Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Primer on Investment Banking for Dummies.

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I'll tell ya, it's hard to make your way in this world if you have any kind of a public profile. I have several people who want to talk to me on the cellphone. When I refuse, it becomes like a personal issue to them; “I thought you are supposed to be helping people? Why won't you talk to me on the cellphone about my problem?” The reason is because I have email and I HATE, absolutely HATE cellphones. One friend wants to talk to me on the cellphone. I don't 'think' he's angry with me for not being willing to do so but... I don't know, do I?

Another person wants to debate Karma with me by email. I don't debate. I state. Take it or leave it. Now she tells me I am a 'cruel man' because I won't accede to her importunate demands. She refuse to believe that Karma is karma. She insists that what she refers to as all those 'beheaded and crucified children' and all the other unfortunate things we hear about can't be karma. I don't know where she's getting her information about beheaded and crucified children but I assume it is an agenda driven false news outlet. I tried to explain to her that children grow into adults who commit crimes against children and all sorts of life forms and that would explain their coming back to get a dose of their own contributions. Karma is not a reflective conscious entity. It is a mathematical certainty that is only usurped by the grace of one in a position to do so and the karma still has to go somewhere; meaning it is processed by the good karma possessed by the entity taking it away from you. I am a beneficiary of a form of this.

For some reason, some people feel if they can convince me to change my mind then that magically fixes the issue. It doesn't. Or maybe they just want an endless dialogue with me about all that is unfair in this life. This life, in the manifest is about only a few things; the pursuit of experience for the purpose of understanding, the pursuit of objects of desire and the outworking of Karma and various minutiae that I don't feel like going into. In essence, life is about our having shattered out of the whole from the body and being from which all life is made and then existence is the process of being reunited with the author from whom we separated for the purpose of experience and demonstration. It is a complicated game of hide and seek. We are looking for God, whether we acknowledge it or not and God is looking for us. That's all there is to it; all the variations of existence, all the trials and tests, all the drama; the rising and falling of cultures and societies, of nations and every form of infrastructure in which people experience life is a game of hide and seek and in most cases we do not know what we are looking for or even that we are looking but we are.

'All life is suffering caused by ignorant desire'. Everything disappoints and so we continue to look with an ever greater awareness of what IT IS NOT, until we have refined our search to the pursuit of the ineffable which is the be all and end all of life's quest; however we might imagine it to be at whatever station of awareness we are present in and which is dramatically or most subtly altered with every event in our lives.

Everyone is free to believe otherwise, however it is that they tailor their world view to prove and justify the legitimacy of whatever it is they think they want--- until they find out 'that' is not 'IT'. Everyone is free to live lifetime after lifetime, chasing after whatever they have told themselves they just have to have or be, until they find out it is not and they are not whatever the hell they think it is and they are. This is what free will is about, to imagine that you are free to do whatever you wish, until you see what a tragedy you have made of it all. Free will is the right to oppose the exercise of the ineffable's will in the sure and certain direction of what is really best for us and we will come to understand what is and what is not when our pain has simply become too much to bear in the process of scheming and conniving and striving to have all the things we don't want. Does it sound insane? It is.

The beauty of it all is that once we discover what it is that we are really after, such a love and passion will fill our hearts that regardless of anything that comes to pass on the way it will surely be worth it when everything before that proved not to be. The reality is that everyone will, at some point come to understand the truth of this and until they are in a position to be willing to entertain the certainty and truth of it there is no point in talking to them about it. They won't listen. They always know better and they are going to do it their way. Have at it.

I don't doubt that I was just like any and all of it once and I am certainly not free of erroneous thought and behavior in those times when I am not paying attention or lying to myself about what I think I want. Luckily such periods of derangement do not last long and their occurrence is always to reinforce my determination not to repeat them.

If I am not willing to do something that another insists I do, it is not because I am cruel or heartless, or indifferent or selfish. One of the good things about working for free is that I don't have to do what anyone else wants me to do because there is no contract that exists which forces me to fulfill any obligation. My father tried to force me to do what he wanted. The military tried to do that. Law Enforcement tried to do that and certainly the government has had its hand in there at different points and NONE OF THEM have been successful and never will be. Inasmuch as I am able to hear the words of guidance from the only authority that I recognize, I will strive to adhere. I will fail and I will try again and so on. Sooner or later I am bound to fail my way to success.

I know there are people who are mystified at the peculiarity of my thought processes that involve an invisible being at some indeterminate location. “How”, they wonder, “Can someone who is that intelligent believe in something that has been so badly interpreted by so many warring creeds?” You are approaching it all wrong. I've got nothing to do with any of that. I can't tell you what it is and all I know of it is what has occurred in my experience of it and I suppose that would have to be called 'subjective'. I take the ruling authority over my life and my actions from the statements given by the great teachers who have come here for brief periods and left the evidence of their passing. I believe what they had to say and I believe what they had to say is far, far more important than what anyone else has to say, except for certain mystics and illuminated poets. I don't care what the world has to say, I'm only passing through here and closer to being Les Visible today than I was yesterday. So are you. So are you. If you'd bought Bit Coins when I first started writing about what a good idea it is you would have tripled your money as of today and following Japan's lead its value is soon going to jump into the stratosphere. It is not impossible that every Bit Coin could come to be worth a million dollars. It's nice to fool with the world on occasion but less enjoyable when the world fools with you.

