Friday, January 31, 2014

To Bring Down the Vampire Banking Syndicate.

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Ah... I knew if I mentioned Kalifornia in somewhat of a bad light I would hear about it but... I'm just repeating what I see and also analyzing from what I see. It is true that food is going to be a problem. It is already a huge problem in those parts of the world that The Crass Media ignores because they are high profit zones for multinationals. Corporations have no conscience and they don't promote people who do. By the time you get anywhere near the levers of power, you are a cold blooded, psychopathic sonofabitch, like this guy here. California is the land of dreamers. I was struck by this feature when I first got there. They have a certain kind of people there. New York has another kind. I am of the New York kind, so I noticed the variants. There were things about Kalifornia that I loved, The Joshua Tree National Monument Park, Mendocino, Bolinas, Big Sur, Larkspur where I lived on a houseboat. I don't mean to disparage Kalifornia, I just have my own right brain kind of math and I add things up. Then the numbers I get, the equation, is transformed into a picture. I often see things in terms of sustainability; can this sustain under these circumstances with all the various ponderables and imponderables? So... what I am left with is; No, it cannot, barring some form of miracle.

Water is going to be much more of a problem.

Conditions are bad and getting worse all over the place. Conditions are what they are under the driving forces of materialism. One is the rapid decay of systems of materialism that have gone to seed. The other is emergent materialism such as you see in Brazil, India and China. Typical of materialism, in order to squeeze expenses, while sucking as much profit out of the game, a section of society is tossed to the elements. I can never forget the sight of those Filipino children picking their way through enormous mountains of smoldering landfills, or the one that rings Guatemala City.

What we are fed information wise is vastly different in the actual. Those controlling the media and the religious brainwashing systems, are hand in glove with the forces of darkness that have created these horrible conditions. Here, the cousin of 9/11 mastermind Ehud Barak, brags about his relationship, while milking dumbass Christian fundies of their money, as well as exhorting them to die in Israel's wars, so that their bankers can get even richer still. This is the bloodsucking troll who runs the Hagee ministry.

However, we would never know so clearly as we do today, how evil these people are, if they had not been compelled by Mr. Apocalypse to demonstrate it for us. After all, that is the purpose of the whole thing.

The oppressed peoples of the world can shut down this Vampire Syndicate easily, should they choose but... their collective level of ignorance is so great that they are incapable of objective and rational thought. You don't have to violently revolt. You don't have to march in the streets and wave signs and banners. All you have to do is stop purchasing Coca Cola and Pepsi, stop eating at fast food joints and stop buying any new corporate items. It's not like you can't get by on whatever you have at the moment. You stop voting, collectively, saying that the elections are all fixed. You stop enlisting in the military and those already so engaged should begin to leave en masse. They can't put everyone in jail. A silent stepping back is required, coupled with the insistence that NOTHING will continue, until the banks are dissolved and their ill gotten gains are put into reputable hands. The fortunes of the 1% must be taken from them and the rest of the upper echelon should be fairly taxed. Corporations should face huge penalties for offshoring. Agri-business must be broken up and laws passed that state that resources are always and forever the possession of the public, to be administered for the public good. Dual nationals need to be kicked out of the country. Avaricious and oppressive lobbies need to be registered as instruments of foreign powers. AIPAC needs to be reigned in and every legislator swearing fealty to Israel should be drummed out of office. Israel is not Americas friend. It is her most deadly enemy; FACT.

Government surveillance systems must be leveled. The law enforcement community must be held accountable. The genocide in Palestine and elsewhere must be recognized and officially declared as abhorant and reprehensible.

People should shut off their TVs and refuse to watch, until something is done about the banality of entertainment. All these things just mentioned are powers held by the public. Shame the devil. Call the devil and his minions out. Label them for what they are.

The worst offspring of Materialism is what it creates in the human psyche. It creates indifference and a propensity for cruelty that is sickening as seen here and here. In lands where so called Christian values are celebrated we are seeing things like this. This kind of thing can only be a product of the impact of Materialism on the human spirit. Materialism dehumanizes. Materialism dehumanizes. The power of the central consciousness of Materialism is Mammon and this is a living 'thing'. Its powers are mesmerizing and it sucks undisciplined minds into thralldom.

Because of the enormity and pervasiveness of this force, it is highly unlikely that positive change and a reversal of all negative aspects of the present will take place. It seems outside the capacity of the public to become aware of where their welfare lies and who their actual friends are. The allure of a meal ticket and a state of stability, no matter how temporary, is all it takes to engender compliance in them. This is no different than the condition of livestock who get fed each day, when it might be more problematic in the wild but... it generally isn't and what is the fate of the livestock who have been fed and badly cared for during their term?

It seems impossible to communicate to people that every single one of us makes a difference. Every one of us has a tremendous ability toward change, however latent or potential it might be. The game works. The system of oppression works due to the overlords capacity to keep the public on a virtual hamster wheel and to sow dissension among them with the object of their resentment and aggression being one another. In The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine, this is all delineated. (Warning, shameless self promotion zone)

It comes down to one inflexible and ironclad truth. If one's attention cannot be gotten by a gentler effort then the effort will increase in severity until it is impossible not to wake up. If you insist on not seeing what is going on around you and not seeing your contribution to the state you occupy, it WILL be brought to your attention. The Apocalypse is a REALITY. This is expressly why so much is being uncovered and revealed. This is why so much has come out. This is why the internet showed up. As one of my uncle's used to say (but didn't act on), "those who cannot hear must feel." What is more important, your possessions or your life? What is more important, your position or your life? What is more important, the thing you are after or the one who is after it? What is more important, your status here in temporary time, or your subsequent placement afterwards?

I am not an organizer or a rabble rouser. I don't even think community is a good idea for such a one as myself anymore and no doubt that is why it was so hard to come by... but I do believe in people having the opportunity to see what is in front of them, even if, as is the case with me, it is not always efficiently or comprehensively expressed. I've seen what comes of social reformers and how the wheel turns upon those who come into positions of power and how that power affects their original intent. I want no part of it. As soon as I can engineer or troubleshoot my way back to Maui I'm going to submerge, especially since I have just recently come into a fantastic idea for sustaining oneself in that very locale. If against all odds this does not happen, I will relocate to a sparsely populated zone some hundreds of K from here and wait it out, should 'waiting out' be allocated to me to do so. One should stick to what they know and avoid getting caught up in things that, all too often, have a mind of their own.

I am of the opinion that areas of Kalifornia, like areas everywhere, will possibly come through the transformations, presently coming, more or less intact. I am certain that whatever troubles there will be will be largely occurring in the urban locations, except where forces of Nature are concerned. I am certain that some locations are going to be much better than others. Iceland and Norway are not likely to experience general difficulties, in the way so many other places will. India, China and Brazil, as well as other developing areas are going to go through immense changes. The U.S. in general is going to be hit hard in many ways, simply because of what forces are at the helm of the ship of state, as well as the forces presently engaged in systematically looting the landscape. The same will be true of Canada but less so and the same in parts of Western Europe. The U.K. is on its way to unpleasant times unless various inequities are addressed.

It IS altogether possible that ships could come out of the sky. It is altogether possible that the cosmos will make an appearance in the collective heart of humanity, or that a great teacher may appear. Many things are possible. There certainly are off planet civilizations that are much more advanced than our own and the cosmos is capable of anything. Shamballah might emerge from the protective mist that surrounds it at this time. All kinds of things could happen. We just don't know but none of these things are guaranteed investments or deserving of a greater portion of one's faith, save for the active hand of the cosmos. The cosmos is behind all of it, the good and the evil and it's all for the purpose of demonstration. There are life lessons on the table for the populations that are present. Some will learn these lessons and some will not, or they may learn them but not in a desirable fashion. The whole point of life, from the POV of the cosmos, is self discovery and learning. Regardless of what you may be independently up to, these are the intentions of the cosmos and the approved industries of the cosmos. You can substitute 'the ineffable' or 'the divine' in place of the cosmos. I use that term so as to signify a mysterious force of incomprehensible nature. No one knows what is going on there but one can adjust to its intentions according to systems of understanding that are available to all.

