Tuesday, May 31, 2022

"The Battles are Always Won on The Higher Planes, BUT It Does Take Time to Filter Down After the Fact."

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The people out saving The World and fixing The World's problems... are the same people who instigated or perpetuated those problems in the first place, coming back on a mission to fix it, again, and again, and again. If you want to understand karma and trans-lifetime continuations of the same, simply observe what people have gotten themselves up to since. This is a great time for those with no talent, who... obviously never took the time to develop any, to be genetically spliced into the Kardashian DNA, followed by an orgy in the darkness with things that cannot endure the light of day.

Our times are so similar to the times in The Lord of the Rings. Armies of troglodyte zombies and Orcs are replicating in Hells beneath The Earth; metaphorically speaking, AND... literally appearing. Fortunately... the game is rigged in favor of The Good Guys. On this plane, there is the appearance of wars won before the echo has finished, and wars distinctively completed, once the echo has died, and precipitation has been effected. The battles are always won on the higher planes, BUT... it does take time to filter down after the fact.

Why the bad guys do not win, and why evil destroys itself, again and again, is due to The Will of Heaven. EVERYTHING is obliged to surrender to The Will of Heaven, after protracted periods of attrition or... immediately and on the spot. As Lao Tzu said, “though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.”

We are IN THE PROCESS of watching The Future appear, knowing that tomorrow never comes and that the present is all we have of anything. Everything you are reaching out to is on its way past you. Everything is deconstructing, and on its way to the recycling plant, from the moment it arrives, and in the time appointed to it, so that it can take another shape, at another time.

None of it is real except through the reach of it coming and going, in temporary fashion, AND... it is all made out of the same thing, vibrating at different frequencies. There are certain enduring truths that will reveal themselves to you, if... you were to ask for inspiration, and if you were patient and possessed Faith, Certitude, and Determination, which... you can also ask for.

It really depends on your motive for being here; the reasons you do the things you do... and say the things you say. Intention defines the landscape over which you travel. It is as if your emotions are on an artist's palette. The many different colors of the different ways you feel, paint the area all around you to reflect what is so within you. I like looking through rose-colored glasses (metaphorically speaking) and I love what my aura tells me.

If you had more contact with your aura; in the sense of it being palpable to you... you could do so much with that. What we think fashions us, and radiates from us. People have no patience. If you could just focus and think consistently about one thing, regardless of whatever else you are doing, it would (if you were patient) fundamentally change your world. I'm not telling you anything new. I'm simply talking about what has been in use for time beyond remembering, in a different way.

Nothing is new. It just reappears. It might go out of fashion, and even out of thought for a time, BUT... back it comes again when it is needed for The Purpose of Demonstration. Like The Prophet said:

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

It doesn't matter which holy book you study, they are all in agreement about certain basic tenets of life. However... the time comes to take the training wheels off of your bicycle. Scripture will only take you so far. You have to find the origin of all religions within your heart, in a place where there are no arguments of doctrine, where time stands still and there is no quarrel about who said what when, and whatever it was that they meant.

God is not words on a page. Bible beaters will tell you otherwise. They are so passionate about The Word (they have yet to hear) that it doesn't matter what you say or what you think. They are best gone by till the light gets switched on. They are busy reinforcing the training wheels on their bikes. There's another religion that likes to kill people who don't think like they do. Nowadays... we got these Brave New World science-based faiths, like Scientology... that have no science in them at all. Even a layman should be able to figure out what an E-Meter does, and why someone might think they need it. None of that side of things is new either.

When Science becomes science fiction, The World that depends on that science is in trouble. When it gets into the wrong hands, and it is not regulated by sane minds, you get what we got now. I don't know what shape The Cosmos will take to transform the conditions of these times. I only know that it will take the necessary shape when the time comes round for it to do so. The whole of life is choreographed toward a particular result, under the influence of specific forces (planets) to specific ends. Few they are... indeed... who have a comprehensive grasp of it.

The wisest among us have, “I don't know,” as a mantra. They remain silent on certain issues. They are routinely among the most humble souls on the planet. Why do you think that is? They met The One, and no one can have this experience and not be utterly transformed by it. Sometimes the transformation is instantaneous. Sometimes it can take an entire lifetime for the impact to be complete. It can also take many lifetimes. People go on different routes, then they have to reduce their expectations, once they see rough country. It takes a focused and fixed will to see one through, and there are stretches of highway where it seems one is completely alone. It's not for everyone.

People like their simple comforts. They want their basic needs satisfied, and few are willing to risk both of these for something so intangible. The World is composed of two distinct camps, with wide variables of parameters across their diameter. You get good solid folk. You get your questionable sorts, and there are always a few, rare saints. On the sinistra side, it might go from lovable rascals to cold-blooded psychopaths.

The residents are moving at different rates of speed in both camps. Some burn out in spectacular fashion, now and again, like shooting stars. Some are moving at a snail's pace, uphill... in January. The rate of progress, considering that success is speedy for the energetic, determines the length of the course, and there is a relative reduction in the severity of events that occur... IF YOU SLOW IT DOWN. You need real steel in your hide to take the strenuous routes, so... most people don't. Real Love can endure practically anything. It really depends on what you have in the tank. The poseurs get separated out early.

