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Stolen Alphabets and the Ministry of Death.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

We're two months shy of Spring and in the time between now and then, we will see many a change in the world as we knew it; not that any of us knew it, other than the way it's been presented to us, by those manipulating the look of it and by its own innate nature to conceal essence behind appearance.

The transference of power at the automatic command of new planetary associations, is going on as the cosmos intends, for the purpose of transformation in human consciousness, be those transformations willing or unwilling. Any of us should know that there is a big difference between doing something you want to do and being made to do something you don't want to do because you don't see any reason for it in the first place. State of mind is a big deal.

Let's consider one of the things that just about everyone comes up against sooner or later; death. Generally and traditionally, death is defined across the board as something fearsome and unwelcome. It is also, usually, unavoidable. Death is change, period. Puberty is death, the death of childhood. At some predictable point, youth departs as well, sooner for some, later for others. The Tarot cards are pure symbolism that dialogue with the subconscious. The Rider Deck presents it one way and The Case Deck another. Apparently, Arthur Edward Waite was under restrictions concerning what symbols could be shown to the public and Paul Foster Case not so. It appears to depend on how you came by the pictorial representations in the first place. They are, after all, present in a particular location and have been, should one know how to access that location.

Some people object to the association of Hebrew letters with the cards. There is no actual Hebrew alphabet. It was taken from the Chaldean flame alphabet. Over the course of time, in this recent historical episode, many traditions have been hijacked by vested interests and grafted on to systems they weren't originally intended for. This is in order to control human society from behind the scenes. There are several systems that have been around for awhile that have empowered individuals in positions of control to influence conditions and events. As the age has moved into deeper and more pervasive corruptions, these systems have become corrupted as well. It takes a seriously focused and self possessed individual to navigate from out of darkness into the luminous realms and death certainly plays a part in that. You can't live in the one world, unless you die to the other.

I can talk about these things a little more freely now, since I don't have to filter or suppress my presentations, in order to be linked at certain websites, where these informations are routinely undesirable, for whatever the reasons may be. I'm not curious about the motives. This is The Apocalypse, everything will find its way to the surface when it's supposed to.

In India there are recorded and verified incidences of yogis aware of the moment for their opportune departure, who simply went and sat down at the optimum time and left their bodies through the process of maha-samadhi. Usually there were witnesses to this; disciples, associates, or whomever. In some cases, they lay in state for weeks afterwards to demonstrate the incorruptibility of their physical forms. There are many skeptical sources that have their own version of events and how the bodies came to be as they were. I'm not concerned with that. There is no doubt some amount of fraud in these areas. I go by my own experiences and the certainty that there is more to it all than meets the eye and its restricted bandwidth. The eye's susceptibility for being tricked has been demonstrated by many a magician, illusionist and practitioner of legerdemain.

Similar practices also exist in western traditions, though they are differently garbed and cloaked. Information concerning the practitioners is difficult to obtain, you have to meet someone, the right someone, or you are not likely to discover much.

There are two sources of historical record; mainstream history, which is shaped according to the whims and desires of the overlords and... occult history, which is not mainstream and which is not readily accessible, not that it would interest most of the public of today. There is a large library of such texts. Some of them are locked up in places like The Vatican, or private collections. Some of them are in the public domain, especially in places like Usenet. Many of the texts were intentionally destroyed by the fire at the Library of Alexandria, by representatives of the societies presently engaged in bringing humanity into complete subservience. In order to control the present, you have to control the perception of history.

Anyway, death is upon us all because dramatic change is upon us all and we will change willingly or unwillingly. Regardless, we WILL CHANGE.

Skeptics will find more than they need, which disproves whatever they don't want to believe in and the faithful will find whatever they need to affirm what they want to believe. We are entering the time of signs and wonders. Those who do not believe in anything they can't see or touch are an interesting phenomenon. Ironically, many of them are scientists and mathematicians who, for some strange reason, have no understanding of physics and who deny what the math of physics has conclusively proven. Ergo, it is more a matter of vanity and ego on their parts than it is the result of any research because research in their own areas of inquiry has already proven the existence of a pervasive consciousness throughout existence.