Some recent and interesting events are taking place that involve the very young. I have seen a number of similar startling events lately. Along with all the Sturm und Drang are many other things. Anything is still possible at this point. In these critical hours we need to be most discriminating about that which we set heart, mind and hands to. We are responsible for our own actions and we need to remember that as much as we might wish to influence others and get their attention, we can only do so much. The best we can do is lead by example. If others see, so much the better, if not, we have done what we could.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bearding the Zio-Ogre Bankers in their Den

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When we hear about the doings of some celebrity or public figure, even when they tell us it is an intimate peek into their private lives, it isn't. The whole continuous stream of information that gets shaped and fed to us, is laden with objective and intention. We don't see what we don't see. Huh? Where did that come from? Anyway, we don't see what we don't see and we don't hear what we don't hear and we don't know what we don't know, until we see and hear and know it. This is a very effective technique they have and it influences the aware among us, as much as it does the comatose. The basic principles of brainwashing are employed here. If you repeat something over and over and over, it imprints on the mind and if it gets resident in the subconscious, it can be activated by certain impulses. In other words, you can be groomed to behave in a certain way and that's the point of all of these crude (given how dumb and easily influenced so many people are to begin with) efforts on the part of the evil that is engaged in destroying itself.

Why I'm mentioning this is that the one thing we're not hearing about is what is going on behind closed doors at the upper levels of temporal power and what is going on behind the louvers of closed minds. There is a rising panic manifesting in the consciousness of the maldoers. They keep making mistakes. They keep getting caught out. It wasn't supposed to be like this and... they really ain't seen nothing yet.

What I'd like to say here and... I'm not saying it's a given. It's a 'could be', is that so much of the anticipated doom and gloom and catastrophe might not happen. It just might not happen and it might not happen in many places and happen in the extreme in others. It is possible that the servants of darkness might well be herded into camps themselves, or brought low by forces powerful beyond their understanding. It is not the desire of the cosmos that the entirety of the world should suffer but... it is quite true that far too many people support or allow it or... just don't care.

The treatment of animals at this time, in the horrific conditions of factory farms, is truly gruesome. It is a truly sad reality that people in general are unaware of this and even worse, indifferent to it. The mounting weight of Karma for this rests upon all who participate in the process. It's much the same as the responsibility of all those fundie Christians for the deaths of so many people in the Middle East and their culpability in the treatment of the Palestinians, due to gross ignorance in supporting Israel; "the monster of the Mideast". It's similar to the Karma of everyone who participates in bringing evil men and women into the political arena, where they make laws that lay waste to the environment, poison the oceans and the air and allow devastating industrial practices to take place across the country There is nothing more loathsome and depraved as the cognitive disconnect that permits each individual to close their eyes, not only to the world around them but to their part in having made it the way it is.

Nothing amazes me as much as the awareness of the peoples of this planet when it comes to rationalizing and justifying, anything really. It must be that they are locked into states of consciousness because there is no motivation to ascend to a greater perspective. It's those samskaras, those veils of deep opacity that not only block ones ability to perceive but also close off awareness of the reality of what takes place around them. They are insulated by trivia, fed to them all day long. They are made fearful by the constant reportage of random shootings and they are most afraid of the police. They have heard about the things that happened. Even in the hinterlands, 'the shadow has heard about The Shire'.

In reference to that Charlotte policeman and... let me say that phrenology most definitely comes into play here, the most disturbing thing about this, is that they let him go the first time. This is a troglodyte that fired ten bullets into a guy that posed no threat and most of them came after he was already laying down, courtesy of previous bullets. Individuals of this caliber are at the same level, though differing culturally and financially, as Zionists and bankers. What this means is that they have no hesitation about being a law unto themselves and there are no discernible limits to what they will do to acquire and protect whatever they have stolen from you.

The amusement continues. You get two guesses about why whoever wanted to get their hands on this and the first one doesn't count. Yes boys and girls we are talking about an occult ritual for the dark side. However, these things are only supposed to work when there is virtue for power present and to entice the infernal despoilers. Now, might virtue have been present in this former pope? It is not for me to say but... when you preside over such an enormous and pervasive den of depravity and don't do anything about it... it does make a body wonder.

We mentioned earlier, like yesterday, that the long term (and even short term) prognosis isn't good for Kali-fornia. It's a wonder they've been able to maintain some semblance of order for so long. The triple features of a perfect storm are in place; bad economic circumstance, out of control immigration and runaway political correctness. These 3 operating in the same sphere are a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

So far, we have been treated to the spectacle of a rapidly manifesting police state and an increasingly rogue police force; doesn't seem to matter where it is and an incrementally larger problem with the economy, the job market and the housing sector. Bankers are responsible for all of this. In all the world, there is no lower lifeform present. Let me state emphatically that a 3 piece suit does not necessarily indicate civilization. These days it is evidence of something else entirely, something not civilized at all.

We know how it got this way; rapacious avarice on the one hand, with ignorance and indifference on the other. The truth is, in these times, with the ratio of oppressed souls to oppressing forces being what it is, there is no way that the predatory minority can hold on to the illusion of power that they have maintained for so long if the public does not permit it. There is also no way that any corporation can survive if the public, en masse, refused to patronize their outlets and buy their products. There is no way that a military can continue to be a force for murder and repression of the human spirit, if the public refuses to swell their ranks.

At the moment, the public sees the military performing a role they do not perform. Those joining that system are made all the more willing to do so due to the high cost of higher education, the lack of jobs and all attendant limitations that were intentionally set into place by The Bankers who use the military to carry out its feral dream of world conquest and plunder. In better times, which were probably so long ago that there isn't even a historical record of them, most anyone could see through this subterfuge with little trouble. At the same time, in better times, there wouldn't be such a subterfuge to see through.

The movers and shakers of our time came a long way, relatively speaking, distance wise and chronologically, to be here. You could think of it as a time of giant lotteries of radically different types, with diametrically opposing payoffs. Consonant with this, ones possibilities of winning any of the lotteries is contingent on behavior, whether it be evil, or good, relatively speaking. This is what motivates evil. Those serving the forces of evil have been told a lot of lies by The Father of Lies and because they want to believe them, they do believe them. Good is motivated by the dream of a stable order in the world and the promise of prosperity for their families, materially speaking. There are those representative of both good and evil that, having reached a certain level of awareness, have more esoteric motivations. These, of course, lead to the material expressions already mentioned anyway.

One of the greatest wonders of these times, is how it has all held together for so long until now. To my mind this is incontrovertible proof of the unseen forces of the ineffable at work. Others of a more cynical cast have their own interpretations. If I am correct, then it stands to reason that everything is under control and being directed to a particular outcome for the purpose of a lasting lesson for humanity, a lesson about how not to do something. If it is under control, then those so convinced of this, can proceed with confidence in all their pursuits, knowing that their pursuits were given to them by this same force at some earlier point and... if that is also true, they can have confidence in just about anything they get up to, knowing that guidance is operational at every level and it never takes long for the right adjustments to be made when you are in a cosmic groove.

Anyone who is in pursuit of real success should investigate the way in which they reason. Do they reason with boundless optimism, based on the certain knowledge that they have invisible means of support? Or is that something uncertain, which causes them to reason with some level of insecurity, basing their hopes on their own strength and industry, set against all the various uncertainties and oppositions this world can muster?

Everything that happens to us is relative to our level of awareness. Change your awareness and you change what happens to you.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stolen Alphabets and the Ministry of Death.

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We're two months shy of Spring and in the time between now and then, we will see many a change in the world as we knew it; not that any of us knew it, other than the way it's been presented to us, by those manipulating the look of it and by its own innate nature to conceal essence behind appearance.

