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Of Departing Monsters and Serious, Transformative Change.

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Well, there’s your common garden variety crap and then there’s your military grade, highly toxic, double noxious, life threatening crap and that would be exemplified in the departure of this high ranking Nazgul who, no doubt, spent the last eight years in the place he is now resident in. Listen to the whore chorus of slithering sewer roaches, as they praise one of the most bloodthirsty mass murderers of recent time as a man of peace. Ariel was a Satanic emissary of a Satanic state. All I got to say is Sabra and Shatila and that sums up Sharon. Of course he was worse than that, as well as being neck deep in 9/11. He was an evil psychopath and I think this graphic image tells the tale of his departure; finally the Gates of Hell were opened wide enough to receive him. He was a monster and so are those praising him in the first link in this posting, now he is with monsters. My first instinct was to ignore him the way I do the dung slugs on my woodland walks but after experiencing the simpering and saccharine fellatio of the sycophant catamites in the Crass Media, I felt the need to name him for what he was, a cruel and gross obscenity.

Let’s rather enjoy the work of a hero such as this man; his presentation has been broken into 4 parts so you’ll need to watch these in sequence...

Dieudonné | Mahmoud, Part 1

... and if for you, it’s that you ne pas parle francais, well, it’s English dubbed.

Dieudonné | Mahmoud, Part 2

As the reader who sent this to me said, “I can see why they’re worried about him.”

Dieudonné | Mahmoud, Part 3

Yeah, he’s cool, courageous and street side articulate. He’s the guy who came up with the ‘quenelle’.

Dieudonné | Mahmoud, Part 4

The pernicious professional victim industry, which is very powerful in France, is seeking to shut him down for speaking the truth and because they insist that the quenelle is a reverse Nazi salute but... as I mention in this week’s radio broadcast, are they missing the irony concerning this? If it’s a reverse Nazi salute then it should be something they approve of, shouldn't it? I mean, it’s the opposite right? I think you will be pleased, entertained and in admiration of this man. He’s on the money and boy... he’s sharp. He’s working some of the same angles I like to use for my own protection. You can say a whole lot depending on how you say the opposite. I am sure many readers will be aware what I’m talking about.

As I have been saying, a lot of prominent bad guys are going to go down in this near time span.

There are many sad tales making the rounds in these times and they stand as stark testimony to the stresses of this age. Let me point out that even the most insensitive among us, those of us who can be inspired to murder women and children and peasant farmers, in their pursuit of alleged terrorists are being forced to feel. If a soldier wants to lay hands of harm on a terrorist then he should consider heading for the House of Lords, the House of Commons, Number 10 Downing Street, The Capitol building, the Senate Office Building, the House of Representatives, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, J Street and of course, Tel Aviv. That’s where you will find the terrorists that you are supposed to be killing on the battlefield. They are not on the battlefield, they are in the halls of power and in the banking institutions. If you are determined to get terrorists, this is where to look. This is where they are. Anyway... respect of that link, regardless of how insensitive, dumb and clueless you may be where you can be convinced that rural farmers are your enemy, once returned from the battlefield, the horrors you committed will follow you. They will hound your steps and give you no peace because sensitivity will be raised up in you and you will suffer accordingly for the terrible crimes you committed in foreign lands, under orders of international bankers (second down on the left). The Apocalypse; uncovering, revealing. The magnitude of your deeds is revealed to you in these times. There are many who have yet to feel the weight of their crimes. They are being permitted to continue because their crimes are much graver than the crimes of those they sent out on errands of malice and mischief. The time will come however and there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from the thoughts in their heads that will burn them like fire.

On a humorous note, but still tragic, those things I said we would see more and more of, we are in fact seeing more and more of. I fully expect to see some remarkable manifestations of this in the Christian Zionist fellowship. The lunacy afoot in this movement and the cost in lives abroad, as a result of their intransigent ignorance, is going to bring about any number of unintentionally funny and gruesomely embarrassing events, like this.

