Friday, January 31, 2014

To Bring Down the Vampire Banking Syndicate.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Ah... I knew if I mentioned Kalifornia in somewhat of a bad light I would hear about it but... I'm just repeating what I see and also analyzing from what I see. It is true that food is going to be a problem. It is already a huge problem in those parts of the world that The Crass Media ignores because they are high profit zones for multinationals. Corporations have no conscience and they don't promote people who do. By the time you get anywhere near the levers of power, you are a cold blooded, psychopathic sonofabitch, like this guy here. California is the land of dreamers. I was struck by this feature when I first got there. They have a certain kind of people there. New York has another kind. I am of the New York kind, so I noticed the variants. There were things about Kalifornia that I loved, The Joshua Tree National Monument Park, Mendocino, Bolinas, Big Sur, Larkspur where I lived on a houseboat. I don't mean to disparage Kalifornia, I just have my own right brain kind of math and I add things up. Then the numbers I get, the equation, is transformed into a picture. I often see things in terms of sustainability; can this sustain under these circumstances with all the various ponderables and imponderables? So... what I am left with is; No, it cannot, barring some form of miracle.

Water is going to be much more of a problem.

Conditions are bad and getting worse all over the place. Conditions are what they are under the driving forces of materialism. One is the rapid decay of systems of materialism that have gone to seed. The other is emergent materialism such as you see in Brazil, India and China. Typical of materialism, in order to squeeze expenses, while sucking as much profit out of the game, a section of society is tossed to the elements. I can never forget the sight of those Filipino children picking their way through enormous mountains of smoldering landfills, or the one that rings Guatemala City.

What we are fed information wise is vastly different in the actual. Those controlling the media and the religious brainwashing systems, are hand in glove with the forces of darkness that have created these horrible conditions. Here, the cousin of 9/11 mastermind Ehud Barak, brags about his relationship, while milking dumbass Christian fundies of their money, as well as exhorting them to die in Israel's wars, so that their bankers can get even richer still. This is the bloodsucking troll who runs the Hagee ministry.

However, we would never know so clearly as we do today, how evil these people are, if they had not been compelled by Mr. Apocalypse to demonstrate it for us. After all, that is the purpose of the whole thing.

The oppressed peoples of the world can shut down this Vampire Syndicate easily, should they choose but... their collective level of ignorance is so great that they are incapable of objective and rational thought. You don't have to violently revolt. You don't have to march in the streets and wave signs and banners. All you have to do is stop purchasing Coca Cola and Pepsi, stop eating at fast food joints and stop buying any new corporate items. It's not like you can't get by on whatever you have at the moment. You stop voting, collectively, saying that the elections are all fixed. You stop enlisting in the military and those already so engaged should begin to leave en masse. They can't put everyone in jail. A silent stepping back is required, coupled with the insistence that NOTHING will continue, until the banks are dissolved and their ill gotten gains are put into reputable hands. The fortunes of the 1% must be taken from them and the rest of the upper echelon should be fairly taxed. Corporations should face huge penalties for offshoring. Agri-business must be broken up and laws passed that state that resources are always and forever the possession of the public, to be administered for the public good. Dual nationals need to be kicked out of the country. Avaricious and oppressive lobbies need to be registered as instruments of foreign powers. AIPAC needs to be reigned in and every legislator swearing fealty to Israel should be drummed out of office. Israel is not Americas friend. It is her most deadly enemy; FACT.

Government surveillance systems must be leveled. The law enforcement community must be held accountable. The genocide in Palestine and elsewhere must be recognized and officially declared as abhorant and reprehensible.

People should shut off their TVs and refuse to watch, until something is done about the banality of entertainment. All these things just mentioned are powers held by the public. Shame the devil. Call the devil and his minions out. Label them for what they are.

