Tuesday, May 03, 2022

"It is an Endless Costume Ball, a Hard Wonderland of Camouflage, Concealing Sharp Teeth and Fearsome Claws."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well now... I would have to say, “Game on!” The unheard-of has happened; expect more of the same, and an increasing rate of appearances as well. Someone from Sector Left of The Supreme Court... leaked a draft of the court's decision on Roe vs Wade. This is not the other case... between the caviar processing plant and Dwayne Wade, over the transgender fish repurposing- in one's prepubescent offspring; I can literally feel the scratching of heads among the readers. You'll figure it out; or not. It's like so much of the detail that lies concealed in the trivia.

Walk in the light and you will not fear the night... OR the day.

Let the links, included with each posting, speak to the direct and accumulating evidence of stark-raving-batshit that is sweeping the land. The auto-correct offered me the option of stark-raving-Baathist. You have to watch out for the correction software, which often does not know what it is doing. For instance... Grammarly wants a comma to (almost always) precede the use of the word, 'and.' I was taught that 'and' stood in for a comma (was as good as). I mention this kinda... sorta digression as a metaphor for Life. People do not proofread their words and actions, except after the fact. Certainly, they are not watching their thoughts, which... are the origin of the words and deeds.

I am a survivor of The Short-Term Memory Wars. I also can't stand the song, “Imagine”, which I routinely butcher, should it reverse-serendipitously play while I am in hearing range. How is it that they are able to control so many of us, NO MATTER WHAT happens? We are like an ant hive in the desert that you disturb with the side of your shoe. Shortly thereafter... it looks like nothing ever happened.

I used to take bread crusts with me into the desert of Paradise Valley BEFORE it was 'the' Paradise Valley (now the most expensive real estate in Arizona). Ant communities fascinated me. I was curious about the hive-mind BEFORE they called it that (grin). I've never spent much time in... the hive-mind. It generates a kind of claustrophobia.

What is he talking about? He's going in circles... again; which is strange, because we are yet to complete a circuit. Well... he is a rambling man.

Big and sweeping changes are the order of the day for the rest of this year. Of course, it's an election year anyway, BUT... it's a lot more than that. Bloodthirsty, neo-con morons are going all out to bring Russia to her knees. Putin is showing admirable restraint, BUT... he has his limits. There is a Rubicon, a line in the sand, and... Ukraine is not The Alamo.

What is seldom mentioned are the weapons that Russia possesses. If ZATO keeps fucking with them, they are going to have a more intimate understanding of these weapons. Mr. Putin KNEW that this was coming, even before the Maiden Color Revolution that was generated by The Usual Suspects, because they all want villas on The Black Sea, and Israel is getting hot for them, like all those other places that went before.

All wars are Banker Wars. The Usual Suspects are Satan's Bankers. War and Discord are the marching banners for The Armies of Hell. There is... this shared delusion that is common among those on The Outside of the Matter, who comment on what is taking place on The Inside of the Matter. They will tell you that all of the no-good-nicks are aligned in an unholy unity with one another, for the subjugation and extermination of The Human Race.

These blind strategists from The Outside, think that Klaus Schwab and all his genetic counterparts, in finance, government, media, and religion are joined in a common purpose and that President Trump, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, President Putin... and all the rest are engaged in a collective conspiracy. THIS IS A LIE, and it will never happen.

They are constantly at war with one another. War and Discord are their objectives. How could they be in common unity with anyone... when Unity is anathema to them? They do temporarily align when their objectives are the same, BUT... there is a constant jostling and rearrangement of weaponized musical chairs going on. This is HOW and WHY Evil ALWAYS destroys itself.

It is like saying that all Jews are a part of what only a particular sector engages in. They are the race to whom God gave The Keys to the (material) Candy Store. In times of intense material culture... there are more of them that have gone wrong. The reverse is also true. The Jew is an expression of a mindset. It explains why so many of them are atheists. Anyone can be born one, you only have to be focused on material return. You are committed to The Carnal Realm. It is why they see sex as the purpose of life, which... it... is... not. ON THE OTHER HAND... yeah.

People can want good outcomes in a material fashion. It's just that the material plane is their field of play. They get to play dress-up and own shit. They also get a lot of the bad diseases that come with the mindset. It's why they have all these hospital wings named after them. They will need them, so... pity and compassion are called for, even if some have no mercy in them.