It must be said, the spirit of the cosmos is a comedian. Any informed Zen practitioner will tell you it’s all a joke. Looking at it philosophically, it is an operative absurdity. Look around you and look with the eyes of clear reason and pure objectivity and you will see you are wandering in a madhouse. What I mean by pure objectivity is that is has no taint of personal perspective. It involves a detached awareness, independent of motive or agenda. It’s called, ‘seeing things as they are’. Seeing things as they are is your greatest defense against being engaged in shit that is dangerous to your well being. It protects you from bad companions. It sets your value system so that you are not compromised by the desire for useless things. It separates you from the driven crowds in the flaming cities. Uh huh and... if you can maintain it, it will lead you by the still waters, which are allegorical for an end to internal conflict and a quiet mind.

I can’t stress it enough, be on the lookout for more and more startling and remarkable things both good, bad and WTF. We are entering into the time of signs and wonders. Massive shifts are initiating in the body public, as they come up against both untenable circumstance and a greater awareness of what is being done to them. I expect all kinds of ET activity, whether fabricated or real. Sooner or later... who knows? The human race is in trouble. Corporations are flat out evil. Corporations put politicians in office or keep them out. Between the corporations and The Tribe, it’s The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Thankfully, implosion is at work at many levels in many locations. The greedy little minks have set the stage for their own destruction. They are neck in neck with their ambition and their downfall. It appears they are going to head themselves off at the pass.

Countless situations are explosive and combustive. Predicting what will break out where and when is nigh on impossible. The critical individual concern is where you happen to be located when it goes down, along with what you happen to be up to. Mind how you go.

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This week's radio broadcast is now available at the usual location.

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Noguru said...

Now that Nazgul Sharon is dead can we expect the Second Coming of Christ soon?

Anonymous said...

The shitbag croaked - finally.

If that 108 years old (died in 2006) rabbi's prediction was correct, after this shitbag's death the Messiah (Jesus[!] - the rabbi's naming and prediction) is to come. Since the rabbi said that Jesus is already among them (in Israel), I guess they had to keep the shitbag alive to track this new, second Jesus down, and kill him - the second(!) time - like they did the historical first.

Since they let the shitbag finally croak, I guess, he's been tracked down and the deed has been done - probably recently...

Make no mistake about it, this was the only reason this disgusting putrid excuse for a human being has been kept alive for all these years.

Visible said...

I'm off to the public spa for a few hours so it your comment doesn't come right up it will later.

Man, those Pats are something else.

Anonymous said...

The fourth part of the three part video was just posted as well.


Craig said...

"It appears they are going to head themselves off at the pass."

I always love to start off a Sunday morning with a great belly laugh. Thanks for providing me one. You never disappoint! Have a wonderful day!
Craig out

wiggins said...

The tribe are slipping. At one time they would have ignored people like Dieudonne and hoped he'd go away rather than give oxygen to him. Thanks to the attack on Nicholas Anelka for his 'quenelle' at Tottenham and who happened to mention Dieudonne as his favorite comedian - the World and his wife now know who he is.. Bravo!!!

Anaughty Mouser said...

Great post Les Visible, especially the French comic laying out the truth against the tribe.

Minx (not minks - unless you're talking fur coats) as in from the Ghostbusters, Akroids character:
She's a nimble little minx!.

"It appears they are going to head themselves off at the pass."
It appears they are going to off themselves heads at the pass.

Anonymous said...

Vis, your reflections on these last days are like a kaleidescopic acid trip on the Lawrence Welk show backstage, with the polyester curtains pulled tight to mask the odor of napalm babies and gangrenous thalidomide limbs from wafting over the audience's canned laughter.

To recap just one layer...Ariel Sharon and Bronfman are dead, as is Amiri Baraka. Tony Parker of San Antonio spurs fame was forced to apologize for making the quenelle and even Tila Tequila of celeb-realitee vee fame was just recently accused of holocaust revisionism. Dieudonne is being held liable for something that supposedly occurred that you will go to jail for scrutinizing too closely, by the same people who are imprisoning whistle blowers who are exposing all manner of crimes against humanity and the planet. West Virginians are trying to find access to water while Nestle thinks that humanity shold be grateful just to bask in the radiance of corporate golden showers, straight from the source.