The worst offspring of Materialism is what it creates in the human psyche. It creates indifference and a propensity for cruelty that is sickening as seen here and here. In lands where so called Christian values are celebrated we are seeing things like this. This kind of thing can only be a product of the impact of Materialism on the human spirit. Materialism dehumanizes. Materialism dehumanizes. The power of the central consciousness of Materialism is Mammon and this is a living 'thing'. Its powers are mesmerizing and it sucks undisciplined minds into thralldom.

Because of the enormity and pervasiveness of this force, it is highly unlikely that positive change and a reversal of all negative aspects of the present will take place. It seems outside the capacity of the public to become aware of where their welfare lies and who their actual friends are. The allure of a meal ticket and a state of stability, no matter how temporary, is all it takes to engender compliance in them. This is no different than the condition of livestock who get fed each day, when it might be more problematic in the wild but... it generally isn't and what is the fate of the livestock who have been fed and badly cared for during their term?

It seems impossible to communicate to people that every single one of us makes a difference. Every one of us has a tremendous ability toward change, however latent or potential it might be. The game works. The system of oppression works due to the overlords capacity to keep the public on a virtual hamster wheel and to sow dissension among them with the object of their resentment and aggression being one another. In The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine, this is all delineated. (Warning, shameless self promotion zone)

It comes down to one inflexible and ironclad truth. If one's attention cannot be gotten by a gentler effort then the effort will increase in severity until it is impossible not to wake up. If you insist on not seeing what is going on around you and not seeing your contribution to the state you occupy, it WILL be brought to your attention. The Apocalypse is a REALITY. This is expressly why so much is being uncovered and revealed. This is why so much has come out. This is why the internet showed up. As one of my uncle's used to say (but didn't act on), "those who cannot hear must feel." What is more important, your possessions or your life? What is more important, your position or your life? What is more important, the thing you are after or the one who is after it? What is more important, your status here in temporary time, or your subsequent placement afterwards?

I am not an organizer or a rabble rouser. I don't even think community is a good idea for such a one as myself anymore and no doubt that is why it was so hard to come by... but I do believe in people having the opportunity to see what is in front of them, even if, as is the case with me, it is not always efficiently or comprehensively expressed. I've seen what comes of social reformers and how the wheel turns upon those who come into positions of power and how that power affects their original intent. I want no part of it. As soon as I can engineer or troubleshoot my way back to Maui I'm going to submerge, especially since I have just recently come into a fantastic idea for sustaining oneself in that very locale. If against all odds this does not happen, I will relocate to a sparsely populated zone some hundreds of K from here and wait it out, should 'waiting out' be allocated to me to do so. One should stick to what they know and avoid getting caught up in things that, all too often, have a mind of their own.

I am of the opinion that areas of Kalifornia, like areas everywhere, will possibly come through the transformations, presently coming, more or less intact. I am certain that whatever troubles there will be will be largely occurring in the urban locations, except where forces of Nature are concerned. I am certain that some locations are going to be much better than others. Iceland and Norway are not likely to experience general difficulties, in the way so many other places will. India, China and Brazil, as well as other developing areas are going to go through immense changes. The U.S. in general is going to be hit hard in many ways, simply because of what forces are at the helm of the ship of state, as well as the forces presently engaged in systematically looting the landscape. The same will be true of Canada but less so and the same in parts of Western Europe. The U.K. is on its way to unpleasant times unless various inequities are addressed.

It IS altogether possible that ships could come out of the sky. It is altogether possible that the cosmos will make an appearance in the collective heart of humanity, or that a great teacher may appear. Many things are possible. There certainly are off planet civilizations that are much more advanced than our own and the cosmos is capable of anything. Shamballah might emerge from the protective mist that surrounds it at this time. All kinds of things could happen. We just don't know but none of these things are guaranteed investments or deserving of a greater portion of one's faith, save for the active hand of the cosmos. The cosmos is behind all of it, the good and the evil and it's all for the purpose of demonstration. There are life lessons on the table for the populations that are present. Some will learn these lessons and some will not, or they may learn them but not in a desirable fashion. The whole point of life, from the POV of the cosmos, is self discovery and learning. Regardless of what you may be independently up to, these are the intentions of the cosmos and the approved industries of the cosmos. You can substitute 'the ineffable' or 'the divine' in place of the cosmos. I use that term so as to signify a mysterious force of incomprehensible nature. No one knows what is going on there but one can adjust to its intentions according to systems of understanding that are available to all.