I was VERY... VERY fortunate to have been placed in situations for the purpose of learning. I spent several years locked up in institutions where it was MORE THAN 90% black inmates, yet... I came out unscathed. It was ONLY because some number of them; the heavy hitters, liked me. That was because God liked me, and God expresses through humanity, even when certain elements of humanity are not humane; exceptions are made.

I also lived in The Jewish Rockies for years. I saw how it was with them. I saw all sides. The Divine has been VERY good to me, in terms of my learning... so that I didn't get pulled down by certain perspectives.

There are those who would look at my life, absent a childhood, and all manner of other ills, and think that I was a most unfortunate fellow. No... that is not true. Certainly... it looked that way, and often it felt that way, BUT... it DID NOT turn out that way, and that... that is... (or should be) the main concern; not the country you passed through, but... the place you arrived at.

I know there are people who will be incapable of trusting me because I see (try to see) God in all life, BUT... I don't give a single hoot about that. I don't know what the value of a hoot is, BUT... I suspect it is not worth much. God is even... in... those... doing... wrong. He is showing them, The Error of Their Ways. There is a magic show going on day and night here. It has been going on for a long time.

It is an endless masquerade ball. It is a hard wonderland of camouflage, concealing sharp teeth, and fearsome claws. Permeating the whole of it is... The Power of Impersonal Love. You have to tap into it. If you do not tap into it... whose fault is that? If you go with the whims and attractions of The Personality, you WILL see what that gets you.

Some long-entrenched EVIL is about to get its comeuppance. This has been 'In the Making' for a long time. We are coming to the pinnacle of material culture. Soon... all the cards will be on the table... the money as well. Nothing has changed. You still

♫ need to know when to hold them,
know when to fold them,
know when to walk away,
know when to run... (AND...)
you never count your money, while it's lying on the table ♫

The link about the Japanese man who married some software is very telling about these times. Here is a very pertinent quote from the article; “In Japan, that wouldn't be entirely unusual nowadays. While in 1980, only one in 50 men had never married by the age of 50, that figure is now one in four.”

Imagine that... all the customs, and traditions... that showcased the centuries of this departing age, are departing as well. The whole infrastructure is crumbling, while portions of the public go insane... over The Climate Con; bent over for their bent sexuality, over political positions, and religious strictures, orchestrated race wars, and forced immigration. and ALWAYS... the wanting; the burning want. The Usual Suspects are deep into all of it.

During the Albigensian Massacre, one religious figure stated, “Kill them all, God will know his own.” That's been morphed into... “kill them all and let God sort it out.” That's actually true, as callous as it was, and I am sure... that Cistercian Abbot who voiced it, has gotten his Purpose of Demonstration since.

A whole lot of bad shit went down during the Piscean era. In darker times, this is to be expected. HOWEVER... some of us, are climbing out of that mindset, and into the promise of The 6th race. There we will share Love and Wisdom. Those with other objectives will find other ends... I'm going to close with some words from Eliphas Levi... a most interesting fellow;

“the gold of the philosophers is, in religion, the absolute and supreme Reason; in philosophy it is Truth; in visible nature, it is The Sun, which is the emblem of The Sun of Truth, as that is itself the shadow of the First Source whence all splendors spring; in the subterranean and mineral world, it is the purest and most perfect gold. For this reason, the search after the magnum opus is called the search after The Absolute, and The Great Work is itself called The Work of The Sun” Something to think about.

End Transmission.......

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Via Fox News
Mr. Apocalypse is a little like Santa Claus. he knows when you've been sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been good or bad, so... yeah... you know the rest of the lines. If he is going to uncover you anyway...MAKE SURE HE EXPOSES ALL THE VIRTUES AND QUALITIES that are the sum of you. Like I say, walk in the light and you will not fear the night OR the day=
New York group busts TV news anchor allegedly trying to meet underage boy for sex

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Aliens and...


M - said...

I'm so sorry you spent any time in institutions. That must have been very difficult. I've heard that we are the sum of our experiences: If not for what has happened in the past, one might not be the person one is today. (I'm sure I am paraphrasing here.) Some of us don't weather the storms well and others do - like yourself.

