Friday, September 28, 2012

Lord, Lord, I'm Leaving Dumb-Ass City

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's great to be cutting edge. I know I like the feeling (grin). Michael is one of the shining knights of our time. He's a fearless warrior and, if you're going to be a warrior, it's good to be fearless. That doesn't mean incautious. Brave and Stupid don't go together. One of them is likely to get the other one killed. Well, you know how it goes, or you don't know how it goes and one is an asset and the other is a liability. Nitshitforbrainsyahoo doesn't know when to quit. He's the Energizer Weasel. One crazy person by himself can appear to be crazy, but when you get a good number of crazy people together, like in a certain crime syndicate of a nation, in the Middle East, they don't look crazy for some reason. I mean they certainly look crazy to me ...but that's me. Maybe it has something to do with being crazy yourself. Then, nutjobs can appear to be sane. If you're surrounded by crazy shit, like bad food, a wacko medical establishment, a corrupt legal system and leaders that could headline at a Looney Tunes, cartoon festival ...and you throw in regular and routine exposure, over a period of time, it could look sane but... it's not.

♫Oh yeah, we're going to Dumb-Ass City, Lord, Lord you know it ain't so pretty. The whole town hits you up side the head, makes you feel like worse than dead, not dead, just stupid. Not dead, just stupid♫ Don't ask me where that came from or what the relevance is. I don't know nuthin about pedigree, cause I'm a mutt, or Jeff maybe. You can just see these gigantic fuckheads imploding on stage. To me, it is blindingly evident. I have to chuckle on occasion, when I can get it up. I have no fear and you would think I would have some. Some part of me knows things that rest of me is unaware of. Unfortunately, it is not easy to access that part of myself, because the part accessing it (seeking to access it) is unaware of it's existence and location. Meanwhile I'm watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. It's a hoot. It's things like that, that make me assured that there is meaning and even beauty in life.

I need for life to have beauty and meaning and I have some truly beautiful and meaningful people in my life. My companion returned from the south last night; had been gone for two and a half weeks. I don't think we've ever had a series of hours that hit this level before. Serendipity and her sisters did an overnighter. As difficult as things have been, there is an increasing number of rainbows, without rain. How can you get rainbows without rain, besides standing in front of an oil slick? I think it has something to do with working in mysterious ways. Life's a mystery thought anyway, isn't it? We're so crisp and clear and certain sometimes, about having life figured out but we don't or we wouldn't still be here, if, that is... if we are here. Where's here? I see all kinds of takes and interpretation on 'here' and most of the time, 'here' sounds like 'there'. But that's neither here nor there, is it (grin)? Well of course it is, I'm just making a pun.

So, I look at these dark reptilian fucks, like David Rockefeller and Natty, Nat Rothschild and I see something that tells me they were born this way. They were total shits, from the cradle down. I say 'down' because that would be richtung. I look at New York City and I have lived there for periods of time and, like any city it has it's own sense of normalcy but it's not normal at all. What it has, is a certain consistency, with a factored in uncertainty, that accounts for excitement, because of the unpredictability. Don't get me started. To live in New York City, in this time period, is insane. One thing I will say about New York City, is that you can get anything you want, including things you never heard about, delivered to your door in a pink tutu, if you have the jack. Well, that's Jack City. That's hijack, lowjack, 'oxygen is crack' city.. Some people think they have a choice between stoned and stupid. You don't. You do have a choice between high and stupid, cause stupid is low to the ground. You catching my drift? Am I drifting or ♫slip sliding away♫? Well, we are talking about that even if we haven't mentioned it yet. So, I'm watching, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. The thing I notice, is the incredible cognitive dissonance and people even admit to it. I'm thinking stoned AND stupid.

The last two days, I had a big side of steamed spinach and a couple of prime time zuckermals. That would be sweet corn and then I had a small salmon steak, with garlic and onions. That's how I like to eat. When I think about a woman in my life, I think about a fairy tale princess, with a mind and a big heart. I don't think about a slut, lathered in makeup ...and dressed in some kind of vampire getup, who's got a tattoo across her spine, so that I will have something to read, while I do that perfunctory thing; accent on funk. When I think of books and entertainment, I think of the great writers who have gone before. I think of Merchant and Ivory. I don't love myself very much but I am trying to learn how to do that.

I look at this screwed up world and I look at myself and I am not as screwed up as this world. I can get away with things that I have never seen anyone else get away with, health wise, for one simple reason, 'those who love much are forgiven much'. I look at this screwed up world and I say to myself, “this is madness” but then that thing happens, like when you are watching network TV? Your first impression is that this might be the dumbest shit you have ever seen in your life and then, a few minutes later, you are sucked into it and there is no objective position. This is how the reptiles get away with what they do. Think about it. The other reason that I think I am allowed such fortuitous continuance, is that I can forgive. I forgive very easily. I find that a lot of other people, people who think they are all conscious and read all the books and go through the motions, of whatever spiritual practice they get into, like it was a floor demonstration model, ...they can't forgive. Sometimes, there wasn't even an injury, just a misperception but... REAL... ...freaks people out. People don't want real.