Selfish love and selfless (or impersonal) love are diametrically opposed states of being. I don't have to describe the location where each of these arrives at. The answers should be self-evident. As selfishness intensifies, one becomes more and more alone... until they wind up on a dead planet with nothing but Saturn for company. Selfless love leads deep into the heart of love itself, and one becomes love in embodiment, wherever one might show up later, after merging with Divine Love.

Once you have gained even a small portion of the qualities of God, your life begins to move into more and more harmonious environments. You might come back here, now and again, as a Bodhisattva... a luminous reflection of The True Light, and... you can dispense Love and Plenty like Johnny Appleseed (allegorically speaking), making The World a better place in the process of passing through it.

You see these world-shakers coming and going, though not as often as you see the mass of humanity trying to stay upright with these movers and shakers, rumbling the ground beneath their feet. Into the mix come the other guys who often work behind the scenes. Sometimes they make big changes in the way the masses understand certain principles. Most of the time, it seems... people are left to their own devices to muddle along. In some ways, this is the case. The shepherds try to protect the sheep. They can't protect them all. It is the way of things.

No matter how it looks, God is intimately involved in the lives of each one of us, BUT... most people are not looking to have God as a conscious partner in their lives. For most people, God is an interference that gets in the way of their personal pursuits. AS YOU CAN SEE... as you should be able to see in The World all around you, people want what they want and they don't like anything getting between them and The Object of Desire.

Life... however... DOES NOT DANCE TO OUR MUSIC. Sometimes it seems to, and at other times, it most certainly is not doing so... then... at some point... IT ENDS! The music ends. The dancers disappear. Maybe the music goes with them? Heh heh... I don't know.

God is incredibly real, and incredibly present. Just because he isn't heard making noise and seen playing with the scenery does not mean he's not around. It is up to us, individually, how far we choose to go into The Everlasting Splendor. The road opens at your feet and takes you where your intention directs you. It can AND DOES... go anywhere you might desire to go. It is not prudent to set off without a light and a guide, but... that's just my perspective.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

"From the Crucible of Transforming Time is Forged a New Righteousness of Faith, Certitude, and Determination."

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So... now we have a new Alt.sex Virus that attacks the genitals where other chronic ailments nest (fester?), and engage in cellular orgies, that spread through Goblin Sex. Remember how AIDS was attributed to sex with green monkeys in Africa? Here is what I notice; all these recent phenomena have something to do with The Immune System.

ALL KINDS OF THREATS are attacking the immune system. There is Epstein-Barr and Lime Disease. Well... AIDS did that (whatever AIDS actually was). COVID took out the vulnerable. It was certainly blamed for every possible death when it was The It Thing. Until Ukraine became The It Thing, and now, I guess, Monkeypox will be the next It Thing... until the food and energy shortages hit.

I hear that 5G and all sorts of similar waves have a negative effect on compromised immune systems; Wi-Fi et al. You can be sure they all have some effect on the successful reproduction of species. This whole drama is out of hand. No one person can do much against it, BUT... far more than we know is in play.

Cosmic Forces are in play and they have an objective, which... you should know, exemplifies The Will of Heaven... which CANNOT be opposed. Shake your fist at the sky all you want. Froth at the mouth with your impotent rage. By all means; curse deaf Heaven. Heaven is not deaf. Hopefully, you understand that Heaven has heard all of this before, and ONLY listens to prayers and entreaties that are not self-serving. Other aspects of The Invisible Order hear the self-serving prayers, and they are handled like the complaint department at large chain stores.

You can get anything you want here. You will have to pay for it, of course. That's not the worst part. The worst part is that getting it proves it not to be what you thought it was. The disappointment can be positively Shakespearean.

Your physical immune system, believe it or not, depends largely on your mental and emotional immune systems. The Spiritual Senses give one the eyes to see them. There are also aura cameras which I have found to be a delight. Your mental and emotional immune systems depend on the resonance of The Soul... resident in The Heart, and The Spirit, which resides in The Mind. You could say they reside above them, just as you could say, deep within them. It is vibrationary descent into the material. So it can be said that your mind and heart being out of wack causes disease.

Disease is a lack of Harmony. Give it some thought... Harmony... Vibration... the vibrating aether... thoughts... feelings... cellular interplay. You should know that you are the head of a vast nation of living things. I am talking about your cells. They are living, and they are aware, and they are specific to the job at hand. They work in large communities. Some travel. Some are stationary (after a fashion).

So... now... bear with me for a moment... you are the head of a great nation. It is more populous than any nation on the planet. You might say the organs are nations. The Systems are aligned nations; ZATO... G-8... G-20... and all of them are headed by you; on the surface and submerged in the autonomic and otherwise.

The object is to manifest peace and unity between all of them. This is accomplished through Love, which initiates Harmony. If you can do that, you become representative of The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. No one needs to know who you are, and often they do not know who you are, BUT... you do your job. You bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.