A few months ago a woman got in contact with me and said she wanted to leave her hundred acre property in upstate New York to me. She said the house had just been appraised at 350,000 and that a lot of the property was landscaped, basically that it was very nice. Certainly there was a time in my life that this would have looked very attractive to me; the wide privacy, the surrounding presence of Nature, the snowbound solitude of winter. I thought about it and then I contacted a friend about it and his sister was very interested. I thought I would work in that direction but she wanted to leave it to me. That wasn't all. In communicating with her I started to experience a good amount of Old Testament criticism about the most picayune things. I began to wonder why someone with no health problems wanted to leave their property to me and when that would happen. Mostly... I realized that my life really is in the hands of the ineffable. I don't care about what the world may offer me and from what I hear that may be considerable at some point. I realized that this person wanted me there to be a feature of her existence and after one particular chiding at her hands I told her I didn't have the time for this sort of thing and I never heard from her again. That's too bad because if she wanted me to be a part of her life she could have had that, just not in the way she might think she wants it. Anyone could, keeping in mind the limitations of time and space when it comes to access and availability.

The more I lay my existence at the feet of the ineffable, the more everything is there for me and the less I want it. I am trying to communicate one of those mysterious principles in life. Treat the power and hypnotic appeal of the world as lacking in any importance and it will pursue you all over the place. Chase after it and it will mess you up. That is as simple as I can put it. I could go into intricate detail about how the primary elements of the manifest world operate; the ineffable, the world, the devil and the deep blue sea; how they interact and what the pecking order is and what the most important feature of all is... you. It would just be a lot of words. I'll say it again; feel and express love. This is the true currency of life, not wealth, power or position, not Bit Coin and not celebrity... none of these things! If Love becomes the supreme expression of your life, it will be your life and the destiny of love will be your destiny.

There is a reason that it is said that God is Love. Put aside all the romantic and noble interpretations. It's a mathematical truth. In unity are all things held in place. The 'attractive force' is the most powerful force. If you want something, love it. I say “love it”. I did not say desire it. Where your heart is, your fortunes will be as well. It is not said, in the greatest commandment that you should love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind because God is a demanding and insecure megalomaniac. It is because God represents the highest expression of what you yourself can become, that which, in your essence you already are. If you want something, love it. If you want God, love God. The attractive force is the most powerful force. God will be compelled to come to you. God is the source of every beautiful and enduring thing. God is immortality in the best way. God is the reservoir of the qualities of god, which are the most desirable things in all of existence. God is all powerful and the very best friend you can have. Simply decide that God is your friend and act accordingly.

You are always on the precipice of life changing decision. You can muddle about here for countless years, chasing after that which disappoints you without exception or... you can pursue the one that understands and controls everything and who is the supreme enjoyer and who can transfer that capacity to you. Suddenly, a miracle occurs, you begin to enjoy everything and at no cost because your real love and appreciation is reserved for the greatest of all and... you can believe this or not. It might take a million years but you will come to believe it. It doesn't have to take that long.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

This is a Fading Age of Darkness, in a Full Approach to the Everlasting Light

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It keeps on going; the relentless Satanic putsch is right out there in the open these days. According to the spokesthings for this no longer underground movement- “the goal of homosexual activism is to normalize all forms of perversion and sexual deviancy.” It's moving across the country along the greased wheels of Tribe librarian promotions. They've attached their names to it right on the site.

Behind the scenes... behind the scenes a long walking and stalking agenda has been shoehorning obliging zombie replicants into positions of varying levels of authority in order to make de rigueur every violation of normal that can be imagined into cornerstones of the coming age. This is not remotely possible. What it is is the last gasp of the passing age, now polluted beyond recognition.

I'm going to paraphrase here just a little and borrow imagery from scripture and attempt to provide meaning at the same time. During one of his inspired talks, which much of the time involved allegory, Jesus Christ was speaking about vines (grape vines) and husbandmen who tend the vines and he made reference to 'the life' that moved in the vines and the vines that no longer carried life and which were cut away in a pruning exercise and then cast into a fire. I think I have this right generally. There is another line in The Bible that says, “where there is no vision, the people perish.” I am guessing that this refers to spiritual vision. In these times we can clearly see that this collective vision has departed. It certainly exists in the hearts and minds of those who hold to the understanding that there is no true inspiration that does not come from the giver of all good things. At this time, whatever passes for inspiration is the GMO fruit of perverted templates which the general consciousness is being forced into and shaped by. In other words, you are no longer what you were and if you were a child you didn't even get to be what you were before you became something else.

The mind and being of the creator interpenetrates all things. It is often not acknowledged, especially in these times but it is there none the less because there is no life absent from the ineffable who is the source of all life and who ensouled the dust of the ground in the first place, so that we might possess animated shapes, in order to be present on the manifest plane for the purpose of demonstration. Those who have made the effort to seek out the indwelling spirit that is the life within them, have come to an understanding of the truth in residence as it flows through the vine that they are. In times of transition, such as we presently find ourselves in, the living energy of existence is being routed through those hearts and minds that are living in accord with the will of the divine. It is being withdrawn from those other vines that have ceased to draw the power of life from the creator and sustainer of life. This is a truly sad thing and I do not possess the necessary gravity of words to express how very sad this is.