When I was in my early twenties, I lived with Michael Green, in a teepee, way up into the mountains. You had to walk 3 miles to get there. We used to get up on a winter's morning and go down to the stream and bathe before dawn. Then we would come back and chant or pray and later eat a Bannock. That was as good as life has ever been for me. God, how I wish I was back there. I should have never moved onward. I did move onward for exactly the reason that brings me before you today. I wanted to transmit that feeling to the rest of the world, even though I had to leave it to do it. Life is filled with irony. I suckle at the teats of irony because I know that dead babies don't grow on trees and it takes a strong man to bring a camel to his knees. ♫midnight up in your anus, take your camel to bed♫ Are you sticking your nose under the tent again? Don't make me come down there!

Nitshitforbrainsyahoo is a madman. All the myths that his failed state is based on, well, don't ask, don't tell. Ahmadinejad seems truly sane. He seems like an humble, measured and circumnavigating individual. He seems like a man of the people, who loves his country. Putin seems like that to me. Chavez seems like that to me, Fidel Castro seems like that to me, ♫and I still haven't found what I'm looking for♫ That was before Bono sucked the devil's dick in Hell. Yeah, he and The Edge bought up all this pricey LA real estate and now they are land developers. I just want to be a human being. I don't care about the money or the things and maybe that is my problem. It doesn't stick to me. Am I a dillweed, stoned or stupid or crazy like a fox? What the Hell is a dillweed?

I can't walk your road for you people. I can't bring you to the mountain because the mountain is different for each one of us. The cosmos loves the singularity of the human estate. That is why no two snowflakes are the same. You can't say that about grains of sand though. Are you getting me? Am I coming through? I am reaching out to you. It is what I do. Sure, that's probably a crazy thing. I know I'm mentally ill, but I prefer to see it as a kind of detachment, that allows me to see from enough distance, that objectivity can come into play and I do love to play. I want to play with you. I want to rest my head in the crook of your arm and while you think you are comforting me, I will be comforting you. That's how it works. Don't you want to shine like the sun? C'mon, you know you do. You want to live life to the fullest, no matter how much fear might fuck with you. You want to be at Casa Amitabha. You want to work all day and still be filled with energy because that is the essential righteousness of the equation. I've been there and I've seen it.

There is time and world enough for us to be able to say, “alles in ordnung”. We are not beasts. We are heirs to something we can't see and are only dimly aware of the existence of. We know these things in our DNA. We are something else ...but we have opted for everything else. We are the people that might have been, we should have gotten in touch with us then. You know that what I am saying is the genuine article. I need to sit by the fireplace with you. I need to cook for you and fluff your pillow. I need to love you and be able to say that without reservation or shame. I need to be able to stand naked and be fully clothed, in that desired armor. I need to touch you and hold your hand because... because you complete me.



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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Kali Yuga, Train Wreck Brigade Shmoos

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Mr Apocalypse is heating up the chemistry of exposure. It's all coming together, or coming apart, as you prefer. What this means is that the necessity for a false flag, keeps becoming more and more certain, because nothing less than this, or a new war, is going to be effective in stopping Mr. Apocalypse, from his determined march, to bring the truth before the eyes of this sleeping world. Here is a trenchant quote that says it all and you have heard these things hammered on here for years; “psychologists explain why the media and many of the public are so reluctant to question the official story. The reasons come down to trauma, belief in authority and cognitive dissonance. People simply do not want to believe anything that contradicts their “world view” and their faith in the authorities that provide their security. Confronted with contradictory evidence, people resort to denial as a defense mechanism”. It's good to see the corroboration. Oh yeah.

Once again, it is a matter of trends, my friends. Mr. Apocalypse has got The Trend Phaser on it's highest setting and that would not be 'stun'. You can see all of this happening in front of your eyes. All kinds of things are going wrong for the The Powers that Fail. Evil is shooting itself in the foot, so many things that they have wanted, plotted for and stratagized across the years to accomplish, are not coming to pass as they intended, or as I perceive their intentions to have been.

I must say that the way the truth about 9/11 has been manipulated and suppressed, strikes me as one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen. The degree to which the public has been willing to swallow obvious, transparent and outrageously incomprehensible lies, leaves me flabbergasted. I look at it all in amazement, quite often. It appears to be supernatural. There's more to all of this than I can compute. Something deep and mysterious is going on. Some of us are also just made differently. Some of us immediately saw that everything we were being told, was patently off the wall. Others, just muddled on through the years, unwilling, or unable to see and to comprehend the 15,000 pound elephant in the room. They refuse to consider the ever more egregious voter fraud. They refuse to see that there is no real difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. They let their rights get taken from them and stand around in a hypnotic stupor, as a police state is raised up around them. They truly are in a dream that is morphing into a nightmare. Then there is Mr. Apocalypse, banging on their tin heads and making a booming echo, in the vast wasteland of the cognitive dissonance, consciousness of The Kali Yuga, Train Wreck Brigade Shmoos.