There is a big hocus-pocus industry going on down here, and they have hijacked the attention of the collective mind, through the usual pedestrian appetites... what is sometimes called, Bread and Circuses... through misdirection, as well as carrot and sticking The Libido. When government becomes corrupt they lose the faith and respect of the people. Then... they resort to other methods that involve FEAR and enforced compliance. This is easier to effect in times of pandemics and war, so... they arrange for them to occur.

Now... there cannot be any question that they are trying to kill you. None of this is new. It has happened again, and again, and again, ad nauseum. When Orwell and Huxley wrote their books, they were in some fashion... aware of this. Voltaire and Goethe were so informed. Socrates knew about it. Certainly, Jesus the Christ understood it, up close and personal like, if the tale is to be credited. I see what the mind-shapers can do with events in real-time, and with yesterday's news, twisting the perception to their preferences, and leaving you boondoggled and perpetually stunned.

Just imagine what they can do with stories that are many centuries old.

It's an old story... The Temporal World and The Spiritual World. We could also say... Temporal Authority and Spiritual Authority. We could say The Visible World and The Invisible World(s). The Latter is ALWAYS in control of The Former, to both Good and Evil ends, according to how you see that sort of thing. If you are a pawn of such forces... to your detriment, you are like a horse with blinders on... and for the same reasons.

Word has come down, my friends. The Word has come down, and so... dramatic change follows. Dramatic change ALWAYS follows The Word. If you can't hear it, you have something else playing... through ear-pods, or... conditioning broadcasts... through habit and routine, through the pursuit of pleasures, and the avoidance of pain. You have your mind tuned to another channel on The Dial.

If you want to spread a disease, introduce it into a community where gratuitous and constant sex is taking place. Exchanging body fluids will do the trick. So will shooting up. Independent of this is what I call, The Sex and Death Continuum, in which certain practices cancel out the organisms engaged in them. Alternative, and increasingly bizarre sexual antics, ALWAYS come around in the fall of a culture. They are a symptom of the fall, as is a decreasing birth rate, lazy self-indulgence, pleasure-seeking, flash and glitter, and all things Babylonian. These trends are (relatively) short-lived, AND we KNOW which demographic is promoting all of these debaucheries under the banner of license as liberty.

As it becomes more and more clear who is doing what, you see the movement in government to forbid pointing out that the holocaust is a fabrication. Crimes are orchestrated to generate a strategy of the protected victim, who is being preyed on for... well... whatever they come up with, as they go along trying to insulate themselves from the blowback of their crimes against humanity. Unfortunately... for their artifice and deceptions, this is an apocalypse. Yes... my friends... this is an apocalypse. No more needs to be said because Mr. Apocalypse can speak for himself.

He is speaking, from the unwitting minds and mouths of those being exposed. He is revealing the hidden agendas through the acts being witnessed by us all. He is the Valkyrie Scream. He is the harpy's descent upon the howling winds. They are chasing down The Wicked with the sword of conscience, and THERE-WILL-BE-NO-PEACE in the minds of those in flight. A new day is dawning.

Out of the crucible of transforming time, there is being forged a new righteousness, a new certitude, and a fresh determination born of a resurrected faith. Because of the stupor of material culture, many will perish. Even now, with the tidal wave of evidence being exposed about The Vaccines (that are not vaccines) people blindly follow The Science. “Trust the Science”, they cry. I trust science myself, BUT... I do not trust The Scientist. Athletes are dropping dead everywhere.

Whatever mythologies you might know of... there is truth concealed therein. Our harpies may look different these days, but they still carry The Wicked away to The Erinyes, or... Tartarus. The only thing that changes with these deathless servants of God is the appearance of them, and that... is determined by the severity of the crimes. There have been religions beyond count. Man tries to give form to the formless. He seeks to appease and win the favor of The Invisible Realm. He just doesn't know, so... he makes it up. All he needs is Love. Eventually... he finds it in the forgetting of the temporary self, created by The Separated Mind. Love is Unity. Love... is... Unity... among other things (grin).

This morning the internet is down. Land-line and Wi-Fi. It has been down an hour and a half now. It wasn't on when I turned my office on so... well, I don't know. I suspect times like this are coming, and not just for the internet, but for food and power. You don't want to be in an urban press when the food and the lights go out.

In my mind, with God being in absolute control of EVERYTHING, it's just a matter of what he wants to happen, and to what end. Fortunately, I am not one of those people who do not possess this Certitude. I'm guessing it could get pretty scary, here and there. I could see big pieces suddenly disappear off the board. I could see Lady Nature rise up and catch both sides flat-footed; those who prey on others, and those who are the preyed upon. She might just whip up a surprise, right while the same old same old is going on. You just don't know. Of course, God is in control of that too; s-u-r-g-i-c-a-l-l-y, and with a precision that our pedestrian sciences cannot even approach.

I consider it a deep and profound sorrow that so many people do not have that blessed assurance, and I'm not talking about just Jesus. I'm talking about all the other specific expressions of The Everlasting in his role as The Sun King... Mithra... Apollo... Vivasvan... Helios. He appears here to SET IN ORDER... to balance the scales... to reward and to punish, though it may not seem that way in his mind. He is pure divine Love, and... if there is wrathful, or benefic aspect, one can say, it is in the eyes of the beholder.