The transference of power at the automatic command of new planetary associations, is going on as the cosmos intends, for the purpose of transformation in human consciousness, be those transformations willing or unwilling. Any of us should know that there is a big difference between doing something you want to do and being made to do something you don't want to do because you don't see any reason for it in the first place. State of mind is a big deal.

Let's consider one of the things that just about everyone comes up against sooner or later; death. Generally and traditionally, death is defined across the board as something fearsome and unwelcome. It is also, usually, unavoidable. Death is change, period. Puberty is death, the death of childhood. At some predictable point, youth departs as well, sooner for some, later for others. The Tarot cards are pure symbolism that dialogue with the subconscious. The Rider Deck presents it one way and The Case Deck another. Apparently, Arthur Edward Waite was under restrictions concerning what symbols could be shown to the public and Paul Foster Case not so. It appears to depend on how you came by the pictorial representations in the first place. They are, after all, present in a particular location and have been, should one know how to access that location.

Some people object to the association of Hebrew letters with the cards. There is no actual Hebrew alphabet. It was taken from the Chaldean flame alphabet. Over the course of time, in this recent historical episode, many traditions have been hijacked by vested interests and grafted on to systems they weren't originally intended for. This is in order to control human society from behind the scenes. There are several systems that have been around for awhile that have empowered individuals in positions of control to influence conditions and events. As the age has moved into deeper and more pervasive corruptions, these systems have become corrupted as well. It takes a seriously focused and self possessed individual to navigate from out of darkness into the luminous realms and death certainly plays a part in that. You can't live in the one world, unless you die to the other.

I can talk about these things a little more freely now, since I don't have to filter or suppress my presentations, in order to be linked at certain websites, where these informations are routinely undesirable, for whatever the reasons may be. I'm not curious about the motives. This is The Apocalypse, everything will find its way to the surface when it's supposed to.

In India there are recorded and verified incidences of yogis aware of the moment for their opportune departure, who simply went and sat down at the optimum time and left their bodies through the process of maha-samadhi. Usually there were witnesses to this; disciples, associates, or whomever. In some cases, they lay in state for weeks afterwards to demonstrate the incorruptibility of their physical forms. There are many skeptical sources that have their own version of events and how the bodies came to be as they were. I'm not concerned with that. There is no doubt some amount of fraud in these areas. I go by my own experiences and the certainty that there is more to it all than meets the eye and its restricted bandwidth. The eye's susceptibility for being tricked has been demonstrated by many a magician, illusionist and practitioner of legerdemain.

Similar practices also exist in western traditions, though they are differently garbed and cloaked. Information concerning the practitioners is difficult to obtain, you have to meet someone, the right someone, or you are not likely to discover much.

There are two sources of historical record; mainstream history, which is shaped according to the whims and desires of the overlords and... occult history, which is not mainstream and which is not readily accessible, not that it would interest most of the public of today. There is a large library of such texts. Some of them are locked up in places like The Vatican, or private collections. Some of them are in the public domain, especially in places like Usenet. Many of the texts were intentionally destroyed by the fire at the Library of Alexandria, by representatives of the societies presently engaged in bringing humanity into complete subservience. In order to control the present, you have to control the perception of history.

Anyway, death is upon us all because dramatic change is upon us all and we will change willingly or unwillingly. Regardless, we WILL CHANGE.

Skeptics will find more than they need, which disproves whatever they don't want to believe in and the faithful will find whatever they need to affirm what they want to believe. We are entering the time of signs and wonders. Those who do not believe in anything they can't see or touch are an interesting phenomenon. Ironically, many of them are scientists and mathematicians who, for some strange reason, have no understanding of physics and who deny what the math of physics has conclusively proven. Ergo, it is more a matter of vanity and ego on their parts than it is the result of any research because research in their own areas of inquiry has already proven the existence of a pervasive consciousness throughout existence.

In times of material darkness, there is a terrible vanity that operates in the minds of those who consider themselves intelligent. They can in no way allow for the existence of a deity because they- regardless of the fact that they are blind, ignorant and helpless- consider themselves to be gods. These egotistical martinets know all about the offenses of religion and for them, this is proof of the non existence of god, as if god were any more than incidentally connected to religion. Their real reason for denying what should be obvious to even a simpleton, is that it interferes with their self interest and self promotion. These feckless amateurs consider themselves deep thinkers, yet they are incapable of even the smallest ability to see beyond appearances. Since the only way to have direct experience of the ineffable, is through the facility of the intuition and the only way to engage the intuition is through surrender to something greater than themselves, they have effectively shut themselves off from any chance of higher or deeper understanding. They are ambulatory corpses, walking in darkness; insignificant while present and forgotten once gone. They are doomed to an endless dance in the ring of fire, coming and going, in one flaming body after another and present for only so long as it takes to burn out again. They are no help to themselves and certainly no help to anyone else.

The greater the presence and pressure of materialism, the more of them there are, pursuing sensory gratification at the expense of things infinitely more important. They wind up in an empty field ruled over by Saturn.

It is all very simple. You ultimately end up with the object of your pursuit. You wind up with whatever you were after or not even that. It is a sad, sad affair; far more sad than you might imagine and you can't say anything to them. They don't want to hear it, it interferes with their material pursuits. So... do not position yourself between insane appetite, delusional ego and the object of its desire or affection.

Few of us are willing to accept the truth that we are surrounded by the chronically insane. We compromise. We make allowances. We plea bargain with our own beliefs, in order to enjoy treacherous camaraderie. Just because you are in the middle of a crowd does not mean you are not alone.

We have come to a state where madness, obsession, compulsion, neurosis and psychosis are rampant. This cannot end well and the evidence of that is all around you. Those who have invested so much in the oppression of their fellows, believe that their hour of total victory is at hand. They could not be more mistaken. They are about to get their clocks cleaned to the point that they never tell time again.

What can be plainly seen at this time? Those material things that so many have relied upon are now being removed. Food is going to become scarce and much of that is already inedible. Heating fuel is becoming scarce and will become much more so. Water is already scarce and polluted as well. The economy is sinking beneath its own weight. War is threatening world wide. Calamities are stacking up off stage. The terrible destructions waged on Nature are becoming more and more evident. Upon whom are the people going to rely for their survival, the government, the religious establishments, for profit charity mills?

When it begins to come down with speed and force, it will happen so quickly heads will spin and since heads are already spinning well... yeah. No doubt there will be some anxious and uneasy months, as well as far worse ...but then it will correct; in some places fairly rapidly and in some places, not at all. It's been coming for so long. It's been announcing itself in all kinds of ways but that has made little impression on those with short attention spans and a religious devotion to marketplace and political bullshit. There are no performance programs being handed out to those intently focused on attending the production. They hardly notice where they are being led, nor can they identify the Judas Goats leading them through the chutes; these icons and pundits, zombie celebrities, advertising billboard sports figures, academics, movers and shakers. Gee, it all looks so normal. If it looks normal to you, one thing for sure is, you're not normal.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Sirens of Appetite and the Doors of Perception

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings from a very tall white man. Greetings from the Sirius Cluster. You know, I've been talking about Mr. Apocalypse for a good while now and... I generally reference present and coming exposure, uncoverings, scandals and similar things as being the major elements of The Apocalypse, along with awareness and the lack thereof. There's more to all of that and I should have said something earlier but I recognize things get said when they are supposed to get said and since what is going to be mentioned is now approaching, well... there you have it. Incoming (grin).

As usual, I'll get around to it in my convoluted fashion and you'll know I've finished at that point where you can close your eyes and see a glowing golden serpent with its tale (sp?) in its mouth, hopefully.

Then again, maybe I have said it already and just need to reiterate it and flesh it out in a form of tighter containment. Something seems to have gotten into my syntax this evening; not much I can do about it (grin).