How is it that people don't get what is going on around them? I am truly amazed. Nothing good can come of this. You can't be that stoned and stupid and expect that your survival chances are going to be very good. I really dislike having to say these same things, over and over, giving the impression that I hold some large numbers of the human race in unmitigated contempt. I don't mean to but what choice have I got? For me, a lot of it has to do with the epidemic lack of curiosity. Being incurious is a terrible liability. Or is it being curious about the wrong things? Young people are graduating from schools lacking the most basic of skills and this accounts for the text messaging junkie mind and the bizarre popularity of Twitter. The comic irony of being a Twit, gives such a surreal aspect to contemporary life. I get the distinct sensation that someone, or several someone's, is laughing at the human race. I can hear the laughter. Then there is the callous disregard on the part of the usual suspects. These are the people who stood on the hills over Gaza and cheered the massacre. These are the people who fire on Palestinian fishing boats and performed cold blooded murder on the flotillas and nobody en masse seems to give a damn. Tribe members are pornographically over represented in the Senate, The House of Representatives, and the Noahide Judiciary. They control Homeland Security, which controls all kinds of things and they do not mean the American public well. Somehow, some way, this cold blooded and vicious imbalance, is going to be exposed in a mass awakening. It has to happen. People tell me it won't happen, given what we can see about the state of national consciousness, it doesn't look like it's going to happen but... it has to happen. Insidious things are afoot all over the place. Corporations are immersed in low jinks but somehow these things keep coming out. Then there are some really alarming statistics that show madness is afoot.. We are in WTF country and madness is afoot.

With all of everything, Mr. Apocalypse keeps on marching.

Maybe I am deceived about my perceptions of the general public. I have to remember my own words more often and affirm what has been proven to me over and over again; appearances are deceiving, appearances are deceiving.

The ominous presence of the danger being engineered, upon the people's of the world by Israel, is a frightening thing. Russia has repeatedly warned against attacking Iran. The possibility of the use of nuclear weapons is truly intimidating. Consonant with this, is a blackout on information, concerning the state of the Gulf of Mexico in the aftermath of the BP catastrophe and Fukushima. What is the truth about these matters? You get a different story from everyone having anything to say and nothing from the Crass Media. When you find out things like this, you understand why things are so screwed up and why a revolution is necessary, perhaps even a French style revolution. There seems to be no end to the horrors of Monsanto. I always ask myself, “If these are the things we know, what are the things we do not know”? Corruption is everywhere and it's being exposed all up and down the line. This has to mean something. This has to mean that Mr. Apocalypse is fast walking the talk.

Signs are everywhere. Every morning I go to the Crass Media to see if today is the day. Still, we are hearing about these things. The stranglehold of that shitty little country in the Middle East is amazing. Of course, controlling The Central Banks accounts for some amount of their fell and feral power and their massive blackmail operations that reach into the governments around the world but it seems to me that what is really operative on the level of greatest intimidation, is that Israel has nukes hidden in countries around the world. They're mad dogs.

I'm putting all of these seemingly disparate and complex things out here today because there are these two perspectives that are playing ping pong in my head. One perspective, is that everything is out of control and that we are in dire straits and terrible possibilities are on the doorstep. You get indications of this all over the place and when you factor that in with the aggregate materialism and ignorance of the general population, it amplifies the potential everywhere. Then there is the perspective that everything is under control and moving toward manifest destiny, in a calculated and possibly wonderful way. I tend toward the latter, while the former pops up out of nowhere, on it's own and troubles me, until I realize that the latter is the truth and always has been. But I don't know do I? I have a strong assurance and I have found this assurance to be true in my life and that is what I am going on and I hope I am right, for all of our sakes.

I'll close with a very strange event that happened to me yesterday. While my companion has been in Italy for the last two and a half weeks, I have been visiting her mother in the old folks home, where she gets put whenever my companion has to go out of town for any length of time. She is incontinent (not my companion) and her modesty is a concern because I have to attend to her hygienic needs so, we put her in the home until my companion returns. On a day to day basis, I can often take care of most of these things but not over the course of such a length of time. So, I have been visiting her each day, bringing her an ice cream and the daily paper, which she loves to read and visiting with her for a short time. She gets easily distracted these days and sometimes will just start reading the paper, while I am there and so I slip out and let her be.

There is this elderly man there, a short little fellow who does the Alzheimer's Shuffle, all the day long. He moves around pretty quick, with his hands held in front of him. He'll walk on to the deck, or into a room and then turn around and go the other way. He hasn't paid a lick of attention to me in all this time but yesterday, he walked right up on me and held his palms together the way that Hindus do when they say “Namaste”. Then he walked away, then he came back and did it again and I put mine together and then he took my hands in his own and looked in my eyes and said, “You are radiant”. I know that he doesn't speak English. I want to tell you, that shook me up. I was almost afraid when he came up to me both times. There was some kind of eerie force in the air and I didn't know what to expect.

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Patrick W. redoes another:

If I Were Inside You

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sliding Down an Endless Wall into the Silence

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Sliding down the silence of an endless wall, blowing on a leprechaun’s horn. I don't know if a leper or a khan got their word names tangled together, all I know is that I am in the saucer pod, hovering over the petri dish, a simmering stew it is.

Well there's wars and disorder, they happen to effect our way of life, so... someone causes these to occur. Someone does these things. Can the truth of their activities be uncovered? Yes they can. Anyone curious enough to know, knows that there are fantastic fabrications still, it depends on, if you want to know. If you don't want to know then you should head off yonder to that far country you believe in.