Okay, it looks like we are back on. God speed to us all!

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, May 19, 2022

"He's Tearing Away the Concealments and Curtains of Obfuscation, Woven From the Smoke of Impure Desires."

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There is a change in The Wind. A vast shifting of influence and perspective is taking place. Scamber Heard skated on privilege, via a sense of entitlement, coming to believe she could do whatever she pleased and that in today's social justice climate, no one would say or do anything. She pushed, and pushed, and pushed, and now it has come back on her.

Everywhere... in the corridors of power and celebrity, hot fingers are traveling over the skin these fools are trapped in. You see it happening. It is a mathematical certainty of occurrence at work, but... the cruise went on for so long that they all forgot they were leaving tracks, and... they never imagined what was waiting for them, much less what had been following them all that way as well.

Mr. Apocalypse has upped his amperage. He's tearing away the concealments and curtains of obfuscation, woven from the smoke of impure desires, and crystallized into forms that hide what is real and true. He's coming after everyone in one way or another. When he parts the curtains in front of you, make sure you have been preparing for the moment all along. As Tom Waits said, ♫ don't get caught with your drawers down ♫

As conditions get worse... inexplicably... those playing a major role in creating these conditions are revealing themselves to The World. Deeper and deeper go the inquiries, and the deeper they go, the more that is hidden, is forced to the surface where it can no longer be concealed. They seem to have no choice. They are compelled to expose themselves because they never developed the interior discipline of restraint, which is vital to staying under the radar.

IF... You... have arrived at a truly objective and informed awareness of The World around you, born of your objective and informed awareness of yourself, you can see what is really going on; not what you have been told is going on, because various agendas are competing for your allegiance... or obeisance, as the case may be. You can see, and... as certain half-wits have affirmed over the years, “it's all good,” just not in the casual and uninformed way that they mean it... like an air kiss, followed by a hearty promise to make sure to attend a lunch that will never take place.

Insincerity is the new sincerity. Crazy is the new sane, and Stupid is the new smart. This is remarkably like those statements from 1984; freedom is slavery... war is peace, and so on.

Back to seeing clearly. In the process of becoming impersonal, all of The World of Personality is gradually made more and more obvious. It becomes more and more absurd in appearance. It becomes more comical, and... tragic by turns. Still... it does not fill my heart with sorrow or helplessness, BECAUSE... I know that everything finds its way to The Ocean in time; every river and every stream.

What might seem horrifically tragic, in terms of an event in any particular life, is shown to be no more than a speed bump, or a temporary interruption in the scheme of things. Over the course of many ages, all events are reduced to insignificance. As one of the nastiest sonsofbitches to ever be in residence on this planet said; "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic."

I am NOT trying to say that none of it has any meaning. I am saying we should get over ourselves. It is the Personal Perspective that is at the root of all calamity, all suffering... all sense of loss and gain. It is the work of The Separated Mind. In the realm of The Impersonal, one can be filled to overflowing and empty like space, by turns, and... neither matter more or less because both are constant in their replacement of each other. Is space empty?

The Sage knows that he carries an inviolable completeness with him at all times. Not only is he resident in a sanctuary, but... he is that sanctuary. We are irrevocably linked to The Divine. It is unfortunate that so many of us are indifferent to or unaware of this. That doesn't change it though. It only affects your perception of it.

We are using words here, with the intention of giving form to thought, BUT... we understand the limitations of that vehicle, which is designed to follow certain courses, but runs into trouble when it goes off-road. The World of the Senses is a world of limitation. It functions within a bandwidth; wider for some and more narrow for others. There is a form of Telepathy that exists between kindred spirits, and it speaks all the things we cannot say. It is how The Wise recognize each other. It is what attracts children and other living things from their various realms of manifestation. The lack of it repels them. The lack of it gives birth to suspicion and distrust.

Metaphysics is simply the wider bandwidth of physics. Physics has already proven that EVERYTHING is thought-born. Ponder that and think how remarkable it is. Yet, generally... folk are unaware of this. They are also unaware of the implications of it for themselves, in the role of a Creator. We are... each of us... a microcosm. We are... each of us also, illuminated or in the dark. These are not absolutes. Everything is by degrees. Like gradients on a dial. You want to get warmer, then turn it up, If you want to be cool, turn it down.

It is very simple if you are paying attention. You are either being influenced by agents of The Supernal Realm or... The Infernal Realm (or... alternatively... by both). In times of advanced Materialism, (which is a kind of Cancer) it is more likely to be the latter. If you want to change the influence, then just turn The Dial. It is an INTERIOR ADJUSTMENT. I am discussing a constant. You can take it how you wish.

It's possible you have another system you employ. That is as real as my own, since... regardless of the misinterpretation of The Master's words about no man coming to The Father save by him... there are other ways. The reason he said that is because he was talking about Love, and all systems MUST employ that for complete success. Those who attain through The Mind must still come back and learn the ways of The Heart. Those who follow The Way of the Heart have the other added unto it automatically, and do not have to return.