In the beginning and... one might say there have been many beginnings and ends, when we, or those like us took up residence here, we were much less materialized than we are today. Existence moves through set stages, through times of mostly light, a time of more light than not, a time of less light than darkness and a time of mostly darkness and the latter is the time we find ourselves in. It must be said that there is not less light overall. There is indeed always more light than is manifest and always will be because the divine never expends into manifestation even half of itself. As Swedenborg once said, “the spiritual sun never reaches its zenith.” In times of greater darkness, the light concentrates in those locations where it is welcome to reside, or those untouchable locations where it waits upon the dawn.

I wish I could convey to you the real and serious importance of holding fast to the ineffable in times like these. The costs are great, as are the possible rewards. Let us look at the whole of this segment of manifestation as a drama set across a reach of 26,000 years. During this time, every possible permutation of life makes its entrance and exit. A wardrobe exists and in it are all the costumes that clothe the lifetimes that we collectively experience. At the end of such a cycle it is all recycled, a new wardrobe appears to clothe the lifetimes coming in the following cycle and those who did not succeed in what was required here, over the course of their comings and goings are sent back to the wardrobe for another cycle of opportunity and this repeats and repeats until the necessary number of cycles has passed and the ineffable then gathers it all back into itself and sleeps for a time; a long time.

For those who did succeed in any particular cycle, portals open for a specified period and depending on the soul present and the state of awareness that soul achieved to, the portals differ but they are there to be entered through and can ONLY be seen by those permitted entry.

As has been said here a few times, it is no accident that nearly 7 billion of us are present in this moment. There is reasons for this. Whether we see or know what those reasons are has nothing to do with them existing. They are a fact.

We had thought for a long time that a community of kindred souls was the way to go in these troubled times. The ineffable put the kibosh on that as far as this writer is concerned but... we do have a community and time and distance are both illusions after all. We are most certainly together after a fashion and share in all the privileges that such a community affords, be it virtual or otherwise.

We apologize for writing in a particular language and mood today. This all happens of its own accord. It is what it is and we have no real control over that. Sometimes the language might seem to come from a more doctrinal resource, lacking the folksy tone, lacking the sarcastic and humorous tone. Sometimes it is necessary to get near Biblical in tone.

Nothing said here runs contrary to the teachings of the New Testament and corroboration for any of it can be found in the teachings of the Rishis (who were not Biblical but that tradition came directly from the teachings of the Rishis). We aren't putting out anything new here. We do not know enough nor do we possess the power to chart some new variation on old themes. We feel that those who authored the old themes were and are far more informed than we are. Certainly... ideas are presented, often, in a new manner but they are drawn from old wells.

We not only believe in God here but we KNOW that God is real. There is not the slightest doubt in our hearts and minds concerning the existence of the divine. Having said that, we also know that the divine is beyond comprehension and interpretation and we make no efforts to accomplish the impossible here. The nature of the times breeds a kind of arrogance into the hearts and minds of those who think they understood what they read and know what they are talking about. I make no such claims. The new age movement comes directly out of this arrogance; claiming that we are gods. We may be gods in the making but we are not presently gods. There is no such thing as 'discovering your own truth'. That is more poppycock that works in tandem with the absurdity that we are all gods. Certainly the truth of that would be in the demonstration of it; no? The lingo used by the charlatans and hypocrites of the new age movement is the same lingo used by the sexually and politically degenerate.

It is possible to read the truth. It is possible to encounter someone in possession of some amount of the truth but the truth in its essential nature can only be apprehended within through the agency and good intentions of the one who has authored the truth and that comes through the medium of revelation and revelation comes through grace or the performance of spiritual austerities and might still only come through the former, regardless.

My friends we are ♫standing on shaky ground♫ unless we have encountered that firm foundation; that rock of certainty and perpetuity which is unassailable by any opposing storm generated out of insubstantial darkness. One of the most powerful expressions of what is possible for us has been most effectively impressed upon me by walking into a dark room and lighting a candle. That says it all and we all have a light within and that light can grow exponentially according to the persistence of our expression of love at every opportunity. True light, true love and the ineffable are inseparable.

Take what moments of reflection are possible for you at this time and think deeply about what is and what seems to be. Think about what is real and everlasting and what is temporary and ephemeral. Do not spend useless hours attempting to define the ineffable, rather spend that time seeking the ineffable because all you seek to know and all that you can ever know will be conferred on you by that which you seek, if what you seek is true.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

The Voodoo Dancing Zio-Communist-Atheist-Gay Raptured Army at the Gates of Doom

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If we were as aware as we like to think we are, we would watch carefully the actions of our senses, what is impacting on them and the manner in which our minds process the information. What most of us do not realize is that we live in something like an aquarium. That aquarium is what defines the parameters of our awareness. A better way to put it would be to say it is the defining limitation we exist in based on the given reach of our understanding. This is what we know of reality; the totality of what we have convinced ourselves is true.

We literally live in a mental institution surrounded by mental patients, most all of whom are medicated in one way or another. There are people whose entire existence is based on making outrageous claims that suit their own self interest and scheme of self promotion. Obama and Bush just came out in synchronicity concerning the present state of American life and the administration supposedly in charge of its policies. Both of these ex-presidents are war criminals and social deviants who spent their time trashing the well being of the citizens they were elected to protect. They are both odious low lifes, living the high life, at the expense of everyone else. Both of them were mass murderers and possibly still are. Anything they say are calculated lies, written for their presentation of them under the orders of their master(s). Who knows what is really going on with these men and the rest of the icons who set the pace and direction of the culture? I don't know if what is said in that article is real. It certainly is curious.