Unless you forget that you have shoes, or feet. Beam me up, Dorothy. Scotty is bent over the pissoir, with his pants dropped down at his ankles, waitng on some local action, while he reads the telephone numbers on the wall in front of him and sees his own number there. Should he call home? Call E.T.? As he slides down the silence of an endless wall into the noise.

Fuck do I know? My problem. Fuck do you know? It's your problem. Some of us like the light shining and then there is the darkness. Who is really behind it, is another matter. Honey, could you hand me one of those insta fresh, false flags, while I slip into something comfortable? Then, I can stick something uncomfortable into you, while you are waiting for me to change, like a steely stiletto; would that be okay?

It's the same guys from the mercenary nations. I guess if youriNation, you could give me that golden shower now. I like it with my clothes on so I can smell them afterwards and share them with my friend, like baseball cards. Hey Joe (cue Jimmi Hendrix), you got gum? You're still too damn dumb. Too dumb to fuck, is really out of luck and there are no hopes for survivors in the aftermath following, I'll be sliding down an endless wall into silence. It's plugugly, fuguly and luvugly, sliding down the other side of an endless wall of noise. Not since Gilbrato conjugated the Latino have we seen shit like this ...which is cool because neither of those cats exist.

So if Molly goes twinkly and Holly go lightly, does the dish run away with the spoon? Your guess is as good as mine. I don't need headphones on my side of where, I be sliding down an endless wall of silence into the room. We're either too true to be false or too false to be true and I agree that we are welcome to what it garners; cue Maverick. This is a cold world we have people and there are all kinds of people, who should be somewhere, other than here . And most of the time, the people are not bad but the system made it so, probably why you hear gangsta rap on the radio, as I am sliding down an endless wall of silence or something into nothing blowing the Leprechaun's horn.

We will all be walking bad roads one day, if the banker are allowed to continue in their way. No, all banks are not bad banks, nor all bankers too, c'ept for the here and the there,. but most of them do, with the badness that causes the madness, where I hear with my eyes, as I slide down that endless wall of slience, blowing on a leprechaun’s horn (cue John Coltrane in a tight green suit) and the black girls sing but it's a bad thing to sing, on the same slavemaster ship that brought you to where, now it's somebody else, so nobody cares.

No I'm not mainstream, few listen to me, but you don't mind the word, heed the call, well my friend, it's just the same old, same old, over and over again. I'm not angry. I'm probably sad. If more of us cared then more we would have. It's not too late to change this, you don't or you do. I'll just keep sliding down that endless wall into the silence blowing on my leprechuan's horn .... bbbbbbwwwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhahahahahahahahaha, so long.

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Almost A Capella by Les Visible

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Monster Shake n Bake Machine

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I have rarely seen an article with more misspellings and other errors than in this one. There was a guy in the Lone Star State who was pretty bad about this and also didn't want to hear about it but I haven't come across him in awhile. It almost looks like some dysfunctional machine wrote this article but what do I know? I include it anyway, because it strikes at the point of this whole charade about a film that doesn't exist and all the reactive chaos that has ensued.

One glaring and obvious conclusion we can draw from all of this, is that they are setting the stage for a large false flag, to accomplish their intent to attack Iran. We know the prime mover behind it all is Israel and their dual national neo-cons who, as agents of an enduring darkness that is the signature malefic of these unfortunate times, have spread strife and discord around the globe. These things are indisputable and yet they do not register as what they are. It is the prevailing willful ignorance of the greater mass, that permits this ugly war against the greater mass, to continue.

We don't need to go into the details. We don't need to hear arguments, pro or con. We don't need more evidence that confirms or denies any of this. We know who is responsible and we can only hope that Mr. Apocalypse will intensify his efforts to bring an awakening to those who seem determined to remain asleep.

How do they come to be so asleep? There are a combination of reasons; intentional programming to that end is a factor and that includes the educational system, the news media, the entertainment complexes, the epidemic of appetites, the trivialization of existence, the fear of being noticed. Fear is a big part of it. Fear can make you want to crawl under your bed and fear can make you stay asleep. Waking up is a frightening thing. You not only learn things about the world around you, you learn things about yourselves. It's like coming up against a test in your existence, one of those pass, fail tests where you are required to demonstrate a certain amount of courage or you are unable to. It sticks with you, these episodes. These episodes define you.

It's like seeking a higher truth. What's going to happen is that you are going to have to adjust to what you discover. You are going to have to continue to adjust and it is going to require everything, in order to continue. A lot of people have set out on this road for varying periods of time and found it to be too much for them. They make excuses then. They say there's nothing out there, or in there, because they looked. They come up with excuses, based on things they have to accomplish, that are necessary for some reason or another. If they are geared toward certain professions then they are not going to inquire in any case, because the truth and the pursuit of the truth, is not a part of what they do. You might say that lawyers deal with the truth. They present the truth in defense, or prosecution, of someone ...but we have seen how many angles there are to all of this. We've seen the manufacture and suppression of evidence over and over again. We've seen the courts turned into circuses of absurdity. We’ve seen the judges, who were appointed for no other reason, than to serve the agendas of those who appointed them. This accounts for The Supreme Court and their conferring personhood on corporations. The simplest definition of fascism, is when corporations control the government. We see this in the defense and support that Monsanto receives in its demonic assault on all that is normal and natural. Monsanto truly is 'my Satan'. Some things are glaringly apparent to those who have mustered the courage to see things as they are.