An apocalypse exists within a particular structure of operation. In other words, there are rules that attend the ongoing progression of an apocalypse. According to the main religious text, this is what comes with and after an apocalypse. That looks like some pretty stern stuff. It seems like too much actually and I suspect that either what he really said got toyed with over the millennium, or he got some bad acid. Since we know he was on mushrooms at the time when he saw all of this, it's altogether possible that the mushrooms were Amanita Muscaria and it's known, at least to those of us who have taken them, that there is a degree of poison in that strain of mushroom, something called Arsenocholine, which would be an arsenic type (I think). Most of the others (all the ones I know about), do not have poison in them. Well, if you've taken psychedelics with similar toxins in them like Hawaiian wood rose seeds, morning glory seeds and other comestibles, you are aware that depending on the degree of toxin in the shroom, to that degree you will have aspects of a bad trip. The lovely Amanita can have more or less toxin based on the time it blooms and the place it blooms in. I don't know what was growing on Patmos at the time and God knows I don't want foaming at the mouth fundies chasing me down the street with rakes and scythes. It just so happens that that is a relevant consideration.

The degree to which psychedelics have influenced religious texts and inspired writers is much more profound than is generally known. In the Vedas, the 'soma' is mushrooms. All kinds of information is routinely suppressed by those controlling the 'general' perception and thereby, perspective of the public mind. As long as they can control this, they can manipulate humanity and herd it in whatever direction they choose at the time. This is a reality, operating, of course, within an illusion. In an apocalypse, this reality is slowly and then not so slowly being shattered.

This leads to another facet of an apocalypse. An apocalypse has various progressive time zones. It starts slow and like a ball rolling down hill it picks up speed and like a snowball going down hill it picks up weight. It keeps going and increasing in speed and weight until it has completed its task.

In the early days of an apocalypse the focus is on specific things. The revealing of the pederast priesthood in the Catholic Church was one of these things. The apocalypse doesn't just reveal things. It also brings forth technologies and human capacities that provide for more rapid dissemination of information relevant to its intent. The degree to which an apocalypse is scripted and directed is far more impressive than the people who don't even consider it think it to be (grin). The good and bad news is that whether you believe in it or not, it's going on. So if you are looking for an increase in awareness and ever so much more, you came to the right place at the right time. If you were looking for anything but that; what can I say? Exposure is going to take a major uptick. And as monsters get identified and far worse- bad for business- all kinds of things happen. In the meantime, business goes on as usual.

As the apocalypse continues uncovering and revealing things, it doesn't particularly change prevailing conditions or alter the social and cultural dynamic much, at first. It might push elements of it to absurdity (and it certainly will) and it will certainly arrange ironic circumstances, which are all geared toward alerting people, with the intention of waking them up. However, for a good while, the effect of the unseen controllers is allowed to continue apace, giving people the choice, whether to opt for a greater freedom of thought and feeling, or to further immerse themselves into the awesome suck of materialism before it starts to impact on them regardless. Unfortunately, the apocalypse is not one of the better periods to pull the covers over your head.

Prior to arrival here, everyone was informed, 'more or less' what awaited them here and also informed about what they were likely to go through and what they could do about it. That's Karma for you. Anyone who is even slightly tuned in to the obvious; which manages to hide quite effectively in plain sight, should have been able to suss out that this is a very, very significant period in human history. Otherwise, why would such a large number of people be making their way here? Why would there be so many billions of people on the planet?

Now, I know there are plenty of people that don't believe in this form of 'nonsense'. These are the same people that can't connect the advances of physics with its role in proving enduring spiritual truths, such as everything is thought born and made out of the same thing but existing at different vibrationary rates. If you, by coincidence or intention, are actually seeking the truth, well, you're surrounded by examples, that is, unless you are in a somnambulistic and mesmerized state, which is the case for a great many people. The surrounding clatter and confusion goes a long way toward compromising and dulling the senses, not to mention closing off access to higher sensibilities. It should come as no surprise that manners are more and more less visible, though I am not referring to manners when I mention higher senses.

Hermetic and occult training can stimulate, does stimulate the higher senses, so does yoga and of course, psychedelics will do this in turbo speed but it's got a time limit, except for those rare instances where they get opened and stay open.

If you are such a person who is actively seeking illumination and truly wants to ascend into a higher state of consciousness, you are in the right time and place. Of course, conditions may not be optimum but progress can be speedy indeed, should one be militant against distraction. In earlier times I have mentioned certain techniques that can have a marvelous and salutary effect on getting you into the proper frame for advancement. If you don't perform basic disciplines, instead of achieving certain states, certain states achieve you. One is desirable and the other is not.

All of the complexity of distractions, the marvels of technology that captivate people in their social networking circles, all those myriad of allurements, not to mention the attractions of fortune and the pull of the temporary promise of fame, which is what reality TV is all about... oh I could make an enormous list that would go on for pages and pages but surely you are aware of the vast multiplicity of potential delights which are present here at this time and... if you have the bread and connections, whoa baby! Of course, everything is upside down here. What looks like wonderful and serendipitous circumstances is anything but in the long term. Being surrounded by protective details grants an impression of security. It is anything but.

I'm guessing most people think they are a good judge of appearances and probably think they hold no sway over them. This is something that every individual should pay closer attention to. How much am I influenced by appearances? Appearances are a blind that leave you blind. They are very powerful and insidious as well. They form emotional patterns and reflex perspectives. As much as we believe we are immune to them, very often we are not. A good example is what happens when you take psychedelics. All of a sudden you can see, with impressive clarity, a whole lot of things you weren't seeing before. Your sense of time is greatly, or can be, greatly altered. Your awareness of the unseen can become highly magnified and higher sensory organs can go into active operation. Some of us can see interdimensionally and etherically. I've had that happen too many times to recall. Auras can often be easily seen and it's possible to hear at a level generally denied us. Many, many other wonders and possibilities can occur as well. I noticed at one point that not everyone was having similar experiences. In fact there was a whole section of the public, whose main thing was to groove on the colors and who sought out a variety of physical experiences because of the enhancement factor. I found it very peculiar at the time and I also didn't much associate with these people. After years following and now in present time, I understand why that was, a lot better now than I did then.

Some of us are just constructed in a more limited fashion, due to the aggregate of our lifetimes, based on what we spent our energies on. So it is that a good number of us came here for no more than the physical experiences and that's about what they get. It is imperative upon the seeker to recognize that there is a large body of the public that is deaf to the alternate realms. Strangely enough, the apocalypse is what it is for the purpose of shaking people out of their deep slumbers. The universe has that, 'you never know' attitude and the collective compassion of many great souls, all come to bear upon the hour, in the hope of positive result. The whole dynamic is so intricately complex that no one really understands it fully and that's just fine because a certain amount of mystery makes it all so much more intriguing and holds out the promise of there always being more to learn. It doesn't end and neither does suffering, in the other direction. So it is that it can take a very, very, very long time for some individuals to come around. It doesn't have to be that way but in many cases it is. Some people return only to go to prison over and over again, or to fight in one war after another for centuries, or are born with conditions and a person observing all of this, within their own so limited perspective would find it to be totally unfair and senseless. So it might seem but... it's all a tapestry of unimaginable beauty, a perfectly woven and unspeakable poem. For those who have had no more than a brief glimpse, it changes them forever. It's something to shoot for, other than all the rest. So it appears to me but I pick my appearances.

It is so very hard to resist the pull of the houris of appetite and desire. Imagine yourself strapped to the mast of a sailing ship and sailing past the Islands of Sirenum scopuli and hearing the sirens singing. This is a selective thing, meaning not everyone is affected. It's one of those odd things about life and odd things about people. Some thing have an irresistible effect on certain people and none at all on others. Big cities are Siren Islands. the internet is a Siren Island. The mind is a Siren Island. Since any Siren Island is surrounded by rocky reefs that cause ships to sink and the people on them to drown, we can assume that Sirens do not have our best interests at heart. Sirens are shapeshifters. They can take all sorts of different forms, 'appearing' to be something other than what they are but... without real objective awareness it's hard to tell. Think about any of the really attractive people you met at some point that turned out not to be attractive at all; things you wanted so very, very badly that brought nothing but heartache, conflicts that occurred with others over things neither of you care about anymore but that doesn't change what happened as a result. You can hear Sirens and not be affected by them. I remember freebasing for a few days once and not particularly liking or disliking it but... several of the other people there were transfixed by the pipe. I would see them get up to do something, walk several steps and, as if an invisible wire were tied around their necks they would be snapped back to the pipe. I thought it was funny at the time. Now, lest I give a false impression, I am not immune across the board to everything, or, rather, I wasn't at one time or another. This is just an example of a situation I was in and how we were differently affected by it.