Some recent and interesting events are taking place that involve the very young. I have seen a number of similar startling events lately. Along with all the Sturm und Drang are many other things. Anything is still possible at this point. In these critical hours we need to be most discriminating about that which we set heart, mind and hands to. We are responsible for our own actions and we need to remember that as much as we might wish to influence others and get their attention, we can only do so much. The best we can do is lead by example. If others see, so much the better, if not, we have done what we could.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you are no longer toning things down and tailoring your writing for the approval of other people with an agenda. (Paging Mike Rivero.) Wow. That piece was...well...fuck it...words won't do it justice. Just wow.

Visible said...

Yeah, it feel a lot cleaner for me this way. It's easy to get seduced by things and not realize it. All kinds of places don't carry my work anymore, for one reason or another. So what? I'm going to intensify my absolute reliance on the ineffable for all things.

Anonymous said...

Well Visible, if you keep this up, you're going to get a following that is exponentially larger than it ever could have been, via the "trickle down" process, from links at other websites. Word of mouth will explode. That piece was a spiritual laser beam. And, if it feels cleaner to you, you just gotta be barking up the right tree, no? Keep it rolling. Hey, you mentioned Hawaii. That's close to being Stateside. Maybe the ineffable will coax you into coming back home. Sounds like you are open to all possibilities now, and that has to be a very good thing. (If lots of places aren't posting your work, you are definitely spilling things that need to be said. Cool.)

Anonymous said...

It could be that the window for those who shun your work, Vis, has closed.

They had there chance (s). And, as you say, it IS the apocalypse. Time just might be up for some. Good for you to not have to take such care in how you state things! If those who have a problem with your work and don't want it, we'll, good luck to them, they'll need it soon enough.

As for "community." Everything you mentioned about that in yesterday's post is absolutely true, particularly those who set themselves up to be in the inner circle and the beauracrats. So true! Every time I was around that community I just wanted to run away. And then I did. Never went back. Became quite the recluse since then and that's just fine.

Well, time to get back to clearing the mind and seeking. Thanks again for that!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I wouldn't come back to this HELL HOLE of the u.s. for ANYTHING, if I was somewhere else. For political reasons mostly, and then you have the headlines on rense this morn'. (1/31/14)

2 of them:

500 Deep Sea Fish & Squid Dead, Dying In Hawaii

West Coast Sea Stars Turn To Mush...Pacific Dying - Vid

AS for giving up Pepsi, Coke, fast food, and all that crap. . .did that years ago. It was easy. There are alternatives. Many alternatives, and they taste better, not to mention they are better for you; though they do cost a wee more. . .in the SHORT TERM. Long term, me thinks they are cheaper. Medical care is ridiculous if you go to conventional doctors. Of course, I never wanna go to a conventional doctor again. Then again, I don't have to. I live with a witch doctor, and I'm getting good at being one myself. We find out the problem, research it, and fix it ourselves. If we can't fix it, we move on to the next realm. No problem. (I have a no/code-DNR-DO NOT RESCUE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES OR I SUE THE SNOT OUTTA YA card in my wallet. This state has Good Samaritan laws, so that should stick if I'm out cold, and if I'm awake I will tell explain the laws and tell anyone who tries to interfere with me to go where the sun don't shine.)

On your list of what's more important that life, there's one most don't think of. WHAT'S MORE IMPORTANT! YOUR PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY OR YOUR LIFE?! I'll go for the former. Then again, my life has fulfilled it's purpose and I see it as a thrashed old teddy bear in the attic that's just waiting to get put where it belongs (Also how I see all my genetic relations), but we know that already if we've read my previous posts.