Many people actually see what is going on, to some degree, but they disguise what they see in order to go on as they do. They've got all kinds of defenses for this. It's in defense of their children, while their children are being taken from them. It is in defense of their livelihood, while their livelihood is being taken from them. It is in defense of their country, while their country is being taken from them. It is in defense of all kinds of things, that are being taken from them. So, it is all bullshit and it is a tragedy of great proportions, as so many people willingly assist in their own destruction, lying to themselves about motives, intentions and objectives.

Survival in this world depends on your capacity to tell and believe lies, while at the same time they condemn you to execution by sundry means. In other words, you survive for awhile, as half a person, or some percentage of a human being, until one deception or another kills you. These deceptions have become the very basis of governments and religions. After a time, governments and religions become like living things and think to ensure their survival by resisting change, when change is the cornerstone of existence. By imperative right of this truth, they are doomed and they will fall and pass away sooner or later.

An age is passing and a new age is coming. This is a universal constant. By comparison with a human life, an age is a long time, so the transition period can be extensive. Time passes and you don't see anything dramatic but that is a deception because, at a certain point, things begin to steamroll and we are all caught up in the events of our time, unless we have the good fortune to be set apart from them, by the fortunes of geography, or a rare state of being that grants us a favorable disposition of destiny.

The most difficult thing we come up against are appearances. They can be overwhelming and they can be intimidating, like the sudden appearance of a police state, that was engineered by the state, in order to insure it's continuance, because the state had gotten up to no good and it didn't want interference on the part of it's citizens, in respect of the distribution of wealth, or the setting of policies of restraint, when things like war are such profitable enterprises. Of course, individual rights had to go down the drain, because individual rights interfere with corporate rights and government excesses. Religions and charities become part of the engines of oppression because they have that tax free status. Ostensibly they are in existence to minister to the bodies and souls of the congregation and the needy but really, they are about making a lot of money and not having to account for it. A large proportion of the big charities are nothing more than scams. So many things are not what they are supposed to be, simply setting themselves up to appear to be something they are not because there is money in it.

It's hard to take all of this. In the meantime, one's ability to make a living is threatened. Their mobility is compromised. Their freedom of personal expression is curtailed. Their right to hold diverse opinions and live, without excessive government interference, melts away. When you lose these things, you also lose your drive, your hope and faith. These things diminish us. They invite despair, while shackling us with a sense of helplessness.

Some of us know that all of this is passing, even if we are passing with it too. Some of us know that there is more to it all and more to us too but so many of us are confused, or brain deep in our appetites and meaningless desires. The world generates endless looping reels of things to want and to chase after. It's a monster Shake n Bake machine. It keeps pumping out the product. There are only a few things worth having and having them makes it possible to enjoy everything else in some meaningful way, even if it's a detachment from it, while engaging in it.

Most of life and your ability to get anything out of it depends on what you rely on. I rely on something that guides and informs me. If you don't have that then you are making your way lacking certain essentials. This eventually leads into some kind of cul de sac, some kind of detention area of the mind,the heart and the spirit.

WTF? We'll see. You can depend on that. You can come into the understanding of things by the willful pursuit of them or you can be dragged screaming into the presence of it. It's hard to accept that you are only here to be tried and tested and that the whole quality of your life depends on how you meet these things and what you take away from them when... when you are a junkie consumer of the objects of sensation. These points have been made over the centuries by many different individuals, in all sorts of ways. Some have made these points in statements of belief and through inquiry, presented in words for those who have an interest. In some cases they are life statements that stand as particular evidence of something.

One day follows another and on we go. What does it all mean? I expect we are going to find that out at some point.

End Transmission......

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La Vierge Sperme Danceur by Les Visible and The Critical List

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The 9/11 Plug-Ugly Circle Jerk Blues

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Seven come 9/11. Yes! Israel did 9/11. Yes, the government put in this ridiculous 9/11 monument. They think if they set something in stone that that legitimizes it. Bullshit! Israel did 9/11, along with the Bushligula criminals. A tip of the hat to the commenter who came up with the name Zio-tards. Yes, they spent hundreds of millions of dollars to memorialize a lie. We are used to them spending huge amounts of money for complete lies and then collecting much, much more. The lies, it seems are truly outrageous. I don't know the truth of this matter but it is thought provoking. Do you need fuel in a weightless environment?

Larry Silverstein, what a reptile. He spent 15 million and got billions and the insurance companies paid off. I'm trying to get my head around all of this. Why does no one go on TV, the internet, or an orange crate somewhere; someone well known and say it? Something very weird is going on. Surely there are connected people, whose names we all know, who can shake the foundations of this world of lies. Surely there are a great many people on the inside who can recite chapter and verse but... but... WTF?

