Tuesday, May 31, 2022

"The Battles are Always Won on The Higher Planes, BUT It Does Take Time to Filter Down After the Fact."

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The people out saving The World and fixing The World's problems... are the same people who instigated or perpetuated those problems in the first place, coming back on a mission to fix it, again, and again, and again. If you want to understand karma and trans-lifetime continuations of the same, simply observe what people have gotten themselves up to since. This is a great time for those with no talent, who... obviously never took the time to develop any, to be genetically spliced into the Kardashian DNA, followed by an orgy in the darkness with things that cannot endure the light of day.

Our times are so similar to the times in The Lord of the Rings. Armies of troglodyte zombies and Orcs are replicating in Hells beneath The Earth; metaphorically speaking, AND... literally appearing. Fortunately... the game is rigged in favor of The Good Guys. On this plane, there is the appearance of wars won before the echo has finished, and wars distinctively completed, once the echo has died, and precipitation has been effected. The battles are always won on the higher planes, BUT... it does take time to filter down after the fact.

Why the bad guys do not win, and why evil destroys itself, again and again, is due to The Will of Heaven. EVERYTHING is obliged to surrender to The Will of Heaven, after protracted periods of attrition or... immediately and on the spot. As Lao Tzu said, “though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.”

We are IN THE PROCESS of watching The Future appear, knowing that tomorrow never comes and that the present is all we have of anything. Everything you are reaching out to is on its way past you. Everything is deconstructing, and on its way to the recycling plant, from the moment it arrives, and in the time appointed to it, so that it can take another shape, at another time.

None of it is real except through the reach of it coming and going, in temporary fashion, AND... it is all made out of the same thing, vibrating at different frequencies. There are certain enduring truths that will reveal themselves to you, if... you were to ask for inspiration, and if you were patient and possessed Faith, Certitude, and Determination, which... you can also ask for.

It really depends on your motive for being here; the reasons you do the things you do... and say the things you say. Intention defines the landscape over which you travel. It is as if your emotions are on an artist's palette. The many different colors of the different ways you feel, paint the area all around you to reflect what is so within you. I like looking through rose-colored glasses (metaphorically speaking) and I love what my aura tells me.

If you had more contact with your aura; in the sense of it being palpable to you... you could do so much with that. What we think fashions us, and radiates from us. People have no patience. If you could just focus and think consistently about one thing, regardless of whatever else you are doing, it would (if you were patient) fundamentally change your world. I'm not telling you anything new. I'm simply talking about what has been in use for time beyond remembering, in a different way.

Nothing is new. It just reappears. It might go out of fashion, and even out of thought for a time, BUT... back it comes again when it is needed for The Purpose of Demonstration. Like The Prophet said:

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

It doesn't matter which holy book you study, they are all in agreement about certain basic tenets of life. However... the time comes to take the training wheels off of your bicycle. Scripture will only take you so far. You have to find the origin of all religions within your heart, in a place where there are no arguments of doctrine, where time stands still and there is no quarrel about who said what when, and whatever it was that they meant.

God is not words on a page. Bible beaters will tell you otherwise. They are so passionate about The Word (they have yet to hear) that it doesn't matter what you say or what you think. They are best gone by till the light gets switched on. They are busy reinforcing the training wheels on their bikes. There's another religion that likes to kill people who don't think like they do. Nowadays... we got these Brave New World science-based faiths, like Scientology... that have no science in them at all. Even a layman should be able to figure out what an E-Meter does, and why someone might think they need it. None of that side of things is new either.

When Science becomes science fiction, The World that depends on that science is in trouble. When it gets into the wrong hands, and it is not regulated by sane minds, you get what we got now. I don't know what shape The Cosmos will take to transform the conditions of these times. I only know that it will take the necessary shape when the time comes round for it to do so. The whole of life is choreographed toward a particular result, under the influence of specific forces (planets) to specific ends. Few they are... indeed... who have a comprehensive grasp of it.

The wisest among us have, “I don't know,” as a mantra. They remain silent on certain issues. They are routinely among the most humble souls on the planet. Why do you think that is? They met The One, and no one can have this experience and not be utterly transformed by it. Sometimes the transformation is instantaneous. Sometimes it can take an entire lifetime for the impact to be complete. It can also take many lifetimes. People go on different routes, then they have to reduce their expectations, once they see rough country. It takes a focused and fixed will to see one through, and there are stretches of highway where it seems one is completely alone. It's not for everyone.