There is so much going on these days that amounts to efforts being made by certain groups of people to enhance their manufactured victim status and which is drafted by agents of the most successful manufactured victim class that ever was. It has become routine now, so you know that whoever put out this poster will turn out to be the people the poster was created to be offensive to. Please note at the bottom of the page there is the term, 'Fascist Solutions'. In the double speak, disinfo whirlpool of these times, it is pretty much guaranteed that it was members of the Zio-atheist-gay raptured-communist faction that put out the item. As was stated in the last posting, the extreme ends of both fascism and communism are indistinguishable from one another. A very tiny portion of the country is behind all of the current ills and they have the power and ubiquity of the Crass Media and other major corporations behind them. These is extreme pressure being generated in every area of enterprise to push every tiny demographic of abnormality into the mainstream. Here is a quote from the article that says it all; “No one deserves to be a woman more than those [trans women] who routinely suffer abuse and are treated like they’re less than nothing.” How does that make any sense whatsoever?

Events like this expose very clearly how much force is being brought to bear on American life. At the same time, there are those among us who comprehend the necessity of recognizing the authority of the divine in all things. We are in a war and the moment we are in is the battleground. Those of the tiniest and most vocal demographic, who have made it their life's work to be the greatest victims of them all and which they have been accomplishing through ceaseless historical revision, are presently strengthening their case, by promoting every other tiny demographic and especially those whose interests are sexual in nature, so that we have the certain result of the tyranny of the minority over the majority. We have already had that for some time but now it is being promoted and enforced with two main objectives; the destruction of the family unit and an all out assault on one's spiritual being. This is self evident to the eyes of any rational human being with enough intelligence. Here is the telling face and form of this world wide agenda;

Grotesque creature from the black lagoon

Do you get a sense of mercy and compassion in that face? I'm guessing, given my orientation and physical form; not to mention my color, that Uruguay is likely not to be (or should not be) on my bucket list.

We've been on about these issues for some time here. It is not that we find these issues that compelling. It is because these issues are the primary issues of the day and... if permitted to continue to rise in prominence and power, will shortly threaten all of our lives in ways we may not yet even imagine. Death would be the kinder result and a swift death kinder yet.

The force of demonic enterprise has accelerated in a startling fashion. It has become exponential in its pervasiveness and aggressiveness. The power of Satanism is directly proportionate to the prevalence of materialism. As materialism rises in force 'in the minds of the populace', the power of Satanism will rise in tandem. One might say that the two are basically the same, differing only in that one is a conscious form of worship in hope of acquisition and the other is an unconscious immersion in the sensory realm. Both are in the same place really and can expect similar results, which may differ only in the cost and intensity (not grinning).

Here we come to cellphones again. They are the most ubiquitous and disturbing of all the creations extant on the material plane and seem to be imbued with a hypnotic power. This I can readily observe, though I don't know what it is since I am immune to it, apparently. One has only to go to YouTube and as much time as you have to expend on the examples, you will never have enough time to see them all. The amount of tragic and painful occurrence is astounding. I don't know if you have to be stupid to begin with or if you just become stupid through prolonged exposure but you eventually become or already are, dumber than a rock.

I don't know how it is with anyone else but I keep seeing some very disturbing trends (disturbing to me) and they keep increasing in both presence and power. The sexual lunacy is off the charts, as is the frantic and frenetic efforts to keep the variants of type ever before the public eye. The Satanic intensity from the highest corridors of power, working at the legitimizing of ever more and more perverse expressions is IN YOUR FACE. The rising hordes of mindless and barbaric foot-soldiers of Antifa type is alarming to say the least. The vicious slandering of anyone who speaks out for the rights to free speech and the groundless association of so many as being Nazis and supremacists is frightening.

The Harvey Weinstein story came out and now there are legions of women claiming they were raped 20 years ago, or touched by this person or that person, inappropriately. There are book deals and television interviews in their future. There's more going on here than is presently in evidence but the one feature that is in evidence is, 'divide and conquer', set everyone against each other; create a climate of fear and intimidation and most of all blame it on that bumbling troglodyte Trump.

We are in a state of upheaval and uproar. Vicious psychonauts are sailing in the forefront, standard bearers of cruel revolution with harm intended for all who might oppose them. A casual study of historical precedence reveals that these firebrands are usually put to the sword or forced to the sidelines once some amount of change has come to pass. That's a good thing since people of this type are not assimilable after the fact. They are rampaging harridans who generate ill will to one and all. They're like Trotsky with an ice axe in their future.

It looks like chaos at the moment and it is on surround sound so great as to be intimidating to people of faith and good will. This should never be the case that appearances can dictate your emotional climate. Either you are secure in the certitude of the ineffable or circumstances will tell you in no uncertain terms that you are not. Who does the ineffable live in if not in us? Whose hands and hearts and minds does the ineffable employ? There are jobs gone begging for anyone who is willing to serve the greater interests of us all under the command of the divine.

We are not going to be called to the position of COO simply because we consider ourselves fit and able. We probably are not and as with any successful organization or operation, with the exception of nepotism you have to start your climb somewhere in the lower ranks and gain experience and expertise as you go. You have to demonstrate commitment and loyalty and it is the same with the ineffable. You are groomed from the moment you begin and you are tested all the way. You are tempered in the fire of trial and made capable in the crucible of experience There is no scut or demeaning work in the service of God. It is all of critical importance. At no time are there enough of us employed in this manner. Outside of heaven the numbers are always greater in the ranks of the ignorant, the indifferent and the self serving. That is the nature of the world. However...

at some point the mists will fall away from the battlements of Shambala and the gates will open and the cavalry will come forth. The gates of Heaven will open and the angels of the almighty will descend and triumph as they ALWAYS do. Then, time will pass and the memory will fade and we will have only legend and fantastic tales. Life will go on in whatever fashion has been determined to be best for the purpose of demonstration.