In times of material darkness, there is a terrible vanity that operates in the minds of those who consider themselves intelligent. They can in no way allow for the existence of a deity because they- regardless of the fact that they are blind, ignorant and helpless- consider themselves to be gods. These egotistical martinets know all about the offenses of religion and for them, this is proof of the non existence of god, as if god were any more than incidentally connected to religion. Their real reason for denying what should be obvious to even a simpleton, is that it interferes with their self interest and self promotion. These feckless amateurs consider themselves deep thinkers, yet they are incapable of even the smallest ability to see beyond appearances. Since the only way to have direct experience of the ineffable, is through the facility of the intuition and the only way to engage the intuition is through surrender to something greater than themselves, they have effectively shut themselves off from any chance of higher or deeper understanding. They are ambulatory corpses, walking in darkness; insignificant while present and forgotten once gone. They are doomed to an endless dance in the ring of fire, coming and going, in one flaming body after another and present for only so long as it takes to burn out again. They are no help to themselves and certainly no help to anyone else.

The greater the presence and pressure of materialism, the more of them there are, pursuing sensory gratification at the expense of things infinitely more important. They wind up in an empty field ruled over by Saturn.

It is all very simple. You ultimately end up with the object of your pursuit. You wind up with whatever you were after or not even that. It is a sad, sad affair; far more sad than you might imagine and you can't say anything to them. They don't want to hear it, it interferes with their material pursuits. So... do not position yourself between insane appetite, delusional ego and the object of its desire or affection.

Few of us are willing to accept the truth that we are surrounded by the chronically insane. We compromise. We make allowances. We plea bargain with our own beliefs, in order to enjoy treacherous camaraderie. Just because you are in the middle of a crowd does not mean you are not alone.

We have come to a state where madness, obsession, compulsion, neurosis and psychosis are rampant. This cannot end well and the evidence of that is all around you. Those who have invested so much in the oppression of their fellows, believe that their hour of total victory is at hand. They could not be more mistaken. They are about to get their clocks cleaned to the point that they never tell time again.

What can be plainly seen at this time? Those material things that so many have relied upon are now being removed. Food is going to become scarce and much of that is already inedible. Heating fuel is becoming scarce and will become much more so. Water is already scarce and polluted as well. The economy is sinking beneath its own weight. War is threatening world wide. Calamities are stacking up off stage. The terrible destructions waged on Nature are becoming more and more evident. Upon whom are the people going to rely for their survival, the government, the religious establishments, for profit charity mills?

When it begins to come down with speed and force, it will happen so quickly heads will spin and since heads are already spinning well... yeah. No doubt there will be some anxious and uneasy months, as well as far worse ...but then it will correct; in some places fairly rapidly and in some places, not at all. It's been coming for so long. It's been announcing itself in all kinds of ways but that has made little impression on those with short attention spans and a religious devotion to marketplace and political bullshit. There are no performance programs being handed out to those intently focused on attending the production. They hardly notice where they are being led, nor can they identify the Judas Goats leading them through the chutes; these icons and pundits, zombie celebrities, advertising billboard sports figures, academics, movers and shakers. Gee, it all looks so normal. If it looks normal to you, one thing for sure is, you're not normal.

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Jenny said...

I am pleased to see you take the 'kid gloves" off and say it right out. Oh yes- coming like a big 'ol freight train it is. Mr. A don't care who is in the way-jen

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Personally I can't wait. To me it's like being here now:


and waiting for the gates to open to go here after it's over:


robert said...

Dear Visible unfettered,

What pleasure to receive your transmissions through a more transparent window!

Kudos and appreciation for your daring compassion to let the genie fully out of the bottle!

For those who have lived more or less faithfully envisioning the time when balance be restored, the temporary signs of the stormy whirlwind arriving should induce no fear, only tears of joy.

Fear of death must give way to Love of ultimate Life someday.

Let it be as soon as possible for the greatest good of all.

Thank you my friend.

:light fterhid

3rd Elf from the Left said...

Off topic, but I just want to record a note of thanks to Kevin in Virginia for all his help in getting Visible's BitCoin wallets up and running - so thanks Kevin!

I'll just add that anyone wanting to donate to Visible, you'll find both a PayPal link and a BitCoin link at the top left of his blog sidebars.

Ginnie said...

They are about to get their clocks cleaned to the point that they never tell time again.

That statement alone was worth it!

Thank you for not bending over and...waiting! (one of my all-time favorites! Next to fuck the pope. But then...I AM NOT NORMAL)

Looking forward to the time when there shall be "time no more".

Eternal now-ness. What a concept!

I love this place! And a whole bunch of you other readers. Funny how that can happen through "just words".