Truth seeking hackers like Anakata and Jeremy Hammond are rotting in prison for revealing the extent of the crypto-technocracy under the auspices of Mossad, while the rats stir up all kinds of goofer dust misdirection so that no one notices that the foxes have not only slipped into the hen house, but the chickens are getting deep throated and deep fried in deep doo doo. I also recently read that Roy Rogers had seduced not only Linda Lovelace, but Marilyn Monroe, too! Why that has anything to do with anything is beyond me, but roll with it because remember, we're all backstage behind the wavy, melting stage lights of Lawrence Welk's show circa 1968, tripping on Sunshine tabs.

To be in power these days must feel like Nero lounging on a bear skin rug, getting fisted by papal castrati clutching gerbils.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The Yehuda Triangle -

New York - London - Tel aviv

Anonymous said...

Oh how the satanic goats gloat about destroying Dieudonne!

Can't have it both ways, Tribe of Zion! If you don't want to be accused of malicious career sabotage, then don't crow about inflicting the "price of anti-semitism" onto people exercising free speech. The arrogance is astounding! Way to make friends, Israel lobby!

Visible said...

I meant minks, based on some of their behavior.

Anonymous said...



Visible said...

Yeah, I cracked myself up when that "head themselves off at the pass" thing jumped into my head and I thought, "Oooh, some readers are going to like that. (grin)."

Ray B. said...

This is only loosely related to this blog, except in its wider context. I'm sure readers are aware of Snowden's releases concerning NSA surveillance of other governments (wow). It was predicted that NSA's practices would cost the U.S. dearly in terms of lost overseas business. Well, here is the first installment:

Aviation Week, 23 Dec 13, p.47

"Brazil's selection of the Saab JAS 39E Gripen as its next fighter ... Saab and Dassault had regarded Boeing as their main rival, but the U.S. competitor's chances may have been hurt badly by revelations of U.S. cyber-spying on Brazil. The 36-aircraft deal is estimated at $4.5 billion..."

Karma's a bitch.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

We don't make rules here concerning relevancy. Our only rules are about deportment and manners.

Nate said...

I can't stand to wait much longer to see the fall of these Neanderthal, lacking frontal lobe, no empathy bastards.

I've reached the conclusion that it is genetic, not a racial thing. ("Anti- Semitic" It's a trick, we always use it)

Just the results of a sub human species that has been run out of every place that they have ever inhabited numerous times and for good reason.

Turning is going to have to be soon if there is any chance of the rest of us getting out of this alive.

Fuck political correctness! I see the influence exerted by these monsters and the results of their efforts on those around me. It's time!!!

the gardener said...

Horror on the red carpet as Golden Globes entrance flooded with SEWAGE as stars begin to arrive for annual awards ceremony

haw haw haw! Did 'somebody' just mention SEWAGE? Why yes he did-that man named Vis...Listen to the whore chorus of slithering SEWER roaches, as they praise one of the most bloodthirsty mass murderers of recent time as a man of peace.

You're just getting better and better... INSTANT manifestations... what we're all working on around here.

Just cracked me up to see it and so pertinent... picture has the peeps holding their noses... hahahaha

the gardener

flyingcossack said...

dieudonne is fantastic

jews cant like him ... much like tebow, he unites blacks and whites

Skepticfrog said...

It's beginning...
A bank was blown up in Budapest this AM. Is this a first in the EU? (Talking about hitting the Tribe where it hurts).
It of course is a reaction to the SwissFr mortgage loans pushed by the Tribe banks with the outmost vigor in HU, before 2008. Now there are 100s of thousands, who owe more(!), than the loan amount was, after paying for 7 to 12 years. The anger is horrendous. They also KNOW WHO the bankers are. So "antisemitism" is SOARING. The Tribe is befuddled by this - of course - they, as usual - don't grasp cause-and-effect.

Laughingly, the Tribe media calls it a "robbery attempt" which is utter nonsense if you look at the details. They are scared to name it for what it really is (payback) in case it gives "ideas" to others.

I wrote before, watch the Hungarians; they are, and have been initiators and catalysts.

Like this:
"Recent survey by Gallup indicates that an increasing number of Hungarians – 63 percent – are disillusioned with the European Union; only 37 percent endorsed the globalist establishment,"...

With these numbers, in due time the popular movement to secede WILL emerge into the open. Things will get interesting then, others WILL follow; I predict the Poles would be next.

insiam said...