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

100 Lumps of Shit on the Wall, You Take One Down, You Pass it Around, 99 Lumps of Shit on the Wall.

You take one down you pass it around, 98 lumps of shit on the wall and... so on and on and on but for some reason the shit still remains; like how there was six million killed and in one location they reduced the number of casualties by more than 3 million and there are still six million. It's sort of like Mickey Mouse hitting the relentless brooms with an axe and there being two where there were once one but he'll get mentioned again because Mickey Mouse sums up the whole affair better than anyone else and Wiley Coyote had better look out but you may be sure he won't because you can't maintain a one pointed fixation on a particular objective and still possess an objective awareness of what's going on around you, unless it will facilitate getting what you want.

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Oh the Horror! The Horror! There's shit everywhere; walking shit, crawling shit, flying shit, high end shit and low end shit, shit for brains (plenty of that) and shit for lunch, shit apathy and shit entropy and most certainly shit out of luck; no shit- au contraire, there be plenty... plenty not so good and plenty. There's cold shit, warm shit and all of it available in steam pans filled with shit. We're going to be talking about shit today. If you disagree with my term selection, I assure you that I gave it a lot of thought and all I could come up with was... shit. So... pardon me but this really is the best I can do, mostly because this is not the best that so many of the rest can or could do.

It's official, Trump is either a willing or unwilling captive of the Satanic Tribe. He is most assuredly a Shabbos Goy. He has come to the penultimate of the nonsensically trivial and irrelevant of his materialistic waste of space life. You can see him literally jump like a Pinocchio on strings as he herky jerkies out the neo-con talking points, on Russia, on Iran, on Donner and Dixon. I now realize that all the good and courageous agendas that he brought forth were only to appease those deluded fools who saw through hope and change and thought there might still be hope and the possibility of change; before I go any further, let me say that there is most certainly hope and you can count on change, whether you like it or not but very little of general human value is going to be forthcoming from him. He's a sold out and bloated caricature and a poor imitation of someone who was fake to begin with, rather than being the maestro of The Apprentice he is the Sorcerer's Apprentice as personified by Mickey Mouse in Fantasia.

Let us read the words of the prophet before we travel further. Let us reflect on the meaning implicit thereon because it is the absence of reflection on these very tenets that has brought us to such a pass, though we shall not all be continuing on the road to perdition because not all of us are playing 'follow the leader', or were going in that direction in the first place.

Speaking of shit, here is the latest shit mousse, duck shit pâté. It's not babies torn from the incubators -

It doesn't have people being thrown into industrial plastic shredders. What it is is a variation on those themes with murdered infants and raped wives and fantastic details of Pakistan and America working together against the wicked Taliban. This will assuredly tie into the Iranians at some point. Do I lack sympathy for these people? No. I just don't think these people exist.

How about this load of shit from that center of all things perverse and twisted... Toronto, where Normal is about to be criminalized because it is owned from the top down by the same people that own Trump.

I love reading the bio's of people who feed off of the fly blown shit heap of the entertainment industry; pay special attention to Hayley McGowan's. I especially like the comments that come around indicating the intelligence level of the people who patronize the people who feed off of the shit heap of the entertainment business. I am amazed at the cluelessness of celebrities and their shameless glomming on to anything that will hopefully, possibly (fuck! I'm desperate) elevate them out of their D-list celebrity status. Even if it means fabricating a meaningless drama out of nothing because we all have a Harvey Weinstein story somewhere, even if it is only in our imagination. Some of us, however, need a Harvey Weinstein story like we need to draw breath if we are under water too long. It appears there are so very many of them. If you know much about Gwyneth Paltrow's real life you would have most likely, like myself, broken out into laughter at her version of Rashomon. Let the piling on begin.

I'm not defending Harvey. I've known about Harvey for some time and I'm not a fan but... the level of sanctimony and self righteousness that is going on is staggering. Most of these people are people who would do and have done ANYTHING to get where they are, or were ...but now? Heh heh... the outrage is comical. Hollywood is chock full of perversities far beyond anything Harvey has gotten up to in that specific manner. It's possible he's up to other things in other areas that I am not informed about. Anyway... it's all shit; miles wide and miles deep and... it's flammable but ultimately, that's a good thing.

My friends, I am not pleased with myself for writing this. Surely I could have come up with something better and you probably already know all about this and don't need to hear more but for several days, all I have run into is shit... they've got that big industrial 3-D printer going 24/7 and pumping out lie after lie after lie and the reason is that their reality is fraying at the edges and they know it. They can't do anything about it either. Mr. Apocalypse is real and his manner of action is one of degrees. He's not what he was previously when he was setting the stage. He was setting the stage so that he could come on stage and once he comes on stage, it's a whole new ballgame and then there is a new series of degrees and you won't have to worry about missing any of it because it will be going on right in front of you as it intensifies. I take no pleasure in any of this. I am neither in anticipation or apprehension. There's nothing one can do about it.