So... even though we can't understand why people get sucked into different things, it happens and it happens because certain things have a very powerful effect on them that it does not have on some of the rest of us. I try to remind myself of this so that I don't judge others too harshly but since their actions lead to terrible consequences, something is judging them, something provided those consequences; set the system up the way it is set up. Actions have consequences but... then again, there seem to be no consequences for some. Of course, that's just more appearances. It's a difficult thing to understand; about making judgments. I was told we are what we are for the purpose we serve and that adds to the complexity of the appropriateness of blanketing rules of moral conduct applied across the board to everyone. It's all about dispensation or the lack of it. The same rules of conduct don't apply to everyone. In the end, none of us knows. We're walking on faith. We're walking blind. We're enamored by Sirens or we aren't. I'm of the glass darkly school. We'll see.

So here we are at a particular pivoting of the apocalypse and the scene is about to shift into hyper drive, just another logical progression of the whole affair. You can expect to hear a lot more about aliens now, as well as all kinds of strange and curious things not brought forth previously. It's either a very good or a very bad time to be alive. Both of these courses are a matter of personal choice.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Art of Camouflaged Agendas and Other Things.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

C'mere. I want to to take a look in the electron microscope. Tell me what you see there in The Petri Dish. I just want to make sure it's not an hallucination. What I saw, first off, was an ocher colored phlegm like matter, with a greenish tinge outlining it. The green was radiant. It looked radioactive. Among all sorts of suspended flotsam and jetsam, I zeroed in on a small spot that seemed to be pulsing over in the right hand quadrant. As I increased the magnification it came clearly into view as the face of Obama. He was speaking. This microscope of mine is a construct of alien intelligence and I go into how I come by things like this in the radio broadcast this evening. So... my microscope has features you just can't find in terrestrial technology. There's a sound enhancer that can extract any audio that might be present in whatever toxic slime I might be looking at in any given moment. So it was that I was able to hear what Obama was saying.

You see him too? Good. Let's listen to the audio playback, "... as your president of the same old same old, it is my job to provide the same thing only different. As you know, Edward Snowden has done a massive injustice to our great nation and we've alerted our people in the security services around the world to terminate him on sight". It was at this point that I realized he wasn't speaking to the public but maybe to his cabinet or it was a Senate briefing or something. Let's listen to the rest, "as you know, we are all empowered by our masters in Israel to do whatever is necessary, by any means necessary, to protect the interests of the nation of Israel, otherwise, otherwise we will all be hung out to dry and on video. Let me repeat that classic phrase from The Revolution, 'We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately', Hobson, would you bring us all another round of that consomme of Christian children? Thank you". Hmmm looks like he was actually addressing a gathering of dual nationals. Well, enough of that.

I'm guessing some number of you saw this genuflecting sycophant, discussing the non changes that would be applied to The NSA. I've noted one benefit of the NSA listening in on everything everywhere. I know a lot of you probably imagine being a performer in some manner and maybe you've even managed an open mic event or gone down to the Karaoke Club on occasion. Well, you can be confident that you now have an audience on tap any time you need one. Just pick up your phone and pretend it's a microphone. If you're out and about you can use your cellphone. Maybe you've always wanted to do interviews. Now you can hit that man in the street thing and be confident that there is an interested and attentive audience, waiting for whatever incisive questions you may have to ask. Remember, as long as it doesn't have to do with things like Cryptolocker, actual criminal enterprises or terror plotting, you can be sure that the focus is on you. It seems they don't pay any attention to those other things, given their non existent track record lacking even a single example so... don't go talking about anything like that because it's likely they'll just tune you out. They are not employed to be engaged in any of these pursuits. Their job is to watch you.

On the cultural front (given that this is Petri Dish), let's see what we got going on. They caught the Swiss Cheese Pervert so it's going to be hard cheese for him now. How about the police? How about those boys in blue? There's nothing they won't get engaged in. If they're not electrocuting children, they are pounding on deaf old men whose offspring are cops. Yes, they are right where you need them when you don't need them  and when they screw up, which is most of the time, they are not shy about pushing the envelope and violating your civil rights left and right and center.

By now... we have to assume. We have to make the hard assumption that there is more going on with this police state behavior than may be visible on the surface. Of course, the Israelis came over and led countrywide seminars on their idea of police enforcement. That certainly counted in a Stasi kind of a way. Then there's the steroid thing. This sesame seed testicle contingent are seriously enraged. I could have pulled up dozens of events today but I didn't. You can find them if you want that. Another thing is the massive stink of fear coming off of them and the certainty that they are behaving badly. The resistance set off between what remains of their conscience and the brutal escapades they get up to each day, is making them even more angry than they were already. There's nothing like being wrong and insisting on your right to be wrong, to fuel self loathing to the point that it's open season on every defenseless grandmother and grandchild. They slammed some old lady up against a wall the other day. The level of abuse is amazing and nothing is getting done about it. My theory is that there is a metaphysical side to it. In other words, infernal forces and intelligences are afoot. A lot of police officers are not very bright. Many of the new recruits are just back from the casual murder of men, women, children, in Middle Eastern countries designated as targets by the Israeli controlled State Department and Department of Defense. They bring this mindset back with them.

The police ranks are also being selectively swelled by specific types, those with known capacities toward violence and a lower IQ doesn't hurt either. The psych tests single out those desirable for the overlords. You have to look at this as calculated, the same way as the present purging of command officers in the military is.

Does a day go by without some new outrage from Crime Syndicate Nation? No, it does not. Does a day go by when one Tribe member or another isn't caught out in one seedy enterprise or another? It does not. Does a day go by when some sociopath, empty headed celebrity doesn't step forward to embarrass themselves with a demonstration of treasonous support for the money changers? It does not.

Does a day go by without some mention of a widespread sex scandal or pedophile ring? It does not. Does a day go by without an outbreak of inexplicable violence? Does a day go by without a random highway, sidewalk or domestic dwelling shooting? No it does not. Does a day go by without a comically embarrassing celebrity incident? It hasn't lately.

I've mentioned before that I'm a trends guy. I watch trends. I watch for the manipulation of trends and genuinely emergent trends. I watch short term trends and long term trends and, as always, I try to look behind them because often, trends are agenda driven. In life it is always more than meets the eye. In my business, if business it is, people show up out of the blue and occasionally but consistently, turn out to be something other than originally presented as. These are times of material darkness, so these are times of camouflaged identities and calculated misdirections for the purpose of self interest or targeted harm for a specific purpose or just for the Hell of it.

In this crowded and confusing world, one of the first things to be in possession of is spatial awareness; knowing someone is behind or to the side of you. I can't tell you how many times I have to spin around toreador like, to escape a collision with someone who isn't paying attention to where they are going. Often I am met with a blank look but I can see past that blank look into an area where the person's mind is completely occupied with some expression of self interest. Once in possession of spatial awareness, it's not a hard leap to the possession of objective awareness. I talk about that a lot but I'm not always sure that people understand what I mean by objective awareness. For me, it means the capacity to suspend all previous judgments on anything, in order to see whatever it is, isolated as itself and then in it's relationship to whatever is in play around it. We are intellectually lazy a lot of the time, so we tell ourselves, if this has been the outcome most of the time with this particular element, one feels they can predict the same outcome again. However, everything is changed when the things around it changes. Thing do not always have a specific predictable nature, or course they will take. It's hard to train the mind so that it holds to an objective posture.