Anonymous said...

wow...for years i have all happens for a reason you just have to find out what the reason is...getting drop kicked from rivero's site for not adhering to proper language is an act of God...haha. it's comedy! thumb your nose at that site knowing you are now on a pure course -- in an open dialogue with the ineffable and not having to pull any punches which is sooooo gross when you think about it. dumbing down the ineffable to suit that goateed old goat! ha! hilarious. but that's the way...of the world. i am pleased to no longer visit his site and have to see that mac cleaner pop up ever again! or read his comment of 'un-flipp-ing believable' and other word massacres. i loved your work unencumbered with ego......let's go!!! come's on. i'm in babylon by the sea...los angeles....interested in experiencing how i ride this wave............stay clear!
love and flowers

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. From my perspective/experience, many here found this refuge from another point inside the ‘net. We were probably seeking some sort of understanding as to what is going on. And, a good many of us visited all sorts and types of sites; patriotic sites, channeling sites, religious sites, etc. It’s all a part of awakening in a sense; stepping stones. And every site taken with a grain of salt. One may visit a site with obvious disinformation just to learn what it is they are claiming and the whys and wherefores of the information and to gain perspectives; not because we resonate with them, but to gain understanding and perspective. Thru gaining understanding and perspective we learn compassion. Further, possibly learn how to refute them. We learn how to ferret out the truth. What one believes today to be truth, one may learn tomorrow is false. And we learn there are many perspectives on truth. Those who claim to KNOW make many of us here snicker or yawn, probably because we’ve already fallen in that trap and have had to free ourselves in order to continue. Freeing oneself from that trap involves examination of ego. Bumps and bruises anyone?? Love to all, Serena

Visible said...

The Ganapati piece got renamed. Sorry if I took awhile getting this to you.

Hare Krishna.

the gardener said...

Twenty or so years ago I was working for a "Smith girl" and as the household supported all other Smith girl efforts this Book was purchased and read by all.

Considering the source of "Smith girls" Sophy Burnham's series of "angel" books was interesting... to me.

In this one, "The President's Angel" there was a passage about the Earth being "a planet of losses-where everything from start (loss of the womb) to the end (loss of your body's life) was just an endless processing of losses"... and I've found that to be truth.

loss of childhood, pets, loved ones, innocence, possessions every sort of way...

So those who have suffered the most losses, the severe losses and still have a head to hang their hat upon with mind intact to whatever level is appropriate to the here and now are gigantic steps ahead of those who never ever subscribe to the point of view of losing theirs... whatever 'theirs' means to them.

Maybe the ultimate 'loss' is ability to come to 'this planet of losses'? Maybe the loss of this planet in total? *shrugs*

I had my own change of course a few years ago whereas I questioned whether or not I had 'died' or was 'dying' in the process.

I lived to tell the tale though it does cause me to ponder whether all of it is just a dream.

But the climax of the process was 'being hit with a bliss so strong I could barely take it" and questioning out loud "is this how we go out? In this stream of pure astral golden bliss?"


I, myself, expect more and more veil thinnings presenting to so many that the results just cannot be denied... results like: being healed of whatever maladies. Telepathy negating need for devices for communications. Divine guidance and protection with stupendous shows. *grins again*

the gardener

PS-heading towards the 2nd New Moon (Aquarius) on the 30th of January... with Venus in Capricorn going direct that same day followed on the 31rst with the Chinese New Year of the Horse.

All you born in: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002~ this is your good year of being yourself.


Visible said...

I guess I wasn't important enough to be CC'd in. on the info

Ginnie said...

Greetings and incredibly beautiful! My grandson of almost 4 weeks responded to this in a most unbelieveable manner. But I believe it. Cause it lives in him too!

Hare Krishna

Think I will play it all day!

Anonymous said...



Both your post vis, and
Ganapati piece.

Still speechless....


walking hawk

good comments...

Visible said...

I thought most of you had seen and heard Hare Krsna before. That's also going on the new album.

Visible said...

Here is the status on the new novel;

"The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine."


CreateSpace eStore: Immediately 5-7 Business Days
Amazon Europe: 5-7 Business Days
Expanded Distribution channels: 6-8 Weeks

the gardener said...

~!~Congratulations~!~ on your newest book hitting the marketplaces!

I read it as soon as you released it for ereading! It really was quite the thrilling ends to a lot of the beasts that are Vis... lol!

Good luck on your sales...truly yours,

the gardener

Ray B. said...

