Tuesday, May 24, 2022

"From the Crucible of Transforming Time is Forged a New Righteousness of Faith, Certitude, and Determination."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So... now we have a new Alt.sex Virus that attacks the genitals where other chronic ailments nest (fester?), and engage in cellular orgies, that spread through Goblin Sex. Remember how AIDS was attributed to sex with green monkeys in Africa? Here is what I notice; all these recent phenomena have something to do with The Immune System.

ALL KINDS OF THREATS are attacking the immune system. There is Epstein-Barr and Lime Disease. Well... AIDS did that (whatever AIDS actually was). COVID took out the vulnerable. It was certainly blamed for every possible death when it was The It Thing. Until Ukraine became The It Thing, and now, I guess, Monkeypox will be the next It Thing... until the food and energy shortages hit.

I hear that 5G and all sorts of similar waves have a negative effect on compromised immune systems; Wi-Fi et al. You can be sure they all have some effect on the successful reproduction of species. This whole drama is out of hand. No one person can do much against it, BUT... far more than we know is in play.

Cosmic Forces are in play and they have an objective, which... you should know, exemplifies The Will of Heaven... which CANNOT be opposed. Shake your fist at the sky all you want. Froth at the mouth with your impotent rage. By all means; curse deaf Heaven. Heaven is not deaf. Hopefully, you understand that Heaven has heard all of this before, and ONLY listens to prayers and entreaties that are not self-serving. Other aspects of The Invisible Order hear the self-serving prayers, and they are handled like the complaint department at large chain stores.

You can get anything you want here. You will have to pay for it, of course. That's not the worst part. The worst part is that getting it proves it not to be what you thought it was. The disappointment can be positively Shakespearean.

Your physical immune system, believe it or not, depends largely on your mental and emotional immune systems. The Spiritual Senses give one the eyes to see them. There are also aura cameras which I have found to be a delight. Your mental and emotional immune systems depend on the resonance of The Soul... resident in The Heart, and The Spirit, which resides in The Mind. You could say they reside above them, just as you could say, deep within them. It is vibrationary descent into the material. So it can be said that your mind and heart being out of wack causes disease.

Disease is a lack of Harmony. Give it some thought... Harmony... Vibration... the vibrating aether... thoughts... feelings... cellular interplay. You should know that you are the head of a vast nation of living things. I am talking about your cells. They are living, and they are aware, and they are specific to the job at hand. They work in large communities. Some travel. Some are stationary (after a fashion).

So... now... bear with me for a moment... you are the head of a great nation. It is more populous than any nation on the planet. You might say the organs are nations. The Systems are aligned nations; ZATO... G-8... G-20... and all of them are headed by you; on the surface and submerged in the autonomic and otherwise.

The object is to manifest peace and unity between all of them. This is accomplished through Love, which initiates Harmony. If you can do that, you become representative of The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. No one needs to know who you are, and often they do not know who you are, BUT... you do your job. You bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.

There is a big hocus-pocus industry going on down here, and they have hijacked the attention of the collective mind, through the usual pedestrian appetites... what is sometimes called, Bread and Circuses... through misdirection, as well as carrot and sticking The Libido. When government becomes corrupt they lose the faith and respect of the people. Then... they resort to other methods that involve FEAR and enforced compliance. This is easier to effect in times of pandemics and war, so... they arrange for them to occur.

Now... there cannot be any question that they are trying to kill you. None of this is new. It has happened again, and again, and again, ad nauseum. When Orwell and Huxley wrote their books, they were in some fashion... aware of this. Voltaire and Goethe were so informed. Socrates knew about it. Certainly, Jesus the Christ understood it, up close and personal like, if the tale is to be credited. I see what the mind-shapers can do with events in real-time, and with yesterday's news, twisting the perception to their preferences, and leaving you boondoggled and perpetually stunned.

Just imagine what they can do with stories that are many centuries old.

It's an old story... The Temporal World and The Spiritual World. We could also say... Temporal Authority and Spiritual Authority. We could say The Visible World and The Invisible World(s). The Latter is ALWAYS in control of The Former, to both Good and Evil ends, according to how you see that sort of thing. If you are a pawn of such forces... to your detriment, you are like a horse with blinders on... and for the same reasons.

Word has come down, my friends. The Word has come down, and so... dramatic change follows. Dramatic change ALWAYS follows The Word. If you can't hear it, you have something else playing... through ear-pods, or... conditioning broadcasts... through habit and routine, through the pursuit of pleasures, and the avoidance of pain. You have your mind tuned to another channel on The Dial.

If you want to spread a disease, introduce it into a community where gratuitous and constant sex is taking place. Exchanging body fluids will do the trick. So will shooting up. Independent of this is what I call, The Sex and Death Continuum, in which certain practices cancel out the organisms engaged in them. Alternative, and increasingly bizarre sexual antics, ALWAYS come around in the fall of a culture. They are a symptom of the fall, as is a decreasing birth rate, lazy self-indulgence, pleasure-seeking, flash and glitter, and all things Babylonian. These trends are (relatively) short-lived, AND we KNOW which demographic is promoting all of these debaucheries under the banner of license as liberty.