Yes, if the collective had a brain, the system could be brought down in no time. And because my system of existence is diametrically opposed to the majority, I have very few problems. In fact, I'd say I have inconveniences rather than problems, not that I appreciate those, but that's life. Life isn't here for our convenience. But we asked to be born into the circumstances we're in, so we deserve what we get, I'd say. And in reality I have very little to complain about statistically, but because of what I know I can't stop bitchin'.

When you've personally seen paradise, it IS a bitch to go back to the 'slum sewers', ya know? The memories of what is to come are just so over the top.

NDEVille. Talking about a double edged sword! Some appreciate life more, some resent having to be stuck here afterward. But at least even the latter knows it's all temporary, so hey. Some of us become total arseholes to varyng degrees for it, and I made it up to the 33rd degree. ;^)

insaim said...

see if you have a heart. watch the attached short video. some people don't have the luxury of considering giving up fast food.

wouldn't 'they' be happy id we were all as gratefull as the Filipino kids in the video ....

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Indeed. In-deed.

( It must have been somewhat of a challenge to be 'Mas y Mas Visible' while toning things down. But hey, if the future gets too bright just put on some 'shades')

Be well, be Alert

Anonymous said...

Not trying to do any thread drift here, but wow, you have to see this article and then read the comments afterward! This is the second time this week I've seen 100% against!

Mr. Apocalypse IS moving and the sheep are waking up. The comments say it all!

Ok, now this is thread drift: has anyone seen the videos from all over America where people are bringing the recent snow in to their homes and trying to melt it with a lighter? IT WON'T MELT! It even turns black and has a bad smell to it. WTF?! Not kidding.

This has been a public service announcement.


David Alan McBride said...

This comment is about the snorting out of ALL thoughts that Les has repeatedly discussed over all the blogs. We, the struggling minority of the awakening/awakened, all have voices in our heads. How can we weed out the Genuine from the pretenders? Do the snort while the voices in your head are talking. All the noise will instantly blow away. But the truly Divine will not be affected at all. The snort has no influence on the True Messengers from the invisible realms. The distracting noise ceases, and all that is left is The Voice. Thanks again Mr. Visible.

Visible said...

Nothing wrong with thread drifting.

Anonymous said...

God, I hope that this is NOT true, but the way things are going lately with the feral pigs and jack asses
fisting the States, who knows?

Anonymous said...

No word about this from either Rivero or Rense??

Anonymous said...

Have A Heart?



est said...

you are here, now
perhaps tomorrow
you'll be gone
never to return

if you have not felt
the joy and abandon when
a child takes your hand,
to show you something or

to have you read to them
or to ask you a question
that can't be answered

than you have missed something
true and real and good

we have so much more to learn
than we have to teach
but we keep thinking
we know it all > that's a mistake

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#6 "Some people don't have the luxury of considering giving up fast food."

Considering what I know, that is saying some people don't have the luxury of not committing slow suicide.

On the other hand, I knew of someone sort of like that. Still do. He's living in his car, no way to cook, and his teeth are so bad he can't eat lots of raw food, not that he's even inclined if he could. He can't even eat an apple. We fed him for a while, let him use the shower, pass out for a few hours in our flat on a sleeping bag, and shortly after we ended up with a bedbug infestation. He said the motel he'd last stayed at before he ran out of money had bedbugs, so. . .

We tried to get rid of them ourselves various ways due to the chemical sensitivity of my flat mate, and finally had to get management to hire an exterminator. They loved me. I gave myself the nickname of Purina Chinche (Bedbug in Spanish) Chow, and I'm scarred for life; not that it's that important being I do NOT make my living with my looks and I'm not into personal vanity. Boy, did that cost me in time and money, though. Had to wash all the clothes, curtains, anything cloth, 10 trips to the laundrymat, with a full carload, rearranging all the furniture a couple of times, deep cleaning all the nooks and crannies that haven't been touched in aeons, all kind stuff. It was two weeks of HELL, then we couldn't go into the flat for 6 hours after the exterminator. Poor cats had to stay out in the cold for a while, and so did I until the assistant manager also my girlfriend invited me in.