For centuries, craven and controlling hearts and minds have sought to give an exclusivity to Jesus the Christ, so that they could milk it for material reward. This conflicts with the path of The Buddha, the path of Krishna, Lao Tzu... and others whose names have not been spoken in a million years or more. All of them are progeny of The Sun. The Sun is the material representative of a sun too bright to see with mortal eyes. Not all of these were avatars. Lao Tzu is a sage, and... the others have their specialty according to the footprints they left, Jesus the Christ was representative of The Heart of God. Buddha was representative of The Mind. What am I saying... was? They still are.

I know there are people who still have training wheels on their bicycle of religion. They know a little something about dogma and doctrine, and nothing about the one who brought the teachings. They have no trouble burning someone at the stake... or committing any number of foul injuries upon others, in the tit-for-tat world of Karmic reactions. They like to argue instead of celebrate. This directly affects certain organs of the body. Everything you do, eventually affects you, in some fashion, in your body.

In the dynamic of The Knower and The Field, you are a farmer and your body is the farm on which you sow and reap. It is no more complicated than that. Of course... you can make it more complicated, and many do. This makes it easier to argue when there is more to argue about. I don't know where the fun is in that, so... count me a celebrator. Do not count me as a knower of God. Count me as a lover of God, and one who seeks to love God in his creations. I don't know any more than that... and I am not sure there is any more than that. I don't need any more than that, I can assure you.

Given that you must become as a little child to enter The Kingdom of Heaven... yeah... What does that mean? It has to do with regenerated innocence which is the antithesis of Senility. There are some curious souls who retain their innocence, but... they are few. Most of us are destined to lose our innocence in order to teach us its value. We become impure so that we might be cleansed. It's all a part of the grand dynamic of existence as seen in The Purpose of Demonstration.

Do you want these qualities of Innocence and Purity? Simply think of them as often as you are able, and take the desire for them into The Land of Sleep when you retire. Remind yourself to set them as goals each morning when you awaken. You CAN program yourself. You do not have to be programmed by others. If you do not seek the help of angels, whose fault is this? If you have not sown these seeds on your farm... you will not harvest them at a later date.

On a contrasting note; one day I was on LSD in the wilds of West Virginia. My teacher that day was a Southern Gentleman from former times. He had been talking to me about these matters when my eyes were drawn to the sky, and there I saw a hawk hit a bird with explosive force, whereupon the teacher said, “it don't pay to be too innocent.”

Maybe you want to be a saint. I was never drawn in that direction. There is the sage and the illumined mystic. There is the prophet and The Avatar. There are any number of posts that can be occupied by those qualified to occupy them. Heaven is much bigger than you think, and there are quite a number of them, just as there are Hells as counterparts. You can be any of these. You can possibly be all of these. I don't know. I do know that anyone who shows the necessary diligence and consistency, WILL get to any one of them eventually.

End Transmission.......

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This proves that gay sex is another form of spiritual Pilates; but... where's the organ-grinder?=

Monday, May 16, 2022

"Saturn is Romance's Backhand. It Doesn't Matter What the Romance is, Unless it is With The Divine."

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I channel cosmic forces; (what do you mean?) I mean that the archetypes move and act through us if we let them. This is the source of all timeless acting... music... art, and literature. All of these are dead at the moment, but they will come back. What is better? To learn a craft in a workmanlike way... or have the real deal... channeling through you, just by stepping out of the way? This applies in every area of human industry. It accounts for the rise of all temporary technologies and evolutions of culture... and their fall... and their fall. A stage is erected, and the performance is given. The audience leaves, and the stage is torn down and moves to the next town; metaphorically AND Literally.

This happens on a planetary level as well. This happens inside your mind also. Is it not best to have a cosmic drama playing out in your mind... instead of being some form of Mr. Potatohead? And then you wind up in the vichyssoise? Does your thinking cap have a propeller on it? What's your position on chewing gum and taking dictation? You may think these questions are out of line... or you simply don't understand them, but... the time will come when you will get the meaning inside the meaning. Next thing you know, you will have a magic beanstalk in your backyard.

I don't usually get into the technical side of things, but this eclipse is screaming, Mr. Apocalypse(!), without mentioning him. This is a Blood Moon in Scorpio, which rules the 8th house. My 8th house is the most populated in my birth chart, so... I have ground-level (grin) experience of it. The 8th house has to do with death and inheritances, so... it is directly tied to Karma and Reincarnation. If you do not have a firm foundation, this moon is going to shiver your timbers, and rattle your bricks, and... it is opening a door into manifest life that will have palpable effects, by stirring up conditions out of the deep and hidden subconscious; brutally in some cases.

Even if you are not into self-inquiry, it is going to make you look at yourself. As you can imagine this can be a good thing or a bad thing, and... in Times of Material Darkness, shining a light into dark corners can be prone to causing jump scares. You may recall that I mentioned the scorpion, eagle, and phoenix very recently. Depending on which of these you are employing... or pursuing, your specific road chosen is going to provide the context and surroundings for it.