It is no accident that a man of Trump's farcical stature is where he is. It's no accident that so much polarization is taking place. It's no accident that such a epic storm of flies are swarming around the shit. It's no accident that cellphones are everywhere and that the masses are attached to them as if their life depended on them and in many cases their lives have been lost as a result and technology is rapidly approaching a state where the world is soon to be transformed in more areas than one can catalog.

It is no accident that it has become a joke but it is not something that is funny. It is tragic-comic and very sad and it is right there, being defined and defining itself and for some reason, the present level of human awareness does not allow for a deeper scrutiny and so... we have cellphones. They are the total surrogate. They are Linus's blanket. They are like layers of fat that insulate one from feeling because of all the alienation and loneliness and shame and disgust... the self loathing that one holds tighter and tighter as an affirmation of identity that is a fabrication built out of nothing at all.

9/11 was and is a composite of ridiculous presumptions that no rational mind could entertain. Sandy Hook and Las Vegas, transsexual children, mind-numbing television, The agony of want in the face of conspicuous excess. You can spend as much as $300,000 on a car stereo. You can spend a million on a single home speaker. Any search engine will give you the details. I don't think you need anymore links. I could list for you one absurdity after another of what the very rich spend their money on while a good portion of the world is hungry. Whenever the world gets out of balance and those who have far too much have even more than that and those with too little compose such a number, cosmic forces are automatically set into action. I just heard, “chase down your passion” and “life is as big as you make it”. The announcer was talking about Budweiser. Yes, the baseball playoffs are on and even being aware of what I am aware of, I am not immune to pedestrian entertainments. I tried living in remote isolation and I literally was not allowed to. I've learned through painful experience to rely on the ineffable for everything and I have no choice anyway and if I think I do I will be shown otherwise.

Sometimes we can aspire and achieve and sometimes we would profit more by doing what is expected of us and by some means we are informed as to what that is if we pay attention... or failing that, have it impressed upon us.

I'm sorry I had to talk about shit today. I really do apologize for that. It's just what came up and tomorrow or the next day it will be different. I didn't even include some of the most glaring examples that I came across. Suffice to say that lacking as we are in more examples of it here, I have seen a whole lot of shit recently (grin). However, the problem is perhaps with my own vision for I have seen many beautiful examples as well and I see them daily in my personal life; thank god!

The point we have been trying to make, albeit ineffectually, is that the time is truly at hand for us to consider what is important to us. It is time to reflect upon the course we have taken and give serious thought to what that implies. It is time to reach with a burning desire for the one who is in possession of the fate of all life. It is my belief, my firm and certain belief, that in this time there is a miraculous potential for spiritual growth and advancement on the path. I fully intend to rededicate myself in every moment that I am fortunate enough to remember to do so and place my life in the capable hands of the everlasting lover of us all.

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What the heck... let's bring a touch of beauty in with one more of Timothy Raab's photos-

Early morning by Timothy Raab

Sunday, October 08, 2017

They Went Off the Road on the Way to Mandalay Bay.

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It's not like those other times when the dark side of the Deep State of the American government, with the assistance of Satanic, Zionist, Israel attacked the American public for the purpose of intimidation, for the incremental and progressive implementation of Communism from borders to borders, East and West and North and South and beyond. It's already well on its way to the North. If you want a small taste of what they intend... look at Canada. Of course the stage of it which Canada is presently in is Early Times and the residents had better stock up on plenty of Early Times to help them cope with what the psychopaths have in mind for them.

At other times, when the American intelligence services, in concert with International Satanists and Israel have launched a murderous assault against the American public, the media has been like an angry beehive. It's different this time. In some ways it looks like their heart isn't even in it. Maybe no orders have come down so far. Perhaps this is only Stage One of an agenda and we are going to have to wait a bit for them to hop up and down in feigned outrage. It just happened and that was that. Ordinary dysfunctional life came back really fast. The news of the day before remains the news of the present moment. It will probably be the same tomorrow.

In the past, every few hours there would be some breaking new artifice; some new and fantastic lie about what happened but didn't happen. There would be an industrial Jack in the Box construction where one head popped up after another to provide yet one more perspective on an event that never took place. Oh something happened. It just wasn't what we were told. In the past they relied on a relentless avalanche of lies to reinforce an infrastructure of prevarication built out of shadows materializing into substance. If you concentrate shadow to the necessary density, a palpable form will appear. The general public will come to believe that what is not there is actually there. They will reflexively believe that the lie is true, in the same way that they believe they are free, in the same way they will believe they know what is going on, when they don't, in the same way they will conform to traditions as if the traditions are in their own best interest, when they are not.

The bottom line is that lies are easier to believe, whereas the truth brings a responsibility with it. The truth will set you apart and very likely bring you into conflict with your fellows. It will also bring that grave disappointment, which is that people will not believe you, even when you can convincingly prove what you say. They will often run in horror from what you have to say, or they will cultivate an enmity toward you for putting them in the position of having to refute the irrefutable. On the surface they will be certain that you are wrong but at a deeper level their conscience will convict them and give them no peace and they will hate you for this. Jesus Christ was a classic example of this and the marvelous evidence of his miracles only served to make those who hated him, hate him more. You can show people with the simplest clarity that something is so but it will not be enough if it challenges their comfort, which they either possess or are in the pursuit of. The whole of civilization is the people's reaction to pain and the hunger for comfort.