Skeptics: When I was first looking into solid claims for paranormal stuff, I read a bunch of the skeptic material. From there, I saw two camps. The 'honest' skeptics would point out obvious flaws and could generally still be open to the phenomena. The 'pre-judged' skeptics were another matter. Their minds were made up to start with, and any excuse they could find to deny even massive evidence was trotted out. It was kind of like J. Allen Hynek's infamous "Swamp Gas" explanation of UFOs (before he switched sides and was suicided).

Scientists: My sense (outside of those who are 'souled out') is that honest scientists are still responding to two things. First, the sins of religion are seen as deeply embedded in human culture. To a scientist, the half-dozen generations since the church was all-powerful and people were being burned at the stake (let's rephrase that; gruesomely tortured by being burned alive) are a thin shell atop brutality and control. They are notably conservative here, and with reason. A scientist may or may not be spiritual, but they sure have 'evidence' of what happens when religions take control...

Second, there is the emotional outrage. "How could there be a God if he/she/it allowed '___that___' (fill in the blank here)?" Scientists are good at stepping back and looking at the whole picture. They see the darker side being exhibited, and draw the logical conclusions. (I partly subscribe to that, and wave my fist at 'God' almost nightly during clearing/cleaning sessions.) The larger scale of humans experiencing all things as learning do not sit well with them. That is understandable, because it is unprovable to the senses. Unless there is actual spiritual experience happening, the above is just another 'philosophy'.

Spiritually-empowered scientists have been some of the biggest assets of humanity. Let's hope we have enough out there...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. While I have not been to M.R.'s site, I support your (Vis') drive to be yourself (grin).

JerseyCynic said...

Congrats on the book. Must be a great feeling of accomplishment.

You must have heard about the "new" clock that will now be accurate until the end of time....“astonishingly-accurate”-optical-clock-could-be-new-world-time-standard

the BCth said...

-part 1-

This place (Visibilandia) feels today like a never-ending party that just keeps getting better. You guys are great. Thank you, robert, in particular, for your recent most excellent comments. And walking hawk, and Ginnie, and Love To Push Those Buttons, and jennifer the beekeeper, and just really everyone. You brighten my day. So greetings!

I am compelled to revisit the subject of the channeled text, The Return of Light, after Lord Visible quoted my earlier comment. I have since read further into the text, toward the end, working through the update addenda, and had some additional time to reflect. I feel I was premature in knocking it (albeit obliquely) the way I did. There was cynicism in the mix there, a kind of almost snarky know-it-all-ness seeking to elevate the self by taking someone else down. Also a bit of jealousy. The reality is that I have almost no extrasensory "stuff" going on myself, although I dearly wish for those higher senses to open to me. I am simply unqualified to comment on what a person with such gifts claims to have experienced.

What had put me off about TRoL (grin) were just two or three simple things:

First, the references to commonly channeled beings (about whom I know nothing), which brought in too many associations with flaky new-age bullcrap where people just delude themselves and get led down the garden path (in my humble opinion), desperately chasing the high and always getting let down when the reality doesn't match up and the predictions don't come true. (Such disempowering dynamics are probably coming from a trickster aspect, brought in by unconscious invitation due to unexamined weaknesses in the humans involved, whereby a deceptive consciousness replaces the true being, or succeeds in polluting the message.) But if I am honest and realistic, I must concede that those named beings may (and probably do) exist in reality, and that they -- not the impostors, but the real "originals" -- may in fact be of the Light.

Second, the predictions in this case were constantly falling flat. This is where I was at when I commented. Later, though, the humans actually took Heru, the Creator God being channeled, to task for this, and asked not to be given any more predictions pertaining to the timing of stages and steps undertaken in the process of eradicating the Dark. Heru gave straight-up explanations in each case for why things took longer than anticipated, and, after some thought, I can understand. It seems consistent with my own experience of high hopes and expectations of change meeting inherently unpredictable, and surprisingly change-resistant, reality.

Third, perhaps, my own prejudice against people calling themselves "lightworkers." Again, negative associations based on the various shallow, profit-driven, head-in-the-sand, self-congratulatory, love-and-light ninnie head crowds. But, of course, there is such a thing as one who serves the Light in a conscious and dedicated way on this earth plane. These typically do not go about trumpeting themselves as "lightworkers" and whatnot, as they are too busy being real and doing what they do. But the term is accurate and applicable in that case, so why not use it? And I appreciate the distinction between "lightworker" and Light Worker, mere label versus the real deal. From what is told in the text (and reading between the lines), I have gathered that these individuals, by my standards, appear to be the real deal.

the BCth said...