Some evidence of everything being under control is what is demonstrated in the motion of the planets, passing each other in The Heavens. The rubbing against one another in their passing creates The Music of the Spheres... LITERALLY; just because you can't hear it doesn't mean it isn't broadcasting ALL THE TIME. Each planet is an archetypal force. It means things all by itself. When you bring in the other planets and their interactions with each other, you wind up with MANY... MANY possibilities of existence playing out in MANY... MANY different ways. You factor in The Houses of the Zodiac, and... well... you should be getting the picture by now.

Sages, mystics, and sundry... have been studying the stars for countless ages. They have seen the planetary blueprints in the histories of human experience. Keep in mind... the planets are always moving. They rotate around The Sun, but our sun and solar system rotate around something else, that also rotates around something else. Gives new meaning to the phrase, “Rotate on it!” Does it not? Everything circles The Throne of God.

Think of a restless ocean that washes toward The Visible, and then back toward The Invisible. It is all a matter of VIBRATION... the frequencies on The Dial. Tune in to the channel that you find most enjoyable... or meaningful to you. That is what people do. They want the kind of music they dance to, to be playing in their ears, while The Sugar Plum Fairies do the Hully Gully in their heads. So... so... it really comes down (or up) to what you love and value. What attracts you? This determines the sort of music you like. You can hear The Song of the Planets... if you tune the other music out. You also can't put more water into a bucket that is full.

In Times of Material Darkness, people are attracted to coarser engagements. I don't know why this is, but I observe that it is. Not everyone is like this, but many are either like that... or standing in a crowd of confusion; near paralyzed by uncertainty. So the planets move, and they shake things up. They move people into particular circumstances of unique encounters... group-wise, and personal-wise, and The Planets are given their courses and are set in motion by... the ineffable, who has Everything Under Control.

What I am dancing from one foot to the other about, is... pending and dramatic change, fueled by the planets for The Purpose of Demonstration in the form of Realization, Revelation, and Transformation. This means that both the Apocalypse Factor... and The Awakening Factor are going to be front and center everywhere. It will affect different mindsets differently; of course, you would expect that. This is why The Avatar comes to Reward AND to Punish.

I KNOW that what I talk about here, pisses some people off. They don't want to hear about it. Their bucket is already full. Some people cannot be told. They must be shown, and that is The Purpose of Demonstration.

We've all got our jobs to do. We might try not to do them, and we might do them half-assed, cause that's how we learned, BUT... we do them. We cannot fail to do them. We will be forced to do them against our will, like Arjuna, struggling with engaging in the coming battle. Krishna tells him that... like it or not, his own nature will drive him to do it.

People need to get it into their heads. War is a common affair here. It's in our DNA. Especially, if we are of the Kshatriya Caste ( as I am). You can pick your war. I prefer to engage in Jihad on my own shortcomings. I prefer to go to war against Ignorance, and Suffering. I will start with my own.

Yes... there are times of peace, and long, long stretches of shining light, where there is ALWAYS harmony, BUT... even there you can find The Shadow... if you go looking for it. Hey! Just turn your back to The Sun! Well... ages change. The Shadow increases... until it is three-quarters Shadow, like now. Then it all turns around again, as it is on the verge of accomplishing, though even the extreme verge of change can sometimes be measured in years.

The Planets go along their fixed routes. They all move over longer or shorter distances, and this reflects in their character. It is easy to fall in and out of pedestrian attractions. That is why Venus is so close. The after-shocks from the coming and going of The Attractive Force can take longer, and that is where Saturn comes in. Saturn takes longer. Saturn is Romance's Backhand. It doesn't matter what the romance is... unless it is with The Divine.

Many of the astrologers that I have met were a bit screwy. Let's use the term, eccentric. That is a kinder window. It is because of the nature of the science, and the degree of Subjectivity among the practitioners, that extreme Objectivity is the desired benchmark perspective. It can make you wiggy. At least this is what I have seen. I mean no censure or harm in saying this. Every profession has its drawbacks. Look at the people who go full-on New Age. That is a far greater extreme of wiggyness. Look at the people with money and sex addictions. Look at the people who conceal these with other addictions, which only serve to exaggerate the problem. It's a sticky wicket and no mistake about that.

Meanwhile... Mercury is in retrograde during this eclipse and will be for two further weeks. This puts a whole nother face on the matter. Think of it as being like tying one hand behind your back, or holding a hand over one eye; smoking marijuana, WHILE having a few beers. It is a handicap and a hindrance to clarity. What happens to people when they can't see clearly and become frustrated? So... there are possibilities of angry outbursts... loss of temper, saying things you do, and do not mean, heading off in the wrong directions, or misreading the street signs. Yeah...

It's all more complex than this. It's all infinitely variable in it subjective impact, so... obviously, me being me... it's not something I hold forth on. I am neither smart enough nor informed enough. VERY FEW people are. It is one thing to pursue The Limitless, and another thing to ignore your limitations. That I do not know is profoundly useful and helpful in my journey. I can be informed, You see? If I already had all the answers. If my bucket was full, I wouldn't be able to be informed.