Needless to say that person is no longer welcome here, and I am NOT extending my/our hospitality to anyone else homeless in the future to that degree.

As for that video, it is sad; but on the other hand I think one of the vilest things in existence you can do is breed when you can't even take care of yourself.

I suppose it would be in past taste to being Jonathan Swift into this now, huh? (YES, THE PUN WAS DELIBERATE!)

Yeah, I can be pretty cold some times. Helium slush cold, since they haven't gotten it to solidiify yet. But then again, they haven't truly all the way gotten anything down to zero Kelvin either, have they? Not since the last time I checked, though I suppose I could check again.

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning with a thought stuck in my head, (let the dead bury the dead). I think that was my cue to give it up. I have been trying for years to wake people up and point them to the truth and have had zero success. I think Christ had an easier audience. There was no fluoride, chlorine, bromine, aspartame, gmo’s, vaccines, aluminum, mercury, and TV during his time. I think they have me outgunned so I will probably keep my mouth shut, at least until Monday. I have to hand it to you. You don’t seem to give up. Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Before I start tonight's performance, I'd like to get some serous matters out of the way.

First off, another great post Mr. Visible. It is nice to hear someone who professes to be optimistic actually sounding optimistic for a change. Best of luck in Paradise. The nice thing about the internet is that it is worldwide so I hope you are not planning on closing your playground as part of the move. I wouldn't be spouting here if I didn't think it was something worthwhile. You have a collection of puppies and guppies, some which show some promise.

Second, to LTPTB, I sure hope you get a tail wind for the rest of your flight. I have had several NDE's as well, not the blue tunnel kind, the more traditional kind. Idiots on the road trying to kill me with their inattentiveness and shall we say, shots that missed. I guess I came out of it in the other state, I relish every moment I have and I remind myself when the suffering occurs that in the past it has always come to an end.

I suffer from both Migraine headaches and Morgellon's, probably related. You don't have to twist my arm to believe in Conspiracy Theories. At this point, especially since his name was mentioned, I would like to give a big, and I mean BIG, shout out to Jeff Rense for his extensive coverage of this issue.

I've been early retired and am thinking of trying out a career in stand up comedy. I'm too old and not disciplined enough to take up a musical instrument in a meaningful way. In college, I was a Calculus TA and I actually do enjoy performing for a crowd.

Lastly, there is a car out in the parking lot with its lights on. License plate MIB 420.

Alright, with those things settled, let's get on with tonight's show.

First limit hit. Woo-woo.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...


Damn, I so old.

"Gosh, Mr. Nah, how old are you?"

I'm so old that 'Maui' makes me think of 'Thai' and 'Afgan' in a way different way than we do today. Cue the Rush song.

I'm so old wait a minute. Hey I recognize that guy, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Plant. Ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-snitch. Excuse me, I must be allergic to something. How long have you been here? I saw you first.

There's somebody else here too, but, until I'm sure, I'm not saying.

Okay, nobody laughed at my Biggus Dickus joke, so I obviously need more practice. Maybe I'm aiming too high brow. Let's shoot for the low brows, it's a lot easier.

Alright everybody, can you guess what my favorite Beatles song is? That's right, "Hey Jude, na-na-nah-na-nah na-na-nah-na-nah na-na-nah-na-NAH"

This is a dull crowd.

Alright everybody, can you guess what my favorite taunt is? That's right, "na-na-na-nah-nah na-na-na-nah-nah na-na-na-nah-NAH"

I heard some laughs, we got low brows present.

Time for a classic Mr. Nah Low Brow Litmus test. It's easy and it's not going to hurt anybody.