-part 2-

The cosmology, the picture of reality that comes across, resonates. The understanding of the nature of evil, definitely resonates. That one single thing, the "What it is" and the "Why?" of evil presented in this book, makes the whole thing worth the read.

No more wishy-washy, lily-livered rationalizations. SOMEONE FUCKED UP. THE BIGGEST COCK-UP OF ALL TIME. They did a really stupid thing to see what would happen, the experiment got out of hand and took over, and we ended up playing host to the results. Reverse Kundalini is the manifestation of that. It turns everything backwards, 180 degrees opposed to its original nature and intent. It doesn't stop and it doesn't play fair. It's mad and senseless and universally destructive. That's evil. No God in his right mind would knowingly create that. But it happened.

Amazingly, it says we are right at the point where the immune response operation mandated by Prime Creator has wiped out most of that Dark infection, leaving only the densest, most heavily guarded pockets. Of which Earth, surprise surprise, is one. So...

This is an opportunity rare indeed. To witness such a time. No doubt the challenges to come will be immense for us all, as we work to bring down the suffocating matrix of evil, to heal our loved ones, and to rebuild our world. It will take time. But we will see it happen, and know that we played whatever part we played. This is a time for heroes to step up, truly, and show what they are made of. That means you and me, brothers and sisters here. Many of you have been stepping up for too long already, and for your longsuffering service in the face of adversity, heartbreak, and overwhelming odds, I salute you. My generation are starting to be ready to take on our roles. I see it happening, in spite of the stupendous ignorance and apathy of so many among whom we walk. They are hypnotized, held in the grasp of a force that will become stronger and tighter still before it meets its unavoidable end. But we're all in it together, sleepwalkers and waking souls alike.

My apologies for taking up so much room and using so many words, but I had a thing to say and I guess I had to say it. (grin)

Thanks, Lord Visible, for your ever-giving gift of this place for us to share. I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of my time here. Greetings and Aloha!

Juho William Tauriainen

Visible said...

Truthfully, no actual light worker calls themselves that sort of thing. Serious players are mostly unknown, unless their particular effort requires them being known. this is not to say there may not be an exception to this but most of the time it's something that was loose and when god shook the Earth they rolled to California.

You criticisms are accurate and spot on. The chance of running into a genuine channel is probably a little better than winning the lottery but not by much and I have no concern about appearing cynical.

My thinking is that a real channel wouldn't ever have to mention they were doing that. They would just speak when they do and not when they don't and I doubt any true high level source is concerned about having it's name mentioned because it needs the celebrity.

There are true channels and empowered heralds, sages and so forth but they are few and far between and there is not one of them who is not in awe of whatever is providing them with the wherewithall.

I wouldn't worry too much about not having what you may only be unaware of. Pursue the inner light and all such things will be added unto you (grin). The more intensely you focus and the more relentlessly you apply, the speedier the result.

wiggins said...

Fascinating as always.

Visible said...

Juho, this location belongs to the reader. You can write a sequel to War and Peace here as far as I'm concerned (seriously).

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

This is going to be a two part or, hopefully not, three part post; one part going over my take on the thrust of the last two posts and one about someone's perfidy. Now, I don't have much more to say about the ongoing duldrums days/daze that I haven't said before, so I'm going to highlight my bald assertion that raunchy idiots "in high places" are going down as said bald assertion, and that's that. It "looks" like the same old, same old, but that's part of the momentum headed in their idiotic direction to keep any and every head in the sand type content with "things being as they look" while ensuring as overkill that none of those types will ever look for any profligate "wizards" behind any veils...oops I meant curtains. It speaks, acts, thinks and demonstrates its value to any/everything cosmological as well as the mundane individuals who I'd love to see a principled change of heart and mind in terms of an uptick in conscientiousness, the passionate apathy going around. Now, there's some uptick (a good thing BIG TIME) amongst the self-chosen few who are stepping out of their close-minded state, and every individual there counts. Just my take, and it sounds and is a little condescending, but the people I'm talking shit on talk constant shit about "crazy shit" I say which might turn out to be heard by more than just me, and their "sweetheart" sentiment, if there is an akashic recording system, which may just be quite real as to my experience, is something they can talk to such erstwhile figments about, and it'll be "real equivocal" about who was insane, not who went insane, the entire time in regards to that rubric being laughably stupid to said mockers. I want a front row seat and a bag of good, buttery popcorn for that. Freaking "sweethearts" and knowing that certain people's certain mental illness or whatever is rather entertaining. This here jester has intentions of helping to save those who will want and need help at the time, which will be comprised of many of said, oft-mentioned laughers, because it's the right thing to do in demonstrating my character and, given that they didn't go real deal, hardcore, literal satanic on me, and, uh, um, yeah, given that it is and it'll be the right thing to do, I'll try and help. Ok, so I have some serious fixee ideas and what not, but I am being serious with myself about possibilities, and my personal experience with run ins with some serious satanic fucks/fuck ups was just a trial run for the real apocalyptic deal, which is about truth and justice and not about two-thirds of the world's population dying a fiery, genocide-based death. We're here to help with the prevention of that and the revelation of many a truth hidden under the pebble-like "Rock of Gibralter" of where lies get hidden until exposed. There'll be help from elsewhere, given there's good witches and bad witches, good offworld and interplaner sentients and bad ones...who are doing just as "good" as the pieces of fuck "in high places" here are doing, who are hiding their shit results there well too. Hardy har har har in the direct direction of all of the Earth-based, offworld and interplaner scalawags with no good intentions on the Earth project.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