I read the following comment somewhere (can't recall where) not so long ago and thought it food for thought!

Assange, Snowden and Greenwald are all on a new MI6/CIA/NSA assignment. "The scarecrow project". That is to scare people away from the internet. They are trying to prevent people from obtaining certain information that would (in the long term) enlighten them and could change (or dismantle) western ruling elite. Will they succeed in this electronic scaremongering, like they succeeded on 9/11? Or will americans wake up?

Unknown said...

one of the master demons has left the building...

this dirt bag of a demon has already seen the suffering he is in for...who would want their cardboard box to be artifically sustained for 8 years except for a low live demon afraid of what was to come...

divine spirit when time comes for shedding this cumbersome cardboard box...gets to be and feel free again...these boxes we are offered here are just for expression in this lowly dimension...

this heaping pile of dirt bag is now on his way to the Hell of his making...he will have much company soon...Satan knew when he took over this dimension that it would be short lived...well, that time is come...

a great divide has is seeking like and no longer on opposites fact those awakened are repulsed by these creatures of dark and their support robots...the mindless easily programmed support robots that support this evil system to the bitter end...

those spiritually unprepared will suffer the most...and the divine spirits liberated from this Hell Hole...this dimension has been condemned...this evil sickness will be cut out like a cancer and will no longer contaminate any further of creation...time is short...the spiritual signs are all around but very few are seeing them...

Lots of LOVE

the gardener said...

Jeez here's a shocking expose of the corruption in GB Series of articles from that made me gasp out loud!

All it takes is letting the Light hit the darkness and allow all to be revealed to the masses. And, if valid info, shows Vis is totally correct on Mr. A working faster and faster.

the gardener

robert said...

Dear Mas Visible heart,

Who says that waking up is hard to do?

Only when we resist and hold our breath does the light make us squint and squabble.

Your writings and "song-ings" are very entertaining as well as inspirational, as the interactive community you are hosting confirms.

On top of that boon, I really enjoy your moderating of the comments (and parenting the indulgent children, when required).

Your sites are such a refreshing contrast to the degrading sewage pumped through the MEdiaMatrix aka Crass Media, Lamestream media, TalmudVision etc.

To observe a gentleman act with sincerity and class in the face of trolls, sayanim, and poorly parented adolescent egotists gives my heart a warm massage. I reckon that only a third of the commentators are sincere and the rest either adding deceptive filler to cut the purity of the medicine or trying to feed the small I.

Your ongoing community of letters a useful laboratory for learning discernment, testing written expression for origin and intention, separating the unconscious from the becoming conscious.

Watching you walk the tightrope high above the wondering crowds is the proof in the pudding, my friend!

Here are two downloads from the Cosmic Consciousness I received this morning; I hope that my transcription errors do not obscure the meaning too much for other seekers among the community.

Body Perfect, Identity Erring

Not the physical animal but the carnal mindset

Not thinking itself but self-indulgent mental programming

All abstract distance from physicality is sin

Any full presence maintained consistently is true

This does not mean running a fugue of sensuous excitement

While the mind reaps the whirlwind from a distance.

We are not really “into it” while the body is in a trance we induce,

Only when a fully embodied spirit can directly direct in the moment

Is there freedom to fully express holistic beauty.

Animal “savagery” is not the fault of our animals in motion

But of our minds in a static displacement from the Now.

We create a symbiotic relationship then abuse our privilege

We learn to control our surrogates before we master our desires

Start in motion toward an attractor then fall asleep at the wheel,

Then blame the baby we made for the “accidents” happening in our absence.

We deny our responsibility for our poor horsemanship at play

Claim that the dog ate our command and control.

We trained our flickering presence to murder our true nature

Then pretend we “could not help it” as we ride the waves we made….

Can’t Get There from Here

Can’t get started connecting to this cult

Reflexive rejection lead to self-determined isolation

Nothing to leverage, no social choices to be made

Observation from outside the madness current

Disqualifies my judgment, gags my contribution

Destroying every other board game but one:

Pure seeing, clear feeling, constant being.

No distractions from solving the separation anxiety,

The uncertainty of being here deluded with permission

The disconnect between our momentary will and Creation

The unwillingness to face the mess we make in darkness

Fearful of seeing our lameness caught in the head lights

Pretending that we are already there yet never really here!