There was a time when I had been taking something we called, Plato. It might have also been called Play-Dough by some. It was a lot like an early permutation of MMDA, but it had an intellectual and intuitional component. I really liked it. Now it is adios for that. Anyway... I was in my restaurant; which was communally owned by a core group of players of which I was a member. It was one of those rare times when no one else was there. I took quite the dose; how very like me. Then I experienced something like cosmic Feng Shui... Tai Chi... but... it was a sense of The Planets moving in my body(s). I could FEEL the different planets channeling and interacting, and I was interacting with them. It was amazing.

The Planets are engaged in the pressing and shaping of The Personality IN THE DIRECTION OF THE INDIVIDUALITY. My... 'Self' was the observer. The Planets teach us to understand The Pecking Order. The Personality should NOT be left in charge, and you see why... everywhere. It always devolves into a shouting match or a sullen silence with who and whatever... or it gazes into The Mirror having mistaken The Personality for The Self. They are NOT the same.

That is how I came to the understanding of esoteric astrology. The sense of this has never left me. I see this (for me) as the practical side of astrology. It was something I could use to dance with The Cosmos, to get in a harmonic groove with it, to surf my way on a spiritual slipstream.

After a while, all these subjects that I put so much time into all ran together... and lost the importance of their distinctions. What I mean is that there is ONLY one subject worth the attention, and it illuminates and explains all of the other possible components. There is only one force worth the time and energy of pursuit and understanding. That is Love. As Love becomes more rarefied, it rises out of The Carnal Theater and enters the blessed sphere where time has no weight. It approaches The Throne of God. It lifts you up. It dusts you off. It puts you in a resonance with Heaven, and in harmony with all life.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

"Some Thoughts on Q, Hitler, and Crowley... And Why I don't Buy the Narratives, Cause I Just Don't Know."

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I remember the halcyon days of psychedelic, world transformation. I remember the Civil Rights struggles and the Vietnam War. I remember not paying much attention to the anti-war protests. I don't think I attended a single one. As for Civil Rights, I grew up on military bases, which were the first integrated environments in this country. I grew up with black friends and never thought one way or another about color. I had a friend named Kelly, who was a lifer enlisted man, He very kindly coached our baseball teams. He knew the game well.

Kelly made some comments to me at times, usually presented with a shrug of the shoulders and a... “that's just how it was, Scout.” I went to Washington DC while still a teenager. I had heard there were 8 women for every one man there. At my age, I liked the odds. I wound up working at gospel missions for a year or so. We served the dregs of society, giving them a room for 3 days each month. I went from there to managing “The Crow's Toe” at 10th and K street. (I think-grin). It was owned by a black man named Terry Portochinco (sp?); from pre-hippie beatnik days. We had nightly poetry readings and jazz artists and performance artists. I did the master of ceremonies thing and read my work. Many of the poets were black.

It was there, sitting in one of the booths, when I asked this black cat why he was wearing dark sunglasses in an already dark room. (and the place was dark, trust me.) He said, “When you're cool, The Sun is always shining.” It was to this fellow that I said, “Socrates is my God.” He replied, “Why not be your own God, man?”

I never thoughts about the dangers of the time. Later on, when I told people where I had been living, I was asked how come I was still alive. Then it was on to DuPont Circle. All kinds of people from every walk of life showed up. That was where I met John Hall, who would later found the group, “Orleans.” We became inseparable friends for a couple of years. I was on the run at some point because of a sting carried out on me, because I fell afoul of Scientology. He told his parents I was wanted. I had been living with them, and they didn't like my influence on their son. I don't think he knows that I discovered what caused me to be arrested there.

He was with me on the night my Kundalini got activated at Terry Jones's (Canadian folk singer) cabin in the Virginia woods. When the kundalini rising happened, everyone was aware of it, though not the cause of it. It terrified them. We drove the 70 miles back to town... five of us... not a word got said. They were shaking in their boots. I was on top of The World because it all made sense to me. None of them would have anything to do with me after that.

I remember running into John in Woodstock a couple of years later. He was famous by then. I was walking up Ohayo Mt. Road and he was walking down. He was not happy to see me there... heh heh. I never let this sort of thing bother me.

The Supernatural was a daily thing for me... but I digress; back to DuPont Circle. You would see Stokely Carmichael there, and H. Rap Brown... others. I spoke to them on occasion. We got along fine. Sometimes Eldridge Cleaver would come around. We all got a kick out of his pants for men only. The World was wide open in those days. You could meet anyone. Everyone was out and about.

I suspect that growing up with black people served me well when I went to prison... so, that... the war... all this was peripheral to me; most especially following the kundalini thing. God was all that mattered. How I got lost for a time, after such a promising beginning... I don't know. It took time to fall. It took time to find my way back. Then... there were those Karmic Commitments we all have. You just have to go through them until you come out the other side.

This circuitous ramble (typical of me) is my long-winded attempt to get around to why I never paid any attention to “Q.” None of these things interested me. I'd had the lie of The World unmasked in convincing fashion. I was past believing in appearances... or Hope. (“wish in one hand”... etc.) Nah... I was and am ever hopeful, but... I've seen through the veil of appearances... thankfully... enough times that it left a lasting impression on me. You can no longer believe in lies, once you have had even momentary and fleeting glimpses of The Truth. You might still not know what it is, but... you damn well know what it is not.