I'm going to preface this with saying I hope it isn't true about you and Mr. Rivero, but I can't say I'm surprised, sadly enough. Trying to stay objective about this post, but, as one might read, it's going to be pretty subjective about what I heard in the last two posts, and it's quite telling to me about the times and certain characters' character, and I'm not, through honest intuition, disposed to believe that there's much there anymore in regards to someone I've had respect for, Michael Rivero, whose respect was getting lost repeatedly and rapidly over time; now, there's this. I'm going to go into rhetorical questions to highlight my deductive take. Why did Mr. Rivero's site have an increasing onslaught of pop-up adds that could and did crash my mac computer which would only be there to generate that much more "anti-important" $ for him? Why was Mr. Rivero so adamant about that which he knew and knows all about to be "crazy talk"? Why was he so dogmatically certain about any and everything metaphysical that, and I'm being polite about this, he knows all about nothing in regards to that which just makes him, personally, feel better about himself and his smug, know-it-all about literal nothing outlook, while exposing him as a type of existential check kiter? Why would he just ditch a friend and, I'd suppose, comrade in arms, erstwhile in nature, unless he was, pretty much, told to, as Les deduced? Why write existential checks with your mouth that, if EVER tested, you'd never be able to cash that would demonstrate just how "intelligent" you ever were about such subjects you said were the domain of the dumb and crazy? Last rhetorical question, but certainly the most important one: Who's gonna get the shit end of the stick, consequence-wise, for being a know-it-all who's, as to what I've ever seen, ANTI-steeling himself for everything he says he understands as just being "crazy talk", Mr. Visible or Mr. Rivero? Yeah, pretty straight-forward about "knowing" one moment and getting thoroughly disabused the next about many a "fact" he knows about in relation to how smart he says he is, while bashing people who demonstrate any type of faith in higher powers, which aren't easily understood but are, I strongly believe, existential traps for such types to get their wide asses stuck in. Sad, sad, sad situation that, sadly enough, was meant to be and follows from what this blog's writer was saying about fair weather friends and easy, but rather permanent, compromised compromises and just how easy it is for them to get into something perfidiously geared in ditching "a friend" (I'd have to doubtfully quotation mark up that in that regard) and just how difficult it ever is to gain said, blown trust back. He might need you one day, Les, in regards to just how flat-footed and cockily so I've heard him get about how anybody who believes in certain uncertain fields of study are dumb dumbs, which he "knows" for certain are as such. Appearances are never deceiving to such know-it-alls.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

I tried; It's three. Sorry. In closing, that'll be an assy series of checks never intended (because it was crazy to Mr. Science AT THE TIME) to be cashed that he may, I strongly intuit, just get to deal with, and it'll be a real "cute" experience for him and those like him. Oh, how the metaphysically challenged Mr. and Mrs. Magoos see what little that said schlubs will always, only, ever always afford themselves to be seen and all in the name of "knowing", never deducing, "inferences" that turn out to be big-ass lies that these types will endeavor to know, not believe, en masse in regards to their non-existent metaphysical take on life on Earth . Why say you're honest, serious, educated guess about abstract, abstruse subject matter when you can just blurt out what's already known en masse, which may just be a massive serious of lies? That's the stunted mind set there, and "everybody's doing it". Thus, this precluded the necessity of ever even considering to deign to condescend to deduce, hypothetically, what might be going on in poor world plagued with in your face intrigue, which, given it didn't effect such "empathic" types, didn't matter too much to the whole lot AT THE TIME. So, if Mr. Rivero just sloughs off at this given point in time in being such a know-it-all, fickle fuck, he'll just regret it all that much more when the time comes. That being said, I hope there's some misunderstanding going on, and that it gets patched up, given Mr. Rivero's actual decent track record with, in general, covering mundane problems the MSM won't touch, but we'll see, I guess.

the BCth said...