Quite often I will do something at these blogs that will appear controversial; something I say in a posting or a comment. Much of the time I am doing it to see what it results in. I am trolling. I guess that is an applicable term. It's not a very romantic or attractive term but it applies. I am looking to set someone up and see what manner of strings they dance on. I'm only doing this because I don't know one way or the other. Sometimes, I still don't afterward (grin) but at least I tried. I've gotten used to things not being what they seem. This last week I have come up against that multiple times. Someone is trying to point something out to me to me and it has my full attention. I know to give it my full attention because these teaching moments are always in anticipation of something up ahead that I can easily circumvent, if I absorb the point and intent of the lesson. I have 'a very good reason' for pointing this out. When we are spatially aware and objectively aware, we can see things coming. Every life has recurrent challenges headed in its direction. Most people are cognitively dissonant about this. People do not go forward with the awareness that, count on it, something is going to try to knock them off center today; something is coming at me from any number of directions, short term and long term AND- whatever things are being brought to your or my attention are directly connected to events upcoming. We are always getting prepped and warned ahead of time, should we choose to PAY ATTENTION. It's all scripted. You may not think so but it is.

It may be that you can't control what is coming in your direction but you can certainly control your response and your response can make all the difference in the world in respect of 'outcome'. There is no test or challenge before you that cannot be successfully met with the proper mindset and the proper mindset is being formed for the willing, in advance of the need, every time. Do yourself an enormous favor, recognize that conscious efforts are going on in your behalf. Quite often the positive end is hidden and the negative end is visible. Seek out the hidden good and always walk in the assurance of its presence.

End Transmission.......

There will be an interplanetary transmission this evening in the guise of a radio broadcast.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

From Poleaxed Steers to Sold Out Whores.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

So... another day, another slew of embarrassments in the form of scandals, exposed corruptions, random shootings, international banker malfeasance and odious loads of crap like this stunner from the redoubtable Michele Obama, "I have so much more that I should do. I don’t have the right to just sit on my talents or blessings,” Does she mean she's actually sitting on her talents? Does she mean that the ending port of call for her spinal column occurs there? Now that's what I call reversed Kundalini. She also lets us know that Botox and fillers are fashionland killers. You go girl! Michele and her cardboard cutout, alter ego, are presiding over the steepest drop in intellectual capacity ever before seen in the western world. While King Stupid is being crowned with a poison ivy laurel wreath, for exhibiting the greatest tandem of artistic talent and kingly acumen since Henry the Eight, the former salt of the Earth are dedicating their time in this Apocalypse to the same sort of thing that their counterparts in high office and at the top of the ceremonial religious carnivals get up to, only for them, it's illegal. Those who aren't living it up on the age sensitive, down escalator, are expressing their sexual frustrations in other ways. There's a lot of sexually frustrated people out there and they express it through different mediums.

Some people with a layman's awareness of the vagaries of the sexual force might question my associating acts of violence with an expression of one's sexual nature but everything, everything has sexual connotations and that is where the priests and evangelists and so many who present themselves as lovers of the divine, fail in their desired interplay; precisely because that is not what they desire and it gets exposed to them through their lack of capacity to control their impulses. It's no easy ride to draw that force up the stairway to Heaven. I speak from experience but... perseverance furthers. One who sets out to be a lover of the divine had better be just that because any insincerity on your part is going to find its way into your becoming an example of the purpose of demonstration.

The collapse of western culture is blatantly obvious, all the way from the totally sold out whores at the top of the pyramid to the peons at the bottom. People are going through the motions of their life like poleaxed steers. On the other hand they are grasping with insatiable appetite for more and more and... a never ending more; seeking security and serenity in the seeming freedom of economic independence but there's no independence there. All these places people are looking for stability and peace of mind are poorly advertised blinds. Whether it is the avalanche of trivia which exists for the purpose of distracting the mind from its perilous state or some particular obsession... there is no there, there.

Some people are doing very well in these times and that is an indication of something. I won't specify because there are different intentions going on but... in many cases it's just more purpose of demonstration. There are global tests taking place on an individually particularized level. Most people are unaware of or indifferent in respect of this. Heh? respect has nothing to do with it. Let's see if an illustration might help. At this time there are a certain amount of avenues of expression in operation. They are all magnetic and what happens is that each and every one of us are pulled into the one most like whatever our most prominent and willful attractions are. For most, this is sufficient. For those favored with the attentions of the unseen, satisfaction in anything is elusive and so, one is shuttled through the carnival until the appropriate exit appears. This is also a matter of magnetism.

What this all means in a cosmic sense, is that everyone is finding their place in the scheme of things because... we are (as has been stated over and over again) in a time of summing up. That is the essential nature of The Apocalypse. WE are in the cusp transition zone of a 26,000 year cycle. Ponder that for just a moment. Think of the weighty significance of it all. Consider the seriously powerful draw of the world in all its fascination of the moment, in this late hour. For those with the coin, the multiplicity of choices are uncountable. There's nothing you can't buy and even have delivered to your door AND... if you know the right people (actually, the wrong people) there's nothing you can't do and get away with too. This is all designed to be as it is. That seems difficult for 'most people' to get their heads around. My perspective make it the only possibility, simply by the process of elimination.

Some people spent their lives making money and they know a great deal about how to do that. Those who make war are knowledgeable about how to do it. If you have spent a lifetime at anything in particular, it is to be presumed that you have some proficiency at it, given especially that your relationship to whatever it may be is one of genuine affection. Love, as we know, causes both people and things to give up their secrets. So, for me, one thing I have gained from what I have put the majority of my time into, is a certain manner of seeing. There's a control involved in that. Let's use a further illustration. Take a man who has been operating complex systems, either mechanical or electrical. He's got a familiarity with it that allows him a certain confident assurance in his actions, as he goes about making changes or fixing and replacing components, which are an operating part of the system. You take someone with little knowledge of the system and they are immediately out of their depth and also in grave danger of screwing up, should they attempt to put the system through its paces. Flying an airplane is a good example.

One of the ironic curiosities that I encounter is when someone with no experience in certain matters presumes to have an insiders knowledge of something they know nothing about. That kind of hubris always frightens me. I do not want to be someone like that. I have always sought to immerse myself in that which attracts me to any degree that I would have anything to do with it in the first place. I insist. I demand that whatever it is reveal itself to me to the extent of my capacity to understand. I don't factor in concern for life or limb in this regard. If you're not fully committed, as far as I am concerned and as far as I have seen, you're only going to get so much and for me, that's not enough. I want it all. I mean to say, within whatever the parameters of whatever limitations are a part of my being. There are some who will get more from it than me and some less. I try to only speak out of experience except where intuition plays a part. The latter seems to be, according to my experience (grin), far more accurate and precise than my end of it.

We are all finding our way but... what are we finding our way to? We're all going to get what we think we want and the tragedy in that regard is we shall surely find out if it was what we really wanted. For so many people, it seldom happens that they will step back and look with true objectivity at the condition and location they have arrived in. The idea that all they have amassed might be not only worthless but seriously dangerous does not enter into their minds. That would be counterproductive as they see it.

I spend my days persistently knocking on doors in pursuit of greater perception. I am annoyingly insistent that they open for me. I'm not going to go away. I've seen the writing on the wall in the world around me. I do not know in what manner it will sort itself out. There are so many possibilities, so many potential twists and turns it might take. If this happens then that might happen. If this doesn't happen, then that might happen instead, or maybe not. No matter which of the myriad of potential circumstances may come to pass there is one thing we can manage and that is ourselves. If we have conquered the evil within, then the evil without is of no consequence. Everything external has an internal over ride. Everything external is potentially under the control of the internal, in the same way that the mind controls the hands that control the steering on a car.