The epidemic of alcoholism and drug addiction are all in relation to a deeper pain that will not go away and that pain is generated by a person's resistance to seeing themselves as they really are. Sexual perversities and addictions are all expressions of one's inability to feel Love. Love requires the giving of one's self. The vulnerability that this creates in a time of material darkness, which drives one in the service of selfish intent is in direct conflict with the experience of Love as love really is. You can't fake love and harvest the fruits of love at the same time. You only create a wicked simulacrum whose product is a gnawing emptiness. It is this emptiness that drives the unfortunate (of which there are so very many) toward an objective that cannot be realized and which results in an ever increasing frustration and attendant shame of having looked for love in all the wrong places.

We have considered all the possibilities that might explain why this present offense against the American public has resulted in so little. There is a paucity of both truth and lies. We expect that of the former but that the lies are not streaming 24-7 over every airwave there is, is startling. I have been left with the conclusion that this recent event is only part one in a scenario that has not completed. Further marching orders are in abeyance until further on.

In the meantime, the usual trivia, attendant absurdities and non stop celebration of tiny demographics as the new normal continue apace. Here we see how Naval Training played a significant role in making it possible for a humorous irony to come to our attention. At the same time, Mr. Apocalypse is lifting the skirts of ubiquitous corruption in the corridors of power. Here is the outplaying of one of those persistent mysteries that occur in the lives of those who can afford everything and have it delivered to their door. Why would one of the most powerful men in the world expose himself through sexual harassment of the unwilling when he could have had willing tidbits brought out to him daily with his canapes and cocktails? Why do people who do not have to do so, put themselves in such a fix? Such is the nature of the cause and effect of life's teaching moments, when the director is on the set and making a point. Once again, irony rears its shaggy head. Here we have a man who makes movies and is one of the most powerful and successful men alive at this and now he is starring in a movie he didn't contract for.

The message in all of this is that manifest life is about lessons; lessons learned, lessons not learned, lessons by example and proxy. It is a continuous series of stages constructed and stages torn down and all of them for the purpose of lessons demonstrated. If you learn your lesson, you move on to the next one. If you do not then you are destined to repeat the necessary circumstances set into place for the experience. You get promoted. You get demoted. Karma is precise and barring supernatural intervention, inviolable. The biggest problem with Karma is that it tends to create more Karma out of the nature of the Karma at work. This is why it is so difficult for us to change. It is always hardest when you are 'trying to change'. When we go along as we always do it can be effortless but... try to make alterations and boom! The factor of resistance goes right up.

Everyone has a monitor, or guide appointed to keep track of them. They may be completely unaware of it but so it is. This is the source of information gleaned from the intuition... hunches... going to sleep with something on your mind and waking up with an answer. On the one hand, some of it comes about through the operation of the subconscious while we sleep. Other times it is 'inserted' into our consciousness. Most people resist things of this nature because most people resist change. Self will run riot is the order of the present day. So long as we work in opposition to our own best interests we are going to be the victim of our aggressive ignorance.

I have not been immune to this sort of behavior. It's taken me some time to learn to step out of my own way. For several years I have been told, over and over, “rely on me”. Try as I might, even when I would remember to try, I was unable to do this. I had to experience all sorts of trauma and witness the good fortune that came from my own invisible guide(s). Slowly but surely, if you are mindful and of good intent, you begin to see and understand. You see internally and you understand comprehensively, according to your capacity to rely on the ineffable. We think when we are being pounded on that it is some form of misfortune but... we are being pounded into shape and we are being nudged, less gently than we might like, onto our proper course. It is real misfortune when no effort is being made on your behalf, when you have been left to your own devices because wiser minds know that you can no longer be guided away from your persistent errors in judgment; “where there is no vision, the people perish”. It is happening right in front of us.

You would think that even a relative simpleton could see what the Dark State and their fell companions are up to. The lack of curiosity in the general public, when it comes to the commission of crimes against them is stunning. The idea that one elderly man was able to kill and wound so many people in such a short time with weapons that cannot do what they are said to have done is ridiculous. With so much that has already happened and the absurdities of the official lies about 9/11, you would think people might have finally become aware of what has been happening to them but... so far this is not the case. Somehow their minds are completely under a spell. They believe the unbelievable and yet... it is so hard to accept the incredible.

I want no part of these delusions. I am not going to buy a ticket on the Doom Train. I can't run into the street and cry out like a lunatic possessed. I can't grab people by the arm in the supermarket no more than I can write in all capital letters here, as if virtual shouting would add some greater degree of credibility to what I say. In the end, the best you can do is to set a good example. The best you can do is to seek after the truth and speak it on those occasions where the opportunity presents itself. The rest is in the hands of the ineffable, let come what may.

The Las Vegas attack was carried out by hired guns of the Deep State Satanists. Try as they might, their acts of persistent violence will not reap them the results they seek. This is an apocalypse. What may have been possible at another time is not possible now. The shovels employed by these murderous thugs are only digging deeper the hole they are going to bury themselves in. The most unfortunate aspect of it all is not the terrible end these monsters have set their sights on, it is all the careless and witless souls that they will carry with them into perdition. That's the point of it anyway, as far as their master is concerned.

Be watchful and seek the good advice of your invisible friends. Help is always to be had for those who will put themselves in the way of it. Just because Johnny got into his car and drove off the cliff does not mean you have to. Be grateful to Johnny for having shown you what happens when you do.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

What Happens in Vegas will not Stay in Vegas.