Today, like a great many days, lives in infamy. We can journey into the past to other days of infamy; days when great leaders pronounced them 'days of infamy'. We can go back and look at the lives and words of so called great men, who lied through their teeth, like the sons of whores that they were, men like Winston Churchill and we can look at the men and women of the present who collectively lie and lie and lie. Why does Ahmanedijad not just come right out and say that Israel did 9/11? I know that Israel did 9/11, surely he does. Why does Chavez and so many others not simply declare what they must know to be true? This is a real riddle to me. Why doesn't Putin say it? WTF?

Why do those who say that 9/11 was an Inside Job, not mention the obvious players? WTF? Why does no famous person say anything? Why didn't Gore Vidal say it? Why don't those who are old and nearing death but with a large name recognition factor say anything? Something very weird is going on. Look at some of the stupendous hoaxes, perpetrated on the human consciousness. Some of us come forth and speak of these things but no one with any large recognition factor says anything. WTF?

The free world has been reduced to a prison camp in so many locations. The police are shooting people at random and laughing about it. Wars are being waged and millions are being killed and everyone goes along with the program. I can't get my head around it. When I look closely, when I focus, it blows my mind. I literally do not know what to think. Why wasn't Bin Laden more forthcoming? Why didn't he make clear and concise videos and send them out all over the place? Why, why, why, everything? Why doesn't anyone like Alex Jones suddenly grow some balls and admit to being a worked whore, who's been ridden hard and put away wet?

How can a vast army of ignorant Shmoos, watch three buildings come down at freefall, into their own footprint and not be aware of how impossible this is? How can you and I know all the things we know and most of everyone else knows Jack Shit; has Jack Shit as a permanent houseguest. How can Israel attack in Mumbai and the Indians just let it slide? How can the British swallow 7/7 and the Spanish swallow 3/11 and meanwhile be dragged into impoverishment by the same people who did it? I'm looking directly at all of this in this very moment and it is bewildering and strange beyond definition. WTF?

Eleven years follow in the footsteps of hundreds of years of lies. The Zio-Nazis killed tens of millions of Russians. We know who was behind the Bolshevik Revolution. We know who made up the majority of the Cheka and yet... and yet? WTF?

This is a big mystery. We in the alternative mind community look at all of the details surrounding this colossal clusterfuck but we don't often look at this detail. It's puzzling beyond understanding. It is a bedeviling thing. WTF?

I know they're going down. I know this by means that I cannot explain. It is something rooted in a place that predates recorded history. It is something that resonates within, the same way I an aware of the protections that surround me. The same way I am aware of things I can't see and the same way I am mercilessly messed with and have no idea why it happens. It comes out of the blue and goes on for a period of time, with one inexplicable event following the other, in various rooms of the house, all over the computer, defying all reason and logic. It presses and presses, until the sheer force of it accomplishes what it seems to want from me and then, whoosh, it's gone. WTF?

Things happen at these websites that follow no logic. Connections occur at far distances and they are strikingly similar. I go on excursions with Lady K, and I see things and hear things that are way off planet, way outside what passes for the usual fare on this planet. It happens over and over again. It extends beyond everything we might call bizarre and there is a consistency to it that insists it is valid and real. WTF?

I won't go on at length here today. Of late, sometimes, my postings come to a point where I can't say anything more. This is one of those times. WTF?

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Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Humpty Dumpty, Sidewalk Egg

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May your noses always be wet.


Welcome to Dog Poet Transmitting and the intergalactic broadcasting network, coming to you nearly live out of the Sirius Cluster. Visible is hovering in the saucer pod tonight somewhere after the morning before and the morning yet to come. We are hoping that means something but we have little, if any idea of what anything means anymore. We are told that nothing means anything except in the context that lends it reference to itself by reflection. Reflection is the essence of comprehension and understanding follows comprehension around like a dog. Ahrooooooooooo! As we say in the hinterlands where wailing in the wilderness is all we are capable of, since wilderness is paradise enow, so to speak, paraphrasing Omar Khayyam, as it was. Omar was also as smart as paint, as opposed to those who find watching paint dry to be a stimulating experience.

As you can see, I'm as clear as mud and that is how I've managed to stay Les Visible. There are good reasons for being Les Visible and possibly even better reasons for being Les Audible. There are some negative aspects as well. Put the accent on Asp, if I happen to be Egyptian but that is neither here nor there, as so many things are. There is a place we search for and here is a place we search from. What do we do when we get there? We search from here again for, what will be here. So, no matter where we are, here or there, it will always be here. There's never anywhere else but here. We're here now but I'm not really here. I am there, which is now somewhere. It will be the same now, here and there, even though here and there are not the same. I hope we're all thoroughly confused now, even if we weren't confused there, which we probably were.

So, things are heating up all over. As we have seen at the blogs they are heating up and that is a general expression of all over which, includes both here and there. Never underestimate the insanity of the Israelis. Since they are behind much of the evil of present times and because they are most definitely behind the banking scams and the economic failures, by intent for the purpose of thievery and because Mr. Apocalypse is exposing them, they have no defense against the rising exposure which is going to make them hated and hunted the world over. They are racing against time, which has to do with both here and there. This is why war is so important because it is a continuous distraction without end, which is the point of endless war.. Endless war is not what we came here for but it is what we got, here and there.