As it becomes more and more clear who is doing what, you see the movement in government to forbid pointing out that the holocaust is a fabrication. Crimes are orchestrated to generate a strategy of the protected victim, who is being preyed on for... well... whatever they come up with, as they go along trying to insulate themselves from the blowback of their crimes against humanity. Unfortunately... for their artifice and deceptions, this is an apocalypse. Yes... my friends... this is an apocalypse. No more needs to be said because Mr. Apocalypse can speak for himself.

He is speaking, from the unwitting minds and mouths of those being exposed. He is revealing the hidden agendas through the acts being witnessed by us all. He is the Valkyrie Scream. He is the harpy's descent upon the howling winds. They are chasing down The Wicked with the sword of conscience, and THERE-WILL-BE-NO-PEACE in the minds of those in flight. A new day is dawning.

Out of the crucible of transforming time, there is being forged a new righteousness, a new certitude, and a fresh determination born of a resurrected faith. Because of the stupor of material culture, many will perish. Even now, with the tidal wave of evidence being exposed about The Vaccines (that are not vaccines) people blindly follow The Science. “Trust the Science”, they cry. I trust science myself, BUT... I do not trust The Scientist. Athletes are dropping dead everywhere.

Whatever mythologies you might know of... there is truth concealed therein. Our harpies may look different these days, but they still carry The Wicked away to The Erinyes, or... Tartarus. The only thing that changes with these deathless servants of God is the appearance of them, and that... is determined by the severity of the crimes. There have been religions beyond count. Man tries to give form to the formless. He seeks to appease and win the favor of The Invisible Realm. He just doesn't know, so... he makes it up. All he needs is Love. Eventually... he finds it in the forgetting of the temporary self, created by The Separated Mind. Love is Unity. Love... is... Unity... among other things (grin).

This morning the internet is down. Land-line and Wi-Fi. It has been down an hour and a half now. It wasn't on when I turned my office on so... well, I don't know. I suspect times like this are coming, and not just for the internet, but for food and power. You don't want to be in an urban press when the food and the lights go out.

In my mind, with God being in absolute control of EVERYTHING, it's just a matter of what he wants to happen, and to what end. Fortunately, I am not one of those people who do not possess this Certitude. I'm guessing it could get pretty scary, here and there. I could see big pieces suddenly disappear off the board. I could see Lady Nature rise up and catch both sides flat-footed; those who prey on others, and those who are the preyed upon. She might just whip up a surprise, right while the same old same old is going on. You just don't know. Of course, God is in control of that too; s-u-r-g-i-c-a-l-l-y, and with a precision that our pedestrian sciences cannot even approach.

I consider it a deep and profound sorrow that so many people do not have that blessed assurance, and I'm not talking about just Jesus. I'm talking about all the other specific expressions of The Everlasting in his role as The Sun King... Mithra... Apollo... Vivasvan... Helios. He appears here to SET IN ORDER... to balance the scales... to reward and to punish, though it may not seem that way in his mind. He is pure divine Love, and... if there is wrathful, or benefic aspect, one can say, it is in the eyes of the beholder.

Okay, it looks like we are back on. God speed to us all!

End Transmission.......

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Guy Reid-Brown said...

I bigged you up on a recent post on my 'blog Les - hope you don't mind?-it's a bit over the top may bee -but there you are -


Visible said...

That is very kind of you, Guy! Guru Bawa used to say that he was an ant-man. In many areas, I am much smaller than he. Anything nice said about me is a reflection of God's work in me. Otherwise, there are just conditions and personal limitations that need fixing.

Anonymous said...

'Monkeypox', about as apropos as it gets, lol..

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I am liking and trusting Elon more and more.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Anything I want? Uh, me thinks not. Still a'waitin' on my Akashic Library Card, nose hair coat, and braidable nose hairs would be icing on the cake. There's also my pet archaeopteryx, pet smilodon, pet quagga (KITTY CAT, DON'T EAT YOUR ROOM MATES!), and one-way plane ticket to Tech Duinn.

Oh yeah! I'm a part time dishwasher/janitor at a restaurant. Very low paying. Never mind.

On a more serious note, I also have a link that is gonna make ya shake your head, or have ya bang your head against the wall. This is so unbelievable, you almost wonder if it's real or set up:


If it is real, do ya laugh or cry?

Nostrils up!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Critical info! Might not be monkey pox. Might be:


My nose-poo posted this:


Rime Of the Ancient Mariner said...