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Last night while trying to fall asleep, I went into a trance state and was under attack. It was brutal and I did not know that I was asleep and kept trying to get up but could not. Then I did... finally. For some reason, as terrifying as these experiences can be, I wasn't affected much. Thank god for that. I went into the living room and sat for awhile, then I laid down on the couch and slept for a few hours, got up again, it was still dark, went back into the bedroom and everything was fine. Woke up this morning and everything wasn't fine; at least it wasn't fine in Las Vegas. What a thing to happen...

As I have been saying, though this has probably occurred to all of you, people are going to start going insane, individually... collectively and, let us not forget they will also go insane because they are being programmed to. Whether this was the case with our most recent madman I do not know. I can say what I think someone once said, “the world is too much with us.” It was probably Wordsworth. He's usually the guy who says the things I can't remember were said by someone.

Whether they are now taking totally unpredictable people and setting them into motion or... if the system itself, which is contrary to human welfare, is setting it off, or... if as is more likely, the ineffable has let it take place for reasons of his own because everyone, the good the bad, the ignorant and brilliant, the powerful and the powerless, the those and the these and the all of them, are players in a moving tapestry of events on the one hand and experiences on the other. We all have a similarity of events that differ in intensity by degrees. The complexity ensures because we all have different experiences of them. Some are crushed by events that others shrug off and even forget about. Some never recover. If you endure you survive and maybe that explains why sometimes people you wouldn't imagine possess the skills to make it in this world, get by simply because they keep going.

I didn't think anything about what happened today. I wasn't surprised. I wasn't sad. I had no reaction at all. It's not far from here and that's why I wrote what I did in the first paragraph because it made me wonder if something dark wasn't coming down or up and I caught a portion of it as it went by. I spent the time fighting it off; literally fighting it off, until I was able to wake up and leave the room. Maybe this fellow wasn't able to fight it off but no... he'd been planning it. It seems that way, given all the guns he had to carry up to his room. His father was a bank robber who the authorities called a psychopath. Let's keep in mind that a great many of our overseers are also psychopaths and that crimes are less likely to be actionable where the criminals are also those making and enforcing the laws.

I am not at all unsympathetic about what happened in Vegas. It's just that at the moment I saw what had happened, I was instantly affirmed in my awareness that this was very much to be expected and that what happens in Vegas is not going to stay in Vegas. On the face of it, with what little we know at the moment, it is very, very odd; as odd as some of our recent events have been, this one is even odder. The person who did this is like the poster guy for people who don't do this. I don't know if that is a red flag or it just looks like one. The world is full of coincidence and anomaly, which (metaphorically scratching my head) seems to conflict with the meaning of anomaly. That's how it is though isn't it? We are awash in anomalies. The unpredictable is becoming the commonplace. In case it's not readily apparent I should say, that's not a good thing. It's kind of like someone wishing you live in interesting times. You do. No one has to wish that on you now.

It's tragic I suppose, that I wasn't shocked. It didn't even startle me afterwards when it occurred to me that I wasn't shocked. I recognize that not much shocks me anyway because I'm one of those people who got shocked so often that I guess I'm kind of shell shocked ...but it happened so often that the shell has been shaken into fragments, so the only real injury is to a shell that is no longer there. I think it's a little like Schrodinger's Cat or one of those cosmic conundrum like black holes and all the other inexplicables where constantly repeated theory and speculation become fact and which is a process used by the one's who deceive us and which results, eventually in everything we have been taught to believe being bullshit. That...

is the nature of the world when the world has been turned to unnatural things. In order to convince us to participate in these unnatural things it becomes imperative to convince us that what we are doing is natural when it is not and this is not exceptionally difficult when you control the education system and all the other systems that systematize us according to their template of perdition. You can put a square peg into a round hole if you force it hard enough. In the end the peg may likely no longer be a true square and the hole no longer precisely round. What is it that the Israelis say? “If it doesn't work, use force and if that doesn't work, use more force.” Of course the other option is that if you can't slither in, use more slither. It seems to me that both of these are employed full time. It seems equally as clear to me that all too few people are aware of this. What is more tragic still is the amount of people who are entertained and engrossed with its by-products. They never see the 'it' itself. They only see the by-products. Maybe that is why. For some reason it reminds me of the tale about Perseus killing the Medusa with a mirror. We don't see how ugly the monster is because it is holding a mirror out of which pours an endless stream of ever so attractive magnetized dust creations... you can't eat just one but everyone of them can eat you. Of course, on reflection (pun intended) there's no real connection to Perseus and the Medusa there, except that in both cases the monster is very ugly. In the one case however, being turned to stone would be preferable.

Las Vegas is an interesting place for this to have happened in. If you combine that with the inexplicable reality of the one who is supposed to have done it... well... it's a conspiracy theorist wet dream. which leads one... one who retains an objective and intuitive capacity, to speculate. Rumors and speculations will abound. There's an army of rumormongers and speculators out there. It's as if someone dumped a truckload of honey in front of a community of hungry bears. There will be a feeding frenzy and if those were sharks I used in the illustration (instead of bears) there would be an army of professionals chumming the waters.

It's going to be beyond strange. Sooner or later you know that 'they' are going to step in it, in front of the whole world. I don't know, as I have said, whether 'they' have anything to do with it or not. What I do know is that sooner or later, Mr. Apocalypse is going to raise his staff in the air and bring it down hard upon the Earth and then... well,

we'll see won't we?

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