Good points, Visible. I see what you're saying. I imagine you are equipped with quite an arsenal of experience and knowledge that you can bring to bear on questions requiring this level of discernment. I don't know.

I would like to believe that we are on the cusp of entering/co-creating a restored and renewed world without evil or any perceived need for it. The idea that we are forever doomed to cycle through Satya, Treta, Dwapara, and Kali Yugas doesn't hold much appeal for me right now. The nature, origin, and purpose (if any) of evil is a deep philosophical question that I would like to see solved in a satisfactory way. (exclamation point!)

On the strictly human scale, I don't suppose it makes a huge difference right now whether darkness will return at some later point. I expect, once the "Turning" Ray B. talks about is done with, that in this lifetime I will see the dawn of that new world unfolding around me. What more could I ask for?

I may have been bitten by the believer bug a little bit there, but it's not a big deal. I'm not invested in having some particular thing in a book or a blog be true. I only know what I feel in my heart. And my heart tells me there are infinite treasures and adventures in store for all those who walk with Spirit.

Laura said...

Dear Juho ~ I have enjoyed reading what you have expressed...very articulate and insightful. I think there was authenticity in the early channels, and then it went to "hell in a hand basket" and the dark took over and what a lot of mouthpieces they found and used.

Dear Vis ~ I like what you wrote too in response to Juho.

I have had the honor and divine privilege to be associated with a genuine conduit. If one's own self empowerment and doing the personal work comes of that, it is the real deal.

With love, in grace ~ Laura

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about Rivero. He has not linked to you, periodically, in the past. I think you're an integral part of the team, Visible.

the BCth said...

A quick note here,

Thank you, Ray B. I value your viewpoints highly. Gracias!


P.S. The book, Sumerian Swindle, linked by wiggins above, tastes quite good.

insaim said...

Ukrainians dont' seem to impressed with Putins Russia. The following video shows a mob attacking, and in fact capturing quite a few police.

I get to talk with a Russian or two occasionally here in Thailand- considering that there are 2 million or so pass through each year and 10s of thousands of expat resident. The generally view is that they are oppossed to Putins domestic policys .i.e. mass immigration, forced multicultralism. (sound familiar)

isn't it odd (not) how the Ukranians are fighing to get entry to the EU whilst the majority of current member states citizens are fighting to get out.

One can't help but think that if Snowden is working for the bad guys then Putin must know. And considering all then it points to it all being one game. I suppose it is a case of moving on from understanding the left/right paradigm game to understanding the east/west paradigm game.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The End of the Bad Drummers who Hijacked Holy Drummerland.

David V said...

@ CM Ellsworth:

Please consider breaking your comments out into smaller paragraphs. What you say may be profound and enlightening, but when I'm confronted with a great big slab of words, I tend to skip over it.

Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

This place is kicks ass for a great many of us around this planet.

To BCth... Where to start...
Thanks for reading this material.
I came across this about a year ago and in reading it I saw with me, it coincided with things that were happening in my life. 2005,2006 years were the start of many wild,crazy and cool things that started to happen to me.(Spiritual gifts)
Things were accelerating rapidly over the following years and I did not know why. Then at the beginning of 2013 I met a rather gifted individual who filled me in as to why things were happening with me. Now everything makes sense. Now that I "know" why it is, I have been able to grow with these connections I have. I have been able to help people see the light so to speak. I am a warrior. I will not bow down to the dark forces. I am a healer also coming into my own ways.
The main connection I had with this material was the timing of the "Light Workers, Warriors" arriving on the scene. I was told there was a lot of truth in this Return of the Light material and I was not to concerned with the predictions made as I was with the
"Over All Picture" of it.

Thank You very much BCth for your time and opinion because when it really comes down to it , we don't really "know".

Feels good though

Ray B.... Thanks .
Visible, Thanks .