Greetings Sunstar LV! Back in action after some migraine distraction.
All of the abominations of the usual suspects are about actual zero population growth as the degenerates cannot procreate and isn't that a good thing.
A long lost Army buddy called out of the blue and is only two counties away but we are sans vehicles at this time as she smashed up on the motorway.
Your family is your worst enemy has hit him hard and he even had the barrel in the mouth going while feeling alone.
Elders fear being alone more than anything as it was revealed to me yesterday.
On a heel and toe (walk) to the Sack-N-Save saw some Booty Call anal numbing gel for the laugh, picked it up with sleeves for the salve ointment pack, I'll put some tape on the tube to cover the name.
A short Mexican girl with a downright beautiful face couldn't reach the fructose syrup so I grabbed one for her and she was happy as a lark.
The clerk said the sun goes up the sun comes down and we are still here on the way out.
Proper nutrition and supplementation will keep the health damage away.
The sulfur stench curse of the one worlders or globalist won't last forever.
Morale up, do not get demoralized by terminal madness.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I must be a very small ant indeed then ☺

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Anonymous Rime Of the Ancient Mariner said...

I get migraines almost never unless I can't access my pills, migraine auras several times a year. The sun gives me migraines, so I never walk outside without my visored cap. (I also don't need my scalp sunburnt. I have very thin hair.) I take feverfew right away, and in a half hour I'm fine. Four 360 mg capsules takes care of me.

Look it up.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

P.S. I'm not a doctor, but a holistic believer. If I have a problem, I look up the symptoms, find out what it probably is and either hit on-line or my hard cover books. I also live with a 'witch doctor'. We haven't been wrong yet.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Son of P.S.

Culpeper's Herbal


I wanted this so bad when I was hangin' with the Pagans. Could never find it in any of the bookstores. Same with Johnson's Dictionary in my 'archaic lingo' obsessed days. It would have cost me a fortune, and now I got 'em on desktop for nothing. Sweet.

OK, hopefully I didn't forget anything else.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"Throw the Bag Into The Ocean of Forgetfulness; Not to be Confused With The Pools of Deep Memory."

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that after three tries (that I know of)
I can't be killed before my time..

vinifera said...

Hi Les,
Hope all is well with you. I was wondering if you listen/read Clif High, and you opinion.
GS, soon to be formerly in NY...I'll land somewhere near you soon!

Visible said...

I know Clif High. We used to be on warm and friendly terms. Something happened around the time I left high-traffic media. Knowing him was one of the casualties. It was all connected to my going into more commentary about God. That changed everything. I communicated with him once after a space of time and there having been no exchanges. He did not respond.

I used to get his ALTA reports. It was exciting stuff, though none of it... as I remember, ever happened. He was friends with George Ure who was some kind of a finance buff. We travel on different slipstreams, he and I. I haven't heard or read anything by him in years. Occasionally, I will come across a comment by him. He is a very intelligent fellow. He seems like an alright kind of a guy. More than this I do not know. Even this that I have said, I do not know. Heh heh... Oh... I also have no idea who you are either, which troubles me, given the familiarity. It so happens I am aware of that oblique approach.

vinifera said...

I've seldomly communicated with you the past decade. I live in New York, but am moving back to the west coast. It feels like the right thing to do. It's been a challenging decade in New York and don't recommend it as a place to live except for those who enjoy evil and abusive people to be around.
I believe the last exchange we had was when you had a post about Springsteen and I responded to that, I love his music, and you mentioned how much you liked the song 'Badlands'. My name is Gretchen.

Visible said...

Ah Gretchen, of course, I know who you are. It is great to hear from you again. You were doing something with wine as I remember it now (grin).

I'd never seen that other name of yours before.

All is clear as a bell now, however... if there is no one to hear it, is it still ringing?

Anonymous said...

Laura, Maybe Elon got a peek at what's on the other side of the parallel dimensional holes / overlaps CERN + D-WAVE A.I. can of now manifest and control(?)
Enough to put the fear of (fill in blank) in anyone..

vinifera said...

That makes sense because I put that 'name' on blogger because I had to at one point for another, now defunct page,...I remember now. I don't comment on many pages. Sorry I forgot and didn't know! I asked about Clif because he's been speaking about interesting things lately and much has happened relatively close to the time frame predicted. He's been going deep into the khazarian mafia/Ukraine incursion, as well as the Cathari civilization. I recently lost my older brother who introduced me to Clif (and I introduced him to your site) who knew a lot about the Cathars and had spoken about them. I enjoy your insight and I guess felt compelled to ask!

Visible said...

I respect his intellect. I don't know much more about him. I was a bit more involved with him past ten years ago. I read his ALTA reports. They never came to anything. God is not a focus of his, so he is not a focus of mine. This is no judgment on him. It's different strokes. I really don't know enough about him. But like I said, it's more than ten years on now.

I am in a very diminishing group because of my attention being on The Divine. It's just not a subject most places. Henry Makow is about the only one I know who does mention God. Most of both sides of every argument are not inclined to consider The Heavenly Hierarchy. We also have less to say to each other.



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