and the many other lovely virtues, the male psyche has been turned into a Bacchanalia of depravity. Those who have gone in this direction have found that THERE IS NO SATIATION POSSIBLE and the hunger rages and burns until it consumes everything. There are various causes that contributed to their state, but this will serve for simplicities sake. Men become bitches and women become seethers of rage.

Our former constructs of fabricated reality will no longer serve in this coming new world. This is The Age of Brotherhood coming and we shall see the finest and worst expressions of what is possible in that respect. HOWEVER... The Divine Imperative is irresistible. Would you not rather be on the winning side? Yeah... maybe it's a zero-sum game, cosmically speaking, but... there are winners and losers. In the Looooooooooooooong Run it all works out. At what cost... over such a length of time?

We should stop looking to play “The Woman in the Dunes.” We have to get past all the flotsam and jetsam and stop grabbing on to it to stay afloat. It is a sea of love, in fact, and one will find eternal life by drowning in it. “NO! I'll forget who I am!” “What about all my stuff?” “What about my name and my reputation?” They are ALL desperately fighting against drowning in that sea of love. They attach to whatever is in reach so as not to be melted down and reforged in that sea of love. You don't lose ANYTHING of value by letting go of all worthless things. You gain the one thing of greatest value. Call it The Pearl of Great Price, or The Philosopher's Stone, it is the essential element of love from which all lesser compounds are born.

All of the old icons and traditions are passing. There is nothing you can do about this. You can find your way. The Celestial One is coming to set things right and all the scornful, the mocking, and the naysayers can't do anything about it, except taunt in an impotent frenzy. If you want to find the right way, just look at the way that few are traveling. The Truth does not attract crowds. The World wants a better mousetrap, so Nature will build a better mouse. It's like criminals and law enforcement. Yes, many laws are created to protect the property stolen by ruthless men. Why should those without the property, or those the property was stolen from, not steal and kill in return? It's a vicious cycle with Karma as the reward.

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