Back to turning on more Lights...

walking hawk

Ginnie said...

Neglect NOT the gifts that are within you! And remember there are many types of gifts. If everyone was a prophet then where would the healers, helpers, workers etc. be?

Everyone has a gift and it is our duty to uncover what that is.

A great listener is vital to a great speechmaker. If no one hears then what was the point in speaking?

Everyone here (and I personally hate the word channel!) "channeled" something just to get to this blog.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The very first paragraph of the very first chapter of that Sumerian swindle is indeed a swindle.

Calling the Goddess Kali "the demon goddess Kali" is insulting ignorance.

"the demon goddess Kali"

This misconception in referring to the Goddess Kali (Shiva's wife) as a demon is pathetic. The Archangel Michael also is a killer of demons.
Is he a demon as well?

The Goddess Kali and the Kali demon after whom the Kali yuga is named are two different personalities.

Here is Lord Shiva's wife, the Goddess Kali/Durga.
That is Lord Shiva himself, submitting himself under her feet in an attempt to stop her ferocious out of control rage while KILLING DEMONS.

We wouldn't want everyone thinking Lord Shiva is also a demon, now would we? (too late?)

Goddess Kali

Goddess Kali

Here is the Kali demon. He is being chastised by King Pariksit for killing cows at the start of Kali yuga.

Kali demon

Kali demon chastised

"In Calcutta there are many butcher shops which keep a deity of the goddess Kali, and animal-eaters think it proper to purchase animal flesh from such shops in hope that they are eating the remnants of food offered to goddess Kali. They do not know that goddess Kali never accepts nonvegetarian food because she is the chaste wife of Lord Siva. Lord Siva is also a great Vaisnava and never eats nonvegetarian food, and the goddess Kali accepts the remnants of food left by Lord Siva."

Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 4 Chapter 19 Verse 36

Srila Prabhupada: So-called gurus, they are so-called gurus. They are not gurus. That is already explained. If one does not speak what Krsna speaks, he is not guru. If you accept so-called guru, that is your misfortune. What can be done?

So this kind of guru, this kind of rascal, will not help you. Guru must come from the paramparā system by disciplic succession. Five thousand years or five millions of years, what was spoken by the supreme God or guru, the present guru also will say the same thing. That is guru. That is bona fide guru. Otherwise, he's not guru. Simple definition. Guru cannot change any word of the predecessor.

The pseudo religionists have neither knowledge nor detachment from material affairs, for most of them want to live in the golden shackles of material bondage under the shadow of philanthropic activities disguised as religious principles.

Instead, to mislead the people in general they themselves become so-called acaryas, but they do not even follow the principles of the acaryas. These rogues are the most dangerous elements in human society. Because there is no religious government, they escape punishment by the law of the state. They cannot, however, escape the law of the Supreme, who has clearly declared in the Bhagavad-gita that envious demons in the garb of religious propagandists shall be thrown into the darkest regions of hell (Isopanisad 12)

Skepticfrog said...

Insaim post #31

The Ukraine situation is very murky.
Three things however;
1. The Tribe controlled countries (West) will NOT, repeat, will not support the real good guys. It just cannot and will not happen.

2. Ukranians are not stupid. They know that the EU membership brought wholesale looting (by the West) to virtually all of the E. European countries, hence the rising rejection of membership in several of those countries; Hungary is one of the highest (if not the highest), with 62% currently supporting of getting out. (Gallup)
HU has a high Tribe population (all those who were deported, gassed by the Nazis, but miraculously resurrected - of course - plus the 75K of the Budapest ghetto, who were never deported, and of course their postwar offspring) They have done a tremendous amount of looting and thievery - together with EU and EU's help - especially during between 2002 to the middle of 2010. The Tribe's looting actually begun in 1990 (with a bit of a respite between 1998 to 2002), as they were part of the communist nomeklatura in huge numbers (like the oligarchs [also 100% Tribe members] in the Soviet Union -> Russia) - except HU never got a Putin...

3. The young there is not happy with Ukraine's economic situation (lotsa Tribe members in power there - duh...) and they think(!) EU membership would give them a legal way to leave for work in the West. However, little they know, that there is NO work currently for them in the West; I must say, they're a bit delusional and uninformed in this regard.

My personal take is, that the Ukraine imbroglio is Western/US/EU /Tribe inspired, organized, financed and supported for multiple pay-offs.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Twerking with Anne Frank in a Dancing Zombie Musical.



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