I'll close with a further illustration, since we started off talking about sex. Some of us are accomplished lovers and most of us are not. Concerning those that are, there is more involved than just any particular formula of technique because... the same technique does not apply to every individual. So... one must be cognizant of what does apply and to whom or... one seeks out only those who are most affected by their particular technique. This group might seem to have the reputation of a skilled lover and they may well be but... it's only within the demographic of those susceptible and their real gift is in spotting the ones it applies to. Furthermore, Love, once operational at a certain level, possesses consciousness so... the wise practitioner allows for guidance. The wise practitioner is not a goat. He does not piss all over himself and the thing he loves. In the ultimate sense, there is only one thing which we truly love (whether we know what that is or not) but we continuously mistake it through the deceptions of appearances. Until that gets worked out it's "here we go round the Mulberry bush", coming and going, coming and going; all that "exits and entrances" thing.

A certain variety of choice has been provided, so as to appeal to most tastes and options otherwise are always to be found. We are not all the same in that regard. If you find you are unhappy in a certain atmosphere of expression, investigate another. My preference is to investigate them all. It's a kind of comparison shopping and- especially in this case- you are the currency.

We'll see.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Of Departing Monsters and Serious, Transformative Change.

Dog Poet Transmitting......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, there’s your common garden variety crap and then there’s your military grade, highly toxic, double noxious, life threatening crap and that would be exemplified in the departure of this high ranking Nazgul who, no doubt, spent the last eight years in the place he is now resident in. Listen to the whore chorus of slithering sewer roaches, as they praise one of the most bloodthirsty mass murderers of recent time as a man of peace. Ariel was a Satanic emissary of a Satanic state. All I got to say is Sabra and Shatila and that sums up Sharon. Of course he was worse than that, as well as being neck deep in 9/11. He was an evil psychopath and I think this graphic image tells the tale of his departure; finally the Gates of Hell were opened wide enough to receive him. He was a monster and so are those praising him in the first link in this posting, now he is with monsters. My first instinct was to ignore him the way I do the dung slugs on my woodland walks but after experiencing the simpering and saccharine fellatio of the sycophant catamites in the Crass Media, I felt the need to name him for what he was, a cruel and gross obscenity.

Let’s rather enjoy the work of a hero such as this man; his presentation has been broken into 4 parts so you’ll need to watch these in sequence...

Dieudonné | Mahmoud, Part 1

... and if for you, it’s that you ne pas parle francais, well, it’s English dubbed.

Dieudonné | Mahmoud, Part 2

As the reader who sent this to me said, “I can see why they’re worried about him.”

Dieudonné | Mahmoud, Part 3

Yeah, he’s cool, courageous and street side articulate. He’s the guy who came up with the ‘quenelle’.

Dieudonné | Mahmoud, Part 4

The pernicious professional victim industry, which is very powerful in France, is seeking to shut him down for speaking the truth and because they insist that the quenelle is a reverse Nazi salute but... as I mention in this week’s radio broadcast, are they missing the irony concerning this? If it’s a reverse Nazi salute then it should be something they approve of, shouldn't it? I mean, it’s the opposite right? I think you will be pleased, entertained and in admiration of this man. He’s on the money and boy... he’s sharp. He’s working some of the same angles I like to use for my own protection. You can say a whole lot depending on how you say the opposite. I am sure many readers will be aware what I’m talking about.

As I have been saying, a lot of prominent bad guys are going to go down in this near time span.

There are many sad tales making the rounds in these times and they stand as stark testimony to the stresses of this age. Let me point out that even the most insensitive among us, those of us who can be inspired to murder women and children and peasant farmers, in their pursuit of alleged terrorists are being forced to feel. If a soldier wants to lay hands of harm on a terrorist then he should consider heading for the House of Lords, the House of Commons, Number 10 Downing Street, The Capitol building, the Senate Office Building, the House of Representatives, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, J Street and of course, Tel Aviv. That’s where you will find the terrorists that you are supposed to be killing on the battlefield. They are not on the battlefield, they are in the halls of power and in the banking institutions. If you are determined to get terrorists, this is where to look. This is where they are. Anyway... respect of that link, regardless of how insensitive, dumb and clueless you may be where you can be convinced that rural farmers are your enemy, once returned from the battlefield, the horrors you committed will follow you. They will hound your steps and give you no peace because sensitivity will be raised up in you and you will suffer accordingly for the terrible crimes you committed in foreign lands, under orders of international bankers (second down on the left). The Apocalypse; uncovering, revealing. The magnitude of your deeds is revealed to you in these times. There are many who have yet to feel the weight of their crimes. They are being permitted to continue because their crimes are much graver than the crimes of those they sent out on errands of malice and mischief. The time will come however and there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from the thoughts in their heads that will burn them like fire.

On a humorous note, but still tragic, those things I said we would see more and more of, we are in fact seeing more and more of. I fully expect to see some remarkable manifestations of this in the Christian Zionist fellowship. The lunacy afoot in this movement and the cost in lives abroad, as a result of their intransigent ignorance, is going to bring about any number of unintentionally funny and gruesomely embarrassing events, like this.

It must be said, the spirit of the cosmos is a comedian. Any informed Zen practitioner will tell you it’s all a joke. Looking at it philosophically, it is an operative absurdity. Look around you and look with the eyes of clear reason and pure objectivity and you will see you are wandering in a madhouse. What I mean by pure objectivity is that is has no taint of personal perspective. It involves a detached awareness, independent of motive or agenda. It’s called, ‘seeing things as they are’. Seeing things as they are is your greatest defense against being engaged in shit that is dangerous to your well being. It protects you from bad companions. It sets your value system so that you are not compromised by the desire for useless things. It separates you from the driven crowds in the flaming cities. Uh huh and... if you can maintain it, it will lead you by the still waters, which are allegorical for an end to internal conflict and a quiet mind.

I can’t stress it enough, be on the lookout for more and more startling and remarkable things both good, bad and WTF. We are entering into the time of signs and wonders. Massive shifts are initiating in the body public, as they come up against both untenable circumstance and a greater awareness of what is being done to them. I expect all kinds of ET activity, whether fabricated or real. Sooner or later... who knows? The human race is in trouble. Corporations are flat out evil. Corporations put politicians in office or keep them out. Between the corporations and The Tribe, it’s The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Thankfully, implosion is at work at many levels in many locations. The greedy little minks have set the stage for their own destruction. They are neck in neck with their ambition and their downfall. It appears they are going to head themselves off at the pass.

Countless situations are explosive and combustive. Predicting what will break out where and when is nigh on impossible. The critical individual concern is where you happen to be located when it goes down, along with what you happen to be up to. Mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

This week's radio broadcast is now available at the usual location.

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Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Ever Winding and Tightening Gyre of Disappearing Whiffenpoofs

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

My oh my... Insanity and her whole dysfunctional brood are out on life’s metaphorical Route 66, like the Sawney Bean Family. It’s an all day, all you can eat affair, world wide. Madness and mayhem, along with an intransigent and inflexible sexual predator plague, radiating out from the pinnacle of Entrenched Religious Depravity Central. No amount of Gotcha, embarrassment, legal action or window dressing internal clean-ups has impacted on these twisted freaks at all, at all.

How crazy is crazy? I think this probably qualifies, huh? There’s another kind of crazy that makes no kind of sense but... that’s crazy for you, eh? Then there’s clueless crazy and no one does clueless crazy like the five for a dollar Z list celebrities that make up the present crop of bottom dredged non talents, being foisted off upon the Stoned Sheep Network (pretty much all channels). This kind of thing is only fitting and we need more of it and we are going to get more of it. All of what we been predicticating here for some while be coming to pass on the I and I Network, which be the new emergent focusing tech for aware entities. We be small but we be tall, eh?

Comedy and the comical, including what is definitely not funny but certainly absurd and ridiculous, are all surfing that tsunami wave of the Event Horizon in approach, all courtesy of the unveiling and uncovering force of Mr. Apocalypse.