Be like a rocky promontory against which the restless surf continually pounds; it stands fast while the churning sea is lulled to sleep at its feet. I hear you say, "How unlucky that this should happen to me!" Not at all! Say instead, "How lucky that I am not broken by what has happened and am not afraid of what is about to happen. The same blow might have struck anyone, but not many would have absorbed it without capitulation or complaint. - Marcus Aurelius

Your comment re: the Piscean Age. I published a Post back in December of 2020 about us entering the REAL Age of Aquarius: "2020 sees the end of a 200-year era of Jupiter and Saturn uniting in Earth signs, with the focus being on material security and a resistance to change. This could explain society’s 'obsession with material things, conquering land, and money'. We may be entering the Age of Aquarius where we will shift our focus to the collective and humanitarianism, creating new forms of group consciousness, cultural change, innovation, and reform. This Great Conjunction also marks changes within ourselves, for this is where true change in the world begins."

Indeed. I see the changes, too.

Today is World Sun Day and I just completed a Post on THE SUN: https://m2labs.wordpress.com/2022/05/03/calling-down-the-sun/

P.S. I love to "play dress-up". But then again, I AM a grrrl...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Arnauld Amalric or Amaury, depending on what site you go to. I hope he was destined to live a thousand lives as a Dalit chick who was repeatedly destined to have 16 crotch droppin's, all chicklets, and dying in a 48 hour childbirth at the last one.

I'm so nice, huh? Well, that even beats a gibbet cage, or scaphism; which is a Hell of a lot faster.

Oh, what would the world be like if the Cathars weren't mostly wiped? A lot less crowded, a lot more humane, and a lot cleaner. No internet, but hey.

Ye gods, I'd be livin' a REAL life as opposed to a virtual life right now. Hey! I'm now alive under protest, so. . .uh. . .no! I'm dead, waiting for the body to catch up and that body is as dead to the world as it can be since I can't stand it in its present state, hence I'm going to do my best to not be there for it as I can. Or what's left of me, anyway.

The 'tang ping' movement ain't got nuthin' on me!


Oh yeah! NOSTRILS UP!!!!!!!!

. said...

Vis ~ 'I know there are people who will be incapable of trusting me because I see (try to see) God in all life, BUT... I don't give a single hoot about that. I don't know what the value of a hoot is, BUT... I suspect it is not worth much. God is even... in... those... doing... wrong. He is showing them, The Error of Their Ways.'

'The belief that God wills both good and evil is false; the truth is that God is all good and only good can come to man from Him. If man experiences error and inharmony, he brings them upon himself by his failure to harmonize his thoughts, words, and acts with the Lord, or divine law.'

Elijah challenged the false prophets of baal/Judah/moloch to call on their God to light the fire on the alter (1Kings 18:25-38), but they could not, because they worshipped the creature rather than the Creator, so God gave them over in the desires of their hearts to impurity for the dishonoring of their bodies with one another and they exchanged the truth of God for a lie (Romans 1:24-25).

God said 'thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the Lord' (Leviticus 18:21).

As John Milton wrote in Paradise Lost, 'they preferred to be Kings in hell rather then servants in heaven.'

People can think whatever they want but if they exchange the truth of God for a lie it is not God they are pursuing.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...


I am constantly surprised by the depth of information provided by the readers that come around here. Like LTPTB who has her nose in all manner of subjects of an arcane dimension. I'll give your link a look. Thanks!

M - said...


Thanks for your kind comment and for visiting my website. Indeed, I have an interest in many things. Also many hobbies. I keep busy. ;>

"Let curiosity guide your life."

I must confess ignorance (stupidity?) though...what does "LTPTB" stand for?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

ITS nose! Sheesh. I don't live in Spain, Mexico, France, or any Spanish or French speaking region or any other nation that calls 'noses' (Members of The Holey Order of the Septum) chicks, so until I do. . .

Thanks, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Strangely,or perhaps not, Zach the perv has the petrol cap of his car in Ukrainian flag colours and the "Aquarian" 666 symbol on the rear window.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"This World is Filled with Ambulatory Appetites in Human Form; Hungry Ghosts in Search of a Respite."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

RE: #5

Love to Push Those Buttons. 'Petunia Wigglebottom' on other sites. The forum 'NOSE'.
Certified 'Arsehole to the 33rd Degree' Obnoxious bastard who hates life and doesn't let anybody forget it. Also a Pagan psychopomp slut who's aligned with the Cathars, and has a very bad attitude toward those who don't follow the Cathar philosophies, though I don't call myself Cathar. They're supposed to be nice, and I'm. . .well. . .
let's just say I fall short despite trying hard to be on the right side of history.



M - said...

Love to Push Those Buttons:

Thanks for deciphering LTPTB for me, fellow Bay Arean (or would it be Area-ian?).

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Me thinks 'Bay Arean' is easier to say. Nutterville, USA.



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