If you are as perceptive as I am you would be able to read between the lines the Mr. Visible is considering giving up his blog to pursue whatever he said.

Let us vote whether this should be thus. Since we want a sensible vote, only the women should vote. Yes trannies, you can vote too. Dudes feeling I am being dicriminatory can vote if they want to. Remember this is to keep Mr. Visible writing. This will be a lift up your shirt vote, remember, it's important. All the ladies wanting Visible to stay lift your shirts. Okay, let's count. One, two, three, yes keep them up. Damn, lost count, gotta start over. Okay, thank you, alright ladies, those of you who have had enough lift your shirts. Not everybody eligible voted. We're going to have to to this again. All for....... all against. Okay, much better. I didn't even need to count, but I did. The ayes have it.

All the dudes that raised your shirts. The door is in the back. You are too stupid to come to one of my shows. Refund their money, no bad Karma on me, thank you.

Okay, let's have another vote. How many of you ladies want me to continue with high brow humor? None? Alright, how many with low brow? None again?

Damn, maybe this crowd isn't that dull.


Mr. Nah

Visible said...

I'm always optimistic, or maybe you don't read the entire posting. Many themes are covered but the progressions generally wind down in the upward swing.


As for the other, I'm not going to say a word. I've already been rude enough for the whole week this evening.

I did that on purpose for reasons of professional trolling but it appears to be a stalemate. Maybe by this time people are remembering that I do things in intentionally to see what results.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


The minute you get your aura, take 4 to 6 of the pills, and in a half hour you should be OK. No pain, vision back to normal, and all that. If your speech centre becomes disconnected from your brain and you only spew gibberish (has happened to me a couple of times), that should be fixed too.

Fellow migraine sufferer.

Ray B. said...

Vis, good column. Covered a lot of bases, succinctly and evenly.

Vis: "...of similar startling events"

The positive things that startle me most are the prodigies that are labeled autistic. Whether math or music or memory or whatever, their abilities are so far beyond the norm that they give me concrete hope (perhaps an oxymoron -grin-) for the human species. If you metaphorically place all these types in a shaker and blend, the picture of a 'real' humanity that emerges is incredible.

(Whether a simply-undamaged humanity or sourced in Otherwhere is also intriguing...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Indeed this post is brimming with optimism. I was referring to past work that brought me here.

The posting is supposed to be a Swiftian style satire of the legitimacy of the current voting system.

Indeed the 'ayes' have it.

Mr. Nah

insiam said...


You certainly push my buttons!

'Considering what I know, that is saying some people don't have the luxury of not committing slow suicide.'

Try to tell those kis in the video that fast food is bad for them ffs

'I think one of the vilest things in existence you can do is breed when you can't even take care of yourself.'

Your definately on a roll my friend. People in many parts of the world are poorly educated and consider the only way to survive is through 'breeding'

what i find vile is your ignorance and obvious total lack of empathy. Your really need to travel outside that shit hole you call home - i assume you are an American!

PS this has to be a classic:

"I wouldn't come back to this HELL HOLE of the u.s. for ANYTHING, if I was somewhere else."


insaim said...


Anonymous said...

Head story on Foxnews is that the water supply is going to be cut down dramatically

And today, TWO school shootings. Multiple school shootings happening daily now. This modern insane society can't go on much longer like this.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


I do live in the u.s., but I wasn't born here. I'm from THE LAND OF THE CABBAGE PEOPLE. (Kraut by birth.) Also, lets say I have selective empathy. It's reserved mostly for those not of my species, and select individuals. I can't say it's unconditional. In fact, I have mostly contempt for the collective humanity (repeating myself for the umpteenth time). I also have been outside the country other than my place of birth (and spend most of my time doing political research on-line), though too young to appreciate it at the time. But hey! I learned at a young age on how to open a can with a knife since apparently can openers hadn't been invented yet where I was.