The Koch Brothers Exposed - Full Version

All the unfunny clowns and reality show ‘ho’ downs are appearing live in their own meltdowns, as life becomes satire, becomes life, becomes lampoon, becomes the living mockery that they are in fact and soon to be realized as.

Get ready for the next stage of the play as blowhards and (non genetic- wouldn't want the PC Police showing up at my door; a division of the TSA) retards prepare for their ultimate denouement. Speaking of the TSA, they’re marching right along to the demon drummers that set the rhythm pattern for their passage. They’re marching with the Neo-Nazi Napolitanos, the pumped full of halitosis winds, John McCains, the steroid crazy policemen and the demented psycho soldiers from the Department of Defense’s Kill for College Program. They are attended by politicians and shit for brains academics, Frankenstonian scientists, child eating bankers and all that varied collective of bent and busted whiffenpoofs, in their ever tightening, winding gyres of disappearance, in search of The Primal Matter, which indeed they will find and spend a very long time in the redolent company of; rest assured.

Ouroboros has turned and try not to become terrified by the spectacle. These are necessary and unavoidable moments in the process of all that was planned eons ago by the Planetary Logos, whose ways and intentions are unknown to the mortal mind. My suggestion is to do what you can to no longer be in the possession of one. This is the time and place for that too.

The old order is breaking down and the things that were formerly allowed are having a different outcome now. This is not to say that smooth sailing is the presently predominating influence, anything but. This is to say that the corner has been turned. This is the point at which those going up and those going down, have come to a moment of level placement before the one proceeds below the one rising above. It’s some kind of higher math, dude. To paraphrase the master, Lao Tzu; ‘Keep drawing on a bow and you will repent of the pull’; something like that. Out of wack can go only so far before it swings around toward into wack.

There is a mass awakening in progress. It appears not to be actual until, all at once it manifests everywhere at once. It’s going to be an all of a sudden thing and the resulting product of that is an unknown, which we will correctly file under, “wait and see”.

Be strong and be watchful.

End Transmission.......

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible


Sunday, January 05, 2014

How to Avoid being an Extra in Lifestyles of the Rich Man's Anus.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I hear all kinds of things. I read all kinds of things. I don’t know what to believe. Yes, there are rumblings and rumors and all manner of portents. If it’s true... the US and many who live there, are in serious trouble, serious trouble ...and it seems to me that anyone living there would want to give thought to the situation. I’m thinking the only way to know for yourself, is to get a Geiger counter or similar measuring device and do your own computations. Failing that, there are a whole lot of gopher holes that with a minimum of work, one could comfortably stick their head into, for however long needs be.

This isn't what I want to talk about today. I've been noticing this particular phenomenon for some time. It’s not just Martin Scorsleezy who’s been glorifying irredeemable assholes. It’s become a Hollywood standard, whether it’s romanticizing serial killers like “Dexter”, Lecter or many another; making fixers and fraudsters magnetic, as in “House of Lies”, “House of Cards” and “Ray Donovan”, or sexing up and sensationalizing gangster mystique via “The Sopranos”, “Boardwalk Empire” and many others. Then there’s the always popular, vacuous slut scenarios like “Sex in the City”, “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”, or “Girls”, featuring David Mamet’s porcine offspring doing The Sweathog Shuffle. Hollywood is all about the Horizontal Hula, interspersed with predictable violence. As we all know, Holly would if she could and will. Kink is a burgeoning market with “Polyamory”, “Queer as Folk” and “Dave’s Old Porn”, which is some kind of modern variant on “Science Mystery Theater 3000”.

Then there’s the phony terror shit to distract the public’s mind away from the fact that the biggest terrorists on the planet are the governments of Israel, the U.S., Saudi Arabia and England; all of them caught up in Central Banker Thrall. For that we get “Homeland”, “24 Hours”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, “Argo” and many, many more, including one bullshit SEAL flick after another. Of course, there’s the humanizing of Vampires and other parasite life forms and the massive output of Zombie dreck. Last but not least are all the shitcoms, which are literally that and in which one fecal freak reference follows another. I won’t even list these, there are too many.

Yes, for some time there has been a massive effort underway to turn verifiable assholes into heroes. I guess this helps in real life (if that’s what you call it) because there are so many of them. Those reverent acolytes of the Stool Sculpture Deity love shit. Besides the fact that that is exclusively what they produce, there is a sexual angle to it that’s connected to infantile erotica. Well, none of this is news.

It’s all about corrupting the culture to the point that it turns into a steaming pile of shit which, under compression (and we got plenty of compression) turns into an inferno of Hellfire. Then they dance and cavort in it. Actually, that’s where reality departs from fantasy and projection. They do not get to cavort, buying into that Miltonian aphorism as they have; “Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven.” It don’t work like that, take it from one with the inside scoop (grin). As we never tire of pointing out around here, The Devil, such as he may be, works for the principal originator. There is only one source of power in the universe and in the case of everything manifest, IT IS BORROWED... borrowed for? It is borrowed for the purpose of demonstration. Firm that up in your consciousness.

Why is it so hard for us to believe this as incontrovertible truth? It is because the purpose of demonstration doesn't go according to our wishes and our continuously reappearing self interest. The self interest comes back again and again because we have no certitude concerning the one acting in our best interest. We think maybe this mysterious force doesn't know all the ins and outs of us like we do because, even though we don’t know shit, we think we do. Yes, we’re all too certain of that too often.

Here’s an image worthy of keeping in mind. Imagine that you are trapped in a well of darkness, cause you are. Unable to see where you are going, as if that possibility actually existed, you travel round and round in the dimensions of this well, always returning to where you were, without realizing this because? ...because it’s really dark. At various points, fear or passion get the better of you and you wind up either bruised and battered from bouncing off of the walls, or covered in a sticky spiderweb like excrescence that seems to have materialized out of the darkness, which it did. The sane and intelligent thing to do is to realize that there must be a reason you are trapped in a well of darkness in the first place. Of course, most people do not believe they are trapped in a well of darkness ...because the darkness generates a false light that... after awhile, gives you the impression that you are in a place that’s lit up and it’s not too long before all the people from The Overlook Hotel show up and you have a social life. Before you know it, a lifetime has gone by and not the same way it went by in that short story at the back of Magister Ludi.

Back to that sane contemplation about there being a reason. If there is a reason then logic implies that someone knows you’re there and what the purpose is. There are various ways to approach the situation after this realization dawns (should that ever occur) and books have been written about it, religions and philosophies have been born out of it. I’ll leave it to the individual inquirer as to where they take it from there ...but the point is to not go on being a bit player in that long running TV show, Lifestyles of the Rich Man’s Anus, cue Robin Leach (or is that leech?).

An apologist for histories biggest charade once said something about evil being banal. That’s why the face of evil often looks like this, unprepossessing, seemingly innocuous and well, banal and operationally anal. There is a reason; a very good reason why I’m using certain terms today and it’s not gratuitous. At least I don’t think so; being down here in this well of darkness it is sometimes hard to tell. So... if there is a false light, it stands to reason that there is a true light. How does one approach that possibility? Either one uncovers it, or one learns to generate it. I’m guessing that both are distinct possibilities. This sort of thing doesn't appeal to most people (I say ‘most people’ a lot, don’t I? Well, I've got a good reason for that).

You will note as you go along that if you are the sort that doesn't go along, you will attract opposition. The initial instinct is to resent this but the truth is that this opposition can be beneficial. It helps you to polish your procedures and once you've honed these to a certain degree, your detractors are usually fools or frustrated well dwellers that just make you look good. One can usually be effectively measured by the quality of the opposition. If the opposition is banal and predictable, you’re headed in the right direction. If it is sagacious and wise, it’s not really opposition and if you are sincere in your purpose and intent, you will profit immeasurably from attracting that sort of attention. It’s win, win.

Okay then... I think I've gone about as far as I want to go in this direction, for the moment, so it’s back to the guitar and sundry, as we await the day’s guaranteed entertainments.

End Transmission.......

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