I don't know if what “Q” says is true. I haven't had that much exposure to whoever this is. I've read countless economists... philosophers. You name it, I've seen some amount of it. Now you hear people saying what a great man Hitler was. To me he looked like a force of Nature; an expression of God's wrath, like Attila the Hun. I'm just not attracted to world leaders and social reformers. I'm sure he's not as bad as they say he was, and that he didn't do certain things that I KNOW are not true, and never happened. I KNOW the ones he went after were certainly more evil than him. They STILL ARE.

I don't think of Hitler as being any worse than Churchill, Roosevelt... or any of the rest of them. I do think Stalin was much worse, but it's not my job to grade and compare Evil. Hardly anyone knows what Evil is. I always think of it as something that has not been understood, or... fixed yet. Hitler's evil is in pale comparison to The Collected Works of The Usual Suspects. Is that some kind of anthology?

Evil is often whatever we consider to be inconvenient.

Bad Guys come and go. So do Good Guys (and girls). History turns Bad Guys into Good Guys, and the reverse is true as well. I don't know what the point of “Q” is. All the things we are waiting to see happen... have yet to happen. “Q” is one more of those Hope-Portals. Day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, I have read and listened to lie, after lie, after lie. It's become a reflex action for me now; less than a minute in... five minutes in, I shake my head and say, “They're lying.” Rarely do I ever hear anyone speak The Truth. Everybody's got an angle, and so many are saying what they think people want to hear.

Meanwhile, I am grateful to the courageous people who have exposed so many of the lies. Then they run off trying to be rock stars. A guy gets the Nobel Prize, and now he's working on becoming all things to all men (and girls) because of The Lure of Fame. Fuck fame. Fame is a curse (usually). Podcasts...Tik-Tok and YouTube channels... influencers... Pop-Tart, and pop-up celebrities. They all want the long green. They can have it. Fuck wealth and influencers. Fuck all these things that leave people heartsick and bankrupt where it counts.

We all long for something. I long for Cold Mountain, but... I'm okay where I am. Cold Mountain is a state of mind, as much as it is a place. People can go there... and not see or feel it. They pass right on through. So... all these issues. They come and go. Not much good has come from so many of them. People are even angrier with others now, because... they are angry with themselves. Their lives have lost meaning, (if they ever had any) and it is absolutely someone else's fault. People are twitchy now. They are constantly startled by something they can't see... that flies in and perches on their shoulder.

What it is... is... once again, The Fruit of Materialism. It creates more and more emptiness that we fill up with Stuff. Stuff can't love you back. In the end, (and the beginning too) Stuff is Stuff. The homeless crisis is a sickness that is caused by Materialism. Some of us are very good at manipulating and profiting from Materialism. One might say they were born to it. It's what they do. You can't blame a wolverine for being a wolverine. That is its nature. You can steer clear of them.

Hitler was certainly right about some things. So is “Q.” These days there is a big movement to rehabilitate Hitler's image. People go on and on about Crowley. I suspect they don't know that much about him, or how he was before, and then... after Choronzon. People think Warhol was a great artist, not an opportunistic sociopath who celebrated the fleeting joys of Materialism.

Art has been shit for some time now, and so has music and all else. It should embarrass them, but they are not able to be embarrassed. They keep pressing forward. They want it all. They want to die with the most toys, BUT... these days are not like other days before. This is a Grand Apocalypse. Humanity is going to awaken... is awakening, and... this does not bode well for those who have been deceiving everyone else for the purpose of gain. People think wealth, and their contacts will protect them. This is not a good time to be rich if you can't handle it like a good steward.

I realize that Hitler is not what others (for their own reasons) have painted him as. It's a many billions of dollars industry to maintain Hitler's rep as it is. He's not my concern. War is not my concern. Making everyone equal in a world where that cannot possibly happen, is not my concern either. God is my concern, as is every life form he disguises himself in. I don't have to like what people are, but I am compelled to love them.

I don't know about “Q”, White Hats... and Trump with the long-range secret agenda to save The World. I AM NOT saying these things are not true. How can I when I don't know? I cannot say they are true either when I don't know. It all seems like a continuation of Benjamin Fulford's bizarre fantasies that also never come true; he of the multi-colored ninjas.

What I do know is that The Avatar is coming, and he cannot be far away. In the Advent of The Avatar comes Apocalypse and Awakening. These two precede his arrival. I also know that one age does not fully transition to the next until he has come and gone. Everything is in a holding pattern until he shows up. He might not even show up as a single persona this time, given how many of us there are. He might simply appear in every heart that has prepared a place for him.

The Age of Aquarius is The Age of Brotherhood, so... it makes sense for him to arrive in various personalities, to set the tone for The Golden Age to follow. I don't know. The Details are not my concern. My concern is to Practice the Presence of God. Everything else will take care of itself.

End Transmission.......

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