And uh. . .oh, I just can;t resist. . "'THE ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE IS THROUGH BREEDING!'" she said as she died in childbirth. Gods, to me that concept (breeding) is so gross I got fixed before having sex at 19. I came to that conclusion the minute I found out how it's done. And quite frankly, I consider crotch droppings nothing but a liability and to be avoided like the plague, unless you do take 'A MODEST PROPOSAL' into consideration. I mean, from a pragmatic perspective, what good are they unless you're a farmer and need cheap labour, which I am not. I am NOT a fan of gratuitous obligations, expenses and being tied down. Looking like one swallowed a watermelon whole doesn't doesn't do anything for me either. To me, life is enough of a bitch without some parasite taking up your time and resources for 18 years. My view, year. Others' mileage may vary.

I arrived at that conclusion for being forced to sit my half sibling toddlers at age 6, and that's not changed in the additional 45 odd years I've been in this cesspool of a realm known as the Physical Plane.

Anonymous said...

The Super Bowl is being held on 2/2/2014. In case you haven't done the math, that's 2014 = 7, plus 2 is 9, plus 2 is 11. As in 9/11. The Super Bowl is being held in Rutherford, NJ. A Rutherford is, "A unit expressing the rate of decay of radioactive material, equal to one million disintegrations per second." (Hmm, interesting, eh.) This is the first Super Bowl to be held in a cold-weather environment. The first one in 48 years. The only one in 48 years. To say that's kind of odd, is the understatement of the century. Who in their right mind would hold a Super Bowl in a cold-weather environment, in an outdoor stadium, in the middle of winter? (For what purpose? Nothing to see here, move along.) The stadium is an open-air stadium. It used to be named Allianz Stadium, but the Tribe went ballistic and started screaming about Naziism, so they changed the name to MetLife. They've been doing "military drills" around the stadium, complete with Blackhawk helicopters and the usual suspects wearing black masks, for the last couple of days. The whole thing doesn't smell right, and the date (2/2/2014, = 9/11, numerologically speaking), well the date is what really gets me, it's dark side all the way. Keep your eyes peeled, and don't be surprised if you see some seriously disturbing things, after you hustle out to the kitchen during a commercial to get some genetically modified cheese dip and a bottle of Diet Puke...

Anonymous said...

lieing always cheating
murdering to steal
by disconnected harmony
to destroy instead of build
for counting out the gold
to feed the belly of the pig
it fills with corruption
like a poisoned chalice swig
working for the death cult
that died long ago
a system of inequality
enslaves a man to low
gets lost into corruption
easy to get their
by psychotic designing
in chaos and despair
by elitists and supremacists
who profit from the screams
the crimes that never end
never stop or so it seems
the ending of the old world
crumbling by the day
breaking into nothingness
for another way


Friday, September 10, 2010 10:48:00 PM

Thanks Neil.

w h

Visible said...

I have studiously avoided mentioning similar things about this coming Super Bowl. You raise legitimate questions. I was going to address some of these things tomorrow, thinking that talking about it might serve to impair their intentions. Certainly the stage is set for something. Another thing of interest is that tickets are cheaper than they have ever been, in the most expensive part of the U.S. Sure, the cold weather might have something to do with it but...

well, I don't know, do I?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Howler Monkeys of the Moment in the Perpetual Land of Oooh's and Ah's.

Anonymous said...

Les, like yourself and many others that have been leading by example for many years, preaching for the restoration of sanity and compassion for the abused earth and her dying inhabitants, I think we have shown and said all that can be explained to those that can still comprehend reality.
Although we must continue to apply this effort to support the newly awakened, I’ve been thinking about a new strategy and wanted to get your feedback on the idea and it’s possible application.