This war necessarily, is taking place between us, us and each other and them and each other and themselves. Keep in mind that they hate each other as much as they hate us and that puts them in a double bind. Keep in mind that they are six million in number because this is some kind of irony alert.

People, oh my people, catch a clue that everything is not the particular deception of the moment. The moment of concern is to engineer with our thoughts and words and action to discover what it is that works contrary to our best interest and where possible act in every way to the best interests of all of ourselves rather than to be swayed by that which works against each other and our own selves and considering that sometimes good intentions do not lead to the better results. Be not deceived. It is this that makes a muddle of life and instigates strife, taking us into conflicts and bondage that might be bypassed and avoided. Given that this is Kali Yuga, there are times when strife and actual conflict come to pass. In that instance all of the preceding, shall serve your asses well and factor into your presence in some one Heaven or Hell. The dimensions that lie beyond us, in either regard, no tongue can tell.

The precipice of the edge of the moment approaches. We have seen that much, which might have gone very badly already has not happened, when we thought the time had come. Then again, a great deal of ugly has whipped shitstorms in the blenders of the age. This is not Memorex and I am no sage. The zukunft is not fixed. Everything can change, except for the archetypes that support the principles of the players on the stage, for good or for ill.

You have to think of the whole dynamic as something like a racketball court. Ergo, the rackets and crime and criminal behavior, within the dimensions of the cube of space. The Magician is above. The High Priestess is below. To the east is The Empress. To the south is The Sun. To the north is The Tower and to the west is the fortune so many covet so much. The joining lines flesh out the archetypes and explain what they run into and the whole composes your world. Our thoughts, words and actions, translate into the world we live in, which should express liberation but depending on how our virtues and shortcomings bounce off of the archetypes depends on whether it is liberation or bondage. Some people like that freaky shit. I don't.

In the primary pose, the man chases the lady. In the secondary case, the lady follows the man. I have noticed this and as aging goes by, you too often see the woman ten steps behind the man, instead of walking alongside; a word to the wise. How do you like those apples, Mr. Eve? We are dancing through the trees of the ever leaves and we are either singing right up through the trunk, or we are drunk and stoned by branches, we have fallen down upon and the heavy lumber falls upon our heads from the ugly tree, getting whipped by the red headed step child of unfortunate delivery. Something there is about us all that goes wrong due to attachment ...and fear of loss is the whip of things upon our unpleasant situations and circumcisions of truth, to the benefit of self deception, in the pursuit of gain.

It's not like this hasn't been going on for a long time, in the minds of our leaders and of course the movers and shakers and of course we become criminals, we become criminals from the corruptions and perversions of a system that is worked sideways from Sunday, to satisfy our greed. Our leaders are the plug ugly representatives of bankers and down the upline magicians and thinkers with the devil's intentions, scheming for maximum gain and advantage, at the expense of all of us. A system that doesn't see to the needs of all of it's member just cannot succeed. When you reduce the population to the nasty extreme, well... well then those who are too fat to dare to die, meet those for whom life is no longer worth living and they are the many and you are the few.

So, war becomes necessary, even though, usually, war is a profitable game. Sometimes, war becomes a necessity, to distract the attention of the people you have plundered, but every now and then on the great wheel of time, it gets to the point when you're juggling all those balls and there are finally too many balls and they all come tumbling down. Humpty Dumpty will cook on the sidewalk, that Humpty Dumpy Egg is for those who can hear and adjust. There is a new world coming, I trust, but there is no fixing this thing. It's broke, bent and ruined, so judgment will come. My best to you all in your different ways.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Maurice Chagrin on the Grassy Knoll in NYC

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

You can run but you don't know what time it is. You can hide but only if you shoot the dog. No, I didn't want to read it either but that's life in the big shitty and the small shitty, Americun style. It is impressively weird. It is beyond stupid fresh. It is so off the charts, we don't have a chart. We don't have a map and if we did, it would make the cartographers hurl. There may be a tomorrow but yesterday's gone. As I speak, today is climbing through the bathroom window. Word is that it will be around for a few hours, word up. Yes, there is nothing so new around here, as the same old shit and that we got plenty of. How do you shoot 9 bystanders at the same time? Yes, we got mysteries too. I thought the grassy knoll was in Dallas Texas, apparently it is just across the street from the Empire State Building.

Stupid is as stupid does and the land of the Supreme Stupids, nobody does stupid better. Do I have to say the name? Say the name! Say the name! No! I will not say the name. You know the name and it is not Poland. Sorry Poland, that tall ships cock-up still bugs me. I can no longer find the reference, except for me mentioning it. Wow! I hope I wasn't wrong. I remember it was at the same time that they were pissed off about all the Polish jokes and had launched a campaign to get the world to stop bagging on them. Did they scrub the net about this? Is it another conspiracy? Was I hallucinating? If I was hallucinating was I still wrong? This is a serious concern. Did I somehow read it in The Onion. I would be Mr. Chagrin if that was the case and given that I used to go by the name of Maurice Chagrin, this makes all kinds of sense.