Aloof mental perspectives wreak havoc on the Real

While we talk all about how well we have learned our lessons

Piss poor riding skills masquerade as natural consequences

Chaos is blamed upon the blameless beauty of Creation

When actually coming from half-hearted commitment to our art.

Hating the messenger for showing us what we are doing wrong

Loving the shadows of pain more than the pleasures of light.

Blessing and gratitude for all your do and all you are, Les Visible!

:good atsmanda

Anonymous said...

I had a laugh-out-loud moment when reading the headline of that UK Independent article, "Revealed: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police". Methinks Mr. A is most definitely at work here, but in this case, that would be the Architect, as in the Great Architect, or the Grand Architect, of Freemasonry. (Holy crow, some of you truly do need binoculars.) FYI, the UK Independent is about as "independent" as the New York Times. "I just read these articles in the UK's leading MSM newspaper, wow, I have been enlightened, it's all true." Seriously? This is merely an attempt to whitewash Freemasonry and make it appear as if the brotherhood has been corrupted by dastardly outside sources. Can you say, "Duh?"

Thomas said...

Gilad Atzmon defends Dieudonné, who tells that Israel did 9/11.

As far as I can tell, he is genuine.

Ray B. said...

robert, January 13, 2014 8:31:00 PM

I enjoyed your 'Cosmic Consciousness' transcriptions. Nice work. One section stood out for me:

“Animal 'savagery' is not the fault of our animals in motion

But of our minds in a static displacement from the Now.”

This is probably not what you meant, but it brought up the way 'I' do clearing/cleaning. These days, I 'see' people more in the way different chakra levels are more clean and clear or more loaded-up and compromised. When Higher Self goes about the clearing/cleaning 'process', I note the distinct ways of my 'sensing' this while it occurs.

Earlier, I had found three different ways of interpreting conversations between myself and (real) Elves. Up at the Soul level, interactions go so rapidly that it 'sounds' like squealing through an old-style computer connection. Totally unintelligible to the ear. Dropped midway, there are flashes of whole scenes or sequences. Toward the slowest, there are intelligible conversations via words.

Now, this analogous to what happens in clearing/cleaning. If my contact with Higher Self 'drifts' me away from the human side, I only feel the energy flows. Further down, there is the intimate interaction with what is going on, but no emotion. Toward the bottom, on the fully-human side, all the sense of what is being held is experienced - both the raw pain and the held 'negative' emotions at different chakra levels.

If I allow myself to drift away from 'the Now', I can detachedly (to coin a word) observe the process, and have no consequences. However, I also lose the 'humanity' at stake, which is the whole purpose of the Enterprise (in my opinion). So, I haul myself down by the bootstraps, so to speak, and feel what is going on. I think of it as an honoring of the individual; what they have gone through. I don't have to do it, but I DO have to do it - if that makes any sense...

(Occasionally, I find myself making sarcastic comments toward those who don't have to feel the physical. It would be nice if higher levels learned of the consequences of their 'playing around' down here. Whether my 'feeling it' has any impact on this learning, I have no idea. I hope so.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

JerseyCynic said...

insiam..... now you've got me wondering if I should click into this one from The Motley Fool:

DEAD AT 45 -- Silicon Valley's brightest star.
R.I.P. Internet:
1969 – 2014
The death of the Internet will seem tragic to some... but Silicon Valley insiders are guzzling champagne at its funeral! .... ..... ......
P.S. It sounds crazy—but the World Wide Web really is going “six-feet-under”. Just ask the Editor-in-Chief of the Wall Street Journal...or the equity wonks over at Morgan Stanley...heck, call up the scientists who invented the Internet! They’d all tell you the same thing: NOW is the time to get in on this white-hot technological shift. So don’t be late to the party that experts the world over are calling the single largest business opportunity in the history of capitalism. Click here to find out how to position yourself to makeup to 89x your money when the Web goes dark.

Sing it, Visible!

btw... I saw whatever "it" was whiz by my face last evening! talk about a sign.

JerseyCynic said...

It's getting crazier by the minute..

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up now-

Fear and the Artificial Landscapes of Terror.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Israel Executes 3 Little Girls and it Doesn't Matter..



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