I think we all agree that if we just sit back, wait and observe from a safe distance while we continue to plug up the very smallest of holes in the great big cracking Dam that the flood will surely come before the repairs can be applied. But, as you stated, there are always possibilities that we could be granted, that outside help we so desperately need. I think without it we are doomed and so my idea is, how can we instigate that desperately needed intervention. How to ask, beg, or pray for help from our cosmic family to intervene? What would it take to get an S.O.S. message to them? What would we expect them to do for us? Certainly we would not expect them to jeopardize their lives by physically entering into our shooting gallery. And seeing as there is no possible way to negotiate a peaceful resolution with the existing insane operators of this place, I believe they would consider helping us if we made them a reasonable offer that would comply with their laws, safeguards and directives, that would achieve what they and we desire for the planet.

After careful consideration for all life and the preservation of all realms of existence involved in the present, I believe a one time, one shot neutralizer that zaps the planet back to the stone age is all we need. One grand electromagnetic, technology zapping event that takes out everything electronic, planet wide. Of a type that transforms the world to silence, like the Day Earth Stood Still movie. I think that would meet with most every-ones approval. It would instantly equal the playing field on earth allowing for an immediate and proper cleaning of the planet.

During which time I also would suggest that all Treasonous agents against man and planet to be rounded up and incarcerated in work camps assigned in all hazard locations which they created, such as Fukushima, for life and without parole. Imagine a fresh start, free from forced insanity and return of freedom and justice to the people. Cosmic approval without a doubt.

Assuming this to be a simple task for them to perform, or enable us to execute it ourselves to take responsibility for the act. I will volunteer and forfeit my life if necessary for this task. How to get the message sent? Rocket delivered space billboards, flyers strewn through space? A continuous S.O.S. radio broadcast pleading for help with plans attached? That seems affordable. What’s your thoughts?
sincerely, Keith

Visible said...

The ineffable is in control and we are in the ineffable's hands. It is the clarity of our communication with the ineffable that determines what we do and where we are. That is all I know.

Anonymous said...

Would he? Woody? When Woody's got a woody, better hide those kiddies real goody!

Jeff said...

Fell in love with your writing the very first time I was led to your pages. I can't even explain how that journey happened. Just glad it did. You stated that you want to go back to Maui. Did you forget that Fukishima's radiation is bathing the beach on a daily basis? Just thought I'd mention that. I really need you stay healthy and feed me more of your words. WE all do. I feel more alive every time that I do. Thank you for all of that.

Visible said...

Actually from all reports, the radiation by passed Hawaii and went directly to California. People I am in touch with are not getting any readings there. Of course, it could now swing back around with the currents and come to Hawaii. I do not live because of this, or that. I live because the spirit of God lives in me.

It simply turned out this way. I don't have other options that are practical. Maybe that changes between now and two months from now. If so, that is god's will, if not that is also god's will. I'm good either way.

Thanks for the wonderfully supportive words. I'm guessing you will really like today's Smoking Mirrors, going up in a few minutes.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Dance of the Scorpion and the Flight of the Eagle.

Anonymous said...

Cat Priestess commenting from the remnant of great trees still left in Kalifornia -

Love your blog and vision Vis, may yer claws always be razor sharp.

Yes, it's dreadful dry here. They chemtrail the crap out of the sky at every opportunity it seems. My fur does not appreciate this.

Have no doubt however that the wildwood of the Sierras still holds a great deal of unsulliable magic, as well as pockets of totally rockin' eco-warriors hidden away but connected by the invisible mycelium that is common to all those of the earth loving tribe.

And like everywhere, when it all shakes down, those who know how to work with Nature will be challenged, but fine and all the better for it. Personally I can't wait.

Kristine Lavender Love

Anonymous said...

Well you can keep your Jew York. You see, I just changed a letter in the name like you did with Cal. Everyone I know who rags on California has an oh so obvious tone of jealousy in their voice or their written ramblings. You see, New york is a cesspool of human filth. A has-been dead and decaying place like most of the northeast. "Cold weather make people stupid" I'm convinced that movie character was right. Cal is beautiful (at least in the north) and dynamic, and people do their own thing in the illusion. Also there's a reason that 911 happened there, and it has to do with the "culture" of the place.



Joseph Brenner

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