People like their simple comforts. They want their basic needs satisfied, and few are willing to risk both of these for something so intangible. The World is composed of two distinct camps, with wide variables of parameters across their diameter. You get good solid folk. You get your questionable sorts, and there are always a few, rare saints. On the sinistra side, it might go from lovable rascals to cold-blooded psychopaths.

The residents are moving at different rates of speed in both camps. Some burn out in spectacular fashion, now and again, like shooting stars. Some are moving at a snail's pace, uphill... in January. The rate of progress, considering that success is speedy for the energetic, determines the length of the course, and there is a relative reduction in the severity of events that occur... IF YOU SLOW IT DOWN. You need real steel in your hide to take the strenuous routes, so... most people don't. Real Love can endure practically anything. It really depends on what you have in the tank. The poseurs get separated out early.

Selfish love and selfless (or impersonal) love are diametrically opposed states of being. I don't have to describe the location where each of these arrives at. The answers should be self-evident. As selfishness intensifies, one becomes more and more alone... until they wind up on a dead planet with nothing but Saturn for company. Selfless love leads deep into the heart of love itself, and one becomes love in embodiment, wherever one might show up later, after merging with Divine Love.

Once you have gained even a small portion of the qualities of God, your life begins to move into more and more harmonious environments. You might come back here, now and again, as a Bodhisattva... a luminous reflection of The True Light, and... you can dispense Love and Plenty like Johnny Appleseed (allegorically speaking), making The World a better place in the process of passing through it.

You see these world-shakers coming and going, though not as often as you see the mass of humanity trying to stay upright with these movers and shakers, rumbling the ground beneath their feet. Into the mix come the other guys who often work behind the scenes. Sometimes they make big changes in the way the masses understand certain principles. Most of the time, it seems... people are left to their own devices to muddle along. In some ways, this is the case. The shepherds try to protect the sheep. They can't protect them all. It is the way of things.

No matter how it looks, God is intimately involved in the lives of each one of us, BUT... most people are not looking to have God as a conscious partner in their lives. For most people, God is an interference that gets in the way of their personal pursuits. AS YOU CAN SEE... as you should be able to see in The World all around you, people want what they want and they don't like anything getting between them and The Object of Desire.

Life... however... DOES NOT DANCE TO OUR MUSIC. Sometimes it seems to, and at other times, it most certainly is not doing so... then... at some point... IT ENDS! The music ends. The dancers disappear. Maybe the music goes with them? Heh heh... I don't know.

God is incredibly real, and incredibly present. Just because he isn't heard making noise and seen playing with the scenery does not mean he's not around. It is up to us, individually, how far we choose to go into The Everlasting Splendor. The road opens at your feet and takes you where your intention directs you. It can AND DOES... go anywhere you might desire to go. It is not prudent to set off without a light and a guide, but... that's just my perspective.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Patience? What's that? Not in this life.

Nostrils up. Ye gods, I had another snarky comment I forgot. Gotta run now. Perhaps I will reread this later and it will come to me.

Anonymous said...

that link you posted to that "spiritual" place in Colorado with all the temples and tourism, looks like a great place to live. Anywhere a person can get close to nature, clean air, mountains, is a good place to exist. The Himalayas are the best of course but because it's India, it's always going to be overpopulated and have too much culture shock. So yea it looks like a very good place to be, as long as a person knows to stay away from all the cults and tourist traps. Then again nature is everywhere, simply sitting on the grass outside is an incredible experience too.

name redacted said...

Tip of the hat LV! Working on the righteous path and it is certainly worthwhile.
Being the Hermit and the Lamp on the Led Zeppelin IV cover probably won't happen.
Stupid emotions and short temper are a hindrance and always have been and I agree being alone is not a problem as you can finally think without distraction.
Being a simple standard grade nobody is the best as you can go about virtually unnoticed.
The energy is there after a complete turnaround regarding relationship with food and nutrition.
You warned me years ago but the somehow that doesn't apply to me attitude was strong.
Learning to just laugh at Peak Stupidity Clown World is coming along and the mediocrity is tremendous.
Scuttlebutt about the CPUSA (democrat) law firm Perkins-Coie comrade Sussman found not guilty for the latest political theater kabuki, maybe they could vote harder next time.
Later it was revealed on Murdoch news that the PC law firm has a work station at the FIB HQ and they should display the lacy bloomers of Hoover at HQ for everyone to see.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"The Figureheads at The Head of Their Respective Governments, are Hand-Puppets Controlled by Bankers."

Visible said...

Did not see that. May your health troubles be sent packing, and good fortune attend you.



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