I get disappointed in some of my readers sometimes, especially lately, when they want me to know that 96% of the Israelis, supported Operation Cast Lead, especially when I mentioned that myself so many times. I get outraged when I hear that all Jews are bad. They are not. None of us here knows the whole truth about anything. How can this be true when I have known some for decades, who have never been anything but decent and generous human beings? I understand that they have the highest percentage of dickheads around. You can say that the same relative percentages, apply to politicians of any racial stripe, both men and women. The same applies to CEOs of every stripe. The same applies to bankers of every type. The same applies to pornographers, even if only 4% of those are gentiles (grin, I hope).

We must admit the limitations of our knowledge. It's easy to be an armchair general or quarterback. It's another thing to go into battle and get behind center and execute. We know so damn much, until we are called upon to perform in the actions we purport to be informed and talented enough to imagine we can perform. It's the easiest thing in the world to kick someone's ass at a distance and to make any kind of an assumption. It's no trouble at all to say anything anonymously and think you made an impression on anyone, except for being incapable of standing behind what you say and then thinking I group all anonymous into the same category, simply because I disapprove of sniping ambushers. I understand why one would want to be anonymous but I don't understand being a coward when we are all entitled to have an opinion but if you are no one at all, then your opinion doesn't mean anything.

It is ludicrous to say every Jew on the planet is an abomination. I understand they have been kicked out of every country in the world at least once, even though it wasn't every country in the world. I know how that makes it look but that is the proof in the pudding that appearances are deceptive. Things are almost never what they seem to be, simply because they are incomplete.

I'm sick and tired of anonymous, coming around here nearly every day, telling me that Jews are 100% bad across the board because they are not. You make me look bad because I hate to censor anyone but nearly all of you are anonymous. I don't know anyone around like myself, who goes chapter and verse about what I believe, concerning what certain Jews have been up to and I use my real name. My name is Les Visible but some people keep pointing out that I am hiding behind a pseudonym. I put my ass on the line, to say certain things but I make damn sure I know my limitation whereof I speak.

I am begging the reader's indulgence and that they wait until we all know the truth unequivocally, before we state unequivocally anything we insist is true when we just don't know. I try very hard to say only what I am relatively certain is so and to state that I do not know when I don't know. You don't know who I am and neither do I but I do know some things about myself and what little I do know demands that I state only what I know. I know that Israel did 9/11 ( there's all the proof in the world), with the help of compromised, intelligence agencies and high ranking, political, murder junkies, especially including a particular Vice-President, whose own heart keeps attacking him due to it's discomfort over its residence.

You know what happens when we assert that things are a certain way without exception? We become witch burners and inquisitors. The biggest murderers the world has ever known, have all been social reformers. Look it up. I'm not your research assistant.

Maybe I am wrong about this but I would prefer to be wrong and later proven to be right or wrong, rather than to insist that I am right and to later be proven wrong. I am open to changing my mind and to publicly accept that and to admit I am wrong and to change my mind in front of everyone. I've done this before. There's no shame in being wrong. There is all kinds of shame in not being capable of admitting it, or not making it clear that you are willing to be wrong and having the class and balls to say so, when the occasion requires it.

Does anyone think that I like the job I am required to do? Does anyone think I don't count the cost every day to my economic situation, to the state of my career as an artist, given the blackball I experience in every area of my hopes and dreams? Does anyone not realize that I am aware of the danger I put myself in, or the many times what I say and intend is misinterpreted, simply because people don't read carefully or remember what they read, moments before they felt so empowered as to misquote me or take me out of context? Does anyone imagine that it doesn't hurt me when people bear what they hold to be unforgivable resentments against me, when I forgive them and don't even remember their offenses against me afterwards? Do you think I like living in exile and never being able to see my friends again simply because I cannot lie about what I believe to be true and have to state, irrespective of the conditions it puts me in? Au contraire, au contraire.

I give a lot of leeway all the time. I expect a little leeway. Whether my service to you is worth a tinker's damn is one thing but I give most of all of my time, every day to you and ask nothing from you except to carefully consider what I have to say. I work for free and make about a dollar a day for my efforts and that's the way it's been for years. I can't even afford to buy a decent electric guitar, not that I need one. I have to save up a long time, just to buy the tools I use to work for you for free. I think I deserve at least a little understanding for saying certain things and at least that the reader would take the time to carefully read what I say instead of immediately leaping to conclusions and responding to things I didn't say.

I don't appreciate it when certain people come around here pretend to be my friends and then, one day choose to use the language in such a way to seek maximum injury against me, intending to hurt me as badly as they possibly can and then passing it off as a joke and when I react to this, they take off and never come back again because their vanity and ego couldn't handle a little tit for tat, accent on tit (kidding).

I don't know if what I said here will mean anything at all. It will probably mean plenty to the people who already understand what I mean and very little to the people who don't possess the latitude and objective awareness to study and find the essence of what I am tying to say.

Anyway, I've said what I have to say here and can only hope it has some effect, where I am hoping it will have some affect. Wholesaling people and shit canning entire races is not the way to go. Christ was asked by someone, how many times should one forgive those who sin against them; “seven times”? No, “seven times seven”. Blessings all around, whether accepted or not.

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